Peach vs. Pauline by N2-9

The pink aeroplane touched down at new donk city airport. As soon as the stairs were attached to the outside of the plane the doors swung open and a blonde woman stormed out. A golden crown atop her head marked her out as royalty. Her hair was carefully styled down her back. A blue gem was snuggly in between her large breasts which bounced softly as she descended. With hands covered in silk gloves Princess Peach lifted up her frilly pink dress making it easier for her to move quickly down the steps. She had a furious look on her face. As she reached the bottom of the steps an ageing toad stuck his head out of the plane “Princess I do wish you’d reconsider” Toadsworth pleaded.

“No way, someone needs to teach that slut a lesson” Peach shouted back not stopping.

Toadsworth sighed in exasperation “Come on then you guys” he said to the other toads in the plane. “We should probably keep track of her”

Peach left the airport and was now striding through the streets of new donk city. As she passed the well-dressed citizens she attracted no small amount of attention.

“Is that the princess of the mushroom kingdom?”

“I wonder what she’s doing here?”

“Why does she look so mad?”

“I wish I looked that hot in a dress”

Peach ignored all the whispered comments and continued to walk towards her destination. The startled crowd parting to let her through.

When Peach reached City Hall there was a band playing a very familiar tune. She walked over to the reception desk pushing other customers out of the way. “I want to see the Mayor” she demanded of the receptionist. The receptionist looking terrified just pointed to the lift. And Peach walked off and hit the button. Now everyone in the room was looking at her even the band had stopped playing. The lift doors slid open and Peach entered and then they closed behind her.

Pauline was sitting at her desk looking over some paperwork. Instead of her usual red business suit, Pauline was wearing her tightfitting red dress, this was because she had a singing gig later on that afternoon and she had already changed but decided to do just a little more paperwork before she went off to it. She absently hummed some lyrics from jump up superstar as she read.

Suddenly the lift doors at the end of her office slid open revealing a furious Princess. “Oh Peach what a pleasant surprise” Pauline said laying the papers on the desk.

“Cut the bullshit” Peach growled striding angrily into the room.

“Excuse me,” Pauline said in surprise.

“I know what you’ve been doing,” Peach said.

“Running the city, giving awesome singing performances” Pauline tried a friendly smile.

“You have been sending dirty letters to my man” Peach accused.

Pauline smile faded. “I don’t know what you’re talking about,” she said dismissively.

“Don’t play dumb with me bitch” Peach said. “I found Mario’s secret stash of your letters there were even some nudes in there”

“I am a respective Mayor, how dare you accuse me of sending nudes,” Pauline said her voice rising.

“So if I look in your desk I won’t find any dirty letters you haven’t sent yet” Peach went to open a draw in Pauline’s desk but Pauline slapped her hand away.

“You can’t do that,” she said.

“Why, Because I’ll fine letters in their” Peach said.

“No, because your fine sensitive city documents,” Pauline said firmly.

“Bullshit, let me see” Peach snarled then she tried to push Pauline out of the way but she stood her ground.

“No way, get lost” Pauline shouted.

Peach raised one gloved hand and slapped Pauline across the face. Pauline gasped at the sudden pain in her cheek and stumbled. Peach pushed past her and yanked open the draw but she found nothing but city documents.

Pauline with one hand to her stinging cheek said “See I told you”

Peach pulled the neatly piled documents out of the draw and threw them on the floor. “Hey” Pauline shouted.

“Got it,” Peach said. Underneath the documents was a half-finished letter to Mario with a picture of a naked Pauline enclosed with it. “I knew it,” she said waving the incriminating evidence in Pauline’s face.

“Fine ok, yes I’ve been sending letters to Mario you happy now,” Pauline said angrily.

“How dare you send my man naked pictures of yourself” Peach spat. She crumpled up the letter in her hand and threw it to the floor.

“Your man?” Pauline asked “I don’t see the ring on his finger, you don’t even live in the same place,”

“He is still my boyfriend,” Peach said angrily.

