It’s Deadly at the Top by BCW8

Cami vs Juliana

The bungalow was gorgeous. Everything on the island was gorgeous. It was a tropical paradise. Cami moved around the room, touching things, picking things up and putting them down. For the fourth time, she read the note he had left for her.

Relax. Take a shower, or enjoy the jacuzzi. When you’re refreshed, join me at the pool at 8 pm. I hope you don’t mind – I picked out something for you to wear. Big night tonight.


Rick was her boss, the corporate CEO. Cami was on the fast track to the boardroom. She’d already made his bedroom. Being invited here, to the company’s private executive retreat, was a sign, she thought, that those very pleasurable nights fucking Rick were also about to pay off professionally. Big night tonight. New senior vice president of sales? She picked up the bikini that accompanied the note. White. She peeled off her blouse and held it against her tanned skin as she checked the mirror. It looked good. There were matching stiletto heels. Interesting.

She took a bath. Thought about masturbating but decided to save it. She’d fuck Rick after he gave her the job. The thought stiffened her nipples into pink nubs jutting above the water. Her breasts were as perfect as surgery could make them. Implants, but well-done, not one of those amateurish jobs where the nipples point off to the side. Big but not garish. She thought about his cock between them and played with her clit for just a moment. Senior vice president of sales!

At five minutes to eight she left the bungalow. Her heels clicked on the stone path as she walked to the pool in the growing dusk. The shoes made her nearly six feet tall, and made her long legs and tight ass even sexier. Her breasts swayed a little in her top as she walked and her nipples tented the fabric. She imagined he might be watching her approach in the twilight and she put her hips into a practiced runway strut.

Juliana sipped her champagne. She’d worked for the company for five years now. She was head of LatAm, queen of the Rio home office. This was her first trip to the executive retreat, but not her first time to Rick’s bed. She fucked him every time he came to Rio and she’d arrived here the day before and after dinner and wine she’d ridden his cock. Like every time before, he’d almost effortlessly made her cum. Mmmm, she thought. Four times. Today, he’d sent a red bikini and heels to her bunglow, with a note to meet him at the pool that night at 7:45. She smiled at Rick now, the red glowing against her brown skin and black hair, and pictured dropping into a deep crouch and taking his thick cock into her throat, as soon as he told her she was the new senior vice president. Lost in that picture, at first she didn’t even notice footsteps approaching. She really only registered them when they stopped, and a female voice blurted “You!” Her nipples hardened as she turned to face Cami.

Rick took the champagne from Juliana and moved slightly between the two women. He knew about them, of course. He knew everything that happened in his company. He knew they saw each other as rivals, correctly so. He knew that at the last all-hands meeting in New York they had clashed. Verbally, at first. Then physically. Security had pulled them apart, rather too quickly. He’d watched the cctv recording several times. Since then, he’d planned for tonight. He really did intend to name a new executive. He just meant to have an unusual selection process.

“Why is this cadela here, Rick?” Juliana asked. “Do you need a maid to clean the rooms?”

Rick laughed. “Cami, Juliana, I believe you know each other? Yes? I might as well be very direct.” He took a drink of his champagne. He was wearing only swim trunks and he was painfully and obviously hard. “You are both very qualified for this job. I know you both want it. On business ability alone, you are absolutely equal. No way to choose between you.” He stepped back now. The two women had barely looked at him. Blue eyes and brown were locked.

“So, I fucked you both.” He shook his head. “Amazing. Mind-blowing. You both fuck and suck like wild fucking animals, like primitive goddesses. Like million-dollar whores, not corporate executives. I am a very lucky man. But still you were equal!”

“You fucked this slut?” Cami’s lip curled contemptuously. “I hope you wore a condom. God knows what Brazilian pox she has in her pussy.”

“My pussy fits his cock com perfeicao, you whore. Your filthy pussy is not fit for him!”

“Enough!” Rick’s voice was sharp. He wasn’t finished. “So you both are qualified. But sales — sales is cutthroat. Sales is about killer instinct. And so I started thinking about that. Which of you has that? The willingness to do whatever it takes to win? The drive to fight and claw and not quit until you’ve won, no matter what?” Both women were looking at him now, and they were breathing faster. Instinctively, they knew now where this was going.

