A Quiet Affair by KingofDaPirates1

The library was nice and quiet; just the way Maggie liked it. At the age of 23, she had just graduated and was lucky enough to score her starting job at the local college’s library. She would often have the whole building to herself which she greatly enjoyed. She was a self-described nerd and anyone with a quick glance might have agreed. She was slightly tall and always wore very unflattering clothes. She had short, curly red hair and glasses covered her face which had a lot of freckles. But to the knowledge of only a few; Maggie’s body was something to gawk at.

She spent years toning her legs and large ass at the private gym on the campus and her stomach was fit and taunt. When she undid her hair down and took off her not really needed glasses that her green eyes hid behind, the woman was something else. But for everything else amazing about her body, her main source of pride was her tits. The fullness and size of Ds with the firmness of Cs and well-sized nipples to match that her pale skin was a nice contrast. Though she always kept them hidden it was a secret she enjoyed knowing hers were bigger and firmer than others. She loved to compare knowing that very few girls could even get close to her size and that she could lure most people if all she did was shed a few pieces of clothes. But she wasn’t into getting into full confrontations. That was not her style and she enjoyed being bit behind the scenes.

Recently finals had started and Maggie knew her peaceful library was going to be full of students who never had stepped foot in building. ‘Ugh’ was the only thought she could muster as she was getting ready to close the building at 10pm. Having people in meant she could not read as much as she liked…or sneak away to use the campus gym. She slowly made her way to back to the front planning to grab the keys and close the building when she heard a loud “POP”.

Maggie turned looking for the sound. ‘That sounded like someone is still here’ she quickened her pace and made it past the final row. As she turned the corner there was a young man with 5 books open around him and headphones in. ‘Oh looks like I missed one’, Maggie thought as she approached. She came up behind the man.

“Excuse me”, Maggie said lightly. The boy didn’t respond and she could hear the music blasting out of his headphones. She tapped his shoulder and he spoke without looking up.
“I’m almost done Amber…there are a lot of notes to copy!”. Maggie tapped again but this time harder.

“Hey!” he said looking up and stopping mid-sentence. “Oh I’m sorry, I thought you were someone else”.

Maggie looked slightly annoyed at the man, but now with a full view she thought he seemed kinda cute. “The library is closing, I’m sorry but you will have to continue tomorrow”, Maggie said in a softer voice and a slight smile. He did a quick look at her body and Maggie found herself in a rare situation where she wished she had maybe just once worn a bit more revealing clothing.

“Oh ok…yeah I just need my friend to come back and we will go” Wayne mentioned now looking around Maggie down the hall.

“Your friend?” Maggie questioned but just then a sound came from behind her.

“POP” Maggie heard the sound right as the clicks from apparent heels or boots from behind her. Her head turned and her eyes laid upon a woman moving toward her and the man. She had a punk rock look about her, long blond hair with a lot of bright pink streaks down them. Dark brown eyes and a nose ring. She had on a black leather jacket that was open showing a small white tank top. She had on skin tight jeans with a bunch of holes and rips some near her upper thigh. But Maggie only cared about 2 things. One: The woman’s tits looked huge even from a distance and Maggie couldn’t help start comparing her own chest hidden behind her clothes. Second: The woman was chewing gum and popping it. Maggie didn’t like when people chewed gum in her library and even more so when they rudely would pop it every second. She walked right by Maggie not glancing or even acknowledging the other woman.

“How are my notes coming Wayne?” The woman said to the man. She leaned down on the table keeping her legs straight as she bent down to the side of Wayne. Maggie could tell the blond was showing off her tits and giving Wayne a side view into the deep pale creamy cleavage of the blonde.

‘How big are those..’ Maggie thought seeing the blondes tits as she was subconsciously pushing her hidden tits forward covered under her oversized sweater.

“I am close, but the library is closing, and I can’t check out these books. I will have to come back again tomorrow. “Wayne stated trying to look her in the eye but failing.

“Aww you sure you can’t finish tonight? I need these for class tomorrow.” she put on a pout and gave a little jiggle. Wayne’s face went redder. She pink streaks swayed as did another jiggle and continued making sure Wayne’s eyes did not leave her tits.

“Don’t worry about this woman, the library can stay fucking open a few extra minutes”, Amber said giving Maggie a small glance, the first acknowledgement to the red head. Maggie had had an enough and was already tired of the attitude this chick was displaying.

“Excuse me? No, the library is closing now and you both will have to leave.” Maggie stated with a huff. Amber now turned her head completely doing a very obvious up and down of the red head. The blonde sighed acting like she didn’t hear the redhead but did seem to change her mind about staying

“Ok…looks like you just won’t get the special tonight…Wayne”, as Amber trailed off now standing up straight running an arm on Wayne before taking a few steps away. She continued ignoring the red head and stood aside on her phone her tits nearly popping out of the white tank top. Wayne began to pack up but Maggie watched him glance at the other woman’s giant mounds of flesh. She knew that this girl did not have any idea that her own tits were just as big, making Maggie smile slightly.

Maggie watched as the blonde did nothing to move and went to help the young man. Amber looked up with another pop. “Let the woman clean up, I want to get back to my house fast”. Wayne looked up and looked over at Maggie. Maggie could see the unknown idea of the man’s face as he wasn’t sure what to do. If big titted punk girl had asked nicely she would have happily put the books away, but the attitude made this difference.

“Can you could not chew gum in here?” Maggie stated blandly. She didn’t know what made her say such an aggressive statement but it felt right. The punk rock girl once again turned her attention to red head with a look that said without saying… ‘What did you say?’ She did one more up and down of Maggie and again for the second time this night Maggie had wished she had been wearing a more open outfit to match the blonde. But the blonde did not stay anything. She simply grabbed Wayne’s hand and pulled him towards the exit making another loud POP with her gum. The man giving no effort to stop her and leaving the whole mess of stuff for Maggie to clean up. Maggie watched them go and took a notice of how big and firm the blonde’s ass looked in the jeans. She felt her own butt and found herself for a split second wondering if hers was bigger and stronger but the thought passed quickly. As she turned to now clean up the books trying her hardest to forget the last 5 minutes, but did find herself looking in a mirror at her own massive jugs and ass in the break room a little longer as she finally closed the building.

Over the next week Maggie watched Wayne come in everyday doing notes for Amber. The blonde only appeared occasionally but always in the end of the night trying to show off and clearly alluring Wayne to do the work more and more quickly. Maggie found herself also talking to Wayne more after the young man had come to apologize for not cleaning up his mess. She had brushed it off…mostly. They found themselves chatting nearly every day after that moment. She kept telling herself not to doing anything or get involved but she couldn’t help it. Something was drawing her to Wayne and the situation he found himself in with Amber. It wasn’t that she was very attracted to him but more knowing the blonde was using, maybe even needing the boy sparked an unknown fire in her belly. What was this fire, she wasn’t sure.

She spent hours thinking more and more of what it was…’maybe it was the competition or something like that.’ She thought to herself recalling the eye contact Amber and herself had and the up down look the slutty dressing punk girl gave her as if judging her hidden body. She honestly was not sure what was with her. Maggie had always been quiet and only did these internally in her mind for maybe an hour after seeing a girl. Even after she had gotten the body of her and many men’s dreams with her tits, her strong smooth belly and ass it was not something she thought would be this big an issue. But this other girl was different. The blonde did not seem to one to back down and Maggie had this reoccurring thought of her proving her body was better than the blonde on their first meeting. She had long had these ideas for other girls but none had been as intense as Amber.

But in reality she had no intention of doing anything like usual…that was until 3 weeks after the first meeting. Maggie’s week was ending well. She had gotten a lot done and had even had a several conversations with Wayne as he appeared each night. But the last night was the most interesting as Wayne was clearing not drinking water in his bottle. Ironically she had worn for the first time in a while a slightly more reveling button up blouse and near the end of the night; had undone an extra top button. Not close to what she could have shown but enough to make people questions ‘is there more?’. Wayne had definitely noticed, and Maggie could see he clearly was more into the conversation than the work he had brought in. As was his slight waddle as he walked away, clearly trying to hide something when he went to get water throughout the night.

She had learned about his situation and it clearly looked like blonde Amber was giving him something more than just money to ensure she passed all her classes and allow her to enjoy the many raves and punk shows she went too. The poor man by the end of the night was very drunk and even started to spill the beans on what she did for him as she could tell he was getting close to her. Maggie listened to everything, and continued to feel a small surge of annoyance every time Amber’s name was brought up.

They chatted about work and other things like classes. It was all normal conversation until suddenly he burst out in a long rant much to Maggie’s surprise.

“I can’t help it! Her tits are fucking huge and firm the beset I have ever seenns…and her body is amazing.” He groaned slurring words and continued, “Her ass is something out of this world, like she must work out almost every day but still has a nice strong but womanly stomach. She will give me sloppy titfucks and blowjobs that are out of this world and if I can get her an A on report due Monday…I will finally get….” He slurred and didn’t continue that sentence but shifted. “I have been able to get girls before but the body of that girl is just too much”. “I have to keep working cause the sex is to good…”. He reached for his pencil but began to stop as Maggie had leaned forward allowing her tits to hang a little lower.

Maggie was making small internal notes of this information but honestly didn’t care. As much as their first standoff had been a little icy, the blonde had done nothing else to push her except the books, but she couldn’t help make small comments about the sexual comments she was hearing.

Maggie gave a small grin to Wayne, “There are a lot of girls with big tits and amazing bodies and I am sure you have met some. You don’t always need to do their dirty work to get with them”, Maggie said with a small smile and stuck her tongue at Wayne who let his eyes wander down to the open button of Maggie’s blouse.
She continued “And unlike your little punk friend, some girls like to keep it hidden and only show it when they need”, as Maggie adjusted her bra slowly. Wayne turned even redder at that comment but that was end of that area of conversation. They continued talking and Maggie also noticed that Wayne did not finish a single paper that night.

At the end of the night Maggie gave him a hug goodbye and pushed her chest a little more into him…just for fun. Wayne mumbled something and turned to walk home. Maggie closed up the doors and left with a small smile on her lips.

She didn’t think much of it until the next night when Wayne was not there. Maggie had worn a tight dark maroon sweater that did show her amazing rack size, but she had worn a jacket all day until everyone had left. Now she was letting her baby’s breath and show off to only herself. The black nice pants she was wearing were slightly tight and showed her ass off now that the long jacket was gone. She was closing up as usual when she heard the distinct clicks of high heel boots moving towards the desk. She looked up to her surprise, Amber was walking towards her with Wayne nowhere in sight. Maggie felt her pace quicken and she quickly wanted to stand up but held her position sitting and reading until Amber was right in front of the desk. The punk rock girl was wearing short jean shorts and the same black jacket with a tight red t-shirt that showed her impressive rack.

“Hey. I have a complaint.” Amber huffed and removed the lollipop she was sucking from her mouth. Maggie looked up and removed her glasses. She wanted to undo the bun her hair was in but stopped again trying not to show any emotion.

