Meeting in a Motel Room by Giannis

Dona was nervous. It was almost 18:10 p.m. but Karen hadn’t arrived yet. “A hundred miles trip for nothing ?” she wondered one more time. She looked at the little motel-room trying to calm down.

The bed was there, waiting… 

Memories of all the last months’ events came to her mind as she fixed herself a drink. Dona was a very sexy woman, that was for sure. At her 36, she was feeling like she was in her prime and she was enjoying every minute of it. Her face was strong and powerful though very sensual at the same time. She had short brown hair, green, lively eyes and a pair of red, inviting lips. Yet, her face was usually not the first thing men – and some women – noticed. Their eyes were drawn to her long, superbly shaped legs, to her sexy rounded ass, and to her large, firm, size 36C breasts. She kept her figure in excellent shape, and at 5 foot 5, she weighed just over 120 pounds. This afternoon she wore an expensive tight short green dress, a black panty hose and matching high heel shoes. She was dressed to kill and she knew it. She wanted to be the winner to any competition with Karen’s attire. 

“Not only to this competition…” she thought smiling. “If she dares to come…”

Last years Dona was working in a big renting cars company. As they used the net to advertise the company’s services, she learned quickly anything she needed about it. She liked to be a traveller in the net world, she could spent hours after her job, chatting with other men and women. She liked the feeling of safeness and the anonymity that covered her during these chats. Using pseudonyms, showing herself the way she liked anytime, she could say anything, she could express freely her feelings. Now, first time in her life, she had a date with a person she met in a chat club for bisexual or bi-curious mature women. When she was there for first time she chatted with some women but after some chats she felt friendly with Karen, a 35 years old bi woman. 

After a while they started to chat in private, then they started to use e-mail from time to time… As their friendship went on, they felt closer to each other. Looked like they share same thoughts – and passions – for a lot of things. Reading all the messages and the letters they had sent to each other, a third person could easily understood that they were hot women, eager to try anything that could offer sexual ecstasy to them. They both had confessed to each other that they were bi but they mostly preferred to mate with other women. 

When their intimacy grew up, Dona confessed to her friend that she liked competitive sexual games and trash talking as a part of them. Karen liked them too ; she confessed she had read about them in sexfight stories that turned her on and she was eager to learn more about it from her friend. She also confessed that she preferred pussy grinding when she made love with another woman, although – as it was expected – it wasn’t the only way for her to go for an orgasmic end. Dona admitted that she also like to make love this way from time to time, especially during a competitive sexual game. 

Of coarse they weren’t exactly the same. Both of them were competitive women, but Dona looked to be more aggressive than her friend, Karen looked to be more passionate and jealous. 

“I’m really that way” Dona thought “but what I really know about her ?” She remembered Bill’s advice – a colleague in her job – who was more experienced than her about the net world. “You must be careful during net surfing” he had told her, “… particularly when you chat or when you exchange e-mails with an unknown person. You ‘ll never know who really is the man or the woman you talked to. Could be a completely different person in real life that he or she says so during the chats. Different in figure, in age, in character, in occupation, in sexual preferences… Sometimes a man is hidden behind a woman’s name or the opposite”.

“I’ve taken a risk” she thought for another time, “… being here… waiting for an unknown woman… Maybe I ‘ll not like her, maybe she has changed her mind and she will not come… She could be a man as Bill had said… ” Last case wasn’t really a problem for her. She had said to the receptionist that he had to call her if another woman was asking for her. 

“Don’t give my room number to anyone without my permission” she had said, giving him a good tip. “… If a man is asking for me, tell him that you haven’t anyone with my name here”. She wasn’t afraid for clerk reactions. This motel was almost full and safe, she knew this from a friend of hers. “Clerks are always busy” her friend – an experienced bi woman almost at the same age – had told her. “They see any kind of date every day. They will forget anything about you in a couple of days”. 

Dona knew perfectly well that with her nice figure she could easily find a male or female mate. She had never tried this kind of date before. Last month their e-mails were bolder. After all these confessions, they started to talk about how a possible meeting between them could be. Reading their emails it was easily understood that they both expected this meeting. 

