A Hard Day’s Night by JB57

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Note: This story takes place about two years before the events of “Part-Time Work.”

After a long and hard day, sweating and swearing, fighting with the heavy tows of the medium sized freighters her small tugboat was designed to assist, Kristina was tired and dirty. Her lumberjack shirt was stained with oil. Wet spots of sweat marked the underarms and darkened the shirt below the bulge of her formidable breasts. The first few top buttons of her shirt were undone, allowing the display of some impressive, sweaty cleavage, but otherwise her loose clothing effectively hid the luscious curves of her incredible body.

The beautiful, curly-haired blonde sighed. It was getting late, but she had done a good, hard day’s work and she was looking forward to kicking off her work boots, cooking herself a hearty meal, and knocking back a few beers before showering off the day’s grime and retiring to bed. Before she could do any of this, she had to go into the dock to fill her tug’s fuel and water tanks, get ready for the next day’s assignments, and tie up for the night. Usually, she preferred to tie up in the quieter, prettier marina just a few miles down the coast. But she was so tired tonight that she did not want to make the extra trip. The dockyard would be shut down for the night, so she was confident it would be peaceful enough for her to sleep.

Kristina steered her tug directly to the industrial part of the port. She skillfully maneuvered her boat close to the quay. After docking, she attached the fuel and water hoses and waited for her tanks to fill. As she waited, she noticed a gang of dockworkers a short distance away. The group of men and a few women seemed boisterous. They were also enjoying the fact that the working day was over. Kris liked the fact that so many more women were now getting involved in the hard manual labor of the port. Though they were still rare, they were not as uncommon as they were when she had started out.

Kristina returned her attention to the boat. After the tanks filled, she shut off the pumps and set about performing the numerous other duties that needed tending before she could settle in for the night. She worked quickly and soon was ready to go in and start her meal. As Kristina pulled off her work gloves and prepared to enter the tug’s cabin, she heard a shout.

“Ahoy there!” a voice called out.

Kristina turned around and faced the quay. She saw a woman waving at her. The woman was dressed in a patterned workshirt and jeans. She was wearing work boots and holding a hard hat. A pack was slung over her shoulder. Her face was grimed with a bit of dirt and her black hair was tied into a tight bun at the back of her head. Like Kris, her shirt was damp with sweat under the arms and breasts.

As Kristina looked more closely, she realized that the woman addressing her was gorgeous, a fact initially easy to miss through the grime and the severe bun. The woman was wearing jeans, which accentuated her long, muscled legs and wide hips. Her shirt was somewhat baggy, but it could not entirely hide a rack that rivalled Kristina’s own. The cloth of the woman’s work shirt bulged in all the right ways and places. Kristina noticed a strange feeling of tension inside her body. Her breasts swelled just a little and her loins tightened a bit.

The deck of the tugboat was only about two feet above the quay and as the strange woman walked down the gangway, she asked politely: ”May I come aboard ?”

”Sure, why not!” replied the captain as she unconsciously assumed a challenging position, her breasts pushed forward, her hands on her wide, powerful hips. The stranger boarded smoothly, moving with surprising grace, and stopped just in front of Kristina.

””I’m Anja,” the woman said. “I’m new in this harbor, I just arrived a couple of weeks ago. I’ve heard so much about you, I just had to meet you!” The dockhand smiled as she placed her hardhat on the deck, removed her worn work gloves, and stretched out her hand. The woman’s words were polite, but she was staring at Kristina intently, her beautiful green eyes shining with a strange light. Kristina felt her tits thickening with heat.

Kristina grasped the offered hand with a firm grip, as she locked eyes with the stranger: ”I’m sure that most of what you’ve heard are lies and exaggerations!” she smiled. “My name is Kristina.”

”I’ve heard you are supposed to be the strongest woman in the harbor area,” explained the dark-haired woman, as she squeezed Kristina’s hand with remarkable strength. “That might be the only exaggeration I can think of! From what I see, everything else they say about you is true!”

“Hm,” Kris replied. “Well, I’m not sure about that. I don’t think there are a lot of women working on the harbor and I’m probably stronger than most. But I haven’t got a clue as to if I’m the strongest of them.”

“Oh, you’re not,” Anja replied, her smile growing wider and more challenging. “Not now that I’m here. But that’s what I’m here to sort out.”

Anja took one step backwards, her hips swaying sensuously as she moved.

“There are different ways to be strong,, of course,” Anja said in a near whisper, with a mysterious smile. “There is just pure physical strength. Then there is being strong as a woman. A real woman.” The brunette’s beautiful eyes shone with fire. “When other women talk about you, they seem to think that you’re the best in both departments. I’m here to test that.”

Anja let her pack drop from her shoulder to the deck. She reached down, gripped her shirt just above the waistline and slowly, carefully, pulled it up from her tight jeans. Anja locked eyes with Kristina and then slowly, teasingly, unbuttoned her shirt all the way down. Kristina’s eyes flickered from the other woman’s green gaze to the slowly, seductively emerging flesh that lay hidden beneath the rough work shirt. In a moment, Anja stood revealed, her tanned, muscular midriff flashing, the inner curves of her heavy, thick tits completely exposed. Her nipples remained covered. Her breasts were huge enough to force the shirt to hang quite a bit away from her sweaty upper chest.

Kristina was shocked by the woman’s actions. She hadn’t expected this sudden, intense erotic challenge. But her body responded immediately as it sent a wave of arousal up to her breasts, making her nipples stiffen into rock-like hardness and down to her groin where she could feel her cunt moisten and her labia begin to swell. Hungrily Kristina let her eyes sweep over the dockworker’s tantalizing breasts. She noticed how suntanned and sweaty the inner sides of Anja’s tits were and how her hard nipples made impressive dents in the rough cloth of the shirt.

Kristina responded to the challenge in the only way she could. She reached down with both hands, pulled her shirt out of her trousers and began to unbutton the dirty, stained garment with deliberate slowness. Anja watched intently as the blonde’s shirt slowly fell open, exposing Kris’s sweaty cleavage and her muscled belly.

Anja felt the shock of arousal at the sight of the captain’s firm breasts and solid abdomen.. Her own beautiful tits seemed to swell and harden even more, her nipples grew hotter and stronger, in reply to the other woman’s succulent flesh. A trickling, tantalizing heat built in her cunt. Anja reached up behind her head, raising her delicious tits as she did so, and undid her tight bun. Her lustrous black hair fell around her shoulders as she shook it out. Her massive tits jiggled deliciously with the sudden movement.

