A Fierce but Fond Farewell by Markus Wolf

Miss SSS vs Kobayashi Rina

A DynaWres Short Story

Samantha strutted down the aisle like a runway model in time to her theme, Kylie Minogue’s “Can’t Get You Out of My Head”. Although her petite frame was an impediment to her runway aspirations, there were no height limitations in wrestling. In Japan, Sam was considered average for a woman at 160 cm (5’ 3”) tall. She was clad in an all-black, high-necked hydrasuit that clung to her body like a second skin, topped with a long-sleeved, cropped leather jacket. Her suit was made by Speedo, an Aussie brand that she would have loved as a sponsor. She walked on black, thigh-high leather boots that disguised her petite stature. Additionally, her boots were finished with modest wedge heels that boosted her height by three centimeters, slightly over an inch. It was difficult for most of the audience to get her out of their heads, given her striking appearance.

As she closed in on the ring, two staff members wearing DynaWres (Daina Resu) shirts were already ready for her with a step ladder. One of the two girls was perched on the ring apron to help her in. As she shed her jacket, this girl was quick to collect and pass it to her colleague, who folded it neatly to put away. The dark-haired, fair-skinned Australian wrestler known as Miss SSS raised her shapely left leg up on the middle rope and gestured towards it, smiling seductively at the audience. They applauded as she walked her left hand down her thigh on two fingers. She winked in response, her small ice blue eyes decorated with eyeliner and mascara to make them look larger. Sam puckered her glossy pink lips, and blew a playful yet seductive kiss, which drew both camera flashes and approving whistles. Showing off her pearly whites with a brilliant smile, Sam ducked under the top rope and slipping into the ring, going towards the red corner designated for her. This was her farewell match with DynaWres a.k.a. Dynamic Women’s Wrestling, and the announcer reminded everyone present that it had only been three months earlier that the company had welcomed the Australian through its doors for a training stint.

As Sam’s theme started to fade into the background, a new one began to play. It was Madonna’s instantly recognizable “Die Another Day”. The audience applauded loudly in anticipation, recognizing who it belonged to. They roared as Kobayashi Rina (Note: surnames come first in Japanese) threw the curtains open with both arms and began walking towards the ring. Rina was undeniably pretty, with large brown eyes framed by dark brown hair, and had a porcelain white complexion that was envied in Japan, it was not her appearance that made her popular. In that department she had plenty of competition within the company. The veteran face waved to her fans, wearing a white Adidas sporting jacket with a blue zipper and a blue three-stripe running from her shoulders down the sleeves. Her wrestling boots were white, with navy blue highlights and laces, her knee pads white with navy blue outlines. Her body language projected humility but also a palpable confidence in her coming victory. She took nothing for granted, and both honed her skills and kept up with her fitness continuously. When she reached the side of the ring, she bowed towards the staff helping her with her ring entry. After ascending the ring apron using the stepladder that had been placed on the floor for her, she turned to wave at the crowd again before stepping through the ropes as one of the two girls assisting her sat on the middle rope. Before making her way to her designated blue corner, she slipped her jacket from her shoulders and passed it to her assistant, revealing her Mizuno brand crossback swimsuit, a figure-hugging navy blue one-piece.

Sam seemed relaxed, leaning back in her corner with her arms resting on the top rope, but Rina, ever the serious competitor, stood with her back straight, keeping her eyes focused on her opponent’s striking blue irises. Both competitors patiently awaited the opening bell as the announcer made known their names, their hometowns (Sydney, Australia and Akita, Japan), and their respective weights. Both girls were equal in weight (both 52 kg or 115 lb) and well-matched in height. At first glance, they even looked physically similar, given their fair complexions, straight, shoulder-length hair of similar colour, and their similarly slender frames and figures. The Aussie’s dark brown locks had reddish-brown streaks amongst them, whereas the Japanese girl’s was dyed a uniform dark brown like the color of koucha (black tea). Rina was marginally taller at 161 cm, but Sam’s heels easily made up for the one-centimeter difference in their physical height, not forgetting Rina’s boot thickness. One would almost need to watch for the differences in their attire to accurately follow this match from afar. Rina was considerably more well-endowed and curvy (91–60–88 cm or 35.5–23.5–34.5 in) compared with Sam (81–65–83 cm or 32–25.5–33 in), although her competition-style swimsuit helped to slightly flatten and keep her girls in place. However, Miss SSS knew how to compose her posture to project her figure in a more flattering manner than her three-size would suggest.

