A Professional Dispute by KingofDaPirates1

Maggie Reynolds was having a horribly busy day that seemed to drag on and on, and she again for the third time this month found herself rushing to the on-campus meeting room of the Director of the Library. This was a room she had been in several times in the last weeks as more and more meetings were called for multiple topics instead of their normal once a year review. The cute, mousy redhead had rushed out of her home, able to get dressed quickly in her normal work attire which was easy and fortunate for Maggie this particular instance. The relaxed dress code made the meetings of the last few weeks bearable. Today Maggie was wearing some nice jeans that were not to form fitting and a sweater that hid her well-endowed chest. Her body was as fit as ever, a dream for most men and women, yet hidden by the owner for only the privileged eyes to feast on.

As she rushed through the campus she passed her favourite place in the world; the library. It was like her second home with all the love she had for it. The school library had never been a business, unlike so many other organizations on the campus and the people who worked there treated it the same. From fun, nerdy parties on book releases to being lax with students, and a dress code for fun were all some of the benefits of working there and something Maggie was very grateful for. But above all the reason she loved working at the school library, it was a place she could be herself and relax.  

She made it to the office with a few minutes to spare catching her breath and gathering her thoughts. Unlike the last few meetings which had been scheduled at least 2 months in advance and had only been about simple updates regarding procedure, this one had been called with only 1 hour to spare. She couldn’t think of why it was called, it was unusual for them to send an email to the co-workers so last minute; especially one with the words URGENT/MANDATORY in the title. Maggie did not like to be late and had checked her emails twice looking for some pre-warning, there was none in her inbox. She swore and jumped out of bed rushing to this point, but again she couldn’t help but think that normally they would just send emails with small announcements, so to call a meeting, something big was happening.

Finally, after getting her breath back she walked into the meeting room located near the back of the farthest building on campus. As she opened the door she quickly noted she was one of the last to arrive with around 10 seats filled with different co-workers who Maggie was friendly with, but her attention was called to the man standing near the front.

“Maggie!” Glad you could make it! Thank you for being on time.” the Director of the library and school smiled at her warmly. She smiled back, the Director was a handsome man slightly older in his mid-40s and recently divorced. He was in good shape and had a small beard that showed signs of grey. Maggie had always thought he was handsome, like a silver fox with his beard, but wasn’t on her radar for some fun being her superior. Though as he made his way over to her she felt a little pulse of desire may be due to the taboo of it all. The last few months she was seeing sex and people in a different way than she had her entire life and she had blonde to thank for it. It was like a deep covered urge had awoken and now she saw every person around her age, man or woman as someone she could hook up with for fun.  She still felt like her shy quiet self on the outside and internally her personality was the sweet-natured it had always been, but now she had found there was a sexual demon inside her that had been unleashed that could only be tamed by the hot (and if possible) competitive sex. All thanks to a punk ass blonde woman that dominated her thoughts, and sometimes her physical body many nights. No matter how hard she had she tried to keep her desires in check; they always seemed to slip through the cracks and this was no different. ‘Maybe if I had the chance for a one-night stand’ she thought, looking at the director a little too long. He was still smiling at her before motioning to the seats near the front where an older woman was already sitting.

“Hello Maggie, always a pleasure” she smiled sweetly.

“Hi, Mrs.Georgia, nice to see you too”. The woman was one of the oldest people who worked at the library and very high up, rumours where she was retiring soon, and it dawned on Maggie that might be the very reason they were here. A small bubble of excitement grew in her stomach as with Mrs.Georgia gone it meant a big opening was available like the top of the whole library, just under the Director. There were a few people around the meeting room and Maggie said hello and hi to everyone in turn before finally taking her seat near the front. Her green eyes scanned the room, everyone was dressed very casually as well, and nobody seemed nervous which was good.

She thought back to her first day which had started in this very room. She had dressed more Business Casual as everyone did when they first came into the industry. Maggie had come looking to make her mark, but as time went on she followed the trend of more casual dressing and easy go attitude. Sometimes she missed getting dressed up smart for her job for the flush of confidence it gave her. Now with her new-found sexual curiosity; she knew she could dress in a business environment to devastating effect. She zoned out imagining different outfits that would attract the most attention and teasing potential (again something that she used to NEVER do until she went shopping with the blonde) until a loud clearing of the throat popped her out of her daydream.

The director had now stood up top and was starting his announcement.

He looked sharp in his suit as he smiled warmly, “Well hello everyone!  Thank you for joining me today.” He had a very upbeat tone and held the audience easily.  “I will keep it brief to ensure we have time for questions which I’m sure there will be plenty. Now to business, our dear Mrs.Georgia has decided it is time to step away from the working life.” There were a few murmurs as the older woman turned and smiled at everyone. “Thank you for all your hard work Sonia and you will be greatly missed”.  A round of applause followed and the old woman who didn’t speak much gave a small wave.

“Yes, yes thank Sonia for all your hard work, but we must now look to the future and with our sad loss comes great opportunity as we will be looking to fulfil this position as soon as possible.” His eyes meet Maggie’s and for a brief second, she thought she may have just got it outright, the bubble in her chest about to pop. But those were dashed instantly as he continued looking back out to the audience. “I will be looking for the new head beginning immediately, but I will not be the only one working on making this decision and with that please let me introduce our newest employee from the Administering team Bianca”, a young woman who must have snuck in during the speech began moving to the front. Maggie turned to get a look, noting quickly she had never seen this woman before. Her green eyes roamed the new arrival slightly taken aback on how out of place she seemed in the meeting. She was fully dressed in sharp business attire starting with 2-inch heel black work shoes and black sheer stockings. Her business skirt was short but not dangerously so but was tight and showed she had quite an ass on her. She was incredibly pale in an almost translucent way, giving even Maggie a run for her money on who would sunburn quicker, her long raven coloured hair was done up in a tight bun with a strand not out of place. She had a beautiful face with a stern look, sharp nose, clear skin and not a freckle in sight. Her bright red lips, emphasized by whatever gloss she was wearing at the time, gave only slightly distracted from with the black square glasses on her nose. Her dark red button up business shirt was done all the way up to her neck. She had a nice hourglass figure, but still left much to the imagination which Maggie was sure was intentional. ‘That is how I would have worn it’ Maggie thought to remember her daydream seconds before.  The new arrival looked around the room to all the faces, and she looked as though she thought she was better than all of them. They stayed on Maggie for a few seconds longer than anyone else till finally they directed where they lingered for a while much longer than necessary.

“Hello everyone, I’m sure it will be a pleasure working with you.”, she said in an in charge like tone, everything seemed to be about business with this woman and Maggie felt a wave of nervousness seeing her here. She could sense this woman was trouble for the library, and it doubled instantly as the newcomer shook hands with the Director watching as this Bianca woman rubbed his wrist as they released. She shifted uncomfortably in her seat wondering how this was going to play out if administration of the school was starting to get into the library’s business and what exact changes they were looking to make.

“Now, please hold your questions as I explain. Bianca here is one of the youngest people selected for our administration team, and will be helping me make this choice of the new head of library as part of the new school board president’s decision”, he paused knowing the next line would cause high tension in the room for some people, “She also will be adding her name in too as part of the administration team of the campus taking full control which has been something in the discussion room.” As expected there was some clear grumbling from the back as this bias selection process was announced. The Director let the murmur go for a few seconds until he cleared his throat even louder “But, please trust me! I will be keeping an open mind with her notes and my judgement to pass along. I will also take notes and information from other people who wish to put their name in the running. So, ANYONE can really assist my decision which for the final pick is mine and the president’s alone.” His words of reassurance did not resonate well and with the silence of the room he pressed on. “What the school and I are looking for is a full professional that is looking to run this place like clockwork. If no one is up to those standards, the administration team led by Bianca will take over, but enough from me. I will let her take it from here.”

Bianca started promptly at the queue, “As the Director stated my name is Bianca Marshal or Miss Marshal if you please, and yes the school has decided together that we are looking for a true professional to run this library. I will be attending every meeting and monitoring all performance, I hope to see you are all up to the high standards of our school.”

Maggie was only half listening, her eyes stayed on the Director who had taken a seat behind Bianca and was trying, but not succeeding at not checking out the business woman’s ass and legs which was quite a view. Bianca spoke for another few minutes before dismissing them. Nobody really asked questions and most left quickly digesting the information that had been passed, not caring as they would never have been picked anyway. Maggie too looked to leave quickly, but the Director came up to her with Bianca in tow.

“Maggie! Just an extra second if you please.” Maggie turned and came face to face with the duo. “Bianca, I personally wanted to introduce you to Maggie here, she is by far our best employee and I think she has a real shot for the role.”

“Ahhh yes, Miss Reynolds correct?” Maggie gave a small node her head in the direction of the black-haired girl using it to get a full up-close look at the new woman. Bianca wasted no moment and did a similar who did a fully open and down look of redhead each taking in the full image. Maggie felt the bright blue eyes taken in every detail and a distinct cold tone followed, “Yes, the Director has mentioned you several times. I look forward to seeing if you meet such lofty expectations.” Maggie was slightly stunned at both the tone and comment, something the Director noticed and intervened. “Now my dear Bianca, I’m very confident Maggie is up to the task!”

“Yes, well we will see, if you both will excuse me I have another meeting coming up and must attend on time.” Not waiting for a reply, she turned and made her way towards the exit Maggie and the Director watching her go unable to not focus on the toned legs through the black stockings.

The Director turned back to Maggie as Bianca left the room.

“Well, Maggie I am sure you are up to the challenge, yes?”

Maggie found her voice, “Of course! I’m more than up for it.”

“Good, because I have an extra task for you. I would like you to do monitoring and reports as well and turn them directly to me, so they can be presented to the President. In a way, it will be your notes against Bianca’s but don’t think of it as a competition with her, just focus on you.”

Maggie could tell he was sporting some lies as everything but that last sentence made it seem it would come down to her and Bianca and how they rated the performance.   

“I want to ensure that we have someone from the library with a fair chance.” He gave her a small wink and turned to talk more to the few stragglers who remained in the meeting room asking questions or just socializing.

Maggie left a few minutes later after saying one last farewell to Mrs.Georgia. The drive home went fast as she replayed the short conversation with Bianca in her head. ‘Lofty expectations huh?’ At least that meant the Director did give her a fair amount of praise, but the tone of Bianca gave her a deep chill She couldn’t help but wonder if this Bianca woman had it out for her and what this meant for her library.

