A Weekend at the Hilton by JB57

On a bright Friday morning, Pat returned home from her morning jog. She stopped to pick up the mail from the mailbox, then opened the front door to the beautiful house that she shared with her husband, Robert. As she sorted the mail, she slowly undressed, kicking off her running shoes and pulling off her headband. After dumping the mail on the hall table, she headed upstairs to shower and change, unzipping her jogging suit and peeling off her top as she walked. She had shrugged out of her jogging bra and shorts and was just about to start the shower when the phone rang. It was 9 AM. Often, Robert called home from the office around this time, but he was presently out of town and would not be back until Sunday night. Pat strode back into the bedroom and picked up the phone on the fourth ring.

“Hello?,” she asked, the phone lodged in the crook of her shoulder as she peeled off her sweat-damp panties. 

“Hello, Pat,” said the voice on the other end. Pat recognized it immediately, and she froze. At the same time, a shock of pure sexual desire raced through her body, pulling her pussy shockingly tight and causing her nipples to stiffen into pebble-like nubs. It took an effort for her not to gasp. She gathered herself.

“What do you want, Marsha?” It had been more than four months since Pat and Marsha had had their sexual encounter in the hotel room at the Sheraton. Pat tried to push that night out of her mind. 

“Oh, I just heard that Robert is gone for the weekend, and I thought I’d call you and see how you were doing.” Pat could imagine Marsha at the other end of the line, dressed in some tight-fitting slutty outfit, showing lots of cleavage and leg, smiling suggestively as she spoke. Pat found herself getting very hot. 

“I’m fine,” Pat replied, “and I have nothing to say to you. Please don’t call here again.” 

She was about to hang up, but she hesitated for just a moment. 

“Wait!,” Marsha called. “Don’t hang up.” 

“Then what do you want?” Pat knew what Marsha wanted, and she hated herself for keeping this conversation going. But the tension in her cunt and tits would not have it any other way. 

“Just this: I’ve rented a room tonight at the Hilton. I’ll have it for the whole weekend. But I’ll be there at 7 tonight. It’s in your name, too. Why don’t you come by and we can…catch up?” 

Pat said nothing, but her breathing had picked up. She could practically feel Marsha smiling at the other end of the line and, unless she was mistaken, she could hear the other woman panting, too.

“I hope I’ll see you tonight, Pat,” said the breathy voice. “Ciao!”

With a click, the call ended. Pat stood holding the receiver for a few more seconds. Then, she put it back in its cradle and sat down, heavily, on the bed. She was naked, and she was uncomfortably aware of the heat of arousal in her body. Her tits were tight, her nipples hard, her pussy wet. A tension had built in her lower abdomen and was slowly working its way up. 

She could not help it. Four months ago, Marsha had invaded Pat and Robert’s hotel room, while the married couple was trying to have sex. One thing had led to another and Pat and Marsha had ended up engaged in a series of fuckfights that had lasted most of the night. Pat hated thinking about this because that night had easily been the most erotic, sexually fulfilling night of her life. Even now, the memory of her cunt locked tight to Marsha’s, of their hard clits grinding together mercilessly, of their heavy tits mashed tight and rubbing, enflamed nipple to nipple– these memories fired her lust and drove her crazy with need. But she hated the bitch. Even so, the more she thought about it, the more difficult it became to ignore the call. The memory of the pleasure that she and Marsha had inflicted on each other – God, it had been so very, very good. Spiced by mutual dislike that turned to hatred, driven by their mutual need to humiliate each other, they had fucked each other so hard that Pat had been sore for days afterwards. The idea of passing up on that kind of ecstasy when it was being offered to her…well, it was just very hard to walk away from something that could be so good.

She struggled to put it out of her mind. But, for the rest of the day, as she rode around town, attending to business matters and household errands, the constant presence in the back of her mind was the idea of what she could be doing that night with Marsha. 

Around 5 PM, Robert called her to check up. It was several hours later where he was, and he was on his way out for a late night dinner. They chatted for a while and, after some hesitation, Pat told Robert about Marsha’s call. 

Robert paused, then asked “Are you planning to go?”

“No, no,” Pat said, maybe too quickly. “I hate that bitch.” 

“Still,” Robert said, “you did have a really good time with her. After all, I was there.” 

“Do you think I should go?” Pat asked. 

“I just think that you should do what you think is best for you,” her husband replied. 

After her conversation with Robert, Pat was more confused than ever. She could not stand Marsha. The dark-haired woman was a true bitch. But, more than anything, Pat was ashamed of her night of passion with Marsha and the fact that it was the best sex she had ever had. Yet she also realized that part of what made the sex so good was the hate and shame that was mixed in. She did not know what to do. 

