Jan and Liz by Sidekick

I pulled my, very used, Toyota into the driveway and turned off the ignition. The library didn’t have what I was looking for and I was pissed about that. My name’s Liz. The paper I had to write for school was going to be harder than I figured. As I walked inside I noticed Jan in the backyard of the house next door. She and I had been neighbors and grown up beside each other all of my 17 years. She was watering her mother’s flower garden and I scowled at her as I went inside. You see, we don’t get along. I guess that’s an understatement.

I worked on my paper as best I could with the little research material I had gathered. After a couple of hours, I groaned and gave up for a while. I needed a break. Mom was preparing some dinner as I came downstairs and after eating, I ventured out into the warm summer evening. Seeing no one around, I wandered over toward the corner of our neighborhood and started up to the park. After a few minutes, I saw Jan walking the family dog at the corner up ahead. She noticed me after a few seconds and we came up on the same corner as she stopped and let the dog sniff some bushes.

“Well, what’s a hag like you doing out this evening?”, Sneered Jan. “Hello, slut”, I answered. She and stared at each other as the dog sniffed the ground. “You know, we haven’t gotten together in several days”, she followed. “Oh, did you miss me, honey?”, I said, pretending to be genuinely interested. “Yeah, I want to fight you, bitch”, Jan smiled. “No problem honey”, I offered cheerfully. “Come on, let’s fight”. “Let’s go over behind those trees”, she motioned. I followed her across the grass to the tree line. You see, Jan and I started fighting when we were little girls. We never liked each other and have been fighting, more or less constantly all the while we have grown up together. We used to fight when we argued or were mad about something. Now we fight just because it’s what we do. We don’t need a reason.

We passed the trees and she tied her dog, maxie, to one of the branches. She and I walked slowly up to each other and stood in each other’s face. We were breathing harder in anticipation. Even though we fought frequently, it always excited me. I loved to get into it with her. I enjoyed our contests to physically punish each other. Without another word, we grabbed two fists full of each other’s hair and began to pull and twist each other’s head really hard. We staggered around like this for a few minutes while getting warmed up. We leaned against each other and pulled our heads back as far as we could. It was plenty uncomfortable, but no one was really getting hurt. The only sound was our panting as we struggled against each other. Maxie looked on with interest to see what his owner was doing.

After a couple more minutes, we bent each other over at the waist and began to tangle our legs. We were trying to trip each other, but neither was successful. We struggled and staggered around the little clearing. I let go of her hair with on hand and punched her in the side. She quickly followed my lead and we began to slug at each other while hair pulling. We were bent over at the waste and throwing punches at our bellies and tits, while holding on to our hair. Our punching escalated until we were going as fast as we could. But after only a minute or so, we started getting tired. We still jerked our hair and punched each other only occasionally while panting to catch our breath.

Like she said, we hadn’t fought for several days. I missed it. I really enjoyed fighting with her. We were evenly matched; the same approximate weight and height. We both had long-ish hair, nice legs and pretty big tits. The boys found us attractive. That evening, we both were wearing shorts and T-shirts. Our arms were too tired to punch now. We grabbed hair with both hands again and leaned into each other. We cursed at each other as we staggered around the clearing. It was starting to get dark, but we were so into each other that we didn’t really notice. Maxie, just watched and gave us an occasional bark. More hair pulling and punching followed for several minutes. We finally tripped each other and rolled over and over as we tried to control each other with our legs while still pulling hair. We rolled to a stop with Jan and I embraced on our sides, our legs grapevined together We were getting really tired now. We panted and cursed each other some more. We kicked and kneed each other between the legs.

After several more minutes of fighting, we were very tired. We were still lying on the ground slowly wrestling when we both noticed that it was pitch dark. We stopped struggling and rested for a moment while still tangled together. We cursed each other and decided that no one was winning this encounter. After a few more minutes, we rolled apart and slowly got to our feet. We didn’t have to promise to finish it later. We knew we would get it on again soon and that it would never be finished.

When I got home my mother noticed my disheveled appearance from her perch on the couch. As she went back to reading her magazine she asked, “you and Jan been fighting again?”. I shrugged and went up to my room. My mother and Jan’s had lived with our constant fighting for years. They resigned long ago that they could not stop us and so they no longer tried.

The next day at school, Jan and I were extremely bitchy to each other. We cursed at each other before class. We bumped into each other in the hallway. We got in each other’s face in the bathroom. I told her, “let’s go”. She said, “no. let’s do it after school. I don’t want to spend the afternoon in the Principal’s office”. “Deal”, I sneered. But we continued to stand there and stare at each other until the bell rang. The other two girls in the bathroom encouraged us. “Come on, don’t take this private”, one said. “Yeah, do it girls”, said the other. When I turned to go, she pushed me in the back. I wheeled around and we collided together. We grabbed each other’s hair and pushed our tits and legs into each other. The other girls squealed in delight. They chanted, “Fight, fight, fight, …”. We held this position while we reconsidered what we obviously wanted to do. We knew we’d get suspended. In a few seconds, we sighed and reluctantly let each other go. “I’ll fight you later, slut”, she said. “Fuck you.”, I replied as we hurried from the bathroom, smoothing our hair as we went. The girls who were watching us groaned in disappointment. “Shit, I really wanted to see that”, I heard one say. Most of our friends knew Jan and I fought. But we rarely did it in school. At least not since grade school. All it led to was suspension. Teachers just didn’t give us any leeway.

