The Draw by Giannis

The Draw Story by Giannis Sexfight

 © Giannis

The story is fictional. Yes one of the two male roles is a man named Giannis but this is just a tease. The story takes place many years ago. Some things about the erotic behaviour of people were different that time. 

Any phrasal / grammar errors that had been occurred in the original text have been corrected by a good American friend of mine who asked me to keep his anonymity. 

The story is for adult people who do not have any problem to read erotic scenes between two women. If this is not your case, please stop reading further. 

The women of the story are adults. 


I was a 25 y.o. man when I was hired into a big company. Soon I was good friends with another guy there, Paul. When we had free time we talked about football, politics, or we were flirting every beautiful girl around. 

I soon noticed two beautiful women who also worked there; Helen and Mary. Helen was a MILF about 35 years old. Her long hairs were black, with a red sheen. She was of medium weight, rather tall, with big breasts.  Helen was not married. Paul told me that she had carried on an affair for years, an affair which didn’t have a happy end. After that, Helen enjoyed her life freely, without any kind of restrictions. 

Mary had short brown hair. She was just a little taller than Helen, with a slim athletic body and a nice pair of legs. According to my personal taste she was a little prettier than Helen. She was about 30 years old, divorced. Her ex-husband was much older than she was, and – as Paul told me – he had divorced her some years ago; he caught her with a man of her own age. After that, she also continued her erotic life without any kind of restrictions.

Mary and Helen had some similar characteristics; the whole story started when I first noticed it. They were women who loved wild sex. They had some lovers drawn from the company I worked in. Their list included me and Paul. They liked to take the aggressive role when they were laid; they often tried to sexually dominate their bed mates. I don’t know if they had an inclination of nymphomania in them, but they often acted like they had! Sexfight was not a known term yet, though they looked like they were born for that sport… During the relaxing and talking after sex time, they had claimed to me that they had never had any kind of sexual experience with another female. 

The most powerful of their similarities was that each of them believed that she was the perfect lover. They were proud of their sexual talent, they were proud of their ability to leave their bed mates totally exhausted after a wild, lustful night in bed. It seems strange but they weren’t rivals, neither of them felt that way. You could sense a slight competition between them, but nothing more. You couldn’t call them close friends, but they were friendly to each other. Each one was so sure of herself that she couldn’t see the other as a competitor. 

To finish this explanatory introduction, I must agree that to find two women who display such similar sexual behaviour, in the same place, at the same time… it is very difficult. They were that way though. My story starts because of it. 


Paul and I had been lovers with Mary and Helen. It was the hottest experience either of us had ever had up to that point. So, talking about them was not anything unusual. During one of these chats Paul wondered how marvellous it would be to have these two sexy women in bed together with him. We drank to this, but I told him to stop dreaming, it was almost impossible. They had said many times that they prefer a “one woman show”. As far as we knew, they had never been involved in any threesome with a man and another woman. They were mature women with a lot of erotic experience, they were not innocent little girls; they couldn’t be forced or tricked to do something they didn’t really want to. Paul insisted, however; an idea had grown in his mind these last few days. 

“Why don’t they want to be in a trio? Don’t you agree that it’s because they don’t want to be in bed with another woman?”

I agreed, but I didn’t understand what was on Paul’s mind. 

“So, if it’s possible to make them change their minds… If we could find a way… to tempt them to make love to each other… After that, maybe it will be easier for us to get in bed with both of them!”

I laughed. I knew very well that they had not any lesbian tendencies. To convince two mature straight women, to do such a thing… for the first time in their lives? Simply impossible! I laughed again and I told him that it was a silly idea.

Paul insisted. He told me that Mary and Helen had a weak point. He agreed that if they were like other women his plan wouldn’t have a chance to work. But Mary and Helen had a weak point that his plan could exploit. Yes, his intrigued mind had formed a plan; he talked about it for a while. He told me about some stories that he had read in some adult pocketbooks or magazines. These stories made him wonder if we could do something similar in real life. 

He started to explain, talking about Mary and Helen’s similar sexual behaviour. I already knew about this, but he remarked on some details we could use to reach our goal. He reminded me how each of them liked to feel superior, how much they liked the idea to be considered as the perfect female lover around. After that, he reminded me of our friendship with them. Mary and Helen were accustomed to be friends with their ex-lovers and we weren’t any exception to this habit. It would ease our efforts. 

I had some questions for him, and then we talked about the details… It would take a lot of days, maybe months, to find out whether the plan would be successful. Co-ordination and good acting skills were needed from both of us, too. 

Yes, we knew that it was a complicated plan, a very difficult plan to make succeed. We also knew that even if we could make them do something together, it was very possible that we would never learn about it. They were more than capable of hiding something like that. 

A passionate night, one of us with both these women was almost impossible, we knew this very well. But it was such an intriguing plan, it had so much fun… Besides we were too young to start worrying about possibilities and what the voice of logic said. We had nothing to lose, we were ready to play games, ready to try just for the fun of it… so we started setting it up the next day…


When Mary came into my office the next morning – we were working together on some business plans – she found me trying to hide a piece of paper that was on my desk. She didn’t mention it, not even when I did the same thing a couple of hours later. Just a short time before we finished working for the day, she went to Paul’s office for something else and she saw the same guilty reaction from him. We were sure that she was starting to become curious, but she still didn’t say anything. The next morning, the same events played themselves out. We did the same thing with Helen; we were sure that they weren’t going to discuss it, but even if they did, it made no difference. It might even be better for our plans if they did. Sometimes when Mary or Helen approached us for any reason, we did the same thing. Not all the time, we didn’t want to make them suspect a trick, but quite often. Mary broke first. Twice with me, once more with Paul… she couldn’t stand it anymore. Just a little before evening, she went directly to my desk and when she saw the same reaction again, she asked:

“What’s up with you two?”

“Sorry Mary, I don’t understand…”

“Come on! You know very well what I mean. You are doing something secret. Something which has somehow to do with me. Or else, why do you hide your secret notes whenever I’m around?”

“Mary, believe me, we don’t…”

“Stop it honey! Once we were very close, but even now I think we are still good friends. What’s up?”

“Well, it’s something personal…”

“It has to do with me, doesn’t it?”