Over the next few days, Bianca wasted no time becoming involved, and the impact was seen and heard immediately in every department of the library. The change the Director and school board wanted was placed into action behind her, and it gave her leverage over everything and seemingly everyone. For Maggie, she felt that this Bianca woman was already getting on her nerves and was targeting her more so than anyone, even going out of her way to make a mark against the redhead. 1 week in, and the changes were coming in fast as ever with the raven-haired girl being everywhere. She was in every meeting and every discussion, walking around the library with her damn clipboard, making marks and correcting any single mistake she could find. She commented on start times, break times, fines for late returns and with Maggie extra stuff such as her choice of dress and kindness to students who made mistakes or broke a rule which the kind redhead was known for. The freckled girls’ stress levels went up and up each day working with her after for the last two years working here she had been considered one of the best and most consistent employees. Now she got marked over and over and knew that both the president and Director were reading every note. Maggie had only turned in a few errors; letting people slide she had trouble making her co-workers, but after she saw her half page report to Bianca’s 6 pages and the Directors disappointed tone at Maggie’s report meant she knew she was behind.

Two days after turning the report Maggie found herself in the breakroom trying to relieve some stress on her lunch break. This room always reminded her of her first major confrontation with another woman. She did not want to play this game again, finding herself in conflict with another woman in the same place it happened last time. Maggie had been avoiding the thoughts about the blonde for a few weeks but now with this Bianca bitch, she couldn’t help thinking about her…and well that was the issue, she didn’t know. She felt that she had her fill with experience competing with Amber over the last 8 months, and now the blonde and she had entered a weird part of their relationship. They were still having aggressive sex anytime they could, but what they were…she wasn’t sure. Rivals? Lovers? Friends with benefits? She couldn’t really name it anymore, and it was causing her a lot of stress and now with work adding on it was a bit much. They had become friendlier spending time together without sex and texting a lot more than they should have even with Amber’s school work being done. She couldn’t think of the exact moment it started to switch but it seemed like a fair chance they could go back to hating each other. ‘Why does it have to be so complicated’ as she rubbed her temples.  Her last interaction with Amber kept running through her mind day after day for 2 straight weeks. For a reason she couldn’t explain, after their last meet up she had leaned in and kissed the blonde goodbye in a fully non-aggressive way and even more weirdly, Amber kissed back, happy grins on their faces. The kiss lasted only a few seconds when their eyes went wide and Amber left without another word. They hadn’t talked or texted (something they had been doing a lot besides just sexting) since and their social media platforms were dark. She had a feeling that the blonde was just as confused as she was, and now it seemed they were both avoiding a conversation that was inevitable between them. She would never admit this to anyone to not seem desperate, but she kind of sort of missed her punk girl and was thinking of reaching out soon to see if they could talk. Her mind was still on Amber when Bianca strolled into the lounge.

She coughed loudly snapping Maggie out of her daydream. “Excuse me, but your break is long over ” the raven-haired girl started tipping her board and staring at her harshly. Maggie was about to reply when she was cut off, “I expect you to be more conscious of the time going forward Miss Reynolds.”  She marked her board with some quick ticks as she turned and left the room before Maggie could say a word leaving speechless. For the second time this year Maggie found another woman trying to ruin her life and again like last time she wouldn’t stand for it. Maggie wanted to protect the culture that ran the library, but It was clear that the Director was looking for a perfect professional to run it.  ‘Fine, if I can’t beat them I will join them.’ She pondered returning to the front of the desk, Bianca eyeing her closely. This time, however, Maggie eyed back thinking, ‘If it is professional competition this bitchy woman wants, then that is what she will get.“

That night she laid out her clothes, makeup and everything else she had gone out to purchase for the next day to be ready. She also checked her phone hoping to have a missed call or text. Nothing. ‘Damn it.’, She wanted to talk to someone about this whole thing and her…friend would have been the best person. It annoyed her more than she would ever admit, but she decided then and there she would focus on Bianca and her job and help keep her mind clear of Amber until she was ready. Late at night, she laid down on her bed; her thoughts about how Amber and she had settled things with their bodies. How, during a catfight they had started licking and humping each other and led them to force themselves against each other with sex. She had always thought it was a one-off in her life, a weird circumstance that Amber and she had both thrown themselves into that sexfight of the sort. Now that she was going to escalate her interactions with Bianca, she wondered if, by some weird twist of fate, she had found herself headed straight for a similar showdown with this woman.

The next day Bianca arrived at the library 30 minutes early as she had since the first day of her start. Being the first person was essential to her persona and signing in first was just another way she showed she was the best for this job opening. She was one of the youngest professional’s in the school administration history, but she would never let her age hold her back. This job of bringing the library under her control was to ticket up the ladder at the university, and now it seemed it was easily in her grasp. Her bun was extra tight today and her sharp square glasses and full business attire made her seem like a woman on a mission, 2-inch heels clicking on the pavement. Everything with her plan was on schedule as the workers in the library were starting to fall in line with the changes. No one else had stepped up their professionalism or joined the job search and that is the exact way Bianca liked it, she even wondered if she needed the extra plan with the Director. If he stopped resisting her soon, it could speed up the process more and she could have him and the President just announced she would lead the library from the administration team.  

The only one that had given her any pause was the nerdy redhead Maggie. The Director had spoken in higher esteem about her than anyone else in the building and Bianca had taken note right away. She secretly targeted Maggie even before her first day, ‘accidentally’ forgetting to include her on the big meeting notice and sending a second email an hour before they were due to meet. That plan did not work as expected with Maggie somehow getting there in time, but it was fine because the redhead issue seemed to be easily beaten. She had not done anything thus far and Bianca’s notes against her were adding up. 2 weeks in and the Director was starting to take the notes seriously; bringing the ginger’s stock down little by little. The seeds of doubt that the redhead was professional enough for the role was building momentum everywhere, ‘That stupid woman may have been the only one who could have caused me any issue and she wasted it’, she thought happily with an almost skip in her step. The redhead was so nice and not willing to do what was needed. ‘And she never even tried to compete with me, hmm I guess she was smart in that aspect’. Not many people dared compete with Bianca mentally, professionally, and even more so physically. Bianca was hot in every which way, and she knew it. All of her body would cause people at the office to check her out twice, and yet she enjoyed teasing more than anything. Her huge pale tits she only let out on rare occasions, but still would be tight shirts that had people guessing. Her toned ass and legs she pumped at the gym defined even extra with the heels she wore so frequently. The few friends she had always said she should have been an Instagram star wearing tiny string bikinis and gaining millions of followers, but her heart had always been with business and administration, it was her natural calling. Plus, she enjoyed wearing her business attire, teasing her body when she needed using it to get ahead in the game.

She reached the door pulling out her keys but stopped suddenly seeing the lights on already in the front. ‘What the hell’, this had never happened before. As she pushed the door she confirmed it was already unlocked, ‘Who got here before me?’ she wondered. She cocked an eyebrow as she pushed it open without issue; her eyes adjusted quickly and widened at the sight. There at the desk was the redhead Maggie, the very same woman that Bianca had just been thinking about. But the freckled ginger looked different than before and as Bianca got closer she understood why. Her short bright red hair was also up in a tight bun, a sharp black business skirt with white stockings and white buttoned business shirt was done up to the top was her attire. She had on a pair of round glasses that framed her face well with the small amount of makeup she used. She stood up as Bianca approached standing up in her work heels. They were the same height give or take half an inch, their clothes made their bodies look like clones below the neck.

“Miss Reynolds, I am surprised to see you here so early.” Trying but not succeeding to keep her tone pleasant. Even as she now took in the sight of Maggie’s fancy white stockings showing more well-defined legs than she had expected, another thing Bianca added to her mental notes.

“Hello, Miss Marshal” The redhead pleasantly replied without a hint of irony in her voice using Bianca’s last name as Bianca had done to her the last 2 weeks. At age 25 and age 24 respectively this seemed just another way to grate on each other’s nerves. “Yes, well I thought it was a good time for me to really step up my game. Help this place run like clockwork as the Director and President would like.”

“Yes, that is what everyone is looking for…”, Seemingly more to herself than to Maggie digesting this new information. Just one minute ago her plan seemed perfect, now this bitch was up to something. Bianca wasn’t sure if she could control this new situation but would try and if she put her mind to it she wasn’t worried. She noted both Maggie’s smile and choice of style assuming that the redhead was taunting her.  

“Well I’m glad to see it Miss Reynolds, but I’m sure you know that meeting the dress code is only a small part of running an organization such as this library. It takes someone who is incredibly detail ordinated with clear organization skills”.

Maggie gave the businesswoman a very fake smile. “Oh, I’m not worried, Miss Marshall. I am quite up for the job and know I meet all of the requirements.” She had taken up her own clipboard and made a few checks. “Oh, and please don’t forget to sign in, you can put your name under mine.” Bianca’s eyes narrowed even more so at the comment, now she knew Maggie was taunting her and that a game had just begun between them. She moved forward to the desk and signed her name in the lower box for the first time, getting angrier than ever seeing it below Maggie’s neat signature and start time.

Her entire trip over had been thinking about how great her plan was working, now in the matter for a minute she knew it had changed and she would have to double her tactics. “Oh, I will be the judge of who has the requirements and trust me, Miss Reynolds, I will be monitoring very very closely.”

Things were deteriorating between them rather quickly and both women felt it. The fake pleasant smiles were already starting to wane in this conversation and Maggie could tell she had Bianca where she wanted her. This woman was not used to having another match her, not in her own game and domain. But Maggie knew she could match her, and they would find out who the most professional woman between them was with the winner taking the prize they both desired.

“I understand Miss Marshall but be aware that I will be monitoring just as closely.”

Bianca’s eye twitched and for a second Maggie felt the similar sensation of when she and Amber first fought. A breakdown of communication and a physical struggle begging to be started. She almost found herself hoping the pale bitch would launch herself over the desk and they could settle things differently with their claws. Ripping each other’s tight clothes and tearing each other’s hair buns down. She wanted to pin what she could only assume was Bianca’s inferior body with her own big tits until the pale bitch submitted.

 ‘No, stop thinking like that’, Maggie told herself, that was not going to happen as it should be in normal life. Not every woman that Maggie confronted was going to want to settle things with body and sex. It was sometimes hard to not to remember that after what Amber and she had done was crazy. Amazing, terrifying, and addicting were other words to define it, but still very crazy.

Yet she still glared at the other woman who was glaring back just as harshly, and Maggie wondered what was going through her new-found rival’s head. If she had known, Maggie may not have let her guard down by an inch. For a second Bianca did want to tackle Maggie and fight the redhead, ‘it would be easy’ she thought of stripping the clearly inferior woman’s body nude and sitting on her face until she cried out in surrender. ‘But this woman would report me, and I can’t risk it.’ The type of people who played Bianca’s game was rare and clearly, this redhead didn’t have the body to compete with hers. 

 From the outside, it looked like an awkward silence, but in reality, both women were just lost in their thoughts of physically and sexually dominating each other. The moment passed without incident, both girls not taking any action. It was clear they were both letting their imaginations get the best of them, and now they had less time prior to opening. Bianca picked up her clipboard from the desk still staring at Maggie who continued to stare back, their glasses fully focused looking for flaws in each other’s faces.  

