A Night Alone by KingofDaPirates1

Marissa Keeling and Isabella Sanz were not friends. The fact that they knew each other at all was the random fate of a computer that mis-assigned them as roommates entering their first year in college when they had both requested single living dorm rooms. That was strike one, and it was neither of theirs fault though they blamed each other. Their first meeting was cordial as they setup their dorm room on day 1, but the spark of friendship didn’t ignite and though they were civil, both thought the other one wasn’t trying hard enough to help build that wonderful college roommate relationship you always saw on T.V. That was strike 2. The room they had to share was in the simplest terms, compact. You would walk in and be facing a window with two small desks side by side in front of it. There were two twin beds on each side of the room with about four feet in between them and that was it. Simple and modest, and neither Isabella nor Marissa liked it.

Where did the tension rise from? Well, personality wise, they were both very hot blooded when things did not go their way or people would get on their nerves. Marissa was better at hiding it, and the overly bubbly girl was super friendly with everyone she met in college. She was generally well liked especially by the boys but when she and Isabella argued, another side of her came out and it always got spicy. Isabella was colder who took warming up to before she would let herself relax or let people in. This was a direct contrast to her roommate, and they struggled to communicate well as they settled in living together which led to some very passive aggressive comments. Over the course of the first few weeks however, things started to heat up.

The first real dispute they had was a simple question of who got to use the mirror Monday morning. They kept their voices level, but the girls did have a bit of a standoff about who would move first and wait to do their makeup second. Neither backed down and somehow, they ended up sharing the mirror while bumping each other’s hips ‘accidently’ multiple times throughout the morning. That led to the who got to do their laundry first argument, and that led to the next and next until they had enough. They set a schedule about which of them would be in on specific nights and as they discussed the calendar their voices did not stay as level raising a few tones. Another thing that started to really eat at them was the comparisons of their bodies that they received from the first day of college. Multiple good-looking guys would stop by their room to complement and get numbers from the two girls,

“Wow!” The guys would say, followed by something like, “The two hottest girls on the floor and they are sharing a room. That’s awesome.”  Saying they were both hot would be an understatement. The room quickly became a fantasy in the minds of all the first-year guys, who would walk by hoping the door might be open to catch a glimpse of the sexy occupants. This led them to a new annoyance about each other when they were both invited to a fraternity party. It was their last attempt to build a friendship between them and they went together trying to have small talk. It was ruined by a comment by the vice-president of the fraternity and sorority who were drunkenly passing by and stopped to talk to the girls. The sorority who was at the party’s vice president was a jaw dropper that both Isabella and Marissa had to take another glance at. She looked half Japanese with some sort of European or Australian mixed in. Her tits looked huge, and her ass was out of this world in the tight black jeans that went high on her thin waist.  Both Isabella and Marissa realized that there was other woman at this school who could compete in the best body contest with themselves. The conversation had moved towards another sorority that was not present tonight.

“Really Hina? You and Lucy still don’t get along”. The guy asked with a slight laugh.

“I think despise is a better word, and now she has that Olivia chick running around for her. The two blonde bimbos I call them.”

“Olivia is nice, and I swear, you and Lucy are a lot more alike than you either give yourselves credit for.”

“Whatever, I don’t want to talk about them.” The hot vice president said flipping her long straight black hair to the side.

“Alright alight, but hey, maybe you guys should just fuck? Let that tension out.”

Hina punched him lightly, but she did laugh. “You know, maybe your right. I’m sure we could settle our differences in bed.” Isabella noted that Hina’s black eyes seemed to flash at the suggestion, but the look was gone as fast as it came.

The guy laughed, “Well, I would pay to watch that!” The convo about the sorority ended and they turned back to the new girls. Hina smiled at both of them, “I do hope you would consider joining my sorority, you both are gorgeous.”

“Thanks!” Marissa said with a smile and she quickly started talking about their outfits and some random anime she had watched. Isabella only gave a light smile, already looking around for other people to talk too. When her ears picked up the final bit of the convo. “Roommates, right? Hina asked, “Do you guys share clothes or is one of your chests and ass bigger than the others?” This led to side eye glance between the roommates. They didn’t answer and the convo moved on. They left the party hours later, both realizing that no matter how hard they tried, they would not be friends.  The comment also rang in their ears, the comparisons between their bodies, the jealousy began to fester between them.

Marissa was a lightly tanned blonde girl who loved being a little eccentric in both her personality and looks. She wore super short skirts and shorts and would occasionally watch anime and loved to cosplay. Her hair was almost always down with two blonde pig tails and she had a way of bouncing around when she walked to the joy of people who got to watch. She liked to color her hair though for her first month she reverted back to her natural yellow. She wore colorful bright lipstick and her choice of bikini’s and lingerie were neon more often than not. Her friends called her overly bubbly and it helped that she had an incredible body. She loved to show it off in outfits and any other fun uniforms she could find. Her womanly chest was barley contained by the many tie up white shirts she would normally where when doing a little schoolgirl gimmick. And the skirts only would cover an inch or two down her thighs because her ass was so well toned and built.

Isabella was a different look and personality but had all the assets that Marissa did. She was of Spanish Mexican descent and her long curly black hair went all the way to her mid back. She had sharp features in which she brought out with dark red lipstick and nails on most days, her dark skin as if she had tanned for months everyday worked well with the dark clothes and bikinis she liked to wear. She was also very much aware of how amazing her body was, her large chest and her Latina built booty made men do a triple glance. She had no problem showing it off and used it for any advantage she could.

In the end, maybe that was the real reason that they couldn’t get along. Because for the first time in their lives they had to share a space with a woman who they would begrudgingly admit only to themselves might be in their league body wise.

It would only take a small spark for the woman to lose it at each other completely, and a simple misunderstanding on a normal Friday evening was that spark that lit the fire. Only one month in of living together and both women were at their breaking point dealing with the other beauty sharing their living space. They no longer were speaking to each other and had a sign sheet of the nights they would be in and out. The calendar was law and even when they would glare at each other walking down the hall, they respected the sheet and nights the other would book for her alone as the last thing holding their room apart. They claimed every night of the week and made sure the other was out of her hair.

