Fyre’s Fight Journal — Chapter 18: Tussle With A Trophy Wife by FyreCracka

It’s already been week since my loss to Grace. I still haven’t put on my ‘Cat Pin’ since, not because I’m scared but because I have learned my lesson about fighting at less than 100%. I figure another week of stretching and I can resume my hunt. I will admit that I might be a little short tempered and impatient right now with my need to fight going unsatisfied. Well that, and losing back to back fights but I have to keep my eyes on the prize.

While patience may be a virtue and all that, it is not one that I possess and it’s all that I can do when not to jump on Paige when I answer a loud knock at my door and I see her wearing a “Cat Pin”. The tall, slender brunette is in a tight workout jacket and leggings. She has her hair pulled into a tight ponytail and isn’t wearing any jewelry. The overly made up 34 year old is clearly here to fight.

“Hi… Kelli…is your kid home?” Paige chirps, pushing her large fake tits into my chest.

“No… she’s at school…. but you just wait a sec, Paige …. I’m not wearing my pin…. I’m not looking for a fight right now” I reply quickly as I suppress my urge to fight this trophy wife from a couple blocks away. She’s always been a stuck up, fake, bitch. I wish I’d known she was a fighter, I’d have fought her a long time ago.

“You’re scared aren’t you, bitch?…. afraid I’ll whip your weak blonde ass worse than that skinny little Asian slut did?” Paige barks as she pushed past the threshold of the door and it shuts behind her. “That’s right… I saw her make your pathetic ass give up…you two rolling around in the mud like a couple of cheap strippers.”

I’m embarrassed that she’s seen that video but that is quickly overcome by anger as I really want to fight this skank. I press back and we get nose to nose. I feel a tinge of pain along my rib cage as my muscles tense up and my sanity returns. “Listen, slut, I’ll fight you… but let’s get paid…” I growl, trying to gracefully decline this fight until I’m ready.

“Go on…”

Unsurprisingly, this materialistic bitch takes the bait. “I know this place… we can fight in a cage- no interference. And the owner pays well…. plus I can shut your big ass mouth in front of a crowd” I bark, my competitive nature still raging.

“… you talking about Billy’s?” Paige says with a confident smirk.

“It is” I say, pressing back into her.

“I know it… and him well… this is too good. Beating your ass… uppity…. wholesome …Kelli in front of those filthy degenerates… leaving you laying buck ass naked for them to stare at… you’re on… Saturday night pays the best and I’ll even call him. My sister Jolene can get us a prime spot on the card” Paige says, grinding her chest into mine, trying to make sure I know how much taller she is than me.

“Deal… now get your skank ass out of my house..” I say, as I shove her out of the door and slam it in her face. I hear her grumble outside, before she gets her phone out and makes a call on my porch. I stare through the peephole as she paces on the phone.

“10:30… Saturday night…. you better show up, slut!” Paige snaps, looking back my peephole like she knows I’m on the other side.

I’m surprised how much my heart is still racing when I call Jake a few minutes later to let him know what our weekend has in store. With almost a whole week before the fight, I’m pretty sure I’ll be healthy and more than ready to fight on Saturday.

Fast forward to Saturday night, and I’m sitting alone in a small dingy locker room dressed in the required bikini, mine is a bright green for this contest. Physically, I feel great. My ribs are healed and my workouts all week have been good.

Mentally, however, I’m a little shaky. To tell the truth, I was fine until Jake had to leave and I ended up alone with my thoughts here in the locker room. I keep replaying parts of my last two fights. My complete destruction and humiliation at the hands of Candace. Followed up by being overpowered and just all around beaten up by the smaller Grace.

I’m just not sure what I’m supposed to do against Paige. She’s tall, fit and if her confidence is any indication, she knows how to fight. Thankfully, before I can talk myself into a worse state, there’s a knock at the door. I hear a gruff woman’s voice say in a heavy Texan drawl “Kelli… you’re up, sugar..”

“Alright… Kell…. here we go…. time to get your groove back and shut that fake bitch’s mouth” I tell myself as I make my way outside to some unknown rock song that is playing as my entrance music. I can’t deny that I’m enjoying the scene. People are cheering for me shouting encouragement. I can’t hide a smile as the fear and doubts I had moments ago are replaced by an eager excitement.

“Making her way to the cage….standing five foot five and one half inches tall….weighing one hundred thirty pounds…in the green bikini…. Kelli… The Fyrecracka… Rose!” Billy’s voice booms over the speakers as I step into the cage. I find Jake as I scan the crowd. Through the smoke filled club I see a redhead chatting him up, clearly flirting with him. Good. I can use this. I stare at her with a building rage that I will get to unleash on Paige in a few moments.