“Well then Miss Reynolds”, Bianca now said with clear sarcasm in her voice. “I’m glad you are finally coming on board with our new direction. I’m interested to see if you could turn around your less than satisfactory performance thus far.”

Now Maggie’s eyes narrowed as they continued their sharp barbs at each other.

“I’m not worried at all Miss Marshal. I think we’ll both see that my performance will be the most satisfactory of anyone here from today onward.”

Bianca didn’t reply and simply gave her a cold smile before turning away walking towards the office. Maggie watched her go, her breath slightly increased due to the adrenaline of their comments. Her green eyes followed Bianca going slightly wider because if she didn’t know any better from her experience in these kinds of games, she could have sworn that Bianca was swaying her hips a little extra as her heels clicked along.

One week passed and the game had turned into high gear with Maggie now matching Bianca word for word and action for action as they desperately worked to one-up each other in this professional duel. Both women were now getting to the library an hour early (the earliest the parking lot opened) walking in together side by side and signing their name in the same box, but never touching or instigating contact as if it was taboo, something Maggie noted mentally. She was sure if they did it would break what little civility they had to each other.

They came to every meeting and discussion sitting far apart and asking tough questions to the room and each other. Both now had clipboards in which they made marks and lists against each other in which was reported directly to the Director. He seemed very pleased that Maggie had joined in on the new process, but it was clear some damage in the contest had been done. Her and Bianca were tied in the process and everything counted towards the third goal. Their work heels clicking was the sign that goofing off was over as they made their rounds through the shelves of books and rooms. They passed each other often but never acknowledged each other except for curt nods if the Director happened to be watching them.  Though some of the other employees understood what Maggie was doing and played along she took the role very seriously knowing that the only way was to play the game right.

 After two more weeks in which it seemed like a stalemate, they began to attack each other indirectly with more than just words and reports. It started with meetings moved around last minute as they played a game of wills and smarts seeing who would make a bigger error first. Bianca struck first making Maggie 15 minutes late to a very important conference by switching out her morning notes. Maggie’s face went red as she walked in knowing what had happened whilst the Burnette was smirking the entire time. But the redhead quickly had her revenge when the raven-haired woman found her files relocated minutes before her big presentation. She had to ask for assistance from IT delaying it by almost 20 minutes, she stood up there blushing in embarrassment as Maggie noted the waste of time. Back and forth their attacks got dirtier and dirtier, yet the library was functioning better than ever. But for the two young professionals, it was clear that the war between the pale goddesses was reaching a breaking point.

Bianca learned during that time that the redhead’s tactics were working, and the Director had commented on how he was excited to see Maggie acting so professionally. This was not acceptable, ‘I can’t let her beat me, I’m getting this job’, she decided it was time to act on her alternative phase of the plan.

The next day Bianca set a private meeting with the Director that she was so eager to get to see accidentally left her purse at the front desk. She entered at exactly 9 AM and he looked up from his notes.

“Hello Bianca, glad we could meet 1 on 1. What do you wish to discuss?”

Bianca locked the door and turned towards the man moving with a flair in her hips.

She was smiling at him sexually; his eyes went slightly wide as she made her way over and moved around the desk.

“Bianca, I am confused…” but he was cut off by the now very close brunette.

“I can tell you have been really stressed…would you like me to relieve that? I bet I can get you off faster than you ever have been…”. She fell to her knees in front of the stunned man, unzipping his trousers quickly not allowing him time to protest and allowing his nicely sized dick to appear already hard and wanting to be sucked.


“Just relax…it’s just a little bit of fun.” As Bianca began working on the rod with her superior skills. She ran her tongue up the full length of his dick sucking in the head into her mouth. She sucked hard causing her to groan from the feeling. While she bobbed up and down she started to undo the buttons on her shirt revealing a navy-blue bra.

“Holy fuck. Bianca…your tits”.

“Yeah, you like them? They’re fun to look at, but I know how to use them…” She slipped the now wet dick under her bra and into the cleavage. She looked up at him smiling, enjoying the look of shock on his face. To double down she used her one free hand to lift up her skirt ensuring that her heart, the shaped ass was in view, a tiny blue thong it’s only cover.

“Try to hold on…but no pressure if not. I have a feeling you need this,” she smiled as he laid his head back.

She decided to end it quickly due to shortness of her meeting time and proving her skill by crushing the rod with her tits and sucking the head simultaneously. 3 pumps from Bianca’s chest and the suction from her mouth were all it took as the cum began to flow out and into her mouth where she swallowed it easy. The Director shook slightly as he came before his muscles untensed. Bianca cleaned him up easy, impressed with her time and how efficient they were.

As the man caught his breath Bianca stood up pleased with her work. “Hope you enjoyed that…because I sure did.”

“I don’t know what to say…Bianca this is…oh god.” He shook his head as Bianca looked at him questionably. He still hesitated until he found his voice looking slightly distraught.

“You know I can’t…I…I…I’m not going to let this dictate who gets the role, Bianca. You must understand what you and Maggie did in these last two meetings…”

 “Wait. Did she do this too?” ‘Now that is interesting…so she doesn’t have any problem with using her body’ Bianca thought annoyed the redhead had gotten there first again messing with Bianca’s well laid out plans.

The Director went pale and he realized he had been caught.

Wait…no, umm. Okay listen, yes that happened. Thank you for the meeting, Bianca, it was quite interesting and yes it had been on my mind, but this can’t happen again. I said the exact same thing to Maggie after she…nevermind as I am getting back with my ex-wife, so no more of this from either of you. So, let’s go back to just being professional. You both aren’t getting ahead in the reports with this.”

“Ahh, of course not Sir, it didn’t even cross my mind” she lied easily. “This was just something I had been thinking about for a while, did you enjoy it?” He stared at her before giving a slight nod of the head. She gave him a flutter of her eyebrows. “Good, that’s all that matters, and don’t worry; I and I’m sure Miss Reynolds does as well, understand that this little stuff is just for fun. It should only depend on our performance of running the library.”

The Director seemed exhausted and unsure what to do, he could get fired if one or hell both of them accused him over bias or exploited him over the sexual details. Bianca seemed to read his thoughts. He wished he had said no to both women, but hell they were both so hot. He never would have believed Maggie or Bianca’s tits were so big and full, it was just too hard to say no. ‘Not like they gave me a chance’, he thought as Bianca replied.

“Don’t worry sir, I won’t tell if you don’t tell, Miss Reynolds and I will, I’m sure to be able to figure this out. Thank you for the taste though, it was quite delicious.” She gave a light wink and laugh as she left the office as the Director bumbled some response, but as soon as the door closed; her mind began to race.

She couldn’t help getting hornier thinking that less than a day ago, that slut Maggie had been in this same spot giving out her own taboo blowjob. ‘It seems I have slightly underestimated how far she was willing to go. I will need to think of a better plan thus far.’ Another part of her wondered who was better at the particular contest they had just gone into? The Director didn’t say anything, but she would have given anything to find out between them who gave out a more efficient bj.

She went to the toilets fixing her clothes and adjusting everything back to place. ‘Well that was a waste of time’, was her initial thought but she also couldn’t help but think of some positives. It didn’t get her ahead but at least she got a better understanding that Maggie wasn’t some shy innocent virgin girl and new tactics could be available. She also did enjoy the dick in her mouth as it had been a while since she had shown practised her skill. ‘Could she have gotten him off that fast too, we can’t be that close…’ went through her head wondering how the Director had reacted to the questions. She made her way back to the desk but paused seeing her phone outside of her purse. ‘That’s weird.’ But she didn’t have time to investigate with her next meeting minutes away.

It was early morning the next day and Bianca was parking her car; with her blue eyes were seeing red. She stepped out and was rushed towards the library door at the fastest speed she could in heels. The unthinkable had happened for Bianca and now she was running 30 minutes late for the first time. She knew someone somehow had changed her morning alarm; well she knew someone. ‘How the hell did she get in my phone? Damn it. This is the last fucking straw, I’m dealing with her now and fuck the consequences.’

She pushed open the door aggressively and marched her way to the desk where Maggie was leaning against making marks on her notes. She looked up at the sound of Bianca’s heels quickly approaching a small smirk on her lips. “Oh Miss Marshall, you are quite late today? What hap…HEY!” Bianca had grabbed the clipboard from Maggie’s hands and slammed it down on the desk right next her. The redhead stood from her leaning position quickly as they glared at each other through their glasses. Two sexy business women who had finally come to one to many differences.

They had again dressed incredibly similarly starting at the bottom, with their sharp black 2-inch heels, Bianca had chosen fancy black stockings to Maggie’s exotic white, and dark purple and dark skirts respectively. Their completely buttoned up white shirts showed no cleavage but each mid-button by their tits looked ready to pop out, the linen stretched to the near limit. Their hair was in tight buns and their eye’s saw red through Bianca’s black square glasses and Maggie’s brown round ones. Their light makeup felt more like war paint as they looked to engage each other now and for nearly 5 AM they looked so well put together for their huge meeting today. But for now, their business was each other and only each other. They continued to glare at each other seeing if one would back down, give up and admit they were the copy, an inferior professional and a fraud. After the click of a minute had passed Bianca broke the uneasy silence.

“Well…Miss Reynolds, it seems our little game has gotten out of hand, I think it’s best we look to finish it.”

“For once we agree Miss Marshall. I think we really need to find out how to get to the bottom of our differences.”  

A predatory grin appeared on their red lips showing pearly white teeth as the two young women let all façade of the friendless drop. There was nothing and no one to stop them from finding a way to settle it.

Now their voices became laced with venom. “I tried letting you just fade back, but you just don’t know your place, do you?” Bianca hissed a sudden change in tone tapping her fingers on the desk in a threatening manner. “I can tell you want to be me, but trust me, you are not in my league in ANY aspect.”

“Oh, I agree that I’m not in your league because I’m above you in EVERY aspect.”

“You shouldn’t say such obviously false statements, Miss Reynolds!” Bianca’s tone getting angrier.

“I only deal with facts, Miss Marshall!” Maggie’s tone matching it.  

“Prove it.”


 Bianca and Maggie moved closer coming eye to eye as the tension became unbearable, ready to prove anything they needed to. Their shallow breathing brought in the perfume of their rival, and feeling the intensity and adrenaline caused their muscles to tense. Reporting each other had not done anything and from the Director they were still neck in neck in the selection process even after their little blowjob side path. He was worthless going forward and dealing directly with each other was the only path.

“Your behaviour has been absolutely unacceptable this last few weeks Miss Reynolds.” Bianca spat taking again a better tone than you. They could feel the heat from the other woman’s body as they stood in their aggressive poses.  

