Rumble Roses Strip Fight Battle Royale by N2-9

Moments after the tickets for this event went live it was already sold out. Not only would they get to see all of their favourite roses competing in the ring at the same time but they will also get to see them strip each other naked. So needless to say the rumble roses fan base was extremely excited as they were taking their seats for the event. Expectantly most of them were men but about a quarter of them were lesbian women who were just as excited to see this event than their male counterparts were.

Suddenly the arena went dark and all the excited conversations ceased. “Welcome one and all to the first-ever Rumble Roses strip fight battle royale” a female voice sounded throughout the arena. The crowd cheered excitedly. The announcer waited until they were finished then continued. “The rules of this match are simple, if you are stripped so that both of your nipples and your pussy are visible that means you have been eliminated, gloves, shoes and hats don’t count, we just want to see the most important parts don’t we?” The crowd roared their agreement. “Once you have been eliminated you must leave the ring immediately and take the walk of shame,” As she said these last words a catwalk leading from the ring to the changing rooms lit up with purple light and sinister music played. The crowd was loving it. “The last remaining woman in the ring who still has her modesty will be declared the winner” the announcer continued. “and now, let’s meet the competitors”

Music started to play as the lights lit up revealing another catwalk. The first to appear was Reiko Hinomoto. The young Asian woman was wearing her usual wrestling costume. A pair of red tight shorts unbuttoned at the front showing black underwear. Her small yet bouncy breasts poked out from her red bra. she was wearing a red scarf around her neck and knee-high boots items which didn’t need to be removed for Reiko to be eliminated. Reiko smiled and wave to the cheering crowd as she made her way to the ring. She wasn’t completely comfortable with the fact that this was a strip fight match but the opportunity to face off with all her fellow wrestlers at once was too much of an opportunity to be passed up.

Next was Aisha. The blonde-haired woman strutted forward confidently singing along to the music. She wore a sparkling bikini top and tight white trouser bottoms. She shook her hips causing her tits to jiggle back and forth. The crowd definitely appreciated this.

Then Candy Cane rushed out. The young punk girl shook her head to the music causing her bright red pigtails to bounce up and down. Candy was in her usual skimpy schoolgirl outfit. A white top covering her breasts and tied in a knot exposing her bare chest. And an extremely short miniskirt which made it incredibly easy to see up her skirt. She ran down to the ring high-fiving the fans on her way.

Aigle walked out. She wore a fur-lined bra top and a pair of leather bottoms. The Mongolian girl had a look of determination on her face, she didn’t seem to even notice the crowd.

There was an animalistic roar as Evil Rose entered. She was dressed in a full leather bodysuit with holes cut for her large breasts to stick out of. Her nipples were covered by a strip of fabric. A forked tail hung just above her large ass. Her full head mask had two devil horns sticking out of the top. She snarled at the crowd and then ran on all fours to the ring.

Makoto Aihara came out next. The Japanese judo champ did her best to hide her blush as she was faced with so many cheering people. She had on her white judo shirt which was open at the front giving the audience a peek to her blue bra underneath.

Suddenly a puff of smoke exploded near the entrance. As the smoke cleared it revealed the ninja Benikage. She had her hands together and her eyes closed. Her body was covered in fishnet wire. With a small piece of fabric obscuring her nipples and her crotch. She was also wearing a mask covering her mouth with a Demon’s face on it. Suddenly her eyes snapped open and she ran for the ring and then leap over the ropes to land in the middle of it.

Miss Spencer was next to make her way to the ring. Her large breasts were contained by her white top. She was wearing tights and a short red skirt which showed off her thick legs. As the crowd cheered and wolf-whistled she wagged her finger at them scolding them for their unruly behaviour but this only made them cheer louder.

When Anesthesia made her entrance she was met with no small number of boos. The sadistic nurse was well known as a cheating heel. The black-skinned beauty didn’t seem to mind, in fact, she seemed to enjoy all the negative attention. She wore what could loosely be described as a pink nurse’s outfit but it was modified to show off her impressive rack. Anesthesia took a thermometer out from her cleavage and placed it seductively into her mouth. This action changed some of the boos to cheers.

Last but by no means least was Dixie Clemets. In fact, the Texas cowgirl was something of a fan favourite, which was partly because of the fact that she had the largest tits out of all of them and that was a tough competition. She wore a cow print top which showed plenty of cleavage, small white pants and leggings that didn’t connect to anything. She raised her hands gesturing for the crowd to cheer louder which they happily obliged. Dixie hyped up the crowd for a few more moments then climbed into the ring. Now that they all had made an entrance the stage was set.

The 10 women inside the ring eyed each other cautiously trying to determine where the first attack would come from.

“Roses on your mark,” the announcer said.

They all readied themselves.


The ring immediately descended into chaos. Fists were flying hair was pulled and breasts were jiggling. The arena was suddenly full of feminine grunts and yells of pain and exertion. With so many sexy women going at it all at once it was hard for some of the crowd to see what was happening.

As soon as the match started Candy Cane rushed for Miss Spencer wanting to show her former teacher who was in charge now, but before she could get to her Dixie stepped in her way.

