A Hotel Battle: Rose and Jordan by Karl Butters

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A couple of years ago I worked at a small hotel as a front desk clerk. Normally I would be by myself except for the busy weekends. On those occasions I would be joined by a beautiful 19 year old bleach blonde named Rose. She was one of the most beautiful girls I have ever known. She had a great face, large full breasts, and a very shapely 5’8 125 lb. body. She knew she looked good and would flirt with every guy that came into the lobby. After awhile her conceitedness started to drive the security guard and me crazy.

The security guard was a good buddy of mine from way back named Shannon. Together we hatched what we thought was a cool plan. His wife was an extremely jealous 25 yr. old sandy blonde named Jordan. She was 5’4 and a curvy 130 lb. Shannon wanted big time to see Jordan in a fight and we both wanted to see Rose get her comeuppance. Jordan was a star volleyball player in high school and we figure she could manhandle Rose based on her athletic ability.

One day I ” accidentally” mentioned to Jordan about Rose’s constant flirting with Shannon and that was all it took. It turned out that Jordan had already heard a rumor that Rose had a thing for married men. Jordan was furious. She said she was going to claw the “bitch’s” eyes out.

The next night Rose worked the 3 p.m. to 11 p.m. shift alone. I knew that at 10 p.m. she would have to go outside and lock the pool gate. Jordan, Shannon, and myself got to the hotel around 9:45 and waited in the shadows behind some bushes. Jordan insisted that we come and watch her kick Rose’s butt.

Right at 9, Rose stepped outside. She was looking sexy in a white silk blouse, short red skirt, panty hose, and red high heels. She looked so hot I almost considered trying to call it off. Before I could do anything though an anxious Jordan had already stepped out onto the sidewalk. 

“If Rose starts getting too messed up we need to stop it, okay.” I told Shannon. He nodded.

“Hey bitch, I hear you have a thing for married men.” Jordan said hotly. She was looking good also, wearing a tight pink tank top and faded, cutoff jeans. Her shapely, brown legs glistened in the moonlight.

“I think you have the wrong person.” Rose said, as she tried to go around her.

Big mistake. Jordan grabbed her arm and slung her around. She slapped Rose and followed it up by grabbing a handful of hair. Shaking the blonde’s head about wildly Rose fell to her knees. “I’m gonna teach you a lesson you cheap whore.” Then she slapped her a couple of more times. The slaps were weak though, not really doing much damage.

Rose had definitely been caught off guard by Jordan’s surprise assault but was starting to get her wits back. She threw a hard right to Jordan’s midsection, which doubled her over. I realized then that this might be tougher for Jordan than I thought. Jordan had never been in a fight before and didn’t appear to know how to finish Rose off. 

They both went for each other’s hair and began wrestling for control. Both of them dropped to their knees and Rose began to pummel Jordan’s pretty face with her fists. Reaching out desperately Jordan clutched hold of Rose’s blouse. The thin silk material ripped easily revealing Rose’s huge breasts that fit snugly inside a white bra. As Rose recoiled to cover her chest, Jordan, who was bleeding from her mouth and nose, tried to flee. Rose caught her by the ankle but Jordan kicked her in the head. Jordan was then able to get to her feet but before she could get away Rose grabbed her by the shirt. She flung Jordan against the wall and pulled the top over Jordan’s head both blinding her and restricting her arms. Rose threw several punches followed by an excruciating knee to Jordan’s crotch, which dropped her to the ground.

Jordan was whimpering like a little girl and bleeding badly. We started to break it up but I suddenly realized something. If Rose saw us and figured out we were involved she would no doubt get us fired. We both have bills to pay so we let it go on.

Rose took Jordan’s top off, wrapped it around her throat and began choking her. Jordan struggled to free herself but to no avail. As soon as she began to turn blue Rose decided to slam her face forward into the ground. Then she flipped her onto her back and mounted her. With Jordan’s athletic background, I was surprised at how easily Rose tossed her around. It was obvious Rose had been in a few fights before.

With her foe pinned Rose decided to finish her off with a flurry of punches and slaps. Then she grabbed a hand full of hair and began brutally slamming Jordan’s head on the ground. This continued until Jordan no longer appeared conscious. Rose got up seemingly satisfied until she remembered her ripped blouse. With a fresh burst of anger she ripped off the remainder of Jordan’s clothes including her underwear. Finally satisfied she walked to the pool gate in her bra and grass stained skirt, and locked it. Then she went to her car and left to go change clothes. 

We went to retrieve Jordan’s battered body. I couldn’t help but notice how hot Jordan looked, her shapely, golden brown body just lying there. 

I later pondered the idea of her fighting someone else maybe a little less challenging. Unfortunately Jordan doesn’t seem too keen on the idea. In fact she also doesn’t appear too jealous of women flirting with Shannon anymore either.

The End

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