“No interview would give me that answer,” Rick said. “No normal interview. And then I thought of this.” He waved a hand at the pool and both women saw for the first time that it was empty of water. A concrete pit in the ground. “I thought it might work. Neither of you have family. Neither of you have close friends. I gave you very little notice so I am willing to bet that no one else even knows you are here.”

“You want us to fight for it,” Cami said. It wasn’t a question. Her eyes were locked again with Juliana’s.

Rick nodded, pleased. “Yes,” he said. “Uma lute ate’ a morte. A fight to the death.” He’d practiced the Portughese as well.

The pool was not large, but it was one with descending steps in its shallow end and a slope to a drop off to the deep end of five feet. That deeper space was roughly twenty feet by twenty. Both women kept their heels on. With years of practice, both could maneuver like a dancer on them – and both recognized their potential as weapons. Rick put a pool chair at the edge of the drop and sat, naked now, his cock hard as stone.

Cami and Juliana circled, their hands curled into claws. Both had crimson nails, stylishly filed to points. Not so long as to break easily. Long enough to gouge out eyes. Cami realized that as sick as this was, it didn’t feel sick to her. She hated Juliana. She’d fight her for nothing. For Rick’s cock and a million a year with bonus, she’d gladly kill her. Juliana was breathing fast. That guard in New York had pulled her off the American bitch just as she had dug her nails through her silk blouse and into her fake plastic fucking tits. No one would stop her this time. She would tear the blonde cow’s implants out of her dead body.

It was full dark now. The pool flood lights were on. Tiki torches burned at the corners of their twenty-first century pit. The two women were well-lit, the curves of their bodies accentuated by shadows. Tropical animals called to each other outside the ring of light as they circled.

“Fight,” Rick said.

They flung themselves together with a scream of fury. The same height, same weight, they hit chest-to-chest in an instant deadlock, their shoes scratching the concrete for leverage. Hands buried in hair they dragged each other’s head back, baring throats as their breasts fought. Both had burst out of their tops on impact. Cami’s implants gave her an advantage, as Juliana’s natural tits spread and flattened as they ground together, but the blonde woman’s nipples were more sensitive. Juliana saw her wince as the Latina’s dark nipples dragged across hers and she smiled and did it again. Cami gasped and broke the hold, stepping back.

Juliana took her top off and dropped it. “Her tits are weak, Rick,” she purred. “Watch me destroy them.”

Cami snarled and took off her top. Instead of dropping it, she whipped it across Juliana’s face. The small metal clasp between its cups cut the brunette’s eye. She cried out in pain, her hands flying to her face. Cami lunged forward, drove her knee into Juliana’s flat brown belly. The air burst out of Juliana’s lungs as her ovaries exploded in pain. Cami grabbed her black hair with both hands and slung her sideways into the pool wall. Her first punch was to the Brazilian’s face, splitting her bottom lip and banging her head against the edge of the pool. Her next five punches were into Juliana’s 36Ds, pounding them into the dark woman’s rib cage.

When she stopped, Juliana fell to her knees, her arms cradling her breasts. Her eye and her lip were bleeding. Cami kicked her in the stomach, the sharp hard white toe of her shoe spearing straight into Juliana’s belly button. Juliana curled on the warm concrete, sobbing for air.

Cami looked at Rick. Sitting at the drop off ledge, his cock was at about eye level for the leggy blonde. She licked her lips and winked at him. Then she brutally kicked Juliana in the face. Blood drooled from the brunette’s battered mouth. Cami dragged her up by her glossy hair and shoved her towards Rick. She collapsed against the ledge. Cami caught her, pinned her there. Juliana’s gorgeous tits were resting atop the ledge. Rick started to stroke his cock.

Cami punched Juliana in the back, right in her lower spine. With her belly pressed against the pool, the impact had nowhere to go but to rip through Juliana’s body. Cami hit her again, same place. Once more. Every time. Juliana’s breasts shuddered and she groaned like she was dying.

Cami took off one of her white shoes. She bodied up on Juliana, her tits and belly pressing against her bare back, keeping her pinned. From behind, she brushed dark hair from her rival’s face and held the shoe in front of her. “Let’s see who has the weaker tits, slut. Let’s see who has killer instinct.” She carefully positioned the stiletto heel at the root of Juliana’s right nipple. She kissed Juliana’s ear, and ground her pelvis against her Brazilian ass, and jammed it down.