On this particular Marissa had booked Friday out to her great delight. She needed a night home in the dorms that would surely be empty to relax and recover from the party filled weekends and long week of schoolwork. She and Isabella had both been in the last 5 days due to extra tests and she had enough of her busty roommate. The girl thought she had just this perfect set of tits and juicy ass, but Marissa knew hers were better. How she was going to prove that to her roommate, she wasn’t really sure, but she really wanted Isabella to know it. But that was something she would worry about another night. She had the night planned perfectly when she got a call from her boy toy that she should come out for a night of parties. She wavered when he begged, and she begrudgingly wrote a small note on the sheet that she was out. She did some extra makeup and put on a sexy little schoolgirl skirt white-shirt that did not hide the bright neon pink bra she was wearing underneath. It did match her nails, and of course the sexy lace pink thong that boys would try to see when her skirt would flow up once she was drunk at the party. She still had one more late-night class in both circumstances and left a few minutes later to attend.  

Isabella came home from her interview and decided to look at the sheet for the one in a million chance her big breasted roommate had moved her night. Her brown eyes lit up as she saw the note and felt such a relief after the week she had. The room would be hers tonight and that meant some self-love, both figuratively and literally. She had been hoping that she would get this since Monday, but the annoying roommate beat her to it. Now it didn’t matter, and she quickly grabbed her keys to run to the store for some supplies to really enjoy her night of relaxation.

A minute after she left, Marissa returned, a bunch of relief on her face as well. The last class of the day was cancelled, and the party night was off after a text that the guy had a rush event. She quickly checked the sheet and did a little jump of happiness that Isabella had not marked her name into the Friday slot and that meant her night plans were still on. She crossed out her little note and left the room to do some errands planning on coming back once she had what she needed. 

Isabella was still as excited as she came back to the dorm thinking of how lucky she was and how much she was going to enjoy this night. She quickly stripped off her interview clothes she had picked for the waitress job at the Meza. The owner seemed distracted by her body most of the time during the meeting, but she didn’t care, it always meant better tips when it came to serving food. She replaced her underwear and pulled on a sexy little black thong that made her feel incredible. She enjoyed looking sexy, even on nights where she would be alone. She admired her body in the mirror and snapped the black thong to her hip. One part of her relaxation was lounging nude or in minimal clothing all the time and was why she had wanted a single room to herself. It was only 10 PM but the rest of dorm seemed fully quiet. All prepped with Netflix open, some ice cream in the freezer down the hall, and an avocado facemask for later. Isabella still dressed only in the lace thong sat down on her bed and put her back on the wall incidentally facing Marissa’s bed. She widened her legs and let her hand drift down between them when her head snapped towards the door as she heard the doorknob turn.

Just a minute prior to Isabella beginning her little play time, Marissa was walking back to the dorm with a smile as she too now had everything she needed for a relaxing night. A little Netflix, some chocolate, and most importantly, a hot long time of playing with herself. She was planning to give herself one really good orgasm, because sometimes self-love was the best love. She loved nights in and would spend all night teasing herself before giving one big finale with her own fingers, or maybe a dildo or vibrator if she was feeling a little extra cheeky. She never needed those extra stuff, but she liked to keep things interesting. She had been looking forward to this all week and nothing, nothing was going to ruin this.

She turned the key to see the light in her room was not off, even though she was sure it was when she had left. Weird she thought, but as she pushed it open, she found the state of her dorm room even more surprising. Isabella’s face turned in a flash, as Marissa looked at her nearly nude roommate. From the position, the look of shock, and state of dress, Marissa knew she had just walked in on Isabella doing the very action she had planned for this evening.

“Get out and shut the door!” Isabella yelled as she watched her annoying blonde roommate stand at the entrance of the room with an equal look of shock on her face, “What the fuck are you doing here?” She said again before the blonde had a chance to react, the black-haired woman gripped a blanket to cover her sexy almost nude body in fear of someone walking by behind the blonde and looking into their room. Marissa found her voice after the initial shock wore off and the emotion that came to her voice was one of extreme annoyance and anger.

“Me? What the fuck are you doing here!? It’s my night on the sheet!” Marissa said back as she shut the door but with her still in the room. She pointed at the sheet on the door and to the specific Friday that had her name on it. Now that the door was closed Isabella sat up onto her knees and let the blanket fall showing off her massive tits that made Marissa roll her hazel eyes in annoyance. Isabella was indeed showing off her bare tits and body at Marissa and being in an extremely small, lace black thong that that held onto her hips tightly helped in the presentation. Her dark red lips and nails looked freshly painted and her dark skin smooth. Marissa felt a spark of competitiveness to how incredible her roommates’ body was and even more annoyance she wasn’t able to show off her body right back. The dark brown eyes followed Marissa’s finger to the sheet but there was more than just the blondes name on the paper.

“No! You wrote you were out! I checked before I left.” Isabella hissed as she also pointed to sheet on the door.

“I crossed it out an hour ago before I left!” Marissa said, pointing also to the door and the small mark that had crossed out the note.

“What? You can’t do that, that’s way too short of notice! Get out, it’s my time in the room.” Isabella hissed with her hands on her hips.

“No, you need to leave. That’s the deal! You didn’t update the sheet, so this night is still mine.” Marissa hissed back, crossing her arms in front of her impressive chest.

“No! We never agreed to that, and I’m already in now, so just get out.” The Spanish beauty responded, but neither girl moved from their current stance.  

Marissa and Isabella both seethed as they disagreed on what to do in their different states of dress. Marissa would not take this, and in her mind, Isabella was being completely unreasonable and against the code of what they had set. While still looking at Isabella she dropped her backpack onto the floor in defiance of what the Spanish girl wanted. Isabella looked like she was going to scream out in anger, holding it in by the tiniest of margins. Marissa put her hands on her hips and leaned forward so that her own massive tits showing off their deep cleavage to make sure Isabella knew she was not intimated by the girl’s body one bit.

“From my point of view, you are in on my night, and I need my time alone. That means I’m staying in this room.”