“What can I do for you?” Maggie respond trying hold back the sarcasm from her voice. Something about this woman put her on edge and she knew the library was empty at this time. The memory of Wayne last night came flashing back to her.

Amber had placed the candy back into her mouth and stared at Maggie; their eye contact lasted longer than it should have. She pulled the lollipop out of her mouth with a small pop and suck and began with a sigh, “Wayne didn’t finish the work last night, and after persuading him he told me it was your conversation that distracted him. Listen here bitch”, suddenly turning stern as the blonde leaned over getting closer to Maggie’s face. Maggie kept her face straight and her green eyes locked on to the brown. Amber’s shirt didn’t allow for any cleavage to show but if there had been anyone behind her they would have gotten an amazing ass view as the shorts barley covered her large toned ass when she was standing up. Leaning over it was another level.

Amber continued with the bitchy voice, “ I don’t know what you are playing but you should quit now. Wayne is here to get stuff done and not talk to a nerd who desperately wants a boy to fuck her. I need him for this class and trust me…there is nothing you can give him that I can’t give so much better…so back off.”

Amber emphasized her point by putting the lollipop back in her mouth and giving a hard large suck to it causing another loud pop much like her gum from earlier.

The eye contact continued but behind her blank look Maggie was shocked. She understood how this conversation had happened because Wayne clearly was desperate for the blonde and had used her as scapegoat to why the work didn’t get done. But the punk bitch had escalated so fast. Clearly Wayne had talked a bit much about her and now this woman was coming to stop it, but Maggie knew Amber was clearly very worried as she wouldn’t have come down here. Wayne must have really talked and she thought her source of free grades was in trouble. Well if the blonde slut had thought this would change something. She was wrong. Maggie was not going to take this. Clearly Amber had not been prepared as she quickly stepped back as Maggie stood up now higher than the still leaning Amber. She pushed her chest out and undid her hair from the bun but kept her glasses on.

“I don’t know what you’re playing at…Amber right?” Maggie placing her hands on her hips. Last time she had been happy that the jacket had hidden her hid her tits well but this time was even happier that she had picked such a tight sweater from her closet and matched Amber’s tight shirt and made her jugs look imposing.

Maggie continued, “I don’t know what you think you’re looking to do here? I haven’t made any move on your boy. We simply talked last night and just cause he didn’t get your work done….is not my problem.” She almost stopped there but she didn’t. “Or his, and if you fail because he doesn’t have one night talking to someone instead of doing your dirty work that’s your problem.” Maggie finished not breaking eye contact still holding her hands on her hips.

Amber looked taken back, she had not had many girls or people in general stand up to her the way Maggie just had, but she quickly recovered. She began to move around the desk her boots clicking on the way as she kept her eyes on the red head and moved towards her. Maggie held her ground and turned to face the nose ring girl as she came up to her side of the desk. Neither girl said anything until they were now in front of each other. Not quite face to face but closer than they had been before. They stood at the same height and though neither would believe it, a similar body type. Both girls had shifted and had their hands on their hips. The library was dead quite now except for the breathing of the girls and the occasional movement of Amber’s lollipop in her mouth. The standoff lasted for a solid 30 seconds until Amber began to talk again.

“This doesn’t have to go down you fucking loser,” Amber stated again with the same serious tone taking another step forward. “You can go back to your nerdy quiet life as a librarian and I can keep my business with Wayne private and without distractions”. The punk girl’s nose shinned in the dim light from the desk. They were now standing about 5 feet apart.

Maggie now took a step forward matching Amber and leaving them 4 feet apart. Maggie began digging deep and bringing up her own bitchy voice, “You need to get over yourself bitch, you come in here like you fucking own a person. I should fucking report you to the school board for cheating and then we will see if you act like such a queen punk bitch, I have more on you than you have on me”.

Amber’s eyes narrowed further and took another step making them 3 feet apart. “I will fucking destroy you if you even think of spreading one word”, Amber snarled at Maggie showing her teeth like a wild animal. Maggie put on a sassy tone knowing she had hit a nerve.

“Then you better leave me alone”, Maggie finished with an end like tone but also showed her teeth right back at Amber in a wild grin. She had an urge to step forward and push her breasts into Ambers’ but thought better of it at that moment in such a tense atmosphere and she wasn’t sure what would happen. Maggie for 1 second thought she had ended the conversation but Amber wasn’t done. The last threat of telling people about her setup caused her to know she had to make a stronger statement to this freckled loser. Amber reached around Maggie in a swift movement that avoided contact but left Maggie suddenly on the defensive. Both girl’s chests would have met if Maggie had moved back. She took a step back and didn’t notice in time that Amber had picked up the book Maggie had been reading.

“Hey! What are you doing!?” Maggie yelled as Amber moved back separating themselves. “That’s a first edition and the libraries’!” was the last thing Maggie could yell as Amber ripped out some pages. The truth was Maggie loved books and to rip one; especially a special one like that was a personal attack. She could lose her job as well letting this happen.

Amber laughed at Maggie’s distress. Ripped out a few more pages and tossed the book aside right as Maggie reached for it almost crushing their bodies together but they missed contact. It feel a few feet behind the desk and away from Amber and Maggie couldn’t help herself running to it and picking up the remains trying to assess the damage.

Maggie was ready to launch herself as Amber continued to giggle backing up still sucking her lollipop but talking with her in her mouth.

“Listen good cunt”, Amber remarked stopping her laughing. “Consider this your first and final warning. If you get my path again I will tear every book apart here getting you fired…and I will claw your face so the few boys who look at you now; won’t again.” A mental and physical threat to ensure the redhead would NOT try anything Amber concluded. Maggie stood there holding the torn book. She was ready to rip the punk bitch to shreds but she knew this would not be enough. She had to hurt Amber the same way Amber was threating her; with her school work. After that then she could worry about physically fucking up the blonde. The two ideas ran thru her head at light speed but as Maggie looked down at the torn book her choice was made. She would fuck up the blonde using the in her own way, and then after do anything else. Maggie put on a façade of submissive which she could do quite well. She didn’t speak as she knew her voice would not be able to keep the sarcasm out. She simply nodded at Amber faking her consent. Amber looked satisfied at her work.

‘Well that was easy’ Amber thought dropping the lollipop stick now finished on to the floor and in the silence it felt like a hammer. She turned away from the redhead making her way around the desk and towards the exit. She was glad the glasses wearing slut was a submissive but a subconscious bit of Amber had been hoping that Maggie would have been a bit more aggressive. She had definitely noticed that the woman had a better body than her dressing modest behavior showed but in the end Amber didn’t care. ‘Well it doesn’t matter, there should be no issue with Wayne’s big report Monday.’

As she walked toward the door she found herself swaying her ass with a bit more thrust in the hips in the short jeans shorts. For some reason it felt right to Amber; taunting the nerd with her ass. The redhead’s body might be nicer than she thought but her own body was better her and it gave Amber a thrill to make sure the other woman knew. She kept this up all the way to the exit opening and glancing back to see Maggie staring at her. Amber thought it looked aggressive but it passed. She had won this mind game and in her mind it was over. She left with a sexy grin on her pink lips.

Maggie had watched Amber’s ass sway all the way down to the exit. She felt her hands go to her own ass to feel the fat muscle she possessed. She could tell Amber was taunting her with that ass and it was working. She held the second urge to chase after Amber and prove somehow hers’ was better. ‘No Maggie’ she told herself breathing heavy as the door closed and Amber’s hair and ass disappeared into the night. ‘She thinks she has won and scared me off huh’, Maggie reached down picking up the lollipop remains and stared at it. ‘This war is just beginning’, Maggie screamed internally letting the façade fall. The silence of the library eerie as she cleaned up quickly and headed for home a plan brewing her in head.

That night Maggie made a plan. ‘That slut wants to play a game, wants to come to my library and threaten me over some bullshit’. Maggie had not been this angry in a long time, her normal reserved self being left in the dust as she thought of her next move. Then she remembered. Monday the big report was due that Amber wanted an A on. Wayne would definitely have to be at the library Sunday night…that is when she would make a move. What happened after; Maggie was not sure. Something told her Amber would come for her and make due on the implied threats but Maggie would be ready for anything. She dug into her closet pulling out an outfit that she hadn’t worn in a while.

Sunday came quickly and Maggie had not seen Amber since the night a few days later. Maggie wore a shoulder free sundress with a yellow strapless bra that allowed her cleavage to show to nearly its full display. A string white thong was hidden underneath the dress that was basically like floss. Her glasses were off and her hair she decided to let down. When she looked in a mirror, she confirmed, she looked fucking hot and the nerd was going to use her body to lure her trap. To be fair Wayne never had a chance. The minute he walked in his eye’s nearly popped out of his sockets.

“Hey Wayne”, Maggie smiled as he walked up staring right at her jugs. Phase 1 check. Maggie continued, “I have gotten you a private study room today…as I know you have a lot of work to do….” She swayed a little bit watching Wayne’s eyes follow.

“Ummmmm” was all Wayne could mutter clearly as his mind was over running. He found his voice, “I’m sorry Amber came to see you. She demanded and…” Maggie cut him off. “Don’t worry about it…it was fine” she lied but licking her red lips might have been a tell. Wayne didn’t catch it. She continued before he was able to speak again. “Well, I don’t want to hold you up…” Maggie let out a small giggle, “Let me grab you the key.” She turned around and picked it off the key ring but ‘accidently’ let it slip thru her fingers. The keys hit the floor and Maggie followed making sure the desk covered for her but gave Wayne for the second time in 10 seconds the view of a lifetime. She had straight legged it down and even pulled the dress up slightly. Her long toned muscular legs in full display in the small heels she was wearing. She leaned low enough that Wayne saw just a peak of a white for only a second. She turned back and Wayne’s face was a deep red. She handed him the key and let their fingers touch.

“Have a nice night studying”. Maggie smiled as Wayne walked away in clear discomfort but even as he got to the room, he wasn’t alone at all. Maggie appeared every few minutes “Checking in” as she kept saying. Wayne hadn’t been able to get a single thing done after almost 3 hours with the redhead’s constant appearance and her suggestive movements and comments.

The hours ticked by and Wayne had still not started. He looked up at the clock and then to Maggie who right on schedule appeared, boobs jiggling and legs defined. “Maggie I really need to start or there is no way I can finish this paper.” He stated finally looking away and down to the paper.

Maggie knew she was close to getting her victory and if all Wayne needed was a bit more distraction to get her over the finish line. “I understand Wayne….but how about instead of you working on that, I work on you”, she said seductively. Maggie closed the door behind and locked it. She also lowered the blinds even though she had already cleared the library out. She turned back and made her way over to Wayne moving in a slow dance like walk.

Maggie drooped to her knees when she reached Wayne. She slowly removed Wayne’s pants keeping her eyes on Wayne. Her teasing had already done its work as he was erect. She also glanced at the papers on the desk and was thrilled to see them all blank. Her distractions had worked. She began with a long lick up and down the dick grinning as he groaned. She began using her normal tactics with small sucks and slight rubbing and kept this up as it heated up in the room.

