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Have in mind that those times there were not panties and bras. Women wore fleeces which covered their breasts and their pussies. Sometimes they were topless or nude.

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TEB was a hot woman in her middle 20s. When her dark hair become too long, she cut them using a knife made by a stone. Teb had a slender body with big and firm round breasts of 36C size and a very hot round ass. She was 5’2, which was the average height of women those times. She weighed 120 pounds, but you could not find an ounce of fat on her. She was kind, her full sensual lips smiled often but she was competitive by nature and demanding. 

LIV had also a remarkable figure. Her skin was less dark than Teb’s, she had brown wide eyes, a swan-like neck and firm breasts of 34C. Liv was a little taller (5’4) than Teb, weighting about the same. She was brown-haired, with firm and smooth thighs and long slender legs. Her long hair was almost to her shoulders. LIV was strong, bossy and very competitive. She wanted all people to admire her many skills and her beauty. 

Teb and Liv had matured early, they had 3 children each. The older of these children followed the hunters to learn how to hunt. The younger ones play together usually under the surveillance of an old woman when their mothers were out to collect food. 
The two women were friends, they lived in the same cave, they used to collect fruits and vegetables together, to talk about their experiences. 

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Of course, those times people did not use all the words and the expressions we use today. Teb and Liv were not an exception. So, my fantasy invented some words. In addition, they had not the plurality and the variety of words as we have now. Those times they often invented words to express themselves.

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When our story starts Teb is in the cave, trying to light a fire rubbing two stones. 

LIV : (entering to the cave) . Hello, how are you today ? When I left to collect some seeds you were sleeping, I did not want to wake you up. 

TEB : I think that I heard you to leave. I try to light a damned fire. I fail all the times. 

LIV : Let me help ! (she lights the fire with her second try). You see ? It is easy !! 

TEB : (nervously) You are a very lucky woman, that’s you are !! 

LIV : (smiling) It is a matter of practice and experience. 

Then they light 2 more fires into the cave. 

LIV : Now… let’s sit on this comfortable rock. (they do). Tell me. Somehow, I have the feeling that to light the fires was not your only problem. 

TEB : No, it is not ! The hunters let us alone here with a few old men. We are without men for many sunrises ! I feel lonely… I want a strong hunter to fill my little hairy cave with his hard rod ! 

LIV : (embracing her) . All the women here have the same problem. We have missed our hunters; I hope they will be back soon. Bringing back a lot of food, their hard rods also ! 

TEB : I hope… but I cannot sleep, I am nervous… The nights… sometimes I caress my breasts… and I also touch my wet and hot cave… I want… I do not know what exactly I want but I want something right now ! 

LIV : (looking around). Where are all the rest ? 

TEB : Gal has gone to collect some fresh pears; she took my young children with her to teach them how to do it. To play with her kids as well, I guess. The old men who play the role of our guards till our hunters to return, they went to the nearby caves, to see if we are all OK. I guess that they will be out till the sun to start falling. 

LIV : So, we are alone… Come here… Her face comes closer to Teb’s, then their lips touch in a light kiss. Teb instinctively opens her mouth to welcome Liv’s invading tongue. She closes her eyes and she hug Liv tighter… Then… 

TEB (drawing her face away, loosening her hug) : LIV ! What are you try to do with me ? We are both women ! This must be done to a woman by a man, not by another woman ! Our wise old wizard says that our caves need a man’s rod in order to make a baby, to give us some pleasure also ! We cannot have pleasure or a baby without a hunter’s rod moving in and out of our caves ! We need a man’s body to turn us horny, to give us some pleasure, then to finish with a big Ohlahlah… 
You are not a man LIV ! You have not a rod ! I have seen you naked when we have a bath at the river or at the lake… I have seen your little hairy cave, your two big apples… 

LIV : (looking intensely at TEB…) I do not care what the old wizard says… He also said that we will have a lot of food here and he was wrong. Our hunters are out for many sun-risings trying to get some. He also gave to Mirn some plants to be better when the big wolf bit him. Mirn is now away, the big dark ate him… 
I mean… Finally, the wise old man is not so wise Teb… He makes mistakes… Tell me… (now she holds Teb by her shoulders, her face a few inches away…) when I kissed you, you opened your mouth and our tongues were touching… did you like it or not ? It was like a hunter kissed you ! No ? 

