Camilla vs Yang by N2-9

The interdimensional catfight arena was ready for the show to begin. The arena took aspects from the participants home dimension and changed its appearance to match. One side of the arena had a futuristic look. The walls were all a shining white and everything was smooth and clean. It also seemed to be in a hexagon shape. It was half of the Amity Colosseum from the Vytal Festival.

The other half of the arena was a lot more traditional. A Roman-style Colosseum where everything was made out of carved stone. The seats and the steps were a beige colour and torches illuminated the stands.

The referee looked at her arena and smiled enjoying the contrast of the old and the new. She was wearing a black and white striped crop top and a similarly coloured thong. Long black hair ran down her back as she made her way to the centre of the Coliseum. With one foot in the future and one foot in the past, she raised the microphone to her lips. “I hope you’re all ready for the first-ever interdimensional catfight match” her silky-smooth voice transmitted around the arena. The crowd cheered. They were not really there of course. They were all holograms but each hologram represented a person watching from home.

The ref grinned excitedly. “Well then let’s get things underway” she gestured to the futuristic side of the arena. “Now introducing, from the world of Remnant she is the blonde bombshell, the yellow bumblebee, the young and up-and-coming Huntress Yang, Xiao, Long.

The doors slid open and Yang made her entrance her theme song (I burn) blaring out of the hidden speakers. She was wearing a yellow bikini which had some orange highlights. Her emblem was plastered over one of her breasts. She was also wearing sunglasses which made it hard to see her expression. Yang walked forward confidently then she pulled her sunglasses off and gave the crowd a cheeky smile. “Are you ready to see me dominate this match?” she cried. The holographic crowd cheered their affirmative. Yang started to shadowbox throwing lightning-fast punches and uppercuts which made her breasts bounce back and forth her golden hair swinging from side to side.

Ref let Yang’s showboating go on for another moment and then turned to the other side of the arena. “And now introducing her opponent, from the realm of fire emblem, The eldest princess of Nohr, the fearsome Malig Knight, and a Wyvern Rider, Its Camilla”

A tall purple-haired woman appeared from the stone side of the Coliseum. Camilla was in a bikini top which looked like it was struggling to contain her gigantic bosom. Her bottom half was in a black thong with a light purple piece of fabric tied around her waist which flowed elegantly behind her. As she walked Camilla smiled gently and blew kisses to the crowd.

As the two feminine fighters approached Ref in the centre she clicked her fingers and a wrestling ring materialised around them. like the Coliseum itself the ring was half futuristic and half traditional. Yang stared at Camilla’s massive tits and scowled. She was used to being the one with the biggest assets around but hers weren’t even half as big as Camilla’s pair.

“All right girls, I want a good sexy catfight” Ref said. “Hair pulling bitch slapping, Clothes ripping, Breast groping, Pussy Kicking are all legal and encouraged, the only things which are not allowed are weapons and magical attacks everything else goes, so you are free to do whatever you like to each other, the match will continue until one of you is unable to carry on, do you agree to this?”

“I do,” Camilla said staring at Yang

“Yeah me too,” Yang said not breaking eye contact.

“Excellent” Ref said. “now is there something you’d like to say to each other before we begin?”

“Yes there sure is,” Camilla said. “I am extremely disappointed that my opponent seems to be some scrawny little girl who hasn’t even fully matured yet” Camilla gestured to Yang’s breasts.

Yang’s face flushed red. “Hey, I am mature enough to kick your sorry ass”

Camilla ignored her and turned to Ref. “Are you even sure she is 18?”

“Of course I’m 18” Yang growled. “Anyway did I hear right, you’re a Princess, so what I’m wondering is what kind of Princess has big sluty tits like that, did you get a magical boob job or something”

It was now Camilla’s turn to flush red. “How dare you, my babies are all-natural,” she said scandalised.

“Yeah right,” Yang said sarcastically.

“You little bitch”


Ref had been enjoying the trash talk but just before it was going to escalate, she interrupted. “All right then, girlies are you ready to go at it?”

Yang cracked her knuckles. “You bet”

Camilla just nodded.

“Ok then,” Ref said excitedly. “Ready, and, Catfight” she shouted.