“Out of my way bitch,” Candy yelled and threw a punch for Dixie’s face. Smiling confidently Dixie dodged around her fist. Then she brought her arm around and close lined Candy Cane sending her flying to the mat.

“I don’t think so you spoilt brat,” Dixie said in her southern accent. Wanting to take advantage of Candy Canes prone state Dixie knelt down to rip some clothes off the stunned Canadian girl but before she could wrap her fingers around Candy Cane school shirt her blonde hair was grabbed from behind. Dixie let out a cry of pain as her head was wrenched backwards by her hair. Aisha pulled on Dixie’s blonde locks causing the Texan to stumble towards her.

“Got you this time Dixie” Aisha taunted her long-time rival. With her free hand she sent a fist into Dixie’s toned stomach causing her to grunt huskily. With one hand still in Dixie’s hair, Aisha tried to pull her into a headlock but the cowgirl resisted managing to send an elbow into Aisha’s right tit. Aisha gasped in pain but didn’t relinquish her grip on Dixie’s hair. Candy Cane got up off the floor and seeing the two struggling women in front of her decided that they made for pretty good targets. She ran forward and jumped into a dropkick. Being too preoccupied with each other Dixie and Aisha didn’t see this coming. They were both sent flying as Candy’s boot heel hit Dixie in the head and Aisha in the stomach.

Dixie and Aisha flew past Makoto who nimbly jumped out of the way of them. They landed in a heap on the floor and immediately began to scratch and tear at each other. Makoto looked at them and was just trying to decide if it was worth her getting involved in that when she heard someone rushing up behind her. She whirled around and saw Aigle charging at her, her mouth open in a war cry. Makoto stood her ground and waited until Aigle was just in range then she grabbed her and using her own momentum against her judo flipped to the floor. Aigle cried out as her back collided heavily with the mat.

“I am sorry Aigle,” Makoto said. Makoto and Aigle were good friends outside of the ring “But I got to fight so that I can win”. Makoto dropped with an elbow which speared into Aigle stomach causing her to shriek. “I am sorry” Makoto repeated “But I need to strip you” Makoto grabbed Aigle’s bra and began to pull it off.

“Aigle is sorry too” Aigle muttered. She thrust her head forward and head-butted Makoto right in her forehead. Makoto gasped and fell backwards but she still had hold of Aigle’s bra and as she fell she in voluntary ripped it off Aigle’s chest. The crowd roared their appreciation as the first of many fighters were stripped. But Aigle didn’t seem to care that her breasts were on full display. She jumped after Makoto who was still reeling from the headbutt. Aigle grabbed Makoto’s white judo robe and pulled ripping it from the stunned Makoto’s body. Makoto squealed in embarrassment having suddenly been stripped down to her bra and panties. Aigle laughed at her friend’s red face. “Makoto gonna be a lot more embarrassed when Aigle strips you naked,” she said.

Makoto’s embarrassment changed into anger. “Not if I strip you first” Makoto raised a hand and heavily slapped Aigle across the face.  Aigle’s head whip to one side as her cheek turned red from the blow. Makoto grabbed for Aigle’s bottoms but before she could pull them off Aigle swung her legs upwards and kicked it into Makoto’s pussy. Makoto eyes bulged and she let out a high-pitched scream. She let go of Aigle’s bottoms and cupped her throbbing vagina bending over. Aigle wasted no time taking advantage of this opening. She dodged behind her stunned friend and grabbed the back of her bra. With one violent pull, Aigle ripped the bra free and Makoto’s round tits were revealed. Makoto blushed a deep red as her naked bosom was revealed for all to see. Abandoning her aching pussy, she hugged her breasts to herself trying to hide them from the cheering crowd. This, however, was a big mistake. Aigle grabbed Makoto’s panties and began to pull them off. Makoto realised what was happening just in time. She seized Aigle by one of her brown ponytails and tried to pull her away. Aigle gritted her teeth at the pain in her scalp but didn’t relinquish her hold on Makoto’s panties. Makoto grabbed Aigle’s other pigtail leaving her nipples exposed. She desperately tried to pull Aigle away from the only clothes she had left. Aigle whimpered in pain but didn’t let go. It was a strange tug-of-war with both of them pulling as hard as they could but on two different things. Aigle is hair versus Makoto’s panties. Makoto’s panties lost. There was a loud tearing sound as Aigle finally managed to rip the blue panties away.

“NOOO!” Makoto yelled as once again her private parts were shown off.

“Makoto Aihara you have been eliminated, please take the walk of shame,” the announcer said.

The now nude Makoto blushed scarlet but nodded and began to walk away.

“Makoto wait,” Aigle said. “I am sorry that I eliminated you,” she said looking sincerely sad. “Still friends?”

Makoto smiled. “Yes still friends”

Aigle smiled back and then ran off to relieve some other wrestlers of their clothes.

Makoto took a deep breath and then left the ring and started the walk of shame. The lights around the catwalk illuminated her naked body and the crowd erupted into cheers. She did her best to hide her blush but wasn’t very successful. The lights reflected off her tits and bare ass. It was a relief to Makoto when she reached the end of the catwalk and entered the changing rooms beyond.