I hurried to the bus after the last class. Jan saw me when she got on and plopped down beside me in the seat. She and I turned toward each other and went nose to nose. After a minute we pulled our faces back to a normal distance, but continued to stare and scowl at each other, wordlessly. We sat with our hips together and pushed one of our tits together. We had an old-fashioned stare-down all the way home. As we approached our street, we began to smile slightly at each other. We knew we’d be fighting in a few minutes and we’d both been thinking about it since meeting in the bathroom this morning. A couple of our friends who lived fairly close by, had noticed how we were behaving and knew we were going to fight. When we got off the bus, we had an audience of two girls and a guy from the next housing development.

“Come on, slut”, I said to Jan. “We have some ‘home work’ to do together”. “I know, bitch”, answered Jan as we turned from the road. “Your house or mine?”, she asked. “Let’s go to your basement”, I said. We all walked to Jan’s house and said hello to her mother who saw us coming in while cleaning in the kitchen. We all immediately went to the basement which was nicely done as a family room. It was easy to push the furniture to the walls and make an adequate space to fight. At least we had found it so for many years. Jan was wearing a skirt and very light blouse. I was dressed similarly and we both kicked off our shoes and began circling slowly but ever closer. The audience sat on the furniture against the walls and began to encourage us. “yeah, yeah, yeah, girls. I heard. “Let’s see some good action”, was another comment.

Jan and I came together and grabbed each other by the hair. We stumbled around the room, pushing our bodies together and trying to pull each other’s hair out. In a minute we finally tripped each other and thumped to the carpeted floor. We rolled over and over, our legs and arms tangled together. “Yeah, fight, fight, …” was heard from the other kids by Jan’s Mom upstairs. She’d already heard the thud as we fell to the floor. And she knew we were fighting in the basement. She continued to clean. It stopped being unusual for her daughter to fight with me years ago. It wasn’t even unusual for other kids from school to come and watch. Our mothers simply couldn’t stop this behavior so they didn’t try anymore. As a result, we certainly didn’t try to hide our fights from them.

Jan and I were rolling and wrestling around the floor. Our legs and panties were exposed. George, the guy who was watching us, was getting an eye full. The girls were really encouraging us to beat each other up. We began to rip at each other’s chest with one hand while wrestling and pulling hair. Soon our blouses were torn off and we began to punch and scratch at our tits. We continued to fight to chants of “rip her tits off; fuck her up; yeah, fight girls, fight”. Jan and I got our bras off in another few minutes. We both were nicely developed and proud of our breasts. Our nipples were hard as we rolled around the floor, sliding them against each other. I slugged Jan in the side. She returned this favor and we continued to wrestle and punch at each other. The kids yelled excitedly at this escalation of violence. They wanted to see us beat the fucking shit out of each other. And that’s pretty much what we were doing.

We rolled topless across the floor and stopped up against the couch. As we lay there, we slugged each other in the side and occasionally scratched some tit. We hadn’t let go of each other’s hair since we started. I kneed her cunt. She tried to get mine as well. We cursed each other as we battled. The audience was cheering and catcalling. It was a typical afternoon. One which we had repeated countless times growing up. My pussy became sore from her kneeing me and my head felt as if it were on fire. I’m sure she was just as uncomfortable. We rolled back toward the middle of the room and came to rest with me straddling her on top. As we ripped hair, I began to flop down on her stomach. She was losing steam. She scratched my tits and I punched hers. I raised up and kneed her pussy hard several times. She cried out and after several times, she was done. There was no further resistance.

I rolled off of her and we laid there and rested a few minutes. The audience was not happy it was over but they knew it was. We were helped onto the sofa and I prepared to leave. “Good fight, Liz”, one of the girls said to me. Jan was recovering, putting her bra back on. Old George had seen quite a show. Everyone but Jan started up the stairs. We exchanged “fuck you’s”, and I left for home.

My mother could tell from the bruises, scratches and rumpled clothes what I’d been doing. She just shook her head and said, “You two had better cut your nails again before you have scars”. I went up to my room, got undressed and ready for a bath. As I looked into the mirror, I surveyed the damage. Just a few scratches and bruises. It would all heal fast. I had enjoyed the thrill of the fight, as well as putting on a show. I realized I was already looking forward to fighting Jan again.

Part 2

A couple of days later, I was looking forward to the weekend. School is such a pain. Micky Mouse rules abound. Put that together with lots of stupid homework and it can ruin your whole day. I was glad it was finally Friday night and I could forget about all that for a couple of days. Later that evening I got a phone call from Jan. I was a little surprised. We hadn’t spoken since our fight in her family room on Tuesday. “What do you want, slut?”, I asked. “Listen Lizzy”, she replied. “I really need to let out some frustration and relax this weekend. I was thinking about a picnic out at the lake. Just the two of us, you know what I mean?”. I smiled. “Yeah, I know what you mean, you skank”, I said. “We could spend hours together”, she replied. Yes, we could work out our problems and inhibitions”, I answered. “There would be no one around to bother us”, she volunteered. “I think I’d like that”, I panted. “How about we pack a lunch and leave around 11?”, she asked. “Fine, see you then”, I said as I hung up.

