Fantasy Office Fight: Part 2 by Sidekick

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Later That Evening

Jane Miller was tired but exhilarated as she left the building where she worked.  She had just been in a really good fight.  Although she was afraid that she’d loose her job by fighting Karen at work, it had turned out well.  The other women in the office had kept it quiet.  Thankfully, management didn’t know.  And escaping the building without being stopped, had been easier than she thought.  As she walked toward the subway station her tits swayed back and forth against her white blouse.  The summer air was extremely hot and sticky.  At the bottom of the subway escalator she turned and bounded toward the first car on the train.  Fortunately there was a seat away from the other passengers. It was only 2:30 pm, so the train wasn’t yet crowded with workers trying to get home.

She relaxed as the car started moving. After a couple of stops, she laid her head against the window and closed her eyes.  She thought of the fight she has just been in and dozed off for the next few stops.  Across the aisle, a young man stared at her while she slept.  She was so beautiful.  And he couldn’t help but notice her very short skirt.  The way she was sitting, relaxed from sleep, he could see her panties.  It was quite a sight to be sure.  But he started to notice some unusual things about her as well.  The blouse she was wearing was torn and dirty.  Her skirt was dirty as well.  Her hair was long and beautiful, but also a complete mess.  It wasn’t that it wasn’t combed, it was just completely messed up. It was almost as if someone had been pulling her around by her head.  He noticed scratch marks around her neck and a bruise on her knee.  Then it slowly dawned on him.  This girl looked as if she had been in a fight!  He kept staring, and began to generate mental images of this beautiful creature in a fight with another woman.  He squirmed in his seat as his cock grew very hard from the images in his head and eyes.  As passengers walked by, he covered the bulge in his pants with a newspaper.  But he could not take his eyes off her.

The train jerked and Jane was nudged out of her sleep.  She looked out the window and saw the platform approaching.  It was her stop and she rose to walk to the door. She caught the young guy across from her staring and then looking away self consciously.  As she walked to the door, she glanced at her clothes and thought how she must look.  I must be quite a sight for a young man.  You could probably tell she’d been fighting. He must have guessed.  Even if not, the short skirt would do it, probably.  She smiled as she walked off the train car and out of the station. She was used to getting the attention of men, but not usually quite in this way.  In another few minutes, she was into her apartment.  After flopping on the couch exhaustion overtook her.  Sleep came in just a few minutes.  

In another neighborhood of the city, Karen Wells, was just entering her apartment.  Moving quickly to the bedroom, she looked at herself in the full length mirror.  “Wow, what a sight!”, she thought.  Her hair was a wreck and her skirt and blouse were dirty and torn.  As she rubbed her bruised and sore muscles, she shook her head slowly.  The catfight had been long and dirty. But she was not ashamed.  Her orgasm during the fight attested to that.  The women in the office had cheered them on.  She felt like such a very *friendly* person. 

Laying back on her bed, she spread her legs and began to rub her pussy through her panties.  Only an hour ago she was fighting on the bathroom floor with Jane.  Moving her hand faster, she moaned in pleasure.  It only took a couple of minutes for a new orgasm to roll over her.  “God, I loved fighting with her”, she said out loud as she rolled over and relaxed.  In a few minutes sleep overtook her and she was out for the next five hours.

Jane woke up and tried to remember where she was.  She had fallen asleep on the couch. What time was it?  She sat up and saw it was 7:00 pm.  Her stomach was growling.  After fixing a quick snack in the kitchen, she sat at the table to eat and think about the evening in front of her.  It was just this morning that she and Karen had agreed to fight it out.  My god, did they really fight in the bathroom?  Was that really her?  She had never done anything like that before.  But strangely she was not embarrassed.  They had still said it was on for this evening.  Their office altercation had only increased her desire to go at Karen again.  The clock on the wall said 8:25 pm. She realized she was still wearing the clothes she had fought in this afternoon.  Standing in front of the hallway mirror, she marveled at her own trashy image.  “Gawd, I’m such a very *friendly* person!”, she thought.  And then she curled her lip, smiled, winked at herself and turned to walk out of the door.  

Marilyn Chester licked her lips and savored the taste of her husband’s cum.  She had just spent a wonderful half hour, giving him a hand job and telling him of her unusual work day.  When she began to relate the story he became more and more excited.  She rubbed his erect cock through his pants as she described how the two young women had circled and stared at each other in the bathroom.  He grabbed her ass and pressed himself against her as she talked of the women all encouraging them to fight.  Quickly he shuffled her off to the bedroom and threw her onto the bed as the story moved into the early stages of the fight.  She stroked him furiously as she told him how the two pulled hair and wrestled on the floor in their skirts.  Eventually she relayed the whole story of the women cumming on the floor but then locking up to fight again after a few minutes rest.  And Paul came harder than in he had in some time as Marilyn opened her mouth to catch it and let the sweet, sticky drops splatter her face.  