TEB : (murmuring) Yes, it was good… 

LIV : You see ? You closed your eyes Teb, I saw you ! You closed your eyes and you let yourself to enjoy it. For a moment you forgot I am also a woman ! No ? (she draws Teb closer, their lips are almost touching again). 

TEB : (in a slow voice…) Yes… but… You are not… 

LIV stops her, as her lips seals Teb’s lips. Teb tries to say something, but the brown-haired’s tongue invades to her open mouth again… Liv’s right hand goes under her friend’s fleece and she grabs her left breast, rubbing sensually the erect nipple… 

TEB : (without to protest any more)… Ohhhhhh… you hardened my two big apples, the small peaks on each of them as well !! She moans and her tongue plays with Liv’s tongue, hugging her friend tighter than before… 

LIV : (hugging the dark-haired beauty as they are both stood now) You see… we can do a lot of things together… horny things… You feel my big apples to rub on yours? 

TEB : Yes… So good… I wish we were naked now… 

LIV : let’s go in the darker place of the cave, where you lay to get some sleep. Nobody can see us there, no animal will approach the cave because of the fires we have lit… come on… 

TEB : But I do not want to sleep… I am so horny… I want to feel good… 

LIV : You will ! I also want to feel good; I want this more than you ! We will bang each other… 

TEB : without rods ? 

LIV : We have fingers, we have tongues, we have our big apples and their peaks, we have our horny hairy caves… Trust me… I know… 

TEB : (as she followed her) It looks exciting… Where you learned all these tricks ? 

LIV : from Zan, our old witch, before the big dark to eat her… She was so hot… She was a little older than us, then the bad deep river took her away 3-4 moons before, remember ? She told me that two women can offer pleasure to each other, if they want to and if they know how… She showed to me… 4 times… when we were alone again, when our hunters were out to hunt again. I banged her, she banged me and we had some big Ohlahlah all of these times… It was so good !! Then the hunters returned, and I realized that I like a man’s body, his stiff rod inside me…. But I like the same the body of another woman… 

TEB : Listening to you I feel horny… 

They both go to a place deep inside the cave. A big bunch of soft leaves is there. The two women stand next to it now. 

LIV : I know how you feel… Now let me take that skin of ship out ! (she takes off Teb’s fleece leaving her friend nude). Then she pushes her on the bunch of leaves. Teb is laying now in the big bunch looking at Liv. Her friend smiles, she takes her own fleece out, next second she is on the bunch on top of her friend. 

TEB : LIV ! What are you doing ? You are not a hunter; you cannot bang me !! 

LIV : I can !! I will bang you and you will bang me at the same time ! 
Liv forces TEB’s leg to spread wide and she lowers her body, so their breasts and their pussies are in touch. 

TEB : Ohhhh Liv ! Our big apples are in touch ! You make them to rub together… All of our bodies are rubbing together. Ohhhh that…. Your hand in my cave… I feel it… Ohhhhh… I feel so horny… I like it ! 

LIV : Put your fingers in my cave !! Yes…. That way… You learn fast !! Grind your hardened apples to mine !! We will have a big Ohlahlah soon !! Like the ones we have when the hunters bang us !

TEB : Yes Liv, Yeeeeessss !! Oh that Zen, she taught you so wrong tricks that I love !! It’s Pity the Big Dark swallowed her…. I wish I had meet her in private too !! 

LIV : (Kissing her as she kept fingering Teb’s pussy) No need !! I will teach you anything !! Ohhhh !!! I love to teach you these tricks, to bang you !! Yes, yessss, your fingers, move them in and out of my cave like a hunter’s rod !! Yess !! That’s it ! Harder !! 

TEB : (without to stop the fingering action)… who else you taught Liv ? 

LIV : Gin, the blond who lives in the cave after the trees… Ren, Blo, Max, Cun… who cares… Do not stop !! I tried to be with you many times, I really did. 

TEB : You did ? Or these are excuses ? Maybe you do not like me as much as all these bitches you taught before !! 