They were not for cyber sexfights using net, this was a risk they didn’t want to have. In their letters though they had finally started to exchange teasing challenges, to boldly describe what each of them would like to do to the other one. When they decided to meet at this motel – somewhere between the cities they lived – Dona couldn’t stand the expectation of the last days and hours. She was completely turned on. Karen looked to feel the same way, she was so eager to meet her… ” If she is really as she says so…” she thought feeling a thrill, “…this bed…” 

The phone ring stopped her thoughts. “The receptionist !” she thought feeling her heart’s beats. 

“A woman is asking for you Mrs Smith” she heard him to say. She had used this common second name when she rent the room. It was the first second name that came to her mind.

“Alone ?” she asked.

“Yes, but… I can’t be sure Mrs Smith! Anyone can wait outside.”

“Sent her up with a clerk, please. Tell him to not show her my room unless she is alone !”

“Sorry Mrs Smith, but we aren’t the Grand Hotel ! We have a few clerks and…”

“My tip was enough for the Grand Hotel, isn’t it ? I told you it’s a special case”.

“Any case is special in this place Mrs Smith ! Any way… O.K”

“Thanks !” Dona hung up nervously the receiver. Moment of truth had came…

After a lasting moment, she heard a knock in her door. “I have to remember my pseudonym” she thought as she opened the door. “I have told her that my name is Linda. So, I’m Linda now !”

Linda was ready to see anything but the figure of the woman who stood smiling in front of her. She saw a stunningly beautiful blonde almost at her middle twenties ! Karen had barely shoulder long hair, a smoothly lined face with blue eyes and bright red lips. Those full, sensuous lips made her look extremely sexy. She wore a tight dark red blouse that accentuated her round breasts and a short black skirt that showed off her curved legs and part of her thighs. Black stockings and high heels completed her beautiful sexy figure. She was a little taller than Linda but almost at the same weight. 

“Karen ?” asked Linda as she let her come in. 

“Karen…, yes…” her friend replied with a smile. She made a full turn showing for a second to Linda her back and her firm buttocks. “Do you like the view ?” she asked finally as she completed her turn, looking Linda straight at her eyes.

“You are gorgeous ! I expected you … you know… you told me that you were almost at my age… I don’t know what to say… I feel older…”

“You are gorgeous too ! Have any problem with my age ? ” Karen said with a slight nervous tone at her voice. 

“How silly I am ! I expected this moment for so long and now I started to talk about her real age ! ” Linda thought. 

“Karen ! At last !” she said as she opened her arms embracing her friend. She felt Karen’s returning embrace, the thrilling light contact of their covered breasts, but her friend looked to feel a little uneasy. 

“Maybe it is better to not rush things” she thought. “She must be a little nervous these first moments of our meeting.” She gave Karen a friendly light kiss on the lips then she drew herself away. 

That time the phone rang again. “Who the hell is now ?” Linda thought as she picked up the receiver. “Nobody knows that I’m here … I hope that it has nothing to do with Karen…”

“Yes ?” she said with a voice hardly hid that she was bothered.

“Mrs Smith ?” she heard the receptionist’s voice.


“Sorry to disturb you Mrs Smith … but… is everything O.K ?” The receptionist’s voice was full of anxiety.

“Suppose so. What’s up ?”

“Nothing… just a check… We had a problem and I was wandering…”

“What problem ?”

“Nothing to worry about… Since all are OK there it had nothing to do with you… Sorry again and thanks !” he said clearly relieved and he hung up. 

“What’s the matter honey ?” Karen asked as she saw her friend standing next to the phone with a somehow wondering look at her face.

“Nothing… ” Linda replied. “Telling the true, I didn’t understand… The receptionist must have done a mistake calling me… Fuck him ! ” she finally added. Looking at her friend’s nice figure she forgot receptionist’s call in seconds. 

“Let me look at you ! ” she said with a friendly voice. “You are prettier than I had ever thought ! We are net pals for months, without really knowing each other and now… Well, let’s drink to our meeting” she added. “I know that you need one too”. 

“Yes ! ” Karen replied as she stood near the bed. She was looking at her with examining eyes. “A drink is fine. I guess that Smith is not your real last name…” she added smiling, with a light teasing tone.