“To tell the truth, yes, but not only with you… Please, now, I have to finish a damned schedule … “

“Are you free after work, honey? For a drink? “

Certainly I was free. I was expecting this! We went to a bar nearby. After we ordered our first drinks, she started asking questions. I didn’t tell her everything at the beginning – it mustn’t look so easy – but after a couple of drinks, I started a detailed “confession.” Exactly as I had planned with my friend. This is what I told her – not these exact words, but the meaning is almost the same:

“It started two days before. We were here: me and Paul, drinking, talking about everything. You know… men’s talk. Somehow, we started talking about our girlfriends. About who was prettier, better in bed… You know how men talk when they’re alone, you girls do exactly the same thing. Then we started talking about our past glories, our ex-lovers. We are still young, but we have had some experience… Some of our love affairs were with the same women…it’s nothing to be ashamed of, you and Helen know this very well… “

Mary smiled and held my hand for a second. Of course she knew it! She didn’t say anything yet, she was curious how I was going to continue: 

“… The drinks, all these memories, we came up with a crazy idea: every one of us would write out all the girlfriends he had ever had in a list and give marks to them. From an “A,” the perfect woman in bed, to “E,” the worst. Then we would compare our lists and we’ll declare the top women, the ones who had made our wildest dreams come true. We weren’t going to say anything to them, just to drink to the hot moments they offered to us. Now, it looks silly, I know, but we started it and we are going to finish it. It’s something like a game to us “

Mary smiled again. A smile full of self-confidence. 

“Ex-lovers contest, eh? Well, at least you two had an easy time of it. I already know the final results honey. I know that I was the A+ woman for each of you two ! “

This was the critical moment, the moment that I had to play my role very well. I tried to look self-conscious as I said:

“Well, you know Mary, I understand what you mean. I don’t want to disappoint you, but… it’s not that simple” 

“Not that simple? “ the self-confident smile stopped to decorate her face anymore. Now she wore an almost angry expression. “You bastard! We were together only a few months ago, and I remember damned well what you told me then! Don’t tell me that you got laid with miss “wildest fuck of my life” after we separated! “

“Calm down, Mary, it’s only a joke! Anyway, you insisted to know and just to complete the story, I am not the only one who had difficulties with this damned list. Paul can’t decide too !”

Mary froze in her chair. She could not believe what she was hearing. She thought about what I had told her for a moment, smoking nervously… 

“Who is she, Giannis? Or are there more than two candidates for first place in your fucking list?”

“No, only you and Helen. I can tell you this, you would find it out easily enough sooner or later. We had all been lovers with you and Helen, you two were our only common lovers. “

“Helen! I can’t believe it… “

“Ask Paul if you want…”

“Of course, I am going to ask him! I’m asking you too. What did she do with you that I didn’t? “

“Mary, please… It’s not easy talking about these things with you. Besides, I didn’t say that Helen is better than you in anything. I found you both… let’s say…equals. I just can’t decide who is the better woman and I know that Paul has the same problem”

“Equals? You talk about equality after all the things I have done with you? I remember you whispering, ‘Please, Mary… no more … I feel totally exhausted…” You bastard !“ . Then she got up, almost throwing her chair and left the bar without looking behind. 

When she was out of sight, I smiled. We had expected this kind of reaction. We were off to a good start!

The next few days found Mary having the same conversation with both Paul. The only difference was that Mary didn’t ask Paul to go out for a drink. She demanded it! She also asked Paul when the “final decision day” was and he told her that we didn’t have any kind of arrangement planned for this meeting. He told her that we had our private lives, and besides, we had other things to do. We wanted to let her think about it for a while… 

Meanwhile Helen had also started the “let’s have a drink” sessions with Paul, one day after my meeting with Mary, two hours after his meeting with Mary! In a week I and Paul we had met both. They reacted like twin sisters. Anger and curiosity were their primary feelings. Each one had been so sure of herself until then, so proud of her extraordinary sexual talent… In a way, we felt sorry for them, but we had to continue with our plan. We didn’t know if they had spoken together about the whole thing. Fortunately, we didn’t have any hair pulling or any other kind of fight at work; we really didn’t want anything like that happening. On the occasions they met each other, they acted as they usually did, and as far as we knew only some curious looks were exchanged. Our next step was simply to wait. They had to make the next move … and they made it soon.

According to our plan, there were two alternatives: One – another round with each of them. In this case, we would probably each have the most exciting sexual experience of our lives. We knew the abilities of these two sex-starved tigresses. If we could add to their efforts the incentive of proving their superiority in bed… If we were so lucky… 

The other alternative was a second meeting, a meeting in which we would try to give them the general outline of our plan. Unfortunately, we weren’t so lucky. The next week, Helen and Mary asked all of us to meet after work! They told us that they had spoken with one another about this, and they wanted to talk with us again. This was similar to the second alternative we had envisioned, but we had planned to meet them separately. Anyway, this wasn’t a serious problem. We accepted, of course, we were ready to make the next step.

We met in the same bar near our workplace early in the evening. We picked a table in a quiet corner, this bar was never too crowded. We were feeling a little nervous. The moment of truth had come. After a while, Helen and Mary arrived. It was probably the first time that I had seen them together someplace outside of work. They were nervous, too, you could see that in their faces. We ordered our usual drinks, and after a moment or two, Mary broke the silence:

“Well, you clever fuckers! I spoke with Helen here, we told each other what each of you has said to each of us. Your silly story, your ex-lovers list… A well-executed plan, I must say. All of those attempts to hide whatever you wrote whenever we approached any of you in these last few weeks… Clever plan, boys, but we are even more clever than you are. Really, what did you expect? A catfight between me and Helen? Hair pulling and face scratching isn’t exactly our style. No, you mustn’t have that in your dirty minds… Maybe another round with me and Helen? Each one trying to prove to you that she is the best? That’s it, isn’t it? Admit it! “

“We never planned anything like that, Mary,” Paul said with a calm voice. “I really don’t know how you could think such a thing …”

“Stop it, Paul! ” It was Helen’s turn to continue their attack. “Mary is right, you two wanted us again for a second round, admit it! There’s only one thing I don’t understand … Why didn’t you say anything directly? I never choose to dip into my past, we can be friends but when something is over, it’s over. Mary told me the same thing, so you didn’t really have a chance… but at least you could have tried. Why all this …why such a complicated plan? “

“It wasn’t a plan or anything like that! “ Now it was Paul’s turn to continue, speaking for the two of us. He spoke with a little louder voice now – he had to seem upset at their accusation. He was very good. “It was only a joke. I told you that, Giannis told you the same thing, but you don’t want to listen. Believe it or not, the story about this fucking list is true. We are young men, and friends, so we like talking about our experiences – what’s wrong with that? We didn’t have in mind a second round with either of you, we have our girlfriends, we’re fine with them. We had a problem with our list, it wasn’t easy to choose a final winner, but now it’s over. We have finished this “ex-lovers contest” as you call it. It’s over, can your silly minds understand that? It’s over!” 