“Well he was my boyfriend first” Pauline countered putting her hands on her hips.

“So what, Mario traded up, he went from some slutty politician to real royalty,” Peach said smiling. “I think that’s a pretty good upgrade”

“Yeah right, you’re too high maintenance, getting kidnapped every other day, making Mario go across eight worlds to save you,” Pauline said.

 “You got kidnapped by that dirty ape too,” Peach said angrily.

“Yeah one time, you get kidnapped by Bowser so often I’m starting to think you enjoy it”

Peach blushed. “I do not enjoy it, that’s not the point stop sending letters to Mario, he is mine”

“Make me” Pauline challenged.

Peach obliged she raised her hand and bitch slapped Pauline on her other cheek. Pauline gasped as her head whipped to one side. With a face contorted with rage Pauline turned back towards her and slapped her face in return. Peach let out a rather girly squeal as Pauline’s palm collided with her cheek. Beside herself with anger Peach went to slap her again but this time Pauline caught her arm in mid-swing then, with her free arm she slapped Peach again. “Eek,” she squealed.

“You’re gonna regret coming here when I’m through with you” Pauline threatened, Sending another stinging slap to Peach’s face. The princess’s face was scarlet red from a mixture of pain and the humiliation of being repeatedly slapped. Just as Pauline raised her hand to strike her again Peach reached with her free hand and grabbed some of Pauline’s brown locks and pulled. Now it was Pauline’s turn to squeal as her head was forced to one side by her hair, this also caused her to whiff her slap. Peach pulled harder on her hair causing Pauline to lose her grip on Peach’s other arm. Peach didn’t waste any time and buried this hand into her opponent’s mane as well.

“Let’s see how much Mario likes you once I rip out all of your hair” Peach shouted. She dragged Pauline’s head from side to side making her scream in pain. She had spent a lot of time getting her hair to look this nice and now that was all ruined as Peach mercilessly attacked it.

Gritting her teeth at the pain Pauline reached her hands up and they took hold of Peach’s blonde hair. “how do you like it bitch” she growled and then she began to pull.

Peach squealed as her own blonde locks were pulled taut but she didn’t let go of Pauline’s hair. The two women stood right next to each other pulling viciously upwards on each other’s hair screaming and moaning. Their curvy bodies writhed in pain. Their ample breasts bumped into each other as their legs kicked. Both of their pretty faces were a mask of agony their eyes shut tight. In an effort to ease the pain they both stood on their tiptoes in their high heels raising their heads higher making the hair pull less painful. They arch their backs and thrust their heads backwards. But despite all of this they were still causing each other a lot of pain as they pulled up on the other’s hair as hard as they could.

After a straight minute of this hair pulling competition, Pauline finally got fed up with it. Without letting go of Peach’s hair she raised her knee and slammed it between her opponent’s legs. Peach screamed in an unnaturally high-pitched voice as her pussy exploded with pain. Whimpering she let go of Pauline’s hair and brought her hands down to cover her womanhood. Pauline smirked at her rival. With her hand still in Peach’s hair, she dragged the hurting Princess towards her desk. Small gasps of pain the only resistance Peach showed still reeling from the low blow. When they reached the wooden piece of furniture Pauline pulled Peach’s head back with her hair and then thrust it forward. Peach’s entire upper body was thrown forward it looked like she was about to hit her head off the solid wood of the desk but her breasts got their first. Her tits slammed into the desk and then were crushed by the rest of her body. “UUUNNNGGG” Peach grunted huskily as her peaches were flattened. Pauline pulled back on her hair bringing Peach’s body up again and then thrust it down repeating her boob crushing move several more times Peach grunting every time her tits were squashed. Eventually Pauline let Peach crumbled to the floor clutching her aching chest. “MMMMAAA” she moaned massaging them trying to lessen the pain.

Pauline looked down at her “How pathetic, and you call yourself a Princess” she scoffed.