Isabella seethed even more while also leaning forward and made up her mind that she was in the right, and this was the final straw. She would not back down to this bitch. “Well, I’m not going anywhere either, you said you were out, and I need MY time alone too.”

“So, you can do what? Fucking masturbate?” Marissa said as she gave a little nod down to the tiny black thong that Marissa had walked in on her wearing. Isabella felt the blood rush right to her cheeks, but she knew her roommate would only say that because she was planning the same. “Oh, like you weren’t going to do that. Every night after you have your alone time, this room smells like fucking sweat and sex. And I know it’s not some guy, you left your vibrator and dildo out the last few times.” Isabella said pointing to the drawer in which she knew her roommate kept her toys. Marissa’s glare intensified as if this bitch dared bring up her sex toys. Luckily for the blonde, when searching for a lost shirt she found an interesting box under the Spanish girl’s bed just a few days ago.

“Ha! Isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black? I can smell the same thing after your nights alone! And you have the same amount and type of toys I do!” Marissa growled right back, pointing to under the bed, where Isabella did indeed have a bunch of her own sex toys.

They glared at each other, neither able to deny that they were intense masturbaters and what they were planning on doing tonight. They also ignored they had a similar taste when it came to sex toys, including size, shape and freakiness. After a few more seconds of glaring, Isabella gave a huff.

“Get out, I’m not going to ask again.” Isabella threatened as she and her roommate eyed each other further, comparing bodies, wondering what the next step was if neither backed off. Then Marissa smiled with her bright white teeth and bright pink lips at her nearly nude roommate which was anything but friendly/

“I told you, I’m not leaving and I’m not letting you ruin this evening.”

Marissa was still wearing her tied white shirt and with one pull of the knot it flew off. Isabella glanced down and noted her roommate was wearing a puffy pink bra and how large Marissa’s tits looked in it.

“What are you doing?” Isabella asked as she watched her roommate begin to undress and clearly was not planning on leaving like she was told too.

“Getting comfortable for MY night.” Marissa said nonchalantly as she took a few more steps into the room in front of her own clean yellow sheeted bed. She turned to face Isabella’s where the Spanish girl watched her with infuriation. Marissa reached to the front and unclicked the front part of her pink bra while still glaring at Isabella. Her tits nearly popped out free without any help, Marissa now flaunting their size and firmness on her chest. Isabella pushed her chest a bit more forward as th equally sized and full breasts came to face each other nude. They had never directly compared but had looked at each other’s bra sizes in secret. To their disappointment they were the same bust cup from each maker and the similarities only looked more apparent with them presenting them to each other.  

Marissa wasn’t done however; she reached to her left hip and unclicked the two buttons that held up her schoolgirl skirt. Even with the button’s undone, it didn’t fall off her body right away, her ass was too bubbly and firm to let it drop that easy. She gave a little wiggle and a tug, as the skirt fell down her well-toned thighs and then calves before ending at her feet. She also kicked off her shoes but kept her knee-high white socks on. To annoy Isabella even more, she took one small step in towards Isabella’s bed and turned around, showing off her amazing ass.  The roommate had thrust her tits out first, so she was happy to show off her own goods. The Spanish beauty got the closest look she had ever gotten of her roommates’ glutes as it was presented in front of her. The lightly tanned booty was in a neon lace pink thong that matched the now discarded bra. The muscle itself looked as firm and juicy as it looked in the booty shorts the blond wore often, and Isabella felt the need to turn around and show off her own bubble ass but resisted the urge for now. The triangle back of the pink thong covered only the size of a small fist but was still just a few centimeters more coverage than the black one on Isabella. Then doubling down, the blonde leaned over making sure that Isabella got a good look at the sting in between her cheeks as she picked up her clothes that she had discarded. Her goal was to make her roommate as uncomfortable as possible and this was how she was going to do it. She stood back up and ran her hand up her hip, snapping her own thong as she took the two steps to her side and placed her clothes away in the drawer. She then turned and leaned up onto her bed facing Isabella once again. The darker skinned girl hadn’t said anything during the little strip show she had just received but was very aware that they now were dressed in near equal fashion. Their tiny thongs left little to the imagination and seemed to only increase the very quickly building sexual tension in the room.

“I don’t know what the fuck you are thinking, but I’m not stopping.” Isabella threatened tossing the blanket fully off her bed and sitting back down in the same position she had been found in. She brought her hand back to her cunt and waited to see what the bitch would do. The blonde might have been slutty enough to strip down with her, but she wouldn’t dare stick around if she just started doing what she wanted.

The blonde’s hazel eyes narrowed at the now sitting Isabella while still leaning on the yellow bed. If her roommate was willing to double down, so was she. “Sure, but like I said, I’m not having you ruin my night, so I won’t be stopping either.” Marissa said with determination to get her roommate out.

She hopped up onto her bed, her tits jiggling enthusiastically on the bounce. She shifted back slightly till she rested on the wall and widened her own legs in the exact same pose as Isabella was now in herself.  

Isabella had not yet started playing with herself and was watching the blonde with a look that said, you think that will scare me off. Their legs were open, pussies hidden by the smallest of clothes, their tits free as they looked at each other with disdain and now a little curiosity about each other. Were they really about to do this?

A half of breath passed when Marissa smiled mischievously again as she brought her hand down to the pink cloth and slowly began to rub, grinning at the Spanish girl who looked almost stunned, as the blonde openly played with herself. “What’s the matter? Embarrassed now? Don’t mind me. I’m just going to enjoy my night in the room.”

So that was her plan, Isabella thought, but she was absolutely not going to back down if her roommate wanted to scare her off with her body. “Not at all, I just hope you enjoy the view because I’m going to enjoy my night even if you decide to stick around.” Isabella said back as she sat back and brought her hand back to the lace black thong that was covering her pussy lips. She also began to slowly rub up and down in the same motion as the blonde, smiling back at the pink thong wearing girl wickedly. Marissa gave a little huff, annoyed her plan to scare her roommate out failed, but she was more than willing to do this. She would go as far as Isabella was willing to do and more, even in the weird sex thing they were doing now.