“How does that feel sweetie?”, Maggie asked using her hands up and down the shaft.

“Good.” Wayne responded but that was it. Maggie’s eyes narrowed. She knew she was being compared to Amber and her mind flashed back to what Wayne had mentioned about sloppy. She had to make sure that it was better than Ambers’ or Wayne would finish the work and run back to the blonde bitch. Maggie started making as much saliva as possible and began covering his whole dick and balls. In an instant she got the reaction she wanted. Wayne started to moan with his eyes close. Maggie’s lips were covered in spit strings connecting to the dick as she went in faster and harder. She also lowered her dress and strapless bra bringing out her humongous tits.

“Hey Wayneee, you said you liked sloppy big tit blowjobs right?” Maggie asked coolly. She began to use her big weapons as she enclosed his tick in her tit flesh. Wayne’s mind was going crazy. Every time Maggie stopped using her tits for a second, she would go in with her mouth deep throating for a second; Wayne could see her large heart shaped ass. Her dress had hiked up and the white string floss gave an extra surge to Wayne. The blowjob lasted a good time as Maggie would back off if Wayne got close. ‘This girl is as good as Amber…”, was Wayne’s last thought as Maggie glanced at the clock and decided it was time. She used her tits and crushed his dick’s head. He began to cum with the first shot hitting Maggie’s tits before she enclosed her lips around it keeping eye contact as Wayne tried to watch. She gave a good suck and emptied the man’s balls swallowing the load. Maggie separated from Wayne rubbing the one string of cum around her tits before pulling up her bra and dress.

“How was that?” Maggie said with a bit of flirty intent. Wayne struggled to answer at first but found his voice.

“Amazing.” He stated still breathing heavy.

“Best you ever had?” Maggie asked trying to keep the seriousness out of her voice.

“Honestly, I think it was…I mean you and Amber are so close in skill and, I can’t believe I’m saying this but body. Holy shit Maggie your fucking body is insane, how the fuck do you hide it so well?”

Maggie fake smiled at the boy slightly annoyed that Amber’s name came up in skill next to hers. She should have expected it but it did confirm how dirty and sexually skilled the blonde was.

“Oh you know, like I said. The best girls keep it hidden”. Maggie said still thinking about Amber’s skill with a blowjob compared to what she just did. An image flashed in her head of punk girl and her staring across a dick at each other before they worked the dick between them, competing to see who was better. Trading the dick back and forth seeing who can go deeper and make it wetter. Strings of spit connecting their lips to the dick but one think string of spit connected their lips from their accidental contact as they traded wrapping their mouth’s on the dick staring into each other’s eyes. Both ready to smash their tits into the other girl to force her off making the loser watch as the winner claimed the cum.

Suddenly the clock rang and the library was closing snapping Maggie back to reality. Maggie looked at Wayne expecting him to panic but surprisingly he looked pretty calm. “Looks like you didn’t get your work done…” Maggie said unable to keep the smile of her face while sitting down next to him just as he stood pulling up his pants and starting to pack up.

“Yeah for some reason I don’t care as much now about that” His dick limp, he continued “if Amber fails that’s her problem. You were right there are girls just as hot as her”, he said smiling but continuing. “She is gonna be so pissed though and I don’t know what I am going to tell her.” He had finished backing and Maggie got in front of him.

She looked up slightly at him and in a serous voice, “Tell her exactly what happened here…every detail and the exact reason you didn’t get her work done…especially who was better”. She stated looking directly in the eye of the boy.

Wayne looked surprised but decided not to question it. “If that’s what you want…I am sure she will come for you…” he stated.

She smiled. “That’s what I want”, Maggie stated with a glint in her eye but in such a serious tone that Wayne only nodded.

As Wayne left the library he had already sent the text to Amber to call him. He thought about what could happen between Maggie and Amber but decided it didn’t matter. He was going to stay out of it. ‘Those two big titted sluts can deal with their own stuff’. He had gotten two of the best blowjobs of his life though he honestly wasn’t sure who was better which would probably piss Amber off as it did Maggie. He also couldn’t help about how similar Maggie and Amber were when it came to getting what they want and how far they would go. Little did Wayne know the about the battle he had set in motion.

Maggie was feeling pretty confident the next day but and for once she didn’t have to work. She had thought about going in just to see if Wayne appeared for some more, but decided to enjoy her day off and just use the memory as victory. She relaxed and did a light workout before letting the rest of the day slip by and in a second it was Tuesday. She felt even more confident (which she didn’t think was possible) She decided to wear another sundress because maybe Wayne would show up again and she could play with his dick or she would flirt with some men. Hell, for any reason maybe she just wanted to have fun and let her hidden wild side out at the bars that night. The wallflower nerd had to take a backseat for a little bit. Though for some reason she didn’t think of Amber as she picked her outfit. She picked out a bright red sundress that this time had straps which let her pick out a more fancy bra and….she thought for a second ‘Yeah a thong is a good choice’. She didn’t have many after using her sting white one but she found the one she wanted. It wasn’t a string but more of a high waist panties thong that covered more of her lower back than her big ass and definitely left her huge cheeks uncovered while it came together at top of the crack and disappeared down cheeks. The red cloth string went to the front as it rode lower there covering just a millimeter above her pussy. She also picked up her fancy matching red bra that had the red straps and an exotic design. It had been a long time since she had worn these, she checked the mirror. ‘Damn, should I really wear this with this dress?’ She decided yes put on a little makeup, and headed to the library.

When she arrived at the desk mid-day there was a small note with her name on it.

‘Hey Mags! Some woman came looking for you late night yesterday saying you had a tutor appoint with her. Are you tutoring now? I told her to come in today to meet up. Sorry I didn’t text my phone isn’t working. Have a great shift.”


Maggie felt her pulse speed up every word. She knew this was Amber. The blonde knew Maggie would be here and the woman was coming for her tonight.

‘Fuck, I don’t have a change of clothes, why did I not think of that!’ Maggie pondered knowing she would have to face the punk woman in her red sundress she had worn today but then she thought it was fine. If it did come to blows then at least the flowing dress would give her some mobility. She looked up at the clock and realized it was going to be a long day waiting.

Wayne normally showed up at 5, but at that time no one entered the library. Maggie sighed. That was the clear final sign. At 7 the library had emptied and Maggie decided to close everything except the front door. She looked into one of the mirrors around and took a good look at her body happy on how fucking hot she looked and for some reason that meant a lot as she knew Amber was on her way.

At 8 Maggie was sitting at the desk an open book in her hand but she was not reading; just waiting. She heard the door open and close. She looked up already knowing who it was as she heard the distinctive clicks of heels. Amber was approaching a look of fury on her face. Amber saw the nerd and a small grin came over her face. Amber looked like she had been planning on going to a concert and looked smoking. The punk girl had on a very short plaid skirt dark red and black skirt with a white tank top that hung low allowing the top of her bright pink bra to show with a deadly amount of cleavage that matched Maggie’s dress. By just the top of the bra you could tell it was a nicer type of bra and the color matched both her lips and hair streaks. Her high heel black boots went to the mid café that gave the distinctive click that made Maggie’s skin crawl.

The girl was chewing gum and as she got closer Maggie put down her book and stood up. She wasn’t going to move around the desk and nothing was said until Amber made it to the front. The blonde put her hands on the desk much like their second meeting but this time the redhead took the same pose leaning forward. Their faces closer than their bodies but both girls were showing their own monstrous cleavage as a clear power pose. They locked eyes after glancing down at her opponent’s mammeries. They held the eye contact for only a few seconds before Amber began speaking.

“You know why I am here right?” Amber said barley able to suppress her anger.

Maggie gave her a sarcastic tone back “To rent out a book or return one you destroyed?” she said as the tension continued to mount.

Amber gave her a fake smile, “No not today, I am here to return something, but not that.” She stood up to her full height and Maggie moved to match. She continued, “I am here to return a slut who messed with my life to her place”. She began to make her way around the desk but unlike last time Maggie moved in the same direction heading for an aggressive collision. They both stopped an inch before their chests would have met. Maggie’s bright red sundress confirmed to go down to the same length as Amber’s skirt. They stood at the exact same height with the heels giving them an extra two inches.

“Well then I hope you are ready for a challenge because I’m not going anywhere” Maggie stated boldly flashing her teeth. Amber just smiled back.

SMACK. In a fluid like motion Amber had quickly and powerfully slapped Maggie right across her face. The sound resonated throughout the library as Maggie stumbled back on her heels. Her cheek in stung like fire.

“Hope you are ready for a lot of that”. Amber advanced toward Maggie who seemed to not be looking. She reached for her red hair to pull her face toward her but Maggie recovered quicker than she anticipated.

SMACK. Amber fell back her own cheek now on fire as Maggie finished feigning her hurt and had slapped Amber as hard as she could back. Amber had stepped back rubbing her cheek but Maggie didn’t advance on her.

“I am more than ready to deal with you bitch, come on.” The redhead stated enjoying watching Amber fall back.

Maggie turned and started to walk quickly away from the desk heading deeper into the library going away from the front door and the windows. Her heels clicking and her cheek still slightly stinging. Amber had quickly recovered and was fast on her tracks. 4 sets of clicks as Amber persuaded her opponent’s curly red hair. Maggie found herself swaying her hips and her ass so much that her dress would almost flow high enough to show the lower part of her ass; now taunting the blonde as the blonde had done a few days before. Amber watched Maggie’s ass intensely angrier than ever that the nerd would dare sway her red dress covered ass at her when Amber knew her owns was so much firmer, rounder, fatter and stronger. But Amber found herself swaying her own hips in a similar fashion as she followed the redhead. She could tell the freckled bitch was not running from her…she was leading her somewhere away from the front. ‘Fine, this bitch was to go somewhere more private, where I can really fuck her up’ was her thought. Maggie was thinking the exact same thing as she led Amber into the back of the library the ass taunting continuing the whole walk. The librarian had not had time to setup any of the rooms for what she and Amber were going to do to each other but she did know one place that might work.

She reached the door and opened it. The sign on it said breakroom. As Maggie entered she hit the lights and could tell no one had been in here in months. It was an average sized carpeted room with a couch on one end. A well sized Table with a few seats in the middle and a water jug/mini fridge that both looked like they hadn’t been used in a while near the door. Maggie walked in making her way to the open space between the table and couch. She turned back to face the door just as Amber walked in. The blonde took a second making a mental note of the room before turning her focus back to Maggie. She slammed the door and walked to the open area where Maggie was waiting.

“I am going to destroy you Maggie for getting in my way.” Amber stated standing there in her white tank top, plaid skirt, and black heel boots.
“No, I am going to destroy you Amber for threatening me with your bullshit.” Maggie responded standing there in her red sundress and red heel sandals. Both woman getting a slight thrill hearing the other use her name in such a tense situation.

