The Prize by Giannis

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It was almost five p.m. when Karen parked her car in her son’s school parking. She locked the car carefully – not trusting children in our days – thereafter hurrying to the big white staircase. The appointment was at five and teachers don’t like to wait. She was working as an accountant at “Roger’s”, the bigger Supermarket of their small city, but today she had asked for an early leave in order to meet Tom’s teacher who asked to see her.

Tom, her twelve years son, was a good quiet boy and a good student too. He had studied hard in order to be in the top five ranking students of his class. A two week trip in London and Paris would be the prize for them. He had done his examinations and now he was waiting the marks – just like Karen – each with great anguish. 

Given all of that, Karen was not surprised when Tom’s teacher, Mrs Lobin, asked to see her. She was sure that her call had to do with Tom’s examinations. Mrs Lobin, insisted to talk privately with her, after school. Karen wondered a little about that, but she hoped that Mrs Lobin wanted to meet her in order to announce her son’s success. 

After only a couple of minutes, she was sitting in front of teacher’s room, waiting to be called. She having been informed by a secretary that Mrs Lobin would be ready for her soon. She had nothing to read while waiting and the small table in front of her was empty, so she sat there just looking around and thinking about Tom, about Tom’s father, and about her life….

At 34, Karen was a very attractive woman. Very “fuckable”, she heard men whisper behind her back. Tall, with a pair of long, toned legs that matched well with her unforgettable breasts. Auburn hair and beautiful hazel eyes completed her beautiful and sexy look. She had divorced Dean seven years ago, when Joan, a blonde bitch took him away. 

Karen liked sex, Dean and some of the lovers that followed were very good teachers. Dean, the man who introduced her to the world of sex, taught her to give, to be a magnificent passionate lover. Lovemaking with him was an unforgettable trip of passion. Just thinking of him made her angry. They were a loving couple, he was not only a good lover but a good husband and a good father too. Tom was not in school when Joan, that cheap whore, captivated him and ruined their married life.

Tore at her heart though that sordid ordeal of adultery and theft did, life had to continue. And after a while, it did, when Ed came into her life. He was an average lover. Then there was Jim, with the muscular body and a perfect long, hard “tool” – one which was always hard and ready to make her groan from pleasure. After Jim came the voluptuous Alice, one of her colleagues in “Roger’s”, her first and only experience with another woman…

Alice was a beautiful redhead, who was the same age with Karen. She was also a divorcee without children, known for her hot temperament and her bisexual tastes. “She walked on both sides of the street” as the rumors said. Rumors proved proved true when Alice made passes at Karen almost from her first day in this job. “Why not to try? ” she used to say when she asked Karen for a date, “I love men too, I’ve laid with almost all the male staff here, I am sure that you have heard that. But honey, from time to time, I want something totally different… Something exciting…”. 

Karen refused politely, but her denial was weaker each time. She was curious, she had seen smiling women around Alice, she had heard a lot about Alice’s “special talents”… But most of all Karen was a hot lonely woman, eager to try anything. So, when Alice’s last night in their town came – she found another better job in another bigger town miles away – she couldn’t refuse in Alice’s last invitation.

“Hell, why not? I am definitely not a lesbian” she said to herself while she went in Alice’s apartment, “… just once, to feel the difference…Besides, I haven’t slept with anyone for more than three months and I’m horny…” She spent almost three hours at Alice’s, the two of them was full of pure female passion. Alice was gentle with her, taking the initiative and teaching Karen some secrets of lovemaking between women.

“Not all” she said to Karen after their mutual ending, a tremendous 69 which strained every drop from their fonts of pleasure. “You can’t learn it all at once! It’s a pity we didn’t do this earlier and more often!” 

“Oh, Alice…” Karen sighed. With her, it had been an interesting and exciting experience. One she had and enjoyed just before she met Robert, her last lover. He was the first who taught her to be more aggressive during lovemaking, to try to take the initiative, to try to be “on top” whatever she had to do to get there. Before him, Karen thought that her sexual education was complete – with him, however, she understood that she had a lot more to learn about sex.

She remembered their wild lovemaking, the unending hours of pure pleasure that let them each to a happy exhaustion. Their whispers… Their cries… He had succeeded in turning her into a wild sex animal, eager to give everything in order to take even more! Robert liked to talk dirty as they fucked, and after awhile, she started to like it too. In fact, after a while, they each used such whispered words and almost hissed dares, between other tricks, of course, to turn each other on.

They had spent a beautiful year together; before Robert had to move to New York. His father had died and he left his small drink bottling company to Robert. He had asked Karen to come with him, but she refused.

Her job, her friends were there, and besides, she was afraid of the big city. A fear and a refusal that let her know that it would never work between them. Yes, they had a wild and sex-drenched time when they were together. But, it was a great risk to leave her life, in the town she knew, just for that. And so she didn’t take the chance. “Anyway, I am lonely for more than three months” she thought, “that’s a long time. I must…..”

