A Lovelace Tale: Chapter 4 – Maisie vs. Angie by Rival’s Rapture

In the wake of the classroom door swinging open, a wave of vibrantly colored and beautiful young women poured. Each of them chatting, whispering, or laughing as they moved, save for one.

The quiet one.

The one who trailed all the rest.

Anna. An Anna who was back.

Back in the classroom she had run from. Back on the campus she had, through tears, sworn never to return to. And though, in part, she was not only excited but ready to take on the particular challenges Penngrove would present, the first class of the day had drained her.

No, the teacher hadn’t singled her out, but she could see it. The whispering of her classmates. Classmates who would sneak a look at her, and then laugh before turning away.

Why did they whisper and look? Because they had heard. About how Anna had ran.

About how Maisie had turned her into a sexually-repressed puddle of terrified goo.

About all that had transpired the day before.

It was a hard way to start at a new school, and an even harder way to lead off a day. But such was the young Lovelace’s burden, as she walked slowly carrying her books with wrist-crossed hands, her head down and eyes averted from everything but the floor.

That is until a voice called out to her, in a warm and friendly tone. “You’re Anna, right?”

“Huh? Oh, uh….” Anna stuttered as she spun around, the black-haired, open-tied long sleeve blouse-wearing freshman looking for the girl who had spoken. “…yes. My name’s Anna.”

“My name’s Brooke.” A cute blonde in pigtails offered with a wide smile. She being one of the many students who chose to wear Penngrove’s optional, and yet official uniform; a plaid skirt, with a white top

“Hi….” Greeted Anna, as a cautious smile sprang to her lips.

“Look I….” Brooke began, before pausing to find the words. “I know how it is, being at a new school. Especially this one. It sucks.”

“Oh, yeah. It’s a little tough, but….” The words that came from Anna’s mouth suddenly stopped, as Brooke’s kind eyes convinced her to relax. “…It sucks.” The humiliated onyx came clean.

“Can I show you something?” Asked Brooke, as she reached a hand out to Anna. A fresh batch of students, this one made up of both males and females streamed past them.

“Sure.” In the passing mass, and with her once cautious smile turning real, the out-of-place Lovelace reached for and took the chipmunk-cheeked blonde’s hand.

The owner of that hand, Brooke, pulling and guiding Anna from the center of the long, marble-and-oak-hewed hall of Penngrove’s first floor.

“Uh — where are we going?” Anna asked, as she followed.

“Well, I heard what happened. Yesterday. With you and Maisie.” The blonde began in explanation as down the hall she and her new friend moved at a hurried jog.

“Oh no….” Even the nice girl knew! Everybody knew! Anna thought, as she shook her head in shame and regret.

“You didn’t know what was happening. I get it. So I wanted you to see…” As Brooke’s continued to speak, she came to a stop and then reached for the door handle to another classroom. “…What that was SUPPOSED to look like.”

“Huh…?” Confused though she was, Anna still followed her guide, as she turned the handle to the door and entered.

Ask though she did, she needed no answer. For at the back of the empty and dimly lit class, the show she had been brought to watch was playing out. That being Maisie, who had been absent front Anna’s first period, pinned against a wall by another girl. A redhead that the young Ms. Lovelace had never seen before.

Each nude and glaring at each other, though their eyes told different tales. Maisie’s speaking of frustration and denied expectations, while the other girl’s told a tale of confidence, both brimming and deserved.

Their expressions justified by their positioning. The redhead, with her right hand, holding Maisie’s hands above her head, pinned together at the wrist and against the wall. All as her left was buried deep between the thighs of the girl who, had the day before, sent Anna home running.

At the sight, Anna once more set herself to escape, though her efforts were quickly squelched. As Brooke softly pulled back on the hand of the freeing freshman she still held.

“Just watch.” The blonde implored in a cautious whisper.

“Cum for me….” The redhead on the other side of the classroom demanded breathlessly. A voice, that in it’s sensuality, drew the reluctant Anna’s attention back to the ongoings in the back of the class.

“No!” Maisie refused, as pinned against the wall she squirmed. “When I get my hands free, you’re going to be the one who cums, Angie.”

Defiant as the brunette was, only a moment after her threat did the young Latina start to moan. The redhead’s fingers sliding in and out of her pussy. Not quickly. Not wildly. But slow.

“Let me g….” Maisie’s words started and then stopped, before she began moaning again. “Uunnngghhh.”

“You know you want to….” Angie purred, as she kept the girl in front of her pinned and wilting.

“Shut up-uunnnghhh…” Maisie still had fire — a fire to fight! And yet every moment that her rival’s fingers worked, that fire began to fade. Fade and then flicker, as against her own will the copper-skinned girl’s own hips began to thrust forward and onto the digits within her.

“Oh … oh, please….” In weakness suddenly Maisie blurted. “Please don’t….” She was going to ask Angie to relent. To let her free of the wall and her fingering, but somewhere in the passions of the moment, her intent and request seemed to change. “Don’t stop….”