The girls once again were finally alone and ready to begin whatever they were going to do. The break room was incredibly quiet even during the day. The sound proof walls meant unless someone was pressed against the door, they could barely hear what was going on inside. Their slaps outside at the desk caused them to breathe heavy with anger but otherwise they felt fresh.

With a scream of anger and frustration Amber jumped forward and reached for Maggie’s hair. Amber’s blank nails gripped the red curls as Maggie; instead of defending herself launched her own red nails at Amber’s hair. Both girls groaned as they began a growling hair pulling catfight. It was on. They pulled each around for about minute keeping their bodies’ way from each other. They ended up in a trying to pull each other down the opposite way. Maggie’s red sundress flowing with each pull the opposite direction of Amber’s short plaid skirt. Each time a girl had a good pull the flow of their dress and skirt would run up showing a small piece of ass. Their large tits not close but clearly jiggling in their bras with the cleavage showing.

“I am going to ripe your fucking curls out of your scalp!”, Amber groaned as she tried to pull Maggie to the right and with a sudden surge began to get Maggie to move. Maggie screamed as Amber had a stronger hold on her hair than she could grab the blondes. Maggie gave up the resistance and continued to scream as Amber dragged her by the hair around the small room. Amber prepared to use her arms to throw Maggie down, she turned her head but at the exact wrong time. She felt Maggie’s resistance stop and the blonde turned as Maggie’s open hand slap landed directly on her face. The slap was a loud crack and Amber stumbled back on her for the second time on heels. Dazed for a second to long she felt Maggie gripping her blonde silky hair and she now screamed as Maggie attempted to rip each hair out with her hands

Amber screamed again, yelling “LET ME GO!”, as Maggie began to pull her towards the couch but was forced to release as Amber swung her leg attempting to kick her. Maggie dodged and they began to circle each other hissing like cats as they looked for an opening. Maggie went in for a slap but Amber blocked it with her arm and this led to a slapping catfight as the girls launched a flurry of slaps at each other. The slaps rang out as they mostly hit arms and hands like bells in the room along with their heels clicking each step. They yelled out obscurities at each other with each shot.

“BITCH”, Maggie groaned as more slaps began to sting.

“FUCK YOU, FUCK YOU”, Amber growled back as she attempted a new tactic. She lowered her shoulder and went for a spear like tackle into Maggie’s stomach which hit with full affect.

“UGHHH” Maggie groaned as Amber pushed and slammed her back to the wall. Amber’s torso was parallel to the wall as she had slightly pinned Maggie. Amber relived the pressure slightly before slamming back into Maggie digging her shoulder again into Maggie’s belly.

“FUCK!” Maggie groaned again. All she could do was slap at Amber’s back but that was having little affect. She then grabbed Amber’s white tank top and pulled covering Amber’s eyes. Amber went for another dive relieving the pressure once more but Maggie acted. She threw her knee up attempting to hit Amber in the nose but missed and only took out an arm. If Amber could have seen through her tank top, she would have gotten close look at Maggie’s red thong as her dress hiked up with the knee. Amber didn’t get a strong slam onto Maggie with her hand falling and the redhead used that moment to pull the tank top higher and pull it to the right with Amber in tow. Amber desperately wailed around as her head was trapped in the cloth. She swung her leg and hit Maggie in the leg with the red head hissing in pain but she held onto the cloth. Amber decided she was going to have to sacrifice her top to get out of this predicament. She stopped resisting and slid out as Maggie pulled off the top off separating the girls.

They were both breathing heavy as they took this separation as a chance to catch their breath.

Amber spoke first after a minute. “Give me my fucking top, I have a show to go to after I kick your ass,” now standing in her pink bra and skirt.

Maggie didn’t respond, but gave Amber an evil grin. She held the white top and using her nails created a small tear before ripping it open. Maggie laughed as she did so but didn’t get the reaction she wanted. She thought Amber would attack wildly but Amber’s eyes narrowed and she began to move forward with a more determined focused face now taking a boxing pose. Maggie moved to match her striking a similar stance. They moved in close once again circling each other. Maggie threw a small punch but Amber brushed it off. They traded a few quick jabs. Neither girl had any boxing experience but they continued this dance for several minutes aiming for each other’s faces every shot. As they got closer Maggie missed a punch on Amber’s face but as Amber covered her cheek; Maggie hit her slightly in the tit. It wasn’t the intent but it opened a new tactic. Now they aimed solely for each other’s massive breasts but still besides the slight glance from Maggie, neither girl could get a good hit. Maggie tried a new move and feigned Amber’s swing, and swung low. It hit Amber in the stomach and Maggie, for a second, thought she had a strong hit before getting hit herself on the side of her head with Amber’s elbow. It was not a strong hit to do any damage but enough to knock Maggie towards the table.

Maggie stumbled and put her hands on the table to stabilize but Amber was not about to let her rest. She came up behind Maggie and with pushing her bra covered tits into the redhead’s back, she attempted to put the girl in a full nelson. The punk girl tried to lock her hands at Maggie’s back but Maggie struggled like a wild animal. She lifted her leg and used the toned muscles to push off the table putting all her weight on Amber. The blonde fell back pulling the red head with her. They landed with a thud as Amber felt Maggie’s weight on top of her. Maggie thrashed trying to get away and Amber had to let go to not get hit from the girls flailing arms. As Maggie tried to roll away Amber got a grip of the back of the red sundress missing the bra strap by a millimeter. Maggie rolled but with a loud rip. The straps had easily popped and the back tore of Maggie’s dress. The girls had separated again as Amber sat up on her ass her legs slightly open. Maggie had rolled away but as she pushed herself up her dress fell past her boobs and left it only half on holding at her waist, her red bra and tits now open in display matching Amber.

Maggie looked down infuriated that her dress had been torn and Amber noticed the fury.

“What’s the matter nerd? Mad your dress couldn’t handle the heat?” Amber taunted getting on her hands and knees and crawling towards Maggie. Maggie’s dress was now scrunched up near her stomach after the back had been ripped leaving her bra covered breasts mashing with Ambers’ whose white tank top was left torn on the side leaving them in their shoes, bras, thongs, and a skirt, dress.

Maggie crawled as well to meet her but before they came together they turned and began circling each other. The skirt and dress were not long enough to cover the full ass of either girl as they moved around each other following the ass they had swayed to taunt earlier. They got glimpses of the power muscle cheeks as it became clear that their opponent was wearing a thong. After two minutes of stalking, hissing and of course ass taunting with them swaying and even pausing for a second making the other girl see her opponent’s full fat ass. The girls then dove at each other but for once they did not go towards the hair or face. They attacked each other’s legs clearly trying to remove the final pieces of non-underclothing as humiliation became a priority.

Neither girl was using any sort of defense for their remaining clothes or shoes. In less than a second all four shoes had torn laces and buckles and tossed away. Then they went for the real prize. Maggie griped Amber’s plaid skirt and began to pull it down while Amber attempted to pull down the red dress. It dawned on both girls that whoever lost their skirt would be the first in her thong and bra as the fight got more savage to get her opponent down to her underwear, humiliation still on their minds. Still laying opposite they attempted to kick each other’s face but couldn’t get any momentum as their arms had a good lock around the legs.

RIP. Maggie heard the sounds as Amber had given up trying to pull the dress off of the redhead and was now just tearing at it as she had done the top of the sundress. Maggie followed suit and started to shred the skirt as they almost stopped everything else but focused on removing the clothes.

Amber suddenly realized that she had succeeded in tearing the dress off the redhead. She rolled away suddenly hoping her skirt held but no luck. Maggie had torn the skirt of her body and was holding it. This left them in only their bras and thongs as Amber rolled away. They now laid 6 feet apart. Maggie rolled onto her stomach and turned her head to look back at Amber. To her surprise her brown eyes locked to the blue of Amber who was already staring at her. They both now got a full glance on how big the other woman’s thighs, legs and of course their strong ass was.

Maggie was about to push herself up but then an urge came over that she couldn’t stop. She went down into a downward dog position with her shoulders and tits on the ground and ass in the air. Amber got the fullest view of Maggie’s ass she had seen along with the red pantie thong. Maggie wasn’t sure what caused her to do this, expect the ass swaying had led them to this moment? .Amber clearly accepted the challenge and went into her own downward dog showing Maggie’ her own huge ass and pink thong. Their eyes remained locked as much as they could but they kept glancing at the muscle they had only had glimpses of and been taunted with. For some reason it was important for Maggie to show and prove her behind was better than Ambers while Amber felt the same.

“Not much of an ass you have there”, Maggie lied following the pink line with her eyes.

“Bigger and stronger than yours”, Amber hissed back. They glared for a second but the moment passed though and they pushed themselves up moving towards each other bra covered tits leading the way.

As they faced off on their knees Maggie went in for a slap that Amber grabbed. Maggie tried using her other hand and as Amber grabbed that hand as well it put their bras in contact. They both noticed and in an instant Amber released her hands and tried to wrap them around Maggie as the librarian did the same.

The woman had locked in a bear hug as each girl had wrapped their arms around each other’s back and was trying to squeeze the other out. Red and pink bras covered their nipples but the tops breasts was mixing as both woman tried to get hers on top and weigh down the other girl. Amber suddenly released her hold and Maggie thought she her crushed but was completely wrong. Amber had her claws unsheathed and was about to dig them into Maggie’s face. Maggie yelped and was able to get her hands up having Amber wrap her fingers around the red heads wrists. The girls began another muscular struggle as Maggie forced her way to stand up and Amber followed in turn.

“Fuck you!! DITRY BITCH!!” Maggie spat as her and Amber moved around the room one strong step at a time. Their thong covered asses and legs flexing with power each step one gained.

“You’re THE FUCKING SLUT” Amber growled right back at her. Anytime one girl got close to the wall with her back she would surge forward desperately to ensure they did not get pinned. As both knew to get pinned could be dangerous situation for herself. A gleam of sweat had long broken out on the girls but a new sheen was rising causing one of Amber’s hands to slip and the sudden loss of contact caused them to stumble and Maggie reached out to stop herself from falling. She gripped the only thing she could in front of her, Amber’s bra. The fancy bra already had a huge amount of weight from the massive jugs of Amber and Maggie falling was too much. Amber released Maggie’s other hand as the bra ripped down the middle of the string and to stop herself from falling with Maggie; Amber wiggled out of it as Maggie feel to her hands and knees with Amber’s now torn bra in her hand.

Amber looked down at the girl, “You bitch! That was fucking expensive!!” she yelled. She had the opportunity to kick Maggie near her face but just seeing her favorite pink bra in the hands of the red head made her only want one thing.

“You want to rip even more clothes huh?! FINE!” she reached down and grabbed the back of Maggie’s bright red bra. Maggie’s huge boobs much like Ambers’ had put a lot of strain on the hooks. Amber did not know this and using a massive pull the hooks snapped easily but Amber had pulled way to strong thinking the bra would have held for a little longer.