I smiled as I visualized our Saturday to come. We both knew we were planning on fighting all afternoon. We would find a secluded place and not be disturbed as we went at each other. We’d actually done it a couple of other times in recent years, but it had been a while. Tomorrow was supposed to be real hot as summer appeared to be coming early this year. I went to the dresser and layed out my skimpiest swimsuit, continuing to think about our meeting tomorrow.

The next morning, I went out and packed the Toyota with a meager lunch. Jan soon came out wearing a very short robe over her swimsuit. I was dressed similarly. It was already 80 degrees and bound for over 90 later that afternoon. “Ready Lizzy?”, Jan said cheerfully. “Yes, let’s enjoy our day”, I answered as I slid into the driver’s seat. As we pulled away, I saw our mother’s watching us and shaking their heads. They probably knew what we really had planned.

We arrived at the lake in about 40 minutes. It was a remote area of Galor County with a high plateau on the far side of the lake and a mini beach on the near side. There weren’t many facilities there. It was more of a natural preserve with no boating or kids playgrounds. That kept the crowds down. You could find a place to be all alone there, particularly this time of year. So we headed for the far lake side. We climbed up the hillside and went out into the grassy fields that overlooked the lake. It was really a beautiful place and I was genuinely enjoying the scenery as we picked out a tree for our picnic location.

We spread out the blanket and set out the food we had brought. I was already sweating as I took off my robe and towled off before reclining on the blanket. My swimsuit was the one I had bought that previous year and hardly big enough to keep me from getting arrested. Jan got comfortable as well. Her swimsuit also was scandalous. We both had nice bodies and we knew it and wanted to show them off whenever we could. As we lay there on the blanket, we ate, drank and took in the beauty all around us. After a while I looked at Jan and thought about the two of us wrestling in the grass. With no one around to interfere, it was going to be an afternoon to enjoy.

She was looking back at me and smiling. “Come on, let’s do it, Lizzy. Let’s have a fight”. I laughed. “You wanted to come out here so we could fight, did you?”. I got up and started to stretch. “Don’t be coy with me bitch. She also rose and we stepped toward each other until we were nose to nose. There was almost no air moving. My nipples were hard as the excitement of fighting with Jan was building. We pushed into each other’s bodies with our hands on hips. Our tit’s were mashing together, and we were pushing with our legs for leverage. Our faces were touching and, as we started to curse each other, I could feel her hot breath. “Fuck you, cunt”. “You dirty whore”. I was charged as we grabbed two fists full of hair and jerked our heads back as hard as we could. We stumbled around, pulling hair and leaning against each other for several minutes. The only sounds were our panting and soft grunting as our fight started to gain momentum. I remember thinking how many times she and I had fought and how much I loved it. I figured I was lucky to find find someone who liked to fight as much as I did.

We bent over from the waist, still trying to pull each other’s hair out. I let go with one hand and slugged her in the chest and gut. She started slugging me and we were punching each other’s mid-sections. As we punched each other I felt the hot sun on my back as we has staggered out from under the tree. In a minute or so, we turned upright and grabbed hair with both hands again. Our faces were about a half inch apart.

I could see the sweat on her face. Her hair was getting wet from exertion and the sun. I jerked up my knee and hit her pussy. She groaned and we started to smash our knees into each other. We both got it good shots to the pussy in the next few minutes. Finally we stumbled to the ground. Never letting go of our hair we tangled together like snakes. Our legs were tangled up and we rolled over and over in the short grass as the sun beat down on us. We were sweating profusely now and we slipped around gathering little grass blades that stuck to our sweating bodies.

We wrestled furiously for several minutes. Our bathing suit tops were not designed to take this abuse. They were both soaked in sweat and we each had one of our tit’s hanging out. We rolled to a stop with each of us sitting facing off with our legs around each other and our hands full of hair. We rested in this position for a minute. We panted and sweated as we surveyed the damage. We didn’t care about our sweaty condition or that a tit was hanging free. We wanted to go on into the afternoon, fighting like animals. I let go of her hair with one hand and pulled her useless top all the way off and threw it behind me. She then reached over and pulled mine off as well. We started wrestling again, sliding our naked and sweaty tits against each other.

I tried a punch at her head. This set off a round of head hunting as we both tried and got in a few shots. We were still locked together by our legs. We held hair and tried to throw haymakers but we couldn’t punch very hard. Although we hit each other a few times, we just got a few read marks. Maybe there would be a black eye in the morning. It was hard to say but at that time I didn’t care. That would just be a sign that I’d been fighting and I didn’t mind that.

We were getting really overheated and tired in the sun. I said to her, “let’s get out of the sun, bitch”. “Fine”, she answered and we separated from each other and got on our knees under the shade of the tree beside the picnic blanket. Before she knelt down she took off her bikini bottoms and through them aside. I did likewise. The we grabbed hair and tangled our naked bodies together. We layed side by side in the shade and slowly and ccasionally jerked each other’s hair. We needed to rest and cool off but we wanted to keep fighting.

