A Sexfight Lesson by Giannis

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Many men were chasing after Mona, they were attracted to her beautiful and sexy figure. She liked the attention but had resisted having an affair with any of them. The brown-haired woman had promised to herself that after she got married, Bob would be the only man to enjoy her charms. She had kept that promise, even if sometimes, it had been hard to do, in light of the handsome men that flirted with her.

However, Mona had never stopped lusting after other women. Her competitive feelings drove her to try to out-dress any woman around whenever she had the chance, to try to prove that she was better than them. Most of the time she didn’t go any further, stopping at a competing with clothes so that she did not risk ruining her reputation. But sometimes she preferred to prove that she was better than them in bed as well, after a wild sexfight. That was her “dark side”, a deep inner need, a passion that came out whenever she found herself sexually attracted to another woman and felt that she could indulge without much risk.

Then Mona met Alice. Alice was a teacher at the school, Mona’s children went to. Alice had only recently been hired and was a stranger to Mona. She did not teach Mona’s children but taught another class.

Mona met her one evening when she came to pick her kids up from school. Alice was also there and asked Mona to drive her downtown as she had given her car to a car-shop for repair after a minor crash she had been in. Mona had no problem doing so, as her home, was near Alice’s.

Mona felt a strong sexual attraction to Alice from the first moment she saw her. Alice was a woman in her middle thirties, a little taller than Mona, with blonde hair of a chin length, blue eyes, and a perfect body that weighed about 120 lbs. Her breasts were smaller in size than Mona’s (34c to 36c) but they looked to be firm. However, her best asset was her amazing pair of long, superbly shaped legs.

Mona had seen women with long sexy legs before, but none like Alice’s. None that were so perfect that they could drive any man crazy, and any woman around her jealous. Alice wore a tight mini skirt to flaunt them, a skirt that was raised higher as she sat next to Mona in her car. A sight that instantly woke Mona’s passion for other women.

In fact, the brown haired beauty was so turned on watching Alice’s legs that she found it difficult to drive. So she had to try and focus her attention on driving carefully, while also trying to keep the blonde teacher from catching Mona’s hot glances at that pair of legs. A difficult task, as she simply couldn’t stop herself from taking in the view Alice offered.

During that meeting, Mona found out that Alice had divorced some years ago and had no children. As she was a newcomer to the town, she did not have many friends either.

Mona also wanted to find out if Alice could be a possible target for her passion for other women. So she went to the school every time she could, hoping to meet Alice again.

A few days later, she had that chance, at a parents and teachers evening taking place at the school. After she met her children’s teachers to ask them about their academic progress, she had a brief chat with Alice.

The blonde teacher seemed happy to meet Mona again, and was very friendly. When Alice told her that as a newcomer in the town she didn’t know where she could go for a good cheap shopping trip Mona told her that they could go together. The blonde teacher eagerly accepted this offer, thanking Mona for being so kind.

They met the next Saturday, went shopping, and then went to lunch together afterwards. It was the beginning of a warm friendship.

After that meeting, the women started to go shopping together, and to go out for drinks or lunch from time to time. Mona was very careful, as her passion for the blonde teacher was strong. Before she made her move, she wanted to know more about her new friend. As she didn’t want to risk anything before getting some clear signals from Alice that she was also eager to take their relationship in a more intimate direction. Especially because Mona didn’t have a lot of friends either, and she truly enjoyed her friendship with Alice. An enjoyment Alice seemed to share.

After a while, as they started to become closer with one another, they started to talk about their personal lives. Alice was in a relationship with a man, a consultant for a company. He was a few years older than Alice, and though they liked one another enough there was a problem: he was married.

And though he was, he had told Alice he was not happy with his wife, and was close to getting a divorce. Alice was not sure if he was being truthful with her when he said that, but she liked him and didn’t have a better alternative. So she was sticking it out, enjoying their affair, and not making a lot of plans for the future.

When Mona felt that her friendship with Alice was strong enough, she decided to move closer to her goal. She did so by flirting with Alice when they met up. Carefully and in an indirect way, monitoring her friend’s reactions closely, ready to use her humor as a safety net if the blonde teacher looked to be annoyed or put off.

She started to compliment her friend’s body at any given chance, especially her legs, she told her how much she liked her. She also started to dress very sexy and to look hot every time they were together. When they met, she would hug Alice tight, and for a long period of time, letting their breasts press, together for as long as she could.

Mona also tried to make sure that her body was in contact with Alice’s whenever she could find the opportunity. Each time making the touch seem as if it was either accidental or incidental. When they walked together, Mona tried to be close to Alice so their hips would “occasionally”, lightly rub together.

When they had a drink or lunch together, Mona tried to sit next to Alice, to embrace her or to caress her lightly in a way that could be considered a warm friendly gesture. Sometimes Mona would also let their gazes come together, keeping an expression on her face that spoke to her having something to say about the two of them, though she didn’t dare do so out loud.

More than all these tricks, when they sat close to one another Mona made sure their legs were touching. Sometimes Alice would pull her legs away – without looking annoyed though – sometimes she didn’t, looking like she wasn’t paying any attention to their legs touching.

Mona couldn’t get enough of that contact, as Alice’s legs drove her wild. But she couldn’t risk pressing for more. Not yet. And so Mona let the touches remain, at least in appearance, accidental. Making sure she watched her friend’s reaction, so she would know when the time was right to make a bolder move.

Mona was free to take all the time she needed before proceeding with any more attempts at satisfying her desires. There was no list of sexfight rivals she had to face at that moment, and so she didn’t need to rush things… Those times when she had chosen a woman as a possible target, she knitted a web around them, waiting like a spider, fully enjoying the flirting process that could last for so long.

Alice didn’t seem to have paid any attention to Mona’s flirting, at least for a while. Then, two weeks after Mona had started that indirect flirting game, the blonde teacher “transmitted” the first signal that she had noticed her friend’s tricks.

