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Hooked by Sidekick

Mary Burgess slapped at her neck hoping to murder the annoying little insect that was tormenting her. She was normally very even-tempered. But today she felt frazzled, hot and confined. Summer had arrived in full force. The heat and humidity were overwhelming. Certainly, she was not used to it yet but would have to get that way for the next few months.

After a trying day at the office, she came home to an annoying husband and a hothouse. After fixing dinner, straightening the house and doing a few chores on the computer, she was just plain hot and bothered. It was about 10 pm. Before thinking about getting ready for tomorrow, she told Dan she was going out to stretch her legs and get a bit of fresh air before bed. They lived in a nice suburban neighborhood offering a good place to walk around the block with no traffic except for the resident’s cars. As she moved around the loop she could feel herself finally relaxing a bit. The night air was still very warm. But it was dark. The stars were out and everything was quiet, relatively speaking.

Mary wished there was just a little air moving. She listened to the crickets singing as she made her way along. Then, turning right on Lavel Avenue, she heard a thumping sound on her right. It seemed to be coming from somewhere down the grass alley between the houses. Then something caught her eye over there.

“What in the world?” wondered Mary. She took a few tentative steps off the sidewalk toward the noise. Then she could see someone or something in the dark. It was moving back and forth, seeming to bump into the fence line.

Mary had never felt the slightest bit afraid to be out in her neighborhood, day or night. All the neighbors were good folks. Moving closer, she could hear more sounds. Something was thrashing around in the dark. Was it some animal that was invading the neighborhood? No. Now she could make out two forms in the dark. Moving closer she could finally make out the form of two women who were either dancing or, . . . no! They were fighting!

It was so very strange and unexpected. But somehow Mary couldn’t bring herself to look away. In fact, she ventured closer. The two women were jerking their heads around by the hair; stumbling around on the grass; occasionally bumping into the fence. They were dressed in shorts and very light shirts of some kind. As she inched closer, Mary finally realized that one of the women was Louise Trenell. Good grief! She lived right there. Must have been right behind her house. Louise was a young wife and mother. Nice girl. She was several years younger than Mary. And for heaven’s sake! The other woman was Connie Venerman! Connie lived, on Chestnut. Her house was almost directly opposite Louise’s house on Lavel Ave.

Why in the world these two nice young women were in between their homes, fighting in the dark, was a complete mystery and surprise to Mary. She was amazed, disgusted but yet mesmerized for some reason. She probably should try and stop them, call for help or something. But honestly, all she wanted to do and did do was creep over by the fence to stay out of sight and watch. Louise and Connie were tangled up and thrashing around. She could hear them grunting and lowly cursing. They pulled each other over onto the grass, immediately tangling their legs and arms and rolling and wrestling over each other.

Mary watched silently as they pulled each other’s hair and occasionally punched the other in the side, back or head. She was really horrified and disgusted, or so she told herself. The young women were intent on hurting each other and taking as long to do it as necessary.

It ass seemed so dirty and dangerous. But Mary could not look away. And she did nothing to stop the fight. And Louise and Connie kept pulling hair and punching and wrestling on the ground for several more minutes. They must have been getting very tired. The action slowed and eventually, they lay together in a violent embrace on the grass in the dark. It seemed that nothing was happening. But Mary could hear them grunting and cursing occasionally. They must still be struggling, scratching, fighting on the ground. Then finally, Connie rolled away, leaving Louise on her back motionless. The two laid there resting for several minutes. Then they each returned to their own home, never noticing Mary there watching in the dark.

Mary realized her heart was pounding as she made her way home. This was the strangest thing she had ever seen since moving here 5 years ago. She had seen girls fight when she was growing up. But two young mothers and wives whom she knew well? She would never have believed it if she hadn’t been an eye witness. She was ashamed of herself for watching and not interfering. And she did not tell Dan what she had seen. She did, however, feel strangely invigorated and excited. Trying to put aside the experience, she climbed into bed and nudged up close to her husband. She reached around to stroke his cock and felt it grow and stiffen quickly. Then she wrapped her arms and legs around him as he fucked her hard and fast for several minutes. This scene was repeated again a few hours later, well before the morning alarm. And Dan wondered what had caused such good fortune to come his way; as this much sex on a Thursday night was all too rare an occasion.

As Mary went to the office the next morning, she was still thinking about the fight. She wondered how she would react the next time she met Louise or Connie. She had not told Dan. And certainly, she didn’t want the women to know she had seen them. Would they bear marks of the fight? The time and place would seem to indicate they may have planned it. What caused them to meet at night and fight each other? Why couldn’t she stop thinking about it? She shook her head and tried unsuccessfully to put it out of her thoughts.

For the next couple of days, she was so distracted, thinking back to the fight often. On Saturday she saw Connie at the supermarket and was invited over later that afternoon. She cheerfully accepted and found herself sitting in Connie’s kitchen a couple of hours later, enjoying iced tea and air conditioning. Mary noticed small marks that looked like bruises on her arms. And there were some scratches on her neck that were unmistakable. They talked easily for a while about things going on in their respective lives. When Mary asked Connie about the marks she saw, Connie became red with embarrassment and looked away. She sighed and brushed her hair with her hand. She was obviously reluctant to address the question directly. But finally, she gave in.

“Um, well, I guess there’s no sense pretending”, Connie began. “But please tell me I can trust your discretion”, she pleaded.

“Of course. You know you can”, Mary reassured her.

“Alright then. Well, . . . it’s Louise Trenell. Last month, at the Art Society meeting, we stayed afterward to plan the annual Spring showing and put together a funding plan”. Connie paused and sighed again before proceeding. “Well, we got into a fight”.

“What! Why?”, answered Mary. Based on what she knew, it wasn’t a shock, but she couldn’t let on.

“I don’t know. We were arguing about the plans and the money. She’s such a bitch sometimes. Things just escalated. No one else was around. After a few minutes, we were cursing each other nose to nose. I grabbed her hair. I couldn’t help myself. She’s so infuriating. We jerked each other’s hair with both hands and things escalated from there. By the time we finished, we were on the floor, our clothes were torn and we had punched and scratched each other pretty good. We went at it until we were just too tired to continue. Nobody won.”

“Good grief Connie”, Mary said as she touched her shoulder. “I had no idea”.

“No, we didn’t tell anyone about it. The thing was, . . afterward, I had strange feelings”.

“Like what kind?”

“At first I couldn’t figure it out. I couldn’t stop thinking about what we did. Eventually, I realized I was excited. It was sort of like when you have your first cigarette as a teenager. You’ve broken a rule and enjoyed it. You know you can’t undo it. It sort of starts a new chapter in your life and gives you a new outlook. Well, it was sort of like that”.

Mary was taking in every word; fascinated with the tale.

Well, I hope you won’t think badly of me. The more I thought about it, the more I wished it wasn’t gone forever. I didn’t want that to be the one and only and last time I felt that excitement and rush. I began to fantasize about another encounter. I wondered if she and I could do it again”.

“Oh my god, Connie. Tell me. Tell me everything.”

“Well, I was on pins and needles for several days. We sort of avoided each other. When we finally did speak, after the next meeting of the Art Society, I took a chance. I took her aside and challenged her. I told her she was a disgusting bitch and she better steer clear of me, if she didn’t want to get more of the punishment I handed out after the last meeting. And Mary, I swear I saw a little bit of a smile when she got in my face. She told me to go fuck myself. She said she would fight me again if I didn’t get enough last time.”

Mary felt her heart pounding and tried mightily to calm herself down. She was excited by this raunchy story her friend was telling and suspected she was turning a page in her life as well.

“Mary, we did it again. That weekend. We met each other at our camp on the river. Dave and Robert were off on their football weekend at the university. She and I practically jumped each other as soon as we got in the door. And after a long time of trying to hurt each other; I don’t know how long it was, we were again too tired to go on”.

Mary was practically panting as she listened to the naughty tale.

“No, that wasn’t the last time. And in the past couple of weeks, we have snuck out late at night to meet each other in the dark grass alley between our streets.” Connie took the last drink of her tea and flushed with emotion from relating this very private story.

“Connie, I don’t know what to say”, flustered Mary. “I had no idea, of course. I don’t think anyone knows. Did you tell Dave?”

“No, heaven’s no”, blurted Connie. “Mary please don’t tell. I don’t know how to deal with this yet. It’s just a thing between me and her. I don’t understand it. But I look forward to fighting with her.”

“Don’t worry about it, girl. Your amazing and dirty story is safe with me”, Mary said, smiling as she hugged Connie’s shoulder. “I know you and I’m there for you”.

“Thank you” Connie sighed and smiled back. “That means a lot to me”.