“Coming from you Miss Marshall, that is pretty thick.” Maggie huffed moving in an inch closer trying to get the other woman to flinch. Bianca didn’t move back and their bodies came even closer to touching “How did the director’s dick taste?” Maggie raised the stakes, admitting she had seen their little meeting, but her victory was so short-lived as Bianca simply continued smiling.

“You tell me.” Bianca breathed sensually taking a glance at Maggie’s red lips. The redhead didn’t allow a flicker of shock to go across her face. It was only natural that they had learned about each other’s little side quest. They had been monitoring each other’s schedules like hawks and she wondered if Bianca had watched her own performance as she had watched hers.

“I only evened the playing field”, Maggie smiled dangerously remembering the Directors dick crushed between her tits. “Well, ‘even’ might be the wrong word. I think it was more getting ahead.” Another insult and one Bianca did not take kindly. Her nostrils flared slightly, but she kept her even tone.

“Oh really? You think you outperformed me in that department?” Bianca sighed as if she was bored with this conversation shaking her head slightly as if she didn’t want to give Maggie even the time of day. But her words betrayed her tone, “I can promise you, you are sorely mistaken.”

“I very much doubt that I am.” Maggie stole a quick glance at Bianca’s red tight lips as well, it gave her a surge of pleasure knowing that their lips had shared a dick and competed indirectly in a battle of sex. “I have all the assets to perform at the highest level of efficacy and I used them to peak performance and speed.”

Their breathing had increased and under their bra’s 2 pairs of pink nipples started to harden. Neither would admit that this aggressive professional talk was turning them on, but their bodies couldn’t lie. Bianca and Maggie were horny, and the sexual undertones were becoming more and more apparent in their game of words. The memory of their first small confrontation when Maggie started matching her came flooding back and the idea of a physical showdown started to be an option.     

Now Bianca moved even closer to Maggie until there was no personal space between them and their shirts brushed. They still had not had any true physical contact, but the itch to touch was growing every second, their blue and green eyes locked through their lenses daring the other to act first. The blue orbs scanned the feckless taking in every inch of Maggie as if seeing and understanding exactly what she was dealing with now. Perhaps the redhead was the type of woman to settle thing’s Bianca’s way, with the heat between them having raised to a boiling point. It was clear that this one-upping and backhand comments game was over, and a new one was starting. 

Bianca broke their eye contact seeing her clipboard on the desk directly behind Maggie on the desk. She smiled as she reached around Maggie who refused to move and give the businesswoman any space unless she backed down. The brunette moved slowly ready if the green-eyed girl attacked, finally breaking the unspoken rule as their chests touched moving forward. The redhead’s breathing sped up as Bianca’s blue eyes again locked with Maggie’s green as her black nails gripped her clipboard. As she pulled it off the desk, she allowed it to lightly slap onto the freckled girl’s ass like a light little paddling. ‘Whoops’, the blue-eyed girl hissed sarcastically. Maggie couldn’t help narrowing her eyes as Bianca seemed to drag it slowly across the redhead’s behind until it was brought around her hips up and between them. The clipboard now in between the women even as they were still looking at each other and not the notes on it. All of the unspoken rules had been thrown out the window the moment her ass was slapped. Maggie could still feel the paddle as if it was a lot more than physical, it was an open invitation to start something. ‘This bitch will not get away with that’.

“Well Miss Marshall, I think it is well overdue we set up a 1 on 1 meeting soon to discuss our next reports?” There it was; Maggie had laid out the challenge; an open invitation to Bianca to meet and settle things in private where anything could happen. She doubled down by leaning forward and pushing her tits into the other woman’s chest. Bianca gave her a taunting smile letting the words hang in the air. Both women’s breathing had increased as their bodies seemed to sense the impending conflict approaching rapidly.

“If you want a full 1 on 1 review comparing our…” she paused backing up slightly and openly taking a full look at Maggie’s body, “…assets and performance Miss Reynolds, why delay it?” The challenge was accepted but the businesswoman had added the date of meeting right now. Maggie was more than ready; even thrilled there would be no delay. Comparing their assets could lead them down many different paths, but Maggie was now getting more confident that she was not the only one between them that had experience in whatever was about to happen.

“Yes, I think our asset review should be done as soon as possible, and I can confirm both our schedules are completely clear until 7.  So…” She paused giving Bianca a full look up and down, “…how about we schedule it right now Miss Marshall?”

“Perfect, come with me Miss Reynolds, I think a private room would be best, no?” Bianca didn’t wait for a replay turning from Maggie and walking briskly towards one of the back-end offices heels clicking with a purpose. Maggie didn’t hesitate for a second, picking up her own clipboard as she followed the brunette closely, her body ready for whatever happened next. She couldn’t help but think of Amber and what the blonde would think of her fighting Bianca. ‘No, it’s time to focus on this bitch and my job’, her showing signs it was ready. Her garter belt, thong and bra felt tight as the two women moved towards the private space where anything could happen between them.

They entered the small room, Bianca first followed by Maggie less than a second later right on her heels. It was a small arena with soft carpet and with very little character. A table and two chairs were the only objects on the floor and the walls blank except for a small window that had blinds down.

Maggie closed the door surrounding them in darkness and locked it with a loud click. Bianca didn’t react to the noise as she fully expected to be sealed in with her rival. The redhead turned on the light with a flick and the lone lightbulb dangling from the top of the ceiling came to life. Bianca was busy moving the table to the farthest corner leaving only the chairs in the way.

Bianca now grabbed both chairs but didn’t move them away as Maggie thought she would have. Instead, she placed them facing each other right under the light making it look like an interrogation room for two people. Bianca sat down in the first seat, crossing her legs tightly and motioned for Maggie to take the seat in front of her. The redhead did so and in turn setting their knees only an inch apart after Maggie crossed her legs as well matching Bianca pose for pose. They eyed each other over their specs taking in every single detail focusing hard on the crossed legs stockings that led up their skirts.

“So, the terms for this one on one?” Bianca questioned her nails clicking on the clipboard. Maggie hesitated, this was very different from her previous encounter, but she could play a little more. She didn’t know what terms she was meant to ask for, so she decided to throw the ball back into Bianca’s court.

“Name them.”

“Well, a physical struggle seems to be what we both want…”

She paused looking at Maggie to ensure they were on the same page, as Bianca had almost made this type mistake before, but she hadn’t needed to worry as Maggie gave her a small nod, “but that said, I think we both have other things we want to compare.”  

“I agree, that is why I proposed we use our assets.” Maggie pushed her chest forward and Bianca subconsciously matched the motion like looking into a mirror.

“That is an interesting proposal, and yes I think this an acceptable solution and one that should help us establish…I guess the best word would be dominance.”

“I’m glad you agree, and yes I think dominance is the perfect word. The only issue is our meeting is in two hours, so I don’t think it would be efficient for us to ruin each other’s clothes.”

“Not a problem. We strip down to the bare essentials do you agree?” She said it so nonchalantly that Maggie knew she was facing a woman who was ready to lose their clothes.

“Yes, and how do we know who wins?”

The question hung in the air slightly longer as they eyed each other. A small grin came to Bianca’s face. “I think we should leave that unambiguous. We really don’t know how this will play out, do we?”

Maggie smiled, she liked that idea. It meant this fight could evolve in any matter, and she had a feeling in her gut that it was going to lead in one path with their bodies.

“True, I’m sure we will both know the winner when it happens.” She waited to see if the other woman continued but Bianca remained quiet until Maggie spoke “Anything else? I think we understand what is happening between us.”

“Yes, I think we do.”

They stared at each other for an extra few seconds taking in this last moment of calm before their personal and professional relationship would change forever.

“Shall we begin?”


Bianca smiled and stood up while Maggie did the same, the initial terms now set to their duel there was nothing less to discuss. They pushed their chairs to opposite corners of the room leaving plenty of open space, and there in the corner they began to strip their clothes.

Bianca began to undo her blouse staring at Maggie with hunger in her eyes. This woman had challenged her, taunted her and now she had her alone and it seemed to Bianca’s surprise that she was willing to fight her in the way she wanted. The redhead didn’t wait and just watch, however, as she started to strip too making sure she gave Bianca just as good of a show and the surprise reveals of a lifetime. Button by button was undone as deep and inviting pale cleavage revealed itself to the surprise of both women. Even in the dim light, it was impossible to see how filled out their bras were.  

‘She is stacked…’, Maggie thought as Bianca’s dark purple bra appeared in the light, Maggie’s pussy giving an extra pulse of delight. The pale girl had hidden them expertly well, but there would be no hiding their bodies from each other in this environment.

‘Those can’t be real…’ Came to Bianca’s head as Maggie’s white cup holders poked out of her undone shirt. Both girls had tits that men and women dreamed about, and both knew how to use them both in fucking and fighting. They dropped their shirts simultaneously giving each other a ‘hmph’ sort of look as their hands moved down to their business skirts even as they eyed each other. After seeing her rivals’ tits, Maggie had a suspicion that Bianca’s body may not have been as shit as she had hoped and was just hoping that Bianca was as surprised as she was.

Maggie unzipped her skirt slowly as both women had turned away from each other ensuring their asses were in display and eyesight in the light. As both small zip sounds stopped they turned their heads locking eyes briefly before scanning down to their asses waiting for the next relevel, wondering if the ass matched the tits of their rival. The skirts peeled down their legs and off their bodies as and descended down their pythons with their toned, bubble butts appearing each wearing fancy garter belts to hold up her stockings.  

Their skin had goosebumps seeing what each woman wore underneath. Bianca had a small purple lace triangle thong that her ass seemed to absorb. Maggie was wearing a similar style lace but white that left almost nothing to the imagination, both matching the garters.  Now with everything on display Maggie couldn’t help thinking the phrase ‘What the hell’, as it dawned on her that she was facing a woman with a body like hers and Ambers. It was hard to hide her shock with only the second time in her life she came into contact with a woman like this and in a similar scenario nonetheless. Bianca noticed the gawking stare, and even though her shock of seeing how fit perfect Maggie’s body was, she wasn’t about to let this taunting opportunity pass.

“Any problem Miss Reynolds? She said, smirking, giving a slight shake to her tits that jiggle enthusiastically. “If you want to back out now, I will allow it.” She removed her glasses placing them on the chair and turned back to Maggie giving her a little pose with her hands on her head flaunting her prized body.

“There is no problem at all Miss Marshall”, She turned giving the blue-eyed girl a full look of her incredible body, squeezing her tits together with her hands showing their size and squishiness. The last 8 months her confidence had grown thanks to her blonde girl, her mousy cute face now held a confident smirk that can only be defined as sexy. She spun on a heel to make sure that Bianca got a full view of her ass as well.