“It’s real as is Linda or Karen” Linda said smiling too. “I’m Linda, you are Karen, we had been chatted for months, now we are here… as we have dreamed last weeks. We are real honey, we are here… face to face…. That only counts !” 

As she offered the drink to her friend their fingers had a light caressing touch that made her to fill a thrill. “I’m already hot for her” she thought. “She is better than I had ever dreamed”. 

“It’s strange ! ” she finally said as she drank a sip from her glass. “I met you for first time just a few minutes ago and I’m feeling like we had met a dozen times before. After all these letters, all these confessions… I don’t know about you Karen but I ‘m exactly as I’ve told you”

“Me too ! ” Karen replied. She looked more relaxed now. 

“You can count on that. Except my age ! ” she added smiling. “I think that we are both exactly as we expected each other to be. Or better I can say, looking at you !”. 

“You are better than I had ever dreamed” Linda said. “I was just thinking about it “. 

“To us !” Karen toasted looking Linda straight in the eyes as she drank a sip. 

“To us !” Linda replied, returning the glance. She also drank another sip, then she came closer to Karen. She left her glass on the night table near the bed, then she dipped her right hand index into the drink and she caressed Karen lightly under her lobe, her eyes looking at her friend’s eyes. Then she slowly drew her finger to Karen’s now semi opened mouth. 

Karen sucked Linda’s finger, looking at her. Her tongue licked every drop while she also left her glass on the night table. As she came closer to Linda their breasts lightly touched each other. Karen caressed Linda’s hair with her right hand, then her neck… Finally her fingers caressed Linda’s left breast causing a new thrill to her.

“Are you hot Linda ?” she murmured as she came closer, looking at her, while her fingers continued her light caressing. Her hand was now trapped between their breasts. She drew it and she hugged Linda with both hands. Their bodies met again, their faces were only a few inches away. “Are you hot for me ?” she asked again with a low seductively voice.

“Ohh Karen ! ” Linda replied almost shaking from lust, as she caressed Karen’s blond hair with her hands. She pulled lightly her friend’s face closer, then her lips caressed Karen’s waiting lips. Feeling their bodies pressed tightly together, she kissed Karen again at the edge of her mouth, then at her neck, lightly sucking the smooth flesh. Then her mouth returned to Karen’s and this time it wasn’t a friendly kiss. Her tongue entered into her friend’s opening mouth finding there a willing partner. Their tongues started an erotic dance, whirling around each other, sending waves of ecstasy to their tightly pressed bodies. 

“I think that I answered to your question” Linda moaned as she finally broke the kiss. “Now about these clothes…” she added as she stepped a little back, breaking also their embrace. She started to unzip her dress looking again at her friend with burning from lust eyes. Keeping her teasing she took it out in a slow motion placing it finally on a chair, near by the bed. 

Karen didn’t also waste her time. She unbuttoned slowly her blouse, returning the seductive glance. She threw it on the same chair over Linda’s dress, then she took out her skirt, with slow teasing motions. She threw it also on the chair, not stopping to look at her friend, continuing to smile seductively. A million of not said words, words full of passion and lust, started to be sent and received from their eyes as the two women looked at each other’s semi nude bodies. 

Karen’s black bra hardly covered her firm rounded breasts, almost stiffened from the impatience of the coming desire. Her long slender legs were covered with black stockings, a dark red garter belt and red panties. She hadn’t taken her high heels off, as she felt sexier that way. Linda stood a few feet away. Her big and firm breasts almost came into view behind the tight black bra. A black panty hose covered her legs and her black panties. She was also on her high heels to show a better view of her superb sexy legs.

Linda stepped forward looking her friend straight in the eyes. They felt again each other’s breasts against their own, a light thrilling touch, then Karen took the initiative. She hugged Linda with her left hand, while her right hand tugged Linda’s hair, drawing her face closer. She gave her an open mouth kiss while her right leg started a sensuous rubbing between Linda’s legs. The sensuous friction of their nylon covered legs turned them on. An ecstatic moan escaped from Linda’s mouth, it lasted only a second before Karen’s mouth to seal it with her own mouth. Their tongues started their dance again, only this time Karen’s tongue was the invader into Linda’s mouth. 