“Slut” Peach growled through her pain and then she lashed out with her leg. Her foot slammed into Pauline’s crotch. Her heel of her red high heel shoes stabbed painfully into her pussy. Pauline let out an ear-piercing high-pitched scream and immediately clutched herself and staggered away bent double. Peach got up off the ground and then turned her back on Pauline. “HU CHA” she launched herself forward with her ass sticking out in her signature Peach bomber. Pauline never saw it coming being too preoccupied with the pain in her pussy. Peach’s ass slammed into her face sending the hurting Mayor flying to the far wall. Pauline hit the wall and slumped down to a sitting position. One hand between her legs the other on her head.

“Now who’s pathetic” Peach said grinning. Pauline just moaned. Peach walked up to her downed opponent and turned around and slowly shoved her large ass into her face.

“NOOO” Pauline shouted she try to push Peach’s ass away but it was no use. Pauline’s head was consumed by the folds of Peach’s dress’ Her face right up against her ass. Peach laughed enjoying herself she shook her hips back and forth rubbing her ass all over Pauline’s face. “did you enjoy my Peach bomber bitch? It’s one of my best moves in smash oh, but you wouldn’t know that because your not playable in that game are you”

“MMMMMMMNNNMMM” came Pauline’s muffled reply. This was the most humiliating thing that had ever happened to Pauline and that included been kidnapped by DK. This was far worse. She tried and failed to push Peach away but the laughing Princess held her footing and shoved her ass hard against Pauline’s head. Pauline was finding it hard to get enough oxygen. Her supply cut off by the folds of Peach’s dress not to mention her large ass. At least Peach wasn’t naked Pauline thought it would be far worse if she had a naked ass in her face wait a minute, that was it. Instead of trying to push Peach away Pauline instead dug her nails into the dress and began to pull. Peach was still laughing but then she suddenly felt a draft in her lower region than there was a loud ripping noise. She looked over her shoulder to see Pauline’s head still right up against her ass but the brunette’s hands were ripping a large hole in her pink dress.

“NO” Peach screamed. She immediately moved away hoping to spare her dress but this was a bad move as Pauline kept hold of the pink fabric which spread the rip around Peach’s dress as she moved. When the tear had completed its journey around the dress it came loose leaving Pauline holding a large piece of pink fabric. Peach stumbled away most of her dress missing. The top half was completely untouched and was frilly and pink as ever but everything below the waist had been torn away. This gave Peach an oddly top-heavy look as her top half was still in a puffy dress while her legs were completely bare.

Still holding a large piece of Peach’s dress Pauline stood and laughed. “Ha nice panties Princess”

Peach had on a pair of pink ruffle panties with a mushroom on them. She blushed a deep shade of red and crossed her hands over her panties which did very little to hide them from Pauline’s view who continued to laugh.

“Shut up” Peach shouted still scarlet.

“Haha, I hope your bra matches your panties” Pauline laughed.

“Bitch” Peach rushed forward-moving faster now she was unencumbered by her dress.

Like a matador, Pauline dodged to one side and through the remains of her dress into her face. Peach squealed as her vision was suddenly full of nothing but the colour pink. Looking like a low-budget ghost costume Peach stumbled around trying to get the fabric off her head. Pauline punched the blind Princess in the stomach. A grunt of pain came from underneath the fabric. Pauline then kicked Peach in the ass sending her stumbling to the far wall. Peach hit the wall and bounced off inadvertently pressing the call button for the lift as she did so. Furiously she ripped the fabric off her head to reveal Pauline charging at her. Peach brought up her knee and Pauline ran straight into it gasping in pain as it spiked into her soft stomach. Peach grabbed her by her brown hair and threw her into the lift just as the doors slid open. Pauline hit the far side of the lift and fell to the floor moaning. Peach rushed in after her and landed a vicious kick to her ribs. Pauline grunted huskily but grabbed the offending foot and pulled harshly causing Peach to lose her balance and fall squealing. Pauline threw herself on top of Peach and the two women began wrestling for position. They squealed kicked slapped and pulled each other’s hair until Peach managed to pin Pauline to the floor. She reached down and grabbed hold of Pauline’s red dress and pulled. “NO!” Pauline screamed and managed to kick Peach in the stomach sending her flying off her but she managed to take a large chunk of Pauline’s dress with her. Pauline flushed red as her crimson bra and most of her stomach was revealed.

