The Sisters by Sidekick

Rachel was distracted and agitated as she came in from work only a bit early. She shook her head and ran her hands through her thick, blond mane. She wondered why she was nervous. Her sister was coming over for dinner in a little while. Karen had lived on the West Coast for the last 10 years, but moved back to Virginia Beach just a few days ago. The two hadn’t seen each other during their separation. They talked on the phone frequently and kept up with each other’s activities and pursuits. But there were no visits. They were both busy, professional women. Rachel was the Human Resources Director for a local IT contracting firm. And Karen was a marketing director in the fashion industry. She had recently accepted a new position with a local, up and coming firm. She had tired of the pressure of a larger company and eagerly wanted a fresh start in a smaller environment. 

In spite of getting off earlier than usual, Rachel was late. She had been putting in 50 hour week’s regularly. And this week was harder than usual. She cursed under her breath as she rushed into the kitchen to prepare dinner. There wouldn’t be time to change clothes and relax before Karen arrived. She wanted to get out of her black dress and stockings but it would have to wait. She did kick off her heels and then went about the dinner preparation. The hot kitchen soon left her feeling a bit wilted. After 35 minutes or so, she was approaching an acceptable state of readiness. All the while her stomach was increasingly knotted and jumpy. Why was she so uneasy? Truthfully she knew. Deep down, she knew. But she wasn’t letting those thoughts surface easily. 

It had been 10 years since the sisters had been together. They were 27 and 26 when they roomed together and attended the University. Then, going different directions to pursue their careers, they hadn’t laid eyes on each other since. Rachel was happy when she heard the news of her sister’s move. But now the hour approached, she was afraid of how the reunion would go. The two sisters, since the time they were very young, were so very competitive. They spent their pre-school and grade school years fighting all the time. Their parents were quite distressed. But they were never able to force a change in their behavior. Junior High and High school brought a lesser frequency but greater intensity to their struggles. Their fights were rough and sometimes quite violent affairs. They came together to pull hair, punch, scratch and wrestle about two or three times a week. Later when they had no choice but to room together while pursuing their bachelor’s degrees, they continued to fight once or twice a week. Often they would go at it for an hour or more. It just seemed natural to them somehow, since they had been fighting their whole lives. 

But surely they had left those days behind, Rachel thought. It’s been 10 years. They were both going into their later 30’s. Neither had married. But they were mature, professional women. Rachel was sure they would be glad to see each other and catch up on their thoughts and plans and dreams for the future. “Knock, knock!” Rachel snapped out of her day dreams when she heard the sound and went to receive her sister. Her black dress was short. She was very proud of being attractive to the opposite sex, even if she wasn’t currently interested in a long term relationship. So the attractive IT professional with the short dress, stockings and long, blond hair answered the door in anticipation of a wonderful reunion. 

When the door opened, she stood face to face with a strikingly similar image in the hallway. Karen was about the same height, weight and complexion as her sister. The two looked quite a lot alike. It was easy to tell they were sisters. The main distinguishing characteristic was the hair. Karen’s was jet black. Rachel didn’t know if Karen had been at work already. But it appeared she may have come from the office as well. Her dress was navy blue, short also and sleeveless; just as Rachel’s was. The two smiled, uttered little screams of delight and hugged each other. Rachel felt her sister’s warm body as they hugged tightly and noticed how firm and fit she was. Each woman was muscular and fit, but still very feminine. They had both kept in shape. And Rachel felt a flush of butterflies as they squeezed each other. 

“Oh my god it’s good to see you!”, said Karen. “I know. It’s been so very long”, answered Rachel as she escorted her sister in and gave her a glass of wine. The two plopped on the soft chairs in the living room and exchanged stories and questioned each other about recent events for about half an hour. Rachel could certainly see that her sister had changed little in the last 10 years. The two sisters secretly appraised each other with their eyes as they talked. Both had very attractive faces, smooth, bare shoulders and fit, shapely and stocking covered legs. The hem of their dresses rode up quite high. They sat with crossed legs and carried on their friendly reminiscences. But Rachel was already dealing with feelings of envy and images of violence from their past. 

These feelings intensified a bit as they went through dinner. The two found themselves slipping into familiar patterns, expressing familiar feelings and remembering familiar events. As they finished dinner, they began to tidy up the kitchen. And the conversation began to turn. They both spoke about their jobs with pride and began to engage in a game of bettering the other’s claims of achievement. It was amazing how quickly and easily they were falling into old familiar patterns of behavior. After a short while longer, they were actually quite catty toward each other. 

Their busy activities in cleaning up the kitchen were matched by and increasing speed and intensity in the conversation. Finally turning toward the last plate on the counter, the women bumped into each other and stepped back, face to face. Rachel was remembering full well now, how much she resented her sister and how much she disliked having her in the way. The two looked at each other with a combination resentment and challenge. Karen reached out for the plate again. Rachel reached out and grabbed Karen’s arm, forcing it down. And for the space of over a minute, the two women strained against each other. The muscles of their arms were tight and their hands weaved back and forth before the plate was abandoned roughly on the counter. 