“AHH” Amber yelped falling back with the broken nice red bra in hand as Maggie had adjusted to pull slipping off her bra and letting Amber fall. She fell on her ass a few feet away breathing hard and now staring as Maggie looked up and they locked eyes again. But as Maggie pushed herself up to her knees and Amber took a similar pose feet away neither could stop themselves from their eyes seeing the huge firm tits in front of them. Two things made both girls gasp slightly. First one the size of their opponents tits. Neither Amber nor Maggie had ever seen in person another woman possess globes like outside of a mirror. Suddenly a new question had arisen in their minds…who was bigger, firmer, and knew how to use them better but this was a question the girls did not expect to answer.

The second was something that the girl’s bras’ had hidden well. The erectness of their nipples. Both woman nicely sized areola and nipples were in display. Maggie’s slightly pink to Amber’s slightly brown. This was something both woman had not noticed during the aggressive style of their catfight but seeing their opponent’s sharp nipples pointing at them made them take notice of their own body’s reactions. Neither girl considered herself bi currently now but both had had lesbian relationships in their past; with Maggie fucking her college petite roommate as a ‘practice’ at first but led to more almost the whole year. Amber enjoyed getting drunk at raves and had gone home with a few woman and even dated one a few months. Needless to say both woman knew how to pleasure woman and at the same time feel attraction to the fairer sex, their bodies slightly betraying their actions. Both woman showed signs of clear arousal but the aggression allowed them to ignore it.

Maggie felt her tits allowing her hands to fill up with her fat globes. She felt her hard nipples pointing directly to a pair that could match them. Amber gripped her own tits and gave big squeeze showing Maggie how full they were.

“That is a pathetic pair of tits you have their bimbo”, Maggie taunted again shaking her girls and giving them one more squeeze.

Amber gave her a sarcastic look and retorted the second time that night “Bigger and firmer than yours you fucking loser and I know how to use them.” She replied shaking her own girls with her blond hair moving in rhythm before making a big squeeze like a tit fuck.

For a solid minute the stayed a few feet apart, taunting each other and commenting on the other’s inferior tits and lack of blowjob titfucks skills. In their minds however it was worrying. Both girls realized that the other had tits that now bare clearly could match her own. Feeling ready the both released their own tits and went into a crouch like stance slightly standing.

They leapt at each other with their near nude bodies but their bodies failed to crash as their shoulders met first leaning into each other and they fell right back to their knees. Amber locked her fingers into Maggie’s and brought them down to their waist. Their nipples somehow not touched but a millimeter from another. But Maggie had another plan she leaned back and crushed her magnificent tits right into Ambers. The slap of tit flesh sounded like a clap as the four giant jugs met nude for the first time and the hard nipples dug into them. They groaned in tune as Amber leaned back and slammed her tits right back into Maggie’s’. Amber had never felt her tits crush into a pair so similar and this added a flair of anger and jealousy as Maggie’s tits met hers again and again without fault. The girl’s hands filed with each other’s hair but the focus was solely on their tits as the swung them into each other. Their nipples sometimes would flick each other directly. As they grabbed each other’s forearms they locked their tits between them and the fight focused on them slapping them when their hands would get free and pushing them into each other.

A few minutes into the tit bashing and rubbing Amber realized that neither girl was making any progress crushing her opponent’s tits. She would never admit it but she enjoyed feeling her girls meet a pair to match them…but she would have to win to keep that feeling. Amber went low and gave a big upper boob smash into Maggie causing both pairs to jiggle as they grunted with effort.

“GET ON YOUR BACK” Amber yelled as she surged forward pushing Maggie back. They began an almost wrestling like battle rolling around on the floor and attempting to put each other in holds. They screamed and wiggled out every time the other would get a good grab and force a submission.

The wrestling match continued. When one woman was on top, the bottom would scratch and slap her opponent’s back until she succeeded in changing holds or getting on top.

At the moment the nearly nude Amber was sitting on top pining Maggie’s arms with her knees with the redhead on her stomach. Amber’s toned ass on top of Maggie’s lower back and red thong. The blond had gripped both her hands on Maggie’s hair and was pulling hard.

“SCREAM YOU SLUT” Amber yelled as she gave a harder pull. Maggie unwillingly obliged, screaming as her curly red hair was in the hands of the blonde. Maggie groaned more and more as she found her hot body underneath Amber. Amber pulled again lifting Maggie’s torso from the ground. Amber released her right hand from the hair. She leaned forward a bit and from behind sunk her claw into Maggie’s fat right tit feeling her hard nipple in the mound of flesh. Maggie groaned louder and Amber growled into the librarian’s ear, switching hands and clawing Maggie’s left tit.

“Say, I quit slut!”, Amber growled again at Maggie leaning forward to say it directly into red heads ear.

“No!” Maggie growled back getting another clawing for her refusal but Amber had leaned to far forward. Maggie using her powerful ass lifted her hips after Amber had leaned off of the redheads back. Their two full asses’ bumped and Amber fell forward as Maggie slid underneath her pushing herself up. The blonde had to let go of Maggie’s tits and hair to catch herself and suddenly found herself in a doggie like position with Maggie behind her. Maggie had the view of a lifetime that men would die to see, Amber facedown with her pink thong covered as in the air. The librarian could have mounted the punk rock girl and take a similar position that the punk girl had her but the pain in her tits made her only want two targets. She grabbed Amber’s side leaning over the girl and rolled her onto her back. Maggie quickly sat down right on top of Amber and before the blonde could do anything, Maggie used her red claws and dove into the two huge breasts in front of her. Amber screamed from Maggie’s intense attack as Maggie’s nails dug in and her palms rested on Amber’s erect nipples. Amber struggled to retaliate and just tried to defend herself after a few seconds trying to grab Maggie’s hands and pry them away from her tits. Amber succeeded due to the sweat on both girl’s hands and her own tits, forcing Maggie’s hands to interlace with hers but Maggie wasn’t done. She quickly laid down flat with their hands forced out to the sides and brought their near full nude bodies in contact.

Maggie pinned Amber with their massive tits mushrooming each other, their hands still locked as Maggie wrapped her legs around and spreading them full eagle taking Amber’s legs with them. Maggie’s big toned ass flexing as it pushed her thong covered pussy onto Ambers’ both gasping at the contact. A long struggle endured as Maggie focused all her strength to keep the punk girl pinned while Amber did everything to get the librarian unloaded. Every muscle in Maggie’s body ached as she tried to use the weight of her chest to keep the blond down. But the focus switched to their asses as they flexed their proud muscle to force the other girl into the position they wanted. The issue was each squirm from Amber caused both of their pussies to hump the other as Maggie tried to readjust. This was causing both girls to heat up in more ways than one.

After 3 minutes both girls stopped squirming and seemed to try to take a break but the contact between them had taken their toll. Unbeknownst to their opponent a sticky wet spot had appeared on each girl’s thong. They could feel the sharpness of the nipples that had dug into each other which had been there before but now the sweat allowing them to slide erotically against each other as their tits fought their own battle.

They locked eyes as they pushed their foreheads together.

“I have you bitch. Give up” Maggie breathed heavily at Amber from both muscle exhaustion and arousal.

“Never”. Amber breathed back but she knew she had to think of something. She knew she was wet and was had started to feel slightly horny during the intense thong wrestling the girls had partaken in. She could feel Maggie’s hard nipples and for some reason she just knew Maggie was in a similar position in terms of how her body was reacting to the fight. Amber in a moment of desperation and arousal decided to bring out another weapon. She turned her head making Maggie’s go with it but before the redhead could react Amber used her tongue and licked Maggie across the cheek.

“What the fuck?!” Maggie pulled back but her words of disgust were betrayed by her body. Right as Amber had licked her; Maggie felt her pussy get wetter soaking her thong a bit more. Amber saw her chance and rolled the girls as Maggie had let too much weight off the blonde. Now Amber pinned Maggie in a similar fashion that she had found herself in just seconds before but both girls were already tired and could not struggle as much. Maggie’s mind was running… ‘This slut wants to lick huh? Fine!’ Maggie brought out her own tongue and licked Amber’s face. Amber was more prepared though and even though she too felt her thong soak a bit more; she kept the pressure on Maggie to stop any chance of getting rolled over. This did not deter Maggie though and she soaked her tongue with spit and began wetter licks on Amber’ face. Amber realized she had to retaliate in the only way she could as her body got hornier and hornier from each lick, like little shocks into her loins.

She wet her own tongue and started licking Maggie back just as wetly. Suddenly the only sound in the room was the smacking of the tongues in their mouths before leaving trails of wet spit on the faces of the girls. Amber’s tongue running over Maggie’s freckles as Maggie left long lines of saliva on Amber’s unblemished skin. Both girls desperately avoided the others tongue and mouth while still trying to get more on her than she had on herself. Amber had released Maggie’s hands as shift of the battle turned to the tongues. Maggie’s hands snaked down Amber’s back where they had focused their slaps and scratching. But this time her hands continued this time not stopping at the back and moved further down. Her fingers passed the thin pink string as the girls continued their licking fight.

SLAP. Maggie had raised her hand and brought it down spanking Amber’s ass which slightly jiggled from the impact.

Amber groaned in a little pain but way more in pleasure releasing pressure of her hips and giving Maggie a chance to roll back on top.

Amber found herself on the bottom again as Maggie tried to lock their fingers to ensure the blonde could not retaliate but it was too late. Amber’s hands reached Maggie’s strong, pale, big ass kneading the big muscle for a second before spanking it just as hard as Maggie had done to her.

Maggie moaned clearly aroused as her own ass gave the slight jiggle as Ambers’ had; her thong getting wetter and wetter.

“Fucking dyke” Maggie growled as Amber rolled them again after a second slap of Maggie’s ass that had prompted another moan from the redhead.

“You’re the fucking dyke”, Amber growled back even as the she moaned deeply as she felt Maggie’s hands rub her muscular ass and the redheads tongue get a good lick on her neck. Her pink g-string thong close to being fully wet as her pussy continued to drip.

They rolled a few more times easily as both their hands were now resting on the ass off the other woman. Each girl getting a good spanking from her rival along with a wet licking while on top. The top girl would moan and slightly hump the girl on bottom until they rolled again. Their boobs had also been crushed together the whole time which was just another as their areola and nipples would flick and rub making it just another battleground of a newly developing war.

Maggie found herself on top again with Amber basically massaging her ass like no one had ever before. Both girls eyes were closed as their tongues danced around each other but as Amber gave another squeeze Maggie groaned but didn’t roll trying to keep Amber on the bottom. Amber growled and wet her tongue again for a sloppy lick reaching up while Maggie wet her own and went down. They tried to go across the face of the other but this time they were on a direct path. Their tongues touched causing the biggest shock yet to their loans and nipples. Their eyes shot open while they gasped from the sensation and again as they saw the string of spit that had connected them break. Though they were more aroused than ever the spit swap snapped them slightly out of the trance they had found themselves in. Amber still on the bottom grabbed Maggie’s hair and pulled her slightly off then used her strong legs to lift up and knee Maggie in the stomach. Maggie fell to the side holding her side as Amber sat up. Amber took a second to feel her body and realized she couldn’t remember being this horny. She looked at Maggie and felt another surge of arousal but also mixed with more rage than ever. A feeling like she could rip the redhead to shreds but then fuck what was left. She needed more time to understand and plan out her next move. She jumped up to her feet as Maggie looked up just in time.