The two women immediately went for each other. Camilla threw a slap which smacked into Yang’s cheek. Yang’s head whipped to one side from the impact her blonde hair trailing behind her. But she didn’t let this slow her down and she hurled a punch. Yang’s fist met with Camilla’s face which snapped the purple-haired beauty’s head backwards. Yang sank her other fist into Camilla’s exposed stomach which rewarded her with a gasp of pain from her as she bent over. Yang then hit her with an uppercut to her chin which sent Camilla’s head right back up again. As Camilla was trying to recover from this combo Yang went for her most tempting targets. She sent a quick one-two punch into both of Camilla’s massive tits. Yang’s fists almost disappeared as they sunk into the fleshy orbs. Camilla howled in pain and staggered backwards hugging her hurting breasts protectively. “I guess having giant tits comes with some disadvantages,” Yang said smirking. This comment made Ref laugh as she watched the action from near the ropes. Yang winked at her and then went to press her advantage.

Camilla was standing near the ropes on the fire emblem side of the ring. She was still clutching her breasts breathing heavily.

“Out of breath already bitch” Yang taunted.

“Shut up” Camilla growled.

“Ooo good come back,” Yang said sarcastically and then she swung her fist at Camilla’s head however this time Camilla’s hand shot up and grabbed Yang’s fist before it could make contact. “what the?” Yang said in surprise her confident suddenly leaving her. Camilla then twisted Yang’s arm which made the trapped blonde scream in pain. Camilla then shot her leg up and spiked her knee into Yang’s stomach. Yang gasped bending over reflexively. Camilla then grabbed hold of Yang’s hair and pulled. Yang shrieked as her golden mane was tugged harshly. She grabbed Camilla’s wrist and tried to pull her hands off her hair but this only made Camilla pull harder. “No not my hair” she whimpered.

“You’re in the wrong kind of fight if you don’t want me going for your hair,” Camilla said smiling. “This is a catfight” Camilla began to drag Yang around the ring by her hair. She strutted around the circumference of the ring Yang bent double had little choice but to follow her moaning in pain. When Camilla passed Ref she said, “I am taking my pet for a walk, do you like her?”

“Yes I think she’s rather cute,” Ref said smiling “Especially when she’s like this”

Yang moaned in protest.

“You won’t think she’s cute when I’m through with her,” Camilla said evilly. She pulled her opponent over to one of the rwby corners of the ring and then forced Yang’s head into the top of the turnbuckle. Yang gasped as her forehead smashed against the metal pole. Dazed for a moment she just stood there unsteady on her feet her head slowly rotating comically. Camilla then sent a kick into the small of Yang’s back. This sent Yang stumbling forward right back into the turnbuckle, her breasts were squashed between the turnbuckle and her own body. She let out a husky grunt and sank to her knees. “Not so cocky when it’s your tits getting punished are we” Camilla taunted.

“Fuck you” Yang moaned.

“Ooo good comeback” Camilla said. She lashed out with another kick which sent Yang sprawling to the mat. Camilla then placed her barefoot on Yang’s back in a dominating pose. She grounded her heel over Yang skin causing Yang to moan. “Well looks like I win, you know Ref you should really make sure the girls you bring here can actually put up a fight” Ref just shrugged. Camilla opened her mouth to say something else but she gasped as she suddenly found herself tumbling to the ground. Yang had grabbed her other foot and pulled harshly which made the Nohr Princess lose her balance and fall. Camilla landed heavily on her ass.

Without missing a beat Yang leapt on top of the downed Camilla. She straddled her stomach and started raining punches down on her head. Camilla grunted as Yang’s fists smashed into her face. She covered her head with her arms protectively however Yang continued to hammer away but when this started yielding diminishing results she changed target. Yang smashed her fist into Camilla’s tits once again. Camilla opened her mouth and screamed in agony as Yang started maliciously pounding her most prized assets. Yang sent punch after punch into Camilla’s huge breasts. She smashed down on them flattening them against Camilla’s chest. She punched them from underneath sending them bouncing upwards and then she smacked them on the site sending them bumping into each other. By now some ugly purple bruises were beginning to form on Camilla’s suffering rack. The purple-haired woman had tears in her eyes and she was moaning softly.