Meanwhile back in the ring, the match continued. Dixie and Aisha were still catballing around the ring clawing at each other and pulling each other’s hair. They rolled over to Reiko who had to dodge out of the way of them. When they next rolled in the way of Anaesthesia she gave a wicked smile and savagely kicked them both to send them rolling off in the other direction. Finally, the two furious women separated however just before they did Dixie managed to snatch Aisha’s bikini top and take it with her. Aisha’s large tanned tits spilled out.

“You stupid cow give that back” Aisha growled.

“What’s the matter Aisha feeling a little exposed” Dixie taunted spinning Aisha’s bikini top around her fingers.

“To be fair the crowd would be mighty disappointed if they didn’t get to see the best set of tits in the league tonight,” Aisha said smirking. She cupped her hands under her boobs and held them up for Dixie and the crowd to see.

“Ha, my tits a larger, firmer and stronger than yours” Dixie challenged.

“I doubt that, take off your shirt and prove it” Aisha tried.

“Why don’t you come over here and make me,” Dixie said.

“With pleasure” Aisha rushed at Dixie. She sent a fist flying at Dixie’s head but the cowgirl deflected the punch but then Aisha drove a knee into her gut causing Dixie to grunt. Aisha grabbed Dixie by her hair and pulled her head under her sweaty armpit. Dixie tried to power her way out of the hold but Aisha made sure she wasn’t going anywhere. She raised one hand in the air to hype up the crowd and then jumped forward spiking Dixie’s forehead into the mat in a painful DDT.

“AFFFA!” Dixie cried out rolling away clutching her head. Aisha wasted no time and rolled on top of her stunned rival straddling her stomach.

“Got you now cow” Aisha growled. She began to tear at Dixie’s cow print top. She managed to tear a hole revealing one of Dixie’s pink nipples. She was just about to reveal the other one when Dixie’s hand shot up and grabbed her by the hair. Dixie pulled Aisha’s head down to right between her half exposed tits and into a breast smother.

“MMMMMMMUUMM” Aisha moaned as her air supply was cut off by Dixie’s large rack. She struggled to get free but Dixie had always been the physically stronger of the two and she easily held Aisha’s head in place.

Dixie smiled. “Who’s got the better tits now slut?”

“MMMMMMMMUU” came Aisha’s muffled reply. She was finding it very difficult to breathe and the smell of sweat wasn’t very pleasant either.

With her hands keeping Aisha’s head between her bosom Dixie had to find another way to remove her remaining clothes. She brought her legs up and after a few attempts managed to hook the high heel of her shoes inside Aisha’s trousers. Then she pulled down taking Aisha’s trousers with her.

“What are you doing?” Aisha demanded but it only came out as muffled grunts.

Dixie managed to pull her trousers down to around her thighs revealing her white thong. Smiling wickedly Dixie hooked her heel of her legs underneath the thong and began to pull.

Aisha opened her mouth and screamed at the painful wedgie but all this did was fill her mouth with Dixie’s sweaty titty flesh. Finally, Aisha’s underwear ripped into two one part still hooked around Dixie’s foot. Dixie finally released her from her humiliating smother and Aisha rolled to one side gasping.

“Aisha you have been eliminated please take the walk of shame”

“Fucking bitch” she cursed more out of frustration than an insult for Dixie.

“Better luck next time,” Dixie said.

“Yeah I’ll finish the job next time,” Aisha said pointing at Dixie’s half-exposed breasts.

“You’ll try”

Aisha climbed out of the ring and began the walk of shame. Lights danced off her exposed skin and the crowd whooped and cheered at the naked beauty. Well, might as well make the most of this Aisha thought. She shook her hips shaking her tits for the crowd who exploded into cheers. She squatted down shook her ass cheeks twerking for the mesmerised crowd. Happy that even though she had been eliminated she had managed to leave a lasting impression on the audience Aisha made her way to the locker room.

Across the ring Candy Cane was facing off with Reiko. Candy Cane had managed to bring the zero fighter to her knees with several dirty kicks to Reiko’s shins and ankles.

Candy hooked her hands under Reiko’s chin and pulled up. Reiko moaned as she was pulled into a painful camel clutch. Her back was in agony as it was pulled in an unnatural angle. Her breasts thrust out in front of her giving the crowd something to be happy about.

Candy Cane smiled sadistically as she pulled harder on Reiko’s chin. she reached one hand around and tried to pull Reiko’s bra off but she couldn’t quite get the right angle to remove it so she ended up just roughly groping Reiko’s tits.

Reiko moaned at this unwelcome touch and continuing pain of the hold. Candy Cane was enjoying herself way too much which is why she was completely taken off guard when someone rammed into her from behind.

Candy Cane fell head over heels her short skirt riding up giving the audience a peek at her panties. she landed in a heap near the ropes. “What the fuck?”

Evil Rose stood in front of her in her red leather suit staring daggers at Candy Cane. “Hands off my sister” she growled.

“Fujiko, you saved me,” Reiko said getting up.

Evil Rose span around and punched her across the face. Apparently, sister love only went so far.