Amber ran from the room still only wearing her wet pink thong. Maggie yelled, “GET BACK HERE BITCH”, as she jumped up and pursued her also only in her own damp red thong amazed how horny she was watching Amber’s ass in front of her for a few seconds. Maggie knew the layout of the library but struggled as Amber had a good head start. With the many turns and she lost sight of Amber after a few seconds. Maggie slowed and got into a crouch now preparing for Amber to jump out at her from behind the many doors and corners. She knew the blonde was not running from the fight, she was simply changing tactics and after the licking that had just occurred; both girls were trying to gather themselves. As she continued her eyes caught the sight of a door closing. She quickly turned and walked to the door. ‘Employee’s only’ was the sign on top. Maggie knew what was behind the door. It was a big room with a bunch of old book shelves that were set in an almost labyrinth look and with no natural lights or lighting; it was the oldest part of the library. It was beyond pitch black in there and she knew if Amber had known that.

She reached to push open the door but something else caught her eye. A small pink thong was to the right of door. Her breathing hitched as she reached down and felt the small damp cloth which was clearly not just sweat. She felt her own pussy, the warmth and clearly the similar wetness. The message was clear from Amber. Do you dare strip your thong off and meet me in the darkness…nude. The sexual implications continuing from their struggle moments ago were very apparent and Maggie didn’t hesitate. She hooked the sides of the last remaining piece of her clothes. She straight legged removed it letting her wet pussy feel air for the first time that night and her ass fully bear. She felt like Amber was watching which is why she removed it sexually even though she knew the door was the only exit to the room and no one could see her. She picked up her own thong and tossed it next to the pink one she had already put back down. She took a deep breath and opened the door entering the dark maze, hunting a blond slut while also being hunted by her.

The darkness was near absolute and only the creaks of the many books could be heard. Maggie had entered the maze crouched and moving through the darkness. Around every corner she expected to run into Amber but every time she took a turn nothing lay ahead of her but she knew she was close. She could smell the blondes perfume and musk but she also knew the blonde could smell her too. After almost 3 minutes she came to a pause. Her body still so hot and this room she was in now never cooled anyway which did not help. A small soft noise caused Maggie to get into attack mode. She waited behind the nearest book shelf and waited ready to jump out and onto Amber but the blonde did not appear.

‘Where the fuck is sh…! Maggie let out a small gasp as she felt the heat of Amber’s body a millisecond before the blonde’s tits pushed into her back. Maggie gave a second slight gasp as Amber wrapped one arm around her neck while the other got a soft grip of the red heads ass cheek before running up the librarians back. Clearly checking that Maggie’s red thong was gone leaving both woman fully nude and together for the first time.

Amber internally sighed unsurprised that Maggie was nude too. The nerd had met her tit for tat during their catfight seemed to match her with every ante that was laid down. The thong being left at the front showed the punk girl that the librarian was every bit as horny and wet as she was and that she too accepted that the fight was changing with their sexual tactics taking a forefront. The nude challenge was on and the blonde wanted to make sure the bitch regretted it.

Maggie spoke, “You fucking nude bitch” as she continued to breath heavy, her massive chest moving up and down while Amber’s hard nipples dig into her back.

“You stripped your thong just as fast as I did cunt”, Amber replied aggressively bringing her free hand back down to Maggie’s bare ass and gave it a slap that almost seemed to echo in the walls.

Maggie suppressed her moan and replied. “I’ll fight you anyway I have to…”Pausing for a second and with a breath the redhead continued “even nude…”. As she said this she flexed her hips and rubbed her toned ass into Amber’s wet pussy causing Amber to growl from her bare cunt being rubbed. She slapped Maggie’s ass again prompting a small growl from the redhead before replying.

“I said I would destroy you bitch and I will use everything and anything I have to do that.” Amber hissed back, “You tried to fuck with my life and I am going to make you do my work for the next year when I’m done with you”.

The blonde went down to her knees’ pulling the red head with her but that didn’t stop the trash talking.

“You are dreaming punk bitch; I won’t do shit for a cock hungry slut like you. You came into my library and fucked with my books and my job. I will make you pay and report you for cheating.” Maggie taunted still in a disadvantages position on her knees with Amber behind her. She continued planning on infuriating Amber to get the blonde to make a mistake but she also meant every single word she said. Maggie continued as Amber seemed to be waiting to see if Maggie dared say anything else; with her pink nails resting on the librarian’s fat ass.

Maggie definitely dared and continued, “And I will use everything my body can do to get you to give up”. She stopped hearing Amber’s breathing pick up. Neither girl had really said or knew exactly what they were talking about but both felt hot as another gauntlet had been thrown down.

A few seconds passed as she heard Amber whisper, “You think you can use your pathetic body to make me submit?” As the blonde ran her nails lightly up and down the redheads back.

Maggie grinned in the dark, “Yeah, you can ask Wayne….or…” she was ready to get on with the showdown “or… I will show you myself.”

Unbeknownst to Maggie; Amber smiled evilly and calmly stated, “Then try to show me bitch and the winner will get what she wants. You won’t be able to move once I fuck you up”. But neither Amber nor Maggie really knew what kind of fuck she was referring to.

“UGHH” Maggie yelped as Amber roughly pulled her hair and head back leaving her neck open as Amber attacked with a soft small bite and suck into the side of the neck of librarian while her other arm released the neck of Maggie and she used her hand to rub Maggie’s huge right tit. Pleasure and pain. Maggie groaned as Amber continued to switch from rubbing Maggie’s whole breast and pinching her nipple. Amber continued to lick and nipple at Maggie’s neck but had brought her face to close and Maggie felt Amber’s hair on her own shoulders. She reached up and gripped what she could. She pulled her with her strength causing Amber to shriek and fall to her side as Maggie pulled her off. The red head turned around and dove awkwardly onto Amber in a sort of L shape with Maggie’s face ending up near Amber’s tits. She could have used her red claws but this was a different fight. She used her hands to hold Amber down and ran her tongue up the Blondes tit to the nipple licking it before latching on with her lips.

Maggie began to suck alternating between hard and light, flicking the nipple and giving it a light nip as Amber moaned deeply feeling like Maggie was trying to suck as much as her tit meat into her mouth as she could. She wasn’t pinned hard but the pleasure was making it hard to concentrate. Amber didn’t even realize her hair had been released and Maggie was using her other hand to knead Amber’s other tit. She continued groaning as Maggie continued to suck her tits as Maggie’s other hand that had been holding Amber’s leg began a small movement up heading the soaking wet pussy. Amber growled and used self-control to sit up but Maggie didn’t release and kept sucking following the nipple up. Amber wrapped her arm around Maggie’s head and pulled her in literally motor boating Maggie. The redhead could have drowned in the fat tits of blonde and quickly began to push her way off clawing the blonde slightly to make her let go leaving spit on Amber’s nipple. They separated slightly but could still see the outline in the darkness.

Amber stood again seeing Maggie’s outline rise. The outline suddenly moved forward and Amber wasn’t able to react in time as Maggie went in slamming her tits into hers and pushing against a bookshelf. THUD.

Amber’s hands interlaced with Maggie’s and the redhead forced them above their heads while they focused on bringing their nipples directly in contact. Even in the darkness Amber could see Maggie’s eyes looking at her while they made slight adjustments with their tits moving around. Amber looked down at the massive breasts rubbing and pushing into each other, slippery with sweat. She looked up again at Maggie’s eyes but she didn’t see anything. They had closed as Maggie leaned in and for the first time locked her red lips to Amber’s pink. It was soft and light almost as a goodbye kiss from two lovers, but it ignited a fire in Amber’s belly hating that she was being kissed while held against the wall. The kiss lasted a few seconds before Maggie leaned back breaking the contact just out of range of Amber. Amber was breathing hard as was Maggie as they both licked their lips. The librarian slowly leaned further back pulling Amber’s hands with her, the blonde’s back going off the wall for a second. With a growl Maggie slammed the punk girl back into the wall.

“UGHH” Amber moaned for a millisecond opening her mouth before Maggie’s wet tongue dived into it seeming to attempt to choke the blonde with her wet muscle. Amber’s own pink weapon met the invader and they twisted into each other as their lips met and they began to kiss deeply. Their lips moved up and down as they again began to exchange spit but this time directly into the other’s mouth. They kept kissing even as Amber pushed her way off the wall, Maggie too focused on kissing to keep the woman’s ass pinned. Their legs now spread and they both had a thigh within an inch of their opponent’s pussy. Amber’s hands found their way to Maggie’s ass while Maggie’s went in-between their tits and gripped Amber’s jugs. Both girls were groaning directly into their mouths as they attacked the different pieces of the body. Amber gripped both cheeks of Maggie’s muscular, toned, big ass. She gave them both a good slap before running a finger up and down the crack. She felt Maggie’s breathing hitch every time she got close to the asshole but pulled up before getting to that threshold.

Maggie was using her fingers to the best of her ability to pleasure Amber’s tits. She kneaded and fondled the mountains of flesh and she could tell Amber was feeling it as the blonde groaned in her mouth with the small movements of her fingers, but she felt like she was falling behind. Amber’s attack on her ass was making Maggie’s legs weak. Another slap caused her ass to jiggle in Amber’s hand and Maggie knew she was in a dangerous position. They were still kissing in the middle of the hall and she saw that if her legs went out Amber could have the chance to mount her and she didn’t want to give the blonde that opportunity not sure what would happen underneath the aggressive blonde. Instead of pushing she began to pull and move backward slowly not wanting to break the growing sloppy kiss but get Amber’s hands off her ass. Amber allowed her to get pulled back but twisted and surged forward pushing Maggie into the for once a wall instead of the books with another thud.

Amber broke the kiss with spit dripping from their mouths and on to their tits. Amber had released the librarian’s ass in time not to get pinned on the wall and her hands went straight to the tits of redhead. Maggie reached Amber’s ass but couldn’t get a good grip with Amber leaning her hips away and settled for the jugs as well as they fondled each other but Maggie needed a way out as she was feeling hotter than ever. She let go in a desperate move and her hands went to the wall groaning as her tits were pushed in and played with. She nearly jumped as felt around and surprising her hands found something. She realized in an instant where she was, more near the front than she had thought and her hands had found a table that held the flashlights the workers used to find books in the room.
She gripped it and brought it right in front of Amber’s eyes before flicking the switch bringing light for the first time in the room.