All the evening Mary was distracted and tingling with the excitement of Connie’s story. She was a little worried about her reaction. “Why wouldn’t I find that story disgusting and repulsive?”, she kept asking herself. But undeniably, she found it exciting and titillating. Try as she might, she could not put it out of her mind. And once again, she thoroughly enjoyed Dan’s hard cock pumping into her pussy that was drenched and leaking her juices long before she climbed into bed.

It was now imperative that she seek out Louise. It was not hard to do. The two women found themselves next to each other at the high school soccer game that Friday night. And again, Mary found a perfect opening for a question about bruises and scratches she could clearly see on Louise’s neck. The two women went out to the parking lot before the end of the game for maximum privacy. Mary found her much less reluctant to admit what was going on and discuss the details. “She’s such a major slut”, spat Louise. In the next few minutes, Louise related basically the same story Connie had told her. But Louise seemed to openly enjoy the fighting with Mary. She said she looked forward to pounding and scratching her. It was enjoyable and invigorating. She looked forward to the next time she could “fuck up that bitch”.

Mary was on fire. Her head was buzzing. By the time she made the short drive home, her panties were soaked. Her two friends were meeting regularly and fighting each other. OMG! She had seen girl fights in her school days. She had been as excited over them as any of her schoolmates. But she didn’t remember them being anything like this. Perhaps they were just few and far between. She did not fight herself; save one very brief altercation in the bathroom in the 9th grade. All she knew was she was captivated and fascinated by the sordid, real-life adult story she had stumbled on. After rushing inside, she made her way to the upstairs bathroom. She pulled down her wet panties and felt the lubrication running down the insides of her thighs. She masturbated furiously and came so very hard before cleaning up and venturing downstairs.

It was more of the same all the next week. She was unable to put Louise and Connie’s story out of her head for more than a few minutes at a time. She masturbated frequently and fucked Dan’s brains out every night. Finally, on Friday night, she was wired and glad to see Dan turn in after a hard day. She was not coming up yet, she told him. She was going to read a while, maybe go out for a walk.

After she heard snores from the bedroom, she looked at the clock. It was 11; 45 pm and she grabbed her keys and headed out the door. The night was hot and sticky. The moon was not completely full but the sky was clear and there was relatively bright moonlight. She hurried along, taking the most direct route to the little grassy alley between Lavel and Chestnut. She had no idea if she’d see her two friends out there in the dark, like a couple of weeks ago. But she sincerely hoped she would. Rounding the corner and slowing a bit, she peered into the darkness. Then as she came closer, she began to hear the sounds she longed for; grunting and the soft pounding of bodies against the ground and each other. She walked on, slowly as she concentrated on the scene in front of her. Mary was fascinated and totally forgot where she was. Standing directly in front of the two combatants, she watched and felt her heart racing.

Connie and Louise were rolling back and forth on the ground, thrashing their legs and punching their bodies. The pace was furious. Apparently, they had been going at it for quite some time already. Their clothes were streaked with grass and mud. They wore short skirts and light tops. Both women were frantically trying to hurt the other. Fists were flying, knees were thrusting. They clung to each other tightly, jerking their hair and putting up very little defense.

The two appeared almost like they were being charged with an electrical current. They punched and rolled and bumped along the ground even as they clung together closely. Mary could hear their fists smacking each other. She could hear them grunting with pain and excursion. Inevitably the two fighters slowed their violent motions and began to pant heavily. They clutched each other tightly on the ground. Mary could feel herself tingling with anticipation. Her panties were very wet and she clutched at her breast with her left hand, absent-mindedly.

Connie jerked Louise’s head viscously while Louise punched her in the ribs repeatedly. Their bare legs strained together. Mary brought up her knee into Louise’s crotch.

“Uhhhnnnn!”, Louise groaned in pain. The two rolled slowly and came to a rest on their sides. With one hand firmly clutching hair, they punched away with the other, hitting ribs, back, shoulder, head and anywhere they could. By this time in the fight, the punches didn’t have much on them. But they both rained down their fists on each other as fast as the could. They rested occasionally but then started punching again. Mary watched this scene, fascinated and feeling the wet spot in the crotch of her shorts grow. The women lay on their sides, punching away, but too tired to wrestle or rise any more. Mary could almost feel every punch as if Dan was thrusting his hard cock into her. She was close to orgasm, just watching her two friends fight.

Finally, they had no energy left to punish each other. And Louise and Connie relaxed and let go of each other, rolling ever so slightly apart. After several minutes of catching their breath and resting, They began to roll to their feet. Mary realized then that she was still standing directly in front of them, merely 10 or 12 feet away. Still, she was unable to move. As Louise and then Connie stood, they each noticed Mary in the darkness. She was close. There was no mistaking the identification. The three women stared at each other for what seemed like a very long minute. Mary felt her heart virtually stop. And then she saw the barest of smiles on both fighter’s faces as they turned to walk, gingerly, back home. When Mary reached her bedroom, she immediately climbed on top of her husband and rode his cock into the wee hours of the morning.

Mary Burgess now had a problem. The next day, and for the next several days, she could not concentrate on anything at all. At work she was absent-minded. At home, she was distracted. Try as she might, she could not escape the images of her friends fighting in the light of the moon. Her nipples were constantly rock hard. Her pussy was constantly wet. She was self-consciously afraid that everyone could see her condition. She was like a woman in heat. But she was hot for the violent, dirty images that just wouldn’t leave her thoughts. And on top of all this, she was terrified of meeting Connie or Louise. Of course, she knew she would have to. But she had no idea what to say or how they would react.

She could not understand what was happening to her. She was certainly not a prude but had always considered herself respectable and normal. But now, all she could think about was how wanton and sexy her two friends looked the other night. Sexy? What was sexy about fighting? She didn’t know. But her stiff nipples and dripping pussy exposed the simple fact that she considered it very sexually exciting after all. How would she deal with this? And how would her two friends react?

And finally, when Mary just couldn’t take it anymore, she went right over to Connie’s house and knocked on the front door. When Connie opened the two women just looked at each other for a moment. Mary didn’t know what to say. She only knew that she had to take the next step with her friends, somehow. Connie smirked knowingly.

“Seen anything interesting recently? Come in”, she said, turning away into the living room.

Mary finally burst out, “Conny, I, . . .” – “I know”, interrupted Connie.

“You couldn’t help it. You’re hooked like me”. Mary just let her go on, knowing she was right.

“I guess it’s no worse getting hooked on watching as me getting hooked on the fighting. Or maybe you want to pull some hair too?”

“No, I don’t want that”, whispered Mary. The two women sat down and let the truth of the situation fill the space between them.

“You want to watch? Does it excite you?”, Connie said, smiling slightly and staring directly at Mary.

“Yesss”, groaned Mary as she felt her heart pound. She realized she was clutching tightly at the arms of the chair.

“I don’t want to become a spectacle in the neighborhood”, said Connie.

“I know. I wouldn’t want that either”, Mary almost panted as she felt her excitement creep into her throat. Connie got up, walked over as Mary also rose.

“Well”, she said as she stood inches from her friend.

“You can watch us fight. You know we’re going to do it again and again”.

“Ahhhuuuuggggggwwww!”, Mary whimpered with excitement and felt her nipples poking through her blouse. “Did you like what you saw the other night?”, said Connie softly.

“Did you like to see us tangled on the ground, scratching, punching and sweating?”.

“Oh my god, yes,” whispered Mary, realizing that her hand was caressing her breast. Mary let out a little chuckle.

“Relax, you little slut. Louise and I are going to fight again tomorrow night. You can watch and cum all over yourself if you want. Just don’t interfere!” she warned.

When Mary left she realized her panties were soaked. She slammed the front door of her house a couple of minutes later, pulled down her shorts, slumped to her knees, and masturbated for long minutes. She looked up eventually, after cuming twice and checked the clock. “Fuck! I have to start dinner”, she swore silently.

The next evening, Mary made up a story for Dan about having a women’s club meeting and hurried out the door. She sped off in the car, having about an hour to waste before Louise and Connie were to meet. She went by the mall, absent-mindedly wasting time and looking at her watch. When it was finally time, she parked around the corner from the local community center and walked up the street. Her heart was already pounding as she made her way down through the neighborhood. It was 11:30 pm and still about 80 degrees with no air moving whatsoever. She arrived early and stood by the fence behind Connie’s back property line. The crickets and an occasional car were the only sounds.

Connie opened her back door after a few more minutes and walked silently toward her. When she arrived she smiled and the two stood together in silence, waiting. Louise came out shortly afterward and joined them in the dark on the soft grass. When she saw Connie, there was a moment of surprise, then questioning and finally recognition of the situation.