Candy Cane lashed out a kick at Evil Rose’s back wanting to pay the masked wrestler back for spoiling her fun. With inhuman speed, Evil Rose world around and grabbed Candy Cane’s foot. Candy was now in a very precarious position she was still lying on the ground with her foot in the air in the clutches of an opponent. Evil Rose wasted no time. She stamped her high-heeled foot in between Candy Cane’s legs. Candy screamed as her pussy was crushed. Then still holding onto her leg Evil Rose brought her other hand up and started to shred Candy Cane’s skirt to small pieces with her sharp nails. When her skirt was in pieces on the floor evil Rose moved onto her white panties. Candy Cane was still reeling from the crotch stomp and was powerless to stop her from removing her underwear revealing her stinging red pussy to the world. Evil Rose grinned showing sharp teeth and was about to start shredding the helpless girls top when suddenly she was pulled off her feet from behind.

Miss Spencer lifted Evil Rose into a reverse bear hug. “I’d appreciate it if you left Miss Walsh alone” she squeezed her trapped opponent causing Evil Rose to howl like a beast in pain. Then with one husky grunt of effort, the busty teacher tossed her over the top ropes and out of the ring.

“I didn’t need your help” Candy Cane muttered. She was a lot less grateful to her saviour then Reiko had been.

Miss Spencer put her hands on her hips. “Yes because you were doing so well by yourself” Spencer gave Candy Cane an unmistakable teacher look.

 Candy Cane got up off the mat “Yes I had that freaky slut right where I wanted her”

Spencer nodded “And apparently where you wanted her was ripping your clothes off, show some modesty Miss Walsh, everyone can see your womanhood”

 Candy Cane blushed and covered her naked pussy. “I’ll show you modesty” but before Candy could attack her Miss Spencer gasped and fell to the ground.

While student and teacher had been arguing Evil Rose had sneaked up from outside the ring. She had grabbed the unsuspecting teacher by her ankles and pulled causing her to fall tits first to the mat. Spencer grunted as her breasts were crushed with her own body weight. Evil Rose then pulled on Spencer’s legs dragging her out of the ring. Candy Cane just stood there doing nothing to help her former teacher.

Evil Rose flung Miss Spencer into the barrier separating the wrestlers from the crowd. She smashed against it and then fell to the ground holding her aching back. Evil Rose pounced on top of the stunned teacher and began to rain punches down on her face. Spencer grunted with every blow and did her best to cover up with her arms. After a few ineffective hits on her forearms, Evil Rose changed target. She violently dug her nails into Spencer’s large tits shredding her T-shirt as she did so. Miss Spencer screamed in pain as Evil Rose mauled her tits like a wild animal leaving red scratch marks all over them. It was only her years of wrestling experience which gave Miss Spencer the will to carry on. She managed to send a powerful kick into Evil Rose’s stomach sending her flying off her. Now it was Evil Rose’s turn to cry out as she collided with the barrier. She shrieked like a wounded animal and lay on the floor. Miss Spencer slowly got to her feet. To her dismay, she found herself topless Evil Rose sharp claws having shredded her top revealing her large heavy tits which still hurt like hell from all the scratching. Rose got up but stayed on all fours she growled at Miss Spencer. She was actually growling at her? Miss Walsh was right she was a freak Spencer thought to herself. With a primaeval raw Evil Rose rushed on all fours at Miss Spencer but the teacher was ready. She sidestepped and Rose lunged past her. In one fluid movement, Spencer grabbed Evil Rose’s outstretched arm and bent it backwards causing the leather-clad she-devil to cry out in pain. With her opponent now off guard, Miss Spencer ducked down and grabbed her by her thighs and lifted her up till Evil Rose was sitting on Miss Spencer’s shoulders. Evil Rose’s eyes widened under her mask as she realised what the teacher was doing. Miss Spencer finished her powerbomb by slamming Evil Rose back down into the ground. Evil Rose let out a short scream and then went limp. Miss Spencer smiled she might be getting on in years but she still had it, and now to punish this nasty little girl. She knelt down and grabbed Evil Rose’s tail then she yanked hard. There was a ripping sound as Rose’s leather costume was torn away revealing her ass. Evil Rose moaned but did not try to stop Miss Spencer. Spencer pulled hard on the tail ripping more of Evil Rose’s leather outfit off her stunning body. First, her pussy was revealed and then her tits. Miss Spencer peeled Evil Rose’s clothes off as if she was peeling an orange. When she was done she held one large piece of leather fabric by the tail.

“Evil Rose you have been eliminated, please take the walk of shame”

The announcer’s voice seemed to snap Evil Rose back to full consciousness. She jumped to her feet naked apart from her red mask and leather boots. Her tits swinging she glared daggers at Miss Spencer who stepped back wondering if the naked woman was about to attack her even though she had been eliminated, but Evil Rose just turned her back on her and walked off.

When she arrived at the walk of shame Rose paused. The crowd were yelling excitedly for the latest eliminated. They shouted and jeered and she even thought she could hear a few wolf whistles. Evil Rose bared her teeth and roared like a female lion. The crowd immediately went quiet. Evil Rose walked down the catwalk to complete silence. As soon as her naked form had left, the crowd decided it was safe enough to start cheering and yelling once more.