7 PM finally rolled around and Pat was still at home, pacing, trying to distract herself with dinner and TV. But nothing worked. 8 PM came and she was still home. Would Marsha wait if she were hours late? The other woman had indicated that she had the room for the whole weekend. She would surely stay there all night. 9 PM came, then 10. Confused and tense, Pat finally went to bed early, hoping that she could sleep. But as she lay in bed, naked, her body’s arousal was too great to ignore. And, as she began masturbating, the images and memories that flashed through her mind were those of Marsha, Marsha’s body locked and writhing against hers, Marsha’s cunt sucked tight and thrusting into hers. Why, she asked herself, should she be lying in bed fantasizing about fucking Marsha when she could be doing the real thing? 

Even so, Pat stayed in her bed until after 11, resisting the urge to masturbate, feeling her arousal grow to an uncontrollable fever. If she was going to do this, she needed the pull of overwhelming sexual desire to help her put aside her good sense. Shortly after the turn of the hour, she got out of bed, turned on the light, and went into the bathroom. She examined herself in the mirror, admired her impressive rack and her hard nipples, her taut belly and her wide hips, her long, powerful-looking legs. She caressed her breasts, then shuddered with the sensation. 

“Enough,” she whispered to herself. Quickly, Pat applied some makeup and brushed out her hair. She returned to her bedroom, threw some bathroom items and a change of underwear into an overnight bag. She pulled on a pair of thong panties. She considered what else to wear, but then she realized that she did not need anything more. Not with what she planned to do with Marsha. She retrieved some 3-inch black pumps out of her closet and strapped them on. She put on a long raincoat from out of the front closet, then finally, grabbing her bag, headed out the door. 

The drive to the downtown Hilton took almost a half hour, even at that time of night. The whole time, doubts and nervous tension plagued her. But she was driven by incredible lust. When she arrived at the hotel, it was almost midnight. She parked in the underground parkade, then made her way up to the lobby. She made sure that the raincoat was wrapped tightly around her nearly naked body. 

She gave her name at the desk, indicating that she was checking in late and that the room was already paid for and occupied by a female friend. The lobby clerk had soon set her up with a computer cardkey to Room 1502. 

Pat rode up in the elevator alone. Her heart was pounding, her erogenous zones were tense or hot or both. She was aroused, but also nervous and still deeply ambivalent. Did she really want to do this? But then her mind drifted back to the delicious fucking she and Marsha had inflicted on each other four months ago and her body sent her the message that she needed to have more. 

The elevator opened on the 15th floor and she stepped out. 1502 was at the far end of the corridor. She walked down the hall, her high heels silent on the thick carpet, the door looming closer with every step, her heart pounding as the doubts in her mind rose to a cacophony. She could stop right now. She did not have to go any further. But her pussy was so hot, her breasts were so tight, her nipples were so stiff, her blood was boiling. Her legs almost seemed to be moving her down the corridor of their own accord.

She finally reached the door to 1502. A “do not disturb” tag was hung on the door handle. She thought she could hear the gentle sound of music playing through the door, but nothing else. She hoisted her bag a little higher on her shoulder. She pulled her coat a bit tighter. Then, gathering her nerve, almost hoping it would not work, she swiped the card down through the magnetic lock, watched the locking light flash from red to green, then turned the handle hard, swung the door wide, and walked into the room. 

Gentle music was playing on the room’s stereo system. The room was dimly lit, the only illumination from the desklight turned to its lowest setting. Still, it was bright enough to see clearly. 

Marsha was stretched out on the king-size bed that dominated the room, that was set directly opposite the door. She had been reading a magazine by the light of the lamp when Pat walked in. She was nearly nude, sprawled out on the bed wearing nothing at all except for a tiny thong, something Pat only realized when she made out the thong’s straps on Marsha’s hips. She was lying on her stomach, facing the foot of the bed, her legs curled up, her bare feet crossed at the ankle and swinging as she paged through the magazine. She looked up as Pat walked in. A slow, lascivious smile spread across the woman’s beautiful face. Marsha flipped the periodical closed, revealing from its cover that it was a pornographic lesbian magazine, and dropped it beside the bed. 

“Well, well, well…,” Marsha murmured, seductively. “What have we here? You decided to come by and … catch up… after all?” 

