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After finishing up my hot dog I looked around for the trash can for my paper plate.  It was a typical summer picnic for my company.  There was lots of good food and many staged events for “entertainment” and exercise.  I know they were trying to make us all feel part of something fun.  They were doing their best to let us know they cared.  But honestly, I was just bored. 

I hadn’t been working for the company long.  I really didn’t know that many of the hundreds of people there on that sunny July afternoon.  With my stomach full and the sun going slowly down, I found a spot to relax and watch the good people of Talax Manufacturing, Inc. (TMI for short) enjoy themselves.  It was insufferably hot.  You couldn’t move without sweating.  And there was not a hint of air moving anywhere.  Folks seemed to be enjoying themselves anyway. 

As is usually the case, people were dressed in every style and for every purpose.  The picnic started very shortly after the normal work day.  It was expected that we would take off early to change, load up food and recreational equipment and then travel to the camp ground. Still many came directly from the office, dressed in their business suits and good dresses.  Of course many had donned shorts and tee shirts to participate in the active sports agenda.  And some were just dressed for comfort and relaxation; choosing not to be any more active than necessary on such a sticky late afternoon. 

It was two women in this latter category that soon caught my eye.  I had seen only one of them around the office before.  They each were wearing sleeveless summer dresses; light in fabric and color.  The hem stopped a few inches above their knees.  With their fabulous bare legs, they presented quite a sight, but only if you made an effort to look.  They really didn’t stand out much with all the activity going on everywhere.  They were very easy on the eyes, so I watched them for several minutes from perhaps 100 feet or more. 

They weren’t taking notice of me, or anyone else for that matter.  They seemed engrossed in conversation.  But I never saw either of them smile and I got the distinct impression there was nothing frivolous or lighthearted being discussed.  It looked like a serious discussion indeed.  Lordy, were they “talking shop” at the picnic.  What a waste of a fine afternoon that would be.

Something about these two peaked my interest.  I admit that down deep, I was probably wondering what they looked like under those summer dresses.  But that wasn’t all.  I couldn’t really put my finger on it and continued to watch them shamelessly.  They continued discussing the earnest matter, whatever it was.  They sat on lawn chairs at first.  Then they stood and continued talking while very close to each other.  Eventually the brunette turned and walked toward the parking lot.  In just a minute the blond looked around curiously, before starting off after her coworker. 

I don’t know why I did it.  Perhaps it was the three beers I had with dinner. Perhaps it was the lure of those light dresses flowing around their thighs as they walked.  But I was drawn to them.  I had the strange idea there was something going on.  So, I followed them. 

Trying to be nonchalant, I walked to my car as they were both getting into their own.  I certainly was no detective, but I could swear they were not yet parting ways for the evening.  Don’t ask me why.  As they  pulled out toward the main highway, I followed as close as I dare.  I tried to think of all the cop shows I’d seen and remember how good surveillance was done; probably to no avail.  Then they turned at the next intersection that wound toward the park maintenance area instead of exiting the park. 

Hmmm.  Wherever could they be going?  Now my interest was rising and I stayed behind them, trying to drop back as far as I possibly could.  In a few minutes, I could see them pass the park’s maintenance shop and they kept driving straight down the edge of the wood line.  I pulled my car over to the side, as I dare not follow without being seen.  I didn’t think there was any more road or anywhere to go down there.  So I hiked up the wood line and up the ridge line to get a closer look. 

Trying to be quiet, I figured there was definitely something going on and I was going to find out what.  In just a minute, I looked through the tree line and noticed the clearing below with their two cars pulled right up to the edge.  There was no more road, just a little clearing at a dead end of the park.  It was very secluded.  No one would have any reason to ever come down here. I waited in anticipation to find out what in the world these two pretty women had come here for. 

I saw they had parked head on at the tree line and left their car headlights on.  This was an exceedingly strange thing to do as there was at least 30 minutes of sunlight left.  The blonde was waiting in the middle of the clearing with her hands on her hips and looking back toward the cars.  The brunette was walking slowly toward her and they met face to face on the grass and kicked off their shoes. 

Oh Saint Christopher!  Was I about to witness what I thought?  My pulse spiked and my heart went up into my throat as I saw the two grab each other’s hair and lean on one another as they jerked their heads back.  They had come here to fight.  And damn! Wasn’t I the lucky one tonight?  I had a stadium level seat, looking down on that little clearing from my hidden location in the tree line.  Still I wasn’t more than 30 feet away from them. 

I slid down against the tree, quietly to watch the fun. The women staggered around pulling each other by the hair.  They doubled each other over at the waist, then straightened up; jerking hair all the time and grunting.  There was no yelling or screaming.  But I was close enough to hear the sounds of the battle as they went at it.  Long minutes they pulled hair and stumbled around; sometimes kicking at each other’s shins.  My hard cock was bulging for relief so I reached down and gladly gave him his freedom. 