It was Saturday and the two women had gone shopping as they often did. And, as was usual, Mona was dressed to impress her friend – at least. Her round firm breasts were her best asset to try to out-do Alice, so she wore a tight red blouse which was unbuttoned to display a generous amount of cleavage. She also wore high-heeled black shoes, skin coloured pantyhose and a short black skirt to show that her legs could also be noticed by any men that might be around.

Alice was different that day, Mona noticed it the first moment she saw her that day. She always used to dress in a way to show off her beautiful figure but that day she was dressed to kill. Her breasts were straining against the tight light green blouse she wore. Her tight, dark yellow mini skirt had a generous front slit to show off Alice’s long sexy legs that were outfitted in sheer dark, pantyhose and green high heels.

In that outfit, the blonde was showing a lot of leg as she walked and sat, enjoying the hot male glances that her sexy figure attracted.

When they met, Mona hugged her tightly, just as she had done in the weeks before. To her surprise, Alice hugged her back tighter than she had up until that moment, looking to enjoy the way their firm breasts were pressed together. Their hug lasted for longer than any other time before. It only broke when they had reached a moment where holding it any longer would have made the people around them question why.

They went shopping but Mona’s mind was not into it. She and Alice had complimented one another’s outfits, and how sexy and hot each of them looked. Alice was bolder that day, grabbing any chance to touch Mona’s body with her own… The brown-haired beauty, encouraged by Alice’s and behavior, decided that it was finally time to push things forward.

Almost two hours later they went to a restaurant near the mall where they used to go shopping. Mona liked that restaurant. There was a variety of sandwiches and salads that didn’t cost too much. However,there was another reason she preferred that place. The times when they used to go there, the whole place was crowded; with a lot of people around them enjoying their lunches, a cold beer or coffee. There were a lot of tables and chairs placed in a rather small area, so it could be considered natural and expected for Mona’s legs to be touching Alice’s as they sat opposite each other.

While they were drinking their coffee, they started to chat about their shopping, about fashion, about things they had seen in the stores. Their chat came onto how the dresses they had bought could turn men on, then they chatted about men. They had chatted about them before, however, this time, their chat was more intimate.

“I like Jack” Alice told Mona, as she started to talk about her boyfriend. “I wish I could spend more time with him, but it is clear to both of us that there aren’t commitments. I’m always keeping my eyes open for a better option!” she added smiling. Mona also smiled hearing that statement and at the same time she felt her pulse racing.

“With that body of yours, I am sure that a lot of people would be ready to do anything to be that alternative!” Mona told Alice.

She had used the word “people” instead of “men” on purpose, to indirectly imply that her statement could also include women as well. At the same time she pushed her chair forward as the waitresses who served the restaurant’s patrons needed more space to walk through the tables and chairs that surrounded them. Now, their knees were lightly touching under the table.

A broad smile came onto Alice’s face when she heard that compliment.

“I hope that some people will prove this soon” she answered putting also some emphasis to the word “people”. Then Mona felt that Alice’s legs lightly opened like they were inviting Mona’s right leg to be between them. Hearing her heart pump faster, the brown haired beauty pushed her leg forward between Alice’s legs which instantly enclosed it. Now Mona’s leg was full in touch with the blonde teacher’s legs.

As Mona didn’t want to let anyone else notice what was happening under the table, their game of footsie lasted only a few seconds… Then Mona withdrew her leg being excited by the rubbing of their legs as she did so. Those seconds where their legs were in full contact, rubbing lightly against one another, were enough to turn Mona on. Her glistening brown eyes locked with Alice’s blue ones, as she tried to read her friend’s mind.

Alice’s face was almost flushed. She studied Mona’s face for a few seconds, like she was ready to say something, but she remained quiet. That is until she broke their eye lock and looked at her cup of coffee, obviously embarrassed.

“Tell me something more about that movie you and Bob saw last night” she finally said as she sipped her coffee.

“You told me that it was great” Alice added looking at Mona again, looking as if nothing had happened a few seconds before.

“Yes, it was great…” Mona replied, trying not to show her disappointment as the intimate moment they had just shared seemed to fade away. She was ready to add that she and her husband had seen a western film, but suddenly she had a better idea. She had to find out how Alice felt, so she decided to lie in order to keep their chat on a subject that might lead to where she wanted.

“We saw “Wild Instinct”. We rented the tape from a video club that’s close to our home” she added as she had her reasons to talk about that specific movie. “I liked it. Dick Michaelson is a very handsome guy and a very good actor. Sharon Brone is very attractive and a very good actress as well”.

“Yes I have seen that film. It was good. It included some hot erotic scenes as well” Alice said giggling.

“I have heard some rumors about Sharon…” Mona said following her plan.

“That she and Dick had an affair for a while” Alice added.

“Who knows? Things like that happen all the time in their world. I’ve heard about it too. Dick is very handsome, everybody knows that he chases women, and Sharon is very hot and sexy”

“It isn’t those rumors that interest me, honey…” Mona said looking at her friend. “I have heard that Sharon likes women also, that she likes to sexfight with them” she added, trying to bait her friend, like a fisherman looking to catch a fish.

”Oh my! I’ve also heard about her bisexual preferences, but I’d never heard she likes to sexfight… O.K. she has that aggressive look… but a sexfighter…? A woman like her… I don’t see it… I’m open minded, and I know that kind of thing happens… I mean that some women like to be with other women once in a while or all the time. It’s a fact, it’s something real. But even if we share the same passions with these women…. A sexfight ? I think that sexfighting is mostly used as a show that some women perform to turn men on. A real woman like Sharon doesn’t need to sexfight! That’s just silly!”

Mona looked at her friend with mixed feelings. The blonde teacher seemed at ease with the thought that two women might make love, though she hadn’t said that SHE liked it. But more than that, on that day, the two women were closer to one another than ever before. After all, they had had that game of footsie under the table… It had lasted only for a few seconds, but it had been exciting for both of them, Mona was sure about it… On the other hand, Alice seemed to not like the idea of sexfighting. “All of that was enough for today…” she thought. “I have to be careful not to ruin anything, now that we’re getting so close…”

“But, those are just rumors, we can’t be sure” she said, as if because of that, they didn’t matter.