The redhead stares back with piercing green eyes. I can see her ‘cat pin’ glinting in the neon light of the club. She looks sort of familiar…. now I remember her. It’s a girl I went to high school with… Jolene was her name, I think. Wait a minute, wasn’t Paige’s sister named Jolene? This bitch is trying to play headgames with me by using her sister. Yup, those feelings of doubt are long gone, I’m ready to hurt this conniving cunt.

I turn my attention to the other locker room as some generic hip hop music is blaring and I see Paige bouncing towards the cage in a black bikini that can barely contain her large, store bought tits. The brunette is sporting a deep dark- and completely fake spray on tan and her long, light brown hair is tied in a tight ponytail that swings with every step. Her eyes are the same piercing green as her sister’s and they are staring daggers at me right now.

As she nears the cage, I hear Billy. “And her opponent…. standing five foot nine inches tall … also weighing in at an even one hundred and thirty pounds…. in the black bikini…. Paige … The Princess Punisher… Parker!” The brunette enters the cage and door clangs shut behind her before Billy theatrically locks it with a chain and padlock giving the crowd an indication that Paige and I are locked in the cage with no way out or way for help to reach us until one of us has proven to be the better woman.

After the few basic rules are announced and the lights are dimmed but for the bright ones around the cage, a bell sounds and Paige and I begin to circle. “I can’t wait to break all of your plastic parts, bitch… send you back to your husband as the basic, broke down bitch you’ve always been.” I growl.

“You wish….and At least I’ll have a husband to go back to after this is over….looks like my sister has yours wrapped around her little finger” Paige quips with a venom filled smirk. Even though I know better, my eyes drift towards Jake and find that Jolene now has her hand on his thigh.

What the hell? I’ll admit that Jolene is pretty and she’s built like me but still. I know that I’ve been pretty miserable and hard to live with after my last two fights but I can’t believe that he’s actually paying attention to that slut…

Just then, I feel Paige’s hands in my hair and her knee colliding with my belly. The taller woman is all over me and drives me into the fencing of the cage. I’m paying for allowing myself to be distracted as the brunette pummels my rib and belly with one fist as the other hand yanks my head to and fro to the delight of the now raucous crowd.

I try to fight back but Paige’s attack has given her the advantage and she is able to get me on to the ground, pinning me on my back. We struggle for a few moments before she is sitting on my midsection in a mount, one hand pressing my cheek into the canvas and the other slipping underneath my bikini top and ripping it off, exposing my smaller chest to the crowd.

“And here I thought you might have been a challenge…. no wonder your husband was so easily seduced…” Paige taunts before sinking her claws into my titflesh. I’m wailing as I buck wildly beneath the brunette.

With all of my flailing I’m able to get her off balance enough to get us to fall on to our sides. “Let me go, fake ass bitch!” I scream, sinking my on claws into her bolt on tits. Paige lets out a blood curdling scream and we are soon rolling around the cage in a frantic catball. We claw and kick, we pull hair and slap, we curse and spit, until we break apart and scramble to our feet.

We are both panting heavily and sweating profusely as we begin to stalk one another around the cage. I know my mascara has to be smeared from the tears of rage and pain that usually accompany my fights like this. Fortunately, I can see that Paige is prone to those same tears as I glare at her ruined makeup. I can feel the air stinging the fresh scratches on my chest but suppress the urge to massage them as not to show any more signs of weakness and I’m aware that I clearly look like I’m getting the worse end of this fight so far. I brush my, now disheveled blonde hair from my face before barking “alright bitch…. we’ll see how you fare without getting a cheap shot in this time…”

“Oh, please….I’m just getting started, slut….let’s even this up a bit…” Paige says with a smirk as she rips what is left of her top of and flings it against the cage. The crowd roars their approval and she gives her large fake tits a shake rewarding the men for their adulation. “See how much they appreciate getting to see an real pair of tits?”. The taller woman continues as we circle each other like two hungry lionesses fighting over the last antelope.

“Real tits…. I’m sure you worked real hard lying on your back to get somebody to buy those tits, fake bitch” I retort angrily.

“They’ll feel real enough when I smother your pathetic ass with them….” Paige fires back. The crowd’s buzz gets louder as we trade barbs and they can feel that hate that the brunette and I have for each other. “You think they’re loud now? …. I can’t wait to hear how they’ll react when I expose your dirty twat to them when this is over, slut.”

“Better talk while you can, whore….you won’t be sayin’ shit once I knock you and your fake ass titties out…” I snap as we begin to close in on one another and I throw a quick jab that the brunette dodges while moving back a step.

“In your dreams, cxnt….and by the way… looks like your husband and my sister are gonna need a room…. though , I bet your weak ass would love to watch him with a real woman-” she taunts, clearly setting me up for another cheap shot.

