Fighter Girl: Part #05 by RedmanX

Champions Weekend Sunday
The Finale

Nikki winced as she was helped onto the bed in Helen Norwood’s private dressing room. She ached all over from head to toe and her crotch felt like it was on fire! Gently, Helen propped Nikki up on large soft pillows, then, when she was comfortable, sent a woman to fetch some of Nikki’s things from her own room. Finally she told her husband, James, to leave the room. He smiled at Nikki, saying “You’re in good hands, Nikki. Helen will take care of you” “

Right” said Helen, “Now he’s gone, let’s have look at you!” She carefully opened Nikki’s robe and untied the halter neck of her outfit, letting it slip down the younger woman’s body. Nikki’s breasts were bruised from the mauling Liz had given them and looked very sore and tender. “Your breasts are a bit bruised and scratched but I’ve got something for that” said Helen, and she gently applied some cream to the marked areas, making Nikki gasp. “Sorry about that. I forgot to tell you it would sting!” Nikki blushed bright red as Helen worked the sweet smelling balm into her tender breasts. Helen grinned

“There’s no need to be embarrassed, Nikki” she said kindly,

“You need someone to take care of you. Liz gave you a rough time, and as Joan isn’t here, well,” “Where is Joan, Helen?” asked Nikki. “I know we rowed, but I can’t believe she walked out on me!” “Later. Let’s get you sorted out first” Helen replied as she pressed her fingers lightly over Nikki’s right nipple, then ran them smoothly underneath the ripe, soft flesh, massaging with delicate skill. She was reveling in Nikki’s obvious discomfort, and enjoying the sensation as her hands explored the smooth contours of Nikki’s full, firm breasts.

An hour later, showered and changed, Nikki was in her room, the events of the disastrous weekend playing over and over inside her head. A knock at the door broke her reverie and she called “Come in” Helen appeared wearing a gold colored robe which fell just above her knees, and a pair of gold high heeled shoes. “How are you feeling now?” she asked “I’m fighting next, and if you’re at a loose end, why not come and help in my corner?” Nikki was overwhelmed at Helens kindness and knew it would be churlish to refuse. “Yes, I’d like that” she said, “And Helen, I really don’t know how to thank you for everything you’ve done for me” Helen smiled, “Well, make a start by leading me into the ring. Wear that bikini I gave you and some heels. Always remember, Nikki, the punters love a show!”

The MC announced the next fighters and a huge cheer went up as Helen followed Nikki into the arena and, as Nikki held the ropes apart, elegantly climbed through into the ring. Sashaying around the ring, lapping up the whistles and cheers, Helen was in her element. When she shrugged off her robe the crowd hooted and stamped. Wearing the tiniest bikini Nikki had ever seen Helen looked awesome! The cups of the bikini top strained to contain her large breasts and the bottoms were no more than a strip of material stretched over her pussy and shapely rear! Helen held out her robe and handed it to Nikki, who was attracting cheers and whistles of her own! Helen had told her to “play up” to the crowd, and Nikki was enjoying herself as she posed alongside her for the photographers.

Helens opponent, Sue Turner, was a good looking brunette of 150lbs and stood an inch short of 6ft. tall. Wearing a skimpy black bikini she too drew roars of approval from the crowd! Lacing up Helens gloves Nikki said “Good luck, Helen! She looks tough!” Helen grinned. “It’s not about luck!” The bell rang.

Helen moved about the ring well, light on her feet and always weaving. Her jab was hard and sharp and was soon pounding into Sues face! With a blur of movement Helen threw a blistering combination which rocked Sue, but Sue came back with a terrific salvo of her own. Helen grunted as a hard left sank into her breast, knocking the orb out of her bikini top! Helen went on the attack, catching Sue with a beautiful right which staggered her but Sue just seemed to shrug it off! Helen reeled backwards as Sue launched a two fisted assault, but as Helen was driven into the corner the bell signaled the end of round 1!