They eyed other as they watched their roommate begin to pleasure herself in front of them. Marissa reached slightly with her free hand and dimmed their lamp, lowering the light to a low sexy glow. In her mind this was to ensure that from the outside of their window or door, their room would look empty and dark. There would be no interruption while they faced each other in this state and the only way for it to end was one of them would have to leave.

They continued to smile at each other as if they didn’t have a care in the world, but there was no friendliness on those red and pink lips. Their eye contact finally broke as their orbs flickered down to where the action was on their hot bodies. First, they watched the other’s large full breasts jiggle slightly from every arm motion they used. Second, they continued down to the sexy strong thighs and hamstrings they had trained at the college gym. Finally, third was where their hands played with the cloth between their legs, still moving slowly up and down, teasing lightly. They had seen each other nearly this nude before in quick glances but never like this. Not this vulnerable, and open for inspection from the position that they each were in.  Isabella and Marissa never would have thought they would ever get the chance to really compare bodies, but as they glared at each other from their beds, it did seem inevitable that something like this would happen between them.  

The two immensely fuckable coeds masturbated themselves in front of each other, trying to scare the other off in their unique showdown. They had started by rubbing just the front of the small pieces of cloth they wore on their hips, neither going into the thong yet. But as the minutes ticked by, they were slowing turning themselves on more and felt the urge to go in. The girls took in every detail of their rival roommate, Isabella’s black nailed fingers matched her thong’s color while Marissa’s white nails worked well with the pink thong she had chosen. Their nipples were nickel sized, Isabella’s brown like her tits, Marissa’s pink against her paler but lightly tanned ones, though they couldn’t tell whose rubbery points were longer or better shaped from where they sat.

Every detail seemed to drive them crazier with the comparisons and how equal they seemed. They didn’t talk much as they rubbed themselves, letting the unsaid sexual tension build between them, seeing who would back down first in this erotic game they played. Their toned muscles of their legs gave off light shadows and their skin, especially around their groins looked incredibly smooth and soft.  After 5 minutes, the sound of distinct wetness started to fill in the silence while they still rubbed on the outside of their thong. Involuntary tiny pants of desire escaped their mouths as they each rubbed a little harder and continued to watch the show in front of them.

Marissa did love to play with herself, a trait that she and Isabella shared. She knew how to draw out her own bodies pleasure and prolong by holding it back for an explosive ending. As she watched the dark girl continue to rub, and she could tell that her roommate was not an armature when it came to this type of foreplay and prolonging the pleasure. She figured she was going to need to be a bit freakier and dirtier to get Isabella to back off. She took her left hand off the wall, and Isabella’s brown eyes followed the new movement of the free limb, wondering what the blonde was up too on her yellow bed. The hazel eyed girl brought the hand to her chest and squeezed her large left tit. She couldn’t fit the whole boob into her palm and her fingers sunk into the hot womanly fat like a sandbag. She squeezed it once more feeling her nipples get harder at the sensation and attention. She glanced up to ensure that Isabella was watching her, which she was.

Showing off her breasts size and firmness, she used her free left hand to lift up her tit and brought one of her pink nipples to her mouth. Her pink lips wrapped around the nipple and gave it a little suck all the while looking at her rival on the other bed. She cocked an eyebrow that said, ‘can you do this?’. Isabella had not moved, and Marissa took it as a good sign, so she began to suck her own nipple like a bottle making sure the Spanish beauty could hear the spit and slurping sound. Isabella watched boiling that Marissa had again doubled down and taken the initiative. Well, if this bitch thought that getting a bit freakier would end this, she was very mistaken. Isabella quickly duplicated the move with her own left tit filling her hand with the meat and bringing her brown nipple up to her dark red lips. She made sure Marissa’s hazel eyes were on her now, as she began licking the nipple playfully before she too began to suck it wetly. Isabella cocked her own eyebrow that said, ‘Yes, I can.’ They scowled at each other again, while simultaneously sucking their own left nipples and rubbing their dampening thongs.  

Isabella then released her nipple and took her right hand away from her cunt. For a second Marissa thought she might have scared her rival off, but as Isabella put her left hand down to replace it below and used her now free right hand to lift up the other tit to her mouth. She began sucking her right nipple equally as hard as she had the left, showing off to Marissa that both her tits were equally as intimidating. This time Marissa copied Isabella, not to be out done in the tit department and they both admired and hated that their rivals endowed chest proved to be as big and firm as their own. They played with their own nipples harder, tongues slicking the rubber hard enough to almost bend them. All the times they had stood next to each other in the mirror in their bras or wore low cut shirts had built up a deep unsaid rivalry of each other’s boobs. With a loud pop that signified how hard she had been sucking, Isabella removed her red lips from her brown nipple and allowed both of her breasts back down. She switched hands again using her right hand down her body to her cunt as she flipped her long black curly hair back.

She smiled at Marissa again who was watching her while still sucking one of her pink nipples erotically. “You better just backdown now, because I can go all night doing this.” Isabella taunted as she moved her hand side to side on her lacy thong. The black cloth was now clearly wet like her breasts but with a different substance. Marissa popped her own nipple out of her mouth with a long drool of spit connecting the bright pink lips to the hot pink nipple while she flipped her blonde pig tails back. “Oh, I think you will be finished way before me. I like to take my time.” She said as she reached down back to her pink thong and began rubbing in equal fashion as Isabella was with her own right hand. The silence descended again except for humming and light moans they let escape their lips.

After another minute of this, Isabella decided this time she would be the one to up it on the blonde and start to see just how far she would really go. She took her hand off her cunt ensuring that Marissa was watching. She didn’t move it far however, as she slid it up her to her navel, then down to the top edge of her thong. She paused as the blonde stopped her rubbing and her hazel eyes seemed to narrow at what the darker woman was doing. Isabella winked at Marissa and slid her fingers into her thong, smiling at the sensation of touching her bare labia and running past the hood of her clit. She started to finger herself with her pointy finger and grinned wider at the wet the sounds from her cunt. Marissa frowned at the wink and sudden boldness of her roommate trying to take charge. She brought her own hand to the top of her pink thong and slid in, feeling the smooth soft skin of her folds. Isabella’s smile slightly faded as Marissa fingered herself seconds later to the same squishy sound of a very soaked pussy. Both girls had made their cunts nice and wet form the tit sucking and rubbing, but who was wetter was a question on both their minds. For roughly a minute, they fingered themselves in front of each other, but the actual act was still frustratingly hidden by their thongs. Isabella sneered at Marissa who stuck her tongue out at her rival as the fingering got a little bit faster.