A noise from an opening door brought Karen again to present. The teacher’s door had opened and a man in his early forties came out. He had a sad expression on his face. Another parent, another problem, Karen thought to herself, before the young secretary informed her that she could come in. She followed the secretary and she entered in teachers’ room.

“Sit down, Mrs. Preston, Mrs. Lobin will be here in a few moments” the young secretary told her, before continuing “I’d stay, but I have to go, I’m already late and Mrs Lobin told me that she doesn’t need me anymore”.

Karen smiled at her and she was left alone. Finally, after a few seconds, a another door to the room opened and Mrs. Lobin came in with a smile. Karen smiled back and got up to greet her. She saw an attractive blonde woman, at her late twenties, of the same height with Karen. Mrs Lobin had an athletic body, her eyes were covered with a pair of glasses and her hair was wound at the top of her head. “She must look prettier without glasses and her hair free” Karen thought, “because right now she just looks like the female teacher stereotype”.

“Glad to meet you, Mrs. Preston” Mrs. Lobin said as they shook hands. “Sit down please”

Karen sat again and Mrs. Lobin did the same behind her desk. Karen knew that they must not have met before, but something in Mrs. Lobin look and in her voice was familiar to Karen. She couldn’t remember when or how, but she had a feeling that she had met this woman before. 

“Thank you Mrs Lobin. Have we met before? I ask because I have the feeling that …”

“We will come to that Mrs. Preston, but in a few minutes, if you don’t mind”, Mrs Lobin said smiling. “Let’s start our little chat talking about Tom’s grades. O.K?”

“Well, I just asked… sorry”. Karen responded, feeling a little surprised with Mrs Lobin’s reaction. “Did Tom get the grades to be counted in the top five?” The mother asked in anguish.

“Four students already got it Mrs Preston. The fifth post is for Tom or Jim Melrose, another student. They got something between B and A in my lesson. Other students are far away from total success so I have to put an A to Jim or to Tom and give him the prize. I must choose between the two of them. Both of them are good boys and good students. Do you understand my dilemma, Mrs. Preston? ” Mrs Lobin asked looking straight at Karen.

It was then that Karen began to feel strange. What did this woman expect of her? Did she expect her to beg, or to offer her something? A bribe of some sort? Money…? The outrage of it made Karen begin to dislike Mrs. Lobin, but she had to think of her son’s big chance too. 

“I really don’t know what to say… ” she started to say while trying to avoid eye contact with Mrs Lobin. “I am sure that you understand how much Tom wants this prize. He studied hard and he really needs it. I also want it for him, I know that he deserves it. But even with all that said, I don’t know how I can help you.”

“You can Mrs. Preston “help me”. I’m sure that you can, if you’re willing. If you want Tom to succeed bad enough. We are alone and nobody hears us, so we can speak freely. How much do you want this prize for Tom? What are you ready to do to see him get it?”

“Well, if you talk about money, I don’t have a lot and I don’t know…”

“I don’t talk about money, Mrs. Preston “, Mrs Lobin said with a mysterious, cold smile. “I know that you aren’t well-off. So I am going to ask you something easier … I guess you could say. Are you ready to fight for him?”

“Fight? With whom? I ‘m afraid that I don’t understand…”

“Well, let me explain. You can fight for your son’s prize if you want. The place is here, the room I came in is quite proper for that – doors locked of course – the time is right now and your rival will be … me!”

“Fight with you? ” Karen looked at Mrs Lobin surprised. “Sorry but …are you mad or something? Are you really challenging me for a fight in order for my son the fifth one in the top five ranking list? “

“Yes, you can put it that way and I can assure you that I am not mad. If you want to know …”

“Yes I want to know!” It was Karen’s turn to interrupt her while she got up nervously, ready to leave this room. “I want to know how you got this silly idea. I can do many things to help my son, but to fight with his teacher… I don’t like fights, I am not a streetfighter. I really don’t know what is happening inside that head of yours. Why do you want to fight me? What what you even get out of that?”

“Easy now! I know that you are not a streetfighter, even though most women can be under certain circumstances? Now, about the reasons…. One of them is different for each of us. I like fighting, privately of course, and you, if you win, you will earn the prize for your son. At the same time we have a strong common reason to fight each other, as you can see …. Karen dear! “said Mrs Lobin emphatically, as she pulled off her glasses. They coming down from her beautiful face, just as she got up and stared provocatively at Karen, she using a single hand to free her own hair.

“Now, do you recognize me? Now, after my divorce, I use my maiden name but you can call me Joan. I am sure you remember me….”

“YOU! ” Karen’s voice sounded loudly, echoing throughout the room as as she recognized Joan. Now she understood why there was something in her son’s teacher voice, in her look, that was familiar to her. That bitch called at her home sometimes asking for Dean, using some excuses. She had also seen her in some photos provided by a well-paid private detective. She had used them in the divorce. Now she remembered that face, a mask of passion and pleasure, looking at Dean while she was atop of him. Now that cheap whore who ruined her married life seven years ago, that bitch who had stolen her husband from her, was coming back into her life, challenging her for her son’s prize!

