Walls Have Ears by Giannis

A Note from Giannis

1// English is not my native language, so the story was edited by my good friend and fellow writer A. Penman. I thank him very much for his big help. 

2// This is a story I wrote many years ago. I accepted a bet that I was able to write a hot f/f erotic story but not like a person who witnessed the action and describes what he saw, but as a person who could only listen to what was going on between them…

So, you have to use your imagination more than usual. Anyway, I tried to make things a little easier…

This is a fantastic story, about persons who don’t exist in real life. 

Now… If you remember two very hot and very good actresses who were among the big stars many years ago… Particularly, if the names of the two women of this story reminds you of these two actresses… it is just a coincidence. Yes, this is a completely fictitious story. The two actresses have nothing in common with the two women of the story, but a boy can dream (and he can be inspired as well) 

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Sunday morning, 9 AM, Demi’s home.

The mobile telephone rang many times. “Who the fuck might this be?” Demi wondered while she lazily found it in the night-table near her bed.

“Yes?” She said with a sleepy voice.

“Hi Demi! I guess that you slept late after last night!”

“Sharon! You guess fucking right! We were at the same party and I left almost an hour after you!”

“Sorry honey, are you alone?”

“Yes, but where are you? You must be somewhere outside. I hear sounds coming from a street.”

“Now, you are the one who guesses right!”

“Escape from your body-guards and all these journalists around your villa?”

“As always,” Sharon’s laugh came to Demi’s ears. “a black-haired periwig, black glasses, an unknown car borrowed from a maid…The usual tricks my dear. You must have used them too, many times!”

A sudden thought crossed Demi’s mind. “Who gave you my private mobile phone number?”

“Your ex-husband.”
“The fucking bastard! He told me that he was going to use it only to ask about our children!”

“I didn’t have to ask him twice. Listen honey, I must see you.”

Demi lit a cigarette…
Sharon wanted to see her. She knew that the blonde star was also alone. Her husband would be miles away, probably discussing with a well-paid lawyer their impending divorce. Or with another blond, 20 years younger than Sharon…

“Give me a good reason. We met last night and you didn’t say anything…”

“Walls have ears. We must talk in private, not in public places. Besides, if we talked to each other more than a couple of minutes, as anyone knows that we have never been close friends… You saw these fucking muckrakers around, didn’t you ?”

“Yep ! Thirsty for a new idea to feed their dirty minds and their fucking magazines. Anyway, what do we have to talk about?”

“Not now honey. I’m going to my country house. I want you to meet me there.”

“I heard that you sold it to buy a better one with three swimming pools!” Demi couldn’t hide her jealousy.

“Yes, I sold it, but the new owner will come next month. I asked him to use it till then, if I wanted to. He accepted. You know, an old fan of mine. Everybody thinks that it is empty, so it is safe enough for our meeting. You know the address, are you going to come or do I have to drive back home ?”

“In private? Are you expecting me to appear wearing a blond periwig and black glasses too ?”

Sharon laughed. “Driving an old car, too. We are celebrities honey, we have to pay for that from time to time. You know the rules. Are you coming or not?”

“Yes,” was Demi’s instant reply. Sharon had never been one of her friends, but Demi had never heard that she used to spend her free time doing nothing. She would have a good reason for this call and Demi was very curious to find what it was all about.

“Give me two hours and I’ll be there. You are lucky as I don’t have anything special planned for today”

“I know it. I heard you yesterday telling Max to call you this afternoon, as you are going to spend all the day relaxing and reading scripts. You are going to be the leading actress in his next movie, is that so?”

“Non of your business Sharon! I’ll be there and you’ll better find a good reason for that!”

Sharon laughed again “Oh Demi, I like your bitchy style! I’m bitchy enough to appreciate it!”

“You can count on my bitchy style if I’m spending a Sunday morning for nonsense!”

“I can bet about it! See you there.”
“See you there.”
Sunday morning 10:00 A.M…Sharon’s country house.

When Sam Ridnick bought Sharon’s country house, John, his seventeen years old son, asked to have a look at it but he got “no” for an answer. His father had visited the house with his decorators and he had ordered all the alterations to start after one month. Till then nothing had to be removed. His father told him that Sharon had asked him if she could move all her things within a month and his father had accepted.

John couldn’t understand why his father agreed to waste this time but he didn’t say anything. He had his own plans. He had seen where his father had locked anything Sharon’s lawyers gave to him. The keys, the combinations for the alarm systems… John watched his father lock them in the small safe box hidden on the floor of his bedroom’s closet.

His mother had the second pair of these keys for the safe box. When she had visited John, some days after the divorce, she had given them to her son as her husband wasn’t there. “Give them to your father, John,” she had said. “The safe box is empty now, and I don’t want him to say that I kept anything more than our lawyers have agreed. I’ll call him one of these days to tell him about it”.