Round 2 began with a fierce exchange of blows which Helen got the best of, hitting Sue with some telling punches to the body. Sue was strong and appeared to absorb the punishment, but by the end of the round she was panting and breathing heavily. Back in her corner Helen held up two fingers, signaling that she would finish Sue in the next two rounds, bringing cheers from the crowd.

In fact she ended the fight in sooner! Throughout the next round Sue was unable to lay a glove on Helen who looked almost bored as she picked Sue off with consummate ease, using the woman almost as a punch bag! A nasty swelling soon appeared above Sue’s left eye as Helen pounded her at will. Trapping Sue on the ropes, Helen unleashed a torrent of punches to head and body which Sue had no answer for. With her battered opponent defenseless Helen stepped back and delivered a crushing right to the jaw and Sue crashed to the canvas! Not even bothering to count the referee held up Helens hand. Nikki cheered as loud as everyone else, thrilled to be part of Helens wonderful victory. Nikki had heard of Sue’s fearsome reputation but Helen had just been too good for her!

Later, Nikki was invited to join Helen and James for drinks with a handful of their friends, including sponsors and promoters and other fighters, all of whom lavished praise on her fighting skills.

Flattered by the attention she soon forgot her earlier defeats and the falling out with Joan.

As the Norwood’s guests began to leave Helen took Nikki to one side. “I hope you didn’t find it all a bit boring” she said, “all that talk about contracts and sponsorships, but it’s given me an idea! You’re a good fighter, Nikki, but you’ve not had the best training! I’m sure Joan did her best, but as you learned to your cost, there’s no substitute for full time professional coaching! With the proper coaching you would have been better prepared and would have beaten both Karen and Liz, who fight to win at any cost, as do all the best fighters, and they know how to do it! Liz Johnson used to be trained by Joan, but in 5 years she never fought for a title. She’s been with us for 2 years and next March she’s boxing Clare Taylor in London for the Women’s British Boxing Title! You should be moving towards that, but you’ll never get there without the proper management and training. James believes he can get you out of your contract with Joan, leaving you free to sign with us, if that’s what you want, Nikki.”

It was all happening too fast! Nikki realized signing with The Norwood Agency would get her more and better fights but she still hoped to patch things up with Joan, and if she signed up with Helen there would be no chance of that! On the other hand, Joan had left HER, deserting her as she suffered a bad beating. Then there were the things Helen had spotted but Joan had failed to see. Nikki hadn’t had much to drink, but she felt a little light headed. “It’s entirely up to you” said Helen. “James can have the contracts sorted out by Tuesday” “I really don’t know what to say!” said Nikki “You’ve already done so much for me!”

The next morning Nikki was out walking in the gardens with Helen when Joan’s MG roared up the drive way. Expecting trouble, Helen told Nikki she would deal with Joan and get rid of her, but even though Nikki was still angry at Joan for walking out on her she felt she should hear what Joan had to say.

James Norwood invited Joan in and took her to a large sitting room where Helen and Nikki joined them. Seeing Nikki with the Norwood’s infuriated Joan but she knew that to get Nikki back she had to remain calm. “Hello Nikki. First of all I’m really sorry about last night; it was unforgivable of me leaving you like that” “Then why did you do it? I needed you, Joan! This whole weekend has been a disaster for me, at least until Helen offered to help!” Joan looked at Helens thin smile and knew she had already lost. “You’ve been planning this since before we got here, haven’t you, you cow! You just want Nikki to be another one of the brainwashed bimbos who you can manipulate and control!”

Helen turned away but Joan grabbed her arm. “Don’t ever turn your back on me, you stuck up bitch!” Nikki couldn’t believe what she was seeing as Joan slapped Helen hard in the face! “No!” she shouted, pulling Joan back “What do you think you’re doing? Do you want to ruin everything for me?” Joan spun round, her face red with anger and for a moment it seemed she might hit Nikki too! “I think you should go home Joan. It’s only fair to tell you I’m signing a contract with Helen and James! They can get me the fights I need. Liz Johnson fights Clare Taylor next year for the title, and that’s what I want!” Joan lowered her hand and stared at the young woman, knowing she had let Nikki down and had delivered her right into Helen’s lap. “If that’s what you want, Nikki, I can’t stop you. I’m sorry it had to end like this” Joan took one last cold stare at Helen and left.