“I see that we have a fan”, she smirked. When Mary started to speak, Louise waived her hand.

“Don’t sweat it, babe. I don’t give a shit if she doesn’t”.

Then Connie and Louise started walking forward and slowly circling around each other as the closed. They brought up their fists and stared at each other silently. Mary’s shorts were already soaked. Then the two combatants heard the silent signal and threw a flurry of punches at each other before backing away. They came together again in the same manner before finally locking their hands in each other’s hair on the third engagement. Then the two stood with their bodies pushed together and jerked their heads back viciously and painfully. Mary had one hand on her tit and one in her shorts, panting and rubbing her pussy as she watched her friends fighting.

The fighters then began pulling each other around by the hair and stopped when bent over at the waist. The rested just a minute with fists of hair and then tripped and fell into a tight ball on the grass, clutching each other tightly with their claws. The rolled over and over slowly and began throwing punches at their sides, back, head and neck or anywhere they could. The rested facing each other on their sides, punching and jerking hair for several minutes. Mary groaned when her orgasm washed over her as she watched her friends fighting on the ground in the dark. The two rolled and bumped into the fence and began to thrash about like wild animals, punching, grappling, scratching and trying to hurt each other. They kicked away from each other finally and got to their knees. Then instantly throwing themselves together again, they slugged and scratched moaned in pain and excitement.

Mary’s shorts were soaked in the crotch and she was moaning like a bitch in heat. She drank in the intoxicating sounds of punches on soft flesh, bodies thrashing and wrestling together, grunts of pain, and hateful curses. Her two friends were beating each other up, and she loved it. She wanted them to go on and on, but they were tiring. The two fighters each threw a wild punch and fell away from each other, gulping for air. Mary watched them; waiting to see. She hoped it wasn’t yet over. After a few minutes of resting, the two got to their feet and began to circle slowly. Fists were raised and they advanced slowly, ready to continue the fight.

The juices were running down the insides of Mary’s thighs as she watched them come toe to toe, slugging each other several times and then back away and rest. This sequence repeated two or three times. Omg, she loved the sounds of their fists connecting. The two women were tired and slowly fistfought like this for 5 or 10 minutes. Finally their arms had no strength to punch anymore. They clutched each other and dragged themselves to the ground in a catball, digging their nails into soft backs. They reached up with one hand and jerked their opponent’s head back by the hair. And they lay this way in a fighting embrace for several minutes. Neither wanted to give, They both wanted to fight but had no energy left.

Mary began to think they would simply lay there until their strength returned, as long as it may take. Once she came over them, and tried to end it. “Ok girls, you two have had enough I think”.

“Fuck you. I’m not through with this bitch yet”, panted Connie. “Me neither. It’s still on, cunt”, spat Louise. And Mary stepped back, smiling at the knowledge these two still wanted to fight. But they could not move. They continued to clutch each other on the ground for five more minutes. Even with this lack of action, Mary’s heart pounded. She rubbed her pussy inside her soaked shorts. And she would have gladly continued until morning, or however long the women took to finally decide they were truly finished fighting; at least for this night. Each minute they lay in their violent embrace Mary thought, “omg, these two really want to hurt each other. I don’t ever want them to stop”.

Inevitably, the women had to give in to exhaustion. They finally separated reluctantly, cursed each other and stumbled back to their houses. Mary Burgess drove back home, peeled out of her wet clothes and attacked her husband in bed, like the wild bitch in heat that she was. What would tomorrow bring? She would have to go and talk to Connie and Louise. “Oh there was a meeting of the Historical Society tomorrow”, she thought. “Well, I’m not going to waste time with that”, she chuckled. She had a much more enjoyable agenda in mind.

The next evening after cleaning up from dinner, Mary bid her husband farewell for the Historical Society meeting. And as she got into the car, it occurred to her that Connie and Louise may have gone to the meeting. So she sped out to the community center and surveyed the room as the meeting was getting underway. It took only a few seconds of greeting and questions of some other attendees to find that Louise and Connie were not present. Changing gears, she quickly slipped out and made haste for Connie’s house. But the dark house and vacant car she saw there told her that this was not the final destination.

Finally pulling up to the front of Louise’s place, she walked across the yard, feeling her pulse quicken. A knock on the door brought no response. She tried the knob and found it open. As she came through and made it across the living room, the moisture was already leaking through her panties. She heard bumping and thrashing from the back of the house. Then rounding the corner she looked left, up the short hallway and saw her two friends, tangled on the floor, wrestling and slugging each other.

Mary stood still and soaked up the sight of the women fighting on the floor, just as her pussy soaked her panties and the juices began to run down her legs. The only sounds in the house were of panting, groans of pain and fists hitting soft flesh. The two fighters thrashed around, rolling between the walls in the narrow hallway. Then rolling to a tight ball of flesh, they pounded their fists into each other and jerked their hair viciously. For several minutes, they hit each other and jerked their heads on the floor. Eventually resting while wrapped around each other, they finally kicked and punched their way free for a moment.

Slowly rolling to their knees, they faced each other and slowly rose to their feet. It was then they both realized and acknowledged Mary’s presence, with only a slight nod and a look before resuming their evil stares. Connie turned and walked to the adjacent family room with Louise following. She turned around and the two began circling while slowly pulling off their tops, bras and shorts. When the two were bare-breasted, they came toward each other and grabbed their chests violently. The scratched and clawed painfully while groaning and shuffling around the floor. Then the two began punching with one hand while holding their tits in the other. They brought their foreheads together and leaned into each other, groaning and softly cursed each other.

It might have been comical. It might have been disgusting. But Mary was as excited as she had ever been in her life as she watched her two friends fight each other bare-breasted. Her pussy juices were running down her legs and she was rubbing herself with one hand in her shorts. Connie and Louise were happily hurting each other as if they were mortal enemies instead of friends and neighbors. The women’s breasts bounced freely as they turned around each other, scratching and pushing for position. Then they grabbed with one arm in a half bear hug, mashed their tits together and exchanged punches to the body and head with their other hand. Rapid-fire punches became slower and slower as the women tired. They leaned in with their chins on each other’s shoulders; throwing occasional, ineffective punches against each other’s body. They were bathed in sweat. Their flesh was red from exertion and the pounding of fists. Connie and Louise had probably been fighting for about an hour. And Mary had cum twice since entering the front door. The crotch of her shorts was obscenely soaked. And she couldn’t have cared less.

For another 3 or 4 minutes the women held onto each other, not wanting it to be over. But they were just too tired to continue. And they slumped to the floor and lay apart with their naked chests heaving to suck in as much air as possible. Mary plopped into a nearby chair and felt her heart pounding as she still tingled from her last orgasm.

“Damn, girls”, said Mary softly.

“You two are sick indeed. And I love it. So I guess I am too”.

All three women rested quietly for the next few minutes as they slowly regained composure. Then Connie pushed herself up slowly on one elbow and looked over at Louise.

“I just want to stay here in this house, lock the door and fight you”. The two combatants stared at each other for a minute.

“You cunt”, sneered Louise. Let’s just stay here and fight. Mary, you tell everyone we’ve left the country. I’ll fight you forever”. Mary groaned and slipped her hand in her shorts. She rubbed her wet pussy as she watched the Louise and Connie crawl toward each other on the floor.

The women put their faces nose to nose and each raised a hand to grasp a fist full of the other’s hair. They glared at each other and their faces became wet as they spat their curses and challenges back and forth”. “Come on bitch. Let’s go you fat whore. Dyke. Cunt. Fuck you. Fuck you! Let’s just fight. Hit me. Let’s scratch each other up. Let’s beat each other up. Any way you want it, bitch. Just fight me”. The women jerked their hair savagely and rolled into a catball. And Mary came for the third time.

Connie and Louise lay in a ball of flesh, clutching each other tightly. They jerked hair with one hand and dug the nails into each other’s back and ass cheeks with the other. Their legs were wrapped around each other. And they were hypnotized by the overwhelming, pathological desire to hurt each other. Every muscle in their bodies were straining. They were sweating heavily and now clad in only their wet panties. Both women appeared to be in some type of trance. They totally gave in to the animal desire to hurt each other; while simultaneously enjoying the orgasmic feeling it gave them. It didn’t make sense. But it was real. Mary watched and listened to them voice their primitive feelings. “unghhh, . . . fight, . . . come on, . . . yeah, . . . damn, . . . that’s it, . . . cunt, . . . more, . . . bitch, . . . hate, . . . “.

The two humped each other’s leg as they lay tightly clutching and straining. Mary could see a little puddle of pussy juices running on the floor as the women were cuming as they fought.