“Now… tell me about Jack… Are you going to see him today?”

They chatted for a little more and then they left.

For the next several days Mona didn’t have a chance to see Alice again. She was too busy with her job and her family. She and Alice did find the time to chat for a while on the phone though. And when they did, the blonde teacher was as friendly as ever, inviting Mona to come to her home next Saturday, to have a coffee together.

However, next Friday when Mona called her to fix their date, Alice did not answer. Mona tried to call her again, but the blonde teacher was not there and her mobile phone was turned off. Mona left voicemails, but still, she got no answer. She started to worry about Alice; even though, there didn’t seem to be anything wrong during their last chat. But now, Mona felt that something had happened to her.

It wasn’t until Saturday morning that Alice finally called her. Mona didn’t feel relieved though, as her friend was clearly distressed.

“Mona… I’m sorry… I got your messages, but I was not in the right frame of mind to call you back…”

“Is there any problem, honey? Can I help with anything?” Mona asked sincerely.

“I don’t know if you can help… I do know that we had a date today. Come over, if you want… I want to see you, I need to talk to a friend… On the other hand, although I feel better, I may not be the best company for you… So if you prefer to meet me later next week, there is no…”

“Give me an hour and I’ll be there!” Mona stopped her. “I always want to be there for you, especially if you need a close friend to talk to… I am that friend, so don’t be silly. I am coming!”

Almost an hour later, Mona was at Alice’s home. As she didn’t know how she should dress for the occasion, she wore a casual green dress that accented her beautiful body. The blonde teacher was there, waiting for her. She was wearing a red shirt and a pair of tight blue jeans that fit her long legs perfectly. When she saw Mona, she tried to smile, but her eyes looked like she had been crying. They had a hug and then a friendly kiss, but Mona felt that it was not the right time to repeat the tight hug they had the last time they met.

“Alice! What’s going on?” she asked her friend, as she entered her house.

“I’m not in a great mood… Your company will help me feel better. Let me make us a drink. That’ll also help!” she added, trying to smile again.

Mona didn’t insist. She felt that Alice had something going on, but she preferred to wait until her friend felt comfortable sharing her problems. She sat on a big sofa and when she saw Alice come back, she nodded to her to sit next to her.

Alice placed the two drinks on a table in front of them and then sat close to Mona. She tried to look calm but she was not.

“Something is going on, I have to find out!” Mona thought.

However, she didn’t have to try very hard. “Oh Mona!” Alice said after they had a sip of their drinks.

“…I am so glad you are here!” she added as she took Mona’s hand.

“I’m glad too, Alice; you know it!” the brown haired beauty replied tenderly as she held her girlfriend’s hand tightly. “I really enjoy your company!”

“I’m sorry about my mood… I have been feeling bad these last few days…” Alice said.

“Forget it! You don’t have to hide your real feelings from me. I’m your friend, remember? If there’s any way I can help you with anything. If you need someone to share the problems that make your beautiful face look so sad… I am here!

Alice looked at her, still holding her hand. “That bastard!” she finally said. “Jack… As I’ve told you, he was close to getting a divorce. And if he did, than we could start a new life, together…

“Yes, I know the story… What about him?”

“We had a date… two days before… He had told me that he would talk to his wife, so I expected him to tell me about her reaction”.

“Yes… I remember that part too… So… he didn’t say anything, did he?”

“It’s worse! He didn’t call me to tell me what finally happened with his wife. I called him at his job. They told me he went on a vacation to Paris! I found out as I have a friend who works in the same company. His secretary is also on vacation at the same time. All the people there say that they’re together! I called him again on his mobile phone, to curse him out. He had it turned off. No message service. I suppose he has another phone, one that I didn’t know about.”

“The fucking bastard! They planned it together!”

“Yes… You can bet” said Alice. “… Finally, I decided that just sitting here and crying doesn’t help. I have to forget about him”.

“You’re right!” said Mona. “Forget that bastard! You’ll find another guy, much better than him very soon, I am sure of it! To better days!” she toasted.

“Better days? I’ll drink to that!” Alice replied as she took a big swig of her own drink.

They chatted for a while, enjoying the drinks and each other’s company. Mona tried to help Alice relax and to smile. When Alice got up to fix another one, she already looked like she felt better.

The second drink lasted longer and its effect was clear to both of them. Mona was feeling hot. She couldn’t be sure if her friend’s drink had the same effect, but she looked relaxed, her eyes were shining, and she laughed easier than before…

“I feel a little dizzy and I bet so does she” Mona thought as she looked at her. “My! She is so pretty! And so sexy at the same time!”

“Mona, do you find me attractive?” Alice asked suddenly, looking at her.

“Are you kidding me?” Mona replied “I bet that there are a ton of men that would do anything to be with you”.

“Well… thanks… But what about women?” Alice said with a teasing smile.

“Here it comes!” Mona thought as she looked at her friend, trying to look astonished. “I can’t be sure about women, honey” she finally said “… but I know for sure that there is at least one who lusts after you!”

“I hope she does!” Alice said smiling, her face red. “That woman’s legs sent a clear signal to my legs just a few days ago!”

Mona felt her face turn red.

The two beautiful women looked at each other for a moment without saying a word. Mona then turned her body to face Alice, and with a raised hand, caressed Alice’s face. The blonde teacher took Mona’s hand into her own and placed it to her open lips; then she licked it without breaking eye contact even for a second.

Mona came closer; and the moment their mouths touched one another, each let out a low, ecstatic moan.

“Oh Alice… At last… I have looked forward to this moment for so long….” the brown-haired beauty finally said as she drew Alice even closer with her free hand.