Rachel felt a rush of excitement and a flush in her face that she had not experienced in; well in approximately 10 years. It had taken only a little over an hour, but it was just like old times. All other thoughts of plans for the evening were gone for her. The only thing in her head was an escalating desire to physically oppose that irritating body in front of her. She wanted to fight with her sister. It’s what they did. It only seemed natural. She could easily recall the feeling of their bodies struggling together; wrapped up tightly, punching and scratching and pulling hair. From the time they were little girls, they had fought and fought and fought. Why should their age matter now? 

Karen had experienced the same feelings of deja vu. And she was quite happy and eager to fight Rachel here in her kitchen. The two women moved up nose to nose and pressed their ample busts and hips together. “Come on, sis”, said Rachel softly. “We haven’t fought in 10 years. Don’t you want to now?” “Yeah, come on bitch”, whispered Karen. The two slowly brought their hands up and grabbed two fists full of their sister’s hair. “Cunt”, “slut”, “whore”, “dyke”. The two cursed each other lowly as they started pulling and jerking their heads by the hair. The butterflies were zooming around inside Rachel. She was panting from excitement and thrilled to have her hands in her sister’s hair once again. 

The two women grunted and jerked each other’s hair; bumping and banging their bodies together. They stumbled around the kitchen in their stockinged feet, turning each other in a circle and feeling the pain in their scalps. The began to raise their knees into each other’s bodies and try to bruise each other. After a few more seconds their legs tangled and they stumbled more precariously around the kitchen. The swish of stockings rubbing against each other could be heard. Rachel felt their strong leg muscles straining together. Now, pulling their heads savagely, they bent over at the waist and crashed into the table, pushing it against the wall. A picture came crashing down on the hard kitchen floor as the women straightened up and then pulled each other’s heads down again in a hair pulling tug of war. 

They swept some bowls and silverware into the floor when they sprawled and slid across the table. And finally falling to the hard floor, they quickly wrapped their legs together and hugged each other, clawing their hair, necks and backs from behind. After straining hard and almost motionless for a minute or so, they started thrashing over and over on the floor and rolled into the legs of a chair. Their dresses were raised up over their shapely hips and their stockings were being shredded together and torn as they wrestled on the floor. Both women were beginning to sweat and Rachel was absolutely thrilled to be fighting with Karen again. 

They wrestled and rolled back and forth wildly, slipping and sliding on the slick kitchen floor. As they crashed into a corner shelving unit, a jar of pickles crashed down and broke on the floor right beside them. And feeling the wet juice and sharp glass, the two women scrambled up and to the side of the mess. They let go of each other momentarily and rested against the cabinets. They panted to catch their breath and notice their disheveled appearance. Both were sweating and their dresses were torn and wet with pickle juice. Their stockings were torn and their hair was a tangle mess. 

Both women almost chuckled as the rose from the floor and went into the living room. “Damn, look what you’ve done to this nice dress, bitch,” said Karen. “Fuck you. I don’t care about your dress. If you don’t like it take it off. I’ll fight you naked, just like we’ve done many times before,” answered Rachel. “You like that, don’t you – you slut,” sneered Karen. The two women pulled their dresses over their heads and dropped them to the side. “Come on. Bring those saggy tits over here and they can fight it out with mine,” Rachel smiled as she pulled off her panties. “Let’s fight, you cunt.” They two sisters advanced on each other wearing only the remnants of their torn stockings. Their sweaty bodies slapped together, mashing their ample busts while clutching and punching each other in the back, head and neck. 

For 2-3 minutes they slugged each other while pushing with their upper bodies and stumbling around the room. Then, finally backing away slightly they kept their fists raised and gulped for air. Their nipples were rock hard and their were both thrilled to be fighting again after all these years. But both were tiring and they begin throwing punches slowly. They pounded away on their breasts for a while. Then they mustered their strength and flailed away at each other wildly with their fists. They hit each other anywhere and everywhere. But the punches didn’t have much power. Finally they leaned together and clutched their arms around each other. They rested and panted for oxygen and leaned their faces on each other’s shoulder. 

“I really hate your fucking guts, you know,” said Rachel. “Well I hate you too, you whore,” answered Karen. “I’ve always hated you. That’s why we fight all the time.” “Doesn’t look like we’ re ever going to stop,” panted Rachel. “Nope. Why should we, cunt? Besides, I like fighting you”. And after a few more minutes of panting they separated and plopped down on the floor beside each other. “You going to stay the night?”, queried Rachel. “I think I will,” answered Karen. “We’ll get some rest and we can fight again in the morning.” 

The End

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