The blond beauty hugged the brown haired one tighter then she made another step, pushing her backwards, towards the bed.

A creaking noise filled the small room as the two semi nude bodies fell on the bed. Linda was on top of Karen now but her friend kept the initiative. She opened her legs and she welcomed Linda between them. Their covered pussies made her first tight contact sending shivers of ecstasy to their bodies. 

“Ooohh Karen ! At last !” Linda moaned, as her friend wrapped her slender legs behind her back, pushing Linda towards her, making their covered touching pussies to pulse from lusting desire. Karen’s hands were on Linda’s back now, taking off the brown haired woman’s  bra. She threw it away, then she placed her hands on Linda’s breasts, caressing lightly her hardened nipples. At the same time she raised up her pelvis, to meet Linda’s pushing downward pelvis. 

A double moan filled the room as their pussies met with vigor, followed by  the creaking noise of the bed. Then Linda lowered the upper part of her body. She embraced her friend and she kissed her passionately while her hands took off her bra. Another double moan of ecstasy escaped from their glued mouths as their bare now breasts pressed together. Their hardened nipples started immediately a sensuous erotic play as each of them pecked the one opposite to it.  

“Ooohhh Karen ! I want you ! ” said Linda with a trembled voice, breaking their open mouth kiss. “I want your body full naked, pressed to mine, as we have said so many times before !”

“That’s easy” answered Karen as she raised herself. “I also want you this way honey…” she added as she sat on the bed. “let’s get rid of these panties !”

She took off one of her shoes, slowly, looking Linda straight at her eyes. With a seductive smile she let it fall on the floor. Then she took off the other shoe repeating the same process. Her hands caressed slowly her own breasts, then she lowered them to her hips not stopping to look at Linda who were sat opposite to her on the bed, meeting her friend’s glances with her own hungrily for sex ones. 

The brown haired woman had already got rid of her high heels shoes and she was taking off her panty hose, following Karen’s slow seductive motions. Finally Karen took off her garter belt then her panties and she threw them on the chair near the bed. In a second Linda’s pantyhose and panties were at the same place. 

“Karen, you are so beautiful… ” said the brown haired woman as she came closer to her friend. Her right hand caressed slowly her friend’s face then she lowered it to the blond woman breasts. The tips of her fingers rubbed slowly Karen’s left breast, making circles over the hardened nipple. Then her left hand did the same to her friend’s right breast. 

“Mmm… Linda… that’s sooooo gooood !” the blond woman said, breathing hard. She closed her eyes for a few seconds enjoying the light thrilling caress. Then she came closer to Linda, she caressed her friend’s breasts the same way for a while and finally she pushed her lightly with her body to be fully laid down on the bed. Next second she was on top of her friend and her mouth met Linda’s for one more passionate kiss. 

However Linda’s mouth wasn’t Karen’s main target. She started to lick Linda’s neck, to bit her lightly under her ear while her hand caressed Linda’s breast sweetly tantalizing her nipple between her thumb and her index finger. Then her mouth came lower and it replaced her hand at Linda’s breast starting a slow sucking, licking and lightly biting motion. 

“Oohhh… ummmm… Karen….” murmured Linda. “… I feel… so hot…” She switched her body as much as it was necessary to catch Karen’s breast with her own mouth. She started to lick and suck hungrily the erected nipple while her hand went lower to the blond woman’s belly… then between her open legs. Without to stop sucking and licking her friend’s breast, her fingers started to rub slowly Karen’s wet cunt, then her hardened clit… She felt her friend shaking, then Karen’s hand did the same to her. Linda opened her legs to ease her friend while she invaded into Karen’s hot and wet hole with her middle finger. Her index finger was also there in a second, moving back and forth in a slow motion. 

“Aggnnnggg … oooohhhh… Yeeesssss ! ” It was Karen’s turn to leave a loud moan. Her mouth left Linda’s breast then she drew her friend’s face towards her and their open mouths met again for another time. Her own thump and index finger encircled Linda’s clit, rubbing and squeezing lightly the small but erected fleshy sword. She repeat this pleasuring caress for a few moments, then without stopping the kiss she also invaded with her own index and middle fingers into Linda’s wet cunt. She felt her friend’s finger moving faster now sending waves of ecstasy to all her body. 