“Hard competin’ with a bloody figure like that!” the Aussie remarked to herself, licking her lower lip playfully as she studied her opponent.

Samantha realized, naturally, that she faced an additional disadvantage with the crowd here, being both a known heel and a gaijin (foreigner). Miss SSS, however, knew how to draw attention to herself, and she knew the importance of capturing the crowd’s attention during a match. The Australian girl projected a sultry and sexy ring presence that was in stark contrast to the Japanese girl’s comparatively restrained and serious demeanour. Moreover, in the eyes of many serious fans, she had proven herself against several wrestlers in the DynaWres stable during this stint, and they had warmed to her. When the referee gestured for both competitors to approach and shake hands, Sam stepped forward, smiling as she held her hand out in a gesture of apparent goodwill. Rina responded in kind, but just as she was about to accept the offered hand, Sam abruptly withdrew it with a mischievous wink.

“Hah! Fooled you there, ay?” she grinned as she watched Rina frown with disapproval formed.

The crowd booed this unsportsmanlike behaviour, to which the Aussie responded by yelling, “Oi! Nothin’ in the rulebook says I have to shake! Baka (Idiotic)!” She put her hands on her knees, holding her knees close together, facing her ass towards the crowd and shaking it to mock the audience. She turned her face towards her back to grin broadly at the flashing cameras, playful blowing her “detractors” a kiss. “Oh shut your gob you lot! I know you love me! Antatachi mo sukidesuyo (I love you too)!” she waved to the jeering crowd, which paradoxically, could not get enough of the Australian heel.

Rina stood impassively with her hands on her hips, waiting for her opponent to finish her theatrics. She did allow herself a faint smile when Sam made her proclamation of love for the crowd. The ref shouted a warning to SSS, calling her attention back to the center of the ring. When Sam ignored him, he signalled for the timekeeper to ring the opening bell.

The bell triggered a Pavlovian reaction in the seasoned Rina, whose body shifted instantly into fight mode. She raised her hands, spread her feet apart, and was getting ready to wrestle when Sam suddenly swung her head back to face her. Bending her body forward, the Aussie started to sprint towards her opponent, as if she were pushing off a starter’s block. Aiming her left shoulder at Rina’s torso, she speared the Japanese girl before she could defend herself effectively. Speed was one of Sam’s assets, and she had used it to great effect against someone who was also known for being quick on her feet. Sam wrapped her arms around the gasping Rina as she was forced to backpedal, shoving her into the ropes. As Rina tried to straighten up, Sam grabbed both of her wrists and rubbed her breasts across her opponent’s body, from her thighs to her chest. Once her back was straight, she drilled her boobs into Rina’s for emphasis, making the veteran face blush as she exploited her weakness against attacks of this nature.

“S—Stop that!” Rina gasped, struggling in her opponent’s grip, as Sam needled her tits with her own. She felt her opponent’s nipples harden against hers, and Rina could feel her cheeks redden in reaction.

“Shocker! Don’t like that?” the Aussie smirked, eager for revenge against the Japanese girl who had KOd her during her DynaWres debut. She was also eager to demonstrate what she had learnt in her short stay in the company, especially what she had learnt about her opponent. “Well, you can always try ‘n’ stop me.”

“Don’t worry,” Rina replied in her British-influenced accent, rearing her head back, “I intend to!” At the conclusion of that sentence, she threw her forehead into Sam’s, just above her nose, knocking the Aussie’s head backwards, and causing her to howl. Releasing Rina’s hands, she grabbed her face as she stumbled back a few steps, reeling from the well-aimed headbutt.


“Ughhh! That hurt! Shit!”

Staggering with her feet apart, eyes half-closed, her right hand held defensively out in front of her, Sam tried to keep Rina at bay as she covered her face with her left hand. This only served to give the Japanese girl an opportunity to put the Aussie in a painful wristlock. A swift knee to her side caused Miss SSS to bend over at the waist awkwardly, gripping her upper arm to try and counter the torque that Rina was applying.