Alice didn’t reply as her mouth was already open inviting Mona’s searching tongue. It was a tender erotic kiss that lasted for a long while. Then Alice broke their kiss and stood up. At the same time she pulled Mona up with her.

“Come with me Mona…” she replied in a low voice before taking Mona by the hand and guiding her to her bedroom.

The moment they were there, Alice turned to face her friend, then she drew her closer to her. Mona felt as though she was melting inside. She put her arm around Alice, holding her, stroking her hair as she kissed the side of her face, her earlobe, then her mouth again, feeling tremors as their breasts made contact.

Mona felt Alice’s mouth open and envelope her own upper lip. The brown-haired beauty let herself enjoy that sweet and silky caress for a moment or two, her hands tenderly caressing her friend, then she opened her mouth to let her tongue come into play.

A raging fire seemed to burst to life within Alice, a whimper came from her throat as she started to raise Mona’s dress, silently urging her to get rid of it. In a few seconds Mona’s dress was tossed onto a chair, then a few seconds after that, Alice’s top and her jeans were also tossed there.

Then, when they were in their bras and panties, Mona drew Alice close to her, so that their bodies could enjoy full contact with each other. This time their embrace was tighter, their hot tongues started to play with one another in a more passionate and demanding way. Mona’s hands unfastened Alice’s bra, and she tossed it on the chair. Then she let out a moan as she felt Alice’s teeth lightly love-bite her neck — the blonde teacher’s hands wasting no time before they made the same removal.

She moaned again as she felt their free breasts exchange a light, rubbing caress for a while, before they broke their embrace to get rid of their panties.

When they were fully nude they spent a few seconds admiring each other’s bodies, they met again in a tight hug. Only a moment later they were on Alice’s bed, the brown-haired beauty almost on top of the blonde teacher.

The two women pressed their bodies onto one another, as they let their entangled legs begin a sensuous slow rubbing motion.

Mona moaned as she felt Alice’s thighs and her superb legs rub against her own… She had been craving for this feeling for so long, and now her dreams were coming true… Her warm and wet brown fire sank into Alice’s blue lake as their eyes met.
And in the next instant, it was Alice’s turn to start moaning. As she felt Mona’s hands cup her breasts, and her lips began to enclose her hardened right nipple before sucking it. Her teeth biting it gently, as her tongue played with it, until Mona repeated and provided the same treatment to her left nipple…

The blonde teacher slid her hands down Mona’s back and squeezed her buttocks, pushing them towards her. This happened as her thigh pressed between Mona’s open thighs and began to grind on Mona’s pussy. Mona mimicked her undulating hips, almost writhing in the excitement she was feeling.

“Love me Mona !” Alice murmured to her friend’s ear. “Make me feel good! ”

“I will honey! I will!” the brown haired beauty murmured before her lips sealed Alice’s again. Their tongues played with each other for a while, then Mona lowered her head and she started a voyage full of kisses and caresses onto Alice’s body. Her mouth licked Alice’s neck, then spent some seconds licking her breasts, sucking her nipples, sending thousands of little burning flames racing through the blonde teacher’s body.

Then Mona’s lips moved lower, closer to the shaking and wet headquarters of Alice’s libido. There she stayed for a few seconds, just to give a kissing promise that she would come back later. But thereafter she continued to move lower, starting to love-bite the inner side of Alice’s trembling thighs. Excited by her friend’s moans, she began to lick and then to suck on the goose-bump-covered skin of Alice’s luscious legs.

Mona had dreamed about that moment, since the first day she had met the blonde teacher. Imagining how her friend’s legs and thighs were for a long time. After a few minutes though she felt Alice’s hands lightly pull her hair, pull her upwards… Her friend was more than impatient for the next step, her pussy could hardly wait to welcome Mona’s tongue again…

Mona’s mouth followed the same path but moving upwards. She kissed, she licked, and love-bit Alice’s legs, followed by her thighs, in a slow teasing rhythm that drove Alice to almost beg for more.

Finally, the brown haired beauty wrapped her arms around Alice’s thighs, as her expert tongue brushed away the blonde bush, burrowing deeper then lapping harder as she felt her lover’s body trembling from the sensation. Her tongue searching for Alice’s small, but hardened fleshy sword, stroking it when it found its target.

A wracking spasm raced through Alice’s body, as her hips began moving with a driving rhythm. A few moments later, Alice started to moan, then to almost cry as Mona’s expert tongue drove her to an orgasmic finale.

Mona raised her head to look at her friend. They smiled to one another.

“Now let me…” Alice started to say but finally she didn’t accomplish her phrase as Mona, still being on top of her, raised her body and she sealed her friend’s lips with her own.

It was not a friendly kiss like the ones two lovers us to exchange after they had satisfied one another’s lust. A fire was burning in Mona’s body, and the time to satisfy her own lust had come. Alice felt that need and she embraced Mona, letting their tongues play with one another, as she tasted her own love juices from her friend’s mouth.

Their kiss didn’t last long, but it was enough to keep Alice hot. Mona finally straddled her, lowering herself until her pussy was pressing against Alice’s. Her hands then slid under Alice’s buttocks to lift her, to bring her closer, as she began to undulate her hips. Alice grabbed Mona’s buttocks also to press their pussies together even tighter.

Mona panted breathlessly, her lips parted, her brown eyes narrowed with passion as she kept to their slow, sensuous rhythm. She bit her lips tossing her head back, whimpering. Moans came from her throat as their clits met; she dug her fingers more firmly into Alice’s buttocks and she began moving her hips furiously.

“Does it feel good ?” Alice asked in a husky voice, her body also moving violently, her clit rubbing against Mona’s.

“Yeah … So good …” Mona replied speeding up her tempo. “Yeeesss! That’s it!” she moaned as their clits found each other again and again.

The wild grinding of their cunts continued that way for many minutes.

Finally, as their hardened fleshy swords kept on this maddening sword-play, Mona felt that the explosive moment was close.