Mary and Helen looked at each other and then they looked at Paul again. They were surprised, they hadn’t expected this. Finally, Helen broke the silence:

“It’s over? You mean that you have chosen…” 

“That’s exactly what I mean! We had to choose, so we chose, we met before we came here. We didn’t like playing this game anymore, thanks to you! But we had to finish it…silly or not, we wanted to finish it “

“And your final results?” Mary tried to speak calmly, but her voice trembled a little. It was almost impossible how much either of these mature women wanted to be the winner of this silly contest dreamed up by two young men who had been their lovers for a while. Incredible, for anyone who didn’t know of their egotistical and almost unnatural pride in their sexual abilities. But we knew, the whole plan was based on this pride. Each one of them wanted so badly to be the A+ woman. Mary’s last words had only been for herself. Their alliance didn’t exist anymore.

“It’s a draw! “Paul continued with his cruel speech. “You and Helen get the A in all three lists. Neither of you took the A+ grade, we couldn’t decide on it. Sorry ladies, I don’t know how much you like this solution, but that was our game, and this is our decision. We had a wonderful time together, each of us with each of you, this is true. But we couldn’t decide which one of you is really the best. We tried to find a way to choose one of you, we tried hard, believe me. You accused us of planning all of this for a chance at a second round with each of you. It wouldn’t have helped, even if you had accepted the idea! I’m sure that in that case we would each have had a wonderful time together with you two, each one of you trying hard to prove her sexual superiority. We would be lucky men, but we still wouldn’t have been able to decide afterward. It’s simple. We found you to be equals; your efforts would have most probably produced equal results. That’s all. But one of you is best, that much is certain. One of you is the A+ lover, the woman of every man’s wildest dreams. But we were not able to decide which one. I had a silly idea but …”

“Cut it out, Paul! “ It was my turn to play. “I told my thoughts about your silly idea and you finally agreed with me, remember? Not a word about it. Mary and Helen know our decision now, the game is over. Now, I think it’s late enough …”

“What was your idea, Paul?” Helen’s quiet voice didn’t fool anyone. She was dying to know. Mary, too, I was sure. Paul looked me as if he was asking for my permission to continue. Not yet. They had to wait a few moments more. The scene had to be set up correctly.

“No, Paul!”. My turn now. “We have said enough! The game is over, these perfect ladies are equals for us, and I believe that they are that way for most men around. They display all their talents, they share all their horny feelings with all of their lovers, I’m sure. Equals for us, equals for every other man they have ever had or ever will have in the future. No man could choose between them, or else we must start talking about why men prefer black-haired women or blondes, tall ones or skinny ones, women in their thirties or younger ones!”

“We started the game talking about sexual talent, remember that” I went my solo. “Sexual talent, being the best woman in bed, has nothing to do with hair colour and so on. No man could ever choose between them, because they don’t do it for their lovers, they do it for themselves! It’s part of their personality, to express their sexuality in this perfect way. So, let them forget the whole thing or find another way to get this super-broad award, if there is any… “ I stopped for a while and looked at them. They looked thoughtful. 

“Well… “ Paul continued with a “that’s all” expression. “No hard feelings, I suppose. Still friends?”

“What was your silly idea Paul?” It was Mary’s turn to ask this time. “Yes, we are still friends, I feel this way and I ‘m sure that Helen agrees”. She stopped for a second, looking at Helen who nodded “yes.” “Come on,” Mary continued, looking at Paul “…The game is over, so I want to know everything about it. Tell us, just so we have the complete picture of what you thought… Silly or not “

“Look, Mary…”, Paul said looking straight at her. “My friend is right. Details are not necessary. Besides, I don’t want to make you angry again or hear you call me a pervert or anything like that! “

We had bet on their curiosity as women, in their willingness to find a way to find out who was the best. It was time to find out if we were right…

“Don’t be afraid. I’m not going to be angry or call you names, it’s just simple curiosity.”

“Mary is right, Paul”, Helen told him. “I’m curious, too”

I looked at him and nodded something like “O.K If they wanted this…”

“Well, years before, I read a story in an adult magazine (remember, not a lot of internet those times)… That’s how this idea came about. I thought that if none of us could decide, if no man can choose the better woman between you two… perhaps you must decide by yourselves!! “. 

Mary and Helen looked at him with puzzled expressions. Then Mary asked him again.

“We? I don’t understand. What did you read in that story?”

“It was about two women who wanted the same man. They didn’t want to share him, but he couldn’t choose one of them, so they decided to find out for themselves who was the better woman for him. Catfighting wasn’t their style, just like you told us it wasn’t your style, either. So, they decided to settle this in bed…”

“You mean that those two…” Helen interrupted him for a second. 

“Yes! Neither of them had even been with another woman before, but finally they decided to make love to each other. They wanted to discover the more sexually experienced woman between the two of them, the woman who was able to make the other so hot that she couldn’t stand any more, the woman who could more firmly control her own passion… The winner in other words, would be the one who could make the other cum first”

They looked at him and I could see that they were a little shocked. 

“Why they didn’t ask another man to decide? It was better to get laid with each other than with some other man? ” Mary finally asked. 

“Don’t ask me, I didn’t write this story! Looks like they found their idea to be better or at least …less bad. Anyway, they decided to find out who was the best that way… Alone, without him seeing. They made wild love to each other as they tried hard to prove their sexual superiority… It was one of the most exciting erotic stories I have ever read, I will never forget it. Sorry, but when we couldn’t decide, for a moment I thought… Sorry again, I know that you two aren’t into this. Giannis told me same thing. I thought it might have led to a more satisfactory conclusion, but it was a silly idea. Anyway, you wanted to know…”

They didn’t speak for a few moments. They looked at each other, then they looked at us. We couldn’t read their thoughts, but we would have paid a lot to have been able to. Then Helen said:

“It was really a silly idea. You are right. I’m not this way, at least you are old enough to understand that! “

“Me too! “ Mary continued. “I don’t feel the need to prove anything to anyone. I know perfectly well what I am! “. She gave Helen a superior look. Then she looked at us. 