“You sound kind of dry, you might want to spit on your fingers to help yourself out.” Marissa said after another few seconds trying to throw off her roommate.

Isabella let out a fake laugh, “I do love to spit, but I’m already so wet, the sound of my pussy is drowning yours out.”

“That’s funny, because I can’t even hear your dry pussy from over here, it’s like you’re not even in this room.” Marissa shot back.

A small amount of cum was trickling down their lower hamstrings towards their asshole in this position. The room seemed to go up a few degree’s in temperature as the girl’s continued for another long minute.

“You really don’t know how to take a hint. Do you?” Marissa asked with frustration clear in her voice.

“No, I got your little hint, but I also get that you won’t be able to last as long as me. So, I’ll just take my time.” Isabella huffed, letting her own frustration leak out like her pussy was.

“You’re dreaming, I will last longer than you.” Marissa said with more authority as the girl’s breathing picked up from the arguing and sexual pleasure.

“No, you won’t.” Isabella snarked back with. “You are going to regret starting this with me.” She added on.

“What? You started this when you wouldn’t leave!” Marissa growled.

“No, you started it!”

“No, you did!”



The two beauties stopped playing with themselves and stood up off their bed in a fluid motion. They were tired of being matched action for action and the sexual tension between them was starting to get very spicy. Their cheeks were flushed red and their panting heavy as they each stook a small step forward and came face to face in the space between their two beds. Marissa was nearly ready to tackle the other woman to the floor and just fight it out in their underwear. If she had known that Isabella was thinking the same, that just might have happened. Up even closer now, they could smell the sex and sweat dripping out of their rivals’ pores. Their heavy tits stood nipple to nipple three inches apart from touching, and the deep breaths brought them even closer. Long drips of cum were moving down their thighs, leaking from the soaked thongs that couldn’t handle another drop. At the exact same height and build, their bodies looked like mirrors of different shades with large humps in all the right places. They both fake smiled at each other for how far they had gone, but there was still quite a bit more on their minds.

“I would get out of here now bitch. I’m about to take my panties off and I don’t think you could handle the sight of a real woman.” Isabella whispered, while snapping the side of her black lace thong sexually.

“It’s funny, I was about to tell you the exact same thing.” Marissa whispered back moving an inch closer to her rival and snapping her pink thong at the hip in retaliation. They had never both been fully nude in front of each other even as roommates and the sexual tension somehow doubled in the room from those words.

“Oh really?” Isabella said sarcastically as she also took an inch forward, their nipples were only now an inch apart, the glean of spit visible in the low light.  “Well don’t let me stop you. I wouldn’t want you to feel uncomfortable in your own room.” Isabella said mockingly.

Marissa sarcastically smiled back. “That’s nice, but I just wanted to give you one last chance to back off and get out.”

“I’m not going anywhere.” Isabella said as she brought her hands to her hips and the strings of her black lace ready to strip down to nothing in order to win.

“Well neither am I”. Marissa said doing the same pose as her sexy rival. A few long seconds passed, each waiting for the other to back down from this threat. Neither moved or released her thong strings and 5 seconds later, they simultaneously hooked their own thongs with their thumbs and began to push down slowly. They peeled down the pink and black cloth in front of each other, upping the game and adding another level of sexuality. Long strings of gooey white cum hung onto the cloth as it even made its way down their mid thighs before breaking right above their knees. Their faces came closer as they pushed the cloth down further until their noses were less than a centimeter away and their lips a just a few more than that. They waited for the other one in this position for about 10 seconds, until Marissa smiled and stood up, nearly pushing her breasts into Isabella’s face as she did so.

“Shall we continue?” Marissa said without waiting for an answer from her fully nude roommate.

She took a step back and sat down on her bed leaving a wet spot where her cunt touched the yellow sheets. Isabella was almost more annoyed the blonde didn’t initiate some sort of physical fight instead of just having nearly been motor boated. She took her own seat, leaving her own trail as she scooted back to the wall.  Marissa’s long white socks the were last bit of clothing on their bodies as they both smiled evilly at each other. They re-widened their legs now showing their fully revealed pristine pussies for each other and it was quite a sight. Their beauty and womanhood on full display, and without saying anything they began to masturbate yet again in front of each other fully nude. Now their fingers entered themselves without constraint easily and this time they began to openly pant from the self-stimulation. They could see and watch their rival’s technique and it turned them more on as they compared it to their own. They also did another quick round of nipple sucking before really focusing on their cunts, one finger, then two, back to one, as they gave each other an erotic show, that her pussy looked better, was wetter, and could take more. The minutes passed by and yet, neither showed any sign of finishing nor backing down.

“How about you finish like the little girl you are and let me continue.” Isabella said, now panting more openly from the show and skill she possessed and watching her roommate do the same.

“I told you baby, I can go all night, so you should just cum and go to sleep, or even better cum and get the fuck out.” Marissa growled back playing with her tits and having two fingers in herself.

“I can hear and see how wet you are! I know you are fucking close.” Isabella huffed back.

“Oh, now you can hear it huh. Bitch, you are literally dripping cum onto your sheets. You must be barley holding on.” Marissa said as she watched a specific drop go off Isabella’s finger and down her towards her ass.

“Ditto bitch, I can see just as much cum dripping down your groin.” Isabella replied.