“So, this is your thing, hm?” Kris said to the other woman, as she moved closer, her hips swaying, her breasts quivering as she walked. “Come to a new town, find out which woman has the best tits and cunt, and then go after her?”

Anja was about to reply. But before she could utter a word, Kristina took a quick step forward, closing the distance between their voluptuous bodies. The blonde smashed her partly covered breasts into Anja’s massive tits, slipped her arms around the brunette, and pulled Anja into a powerful bearhug. As four firm breasts collided, both woman grunted with the sudden shock of intense pleasure. Their swollen nipples matched up perfectly; their tit bullets pressed directly into each other, head to head, and crushed each other back with an excruciatingly delicious burst of erotic sensation. Anja wrapped her powerful arms around Kristina, pulling the blonde in. The women moaned into each other’s beautiful faces as the taut, throbbing meat of their thick tits mashed even harder. Their exposed succulent, naked titmeat flowed into equally thick, lush titmeat. The four pairs of sweaty orbs rubbed and throbbed into each other with incredible heat and electric sensation. Their engorged, naked, sweaty flesh slid and rubbed slickly, sending erotic electricity racing through their oversexed bodies.The two women gasped, face to face. Anja pressed her nose into Kris’ nose; Kris pushed back, forehead to forehead. The women glared at each other through half-closed eyes as the pleasure of their tit to tit confrontation rolled out of their pulsing tits, filling their erogenous zones with heat.

Moaning with passion and pain, Kris and Anja threw back their heads and cried out, even as they both tightened their grips on each other, squeezing even harder. The thick, luscious meat of their tits compressed as hard as they could, but neither woman could, as yet, master the other. The infuriating heat from their swollen, covered nipples tantalized and taunted the battling sex warriors. Kris and Anja knew that they needed to go at each other naked nipple to nipple. But they both also knew that this battle was just beginning.

The women pressed nose to nose and glared at each other. They panted, sharing hot, steaming breath, their tits swelling against each other as they struggled. Anja and Kris could not help but smile at each other in anticipation. They both knew where this confrontation was going and both wanted it very, very much. Anja’s pussy lubricated hard as she thought, just briefly, about locking meaty twat to twat and swollen clit to clit with Kris. Kris’ pussy had already soaked the inside of her thong and would soon drench the crotch of her pants.

The women’s work boots beat a rhythm on the wooden deck as they pushed each other around, each trying to gain an advantage from which to grind down the other. Their grunts and gasps became more urgent and nakedly sexual as they struggled.

“Bitch!” Anja breathed into Kris’ ear. She tried to pull in the blonde whore even harder.

“Fucking cunt!” Kris shot back. Her back and her ribs ached. This brunette beauty was incredibly strong and tough but Kris was determined to prove her physical and sexual superiority.

The sweat flowed freely as the women strained against each other. Their incredible exertions and close body contact, combined with the humid night air, soon had their shirts soaked through. Their steel-hard nipples abraded with the wet cloth. Their slick titmeat slid and sloshed, wet flesh slipping on wet flesh. Both women wanted desperately to strip off their shirts and go at each other topless, but neither was prepared to retreat from the mutual bearhugs in which they held each other. Their hearts pounded into each other behind their throbbing titmeat.

After more than 15 minutes of straining and thrusting against each other, massaging their tits until they were aching with heat, rubbing bellies until they were slick with sweat, Kris and Anja had enough. The battling women realized that their current struggle was not gaining either of them any ground. They needed to change tactics.

Kris reached up and grabbed Anja’s thick black hair, yanking the other woman’s head back. Anja cried out as Kris pulled her off balance, giving the blonde a decided advantage. Kris quickly forced Anja up against the cabin’s outer wall, then leaned in, using her weight and the power of her legs to pin the brunette to the wall, tit to tit. The women’s firm bellies separated as Kris leaned in.

“I’ve got you, fucker,” Kris grunted. “I’m going to squash those weak, soft bags flat.”

“Like fuck,” Anja moaned in reply. She wriggled, arching her back, trying to gain enough space to slip free and maybe turn the tables. Despite the incredible pressure, Anja’s massive tits remained firm, the compacted titmeat holding off Kris’ full weight. Anja used the slight space between her body and Kris’ leaning form to bring her knee up and thrust it hard into Kris’ aching, wet twat. Kris gasped as she felt the brunette’s hard, smooth muscle rub firmly into her aching clit, even through the barrier of their workpants. In an instant, her already soaking pussy had gushed hard twice and begun to throb with heat and pleasure as Anja’s thigh stimulated it. Kris could barely keep herself from sliding her crotch up and down the other woman’s leg. With a gasp, Kris pushed herself away from the wall, freeing Anja. She retreated to the tug’s railing, panting with lust and exertion.

The two women regarded each other from the short distance separating them, their eyes burning with hate and desire. They were drenched with sweat, their tits heaved with their pants. Their soaking shirts concealed nothing; their spiked nipples thrust from the wet cloth like swords and most of the lush flesh of their massive tits was exposed to the night air. Only their nipples seemed to pin their sweat-drenched shirts in place.

Kris and Anja were just about to hurl themselves into each other and begin a hair-pulling, slapping, punching battle, when they heard the sound of whistling. The night watchman was making his rounds. The women heard the sound of the gate at the end of the quay being locked. They waited, panting furiously, as the watchman moved on.

“Let’s take this inside,” Kris said. “It sounds like you’re going to be here all night anyway. We might as well get comfortable as we settle this.”

“Fine by me,” Anja replied. “I think we both know that we’re just getting started. I love softening up your tits, but the main event is down between our legs. I’m going to make you come until you beg me to stop.”

Kris smiled grimly as she led the other woman into the ship’s cabin. “Oh, there will be begging, you bitch,” she replied. “But it won’t be me doing it. And I’ll tell you now, I’m going to suck your ugly little twat dry.”

“Yeah, you will,” Anja responded. “But you’ll be doing it with your mouth. I always make the bitches I beat suck me off, before I take them in a victory fuck.”

The two women stepped into the ship’s cabin. Anja closed the door behind her and locked it as Kris turned on the light. Anja looked around. The cabin was small, with a cooking area and a dining booth for eating, but not a lot of space for fighting. Anja’s eyes lit up when she saw the stairs at the back of the cabin leading down into the sleeping area.