Peach fell against the buttons on the wall of the lift and the doors closed and the lift began to descend. She recovered and then laughed at Pauline. “Haha not so nice when it’s you is it slut” now both women had lost half of their outfit Peach losing the bottom half and Pauline losing the top. Their bra and panties on display respectively.

“I’m going to rip the rest of that dress off your body and leave you naked in a minute,” Pauline said furiously getting up her tits jiggling inside her bra.

“Not if I strip you first” Peach threatened back.

They both jumped at each other one hand going to their opponent’s hair to tug harshly the other hand repeatedly slapping each other in the face. They squealed in pain and anger as they rotated round the small space they found themselves in furiously tearing into one another.

Meanwhile, Toadsworth and the other toads had finally made it to City Hall. The old golden-headed toad walked up to the reception desk. “Excuse me,” he said. The receptionist looked confused not seeing him. “I’m down here,” Toadsworth said.

“Oh,” the receptionist said spotting him “how can I help you?”

“Well, I was wondering if by chance you had seen the Princess,” Toadsworth asked. “It appears that I and my companions have lost track of her”

“Oh Princess Peach yes she went up to talk with the Mayor a little bit ago, she should be down sooner or later” the receptionist replied.

“Excellent then me and my companions will wait here for her if that’s all right with you,” Toadsworth said.

The receptionist nodded and Toadsworth tottered off to sit on one of the comfy chairs, the other toads tapping their feet along with the band’s music.

 “This is my jam,” Toadette said.

“Now that you mention it, it does sound familiar,” Toadsworth said stroking his white moustache thoughtfully.

It was then when the lift doors slid open and Peach and Pauline came spilling out tangled together in a tornado of slapping hair pulling and screams.

“Oh my stars” Toadsworth said nearly falling off his seat. “Princess what are you doing? And what happened to your dress?”

“Not now Toadsworth” Peach grunted as she pulled hard on Pauline’s hair.

Everybody in the crowded town hall had gone silent all of their attention on the two fighting females. Even the band had stopped playing. Some new donkers moved forward as if they were going to try and break up the catfight.

“No do not interfere, she is mine” Pauline shouted. “Oww,” she cried as Peach slapped her across the face. She replied in kind causing Peach to squeal.

No one was sure what they should do. It was probably not all right for the Mayor and the Princess to be fighting one another like this especially in a state of undress but, on the other hand, they had said not to interfere and if they were honest it was kind of exciting to see the spectacle of two powerful women tearing into one another. The hall was completely silent apart from the grunts and screams of Pauline and Peach who had their new audience completely enthralled. Until, “kick her ass Princess” one of the Toad shouted.

“No way go Pauline” the receptionist shouted.

Soon the whole crowd were cheering for their leader. “Pauline Pauline Pauline”

“Princess Peach Princess Peach Princess Peach” the toads cheered

The cheering seemed to reinvigorate Peach and Pauline and they started going at each other with renewed energy. Peach pulled on Pauline’s hair causing her to shriek in pain and be bent double. From this position, Pauline moved forward head-butting Peach in the stomach. Peach let out a wet grunt as the wind was knocked out of her she lost her balance and staggered backwards. Pauline straightened back up grabbed the top of Peach’s dress and in one fluid movement ripped it off her. This got a loud cheer from her supporters in the crowd. “Oh look your bra and panties do match” Pauline taunted. Peach flushed red at her humiliation of being stripped down to her underwear in front of an audience.

“Go Peach pay that slut back” Toadette shouted.

“Language” Toadsworth scolded her. He was in a state of panic clearly unsure of what to do.