His mother must had forgotten it, as his father never asked the keys. Days and months had passed but no one had mentioned them again. John kept them. “Maybe someday I’ll use them” he had thought.
He was right! Now, using these keys, he was in Sharon’s home, alone, to see anything the big actress had left.
His father was on a business trip – as usual. Sharon had left the house, so John had the chance to read carefully some papers about its description. He remembered any detail. He had found easily the private road to the big house. No guard was in the guardhouse in front of the wide iron gate, the cameras were shut off. Only the alarm system was activated but John had what he needed to enter. Within minutes, he was inside. He had left his car in the back yard garage. He was an unexpected visitor, and he preferred to keep his presence unnoticed by any.

The house was really big. “If that was just one of Sharon’s country houses, I can imagine how her home must be” he thought, as he strolled around from one room to the other. He knew exactly why he was there. To see where Sharon lived, to see where she used to sleep, where she used to eat, to peep at a part of her world from inside.

It was silly, he understood, and a great risk. If anyone had seen him, maybe he could call the police. “I’m not a burglar, it’s my father’s house now” he had thought, but he knew very well that the real trouble wouldn’t be the police. He was there without his father’s permission, in a house almost full with its ex-owner things. Yes, his father’s anger would be his biggest problem. No car again, no money enough to spend with his friends all around the world… “Too late to wonder about it now, let’s finish the tour” he said loudly as he returned to a big living room.

His voice wasn’t the only sound he heard. A car stopped in front of the door!

John could listen to his heartbeats as he rushed to a small widow which hadn’t any shutter. He tried to look outside, hidden behind the curtains, trying to not be seen.
Sharon! He saw her as she dropped a black periwig in her car, and a pair of glasses. He saw her fixing her blond air. She disappeared from his sight, then he heard her open the front door.

“Oh my! I left the door closed, I didn’t lock it again!” he thought. “She may notice this!” He didn’t know what to do. He looked around feeling trapped.

“I have to find a place to hide myself before she comes here” he thought, “and I have to find it in seconds!”

He looked around, a big table… some chairs… two smaller tables, two arm chairs, a bar, a tv set in front of a big sofa, a small table nearby, another armchair in the corner, somehow bigger than the others…

“Yes, that’s it !” he thought. He was behind it in seconds.

His hideout was not so big, it was just the empty space between the big armchair and one of the room’s walls. He had to crouch down. He was not a very tall boy and that was an advantage this time.

He tried to stay calm, to breath normally. He heard Sharon’s steps, now she was in the same room with him. He started to think of excuses, “Don’t be afraid, I’m not a burglar, I’m John Ridnick, my father bought this and I wanted …”

He wanted what? To peep at her private world before all of her personal things to be carried to another place? Anything looked so silly… He was more shamed than really horrified, he was feeling so ridiculous… that was the worst of all.

He heard Sharon walking around, from one room to another. She made some calls, probably using her mobile phone, then she was somewhere else because he didn’t hear her for a while. He tried to think if he had done anything to make Sharon suspect that she wasn’t alone. He had removed some things during his tour but he wasn’t sure if she could remember where exactly she had left them. He didn’t know how long she would be there, “Maybe she will take something with her and then she will leave,” he thought.

Time passed, he hadn’t a chance to go away but he started to feel better. Sharon was in another room when he sat on the carpet, resting his back on the wall, holding his knees. It was difficult to find him, she had no reason to search for him. She had no reason to take a look in the backyard garage… at least he hoped so.
She went upstairs for a while but he was afraid to run away. He had to use his car again, but then she would understand that someone else was here. Just a call to the police and they would be waiting for him at the end of the private road… No, he had to wait till she left the house.
He was hidden for almost half an hour, trying to relax, when another sound made his heart throb faster. Another car was coming! Then someone closed a car door outside and after a few seconds the doorbell rang.

“If Sharon expected some visitors that will be the end,” he thought. “Sooner or later they will find me.”

“Coming!” he heard Sharon’s voice. Then she opened the door. “Hi honey! Come in!”

“Are you alone?” John heard another female’s voice. He heard Sharon closing the door.

“Yeah! We are alone! This way… Not your first time here, is it?”

John listened the two women coming to the living room. He was horrified again.
Did Sharon expect other visitors too? Are they going to spend all day here? He had no answer to these questions. Only thing he could do is to stay quiet and to listen.

“I was here a year ago! One of your parties. Great place!” This voice was somehow familiar to John. He couldn’t remember where he had heard this woman before, but he remembered her husky, sexy voice.
“Well, make yourself comfortable. Want a drink ?”

“Whisky with ice would be fine.” The other woman’s voice wasn’t friendly. She sounded somehow nervous. John listened as Sharon fixed her visitor’s drink.

“I’ll drink with you. To our success!”

“I’ll usually drink only to my own success honey, you don’t really care about my success as I don’t give a fuck about yours! Anyway, thanks for mentioning it! “

John heard Sharon’s laugh “Oh Demi, you are always ready to show your nails! We have never been close friends but we have never been rivals either, have we ? “

“What the hell is Demi doing here?” John thought. “A meeting of my idols?” Now he could understand why he had recognized her voice. He had seen all her movies, some of them more than once.