Not fallin’ for that one again, bitch. I think to myself as I fight the overwhelming urge to see if she is telling the truth. The tall brunette has enraged me, though. I let out a scream and charge her. We latch on to each other’s hair and my momentum is enough to carry us to the cage’s fencing.

My assault catches Paige by surprise enough that I am able to seize the advantage, pinning her to the fencing and pummeling her ribs and belly, while she can only pull my hair as she tries to get me off of her. I retaliate for her earlier flurry and then some. The green eyed fighter can’t find an answer as she tries in vain to stop my attack. I feel her grip on my sweat soaked blonde hair weaken as my barrage of bare knuckles begin to hurt her to the point she is on the verge of tears.

“Go ahead and cry, cxnt… no one will save you” I growl before I grab two fistfuls of brown hair to use as leverage as I send a knee deep into her belly. The crowd erupts as Paige falls to the canvas in a sobbing heap.

I play to the crowd as I watch my rival writhe in pain and struggle pathetically as she fails repeatedly to even get her head off of the ground before finally giving up and lying nearly motionless on the canvas. Sensing that I am in complete control, I allow my eyes to find Jake and Jolene again. The redhead is still at it. I can see that Jake is pretending to ignore her and watch the fight, but I it’s impossible not to see his hard cock testing the limits of the denim of his blue jeans. It is clear he is attracted to her even if he is doing his best not to show it.

“Jolene… you … fucking …. cheap …. ass …. slut!” I screech as I point towards the redhead. Every head in the bar turns at looks at here then back at me. It doesn’t take long before the entire crowd is aware of the situation….and egging it on.

My opponent’s sister gets up and saunters over to the cage. “Whatcha gonna do about it, Kelli…. you weak bitch?” Jolene sneers as she shoves away a female bouncer that tried to intervene.

“I’m about to show you, whore…. you just wrote a check your sister’s ass is gonna cash” I roar, reaching down at yanking Paige to her knees by her brunette locks. I see the same look of fear in both sets of green eyes as I draw back my fist.

I hear Jolene pleading as I deliver the first shot to her sister. After a couple more her pleas become angry curse and threats. I slam Paige’s now swollen face against the cage right in front of the redhead. “Just remember…you did this…. you did, Jolene” I snap, tossing the nearly unconscious brunette to the canvas.

I see the husky woman with the gruff voice dressed in a tight fitting striped referee shirt begin to fumble with the lock. I know I don’t have much time before this match is officially over and I still have one piece of unfinished business with Paige.

“Who wants to see this loser’s pussy?” I yell out to the crowd. Predictably my question is answered with rowdy applause. Paige is still unable to offer any resistance as I spread her long, muscular legs. The brunette whimpers as I grab her black bikini bottoms along with any of her short and curlys and pull roughly until the fabric tears, freeing her lady parts for all in attendance.

I can feel the referee behind me, allowing me to finish Paige but making sure I don’t seriously hurt the bitch. I lean over my conquered foe, mockingly slapping her face. “You’re done aren’t ya, skank?” I taunt as I feel my tits press against her fake ones. “Count this bitch out, ref!” I command.

I soak in every cheer for the long, slow five count. Paige never does anything more than breathe beneath me. I hear the bell ring and the ref raises my hand- still clutching Paige’s bottoms. I see Jolene seething as she stands outside gripping the chain link of the cage. In a flash, we are nose to nose through the fencing in an instant.

I have enough time to growl out a “fuck you, bitch… you’re next….” as she was able to get out a “bitch, I’m gonna beat your ass and fuck your husband” before a group of bouncers and fellow catfighters get control of each of us.

As I am half dragged back to my locker room, I can hear Billy hyping the quality of fights at his club and reassuring the bloodthirsty crowd that Jolene and I will fight…. not tonight but eventually… though they will get to see Jolene in the final fight tonight.

Back in the locker room, Jake- who oddly enough, I’m not even mad at, helps me get dressed as the soreness of the fight settles in as the rush of adrenaline and rage subsides. I take my husband back out to the floor of the club making sure to put on my own display with him as Jolene begins her match with a well built older blonde named Tonya.

Even though Tonya looks like she competes in fitness competitions and is most likely stronger than the redhead, she is picked apart by a clearly better Jolene who overwhelms her after a brief struggle. Jolene makes sure to tell me and the whole crowd every once of pain inflicted the older woman will be multiplied when her and I eventually battle.

Once her fight ends, Jake and I start to leave the club, we are met by Billy. “I know you and Jolene can settle… whatever that was… anytime you want but I think we could all make a lot of money if you do it here… please keep in touch Kelli.”

“I’ll keep it mind Billy ” I say taking a fat envelope of cash from his greasy fingers. I’m not sure when Jolene and I will clash but I know it is going to happen and after watching her fight tonight, I know we will take each other to our limits.

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