Facing each other, the women exchanged savage smiles. As one, they reached up and grasped their shirts on either sides of their chests. Slowly, moving in unison, the women pulled their sweat-soaked shirts from their torsos, revealing their naked breasts at the same moment. As their shirts fell to the floor, Anja and Kris both flexed their backs, thrusting their massive mammary glands at each other. Neither woman could take her eyes off the other woman’s tits. They were both overwhelmed by the beautiful perfection of the gleaming, dripping orbs of succulent meat on the other woman’s chest.

Kris licked her lips as she studied Anja’s thick, juicy, brown tits. She admired the swollen brown areola, the sweat-dripping nipples. Her pussy tightened and flared with heat. Her clit pulsed even harder.

Anja studied Kris’ equally gorgeous bulging glands. She licked her lips and dreamed of sinking her teeth into the other woman’s succulent titmeat, sucking and gnawing at the salty flesh.

The women’s eyes drifted down to take in the rest of their torsos; their sculpted, muscled bellies, deep, narrow navels, and flaring, womanly hips. Kris noticed there was a wet spot on the crotch of Anja’s jeans, but she knew she was just as wet.

Breathing hard with excitement and lust, Kris and Anja moved towards each other. Their naked, sweat-soaked torsos gleamed in the light of the cabin, looking as if they were covered in baby oil. Their tits dripped sweat from the tips of their engorged nipples. Their massive jugs jiggled threateningly as the women moved closer. Kris reached out her hands; Anja gripped them. The women’s fingers interlocked as their hands met in a test of strength. The women’s grips became stronger as they struggled to control the other’s arms. Their grunts and groans of exertion grew more intense. Their breasts jiggled as each vixen tried to overpower the other. This only lasted a minute or two. The women soon realized they were equal in strength. Moreover, the true battle between their bodies lay elsewhere. By mutual consent, Kris and Anja pulled their arms up over their heads. Their massive tits rose in conjunction with the move. Hard brown nipples pointed directly at each other. With agonizing slowness, Kris and Anja brought their naked nipples together for the first time.

The sweat-slicked tips of their engorged nipples touched, sending spasms of pure delight through both women. They moaned in unison. Ordinarily, the brown nubs would have slid off and around each other, burying themselves in the other woman’s areola. But this time the nipple holes on the incredibly aroused shafts formed a tiny suction, enough to hold and guide the rigid cylinders as the women crushed directly into each other. They screamed and moaned in concert as their rock-hard nipples crushed the other back into the women’s yielding titflesh. Their areola eclipsed, thick, rough flesh rubbing into its counterpart on the other woman. Groaning, Kris and Anja mashed their meaty tits together, stepping into each other, pressing hard. The thick flesh yielded slowly, gradually mashing until it quivered in stalemate, both women’s engorged, burning tits resisting further compression. Anja and Kris gasped, pushing as hard as they could, glaring at each other with feverish eyes. Slowly, the women pulled back, letting their tits fall away from each other, their boobs bouncing deliciously as they separated.

Anja and Kris glared at each other, their tits heaving as they panted with lust and rage.

“You fuck,” Anja breathed. “I’m going to twist those little brown nips into pretzels.”

“Bring it on, you cunt,” Kris shot back.

Crying out, the women pushed their tits together again, but held off mashing them. Instead, they hooked their nipples and began to push in opposite directions, trying to bend each other’s nips with the weight and firmness of their tits. The fleshy brown cylinders locked until the load of the women’s dense tits proved too much. Their nipples sprang apart, their tits jiggling as the tension rippled through them. Anja and Kris brought their nipples back together again and began nipple-fencing, flicking their nipples, rubbing them together, scraping them against pebbled areola. Kris and Anja panted and groaned as their nipples grew harder and harder, their arousal growing uncontrollably. The sensitive brown nubs seemed to vibrate with heat and electricity, until they were almost too sensitive to put together. The women continued to nipple fence, however, driving each other insane with lust. Their massive tits throbbed with need.

Kris suddenly reached out and grabbed Anja’s biceps, forming a box for her tits between her own biceps, her massive breasts compressed, their nipples pointing straight at Anja’s matching nubs. Anja returned the grip. Gasping with need, the women drove their trapped breasts together, ramming the full, thick meat of their tits directly into that of the other woman. The women screamed in concert as their heat-soaked tits mashed and rubbed and ground together mercilessly, meat against meat, sexual power driving and grinding against sexual power.

Kris released Anja’s biceps and slipped her arms around the brunette’s back, pulling her in even closer. Anja immediately returned the grip. The women crushed each other together in a mutual bearhug, squeezing each other tight, mashing their burning tits together with all their power, moving their bodies against each other. Their meaty orbs slapped and slid, sweat-soaked tits slipping in and out and around each other, like oil-covered fleshy mounds, throbbing with sensation, as the women worked their backs up and down, as they shifted from side to side, tit to tit. Their lush bodies writhed and wriggled in each other’s arms.

“Aaaahhh,” Kris cried out, working her tits up and down, grinding against Anja’s meat.

“Fuck, fuck,” Anja gasped, as she worked her back muscles and her torso, grinding her tits side to side against Kris’ boobs. The women could barely move their pulsing tits as they were squashed together so hard, but they continued to grind against each other with all the force they could muster. Their torsos were now completely drenched with sweat and both women began to have a harder time maintaining their grips on their sweaty flesh as the fight dragged on. Their tits slid and caressed and mashed with ever greater erotic pleasure as the lubrication between their writhing bodies increased.

The women staggered around the cabin, squeezing each other with all their strength, desperate to conquer and beat the other woman, even as their pussies grew wetter and hotter, as their sexual arousal grew to unbearable levels. Anja slammed Kris into the cabin wall, but Kris soon turned the tables and had Anja pinned against the wall until the brunette squeezed even harder and forced the blonde back. Neither woman wanted to separate; they continued to rub and thrust with their tits, each determined to prove her boobs superior to the other.

Grunting and gasping, clinging to the other’s sweat-soaked body, the women staggered around the room until they came to the stairs leading to the bedroom below. Thrusting at each other, Anja and Kris pulled each other down the stairs, until they fell in a heap on the bed below. The battling women wriggled and wrestled, rolling back and forth on the edge of the bed, their naked torsos welded so tightly together it was impossible to tell where the flesh of one woman ended and the other began. With a shared gasp, the two women finally pushed each other away and retreated to either side of the bed, their tits heaving, their breath coming in hot pants, their torsos dripping with sweat.