“Nobody is really close to anyone in this fucking business Sharon. You know that. Anyway, I suppose that you didn’t call me here to see if we are good friends or not. What’s this all about?”

“Well,” Sharon said, “as you know I get the 51% of a movie producing company. I want to make a movie from time to time under my own terms.”

“I know the idea. I have one too. So what? Want a collaboration?”

“No, Rino called me last week. You must know him too.”

“Jack Rino? The script writer? Of course I know him. THERE aren’t many good script writers around; everybody knows that he is the best. Most of us WOULD do anything to have a leading role in one of his scripts”

“You’re damned right. I met him a week ago and he gave me his latest script. Yesterday morning, we signed the contract! I can make a movie based on it!”

“Lucky bitch! You must have paid him damned well! Who will be the producer, you?”

“It will be a co-production with Tri-P. You know, Tri-Productions.”

“Yeah ! The owner is a woman, Raven. I met her once. She won the big lottery two years before, and she spent all her money for this company. What’s the point?”
“The point is that the script he gave me has two leading female roles. I ‘ll keep one of them for myself but I want you for the other one!”

Demi laughed. “It’s a day full of surprises! Why me?”

“Let me tell you about the script and you’ll understand. It’s a story about two mature rich women. They are the owners of two competitive companies. Their rivalry in business intensifies when they fall in love with the same man”

“That’s not exactly an original idea! What comes next ?”

“After a lot of unsuccessful attempts to destroy each other and to win the man’s heart, they decide to meet in private, to settle the differences between them once and for all. You see? Two beautiful mature women, with aggressive style… “

“Catfighting for a fucking bastard! I got the picture! But still I don’t understand, what makes this script so interesting? You seem so fascinated…”

“It’s not just a usual catfight Demi! It starts like one but after some hair pulling and tearing each other’s clothes, they start wrestling almost semi nude… only with panties, ripped stockings and bras. Eventually, their bras come off, and all this close contact of their almost nude bodies was more than enough to turn them on. Despite their hate for each other, the sexual heat was slowly building. Hate and passion together, could clearly be seen in their facial expressions… A great scene Demi, a scene which must be played by two great actresses like me, like you! You got the picture? You must feel it to play it correctly, you must be a bitch to portray what a bitch in heat can do!”

“You are talking about you and me here, or am I wrong? Darn you Sharon, I think that I’ll need another drink!”

“Me too! ” John thought, Still crouched behind the armchair. He couldn’t believe what he was hearing. He couldn’t see the two women but he could feel their excitement as they spoke. He was excited too, waiting to hear what would come next…

“Fine, I need another one too” Sharon said. “While I’m fixing them read this part of the script. It’s only two pages, it shows the final phase of their battle. Read it carefully honey, keeping in mind that I am one of them and you the other. Then maybe you’ll need to drink a third one!”

For a couple of moments John didn’t hear anything else but Sharon fixing the drinks and a rustle of papers. “Demi must be reading these pages now ” he thought. “If only I could read them too!” Then he heard Demi’s surprised voice.
“What the hell! They end up fucking each other like wild rabbits! It’s a sex fight scene Sharon! Do you really think that it can be played in a regular movie, even only for adults? Most of this will be cut… Or you are offering me a role in an X rated film?”

“Nothing is going to be cut. This was the end in the original script. I told you that I met Jack Rino a week before. Anyway, to fill the blanks, Rino gave me these pages to get the picture as he said. But he also gave me a second version of these last two pages. This second version is going to be filmed. Unfortunately, my legal advisers have it now, to see the details. But I can tell you what happens next according to it.”

“I ‘m all ears!”

“Me too!” John thought as he moved his cramped legs a little. “I’m dying to hear more details, even from a cut version!”

“Well, as I told you the two women start wrestling semi nude, then almost nude… They were excited and …”


“Absolutely not! We are going to make a movie for adults Demi, neither an X rated film nor a film for children, remember? To show a sexual excitement and a sexual attraction between two women is not against the law!”

“Anyway, continue …”

“After some wrestling almost nude, one of them kisses the other passionately and…”

“Cut! At least in the half of the states!”

“Fuck you Demi! I have talked about it with my legal advisors! Haven’t you ever seen in regular adult movies two women exchanging passionate kisses? It’s not so common but it has been permitted sometimes! I have exchanged passionate, erotic kisses with another woman in some of the movies or videos I have made! “Basic Feeling”, “If The Beds Could Speak” remember?
We had no problem with the law! We don’t talk about a usual porno with two cheap porn stars. Sharon and Demi will have the two leading roles, not so easy to stop us! Now, are you going to listen or not?”

“O.K, but I haven’t said, ‘yes’ yet. Continue…”

“Well, don’t you dare to speak again! One of them kisses the other, and after that the woman who accepted the kiss says, ‘You can’t dominate me physically, now you try to do this sexually? You aren’t woman enough for that!’” Then she throws her panties away. The other one throws her own panties too, saying, “Are you really a so hot bitch? Are you ready to sexfight me over him? Fine with me, let’s settle it that way!” Then they press their bodies together, they kiss each other again and this erotic scene stops here.