James was very pleased. He had known that Nikki and Joan had no formal contract, just the usual insurances and health care arrangements required of them by the regulations. He would soon get those changed. Then, Nikki Martin was all theirs!

After Joan had driven off, Nikki said “So who am I fighting tonight, Helen?” Helen frowned. “After all you’ve been through are you sure you’re up for another match so soon? Two hard defeats and all the trouble with Joan, it’s bound to have taken a lot out of you Nikki” “I’m fine, Helen, honest! I want to fight!” replied Nikki “Besides” she continued sheepishly, “I need the money” Helen and James exchanged glances. “Well, you’re certainly a fighter, Nikki! I didn’t schedule you for tonight as I didn’t know whether you’d be up for it but there’s a slot in the finale’ just right for you, if you want it.”

Nikki climbed into the ring to raucous whistles and cheers! She slipped her long, full length white robe off and threw it to the MC, then, hands on hips she sauntered around the ring. Nikki’s face was red with embarrassment, but this wasn’t noticed as the frenzied spectators were far more interested in her stunning outfit! The finale’ to these weekends was always “special” and tonight was going to be no exception!

“As a finale to these weekends” Helen told Nikki “we always put on a special show, something the punters will remember! We give the best ringside seats to the agents and promoters, some of whom you met last night, who we regularly do business with, and our more favored clientele. Once you’ve signed to our agency as a full professional you’ll not only be paid well to fight, but when you’re not fighting or training you’ll be working for these people on photo shoots, advertising, marketing, so we need to keep them sweet! They pay us a lot of money and we’ll pay you well. These days pro fighters have to be prepared to sell themselves!” Helen explained about that nights “show” and how one of the fighters taking part had pulled out due to injury. \

The fight was to be a semi-competitive cat fight style match and the winner would be the first to strip her opponent! Helen could see Nikki wasn’t sure about this and said “You’ll be fighting one of our regular girls, Sindy Morgan, and because of the nature of the match you’ll both receive a bonus of £300.To be honest this sort of thing isn’t strictly wrestling, but it creates an interest and people will pay extra to see two pretty girls rolling around in their underwear! You’re already a big favorite here and there’s been a lot of interest in you. If you put on a good show they’ll be fighting each other to have you in their promotions!

Nikki waited in her corner with Helen for the MC to make the introductions. In order to put Nikki’s mind at rest Helen had offered to act as her second, which made Nikki feel a lot happier!

“And now we come to The Finale of Bloxham Manor Champions Weekend brought to you by Norwood Promotions. Please let’s hear it for Miss Nikki Martin! Nikki sashayed to the centre of the ring amid tumultuous applause! Wearing white stockings, suspenders, thong and lacy bra she looked sensational, swaying sexily on her white 4 inch heels as she posed for the photographs. Hearing the noise and the chanting of her name, Nikki knew she was certainly “putting on a show!” “And, Miss Martins opponent tonight, please welcome Sindy Morgan!” Sindy was met with a barrage of boos, but a few cheers could be heard too! A tall, well built woman in her early 30s, weighing 130 lbs and measuring 34d, 26, 36, Sindy was renowned as a tough, skillful fighter, but tended to resort to dirty fighting and violence when she lost her temper, which usually happened!

The bell rang and Nikki went straight on the attack! She hit Sindy and took her down fast! Sindy clutched Nikki and as the two women hit the canvas she flipped the younger woman head over heels. Nikki crashed onto her back and just managed to roll away as Sindy dived at her but Sindy managed to grab her leg and hauled Nikki back, dragging her across the ring! Nikki was rolled onto her stomach and Sindy dropped onto her back. With her arms pulled painfully behind her and her legs forced back Nikki yelled as she was caught in a Boston Crab, her body arched painfully.