Karen woke with a start and looked around with one eye open.  She slowly moved into the bathroom to wash her face.  At the mirror she could see the bruises and scratches which would be with her for a few days.  Her thoughts flashed back to the dirty confrontation she had that afternoon.  But instead of disgust, she felt strangely excited.  She realized her fingers were stroking her pussy through her panties and she was getting wet.  Turning away she went to the living room and began pushing the couch and chairs back to the walls.  She pushed the little table over to the corner  and looked at the clock.  Would Jane show up?  They hadn’t exactly set a time but somehow she felt sure she would come.  If the little cunt didn’t, she would have to go looking for her.  Her breathing escalated as she told herself how much she needed to feel Jane’s hair being ripped out.  How badly she needed to feel the two of them wrapped up together and and her fist pounding away!  

Dottie Hammond’s circle meeting was excruciating.  She had been unable to concentrate on anything being said.  The time seemed to crawl by.  And she could not keep from thinking of the catfight she had witnessed that afternoon.  As she tried to smile pleasantly and seem interested in the conversation, she thought about the two young girls pulling hair and punching and stripping each other while they fought.  She replayed every moment over and over in her mind.  When she sat down on the sofa, she realized her inner thighs were wet!  Popping up and excusing herself, she went to the bathroom, reached under her dress and jerked down her panties.  Then she sat on the toilet, rubbing her swollen clit and trying not to moan too loudly as she thought of the two young women who were so eager to fight. 

Jane parked her car in front of the house.  She started up the sidewalk and noticed soft lights coming from neighboring windows.  “If they only knew”, she thought to herself.  She felt deliciously dirty as her short skirt swished against her ass as she walked.   Hurrying to the door, she paused a moment and took a deep breath.  She raised her hand to knock but then paused.  Then she smiled and lowered her hand to the door knob.  She turned and found it open.  Then she pushed the door and let it bang back against the stop on the wall as she stepped inside.  She stood with her feet apart and looked across the living room to see Karen sitting with her legs wide and her hand buried in her pussy, Karen looked up, startled at the sound of the front door banging open.  She saw Jane standing just inside staring across at her.  Her hand quickened it’s pace in rubbing her clit an she moaned, “Good, you’re finally here, you cunt”.

Jane smirked at the sight in front of her and replied, “Looks like you missed me huh? You little sleeper.

Jane stepped away from the door and started across the carpet.  She took a seat across the room from Karen, spread her legs, put her hand inside her panties and started rubbing her wet pussy.  The two women stared at each other as they masturbated.  “You fucking skank.  I’m going to rip your hair out”, panted Karen.  “Come on and do it if you can, you d**e bitch”, returned Jane. 

Both women rubbed harder and faster.  “Goddarn you”.  They cursed and moaned and humped their own fingers shamelessly.  “Fuck you”.  “I hate you”.  “I hate you”.  “I want to fight”.  “Let’s fight”.  Aaaaaaaaagggggggggghhhhhhhhhhh! UUuuugggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhh!  They both came and spurted their cum on into their panties.  They tingled and moaned for a couple of minutes and then leaned back and panted to catch their breath.  

Karen rose first, followed by Jane.  They stared at each other without moving.  Karen started unbuttoning her blouse.  Jane also removed hers. Neither had changed their clothes before this evening.  And they had both lost their bras in their earlier fight.  So now, two sets of hard nipples poked out at each other from across the room.  They continued to stare daggers at each other while they removed their skirts and pulled down their soaked panties and kicked them away.  The two naked young women stepped slowly toward each other.  And when they were only a step away the launched themselves together, smacking their bodies almost in mid-air.  They dug their fingers into each other’s hair and tried to pull each other off balance.  They jerked their heads violently, bending over at the waist and kicking each other.  It took just a few seconds for them to trip each other and fall with a thump to the floor.

The women tangled their bodies together and tried to overpower each other.  They strained and rolled one way and then back the other.  They jerked each other’s heads violently this way and that.  But they did not scream.  They both concentrated on the struggle and the feel of muscle against muscle, fingernail against fingernail and breasts flattening each other.  When the rolling came to a momentary stop, they both started punching away with their top most hand.  They slugged each other’s bodies anywhere and everywhere.  For several long minutes they lay this way and slugged it out.  Then, thrashing wildly again, they rolled around the carpet, attempting to control each other.  

Jane was now aware that she was sweating profusely and she could feel Karen was also.  They were slipping and sliding against one another as they  wrestled.  Karen could hear them breathing and panting.  Their fists made satisfying smacks as they went at each other relentlessly.  As they rolled over the top, each girl would throw her knee into the other as viciously as possible, hoping to find a soft pussy to hurt.  On one roll across the floor, the women literally bounced apart and scrambled to their knees, kicking at each other.  