“Are you still lovers? ” Karen asked, with her face red, the old hate refilling her senses.

“Come on! You know that he is married again. He comes to take your son once in a month, doesn’t he?” 

“Bitch! You never stopped that!”

“Well, that’s true, but almost one year after your divorce and mine divorce, thanks to you bitch! I found someone else. Dean was very pleased with me, but he was not able to forget you, till he found his stupid new wife, three years ago. We were matched only sexually. He used to tell me that I was a totally different lover, better than you. But he still had you in his mind, bitch!. As you see, I have my own reasons to fight you, to see you submit to me completely.

“You mustn’t be so sure that you are going to see that, you whore! ” Karen responded angrily. “Before my final decision I have to know what do you have in your dirty mind when you talk about fighting”

“You mean rules? Well, bitch, if you are in, we are going to fight in panties and bras. We can’t go out of here with our clothes ripped when this fight is over. Besides, it’s more bitchy that way! Don’t worry, I like to fight once in a while but I am not skilled either. You can call me a starting amateur. No scratches, no bites, no eye-gouging. Punching with the fist or any other hit to the face isn’t allowed, I am not a bloody type. It will be more like wrestling than boxing. We can use only our bodies, no other weapons or aids. Anything else goes till one of us submits to the other. Any other explanations? ” 

“What if someone else comes in? How do you know we’ll be left alone?”

“I’ll call to the caretaker that we don’t want to be disturbed. It’s late and except of us he is the only one in this building. Door will be locked and we are going to fight in the inner room. It’s more suitable for our fight. Just a little furniture, easy to removed, wide enough floor covered with a thick carpet, next to a small washroom. No windows. Nobody will be able to hear anything.”

“And if I win…?”

“IF you win, your son will win be the fifth from his class who will travel to Europe. It’s a promise. I don’t want to do anything that makes you happy, but I have nothing against your son and I always keep my promises. Now bitch, did you heard enough to lock this door or are you afraid of the woman who stole your husband? A chicken even after all your clucking.”

Karen’s response was to lock the door nervously. When she turned to face Joan, she had already called with school’s caretaker.

“Hi Joe, Mrs Lobin is speaking. I am here with one of my student’s mothers. We‘re working on a very complicated lesson-plan for him and we really can’t be disturbed. Yes. You can lock the building up, I’ll let you know when we are going to leave. Thanks, Joe. No, I don’t need anything else, I’ll call you later!”

Finishing the call, Joan went to the other room without speaking. Karen followed her rival. She was a little afraid. Her only and last fight was when she was fifteen. Now she was a mature woman, a mother of a twelve years boy, and she was going to fight again! She threw a glance at the inner room, it was bigger than she thought, almost 3 x 4 meters, but as Joan had described, there was a small table with some books on it, two armchairs, a wardrobe in one corner, a fixture bookcase in another, a green thick carpet on the floor, and a door that lead to a smaller washroom… She helped Joan to remove the armchairs and the table in the main room.

Now the inner room was almost empty, it looked like a small ring to Karen’s eyes. Here she was going to confront her rival, to fight till one of them has submitted to the other. 

“Well bitch, let’s get out of these clothes! ” Joan said interrupting her thoughts. She was starting to unbutton her blouse, staring at Karen.

“You can’t use the wardrobe, it has free space only for my clothes. You can drop them to the armchairs. A whore like you doesn’t need anything better!”

Karen didn’t reply. She also unbuttoned her blouse starring back her rival. With a few moves she removed her blouse, her skirt, and her shoes. Resting against the wall, as she started to remove her stockings, looking continuously the other woman. Joan did the same.

After a minute they were in bras and panties. Karen threw a glance to Joan’s almost naked body. She had to admit that her rival had a well-conditioned body, Her breasts were full, choked by the bra, ready to be free, her slim legs show that Joan was taking care of her body. She felt that Joan was also examined her but she didn’t mind. Her rounded breasts, her long legs, her slim waist, was not inferior by any means.

Joan’s sudden attack stopped her thoughts. As she was not an experienced fighter she was caught by surprise. Their bodies clashed together as Joan’s right arm wrapped around her neck like an angry snake. She tried to hold back, grabbing Joan from the waist, but it was late. Her rival’s right foot kicked her just above her right ankle pushing her foot upwards. She lost her balance and she fell on the thick carpet.

“This blonde bitch knew a little about wrestling!” Karen thought as she tried to get up, but Joan was on her immediately. Despite that resistance, Karen continued to try and escape, pulling at her rival’s hair. And at such tuggings, Joan let her free with a cry.

The two rivals got up at the same time. Now it was Karen’s turn to attack. And attack she did, by both pouncing and grabbing Joan by the waist. Then, as her rival stepped back, Karen pushed her to the wall that stood behind her.