Next scene, they are still on the bed, resting alongside each other, both looking exhausted. One of them has her eyes full of tears. She feels ashamed for what she has done, humiliated because she lost.

The other woman raises half of her body, and looks at her with a triumphant smile. Then she becomes more serious and she says, “Maybe we didn’t know it, but deep inside us, we wanted this to happen from the beginning, didn’t we?”

The woman who lost nodded “yes” after some seconds of thinking. Then she said, “What will happen to us now ?”

After a while, the winner replied, “I don’t know. You lost, you must get out of my way. Still, I don’t know. I still want him but I want you, too. Maybe life will show us a way…” The end. “Well, that’s it ! What do you say ?”

“Whew! Maybe it’s not so wild as the original one, but it’s full of eroticism! This man knows to write, that’s for sure! “

“Are you in or not?”

“I still don’t know if you’ll get permission to show something like this. I’ll ask my legal advisors too. But, I think that you are right. It’s written for you and me. Of course, before I say definitely ‘yes’ I have to read all the script, we have to discuss about the director, the man who is going to have the leading male role… I’ll ask my manager about my reward…”

“Fuck you Demi! We are going to see all these on the way! You know the story, are you in or not? I don’t ask you to sign up now!”

“Only one condition. I’ll be the woman who finally wins the sexfight!”

For a few seconds John didn’t hear anything more. Then Sharon spoke again. Her voice sounded cold, but he could sense the hidden intensity.

“What did you say my dear?”

“I will be the woman who wins the sexfight. Or else I think that I’m wasting my time here!”
“Are you crazy?” Sharon’s voice couldn’t hide how upset she was. “I think that I must remind you of some details, honey. I got the script, I’ll produce the movie. I called you here for a collaboration. I could offer the role of my opponent to any other actress; you aren’t the only one who can play a bitchy role! But I chose you! I called you here to offer you an opportunity to be in a great movie! I expected to hear a thanks. Instead, you want to play a role written for me! Fucking bitch!”

“You are the fucking bitch in this place! These roles are written for you and me, you told me that just a minute before, remember? You called me here because you need me, that’s the only reason I’m here now! So, I can choose any role I like to play!”

“Can you sit down again and take it easy?”

“No! You are standing up yelling at me!”

“I just offered you one of the leading roles!”

“I don’t want any of the leading roles. I want this role!”

“Not this role!”

“If not me, then find SOMEONE else! “
“Bluffing bitch! You liked the script! You told me that, just a minute ago!”

“I haven’t played all the roles I would like to. One more… there’s no difference!”

“I have read the full script, not only the final erotic scene I gave you. It will be a great film Demi. Played by us it will be the most out of porno erotic movie ever played!”

John heard Sharon’s voice more softened now.

“She really wants Demi as a partner” he thought. “Or else she would have kicked her out! Now I have to wait till the end of these damn negotiations.” He smiled as he imagined their possible reactions if he stood up and said, “Come on Demi! Take it or leave it and go away! I have to go!”

“Yeah, suppose you are right,” Demi’s voice had softened too. “It could drive men crazy!”

“Not only men Demi, you looked so excited while you were reading it. It turned you on.”

“You looked turned on too, honey! You must have it in your mind.”
“I have it in my mind since I’ve I read it, thinking of you as my opponent.”

“You are flattering me! ” John heard Demi’s ironic reply. “Only thing I know is that you want to keep for yourself a role I would like to play.”

“Only one of us will play this role, you know it”. John heard Sharon’s voice like a whisper. “Say yes Demi, this script is really a good chance for both of us.”

“Now, now … are you trying to seduce me?”

Sharon laughed teasingly. “What makes you think that?”

“Common now ! You came close to me… looking straight into my eyes… that teasing, tempting voice… I know this game Sharon. I have played it many times too.”

“Not only with men as I have heard!”

“I’ve heard the same thing about you. But we aren’t here to talk about our experiences, are we ?”

“You are the one who came closer now!”
“I would do anything tio get that role for myself Sharon… Anything” Demi’s husky voice made John shudder.

“I can feel that! Your breasts are touching mine! What really turned you on Demi? It’s not the first erotic script you’ve ever read.”

“I read it exactly as you told me. Having in mind that these two women we’ll be you and me… I like the idea of be the woman who finally fucks your brains out!”

“You aren’t woman enough for that Demi! “

“This is the usual challenge to a sexfight honey. Don’t say that again! Unless you are sure enough that you want to find out!”

“You aren’t woman enough for … What … Ohmmm …You kis… OOOOhhhhhmmmmmm”

For almost a minute John didn’t hear anything else but sighs, then silence… then sighs again…

“Demi kissed her!” he thought. He wanted to raise his head a little to peep at this erotic scene taking place just a few feet away from him. Afraid that he might be seen, he finally decided to avoid it. “If they see me, particularly at this moment, they will be real upset,” he thought. “It’s better to be hidden at this fucking place!”