Back inside the ring, Benikage had managed to corner Anaesthesia. The dark skin nurse had her back towards the corner of the ring as the scantily clad ninja approached. “I will not let you get away with any of your nasty tricks this time,” Benikage said.

Anaesthesia leaned back casually. “Nasty tricks, me, I would never do such a thing”.

“Lies” Benikage through a powerful kick toward Anastacia’s head. Ana just managed to duck out of the way of the ninja’s boot. Benikage’s foot smashed into the steel ring post. She gasped as pain shot up through her leg. She bent over clutching her injured leg which gave Anaesthesia the perfect opportunity to counter-attack. She grabbed Benikage by her short black hair and pulled harshly. With a handful of hair Anaesthesia then forced Benikage’s head into the ring post. Benikage yelled in pain as her forehead collided with the steel post. The stunned ninja stumbled backwards one hand going to her aching forehead.

“Its too easy” Anaesthesia laughed. She ducked behind Benikage and wrapped her arms around her waist. “say goodnight” she whispered. Then she lent backwards intending to finish off Benikage with a good old-fashioned suplex however when she was halfway through the move there was a puff of smoke and instead of holding a busty ninja Anaesthesia was left with an old wooden log. Suplexing an inanimate object was a lot different than Suplexing a human so Anaesthesia landed heavily on her back taking most of the force from her own attack. Ana grunted and held her aching back not noticing another puff of smoke appearing behind her. Benikage jumped out of the smoke and lashed out with a kick which smashed into the back of Anastacia’s head. With a cry of pain Ana fell forward and lay in an undignified heap on the mat. Benikage walked up to her downed opponent and with calm precision, she ripped off the bottom of Anastacia’s nurse’s outfit revealing her dark-skinned pussy. “You fucking weeaboo bitch,” Anastacia said in a dark voice. She reached her hand in between her breasts and from her deep cleavage she brought out a small vial with green liquid inside it. With an evil smile on her face, Anastacia hurled the vile at Benikage. Expecting Anastacia to try and cheat at some point Benikage managed to dodge out of the way of the vile. The vile burst open on the mat spraying the green liquid everywhere. Despite her best efforts some of the liquid landed on Benikage. She gritted her teeth ready for stinging pain but there was nothing. Puzzled Benikage looked down and her eyes widened. The acid which had been contained in the vile wasn’t doing her any harm but it was slowly eating away at her outfit. She watched in horror as the small piece of fabric covering her pussy was disintegrated. The crowd cheered. At this rate she only had about half a minute before the acid ate way her entire outfit and she was eliminated. But if you were a lightning-fast ninja there is a lot you can do with that 30 seconds like make sure that cheating slut who did this to you was eliminated. Benikage sprinted for Anastacia but with a wicked smile on her face, the dark skin nurse turned tail and ran. She slid out of the ring and went round the side but when Benikage moved to cut her off Anaesthesia change direction. All Ana had to do was to stall and let the acid do its work. Benikage’s fishnet outfit was half gone already and the acid was slowly but steadily approaching her nipples. Anyone else would be panicking but Benikage prided herself on her focus. She calmly climbed one of the corner ring posts and perched on top of it.

 “What the hell is she doing?” Anaesthesia muttered moving away from Benikage’s ring post. Benikage focused in on her target and then launched herself into the air. She flew a good three metres above the ring. Anastacia’s mouth hung open she never thought anyone would be capable of making a jump like that, not even her super-secret cyborg lady X.  Just when Benikage reached the ark of her jump she suddenly shot down at a right angle with her foot extended in a lightning-fast dive kick. Benikage’s outstretched foot collided with Anastacia’s left breast with so much force the nurses remaining close were blasted off her body. Anaesthesia flew backwards bounced off the barrier and fell heavily to the ground. There was a rather large red bruise on her left tit. Benikage landed on the ground in a classic ninja pose which gave the crowd an excellent look at her pussy.

“Anastacia you have been eliminated, please take the walk of shame”

“OOOMMMAAA” Anastacia moaned and slowly got to her feet. It took her a second to register that she was naked. “Well looks like you got lucky this time ninja slut,” She said to Benikage. “Do you like my special clothes dissolving acid? Think of it as a parting gift” Benikage just stared coldly at her. Anastacia gave her one last evil smile and walked away.

When Anastacia got to the walk of shame she grinned. Shaking her tits and raising her arms above her head she shouted “Come on then who wants to cop a feel?” Immediately dozens of eager hands shot into the air. Ana walked down the catwalk and selected one at random. She knelt down and thrust out her chest. Hardly believing his luck the young fan reached out and groped Anastacia’s breasts. Anastacia smiled warmly at him and then as if a switch was pulled she grabbed the young fan’s arm and twisted it back painfully. The fan cried out in pain and fell backwards As Anastacia laughed evilly. “Well anyone else want a turn?” There were no more volunteers. Anaesthesia strutted down the rest of the walk of shame and left the arena.

No sooner had she did then the acid finally finished revealing Benikage’s body.