Joan tried to grab her rival by the neck, but Karen caught her arm and pinned it on the wall. Joan’s left arm tried to push her away, but it too was pushed and then pinned to the wall. It was then, that as Karen’s hands held Joan’s hands to the wall, their bodies came in a close contact. Their covered breasts touched as their faces sat inches apart, and as they looked deep into each others eyes, anger and hate passed from one to the other

“Now, bitch,” Karen hissed, “try another one of your wrestling tricks, if you can!”

“Fuck you! ” was Joan’s instant reply. One she gave as her knee suddenly fired upward and hit Karen between her open legs, directly in the crotch.

A loud groan escaped from Karen’s lips. Instinctively she loosed her grip on Joan’s wrists and that was enough for her rival. Joan freed her hands and her right palm slapped strongly Karen’s left cheek. Karen stepped back tottering.

“You whore! “cried to her rival. “You said no hits on the face!”

“Rules change, cunt! Besides, I don’t see any serious damage on your stupid face. At least not YET! ” Having responded and insulted, Joan tried to slap Karen again, but found her open hand fail to reach its target

After having caught her rival’s hand mid-strike, Karen tried to twist, but Joan resisted and succeeded in freeing her caught arm. But before she had the time for a new attack, Karen was on her again. She grabbing Joan’s hair and as her rival did the same, they together and thereafter losing their balance and falling to the floor again.

There they started to roll on the carpet, pulling each other’s hair, yelling, trying to hit each other with their free hands. Suddenly Joan’s left hand was on Karen’s bra. She pulled it down and she started to squeeze her rival’s right breast. Karen let a loud cry, then she turn her head and she bit Joan’s shoulder.

Now it was Joan’s turn to fill the room with a loud cry.

“Bitch! We have agreed to no bites! ” she hissed to Karen who was under her. “Remember?”

“Rules change, cunt!” was Karen’s angry reply, her mouth leaving Joan’s shoulder for only a moment. She adding, “remember?” Before sinking her teeth deep into their target once again.

“Fuck you, whore! ” Joan cried, though her fingers held tight to her rival’s breast. At the pain of that tit-aimed attack, Karen let go of the blonde’s hair and returned the favor. Using all her strength to pull down Joan’s bra till it ripped and then tore off. Then, as Joan’s breasts bounced free, Karen’s right hand found an easy target. A target, Joan’s left breast, on which she used brutal force to squeeze, scratching her nipple. 

“You bitch! ” the blonde woman cried again. And though she did, she was still on top. And with than advantage, she let go of Karen’s hair and slapped her with all the might that her anger and pain had given to her. She ripped Karen’s bra with a move and her teeth found her rival’s breast. She started to bite when Karen using both hands pulled her hair strongly. 

Joan’s mouth forced to leave its target. She tried to slap her rival again but Karen held her hand. They started to roll again, breasts touching breasts, legs entwined, each one trying to be on top in order to have more chances to hit, to dominate the other. Neither stopping to say obscenities to each other while they rolled on the thick carpet. 

Finally, Joan succeeded to be on the top position. Karen tried to roll over with upward thrusts of her body but she failed. The blonde teacher’s body pinned hers. Despite being on bottom, she tried to grab Joan’s hair with one hand and then to squeeze Joan’s breast with the other, but she failed in both tries.

The blonde woman was quicker this time and had the advantage of the top position. A position which aided her in catching Karen’s hands with her own and pinning them on the floor, on each side of her head. With an desperate effort Karen got her head upwards to bite her rival anywhere she could, but Joan smiling got her head upwards too, so Karen could not latch on with her teeth.

For a minute Karen felt true despair. She was totally pinned on the carpet with her rival on top of her in a full body contact. Joan had succeeded to be on the dominating position. She couldn’t hit her with her knees or with her feet because Joan had succeeded to set her body between her open legs, like a man who was going to fuck her. She was as strong as Karen, so it was almost impossible, at least at that moment, to free her hands. Worst of all, was that devilish smile in Joan’s lips. The blonde bitch was ready to ask her submission!

Karen didn’t like to give up easily. She had to do something before it was too late for her. Suddenly she thought that the disadvantage of this position has in a way an advantage too.

Joan, while focusing all her energies on keeping Karen pinned, could not do anything to hurt her, as both her hands and her body were busy. And so Karen continued to try to throw that bitch off of her, thrusting her body upwards, such desperate measures being her only hope to change her losing position. 

“Well bitch, are you ready to give up? ” Joan’s voice interrupted her thoughts.

“Never!! ” was Karen’s instant reply. With all her strength she thrust her body upwards, trying to roll herself and throw her rival off her. A good try but Joan expected her reaction. She thrust her own body downwards to keep Karen down. Their bodies met once again, naked breast rubbed against naked breast, nipples kissed nipples and began to harden. Their covered cunts were also in a close contact, the two rivals movements made them rub against each other through their panties.