“Aooowwnnggg ! Ungghhh! “she moaned again as she also sped up her motion while her tongue was erotically playing with Linda’s.

The two women continued to kiss and finger each other feverishly for some moments. Feeling that their orgasmic finish was close, their fingering turned to a frenzied one. The orgasmic flood inundated Linda’s body first. She let a series of loud cries as the pleasuring waves came over her again and again. Though she kept kissing and fingering Karen till the blonde’s cries of ecstasy filled the small room. They kissed each other one more time then as the ecstatic climax subsided they laid supine on the bed, breathing hard. 

“Oh my darling ! I think that we really needed that ! ” said Linda after a couple of minutes breaking the silence. “It was marvelous to hold you, to feel your body pressed to mine…”

“Sure it was ! ” Karen replied. She switched herself on the bed to face Linda. 

“You were great ! Want another drink ?”

“No thanks, I already had one before you came, we had another one together… I don’t want to be dizzy… Fix one for yourself if you want.”

“No, it’s better for me to don’t have another one too” Karen said. “Well… ” she continued looking at her friend “… what’s coming next ?” The seductive smile was on her beautiful face again. 

” We aren’t through, are we ?” asked Linda returning the smile. She also switched herself to face her friend. 

“Of coarse we aren’t ! What do you have in mind ?”

“Stop teasing me Karen ! I’m damned sure that after all these letters we have exchanged you know perfectly well what I have in my mind !” Linda said with a pseudo-protesting tone. 

“I’m dying to hear it Linda ! Don’t be shy ! “

“You called me shy ? You learned almost anything about sexfight from me !”

“That’s what you want Linda ?” the blond woman asked with a seductive voice, leaving unanswered her friend’s comment. She raised her right hand and she started to caress Linda’s left breast. “A sexfight ?” 

Linda felt to be excited again. Karen’s behavior was a little different that she had expected. When they sent e-mails to each other Karen looked to be shyer. Linda was more aggressive and more a teaser than her friend. Now Karen was the teaser, the woman who had taken the initiative most of the times till now. As Linda was an aggressive and competitive person she was turned on by this challenging behavior. 

“I bet she is acting that way because she found out that she is younger than me !” Linda thought. “She hid her real age, she wasn’t sure if I had done the same till we met. Now, being almost ten years younger than me, she feels stronger, more confident about herself… I know that type of woman… ” Getting older, Linda was  sensitive to this kind of competition. “I think that I have to give to this blondie a lesson that she can’t ever forget ! ” she completed her thoughts. 

“Well… we have said many times so many things about it… ” Linda finally replied as she also caressed with her left hand Karen’s right breast. “Besides…”

“Besides ?” Karen urged her friend as she came closer. Her hand squeezed lightly Linda’s breast, then her index finger started to make circles around her nipple. 

“Anything hasn’t be settled yet !” Linda replied as she also came closer. Their nipples were touching now, their legs were almost entangled… 

“I’m full of ears honey ! ” Karen said with a light challenging voice. With a sudden move she was on top of Linda, taken her by surprise. She placed herself between Linda’s open legs then she lowered her pelvis giving to her friend’s instinctively moving upward pelvis a downward thrust. 

“I’m ready to sexfight you for any reason you want honey” the blond woman said as her pelvis started a gyrating sensuous motion. “I’m ready to make you come for it !” 

“Don’t be so sure honey ! ” Linda answered as she met Karen’s downward thrusts with her upward ones. Their pussies met, they rubbed wildly against each other, they separated, then they met again and again with increasing vigor. 

Linda tried to threw Karen away ; having been in some sexfights before she knew the advantage of the top position perfectly well. Though Karen held her hands pinned on the bed with her own. After a while Linda understood that she could only try to excite her blond rival, waiting for the proper moment to take the upper hand. 

“You feel younger and stronger isn’t it ? ” she hissed as she hitched her legs behind Karen’s back. “O.K… no more tender loving… ” she continued as she raised her pelvis again, driven her wet cunt to collide with Karen’s. “Now let’s fuck each other’s brain out as only real women can do !” she added starting up-raising gyrating motions, trying to keep her brown haired pussy in touch with Karen’s blond haired one the more possible. “My pussy is stronger and more experienced than yours and it gonna prove it !” 