Yang grabbed Camilla’s top and ripped it off. Camilla’s gigantic tits were now laid bare for the whole arena to see. “Here, a present for you,” Yang said and through the bikini top to Ref. Smiling Ref caught it and held it up to inspect. One of the cups was almost the same size as her head. “Not so high and mighty now, are you skank?” Yang said she raised a fist ready to resume the assault on Camilla’s now naked tits, but the small rest bite Camilla had as Yang stripped her was enough for her to get some fight back in her. She reached her hand up and raked her nails down Yang’s cheek leaving a trail of red scratches. Yang squealed and recoiled then Camilla flung her own punch into her face which sent the blonde stumbling off her.

Camilla rose up off the floor her naked breasts jiggling as she did so. Both women were beginning to feel fatigued, their bodies were covered in sweat and both of them were breathing deeply. Camilla was topless and her breasts had some purple bruises on them, her face was also red souvenirs from Yang’s vicious punches. Yang still had all her clothes on but her hair was a mess sticking out at odd angles after Camilla had pulled it, she also had a red scratch mark on her cheek. Camilla and Yang stared at each other trying to gauge the other one’s next move. “Give up slut you can’t best me,” Camilla said.

“Oh yeah, well you’re the one who’s topless not me” Yang countered. “That means I’m winning”

“She’s got a point” Ref admitted.

 “Well, then I’ll just have to even the score” Camilla charged at Yang her breasts bouncing. Yang met her charge with one of her own and the two women crashed together in a furious exchange of slaps punches and squeals of pain. After slapping Camilla in her face and breasts a few times Yang grabbed some of her purple hair and began to pull it harshly. Camilla gasped and retaliated by seizing Yang’s golden locks and pulling right back. Both of them gritted their teeth and pulled harder determined to win this mutual hair pulling struggle.

Ref smiled to herself enjoying the show.

Suddenly Yang felt the pain in her scalp recede. Smiling to herself thinking that Camilla had retreated out of pain she yanked on the purple locks even harder, but then she felt some fingers at her bikini top. Camilla had not stopped pulling her hair because of the pain she had just seen an opening and she had taken it. She untied the string of Yang’s bikini top and stripped it off her. Yang gasped in surprise as her tits were revealed, letting go of Camilla’s hair. “Here,” Camilla said tossing Yang’s top to Ref. She caught it with one hand, now she had two sets of tops. “Now who’s winning” Camilla taunted cockily.

“Screw you” Yang snarled blushing.

“What’s the matter did I take your top, to be honest it’s hard to tell because your boobs are so small” Camilla laughed.

“Then not small” Yang snapped back.

“They are, compared to mine,” Camilla said shaking her tits to emphasise this point.

“That’s because you’re a slut” Yang shot back.

“Or maybe you’re just jealous,” Camilla said. “And to be honest I can’t blame you”

Tired of her opponents taunts Yang rushed at her, her own tits jiggling. Camilla brought her hand up ready to block an incoming punch but Yang surprised her by ducking down and sticking her arms around her waist instead. Yang then began to squeeze with all her might. Camilla let out a gasp as she started to be crushed by her opponent’s vice-like grip. She arched her back and threw her head backwards as the pain in her spine intensified. Yang continued to squeeze as if she was trying to get the last pieces of toothpaste out of its tube. Tears began to well up in Camilla’s eyes she wasn’t sure how much more she could take and it didn’t look like Yang was going to let up any time soon, she needed to do something and the only thing she could think of was to mirror her opponents move. She wrapped her arms around Yang’s waste and applied a bear hug of her own. Yang’s eyes widened in shock when she felt Camilla begin to crush her body but she didn’t let up on her own attack squeezing even harder. Trapped in each other’s embrace both women put all their power into their mutual bear hug. Their sweaty bodies intertwined. Their naked breasts mash together nipples sticking into each other’s flesh. Both of them had their eyes closed their faces a mask of pain and determination. There was something quite intimate about all this physical contact but both of them forced this thought out of their heads and focused on their efforts to crush the other. Low husky moans escaped from their closed mouths.

Ref watched Yang and Camilla’s embrace. All that sweaty bearskin straining against each other started to turn her on. She licked her lips. Her hand slowly travelled down to her panties as the other started rubbing her left boob.

