Anna and Rosa by Sidekick

Ann pulled out of the driveway to her sister’s house, a sudden feeling of relief flooding over her. She had awoken this morning dreading that the most innocent question from Bob, her husband, could tear her plans apart in the final stages. But something seemed to be consuming her husband’s mind this Saturday morning. He had been too absorbed in working in the garden and did not say much or notice anything. After that, the dread was replaced by a fear that her sister would suddenly ask an inopportune question or fail to be able to take Ann’s kids.

Ann was counting on the fact that she and her sister shared a politely caring attitude toward each other. Neither probed too deeply, but were always available for each other. There was a curious look in Sydney’s grey eyes, but nothing more. The kids had been simple; staying at her sister’s house seemed like an adventure to them. Once the fun aspect had been established, they didn’t care about any of the details. The plan, so blatantly dependent on nobody really caring why they were being asked to do what they were being asked to do, had actually worked. A rush of relief flowed through Ann’s body, to be almost immediately replaced by a perverse surge of adrenaline that made her heart race. She had succeeded in fooling her husband, kids and sister, but now something worse lay ahead.

Ann drove her Lexus convertible mechanically toward the sleazy motel on the outskirts of town. She was a dark skinned woman, frequently mistaken for being of Mexican or Italian descent. This had been an unspoken issue for most of Ann’s life. She didn’t truly resemble her mother, father or sister. Vague references to cousins who “looked like her” were bandied about, but there never seemed to be pictures to prove it.

The half whispered issue continued on after childhood. Even when Bob applied to join the country club, there had been an embarrassing delay on some of the paperwork. Bob’s old family money took a meeting with the board’s old family money, and suddenly everything was resolved with profuse apologies. And it was good that the problem had been solved, for Ann possessed the same sort of fiery temper associated with those darker, more passionate races. Her dark eyes flashed when she was angry and her full lips curling into a dangerous sneer that usually cowed others. Whatever backroom whispers happened at the country club were never uttered again when the dark skinned woman was present.

Ann also possessed an earthy sort of sensuality that seemed to be an issue with many of the women in the circle where she moved. Most people would say that she was not overly pretty, but she was definitely attractive. She stood nearly 5’7″ and weighed somewhere in the 140′s. A slight layer of softness had settled over her body after the second child, but she still had an athletic body. Her breasts were firm, but not overly large. It was her hips that really set her apart. Round, lush, full hips barely containing a vibrant ass that bounced with a wild sort of energy when she walked. It had turned heads since she was a teenager, and still turned heads today. Her black hair framed her face nicely, and fell in waves to her mid back. As a rundown motel with a partially burned out neon sign neared, Ann glanced in the mirror as she turned on the blinker, and noticed, a rarely seen look of uncertainty in her normally bold eyes. The motel was her secret destination.

Ann had made the reservation for the room in advance and paid cash. It ran for several days. When Ann paid, she requested two keys. One was secretly delivered to the home of the family’s best old friend. It was delivered to the new maid hired by this best “friend”. It was given to Rosa. Ann had driven with the air conditioning turned off and the windows rolled up. She was covered in sweat and was very aware of the smell of her own body. She had not showered that morning, or the morning before. She could feel her thick bush under her shorts, matted against her sticky skin; could feel the pools of sweat gathering in the soft, deep crevasse of her ass and the valley between her two firm breasts. The first time she and Rosa met, she had been clean. That mistake would never occur again.

Pulling into the parking lot of the seedy motel, Ann parked next to the rusty hulk of a car, some sedan that was now a limping hulk of the proud product that had rolled out of Detroit in the 80′s. The car she knew Rosa drove. Taking a deep breath, Ann looked at herself again in the mirror. She saw her mid thirties face harden in a way that age had not done to her. Without another pause, she left the car and moved toward the door.

She knocked once on the door. After a moment, it opened and crack and she pushed her way in. A motel like this had no a/c. The room as stifling hot and smelled of all the dirty things that had been done here in the past. A ratty chair had been pushed to one wall, the saggy, stained mattress and box spring had been laid on their sides and pushed to the other. On a night stand stood an open bottle of tequila that was nearly full. In the middle of the room, hands on hips, an expression twisted into a combination of hatred and the emotion Ann could not name for herself, stood Rosa.

Ann inhaled sharply again, the strong, foul smells of the room assaulting her nose. She walked boldly to the night stand, picked up the bottle and took a long, hard swallow. The liquid fire burned its way down her body, igniting a smoldering hatred and passion that she knew nothing could put out. She turned and glared at the other woman. The woman who looked exactly like herself, and watched as Rosa’s thick, red lips curled into a nasty sneer, just as she felt her mouth doing the same.

Rosa spoke no English. Ann spoke no Spanish. It didn’t matter. What they were about to do required no spoken communication. Ann slowly unbuttoned her blouse as Rosa slowly slipped her dirty tank top over her head. Neither woman wore a bra, and both hissed like cats as they saw the other’s boobs bounce into view. Boobs that were identical in every way. Slowly circling each other, both women began to unbutton their shorts. Ann’s were an expensive pair of khaki walking shorts, Rosa’s a raggedy pair of cutoff jeans.