Anja and Kris glared at each other, but neither could keep from smiling with feverish anticipation. Their tits had fought to a standstill. Now, it was finally time for them to meet each other juicy cunt to cunt.

Slowly, Anja reached down and pulled off her workboots, dropping them to the floor. She was barefoot. The black-haired beauty pushed herself further back on the bed and raised her butt off the mattress. She slipped her jeans over her hips and down her long, beautifully muscled legs. Completely naked, Anja leaned her back against the cabin wall and slowly spread her luscious thighs.

Kris bit her lip, barely suppressing a moan of lust, as she stared into Anja’s dripping, naked twat. The brunette’s pussy was completely clean-shaven, the pink slit juicy and thick-lipped, her labia pink and hot, swollen with blood. A thumb-sized clit swelled from the crown of her cunt.

Kris gasped with desire as a wave of incredible heat flowed through her body. Quickly, unable to restrain herself, she kicked off her boots then slipped off the bed and stood beside it. She slipped her thumbs into the waist of her trousers and, with a sexy wiggle, slipped the pants down her long, powerful legs.

Kris smiled down at Anja. The brunette was transfixed by the sight of Kris’ bare-shaven twat, which glistened with juice, fat-lipped and swollen with lust. Kris smoothed her hands down her abdomen and her pubes, her hands framing her thick-lipped cunt. Kris climbed back onto the bed and sat facing Anja from the opposite side of the mattress, her back against the cabin wall. Smiling seductively, she spread her thighs and presented her boiling hot cunt to her rival.

The women smiled at each other as they began to move towards each other. In the center of the bed, they slipped their left legs over their rights and gasped with pleasure as their powerful, bare limbs twined together, as they positioned themselves into a scissorlock. The women stopped when their nude pussies were inches apart. Anja braced her body with her right arm and reached down with her left hand to spread her juicy cunt, opening the hot pink slit to free her throbbing clit, to pull her pussy lips apart to reveal the dribbling gash between her powerful legs.

Kris used two fingers to spread her succulent twat lips, opening her pussy to her enemy. Her thumb-sized clit swelled up from her cunt, a nerve-rich nub radiating erotic electricity. Her pussy contracted involuntarily, squeezing out a burst of cunt juice.

“We don’t stop until one of us forces the other one to submit. Agreed?” Anja breathed, her eyes fixed on the sexy, meaty gash between Kris’ legs.

“I agree,” Kris whispered, her voice hoarse with desire. She wanted to possess this bitch, she wanted to fuse every inch of flesh on her luscious body to every inch on Anja’s equally voluptuous form and consume the other woman completely. She was aching with lust and she knew she needed satisfaction.

Panting with excitement and anticipation, Anja and Kris locked eyes one final time. They smiled at each other. Their beautiful eyes were lit with sexual fever. Both voluptuous women were consumed with lust for each other. They could not wait a moment more.

The women shoved their wet, aching cunts into each other. Juicy pussy lips met and kissed passionately; fuckholes opened like hungry mouths, sealing in a sucking vacuum; swollen labia fused, intricate folds interlocking and melting into one; engorged clits rammed into each other head to head, grinding and sliding in constant contact and exquisite stimulation as the women’s powerful hips bucked, as their asses clenched and flexed, powering their twats together. The women screamed and screamed, as each grind of their locked clits send spasms of unbearable pleasure racing through their bodies.

“Oh god, oh fuck!!,” Anja cried. She threw head back, gritted her teeth, closed her eyes, and worked her ass and hips as powerfully as she could. Sobs of incredible pleasure wracked her body as her clit worked harder and harder against Kris’ rock hard sexhorn.

“Fuck, fuck, oh fuck!!” Kris moaned, as she worked her clit back against Anja’s attacking sex with equal force. Waves of sexual ecstasy flowed through the battling women’s undulating bodies, filling them to brim, threatening to overload the pleasure centers of their brains.

The women’s bodies quivered with sexual tension as they fought. Their massive tits bounced enthusiastically, spraying sweat around the cabin. Their bellies rippled and flexed as they used every muscle in their bodies to drive into each other, their cunts wrestling and mating furiously.

The women fell onto their backs, their hips bucking high, their asses rising off the bed and ramming together, rock-hard ass cheek to ass cheek, as they drove together. They reached out to push against the cabin walls, to anchor themselves, as their luscious forms fit together in a perfect scissors, the full weight and power of their incredible bodies concentrated on driving their cunts as deep and hard into each other as they could. Their legs strained, toes curling in ecstasy, as their wet, hungry cunts sealed and sucked and melted into one, as their bodies slotted together and sank into each other, grinding mercilessly. Even their puckered assholes mated, the tight holes pulling at each other as the women violated each other as hard and deeply as they could.

Anja and Kris screamed and moaned and their bodies writhed and ground against each other. The constant thrusting of their powerful hips soon had the entire tug rocking gently in its mooring. The windows were closed, so the bed chamber grew even hotter as the women’s overheated bodies warred against each other, sex to sex. Flat on their backs, one hand braced against the cabin wall, the other holding the other woman’s muscled thigh. Kris and Anja fucked powerfully, viciously, each woman struggling to hold back the incredible explosion building in her core as she fought to fuck her rival into a submissive orgasm.

For more than half an hour, the powerful women fucked, their cries and moans of erotic ecstasy growing more desperate with each excruciating thrust. Their bodies shook with suppressed sexual release, their muscles quivered, their heavy tits trembled. They fucked each other with all of their strength.

Anja moaned in unbearable pleasure. She had fought many beautiful, voluptuous women before, even women every bit the physical equal of Kris, but she had never before encountered a woman with so much sexual power. Kris writhed in sexual agony, desperately holding back the incredible energy building in her core. At this point in her life, Kris had experienced fuckfights with only a few women, but she had always emerged victorious and she knew she had a natural affinity for taking on other women with her sex. But Anja was, by far, the greatest challenge she had ever faced.

The growing ecstasy in Kris’ body finally proved to be more than she could resist. After almost an hour of going clit to clit with Anja, of scraping and grinding and twisting the most sensitive nerve in her body with its counterpart on her enemy, Kris could not withstand the sheer, raw pleasure a moment longer. With a shriek of pure ecstasy, she came in a gusher of ejaculate. Her deep muscles contracted powerfully, squeezing her entire vaginal canal, sending a shot of hot cum deep into Anja’s victorious twat. The throbbing clitoral ring that circled Kris’ genitals exploded in a wave of erotic heat that threatened to consume her entire body. Her tits pulsed and ached with pleasure, her nipples grew even harder and hotter.