We stayed still on our sides but jerked hair and cursed each other while recharging our energy. I reached behind her and grabbed one of the bottles of water we had brought for lunch. I drank and then passed the bottle to Jan. She and I drained the bottle while still holding our fighting embrace. She tossed the bottle and we resumed pulling hair with both hands. It was several minutes until we had enough energy to do more. We started to roll over and over on the ground. We started one way then we came back and rolled over the remains of our lunch. Now we have bread crumbs, lettuce and macaroni to go with the grass sticking to our sweating bodies. As you might guess, we didn’t care. We resumed our rough fighting. We started to punch and knee as well as wrestling all over the picnic blanket.

I rolled on top of her and kneed her really hard between the legs. She seemed to be down for the count. I felt her grip on my hair loosen. I slugged her in the the gut, and she let go and just lay there. I rolled off her and wrested on my back, glad for having won this battle. It wasn’t very long before we drifted off to sleep. I awoke very groggy, not knowing how long we napped, but the day was still hot. I looked over at Jan and she was just awakening also. We looked at each other and saw a naked adversary with a scratched and still sweating body. We were covered with food and grass. No one would have found us attractive. As I stared at her, the desire welled up inside me to feel her struggling against me again. We didn’t say anything to each other as we were shaking off the cobwebs. We knew that we wanted to spend the afternoon in combat. So we both knew that we would fight some more.

I crawled over to the remaining bottles of water, opened one and drank quickly. When I’d finished, I brought the other one and sat down beside her as she guzzled it down. We were laying on our sides facing each other in the shade. I reached out and grabbed her tit with one hand and sqeezed hard. She winced and grabbed for one of mine. We layed there scratching tit for a couple of minutes, and squeeled and moaned softly as the pain increased. Then we got up on our knees and grabbed tits with both hands and squeezed and scratched. We cursed a blue streak at each other. I loved this fighting.

We tangled up an started wrestling again. We punched and jerked hair as we built intensity. We went at it harder and harder until we were having a ferocious catfight. We grabbed hair and tit, we scratched and punched, we kneed and kicked and wrestled with glorious enthusiasm. As our energy was spent, we slowed and remained in a close tangle of bodies. I could smell her fowl odor from sweat and the grass and food we’d rolled around in. I slugged her in the side. She cursed me and jerked my hair back hard. I yelled and kneed her pussy. We were each giving as good as we got. But it was like a fight in slow motion.

Finally we just lay there tied up like snakes. I really didn’t have much energy to move. We strained against each other in small ways. We pulled our hair in small jerks. We pushed into each other with no effect really. We had no energy to damage each other anymore, but we didn’t want to stop fighting. We rocked back and forth, we bumped and strained and jerked hair and felt the sweat run down between our bodies. We really did stink, but we kept going at each other as best we could. The whole scene was animalistic. We grunted and panted. Since we were too tired to do much else, we began to fight verbally.

“You fucking bitch whore”. I said. “you cunt licking cow, I hate your fucking guts”, she answered. “Come on, bring all you’ve got slut”, I challenged. “Yeah, bring it on asshole”, she panted. “Let’s go, let’s mix it up”. We lay there for several minutes, bravely challenging each other. We had no more energy, but I really didn’t want to stop.
Finally, we had to separate. “Fuck”, Jan swore as she let go of me and pulled her leg from around me. Though we were dissappointed to have to stop, we knew it was time. I got up and searched for the extra towels we had packed. The picknic basket was smashed, but I found the towels and tossed one to Jan. We cleaned up as best we could. Finally we found our bathing suits and put them back on along with our robes. After stuffing the trash in our trash bag, we started for the far lake shore.

As I started the car she climbed in the passenger side we turned and stared at each other for a moment. She reached up and pulled my hair. I turned toward her and we pulled hair with both hands for a minute in the front seat of the car. I would get it on with her, anywhere and anytime. But we knew it was time to go home and finally released each other. “Let’s save this for another day”, I said. “Yes, there will be another day”, I answered as we drove off for home and a hot bath. Just now, that actually sounded better than fighting with Jan.

Part 3

The summer after we graduated high school, I got a job as a clerk in the local Marshall’s department store. I was planning on enrolling in the local community college in the fall. Studying what, I wasn’t sure yet. I knew that Liz was working at the steak house over near the bypass. She was busy mostly at night. And I was busy mostly during the day.

We had taken to fighting on Saturday’s since we didn’t see each other at school anymore. It was sometimes at my house, and sometimes at hers. More than a few times, we enjoyed each other in the my big back yard. My mother would just walk around us and shake her head. She had given up long ago on the idea that she could stop us from fighting.