The crowd went wild as Nikki’s upper body rose off the canvas, the flimsy material of her bra straining to retain her breasts! Sindy shouted to her helpless opponent “Come on! Give bitch!” Nikki gritted her teeth against the pain and shook her head, her lovely face creased in agony! Finally Sindy released the hold, smashing Nikki into the canvas. Sindy added to Nikki’s pain by grinding the heel of her shoe into her lower back before arrogantly posing for the cameras while Nikki struggled to her feet. Unsteady on her 4 inch heels, trying to block out the pain in her back, Nikki hobbled away as Sindy stalked her.

Spectacularly, Sindy performed a fluid cartwheel, her long legs coming down and wrapping round Nikki’s head! Struggling to stay on her feet Nikki grabbed Sindy’s thighs, trying to pull them apart, but unable to keep her balance she fell and Sindy landed on top of her, her strong thighs squeezing hard! Thrashing and flailing Nikki tried desperately to break Sindy’s vice like grip but, with her nose and mouth covered she could hardly breathe and soon she was banging the canvas to signal her submission! Sindy got up and stood astride her gasping opponent as the excited crowd chanted “Strip her! Strip her!” The referee held Sindy’s arm aloft to signify that she had won the fall and announced that she could now claim an item of Nikki’s clothing.

The arena was bedlam as Sindy shouted “I claim the cow’s bra!” Helped to her feet by the referee Nikki did as she was required, her face bright red with the indignity of stripping in front of the hooting, cheering audience! She managed to undo the clasp of her lacey bra, despite the fact that her hands were shaking, and dropped the flimsy garment to the canvas. The sight of Nikki’s full, firm succulent breasts as she stood shame faced in the centre of the ring raised the noise to an even higher crescendo. Tears were very close as Nikki walked slowly back to her corner, her head bowed and her shoulders slumped, but she fought to hold them back.
Helen quickly got to work on her, saying that it was no good feeling sorry for her self and that she needed to get tougher!

“Ok, so you’ve had to get your tits out. Big deal! You’re in a different world now Nikki and if you want to win you’ve got to get tough! Not just with your opponents but with yourself!” Nikki felt wretched, and not just because of her naked breasts being put on display. She had come here this weekend to win a reputation but so far all she had done was lose her fights and then lose her friend and manager. Now, in her first fight for her new managers she was losing again! “You can fight Nikki or you can quit here and now. It’s up to you!” Nikki took a deep breath. She had agreed to take the fight and it was too late to worry about her dignity!
Sindy was already waiting in the centre when the bell sounded for the fight to resume. She sneered at Nikki, saying

“Nice tits, but I think everyone’s seen them now!” She charged but Nikki side stepped and, using Sindy’s momentum, hurled her spinning across the ring into the ropes. Then, as Sindy lurched off, Nikki met her with a tremendous drop kick which sent her crashing! Sindy got up only for Nikki to throw her down again with a well worked hip toss. Without waiting for Sindy to get to her feet, Nikki dived on her, spread eagling Sindy’s arms and legs as she worked her into a grapevine pin. Sindy strained as her legs stretched apart, and her strong thighs and calves slowly forced Nikki’s more slender limbs together. Nikki had underestimated Sindys strength! She jumped up, springing forwards on her hands straddling Sindy.

Now it was Sindy’s turn to feel the strength of Nikki’s slim but shapely legs as her head was forced between them, the silky material of Nikki’s thong smooth on her face. Sindy tried but couldn’t break the hold, succeeding only in tearing Nikki’s stockings to shreds. As Sindy’s efforts weakened Nikki changed her position into a face sit. “How do YOU like it?” she yelled gleefully, pressing her crotch into Sindy’s face! Wild cheering and shouting erupted as Sindy tapped out her surrender. “Strip her Nikki!” came the cry, and Nikki, her arm raised by the referee, beamed a huge smile at Helen and posed, arms aloft, her gorgeous breasts slick with sweat and shining under the lights! Then, standing over Sindy, she ripped off her black bra and waved it over her head before tossing it into the crowd!