“Fuck, fuck, oh FUCK!!,” Kris shrieked, her body exploding with erotic sensations.

Anja felt Kris’ hot cum flowing up into her vaginal canal and gushing out onto her pubes and coating her cunt in ejaculate. Instantly, Anja let herself go, unable to last a moment longer. With a shriek of orgasmic relief, Anja’s pussy contracted the entire length of her vaginal canal and, a moment later, she was shooting her own ejaculate deep into Kris. The women’s boiling hot cum mixed within their interlocked vaginal canals and flowed back and forth as they took turns with their orgasmic releases, first one then the other shooting their mixed juices back and forth. Soon, the women’s orgasms synchronized, and they arched their backs in shared ecstasy as they pumped cum into each other, as their voluptuous bodies convulsed in sexual pleasure. Their multi-orgasmic climax lasted almost five excruciatingly ecstatic minutes, their bodies straining and writhing in incredible pleasure as they rode each other into exhaustion. The bedsheets, already soaked with sweat, were soon soaked with the women’s sexual emissions.

Moaning and gasping, Kris and Anja eventually fell motionless on the bed. Their pants filled the hot air, their massive tits quivered with each gasp. Their bodies shone with sweat and cum in the harsh cabin light. They lay trapped between each other’s legs, their cunts still flattened against each other, the thick folds of their juicy cuntlips interlocked and sealed in a meaty join. Their swollen clits pulsed against each other, fused in ecstasy, quivering in the aftermath.

Kris struggled to regain her bearings. She had never been fucked so completely and deliciously before in her life. What she and Anja had just done to each other fanned a fire inside of her that she barely knew she possessed. Kris had always thought she preferred men to women in bed. Now, however, she realized that the black-haired woman still joined to her hot, wet genitals, had given her more sexual pleasure than she had ever had before and she began to appreciate the erotic benefits of matching like to like. Still, Kris had no intention of being defeated in this contest, no matter how much sexual joy Anja gave to her. She intended to conquer the brunette and then enjoy the spoils of her victory. For now, she was too exhausted, too spent to move. Even so, her throbbing clit remained hard and thick, as though the incredible pleasure the women had just inflicted on each other had fed its need rather than depleted its power.

After several minutes, Anja pushed herself up on her elbows. She smiled down her lush body at Kris and squeezed the other woman’s pussy with her cunt. She grinned as she felt an immediate answering pressure.

“You’ve met your match, baby,” Anja cooed at Kris. “Why not just surrender now and spare yourself the humiliation? I promise you, I’ll fuck your brains out. I’ll make you cum so hard you’ll think you’ve died and gone to heaven. You’ve just got to spread your legs, lean back and enjoy it and accept that your cunt is weaker than mine.”

“Like shit, fucker,” Kris moaned in reply. “We agreed that we cunt fuck until one of us can’t go on. I can keep on going and going. I’m the fucking Energizer bunny when it comes to fucking. I’m going to be pouring you out of here in a soup can by the time I’m done with your pussy.”

“Don’t say I didn’t give you a chance, bitch,” Anja smiled. She pushed herself up and, with a grunt, separated her cunt from Kris’ aching, throbbing pussy. Kris moaned, a combination of pain and anguish as the succulent meat that had fused with her own and given her such unbearable pleasure pulled away.

Anja sat up and got on her knees between Kris’ legs. Kris watched her enemy, conserving her strength. Anja pulled the blonde’s legs apart, then grabbed Kris’ hands and, locked palm to palm, pinned the blonde’s hands back on the bed as she mounted her. Anja’s lush body came down to completely cover Kris’ equally voluptuous flesh. Both women moaned in pleasure as their swollen tits crushed, as their hot, wet bellies slapped tight and their navels sucked. Kris could barely open her eyes as Anja’s mouth closed insistently on hers. Anja’s eager tongue delved deep into Kris’ mouth, violating her. Kris’ tongue pushed at Anja’s invading pink probe. As the black-haired woman assaulted her, Kris found herself regaining her second wind. If this bitch wanted to fuck to the finish, they would fuck to the finish, she promised herself.

The luscious blonde found herself instinctively opening her legs and tilting her pelvis up, inviting the twat that had given her so much pleasure to take her again, cunt to cunt. Anja’s thick-lipped cunt slapped to Kris’ welcoming twat. Hot, slick cuntlips played and slid on hot, slick cuntlips, sending an incredible erotic charge through Anja and Kristina. The pleasure was unbearable. Both women groaned in shared joy as their sopping, slick cunts resumed the battle for supremacy. Kris twined her legs with Anja’s, helping to lock the other woman in place.

For long minutes, the women writhed against each other. Anja ground her cunt down into Kris. Kris bucked up to meet every thrust. But soon they were moving in rhythm, keeping their soaking twats glued together, their hot pussies sucking and feasting on each other, forcing more and more pleasure on each other as their asses clenched and thrust, as their hips rocked in unison. Their hot bellies slid and melted into one, navels sucking at the sweat. Their bulging tits flowed into each other, caressing and sliding, pulsing with heat and pressure, seeming to swell into twice their normal size as the pleasure built and built. Throbbing nipples scored dense titflesh when they were not locked together, crushing and fusing. Kris and Anja tried to keep their mouths locked in a lustful kiss, the spit flowing between them, their tongues struggling and twisted into a sensual knot. Every part of their bodies was at war with its counterpart on the other woman. But soon the need for breath caused them to break the kiss and rest sweaty cheek to cheek, their blonde and black hair tangled together as it shielded their faces, their erotic moaning spiraling louder and longer as they fucked each other powerfully.

On and on their hungry cunts wrestled, twat to twat, heat and wet flowing together into a sexual furnace that consumed both gorgeous women. Kris concentrated on moving her hips, keeping her cunt moving with Anja’s cunt, refusing to let the other woman pull away. The pleasure was excruciating and she felt on the verge of a devastating orgasm every moment, but she pushed the orgasm back into her trembling body and continued to fuck her enemy, praying that she could outlast her incredible rival. The erotic heat between their grinding, sliding, luscious bodies became indescribably intense. Kris was sure she was being fucked into oblivion by the most delicious, sexually powerful woman she had ever encountered. Sweat flowed from their pores, their bodies slick and lubricated, feeding the overwhelming erotic heat and sensations. The two women fucked each other relentlessly, neither wanting to stop.

