Fantasy Office Fight by Sidekick

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This story is a guy’s fantasy written in the first person from one of the women’s point of view.

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This bitch that works at my office has agreed to fight me. She and I are always competing for the men’s’ attention by wearing short skirts and tight blouses. We argue every day in the bathroom, calling each other “whore”, “bitch” and “cunt”. I told her I would fight her in the bathroom if she wanted. She said she wanted to fight me but it would be better if we do it somewhere private.

If we did it at the office, we’d have to leave work naked when we tore each other’s clothes. That’s true of course. I agreed to meet her anywhere she wanted. But I really would have fought her in the bathroom, if she wanted to. The thought of leaving work naked didn’t bother me all that much. It might be kind of fun. The bad thing is, we would probably lose our jobs. But I was willing to risk it for a good catfight with her.

She and I are going to fight today after work at her house. My pussy is getting wet sitting here thinking about it. Images of catfighting are going through my head, I’m supposed to be concentrating on my work. My skirt is so short today I have to be careful not to flash everyone who walks by. If my pussy continues leaking, it’s going to leave a wet spot on my chair. At 10:30am I get up to go to the bathroom and towel off my pussy and wet panties. I take the opportunity to masturbate while thinking about nasty catfight I’m going to be in this evening.

When I get back to the desk, I flash the guy across from me. He smiles broadly. At 1:00pm, Karen and I find each other in the bathroom together. We come up nose to nose and just glare into each other’s eyes. Our tits are pressing into each other. We don’t say a word. We just glare for long minutes. We each know that we will finally act on our rivalry this evening. Therefore we don’t feel pressure to escalate things at this moment. Several older women see us and they know we will fight soon. “Why don’t you two settle this thing?” asked one woman. “Yeah, until you two fight, there won’t be a moment’s peace around here”, said another. “You two really need to fight.”, insisted another older woman.

“You know you both want to. Why wait?”. The other women smiled and nodded at each other.

They waited in expectation that we might go at it right then and there. And I wanted to so badly. The idea of fighting Karen in front of the office hens excited me. We just continued to glare at each other; neither wanting to back down.

Karen began to slide slowly around me. I reacted by sliding also. So we circled each other, our noses and tits still touching. The hens, sensing some action, encouraged us.

“Yeah girls. Go ahead and fuck each other up”. “Get it on”. “Yeah, do it”. I was itching to get at Karen and my pussy was steaming. This was hot, with us in each other’s faces and the hens routing for us to fight. “Why not?”, I thought to myself. I was about to be overcome by the moment. Karen and I were now pushing our bodies firmly into each other as we turned in a circle. Our legs pushed in between our rivals’. We now straddled one leg of our opponents’. Our tits were smashed together and we were breathing harder, almost panting now. We still hadn’t said a word to each other.

The hens, sensing we were passing the point of no return, laid in on. “Fight her Karen”.

“Come on girls, let’s see a good catfight”. “Yeah, get it on, girls”. We couldn’t last until the evening. It was risky to fight at work, but we were too hot for each other. And besides, we had an audience all revved up to see us go at it. I moved both hands slowly up toward Karen’s head. She matched my movements as soon as she saw it. We slowly sunk our hands in each other’s hair and got a really good grip. Our arms were now wrapped around each other’s head with our faces pressed together. The hens were pleased at our commencement of hostilities. “Yeah, that’s it”. “Get it on”. “Catfight”. “Catfight”

Karen and I pulled each other’s head back hard. We began to grunt at the strain. We stood in the center of the bathroom for several minutes and pulled as hard as we could on each other’s hair. Another woman came into the bathroom, stopped and then smiled as she saw us. “You didn’t tell me there was going to be a fight today!”, she said to another as she lined up against the sink to watch the fun.

After several more minutes of hard hairpulling, we began to wrap our legs around each other. Pushing hard to trip and control the other, our legs fought hard. Neither of us wore any hose. We both had on miniskirts and flat shoes with bare legs. We strained hard, tipping and struggling as we continued to pull hair. There were no sounds except for our panting and grunting. Contrary to popular belief, women don’t scream like banshees when they fight.