“I’m going to come… Oooohhh…. so good….” the brown-haired beauty almost cried. “Yeeesss… I’m coming…nooowww….” she finally cried as the orgasmic waves raced through her shaking body.

“I’m coming too, darling… I’m coming with you… aaaaaggghhhhh!” Alice’s wild scream blended with Mona’s at the same time, their cunts locked together in a frenzy of motion, as each of the two writhing women found themselves drug into a shattering and simultaneous orgasm.

“Oh my!” Alice said after a while, as she lay relaxed on the bed, next to her friend. “Two times… One after the other ! I needed this!”

“That’s what good girlfriends are for!” Mona replied as she turned to face her friend. Thereafter leaning in and kissing her tenderly on the lips.

“To give each other what we need!” she added breaking their kiss, her comment making both of them giggle.

The two women relaxed for a while, then they had a shower. Mona asked Alice if she had ever had a love affair with another woman and the blonde teacher told her that she had a relationship with another woman four years ago. Her lover was also a teacher, a few years older than her. That was the first time Alice had found out that although she liked men she could also be turned on by another woman’s body. Alice told Mona that she hadn’t had any other female lovers untill she met her.

Then the brown-haired beauty told Alice about her relationship with Michelle, a neighbor of hers, avoiding any mention of the other relationships she occasionally had with other women. She didn’t want Alice to consider her as a woman who was after other women all the time.

All these confessions turned them on, and because of that, Alice was ready for another round, but Mona had to go back to her home. She was pleased that her plan to enjoy the charms of the blonde teacher had worked perfectly.

Turning Alice Wild

That was the beginning of a carefree relationship for Mona. The blonde teacher forgot about Jack, and enjoyed every minute she spent with Mona. However, she was discreet and she never asked for more than her married friend could offer to her. Besides, as she had confessed to Mona, she hadn’t stopped trying to find “Mr. Perfect”, she just enjoyed her time with Mona until she found him…

It was an erotic friendship without any commitments. They were just two hot and sexy women who liked to spend some of their free time together to keep one another company or to make love. As Alice lived alone, her home was their erotic nest whenever they were feeling hot for one another.

Mona had a good time with Alice but she was not completely satisfied. Alice had proved to be a hot and passionate lover but she didn’t seem to share Mona’s passion to make love in a competitive and wild way. She didn’t seem to like trash talking very much either.

Alice had disparaged sexfights the first time they had talked about them. A few days later Mona told her that she had read a sexfight story in an adult magazine for men that Bob had forgotten on his desk. She told her friend that she read it and she liked it. However, Alice’s reaction was the same.

“Let’s talk about ourselves for example” the blonde teacher told her “I like you, you like me, we make one another hot, we make love in a passionate way, we have a great time together… Why on earth would we have to fight? To prove what? It makes no sense!”

“It’s a game honey !” Mona told her. “People used to play sexual games once in a while, to get more excited… That story was good. It had a story line, it showed how these women thought and felt before and during their sexfight. I found it reasonable. We are women, many of us are proud of our bodies, of our sexual skill… We are competitive by nature, we like to dress to kill, to out-dress other women… We like the feeling that we are more attractive than any other woman around… While we sexfight with another woman we try to prove that we are better, the heat of the contest turns things wild, that excites us even more… the final pleasure we can get from one another is greater that way…

“Don’t misunderstood me… “ she added as she saw Alice look questioningly at her, “…I have had no sexfight experience myself but I admit that the story I read turned me on. I am tempted to try that game”

“I don’t like to play games when I make love” Alice replied. “Talking dirty, trying to prove that I am better…. I know how good I am, I have no reason to fight to prove it, especially when I make love. I am a woman. A woman needs tender and passionate love by another man or another woman to get excited, to feel good…. I haven’t read that story but I still think that all these silly games are only to turn men on. That’s why you have read it in an adult magazine for men. We have no man around to turn him hot, we don’t need men’s fantasies to enjoy ourselves the way we want to”

Mona didn’t insist that time as she didn’t like to have an argument with her friend or look like she was trying to force her to try something against her will. . However, Alice’s response triggered the brown haired beauty. Mona knew that Alice considered herself as a hot, sexy, beautiful woman, in fact she was one. Moreover she looked so sure of herself when she said “I know how good I am”… Mona had to find a way to change Alice’s mind about competitive sexual games, to turn her wild and then to prove she was better, enjoying at the same time a wild sexfight with her… But she had to be careful. She couldn’t push Alice too much, at least not yet…

“Well… you may be right…” she finally said… “Now… if you are looking for tender loving care… I know someone who is dying to offer you some” she added as she stepped closer to her friend… the next moment Alice was in Mona’s arms… a few moments later their pussies met in a slow, sensuous dance and the blonde teacher forgot about anything they talked about before…

However, Mona hadn’t forgotten the chat they had. A couple of hours later, being alone at home, she thought about it. Finally she made a plan. I will turn things wilder soon!” she promised to herself smiling.

The next time they were together at Alice’s home to make love, Mona had a CD with her. “Let’s do something different today” she said when they were at Alice’s bedroom. “It is music with a sensuous rhythm, like the music that is played during a strip tease” she told Alice. “Let’s listen to it, that music turns me on”.

Alice placed the CD into her CD player, a few seconds later the sensuous music filled the room. “Let me see how hot you feel” Alice said as she turned to embrace her friend.

Mona pushed her lightly away. “Sit down and enjoy the show for awhile!” she told Alice as she started to dance. She waved her body in a tempting way, then she started to undress herself slowly, teasingly, looking straight at her friend’s eyes…. Mona was not an experienced dancer but she had watched other women to do this in some films, moreover she knew pretty well how to turn anyone on…

After a while Alice’s eyes were full of lust. A couple of times she tried to stand up, to embrace her friend but Mona didn’t let her. “Not yet honey… Let me finish my dance first” she said as she set her luscious breasts free…

A few moments later she was totally nude. Alice tried to catch her again but Mona kept on playing her teasing game… “Now your turn honey !” she told the blond teacher as she stood close to her… Let me see how hot you feel first!”