Pat stood in the entranceway, paralyzed. Yet, her boiling blood grew even hotter as she took in Marsha’s nearly naked body, the long, muscled legs, the beautifully rounded ass, the delectably sculpted back. She could see Marsha’s heavy tits pressed by her weight into the bed; she could see the woman’s deep cleavage between her arms as Marsha raised her head to speak to Pat. Pat felt a small explosion of sexual need between her legs and she knew that nothing could make her leave this room now. 

“Shut up, you whore,” Pat snarled. But she dropped her bag inside the door and walked into the room on her spike heels. She came closer to Marsha. The women locked eyes, Marsha’s eyes glowing with heat and anticipation, her lush mouth slightly open as her breath came faster and harder. Pat’s eyes were hard and hesitant, but deep inside a fire was burning that was rapidly working its way to the surface. 

Pat’s hands trembled as she began to untie the belt of her coat. Marsha’s eyes eagerly followed her progress. She undid the belt then she reached for the first button. She hesitated; then, she decided that she had come this far, she had to put aside her doubts and inhibitions. She wanted this. She wanted this very, very badly, and the prospect of regaining the incredible pleasure of her earlier encounter with Marsha finally won out completely. Her hands stopped shaking. Slowly, confidently, she began to unbutton her coat. When it was undone, she teasingly, seductively, pulled it back from her voluptuous body. 

Marsha gasped and then smiled with a glassy-eyed hunger as Pat’s nearly naked body was slowly revealed. Marsha ran her eyes over Pat’s beautiful form as the coat opened. Pat’s perfect, jutting DD tits – almost exactly the same size as Marsha’s own – appeared first, dark-nipples and pebbled areola tight with tension. Pat’s tits jiggled deliciously as she pulled the coat away and let it drop, revealing her thong and the rest of her womanly body. 

Pat stood nearly nude before Marsha. The other woman continued to examine Pat from her place on the bed. Her eyes roamed Pat’s beautiful body, consuming her with an obvious hunger that made Pat wetter and hotter than she had been in ages. Then, Marsha slowly pulled herself to a sitting position. Pat’s eyes went instantly to Marsha’s heavy, rounded tits, which now came up off the bed. Pat pushed herself to the side of the bed, swung her long legs to the floor, and pulled on a pair of spike heels that were resting at the foot of the bed. She slowly stood up, her heavy tits bouncing gently as she moved. She was just as naked as Pat, wearing only the tiny thong and her high heels. Her dense tits thrust out from her chest like twin erotic cannon balls, begging to be squeezed and sucked and caressed. 

Pat trembled as Marsha slowly approached. The women’s eyes were locked. Pat was conscious that she had a growing wet spot on her thong and that her nipples were so hard they throbbed and ached. Marsha stopped when their nipples were just an inch away from touching. Her eyes locked to Pat’s eyes, the businesswoman reached up, slowly and carefully, and filled her hands with Pat’s massive tits. Pat moaned. It was like a dam had broken in her pussy; her thong soaked through. She reached up to grasp Marsha’s inviting tits in reply.

The two women stroked each other, they massaged their enemy’s tits, they drew little gasps of unbearable pleasure from each other as they tweaked hard, throbbing nipples and delicately traced ridged, sensitive areola. They lifted and squeezed the other’s breasts together, they rolled hard nipples between index fingers and thumbs. For three minutes they stimulated the other’s boobs, so long and so deliciously that Pat began to think Marsha was aiming to evoke a nipple orgasm. The whole time, they gazed into each other’s eyes, both seeing the raw, pure lust shining there. Pat gave herself over completely to these feelings. Now, all that mattered was fucking Marsha, fucking this cunt until Pat’s body was fully satisfied and the aching, boiling tension in her voracious sex was finally satiated. 

Suddenly, Marsha gave Pat’s tits a hard squeeze then released them and reached up to pull Pat’s hands off of her breasts. Next, she quickly slid her arms around Pat’s back and pulled the other woman directly into her burning body. 

Their meaty tits came slapping together with a thick clap. Pat had not expected this and she gasped at the sudden explosion of pleasure. Marsha squeezed her tight and she felt her tits throb as her nipples squashed with Marsha’s thick nips, as their areola crushed and grated. As Pat gasped, Marsha pushed her face forward and thrust her tongue deep into Pat’s mouth. Pat groaned, closing her eyes as unbelievably delicious sensations pulsed out of her throbbing tits, as Marsha’s tongue moved erotically inside her mouth, forcing her own tongue into pressing, thrusting contact with its counterpart. Pat wrapped her arms around Marsha’s hot body and squeezed back. Her tongue and lips worked furiously against Marsha’s questing mouth.