“Oooooowwww fuck you ! ” Karen hissed back as their hardened clits touched each other. “So, that’s it ! You don’t like to loose a sexfight from a younger woman ! “. She lowered the upper part of her body and she started to rub her breasts against Linda’s. “But you gonna loose honey ! you gonna loose ! ” she added as she attached to her sexfight rival with her swollen clit and her stiffened nipples. Then Karen lowered her face ; a third battle field opened as her hungry mouth found Linda’s and their tongues met for one more time. Though this time it wasn’t only a sensuous erotic dance. It was also a tongue fight for mastery. Their tongues moved like wild serpents, each of them trying to push the other back. Moans of pure lust escaped from their pressed to each other open mouths.

The sensuous triple battle continued for a while. Then Karen broke the kiss as she raised the upper part of her body to rub harder her rival’s pussy with her own. Linda raised her pelvis too with all her might and their clits collided. Controlling her growing passion Linda made a light gyrating motion till their hardened small swords rubbed against each other to all their length. 

It lasted only a few seconds but it was enough for the experienced brown haired sexfighter. She was ready for this. A load moan escaped from Karen’s mouth while her body trembled all over full of wild excitement. It was the moment that Linda was expecting. With a sudden move she managed to free her right hand. She raised her body then she turned pushing the surprised blond with her free hand backward. In a second she was on top of Karen scissoring their legs. She sat between the blonde’s  open thighs switching her own body to her left side.  

“Game is over ! ” she almost cried triumphantly. “I have mounted you ! Now you gonna feel how is to be fucked by an older hot woman !” She started a slow riding motion till her cunt covered Karen’s as much as possible. Then she sped up rubbing furiously her excited wet cunt to her sexfight foe’s. 

“Noooo ! ” Karen purred, being excited but trying also to free herself. She tried to raise herself but Linda was ready for this. She had already won 3 sexfights from this advantaging position and she knew how to keep it. She moved her back backward, avoiding Karen’s tries to catch her or to make her loose her balance. Simultaneously, she opened further her legs and resting at her hands she pushed her pelvis forward locking it between Karen’s opened thighs. Now their pussies were welded for good ; as they started to gyrate their hips their hardened clits started to whip each other. 

“Anngghh… you… anngghh ! ” cried Karen. She tried to raise herself again but Linda’s right leg was stretched over her body, holding her down. She tried to grab Linda’s breast but the brown haired woman was flexing backward keeping her large tits away. 

“This is getting you no where ! ” said Linda giving her another thrust with her hungry cunt. “Fuck me back, it’s your only chance to last for a little more !”

“You slutty bitch ! ” was Karen’s angry reply thrusting back her rival’s cunt with her own. “I can make you cream even from this position !” 

“After you honey ! “

“Noooo…. “

“Yeeeesssss !”

The bed was swaying as the two amazons continued their lustful attacks to each other, rubbing wildly their wet welded pussies together. Their hardened clits started a ferocious swordplay, each of them trying to sexually beat the other. Moans and cries of pleasure escaped from their opened mouths as they continued their exciting way to the orgasmic finish. They felt that the huge wave of pleasure was coming ; none of them wanted to be the first to be flooded from it so they stepped up their efforts to overpower one another. 

Karen switched a little to the her left side and she stretched her right leg over Linda’s body. She grabbed Linda’s stretched leg which was placed between her own breasts and she licked it just over the heel. Simultaneously she pulled her rival toward her. “You gonna loose !” she said with a voice full of passion. “I bet, you gonna loose !” she repeated pushing her cunt to fasten with Linda’s . Then she started a frantic rubbing motion with all her might, sending pulses of pleasure to their entangled bodies.

“She is good !” Linda thought as another moan escaped from her parted lips. “She is really good and experienced ! She must told me lies that she had never had a sexfight before ! I’m fucking close but I can’t let her to beat me !” Trying to hold her pleasure below the orgasmic level, she pushed back with her own cunt. A greater wave of pleasure came from their frenetically duelling clits. Taking a deep breath she sped up her own rubbing motion. 