“I have never…” Alice tried to say… but Mona’s lips stopped her words sealing her lips with her own… “Do it for me honey!” Mona murmured after some brief tongue play. “Dance as you like… show me how hot you feel…” she whispered to Alice’s ears before licking her earlobe… Then she lightly pushed the blonde teacher away and she sat on the bed, avoiding Alice’s tight embrace one more time.

“O.K… you tease!” Alice finally said smiling. She started to dance slowly, provocatively, waving her perfect legs, taking off her blouse, then her skirt… She was not an experienced dancer either but – like Mona – she had watched some strip tease shows, she was feeling hot and she knew how to excite her friend… When Mona saw Alice slowly take off her pantyhose, she had to try hard not to push her on the bed… When Alice took off her bra and her panties, Mona could not stand it any more… In a second they were rolling on the bed, giggling at first, murmuring loving words to one another a few moments later, crying from passion after awhile…

“Oh my!” Alice said not too much later, resting on the bed next to her friend, trying to recover after the full, passionate moments they had shared. “That was something! I haven’t felt that way for a long time till now!”

“Really? “ Mona asked trying to look surprised, turning on her side to face her friend.. “I thought that you hated to play sexual games !” she added in a teasing tone, as she started to caress Alice’s breasts…

“Well…” Alice said… “Finally… I have to admit that I like to play some games with you!” Then the blonde teacher embraced her friend, ready to begin another round…

“We will play wilder games soon!” Mona thought as she started to lightly kiss her friend on her neck but she kept these thoughts for herself. Alice was a newcomer in the sexual game’s world and Mona didn’t want to push things further that day. She was feeling that Alice was not ready yet to proceed to the more competitive ways of making love that she was lusting for. A few seconds later the brown haired beauty forgot anything but the passion she was sharing with the blonde teacher…

A couple of days later Mona and Alice made love again the way they used to before that strip tease they had performed for one another. Then Mona stopped to visit her friend for a while, following her plan. When Alice asked to meet her Mona found some excuses to delay their next meeting. She wanted Alice to miss her, to be more than hot at their next meeting. Finally, two weeks later, she said to her friend that she was free to meet her the next day. She couldn’t wait anymore either …

When they were at Alice’s home, Mona and Alice used to have a drink and some chat before they made love. However,that day Mona had other plans. The moment they met she took a more aggressive role than she used to. She hugged her friend tightly, she pushed her against the wall of Alice’s hall pressing her luscious breasts to Alice’s, placing her right leg between the blond teacher’s legs, forcing their dresses to rise high… Alice started to say something but Mona’s mouth sealed hers for a passionate kiss. The next minute the hall was filled by their deep breaths and the noise of their nylon pantyhose as their legs were rubbed sensuously together.

“Hmm… wild” Alice murmured after a while, breaking their kiss. “Well… I missed you too!”

“YOU turn me hot and wild honey !” Mona replied. “Let’s go to your bedroom or else I am going to take you right here!”

A minute later they were in Alice’s bedroom, exchanging deep kisses, almost ripping one another’s clothes as they tried to take them off as quickly as possible. Three minutes later they were naked on the bed, Mona on top of Alice, their mouths locked together, their nipples pecking one another’s breasts, their finger’s caressing one another’s clits, then invading one another’s pussy.

Alice felt that she was going to cum soon ; supposing that Mona was going to also come soon she did her best to double the excitement her friend was feeling. She started to move her fingers faster and deeper into Mona’s warm and wet pussy, sucking her friend’s nipples at the same time.

However, Mona had other plans. “Not yet honey!” she murmured as she changed her position. She pushed Alice on her side then she turned her to face the bed. “Get on your knees!” she ordered the blonde teacher who obeyed instinctively. The next second the brown haired beauty was also on her knees behind Alice facing her back and her well shaped buttocks. Then Mona bent over Alice. She tugged Alice’s hair lightly towards her with her left hand, she started to love bite her friend’s neck while at the same time she inserted two fingers from her right hand into Alice’s pussy. She started to move it back and forth with all her might, like a piston, speeding up her hand’s motion.

A cry of wild excitement escaped from Alice’s lips. She started to move her buttocks back and forth to welcome the invasion of Mona’s fingers into her ready pussy, to enjoy a deeper penetration.

“Oh yes! YES!” Alice cried… “Do that to me!”

“Do what?” Mona asked her slowing down her hand’s motion. She was also wild with excitement, as she knew that Alice, a woman who disliked trash talk till now, was close to talk dirty for the first time.

“Don’t stop! I am close !” Alice urged her trying to speed up her pelvis’ motion to keep these fingers deep into her pussy.

“Don’t stop doing what?” Mona asked again. “Say it!” she commanded her friend, teasing her, almost stopping her hand’s movement…

“Don’t stop…. Fuck me! YESSS!” she cried in wild passion feeling Mona’s teeth love bite her neck again, her hair tugged backwards as well, feeling at the same time Mona’s hand speeding up again with the motion that was driving her mad … “YEESSS !! FUCK ME !!”

“Fuck what?” Mona asked again without stopping raising Alice’s excitement levels even more. “Say it you whore !”


“Yes ! I’ll fuck you until you come! I’ll fuck you like a whore! You are my whore now!”

YESSSSS!! OHHHH! YES!” Alice’s animalistic cries filled the room. “I AM YOUR FUCKING WHORE! YESSSSS! OHHHHHH YESSSS! I AM COMING!! AAAAAAAGGGHHH! Alice cried again and again as she came in a tremendous orgasm.

Mona didn’t stop though. So the blonde teacher cried again and again feeling her pussy explode in some more minor orgasms then her passionate cries turned to lower groans as the orgasmic waves started to subside…

Only then did Mona remove her fingers from Alice’s saturated vagina. She let the blonde teacher rest on the bed, lying down next to her…

“Oh, my! That was fantastic!” Alice said after a while, her breathing starting to slow. “You are different… you are so… aggressive today !”

