Henry and Sophia by Sidekick

This is the story of Sophia and Henry. They were wonderfully, madly in love. So alike in mind, temperament and interest; they had laughed, loved, worked and played together for the past years. They were rarely seen apart and truly joined in mind and spirit. Both were in their 40s, mature in the ways of the world but still young at heart.

One of the passions they shared was a strong catfight fetish. This was the subject of many a fantasy for them. They wrote stories to excite each other and began to post them on the Internet and correspond with others who shared the fetish. Sophia had even had a fight or two over the years. None was very serious. They mostly shared their fantasies with each other and like-minded people on the Net.

One weekend morning in the early Spring, they awoke about mid-morning after a night of wonderful sex and passion. Henry awoke to the wonderful sensation of Sophia’s lips around his hard cock. He tilted his head to look down and see Sophia’s head bobbing up and down while sucking and licking his stiff shaft. “Hmmmmmm”, Henry was panting and squirming as his orgasm was building. It was his fourth in the last 12 hours. Finally filling Sophia’s mouth with his hot, sticky cum, grunted with extreme pleasure and lay in extreme satisfaction for several minutes. After Sophia used the shower first, he moaned and resigned himself to getting cleaned up himself.

Feeling refreshed after the shower, he went downstairs to find Sophia angrily reading something at the computer. “I see now, you dick!”, Sophia spat. She had found Henry left his email program open on the computer and she was reading through some of his messages. “Who the fuck is this gretchen@dunkirk.ucd.ie ? Huh?”, she smiled at Henry.

Although she was smiling, her voice and demeanor made it clear to Henry that she was anything but pleased. “You and she have been talking behind my back, I see. And she is telling you about some sexfight she is going to be in. You fuck!”, Sophia pushed away from the computer in a huff. As she shrugged off Henry’s attempts to hug her, he pleaded, “Darling, darling, darling. She is just a fan of my stories that I’ve exchanged a couple of harmless messages with. What’s the problem?”.

“Uh huh”, Sophia replied unconvinced. Well, what’s that message from this morning saying she is visiting the U.S. from Ireland and wants to see you?”. “What?! I didn’t see anything about that”, Henry tore over to the PC and read Gretchen’s latest message.

“Good grief, baby! I didn’t know about this. I’ve exchanged a grand total of three messages with this person”. “Right”,

Sophia was stewing. They argued about Gretchen Hamilton the rest of the morning. Henry pleaded his innocence to no avail.

After much arguing and pleading, Sophia seemed to be softening a little. Finally, she appeared resigned and then even agreed to a visit from Gretchen. “Darling are you sure about this?”, Henry questioned.

“I don’t care if she visits here or not. I don’t even know the woman. I wouldn’t know what to even say to her”. “Let her come. I am just being silly”, Sophia replied.

“Nothing wrong with making a new friend, love”, Sophia assured him. But Henry was not convinced.

Messages were exchanged and it was decided that Gretchen would visit Henry and Sophia after the professional conference she was attending in Philadelphia at the end of June. She would have a couple of days until her flight back to the U.K. Henry was feeling increasingly uneasy as the day of the visit approached, despite Sophia’s insistence that she was not upset. They decided to take Gretchen to a fancy restaurant in the city the night she arrived. Everyone would get to know each other, relax in the fine atmosphere, have a fine meal and retire for the evening as new friends.

Still feeling uneasy about the whole thing, Henry and Sophia drove to the airport to the Ramada Inn to pick up Gretchen for dinner about 6:30 pm on a Saturday night. Gretchen had arrived earlier that day and insisted on checking herself in – not allowing them to meet her at the airport. She said she preferred to relax by herself after the trip and meet them for the first time for dinner.

Walking into the lobby, they asked the clerk that Gretchen be called. After talking on the phone, he said she would be right down. So, taking a seat in the lobby, Henry’s eyes ran over his woman hungrily. The restaurant they were going to was very upscale and expensive. And Sophia had dressed “to the nines” for the evening. She looked like a million bucks. She wore a full length and form-fitting gown. And what a form it fit! Sophia was full figured and curvy; lovely face, auburn hair hanging down on her shoulders, full and larger than average breasts, a shapely, firm ass and strong and shapely legs that ran all the way to the ground.

Tonight, her dress was slit up the front almost to her crotch. When she walked her beautiful legs were alternately on display. And when she sat and crossed her legs, —- whhhhheeeeewwwww, it was a heavenly sight! Henry practically salivated over his fine woman as they waited. He smiled at her, catching her eye. “I love you, baby”, Henry said softly. She licked her lips and winked at him. This always drove him crazy with desire. Henry felt his cock hardening as his desire for Sophia raised to a slow boil.

In just a few minutes, they heard a women address them from behind the lobby chairs in which they were sitting. “You must be Henry and Sophia, I presume”. Rising they turned around to meet Gretchen for the first time.

“Oh my God”, thought Henry. He was very proud of his Sophia as an absolutely stunning woman. But standing in front of him was a very attractive woman. She was nearly as tall as Sophia with long blond hair. She certainly had curves in all the right places, but not quite as full-figured as Sophia. Gretchen was dressed in a gown almost exactly like Sophia’s; slit all the way up the front. One silver and the other gold. Truly these two women were a stunning sight that took the breath from every man in the room.