“See…. I knew you wanted it….” Angie mused confidently before leaning in to press her lips to her rival’s — in the process, the single-handed grip she used to pin Maisie’s hands above her head softened, if only barely.

And yet that barely was all that Maisie needed, as in a flash she had raised a leg, planted her left foot against the wall, and drove herself forward and into the redhead in front of her.

At the sudden thrust and collision Anna gasped — her every thought of leaving the room having vanished. She instead watching intently and with mouth agape as she and Brooke’s hands remained palm-to-palm. The two girls, strangers until only moments before, pulling closer as they watched Angie and Maisie crash together and then struggle nude on the dimly lit classroom’s floor.

The two college students fighting for position and placement. Their legs, as if it were the most natural thing in the world, even in the midst of their maelstrom, coiling, crossing, and their sexs locking together. A connection they kept even as the cute Latina who had made Anna’s life hell found herself on top and thrustring down. Her tattooed and pale-skinned rival firing her own hips upward, as what looked to be a race began before Anna’s watching eyes.

“You’re not winning this time!” Came the darker-hued girl on top’s brag.

“YOU’RE not winning this time!” Angie replied, each comment making clear to Anna, in just another shock amongst many, that the battle she found herself watching was not the first between the two beautiful students.

Insist though each did, that it was they who would come out on top. Without another word spoken, as as each continued to fuck one another, there on the cold, checkered floor of the classroom, they leaned closer to one another and then kissed.


Wildly. Even as into each other’s mouths they moaned.

Angie’s legs wrapping around Maisie’s hips and ass and coming down to rest as her hands moved to Maisie’s hair and then pulled.

A pull that sent them over to the side in a roll, though they never stopped driving together at their centers. Inner thighs met and sealed together.

Maisie not but seconds later taking a similar hold and demanding another turn. The pair of tribbing students continuing in that way, up and then over — under and then above.

Each cursing at one another amongst and into kisses both gentle and breathless — hard and hateful.

Their revolutions of revelations, at least for Anna, coming to an end only when they ran into desk or chair — wall or a shelf there-attached. But even then, one would tug, one would counter, and once again they would be off.

Sounds of liquid coming from their kissing, both above and below.

Lip-to-lip and clit-to-clit, as in a mad dash of social constraints set ablaze, the two young women fought to make the other cum.

For something? For nothing? Anna had no idea, and yet she didn’t care. She not needing to know more than she saw. At least not yet. At least not while she watched in awe. Her nethers warming, and heart racing as she struggled not to touch herself. Her only expression of desire being her squeezing of the hand that held her’s. Brooke’s. The godsent friend who had brought her to that classroom to watch.

To watch what? A game? A sport? A fight? All of those things combined into a single, inexplicable, indescribable, confluence of sex and willpower — desire and determination?

God she wanted it. Whatever it was.

And yet, just when that desire began coursing through the young Ms. Lovelace’s veins, the two classmates who had been rolling and fucking before her stopped. Seized. And in a calamitous collision of pleasure and aggression they climaxed in a seemingly contiguous and inseparable moan of pleasure.

Miles away from her original taboo-caused discomfort and discomfort-brought fear, Anna, at the sight, stepped forward and onto her tip-toes, desperate to determine which of the two had orgasmed first. Which had proven herself right, the other wrong, and themselves the better of the two, at least in that engagement. The mid-year transfer’s lips even opening to ask that question, before Brooke stepped behind her and sealed her free hand lightly to the newcomer’s mouth. “No, no. Shhh….”

In the silence that followed, Anna could hear the two slowly grinding and moaning girls whispering to each other softly.

“You bitch….” Complained Maisie in a voice that dripped with disappointment.

“Mmm, don’t be mad at me for you cuming.” Angie cooed back, as she nuzzled her nose against Maisie’s teasingly.

“I’ll get you next time.” Promised the defeated Latina.

“Maybe. But, first. You’re buying me lunch. Like we agreed.” Those words were the last Anna heard before she and Brooke began to step back together quietly and then without knowing if the two warring Freshman even knew of their presence, ducked out into the hallway.

There, Anna’s mind raced, as she tried to process all she had just seen. She letting her eyes scan the empty hall. Not for people or places, but solely as a side-effect of her run-amok imagination and theorization.

“Wha…? Why….?” The oynx asked, her voice dripping with a newly found intrigue and curiosity. “Over who would buy lunch…?!” She added, only then beginning to put all of the pieces together. Her mother’s letter and story. Her confrontation with Maisie. The teacher watching and singling her out. And then the war of wills and sensuality she had just seen. One that had played out over something as slight as who was picking up the bill for lunch….

And though almost none of it made sense, at least not in the world in which she had always lived. Still Anna’s face was alight with excitement as she looked up to her new found friend.

A friend that simply replied, with a genuine and reassuring smile. “It’s just…. It’s Penngrove, Anna. Why don’t I try to explain over lunch…?”

To Be Continued in Chapter 5. Coming Soon!

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