They kept pumping themselves and Isabella let out the first moan. Marissa sneered at her, even though she couldn’t help moaning 10 seconds later as their thumbs found their clits which had unfolded from their respective hoods. Another round of spit covered tit sucking came next to give their clits a few seconds of relief. They had been going for almost 25 minutes of nearly non-stop masturbation besides the 2 minutes they took taking off their thongs in each other’s faces. The small room was now heating up faster and larger beads of sweat started to drip down their foreheads, chest and stomachs. It was apparent they were in a bit of stand still, neither wanted to be the first to cum, but to stop or look as though you weren’t rubbing as hard as the other woman would be the equivalent of giving up.  

“You will not last as long as me.” Marissa hissed breaking the silence again as she discovered her clit would pulse even when she was sucking her nipples. She was saying out loud what they were clearly both thinking. Isabella gave a huff and a little moan, “The only reason you have lasted this long is because you aren’t rubbing and fingering yourself as hard as I am.”

Marissa stopped and glared at her rival at those words, in her opinion the most offensive statement so far in the night. “Fuck you! I have been rubbing my clit twice as hard as you and I’m twice as wet.”

“No way. I’ve been going at it harder, wetter, and still will last longer!” Isabella said back.

“I’ve been watching you this whole time, and I’m not impressed by your body or your fingers.” Marissa said, and before Isabella could respond continued with a grin.

“You must be so jealous to see my nude body and see that I’m better at this in you. Never forget roomie, you aren’t in my league body wise, and pleasuring wise.” Marissa said with venom.

That was the last straw that broke whatever string of patience that Isabella had with her roommate. To insinuate that she didn’t know how to masturbate, that they were in different leagues. Isabella was going to make her regret that statement.

“Not in your league huh? Fine! I’ll show you myself how its fucking done.” Isabella growled, taking her white cum covered hand away from her own pussy. For a second, Marissa thought she had succeeded in scaring her roommate off as she watched Isabella scoot forward once and quickly jumped off the bed. She didn’t turn for the door however, and instead took two small steps to Marissa’s side of the room. “What the fuck are you doing?!” Marissa hissed as Isabella put a knee on her bed and moved closer. Her question was answered as Isabella’s still cum covered hand went down to Marissa’s cunt giving a hard rub to it to the surprise of the blonde.  “What?!” Marissa yelled at the sudden new sensation that racked her body.

“I’m going to teach you how to masturbate slut.” Isabella hissed as she got slightly more onto the yellow bed while her cum soaked middle finger slipped into Marissa easily.

Marissa’s legs shot closed and her hands shot out to her rival’s shoulders and pushed her away roughly.

Isabella’s finger slipped out of the hot wet pink pussy of Marissa as she fell back off the bed and onto her feet just. Marissa pushed herself up and off the bed in one fluid motion to come to her feet, just as Isabella moved forward again. A light slap rang as their fantastic large chests not only touched but compressed into each other as they crushed together body on body. Isabella had the momentum from the buildup, and they fell as one back onto Marissa’s bed with their legs hanging off the sides. Their breasts squished together as their skin clashed in tone as their sexy lightly toned stomachs rubbed, mixing more sweat between them.

“Get off me!” Marissa hissed as her hard-pink nipples slid sexually into Isabella’s brown ones and the large tits created a small pool as they jostled for position. They were both so horny from their little show contest that being pressed so tightly into their sweaty roommate was doing them little favors in reducing their sexual heat.

“Not until you learn your lesson!” The Spanish beauty got her wrist free from the blondes grasp and shot it right back down between Marissa’s legs. She didn’t hesitate and began rubbing her own cum into her rival’s cunt. Marissa hissed but instead of pushing Isabella away, this time she put her own cum covered right hand down between the hot legs of Isabella and used her left arm to pull her tighter into her body.

“Ok, pay attention sweetie and I will show you what masturbation really is.” Marissa growled as she pushed her sweaty forehead into Isabella’s who pushed back as the brown and hazel eyes narrowed.

Their hands moved up and down each other’s folds, teasing each other clit as they now glared at each other with more intensity, face to face. The tits they had challenged and threatened with were now pressed hotly together looking to settle their secret feud. What had been just a contest of trying to scare the other off with their sex appeal, now was a full sexual challenge about who could get the other off first with her superior skills. They lightly rocked back and forth all the while finger fucking each other; wrestling to get into the best position in which to bring her roommate to a satisfying and devastating orgasm. They didn’t come right out and say that was the final goal just yet, but as they rubbed their roommate’s cunt harder and with more authority, it was clear to the two combatants that forcing the other to sexual satisfaction would be needed for one of them to win.

Marissa rolled their hot bodies, taking the top spot and pushing her increasingly sweaty tits into her rivals’ big pair. “If you wanted to see who could get the other off first, you should have just said so.” Marissa huffed, her hot minty breath hitting Isabella’s face.  

“I’m just looking to help my little roommate find out what an orgasm is.” Isabella growled back as they slipped their cum covered fingers into each other, mixing their gooey substances while moaning into each other’s faces.  

From the view of Isabella’s bed, both girl’s asses and pussies were fully exposed, their hands in-between their legs and ass cheeks. The back of their hands touched as they continued to finger each other. Isabella rolled them again each girl moaning as they traded the top position and used the gravity to push their tits in harder into the other pair.

They were both soaked down below and would leave small blotches of cum whenever their ass was pushed down into the bed in the bottom position. Marissa again tried to roll them, but this time Isabella resisted, and their eyes seemed to narrow even further as their glute muscles seemed to be in direct challenge and this turned the little finger fuck into a more physical struggle. Marissa pushed up with her tits and the buxom girl’s growled as they aggressively began to wrestle and adjust themselves all the while their fingers pumped each other up and down. Marissa got out from under her rival, and they got to their knees. Their bodies came together as they wrapped their left arm around each other’s thin waist and their right hand went back down below. They rocked back and forth trying to throw the other down with their fingers still inserted in each other. Marissa threw Isabella to the left and off the bed, but Isabella held onto her rival and pulled the hazel eyed girl with her.   

They fell off the yellow bed in a tumble to the white carpeted floor. The landing caused their fingers to slip out of each other with loud pops as they ended up separated on the ground.