Peach heeded Toadette’s advice. She dashed forward and sank her fist right into Pauline’s left tit. Pauline screeched as her boob was crushed. She staggered backwards holding her bra as Peach ducked down and grabbed the bottom of Pauline’s dress and pulled it off her.

“Hurray” the toads cheered as the new donkers booed.

Now both Peach and Pauline were in their underwear. Peach’s a frilly bra which struggled to keep in her bosom with a matching pair of panties. Pauline a crimson red bra and a dark red thong. They circled each other their hands raised. The crowd forming a ring around them. “I can’t wait to humiliate you in front of all your citizens” Peach snarled.

“I’m going to be celebrating with them after your little mushroom people carry your naked body back home“ Pauline countered.

“Rip her hair out Peach” blue toad shouted.

“Strip her naked Pauline” one of the band members yelled.

“kiss kiss kiss” someone at the back called enthusiastically.

Peach and Pauline yelled a battle cry and smashed into one another. Their breasts mashing together as their half-naked bodies collided. Pauline grabbed some of Peach’s hair and forced her head down as the Princess cried in pain. She then sent several sharp knee strikes right into Peach’s pretty face. Peach groaned sluggishly as a small trickle of blood left her nostril.

“Oh no, Princess,” Toadette said worriedly

But Peach wasn’t out of the fight yet. She sent one fist up in a savage uppercut which cracked into Pauline’s chin sending her whole head whipping backwards but she still managed to keep her grip on Peach’s hair. From her bent double position Peach shoulder barged into Pauline sending them both flying across town hall and out the door into the streets. The excited crowd followed them.

There was a stretch of grass just outside the town hall but it had rained in new donk city the night before so this usually green area was instead a muddy brown colour. Peach and Pauline burst out of the doors screaming at the top of their voice as they scratched each other’s faces with their sharp nails. When they hit the grass they began to slide around finding it very hard to keep their balance on the muddy field. The crowd exited town hall and continued to cheer for their respective fighter. Some passers-by on the street started to take notice and join the crowd which started to grow substantially. Pauline slid on the mud and nearly fell over but managed to grab Peach’s hair to steady herself. Peach screeched and punched Pauline right in the stomach. Pauline grunted and lost her stabilizing grip on Peach’s locks. She fell to the wet ground mud and water immediately covering her breasts and stomach.

“Yeah that’s right Peach” red toad shouted

“No, get up Pauline”. A newcomer to the crowd cried.

Pauline moaned and tried to right herself but it was difficult in the slippery mud. Her red bra was now stained brown and some mud had even gotten into her cleavage. Peach heavily sat on top of Pauline and grabbed the back of her hair. “Eat mud bitch,” then she forced Pauline’s face into the mud. Pauline’s screens were cut off as she was smothered in the muddy grass, she kicked her legs wildly but all this did was to splash mud over her legs and Peach’s back. Peach had an evil look in her eyes as she kept Pauline’s had pinned down. The toads cheered loudly whilst the new donkers had horrified looks on their faces. In order to not suffocate her opponent, Peach pulled on Pauline’s mud-stained hair and brought her head back up. Pauline’s face was completely covered in the brown substance. “Do you give up slut” Peach demanded of her.

“Give up give up give up” the toads shouted.

Pauline coughed and groaned weakly.

“Pathetic, after this you’ll probably have to step down as Mayor because everyone will know how much of a bitch you are,” Peach said pulling harder on Pauline’s hair.

Pauline moaned but this last taunt had made her angry. “This is my city” she reached down and grabbed a handful of mud and then threw it behind her. Peach squealed as she was suddenly blinded. She let go of Pauline and staggered away trying to rub the mud out of her eyes. Pauline got backup. Her entire front was caked in mud. Her face was smeared with the stuff and drips of it fell from her breasts but Pauline didn’t let this stop her. She ran forward managing to keep her balance on the slippery surface. Peach was still trying to clear her site so she was left defenceless as Pauline grabbed her bra and pulled it off her. Peach’s naked tits bounced free they were a pale colour which contrasted with the muddy state of the rest of her. The male members of the crowd cheered a specially loud at this.