“OK boys, I think that it’s late and I have a lot of work to do tomorrow…” 

“I must go too “ Helen said as she got up. “The game is over, everything’s O.K, no hard feelings. I know my abilities and that’s enough for me!” She looked back at Mary, returning her the superior look. 

The whole thing wasn’t finished yet between those two, we were sure… The set up had been completed successfully. Their initial reaction was what we had expected. We also got up from our chairs. Everything we had planned to say had been said. The seeds had been planted. Now we had to wait, to see if it they were going to yield any fruit.


The next few days were full of detective work. In accordance with our plan, every evening and every night we went for a drive around their neighbourhood. Mary and Helen’s apartments were in buildings with no parking for those who lived there, something not entirely unusual in those years. We tried to find Helen’s car parked nearby Mary’s apartment or vice-versa. We weren’t professional detectives and we didn’t have so much free time that we could wait for hours, but under those conditions we did our best. As I’ve written earlier, they have never been close friends; as far as we knew, they didn’t spend their evenings or nights together. So, if we noticed a change in this… Simultaneously, every day we looked for any change in their behaviour. We kept our eyes and our ears open but Mary and Helen acted like all of this never happened. They were friendly with us, and friendly with each other, as usual. The only change was that they were a little more nervous than usual, but we weren’t sure of the reason. 

We waited almost one week, if I remember well. Then one night, I had a call from Paul. It was his turn to have a look at their neighbourhood. He was agitated as he told me that we must meet in a bar, near Mary’s apartment. Helen’s car was parked around the corner, just a few meters away! 

I was at my girlfriend’s house. I gave her an excuse, something about a serious problem that Paul had, and I left, almost running, without waiting to see if she believed me or not. I was there in a few minutes. He was outside of the bar, waiting. 

He was right. Helen’s car was there, no doubt about it. After a close look, we returned to the bar. We had to talk, and we needed a drink too, we really needed it! 

We started to talk about possible explanations. Did Helen have any other friends who lived nearby? No, she didn’t. As far as we knew, her newest friend was married, he lived far away. Had she ever mentioned any other friend, male or female, who lived somewhere nearby? Negative again. Mary was at home? Yes, she was, her car was parked almost in front of the main door. Besides, her apartment had a view of the main road in front of the building; we could see the lights on, she lived alone. All the signs indicated that Helen was at Mary’s home, meeting her there for the first time!

We decided to wait for a while, in Paul’s car. We parked a few meters behind Mary’s car, so we could see the front door. When Paul had called me, it had been about nine p.m. Helen’s car had already been there. Now, almost one hour later, we were still waiting inside Paul’s car, smoking nervously. 

One more hour passed this way, then another one… If Helen was there to talk about something, it must be a very long talk… At one o clock in the morning Helen was still there, and we had waited enough. It was obvious that this “talk” could last till the morning, and we had to go. At this hour, whether we saw Helen coming out – after so many hours – or not, there was no difference. We already knew enough, only the details were missing but … we would do anything to learn those details!

The next morning, we tried to detect from their faces, from their way of talking to each other, any signs that could help us to determine what had happened the night before. Their manner didn’t help us, neither did their appearances. Over the next few days nothing changed. If we hadn’t seen Helen’s car at Mary’s house, we wouldn’t have known that anything had happened between them. 

But had something really happened? We started to wonder. Was there any possibility that Helen had gone somewhere else, someplace near Mary’s house? We had decided against this possibility when it was raised at the beginning, but now… On the other hand, they were very experienced women, they knew how to hide their feelings. Days passed, and we were still waiting, we didn’t know exactly what we were waiting for, but we had nothing else to do. Helen didn’t visit Mary again, neither did Mary visit Helen. We stopped spying on their houses, and almost a month after this had started, we began telling each other, “Never mind, it was a good plan,” or, “Anyway, it was a lot of fun”… 

I’m not going to tell you about a lot of the things that happened after this and have nothing to do with this story. Just to let you know, in the following years, Paul married, Helen married too, and she left our company and our city… I married too and I divorced after eight years, switching between jobs during this time period. Paul is still married, but he works at a different company. Mary left our company too; at the time she left, she was still unmarried. I see Paul from time to time, but we aren’t as close of friends as we were before. Life had separated us. 


The story picks up again five years before this written version. I was in another town for a training seminar – boring, but necessary in order to move up in the hierarchy of the latest company I was working for. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw Mary again! She came closer, smiling. She would have been around forty, but she was still a sexy and nice- looking woman, that much was certain. She was there for the same reason I was, but she wasn’t alone like me. She was accompanied by another woman and three men, all from her current job in a company similar to the one I was working at. 

I asked her to leave her associates for a while to have dinner with me. She kindly refused. She told me that she was sorry, but she had already scheduled some meetings. The next day, I asked her again to meet me, but I got another kind refusal. I started to believe that I would never have a chance to meet her privately, since the training seminar was going to be over the next day. That same night, when I was in my room getting ready for a shower, she called me. She told me that she knew a very good Italian restaurant just a few miles away, and if I still wanted to meet her, she could be there in an hour or so. 

I was there forty minutes later. Running almost like someone was after me. This was my last chance to learn about that night, nine years ago… My heart started to throb when I saw the luminous letters of a motel across the street. Did she know about that when she told me to meet her here, or was it just a coincidence? I still wanted her, all those years hadn’t reduced any of her charms. Could I be that lucky?

When Mary entered the restaurant, I saw heads turning to look at her and admiring looks given in her direction. She was dressed to kill. She was in high heels, and she wore a light-yellow dress that hid little of her breasts, which were more rounded than I remembered. Her dress was short enough that one could see her best weapons, that magnificent pair of legs, covered by black stockings. I was breathless as she came to me, moving her magnificent body sexily, smiling. I could say with certainty: somehow, she had won the fight with time, she was prettier and sexier now than she had been almost ten years ago!