At the re start Nikki strolled confidently to the centre of the ring where she stood waiting for Sindy. Sindy kicked off her shoes and, picking them up, threw them back to her corner. Staring at Nikki, enraged, she said “You want a fight? You’ve got one, you little bitch!” she spat.” Nikki slipped off her own shoes and handed them to Helen. The crowd was suddenly aware that this fight was for real! Sindy rushed Nikki, her eyes blazing with murderous intent, slamming into her.

Naked breasts mashed together as the two women grappled, struggling to gain an advantage. Suddenly Nikki was thrown onto her back and Sindy plunged on her and Nikki groaned as Sindy’s knee drove into her belly. As Nikki retched painfully, Sindy mauled her breasts, digging her nails into the soft flesh, reveling in Nikki’s shrieks as her already tender mounds were subjected to more punishment. Cruelly twisting the nipple, her finger nails gouging and scratching, Sindy was intent on inflicting as much punishment as she could on her younger opponent’s proud breasts! Nikki brought her knee up hard into Sindy’s back and made her cry out, throwing her arms up in pain! Bucking her hips, Nikki managed to dislodge Sindy who fell clutching her bruised back. Cradling her sore breasts Nikki got to her feet, thankful of the chance to regain her breath. Around the ring the spectators were thrilled. They had seen many good fights this weekend, but this was turning into a great brawl!

Breathing hard, the two fighters stood across the ring from each other, both leaning on the ropes for support. “Those saggy tits of yours are going to suffer for that!” snarled Nikki, still massaging her wounded boobs. The referee signaled “fight on” galvanizing the two women into action, and they met each other with fists flying, slapping and punching! Sindy staggered as Nikki hit her with a resounding slap in the face but fought back, causing Nikki to yelp in pain as Sindys fist buried itself in her throbbing breast! Sindy doubled over from a hard punch to her belly and fell to the canvas as Nikki smashed a double handed blow to her back. On her knees Sindy’s head was gripped between Nikki’s calves and her arms stretched up behind her, making her yell. Flexing her knees, Nikki fell backwards, somersaulting her trapped foe backwards. Sindy’s head felt like it was being ripped from her neck as she flew over Nikki and slammed into the canvas.

Adjusting her legs, Nikki pushed Sindy’s head tight between her thighs, the sweat soaked material of her thong pressed into the woman’s face. Sindy was hurt and could only gasp for breath as she was squeezed ever tighter, but, a veteran of many catfight brawls she sank her teeth into the soft flesh at the top of Nikki’s thigh. Nikki screamed in pain and her legs relaxed their grip, freeing Sindy. She rolled on top of Nikki, forcing her on her stomach, crushing Nikki’s aching breasts.

Then, taking her ankles, Sindy pulled Nikki’s legs up, bending her into an agonizing Boston Crab. Helpless, her hands pressed to the canvas under Sindy’s feet, Nikki wailed as her spine arched excruciatingly! The pain in her back was sending waves of nausea through her and Nikki was close to passing out! From the corner Helen could see the beads of sweat on Nikki’s face and was sure a final submission would soon be torn from her, but somehow the stricken girl managed to turn her hand over beneath Sindy’s stocking clad foot and dug her nails deep into the flesh! Sindy screamed and jumped away hopping as she cradled her lacerated foot, blood dripping from it.

Yelling and calling the crowd rose to its feet, urging Nikki to do the same, but she lay face down on the canvas spent, but still struggling to move her tortured body. Sindy wiped the blood from her foot, her hate filled eyes never leaving Nikki as slowly she dragged herself over the canvas. The noise in the arena was ear shattering as Nikki grabbed the bottom rope and started to haul herself up, each agonizing inch making her giddy with pain. Sindy, her eyes filled with malice, was certain the fight was hers. Now it was time to make the little bitch pay!

Nikki managed to get a hand on the top rope but the effort proved too much for her and she slumped back, her arm hooked over the middle rope. It looked as if the brave girl had nothing left. Standing over her opponents crumpled form, Sindy kicked her spitefully in the side, making Nikki cry out. “You’ll wish you had never started this, you fucking little bitch!” Sindy spat. Helens words, “Get tougher with your self!” rang in Nikki’s head, taunting her. As Sindy grabbed for her hair, Nikki grasped her outstretched hand and pulled. Already off balance because of her injured foot, Sindy toppled forwards, straight into Nikki’s fist! Poleaxed, she crashed to the canvas as the crowd screamed wildly!