Karen tried again, her body slamming upwards once more, but Joan was ready, and once again fired downward to meet her. Karen had nothing better to do than to continue this upwards thrusting movement of her body but Joan’s body was there, waiting for her, ready to counterattack with a downwards movement of her own body. 

“Give up, bitch! ” Joan yelled, meeting successfully one more try.

“Never, you fucking whore! ” Karen replied in a flash, giving with another try the same reply. “I am not going to stop! I’ll do this till I throw off me! You’ll tire, and then it’s my turn!”

“Don’t count on that, slut! ” Joan cried again. “I enjoy riding and I ‘m not going to stop till I tame you!”

“Fuck you!”. Karen cried back. She was out of her mind now, she felt so angry that she found at last the necessary strength to throw Joan off of her with a final thrust. In seconds she was on top of her rival, locked Joan’s hands down with her own.

“Now bitch, who is riding whom? ” yelled to the blonde teacher who was caught by surprise. “Who is going to tame whom?”

Joan tried to counter attack with all her might. Thrusting, just as her rival did, upwards with lower part of her torso, but Karen didn’t let her do so. She pressing her own lower part hardly on Joan’s and their covered cunts pressed tightly against each other again.

Unbroken, Joan tried again, but with her upper part of her body. an attempt which caused Karen to bend over her and down, as their hardened nipples, in turn, continued the battle their lower halves had. 

It was Karen’s turn to have a winning smile on her face and Joan’s turn to be out of her mind just because of that. She didn’t want to give up. She tried unsuccessfully to free her hands, then she gave another upwards thrust with her body, then without stopping she gave another and another…

Having their almost naked bodies in a full contact, with so many attempts at using one body to dislodge the others, left them continuously rubbing against each other. From their breasts to their cunts. A writhing that caused each to breathe heavy, a breathing that drifted from lips to ears. With such sounds and sensations, something new began to build inside them, a lust for pleasure.

A lust Karen felt, as gradually, she began to get horny. She hadn’t been laid in months and her body felt starved for sex. So much so that this wrestling, even with such a hated foe, began to seem increasingly erotic as every moment passed. That instant strange thought was enough for a loosening of her pressure and her rival didn’t miss the opening. As in seconds, Joan was on top again.

But Karen didn’t let her stay there for long. She, in what seemed like only seconds, threw Joan off of her pushing them into a roll across the carpet, each one holding tightly with the right hand the left wrist of her rival.

So, with their hands gripped, the two women continued to wrestle, rolling from one side of the small room to the other floor. Each taking their own, force-earned turns to be on top, before the other would steal it away. Each using their bodies to push each other, their breasts and their cunts the only weapons they could use. 

As Joan took the top position again, however, she felt the growing passion between them. Each with their eyes closed, moaning softly, as they continued to thrust their almost naked bodies together, rubbing their now wet, and yet still covered cunts into their rival’s.

After a few moments of such unexpected and yet desperately needed contact, a loud moan escaped from Karen’s lips. She felt strange. With all the pushing of one body against another, something strange was happening. Something not only strange, but something that made her thoughts turn dirty and her despires to move from pain to pleasure! A transition she made, as she caught herself pushing her cunt upwards, not only as a try to throw her rival off of her, but to have her cunt in full contact with Joan’s. A cunt which never ceased pressing downwards and into — a sensation of thrusting sex that drove Karen crazy!

She felt wet, her cunt needing more of this erotic rubbing. It was then that Karen’s eyes opened and she looked at Joan: whose eyes remained closed, lips let loose soft moans, tongue licked her own open lips, and whose sex pushed down for the same reason.

The sight of which, along with a sudden wave of pleasure from another meeting of cunts, pushed Karen to close her eyes too. But before she could push herself upwards again, she felt Joan’s breast rubbing against her own. a second later, Joan’s mouth locked upon hers — their lips meeting in the most taboo of kisses!

A kiss, which without hesitation Karen accepted, by opening her mouth and meeting her rival’s tongue with her own, at least for a few lust-drenched seconds.

A kiss shattered, as Joan suddenly pulled back, leaving Karen to open her eyes disappointed. “What the hell is happening here? ” she asked herself as she saw her rival standing up, staring at her.

“No more games, bitch! ” she heard Joan said with a cold voice. We are not schoolgirls anymore and we both know very well what we want now! So, if you want to fight, we’ll take the fucking panties off, start a second round!”

“You mean fighting in total nude?” Karen asked confused.

“Come on, bitch! Don’t you play coy with me! I mean a sexfight and that is of course in the nude! Let’s continue our fight by fucking each other till one of us can’t stand any more and cums. Loser cums first, then continues for the winner’s satisfaction. That is sexfight, if you’re too sheltered or stupid to know….”