Presently they both took one hand and threw wild punches at the sides and back of each other’s head. And they stretched out their legs into a grapevine position as they begin rolling slowly across the floor. Presently the punching stopped and they grabbed each other by the throat with both hands. They stopped rolling and strained and growled and gurgled while strangling each other. Mary could see their eyelids drooping. They drooled as they struggled. But the energy was just gone after this marathon session of physical combat. The two finally slumped and relaxed their grips as they lay completely exhausted.

After resting for 45 minutes, Connie and Louise somehow got up and gathered their tattered clothes. Mary helped them to appear as presentable as possible. Her own shorts were embarrassingly stained. It was after 10 pm and she didn’t know what any of them would say to their husbands when they go home. After promising they were OK to drive, she let them go on their way. Later, as she pulled into her own driveway, she could still hardly believe the events of the last two weeks. And she sat in the car for another 10 minutes while she rubbed herself to another orgasm, thinking of her friends who loved to fight each other. She didn’t know who was more messed up. And she didn’t understand her own fascination with this disgusting situation. But she could not deny her excitement and fascination in watching them fight. It was dirty and forbidden and she fucking loved it. How would she get her life together? Or would she abandon herself totally to her uninhibited, animal urges?

Thankfully, Dan was already in bed. She was able to slip inside, strip off her clothes and dump them in the hamper. Then she crawled into bed and nuzzled up to her husband. When he felt her, he turned and she felt his partially stiff cock press against her. Then for the next 30 minutes, they fucked each other into exhaustion. But as she drifted off to a peaceful and deep sleep, Mary realized the entire time Dan was inside her, she was only thinking about Connie and Louise fighting.

The next day, and the next several days, Mary was busy with volunteering and chores. But even though she was busy, she couldn’t get rid herself of the images of Connie and Louise. She barely thought of anything else. She began to imagine fights between women she saw on the street or women on the television screen.

“Oh my god, what have I turned into”? she wondered.

“Should I try and get professional help”? But immediately she knew she really didn’t want that. She wanted to embrace her newfound experience. These last two weeks she had been energetic and happy. Certainly, her sex life was wonderful. And she wanted to go on being titillated by the fighting. It was fun, forbidden and such a rush.

That Saturday found Mary at the local farmer’s market. Emily Dracher bumped her playfully from behind. “Hey there girl”, she smiled as Mary turned around to find her very best friend. They had been school mates and never moved out of town. The two confided in each other on everything. And Mary thought this might be the time to open up about her recent experiences.

“You have seemed distracted lately. Is everything all right”, Emily asked. Mary hesitated before answering. The uncertain look on her face caused Emily to probe further.

“Tell me. Something is going on with you”. After another pause, Mary responded.

“Oh dear Emily, how do I relate this? I know we’ve been best friends forever. And I trust you totally. But you see, I’ve had some recent experiences that I’m just not sure how anyone will react to. I don’t want to repulse you”.

“Oh Mary, how could you ever repulse me? You know I’m always in your corner. I’ll take any secret you tell me to my grave.”

“Let’s take a walk”. Mary smiled and took her friend’s arm.

“You remember Ethel and Roseanne, in our 10th-grade year? In the back restroom of the activities building? They had been arguing and met back there after school to fight”.

“Yes, how could I forget? We all gathered to watch the spectacle. But whatever made you think of that after all these years? Mary ran her hand through her hair.

“Did you like watching them? It was dirty and violent but all the kids were there”.

“Yes, I remember. You know at that age we all were titillated by a fight. That was a real dirty one, as I recall. Embarrassing to say I did enjoy the scene”.

“What does that matter now?”

“Well”, Mary continued. “What if I told you two of our neighbors had recently gotten into a fight every bit as dirty and violent as that one”? Emily looked at her with surprise.

“What? Seriously? Who”?

“Not just yet”, responded Mary. “First tell me your reaction”. Emily shook her head gently. “Oh my, well I have to say honestly, it’s strangely exciting in an odd way. I’m wondering who. It doesn’t seem likely in our little town at all. Where did you hear about this”?

“Oh that’s the thing, my dear. I didn’t hear about it at all. I saw them myself”.

“Oh my god, Mary!”, exclaimed Emily in a hushed tone; looking around them for eave-droppers.

“For real?”

“Yes and that’s not all. It has me very distracted, as you say”.

“Uh, yeah”, Emily stopped walking and turned to her friend.

“Who is it? I promise on a stack of bibles, I won’t tell”.

“Connie and Louise”, answered Mary.

“Get the f out!”, exclaimed Emily.


“In the pathway behind the bushes in between their houses”.

“I’m stunned”, said Emily as she tried to imagine that scene.

“It was late at night. I couldn’t sleep and went out for a short walk”, explained Mary.

“Ummm, I know I ought to be disgusted and concerned, but I’m also strangely excited. Now I know why you asked me about the 10th grade”, Emily said as her face flushed.

“And how did it end”?

“They were both too tired to keep going so they had to quit”, answered Mary.

“Ohhhh!”, groaned Emily.

“Why do I find that disgusting and exciting at the same time”?

“Yes”, Mary went on. “But girlfriend here’s the kicker. I was able to speak to both of them privately in the days afterward. They readily admitted what happened; couldn’t very well deny it. But, just like we were all excited watching Ethel and Roseanne years ago, they were excited by their own fight. And they both decided they wanted to do it again”.

“Oh my word!”, whispered Emily.

“And again”, said Mary.

“Fuck! You have to be kidding, Mary”.

“And again”, her friend said with an evil grin on her face.

“Awwwwwggg! Mary!” Emily clutched her arm tightly.

“I know”, said Mary. “But listen. I had the same reaction as you. And they said they didn’t care if I watched them”.

“Damn Mary! This is f’ing amazing and deliciously naughty”.

“You want to go with me tomorrow to watch?”. Then Emily Dracher let out a slow, long sigh and felt her panties becoming moist at the thought.

Later that night, when the clock was flashing 2:30 am, both Mary and Emily lay awake and restlessly turning in the beds in their respective homes. They both had satisfied themselves and their husbands’ sexual desires hours earlier. No that’s not quite accurate. Mary was as horny as ever; as horny as she had been ever since witnessing Louise and Connie fighting for the first time. She would tell Mark all about the kinky turn in her life. But that wouldn’t be until later, when she had a chance to get more under control. She was still so off balance by the recent and unexpected turn of events.

Several houses down and around the block, Mary could feel her own pussy wet with desire. She resisted the urge to rub herself laying in the bed beside Walter. He had pumped her well and expertly a few hours earlier. But now she was strangely agitated and excited and not quite able to put aside the images of the events Mary described earlier. Of course she was excited by that fight in the 10th grade.

Those were the days of raging hormones and the energy and inhibitions of youth. But she hadn’t thought about anything like that in 19 years, for heaven’s sake. So why was she excited by the prospect of watching two mature women fight tomorrow afternoon? Good grief, these were mothers and neighbors. Why did she eagerly agree to go and watch? And why was her pussy wet?

Saturday morning was a flurry of family activities for both women; breakfast, household chores, getting kids to sports events. Mary was officially to go to a women’s club meeting in the afternoon; maybe she would be back in time for dinner. And that was the same excuse Emily used to free herself for the afternoon. Connie had told Mary she and Louise would be meeting at 2 pm up on the outskirts of Bellville, eight miles West on Route 43.

They had rented a room for the weekend at the Imperial Motel. They wanted a private place to be undisturbed where they could do what they wanted with impunity. And that would be taking as much time as they felt like to lock together and beat the crap out of each other.

Emily met Mary at her house and they began the drive together with nervous grins on their faces. “I don’t know why I’m doing this”, offered Emily with a goofy smile on her face.

Mary smiled back. “I’m not sure I could tell you why I am either. I just know I can’t stay away. Louise told me a week ago that I’m no more perverted by watching than they are by doing it.”

Emily chortled, “well, I guess that may be true. Is it the 10th grade all over again?”.

“Perhaps. But seriously. How long has it been since you were this excited by going somewhere on a Saturday afternoon?”

Emily answered, “I can’t deny it. Seems very naughty and something I should not be doing at all, however”. The women rode on in silence for several minutes, but they couldn’t keep the nervous grins off their faces as they glanced at each other frequently. “Hey what time is this meet supposed to happen, 1:30 pm?” asked Emily.

“No, 2 pm. We are a half hour early. I didn’t want to miss anything”, said Mary with a chuckle. “Good grief girl”, whistled Emily. “I think you’re hooked”. “Yeah, and you may find yourself the same very soon my friend”. Mary pressed on the gas just a bit harder.