There was an awkward pause as they all stared at each other pleasantly. Breaking the ice, Henry said, “Gretchen! Lovely to meet you”, holding her hand an giving her a peck on the cheek. Next came Sophia, with her hello and a pretend kiss. Henry noticed they eyed one another as their faces touched and their kisses landed on nothing but air. “Well, shall we be off then?”, Henry volunteered. “Our car is this way”.

Loading into their Acura, they made small talk and arrived at the restaurant in about 15 minutes. The car was comfortable enough but small enough that both women’s legs were on ample display on entry, during the drive, and on exit. It was driving Henry to distraction. On arrival, he escorted the two beautiful women with one on each arm into the plush restaurant where they had reserved a table in the back. They sat with Sophia and Gretchen on opposite sides and Henry to one side. The appetizers went well. The wine came and they launched into the main course easily as they all discovered they were quite hungry.

As Sophia attempted to make small talk, she was only too aware that it just wasn’t coming easily. Henry chimed in as appropriate, but let the women lead the conversation. As time passed the women’s comments became cattier. “Well, I’m sure Wentworth is a fine school; if you like that sort of environment”, Sophia said. “Oh, it’s a wonderful environment, Sweetie. Not like the undisciplined American schools, I’m sure”, answered Gretchen. “Well discipline is the last refuge of an unimaginative mind, I’ve always heard”. “I went to school for more than daydreaming, darling”.

The women seemed to gather speed and energy with each retort. It didn’t take long for the conversation was becoming quite uncivil. They began to insult each other. “There’s some nerve you have lecturing me”. “Well it’s a dirty job but it’s obvious someone’s got to do it”. “Talk about dirty, your hair is falling in your soup, oh simple minded one”. “Yes, let’s talk of minds, your body is certainly nothing for polite conversation”. “Look at yours, that’s a lovely dress you’re almost wearing”. “Planning on flashing the entire dining room?”. “Well if it were you, everyone in here would lose their appetite, wouldn’t they?”. On and on the women went.

Faster and faster they fired back. Soon they were talking over top of one another; now only half listening to each other. As they became more shrill, the insults became more personal. They argued in increasing volume for several long minutes. Railing simultaneously at each other; they actually began to sound like two cats growling and screeching and ready to pounce. Henry could have sworn he could see Sophia’s hair standing up in the back of her neck.

It was becoming obvious that they would not get through dessert. Four letter words were now being used. “Fucking bitch”, “Fat cow”. “Stinking cunt”. “Dyke”, “Whore”. Patrons at neighboring tables were starting to stare. Finally, Henry got up and motioned for the maitre de to come over. Sophia and Gretchen were focused only on each other and kept on arguing and cursing each other. Henry whispered to the Maitre de for a few seconds, motioning to the women. After receiving a few bills inconspicuously into his pocket, the maitre d nodded his approval. “Yes, sir. If you will all come with me”.

Returning to the table, Henry watched the women arguing with no regard to where they were or what kind of spectacle they were becoming. They did not even notice him as he walked around the table. Now with his back to most of the patrons in the restaurant, and standing over the two women, he bent down between them. Feeling very much in the line of fire, he reached out and took each woman’s breast in his hand and caressed them as he talked softly to both of them.

“Girls, girls, girls. Let’s go somewhere and settle this, shall we? Come on.”

The two women were distracted by having their breasts rubbed, but didn’t really hear anything he said. Sophia and Gretchen both looked away from each other and at Henry for the first time in about 20 minutes.

“You want to fight?” He said softly. “Come on, it’s all arranged. It’s a short walk right here in the building. You can settle it”. The women looked at Henry, startled and questioning for a moment as if they didn’t remember where they were. Then returning their glare at each other, they rose and followed Henry to the back of the dining room.

The maitre de motioned for them to go through a door and then led them down a short hallway. Henry noticed several waitresses and other women and men on the kitchen staff were watching them. No doubt the word was passing about what had transpired and what was going to take place.

The maitre de stopped at a freight elevator and pushed the “up” button. In a few seconds, the doors opened and they all piled quickly inside. Henry stood between Sophia and Gretchen as they rode up two flights. The women glared at each other with hatred. They accepted their separation for a moment, knowing they were going to be allowed to get together very soon. With a “ding” and the opening of the doors, the maitre de led them down another short hallway and through large double doors. Then they all entered a large, empty ballroom.

Hurrying to close the doors behind them, the maitre de turned up the lights and motioned for the two waitresses and a cook to join him to the side. Henry pulled up a chair from a stack against the wall and took off his coat to be comfortable before sitting down. Sophia and Gretchen looked around for a second and then slowly circled around each other again and again, moving toward the center of the large ballroom. Never taking their eyes from each other, they slowly kicked off their heels. The restaurant staff whispered in excitement as the women shook their hair, running their hands through it once and then stepped toward each other.