“It seems you are projecting your own nervousness. When facing a body like mine it’s only natural to be.”

They traded a few more barbs commenting on everything from the colour of their garters to the size of their asses using the keywords fat and ugly the most. Their comments seemed to stem from the jealousy they now had even though they were each other’s matches. Bianca picked up her clothes and began to fold them with Maggie the following suit and place them next to their glasses on the chair nearest them as if they were simply folding their laundry together and not about to attack each other with their bodies nearly nude. Where she and Amber had torn into each other as quickly as they could, this seemed more like a proper duel as if she would shake hands with Bianca at the end. ‘No, this wouldn’t last…’ She wondered how long their terms would last if one of them started to lose and how dirty they could get. The folding was done as they turned and stood in front of each wearing only their garters, thongs, stockings, bras heels. It was clear that both women’s assets were on full display and a clear match for each other in size. Two goddesses were now unable to exist in the same realm eyeing each other jealousy ready to settle it between them with no one to stop them.

Now they stalked each other going around the room, moving in a small circle dressed only in their underwear. Their eyes roamed taking in the size of their chests and asses a sense that they had challenged a woman with a body that may be like hers. The muscles in their thighs and calves and their lightly toned stomachs meant that both had a bit of gym bunny in their genes.  Their confidence slightly wavered at the discovery of just what type of woman they were fighting.

“We should have done this right away, would have saved me so much trouble.” Bianca taunted, each click of her heels clicking in time with Maggie’s.

“A lot of confidence for a woman who is about to be pinned to the wall by my superior assets.” Maggie gave an extra little jump showing her tits fullness.

“I’m going to crush your pathetic asset’s flat.” Bianca growled as she moved forward unable to continue her taunting as the anger consumed her, it was time to get physical.

“You want to compare tit to tit? Let’s do it.” Maggie hissed moving to meet her. Their heels clicked 4 times each until they met chest to chest and after weeks of build-up, Maggie and Bianca began to settle their differences in the best way they knew how.

Bianca and Maggie crushed tight bringing their womanly chests together, their hands on each other’s shoulders. They grunted at each other slightly backing up and slamming them again and again with light thuds of their bras. Their heels clicked as they showed supreme balance moving around well in the delicate shoes. They pushed in hard but only seemed to mushroom each other out unable to get much skin on skin.

“You small titted bitch!” Bianca yelled.

“My girls are bigger and firmer than yours!” Maggie screamed back.

They had only been going for a minute, but it was clear they were not able to get what they wanted as their breasts still had armour.

“Fuck these bras,” Maggie growled losing her composure pushing Bianca harshly with her hands. The brunette stumbled back watching as the librarian pulled her bra down underneath her tits revealing a pair of sharp pink nipples. Bianca mirrored her move allowing them to bounce free “Nipple on nipple then” Bianca hissed as they moved forward not bringing many strategies except to crush each other. SLAP as they connected skin to skin, their massive mammaries no longer with their cushions it was now fat to fat, their womanly chests in direct contact.  The two sets of massive pale tits rolled up and down each other as they seemed to feel each other out now without any protection. Their matching pink nipples seemed to find each other for quick flicks lost in the waves of flesh.

The pink nipples had become even more rigid and stiff as they began to flick each other harder and harder, as their chests became slicker from a light sheen of sweat that was appearing on them. It was hard at times to tell whose meat belonged to who with their pale skin blending only with Maggie’s freckles giving her away.

“Your tits are not up to my high standards Miss Reynolds!” As another slam nearly brought their stomachs together. Their legs stood firm as they held each other to a stalemate in the centre of the room.

“My tits are the best in this room, Miss Marshall!”

They breathed heavy into each other’s faces still not separating their warring breasts.

“Your body is fucking disgusting.”

“I bet you never get fucking laid.”

This whispered as their hands left the shoulders and began to wander towards the backs now exploring bodies.

Their titfight didn’t seem to be getting them anywhere with neither able to push the other back into the wall and Maggie and Bianca were both realizing that time was moving past them. Every step gained was lost a few seconds later neither gaining or losing enough of an advantage.

They continued to comment on each other’s bodies, lying about how terrible they were to distract them, or angering them to make a mistake. They bear-hugged pulling in each other tight, their nipples now like spikes and their obvious panting from some sort of arousal until Maggie had to comment.

“It seems our nipples betray our words,” Maggie growled as she shifted bringing her hard nips right into Bianca’s, so they could mushroom again and feel how hard they were. “You are fucking turned on bitch.” The redheads breathing started to increase more and more with the pressure.  

“Yes, they do, and I can feel you are just as turned on as me!” Her voice got low, “There are other ways we can do this.” They pushed each other harder the titfight finding another stalemate as their arms couldn’t pull each other in any closer.

“Yeah, we should look at all options.” Maggie slightly moaned, her mind already racing ahead of what could happen next, alone in this room, two horny women looking to dominate each other.

“We don’t have time for my girls to crush your tits into nothing.” Bianca painted, clearly showing more signs of sexual arousal.

“Yeah, it would take too long for me to flatten you down permanently, I think we need to rethink this engagement.” Maggie painted, their eyes seemed to light up as they locked their blue and green orbs together. “A true professional would never lose control in a working environment”, Maggie gasped wondering if Bianca would pick up on what she was implying, as her pale breasts continued to dig into the matching pair. She took a glance at the 4 pale mounds like rolling hills as the fat moved up and down easily.

“Correct, how could any real professional scrub to her primal desires.” Bianca slightly moaned back as their lips seemed to get closer and closer daring to start a new area of battle. “We have to use and compare every asset available to us. Our tits.”

Maggie gave her own light moan. “Our asses.”

“Our lips.”

“Our tongues.”

“And of course, our cunts.” Bianca finished her blue eyes burning into the green orbs a few inches away now knowing they were thinking the same thing; their tits were still touching but neither was focused on that body part at all now. As they became more away to just how much sexual energy had gathered between them. The minute they agreed to strip down it was clear this was the path they had moved down and actively pursued. 

“A sex contest, right here, right now” Maggie panted as she licked her lips in anticipation, her pussy already nearly dripping at the thought of fucking this woman into a coma. She wasn’t sure if the word Amber and she used to define this type of combat meant anything to Bianca, but the raven goddess did not hesitate and knew exactly what Maggie had thrown down. 

“Yes, I accept your sex contest. The first woman to cum against the other is the real unprofessional woman between us.” Bianca breathed out irregularly as her composure began to drop, their actions and words becoming more animalistic. Neither woman had been able to dominate the other’s chest, but it had succeeded in turning them on so much that their pussies had begun to drip through their thongs.

Maggie hesitated, she had never had a match with terms one orgasm wins. This would not be like the war of attrition that she was so accustomed to with her punk girl, but she was adaptable, and she knew her body could match whatever Bianca wanted to dish out. Holding in her one and intense orgasm until she couldn’t physically or mentally continue or making Bianca cum against her first.

“Fuck you, Miss Marshal!”

“No, Fuck YOU, Miss Reynolds!”



Maggie closed the final distance pushing her red lips onto Bianca’s who pushed back lightly in an almost gentle kiss in contrast to the words they had screamed. Their lip lock moved in time with their tits which had mushroomed each other again like sandbags bulging out where they could. The shocks of the kiss sent new signals into their nipples and loins as they pushed back and forth their lips moving up and down in rhythm. Bianca’s lips parted slightly and Maggie’s pink tongue slid in-between them meeting its counterpart. They immediately began to twirl around each other as they made out increased pressure and wetness. The light made the two pale busty beauties seem to glow as they stood in the centre of the room, their one free hand black and white nailed claws leaving streaks of light red scratches on their marble skin. Their other still connected hands released each other and wrapped around the backs of the other as they looked like passionate lovers finally exploring the full body of their rival. Maggie’s hands started to lightly gaze down the toned back of Bianca until they reached the ass Maggie had been wanting to grip since the beginning of the fight. Her white nails clawed the flesh amazed at the firmness and muscle her sexual rival possessed.  

One of Bianca’s black stocking covered legs slide smoothly up and down Maggie’s white pair before slowly wrapping around the redheads toned cafe. The redhead knew what was happening and, in an instant, the calm sexual tension of kissing was broken by an intense muscle struggle as they worked to trip each other up leg muscles contracting against each other.

Bianca still had her hands-on Maggie’s back and that difference gave her the leverage to push Maggie down who’s claws dug deeper into the Raven-haired girls perfect behind as they pulled each other to the floor Maggie’s leg bent back. The librarian’s back hit the ground with a thud hit tits jiggling enthusiastically before they were slammed into by Bianca’s massive hanging pair. “UGH” Maggie groaned her mouth opening giving Bianca the chance to dive her tongue in kissing her deeply and pinning Maggie’s own taster back to the roof of her mouth. Maggie’s hands clawed and spanked Bianca’s ass hard but even as the businesswoman moaned into the librarian’s mouth from the ass torture she refused to break the deep kiss and tit pin she held. Maggie was starting to struggle unable to do much except kissing back their tongues like vipers striking.  

She now had a second goal of keeping Bianca’s hands trapped under her body and continuing to turn Bianca on by massaging her ass. Their nicely toned stomachs touched as Bianca laid flat trying at first too spread Maggie wide for a full body pin.  They held this stance for a good 20 seconds until one of Bianca’s hands slipped free from Maggie’s back and with no hesitation went to the freckled girl’s thong beginning to rub the wet pussy through the white cloth. Maggie’s eyes went wide at the wonderful sensation causing her to moan deeply into Bianca’s mouth which only drove the businesswoman to rub faster. Maggie finally broke their kiss and screamed in frustration as Bianca latched onto Maggie’s neck licking aggressively, turning Maggie on more and more.

“FUCK! Ugh, damn it! You fucking slut!” She involuntarily thrusted into Bianca’s tender fingers, her body wiggling from the pleasure it drew from it.

“Hmm yes, you like that don’t you Miss Reynolds? You want more?” As Maggie felt nipping on her neck and Bianca’s hand began to tease the top and sides of her thong as she was planning to slide under it. Around and around the long black-nailed finger traced around the white triangle that was the last line of defence.  Maggie tried to suppressed her next moan not wanting to give the whore any satisfaction, but it was to no avail as Bianca pulled her white thong to the side and was rubbing her bare slit and the redhead unleashed a deep guttery moan, her pussy leaking like a small creek.

Maggie became more and more desperate as was teased by Bianca and began to growl looking for a way out. Instead of spanking Bianca again she attacked by gripping the purple thong and pulled up causing a screech of pain and pleasure from the top woman as it pulled up into her engorged pussy lips. Her hands left Maggie’s pussy to attempt to relieve the grip attempting to claw at white nailed fingers. With it, her purple garter hips lifted slightly which gave Maggie’s powerful ass the opening it needed to roll their bodies. Bianca tried to claw out at Maggie’s tits but was too slow as they tussled on the floor.