“But you liked it honey!”

“Liked it? I LOVED it!” Alice said as she turned at her side to light kiss her friend on the lips. “However…” she added in a teasing tone… “you made me talk dirty… Now you are going to pay for this !”

“Let’s see how much I will pay honey!” Mona said smiling. “Any particular plans?”

“You bet I have!” Alice replied before their mouths were sealed by another passionate kiss. Then the blonde teacher bent lower and she started to suck Mona’s breasts… “Don’t do anything… “ she murmured to the brown haired beauty as her teeth lightly love bit her friend’s erect nipples…

“Hmmmm… I think that I am going to love it!” Mona moaned as she felt Alice’s head move lower, reaching her brown haired pubes…

The blond teacher spread Mona’s legs to expose the brown haired target to her mouth and tongue. Mona started to moan as Alice worked her tongue into her wet cunt. She moaned louder as Alice dug her fingers into her marvelous ass and ate her out with savage hard strokes of tongue and lips.

“OHHH YESSS!” Mona cried as the blonde teacher concentrated on sucking her hard, throbbing clit. “YEESSSS!”

“YOU are my whore now! You are at my mercy!” Alice murmured stopping for a while. “Say it!”

“YES ! I AM YOUR WHORE NOW!” Mona cried as she bucked her hips against Alice’s face. “DON’T STOP! I’M CLOSE!” she cried feeling Alice’s mouth and tongue attack her pussy again like a hungry wild animal. “I AM FUCKING CLOSE!”

Alice kept on licking Mona’s pussy, great wet licks, up and down the slit, her mouth full open, the tip of the tongue finding her friend’s erect clit, working into her vagina… A few moments later the orgasm Mona was craving for shook her body and she let loose a finishing cry.

The two friends rested for a while on the bed, without speaking, catching their breath. Then Mona bent over Alice and she kissed her tenderly on the lips.

“You were great honey!” she said. “I really enjoyed every minute of you paying me back!”

“You deserved it!” Alice replied kissing her back… “I was never that way you know… Playing wild games, talking dirty while making love… I was rather conservative but now, thanks to you…I never thought that I could feel so hot, so wild… I feel different and I like it !”

“Well… I have to admit that you learn fast!” Mona said smiling. “However… your training is not finished yet!”

“Really? I thought that now I have learned everything!” Alice said in a teasing tone.

“You may be a teacher honey, but I have some more lessons to give you!” Mona replied. But let’s have a shower and a drink first !”

… Half an hour later they were naked, on Alice’s bed, chatting, teasing one another, enjoying their drinks… Mona was feeling that the blonde teacher was feeling relaxed, she looked hot and eager to try anything the brown haired beauty had in mind. “That’s the right time to fuck her brains out!” Mona thought as she finished her drink, placing her glass on the night table that was close to her.

“Come here!” she said turning to face again her friend, beckoning Alice with her hand.

Alice didn’t need any further encouragement to do so. The next second they were in each other’s arms, their hands busy with each other’s breasts. When Mona placed herself on top of Alice the blonde teacher spread her legs to allow her friend to mount her. A low moan escaped from their locked mouths as their pussies met.. Mona humped her hips downward, sending her mound sliding against Alice’s. She leaned forward and their tits met, nipples touching, stiffening. She opened her mouth and she kissed the blonde teacher roughly, her tongue meeting Alice’s in a wet, warm and exciting duel.

“Ohhh Mona! I am feeling so hot…” Alice moaned as they rubbed their cunts together, gyrating their pelvises in a slow, sensuous rhythm.

“Let’s heat things up then” Mona replied. “Let’s have a wilder fuck this time!”

“Yesss!” Alice moaned again, raising her pelvis once more, to not lose the contact of their rubbing cunts… “I love your wild games!”

“Let’s pretend that we are both whores this time!” Mona murmured locking her pussy lips to Alice’s.

“Mmmm… I think that I am going to like it!”

“We are two dirty horny whores….”

“Mmmm…. Yesss…”

“…Two whores who consider their pussies as the top pussies around!” Mona added keeping the slow and sensuous tempo of their cunts that drove them wild.

“I bet we have the top pussies around!” Alice murmured trying to play her role. All that dirty talking and the wild feeling of their pussies rubbing together were more than enough for her to play her friend’s game without caring about what was coming next.

“…Two whores who are proud of their skill to fuck better than any other whore around whenever they feel horny…” Mona whispered to Alice’s ear a second before starting to love bite her neck.

“Yesss! We are the best!” Alice groaned thrusting up her pelvis to keep their pussies in a tight embrace.

“Then we have a problem honey!” Mona said in a husky voice, while she raised her head and her upper torso to press her pussy tighter to Alice’s. “We don’t know which of us is the best. There is only one way to find out!” she added challengingly pressing Alice’s pussy harder with her own…

“You challenge me to a sexfight…” Alice murmured but to Mona’s relief she didn’t stop the sensuous rhythm their cunt were dancing in unison…

“Yes!” Mona nodded, looking at her friend. “That’s the only way to finish this game!” she added undulating her pelvis…

“But sexfight is only a show for men…” Alice protested in a low voice… but instinctively she kept the same tempo for their rubbing cunts

“I don’t see any man around!” Mona said then, encouraged by Alice’s response she started to move her pelvis faster.

“It is silly for two women to sexfight…” Alice protested again, but the way she mimicked her friend and her deep breaths made clear that her body didn’t agree with her words.

“I don’t think so… It is not, it is very hot and most of all… you love it !” Mona said huskily, as she felt her clit meet Alice’s. “My pussy is going to mercilessly fuck yours to prove it is better and you are going to love every second of it!” she added boldly, her clit searching for Alice’s. The two hardened clits met again, each rubbing alongside the other, then they tried to push one another backwards… The meeting of their hardened fleshy swords was wild and aggressive like a greeting full of unveiled hostility between two duelers, before their upcoming battle. It was a touch that didn’t last for long but it was enough for the excited blonde teacher to drop any reservations she still had.