Juliana screamed like a devil. She bucked wildly but Cami rode her back and ground down on the shoe. The point of the heel stabbed and ripped as Cami twisted it. Rick grunted and came with a jerk. His cum spurted on Cami’s face and on Juliana’s tortured tits. Cami grinned and licked her lips. “Nice,” she murmured as the last drops spattered on Juliana’s breast, mixing with her blood. She let her go and stepped back, wiping blood and cum from the white shoe onto Juliana’s black hair. Juliana collapsed. Cami slipped the shoe back on her foot.

Any rational people who have considered the fight over. The blonde American had destroyed the Brazilian brunette, in barely five minutes. But they weren’t rational. Rick had said fight to the death. Cami planned to kill Juliana. Still, she wasn’t in a hurry. She had discovered how good it felt to hurt the cxnt.

She dragged Juliana to the center of their pool-pit and dumped her on her back. Juliana’s dark eyes fluttered as she came out of her swoon. With each heartbeat, a pulse of blood bubbled from her torn nipple. Cami straddled her and theatrically licked blood and cum off her brown breast. Rick was hard again already. The blonde looked like an erotic vampire, her prey’s blood on her lips. Cami wriggled forward, dragging her luscious tits over Juliana’s battered breasts, then over her face. When her perfect ass rested on Juliana’s chest, she sat up. She made sure Rick was watching as she pulled aside the white triangle that covered her pubic mound. She was smooth as silk. “I shaved for you, Rick,” she said. She gripped Juliana’s hair and tilted her head. “But she tastes it first,” Cami said, and pushed her pussy into Juliana’s face.

Oh god. Only a few seconds of rubbing her engorged clit on her beaten rival’s mouth had her on the verge. She felt Juliana stir. Felt the brunette hands cup her ass, nails digging in. Cami gasped and threw her head back. The bitch was into it! She pumped her hips, feeling her orgasm rise in her. “Lick me you slut!” she moaned.

Juliana bit her instead. Cami shrieked and hammered at the dark woman’s forehead but Juliana didn’t let go. Even as Cami frantically fought to her feet, Juliana’s head came up with her. Now it wasn’t just Juliana’s own blood on the Brazilian’s lips. Finally breaking free, Cami stumbled to the pool corner and collapsed, sobbing, clutching her torn womanhood.

Rick waited silently. He had all night.

Juliana got up first. She paid Cami back, with interest. When she finally stopped, gasping for air, the blonde was more dead than alive. Cami’s left eye was swelling closed. Her nose was broken. Her tanned abs were black and blue with bruises. Her tits were slashed all over, but especially across her nipples. And her left breast – Juliana had simply punched it over and over until its implant tore loose from Cami’s chest wall. Somehow, the bag was intact, but it was as if Cami’s breast had slid part way across her ribs where it now lay red and drum-tight and swelling at an almost visible rate.

Juliana dragged Cami on her knees to the nearest pool wall. She slammed her head against it. Cami’s blonde hair was turning red with blood. Juliana held her skull against the concrete and smashed her knee into the center of her face. Cami’s body convulsed. Juliana dragged her to the ledge where Rick waited, and bent Cami backwards over the ledge. She straddled her and ground her pelvis against her belly, motioning to Rick. He left his chair and knelt at the edge. Juliana spat on Cami’s face and took Rick’s cock in her mouth. She gripped his balls in one hand, and Cami’s injured breast in the other. Rick raptly watched as her lips, red with lipstick and blood, slowly slid down his shaft. At the same time, her grip tightened on Cami’s tit. With the implant dislodged, Juliana could wrap her long fingers around it. Her forearm corded, her bicep bulged.

The agony cut through Cami’s barely-conscious fog. The blonde jerked awake, screaming. Juliana released Rick’s balls and shifted that hand to Cami’s throat. Her fingernails had disappeared into Cami’s breast, driven past the quick into the white woman’s flesh. Her lips were all the way to the base of Rick’s cock now. Her eyes closed. She choked Cami and crushed her. Harder.