They crawled slowly to each other.   And then, like lovers instead of fighters, they deliberately wrapped their arms around each other and dug nails into each other’s backs.  They tangled their legs in a grapevine fashion and strained together while spitting in each others faces.  Next they mashed their faces together and murmured soft curses.  They were scratching each other’s backs raw as they began licking each other’s faces.  Their mouths came together in a violent and messy kiss.  Their tongues tried to rape each other’s mouth.  They could feel each other’s breath on their face and their saliva running down their chins.  Taking one hand they began slugging each other in the stomach and sides while still fighting with their mouths.  They were now licking and biting and spitting at each other.   

Then Karen threw her fist into Jane’s pussy.”Smack!”.

“Oh fuck, that was satisfying,” she thought.

Jane punched at Karen’s pussy.”Ummmmf!”.

The two then concentrated on this tactic.  They held each other around the shoulder with one hand and punched each other between the legs over and over.  Jane could feel their juices splatter at each punch. They were both drenched and super excited.  The adrenalin was flowing and neither felt they pain they were actually inflicting on each other.  

After a couple of minutes, they tired and just leaned against each other on their knees.  Their chests heaved up and down to grab much needed air and their hard nipples bumped together.  After a moment to catch their breath, Karen reached up and put both hands around Jane’s neck.  Jane quickly did likewise and they squeezed their hands, trying to strangle each other.  

Meanwhile, Dottie was saying the last goodbye to the final lady to leave the circle meeting, she felt as though it has lasted a month.  “Finally!”, she exclaimed as she closed the door.  Glancing at the clock, she wondered if there were still time and what was really going on across town.  Knowing she could not stand to spend the rest of the rest of the night alone, she pulled back the curtain and checked to see if the last car was gone.  Then she grabbed her car keys and fairly sprinted out the door.  

Six minutes later she was slowly rolling down Spring Street, trying to remember where Karen lived.  “There it is”, she thought.  “But wait, why is the door open?”, she wondered.  Quickly parking the car, she started up the walk.  Approaching the open door, she began to look around.  She hoped she would see no one she knew.  She hoped people could not tell why she had come.  She was sure that her dirty thoughts must be evident on her face and in her manner. But, “what the fuck”, she thought, as she tried to chase her paranoia away.  

She finally arrived at the steps and peeked inside the door way cautiously.  What she saw made her heart skip a beat as she drew in a startled and pleased breath.  There on the living room floor were Karen and Jane, stark naked struggling on their knees while choking each other.  She hurried inside and reached to closed the door while never taking her eyes from the fight.  The two girls had now fallen to the floor and were struggling wildly, scratching and punching at each other.  Dottie slid around the room, closer to the fighters and spread her legs and leaned back against the wall.  She slowly pulled up the hem of her dress and began to rub her pussy through her panties. 

Karen and Jane were punching and kicking violently.  They kicked themselves away from each other and then jumped back to lock up again.  But they became turned and smacked together with head and feet turned the opposite way.  They clutched at each other and clamped their legs around their opponent’s head.  Straining and grunting followed and they eventually slid to push their crotches into each other’s faces.  As if by mutual consent, they both grabbed a tight hold and began kissing, licking and sucking on each other’s lips and clit.  Ravenously they ate each other’s pussies, pushing their tongues inside and licking engorged clits.  They both moaned loudly and felt their orgasm’s building.  

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”, “EEuuuuuuuuggggggg!”, “Uuuuuuuunnnnnnnnnggggggg!”, “ggggggggggaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwgggg!”, . . . over and over they came and shuddered and moaned.  Dottie came as well and stood there in awe while her juices ran down her legs.  Finally Karen and Jane lay, exhausted.  And Dottie slid her back down the wall and sat on the floor with her legs spread and her dress hiked up to her waist.  The next few minutes were like a blur to all the women. They were resting and winding down from the raw emotionalism of what had taken place.  

Finally Dottie was able to speak. “darn

! You girls keep your word, don’t you? I’m glad I didn’t miss everything”.  Karen looked over at the voice and seemed dazed and confused.  She struggled to get up and then mumbled something before slowing climbing the stairs.  Dottie heard the door to her bedroom close and assumed that was it for Karen for the night.  Jane pushed herself up in another couple of minutes and looked around the room, a bit confused as well.  She finally grabbed a quilt from one of the chairs and collapsed on the couch, pulling it over her naked body.  As Dottie rose and smoothed down her dress, Jane mumbled something like “tell them I’m out sick tomorrow”.   “Oh baby.  I’ll tell them alright!”, thought Dottie as she turned to go.

The End

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