 Maggie was able to get on top even as they coiled like snakes, using Bianca’s thong as leverage and control. She trapped the business woman’s arms underneath her knees in a hot nearly nude schoolgirl pin. Maggie’s hot ass rested lightly on the top of Bianca’s huge tits feeling the pink nipples dig into the muscle. The businesswoman thrashed for a second before feeling Maggie’s tender fingers rub the outer lips of her cunt. “Oh fuck”, and she moaned at the feeling of her pussy being played with like a toy. Her blue eyes narrowed as the ginger girl’s fingers came to the top of the purple thong and slipped into the cloth running a long finger right down the smooth slit.

“You bitch…ohh” Moaned Bianca as she thrashed her legs, unable to dislodge Maggie. Her purple thong easily pushed to the side as she bucked but only succeeded in getting Maggie’s fingers to push harder into her. She bit her lip as the pleasure grew amazed at the masterful fingering of Maggie.

“That is a good girl Miss Marshall, just enjoy every little sensation.” Her hands moved slowly giving each lip a light rub up and down and side to side. “Damn you.” The pinned girl moaned trying to rock side and side still unable to get enough momentum still fighting to get back into an even position for even fucking.  

“Now open wide.” Maggie let out a long drool of spit towards Bianca’s face.  It was long and gooey, and the bottom girl surprisingly did as she was told and caught the spit on her tongue. “Oh, I’m glad you are learning your place.” As she watched enjoying the sight but slightly distracted from Bianca’s movements as she got one of her tits near the redheads open pussy; whose white thong was still dislodged.

She pushed up her huge pale tit and pink nipple going right into Maggie’s soaked pussy. “AHH!” The redhead felt Bianca’s nipple flick her clit and the shock loosened caused her to breath in sharply and loosen her hold on the ground girl. Bianca bucked like a horse getting Maggie thrown off and to the side and the brunette sat up quickly launching herself towards Maggie. They met and curled into a ball of hissing cats, their mouths close enough for Bianca to give the redhead back what she had sweetly provided.

“Here is your spit back!” Bianca hissed letting the now mixed goo run out of her mouth into Maggie’s. The redhead opened her mouth as well letting it drip in, but she too didn’t swallow rolling their bodies again, their mouth’s even closer.

“We can trade this all day!” Maggie growled taking the top back and letting it ooze down towards Bianca. Most of it landed on target, on the pink muscle and white teeth, but a little bit missed hitting the cheek. Maggie immediately leaned closer to lick it up, but she wasn’t the only one looking for that option to lick each other. Bianca took the large amount on her tongue and lapped it on Maggie’s face. Their tongues launched at each other leaving long trails of mixed spit until they couldn’t help kissing each other again swapping more and more. Their hands kept busy as they spanked each other during the rolls. Hard slaps landed again and again on the meaty muscle that powered their rival jiggled on each impact like firm Jell-O.

They continued exchanging hard licks and kisses as their dominant hands left the asses and duelled in-between their legs trying to fend off and masturbate each other simultaneously. Their dislodged thongs still provided enough protection increasing the difficulty of their task only getting their fingers in for seconds before having to defend themselves from getting slipped in and out of their open cunts.  For a few seconds, they finger pumped each other hard, two each going as deep as possible. Bianca was getting frustrated more and more even as she enjoyed the licking and masturbation contest with her sexy rival.

“I’m going to rip your thong off whore”. Bianca growled as Maggie gripped the purple one in retaliation as they both began to pull stretching the cloth.

“If you rip mine, I will tear yours off your pathetic body, but let’s not. I want yours.” Maggie hissed. Bianca’s eyes narrowed but she did start to release the cloth and felt Maggie’s hand lessen the grip as well. This kissed one more time hard before rolling apart, red-faced and covered in spit; but not wanting to waste a second before getting back into each other’s faces. Bianca thought if they only lost a few more pieces of clothing it would help them really help them to get more sexual with each other mainly going cunt to cunt with no protection.

She decided to throw out the offer to save her own clothes knowing that if Maggie didn’t accept that neither girls’ thongs were going to get out of the room intact.  

“I will take my bra and thong off if you take yours off.” Maggie cocked an eyebrow at this offer not expecting Bianca to throw it out there. It was true if they didn’t take them off now, they would be torn off once re-engaged. “As you said, the winner will want a trophy and I want yours too”, Bianca continued snapping her thong string like a small rubber band.

“They are no longer essential.”

“Ture, not with the way we are settling this.”

Maggie ran her hands around the small white strings that her garter belt didn’t cover. She was ready to move onto the next stage and knew that if she could get Bianca into a cunt to cunt fuck off, she could win.

“Deal, bra for bra and thong for thong, but no garters or stockings. Winner keeps the losers.” Her white nails came down to her white thong strings by her hips now hooking them with her thumbs and beginning to pull them down.

Bianca nodded at the compromise and had already begun as she peeled the purple strings down her hips taking the purple triangles with her. Fresh air hit her pussy for the first time since getting fingered by the slut on her back. A long string of her own white cum connected the cloth to her pussy but she paused waiting for Maggie to start. Maggie felt a surge of pleasure seeing the white cum string on the purple thong from Bianca’s pussy, yet as she began to strip hers off she has moved down her legs there was her own string of cum connected her white thong to her pussy.

The strings snapped as they went to their behinds letting the things go down to their feet.

“Look how wet you are…”  

“Look who’s talking…”

“You can just cum.” Maggie grinned “I’ll make sure you love it.”  

“You are going to beg me for more after I make you cum,” Bianca smiled with a dangerous look in her eye. Their pussies were smooth and fully Brazilian. They were engorged and open waiting to be slid up against the other and locked.

Bianca sat up unclicking her bra that was only a nuisance under tits now and threw both that and soaked thong towards her chair.   

She looked up towards the redhead to see that the white bra and thong had been thrown towards her own corner. Maggie had stayed on her back though and only rose her head and gave Bianca a come-hither motion with her finger.

“Come get on top of a real woman.” She wiggled her body and widened her legs giving Bianca a deep look at how wet and red her pussy was desperate for sex. “You won’t be able to hold it and I promise you will regret going pussy to pussy with me.”

Bianca accepted the invitation crawling on top of like a cat Maggie who did not lash out allowing the woman to take the top position wanting to focus on the fucking as much as possible.

“Now someone else seems confident, but you shouldn’t be because my womanhood is going to eat yours alive”, she whispered as she took position between Maggie’s legs. “We will see… I don’t think you will last a minute when we touch womanhood to womanhood.” Maggie whispered back.  Only their garter belts and stockings still donned their sexy bodies as their thongs and bras lay forgotten around the room, the musk of sex intoxicating and increasing their senses. Maggie’s clit felt like a water balloon that was stretched to the limit, and it wouldn’t take much more for her to explode. She desperately wondered if Bianca was close to bursting as both women had on tough faces, hiding and trying not to show the amount of pleasure they were in. Slowly Bianca laid down, bringing her marble thigh to Maggie’s soaked pussy, sliding erotically up and down the nether lips as if a lube had just been applied. Maggie matched the motion oiling her own leg from the cum of Bianca’s dripping cunt.

They looked into each other’s eyes as Maggie used her hands to pull Bianca’s head down to wetly kiss tongue on tongue.  They rolled over and over kissing and humping each other’s pussies with their toned legs, but this wasn’t enough. As each girl on the bottom began widening her legs to allow access for cunt to cunt meetings as they had promised.

Maggie happened to be first giving Bianca full access to her open lower completely smooth pink lips which the businesswoman gladly took to her advantage. They gasped at the contact and Bianca felt Maggie’s claws dig deep into her ass flesh. Their garter belts and stockings are the only pieces separating their nearly nude bodies. She humped the librarian over and over pussy on pussy with sexy slaps, cum dripping out and on to the other. After 3 minutes Maggie pulled Bianca down to another wet kiss and rolled their bodies. Now Bianca widened her legs giving Maggie a ‘make me cum if you can look’ as they began to pump each other again Maggie pushing in as deeply as she could so their slits seemed to become one sliding up and down each other. They whispered threats and dirty words into each other’s ears when they weren’t tongue fucking each other’s mouths.

“I’ll make you my personal sex slave Miss Reynolds, you would love it wouldn’t you? You fucking slut.”

“No, the only time you will be back at my library is when you come begging for me to fuck you like the whore you are…” They growled at each other, their tits pressed into each other for another kiss in tune with their pussy lips wetly meshing.

Their clits began finding each other as Bianca rolled them again and continued the hump off spanking now becoming more and more prevalent. There was no timer or indication, but they seemed to roll almost every minute, and every time Maggie or Bianca was forced to the bottom their moaning got louder and louder as they were fucked holding in the impending orgasm. After 3 turns each Maggie took the top again humping and grinding hard as Bianca slapped the librarian’s strong ass before squeezing the muscle after each grind.

‘Cum you fucking bitch…”

“No, you fucking cum.”

She spanked Maggie hard making the redhead thrust harder. Bianca’s next scream was higher pitched giving away how close she really was. She tried to roll them quickly to take the top, but halfway through the roll, Maggie resisted desperately not wanting to be on the bottom again. Their eyes gave away the truth that the next girl on top had a good chance to fuck the other to the end and they launched their claws at each other aiming for their tits.


“NO SLUT, YOU FUCKING GET DOWN.” Bianca attacked with her tongue diving into Maggie’s mouth, but instead of panicking Maggie started sucking it like a cock until Bianca withdrew it. Their marble muscled legs burned, and their bubble butts seemed to shake involuntary sending their pussies into each other when possible.  This intense stalemate lasted for over 30 seconds, their bodies still touching. With no other options and scared for the chance to be forced to the bottom they pushed each other away and rolled apart breathing heavily. A sudden calm and quietness came over the battlefield that was their fuckoff.  

‘Fuck me that was close’ as Maggie rubbed the sweat near her green eyes. She needed a second and had to hope her rival did too or she would be in trouble. Bianca meanwhile was trying to catch her breath, her eye’s wide. This was the most intense sexual duel she had been in her whole life. The redhead had matched her in every way holding in a single orgasm. She wished they had more time…she wanted to push her body in a war of endurance with the freckled slut until one submitted and couldn’t move her legs any more, but the clock was against them.

2 minutes passed letting their bodies get to a point they could move without cumming. They pushed up glaring at each other, knowing their victory was just taken from them. The end was close, and they could feel it; as if they touched again they would cum gushing out and on to each other.

Bianca sat up and got to her knees, and as always Maggie moved to match her pose.

“Come here Miss Reynolds, you are not separating from me again till you cum,” Bianca whispered threateningly facing her sexy opponent wanting to connect and finish the battle.  