Last Tuesday, Liz came into my store around 11 am. She pretended to shop around the dresses but all they while we were eyeing each other. I waited on customers and then when I wasn’t busy anymore, I headed for Liz. “What the fuck are you doing in here, slut?”, I challenged as she continued to browse through summer dresses. “Do you have this in a size 4?”, she said sweetly
holding up a dress in my face. Slapping her arm and the dress out of the way, I stepped up in her face. She hissed at me quietly, “you dirty cow”. “Fucking bitch”, I retaliated. We continued to curse each other with our noses literally touching. We wanted each other badly. There was no way we could be together without fighting. I didn’t want to lose my job, so I gave her an invitation.

“Come with me to the dressing rooms, slut.” I turned and she followed me behind the curtain. A lady was just leaving and we had the good fortune of no one else being there at the moment. We
entered one of the stalls and closed the curtain. You could still see our feet. But this was as private as we could get at the moment. I was dressed in a good dress, heels and stockings, in accordance with the store’s dress code. She was in shorts, a tee shirt and tennis shoes. It had been a day and a half since we had last fought. And I was itching to get at her.

I kicked off my heels, grinned and said, “come on”. She was also grinning like a Cheshire cat as she reached out and grabbed my hair. I grabbed her’s and we leaned our bodies together and
pulled our heads back. We began to wiggle and rub our breasts together also, trying to be quiet as best we could. My juices began to moisten my crotch. I loved to fight her. It was a narcotic
for us. We jerked our heads back obscenely for a few minutes and groaned as quietly as we could. Then we let go with one hand and began slugging each other in the sides and back. Damn, I loved to fight her. I felt the rush of the fighting lust.

The sounds of our grunts and the thud of our fists hitting each other reverberated in the dressing room for the next few minutes. It was silly that we were trying to fight but be quiet at the same
time. But that’s exactly what were trying to do. And I thought we were doing a pretty job; until I heard voices and the sound of hard shoes on the tiled floor getting louder. We stopped punching
and held each other by the hair with one hand. Then we groaned, reluctantly separated and stepped as far back from the curtain as we could, The lady walked in and occupied the stall right
before ours, I breathed easier. I glared at Liz as I slipped my shoes back on and straightened my dress as best I could. As we made ourselves presentable again, we listened to the sounds of the
lady trying on clothes behind the thin wall separating us. But we couldn’t let go of our narcotic so easily once we started, so we got in each other’s face once again. I whispered, “I have lunch in
about 20 minutes. Wait for me upstairs in the shoe department.”. “The shoe department?”, she questioned with a puzzled look. “Trust me”, I replied and pulled the curtain back tentatively.

Peering around for a moment, I left and went back to my station. I notice Liz slipping out a few seconds behind me. She smiled and gave me the finger as she got on the escalator and headed to
the second floor. We stared at each other as she slowly ascended. And we both silently mouthed “fuck you” to each other before she disappeared from sight.

I finished my duties in the next several minutes while squirming around in my wet panties. I was soaking them, just thinking about the coming fight with Liz. At noon I bolted out from behind
the counter after finishing with my last customer of the morning and headed straight for the escalator. Weaving and dodging people on my way to the shoe department, I felt my juices began to leak down my leg. But I didn’t care. I wasn’t stopping for anything now. Then I saw Liz in the corner holding a pair of shoes but looking around for me. As I approached, she put the shoes back on the rack and I motioned for her to follow me.

As a store employee I as authorized to go into the back room area by the loading dock and warehouse. I was walking briskly with Liz in tow, heading for the little storage closet where I knew they secured some of the small electronic items. I motioned for Liz to stop where she was. Then I went into the back office and smiled sweetly at Joe, the business manager’s trainee. “Hi Joe. I need the key for 215”, I said and then leaned over to put my hands on the desk in front of him. Joe liked me. He was always staring and I figured my breasts being this close to him with my hair hanging down would distract him nicely and put him in the mood to be cooperative. “Sure, Ja-Jan, I’ll ge-get it for you” he stammered, trying not to look at my bosom. When he gave me the key I smiled again sweetly and gave him a wink as I turned, “Thank you so much, Joe”.

Returning to the hallway, I motioned for Liz to follow. Unlocking the door to the storage room I quickly pulled her inside and looked around the hallway to make sure no one had seen us. I quickly closed the door and locked it. Liz and I stood barely a foot apart on the carpeted floor. The room was only enough room for two people to stand in there if they were practically in each other’s face. It was very small with shelves on every wall, filled with merchandise. We stared at each other and exchanged pleasantries. “Well, isn’t this fucking plush!”, Liz laughed while looking around the little room. “Listen slut, this is about the only place in this store we can have privacy”, I said. “Do you want to fight or not?”. She laughed and snorted, “ha, are you kidding? Let’s go, bitch”. I hurried to remove my good dress and lay it over one of the shelves. Karen removed her tee shirt and shorts and we quickly stood facing each other in our underwear.

I smiled and raised my fists. She did to and our hands literally touched because the room was so small. I slugged her tit and she hit me in the side. Then we let go with a flurry of punches as we
both hit each other anywhere and everywhere. We were brawling real good. The punches were slapping and thudding against our bodies in rapid fire succession. I loved every punch that I felt
connect into her. God I loved to fight her! We wailed away at each other for several minutes. Panting from the exertion, we stopped momentarily to catch our breath.