“Owowow, bitch!” she cursed, just before throwing her body forward to roll with the twist. Sam was able to reversed the roll expertly and turn the tables on Rina. She now had the Japanese girl’s right arm in hand, and grinned. It was her turn to put Rina into a wristlock, and she seized the opportunity to throw a painful slap at her struggling opponent’s right breast. This drew a yelp from the Japanese girl as her breast jiggled inside her skin-tight suit.

“Bet you liked that, didn’t ya?” Sam tittered, winking at the crowd for approval. She went on to grab the same breast she had just struck, groping the soft fatty tissue through the navy spandex before palming Rina’s swelling nipple and massaging it for distraction. “Mmm, you’ve got nice knockers, yeah?”

The Japanese girl’s face turned bright red from the unwanted groping. Her mouth hung open, and she looked anguished at how she was being humiliated; however, she did her best to ignore the provocative assault and focus her attention on escaping the wristlock. Bending Rina’s arm at the elbow, Sam made the transition to a hammerlock before she could attempt an escape or reversal, pressing the Japanese girl’s right hand against her back. The Aussie leaned into her opponent as she tried to march her into the ropes, pushing her chest into Rina’s back as she did so. The veteran face, though, tried to apply the brakes, planting her feet and twisting her body to the left. The Japanese girl went on to throw her left arm backwards and curled it around Sam’s head, taking the Aussie by surprise.

Without warning, Rina dropped to her left knee, pulling Sam’s chin down against her left shoulder, stunning the Aussie with a surprise jawbreaker. That move rattled Miss SSS, causing her to grip her aching jaw, but Rina was far from finished. She continued with a snap mare, pushing Sam’s head slightly backwards before pulling it forward again with both hands grabbing the sides of her head. Rina flipped the Aussie’s body over her shoulder, and Sam landed hard on her backside. Cheers rose from the audience as Rina quickly got Sam into position for surfboard stretch, pulling her arms backward while pushing her right knee into her back, between her shoulder blades.

“Aaagh, that hurts!!!” the heel screamed as she swung her head left and right, tossing her hair about. Rina replied by increasing the pressure on her spine and the tension on her arms, her mind already thinking a few moves ahead.

Her fans marvelled at how quick Rina was, both physically, and mentally. She seemed able to come up with counters on the fly, making it difficult for Sam to overcome her with just her skills. It would take something extra, which the girl from Oz would gladly oblige, if she could get free. Sam’s body was currently on display in Rina’s hold, her back curved backwards while her chest jutted outwards against the black spandex of her Speedo hydrasuit,.

The Gaijin Kira’s (lit. “foreigner killer”) reputation seemed well-earnt as she kept her Aussie foe well under control. Grimacing, Sam tried to twist her arms free, but Rina was able to maintain her hold on her despite the Aussie’s best efforts. Sam stared at the ropes in front of her through narrowed eyes, throwing her leg at them in repeated attempts to touch the bottom rope, but falling just short each time.

Rina responded to Sam’s effort to earn a rope break by dropping both her arms before clamping her hands on to Sam’s shoulders, pulling her backwards before catching her throat under her right arm, deftly applying a dragon sleeper. She swung her left arm down like a cleaver, striking the Aussie across her tummy, causing her to retract her legs just before Rina took her left arm and pushed it against her back, completing her dragon sleeper. Sam croaked in protest, but this proved to be just wasted breath as Rina sought to end the match swiftly and decisively.

The few members of the audience who were silently rooting for her gasped as Sam seemed unable to find a way out. She was no closer to the ropes, and it would be more than somewhat embarrassing for the Aussie beauty if the match ended this way.

Sam’s right arm went up, grasping for something, anything. She found Rina’s long black hair, and started jerking her head to the right. Despite the pull on her mane, the Japanese girl stubbornly hung on, threatening to slowly throttle her opponent into submission as her legs kicked at the canvas. Sam’s right hand slapped about until she found Rina’s shoulder strap by chance. Recognizing what she had grabbed, the Aussie started to drag it down Rina’s right shoulder and arm. Her attacker’s face showed a look of alarm, and her left hand came up to resist this attempt to expose her scrumptious assets.