She must have seen my admiring stare, because she wore a satisfied expression when I welcomed her. She hugged me, rubbing her fabulous body into mine. Her perfume made me dizzy; I was ready to ask her to go straight to the motel, or even better, to grab her and drag her there directly without asking any questions! She felt that I was agitated; I held her a little longer than was necessary for a friendly hug, so when she sat down, she started to tease me:

“Oh, Giannis, you hadn’t changed at all. Always ready for anything!”

“Not for anything, Mary. Only for a love goddess like you!”

She laughed coquettishly, pleased with my compliment. We started to talk about our new jobs, and our new lives. She had married again, and divorced again, for the second time, she had no children. She had a boyfriend, one of the men I had seen with her in the seminar. She told me that she was happy with him, they had been together for almost half a year. I told her about my life, my career, and my new friends. After a while, we started to talk about our glorious past. This was the critical point! I would have preferred her to be a little drunk, but she was not, she had never been a heavy drinker and the years hadn’t changed that habit. 

She asked me about Paul. I told her the latest news about him; I had called him a month before. She didn’t ask me about Helen, and I asked her if she knew anything about her. She hesitated for a moment, as if she wanted to say something, but then changed her mind. She looked at me and told me with a neutral voice that she hadn’t heard anything from her since leaving the company we had all worked at. 

“I see,” I told her. “You were never very close friends”. My voice was neutral, too. I could play this game as well as Mary. 

She lit up a cigarette – we had chosen a smoking corner – looking at me with a mysterious smile.

“You are dying to know, aren’t you, Giannis?”

I looked at her, trying to look surprised. “Know what?” 

“Come on, Giannis! Playing games again? You two had planned that, from the beginning!”

Now I was really surprised. She knew! I didn’t know how, but she knew!

She saw my surprised look and she smiled. She wasn’t upset. She enjoyed my reaction. I started to say something like “I don’t understand,” but she cut me off.

“I know, Giannis. Helen knows, too. She told me about your plan, almost a month after our meeting in the bar. The four of us, remember? No more lies, please let me continue”. 

“… I had some suspicions, Helen had them too; then she heard you and Paul talking about it. It was an afternoon, you were ready to leave, and you talked about it, thinking that you were alone. But you weren’t. You didn’t see Helen, you were in the corridor, just in front of her office, waiting for the elevator. You thought that she had already left, her office looked empty, but it wasn’t. Helen was behind the open door, ready to retrieve her coat. She was about to ask you to wait for her, then she heard you talking about your “failed plan,” and that you would never know what had happened “that night.” She wasn’t sure what you two were talking about, and then she heard Paul telling you that you should stop looking for her car parked around my house. She had heard enough.”

I felt really surprised. We had thought that we were such great spies. How foolish we were! Like idiots, we hadn’t been able to keep our mouths shut! I didn’t know what to say. She didn’t look angry. On the contrary, she was smiling. Not exactly an open-hearted, friendly smile, but it was too much to expect something like that. Almost ten years had passed, time enough to get over her anger, but not long enough for her to forget that I had spied on her private life.

“Mary, I know that it’s too late for my apology, but I really feel …”

“I know exactly how you feel, Giannis. Confused, a little upset, curious about that night, and horny for me! Don’t tell me that I’ m wrong, we were lovers, and then friends for a while, I know you pretty well”

“Well, not exactly in that order… ” I said, trying to look amused. “With regard to my feelings, I would start with the “horny for you” part, even if you put it last on your list!”

She laughed freely. “Now this is better,” I thought. “Why you didn’t say anything? ” I asked. “You could have told us…”

“We agreed not to tell you or show you that we knew. We weren’t that angry, you know. We thought that it was better not to mention it, let you forget about the whole thing, and continue wondering what had really happened between us girls.” She didn’t let me speak yet, she continued as if she was speaking to someone else. “You know, we never understood your motives. What made you come up with that plan? What did you have to gain by turning Helen and me on to each other? How did you get the idea that something had really happened between us?” She lit another cigarette, waiting. 

Like it or not, I had to explain… So, I told her about the whole plan and to tell you the truth, hearing myself talk about it after ten years, it looked so childish and silly… Then I told her how Paul had seen Helen’s car around her house, about our initial enthusiasm, and about our feelings when we realized that we had failed… I took a deep breath. Now she knew the whole story. I was hardly waiting for her reaction.

She looked at me thoughtfully for a while. If only I could know what she was thinking…

“So that’s it,” she said at last. “No, it wasn’t just your hope for a threesome. You knew that was difficult. It was also something like a bet. A bet that you could convince two straight women to make it together, based on their willingness to prove their superiority in sex.”

“That’s true. I know how silly it looks now, but we were so young then…” 

“Yah, yah, sins of youth! ” she said thoughtfully “…anyway, I have my answers. Now it’s your turn Giannis. Let me tell you some details about that night… if you don’t mind! “

“I will be the perfect listener!” I replied, my heart throbbing. “Not a single word before you stop!”. 

She smiled again. Then she looked at me with a faraway look in her eyes. I understood that she was trying to recall her memories…


“I called Helen that morning, from my office. I asked her if she could come to my apartment, we had to talk. She was ready for it, as she told me later; in fact, she had almost been ready to call me first.

… She arrived at my home close to nine, she couldn’t be there earlier. She was dressed very sensationally, she had wanted to impress me… I understood that, I was feeling much the same way. I was dressed like I was going to go out with some guy! 

…We didn’t start as you would have thought, making small talk for a while or anything. We knew why she was there, we hadn’t any reason to chat like two good friends. Offering a drink, I started to talk about our problem. We talked a little about you two, since we had the suspicion that you hadn’t told us the whole story exactly. But as we couldn’t come up with any answers, we passed on that point. After that, we arrived at the core of our problem. I was very upset, I didn’t want to let Helen think that her sexual abilities could match mine, and Helen felt the same way herself. Yes, you were right on that point, we couldn’t end this story with the silly draw you had decided. We had to find the winner, and thanks to you two, our minds were full of ideas of how to do it. Each of us wanted the title for herself; it had started with you two, but it didn’t have anything to do with you anymore. We were sure that the A+ woman on your fucking list would be first on every man’s list too. It was something between me and Helen, so we decided to keep you out of this.