LIV : (kissing her on the lips, their tongues wrestling for a while before to speak, always keeping the fingering rhythm) Are you crazy ? I wanted you, I prove it now !! Don’t’ I ? 

TEB : (among love bites to Liv’s neck) You do ? I am not sure… Maybe, it is because none of these bitches are around to bang them again ! Instead of me !! (now she bites Liv’s breasts a little harder) 

LIV : Oghhhh !! You were never available or alone till now. I also tried to start something a few sunrisings ago, in the river. We were alone, remember ? Then other women joined us to wash themselves. Come on… Bang me back harder !! All this talk… You tease me, right ? You love to tease me !! 

TEB : Am I better than them ? (She pushes Liv away of her for an instant, then she is on top of her). Tell me am I better than them ? (she keeps asking while her breasts rub sensuously to Liv’s breasts). 

LIV : Ohhhh yeeessssss ! You are… Don’t you feel how my body craves for yours ? How my fingers bang you ? how my cave craves for your fingers ? Come on… push in harder ! My Ohlahlah is coming ! I feel it !! 

TEB : Mine too !! Yesss !! Yessss !! Do not stop !!

They keep fucking each other till… 
LIV : Me too !! OHLAHLAaaaaaH !!! 

One day later… 
LIV (entering to their cave) : Where are you ? are you alone ? 
TEB : Come in ! I am here, on our nest ! Ready and horny ! 

Next day, in the forest… as they collect fruits… 
TEB : Liv, put the apples down ! We are alone, all the other women left ! Now I want to taste YOUR apples !! 

A month later, they are in the lake, washing themselves… 
LIV : I feel so horny… Hunters left us again, to search for animals they can kill, to bring some food… We are alone… 

TEB : I love hunters and their rods, but I love that kind of banging you taught me too !! 

LIV : I noticed !! Yesterday when sun was high yet, I was with Zen near by the river. I heard Max to scream while you banged her ! 

TEB : (Going out of the lake)… Oh really ? Why you were with Zen alone ? Hah ? 

LIV : (Going out of the lake too, getting close to Teb)… Because Blo – whom I prefer – was banging with Ren in her cave and you were banging Max !! 

TEB : (Getting even closer, now they are an inch away, their nipples in touch). You do ? You prefer Blo than me ? You find her better than me ? 

LIV : (hugging Teb)… I mean that she is hot !! 

TEB : Hot ? what do you mean ? 

LIV : Yes hot, this is the right word !! She is hot like a stone of a volcano tossed away after its explosion ! Besides, you were busy banging Max. 

TEB : Hot heh ? (she suddenly pushes Liv on the soft sand, next second being on top of her) 

LIV : Teb ! What are you doing ? Your hands… You are so… fighting…. You almost rip what I wear !! Slow down… Are you angry ? Come on ! Let’s enjoy it… 

TEB : (Letting Liv’s hands to take off her fleece)… Yes ! I want to kill you !! To kill you by pleasure !! Till to tell me that I am better than you !! You were my teacher Liv to that kind of banging but now I am better ! I can bang better than you or any other bitch around !! 

LIV : (she pushes Teb at her side, next second she was on top of her, keeping Teb’s hands with her own, her breasts on Teb’s, their naked pussies collided) Really ? No bitch is better than me !! I can bang you better than you can bang me !! 

TEB : No, you can NOT !! (As she tries to be on top again, as she meets her friend’s down-thrusts with her up-thrusts, she starts to grind her pussy on Liv’s). 

LIV : Ohhhhh !! Your cave moves against mine… Ohhhh you move like your cave bangs my cave, fighting my cave at the same time ! But I am better to this new game also !! My cave is better than yours Teb ! It will make you to have an Ohlahlah first !! 

TEB : (keeping the fucking rhythm) Really ? My cave will eat your cave alive !! You will have many ohlahlah before I do… My cave will make yours to have rainy fluids many times !! Then I will force you to give me a big ohlahlah !! 

LIV : (Fucking more intensely now)…. My cave hates your cave Teb !! This is a fight and I will win !! Because my cave is better !! 

TEB : You can’t ! My cave is so horny that it will turns your cave dry !! 