As they slowly begin to wiggle their shorts over their lush hips, the snarling sneer on each woman’s face deepened. This is where their comparisons, where the secret rivalry between the two women, really took hold. Each woman possessed a thick, full black bush, and had always viewed her hips, bush, pussy and ass as her prime assets. The fact that it was also so perfectly mirrored in another woman had driven a rivalry into pure obsession. Ever since they had first seen each other, neither woman could stop thinking of the other. The mere existence of so perfect a twin, so different in so many ways, yet so much the same, drove both women to distraction. Naked now, the two women paused, eyes devouring the other woman, seeking desperately to find some difference. There was none.

As the two women circled like hunting cats, Ann thought briefly of the first time she saw Rosa. The sick rush of emotions that poured through her body flowed just as strongly now as it did that first time. The pure hatred reflected in the eyes of the other woman. Gasping in shock, then hatred, they had started fighting in the back room of Ann’s friend’s house. Ann had been shocked at how dirty Rosa’s body felt, how nasty the fight was. She was nearly overwhelmed and barely recovered to battle the maid. They grunted and rolled, and had to suddenly spring apart as they heard others approaching.

After that brief clash, Ann knew how she needed to prepare herself and her body for this battle. She needed to degrade Rosa in every way that she could. And, secretly, she hungered for the filthy action that would happen when they arranged to meet; wanting it to go further and further each time.

Growling like cats, the two naked women lunged together. Their dark skin smacked wetly together as their legs tangled and they fell to the filthy floor of the motel. Grunting and swearing in languages the other didn’t understand, the two women rolled and fought with their bodies. Hands groped and slapped at strong backs and arms, then moved instinctively to the large, round ass of the other. It was as if those meaty globes were magnets, drawing hands to them. They roughly kneaded and slapped round ass cheeks as they rolled over and over on the filthy floor.

Ann’s hand slithered like a snake between Rosa’s legs and yanked at her bush. She grunted angrily as the maid did the same to her. Their eyes locked in a furious glare. Ann felt the hot spit from Rosa’s lips smack against her cheek and mouth. She spat back and grinned in savage pleasure as she saw the sticky, hot fluid strike her opponent’s face and drip down onto her dark breasts.

The two women rolled over and over again. The filth of the floor sticking to their backs and legs as they buried one hand on the right tit of the other and the other on her bush. Grunts and swearing punctuated their battle as they squeezed tits and yanked at bush. Ann smacked Rosa’s thick butt and squeezed the hot sweaty assmeat. She could not keep her hands off that part of Rosa’s body drove her especially insane. Ann’s loud grunt proved that Rosa felt about the same way concerning her ass.

The women rolled slower and slower now, the initial energy from rage burned away even as their passions grew hotter. Punches turned into slaps, then grabs as their legs tangled together and pulled them into a tight ball of flesh. Grinding and grunting, their hot skin was coated in filth from the floor and sweat, and clung stickily to the other woman. Their bushes were soaked with juices and their thighs had become slimy from rubbing against the other’s pussy.

As if responding to a signal, each grabbed the long black hair of the other as their legs slithered apart. Grunting in pain, faces were dragged by the hair down between her rival’s legs. Ann grabbed at Rosa’s round hips. She pulled herself closer, nipping at the thick bush of the cleaning woman and then spreading Rosa’s ass cheeks. The thick smell of the maid assaulted Ann’s nose. Ann wrinkled her nose for a moment, then spat right onto Rosa’s brown bud of an asshole.

She felt hot fluids hit her ass from Rosa’s mouth, and leaned forward. Her tongue roughly stabbed and rimmed the brown bud as she slid two fingers inside the maid’s slit. She shivered as she felt Rosa do the same to her. Both women had a weakness for anal pleasures, something they quickly discovered in their nasty encounters. Neither could resist a hot tongue to the ass. The feat from humiliation dominated the thoughts of both these women. Being forced to orgasm in such a filthy way by the woman each obsessively hated was completely unacceptable. Given they each knew the other’s weakness, their fights frequently turned into a race to see who could inflict the most damage in the fastest.

Rosa whimpered softly, and swore in Spanish. Ann groaned and muttered “Fuck!!!!” Both women felt enraged that they were being forced to endure this degrading sexual advance from the other. Hairy bushes ground painfully into chins as each woman tried to make the other back off, but it did no good. Moaning, swearing, slapping at meaty asses, the two warriors rolled over and over, desperately trying to take control over the other woman without losing control first. Fingers began roughly yanking at thick bushes. Grunts got louder as thumbnails lightly scraped engorged clits and fingers penetrated deeper and deeper into each other’s sopping wet pussies. Loud, guttural groans and grunts came faster and faster as the two women teetered closer and closer to orgasm. For a moment they stiffened, then shook violently as loud, ragged screams tore tears from their eyes. Weakened and humiliated, they shoved each other away.

After a few minutes to gather themselves, both women slowly sat up and glared at each other. Rosa reached to the night stand and took a long swig from the bottle of tequila. The bottle barely cleared her lips before Ann grabbed the bottle of craziness and passion from the maid and took an equally long drink. Breathing heavily, the two women stared daggers at each other.

Both women spat on the dirty tits of her rival. Both knew that round two was not long off.

The End

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