And then we went at each other again with our fists slugging tits, sides, stomachs and even pussies. We stayed away from each other’s face for the present. Twice more we tired and stopped a moment to catch our breath before resuming the fistfight. Panting to a momentary stop once again, we still held our fists up. But then I grabbed her bra and ripped it over her tits. She grabbed mine also and in seconds we were topless with the bras in the floor. I reached for two fist fulls of her hair and she did also. We pulled and jerked each other’s hair violently as we stumbled against each other. There was no room to maneuver, so we just leaned against each other jerking our hair.

I turned her head almost all the way around. She pulled mine back so hard I thought my head would snap off. Now the only sounds in the room were the two of us panting, grunting and moaning. I swear I thought we would pull our hair completely out. Each jerk of her hair gave me a warm rush and my pussy was leaking down the inside of my legs. Presently I took one hand out of her hair to punch her side. As I punched her, she took one hand and retaliated in kind. For several minutes we were sort of like fighting hockey players, holding each other by the hair with one hand and punching in the sides, tits and stomach. We threw well aimed punches, designed to hurt each other. But we didn’t have that much arm strength and the reality was that we weren’t doing much damage. Becoming frustrated and then we started punching faster and hitting anything we could. We punched high and low and very indiscriminately for several minutes.

All this time we held our hair securely with the other fist. I snarled and jerked her hair with each punch. “Grrrrrr-ummmph!, agggghhhhhh-ooooffff!”. We smacked our fists into each other over
and over for many long minutes. Every time my fist thudded into it’s intended target I swear my pussy ran a little faster. As we got into a rhythm I even got a rush from her hitting me. I don’t know how long we stood in that little room and punched each other. But it was getting very hot from all the exertion in the confined space.

Finally, sweating like pigs and tiring, we stumbled to our knees and then thumped to the dirty carpeted floor. We immediately clutched each other tightly and lay partially upright against the shelf and partially on the floor. We jerked our hair and panted to catch our breath. I felt the sticky wetness on the inside of my thigh, sliding against hers. I loved this shared narcotic of ours. We resumed punching each other with one hand. My pussy was drenching her leg. The presence of her thigh between mine was suddenly all that I could feel. Feverishly I slid up as close as I could get and began to hump her leg. I stopped punching and grabbed her hair, pulling furiously as my orgasm was building.

She was evidently about as hot as I was. She stopped punching as well and we practically pulled all the hair from our heads as we screamed in glorious orgasm. “Aaaaaiiiiiiieeeeeeeaaaa!, uuuuuuuunnnnnnggggggggggaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!”. We leaned against each other, panting and exhausted and happy. We had our little fix of narcotic for the day and I lost myself in the warm,
tingly, dreamy feeling for a few minutes. My mind drifted away. I’m not sure for how long. Then suddenly startled back to the present, I became aware of my surroundings again. I was sitting on a dirty carpet in only my panties; my body entangled with Liz’s. I pushed her leg off me and rolled away, groaning at the movement of my sore muscles.

“Uhhhhhhhhh, I grunted as I tried to sit up. “You fucking cow”. Liz stirred to life slowly, groaning as well. “Ahhhhh, sheesh!”, she said rubbing her shoulder. “Shut the fuck up, you little whore.” She chuckled, “At least we found somewhere to have a good fight. That dressing room was not happening”. We both rubbed our sore and bruised limbs for a few minutes. Then, attempting to rise, we bumped into each other and fell back to the floor. The room was too small to provide the room we needed. “Watch out, bitch!”, she swore at me. “Fuck you. Get out of my way”, I answered. We both moved to get up again, pushing at each other. We needed the same space. The room was just too small. We pushed and bumped and fell back to the floor once again.

“What the fuck is your problem?”, I yelled at Liz. Her eyes narrowed as she growled back at me, “Get the fuck out of my way, you sticking cunt”. I returned her glare. “Bite me slut”. We had a mini stare-down for several seconds. I felt the rise of fighting lust welling up inside me. Then we launched ourselves at each other; grabbing hair and jerking and clawing each other. Once again we tangled up in a little fighting ball sitting on the floor. We clutched at each other tightly, pulling and jerking hair. I slugged her in the back and side. We both jammed our knees into soft flesh. We banged into the shelving as we struggled wildly. Then, we settled in a fighting clinch, jerking our hair, kneeing and punching occasionally, as hard as we could. For many minutes, we fought on the dirty floor, unable to do much moving or to get up.

It was hot and I was sweating profusely. I held Liz by her hair, which was sweat soaked and matted. We punched, pulled, kneed, clutched and scratched each other for a while longer. Finally, sweat soaked and extremely tired and bruised, we both let go of each other and lay back, trying to catch our breath. In a few minutes I was able to get up, pushing Liz out of the way. She followed me and we stood facing each other. I was shocked to notice how messed up we looked and remember where I was. My hair was a total disaster! I looked around the floor for my bra and slipped back into my dress. Trying to fix my hair, I finally groaned and looked at my watch.

“Oh, fuck! It’s almost 2pm”, I swore. Liz laughed as she slipped her sneakers back on. “You’re fucked now you little bitch”. I shook my head as I contemplated my situation. I had no good
options. I could try to go back to work and make up an excuse where I’d been for the last hour. But my hair was a mess, I had dirt all over me and I smelled of sweat. If I didn’t go back to
work, I’d surely lose my job. Liz smiled at my predicament and we stared at each other, still almost toe to toe in that little storage closet.