They walked slowly but deliberately forward, smacking their bodies together and grabbing two fistfuls of each other’s hair. Pulling their heads back as hard as they could, they each groaned at the opening of combat. They leaned into each other pulling and jerking hair while stumbling around in the center of the floor. They started cursing. “Fuck you”, “Eat shit”, “dirty whore”, “sticking cunt”. They encouraged each other to fight. “Come on”. “Here I am”. “Let’s see what you’ve got”. “Bring it on”. “Let’s go”.

They pushed and jerked each other, bending at the waist. Their long bare legs flashed out through the slits in their skirts and wrestled with each other. They commenced kicking and kneeing at each other. Henry was mesmerized by the sight of these two stunning women fighting before him. Stumbling around and around, they became increasingly unbalanced.

Finally, they fell with a thump to the floor. Immediately they wrapped their legs together and rolled over and over, clutching and jerking hair. As they rolled there was a rrrrrriiiipppppp, hear as the seam of a dress gave way. The women began to punch each other in the sides and anywhere they could hit. They rolled to a stop and then began rolling the other way; punching and wrestling and pulling hair.

The restaurant staff became more animated in rooting the fighters on. They encouraged the women, openly. “Yeah, fuck her up”, “Go for her tits”, “Tear her dress off”, the Staff was thoroughly enjoying this deliciously sexy catfight. Henry was squirming in his chair, trying to alternately hide or rub his ferocious hard-on; he couldn’t decide which. In another minute, he decided on rubbing.

Rrrrrrrrriiiiippppppp! Another dress seam gave way. The dresses were just hanging off the two women as they rolled around on the floor. They punched each other anywhere they could with one hand and kept the other locked in hair. They jerked their hair, slugged each other savagely and slowly rolled over each other.

The women were now rolling completely out of their dresses and still rolling toward the wall. The large floor provided a completely unrestricted space. Henry heard the door opening and a couple more of the kitchen staff came in to watch. They were greeted by the sight of two nearly naked women rolling on the floor, their ripped dresses laying in heaps. They were now in little sheer panties and bras as they stopped rolling and clutched each other, panting to catch their breath.

Sophia and Gretchen were wrapped up tightly and panting hard. They lay with their faces almost touching, glaring at each other. Each could feel the breath of the other. As they panted they challenged each other. “Come on bitch”, “Fuck you”, “Let’s go, cunt”, “As long as you want it, whore”. They spat their words at each other. Sophia grabbed Gretchen’s tit with one hand and squeezed. “Aaaaagggggg!”, she squealed. Grabbing a tit also, Gretchen scratched savagely. Their thin bras were quickly torn away and they continued to scratch each other’s breasts and began squeezing nipples. They were sweating heavily, in spite of the cool temperature of the room. Presently they began rolling again, still in a fierce titfight.

The spectators were all flushed with excitement and continuing to encourage the women. Henry was openly rubbing himself through his suit pants. Later he would be exceedingly glad they were black.

Presently each woman felt overwhelmed by the sensation of their sweating bodies rubbing together. Their bodily contact and the raw emotion of slugging, scratching and wrestling with each other was erotic. Truthfully each was really enjoying the fight. They started to hump each other’s leg as they lay tangled together. “Ohhhh”, “Uuuunnnnnn”, “hhhhhhmmmmmm”. They sighed as they rubbed their pussies against each other. Still holding each other by the hair, they brought their faces together. They cursed each other. “You fucking bitch!”, “You stinking cunt!”. Then they smacked together in a furious sloppy french kiss. For long seconds they fought with their tongues and humped their pussies and moaned into each other’s mouth. Breaking away, they howled with simultaneous orgasms. “Aaaaaaaiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeaaaaa!”,
“Uuuuhhhhhgggggggggggg!”. They pulled each other’s hair as hard as they could as their orgasms washed over them. Moaning and grunting, they pulled hair and let their juices soak their panties and each other’s leg.

The spectators were silently mesmerized by the wanton sight. Someone could be heard saying, “Oh,, my, god”. As they regained control, Sophia and Gretchen glared at each other and then kicked and pushed at each other and separated for the first time since walking into the room. Everyone wondered if it was finally over. The women sat on the floor, facing each other for several moments, glaring. Then they rose to their knees and began to crawl towards each other.

A murmur of approval was heard from the spectators as the women threw themselves at each other, smacking together. They spent their last ounces of energy, furiously punching, clutching, kneeing and scratching each other. There was no defense, no thought of anything buy destroying each other. They wailed away, fighting violently to win. Henry came in his pants and moaned with intense pleasure, “ahhhhhhggggg, uuuummmm!”

Sophia slugged Gretchen in the stomach and made her double over. Then coming with a roundhouse right, she connected with the side of her head and Gretchen went down like a sack of potatoes. Slumping down, spent and elated at the same time, Sophia threw her head back and howled in victory, “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

Moving over to her, Henry kneeled down and they hugged in celebration. Turning to each other, they kissed passionately. Henry caressed her hair and held her as they swayed back and forth slowly, clinging to each other. “My baby, my baby”, Henry said over and over.

