Marsha Goes Shopping by Sidekick

I followed her up the walkway to the door. She stopped and fumbled with the key Finally the door was opened to reveal a small room with one double bed, a stuffed chair and one small table in the corner.

Truthfully I barely noticed. I pushed the door closed behind me, threw my purse on the bed and stood my ground, feet and arms spread, ready and eager.

She turned, dropped her bag and took a similar stance. I didn’t know this bitch’s name. But I knew we were going to fight. And my panties were getting wet in anticipation. There was no bullshit. We almost snarled as we both stepped forward. We grabbed hair, dug in nails, wrapped our legs around each other and stumbled to the floor locked together. We lay on our sides jerking hair savagely. Our heels were kicked off, nylon covered legs were entwined and our breasts were mashed together. Our short skirts rode up, allowing our legs to wrestle easily. I was already breathing hard and my heart was pounding. You see, I love to fight.

I first saw her while shopping at the Dress Barn earlier. The place was packed. Women were picking over the merchandise hurriedly. We had all left our manners at home. There were too few shopping days left. We both reached for the same dress and danced around bumping into each other trying to wrench it away. I called her a bitch and she called me a whore. I told her I was willing to go someplace to settle the matter unless she was all hot air. She gave me back an evil smile and said she would love to go somewhere with me right then. But it would have to be close. My heart skipped a beat in excitement, and that’s how we ended up at the little motel across the street at midday. The clerk gave us a strange look when we picked up the key, but I certainly didn’t give a shit.

And now were were fighting on the floor of this little motel. I knew I would enjoy this much more than the shopping I had planned. I let go of her hair with my left hand and punched her in the side. Quickly

she copied my move and soon our fists were hitting each other in the ribs, shoulders and side of the head. Then I slid my other hand down and grabbed her tit to scratch and pull. We rolled over and both sank our nails into each other’s chests. We ripped our blouses and frantically pulled at our our bras. They were never designed for such abuse and were quickly discarded on the floor.

Now topless, we sank our nail into each other’s tits and groaned in pain. We rolled over and back across the floor and soon our tits were scratched and sore. Truthfully, my pussy was sopping wet. I loved the feel of our bodies struggling against each other, starting to sweat. We alternated scratching and punching as we continued to wrestle on the floor. Our nylons were now shredded in pieces from our rough wrestling. I grabbed a fist full of her hair and jerked her head back hard. She did the same and we lay in a tight embrace resting for the first time. We panted to recover our wind. But I knew we

were no where near finished with each other. We were evenly matched. And I knew I was willing and eager to lay in this little room and fight as long as she wanted to.

I might have thought to myself, “God my head hurts!” But honestly, I was really thinking to myself, “God I love jerking her hair!” And we both jerked, viciously. I threw a knee between her legs. She moaned and slammed her fist into my ribs and then the back of my head. “Damn! That felt sooo fucking good.” I actually liked my knee making her groan and the punches she threw in return. I’ve beat up women before. But it’s really a good, even fight that I want. And this cunt and I seemed well matched indeed. My pussy had soaked my pink panties. Our legs strained hard against each other while rolling slowly across the cheap carpet.

We began to throw hard, well aimed punches at each other. I listened to our groans of pain as we took turns slugging away. I got more excited, if that were even possible, and began punching her faster and faster. The bitch rose to my challenge and we had a marvelous slug fest while laying on our sides all tangled up. After a couple of minutes we slumped against each other, exhausted. The sweat was pouring off me. We panted for air while still clutching each other by the hair.

Then we kicked apart sort of by mutual consent. I rolled to my knees as did she. We stared at each other while resting. What a mess we were. Our blouses and bras were hanging from our bodies. Our stockings were shredded. Our skirts were bunched around our waists. And we were sweaty, scratched and red from all the punches. What a stroke of luck; running into this cunt this afternoon. We had agreed to fight after the briefest and mildest of encounters. My name is Marsha. You may be shocked to discover there are women like me around. Or maybe you aren’t. I don’t give a fuck. I didn’t’ know her name and didn’t care. But she must be like me. She eagerly agreed to come here and go at it. And it didn’t’ look like we were in a hurry to get away from each other.

I rose to my feet and began to remove my tattered clothes. She did the same and we watched each other undress and threw our clothes into the corner. Then we circled and closed in on each other. Our ample tits swayed as we went. My nipples were like steel an my pussy was warm and wet as we mashed our bodies together and began to pull hair. I could feel our sweat sliding between us as we stumbled around in the middle of that little room. She bumped her cunt into mine, hard as we struggled. I threw myself into her with a violent thrust of my hips. Then we clutched each other tightly and began to bump our pussies together. We fell quickly into a rhythm and maintained the pace for over a minute. Bump, bump, bump, bump; we pussy punched each other. I could feel we were both getting wetter. The juices began to splatter as we punched.

“Damn!, this slut is going to make me cum”, I thought. I bumped her harder and faster, trying to get to her as well. We kept going, faster and faster. Pretty soon we were just grinding together and my orgasm came rushing over me. I squeezed her in a death like grip. I felt her cuming too. We slowly slid to our knees and as our pussies ejaculated all over each other the juices ran down our legs. We pulled each other into the floor and tangled our legs tightly. For several minutes I reveled in the warm orgasmic embrace and felt that we were almost snuggling together like lovers.

Fighting always made me horny and excited. And sometimes I did cum while fighting. But I had only experienced such a crushing, wonderful orgasm like this a couple of times in my life. They were special men who had a special talent to drill me with their big cocks until I screamed in ecstasy. But this was a personal best while fighting. This cunt and I really, really wanted each other. We wanted to pit our bodies together in competition; struggling, sweating, hurting. “Oh God, this was the best!”

I felt her did her nails into my back. I stiffened and scratched her in return. Making each other cum didn’t take away our desire to fight. We rolled across the floor, scratching and jerking hair. Our bodies were slippery from the sweat and cum. We tumbled apart and then dove back at each other. Our hands found each other’s tits and we squeezed and scratched them. I heard her groan and whimper. I was doing the same. We were hurting each other and all I wanted was more. We took one hand loose to begin punching. The sound and feeling of our fists smashing into each other was turning me on again.

We rose up on our knees and bent each other over by jerking downward on a handful of hair. Then we let fly with punches into each other’s stomach and tits. We smelled each other’s sweat and cum. When my arms got tired I grabbed her throat with both hands. She quickly followed and balanced on our knees, choking each other. I squeezed and squeezed hard. But my hands, arms and whole body were tired. Presently we both let go and slumped on the floor. We stared at each other while gulping for air. I could feel the sweat pouring down my skin.

We stayed in that position for many minutes; both naked and sweaty with scratches and burns and bruises. After a long time we got up slowly to begin collecting our damaged clothes. We were able to put ourselves back together well enough to be able to run to our cars without attracting too much attention. From across the room she said, “Well, cunt. Did we settle it?” I snorted and replied, “no way, slut. You’ll have to do better than that”. She took out some paper from her purse and I saw her smile and say, “Well then call me when you want to go again”. I took it and retorted, “I wouldn’t really mind going some more right now.” We glared and stared and smiled at each other for a couple of minutes, realizing how totally exhausted we were. Then she said, “You fucking skank. I want you rested and eager and strong. I want you ready to fight long and hard and dirty.” I said, “No problem bitch”. We curse each other under our breath and marched out the door.

I hadn’t ever felt so totally exhausted but yet completely satisfied. And I damn sure was looking forward to our next fight.

The End

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