When last we left Jan and Liz they had gone off to a locked storage room in the store to fight. After going at each other for and hour or so, they fell asleep, exhausted and sore. But on awakening, Jan saw she was very, very late for returning to work. Getting dressed as fast as she could, Jan knew she had better get back to work or loose her job. But facing Liz in the little store room, she didn’t know if she could let it go. And Jan continues the story …

We grabbed each other by the hair and leaned against each other, pulling our heads back. I slammed a knee into her and swore as I turned for the door. Flinging it open, I hurried down the hallway trying to smooth my clothes and hair. I knew I looked a mess, but couldn’t do much about it at the moment. Returning to my department, I tried to fall into the work routine and pretend nothing had hapened. In a few minutes my supervisor called me into the store room and asked me where in the world I’d been. I had no good answer, but tried to think of a good lie quickly. It didn’t work and I was summarily fired.

I was mad and disappointed as I made my way out of the store. “If that bitch Liz hadn’t come in here today, I’d still have that job”, I thought, as I approached the mall entrance. But I couldn’t resist her. We had fought in the dressing room, then gone to the store room to continue. “Why couldn’t she have waited until this evening to get together?”, I wondered. We were fighting almost every day. It was getting more and more frequent and harder and harder to stop. “Hell, I got fired anyway. I wish I hadn’t left the store room”, I admitted. I wanted to go on pounding on Liz. “Who knows how long we could have stayed in there and enjoyed ourselves”, I smiled.

Brushing past all the shoppers, I started down the wide mall aisle, past the “Four Seasons” gift shop and round the corner. Holy shit! There was Liz walking right in front of me. I hurried to catch up to her and whispered in her ear from behind, “keep walking, bitch. You got me fired”. Surprised, she turned to look at me while we walked. She was obviously amused at my bad fortune and smirked while shaking her head. “Aww, you poor thing”, she said, mocking me. As we walked along side by side, I felt my sore muscles and remembered the feeling of pounding her just a short while ago. I started to tingle, remembering our bodies locked together tightly in the little store room. I looked down at my hands and remembered the feeling of my fingers in her hair, scratching her scalp and jerking her head around.

“Come on you little cunt.” I said. “I don’t seem to have anything to do this afternoon. Let’s go somewhere right now”. I put my arm around her shoulder as we walked together. She looked at me and put her arm around me also. We pretened to be best pals as we exited the mall and looked around for some place close to resume our little war. There seemed to be nothing but open parking lot and wall to wall people everywhere. I knew we had to get someplace quick, or we would get into it right there on the sidewalk. Ducking down an alley towards a loading dock, we hastened to get as far out of sight as possible. There was a huge dumpster which we quickly stepped behind. We found ourselves out of sight of the public so near by. There was nothing but dirty asphalt between the dumpster and the loading dock. But it was hidden and the only place we could be alone for the moment.

We grinned at each other and began to circle. After fighting for the last couple of hours in the store, we were anxious to hook up again. As I said, we were having trouble stopping these last several days. All I wanted to do was fight her. We were a perfect match and we both raised our fists and came closer and closer. We hooked up and slugged visciously, before backing off and circling more. Damn, it felt good to slam my fists into her! I felt the tingling excitement in my stomach that I got each time we fought. We stepped up toe to toe and exchanged punches to our sides, stomachs and heads. “Come on, cunt”, I encouraged her. “That’s it!”. “Let’s do it, bitch”, she replied. We stepped into each other and slugged away with hard, well aimed punches. The fistfight lasted for several minutes until we clinched and grabbed for each other’s hair.

We kicked at each other and stumbled around until falling to the hard pavement in a heap of tangled limbs. We rolled over and over, trying to get control. For several minutes we wrestled in the dirt. I could smell the garbage and stink but wasn’t about to be distracted from the struggle. My dress was being ruined as we pulled hair and tried to bang each other’s heads on the pavement. We kicked and scratched at each other like two alley cats. I could feel my pussy leaking. We were out of control. She slammed her knee between my legs. I clawed at her breast and twisted my fingernails into her. We lay on our sides, legs all entwined and slugged and scratched each other.

I lost all track of time. We kept catfighting on the dirty ground until I could feel my orgasm building. Our legs were spread wide and we were banging our pussies together while jerking each other’s hair. I screamed and pulled her hair as I soaked my panties. She came a few seconds later and we clutched each other tightly and ground our pussies into each other. After a few minutes the smells began to get to me. I realized where we were and noticed my torn and hopelessly stained dress. I rolled away from her and we both panted for air and rest. Slowly getting to our knees we rested while eyeing each other. “You want to quit?”, she asked. “I fucking hate you”, I answered. “Yeah, me too”, she said. “Come on baby, I’ll fight you as long as you want it”. We crawled toward each other, eager to continue”.