Suddenly, Anja moaned in ecstasy and stopped thrusting. She released Kris’ hands and placed her own hands on either side of Kris’ head. She pulled Kris’ blonde hair and moaned tortuously. Through half-open eyes, Kris stared up into the beautiful woman’s face, reveling in Anja’s expression of sheer agony. She felt Anja trembling on top of her, and understood that the gorgeous brunette was only moments from a devastating orgasm. Kris seized Anja’s round, hard ass with both hands, pulled the other woman down on her, and fucked up at Anja with all of the power of her magnificent hips. Their boiling cunts fused even hotter and harder.

“Naaahhh, noooooo….,” Anja groaned and suddenly collapsed on top of Kris. Kris could tell the other woman had fought back her terrible orgasm, but it had been close. An incredible orgasm was raging inside of Kris and the blonde knew she could not last much longer.

Wrapping her arms around her nude, sweat-soaked enemy, Kris rocked their intertwined bodies and slowly rolled the black-haired beauty onto her back. Anja offered only token resistance; she was clearly still struggling to hold back the orgasm burning in her core. When she was flat on her back, Kris solidly on top, Anja spread her legs wide and arched her back, offering her steaming twat to her enemy. Kris slipped in, mounting Anja, pressing her boiling cunt flat and hard against Anja’s naked, wet twat. She rejoiced in the delicious heat pouring off the other woman’s cunt, she reveled in the feeling of their slick cuntflesh sliding on each other, juicy and hot and unbearably sensitive. Kris felt the distinct throbbing force of Anja’s swollen clit rising up to meet her. Glaring down at Anja, who glared up at her defiantly, Kris moved her clit onto Anja’s engorged sexhorn. The women gasped and then cried out in sheer ecstasy as the cores of their womanhood came together again.

Up and down, back and forth, around and around, the battling vixens brought their clits to bear against each other, jousting desperately. The heat from their struggling bodies, from their mashed tits and belly to belly wriggling, threatened to overwhelm them. Their clits fenced and wrestled and knotted together. The women’s moans and screams and cries of erotic bliss grew louder and more intense. Anja sank her fingers into Kris’ rippling ass and held on for dear life, even as she fucked back against Kris with all her power.

The tug rocked as the women’s writhing bodies moved in hard rhythm. Their cries and sobs of pleasure grew more and more desperate. Kris felt her body boiling. She knew she was only moments from another submissive orgasm. She pumped at Anja’s cunt slow and hard, certain that her only hope in beating this bitch lay in wearing her down gradually. She prayed she could hold out long enough. She held tightly to Anja’s rippling ass, even as Anja’s powerful fingers sank into Kris’ clenching ass and pulled her in harder. The women sobbed together in ecstasy, their faces wet with sweat and tears of pleasure.

Suddenly, Anja bucked hard, her trembling body arching in ecstasy. The black-haired vixen shrieked in pure joy as she erupted in an excruciatingly intense orgasm.

“Fuck, oh fuck, oh FUCKING GOD!!” Anja howled, her cries rolling into a piercing scream of erotic release. Kris moaned and laughed in victory, her incredible body trembling as Anja’s hot ejaculate flowed into her twat and soaked the flesh of both women’s stomachs and inner thighs. Bearing down with her clit, Kris thrust into Anja a few more times, ramming clit to exquisite clit, before her body could not take anymore. With a shriek of relief, Kris let herself go. Hot cum flowed from her body into Anja, invading the other woman’s vaginal canal, coating the women’s lower bodies with hot juices. The women’s muscles seized and locked, long powerful legs twined and trembling in stalemate as they strained against each other, arms wrapped around each other and squeezing tight as wave after wave of raw, sheer pleasure wracked their perfect bodies. Cheek to cheek, occasionally tongue to tongue, gasping and sobbing uncontrollably, Kris and Anja shared and exchanged orgasm after orgasm as their bodies quaked with physical release and indescribable pleasure. Their swollen tits throbbed with heat, their nipples exploded with unbearable sensations. At the peak of ecstasy, Anja untwined her legs from Kris’ limbs and spread her thighs wide in acceptance and sexual surrender, her hands pulling on Kris’ straining ass, pulling the blonde’s cunt as deep into her yielding twat as she could.

For some time, Kris and Anja lay together, their bodies soaked with sweat, the sheets soaked with their bodily fluids, their limbs twined, their flesh one. They panted cheek to cheek, gasping and moaning as waves of pleasure washed over them in the aftermath of the unbelievable orgasmic release. Their sweat-soaked hair hung over their faces, tangled up in a wet, hot mess. They both felt absolutely filthy. The grime and sweat of the day’s hard work had now merged with the sweat and cum of the hot, hard sex that they had inflicted on each other. The women loved it.

After some time, Kris rolled off of Anja. The women lay side by side, their naked bodies sprawled on the bed, staring at the ceiling through half-closed eyes. Waves of exhaustion washed over them, but neither woman wanted to stop. Both women felt the pulsing heat between their legs and realized that their swollen clits remained hard and hot, wanting more.

Slowly, Kris sat up. Anja turned her head to watch what her enemy was doing, and she gathered her strength to respond. Kris got onto her hands and knees, then moved over Anja’s body, so that she was facing down the brunette’s luscious body, her dripping twat over Anja’s face. Anja instantly understood. Groaning with desire she spread her legs wide, inviting Kris in. She looped her arms around Kris’ hips, spread her hands on the blonde’s glorious ass, raised her hungry mouth to the woman’s bare cunt and began to kiss and tongue Kris’ thick-lipped pink cunt. She began to lick at and suck on Kris’ thumb-sized clit. The blonde screamed, her entire body quivering in excruciating pleasure. Instantly, Kris buried her face in Anja’s wet, fragrant twat and began licking and sucking on the black-haired beauty’s clit like a lollipop. Anja screamed and screamed, sobbing with ecstasy. Groaning with unendurable pleasure, the women rolled onto their sides, their faces buried between each other’s legs, and began to devour each other.

Kris cried and sobbed and screamed, her moans of ecstasy muffled between Anja’s succulent thighs. As she feasted on the brunette, the waves of pure pleasure that Anja’s expert work on her pussy sent radiating through her body brought her to delicious orgasm after orgasm. At the same time, Anja’s screams of joy disappeared between Kris’ legs. The black-haired beauty convulsed in ecstasy as Kris inflicted more pleasure on her than she could bear. For more than an hour, the two struggling women sucked and licked orgasms out of each other until their faces and hair were soaked with each other’s ejaculate and their swollen clits seemed to grow even harder and thicker. Incredibly, the sexual warriors found that the more pleasure they forced from each other, the more aroused their burning bodies became.