…We didn’t feel any kind of hate for each other. You could feel the rivalry, the tension between us, but we weren’t there for a catfight. We thought about that possibility, but really, it wasn’t our style. We talked about letting a man to decide. At first, we thought about having a second round with you two, or with just one of you. If it happened that way… with each one of us wanting to prove how great she was in bed…Oh Giannis, you were so close to having the fuck of your life! Unfortunately for you, we dropped the idea; we considered that maybe that was exactly what you wanted, even if you had told us that you hadn’t planned it that way. We didn’t believe you. Never laugh at a woman’s intuition… 

“…Then we thought about another man. Maybe that was the perfect solution, if we could decide who this lucky guy would be. We couldn’t find anyone. Any man that was proposed by one of us, was automatically rejected by the other! We were very suspicious, we didn’t trust each other, or the man that the other one could choose. So, we dropped that solution, too…

“Don’t you see? Without aiming at it, we repeated Paul’s story, about those two women who came together to find out who was the better woman for the man they loved. No other man, no catfighting, what remained? We didn’t consciously tell each other that it was the only solution we had left, but it was on our minds. Yes, you had done a perfect job. We hadn’t had any special interest for this kind of sex until then, but what else was there to do? If we weren’t ready for this, we had to forget the whole thing. 

“…After some more talking, we both noticed that we had started to repeat the same things with different words. The problem was still there, we had nothing more to say, so we sat there for a little without speaking, just looking each other. Something strange was happening. After all this talk, not only did I feel upset, I felt horny as hell, too! As we spoke, images of me and Helen making wild love filled my mind. I had not been interested in that until then, but I wasn’t an innocent girl. I had seen pictures in adult magazines, in movies, I had heard descriptions… All of these were on my mind and made me flush. I hadn’t any previous experience with these kinds of sexual activities, but I felt that I was ready to do anything I had heard or seen to feel Helen burning in my sex flames. Helen felt the same way, I could see it in her eyes, in her way of speaking, in her excited look. She was ready for the next step, and finally she made it. She got up, and looking straight into my eyes she said:

“Well, that’s it! Do you want to see me leave and forget about all this … or are we going to your bedroom?”

“I was not shocked, not after all those dirty thoughts, but I wanted for her to decide. 

“‘You decide, honey!’ I told her as I stood up, too. ‘If you want to leave, the front door is still there, nobody is holding you here. But if you want to find out the truth, you must go in the opposite direction. I called you here, remember? The next step must be yours!’

“She came closer, looking at me provocatively. We were about one meter apart, we could sense each other’s heat.

“’Any special preference’? she asked with a husky voice. “I ‘m ready for anything!”

“I came closer, too. Now we were almost touching each other. “I ‘m ready too!” I told her, returning the provocative look, with a voice which couldn’t hide my excitement.

“…We crossed the next few inches between us until we passed the point of no return. The next second, we were kissing each other. It was a kiss which started uneasily, our first erotic kiss with another woman. Then our breasts pressed together and we started to explore each other’s mouths with our tongues, without any further hesitation. Our kiss turned demanding, our tongues started a battle for absolute control… Oh, boy, it was some experience; thinking of it even now, after so many years, makes me hot…”

Mary stopped her story for a while. She returned to the present and looked at me, smiling. I was feeling hot too, very hot. I wanted to hear the rest, the most important part was only beginning. Besides, I could feel her excitement, and perhaps afterwards… the motel was still only a few meters away… I tried to find a way to encourage her to continue, but it wasn’t necessary. She wanted to talk about it. Her attention flew away from me as she returned to that night…

… “I don’t remember how long we stood there, kissing each other, pressing our bodies together. Then we were down on my couch, exploring each other’s body feverishly. I was on her like a man, even as she tried to control me. We were kissing again, our hands touching each other’s breasts, touching each other’s crotches through our panties… We couldn’t continue this way for much longer… I got up, breathing hard, then I took a few steps towards my bedroom. She got up, too, but she didn’t follow me. 

“’Wait a minute!’ she said, fixing her wrinkled dress. ‘Before we go in there, while we are still calm enough… Any rules?’

“’I guess the men have told us everything we need. The one who can make the other cum first, any way she can, wins. Then the loser continues until the winner cums too, but that doesn’t count towards the score. The winner will be the better woman in bed.’

“’O. K with me … something else now… Believe it or not, I have never been with another woman before. Women have made passes to me on several occasions, but I’ve always refused. My only experience in this field consists of some stories and some pictures in adult men’s magazines. One of my ex-lovers was excited by all this stuff and a couple of times we went to a drive-in cinema to see adult scenes between femmes.’

“’Well, then we ‘ll have a fair fight. Our experiences are more or less the same. Years ago, my roommate tried to start something one night and I refused, too. She didn’t try it again. I have also seen adult films with scenes between two women. Men are almost dying for that, some of my ex’s aren’t any exception’

“We stood there for a while, looking at each other, trying to think if there was anything else to be settled before we went further. Finally, Helen broke the silence: 

“’I would like to add something more if you agree…’ she said. I didn’t answer, waiting. ‘…we ‘ll have three rounds, with some rest in between, if we want to. The winner will be the one who wins more rounds.’

“’Three rounds?’ I looked at her in surprise. ‘Do you have something like a boxing match in mind, or do you want an all-night orgy? Gee, if it’s really your first time with another woman, you are really desperate to make up for lost time! ‘

“’Don’t be so foolish!’ she replied almost angrily. ‘We turned each other on, that helps, but we are here to find out who is the better woman in bed, remember? Once and for all, without any doubts… We are new at this sport, we have only a few minutes of experience, we don’t know how our bodies will respond to another woman’s caresses. … If one of us looses the first round by accident, she ”ll have a second chance, or a third, if after two rounds we are tied.’ She smiled teasingly. ‘Don’t tell me afterwards that I didn’t give you a chance…’

“I looked at her with a sarcastic smile. ‘Three rounds, eh? Well, no problem with me. But can you stand three orgasms in a night, honey? Not too old for that? Anyway, if you don’t have any other excuses…’ I went on ahead to the bedroom to show her the way. 

“…When we were in my bedroom, we started to undress. Helen broke the silence again. As she unfastened her bra, she looked at me boldly and said:

“’Time to teach you a lesson or two, honey! ‘

“It wasn’t the time to leave this comment unanswered. With a quick move, I unfastened my own bra. ‘Let’s see who will be the teacher, sweetie!’ I said, as I dropped it onto a chair nearby. 