“Oh, I am not planning on letting you get away from me Miss Marshall, and to ensure that we don’t, how about add one last condition to the finale of our little dispute?”

Bianca now gave her a questioning look as she couldn’t imagine what she was referring to, except perhaps being fully nude or a 69 contest. The redhead didn’t mean either continuing as Bianca waited desperately wanting to get their bodies back together.

“I propose to you and I hook our garters and stockings together.” Maggie emphasized the dare by unsnapping her fancy white garter from the white stockings as if offering her a prize. “This way it GUARANTEES we are stuck, body to body without any escape from the pain or pleasure.”  

Bianca didn’t even answer and already started to unsnap her own stockings off the garter knowing this is what she wanted.  She loved the idea of being connected by the hip to Maggie for the rest of the fight like gladiators chained together, the only option for one to dominate the other. Their fronts clicked off easily and now came the awkward pause as both waited for the other to volunteer and allow herself to be clipped first being close enough to be attacked.

 “Truce until we are hooked up?”


They now moved forward slowly on their knees until they touched nipple to nipple. Just being close to Bianca sent shocks of pleasure to Maggie’s core. They pushed in harder to get their thighs front to front and started kissing wetly, separating 10 seconds later with a long strand of split between them.

“Allow me.” Bianca backed up slightly and took Maggie’s white stocking straps to her purple garter. She hooked them slowly one at a time, but as she leaned up to allow Maggie to do hers, the raven-haired girl slowly gave a small lick and sucked to one of Maggie’s pink nipples.

“Hey, we agreed on a truce….” But it wasn’t a very convincing complaint.

“You will get your turn….” Followed by another suck on a rubbery pink nipple. The librarian’s sharp intake of breath as each nipple was given plenty of attention as Bianca worked on pleasuring Maggie’s girls. A good minute of having her nipples and breasts abused gave Maggie chills as Bianca knew her way around a pair of tits almost twisting the nipple in her lips. “Fuck….” She groaned as Bianca ended it with a light kiss on each one. The brunette backed off satisfied with her tit job and having hooked her black stockings to Maggie.  Now the green-eyed girl went down as Bianca did and clipped her White garter to the black stockings of her opponent. She backed up slightly so they both felt a tug and that each was locked in tight. She now looked up and brought her fact to Bianca’s huge pale tits ready to have her turn to explore the woman’s body freely.

She began to suck alternating between light and hard. Her green eyes were wide and looking right up into the blue orbs of Bianca who was watching her pupils fully dilated. Her experience in oral had taught her eye contact was key. She loved it, the Director loved it, Amber loved it and seeing Bianca not looking away for even a second proved she loved it too. She took 15 seconds on each tit and finished by running her tongue up the valley of the massive orbs, up Bianca’s sternum, then neck, to the cheek and into her mouth. As they swapped spit with their pink muscles and squished their wet spit covered tits together; their hands roamed down to the true power of their fuck off. The black nails groped the librarian’s perfect ass massaging it hard even as her own ass was clawed and rubbed.

They felt their legs move to test the strength of the straps, confirmed they were not going to break Bianca launched forward onto Maggie who opened her arms and took the girl to the ground with her.

Neither would allow herself on the bottom willingly like last time, too nervous to be fucked right out, their legs unable to get less then a few inches away from each other.

They rolled once or twice before legs began to straighten as they moved to sitting on their asses Maggie pulling her rival up., Bianca’s right leg over Maggie’s and Maggie’s left over the other. They understood what position they were going for bringing their cunts closer and closer together wanting to settle it as they had been.

They brought themselves an inch away having to hold it back with the stockings acting like rubber bands pulling them in. No words were muttered as they touched lightly, then harder as they began to grind up and down slit on slit, tits pressed.

They moaned deeply as they found themselves tribbing cunt to cunt. Their connected garters gave them no room for relief as they were pulled towards each other like a slingshot with each powerful hump. Their pussies meshed sloppily kissing leaving strings of long thick white cum unable to break with their constant contact. The girls had done so much foreplay that only 2 minutes into their trib they began to moan out loud as their bodies demanded release from the constant build of pleasure. Their motions became more precise as their sensitive clits demanded to blend and touch each other.

“FUCKKKK!!” They screamed in unison at the first tiny flick of their nubs in the trib fight, lost in the heat of their sensitive flesh. Their eyes met, and a renewed determination hit them as they searched again and again for that most intimate contact. As they found and held them against each other they wailed almost feeling their hearts beating through their cunts.

“Oh my goddddd…” Maggie groaned this had been the longest time she had held in an orgasm. And this woman’s cunt felt like Ambers’, ravenous and a near perfect fit for her, she loved the feeling. But she couldn’t give up and enjoy the pleasure, no HAD to win! She wanted to win her library and now a tiny part of her also wanted Bianca as a slave just like she used to want Amber as the same.

“Ohh pleaseeee…cummmm” Bianca panted and screamed. She wanted this job, it was a fast track to the top and if she could just out fuck this perfect bodied redhead it would be hers. Maybe she would keep the redhead as a personal assistant and use her body like a toy. They were shaking in pre-orgasmic bliss, their bodies wanting nothing more than to go off with each other into the bliss.

Maggie felt her clit push directly onto Bianca’s and pushed to the side. She began to wail in pleasure as it seemed like it was over the waves were washing over the wall. They separated and met again, but this time the moan came from the raven-haired beauty as Maggie’s clit pushed hers to the side. The raven-haired beauty started shaking and Maggie felt the business woman’s body going the sensations she had so many times found herself in during her sex duels.

“Oh fuck, no no no, yes…yes…YES!!” Bianca screamed as her clit had been flicked one to many times, her nipples sucked and chewed raw by her body rival over and over, and her ass groped till it was sore. The businesswoman began to cum against Maggie releasing almost an hour and a half worth of built up sexual tension. Maggie’s own eyes went wide as she by instinct tried to separate her body as quickly as possible from Bianca, worried that her own body would go over the edge feeling her rival release, but their garters pulled her back, locked together. ‘Oh fuck’. She thought quickly and did the next best thing to ensure the raven-haired whore had no chance to push it back down and save herself from coming. She launched herself onto the orgasming woman, locking her lips onto the massive shacking left nipple whilst her free hand was swiftly moving between Bianca’s nether lips, pumping her hard with her fingers a few times before rubbing the clit in a round and round motion. Bianca was trying to hump into Maggie’s cunt but the redheads hand kept her slightly protected from the pleasurable clit to clit meeting even as Maggie was shaking from pleasure wanting to release it.

“Ohhh fuck Maggie….Yessss FUCK MEE.”  Bianca’s waves kept coming as she pulled Maggie’s body as close as possible, her pink nipples felt like fire as Maggie sucked as much tit meat into her mouth as possible covering them in a fresh layer of spit. Her cunt tightened around Maggie’s fingers as she gave another high-pitched scream, cum dripping out of her.  It was almost a 15 to 20 second orgasm before it finally started to end leaving the still shaking body of the brunette gasping on the floor. Maggie kept masturbating the woman slowly ensuring that she kept Bianca relaxed and had drawn out every second, until with a light pop she released the nipple with her mouth and removed her cum covered hand. Maggie’s body stayed above Bianca’s on her knees, their massive cannonballs hanging on their chest moving in tune with their breaths.

One of Bianca’s arms covered her eyes as she laid there catching her breath. Maggie watched her intensely taking in every detail before bringing her cum covered fingers to her mouth and sucking them clean. ‘Fuck, she tastes good…”. She wanted another taste or more but knew her time was running out with the meeting approaching.

A few more minutes passed as she sat there“Oh my god…” She breathed, her body still on edge as she unclipped her garters without a sign of resistance by Bianca. She wasn’t sure how long it would take to bring her body back down the sexual edge without cumming, but it wouldn’t be easy with what she was about to do. She wasn’t done with the brunette and started by rolling her over to her front, planning to humiliate her and bring her to orgasm again. She gripped the garter belt on Bianca’s waist and used it to pull her up, getting Bianca to her knees who weakly moved.

 She pulled the businesswoman to her hips as if she was taking her doggy style hips to ass and clawed the brunette’s hair and it rolled off to her side out of its tight bun showing its long length. Her ass jiggled on contact to Maggie’s hips with a distinct slapping sound of skin on skin while the librarian also ran her fingers through the raven smooth locks and down her rivals back. The redhead moaned as did the brunette; both secretly wishing they had a dildo or strap-on between them, so they could dominate each other in more ways.

She reached for one of the clipboards nearby and used it to give a slap on Bianca’s ass like a paddle. Bianca moaned even louder at the indecency that was happening, being paddled with her own clipboard by a rival who had just outfucked her body. “Ugh fuck you slut.” Bianca hissed followed by a moan of humiliation that was only drowned out Maggie’s moan of power as she paddled the businesswoman harder while starting to masturbate the woman. Bianca had little resistance and began to breathe quickly. Maggie’s eyes narrowed as she planned to make sure her rival didn’t forget this humiliation. She backed up a bit, leaned down and tongued Bianca’s puckered asshole which caused a loud shriek of pleasure as Maggie licked up and down the crack. One hand in her pussy pumping and a tongue in her asshole Bianca lasted only a minute before she came again shaking on her knees, ‘FUCK YOU BITCH”, as Maggie gave her another lick pulling the raven hair hard and giving the perfect ass an extra hard paddling. “Ugh…YESSSssss”, she cried finally coming down off her high. Her breathing was irregular, and it seemed her knees finally seemed to fail her as she seemed to scoot forward laying down on her chest before rolling over to her back, legs straight, breathing shallowly. Maggie had to take a second as humping Bianca’s round perfect ass made her close to the edge again, she took her time enjoying the sense of victory and taking in the sight of the beautiful and sexually satisfied Bianca.

The business woman’s breath had become more relaxed as Maggie ran her tender fingers up and down the toned back causing shivers. “Well then. I think that settles who is the more professional between us.” Maggie sighed her body on the edge. She wanted to cum more than anything wanting to finish on her vanquished rival, but no. It was a one orgasm duel and she had to prove she could hold it in and control her desires.

The defeated woman was breathing heavily from bliss and she hadn’t said any real info since she had screamed Maggie’s name during her orgasm. Maggie stood her legs shaky and moved tenderly towards her rival’s chair, she could suddenly feel the blue eyes glaring at her. They locked green and blue eyes again and Maggie could feel the intensity that Bianca was giving off, she knew that if they hadn’t agreed to a one fuck off that the raven-haired girl would be on top of her in an instant resuming their sexfight; something she would not be against if they had time.

Maggie reluctantly broke the eye contact and went around the room collecting her thong and bra. Seeing Bianca’s eyes still on her, she walked to the other corner picked up the discarded purples ones too bringing them over to her clothes and began to dress pulling the purple thong up her legs deciding she would wear her trophy right now as a final taunt to her rival. The small purple string fit tight and perfect and she knew Bianca would be screaming internally at the sight.