Kris shoved her fingers up into Anja’s tight, wet asshole. With the other hand, she worked Anja’s cunt, caressing and stroking the brunette’s labia, before probing and thrusting deep and hard into the woman’s vagina. Anja replied, working her whole fist into Kris’ asshole, forcing burning pain and pleasure on the blonde, who jerked and screamed in agony and ecstasy. Kris retaliated in kind. The women continued to lick suck at each other’s cunts and clits, even as they fisted the other’s orifices and pulled convulsive orgasms from each other. Their screams and moans echoed in the cabin.

After almost two hours, Anja and Kris collapsed, releasing each other and rolling away. Flat on their backs, their heads pointing in opposite directions, their tits heaving, their bodies wet with sweat and cum, the women gasped with pleasure and exhaustion. Kris felt that she was nearing the end of her endurance. So far, she had experienced so many orgasms she had lost count. And still her body wanted more, even as she fought physical exhaustion.

Anja and Kris lay side by side, gathering their strength. Both women knew that the battle was not over. They could feel the need for more in their aching, lusting bodies. Finally, the women pushed themselves up on their elbows to glare at each other over their pulsing tits.

“You’re good, bitch,” Anja whispered hoarsely. So many hours of screaming had weakened her voice. “I’ve never fought a cunt as tough as you. But I’ll break you. You don’t have what you need to hold out against me much longer.”

“Fuck you, slut,” Kris shot back, her voice barely more than a whisper. “I told you that I can take you, and I will. My cunt can take everything your little twat can dish out, and I’m going to ride you until your pussy gives up.”

“Bring it on, fucker,” Anja grunted, sitting up and spreading her legs. Her engorged cunt seemed to radiate heat. “No more holding back. I’m going to fuck you blind and grind that filthy twat down to nothing.”

Kris moved to meet her enemy, spreading her legs in reply. “Give it to me, bitch. Let’s find out which of us is really the better fuck.”

The women came together in a scissorlock. Their juicy twats plastered together and spread and opened and violated each other. Their labia and clits fused, sending waves of ecstasy through the sobbing, gasping combatants. Their pussies gushed with lubrication as they locked and sealed in an unbreakable, meaty join. The women grasped the other’s thigh and, with the added leverage, began to grind deep and hard into each other. Asses and hips bucked and thrust, powerful bellies rippled, massive tits bounced furiously. The women’s undulating bodies violated each other with unrestrained passion.

Anja and Kris held nothing back. Both were too exhausted to even try to restrain their orgasms. Instead, every few minutes, one or the other woman would scream in ecstatic pleasure, going rigid as the other woman successfully ground a devastating orgasm out of her. Often, the women came in unison, their bucking bodies synchronizing, hot cum jetting between their inosculated cunts, womanly ejaculate mixing and boiling inside of their locked twats.

Kris and Anja knew that they had passed the point of no return. The women screamed and snarled, each determined to ride the other into submission. They fucked each other with no other goal than to overwhelm the other with sheer, raw erotic pleasure.

They rode each other for more than an hour, inflicting more and more intense orgasms on each other, their screams and cries of joy harmonizing, their twats melted into one mass of ecstasy. They were both near complete physical exhaustion when, finally, they fell onto their backs, spent. Their clits throbbed, their bodies trembled. Both women moaned, shuddering with passion.

Groaning, Kris pulled herself away from Anja, separating their locked cunts with an audible sucking pop. She hated to disengage their cunts. Her blood was boiling with need and she was crazed with lust. But she hoped that she could gain a better position on the other woman, one from which she could force the other beauty to submit.

Anja moaned, then reached down to stroke her own pussy and her engorged, throbbing clit. Her free hand fondled and kneaded her own breast. Anja gasped in need as she pleasured herself.

With a cry, Kris threw herself on Anja. The black-haired beauty instantly spread her legs and wrapped her arms around Kris’ back, pulling the blonde in tighter.

“Yes,” Anja moaned. “More you fucker, more. Don’t stop, please don’t stop.”

Fighting her own desperate need, Kris resisted lowering her pussy onto Anja’s waiting, eager cunt. The brunette’s legs were spread wide in invitation, but Kris realized that she finally had an advantage she could exploit.

“No, no more, not unless you beg me for it,” Kris gasped.

Anja pulled on Kris’ ass and simultaneously bucked her hips up, slamming her thick-lipped cunt against Kris’ crotch. Kris resisted, however, holding her pelvis just high enough to avoid the clit to clit contact that both women wanted so desperately.

“No, no,” Kris groaned. “Beg me for it and I’ll give it to you. Beg me for it now!” Kris’ own lust was unbearable. If Anja called her bluff, her willpower would collapse and she would resume mindlessly fucking the other woman. Already, her mind was working to convince her that this was the best course of action.

“Yes, yes,” Anja moaned, her guttural voice a mix of frustration and desire. Kris suspected that Anja no longer knew where she was or what had sparked this incredible erotic encounter. “Please, please fuck me, please…” she moaned. “I need it, I need your clit, I need your cunt, please, please…”

With a gasp of pure desire, Kris drove her aching, steaming cunt deep and hard into Anja’s waiting fuckmeat. The women shrieked, harmonizing in shared bliss. Their bodies wrapped together, limbs twining, hands gripping rippling asses, hips and pelvises moving in a hard rhythm. Lips sealed together. The women moved their upper torsos in time to their driving hips, rubbing and grinding their thick, throbbing tits as hard as they could.

“Yes, oh god, yes,” Anja moaned. “Harder, harder, don’t stop, don’t stop…”

“I won’t, I won’t,” Kris promised. She meant it with all her heart.

Anja and Kris descended into a world of raw, relentless, bucking, heaving pleasure. Kris lost all sense of anything but her pulsing clit and the explosions of ecstasy that wracked her body. At some point, she knew she was under Anja, being fucked out of her mind. At other times she was on top, riding the other woman to one shattering orgasm after another. The sexual dams broke inside both women and, together, they fucked each other into absolute exhaustion, their bodies at last overwhelmed, their minds forcing them into unconsciousness as the raw, pure pleasure became too much for them to endure.