” …Our panties were also dropped within seconds. Now we were fully naked, and we stood there admiring each other’s nakedness for a brief moment. I let my glance travel across her magnificent breasts, and I felt her glance on my legs… This time, neither of us waited for the other to make the next move. We rushed each other, and the next second we were laid out on my large bed, hungrily exchanging full, open-mouthed kisses…”

Mary stopped once more. My leg found hers under the table, and I rubbed it gently. She looked at me, and smiled, but she didn’t take hers away. That was a good signal! 

“You feel hot, don’t you, Giannis?” she said. “I’ m sure that you are expecting me to tell you what happened during the next several hours, minute by minute. Sorry, but I can’t! It’s personal, it happened years ago, and I was never good at telling adult stories. Last but not least, I don’t want to. I think that you have heard enough! “

“Oh no! ” I protested so loudly that some of the other people who were sitting near us turned to look at us. “Don’t do that to me, Mary! Don’t stop now! You have never been shy, we both know that. When you decide to talk this way, you are very good. You have confessed some of your hottest memories, and you did it damned well! “

She smiled that teasing smile again. Her leg rubbed against mine under the table. She was the perfect teaser! 

“O.K! ” she said after a moment. “Just for the good times we’ve shared in the past. You can ask a couple of questions. Then you’ll have enough to complete the rest by yourself. You have always had a very strong imagination, Giannis! ” 

It was not exactly what I had expected, but it was better than nothing. 

“You told me about the three rounds,” I started to ask. “As you have never had any kind of similar experience, what happened each round? Who was the winner?”

She looked at me, trying to think of her answer. “Well… ” she said finally, “In a few words…trying not to flush…” She laughed. “…At first, we had a lot of mouth kissing, sucking each other’s breasts, caressing each other’s …private parts with our hands. Then we became bolder, as we tried to stimulate each other even more… We started to nibble each other’s nipples, to bite each other’s necks, to insert fingers … you know where! First one finger, then two… We were so hot… Helen came to an orgasm first, then it was my turn after just seconds more…. “

Mary took a deep breath. I didn’t say anything, waiting for her to continue. Finally, she lit another cigarette, and she sank once again into her memories.

“… My first time with a woman, and I made her come first! I drew away from her, laying on my back now, breathing heavily… She was lying at my side, our naked bodies almost touching. After a few more moments relaxing, I turned to look at her. I might have had a triumphant smile on my face, and Helen couldn’t stand it…so she started her wild second round attack with all the womanly power she possessed. 

…After some lustful moments, we were in the sixty-nine position, Helen having forced her way on top this time. She was like maniac, she had to win this round in order to have a chance for a third one. As for me, I did my best; if I could beat her again, I would be the winner… We bit each other’s thighs, just near our love mounds, we used our tongues as weapons, we sucked and sucked… From time to time we used our fingers, too, you know… from behind, for anal stimulation. I tried as hard as I could, but finally I lost this round…. 

Even though I was disappointed, I continued to suck her, but not for long… she was close to her own orgasm. I remember how strange I felt afterwards. You could say I was sorry I had lost, but on the other hand, I had enjoyed every fucking second of it!”

Mary stopped again. We were so excited, our legs had their own ‘talk’ underneath the table. I started caressing her hand to encourage her to continue. “One more round… ” I thought “…then I will know almost everything… then we could start our own rounds in the motel’s bed!”

“We had some rest…” she continued after a small pause. “We had a shower, our bodies were covered with sweat… I offered her a drink, and for a few minutes I was sitting on my bed, drinking, looking at her naked body, that body which had driven me crazy. I was trying to relax, I was trying to understand what had happened, how I felt about it. I was confused. She was my first female lover and I could accept that she was a real firecracker in bed. Hot, experienced, wild, so aggressive… On the other hand, I felt a rivalry with her. As we had beaten each other once, I had to prove that I was better than her in the third round. By any means! At the same time, she would be trying to prove exactly the opposite! I felt horny again, just thinking about the wild moments that were coming…

“…We didn’t speak at all. Somehow, I had the idea that she was having similar thoughts. She was excited again, and I could see rivalry and lust in her eyes. I countered her look with one of my own, then I put my glass on the night table which was at my side. She did the same, not stopping to look at me. The moment of truth had come, we were ready for the crucial round. 

“… I didn’t wait for her to make the first move. I threw my body on hers, trying to gain the top position. She didn’t let me this time. Each of us knew that the top position was a clear advantage. 

So, we were rolling on the bed for a while, pulling each other’s hair, then clinching with each other in a tight bear hug, fighting for the dominant position. Between kisses and bites, while our naked bodies rubbed against each other, we started to exchange curses, trying to provoke each other, to turn each other on even more, closer to orgasm…”

Mary stopped for a while to finish her drink. Hell, I was so hot, I could have raped her right there. The table that separated us was pressing against my stomach, I was almost in physical pain, trying to get closer to her. Her dress was wounded, my leg was between her thighs under the table, rubbing both her legs. I was holding her hand tightly, breathing heavily… I wanted to hear the end of that hot story, and then go somewhere else together. She felt my impatience, her legs clasped mine underneath the table, and she continued, holding tightly onto my hand:

“I don’t know how long we fought this way. We were turned on by all these things that we were doing to each other, but we wanted something more, something to drive us to the final bliss. Suddenly, as the lower part of my body was once more time between her open legs, I pressed my womanhood against hers. It happened accidentally, as I was trying to hug her tight, while staying on top. 

“It had happened a few times before while we were rolling and rubbing our bodies together hotly. This time, the pressure lasted longer and our … how can I say it … fuck you, Giannis, you’ll have all the details you want to hear! …our clits touched and rubbed against each other. 

“… A loud moan escaped from Helen’s mouth; she wrapped her legs around my back as she pressed her own womanhood tighter against mine. She rubbed it for a moment feverishly, and it was my turn to moan. 

“…Pussy against pussy… Pussy grinding… Suddenly, images filled my mind. Two women laying opposite one another, their open legs crossed, grinding their pussies together wildly… I had seen that in pictures, in movies… I had heard of this position. This was what we had been looking for! 