For a minute, two minutes, three minutes, the women kissed, deeply, erotically, their bodies burning hotter with each moment, their blazing cunts growing so wet that their thongs became completely saturated and pussy juice began to trickle down their thighs. Their nipples pulsed and throbbed against each other, burning with pleasure. They held each other, letting their flesh become reacquainted. Their hands moved slowly but sensuously over the other’s naked flesh, rubbing and stroking and squeezing, caressing smooth hips and curving backs and muscular asses. They rubbed their slick, taut bellies into each other, feeling their navels suction gently together. They sucked at each other, tongue to tongue, lips biting and nipping, licking and lapping, spit flowing within and between their sealed mouths.

After five minutes of this continual kissing and constant provocative rubbing, their bodies were aching, fevered with sexual tension. Dimly, Pat thought that she might orgasm just standing there, holding Marsha, letting their delicious bodies throb into each other. A light sheen of sweat had broken on both women, caused only by the intense excitement building up in both.

Marsha stopped kissing, pulling her tongue out of Pat’s eager mouth with a low groan. Her eyes fluttered, her nipples pushed against Pat’s like steel-hard daggers. Their meaty tits were pushed tight together, and Pat rejoiced in the feel of Marsha’s thick, sensual rack crushed against her own. She could feel Marsha’s heart pounding through her tits. Leaning against each other, nose to nose, slowly, sensually stroking their bodies, the women began whispering to each other. 

“I’m glad you’re here, Pat,” Marsha hissed. “But I want you to know, I plan to fuck your cunt off tonight. I’m going to ride that little pussy until I suck every drop of cum out of it. I’m going to make you pay for what you did to me four months ago. I plan to make you beg me for my pussy.” 

“That’s good, Marsha,” Pat replied. She had not expected this but, secretly, she was thrilled. She knew that a sexual competition with this woman, an all-out fuckfight, suited her much better than simple sex. She hated Marsha and nothing would give her greater pleasure than to feed that hate by matching cunts and tits with this whore and fucking it out. “I plan to ride your little pussy all night, too. I’m going to milk your cunt with my cunt, I’m going to squash those sorry bags you call tits with mine. I hate you, you bitch. I want you to know that.” 

Smiling with excitement, Marsha turned her head and pressed her lips to Pat’s lips. Eagerly, Pat opened her mouth and the women were soon locked into another tongue twisting, erotic confrontation. As they kissed, Pat felt Marsha’s hands slide down her body to her womanly hips, and grasp the straps of her thong. Pat immediately moved her hands to Marsha’s thong. Together, in unison, the two women pulled the other’s thong over her hips, down her thighs, until the soaked scraps of cloth had fallen at their feet. The women stepped out from the thongs, both of them taking a step toward the bed, still in their stiletto heels. Their arms wrapped around each other and, still kissing gently, deeply, they squeezed tight. Their tits rolled against each other, squashing hard. They swung their hips gently, rubbing their slick bellies, feeling their pubic hair catch and crunch, feeling their pussy lips briefly touch, evoking a flare of sexual electricity. The women began to kiss more deeply, passionately. Pat felt Marsha twist and suddenly, she was being guided down to the king-size bed. She let herself fall. The need to fuck was never greater and it was time to come together, cunt to cunt, and begin satisfying their mutual hate and lust. 

Marsha landed on top of her. Neither woman separated from the deep kiss, but their bodies slapped together sharply. A brief flash of intense pleasure pulsed from their tits as they crushed on impact. Their legs hung over the side of the bed and thrashed together briefly, intensely, their spike heels accidentally hitting their calves painfully. Marsha’s thick right thigh was pressed hard in Pat’s crotch; Pat hiked her right thigh up into Marsha’s pussy. Both women felt the wet from their pussies soaking the smooth skin of their legs, the abrasion of cunt hair on their thighs. They broke the kiss and rolled to their sides. The women reached down and slipped off their spike heels, throwing them carelessly aside. Now both women were completely nude. Marsha reached for Pat to resume their body to body contact. But Pat brushed her hands away and instead, quickly got on her hands and knees and crawled further up the bed. When she was near the bedhead, she stopped and turned around, and then stretched out, her knees bent, and opened her thighs wide at the same time. 

Marsha inhaled sharply. Marsha’s eyes glassed over as she stared into Pat’s dripping, juicy twat. Then Marsha eagerly accepted the invitation. She spun around, sat on her firm, taut ass and spread her legs wide. In the dim light, Pat could still make out the glinting moisture of Marsha’s pussy lips, and the thick ridge of her cunt slit as the businesswoman pushed herself towards Pat’s voluptuous body. 