Epilogue I:

Dawn broke over the shipyard. Slowly, Kris returned to consciousness. She was sprawled on top of Anja, belly to belly, but resting at an angle, so that they formed an “x” with their bodies. Her left tit was crushed tight to Anja’s left boob; their legs were twined, though at an angle.

Slowly, Kris disentangled herself from the other woman. She was spent, but she could still feel a delicious and building pressure between her thighs. She was amazed by the sensation. After all she and Anja had done to each other, after all the incredible pleasure they had given to each other, Kris did not know how it was possible that her body still wanted more. But she did not complain. She enjoyed the needs of her body and her blood started to heat as she thought about what she planned to do to the black-haired beauty beneath her.

Kris staggered away from the bed and made her way into the tiny bathroom in the bow of the tug. Inside the head was a tiny shower stall. She peed, drank some water, then crawled into the shower stall. The water tanks were full and for that she was grateful. She turned on the hot water and began to wash the filth of the day and night before off of her luscious body. The hot water slowly restored her energy. She ran her hands over her lush flesh, enjoying the feel of her smoothly muscled stomach, the weight of her perfect, heavy tits.

Suddenly, the door to the stall opened and Anja forced herself in.

“Got some room in here for me, baby?” the brunette purred.

“Always happy to save water,” Kris replied, pushing herself into the corner of the stall to allow the other woman in.

The stall was far too small for two people, but that was perfect. Within the confined space the two women’s luscious bodies became one. Their massive tits compressed, nipple to nipple, areola to areola. Their smooth, tanned bellies flattened against each other. They slipped their hands around each other’s hips and spread them on the other’s ass. They opened their powerful thighs and tilted their pelvises forward to bring their aching, burning clits together. Their hungry mouths sealed in a passionate, tongue-twisting, spit-filled kiss. Stroking, stroking, clit to clit, the women brought each other to one deliciously excruciating orgasm after another until their legs weakened in ecstasy and they slid down the walls of the stall, the hot water pouring around them. Sitting on the shower stall floor, they opened their legs wide and sank into each other, cunt locked to cunt, juicy twat slotted and fused into juicy twat. They wrapped their luscious bodies as tightly together as two bodies could be, limbs twined over and around each other. Their massive tits mashed and throbbed as the women grabbed each other’s powerful asses and fucked furiously, until their twats were aching from being stretched and violated so deeply. Their screams of pure ecstasy greeted the morning sun.

Afterwards, they had breakfast in the galley, both women naked and barely able to keep their hands off of each other.

“I want you to call in sick today,” Kris said to Anja. Her body had already told her that she was not ready to let this woman go, not just yet.

“Fine,” Anja replied. Her tone was casual, but her eyes were burning and Kris could see the evidence of the other woman’s arousal in her thick, taut nipples.

Kris dressed and went out to unmoor her tug. As the boat chugged away from the shipyard, Kris at the wheel, she called in to cancel her own appointments for the day. She was being irresponsible, but she knew that the sexual fever wracking her body could only be satisfied by one thing. The only cure was to fuck Anja – to fuck and fuck and fuck until her body, finally, had enough of the other woman’s clit, cunt and tits – and every other part of her.

Kris’ boat chugged out into the open water and weighed anchor more than two miles offshore.

Kris left the wheelhouse and returned to the cabin. Anja was not in the galley. Kris went down into the bedroom. The black-haired beauty was lying stretched on the bed, completely nude. Her hands were behind her head, her gorgeous tits were pointing up at the ceiling. Her legs were crossed at the ankle. When she saw Kris, however, she slowly, seductively, opened her legs, exposing the full, stunning beauty of her naked twat. Kris stared down into the woman’s genitals, seeing the unspeakable ecstasy that Anja’s luscious body promised her. Her body shuddered with lust and she felt the low fire already burning in her cunt and tits flare to furious life. Carefully, never taking her eyes off of Anja’s juicy fuckmeat, Kris stripped down. Her shirt came off, followed by her jeans and her boots. She stood naked at the foot of the bed, fondling her massive tits and gently brushing her fingers over her swollen clit.

“You begged me to fuck you, Anja,” Kris said. “In my books, that’s a win for me.”

Anja’s eyes burned with sexual fever and the hint of sexual humiliation. However, she nodded in agreement. “You beat me,” the brunette woman said. “You are entitled to a victory fuck. And anything else that you want.”

Kris smiled. She felt little sense of victory, however. All that mattered in that moment was for her to mount Anja and drive herself clit-deep into the woman’s hot, tight, wet cunt. She could feel herself going crazy with lust.

“We can talk about that later,” Kris said hoarsely. “Right now, let’s fuck.” Her body was burning with need and her pussy was so hot it felt like it was on fire.

Anja smiled and reached out for Kris. Kris climbed onto the bed and kneeled between Anja’s lush thighs. She looked down into the brunette’s thick, pink gash. Carefully, Kris inserted two fingers into her rival’s hot, tight slit. Anja threw back her head and moaned in ecstasy as Kris masturbated her slowly, teasing and caressing the black-haired beauty’s engorged clit and swollen labia. Anja’s whole body trembled, she thrashed on the bed and reached out to brace herself against the wall of the cabin as her body convulsed in pleasure.

“You’re mine,” Kris whispered to the woman writhing before her. Kris’ whole body was on fire now. Moaning, she stretched herself over Anja’s lush form. Holding herself up, she slowly, carefully pressed her aching, throbbing cunt down onto Anja’s hot, wet twat. The women sobbed in unison, trembling and moaning in pleasure as wave after wave of raw ecstasy rippled through their perfect bodies, radiated out from their pressed together clits, their gently kissing, sucking cunts. Anja seized Kris’ powerful ass and pulled the blonde down onto her harder, wanting her deeper inside. Kris could not resist any longer. She lowered her entire body onto the other woman. Their arms and legs wrapped around each other and both women groaned in unspeakable delight as their perfect bodies mated once more, cunt to cunt, clit to clit, massive tits throbbing with heat. They entered each other, clit fusing to clit, and all thought fled as they gave themselves over to the pure animal lust that threatened to consume them.

The tug was soon rocking gently on the open water. The screams and shrieks of pure erotic ecstasy lasted well into the afternoon and then into the night.

Kris and Anja called in sick the next day. When the tug finally did return to the dock, almost three days after it left, the women parted ways with their pussies so sore they could not sit down without wincing in agony. Their luscious tits were sore and tender and covered with teethmarks and light bruising. Neither woman complained. The benefit was well worth the cost.

The End

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