Jan threw a wild, roundhouse punch at Liz and she crumpled. They were both extremely tired. Jan was content to lay there and rub her bruises. As Liz was slumped on the ground and posing no threat, Jan relaxed and let her mind drift off. Then she woke with a start; not knowing how long the two of them had laid there resting on the pavement. Dragging herself to her feet, Jan shuffled off to find her car. The evening was coming on fast and shoppers were leaving the lot.

She found the car several rows away, in the back of the lot. After crawling inside and closing the door she was startled by a knocking on the window. Liz was standing there, wrapping her knuckles on the window. Open up, bitch, she said impatiently. Jan hit the automatic lock button and Liz plopped into the back seat. The two rested on the relative comfort of the cushioned seats for several minutes without speaking. Jan stared at Liz in the rear view mirror. She was a mess; dirty black smudges on her arms and face. There were scratches everywhere. Her hair was totally tangled. Her little dress was torn. One bra covered breast was mostly exposed, Her thigh was exposed from the long tear at the bottom of the dress. It was obvious she had been in a fight.

As Liz was staring back at her reflection in the mirror, the main emotion that Jan was feeling was a rising urge to jerk this girl’s hair out and slam her with a fist. They had been fighting most of the day; first in the store’s dressing room, then the supply closet and behind the dumpster. Jan barely remembered the activities of her job that morning before she was fired. She had no thoughts of what time it was, or what she had to do that evening. She only wanted to lock up with this girl and hurt her, crush her, punish her. Her pulse quickened once again at the thought. She longed to tangle her body with Liz’ and feel her fingernails digging in; her fists pounding her flesh. She loved to do it; they both did. Who knew why? Who cared?

Seeing Liz giving her the finger in the mirror, Jan turned and crawled into the back seat. The two reached out to embrace each other, pulling their bodies close, mashing their breasts, laying down on the seat and entwining their legs. The fact that they smelled and were so dirty and disheveled did nothing to detract from the excitement Jan felt as she locked up with her enemy. She felt this same excitement each and every one of the hundreds of times that she and Liz had fought. They both loved it.

The girls reached up and dug their hands in each other’s hair deeply and began to pull. The slipped further into a tight catball; clutching and squeezing; each trying to control and hurt the other. The two girls hugged and clawed and wrestled, as they gave in totally to their wanton desire to fight.

They embraced each other tighter than any two lovers ever did. Their dirty and torn little dresses smelled of sweat and grime. To anyone else siting in the car it would have been a very unpleasant set of odors. But both the girls wanted to smother each other, punish each other. They were glad to use their smelly, dirty bodies as weapons against the other in this totally emotional and physical battle. Jan relished the total abandonment of all inhibitions. She and Liz clutched each other as tightly as possible. They both felt every muscle straining to the maximum against each other. Their whole bodies were engaged in the fight; tits mashing tits, legs tangled, strong arms straining to hug and crush each other, fingers entwined in each other’s hair, fingernails digging and scratching into their scalps. Their faces were cheek to cheek. As they lay together they panted and whispered curses and promises of violence in each other’s ears.

Damn you cunt, I’m going to crush the life out of you, whispered Liz. Come on you fucking whore, if you think you can, answered Jan. I’m not letting you out of this catball. I don’t want out, spat Liz. I want to lay here and fight. Let’s do it bitch. I’ll scratch you raw. Come on, was Liz’ eager answer.

In spite of the stench of their body odor and the pain of their nails, each girl felt her pussy moisten. They soon felt each other’s juices leaking on the insides of their thighs which clenched tightly together. And this only served to make them strain their muscles to the limit. Their two bodies were almost perfectly still as they lay across the back seat in the gathering darkness of the back of the parking lot. There was literally no where that Jan would rather be. She had thought many times in the past how lucky she was to find another girl who also loved to fight dirty and uninhibited like this. The two had wasted away the last 18 months, fighting over and over. But they felt no shame or remorse. They were no longer interested in anything else but fighting each other.

A couple of kids actually passed near by to the car without noticing there were any occupants. The girls continued to strain their muscles to the limit. Their whispered curses continued. fuck, ahhhhgg, cunt, damn you, slut, bitch. The temperature in the little car was getting hot. The fighting girls were sweating profusely and their pussies were sopping wet. Every stitch of clothing they had on was soaked and their odor was nasty. Still they remained locked so tightly together. Liz could feel her nails digging into the back of Jan’s scalp. Jan could feel her hard nipples being rubbed raw against her bra as their tits struggled together. The pain was mounting but they both wanted to go on hurting each other. Liz began biting on Jan’s ear as they lay together. “Ahhhggggg!, you fucking cow”, she exclamimed. Then she bit down on Liz’ ear and the two began to draw a little blood.

The scratching, clutching and biting went on and on, the pain escalating. Their arm and leg muscles started to quiver from the constant exertion. Finally the muscle fatigue kicked in and rendered their arms useless. Both girls were totally exhausted but could do nothing but just lay there with their bodies still balled up together. Unable to move, they drifted off to a brief sleep.

Later that night, they awoke, untangled themselves and managed to drive home without further violence. Jan plopped onto her bed, simply too tired to even remove her clothes. As she drifted off to sleep once again, she hoped that Liz would be ready to fight again tomorrow.

The End

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