“Benikage you have been eliminated, please take the walk of shame”

Silently cursing that cheating slut Benikage made her way over to the beginning of the walk of shame. Wanting to minimise her humiliating moment as much as she possibly could Benikage decided to ninja rundown the catwalk. She rushed forward her arms spread out behind her both her tits and ass cheeks jiggling with every step. Even though it was over really fast the crowd still cheered loudly for her nonetheless.

Dixie Clemets and Aigle were trading blows in the centre of the ring. Aigle sank her fist into Dixie’s exposed stomach. The cowgirl grunted but shook off the blow and then slugged Aigle across the jaw. The young girl stumbled from the blow her naked breasts swinging (she lost her top in her fight with Makoto earlier) Dixie grabbed her off-balance opponent and then Irish whipped her sending Aigle running uncontrollably away. Aigle smashed into one of the ring posts and then sank down sitting on the mat with her arms slung over the middle ropes stunned. Dixie casually walked over to her. “You all want to see something cool,” she asked the crowd. They roared their affirmative. “All right then” Dixie turned around and started walking backwards towards Aigle. Aigle’s head cleared just in time for Dixie to shove her ass in her face. Dixie laughed at her humiliating stink face. Aigle’s nose was deep inside Dixie’s ass crack. Dixie started to shake her hips rubbing her ass over Aigle’s face causing her head to move from side to side. The crowd was loving it. Aigle wasn’t one who got humiliated easily, but her cheeks flushed a deep red as Dixie’s ass cheeks pressed against them. Aigle slowly reached her hands up and grabbed Dixie’s panties. Dixie didn’t notice she was too busy appealing to the crowd. Aigle pulled down on Dixie’s bottoms. Dixie shrieked in surprise as her ass and pussy was suddenly uncovered. The crowd went from cheering for her to cheering at her humiliation. She stumbled forward and span around to see Aigle who was still holding her bottoms. “You sneaky little slut” Dixie growled.

“Serves you right for stinkfaceing Aigle you fat cow” Aigle spat still sitting in the corner.

Dixie lunged forward and spiked her knee into Aigle’s head. Aigle gasped and her head rolled backwards. Dixie seized Aigle by her pigtails and pulled upwards lifting her off the ground by her hair. Aigle moaned in pain and tried to wriggle free. But Dixie wasn’t having any of that. She smashed her fist into Aigle stomach. “FUUFF” Aigle gasped as the wind was knocked out of her. Dixie reached down and began to pull on Aigle’s bottoms. Aigle yelped as her panties were pulled into a painful wedgie. She moaned and cried until her panties gave up and snapped in to.

“Aigle you have been eliminated, please take the walk of shame”

Her work done Dixie dropped Aigle to the mat and without even looking at her walked off to find her next opponent. Aigle lay on the floor, and then slowly got up and walked over to the catwalk. As she went down the walk of shame she kept her eyes fixed ahead of her. She pretended not to notice the cheering crowd but they definitely noticed her.

Candy Cane was finally having a chance to go at it with her teacher. The young redheaded girl darted in and out of Miss Spencer’s range hitting her with quick pot shots whenever she could. “Too slow bitch” she shouted as she dodged a punch from Spencer.

“Language” Miss Spencer scolded. she made another grab for her but missed.

“You’re gonna be screaming a lot worse things than bitch in a moment,” Candy Cane said. She ducked under Spencer’s arm and then sent two quick punches into Spencer’s naked tits. Miss Spencer screamed as Candy Cane’s fist sunk into her melons. Her breasts were still stinging from where Evil Rose had scratched them earlier. She hugged her boobs to herself and bent over breathing heavily. “Ha Ha, not so high and mighty now are you teach” Candy Cane laughed.

Miss Spencer gritted her teeth finally losing patience with her disobedient student. She lashed out with her long leg and kicked Candy Cane right in her naked pussy. Candy Cane shrieked and immediately fell to the ground her hands covering her injured snatch. “You, you, can’t kick me there, you’re a teacher,” she said voice trembling from the pain.

“Well sometimes with especially naughty students you need to go down to their level,” Miss Spencer said. She snaked her arm around Candy canes neck and pulled her into a chokehold. “And now I’m gonna give you a lesson in humility. Once I strip you naked and make you do that humiliating walk of shame maybe then you’ll start behaving like a good girl” Miss Spencer brought her other hand round and started pulling on Candy Cane’s shirt.

“Nooo” Candy thrashed trying to break free but Miss Spencer had her in too tight of a grip. There was only one thing for it, she would have to use her contingency plan. Candy Cane reached up to one of her ponytails and pulled out the sharp guitar pick she had concealed there. Candy Cane slashed down with the razor-sharp pic easily cutting through Miss Spencer’s red dress and panties.

“Oh, my word” Miss Spencer cried as her red dress fell away revealing her pussy. She immediately dropped Candy and went to cover up.

“Miss Spencer you have been eliminated, please take the walk of shame”

“No no no” Spencer blushed as red as a strawberry as she did her best her hide her tits and pussy from the crowd.

“Ha yes, suck it slut” Candy laughed.

Miss Spencer’s red-faced turn to Candy Cane in fury “You will pay for this”

Candy Cane just flipped her off.