Sam had just earned herself the opening she needed. She slipped her left hand back and grabbed Rina by the crotch, causing the straight-laced Japanese girl to widen her eyes in surprise and her sleeper to weaken. This gave Sam an opportunity to grab at Rina’s elbow and yank it free of her throat. She turned and face the kneeling Rina, her hand still latched on to her crotch. Sam was, paradoxically, as red-faced as Rina was; the former from lack of breath, the latter from the humiliating hold her opponent had on her, which she emphasized by groping the Japanese girl’s unshaven crotch through its ultra-smooth spandex wrapping.  

Rina was embarrassed at being molested yet again. She opened her mouth to whimper in protest, but before she could do anything else, Sam swung her forearm into her chin, knocking the distracted Japanese girl backwards, flat on her back. The Aussie got up on her knees, rolling Rina’s legs up and over her, using her shoulders to push down on her calves while holding her arms down against the mat for a matchbook pin attempt. “Stay dowwwn, darl…” Miss SSS growled at her stunned opponent.

The crowd applauded Sam’s impressive escape from Rina’s dragon sleeper. She had not even been able to tell for sure where her opponent’s shoulder strap was. It was doubtful if this matchbook attempt would succeed, but she certainly had her opponent on the defensive, having taken her by surprise with her unorthodox escape measures.

WAN (ONE)!!!” the ref slapped the mat. Rina’s complexion stayed pink as she found herself matchbooked under Sam, forced to stare at her own spandex-wrapped groin as the Australian grinned at her. “Such a pretty little pest you are!” SSS remarked as she licked her lips. The Aussie simply could not resist teasing her uptight opponent as the referee registered her second count. She blew Rina’s hair out of her face softly right before the second count registered.


Rina’s expression, however, was not one of either panic or fear, or even irritation and anger. She remained impassive, as if she was waiting for the third count to come. As soon as the ref’s arm went up again, however, the veteran face put her plan into motion. Using her powerful abdominal core and glutes, she pushed her legs upwards forcefully, bucking her opponent upwards and back. The sudden push lifted Miss SSS, who found herself flailing as she tried to maintain her balance but stumbled backwards until she found stabilized herself in a squat, dropping her right hand to the canvas while her left hand was held outwards to her front. Her left hand quickly became a target for Rina, who gripped her wrist tight with both hands. Using this hold, Rina jerked her opponent forward as she turned her back towards Sam’s incoming body. At the same time, her right leg swept across the Aussie’s left shin, helping her to flip Miss SSS over. The dark-haired beauty landed on her back with a bang and a yelp.

The quick reversal drew gasps and applause from the stands. Sam was quick to try and recover, sitting up, getting up on her right knee, albeit shakily, and lunging at Rina, though somewhat drunkenly. This gave the Japanese girl a chance to capture her opponent’s right arm and pull her forward as Rina went down to a sitting position. Her legs went up, scissoring the captive arm but not stopping there. Instead, she wrapped them around Sam’s head. The Aussie was not quick enough to jab her left arm in between the Japanese girl’s thighs to block the triangle choke; instead, she found herself gasping for breath again as Rina quickly put the squeeze on, their sexy bodies entangled as cameras started clicking away.

Not just a pretty pest. I can be fairly aggravating too!” Rina replied to Sam’s earlier comment, not deliberately trying to be sarcastic, but certainly coming across as such. Miss SSS tried to grip her knee and pull it apart without success, clawing at it and leaving red scratch marks on Rina’s skin. Grimacing, the Japanese girl bravely held on as the ref checked for a submission. “Give up now, unless you like being put to sleep!”

Sam could feel her vision start to dim. She had to act, and act quickly. Her left hand went below Rina’s legs, and reappeared between them, grabbing her opponent’s navy-clad pussy. Rina gasped in disbelief as Sam dug her fingers through the spandex into her slit out of desperation. In no time at all, the Japanese girl’s triangle choke weakened, just enough for Sam to rear her head back with effort and keep from blacking out. A left-handed punch to the belly left Rina groaning and lying on her left side. The Japanese girl had her right arm wrapped around her midsection as her left hand protected her crotch. While her opponent whimpered in the aftermath of the combination counterattack, Sam fell back to a seated position, rubbing her throat and her left arm. The Aussie’s face was red, her expression changing from one of relief to one of fury.