“Bitch!” Demi’s voice was full of excitement. “What do you think now? Am I woman enough for …. Ohmmm Ohhh…you fuck….. Ohmmmmmm…. My turn now !”

“Ahhh ! Stooop iiiiiiiiiiiittt ! mmmmmm…..my dress” John heard Sharon’s voice. Ohh yoouuu… I have hands too you know! “

“Ehhh! Wait for a minute to …. Mmmmm…Mmmmmm…” Demi’s sexy whispered voice was like a sensual caress to John’s ears. “OOOhhhhhhhhh! Fucking bitch! You like our pelvises rubbing eh?”

“Stop it!” It was Sharon’s breathy voice that broke the interlude this time. “Unless you want me to rip your clothes and rape you right here, right now!”

“Wait a second, let’s get rid of these clothes honey, and you ‘ll find out who is going to rape whom!”

“Not here! Bedrooms are upstairs. I have taken many things from here but one of them must still have a double bed with sheets. Follow me!”
John heard them turn away. After a few seconds he was alone in the room.

“Now what ?” he thought. “Try to run away? Fucking or not, they can hear my car’s engine. Wait here? While two of the sexiest symbols in the whole movie industry are going to fuck each other’s brains out? None a chance! I’ll go upstairs too, even if this day will be my last one out of a jail!” He waited a few minutes, it was like waiting for centuries… Then slowly he stood up.

He saw the stairs and holding his breath he started to go upstairs, slowly, step by step, being very careful to not make any noise. At the top of the stairs there was a corridor. He stood for a while, waiting to hear any sound. He didn’t hear anything but the beat of his heart. Finally he let himself to take a look at the corridor. On his left side was two closed doors, then an exit to a porch. On his right side was a closed door, then an entrance to a bigger room, “Maybe it’s another living room” he thought, then two more closed doors and another exit.

“Where to go?” he wondered. “If I go to the wrong side and for any reason they come out from any room behind me, I’ll be trapped!”
He tried to listen. Nothing was heard. He turned to the right and he started to walk softly, trying to hear any sound behind the closed doors. He passed the first closed door, then a living room. Then he heard a whispering sound. A few more steps, then he heard it again louder. “I found you!” he thought as with shaky steps he came closer to the next door. “I found you!”
John was just a few inches away from the closed door when Sharon’s voice made him stop.

“I really needed that shower! Your turn honey, I have another robe and a couple of clean towels there, you can use them after your shower if you want. I ‘ll fix us another drink in the meantime.”

“Fine! Keep the door open when you’ll be back. I don’t like closed doors!”

John didn’t need to hear anything more. In seconds he was at the stairs, almost running, trying to not make noise. He felt safe when he was at his hideout behind the big armchair.

“Gosh!” He thought. “If I was there just a few seconds later…”
He expected to hear Sharon fixing the drinks but time passed and he heard nothing.

“Must be another bar upstairs” he finally thought. “Maybe in the living room near her bedroom”.
He waited for another minute, then he stood up slowly again. In seconds he was at the stairs, ready to run away at any unexpected meeting. He stopped at the last stair, trying to hear. He heard Sharon’s steps as she entered in the bedroom. He waited for a few seconds and then he looked carefully at the corridor. He didn’t see anything. Hearing the beats of his heart he started to walk slowly towards the open door. He was a few feet away when he heard Demi’s husky voice.

“Thanks honey. Water was great ! “

“Your dri… ” John heard Sharon’s surprised voice. “Hmm… Naked hey? A vigorous body ready for action! I was for a little chat while drinking but looks like someone here is really too turned on to wait for some action! I suppose that I have to get rid of my robe too… “

“Hmm… I have to return the compliments! Now… “

“Now what?” Sharon’s voice sounded teasing.

”Play games again Sharon? You need some warm up while we are still standing up? Let’s see! Like this? Ummm! “

“Rubbing tits like college girls? OoohhhKaaaayyy! Two can play that game!”

“Mmmm! Think your nipples can stand rubbing against mine?” Demi’s excited voice made John shudder.
“Want to bet? Mmmmm… Noooo Baaaaad…. Ohhhhh…. Now, you’ll see….You like this? And this? …Mmmmm… And this?…” John heard Sharon say with a voice full of excitement.

“Oooohhhh! Hold me tight you bitch! I’m gonna flatten your breasts! Uuummmmphhh…”

“Your nipples are hard honey, but mine are harder! I’ll flatten yours!”

John could almost hear the sound of their breasts as they were rubbing together.

“They must be having a tit-fight now” he thought. He had seen a tit fight in a porn movie with two hot lassies but these two were hotter and real. He wanted to take a look but he didn’t dare to do it.

For a couple of moments he heard only moans and the low sensual sound of flesh rubbing against other flesh. Then Sharon’s voice broke the silence.