“How dare you” Toadsworth shouted waving his fist.

Peach finally got the mud out of her eyes and gasped as she realised she was topless. Her face went red and she hugged her breasts to her body in shame.

Pauline laughed. She threw the remains of Peach’s bra in the mud and stomped on it dominantly. “Now you’re gonna need to abdicate the throne after a scandal like this,” she said.

“Like hell I will” Peach shouted. She swept her feet through the mud sending a spray of muddy water all over Pauline. Pauline gasped in surprise as Peach was suddenly blocked from her view then she felt a sharp pain in her pussy. Peach used the cover of the mud wave to duck down and nail Pauline between the legs with a quick punch.

“UUUUNNNGGGGGG” Pauline moaned in agony clutching her pussy. Quickly Peach reached out and grabbed Pauline’s bra and ripped it off her as well.

The toads cheered for the Princess as she equalised the score and even some male new donkers joined in.

Pauline blushed but she didn’t cover her tits. The two muddy topless women began to circle once again looking for an opening. There naked breasts bouncing with every step.

“Once I’m through beating your face not even Bowser will want to kidnap you any more” Pauline snarled.

“You can forget about singing at that festival of yours, no one will want to see you when I’ve finished with you” Peach shot back.

“Get her Pauline” the crowd shouted.

“Make her pay Peach” the toads cheered.

“Bitch” Pauline spat.

“Slut” Peach snarled.

They charged at each other both of them kicking up waves of mud. Their breasts slammed into each other first then nipples sticking into the others flesh. “UUUNNGGG” Peach and Pauline both groaned huskily. They both reached for the others mud-caked hair and began to pull viciously whilst their breasts continue to clash into one another. They both screamed and growled at each other as their heads were wrenched from side to side by their hair. The crowd egging them on. Whilst keeping her grip on Peach’s hair Pauline raised her leg and shot a knee into Peach’s stomach causing the Princess to grunt. Pauline raised her leg again to repeat this attack but as she did so Peach gave an extra hard pull on her hair which made her lose her footing and slip in the mud. Pauline dragged Peach down with her as she fell and they both crashed to the muddy ground throwing up a tidal wave of water. The other toads jumped back just in time to avoid the wave but Toadsworth was a little too slow. The old man was covered in head to toe in mud his moustache drooping sadly. “Could this day get any worse” he muttered.

“Yes it could, Peach could lose” Toadette reminded him. Toadsworth just side miserably.

Peach and Pauline had begun to roll around with each other in the mud squealing slapping and pulling hair. All of their remaining patches of pale skin were coated in mud as they continue to catball around, Peach and Pauline were now both covered in mud from head to toe.

When Pauline found herself on top she slapped Peach across the cheek spraying mud into the air. The force of the blow sent Peach’s Crown flying off her head and it landed upside down in the mud. Peach winced at the pain but pulled on Pauline’s hair rolling them over so she was now on top. With her other hand she sent her own slaps into Pauline’s face causing the muddy brunette to gasp. Pauline tried to retaliate by grabbing Peach’s hair hoping to pull on it and role them both over again but Peach caught her hands before they could get hold of her mud-stained hair. Peach shifted into a sitting position on Pauline’s stomach pinning her hands by her side with her muddy thighs. Pauline squirmed trying to get out of the schoolgirl pin but all this achieved was splashing mud all over the place.