“Aoowwwnnng ! Ungghhh ! ….You…. fucking whore ! ” cried Karen trembling all over. “Oooohhhhh… shit ! NOOOOO…. ” she cried louder feeling uncontrollable spasms coming from her defeated cunt. “NOOOOO ! ” she cried again as she sank into another wave of pleasure. 

Linda continued her victorious final strokes with her clit only for a few more seconds. She couldn’t control herself anymore ; now there wasn’t any reason to do it. She didn’t stop her frantic rubbing, that epic battle their pussies had. Karen also kept her counter attacked strokes with her submitted clit till Linda to let her own cries to fill the room. 

The two women continued for a few more seconds to exchange strokes with their clits now with decreasing tempo. As their gigantic climax subsided for another time, moans of relief escaped from their open mouths. They fell exhausted on the bed breathing hard, staying with their legs still entangled, motionless…. 

“Oh Karen ! That was one of the best fucks I ever had” said Linda after a while breaking the silence. She sat on the bed untangling her legs looking at her friend. The orgasmic waves were now far away taking with them any competitive feelings or rivalry. She leaned over the blond woman and she kissed her tenderly on the lips. “You are really great ! ” she added caressing Karen’s hairs. 

“Sure I’m ! ” replied the blond woman. “But you are great too ! As I had some experience in sexfighting you can take it as a real compliment. I really tried to wear you out honey ! ” she added with a semi disappointed grimace. 

“That means I can take a shower first ? ” Linda teased her. 

“Sure ! ” answered Karen smiling. “Winners steal a march !”

… When Karen returned to the bedroom – feeling clean and refreshed after five minutes under the hot water – Karen was still relaxing on the bed. 

“Your turn honey ! ” Linda told her, drying herself with a big soft towel. “Water is great !”

The blond woman raised from the bed and she went to bathroom. When she came back Linda was already dressed. She looked at Karen’s body as her friend started to dress. “She is really great ! ” she thought “I tamed this hot and experienced blond beauty even she is almost ten years younger than me ! “

“What about a drink now ?” she asked Karen as she saw her almost finishing her dressing.

“No thanks honey” answered her friend. “I really have to go !” She looked at the night table as she was expecting to see something on it. Then she looked at Linda again, interrogatively…

“Anything wrong honey ? ” asked Linda. 

“Well… I really hate to tell you so… but I suppose that you forgot something…”

“Did I forget something ? I don’t understand…” said Linda looking at her friend with a surprised look. 

The blond woman looked surprised too, like she hadn’t expected Linda’s surprise. 

“My payment…” she said in a low voice.

“Your payment ?” asked Linda looking fully surprised now. “Karen, I really don’t understand…” 

“You have to pay for my services Linda ! ” the blond woman said with a little nervous voice. “By the way… my real name is Joan ! “

“Mine is Dona…” the surprised brown haired woman said instinctively. “But…to pay for your services ?” Dona asked again full of anxiety. “Karen … Joan I mean… I continue to not understand”. 

“I’m a call girl honey ! You called my madam to fix this date, I came here, I played your game…”

“A call girl ? ” Dona almost cried. “When did I ask for a call girl ? What game are you talking about ? ” 

“Don’t you know ? ” Joan said feeling also surprised. “Well… let me make it clear for you… if you really don’t know… Yesterday noon Kate, my madam, called me to fix a date with a woman in this motel around 18 p.m. She told me to come here asking for Mrs Smith. She didn’t know this woman, she must got my madam’s phone number from another customer. It happens sometimes. When Kate asked this woman about any “special preferences”, she had replied that she just expected from me “to follow her game” adding that she hadn’t anything special in her mind. So, I came here, I asked for Mrs Smith… ” She stopped for a while looking at Dona, trying to see any reaction that she already knew all these details. 

As Dona remained silent with a full surprised look at her face, she continued her talking.

…”When you started to talk about us I thought that you wanted for me to play the role of Karen, a net pal of yours you met here for first time. This was easy for me, I’m in this job for 5 years and I have played more complicated games… We had a preliminary fuck… then I understood that you wanted a second round, a sexfight. Nothing strange again, I had played that game before with some male or female customers and…”.