Flushed with rage and humiliation Miss Spencer went down the walk of shame with one hand over her nipples the other over her pussy. But denying the crowd the opportunity to see her goods only made them yell louder.

Reiko was feeling a little frustrated. She hadn’t managed to eliminate anyone yet even though she had also not lost any clothes Reiko was eager to struggle with another woman. She saw her chance when she spotted Dixie. Not wanting to sucker punch her Reiko was an honourable fighter she shouted “Hey, Dixie”

Dixie turned her bare ass cheeks jiggling. “Well hello there Reiko, I’m surprised that you made it this far, I’ve already eliminated two whores tonight, do you want to be my third?”

“No way because I’ll be eliminating you next,” Reiko said getting into a fighting stance.

“In your dreams girly,” Dixie said striding forwards. She threw a punch at Reiko but the young Japanese girl dodged away. Then Dixie brought up her leg in a roundhouse kick but Reiko again avoided the attack. Dixie scowled in frustration. Reiko had always been one of the fastest wrestlers in the league which made her incredibly hard to hit. Then Reiko counter-attacked by slamming her knee into Dixie’s stomach. Dixie grunted and bent over holding her bruised abs. Standing beside Dixie Reiko brought her leg high up into the air and then smashed it down on the back of Dixie’s neck sending the blonde cowgirl to the mat hard. Dixie moaned and rolled over clutching her head. Reiko wasted no time she pulled on Dixie’s legs intertwining them with her own and applied a leg lock submission hold. Dixie screamed in pain as her legs were twisted at an unnatural angle. She arched her back sending her heaving breasts towards the arena’s roof. Reiko piled on the pressure on Dixie’s legs all she had to do now was hold this submission hold until Dixie tapped out and then, wait a minute why wasn’t Dixie wearing any bottoms. Oh shit. This wasn’t a regular match this was a strip fight match. Reiko had forgotten all about this in her extreme focus on the battle. Dixie wouldn’t be going anywhere unless Reiko stripped her. Maybe the hold had made Dixie to weak and Reiko could just take her top without a fight. Reiko released her submission hold and clambered on top of Dixie but before she could reach Dixie’s top the vengeful cowgirl lashed out. Dixie slammed her fist into Reiko’s right tit. Reiko shrieked as Dixie’s fist flattened her breast into her rib cage. As Dixie brought her arm back she grabbed a handful of Reiko’s bra and pulled it off. The crowd erupted into cheers as the last wrestler in the ring lost her modesty. Reiko blushed and went to cover up but then thought she should probably continue attacking instead. This moment of hesitation costed her as Dixie head-butted her in the face. Reiko fell onto her back cradling throbbing her head. Dixie got to her feet and surveyed her downed rival. “Poor Reiko, you never seem to be able to beat me do you?” She said in mock sympathy. She reached down and pulled off Reiko’s shorts leaving her in nothing but her black thong. “You will always be a loser” she grabbed Reiko’s panties and was about to pull them off when she suddenly screamed in pain as a white boot smashed into her naked pussy from behind.

After she had watched Miss Spencer take the walk of shame Candy Cane had looked around and realised there was only three of them left. She saw that Reiko was down on the floor and Dixie standing over her with her back to Candy. Unlike Reiko Candy had no qualms with attacking someone from behind and she wasn’t about to let such a good opportunity go to waste. She had run up and nailed Dixie right in her snatch. Dixie screamed and doubled over tears of pain running from her eyes.

Reiko got to her feet. “Thank you”

“Bitch I didn’t do it for you” Candy Cane replied harshly. Then she nodded towards Dixie “Want to help me finish off the cow”

Reiko hesitated. Tag teaming wasn’t very honourable but then she thought back to Dixie’s words, (You will always be a loser) “All right then”

Candy nodded and they both dashed forward towards Dixie who was still bent double over clutching her aching crotch. Candy and Reiko both ducked down and grabbed Dixie by one of her thick thighs. “What the fuck are you two doing” Dixie demanded. With a grunt of effort from both of them, Reiko and Candy Cane lifted Dixie into the air. “Noooo” Dixie yelled. Reiko and Candy let themselves fall backwards and Dixie fell back smashing her face off the mat. Stars erupted behind the busty cowgirl’s eyes and she went limp. Reiko and Candy Cane lept to their feet and they both grabbed Dixie’s top at the same time and pulled. RIP! Dixie’s top ripped into and they were left holding half of it each. Dixie’s large fleshy tits spilled out and the crowd exploded.

“Dixie Clemets you have been eliminated, please take the walk of shame”.

Dixie was still lying on the mat a glazed look in her eyes.

“Wake up slut,” Candy Cane said and bitch slapped Dixie across the cheek.

Dixie sat up immediately and made to strike at Candy Cane but then she realised that she was naked. “You tag-teaming little whores, As if either of you could have eliminated me on your own” Dixie snarled.

Reiko looked a little guilty but Candy Cane just made a rude gesture at her. Grinding her teeth in frustration Dixie stormed off to the walk of shame.