“’You want it that way, don’t you, you fucking whore?’ I asked her, as I pressed my pussy against hers again. 

“‘You damned bitch!’ was her instant reply. She raised the upper part of her body, her mouth bit one of my nipples. Then she threw me off her body again and sat on the bed. ‘We must finish it,’ she continued ‘… as only two women can do. My pussy against yours!’

“I didn’t reply immediately. It was obvious that she knew what she was talking about, she might have seen similar adult scenes. I also sat up and I opened my legs. She did the same and then we crossed them, my right foot over her left one, my left below her right. We came towards each other, until our pussies were almost touching. We looked at each other boldly, provocatively, two hungry lionesses, ready for the final showdown!

“‘I ‘ll fuck your brains out!’ she cried wildly, as she pushed her pussy against mine. When our clits touched again, I felt my body trembling. I had to do something before this bitch made me cum like mad!

“‘Let’s see who will fuck the other first!’ I said, pushing my whole lower body against hers as tightly as possible. She counter-attacked me the same way. We started a to and fro movement, like we were a man and woman couple. We rubbed our clits as hard as we could, we bit each other’s legs, we started the provocative dirty talking again. Just minutes ago, I had thought that we were going to fuck each other like two bitches in heat. I was wrong. We didn’t fuck each other LIKE two bitches in heat, in those moments WE REALLY WERE two bitches in heat! 

Mary continued her story, speaking with a low, hoarse voice, flushed, over-excited, bending her upper body towards me. I was also bending towards her, our heads a few inches apart. My fingers were twined around hers, below the table our entwined and rubbing legs completed the scene. A few people around us were staring. I didn’t care. 

“… After a while, we started trembling…” Mary continued. “We knew that the end was near for both of us, but neither of us wanted to lose. We pressed out crotches harder and harder against each other, we ground our pussies together like maniacs. Waves of ecstasy and pure lust were flooding all over our bodies. Our pussies attacked and counter-attacked each other, our clits fought like two angry dogs in a street. Two fighting cunts, that’s what we were, nothing else existed in those moments. 

“How long were we that way? I really don’t know. Suddenly, one of us couldn’t stand it anymore and came with a loud cry. After a few seconds, the winner’s cry filled the room as well. We rubbed our pussies together for a few moments more, then we separated. We were sweating all over, we almost couldn’t breathe. We lay there together on the bed again, taking deep breaths. We had finished it, Giannis, at last we had finished it, giving each other the fuck of our lives. We had the answer, the top woman in your damned fake list…” 

Mary finished her story, I saw her teasing smile again. “That’s all, Giannis, you’ve had enough! ” she said as she stopped bending towards me. She took her legs away from mine, and she unclasped our fingers and fixed her wrinkled dress. 

“But you didn’t tell me who was the winner! ” I protested. “What happened afterwards…”

“We met a couple of times, in my home. You didn’t notice, did you? We tried it again, it was perfect … but it wasn’t like the first time. The later meetings weren’t rematches, we were two passionate women who made love. We never felt the same. Never! So we stopped it, we turned to men again. I never slept with another woman, and I don’t think that Helen ever did, either. As for the winner, that’s something between me and Helen, and we are going to keep it that way…”

I tried to caress her hand again. She took it away. She was almost calm now, but I wasn’t. I had plans for the night…

“Look, Mary, if you don’t want to tell me that, O.K, you really have said enough. But now… I think that we can go somewhere else… You are so pretty, so sexy, you know how much I have always wanted you. There is …”

“A motel nearby? ” she completed my phrase, smiling. “Are you turned on Giannis? Ready for a hot night? Well, I have bad news for you! I have a date with my boyfriend, and believe me, I have to go. He is waiting for me at the hotel and I bet that he feels hot just like me. I ‘m going to fuck his brains out, Giannis, all night! As for you …” she continued, ready to get up, ” a cold shower might help, or you could pick up a girl from the streets. Maybe you ‘ll have better luck with her!”

“Damned Bitch! ” I replied loudly. “You lost to Helen, so this is your revenge!”

“No comments about the winner, Giannis, remember? Think anything you want, you ‘ll never know!”

“Liar! ” I said again, while another thought crossed my mind. I was so angry that I didn’t care about the people around us who were looking at us. “All that never happened, did it? You were angry about our fake story, so you wanted to have your revenge this way. Not a word was true. You wanted to turn me on, then leave me all alone…”

She stood up, smiling again with this sarcastic smile all over her face. “Any other thoughts, Giannis? No? Well, let me tell you once more… Why not think that the story is real? Maybe it all happened, just as I told you, and the winner is something personal between Helen and me. As for my revenge… let’s suppose that you are right. Maybe we were angry with your tricks and we came up with a plan, as good as yours. We promised each other that whenever either one of us sees one of you two again, she will play this game with you. We agreed that we were going to tell you the story with every detail, except the winner’s name. We wanted to see you completely turned on, let you hope for a continuance of the past, for a night full of passion, then leave you by yourself.”

“How about it, Robert? A truthful explanation or a tricky answer to mislead you? Maybe your first thought was right, or maybe the second one was correct. Of course, there could be another explanation, too, something you haven’t thought of and something I didn’t mention on purpose… Think about all of these, honey, you have a whole night ahead of you for it… If you are a clever guy, you ‘ll find the truth, but you will never be sure! Now, I must leave… thanks for the dinner. Good to see you again!”

She turned her back and left me alone, unable to speak. I saw her magnificent body walking away, the sexy movement of her hips… In a few seconds, I lost sight of her. I had a difficult night ahead of me to face…

I went to the bar and I drank. I drank a lot, blaming Mary, myself, Paul’s stupid plan… It wasn’t exactly the night I had hoped for a few hours before… 

The next morning was the last day of the seminar. I had a headache, but I went to the seminar again. She was there with her friends, only her boyfriend missed the first hour. “He might have needed some rest,” I thought, full of jealousy. Mary smiled at me, like nothing had happened and I returned her smile. No reason to show that bitch how bad I felt. 

When I returned home, I told my story to Paul. He felt lucky because he hadn’t been in my place. Then Paul started to think of another plan, our revenge. I didn’t want to hear it, I had had enough of his plans. I chased him, laughing… 

I haven’t seen Mary or Helen again. I still hope. We tricked them, they had their revenge. A draw again. But next time, who knows ?

The End

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