By this point, both Yang’s and Camilla’s faces were bright red. They both started to feel uncomfortably hot which added to the pain they were experiencing from the bear hug. Sweat trickled down their bodies and onto their opponents. Slowly they both began to lose their balance as they put all their effort into trying to pop the other. They wobbled back and forth their legs shaking until eventually both Camilla and Yang fell to the floor still clutching each other. They crashed to the mat and lay on their side their arms still wrapped around each other but no longer squeezing. For a moment both women lay there breathing heavily. Their naked breasts heaved and they could feel each other’s breath on their faces. The two feminine combatants lay there for about 30 seconds trying to get their strength back staring into each other’s eyes.

Finally, Camilla opened her mouth “You Slut”

“Bitch” Yang replied sharply.

“Tramp” Camilla reached forward and grabbed Yang’s blonde hair and pulled.

Yang winced but did likewise and grabbed at Camilla’s purple hair “Cow”

They lay there on the floor hands in each other’s hair pulling viciously their legs sending kicks into the others shins. Wanting to get in the more dominant position Yang try to roll on top of Camilla but the older woman rolled with her and the two entered a rolling catball. As they rolled round and round they continue to tear at each other’s hair with occasional slaps to their breasts and face. Ref had to jump out of the way as they rolled past her, taking her hand out of her panties. When they reach the edge of the ring Yang and Camilla reverse direction rolling back the way they came still tearing into each other wildly. Yang took one hand away from Camilla’s hair and instead grabbed hold of her thong and pulled. Camilla screamed as her panties were pulled into a painful wedgie before snapping off taking the tattered piece of cloth with them leaving her completely naked. When they rolled so Camilla was briefly on top she pulled at Yang’s bottoms and stripped them off her as well. Now both women didn’t have a stitch of clothing left on them but this fact did nothing to stop their rolling struggle.

Camilla grabbed Yang by the hair and forced her head down in between her breasts. Yang did her best to resist but it was no use and her face was pushed into Camilla’s cleavage. Camilla’s huge tits surrounded Yang’s entire head. It was like she had put her face in between two soft pillows. Yang’s vision went completely dark and all sound became muffled. Camilla’s tits drip sweat onto her face as if it was spring water from the mountains. Camilla smiled, she was rubbing the fact that she had bigger tit’s in Yang’s face, literally. Yang was beginning to find it hard to get enough oxygen in her fleshy prison. She was beginning to feel lightheaded and she didn’t have the strength to break free of this humiliating breast smother. Was this it? No, she wouldn’t be defeated by this stuck up bitch. There was only one way she was getting out of this. Yang opened her mouth.

Camilla looked down at Yang’s head which was slotted snugly between her breasts. “Do you think she’s still conscious in there?” she asked Ref.

“Well looks like she stopped moving so maybe not” Ref replied “looks like you win””

“Yes, I knew I could beat that little sl….. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWMMMMMMM!” Camilla’s sentence was cut off by her own bloodcurdling scream. She immediately let go of Yang’s head.

“Oh my!” Ref said in surprise as she saw Yang with her teeth digging into Camilla’s right nipple.

“AAAAAAMMM FUCK GET OFF, GET OFF” Camilla screamed violently pushing at Yang’s head. But Yang kept her jaws firmly clamped around Camilla’s tit. Tears welled up in Camilla’s eyes as she continued to scream. “FUCK GET OFF” in a move of complete desperation she swung her legs upwards and her foot smashed into Yang’s naked pussy. Yang’s eyes bulged and she opened her mouth to gasp releasing Camilla’s tit. The young blonde fell to one side her hands over her throbbing vagina her whole body trembling. Camilla backed up and examined her stinging tit. Her most prized assets now had a ring of teeth marks around her nipple which still hurt like hell. “You’ve done it now bitch,” she said with cold fury.