More hair pulling and kicking could be seen as they walked all around the clearing.  As the sun went down below the horizon, the cars’ headlights began to illuminate the little field and the two women who had planned to come there and fight.  I heard groans of frustration as neither was getting the advantage.  Then quickly as if on cue, they both let go of each other’s hair with one hand and began slugging each other.  Again, more stumbling around as they still pulled hair.  They whirled around in a tight circle of fury at first.  Then they got their equilibrium and stood together going at it.  Seeing this close-in  fighting was making me moan and I had to remember to be quiet, lest I give myself away and ruin the show.  They wailed away at each other’s heads and sides and backs.  They were too close to hit anything else.  But they punched as fast as they possibly could for several minutes.  Finally tiring out, they clutched each other and rested their weary arms while still pulling hair.  I could see and hear them panting and resting while never showing the slightest signs of letting go of each other. 

In another minute they separated and circled slowly while raising their fists. I was biting my tongue as they closed in a ferocious fist fight.  It was marvelous to see them slug it out and hear their little fists smack into each other’s breasts and stomachs and sides. They tried to hit each other in the face and everywhere, really. It was obvious they had no particular skill at this. But their intensity more than made up for it.  After punching furiously for several minutes, they slowed and kept slugging away deliberately.  They finally tired so much they appeared to be taking turns hitting each other.  One smack from the blonde then one from the brunette could be heard in the early night air. On they went,  as neither was winning and it appeared neither wanted to stop. 

Inevitably they tangled and fell to the grass, immediately throwing their legs around each other and clutching and pulling hair. I saw those fabulous legs tangled as they rolled over slowly on the grass.  Their dresses were pushed and crumpled as they were never intended to be.  And presently I got a great view of their little bikini panties as they rolled over and over.  Then they stopped rolling but stayed tangled with each other on their sides.  With one hand in their hair they began slugging each other with the other.  Their fists smacked into their shoulders, the sides of their heads, their thighs, and their backs. They were like little wind-up toys as they wailed away at each other.  The punches were coming very fast but not with much force.  Still it was clear they were intent on beating the shit out of each other. 

In a few more minutes they tired and put down their fists and clutched each other while still jerking hair.  They lay on their sides, panting and resting before suddenly starting another round of rapid fire punching with one hand.  Twice more I watched them go through this cycle of punching and resting.  All the while they were tangled up together on their sides, content to stay there and fight it out.  It was now quite dark and they would have been invisible without the car headlights.  I looked at my watch and discovered they had been fighting for almost an hour! 

Neither was showing any signs of dominating the other.  It was a very fair and even contest.  But they were obviously tiring greatly.  For long minutes they lay tangled up in a tight ball with almost no movement.  I thought they could almost have been asleep.  But then they would unleash another barrage of fists rapidly hitting each other with as much fury as when they started.  But they could only do this for a few seconds before resting again.  Then presently I’d see their arms rising over each other and raining down punches as they continued this slugging and resting cycle for several iterations. 

It was awesome indeed!   Most fights I had seen would have been over long ago – even the guys.  But these two women had fought for over an hour with no winner.  It seemed they were determined to keep fighting for as long as they could, or until there was a winner.  Actually they could not be hurting each other now.  The rest cycles lasted longer and longer. But then they would suddenly take one hand and punch each other like there was no tomorrow before falling into a clutching embrace.  It had to be a matter of pride now.  Certainly neither was going to physically beat the other.  Maybe they just enjoyed fighting and this was their idea of a fun evening.  I know I hadn’t had this much fun in many a day.  I felt like walking over to them, introducing myself and paying them a bounty for the rights to the rematch. 

I kid you not, it was another 30 minutes that these two alternately slugged it out and lay in a wrestling embrace on the grass.  Then they rolled away from each other and slowly got to their feet as they rubbed their sore body parts.  While walking slowly back to their cars, they appeared to be talking but I couldn’t hear.  Then they slapped together like magnets and twisted and jerked each other’s hair with two fists full.  Oh my god, it was excitement  as I’d only dreamed of tonight.  These two pulled and jerked hair and leaned against each other.  It seemed they would be quite content to go on fighting all night. Ten more minutes they pulled each other’s hair.  They staggered over and fell against the hood of one of the cars.  As they lay there with their hands in their hair, their legs cast weird shadows on the grass through the headlights.  I saw one punch by the blonde.  Then there was a return by the brunette.  I saw them punching at each other’s breasts while still holding hair.  Finally sliding off the car hood, they fell to the ground and separated. 

Rising slowly and wearily, they managed to crawl into their cars before driving off into the night.  It was about 11:30pm and I could hardly believe how enjoyable the evening had turned out. I was already looking forward the next quarterly company party with a great deal of anticipation. 

The End

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  1. David Harding says:

    Hey Sidekick, Never read this story before. Great work as awlays.

    Your buddy, Catwriter


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