“Mmmm… Don’t play with the fire honey! I can kiss tooooooohhhhhh”
“Mmmmm… Oooohhhhh You… You call this a kiss?” Demi replied teasingly. “I think that you are an amateur in tongue-fight honey! Mmmmmmm….”

“Me an amateur?” I can kiss you till you can’t BREATHE! Ummm…. “

“Ohhh! Let’s seeeeeee… Ohhhhhhh….” Demi whispered back. “Mmmmmm…. I’ll fuck your open mouth with my tongue… Oooohhhhh….”

“Mmmmmmm….. Ohmmmmm…..”

“Ooooooooowwwww…… Mmmmmmmm….. you hungry she-wolf !” Demi gasped. “You bit my lips!” She sounded more excited than really in pain.

“I’ve only started to play with you bitch! ” Sharon moaned. “Aaaahhhhhhhhh…. Feel my breasts crushing yours? Oooohhh…. Feel my thigh rubbing your wet pussy now? “

“Yessssss ! Feel mine now! Aaaaaahhhhhhhhh…. Mine is tougher! Aaaaahhhhh! I’m gonna drive you crazy! Mmmmm…. Kiss me again if you daaaaare…. Mmmmmm….”
“Aaaaahhhhhh… You bitch! John heard Sharon’s moan again. “I can finger your ass tooooooo….. mmmmmm…. You gonna be crazy, not me !”

“Ooooohhhhhhhh…. Mmmmmmmmm….. “

For about ten minutes John heard only moans and erotic growls. He could hardly stand there, just listening. The sex game between these two sex goddesses had turned him on. He wished he could be in the room fucking their brains out. It was a crazy idea. He knew that it was just impossible, but at least if he could enjoy the view… He was afraid to do it, many times he stopped himself just the last second. He didn’t know where they were, maybe they couldn’t see him, particularly as they were busy with each other. Or maybe they could. It was a great risk. So he just stood there, a few feet from them, fully turned on, listening their moans and their words.

“I’m very lucky just to be here” he thought, trying to comfort himself. “If I go further, maybe I ‘ll get into serious trouble.”
After a while he heard the bed’s creak. “The standing up game must be ended” he thought. “Oh! If I could see only for a second what’s happening there!”

“Game is over bitch! ” He heard Demi’s excited voice. “Now I’ll fuck every inch of your body till you scream!”
“Ohhhhh…. You slut! Unhhhhhhhhh….. I can suck your breasts tooooo…”

“Unhhhhhhh….. Suck them hardeeeeer… Yesssssss ! Ohhh you…. Oooooohhhhhh…… Now… me tooooo… Yessssss….. harder ! Oooohhhhhh…. “

“Like it whore? ” Sharon moaned heavily breathing. “Mmmmm….. Oooohhhhhh…. your fucking fingers in meeeeeeeeeee……. Ohhhhhh…….. I found your opening now….”

“Aaoooowwwwwnngg……. I’m gonna suck and finger you till you can’t stand it! Ooohhh…. Mmmmm…. You slut! I Like your hard nipples. Mmmmm…”

“Aaaaahhhhhhhh….. Let my hair, you…. Mmmmm…. Mouths locked this time? Mmm…. Aaaaaahhhhhh…. Fingers too…….. Aaaaahhhhh…..”

“Nooooooo ! Top position is for me honey! ” Demi whispered as the bed creaked louder now. “Agggnnnngggg! I can bite your nipples too!”

“Agggnnnnggggg ! Unhhhhhhh…. You dirty ….. Unhhhhh…. Yessssssss! Who is on top now? Uuuunnnnhhhhhhh…… Nooooooo……”

“Now bitch! Stop fighting for the top position and enjoy it! ” Demi’s husky voice was full of passion. “I’m for a trip “downtown!” Mmmmmm….. I like it!”

“Ooooohhhhhhhh…. Your fucking tongue!…… Aaaahhhhhh….. Yesssssss! Other nipple too! Yessssss! Suck them…. Oooooohhhhhhh….. Harder…… Ooooooohhhhhhhh…. Bite them! Aaaahhhhhh…… .Yessssss! Now…. Yessssss… Lower……YEESSSSS…. You dirty whore…..Lick it OOOOOHHHHHHhhhhhh….. Suck my hard clit…… AAAHHhhhhh…….Yesssss! “

“Like it bitch?” Demi’s voice had a triumphant tone.” Almost ready to come? Hey! What the…. Agggnnngggg! Let my hair you bitch! Nooooo…”

“Top position is for me, you bitching whore! ” John heard Sharon’s voice again. “I’m gonna eat you alive and let go of my hair, you gonna like it!”

“Ohhhhhh…. Ungghhhhhhhh ! You fucking… Aaahhhhhhh…. Yeesssss…. Suck it! Aoooowwnngg ! YEEESSSSSSS…. Your fingers…..fucking me….AooohhhHHH….. Your tongue…. Ooooohhh…… sucking my clit…. Yeeeeeessssssss ! Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhh…. I can’t let you … Uhmmmm… finish me….. I must ….. Oooowwww……”

After Demi’s last ecstatic moan, John heard some heavy bed creaks and some protested moans coming from Sharon. “What the hell is going there?” he thought. After a second Sharon’s voice gave him the answer.