Finally, we fell back against one wall and slid to our knees. We still held a death grip on our hair. Now we started to jerk each other’s heads violently. We were pulling out hair by the roots. “Nothing like a good hairpulling match”, I heard one woman say. I finally lost my balance and Karen came tumbling over me. Then we commenced wrestling across the floor, our hands still locked into each other’s hair. We wrapped our legs around each other and rolled over toward the sink. We bumped into the spectator’s feet and rolled back the other way. Our skirts were around our waists. Normally they didn’t come much below our twats anyway, so they didn’t have far to go. I had on little black bikini panties and she had on white ones which were similar. My pussy was wet when we started fighting, so now my panties really clung to me and I could feel my juices starting to run down my leg. I could also feel that Karen was wet. Our legs were thrust against each other’s pussy as we straddled each other trying to control.

Our audience enjoyed watching us wrestling and hairpulling on the floor. No one made any move to stop the fight. We rolled to a stop by the wall again. I took one hand from her hair and slugged her in the back. She kneed me in the cunt. I returned the favor. Then we started kneeing each other’s pussies hard as we could. Presently, I took the hand I had been punching her with and grabbed her blouse, tearing it open. This started us both tearing our blouses and bras off. When we were topless, we laid on our sides on the floor, our legs wrapped around each other and scratched and pulled each other’s tits. This we enjoyed for several minutes. We both had large breasts and very nice legs. That’s why we had started competing for the attention of the office men. Wouldn’t they love to be here now seeing us catfight! Too bad.

Karen and I alternated punching, tit scratching and hairpulling on the floor. Presently, she started humping her pussy against my leg, unable to control her sexual desire. I started rubbing mine into her as well. The hens saw this and cooed. “Look at that. They can’t decide whether to fight or fuck.” Then the women laughed. “Look like they are doing both at the same time”. And in fact, we were humping our pussies, pulling hair and scratching tit all at once. The closer we came to orgasm, the harder we fought. I loved this type of total physical contest with another woman. Our senses were all on the line, love, hate, physical pleasure and pain. At this moment, they all seemed related somehow, like part of the same whole. Presently my orgasm washed over me in waves. I groaned loudly as I continued to punch Karen’s tit. Karen’s came a few seconds later. She nearly pulled my hair out as she came, also groaning at the pleasure.

The hens were really starting to get off on this scene as well. “Boy that’s really disgusting”, one said in jest. “Yeah, two women cumming in their panties while catfighting.” Watching this is better than anything else I had planned this afternoon, that’s for sure”. They laughed again. Karen and I lay tangled up together, panting and recovering from our orgasms. The hens began to debate what would happen next. “I think they’re done”, said one. “No way. I say they will fight some more”, said another. “I don’t think these two will stop very quickly. They’ve been spoiling for this fight for weeks”.

My orgasm was subsiding. But I was still warm all over. I could feel Karen’s body as I held onto it with my legs and hands. I still felt hatred for her. I wanted to extend my pleasure, both the sexual pleasure and the sadistic pleasure of beating and scratching on this Karen bitch. As I began to do just that, I could see Karen gaining control of herself again also. And I could see in her eyes that she felt the same towards me. Somehow that made the situation even more exhilarating. We were going to continue fighting on the bathroom floor, literally rolling in our own pussy juices. We started wrestling again, with some punching and kneeing as well. The hens approved. “All right”,
“go girls”, “catfight”, “catfight”.

After several more minutes, we let go of each other and rolled apart. Our bodies were becoming bruised from the hard tile floor and our own punching and kneeing. I rubbed my neck and cradled my sore and scratched tits. Karen was in as bad a shape as I was. We both had little splotches of blood on our tits. We glared at each other as we slowly got to our feet. We breathed hard from the exertion. I saw Karen smile slightly. She started removing her panties. I understood what she wanted and gladly removed my own soaked panties, throwing them to the side along with hers.