Bianca’s eyes narrowed but didn’t say anything except push her tits more forward almost in an offering way, to see if Maggie would not be able to resist continuing but Maggie held firm. “Well Miss Marshall, I have a meeting to attend as you know.” She made her way to the door feeling light when Bianca finally spoke venom dripping from her lips. “This is not over between us Maggie.” The redhead paused at the door turning back to look at the pale goddess still nude on the floor. “Yes, I agree Bianca, but at least for today it is.” Officially putting them on a first name basis Maggie opened the door and left checking her clock and noting she only had 10 minutes to fix her makeup and make it to the meeting room.

The meeting went well, and Bianca did not show up as the Director and President made a clear point of noticing was a huge point for Maggie, though she was struggling to concentrate the entire time, her body in sexual desperation to cum. She fantasized about running back into the room after and mounting and allowing the woman to make her cum. She knew she would love it and couldn’t help herself checking the office as she left the meeting, but unfortunately Bianca was gone, and Maggie realized she would have to get home to relieve this pleasure even if it wouldn’t be one-tenth the pleasure without the new pale slut.

Maggie got home pulling into her assigned space of the flats. She sat in her car for a few seconds, her body still so on edge that she had trouble focusing on anything. She went inside the house and made her way directly to the bedroom planning on doing just that. She opened the door ready to masturbate as hard as possible when her heart skipped a beat.

“Amber! What are you doing here!?” Maggie’s body and mind were not ready for this conversation. Not right now, not after what she had just done with Bianca, she needed time to recoup but it looked like that wasn’t going to happen.

Amber looked up where she had been sitting on the bed looking attractive as ever and wearing quite skimpy gym clothes. “Hey Mags…I tried to text you, but I didn’t get a response. So, I came here, and your window was unlocked, and I wanted to talk…so I thought I would wait here.” Maggie looked at the girl on the bed annoyed but also amazed that Amber rarely looked hotter. The blonde was in a tight black sports bra that didn’t do well in hiding her impressive chest. The pink extremely tight short workout shorts seemed to bend to every curve of her defined ass. Her blonde hair was in a ponytail and her pink lips full and cheeks slightly red from the exertion at the gym Maggie was sure she had just come from.  Her toned legs looked even better than usual, and her pretty face had a smile on her lips.

“What is with the outfit?” Amber asked, doing an up and down looking at the black stockings and business attire. “I mean you look great, but I haven’t seen you wear that before.”

“It was for an important meeting…” Maggie responded, still dazed and confused at what to do in this situation. The aggressive woman she had fought 8 months prior was still a bitch to 99% of people, but Maggie had joined the 1% that Amber treated differently. They had gotten close and she thought about how all the times they watched shows together and tanned (at least Amber did) together, and just acted like a couple. It was so obvious what was happening between and they themselves had ignored it for too long.

Lost in her own thoughts she didn’t notice Amber move off the bed towards her until the blonde pressed her chest into Maggie who moaned just at bodily contact of her missed lover. “Look Mags…I kinda sorta missed you… and thought we could talk about us after that last kiss you gave me. I’m…” The now-graduated student had trouble showing her feelings, but Maggie had helped and action was louder than words. 

“Amber…I.” Amber kissed her librarian hard and for a second Maggie felt like everything was perfect, her body ready to be satisfied by the blonde to unleash the unbelievable amount of sexual energy she had built up. She wanted Amber to strip nude letting her lightly tanned tits out and crush hers into them. Amber’s perfectly toned ass looked almost begging to be groped in the tight shorts and Maggie wanted to sink her hands into it, but the moment didn’t last.

Amber’s brown eyes shot open and she pulled back a look of shock and questioning on her face. Maggie could sense the sudden change and knew that she would have to come clean right now to salvage this situation in any way she could now. “Amber…I need to tell you before we start.”

“You…don’t taste like you…” Amber stated backing off her mind racing a mile a minute.

“I…umm…listen Amber; it was this new woman at work…we got into a big dispute and we had a sexfight to settle it…like what we did back when we first met!” She exclaimed thinking that would explain it all and Amber would totally understand that it was just a sexfight and not her looking for a lay, something her and Amber did a lot. “It didn’t mean…” but she had said the wrong thing and she knew it by the look of betrayal on Amber’s face.

“You…fought her, another woman…in the way we do…?” Amber paused, and the soft brown eyes turned hard and Maggie saw the smiling happy blonde turn back into the bitch who had threatened her to back off almost a year ago. “…you fucking Cheater!”  Amber had called her a cheater several times before in their fights, but this context was very different as the blonde turned and left the room. Maggie’s eyes went wide; running after her with a level of desperation in her voice. “Wait, Amber! Please I can explain more, I… I…want to talk about us too!” but her words failed as Amber kept moving un-moved. The Redhead caught up grabbing Amber’s right arm just before the punk girl made it to the door. “AMBER WE NEED TO TAL….” ‘SLAP’. Amber had flipped back and landed a perfect slap to Maggie’s face who fell back with a screech. Amber turned and stalked to towards Maggie. “Listen you fucking bitch. I thought we had…we were working towards…. UGHH. You know what? Fuck it. If I see you again I will kick your ass.”

The pain swelled in Maggie’s cheek as she looked back at Amber, a familiar rage building. “If you would just fucking listen for once!” She growled as Amber took a threatening step towards her not showing any signs of hearing her out.

Now Maggie swung her hand hard, ‘SLAP’, it connected with Amber’s cheek and the blonde recoiled slightly.  Maggie stood to her full height slightly taller than Amber because of her heels to the blonde’s runners as her green eyes blazed with anger unable to stop the words pouring out her mouth.

“Fuck you. You didn’t say anything about what you wanted! About us! I can’t read your fucking mind!”

“You should have known not to fuck someone else! I don’t give a fuck if it was a sexfight with some bitch!”

“What are you saying, you fucking hypocrite!? We both have been fucking other people since this thing between us started!”

“I haven’t fucked a single person since you fucking kissed me goodbye the way you did! It meant more, and you fucking know it! You were supposed to be mine now!” Amber screamed, almost sounding slightly hysterical, and Maggie became speechless and only responded in a much smaller voice.

“You’re lying…and it was a sexfight for my job, This Bianca woman, I had to do it; you know what my library means to me.” But she knew Amber wasn’t lying and didn’t care about Maggie’s job at this moment, she also just didn’t want to face the idea she had done anything wrong. Maggie’s memory was flashing back to one conversation with the blonde months ago when Amber had finally opened up to her with her past. Amber hated relationships after a bad one almost 5 years ago that ended in a lot of cheating and starting Amber’s path of anger, but it seemed like she had been warming up to the idea with Maggie. The redhead knew the blonde was a good person underneath her hard shell from the many conversations they had, and time spent together, and she liked her for that reason. But now Amber’s shell was up, and Maggie felt with dread she was back being in the 99% of people Amber despised.

Amber moved forward again, but this time Maggie didn’t lash out, letting them come nose to nose their bodies in contact. The smell of combat on one and the other of lifting weights sending each other into another internal frenzy.

“Don’t call me a fucking liar, whore. You are the one who ruined this.” Amber painted in anger. “I don’t care about other people and their cheating, but you did it to me, like the fucking slut you are.”

“Fuck you bitch.” Maggie hissed her anger reaching an all-time high even as she felt the pain of truth, but she was stubborn, and she refused to believe that Amber was blameless in the situation they found themselves in. “You always talked about fucking other people and you had no problem trying to break other people’s relationships…and now you act like I cheated on you. We never set boundaries because we weren’t and aren’t together!”

Amber’s eye twitched at the words like a second stab to her already unsaid broken heart. They stood face to face but being so close to each other wasn’t smart and their hormones screamed for them to kiss, grab, do anything that would start to satisfy the sexual urges and desire to be together. By instinct, Amber pushed forward with her tits into Maggie’s slamming her to a wall right behind using her soft womanly sandbags to hold the redhead there who grunted at the impact.

“And we never will be…I will fuck you into a coma whore if you try to fucking contact me.” She breathed directly into Maggie’s face who smelled in Amber’s scent causing her hormones to flip into overdrive. “It won’t be all fun and games like we’ve been having the last few months, I will fucking ruin you.” There was no love, no caring in that voice and Maggie could only think of their initial fights as that was the last time Amber had such venom in her voice directed at her, but again she wasn’t going to just take it from the punk girl without dishing it back.  

Maggie flipped their bodies and slammed Amber hard with her tits to the wall where she had just been held. “Don’t fucking talk to me like that slut, I know your body better than even you fucking do. YOU KNOW I can fuck you back and worse…” But she couldn’t stop herself from pushing her red lips onto Amber’s pink who kissed back eagerly; their emotions in total whack as they explored each other’s mouths seeing if it would help them understand each other. The kiss lasted a good 10 seconds until Amber pushed Maggie away with a long line of spit connecting their mouths. Their eyes burned into each other both questioning how it had come to this when just this morning they had been thinking about each other in an almost-couple like way.

“I know your body too…” Amber whispered threateningly a surge of desire coursing through them at the threats they had laid down about what they could do to each other if they really fought now. Fully experienced in using their sex on each other to devastating effects and knowing each other’s bodies down to the last inch. They glared for a few more seconds until Amber turned again separating their hot bodies fully. She moved towards the door and left the house making her way to her car that Maggie had not noticed in the spare space when she had been lost in her own thoughts. ‘Stop her! You can still salvage this relationship that you know you want!’ Maggie’s mind screamed. The redhead went after her blonde still yelling her name with a mix of anger, desire and desperation, but to no avail. Amber got into her car, her beautiful face passive showing little emotion and not looking at Maggie at all, drove off.  

Maggie watched the car go down and turn the street, the redhead’s mind stretched every single way unable to comprehend what had just happened. Her body was still beyond horny and now more so with the words exchanged with Amber, but her heart had a different pain. Her mind wanted something, but specifically Amber or hell even Bianca to cum against to relieve some of this pressure in her body so she could focus on it. She slowly made her way back to her room in a daze before collapsing on the bed, her mind flashing to Amber and Bianca’s bodies and their mixed taste in her mouth. A sudden realization she may have lost someone she had started to care about over a fuck off with her new work rival. She thought about Bianca who wasn’t going anywhere, and she was sure she would be desperate for a rematch, something Maggie doubted she could deny. She thought about Amber and how maddening the blonde was and how she already missed her. And she thought about herself and if she had made a mistake. She screamed into her pillows and hit her mattress with her fists; the frustration overwhelming her as she began to masturbate hard to flush out the thoughts, but it didn’t help at all and Maggie’s sleep was more restless than ever.

The End

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