“Playtime is over!” Miss SSS seethed as she put on her business face.

The gaijin heel had forced such an unpleasant shock on the veteran face that she had abandoned her submission attempt. Now Rina found herself cursing her weakness as Sam picked her up by her dark brown hair while yanking the back straps on Rina’s suit, stretching them out while forcing spandex up into her ass and her sex. “Get up!” the Aussie barked her command as she looked around the arena. “I’m gonna finish your little darl here in a minute!” she declared fiercely to the audience, which reacted with jeers.

A sharp elbow to the back quickly followed as Sam sought to keep Rina under control. While the Japanese girl was still doubled over, she wrapped her arms around her slender waist, humping Rina’s curvy bottom as a distraction. “That’s a really nice arse, by the way,” Sam giggled as she ran her heated crotch up and down her opponent’s partly exposed butt before briefly reaching one hand down to spank it.

“Uhhh… nooo… s-stop… ” Rina moaned, the grinding and spanking of her bottom causing her to flush red as she tried to straighten up, but this only put her in the position SSS had wanted. The Japanese girl was now ready for the German suplex she intended to finish her with.

“Of course I’ll stop, dear… but only after I’m finished with you!” Sam giggled, mocking her opponent by emulating her British accent. The Aussie drew her navy-clad foe away from the ropes, thereby denying her a convenient escape. Once they were close to the center of the ring, she hugged the Japanese girl tight against her body in preparation to execute her suplex. Miss SSS savoured the feeling of her victim’s body against her own, and drank in the sweaty aroma of her hair, lightly kissing the back of her head. Sam would not deny at all just how horny Rina was making her.  

“Yer all mine love. Now let’s end this dance, shall we?”

However, Rina proved to still be an unwilling victim as she twisted her body in Sam’s grasp and threw her left elbow rearwards, striking the side of Sam’s head.

“Owww!!!” the Aussie screamed, giving Rina a chance to slip out of her grasp and quickly spin around in an anti-clockwise circle. What followed was a demonstration of striking prowess as Rina completed her spin by jumping into the air, surprising Sam, who for a moment, stood watching with her mouth hanging open. Bringing her right leg up and simultaneously drawing it inwards, Rina, in a split-second, aimed her right boot at the white “SPEEDO” on Sam’s chest, the most obvious target her eyes could latch on to. Her hasty aim was true as the sole of her boot struck the Aussie between her breasts and knocked her down. The back of her head took a bump as Sam landed on her back, her arms spread out by her sides and her legs going up for a moment before crashing back down.

Landing with her legs apart in a low crouch, the veteran face quickly sized up the situation, deciding that attempting a cover would be premature despite Sam’s apparent state. The Aussie felt as if her head head was filled with cotton and could only moan weakly as she was hauled to her feet by the neck of her hydrasuit. Rina turned her head briefly to acknowledge the cheers of the crowd before release her hold on Sam’s suit and quickly getting behind her. Wrapping both arms around her opponent’s slender waist, Rina pressed her chest against Sam’s back in the process. Sam reacted reflexively by swinging her elbow backwards, but Rina simply leaned her upper body back out of range, before pushing against her opponent’s body again, ready to execute her own German suplex.

“Ooooaaaa!” bellowed the crowd, impressed at the speed with which Rina had regained the upper hand in this fast-paced match. When Sam attempted to bring her left foot down on Rina’s as a last-ditch counter, the Japanese girl slid her left boot backwards, causing the Aussie to miss.


As Sam cursed out loud, Rina deftly drove her left knee into the back of Miss SSS’s left knee, drawing a yelp and ending any such further resistance by the latter. This allowed Rina to now crunch her knees and rear back, pulling Sam’s feet from the canvas as she lifted her into the air while falling back.

Ikuwayo (Here we go)!” Rina announced to the crowd.

“Nooo!!!” the Aussie protested as her boots departed from the mat, her arms flailing, hands grabbing at thin air just before she crashed back down, painfully. The ring shook from the impact as Sam’s curvy, black-clad butt bouncing briefly after her landing. The momentum in this match had changed so quickly so many times in this match that the audience found itself at the edge of its seat.