The women pulled into the parking lot and stepped out. They were both dressed in their small town Mom gear; tight summer blouses, short shorts, and white athletic shoes. They went inside to the desk and found out that Louise and Connie were registered into #114. It was all the way in the back, second from the end. After walking back they were about to knock on the door when Connie came pulling up in her Honda. All the women greeted each other as if nothing particularly interesting was happening.

Mary asked, “I thought you and Louise would drive up together”. “Nooo”, Connie chuckled. “We would not be able to keep our hands off each other. Probably have to pull over to the side of the road and go right on the shoulder”. Emily’s heart skipped ever so slightly and she gently sucked in some air. “I see someone has been talking”, Connie glared at Mary. “Oh don’t be mad. I just had to share with my best friend. I swear we are sworn to secrecy”. “If not I swear you will be bald”, Connie said with a serious look that said she meant it. The tension was broken by Louise’s Ford Fusion pulling up to the curb in the next empty space. There were more polite but curt greetings all around. “I didn’t know we would have a crowd”, said Louise. When Mary started to protest/explain she was cut off by Louise holding up her hand. “Oh, I don’t care. I really don’t. I just want what I came for”. And in just a minute they all piled into the little motel room.

All the women were dressed similarly. It was hot, in late August. Mary clicked the switch for the AC. The unit came to life but appeared to be older than any of them. It was not having much effect. Mary and Emily stood by the door and window, feeling very awkward and not knowing what to do. Emily pulled the drapes tightly closed. Connie and Louise were staring at each other, maybe 3 feet apart. They both started to remove their shoes, with their blouses and bras next. Neither ever took her eyes off the other. They walked toward each other, bare-breasted, and snapped together like two magnets, grabbing two fists full of each other’s hair. They jerked their heads back violently and leaned into each other, smashing breasts together and pushing a leg between their opponent’s. Mary was silently glued to the sight in front of her. And Emily let out a soft groan of surprise and excitement as her two friends began to fight.

There were no sounds in the room except for the painful grunts and the sucking of air from Connie and Louise. After pushing and stumbling around for a minute, the two each began slugging one fist into their opponent’s ribcage, back and head. Emily was mesmerized by the sight and sounds of fists punching away. These women had just been talking pleasantly about 3 minutes before. On and on the women went jerking hair and punching each other. They groaned and grunted and began to softly curse and encourage each other. “Yeah come on you fucking cow. That’s it”. “Let’s go cunt. Gimme all you got”.

It was only 3 or 4 minutes in and already Emily’s pussy was very wet. She was fascinated by the dirty spectacle in front of her and no longer had any awareness of the time and the place. And Mary watched eagerly as her friends fought. There was no way she would miss this. She reached up and pulled at her breast briefly, unaware of anything but the fight. The combatants finally lost balance and fell to the floor in a heap, instantly tangling bare legs, clutching each other tightly around the head and neck. They struggled to roll over the other for control while jerking their hair.

Presently they lay still, in a tight cat ball, momentarily resting. Their rib-cages were heaving up and down to recover their breath. The only sounds in the room were the fighters panting and the old AC unit softly whirring. The pair had rolled close to Mary and Louise, who now stood more directly over them with looks of lust and not a thought of interfering. “OMG, Emily thought. So help me, I’ve never seen anything so hot; not even in the 10th grade. This is disgusting and dirty and I am so glad I’m watching”. Mary’s pussy was dripping. She could feel her panties and shorts were becoming soaked. She loved to have another opportunity to watch these two go at it.

Then, having rested sufficiently, Louise jerked Connie’s head furiously and rolled on top of her. Connie responded in kind and the two thrashed back and forth on the floor with astonishing quickness. They rolled next to the bed and clutched each other by the neck growling in anger. Connie brought up a knee into Louise’s midsection and she groaned in pain and surprise. She responded by raining down a flurry of hard punches on Connie’s chest and head. The two flailed at each other punching and kicking until they threw each other momentarily clear.

They sat for a split second before rolling onto their knees and then to their feet; heaving for air. Still staring at each other, they each pulled down their shorts and panties, which were quickly tossed in the corner. The two women slowly circled each other with their bare breasts swaying gently. As they closed they slowly raised their fists and came together throwing body punches over and over. They smacked breasts, tummies, ribs – anything they could reach. They pummeled each other continuously for a couple of minutes before finally slowing. During this engagement, Emily was overcome. Her first orgasm washed over her and her pussy gushed through her shorts and ran down her legs. It was the most pleasurable sensation she’d ever felt as she watched her friends fistfight. Meanwhile, Mary had slid her hand inside her shorts and was rubbing her clit quickly, watching the two naked women pounding each other. She could feel her orgasm building.

When Connie and Louise’s arms were too tired to punch any more, they slumped over resting their hands on their knees. They both stumbled around, resting and running their hands through their hair. Just when Emily was praying it was not over, Connie slid her hand to her crotch. While rubbing her pussy, she motioned with her other hand for Louise to come and get her. Louise rubbed her pussy as well and the two women advanced toward each other with evil grins on their faces. They were both eager to keep fighting.

Mary and Emily were both fingering their pussies and watching in fascination. Connie and Louise stepped forward and pushed their bare breasts into each other as they went nose to nose. They quickly moved their hands from their own to each other’s pussy. The women groaned in pain and pleasure as they scratched and pulled their cunts. It was quite a sight with the two standing, legs apart, scratching pussies, jerking hair with the other hand. Presently, Louise smacked Connie’s pussy with her fist, eliciting a loud groan. Connie immediately responded and the two punched each other between their legs over and over. “FFFuuuuccckkk . . .” moaned Emily as she came again. The women were a raunchy sight now, punching pussies, pulling hair, sweating from all the exertion. The sounds of punching, painting for air and groaning from pain filled the little room.

Recovering from her last orgasm, Emily stumbled on weak knees and bumped into Mary. As she was jarred from her concentration on the fighters, Mary instinctively smacked her fist into Emily’s chest in a flash of annoyance and anger. Emily was shocked and surprised. She glared silently at Mary. The two stared at each other, now ignoring the fighters for the first time since entering the room. The brief hostility lingered for Mary. Emily was an unwanted intrusion. She wished she had not invited her. Emily felt her annoyance rising. Without warning or understanding, she moved her arm and smacked her fist into Mary’s chest. Now the staring contest continued and escalated. They heard the sounds of Connie and Louise fighting but glared at each other. Both women were disoriented; emotions overwhelming them – lust and anger were building. Neither understood what was happening but were powerless against it.

They faced each other more directly. Emily felt and saw herself reach up with on hand and grab hold of Mary’s hair. It was almost an out-of-body experience. Why did she do that? She held on and pulled with increasing pressure. Mary responded, pulling Emily’s hair with one hand. The two continued to stare into each other’s faces. Each could see the look of lust, confusion and anger. Their emotions were totally in control of them. Emily was aware of a building, primitive urge as she stared at Mary. “OMG, I want to fight”, she thought. They began to pull harder, jerking their heads around. Mary mouthed the words, “come on bitch”. And the two groaned like animals and pulled each other’s hair savagely as simultaneous orgasms washed over them. Emily felt that there was nothing in heaven or earth now that interested her but fighting Mary.

The two regained control of themselves as their orgasms began to subside. They began to deliver body punches as they continued to pull hair. “Oh fuck, this is sooooo good!” thought Mary as they pounded away at each other. The two were lifelong friends that were now so very eager and pleased to be fighting. And they wanted to do it long and nasty, until they had their fill.

Only a few feet away, Connie and Louise were savagely punching each other between their legs. They savored the indescribable feelings with each punch. Their fists inflicted pain but also pleasure. They slugged away at each other’s sopping wet pussy. This afternoon they weren’t really human any longer. They were animals, abandoning themselves to their primitive emotions and feelings. They only reason they didn’t want to kill each other was the certainty they could never fight and feel like this again. On and on, they slugged each other with hard, well-aimed punches. When they finally tired, they clutched each other by the hair and pulled each other into the floor. Immediately their legs tangled and their arms embraced the other. They lay there for a short time, panting for air and resting; still eager to keep up this fight, like the animals they were. They looked into each other’s eyes, lying face to face. And they both saw lust and hate staring back at them.

Emily and Mary continued to yank at each other’s hair and pummel each other with their fists. They both wanted this so badly now. Even with being best friends all their lives, they now eagerly fought in a little, hot motel room. There was not the result of any argument or rivalry. There was no jealousy. At that moment neither could have told you why. They were just overcome by the raw, animal-ism of witnessing Connie and Louise fighting. Just like their classmates in the 10th grade, they slugged at each other and stumbled around. At first the fists flew fast and furiously. When their arms became tired, they slowed and aimed more accurately. They punched each other in their ribs, stomachs and chests. And their pussies were soaked through their shorts.