Presently the kitchen Staff began to slip out. Henry realized the maitre de was standing over him. “Here, sir”, he said holding out a white smock worn by the cooks. “I think madam will be needing something else to wear”. He smiled as Henry took the smock and he helped Sophia into it. Some other women assisted Gretchen into a similar one after she began to stir back to consciousness. Others gathered up the women’s gowns and they were all helped out of the ballroom. The maitre de skillfully escorted them to the service entrance, like a secret agent avoiding detection.

As the three walked briskly to their car, Sophia and Henry were arm in arm. Gretchen was sulking a couple of steps behind. They all piled into the car, Gretchen in the back seat. The two women hadn’t spoken a word to each other since the end of the fight. Sophia was elated and no longer feeling the slightest threat from Gretchen. Henry thought it was the mostmind-blowingly the exciting evening he had ever spent. Little did he know what lay in store for the next several hours.

The three of them piled back into the Acura. Sophia was wearing the kitchen smock from the restaurant and it barely covered her voluptuous form. She was still flushed and excited from her combat with Gretchen. Her hard nipples poked through the fabric noticeably. The smock buttoned down the front and it was gap-ing. It was short and slightly too small for her. The thing barely covered her crotch. And her fabulous legs were almost entirely on display along with a few bruises and scratches. Her hair was a wreck. Anyone who saw her would have guessed she was either in a fight or had just been royally fucked in some dark alley. She even had a big grin on her face to match her mood. Not only had she beat that bitch Gretchen’s ass, but she had also thoroughly enjoyed the fight from start to finish.

Gretchen sat silently in the back seat, rubbing her bruised muscles. She looked much like Sophia, messed up hair and little scratches all over her. The smock was similarly small on Gretchen. Henry glanced in the rearview mirror a couple of times to see her panties on display and her nipples also poking out to reveal she was still excited.

Henry sped through the late night streets as fast as he reasonably could. Also wearing a big grin on his face, he glanced at Sophia frequently and admiringly. When she turned her head to him, and grinned, their eyes held each other and transmitted their raging emotions of pride, elation and lustful desire. Henry felt the stickiness still oozing around his crotch from cuming in his pants earlier. He pushed the gas pedal down further. He wanted to get Sophia home quickly.

As they neared the Ramada Inn, where Gretchen was staying, they were greeted by a roadblock and the flashing lights of fire engines and emergency vehicles of every shape and size. Traffic was not being allowed through. The three groaned, barely under their breath, as this was not a welcome development. Presently a policeman drifted nearby and Henry got his attention and called him over to the car. His explanation only caused them to groan more and loudly as they considered their alternatives.

There was a gas leak somewhere in the area. The authorities were considering it to be very dangerous and no one was allowed into a 2 square block radius. The cop said he was sorry they were staying at the Ramada, but no one was being allowed in and the building was being evacuated. It could be several hours before the situation was stabilized

“Fuck!”, said Henry in disgust. He looked at Sophia and threw up his hands questioningly. They all looked at each other. “Well we can’t just leave her on the street corner”, Henry said.

“Wouldn’t bother me a bit”, Sophia retorted. “Hey, fuck you and the horse you rode in on!”, spat Gretchen from the back seat. Sophia turned and jabbed her finger in Gretchen’s direction, “You remember your place, you dirty cunt!”. “Feeling a little insecure, bitch?”, Gretchen shot back.

“Secure enough to kick your skank ass!”, Sophia was fairly shouting, now. “You were lucky while ago. Throwing your smelly hair in my face”, retorted Gretchen. “I’ll tap dance on that mess you call a face, anytime, cunt!”, spat Sophia. “If you want some more, let’s go!”, sneered Gretchen. Sophia started to climb into the back seat and Henry smiled and started to wonder just exactly when it was that he lost control of the evening.

Sophia plopped down beside Gretchen and they immediately tangled their fists in each other’s hair. Sitting side by side, they turned toward each other and jerked hair viciously. Presently Sophia put one leg over Gretchen’s. Then Gretchen rolled her outside leg over top of Sophia.

They lost a bit of balance and leaned over against the window, leg locked. Their shear panties were on display and still stained and sticky from their earlier orgasms. If Henry had been any farther away he couldn’t have seen them in the dark. His hard-on grew and pressed against his pants obscenely as he watched the two gorgeous fighting women in his back seat. Presently they started slugging each other in the stomach and breasts. Henry loved the sounds of fists hitting soft flesh and the panting and grunting they did as they jerked hair and wrestled with their legs. There wasn’t much room for them to do much else. Punching space was very limited and they were not doing any damage to each other, really. But Henry loved the sights and sounds and watched them in silence for several minutes.

When a crew of fireman came close the car with their flashlights, he decided he had to do something quickly, lest they be discovered and arrested. Groaning, he turned and pulled the car into a U turn to get away from the stalled line of cars. His mind was racing faster than the car, as he sped away from the emergency lights and tried desperately to think. How far were they from home? Where could he go to have some privacy? Could he drive and constantly look into the rear view mirror at the same time?

Rounding a corner with squealing tires, he glanced into the back seat. Sophia and Gretchen were still wrapped in a ball of fury, leaning against the window, punching each other, jerking their hair and cursing.