LIV : I am better ! I will bang you till to scream !! 

TEB : You ugly beast !! 

LIV : You old with broken nails cat ! 

TEB : Give it to me !! Harder !! 

LIV : Yessss !! Take this Teb !!

TEB : Take that Liv !! 

LIV : Ohhhhhh… The very little dragon which guards my cave found your dragon !! 

TEB : Let them fight !! My dragon is small but it is bigger and harder than yours !! It will crash yours !!

LIV : My little dragon will kill your little dragon, then it will fire your cave !! 

TEB : Oh no !! My little dragon will bang your little dragon and your cave till to say that I am better !! 

LIV : I will never…. Ohhhh You fox !! My Ohlahlah is coming !! Do not stop… I will kill you with my bare hands if you dare to stop !! Harder !! Fight my cave with yours ! That’s it ! Harder !! 
Fight my angry small dragon with yours ! Ohhhh Yesssss !! 

TEB : Am I better ? 

LIV : Yeeeees… Bang you !! You are… this time !! Oh yesssss !!! OHLAHLAH !!! 

TEB : Which cave is better Liv ?

LIV : Yours… This time… Do not stop !! OHLAHLAH !! 

TEB : Which little dragon is stronger Liv ? 

LIV : Yours… Oh… I had never an Ohlahlah like this one !! 

TEB : My turn Liv !! My Ohlahlah is coming now I won !! (She sits on Liv’s face…) Use your mouth to make me to have a big ohlahlah !! Lick my dragon, then my cave !! 

LIV : What do you… Ummmm… I like the taste of your fluids ! 

TEB : Yes… More ! More !! OHLAHLAH !!! Lick harder !! OHLAHLAH !! 
They separate… laying on the sand side by side, catching their breaths… 

LIV : You must be a witch Teb ! You find new things to do !! First the fight of our caves, then to make me to eat your cave… So exciting !! 

TEB : Yes ! I loved the way our caves were bang-fighting each other !! How we had not done it before ? And your mouth, on my cave !! Licking my little dragon, drinking my fluids… So good for the winner to get her ohlahlah that way ! 

LIV : We had not finished yet !! Let’s wash ourselves again at the lake and then my turn to win !! 

TEB : (Kissing lightly her friend). You will never win this fight ! But let’s go for that wash first ! 
After a while… 
LIV : Now we are even !! My turn my cave to taste your tongue now ! 

Next day near by the lake again… 
LIV : Why you look at me that way ? Do you still believe that you are better ? 

TEB : I do !! Do you want to settle this again ? 

LIV : Ohhhhh Yes !!

Next day, they collect seeds from the ground… 
TEB : Hey !! You did not see these seeds ? Are you blind ? 

LIV : Stop talk that way to me Teb !! Or else… 

TEB : Or else ? Settle this again ?

LIV : I will teach you who of us collects seeds better ! Come here if you dare !! 
TEB : Here I am !! My cave against your cave again !! 

A month later… 
LIV : I am better Blo !! Say it !!

BLO : No, you are not !! My cave will win your cave !

A few meters away… in another cave… 
TEB : My little Dragon bangs your cave Max ! 

Near by the river… 
JOL : Bang me harder Ren !! Yes, you are better !! My ohlahlah is so close !! 
REN : Mine too Jol !! But your Ohlahlah will come first !! 

Next day in the forest…
TEB : Liv… Come here to teach you a lesson or two… 
LIV : Here I am Teb !! My cave is always ready to fight yours ! You will scream so loudly when my little dragon will find yours that all the birds will fly away !! 

Same day, in a cave… 

OLD MAN 1 : My friend… I hear women to scream everywhere !! Banging screams ! I think that the women do not wait the hunters with a big impatience anymore ! 

OLD MAN 2 : No, they do not !! They have invented a new way to bang-fight each other. As I saw in my future dreams… this will be very popular among women in the future !! Our descendantt after many many sunrisings, will write very exciting stories about it !!  

OLD MAN 1 : “write” ? “stories” ? “descendants after many sunrisings” ? “popular ?” I cannot stand you when you drink that juice by those weird plants !! You say that you have visions from the “future”… Future my ass !! 

The End

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