She walked over to Yang who was still lying on the ground recovering from Camilla’s low blow. “I am going to leave you battered and broken in this ring,” Camilla said. “But first I’m going to rip out your precious hair” she grabbed two handfuls of Yang’s blonde hair and pulled. Yang moaned in pain as her whole body was lifted up by her hair. With her free hand Camilla sent some harsh slaps into Yang’s breasts which made them jiggle then she sank her fist into Yang’s stomach. Yang grunted and spat out some saliva. Camilla smiled enjoying the humiliation that she was putting her opponent through. Then as if she was a contestant in the Olympic hammer toss she spun Yang around by her hair gradually getting faster and faster. Yang screamed at the top of her voice as the whole arena span. Just before Camilla was about to let go there was a ripping sound and Yang flew off anyway. Surprised Camilla looked down and saw that she was holding two large pieces of blonde hair. Yang fell heavily to the floor, her hair significantly shorter than it had been. Camilla laughed, “Maybe I will rip all of your hair out and leave you bald.” She opened her hand and let Yang’s hair fall to the ground. As Yang watched her hair slowly float to the mat something came over her. Her naked body forgot all its fatigue and trembled with unreleased power. Her eyes changed from a calm blue to a raging bright red. The remaining hair she had started to glow brightly. Camilla smile died on her face as she watched Yang’s transformation. “Uh hey Ref, that’s cheating you said no magic” she said trying to hide the fear in her voice.

“I said no weapons or magic attacks I didn’t say anything about powering yourself up” Ref replied. “Besides I think you brought this on yourself”

“Wait, but…” Camilla started to say.

Yang screamed in rage and launched herself forward and smashed her fist into Camilla’s cheek. Camilla stumbled backwards seeing nothing but stars. Yang then sent an equally powerful punch right into her stomach. The force of the blow lifted Camilla off her feet for a second as she spat out a mouthful of saliva. Then Yang started to send lightning-fast punches into Camilla’s tits. It was like meteors crashing into two twin moons leaving craters in their wake. Camilla let out a guttural moan as Yang mercilessly pounded her large boobs. Camilla’s tits were now covered in a patchwork of ugly bruises. But even this was not enough to sate Yang’s fierce anger. She sent two hooks into Camilla’s head one left one right the princesses head snapping to either side. Then she blasted Camilla’s toned stomach with a few more punches. Sweat exploding off her with every impact. “uuummm” Camilla moaned nonsensically wobbling on her feet but Yang was still not finished. She ducked down and nailed Camilla right in her naked pussy. Camilla screamed at the top of her voice her eyes bulging reflexively bending over and cupping her crotch. Then Yang sent a devastating uppercut right under her chin. Camilla’s teeth were smashed together as her head whipped backwards with a trail of purple hair. She went flying from the impact and landed in an undignified heap on the floor at the fire emblem side of the ring.

“Shouldn’t have messed with my hair, bitch” Yang said coolly her eyes returning to normal.

Ref peered down at Camilla’s prone body. The Nohr Princess was not moving except for taking shallow breaths. Her eyes were closed and one looked like it was forming into an impressive black eye. A small trickle of blood ran from her nose. It was clear that she was out cold. “We have a winner” she announced. “The winner of the first-ever interdimensional catfight is, Yang, Xiao, Long. The holographic crowd erupted into cheers.

Yang smiled and raised her arms in victory. She walked over to Camilla’s prone body and planted a foot on her bruised tits as one last show of dominance. “Nailed it” she said. Her naked body was covered in sweat and had several scrapes and bruises all over it. And a large piece of her hair was missing but none of that mattered now that she had was victorious”

Ref walked up beside her “And now for your prize”

“Prize?” Yang asked.

Ref turned Yang’s head towards her and kissed her deeply on the lips. Yang’s eyes were wide in surprise but slowly they closed as she started enjoying it. Not only was the sensation nice it was also deeply satisfying to make out over the vanquished form of an opponent. If Camilla had still been conscious, she would have found this deeply humiliating. After about 30 seconds Ref finally pulled away leaving Yang with a stunned look on her face. “I’ve got to try that with Blake,” she said dreamily.

 Ref smiled at her. “Let’s hear it one last time for your winner, Yang,” she said. And the holographic crowd cheered.

After the crowd had logged out and the arena had returned to its natural state of vaguely defined green lines. Yang had returned to her home dimension with a spring in her step. Camilla on the other hand who was still unconscious had been unceremoniously thrown through her portal. Ref sat in the centre of the arena flicking through screens that hovered in the air in front of her. One of her hands was in her panties as she scrolled through lists of female combatants from all sorts of different dimensions. “That was a really good first match” she muttered to herself as she slowly rubbed herself. “I wonder who I should get to come here next?

The End

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