“I … I’ve never…., done that with a woman before!” Karen lied to her rival. She having no reason to say anything about Alice to Joan. Besides, she doubted if she could remember much of what she learned in her painfully brief two hours of experience with that horny blonde Amazon. Despite her own doubts, or perhaps worsening them, she felt sure that this was not Joan’s first sexfight with a woman.

“Do you want the travel prize for your son or not? You don’t stand a chance, but you can at least try for him, can’t you? Maybe it’ll help to calm you down after all that wrestling!”

“You are the one who is going to calm down first!” was Karen’s angry reply, one built fram rage more than maturity. If that bitch wanted to be fucked by her, hell, why not? She had to get her son’s prize, she had to get her own revenge for her own ruined marriage and … last but not least, she couldn’t stop now. She needed that fuck, just as much as Joan!

And so, with all those elements driving her, Karen got up from the carpeted floor, and removed her panties in a hurry. With no less haste, Joan did the same. Leaving the two women total nude, staring nervously at each other.

Nervous though they were, Karen made the first move. She wanting so intensely to finish off the bitch who dared challenge her to a contest of being the better lover! And so she grasped at Joan, around the waist, and finally after some trying she managed to throw her down to the carpeted floor below them. Then, in only a matter of seconds she was on her, having the dominating top position.

though she resisted at first, when Karen landed atop her, Joan opened her legs, inviting her to set herself between them. Karen took her rival’s invitation and when she did, Joan wrapped her legs behind her back. It was then that a thrill passed through their bodies, as their bare cunts met for first time. Having locked her lower half back together with she who she fought, Karen sought to complete their return to the position they had left. Doing so as her open mouth found her rival’s and their tongues started their own fight for sexual mastery.

A second battle began between their nipples, as they pushed their own hard sets into their opponent’s. Joan’s hand grabbed Karen’s rounded breasts, she started to caress them lightly, as she tried this time to turn her rival on, not to cause her any pain. 

Karen left Joan’s mouth for another target, she lowered her head and she started to suck Joan’s hardened nipples. A moan of pleasure escaped from the blonde teacher’s mouth. She moved her hand between them, finding Karen’s cunt. And then within it, her fingers found a wet and waiting clit, and one Joan began to squeeze lightly, between her thumb and her index finger. Karen let out another moan, as she sucked harder at Joan’s nipples — a sucking that earned in a physical reply, the blonde’s third finger inside her wet cunt!

Karen moaned again . She felt turned on more and more from Joan’s magic fingers. That bitch knew for sure how to fuck a woman!

At that realization, Karen knew she had to change her tactics, before it was too late. And so she lowered her head and started to travel south. Her tongue leaving a wet path on Joan’s belly, around her navel, as she continued to move her head downwards. That is until Karen found her final target and plunged face-first between Joan’s legs, ready to assault with her tongue in her rival’s center of pleasure. She felt Joan grabbing her hair and pulling her head deeper. She found her rival’s slit and she started to lick slowly around it, teasing her, trying to turn her on. 

“Fucking whore!” she heard Joan moan. “I can play better this game!” The blonde teacher switched her body changing their position. She tried to be on top but Karen didn’t allow it and after a few rolls on the carpet Karen was on top again, her face between Joan’s legs for a second time, while her cunt was a few inches apart from blonde’s face.

An invisible referee must gave them some signal, because they sank their faces simultaneously in each other cunts. Karen started to lick Joan’s clit at first slowly and teasingly as before, then as she felt her rival’s tongue to penetrate her cunt she started to lick and suck faster and faster. She felt her rival increasing her own tempo, making her whole body tremble. The room was filling from their moans as they sucked each other’s slit with growing passion. Joan suddenly took away her mouth and biting Karen’s thighs she replaced her tongue with her index finger. 
“Fucking whore!” Karen yelled, returning the favor, as she inserted her third finger in Joan’s cunt. She then starting to twist, pushing them deeper.

“Ooohhhh fuuuck!” Joan’s groan filled the room as she did exactly the same using her right hand. “That bitch knows how to fuck!” she realized, “…but I’ll still beat!” With That certainty, or perhaps driving it, Joan with her left hand, found Karen’s asshole and inserted her index finger into it!

“Auuugh! ” Karen let out a loud cry, before retracting her fingers. With them removed, the then dove back in, placing her mouth again on Joan’s cunt. Holding tightly blonde’s buttocks, she pushed her whole head as deeply as she could as she started to eat at her rival’s sex feverishly, like a hungry lioness. As she did, she heard her rival yelling, felt her shaking, all as she called her names. And though such might be the telltale signs of victory, she too felt herself trembling, as Joan continued to penetrate both her holes with cruelly effective fingers.

According to her experience with Alice, Karen expected that they would finish each other off that way, but Joan had other plans. She stopping with heavy breath as she pulled herself out of the sixty nine position. An escape followed by a sit, one on the soft and slightly damp carpet. Her face red and as she gazed at Karen, her eyes filled with a mix of passion and anger.