As she walked down the catwalk Dixie couldn’t hide her anger. She was certain she could have taken both Candy and Reiko down by herself. She should be celebrating her win back in the ring by now but instead, she was walking down this humiliating Catwalk. Then someone at the back of the crowd shouted “I love you Dixie”. This instantly washed away all of Dixie’s frustration. She smiled and blew a kiss in the general direction of the voice. So what if she lost this one time. She was still the strongest and hottest wrestler in the league. She would get those bitches back another day.

And then there were two. Reiko Hinomoto and Candy Cane. Their temporary alliance a thing of the past both of them stared at each other warily. Candy was missing her bottoms with her pussy exposed. Reiko was topless her perky breasts bobbing up and down. Between them they had a full outfit. All you needed to do was remove one more item of clothing and they’d win. Candy Cane made the first move. She rushed forward with her sharp pick in her hand hoping to finish it quickly. She slashed at Reiko’s thong but the speedy Japanese girl dodged. Reiko grabbed Candy’s arm and twisted it. Candy Cane shrieked in pain and dropped her pick on the ground. Reiko pulled on the arm harder trying to force Candy into a submission hold but the schoolgirl punk wasn’t about to give up that easily. She sent an elbow smashing into Reiko’s face. Reiko gasped and dropped her grip on Candy’s arm. Candy Cane then twirled around and sank her nails into Reiko’s small tits. Reiko howled in pain as her naked buns were crushed. Candy smiled and continued her titty torture as Reiko slowly sank to her knees. Candy Cane let go off one of Reiko’s quickly reddening breasts and made a grab for her thong however despite the amount of pain she was in Reiko still managed to slap Candy’s grasping hand away.

“Fuck, this girl was determined,” Candy Cane thought to herself. If she was going to be able to strip Reiko she needed to completely break her, and Candy knew exactly how to do that. She grabbed Reiko by her aching tits once more and started to pull on them. Whimpering Reiko had no choice but to follow Candy across the ring. Candy reached one of the corners of the ring and began to climb the ropes still dragging Reiko with her by her tits. When they were halfway up the ropes Reiko suddenly found the strength to fight back. She sank her fist into Candy Cane’s stomach causing the Canadian girl to gasp and finally let go of her aching breasts. “Just give up already” Candy shouted in frustration punching Reiko across the face. Reiko’s head whip to one side but she answered with another punch of her own.

“I will never give up” Reiko shouted back.

The two tired sweaty women began a dangerous game of trading punches whilst balancing precariously on the ropes. In order to get the height advantage Candy climbed to the top ropes sending punches raining down on Reiko’s head. Grunting Reiko quickly followed and nailed Candy Cane in the stomach. Candy spat out some saliva as the blow hit home than in revenge she smacked Reiko right in her already hurting breasts. Reiko moaned in pain then lost her balance and fell backwards but as she felt she managed to grab one of Candy’s red pigtails and pulled her down with her. For a moment both wrestlers were flying through space together, then they both crashed heavily to the mat. The whole ring shook with the impact.

They both lay in a heap. With Reiko lying on top of Candy Cane. Neither of them moved. That fall off the top rope had taken away all the stamina they had left. The crowd watched in silent anticipation to see what was going to happen next. Moaning in pain Candy Cane slowly opened her eyes. She stared at Reiko who lay with her head in between Candy’s tits in an accidental breast smother. Candy Cane slowly raised her arm and began to weekly pull on Reiko’s thong. Then Reiko stirred. Even now she didn’t give up. She managed to wrap her fingers around Candy’s top and pulled but she didn’t have a lot of strength left. The two exhausted sweat-drenched women lay in the centre of the ring weekly pulling on each other’s clothes in one last desperate attempt to win. But removing someone’s underwear was a lot easier than removing a shirt. With a rip, Reiko’s thong came away from her pussy. And the crowd exploded into wild cheering. It took a moment for Candy Cane to register what she had just done. It took until the announcer started to speak for her to comprehend it.

“Reiko Hinomoto you have been eliminated, please take the walk of shame, and now we have a winner”

Candy Cane’s eyes grew wide and she jumped to her feet her body filled with adrenaline which washed away her exhaustion.

“The winner of the rumble roses strip fight battle royale is, Candy Cane” the announcer shouted.

“Yeeeessssss!” She cried raising her hands above her head.

Reiko did her best to get up and take the walk of shame but she just didn’t have the energy. She flopped backwards and lay still in the middle of the ring.

Candy Cane paraded round the ring hands raised in victory as the crowd cheered for her. she jumped up to one of the turnbuckles and started to undo the front of her shirt “So do you want to see the goods you dirty perverts” she said shouted happily. The crowd cheered. “Here you go then” Candy removed her top revealing her tits for the ecstatic crowd. Now they had seen every wrestler in the nude. Candy Cane continued to show off to the crowd shaking her tits and flexing her muscles.

The ring was covered in ripped off pieces of all the wrestler’s clothes. Casualties from the fierce battle which had now concluded.

“And once again here is your winner, Candy Cane” the announcer shouted. “Thank you to everyone who showed up to witness this sexy spectacle tonight, we hoped you enjoyed the Rumble Roses strip fight battle royale, thank you and goodnight”

The End

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