 “Got you now bitch” Peach panted out of breath but she was smiling wickedly. She reached down and grabbed hold of Pauline’s mud-coated tits digging her nails into the soft flesh. Pauline began to scream in agony. Peach viciously raked her nails down Pauline’s tits making special care to catch them on her nipples. Pauline continued to scream throwing her head back her eyes screwed shut and her mouth wide open. The crowd had gone silent watching in awe the brutal display before them. Peach continued to attack Pauline’s breasts mercilessly. She pinched Pauline’s nipples between her fingers and began to pull as if she was trying to rip the orbs right off her opponent’s body. Pauline howled in pain. Then Peach let go and the stretched pieces of flesh bounced back to their original positions bouncing off with each other on the way. Tears began to fall down Pauline’s face clearing a small trail through the mud which coated her. Peach leant down to whisper something in Pauline’s ear. “You like to sing don’t you slut, well then go on sing” she gave Pauline’s tits and extra hard squeeze. Pauline opened her mouth and screeched at the top of her voice. Her cries could be heard streets away. “Yes that’s it,” Peach said. Peach started to squeeze and pull on Pauline’s breasts which changed the pitch of her screaming. It was almost like Peach was trying to tune a musical instrument. Eventually, Pauline’s voice began to sound horse tired from all the screaming she was doing. Peach made an unsatisfied face. “oh no I don’t want to hear your voice any more” she said. She let go of one of Pauline’s throbbing tits reached down and grabbed a handful of mud. “shut up” she said and shoved a handful of dirt in Pauline’s open mouth. Pauline choked and gagged on the mud and tried to spit it out but Peach twisted her nipples painfully which may Pauline’s eyes go wide. She probably would have screamed too but her mouth was full. Her eyes fluttered shut her head flopped backwards as the mud dribbled out from her mouth. It was clear to Peach that her opponent was down for the count. Peach slowly got off of Pauline’s prone body the crowd staring at her silently. She was covered in mud and her naked breasts went up and down as she breathed heavily but Peach smiled. “Oh, did I win,” she said in a sickeningly sweet voice.

“Hurray” all the toads cheered loudly clapping their little hands together in applause. Peach gave them a slow royal wave as if she was on the balcony of her castle instead of being half-naked and covered in mud.

The new donkers, on the other hand, weren’t very happy with the outcome. Some looked very disappointed others stared daggers at Peach and one woman was actually crying. Peach found she didn’t care about this at all. She walked over and picked up her crown and placed it on her muddy head. Then she raised her hands in victory.

“Princess Peach Princess Peach” the toads cheered for her.

Peach looked down at Pauline still prone body. The Mayor was a rather pathetic sight lying in the mud her tits red and scratched only semiconscious. But even this was not enough for Peach she knelt and grabbed Pauline’s mud-coated panties. Smiling wickedly Peach pulled them off leaving the defeated Pauline completely naked.

“Boo,” a man from the crowd shouted at this petty action.

Peach scowled and through the muddy underwear at him. The garment slapped against his face and the man staggered backwards this causing a loud burst of laughter from the toads. Peach grinned and with one last disdainful look at Pauline she walked off. “Come on, let’s get out of this dump of the city.” still cheering and clapping the toads followed her. The crowd parted to let Peach through even though a lot of dirty looks were thrown her way not that Peach cared.

She walked through the streets of new donk city leaving a trail of mud behind her. The attention she had gained on her way in was nothing compared to the attention she got on her way out. Everyone she passed stopped and stared at the site of the Princess of the mushroom kingdom covered in mud and topless.

“Princess, don’t you think you should cover-up?” Toadsworth said hurriedly.

“No, its ok” Peach said offhandedly. She winked at a group of boys whose eyes were wide and their mouths hung open. She was rather enjoying all the attention.

Later back on the plane which was flying back to the mushroom kingdom. After Peach had had a well-earned shower she sat on her reclining chair and scrolled through news sites on her phone. And yes there it was her and Pauline’s catfight had made the headlines. Princess tussles with Mayor. There followed a picture of Peach and Pauline pulling each other’s hair. There was another picture of Pauline kneeing Peach in the face. She didn’t like that one very much but then there was one of her twisting Pauline’s nipples as they sat in a muddy puddle. And there was one which had been taken after she had left. Pauline still covered in mud being helped to her feet a hand over her face in shame. Peach smiled to herself. That bitch wouldn’t be sending Mario any more letters. Maybe when she got back she would bake him a nice cake, or perhaps she would do something more special for him.

The End

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