“Bitch! You were close to come and you threw me off to stop it!” John heard her trying to speak between deep breaths.

“You were also close honey, just a minute before and you stopped it too.” Demi answered also breathing heavily. “I got square with you”

“Now what? Afraid to continue baby? “

“Fuck you! I dare you to meet me woman to woman now. If you can stand it!”

“A cunt fight? Legs scissored and pussies ramming together? ” Sharon’s voice was full of enthusiasm and excitement. “Fine bitch, let’s go for it! I’ll show you who is the top cunt around!”

“Bitch! You can’t show me anything! Come closer… Yes! That’s it! Ohhh! I gonna fuck your pussy off once and for all!” Demi answered. Her husky voice thrilled John. “Ohhhhhhh ! Yesssssss! That’s it! Rub it harder if you dare! Yessssssssssss!”

“Aighhhhhhhhhhhh…. Yessssss! My cunt is gonna burst yours! Harder! Yessssssss!”

“Uhmmmmmm…. I’M gonna make you sorry you started this! Oooohhhhhhhhh…” Sharon moaned.

Listening the blond actress’s voice it was clear to John that she was turned on again…

“Ungghhhhh…… ” came the instant reply from his black-haired idol. “You dirty slut ! Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh…. You’ll be sorry, not me! Ooohhhhh…. I’ll fuck your cunt raw! Press harder! Yes! Aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh…….. Harder! Yeeeeees! “
“Fuuuuuuck you! Ohhhhhhhhhh! My clit will force your cunt to break against mine! Rub it faster if you dare! Yeeesssssss ! Faster! Harder! Yeeeeeeeeesssssssss! Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh….”

“Yeeeesssssssssssss… ” Demi’s voice cried out at the same time.
“Ooooooooohhhhhhhh…. Myyyyyyyy…. At last, my clit found yours! Now you’ll seeeeeeee! Ooooooohhhhhhhhhhh….”
“Agggnnnnnnnggggg! Whore! You wanted a cuntfight with me bitch, you wanted this for a long time ! now you’ll have it! Ooooohhhhhhh… Yeeeeeeesssssss….Now wrestle my stiff clit if you can! Yeeeeeeesssssssss! Harder! Ohhhh you…. Aunnggghhhhhhhhhhhh…”

“Oghhhh… Horny bitch !! You also wanted it. All these challenging glances at me, every time our eyes met…”

“Aaaaaghhhnhnh… you looked at me same way! We wanted this fuckfight… yes, yes… to settle anything between us…. YEESSSS !! Our clits fight hard for supremacy but mine is better! Oghognhhhh…”

“Take this bitch! Yeeeeeesssssssssss…. My clit is harder and bigger! Now you’ll seeeee! Yeessssssss! Your clit is going to wish that it never touched mine! Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh….”

“Slut! ” Sharon’s voice was almost wild from excitement. “Take this toooooooo…. Yeeeeeeesssssssss…… Harder! And this! Ooooooohhhhhhhhhhh! And this! I’m the one with the big stiff clit honey! Ooooooohhhhhhh Yeeeessssssss! “

The seventeen year old boy was so turned on listening the two beautiful women fucking each other mercilessly that he couldn’t stand it any more. For the last few minutes he had started to playing with his fully erect cock without unzipping his trousers. He came, trying to suppress a moan of relief. He rested for a while, leaning against the wall.

Inside the room the sexfight between two of his greatest idols continued with increasing tension. Their cries and their moans filled the air. “They must like this trash talk” He thought hearing them shout obscenities. “They are both talkative and they use this continuous dirty talking trying to excite, to provoke each other! Oh! I like hearing them too! If only I could peep for a second….”
He was still afraid to take that risk, so he tried to stop thinking about it.

Time passed and he was standing there, listening…

“Aaaaahhhhhhhh ! My hard as rock clit will destroy yours soon! ” he heard Sharon’s voice again. “Harder you bitch! Harder! Uuuuummmmm…….. Take this! Yeeeeessssssss ! And thiiiiiiiissssssssss…..What are you…… Ohhhhh …. Yessss….. Come closer…. Mmmmmm….. Tongue fight again! Ohhhhhhhh…..You missed …… Mmmmmmm…..my tongue honey? Oooooghhhhhhh….”