Rick came in Juliana’s throat when Cami’s implant ruptured. It literally popped. He heard it. The blonde went limp. Juliana grimly held on, still squeezing. Rick slowly pulled his cock back. Juliana sucked hard, trying to hold him. He left a string of his cum from his cock to her mouth that finally broke. Juliana slowly let go of Cami’s breast. It was just a slack bag now. Bloody saline dribbled from her puffy nipple. Juliana spat on her again. “That’s one, bitch,” she said.

Juliana dragged the unconscious blond to the center of the pit. She went back to Rick and pointed at the champagne bottle and ice bucket. He gave it to her, amused. She drank a long swallow and held an ice chunk on her torn nipple. Melting ice water ran off her breast and down her flat belly. She stood over Cami and poured the champagne over her battered bloody face and her ruined breast. Cami finally stirred and coughed as the last of the bubbly spattered over her. “Get up, whore,” Juliana said.

Rick gave Cami credit. She got up, even though it took two attempts. She didn’t try to run, or beg. Her burst tit sagged badly and was still leaking a thin stream of fluid. But she raised her fists. Juliana knocked her down with a savage right hook. She struggled up again. Juliana hit her in the belly and her once-hard abs did nothing to blunt the brunette’s fist. But Cami kept her feet. And she head-butted Juliana full in the face. Juliana’s nose broke with a crunching sound like a boot in gravel. She fell like she’d been shot. Cami fell too.

Again, Rick was patient. He listened to the harsh sobbing breath of the two women and to the tropical night.

Cami crawled to Juliana. The brunette was dazed. Her chest and flat, sweat-soaked belly rose and fell. Cami’s fingertips traced her abs beneath the cocoa skin. Then she dug a claw hold deep into the brunette’s belly. Juliana’s head bridged back, the veins in her neck bulging as she clenched her teeth against this fresh paralyzing pain. Cami’s head and shoulders were over her and the blonde shoved straight down with her locked-out arm. She wanted to drive her clawed hand through this bitch’s guts, crush her fucking ovaries. Crack all her goddamn eggs before she dies. Juliana fought even to breathe against the pain. She wanted to scream but couldn’t. Blood dripped from Cami’s face onto Juliana’s tits. She dug the claw deeper. The Brazilian’s long legs drummed against the pool floor, her red heels clattering. Then she fainted, her body falling limp. Cami’s arm gave out. She collapsed across Juliana’s body.

Cami had nothing left. She couldn’t move. She couldn’t finish the bitch. Somehow she knew it had been less than an hour since she had left her bungalow anticipating promotion and a night of Rick’s cock, but it seemed like forever. She was in hell now. Locked in an eternal fight with a dark demoness. Her breast hurt more than any pain she’d ever even imagined. It burned.

Juliana stirred beneath Cami, pushed her off, but sobbed suddenly as a lightning bolt of pain shot through her belly. The fucking American had been practically dead. She’d ruptured her fucking tit, for Christs sake! And now somehow the blonde bitch had ruptured something inside herl. God, it hurt so much! She lay on her side, her heavy breasts heaving, her curved hip arched. She coughed and blood burst from her mouth.

For the first time, it occurred to Rick that maybe neither woman would survive the pit fight. That would be . . . inconvenient. But, he had even younger beauties lined up behind them. “I thought you two were fighters!” he called to them. “Are you finished? Was I wrong about you both?”

One of them finally stood. She staggered badly, even for just the few steps needed to move to her opponent. She wavered there, looking down. Then she let gravity take her. She fell to her knees, driving them down into the other woman’s tits. Both hands on her throat. Squeeze. The other woman’s fists beat at her arms, her ribs, her breasts. She closed her eyes. Squeeze.

Rick had a groundskeeper for the retreat center, an islander whose friends envied that he was paid so well to mow grass and trim bushes. He had other duties as well. The most important one was to keep his mouth shut. That night, he dug a grave amongst the roses for a beautiful corpse. Long legs. Blonde hair.

In two months, Juliana moved into her new penthouse corner office in New York. She was admiring the view of the city when Rick knocked on her open door. “Got a minute?” he asked. “Taylor – meet Juliana.” A young redhead stepped in and offered her hand. Her fitted suit fit her, fit her very well indeed. “I’ve heard so much about you, Juliana,” she said. She smiled but not with her eyes. “You are such a role model! I’d love to have your job someday!”

Juliana smiled back, just as coldly. “I’m sure you would,” she said.

The End

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