Racing down the parkway, he glanced over to the left and spotted a carwash. It was closed, since it was about 11:30pm on a Saturday night. But it was an old style car wash, with the bays open on each end for driving in and manual washing. Quickly he pulled across two lanes of oncoming traffic and screeched to a halt in one of the washing bays and threw the car into park. Henry wheeled around, rising up on his knees in the seat and quickly fumbled at his zipper. He strained to get his rock hard cock out of the little opening. Finally getting matters in hand, so to speak, he enjoyed staring at his wonderfully sexy Sophia, still fighting with Gretchen in the back seat.

The women seemed oblivious to the fact that they were being run all over the city at breakneck speed so late at night. They were locked together while sitting on the small seat, cursing and jerking hair and punching each other. They had torn open the little while smocks they had worn away from the restaurant and their lovely breasts were rubbing together as they struggled. Four sets of tits were hard and skewering into their opponent. Their sheer panties still clung to them but were stretched and about to fall off, as they were never meant for such abuse. Both women were now sweating profusely. They had expended much energy in the little car and Henry had not thought to open a window. Silly man! He was engrossed in the fight and his own pleasure

The car was filled with the sounds of panting, fists hitting soft flesh, hair being jerked, and legs kicking the backs of the seats as the fighters struggled. They moaned and grunted as the struggled. The windows were completely fogged up and the car rocked slightly as the battle waged on. Sophia took her hand from Gretchen’s hair and grabbed her breast, scratching and clawing. Gretchen, squealed and slugged Sophia several times in the side and back. The women controlled each other with their tangled legs. There wasn’t room to maneuver. They simply had to fight it out where they sat. Gretchen kept punching at Sophia’s torso anywhere she could. But her short punches were not effective and she was tiring. Sophia, worked on one of Gretchen’s breast then the other. She scratched and pulled savagely at her nipples. Finally, getting nowhere, both women groaned and grabbed two hands of hair and pulled violently back, trying to snap their necks.

Henry stroked his cock furiously and finally shot his cum into the back seat, landing on the floor, seat and a little on Gretchen’s leg. He grunted with the intense pleasure of his second orgasm of the evening. And he continued to stare at the incredibly sexy, fighting women. For several minutes, Sophia and Gretchen sat with their heads laying painfully back, jerking and pulling hard. Their hair was soaked with sweat and they re-gripped occasionally to keep a firm hold. They were tiring and there wasn’t much movement to the struggle at this point. Their chests heaved as they strained for air in the little car.

Henry was torn between staying or going. He would love to just sit right there and let them fight as long as they wanted. But their earlier fight in the restaurant didn’t release the emotions between them – far from it! Their passions seemed to be heating up, even if they were getting tired. He didn’t think they were going to finish anytime soon. And he sure wasn’t going to stop them! On the other hand, getting discovered surely meant being arrested. The longer they sat there, the greater the risk. And he wanted to get them home where no one would interfere. The women continued to rest, but wouldn’t let go of each other, signaling their desire to continue. Making his decision, Henry turned around in the seat and punched the little Acura out of the car washing bay and back out into the street. He called to them over his shoulder, “we’ll be home in 5 minutes, girls”. Hoping they would be satisfied to wait until then to resume hostilities, he drove as fast as he could. Traffic was light. He looked at his watch and saw it was a few minutes before midnight.

Running through the narrow streets of his neighborhood now, he slowed and pulled into their driveway. Parking the car and throwing open the door, he ran around to the back. He wanted to get them inside as quickly as he could. They were all a sight. His dick was still hanging out of his pants. And the women were naked except for the little white smocks on their shoulders and arms. But they were torn open all down the front and covered virtually nothing. As Henry opened the door, they were still locked together and had their heads pulled back by the hair. Henry tried to coax them out of the car for several minutes to no avail.

Finally, he remembered what worked in the restaurant a few hours earlier. Then rubbing a breast of each woman he spoke softly and encouraged them to move. He tenderly squeezed their breasts and rubbed their hard nipples. “Come one, baby”, he said softly to Sophia. Let’s go in where everyone can be more comfortable”. They both started to moan as they enjoyed Henry’s touch. “Please Gretchen, we’ll be inside in one minute. You two will have all the room you want and be undisturbed”. The women slowly began to relax their grips on each other.

Finally they lowered their hands from each other’s hair and sat and glared at each other. Henry gently pulled on Gretchen, to get her moving out of the door. Sophia, followed, willingly. She seemed to stalk Gretchen like a predator. Henry walked ahead of them across their lawn to the door. But the women’s eyes were only on each other. God, what a sight they were! Their nipples were stiff and long from exposure to the cool night air.

Gretchen stopped and slipped out of her soaked and torn panties. “You fucking slut. You’re going to pay for ruining my clothes tonight”, she said. Sophia stopped and snorted, “Hah, you placed a value on those rags you were wearing”. The two women faced each other now. “Talk about rags”, sneered Gretchen as she gestured toward Sophia’s torn and cum soaked panties. They glared at each other. In a few seconds, Sophia slipped her panties off and they continued their stare down. They both held their torn panties in their hand.