“What the fuck?” Amber fell back releasing Maggie from the hold as she was blinded with the bright light that illumined her face. Maggie didn’t advance on the blonde. She leaned on the wall breath heavy due to high arousal she found herself in. She moved light down Amber’s body with it shining on her massive tits first, nice stomach second, and finally a little lower. Her breathing increased seeing Amber’s bare pussy for the first time. The light showed the engorged lips and clear wetness Amber was feeling. She held the light there for a few more seconds before putting it up to Amber’s face seeing the brown eyes lock to hers.

She watched as Amber licked her lips even as the blonde said “What the fuck are you looking at?”

Watching the punk girl looking at her which for some reason made Maggie wetter. She slowly brought the light down towards her own tits knowing Amber’s eyes followed. Her tits almost shinned in the light before she lowered it as well to her own pussy. She knew she was wet but seeing it almost dripping made her made her internally groan. There was no point denying it or trying to hide it. They had kissed, licked, rubbed and spanked this was just about sex. She wanted to masturbate right then and there but her anger returned as she thought of the source of her wetness. She wanted the blonde to be wetter than her and for some reason that would be a way to win and get the blonde. Get the blonde to submit her to her body. The way the blondes eyes had looked at her; she could tell the bitch wanted the same.

She picked up another flashlight and rolled it at Amber who swiftly picked it up and flipped it for another beam of light, the two lights crossing like swords. Both taking time to rest and Maggie decided it was time to figure out how this would end.

“Ok bitch” Maggie started, “We can keep playing this game or we can figure this out.” Amber glared at her.

‘After all the shit that’s happened between them now this is coming up…’ Amber thought for a second but seeing Maggie’s wet pussy and knowing her own was matching, she had an idea where it was going.

“How about this…we get on our knees and whoever can get the other off wins.” She watched for Amber’s reaction but the blonde expression didn’t change. She continued, “If I win, you pay for the damage of the book you caused and you and I will visit the head office to confirm your actual grades…”

Amber’s stared at Maggie realizing this might be her best option. They had been fighting for a good hour almost two and the kissing had been a change. “You want to see who can get the off?”, Amber replied already knowing she would accept the way her body was acting, “Fine bitch was let’s do it but if I win, you are doing my work for the rest of the semester and will never report me.” She finished accepting the challenge, the civil conversation lasting as they made this agreement.

“Ok, let’s finish this…” Amber stated dropping the light next to her.

“Yeah, it’s time to settle this…”, Maggie replied letting hers fall as well.

They fell to their knees fully aroused and slowly made their way towards each other. The moved until their nipples aligned as they pushed their sweaty breasts into the matching pair. The fat tits moving and going around each other. The flashlight illuminated the woman making them look dangerous in the shadows and highlighting their features. One massive shadow behind them showed how their bodies had aligned. They rested their heads on each other’s shoulders while their hands both got full handfuls of ass. Both got a good spank before the hands returned to their opponents hips clearly waiting for the next move.

“I am going to finish you, fucking blonde slut” Maggie said as she turned her head to look at Amber.

“Not if I finish you first, cocksucking bitch” Amber growled back as she leaned her head forward and began to kiss Maggie who kissed back eagerly.

As they kissed swapping spit, their hands moved down their bodies inch by inch from their hips towards the wet cunt that they had avoided thus far. They got lower and lower before they were a cm away. They both internally groaned as they felt how smooth they were but they waited continuing to kiss seeing who would make the first move holding their hands above the wet cunt. Amber felt Maggie’s hand leave her for a second, she knew what was coming but would not stop it for anything. Maggie put 1 finger on Amber’s cunt and gave a long single stoke up sliding easily with Amber’s cum. Sliding a full length rub before moving back down.

“OHHH” Amber groaned breaking the kiss and now letting her own finger go up and down Maggie’s who hissed in satisfaction feeling the digit on her lower lips. They began a slow torturous rub up and down staring to kiss again. Any spit that fell to the side dripped onto their tits.

Amber took the next step and slowly inserted two of her fingers into Maggie feeling the wetness and warmth. It was so warm and she thrilled in slowing going up and down feeling Maggie’s body react to getting finger fucked.

“Oh god…” Maggie groaned breaking the kiss again. She slowly inserted her fingers into Amber covering her fingers in cum. Amber breathing picked up heavier. The blonde leaned in for another kiss but only got licked by Maggie across her face which Amber wetly matched.

They continued on their knees, tits touching slightly crushed while their heads rested on the other’s shoulders locking into wet sloppy kisses. Their fingers soaking wet with cum as the sound of pussy’s getting finger fucked filled the room. They licked and kissed. When they broke their kisses stings of spit connected them while they whispered threats into their opponent’s ears and nibbling them when they could. They masturbated each other had with two fingers inside the cunts while the outside two rubbed the fat lips in sync trying to last longest.

“Slut. I’ll make you cum”, Amber groaned right into Maggie’s ear.

“No, I’ll make you cum like a whore.” She breathed back at Amber with a small whimper.

“You’re not hot enough to make me cum.” Amber whimpered back as Maggie hit her g-spot slightly.

“Fuck you, I am”, Maggie got in just as Amber kissed her. They lost track of time the pressure building.

They squealed when one would hit a sensitive spot the pitch getting higher and higher as they neared a climax. Maggie’s hand was covered in cum as her fingers went in and out the blonde. The redhead turned her head to say something but never got the words out as Amber locked their lips together again as the edge was coming. Their tongues tried to push each other back as they held in the groans and screams they wanted to do. Maggie couldn’t believe that Amber was rubbing her this perfectly. She felt each time Amber’s middle and index finger entered her while the pinky and pointer glided on her lower lips. It didn’t help that Maggie’s pussy was wide open allowing the blonde to enter and clearly wanting more. Their nipples pushed into each other; their meaty tits on each other trying to crush the other girl’s pair. Now they were kissing deeply completely engulfed. Their clits had appeared desperate for contact as well and the girls took noticed using the girl’s own cum to rub it with their hand that had been inserted. Their free hands were holding each other up in the hair and also using the weight of the other woman.

Amber was so close to cumming as the woman attacked each other’s clit rubbing with the cum she had pulled desperate for Maggie to break. She had Maggie’s clit nice and out but the redhead had hers out to play as well. She kept up the attack and sucked Maggie’s tongue like a cock as she pulled it into her mouth.

Maggie felt it. Amber had hit the sweet spot to many times inside her and librarian felt a powerful orgasm seconds away with Amber rubbing her clit. She kept up her movements while Amber gave her tongue another suck. She only had a second. She used her free hand that both girls had kept in their opponent’s hair and in a fast movement ran it down Amber’s back quickly to the woman’s ass. She gave it a hard slap as the edge came for Maggie. She broke the kiss pulling her tongue away and groaned deeply from her core.

“OH FUCK” Maggie yelled at the top of her lungs as she began to cum, her body began to shake but she wasn’t the only one. The last spank from Maggie caused Amber’s eyes to open wide as an orgasm hit her.

“NOOOOO”, Amber screamed loudly as her toes curled and she began to cum with the redhead

Maggie let out a deep moan her body fully orgasming as she shook slightly trying to focus and attack Amber still in her own ecstasy. While Maggie’s pussy convulsed she took her free hand off Amber’s ass and began to masturbate her again now having a hand in Amber’s pussy and the other on Amber’s clit. Amber had the same position quickly and they each felt their pussies tighten around their opponents fingers the clits begin to go back in the hood as they tried to push each other further than them.

“OH GOD”, cried the blonde while she moaned matching Maggie as the woman continued to cum into each other’s hands. They went stiff into each other’s arms as the final wave washed over them. The girl’s hands left the other girl’s pussy as they could no longer keep it up. Their strength failed and they fell to the right letting their hands leave the other’s body for the first time in a while. They breathed heavy feeling the intensity fully trying to figure out what had happened. They lay side by side after such an intense orgasm their shoulders touching and their hair slightly mixed. As they lay there for a few moments there way only one thought in their heads. ‘Who had won?’

Minutes passed as the only sound in the room was labored breathes. Maggie and Amber laid side by side regrouping and trying to understand what had just occurred. Nothing had been settled with their simultaneous orgasms. Amber wiped her near running makeup from her eyes while thinking still amazed how this had come to. She had planned to come here knock the nerd around and rough her up in a bit of a fight. Make the bitch cry a bit if she got lucky.

Well she had gotten her fight but it was not what she had expected. They were literally fucking each but in a sense still fighting and she wanted…no needed Maggie to submit. Amber wanted more…a lot more. A small dam in Amber had broken and plenty more were ready to meet Maggie’s sexual endurance. How far would they go? She was snapped out of her thoughts by the voice of Maggie.

“You came first, you lose.” The redhead said still looking up at the dark ceiling.

Amber turned in her head, “What the fuck? You went off way before me.” She said staring at the side of Maggie’s freckled cheek wondering to herself again how she was arguing with another woman she was fighting about who had orgasmed first.

Maggie turned her head to lock eyes in the dim light and a light hiss escaped her lips.

“Well, you’re wrong. I felt your pathetic pussy tighten on my fingers way before I was close.” The redhead replied more annoyed and looking at Amber’s body slightly more aroused as well.

They starred at each other for a few more seconds as they thought their next move. It was clear they would have to continue as neither would accept a loss at this moment.

“You lose”.

“No, you lose”. The girls exchanged in an almost childish like manner. They were now glaring at each other while occasionally glancing down at the massive breasts near hers.

“Ok bitch, we need to settle this, but I’m tired of masturbating your disgusting body.” Amber taunted sitting up.

“Yeah? And you think I’m enjoying having my fingers up your gross pussy?” Maggie questioned back.

Amber gave a slight snort. “I think you did like it and I don’t think you could last 1 minute if we actually fucked.”

All the kissing, licking, masturbating and every other sexual tactics led to that line and in hindsight it was inevitable they would decide it with actual sex.

“I would make you scream instantly if we fucked” Maggie snapped back suddenly moving and getting in front of Amber on her knees.

“Aright slut, fine. Let’s do it. Let’s fuck.” Amber hissed getting to her knees to match Maggie.

Maggie huffed but clearly was not going to say no, “Ok. One last round. Your sex versus my sex. The loser cums into the winner.” Maggie stated with a final tone and began to move toward Amber. The blonde moved forward as well as they began to touch nipple first. Their huge tits slowly mushroomed as they titled their heads in opposite directions to kiss. They touched their lips so slightly that Maggie wasn’t sure they had kissed. Their hands both got a grip on the massive muscular ass; they kneaded it slightly amazed how strong it still felt. Amber slowly released Maggie’s ass and put her hands up to push her away. The redhead allowed herself to fall back to her ass and Amber went back as well right after. They widened their legs and the Maggie’s breath hitched seeing Amber’s open pussy. The blonde raised the stakes by using her fingers to spread her pussy lips to show how wet it looked. Maggie quickly matched the pose and Amber groaned internally knowing her perfectly smooth cunt was about to meet an equally smooth slit…and Maggie’s clit was waiting for her.