“Bitch!” John heard Demi’s voice this time. “Press your tits harder against mine if you dare! Yesssss! Your cunt tooooooo….. Ahhhhhhh…..Cuntfight…. Take this! Yeeeeessssssss ! Tit fight…. Harder…. I’ll smash your tits…. I swear …. Oooooohhhhh …..tongue fight….Mmmmmmmm…. all at the… Ooohhhhhh…. same time! “

“Yeeesssssssss ” Sharon moaned loudly! YOU take this! Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhh……I’ll fuck your cunt, your tits, your tongue with mine! Yeeeeessssssss! Harder! I’ll fuck every inch of your body till you cream ….. Mmmmmmmmmm….and scream for mercy! Yeeeesssssss! That’s it…. Take this! Ooohhhhhh… and thiiiiiisssssss……. Aughhhhhhhhhhhhh… What the hell…. You … pushed me down! Oooooohhhhh …. you bitch! “

“Now I’ve got you!” Demi ‘s triumphant voice sounded louder too. “You like me sitting between your open legs honey? Now my clit is going to whip yours till you surrender! I’m mounting you bitch and I ‘m not going to stop till you are finished!”

“Ooooohhhhh…. You…… Fucking dirty whore! ” Sharon’s voice was full of wild excitement. “Yessssssss! I can meet your hip thrusts one by one. Take this! And thiiiiiisssssssss! Fuuuuuuck you…… You raised my leg to bit it! Oghhhhhhh……. Now you suck my toes… You…. Aoghhhhh…. Yeeeeesssssssss! Press harder! Ohhhhhh …. Now you’ll see!”

“Auggghhhhhhhhhhhhhh…. Slut! ” Demi grunted. “Your hands… I can feel them caressing my nipples …….. Ohhhhhhh you whore…… I….have ……to finish you soon! Yesssssss! Take this! And this! I screw you I feel it! Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh! My steel clit gonna send yours to hell!”

The last few minutes of gasps, murmurs and moans had turned to screams, yelling and loud cries. “The bed is going to break in a million pieces!” John thought as he heard bed’s creaks, louder and more often now.” I bet that if this happens these bitches are going to continue fucking each other on the floor without mentioning it!”

“Yes! That’s it!” It was Sharon’s voice again. “Aaaaaaghhhhhhh! Meet my thrust again if you dare…. Yes! That’s it! Yeeeeessssssssssssss…. Harder! Take this! Ohhhhhh… and thiiiiiiiiis…… Yeeeeeeeees……. and thiiiiiiiis ! Aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh…. Harder Bitch ! YEEEEESSSSSSSS ! HARDER ! OOOOOHHHHHH ! SHIIIIIIITTTTTTT! I’M CLOSE ! YESSSS ! HARDER…. YOU DIRTY FUCKER…… FUCK YOU! OOOOOHHHHHHHH! FUCK ME YOU WHORE! OHHHHHHH….I CAN’T STOP NOW! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! OH MY! FUCK ME HAARDEEER! YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! I’M COMING! HARDER YOU BITCH! YESSSSSSSSSSSSS! YESSSSSSSSSSSS….. AAUGHHHHHHHHH!!! I CAN’T STOP COMING! YESSSSSSSSSSSS! OOOoooohhhhh… Yeeeessssss……”

Sharon hadn’t stop her cries of ecstasy when John heard Demi’s loud, almost hysterical answer.

For 2-3 minutes John heard nothing else but deep breaths. He could imagine Demi and Sharon resting on the bed, exhausted after this tremendous sexfight. He couldn’t believe that he had heard all, from the beginning till their last cry. He came once just listening to them, he was turned on again. “My friends will never believe it!” he thought. Then he heard Sharon’s disappointed voice.

“Bitch! You came only seconds after me!”

“Who came first is all that matters honey! You know the rules! “

“It wasn’t your first sexfight with another woman, was it?” John heard Sharon again.
“Sharon!” Demi answered with a reproachful tone. “Only thing I can say is that you looked very experienced too! Now, may I take another shower? “

“Yeah! I’ll take another one too afterwards.” Sharon said with a surly tone in her voice. She couldn’t hide her disappointment.

John didn’t wait to hear anything else. “Maybe Sharon will fix another drink for them.” He thought as he hurried back downstairs to his hide-hole. He didn’t have to wait for a long time.

Almost twenty minutes later he heard them return to the big living room where he was hidden.

“Well, thanks Sharon! I had a great time! You are really a hot bitch!”

“Yeah! I suppose that I am! I gonna prove it at the rematch!”

“Next Sunday, same place, same time! I remember. I want that fucking role!”

“That fucking role is not the only reason you’ll be here bitch! We both have real sexfighter’s instincts, just one round is not enough to find out which of us is the top pussy around” John heard Sharon as she opened the door. Then he heard Demi’s laugh from a distance. “I suppose you are right honey. See you!”

Sharon left almost five minutes later. John was alone again. He still had his idols voices in his mind. “Sharon and Demi fucking each other! I still can’t believe it!” He waited for about ten minutes more then he also left the house. “Very difficult to be here next time too” he thought. “Never mind, I got the picture! Shit! Not the picture, I got the sound!”

These were his last thoughts leaving the country house …

The End

After Note from Giannis

An epilogue from the writer :

Sorry for not a hint about the names of the actresses. I know that reading this story you might have in your minds the same women that inspired me so much… I really like them, especially Demi was my top favorite those times. 

By the way: I won the bet!

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