Henry fumbled at the door, desperately trying to get it unlocked, but obviously distracted by the women. His hands were struggling with the keys but his eyes were on Sophia and Gretchen. The women looked sort of like western cowboys, with panties for guns, drawn and ready to shoot it out. Sophia threw her panties at Gretchen, hitting her breasts. And that little spark, ignited Gretchen to drop hers as the women launched themselves at each other. Smack!! – Their bodies collided and they quickly wrestled each other to the cool, wet grass.

When last we left our girls, they had started fighting again on the front lawn . .

Henry bolted back out to the lawn as he finally was able to throw open the door. He walked beside the women as they rolled over and over, getting soaked with the early morning dew from the grass. He watched the fight as his cock grew to full extension once again, and wondered how the hell he would get them inside before the neighbors noticed. The women stopped rolling, but now tangled and clutching, they slammed fists into their sides, back, heads and anywhere they could hit. Gretchen brought her knee up and smacked into Sophia’s pussy, (thump!). Sophia let out a little scream and launched herself at Gretchen kicking and punching with all she had. After a few more moments of kicking, punching, and scratching, they found themselves kicking away from each other. And as they got to their knees, preparing to lock up again, Henry saw his chance.

He ran between them and tackled Sophia. Grabbing her, he got up and rushed her toward the house while shielding her from the punches of Gretchen. Meanwhile, Sophia was trying to get back at Gretchen. Henry was getting beat up pretty good by the time they all fell through the front door and into the front hallway.

The women scrambled to their feet and glared at each other as they removed their tattered kitchen smocks. They were now completely naked. A combination of sweat and dew from the grass dripped from their bodies onto the hardwood floor. Henry stepped out of the way and hurried to remove his pants as the women advanced on each other. They held up their fists, signaling their readiness to continue the fight. Then they launched punches into each other’s soft flesh. Ummmpf, hhhuuumppp, they groaned as punches slapped and thudded into bellies and sides and breasts. Henry had slumped against the wall and was pumping his cock furiously.

The women grabbed a fistful of matted, wet and tangled hair with one hand as they punched and slugged away at each other with the other. They threw well-aimed punches at their stomachs and breasts. Holding each other’s heads for leverage, they wailed away at each other for several minutes. Presently they began throwing punches to their pussies. Listening to the sound of each “whuummp”, of a fist into soft pussy flesh, Henry shot his cum high into the air for orgasm number three of the night.

The women were fucking animals! They presented no defense. They just punched and jerked hair and danced, precariously around the hallway. Bumping into the little table under the mirror, they knocked it to the floor. The lamp and table went crashing down. Then, losing their own balance, they fell to the floor with thud like a sack of potatoes. They rolled over and bumped into the wall. Their legs were tangled and straining to control their opponent. They lay panting as they cursed and punched each other.

“Fucking bitch”, ” “stinking cunt”, thump! “come on”, “let’s fight”, “ummmphf! “I hate you”, “I hate you more!”, “whhumpp!, “uuuuhhhhh”, “Yeah, bitch!”, “let’s go”, “fuck you, dyke”, “kiss my ass, you cow!”.

Henry could hardly believe his good fortune. He stroked his cock furiously as he listened and watched the girls curse and fight. He sat against the wall and enjoyed himself, relaxing for the first time in hours. A little smile crossed his face as he realized that they were now in the house and would not be discovered or disturbed. Presently the girls started kicking each other and throwing punches furiously. They pushed and kicked each other apart and sat up on the floor while still glaring at one another. They sat for long minutes, catching their breath and resting. Henry discarded his pants permanently and went over to Sophia to smooth her hair and kiss her face as she recovered. He whispered in her ear. “Baby, come get something to drink. You must be parched. Then you two can return to the fight. No one is going to stop you until you’re through”.

Henry helped Sophia to her feet and they turned for the kitchen and a much need drink of water. She drank greedily, spilling some out on her tits and stomach. After another glass full, Gretchen wandered into the kitchen and Henry offered a glass of water to her as well. But this seemed to anger Sophia who pushed Henry’s back and made a noise that Henry had never heard. It sounded very like the low growl of a cat about to lash out at an enemy. Henry could have sworn he saw the hair on the back of Sophia’s head almost standing up as he stepped out of harm’s way.

Gretchen quickly gulped the water and through the glass into the sink as she saw Sophia advancing on her. The glass shattered into a hundred pieces as the girls moved around the kitchen facing each other. They circled and raised their fists with evil grins on their faces. Henry began stroking his cock again as Gretchen and Sophia came together with a flurry of punches. Then they backed off, still circling with their fists raised. Twice more they came together to slug each other in a flurry back away before expending too much energy. The sights and sounds of the two women’s fists pounding into each other’s tits, sides and stomachs was bringing Henry close to orgasm number four.

It continued to be a slow and deliberate fistfight. The women grunted and groaned with each punch, but each was giving as good as she was getting. They seemed very content to stand there punching each other. Presently Henry noticed the sweat dripping from both women’s tits. Sophia’s face was drenched and her hair was matted and soaked. He moaned as his orgasm built. “Uuuuuuggggghhhhhhhh, he grunted as he shot his load onto the floor”. The women continued their fistfight, not noticing anyone else was in the room.