Was Rina about to snatch away Miss SSS’s farewell victory?

Rina kept her arms wrapped tight around her opponent’s waist and hung on for the follow-up pin, trapping Sam with her butt in the air facing up and her black-clad crotch facing the crowd. The ref was quick to drop and begin the three count, reaching the second before Sam started to stir. “What th—ohhh my head…” she moaned. As she attempted to collect her senses, the ref’s hand came down for the third time.

Sam made a desperate an attempt to kick out, but Rina held fast to keep her shoulders down on the mat, reducing Sam’s efforts to a mere wiggle and writhe.



The Japanese girl let go of her opponent, allowing her body to topple over. She sat up and tugged at her swimsuit to get it out of her crack and over her seat both for the sake of modesty and her physical comfort. Miss SSS lay on her right side for a few moments before rolling on to her back. Facing up towards the lights, the defeated brunette was a lovely mess mess of limbs and hair in sweaty black spandex. Rina wiped her face and swept her hair back as she sat there for a moment, glancing at Sam. The contest had been closer than she would have liked, but her opponent had grown in skill and deviousness since they had first met in the ring. She admired the improvement, even if she abhorred her dirty tactics.

Satisfied that she had fixed her appearance, Rina got up on her feet. The referee took her right hand and raised it, parading her around the ring. Sam, on the other hand, groaned, pushing herself up with both hands. Rina was not oblivious to this, and strolled towards her opponent, holding out her hands to offer her help. Looking up, the Aussie accepted, to the delight of the crowd who started throwing roses at their favourite Bijin Eisu (lit. Beauty Ace) and Gaijin Kira.

Pulling her to her feet, Rina took a step back to bow to her opponent. “I am happy to see how much you have improved since our first encounter.”

“Rina,” Sam sighed. “You really have to learn to relax you know. C‘mere, ya ice princess…” throwing her arms around her opponent, Sam pulled her in for a quick but firm hug and a peck on the cheek. She enjoyed pressing her sweaty body against the sexy Japanese girl’s and taking in her lovely scent one last time, though she knew the latter would never think of her in that way.

Rina gasped, unprepared for this gesture of friendly affection from someone who had been so determined to defeat her just moments earlier ago, and had pulled out almost every dirty trick in her book to do so. Miss SSS had carried out a creative, sensual, and thoroughly effective offensive, and the veteran face knew her victory had been achieved with some measure of luck.

“A win woulda been a lovely prezzie for my last match, but it’s not like I’m devo (devastated)!” Sam declared as she stared at Rina’s face, a sultry smile on her lips. “Still, here’s a shocker for ya: I’ll miss ya when I go.” Her mischievous blue eyes flitted down towards Rina’s chest for a moment, and her smile widened into a broad grin as she feasted on her opponent’s curves once more. “Too bad yer such a wowser,” teased the Aussie, reaching her hands around the Japanese girl’s pert backside to give her left cheek a cheeky squeeze and her right cheek a playful slap. “What I’d give to strip this cossie from that bod!” she purred.

With that, Sam turned to exit the ring, leaving an embarassed Rina to stand alone in the ring, her cheeks red with emotion as the roses landing at her feet as the crowd applauded. She did not know how to respond to Sam’s playful goodbye except to wave when the Aussie turned her head back towards the ring. What was that word, she combed through her vocabulary, vast from her other job of interpretation and translation, gobsmacked?

She had been furious earlier at the way the Aussie girl had assaulted her earlier, but she was starting to understand that Sam had really been just been playing with her all this time. She was touched by Sam’s words and her affection. Rina started to regret that she had never bothered to get to know her beyond work.

I’ll miss ya when I go.

She picked up several of the roses, bowing to the crowd in all four directions to show her gratitude, before scooting out the ring. Rina paused here and there to give the roses out to her fans, but made sure to save a few as she walked up the aisle back towards the black curtains, intending to catch up with Sam. Despite their differences in the ring, she was a colleague, and she did deserve a farewell present.

Rina had once again lived up to her billing. She would, however, be tested again, and many were waiting to watch her fall.

The End

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