“Customers ?” said Dona interrupting her with a low voice not trying to hide her disappointment. “I was just another customer to you when we…” she tried to continue but the blond call girl stopped her like she had read her thoughts. “She doesn’t look as a liar ! ” Joan thought.

“We had a great time together Dona” she said finally. “We really fucked each other’s brains out and I really enjoyed every second of it. This happens sometimes but not so often to be honest… Somehow I had the feeling that you weren’t this type of woman who likes to win in fake games. When I understood that you were looking for “a mature woman versus a younger one” sexfight I let myself to enjoy this, not only to please you… As I already told you I tried to wear you out Dona, I really did so. I’m also a competitive person… I think that you understand…” 

Dona heard Joan talking with a great interest, though a part of her mind was trying to find answers. “The receptionist !” cried suddenly, as she remembered his second phone call. “He asked if I had any problem, he was heard anxious…” She dialed up the reception’s number in seconds.

“Mrs Smith is speaking” she said when he heard his voice. “You had called me a little more than 1hour before, to ask if I had any problems. Remember it ?” 

“Yes Mrs Smith ! ” he was heard anxious again. “What about it ?”

“Can you tell me what was your problem ?”

“Well… I’m not sure if I can tell these details…”

“Believe me mister, you are going to have problems if you don’t !” Dona said angrily.

“Anything wrong Mrs Smith ?” said the receptionist, obviously confused.

“What was the problem ?” Dona asked again, raising her voice.

“Any way… they must be left now… I saw their cars a few minutes ago…”

“Who left mister ? Don’t play games with me or else…”

“Mrs Smith ! The woman who came asking for her as well ! You see, another Mrs Smith had rent a room. That Mrs Smith came at 17:30 p.m. and she told me… you know… that she had … a date here with another woman. When the woman you were waiting for finally came, she also asked for Mrs Smith… I didn’t notice this coincidence. I sent her to your room as you had told me. Then after a couple of moments another woman came, asking also for Mrs Smith… When I saw two “Mrs Smith” in my room list I called you remember ? That was the problem… When you told me that you haven’t any problem I relaxed. For a moment I thought…”

“So that’s it !” Dona thought. “This fucking bastard sent the wrong woman to both of us ! Somehow it was also my mistake… Smith is a common name or pseudonym…” 

“Mrs Smith are you O.K ?” she heard the receptionist voice, interrupting her thoughts. “Anything wrong ?”

“He don’t know !” Dona thought. “That means that the other “Mrs Smith” and Karen hadn’t any complaint…So, it’s not necessary to learn the truth from me !” 

“Anything wrong Mrs Smith ?” the receptionist asked again with a full of anxiety voice. 

“Don’t’ be afraid, nothing is wrong” she finally said to calm him. “No problem at all, just curiosity…” she added as she hung up the receiver.

“What happened ? ” Joan asked. “Something wrong must had happened, isn’t it ?”

…When Dona explained to her all the story, Joan stayed motionless for a while then she started to laugh. “Oh honey !” she finally said. “That means that four women here fucked the wrong person !”

“Four women ?” Dona started to asked but then she understood. “You are right ! she said to the blond call girl. “The receptionist told me that the other Mrs Smith also met the woman who came asking for her. That should be Karen. They left a few minutes before, so they also spent more than 1 hour together without any complaint. I can’t imagine Karen playing cards with the other Mrs Smith all this time !” She felt a little jealous but she also laughed at this thought.

“Dona…” Joan said interrupting her thoughts. She looked uneasy again. “It wasn’t your fault… I know… but…”

“Yes ! I understand… ” she answered. “How much ? ” she asked. “I had never pay for these services before !”

“You’ll pay just the half ! ” Joan said. “It wasn’t your fault, besides I really enjoyed it… It’s fair isn’t it ?” she added as she saw Dona being thoughtful.

“Yes… It’s fair … No problem” Dona finally answered. “I was just wondering… How good is the real Karen ? How good the other Mrs Smith was ? Oh My ! Now i have one more reason to meet Karen, i want every fucking detail !”  she added. “But i fully enjoyed our meeting honey. I may use your services again. Who knows ? Maybe with Karen and the other Mrs Smith next time ! To avoid misunderstandings !” she finished starting to laugh and Joan followed her.    

The End

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