They were panting hard from the sudden finger fucking and wrestling, and they both knew a powerful orgasm was building in their core. If they locked up again neither was sure she would be able to hold it down. Isabella didn’t have time to fully consider as Marissa jumped onto her pushing her onto her back. The white girl stuck three fingers into Isabella’s wide-open cunt as she rotated on top to get better access.  Isabella moaned as they ended up laying on each other like a plus sign with their stomachs being the cross point. Her own three fingers shot into the pussy of Marissa, as they masturbated each other in this position, squealing and moaning when a they found their rival’s g-spot. With the blonde on top, her hot juicy ass was up in the air and Isabella remembered the bitch leaning in front of her bed wearing that pink thong earlier in the night.

Isabella slapped the toned large ass of her roommate with a spanking she timed with her thrust of her fingers.  She then squeezed the muscle hissing internally that it felt like her own buns. Marissa moaned at the spanking and massaging she was getting to be on top. She rotated her body on top of Isabella getting her cunt and ass free of her roommates’ sticky fingers. As she finished turning, her face didn’t end up in front of Isabella’s, instead she found herself looking at the dark tits of her roommate. With her fingers still in the black-haired woman, she now decided to return the favor of the extra stimulation as the masturbation turned hotter and sweatier.

Marissa licked Isabella’s brown nipples and the bottom girl moaned in satisfaction while grabbing the blonde hair to pull her off. They both really enjoyed having their nipples sucked apparently and Marissa brought the whole nipple and as much tit into her mouth as possible. She covered it with spit and drawing out he Spanish beauty’s pleasure as she writhed on the ground as she sucked harder. Isabella pulled the blonde locks harder and popped her tit out of Marissa’s mouth. But a good thrust on her clit caused Isabella to lose her grip and Marissa latched onto the other slightly drier tit. This made Isabella moan louder in pleasure. She focused her next hair pull trying to ignore the flicking of her clit. Pop. Her tit came free and she rolled them over on the ground.

Marissa came to her back and lashed out to reach for Isabella’s hair, but the brown girl had only one target. Scooting down the girl’s body, Isabella’s red lips locked onto Marissa’s pink right nipple and began to suck on it hard, returning the sexy favor. She could taste the sweat and blondes’ own spit from when she had sucked her own nipples. Marissa moaned in pleasure before pulling the curly black hair away with a loud pop after only a second. Isabella tried to dive back in but wasn’t able to get there as their faces came side by side and the tits crushed. She hissed in frustration she didn’t get more time sucking the tasty tits of her rival like hers had been. She reached up and took hold of the two blonde pig tails beginning a light hairpulling contest as Marissa pulled back in anger. They pulled each other back and forth on the ground hissing like cats for only a few seconds. Then hazel met dark brown eyes and they gave each other the sex look that could make anyone, including their roommate drool. They knew what they wanted and how it would be finished. The girls released the locks wanting to continue the sexual aspect of their fight and getting nowhere with their hair.  

They rolled apart just a few feet away, Marissa’s back towards the door and Isabella’s back facing the blinded covered window. They took a few breaths trying to control the sexual wave that was threatening to overwhelm their bodies. They eyed each other disdain, neither girl had cum yet after almost 30 minutes of foreplay and 10 minutes of their little fuck contest. They pushed themselves up to their knees and watched as cum dripped out of their rival and onto the white carpet. Each girl did a light stretch, feeling up their own body, and getting to get on and into each other once again.  

They didn’t say anything as they looked at each other taking in every detail of their sexy roommate, from their tits, face and ass. Marissa smiled as she ran her own right hand on her cunt, giving it another coat of her own cum. She then held up the same pointy finger with the goo on it and gave Isabella the come-hither motion. Isabella smiled back, as she too covered her own finger with her cum and began to crawl at Marissa and the blonde moved to meet her till, they were face to face on their hands and knees.  Isabella then moved past to the left and licked Marissa’s cheek till her red lips came to into Marissa’s ear.

“Last chance to get out before I embarrass you, roomie.” Isabella said, licking Marissa’s cheek again wetly before going back to her rival’s ear.

“Bring it on…slut” Marissa hissed back putting her own wet tongue into Isabella’s ear and nipping on the lope almost playfully.

“Oh, it’s been on since day one.” Isabella whispered back, as she removed her tongue and went up to her knees being just a foot away from her rival. Marissa got in the same position, as each pushed their clashing colored hair back and squeezed their own tits in in a sexy display for each other. Marissa gave herself one more round of hot spit tit sucking to make sure her nipples were as erect and wet as possible. Isabella did the same, and as she released her red lips from the tit, both her brown nipples were literally dripping in spit. It was going to be a meeting of very wet tits.

They came together on their knees in near identical positions. Their large tits met with a loud slap as spit and sweat seemed to explode off their meshing skin. Their hard-rubbery nipples speared each other’s fat tit flesh as their spit mixed, allowing them to slide erotically on each other and mold. Their left hands got a good grip of each other woman’s muscular right ass cheek, feeling and massaging the bubble butt of her rival, and ensuring they kept each other close.  Their right hands once again dove inside of each other, pushing their own cum inside and deep into their rival’s sloppy cunts.

They went in with two fingers, a thumb on each other’s clits and their pinky teasing the ass of the other, using their own cum as lube. They went from confident to shocked at how fast the spiked in this showoff as they pumped each other like a piston. They couldn’t stop the whimpering sounds as they would lean their asses away from each other for milliseconds to relieve some of the pressure. A hot spanking or a good clawing of their glutes would force them back skin to skin. They could feel the heat coming off their rival’s cunt and they pushed even closer for more to break the other. They started really focusing on their rivals’ clit, working it with their thumbs as Isabella whimpered and Marissa groaned in heat. The orgasm was coming, but who would scrub first to the dirty desires was still to be determined by the sexual gladiators.