Sindy was dazed but Nikki couldn’t finish her off, managing just to crawl towards her where she collapsed panting beside her. Both fighters were weak with fatigue and pain but each knew the fight wasn’t over! Urged on by the fervent cries from the spectators Nikki groped desperately for Sindy’s thong, while, at the same time, Sindy hooked her fingers in the flimsy material which barely spared Nikki’s blushes!

Pandemonium broke out as both items of clothing were simultaneously ripped off! Not even the referee, watching closely, could tell which woman was stripped of her thong first! He turned to James Norwood at ringside, “I don’t know who won! What shall I do?” Norwood quickly joined him in the ring, and, as Nikki and Sindy were helped to their corners he made an announcement.

“Ladies and Gentlemen! The referee is unable to declare a winner as it was impossible to say who was stripped first! Therefore we must call this epic battle a draw unless these two gallant ladies can be persuaded to continue! What do you want them to do?” The crowd roared for the fight to go on, as the scheming promoter knew they would. Back in their corner Helen sponged the exhausted Nikki down with cold water in an effort to revive her. “Nikki” she said “this is one of the greatest fights we’ve ever had at Bloxham! Listen to the noise! They want you to go on and fight, do you think you can? Can you manage one more fall?” Nikki was totally drained but wanted desperately to win her final match of what had been a traumatic few days! “If that bitch wants to go on, so will I” she gasped. “I’m not quitting!” The word from Sindy’s corner was the same. “Ladies and Gentleman!” announced Norwood “Our wonderful wrestlers have agreed to fight on! The match will be decided by the next submission or pin!” Helen kneaded the muscles in Nikki’s aching body, trying to revitalize it for one last effort.

Cheering wildly, the crowd got to its feet as Nikki and Sindy answered the bell for the deciding fall. Both women were naked except for Nikki’s suspender belt and the remnants of Sindy’s stockings. Warily they circled the ring, neither wishing to make the first move, each woman conserving the last of her energy. Finally they got to grips as Sindy lunged, snatching a handful of Nikki’s hair and throwing her to the canvas. Falling on her, Sindy went for Nikki’s weakened back, but Nikki escaped the attempted Camel Clutch and put Sindy into a head lock. Suddenly Nikki screeched as Sindy, using every dirty trick she knew, clawed at her vulnerable womanhood! Sindy broke the headlock as Nikki writhed, screaming at the searing torment of her mauled sex! The crowd was wild with excitement, shouting for Nikki to fight back, but Sindy just increased the punishment, determined to make Bloxhams new darling suffer!

Nikki was nearly finished, her pain racked body punished beyond its limits, but, knowing she was within seconds of total, humiliating defeat, she found the strength for one last supreme effort! Thrusting her head up she struck Sindy square on the jaw and Sindy collapsed backwards, holding her face. Nikki attacked, kicking and stomping Sindy, not letting her recover her senses. Sindy made it to the ropes where she started to pull herself up but, as she turned to ward off further blows Nikki lunged, half pushing her through the ropes.

Bent over backwards between the middle and top rope by Nikki’s full weight she was helpless as Nikki pushed her chin back, cutting off the air to Sindy’s lungs. “Submit, or I’ll choke you! Submit you fucking cow!” Sindy’s gargled surrender was hardly audible, but the referee heard and pulled Nikki off. Sindy slumped over the middle rope as Helen ran to Nikki, catching her as her legs buckled. James Norwood, announcing Nikki as the winner was not heard at all as a tremendous cheer reverberated around the arena. Helen wrapped a robe about Nikki as Sindy’s corner carried their beaten fighter away. Slipping into unconsciousness as Helen and James helped her out of the ring, Nikki mumbled, “Did she give, Joan? Did I win?” before sagging into Helens arms, out cold. Helen beamed at her husband. Joan had uncovered a rare jewel in Nicky Martin, but Norwood Promotions would reap the reward!

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