They smacked their fists into soft tit flesh. Their punches were well aimed. The fighting went from deliberate to slow motion as they became quite tired. They must have been fistfighting in the kitchen for over an hour. Too tired to circle anymore, they held their fists low and glared at each other. Two or three times a minute they would come together, punching for several seconds and backing off slightly to rest. Sophia had never known such liberation. There was no one to break them up. There was no possibility of getting into trouble or getting arrested. Her reputation with anyone she knew would not be affected in the slightest. Well, except for Henry, who loves to see women fight.

On their next clash of punching, they remained in a clinch. Very tired now, they rested their chins on each other’s shoulders and continued to throw occasional punches into the opponent’s body. They leaned together slugging each other and grunting, like two boxers. With one more hard punch into her gut, Louis groaned and slumped to her knees. Sophia stumbled back against the kitchen table, practically exhausted. As she panted to catch her breath, Sophia wandered toward the living room, leaving the defeated Gretchen on the kitchen floor.

Sophia leaned on Henry as they made their way to the couch. They plopped down and embraced for several minutes as Henry stroked and patted Sophia’s head. Both were very proud and happy. “Damn! Baby,” marveled Henry as he rubbed Sophia’s muscles gently. “You were fucking amazing. I’ve never seen two people go at it like that, ever. Do you realize that you two have been fighting for about the last 5 ½ hours!”, he said, looking at the clock. “Oh Henry, it felt so good!” replied Sophia, her face flushed from physical exertion and excitement. “Was it that long? What time is it?” she glanced at the clock herself. “When we were beating each other with our fists, well . . . I wish we could keep going,” she said. Henry kissed her and looked into her eyes. What he saw there was desire, confidence; even lust. They kissed passionately and wildly like they had just been reunited after many years. Henry pushed his hand between her legs and pressed his body against her. Sophia moaned and parted her thighs for him, eager for his touch. Henry felt how wet her pussy was and she took his cock in her hand as they rubbed each other in wonderful enjoyment.

They kissed, petted and moaned on the couch for several minutes. “Did you like watching us fight, Henry?” Sophia cooed in Henry’s ear. “Oh my god, baby! You were unbelievable. You love to fight, don’t you?”, Henry panted in excitement. “Yesss. And now let’s fuck my darling”. Sophia straddled Henry and was about to lower herself onto his eager cock. Then suddenly Sophia felt her head being jerked by the hair. She was forced backward by this painful grip and landed in the floor on her back with a loud thump! She saw Gretchen standing over her. “You fucking whore! If you want something between your legs, try my fist”, barked Gretchen. Sophia rolled over and got to her knees. “How dare you, slut! If you wanted to fight some more, all you had to do was say so.” She rose to her feet.

The women circled at close range. They were both scratched and bruised. Little red marks from their conflict were all over their bodies. They eyed one another and their full breasts swayed slowly as they circled. Sophia held her fists up at her waist eagerly. She felt her heart racing as she remembered she and Gretchen punching each other only minutes earlier. She wanted to fight again.

Closing together, they pushed their bodies into each other. Both threw punches at the other’s side and back. They clawed their backs with sharp fingernails and pulled each other’s hair until their heads bent backward, painfully. Their breasts were mashed together and they straddled each other’s legs. Gretchen raised her knee and smashed it into Sophia’ soft pussy. “Uuuhhhhh”! grunted Sophia as she slammed her own knee into Gretchen’s unprotected pussy. They stood there, hands in their hair and slammed away at their pussies several times; harder and harder until they lost their balance. They fell to the floor with a thud, but kept a tight hold and immediately rolled over and over in a tight little ball of feminine fury. Bumping into the magazine rack, they soon found themselves wrestling in newspapers and magazines. As they rolled back and forth the living room was quickly strewn with papers.

Henry stroked his cock and smiled at the women from his seat on the couch. They had kicked away from each other and were slowly rising to their feet. Sophia said, “Come on, cunt”. “You fucking bitch. Your boyfriend is going to cum all over himself when I tear your tits off and stuff them into your stinking cunt”, growled Gretchen. “Bring, it, on you cuntlapper. Put your pussy where you fat ugly mouth is”, sneered Sophia. Gretchen growled, “You want my pussy, you dyke? Come and get it”.

They moved to clutch each other by their shoulders, head down and legs apart, dancing around the living room, jockeying for position. Presently Sophia reached out and grabbed a hand full of Gretchen’s pubic hair. “Owwwww, you fucking whore!”, Gretchen swore. She retaliated in the same manner and both women clutched and scratched at each other’s hair and pussy lips. Smack! Sophia punched her fist into Gretchen’s soft pussy flesh. “Uggghhh”, grunted Gretchen. Then she punched Sophia’s pussy. They stood clutching each other with one hand and punching pussy with the other. As they slugged away, Henry shot his load for, believe it or not, the fifth time in the last 12 hours!