“Ohhh you fucking whore!” Alice finally said her voice full of excitement. starting to move her pelvis even faster… “You want a pussy fight, you are going to have it! No mercy is given!” she added grabbing Mona’s fleshy ass globes with her hands, digging her fingers into the tender flesh.

Mona gasped, then she returned the favor squeezing Alice’s buttocks with growing pressure. The blonde teacher didn’t step back. She started to gyrate her hips faster, still holding Mona’s buttocks and the brown haired beauty mimicked her. Their hips moved together, faster and faster, their pussy lips sliding in delicious friction, their firm breasts had their own battle rubbing together, groans of pleasure escaping from their semi open mouths when their clits met.

“You think you are tough huh ?” Mona asked after a while. “I am tougher!” she went on without waiting for a reply. The next second she bent her head down and took Alice’s right tit into her mouth, her tongue stroking the nipple roughly. She sucked hard, drawing the stiff nipple into her mouth.

Alice moaned then she tugged her sexfight rival’s brown hair back. The next second her mouth was on Mona’s left breast, sucking it hungrily, lightly love biting the hardened nipple.

“Ohhhh you bitch” Mona moaned. Her mouth let Alice’s reddened tit free, then she grabbed the blonde teacher’s head with both hands lifting it up till their open lips met.

The two women started a lustful tongue-fight. Doing so they increased the tempo of their hips, whimpering with lust into each other’s mouths.

They went on that way for several minutes, when Alice pushed Mona back, breaking their kiss and her pelvic motion.

“What’s the matter honey?” Mona asked breathing hard after the tongue-fight marathon. “Is that all you can do?” She tried to keep her voice in a teasing tone, but she looked thoroughly at her friend’s eyes, trying to understand if the blonde teacher had changed her mind or not.

“Now I am part of this game, I can give you more than you can get” Alice replied, raising her pelvis again to push Mona’s pussy with her own for a brief moment. “But I don’t want to sexfight that way. You are on top of me, you are in a more advantageous position than me. This is not fair!”

“That’s why two women usually wrestle at first for a while trying to gain the top position” Mona said relieved, feeling that her friend didn’t plan to stop their game. “We left the wrestling part out, so you are right to complain” she added as she sat on the bed. “Let’s change to a position that is fair for both of us” she completed her phrase spreading her legs, leaning back on her arms. “Well…” she finally said looking boldly at her friend.”…Let’s scissor our legs. Bring it on bitch!”

They moved forward, legs spread, their hands behind them till they came into position. Then they backed up turning their bodies slightly at opposite sides, moving a little closer. Their pelvises shot forward and slammed into each other, The moment the brown haired covered mound met the blonde haired covered one they shot their pelvises forward, slamming them into each other.

“I can feel your dirty little hairy whore on mine, bitch,” Mona said. “It’ will be eaten alive by mine.”

“I will fuck your brains out soon, you slut!” Alice gasped as she started to rub her pussy on her sexfight rival’s.

Mona counter attacked with all her might pushing her pussy forward. Then, feeling their pussies in a tight embrace, she started to gyrate her hips. “Let’s see who is going to fuck whom” she hissed, her clit invading Alice’s wet pussy lips.

They gripped each other’s arms and their hips started to move faster. They humped each other harder, their breathing getting faster. Their pussies met with each jerk of the hips, their erect clits fought hard with one another when they had the chance to meet. Their orgasm was approaching like a storm, they felt it and they double their efforts.

“I am fucking you” Alice hissed. “I am fucking you like the dirty whore that you are!” She pushed her pussy forward and their clits met once more, stabbing wildly at each other.

“I am fucking you back you horny bitch!” Mona replied gyrating frantically with her pelvis. “I am better and I am going to prove it right now!” she added, feeling that her sexfight rival was closer to surrendering to her lustful pussy thrusts and rubbing. Before completing her phrase she pushed Alice backwards with all her might. She caught the blond teacher by surprise and she had no time to react, so she fell on the bed her legs wide spread. The next second Mona was between her sexfight rival’s open thighs, placing her mound on top of Alice’s.

“Ooooohhhhh uhmn…. No, you dirty slut!” the blond teacher groaned and tried to counter attack, to meet any downwards pelvic thrust of Mona’s pussy with upwards pelvic thrusts of her own. Their wide open cunts started to rub together in a frantic rhythm, they kept on doing so for a few more minutes, while animalistic cries escaped from their open mouths.

“YOU FUCKER!… AGGGGGNNNNNGGGGG…. OOOOHHHHH GAWWWDD I AM COMING!” Alice wailed as she collapsed in a defeated orgasm, her body convulsing underneath Mona’s victorious, final strokes. She came hard and her body kept on shaking all over as Mona didn’t stop her attack. A moment later Mona let out a deep shuddering moan as her orgasm followed. Even then they didn’t stop rubbing their flooded cunts in unison, in a slower rhythm, till quieter orgasm hit them both at almost the same time. Their third orgasm came after awhile, taking all their remaining erotic strength.

They kept the same position for a couple of minutes, breathing hard… Mona looked at her friend, waiting for her reaction… Alice looked back at her, without speaking, then she smiled…

“Ohhh my!” the blond teacher finally said in a low voice, still breathing hard. “I never thought that it would be that hot…”

“How do you feel honey?” Mona asked her.

“I feel strange…” Alice replied. I feel a little frustrated because I lost… You woke up my competitive feelings. So it was not so good for me to lose a game, any kind of game, even to a friend. Especially that kind of game, which has to do with my female pride. At the same time… all these wild attempts to out-fuck one another, the trash talking that raised my excitement beyond all expectation … I just had some of the most wild and exciting moments of my sexual life…”

“Welcome to the sexfight world then!” Mona said bending to kiss Alice tenderly on her lips. Then she let her body relax close to her friend’s…

The End

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