Maggie leaned back further but moved forward to slide her legs past the punk girl another getting closer to touching their bare wet pussies in contact. Maggie stopped a few inches away from Amber. The air hot and strong with the smell of sex.

“You ready to get fucked into the ground?”, Amber breathed, her breasts quivering in anticipation.

“No slut, you are going to cum into my pussy”, Maggie said licking her lips.

Amber licked her own lips, “One woman will be cumming into the other’s pussy and it won’t be me”. She finished.

“We will see.” The redhead groaned pushing her wet cunt into Ambers’ for the first time with a small slap.
“OH FUCK!” Amber screamed feeling her cunt mesh with Maggie’s own pussy, as intense heat already building.

“OH MY GOD!” Maggie cried, her body feeling things she had never had with any other man or woman she had fucked. Their cunts’ were perfectly matched almost as they were built to meet. The initial shock passed as they locked eye’s and were brought back to the fight. They slowly began to rub the duel continuing to escalate. Their smoothest allowed for little friction as they were completely wet with each other’s juices already.

They were tribbing now locked together by their slit. Each going up and down wetly while applying pressure on the other. Their ass muscles flexed each time they rubbed but they kept themselves well grounded.

Maggie used one of her hands and reached across to grip Amber’s hair and pulled to bring her as close as possible. They both stopped tribbing as Amber allowed herself to get close and pushed her upper lips into Maggie’s matching pair. They immediately used their tongues and now two sets of lips were sloppily mixing and crushing. In this position their tits slightly touched and they sub-concessionaly would line their nipples to flick across their opponents causing extra shocks of arousal.

Amber groaned as Maggie’s tongue had pushed into her mouth and seemed to be trying to choke her with spit. The blonde pulled back breaking the kiss and letting spit drip onto their tits.

“Fuck you!”, Amber growled as she worked to shift the battle back to their wet cunts and Maggie was more than happy to comply.

“Bitch”, was the redheads only reply as their tits separated back and they leaned back and focused on the lower battle moving strong. They had begun to moan louder and louder as they pushed deeper and stronger. Their clits also hard gotten out and would rub up and down lightly touching causing the most intense feeling so far.

They groaned as their lower lips went into the folds of the other. Amber used a rush to push hard and try to push Maggie back. Maggie’s muscles met the challenge and they pushed up on their hands and in an almost crab sex walk, screaming at the top of their lungs at how hard they pushed each other by the cunt.

They slid up and down each other with no friction but the pressure allowed them to keep their bodies connected.

“CUM IN MY PUSSY!!” Amber screamed her body filled with arousal and frustration. She tried to keep her eyes closed as watching Maggie’s massive tits go up in down.

“NO, YOU CUM IN ME!” Maggie yelled back in a state of bliss. Both girls’ tones had risen to a fever pitch.

The girls continued to push each other by the cunt, their arms holding up their bodies as they constantly moved them trying to get forward or lean back. Amber was starting to scream louder as Maggie’s pussy felt so perfect against her and she felt her own clit would push into Maggie’s pussy lip in the warmth. She wouldn’t last if this kept up and just looking at Maggie made Amber hotter than ever. She wanted to cum. She wanted to feel Maggie on top of her.

“NOOO”! The blonde cried as the edge got closer. Her eyes began to close but she kept her ass up and her pussy connected. She turned her head to look away from Maggie’s bouncing tits. The redhead was nearing it as well trying to end the blonde but Amber’s pussy was the best thing she had ever felt on her body.

Amber’s eye’s opened and saw her chance in front of her. She gave a strong push to the right that Maggie had not expected.

Maggie in an attempt to adjust her hand to match Amber but made a huge error. Her hand landed on one of the flashlights that had been dropped. Her hand rolled and she lost her grounding.

“AHHHH!!” She screamed as her back hit the ground while her pussy was still locked to Ambers. The blonde did not hesitate for a second. She lifted Maggie’s toned leg and put it on her shoulder and now with gravity on her side began to rub deeply into the redhead. She also gave small bite into the nice toned leg near her head. She also gave her free hand a chance to slap Maggie’s ass and she gave it a good spank which prompted a growl/groan as Maggie realized she couldn’t get a good return slap.

The girls glared again and started humping each other at a fast pace. Maggie returned every thrust she could underneath the blonde, her ass jiggling each time she got rubbed or was slapped. The counterpart ass of the punk girl also flexed on each trib movement.

The librarian reached up trying to scratch, claw, do anything to break sex position she found herself in. Her muscles strained against Amber’s their weakened strength too equal for one to easily roll the other.

They continued on for a few seconds cursing each other and occasionally spitting on the massive tits taunting them. The change of position had allowed them to last slightly longer but the intensity returned within a minute.

“FUCK ME” Amber cried as continued her assault. She was amazed as no person had ever lasted this long underneath her amazing body and definitely had never been as fucked while she was on top. She had to concentrate so hard keeping Maggie below her as if the redhead got on top, she would lose. But it might not matter as the punk girl felt a huge orgasm get closer. They had stopped fully grinding and now concentrated only on rubbing their clits directly into each other in small strokes.

Maggie was whimpering along with Amber. There was no more talking or cursing as they took each other to the edge but gravity had played its role. Maggie felt the end and there was no stopping what was coming. Amber’s top position had given that slight edge and Maggie had never been ridden so well in her life. Once last slap to her perfect ass and her clit touching Ambers was the final straw.

“FUCCCKKKKK!!!!!” Maggie screamed at the top of lungs. Her body went stiff as a powerful orgasm began to hit her. Amber screamed too concentrating hard, desperate not to cum as worked her hips to ride Maggie down. So close to cumming herself but she forced herself to hold on.

“KEEP CUMMING YOU SLUT” Amber groaned feeling Maggie’s juices trickle out of their locked cunts as their clits touched again, the library filled with screams and one good slap to Maggie’s big ass. Maggie’s cunt seems to vibrate onto Ambers’ and the blonde was nearly in shock how good it felt having Maggie cum underneath her and into her. Amber groaned again just at the thought and feeling of Maggie cumming in her.

“OH MY GOD! Maggie felt another wave hit her, as her legs began to go limp and her back arched up almost offering her tits to Amber. Amber released the leg and fell forward smashing her massive jiggling tits into Maggie’s and locking the librarian into a deep kiss swallowing Maggie’s final screams. Their cunts separated slightly with the change and they felt the air touch their soaked under lips but they were still connected by the gooey strings of cum.

The waves began to subside and Amber felt Maggie’s body slowly relax and the tension against her release. Their lips separated with a few wet strings of spit connecting them as Maggie stared wide-eyed at Amber. She had lost. The blonde had forced her to bring her to orgasm and anger and shame was building instantly but the sex wasn’t over just yet. Amber gave to short aggressive licks on Maggie’s freckled face with their eyes still locked before making her final move.

Amber pushed herself up her hands on the redhead’s shoulders, her brown eyes never leaving Maggie’s green. She scooted forward on Maggie’s body while they stared at each with a beam of light directly shinning on them. The punk girl brought her victorious pussy down to Maggie’s still erect nipple and began to grind on the giant flesh mound. Maggie didn’t resist and watched as Amber humped her proud tits. The blonde began to moan and cum less than 5 seconds after getting on top of her tit. Maggie watched every detail as Amber went stiffer and moaned deeply while her clit rubbed directly on the nipple. The redhead’s frustration growing now seeing that Amber was been less than a stroke away from cumming herself in the fight. Amber continued to cum in a long orgasm that almost seemed to match Maggie’s own a minute before.

The blonde slowly began to come down from her high surprised how intense her own orgasm was. She slowly unmounted the breast and grinned slightly knowing and seeing a light coat of her own cum on Maggie’s tit.

She scooted back down until she was sitting on Maggie’s hips. Over a minute passed as they watched each other, the breathing the only sound much quieter than the screams and moans before.

Finally Amber spoke, “Well then bitch…that settles it. I win.” She said with slightly labored breaths her cheeks bright red from the fight. Maggie wouldn’t give the blonde the satisfaction of hearing it but her silence was answer enough. She had cum first and she had agreed to the terms, and truly she wasn’t sure if she could will her body into another sexual fight after that orgasm.

Amber continued, “I will drop off my work every night as agreed and I don’t expect to hear anything from you. Also…don’t touch Wayne anymore.” She finished with a sneer. This had not been part of the original agreement but Amber didn’t care. She had won and would get what she wanted and Wayne might as well be a part of it, especially if Maggie had wanted him.

Amber finally stood up and the loss of contract was an unpleasant shock to both girls. Amber had to focus to stop her legs from shaking so much and falling back over but she held and stood over the defeated Maggie. The redhead could only stare at the perfect body above her while her own perfect body remained on the ground. The blonde stepped away from the redhead leaning down to pick up one of the two flashlights. The exit wasn’t far. The other light illuminated her as she began to walk away swaying her ass just as the girls had done in the beginning, but this was a victory sway and Maggie watched the jiggling muscle while screaming internally. As Amber opened the door she looked back as light flooded the room. Her brown eyes found Maggie’s green and she felt a shiver of arousal and a feeling of worry. She wasn’t sure why but pushed it out of her mind. She left the room and looked for her thong. She reached for the pink thong and noticed Maggie’s red one next to it as her eyes adjusted. She didn’t even hesitate picking up both. She was going to keep it and wear it whenever she wanted. She wasn’t worried about the fit, she knew it would slide on perfect and feel amazing. She walked down the hall sore but confident. ‘That will teach that fucking nerd.’ She would gather her shredded remains of clothes and head home. She could not party tonight she realized as a wave of exhaustion began to roll over her, all she wanted was to rest. But even as she got to bed…she couldn’t get the redhead out of her mind. Something told her…it wasn’t close to over. Her last thought of Maggie’s tits crushed to hers again.

Meanwhile right after Amber left, Maggie laid there for a few more seconds once the door closed. She was so frustrated, Amber had been so close to cumming as well. She knew if she hadn’t lost her equal ground and fell on her back she could have out fucked the blonde. She didn’t care about anything with the work…all that mattered was the sex. After a few more minutes she let out one scream of frustration before getting up. She made her way out and let out a big growl seeing her red pantie thong gone. She thought about Amber wearing it and gave another groan that she was mad and aroused of the thought as well. Maggie did find some of her sheared clothes and began to gather them finally leaving the sex filled library. As she got home more frustrated than ever, Maggie had decided this was not over. She would get Amber again. She would fuck Amber again and next time she would make the blonde cum into her. Amber had no idea what Maggie had in store for her. This was just the beginning.

The End

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  1. jackmicheals says:

    Okay ,Why does this have so less comments
    I think this is one of the top 3 stories ever written .It is incredbly hot,the buildup is lovely
    This can go toe to toe with high class quality sexfight stories .

  2. jackmicheals says:

    In fact,looking back objectively ,i would say that this is borderline genius sexfight writing
    the articulation,detailing,sensuous buildup is incredibly hot.


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