Connie and Louise dug in with renewed energy. They lay tightly together on the floor and rained down punches on each other’s bodies, anywhere they could. Laying on their sides, not having the energy to roll, they slugged away. Yet another orgasm washed over both of them which left them trembling but still punching. They slowed gradually and became aware of how incredibly tired they were. Finally pushing each other away, they separated and lay on their backs, feeling the wet carpet under them. Both became aware of the sounds of groaning and of fists pounding. With some effort, they both rolled slightly and propped themselves up to see Emily and Mary in a spirited fistfight. Louise smiled and shook her head slightly. “These two are best friends, but here they are beating each other up in a seedy motel room”, she thought. “I wonder if they will end up like us”? Connie stared, expressionless at her two friends fighting. She savored the violence in front of her. As they continued to slug away, she began to finger her pussy and continuing to drip on the carpet.

Finally Mary and Emily couldn’t punch each other anymore. Their arm muscles were exhausted. Their chests heaved as they took in air and rested while standing with their arms hanging limp, but staring at each other. In a moment, they reached out and grabbed each other’s breasts roughly. As they dug their nails in, they came together in a wild kiss. It was technically a kiss. They thrust and wrestled with their tongues. Both were salivating and dripping from their chins. One hand remained scratching tit but they lifted the other to grab hair. Their faces were separated from their kiss by their hair jerking. In another few minutes, exhaustion took them. Both women slumped to the floor against the bed.

The four women now lay in the little hot room with their chests heaving for air and feeling totally exhausted. Two were naked and scratched and bruised. Emily and Mary were still in their clothes, but each with big wet stains on the crotch of their shorts. Their hair was sticking out, wildly. All four exhibited cheeks that were red from the emotional exertion. For several minutes no one said a word.

Connie and Louise eventually began to struggle to their feet and collect their clothes. They privately wondered what was next for them. Where would this struggle take them. They each knew they really didn’t want to stop. Their desire to fight each other was escalating. And the evidence was on current display. Instead of meeting at late night, secluded rendezvous, they were here in the middle of the afternoon in a public motel. They wished there weren’t any family or social obligations calling them to return. It wouldn’t take much at this point for them to stay and keep fighting into the evening. But for now, they would return to being housewives, mothers and neighbors – reluctantly.

Emily and Mary were each coming down from their savage, lustful emotional high. They were feeling increasingly embarrassed as the full realization of the afternoon’s events were taking hold. They looked at each other with embarrassed glances and realized how dirty and disgusting they appeared. They would have to stop somewhere going back and replace their crotch-stained shorts and fix themselves up a bit. They each would be mortified to walk into their home looking like they did. This would have to be kept very secret. And yet, was undeniable that both felt something else as well. They felt the low simmer of lustful excitement from fighting.

“How can I be both disgusted and excited by my behavior?”, Mary asked herself. Emily was realizing that she may very well not be able to walk this back. How could she go back to “normal” after today? And what was “normal” anyway? Even now, looking at Mary, she felt her pulse quicken with excitement from remembering the exchange of punches only a few minutes ago.

There were no words; only knowing glances exchanged by the women as they left the room and hurriedly piled into their cars. Each knew this would not be the last such meeting or the end of this dirty and lustful behavior. They were hooked.

Mary and Emily drove home in silence after watching Louise and Connie drive away from the little Motel before them. When they reached Mary’s driveway, the two stared at each other in further uncomfortable silence for a minute or two. Their hair was still tangled. Each felt the tenderness of bruises and scratches in uncomfortable places. “What in the world had happened this afternoon”, Emily wondered.

The situation was surreal. Each woman felt strangely embarrassed and still oddly excited at the same time. Ashamed but also proud; they sat and eyed each other as if daring the other to start again right then and there. Emily felt her pussy moistening once again. This was so dirty and depraved. But she could not deny her inner feelings of excitement. Eventually Emily opened the door and marched up the sidewalk. Mary let out a loud sigh as she felt sure the two friends had gone to a new, dark place that neither wanted to turn back from.

Emily opened the door and quickly found Walter on their screened in patio in the back of the house where she promptly jumped on his lap and grabbed his head in her hands. For the next 20 minutes the kissed him, rubbed his rapidly hardening cock and encouraged him to fuck her on the floor of their patio. She grunted in pleasure at her husband’s touch while she thought only about fighting Mary. She pictured them fighting hard and dirty and long as she came and squirted on the floor while digging her nails into Walter’s back. In fact all four women enjoyed their partner’s cock with particular vigor that evening and on into the night. But their secret thoughts were violent and dirty and deeply satisfying.

The following day, Mary and Emily did not see each other. They both walked around in a daze. Although still confused about what had happened to them, they were each sure it was too intriguing to turn back. They thought about when they might meet and fight again. In the mid-afternoon, Mary called Connie.

“How are you doing, girlfriend? Got anything interesting planned for today?”.

“(snort), I imagine you have a few scratches you are hiding today, don’t you?”

“Possibly, but not a problem. You and Louise getting together soon?”

“As if it’s any of your business, you dirty, voyeuristic little slut. . . . If you were to happen by the concession stand at the county park ball field in about 20 minutes, you might see us”.

“I’ll be there. You bitches might need supervision (chuckles), . . .”

Emily hung up and hit the road and was at the park field in 15 minutes flat. The place was deserted but soon Louise pulled up and fished out the door key.


“Louise. This is getting more frequent and riskier with you two isn’t it”?

“Neither of us wants to wait for late night rendezvous anymore. (opens the door) Get in here.”

Louise set her purse and keys on the table and stretched her arms and shoulders painfully.

“I can’t work, Emily. I told her I can’t concentrate. We had to meet this afternoon. Honestly I don’t care about work or anything. I just want her and me in private. Well, you watch, you pervert. I know you’re hooked”.

A knock on the door was following by Connie pushing it open and turning to close and lock it. She glanced at Louise and went to the opposite end of the tiny room. It was a small open space, surrounded by wooden shelves, a counter covered to the outside and one lone light bulb in the ceiling. The women began to remove their shorts and tops without a word. And when they laid them as carefully as possible on a nearby shelf, they circled slowly around each other in their underwear.

Like magnets, they slapped together and took fists full of each other’s hair and twisted their heads violently. Grunts of pain and desire filled the little room. Emily grabbed her breast and watched in lust as her two friends began to fight. The stumbled and shuffled, mashing their tits together and pulled their heads back in pain. They each took one hand and began punching at ribs and backs. They threw knees at pussies and whirled around and around until legs tangled and they fell to the floor in a thud, instantly clutching in a catball. The women lay there scratching and punching while still clutching each other tightly. Sweat began to drip on all three women as the little room heated up rapidly. Again and again, they slugged and scratched and jerked. Neither could free themselves from the catball, but honestly they didn’t want to. Three . . ., four . . ., five minutes went by. They sweated and tried to hurt each other as they lay in the same position on the floor. Emily pushed her hand into her shorts and masturbated steadily as she watched and felt herself sweating.

(bam! . . . bam!) Emily heard car doors slamming somewhere outside. She peaked out the door and saw kids and adults stepping down the bleachers onto the field for some type of practice apparently. If they heard the commotion in the concession stand, they would be ruined. She whispered to the fighters as loud as she dare:

“Louise! Connie! Get up. There’s some kind of practice beginning.”

The women grunted and punched away, intent on nothing but hurting each other.

“Fuck”, thought Emily. She knelt down over the struggling women so she could whisper in their ears. Putting her hands out to get their attention, she felt the sweat on their straining muscles. Her own pussy was soaking her panties as she leaned in close and whispered in their ears.


“You must stop. Kids are on the field for some practice.”

“You’ll get arrested”.

“Worse, you’ll be ruined in the community”.

More punching and jerking of hair.

“You can find another place to fight. Come on. I’ll help you.”

After another minutes or two of trying to push between them and keep them apart, they reluctantly pushed each other away. The fighters hastily dressed and quickly slipped out to their nearby cars.

“My house. The kids won’t be home for a few hours”, Louise shouted out the window as the other women climbed into their cars.

And all three cars pulled away, following each other through the light suburban traffic. The women pulled in behind each other in Louise’s driveway and hurriedly made their way in the front door. But Louise and Connie didn’t even make it five steps inside before grabbing each other by the hair and pulling themselves into a catball on the floor. Emily quickly closed the door, put her hand in her shorts and leaned back on the door as she masturbated and watched her friends catfight Her pussy was now gushing. Her shorts were soaked and she didn’t care at all.