The hens murmured. “Oh Lord, they’re going to get dirty now”, “It’s a pussy fight”. “Go on, girls, get nasty”. We stepped up to each other and grabbed hair with one hand and pussy with the other. Oh did that hurt! We scratched at our pussies. After several minutes, we stopped scratching and began punching pussy. I really loved this fight. Karen and I were completely abandoned to our punishment of each other. I later found out three more women had come into the bathroom and all but one stayed to watch the fight. Marilyn had threatened the one who left, saying that she better not tell anyone what was going on. Everyone wanted to see Karen and me fight it out.

Our punching slowed dramatically. I would smack her cunt and she would smack mine only 2 or three times in a minute. The truth is we were both exhausted. Finally, we slumped to our knees and let go of each other. We sat on the floor and stared at each other, too tired to fight anymore. We were a sight. Topless, hair a complete mess, our skirts still on but bunched up around our waists, our legs open and stretched out before us with dried pussy juices on our legs, bruised cunt lips, blood splotches and scratches on our tits, legs and arms, assorted bruises. “That was a hell of a fight”, I heard someone say. “Best catfight I’ve seen in years, and I’ve seen some good ones”.

The ladies helped us get dressed and comb our hair. My blouse had two buttons torn off, My bra hooks had been ripped off, so I just threw it away and went without. I had enough buttons to cover myself, but just barely. My tits’ were threatening to pop out, bigtime.

Anyway, we put ourselves back together as best we could. I was leaving the building rather than go back to work. I’d claim sickness. Karen was going to do the same, I heard her say. Before we left, we confronted each other. “This settles nothing, I sneered”.

“Fuck you. I’ll meet you after work tonight at your house; just as we’d planned. We can fight all night if you want”, Karen replied.

“I’ll be there, cunt. Nothing I’d rather do tonight than catfight with you.”

“Oooooohhh”, said all the hens. With that I left the bathroom and walked down the hall, very tired and sore but happy and exhilarated as well. I heard the hens spreading the word to others in hushed tones as they left the bathroom. “They’re going to fight again tonight!” “Can we go and watch it?”, said another. “I love watching catfights”.

Two of the hens, Dottie and Marilyn, chatted about the fight until work was over. “Hell of a catfight. Those two are really hot for each other”, said Dottie. “Yeah, my old cunnie got heated up watching them go at it.” “(laugh), mine too”, answered Marilyn.

“I don’t think they are going to settle it tonight either. I heard that Karen likes to catfight. And they say Jane and Virginia got into it several months ago in the copy room. That was before she moved to Toledo. I wasn’t here that day. I don’t think anyone saw them until they broke up.” “I’ll wager these two will catfight long and dirty tonight.”

“Is there any other way?”, laughed Dottie.

‘Poor George McAbe would cum in his pants, if he heard about this”, said Marilyn, looking across the large office at George.

“Yeah, all these guys can’t keep from looking at the girls when they are around.”

“Well, they wear those skirts so short for a reason.”, cackled Dottie. “That summer intern has been trying to look up Karen’s skirt every time he comes in here”, observed Marilyn. “Well, yesterday, I saw her flash him. She just grinned at him when he blushed.” “They do like to show off their bodies”, answered Dottie.

“I do hope they enjoy fighting tonight as much as they did this afternoon”, said Marilyn. “If they don’t settle it, we might get to see them go at it again at work”, posed Dottie. “I’d try to go watch tonight, but I have a circle meeting”, said Dottie, sadly.

“Yeah, I can’t go tonight either. Paul has invited his boss for dinner”, answered Marilyn. “Paul loves catfights.”

“Well, what man doesn’t?”, retorted Dottie. “I know”, answered Marilyn. “I’ll tell him about today’s catfight when his boss leaves tonight. I’ll give him a hand job while I tell it. He’ll cum in buckets!”, she laughed.

“And I’ll lick it up afterwards!”. “Uummmm, sounds like you have your evening planned”, winked Dottie.

To Be Continued in Part Two, Which Can Be Found Here!

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