Marissa squeezed Isabella’s ass to draw her closer and felt the answering squeeze on her own buns. This was the longest she had ever held in an orgasm, every bit of her will was thrown into holding her cum back. She could feel Isabella’s legs shaking, they were both so close, it seemed they would just break at the same time. They sank their teeth into each other’s necks, tasting the sweat and trying to break the other’s dam. They screamed into each other’s skin as more and more cum leaked out of the wall that held back the torrent of pleasure. They pressed each other’s clits down, holding the love numbs down for an extra-long second. At the same time, they found each other’s g-spots and rubbed the slightly rougher flesh. Marissa felt her damn crack as she and Isabella released and started pumping again. She sucked in a large gasp of air and her hand stopped moving in Isabella who herself was seconds away. She bit her pink lip as Isabella gave Marissa two more pumps, the dark girl’s own cunt relived of the pleasure from the blondes just enough for Isabella to push down the overwhelming sensation down one last time.

Marissa began to cum with a despaired moan as her pussy tightened involuntarily on the deep tanned fingers inside of her. The white painted fingernails slipped out of Isabella as Marissa tried to push her away with no luck. The black-haired girl slapped their tits together again hotly and succeeded in pushing Marissa down to the ground, and onto her back as the orgasm began in full. She slid down Marissa’s body slightly while on top of her and latched back onto Marissa’s right tit with her red lips, tasting their mixed spit and pulling as boob as she could into her mouth with a hard suck.  She kept rubbing the blonde’s clit, sucked her right and left nipple and squeezed her juicy ass as they were locked together in the catball of sex.

Marissa moaned throughout the orgasm, cum dripping out of her pussy in tune with the pumps and chewing of her nipple. Her whole pussy and lower body seemed to convulse as the wave of pleasure travelled up and down her body. Her white socked legs wrapped around Isabella’s body and her hands filled with her enemy’s hair but didn’t try to pull her off.  She did not seem to be in control of her movements any longer.  The long orgasm lasted 15 seconds until Isabella felt the incredible smooth and strong thighs of her roommate slowly release her as she came down from the intensity of the high. Isabella smiled as she released Marissa’s tits from her wet mouth. She felt she had won whatever they had set out to do and for about a minute they laid together on the floor as the room became quiet. About 20 seconds later, Isabella slowly sat up, careful not to move to fast or rub up on Marissa in fear of cumming herself. She slowly lifted her face off of her roommates’ breasts, peeling their sticky hot skin apart, the smell of sex dominating the room.

Isabella ran her tongue up Marissa’s chest to her neck where she gave a light bite into the soft skin. She then put her hands-on Marissa’s fat tits and pushed herself up mounting the hazel eyed girl by the hips. This brought their dripping cunts a few inches away from each other.

Isabella’s hand was covered in Marissa’s delicious cum that had poured out of her rival and she planned to use the free lube. Her own cunt was pulsating, and she knew she had been a few pumps away from losing, but that didn’t matter now. She wanted to make sure the blonde felt the shame of cumming, and make her regret staying in the room. She slid her wet pussy up Marissa’s sweaty body leaving a trail of cum on her path. The blonde glared, her rage not diminished in the slightest, but she didn’t resist, letting the darker skinned woman bring her pussy up to the middle of her tits.  As they looked at each other eye to eye, Isabella began to play with herself. She pinched her clit and lifted her left tit to her mouth to suck on it lightly. Cum dripped out of her onto Marissa’s chest as the blonde watched the Spanish beauty play. Only 10 seconds into the show, Isabella began to cum in a torrent. Disappointment and regret filled Marissa’s chest as she watched her sexy roommate cum in front and on top of her. It should have been her in that position, on top of Isabella, cumming onto her roommate in victory. Isabella’s pleasure reached its peak and she moaned loudly; the orgasm being stronger and longer than she had ever experienced. The cum dripped out of her like a faucet onto her rival’s beaten body. The goo pooled in the space above the white girl’s sternum and between her bountiful chest as Marissa watched Isabella’s tits bounce up and down as she was given this humiliation. The room’s temperature was like a sauna and it smelt more like sex than it ever had, a combination of their scents that seemed to cover every object. Isabella finally finished, her legs still shaking and her breathing horse from the intensity. She was amazed how well the blonde had gotten her turned on but would never admit that to her now defeated rival.   

She moved back and rested her full ass onto Marissa’s sexy hips, and flipped her long curly black hair back sending some flicks of sweat onto Marissa and around the room.

“That’s how you masturbate bitch.” She said with authority wanting to make sure her roommate didn’t forget it. Marissa glared as the frustration spiked in her core. She would not be submissive to her roommate even after what had just happened, because this was not over. “Fuck you bitch.” Marissa spat at the winner.

Isabella scowled harshly; this was not how a bitch who just got out masturbated should act. It looked like she needed a bit more humiliation before Isabella got off her. She smiled with a dark look and brought her hands up the blonde’s body to where the cum had gathered. She began to rub the pool of her cum up and around Marissa’s hot breasts, spreading her substance over her rival’s chest. She rubbed the cum in all the while looking Marissa in the eyes. The blonde did not look away, letting the cum get spread on her body while seething in anger. Isabella concentrated her thumbs on the pink nipples teasing them slightly, and only once she was satisfied that the tits were evenly covered, she stopped.  She gave the hot chest a good squeeze, sinking her fingers into the fat before finally releasing them for good.

With that done Isabella stood up and off of Marissa. She stood there over her, showing off her sexy body as she still dripped some last bit of cum from her cunt onto her defeated rival.

She then leaned over to make sure Marissa also got a good look at her toned bubble butt as she picked up both thongs. She looked down again at the still laying girl on the ground and held the pink cloth by the string of her middle finger, “This is mine now.” She said as she tossed the pink thong and her own black one onto her bed and without another word crawled onto it. She didn’t say anything, but heard the blonde get up and crawl into her bed on the other side of the room. Even though she had won, she felt that something had been broken or awoken between them and that this was nowhere near over. She was right. Marissa was lying in her own bed, feeling the cum on her tits. No shower or wiping off for either of them letting the sweat and cum stain their sheets. The blonde wanted the feeling of her rival’s cum on her chest. It made her angrier, that her roommate had started this by coming in on her night. But it was fine, she and Isabella were not done, not by a long shot. And next time, she was going to use more than just her fingers until Isabella was the one on her back cum covered.

In truth, Isabella and Marissa’s college sex rivalry had only just begun.

The End

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