“You’re a fucking liar! You’ve fought another woman this way…. But it doesn’t matter! It’s time to finish this! Match me cunt-to-cunt, if you dare… My clit vs. yours. There is no better way for two real and hot-blooded women to decide whose better in bed! “

“Any tim, bitch! ” Karen hissed. “I can make you cream one way or the other!” She sat on the carpet too and she opened her legs, exposing her wet cunt, inviting Joan for the thrill of the contact that was to come.

“Let’s see who can make the other cream first” Joan hissed back, as she moved her sitting body towards her rival with her legs also spread, till their legs were entwined like two open and opposite one another scissors. One final push from both of them and their cunts made the contact they were waiting for with such great impatience.

A tremor shot through their bodies as their slick pussy lips met, each of the two competing women ready for their final battle. A battle that they they prepared for by adjusting their cunts together again, making sure they were properly aligned and placed before they began their slow sensual rubbing. A rubbing that caused soft moans to leave their open mouths as they increased their tempo.

“Dirty Slut! I’ll fuck you till you scream for mercy!” Karen threatened as she began to thrust faster and press harder. She feeling Joan’s growing excitement, her body shaking as she resisted the urge to smile. She was right, Joan’s erotic preferences was similar to her own. That blonde bitch liked dirty talking, and it turned her on! Talking provocatively she could bring her rival closer to an orgasm and make her lose the fight. “Thanks Robert!” she said in her mind, remembering her last lover who taught her the secrets of aggressive fucking and dirty talking. Now she was going to use them both!”

“You are not woman enough…. ” came Joan’s catty and dismissive reply. A reply which was followed by an angry push of her own cunt against her rival’s. It was Karen’s turn to shake as their pussy lips kissed passionately. “You can never beat me!” Joan continued, starring provocatively at her, pushing her cunt towards her own again, with greater fury.

Karen felt her own body shaking again with lust. Wild, aggressive fucking and dirty talking…That blond bitch used same methods! Feeling herself full of anger and lust at the same time, she returned the favour letting a loud groan.

The two rivals continued their sex fight for a little more, while they exchanged insults and moans. Their clits found each other partially and accidentally, as their cunts pushed and rubbed each other. However each meeting of their clits caused an electric shock which went up their bodies shaking them all over. Then Joan spread her legs wider, twisting slightly her body to the left. As they had entwined their scissored legs Karen’s right leg was over her left one. She grabbed it and she pulled with all her strength Karen towards her while she pushed herself towards her rival.

“Fuck you, cunt! ” she yelled while her hardened clit searched for Karen’s.

Karen twisted her body to the right, spread also wider her own legs and she did exactly the same but to the right side. As a result, their clits found each other in a full contact for first time!

“That was a big mistake, slut! ” Joan yelled again, pinning her clit on Karen’s ” I never loose a clitfight! “

“Miserable cunt! ” Karen yelled back, while her erected clit started a wild swordplay with Joan’s. “There is always a first time!”

“Not from you bitch! Your son is going to stay here!”

“No way cunt! I’ll finish you off and he will have his prize!”

The two women increased their tempo, their yells turned to cries of lust and passion. They moved feverishly feeling that this wild clitfight would drive them to the big bang. Their clits rubbing with a maddened press and pace as they continued their lustful swordplay. Only for them to be separated from one another as they disappeared back into the lips of their soaking wet cunt lips.

But that separation did not last, as their clits soon met again, for another round of their swordplay… Their initial fight having turned into a duel between their clits. It wasn’t a fight between Karen and Joan anymore, it was a fight between Karen and Joan’s clits, a no holds barred fight for sexual mastery.

“Take that, whore!” Karen cried as she began a new attack with her most sexually deadly sabres. “and that! and that!”

“You take that too! ” Joan cried back while she was counterattacked with her own “My clit will beat yours!”

“We’ll see who’s clit beats who’s!”



At that moment, the two rivals were completely turned on and out of their minds with sexual excitement. And so they fucked each other like two bitches in heat.

Karen had only one experience with a woman before, this was something completely different. With Alice she had also felt filthy, wild, and excited, but not in such a point. They hadn’t had a thrilling cunt-to-cunt match like this, one that had so thoroughly driven her crazy! It wasn’t only lust, it was lust mixed with a wild desire to dominate her rival sexually, to make her surrender via an orgasm. She having her every sense and thought focused acutely on her cunt, she being more than determined to fuck her rival’s cunt like it had never been fucked before!

To that end, Karen grabbed Joan’s wrist and as she held it tightly, pushing their bodies towards each other with all her might, all while she kept her twat locked against Joan’s. As she grabbed and pulled, she felt her rival do the same in order to improve the thrilling contact, if such was even possible.

Each having pulled closer, the two women continued in a frenzy, their sexual duel, as well their lusts, boiling and brimming like neither had ever experience before. Their cunts on fire, as their wild swordplay between clits went on, they exchanging blows and wild, focus shattering rubbings. The pair neat certain that the great finale was nearing — that the moment of victory was approaching for one of them, and so they each doubled their efforts.