Louise and Connie lay clutching each other tightly with their nails, scratching their scalps and backs and necks. Their bare legs were tangled and every muscle was straining for control. Their smooth skin was still streaked in sweat. The women moaned in pain and ecstasy while occasionally throwing punches at the head, neck and back. Emily enjoyed this scene for many long minutes, eventually joining the moaning as her orgasm washed over her and slowly subsided. She removed her soaked shorts and panties and tossed them aside as the fighters kicked furiously at each other and rolled away momentarily. Rising quickly, they stepped out of their own clothes while staring at each other with wanton hate and desire. Then with their ample tits swaying, they circled around each other and raised their fists.

“OMG!”, Emily plunged her fingers into her pussy as she sat in a corner chair to enjoy the show. She heard herself whispering the word “fistfight”, as she patted and rubbed her clit. Louise and Connie pounded and punched each other with no thought of defense. After a minute of furious punishment, they backed away, gathering themselves and waived their fists signaling a readiness to go again. And they did. Standing toe to toe and tit to tit, they slugged each other eagerly. After 2 or 3 minutes they had to back off and recoup again. Five more times in a row they repeated this violent dance. Emily had come again as she sat in the chair and watched it all in voyeuristic lust.

Now the women were getting seriously tired. Louise waived her hand, signaling a break. Connie was fine with that and she plopped on the couch to rest. Louise wandered into the kitchen. After a minute Connie followed and the two eyed each other as they drank water, caught their breath and rubbed sore muscles. Further taking advantage of this lull, Louise found some cheese and crackers and sat them on the table. The women sat at across from each other and ate with little resemblance to the proper, polite and courteous women they were (or had been until recently). They stuffed in the food, ignoring the crumbs and never stopped their staredown. As they began to feel refreshed the eating stopped leaving them still staring at each other in defiance. For 2 or 3 more minutes they stared and glared with obvious lust and hate rising within them. Wordlessly they rose together from the table and slowly came together nose to nose. Each woman reached calmly with a hand to grab the others’ hair and they lingered for a moment in this pose.



“Come on.

“Fuck yeah”

They began to jerk their heads and stumble around the kitchen. Then the slugging resumed with their free hand. They alternated punching and tearing at their clothes, scratching tits and grunting in pain and excitement. Emily stood in the doorway and watched they two pulling hair and punching and stumbling around. They bent each other over the kitchen table and swept the remaining cheese and crackers into the floor. Then the women pulled each other into the floor and clutched and scratched, legs tangled, muscles straining.

It was a marvelous catball that made Emily’s pussy twitch. For long minutes, the two hardly moved. They were so tightly tangled it would have been impossible to have gotten them apart, not that anyone wanted to. The two occasionally grunted and twisted to get a better grip on each other, then resumed their scratching and clutching and straining. They each had one tit hanging out of their blouse. They rolled on the food covered floor as each sought for control. Eventually they rested in a tight ball again.

It was then that Emily noticed Louise’s 18-year-old daughter Ethel standing in the outside door of the kitchen. The girl had apparently gotten out of school early and Emily didn’t know how long she had been standing there. But the girl watched, wide-eyed and shocked as her mother and neighbor lay on the kitchen floor with one tit out, scratching and hair pulling. Obviously overcome by the situation all she could do was stare in fascination. Louise and Connie never noticed her at all as they remained intent and happy to fight on the floor. The stalemate of the catball was breaking up. They women found renewed energy reserves. They began to thrash and wrestle and punch each other rapidly and violently. It was like watching two enraged animals and Ethel was mesmerized and speechless.

Finally gaining her wits, Emily rushed to bend over the fighting women to break them up a second time that afternoon. As before she had to pull and strain and speak into their ears, warning that Ethel had come in from school and didn’t they prefer to settle this somewhere else.

As Connie and Louise realized and acknowledged Ethel’s presence, they slowly got to their feet. Louise and Ethel looked at each other for a couple of moments. Ethel was adjusting to the shock of finding her mother catfighting in their kitchen. But she noticed her panties had become strangely wet. Louise knew she would have to have a conversation with her daughter very soon that would be potentially embarrassing and uncomfortable. But just now, her primary motivation remained with the fight.

Emily hurriedly pushed them back out the front door as they buttoned up their tattered clothes as best they could.

“My house”, commanded Emily. “Fred is away golfing and fishing at the park”.

And with that, the threesome piled back into their cars and followed each other to the quaint village where Emily lived on the other side of the lake. On the way, Emily reached for her phone and dialed Mary.

“Mary, . . .Louise and Connie will be meeting at my house in a few minutes. Drop whatever you’re doing and join us. I know you want to. . . . I want you to”.

(lustful moaning into the phone) “I’m coming, you slut”.

Cars pulled up into the driveway of Emily’s house and all the women jumped out in a hurry to resume their deliciously nasty engagement. Emily marched for the door with keys in hand. But Connie and Louise stared at each other and circled widely in the front yard. They slowly closed on each other as Emily got the door open. “Fuck”, exclaimed Emily as she saw her two friends circling. She bolted back into the yard and got between them just before they could get their hands on each other. She knew they would likely attract very unwanted attention in the front yard.

“Girls. Stop. Not here. . . “, she commanded softly as she rested a hand in each woman’s chest.

“Do it inside, . . . as long as you want . . . no one to interfere”.

They began moving slowly as a trio toward the door. Connie and Louise continued to stare hatefully at each other. Then Emily thought she saw a trace of a smile as she finally got them shoved through the door and slammed in behind her. Relieved she was able to keep the spectacle out of her front yard, she turned to see the two tangled together; arms around their shoulders, hands in each others hair, legs pushing between and around each others. Emily plopped down on a chair, pushed her shorts down and opened her legs as she began again to enjoy the show and rub her wet pussy.

Connie and Louise remained locked together in a standing position. They swayed back and forth as they jerked hair and struggled to control each other. They cursed each other softly and began to stumble around the living room. Finally, they fell to the carpet with a thud and remained wrapped tightly. The two began humping each other’s thighs and groaning with lust. As they neared orgasm, they pulled harder on each other’s hair. After a minute or so they both went over the edge.

“Aggggggghhhhh”, “Ummmmmffffff”. They grunted in pleasure and rubbed their clits against thighs. As their orgasms lingered and began to subside each woman punched and moaned. They slugged each other in the back and ribs and neck as their pussies leaked through their shorts and onto the carpet.

Emily came also as she viewed the dirty scene. She moaned and leaked onto the chair as the women in the floor continued to clutch tightly and punch and roll. In a minute they increased intensity and were wrestling and thrashing about violently. Emily loved the sound of their fists smacking each other and their groans of pain and pleasure. She continued to rub her clit furiously, hoping to watch these women fight for hours.

As Connie and Louise began to tire, they separated and began to strip out of their sweat and cum soaked clothes. Now they stood, naked and slowly circling and taunting each other.

“Come on bitch. Just you and me.”

“Fuck you, whore. Let’s go.

The women circled toward each other with bare tits swaying. There were no thoughts of family or time or circumstances. All they wanted was to fight. They grabbed hair and bent over at the waist and began slugging each other’s tits with uppercuts.

Across town, Ethel remained dazed and excited by what she has seen when she came home early. She lay on her bed, masturbating and reliving the images in her memory – images of her mother in a nasty catfight with Connie Venerman. Emily Dracher was watching them.

“Uuuummmffffffff”, she came again, arching her hips and fingering her wet pussy. She had seen fights at school and was always excited by them. She was was always ashamed to really admit that or discuss it. That was, until she got into her own nasty catfight in her junior year with that bitch, Tonya. They went at each other in the girls locker room after practice one afternoon. It was pretty much a stalemate after 15 minutes. Both girls were scratched and bruised. They had an uneasy, uncomfortable truce after that. When Tonya moved away the next term, Ethel knew, but kept it to herself, that she was sorry to see her go. She had secretly fantasized about them going at it again when she masturbated. But her own mother – “Ooohhh!”, the thought jumped up in her head and jolted her to sit up on the bed.

“Where did they go a while ago? Were they somewhere private and still fighting”? She was too dazed, disoriented and excited when she came home. But now she knew she had to find them. She was not going to bury this experience along with her younger, schoolgirl fantasies. She jumped up and pulled on her shorts as she retraced her memory of exactly what they said and thought about where they might go.

Emily was enjoying the sight of the two naked women in her living room, pulling each other around by the hair and punching. And she was startled when Mary bolted through the door and slammed it behind her. Mary quickly surveyed the scene. It was pretty much what she expected to find. There was Connie and Louise naked and fighting in the middle of the living room; and Emily with her panties around her ankles, legs spread, masturbating and watching. Mary slowly walked toward Emily, stripping out of her clothes as she went. Emily stood and kicked her panties aside and removed her top. Without a word, the two women slapped their naked bodies together and held each other tightly as they used one hand to punch their backs and ribs and scratch at each other’s asses. Both women had thought of little else since their first fight only yesterday. And now they were eagerly fighting again; and for absolutely no reason at all. They just wanted to. They lusted for it; for the feel of punching and scratching and hurting each other.