Sophia loved the close battle. Every time her fist dug into Gretchen’s crotch she felt elated. They had been fighting for so long and their adrenalin was flowing freely, that she was able to tolerate the return punches. And adrenalin wasn’t the only thing flowing. Sophia’s pussy was leaking down the insides of her legs. And she could feel Gretchen’s pussy splatter with each punch! As the women slugged away at each other, they got more and more excited. Little puddles began forming at their feet. They were both dripping sweat and pussy juices as they fought. Henry knew this was the most wanton, dirty and yet exciting sight he had ever seen in his life.

“Unnnhhhh”, . . . “Ahhhhgggg”, . . . “Hwwaaaa”, the women grunted as they punched each other. Time held no meaning for them. Sophia actually felt pleasure in receiving as well as landing each punch. She was elated at meeting another woman who was unafraid to engage her this way; a woman who liked to fight as much as she did; and was as good at it.

They continued on and on, sometimes slowing, then speeding up again. The longer they brawled, the more excited they got. It was an amazing marathon. Sophia began to moan loudly as her pleasure built. She was going to cum, and she couldn’t stop it if she tried. She moaned and growled and screeched, louder and louder. Every time Gretchen punched her pussy, it pushed her closer and closer. Finally, she felt her orgasm shower over her in wave after wave.

“Aaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwggggggggggggeeeeeeeee!”, she wailed. In response she punched and smacked at Gretchen as hard and fast as she could. Finally, she slowed as the wonderful sensation began to subside. But neither had let go. They clutched each other and rested their chins on each other’s shoulders. Smack! Gretchen punched her. Sophia retaliated. They kept it up in slow motion for a while. Then Sophia heard Gretchen begin to moan and then growl; louder than before. The frequency and intensity of her punches increased rapidly. Sophia knew Gretchen was on a build-up to an orgasm of her own. Happy to oblige, they punched each other for another minute or so, they Gretchen went over the top. “Aaaaaiaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeee!”, she cried in ecstasy.

The women slumped against each other in a clumsy embrace. Then they slumped to their knees. The carpet was stained and wet all around them from sweat and cum juices. Finally falling to the carpet, they drifted to sleep. Henry gazed at the women admiringly for several minutes until he too, fell asleep.

Waking sometime later, Henry stared groggily at the clock. It was 5:10 am and the women began to stir back to consciousness. Crawling to the edge of the couch, they propped themselves up against it and rubbed their eyes and sore muscles. Henry went to help Sophia up and embraced her warmly. He whispered in her ear, “I love you, baby”. He smoothed her hair as best he could. And he lead her toward the bathroom. Leaving here there for the moment, he jumped upstairs to retrieve her bathrobe. And when she had it on, they came back into the living room to see Gretchen sitting on the couch, seemingly in a daze.

Remembering she had no clothes, Henry whispered again to Sophia, who nodded in agreement. Then Henry went back to the bedroom and retrieved a dress for Gretchen to wear. She accepted it gladly. And while she went to the bathroom, Henry called a cab.

After a few minutes of resting on the couch, they saw headlights out the window and heard the honk of the cab. Gretchen appeared from the bathroom and the three of them stared at each other for a moment. As Henry went to open the door, he saw the women coming toward each other. His heart jumped into his throat and he knew he had only a second to step between them. But he just couldn’t do it. Mesmerized by these two women as he had been since last evening, he could only watch as they walked right up into each other’s faces. Their bodies pressed together and they stared into each other’s eyes with no expression at all on their faces. Sophia was still wrapped in her robe which came to mid-thigh. And Gretchen had poured herself into one of Sophia’s tight party dresses (because that was the first one Henry had grabbed for in the closet). It was inevitable. The women roughly grabbed handfuls of each other’s hair and jerked their heads around as they slid and pressed against each other.

In a minute there was another honk of the cab horn. But Henry was still watching the women standing in the hallway pulling hair. He stroked his cock and enjoyed the two super sexy women before him. Finally realizing it was pointless to “go against the flow”, he made a decision. He was tired of trying to contain this thing they were all obviously into. After the third honk of the horn, he heard the cab drive away. He resorted to his only successful tactic of earlier in the evening. He stepped over and began to gently rub the two women’s breasts and speak to them softly. “Come on girls, let’s go upstairs and relax a while.

After several minutes of urging softly and feeling their full breasts through their clothes, he was able to inch the women toward the stairway. Then they consented to let go of each other. They had to be absolutely exhausted.

Once upstairs, Henry managed to get Gretchen into the spare bedroom and Sophia into the master bedroom. Sophia threw off her robe and crawled into bed. Getting in beside her, Henry kissed her and held her and thought of the time they would have in a few hours. He smiled thinking of having these two women in the house together, with nothing to do but fight.

The End

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  1. hankmccoy02 says:

    Easily my favourite Sidekick story. I originally read it years ago on the SeakingsFemfight website and it has stood the test of time splendidly. Strikes the perfect balance between sensual and catty. I know it has been a long time since this story was wrote but I’d love to see Sophia, Gretchen, and Henry revisited 🙂

  2. hype says:

    This is one of my favourite stories of yours sidekick. Hope you continue Natalie and this someday :).


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