“FUCK YOU!” Joan cried. Waving her long blonde hair, she moved with the strength and the speed of a tigress. Letting her rival’s wrist free, she grabbed Karen’s leg just above her ankle and pulled it up and towards her. Karen caught by surprise, lost her balance and fell, landing on her back, with her open legs high. In as second Joan was straddling her, sitting between Karen’s spread legs, and started pushed downwards her whole pelvis, sticking her clit into Karen’s, giving to her the final needed thrusts…

“OHHHH NOOOOO!” Karen cried as she felt the orgasming waves exploding inside her. “YOU CUNT! FUCK! FUUUCK! I AM CUMING! YEAHH! I AM CUMING!! ” She cried again, her body shaking, from head to toe. She came and came as Joan above her didn’t stop her down-thrusting movements. But even in her defeat, Karen continued to fuck upwards, as she felt her rival fighting her own orgasm.

“OHHHH! ” Joan wailed fiercely after a few seconds. “OH! OH! OHHHH!! FUCK! DON’T STOP I ‘LL KILL YOU! YEEEEE!!! COMMMIIINNNGGG!!! ” she cried trembling all over as she also spent on her rival’s cunt.

They didn’t say anything for a moment or two. No, they simply laid there, apart on the floor, exhausted, breathing heavily.

“Bitch! Without the last trick you had been lost!” Karen said breaking the silence. “You were sooo close! “

“I told you honey, I’ll never lose in a clitfight! ” Joan replied, as she stood up. “Want a shower?”

“No. I’ll do it in my home” said Karen, surly, as she also stood up, looking for her clothes. She being unable to hide her disappointment.

“Come on! Look at your face! Let me tell you something” she continued while she started dressing, “… I already gave my top five list to the teacher’s council this morning. Your son was in! Feel better now?” she said to Karen, buttoning her blouse.

“Damned Liar! ” Karen replied surprised. “Then why all …this?”

“Want the whole story? OK . Believe it or not, I am not a lesbian. Occasionally I use to have some male lovers, sometimes I sexfight with them too! So, I rather consider myself as a bisexual.

…Now about you…I had seen you here sometimes, coming to get your son. You didn’t notice me with these glasses and my hairs up, but I remembered you.

…Well…” she continued while dressing, “…these days I am in my clitfight mood and as I found you sexy, I looked for a chance to try…You know the rest!”

“What if I had refused?”

“You could open the door and go out, remember? Of course, you could accuse me for sexual harassment, but somehow I had the feeling that you wouldn’t. Anyway, since we were alone you couldn’t prove anything, so I took the risk”

Karen didn’t reply. She was more calm now, but still she felt disappointed. Tom’s prize wasn’t the only reason she had accepted Joan’s challenge. She wanted to dominate this woman sexually, to prove that she was better lover than her and she was failed… 

They didn’t say anything more as they finished their dressing. Joan put on her glasses again and she picked up her hair. Now, she had the teacher’s look, she was Mrs Lobin again. She called to the caretaker, telling him that they were going to exit in a few minutes.

Karen felt confused. She saw Joan unlocking the teacher’s room, looking at her, smiling. She felt disappointed, she was fooled from this woman but she had to admit that she had a an incredible and unforgettable time with her — victorious or not. And she could still feel small burning flames within her soul.

“Ready?” Joan asked her.

“Yes” Karen responded and she went towards the door. But rather than opening it, as Karen expected, Joan waited. The decision leaving Karen standing inches apart from her rival, with a wondering look on her face. 

“Before leaving this room, I have to admit that you were one of my better female rivals” Joan said in low voice. “I wonder, if I give you another try to beat me — could you…. Want a rematch…?”

“You have and other tricks to show me?” Karen asked, combing her auburn hair with her fingers.

“You have to find out!” Joan replied as she gazed into Karen’s eyes.

Karen did not hesitate to reply. She still wanted Joan. Still wanted to beat her. Certain that she could best her next time… “Besides,” she thought, “either I beat her or not. But win or lose, I’ll get a wild fuck out of this horny bitch and I need it!”.

“Name the place, bitch! Where and when?”

“Call me tomorrow, whore!”

As the words passed, they together surged. Pressing their bodies and foreheads together, as each looked river-deep into the others eyes. In that moment, which lasted only seconds so much was conveyed. threats, promises, dares, pleas, and yet still…. As lips lingerd, and breasts pressed, they separated. Just before Joan opened the door and turned out the light. It was then that they walked out together, chatting about a mother and teacher meeting of substance rather than sex they never had, and a lesson plan each invented as a ploy to be left alone.

All for the caretaker’s sake, one he bought hook, line, and sinker as he watched them leave the school together.

The End.

Thank you for reading! For more of Giannis’ Stories: Click Here!

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