Two pair of naked women were eagerly fighting in a suburban living room. It doesn’t sound right to call them “happy”, but they were very well satisfied. Each of them very much wanted to be at this time and place. They lusted after the uninhibited release of their raw emotions. They wanted to be in an intimate contest with another woman; being socially unacceptable, violent, dirty, hurting each other. It was exciting. It made their pussies gush and leak down their thighs. All they wanted to do was fight and cum all over each other; again and again and again.

Connie and Louise continued to have each other bent over with a handful of hair and punching with their other hand. But after another minute, they pulled each other up straight and released their grips. Then with tits swaying and fists up and ready, they waded into each other, punching and slugging, hitting wherever they could. They loved the feel of slugging each other. Every punch, whether given or taken, heightened the excitement. They felt it in their stomachs and their pussies, as if the punches were massaging their clits. Masturbation by fistfight. They were warm all over and wet between their legs. They literally dripped onto the floor. Again and again, they came together to slug each other in wildly and rapidly before backing off to come at it once again. The sweat coated them, dripping between their breasts, running down their backs into the crack of their asses. On and on they reveled in the fistfight they hoped might never end. Neither knew how long they had been going at it this time. But it didn’t matter. The key was that they keep going.

Meanwhile Mary and Emily held each other in a naked embrace. They were in no hurry. Each wanted to savor the feel of jerking hair, breasts mashed together, arms straining to hold and control, legs wrestling while standing, wet pussies rubbing against her rival’s leg. They went back and forth from looking at the ceiling while hair was being jerked, to chins resting on the other’s shoulder, panting and cursing in each other’s ear.

“You’re quite the dirty cunt”.

“My cunt is too much for you, bitch”.

“Let’s let them at each other and find out, you whore”

‘Ummmmm, come on. Pussy fight”.

The women maneuvered their legs to position their crotches together and began to pump into each other.

“Oh my god!”


They began bucking their pussies slowly at first, then increasing in speed and intensity. In a few seconds they were slapping together while simultaneously holding each other tightly. It was fucking while standing up, with juices spattering as their cunts pounded together. Sweat soaked bellies also smacked together. And their bare breasts were having a war of their own as their stiff nipples were buried against each other. The two began punching at backs, ribs, neck and head as they continued humping their pussies into each other. They panted with each hump/punch:


“Aggghhh, fuck”

“God . . .”

“Come on”

“Uhhh, uhhh, uhhh”

“More bitch”

The pleasure was building . . . building . . . building . . .



They came almost simultaneously with their pussies squirting all over each other. The women clung to each other with strength they never knew they had. As the pleasure washed over them, their pussies continued to gush. They pulled themselves into the wet floor and punched each other in the back and ribs and head with decreasing speed and force as the orgasm subsided.

Finally they were a wet, sticky mess of naked flesh, clinging tightly as if they would never let go. Mary felt Emily jerk her hair and groan in pain/pleasure. She returned the favor. The women rolled slightly and looked up at Connie and Louise across the room. The other couple were continuing to fistfight with sweat pouring off them. Mary and Emily continued to watch while clutching tightly and throwing occasional punches. Presently they reached around each other with one hand and inserted a finger in the other’s asshole. Each woman moaned at the touch, not sure if they meant to sexually stimulate or hurt each other. But what did it matter? They kept probing their asses and enjoyed the sight and sounds of the fistfight.

Meanwhile, Ethel had reluctantly stopped pleasuring herself to throw on a skirt and blouse and sandals and run out the door. She was now cruising the neighborhood streets, trying to think where her mother and the other women would go.

“Huuummm, Mom and Connie were fighting”. She still shuddered when thinking of it.

“And Emily Dracher was watching. And I saw her masturbating too. Ahhhhhhhhh”, Ethel pushed up her skirt and rubbed her clit as she remembered the events and drove to the end of the block.

“Ok, so maybe Connie’s, or maybe Emily’s. Hummmmm. 50-50 chance, right?” She fingers her pussy as she hits the gas and turned toward Emily’s house. And those fingers didn’t rest even as she is walking up toward Emily’s front door. The house is dark. It’s getting to be mid-evening now. Sundown is coming up fast. Ethel has a fleeting thought that she should feel embarrassed about coming here. But what she hopes to find inside is an irresistible pull to keep going. It sounds like some kind of commotion going on inside. She tries the door and finds it unlocked. Then leaving caution to the wind, she boldly steps inside. The sights and sounds hit her like a body blow.

Mary and Emily are naked on the floor, wrapped together, groping each other’s ass and occasionally punching and jerking hair. They don’t roll but stay facing each other on their sides, occasionally glancing at the other two women in the room. The floor is wet. They’ve either pissed themselves or cum on each other. And on the other end of the sofa, Ethel’s sees her mother and Connie, naked, fistfighting, sweating, tits swaying, grunting with each punch. The sounds and visuals overwhelm the girl and she groans and shakes as the orgasm overtakes her. She jams her fingers inside as she feels the juices come squirting out and wave after wave of pleasure block out all other senses. She stumbles on unsteady legs and comes to a sitting position on the floor, legs spread, rubbing her clit, groaning with lust and watching the women fight.

Ethel sat immersed in the sights, sounds, and smell of raw, uninhibited sex and violence. The moans of pleasure and of pain reverberated in the, otherwise, quiet room. The pounding of fists and rubbing of naked bodies excited her. The smell of sweat and sexual fluids filled the air. “This is unbelievable. I fucking love it!”, she thought. Her fingers never stopped stroking her clit as her juices continued to leak onto the floor.

Her mother and Connie were now quite tired and their punching slowed to a stop. They stumbled apart and flopped into the nearest chair, with their naked chests heaving for fresh air and momentary relaxation. Since the show Mary and Emily were watching had wrapped up for the moment, they turned face to face, clutched each other tightly and resumed their catball. Their whole world became the jerking of hair, scratching, straining, wrestling, humping, punching each other. They moaned obscenely and thought of nothing but continuing to lay on the floor and fight for as long as possible.

After a few minutes Ethel turned back toward her mother and their eyes met. They stared with strangely unemotional expressions. Ethel remained sitting on the floor with her legs open and hands fingering her wet pussy. Louise sat slouched in the chair, naked, sweating, resting with red scratches and bruises on her arms, stomach, face and breasts. Yet neither seemed surprised, disgusted, embarrassed or concerned; at least not from the way they looked at each other. It was almost as if they expected to see the other in this state.

After two or three full minutes, some invisible signal was communicated between mother and daughter. They each struggled to rise to their feet. Ethel began to slowly remove her top and bra and step out of her skirt and panties; all the while never taking her eyes off her mother.

When she was naked, the two stepped toward each other. When they were quite close, they began to slip around each other until their breasts touched and they could feel the breath on each other’s faces. Ethel wasn’t sure if this was real or some bizarre, wicked dream and she didn’t care. With butterflies in her stomach and a dripping wet pussy, she reached for her mother’s hair. Connie took two fists full of her daughter’s hair at the same time and the women pulled; not hard at first, but with rapidly increasing strength. Their naked bodies mashed together and they jerked their heads back roughly. Then each moaned with lust as their simultaneous orgasms overtook them. The trembled with pleasure and felt their pussies squirt onto each other.

“Oh god, . . . ummmmmppppffffffff!”

“Fuuuuuuuuuccck! . . .

They jerked hair violently and humped each other’s flesh.

“Aggggghhhh. . . . Damn”

“Ethel?”, Connie moaned

“Mom”, answered her daughter as they stumbled together

“Bitch . . .”

Cunt . . .”

“Fight . . .”


“Come on”

With their orgasms subsiding, they clutched tightly and began scratching as well as hair pulling. Connie punched her daughter in the side. Ethel felt the blow where it hit but also felt a strange, warming shock which caused her pussy to burn with pleasure. She punched her mother’s stomach. “Oh my God, that’s so fucking good”, she thought. The two women began slugging each other with one hand while maintaining hair pulling.

“Yes, . . . come on little bitch”, Connie moaned in her daughter’s ear.

“Fucking cunt, I’ve wanted to fight you since, . . .” groaned Ethel

“Yes, come on baby. I’m here now”.

“Punch me”,

“Yes baby, let’s punch each other”

“Oh god!”

“As long as you want baby”

“Fight me mom”

Connie jammed her fingers in her pussy and groaned as she watched Louise and her daughter fighting.

The End

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