Pat’s heart was pounding and there was an acrid taste in her mouth as she sat up and began pushing her muscled ass down the bed to meet Marsha’s cunt. She was more aroused that she had ever felt before, so sexually excited that her body was trembling with sheer desire. She pulled her eyes from Marsha’s approaching cunt and looked at the businesswoman’s face. Marsha’s eyes were transfixed, her mouth slightly open as she panted, her tits jiggling as she moved. Her gaze was fixed on Pat’s wet, hot cunt. Pat saw her own lust reflected in Marsha’s glassy eyes. They wanted each other so badly that they were almost insane with desire. 

They pushed close. Their bare feet touched and flexed, toe to toe, before they slid their powerful legs over and under each other, right over left, meshing their bodies, aligning their burning cunts. When they were inches apart, they stopped, their arms bracing up their curvaceous bodies.

In the dim light, Pat and Marsha locked eyes. Their tits heaved and jiggled with their hard pants. Their bodies shone with sweat in the golden glow from the desk. Marsha reached between her legs and used her index and middle fingers to carefully spread her wet, glistening pussy lips, revealing a thick, engorged clit, one that seemed to spring out of her cunt, ready for battle. Pat moaned with lust; she could not help it and she hoped that she did not come the instant that her pussy meshed with Marsha’s cunt. She was so overwhelmed with lust that she did not know how long she could keep back an orgasm. But she knew that she needed this fuckfight. Her body yearned for it.

Pat reached between her legs and spread her own cunt lips, freeing her engorged, aching clit. From what she could see, even from her unfavourable position, her clit was just as large as Marsha’s, just as aroused. She could not resist; she tweaked the swollen organ just a little and gasped as a shock of pure pleasure raced through her body. She had a sense of what would happen when her clit came into full grinding battle with Marsha’s swollen clit, and she could not wait for that to happen.

The scent of hot cunt wafted up to both women, suffusing their senses. They continued to stare at each other, panting, tits heaving with excitement, bodies ready, ready, more than ready for the fuckfight to come. 

“Oh God,” Marsha finally moaned. “Let’s do it, baby. Let’s fuck and fuck until we can’t take it anymore…” 

“Yes,” Pat gasped. “Clit to clit, as long as it takes…” 

“Sexfight rules,” Marsha gasped, barely able to contain herself. “Whoever comes first sucks the clit of the winner. We keep going all night until someone can’t go on.” 

“I agree,” Pat snarled. “Let’s do it! I can’t wait anymore!” Her body felt like it was about to explode. “Fuck me, you whore! Let me feel that clit!”

The women pushed themselves up on their arms, bracing their bodies, and drove forward with their hips and asses, desperate to mate, desperate to violate each other, desperate to become one steaming, sex-saturated erotic flesh. Thick, juicy cunt lips slapped together, slick, wet, exquisitely sensitive flesh sliding and meshing and crushing. An explosion of heat and pleasure roared through Pat and Marsha as their deepest desire was at last fulfilled; they were finally joined in lust, beginning the delicious process of fucking each other senseless. They screamed together in unison, banshee howls of pure joy as they were joined at last in the sexual battle that they both wanted so desperately. 

Panting, snarling, gasping as lightning sensations flowed through them, the women worked their powerful hips and asses. Their hot, thick-lipped cunts slapped and slid, fuckmeat to fuckmeat, fuckhole to fuckhole. They worked into each other, spread each other, shared heat and lubrication as their cunts gushed in arousal. The women rotated their hips, smearing their cunts together, seeking to join completely, seeking to enter and violate each other at the deepest possible level. As they crushed tighter and tighter, as their slick cunts melted and sucked and sealed into one sex-heated mass of pulsing flesh beneath the grinding, humping, bucking pressure of their thrusting hips, the women’s swollen clits penetrated their enemy’s labia. Eyes locked, whimpering with lust, Marsha and Pat maneuvered their hips just slightly to bring their swollen clits into full, grinding contact. 

“Fuck, oh Fuck, Oh Jesus Fucking CHRIST!!,” Marsha howled as the first unbearable touch of clit to clit shuddered through her body. 

“Fuck, Oh God, Oh FUUCCKK!!,” Pat shrieked, her whole body shaking and convulsing under the shock of pleasure. She was sure she was just moments away from a full-blown orgasm. 

But the two women brought themselves back under control and quickly, gasping, sobbing with pleasure, they began driving and grinding their clits together. Head to head, exquisitely sensitive and throbbing with sensation, the women worked their powerful clits against each other. They snarled and screamed, they cursed and spat in rage, but they kept fucking with all their strength, kept working their hips and driving their cunts, sucking and merging, feeling the wet heat between their legs suffuse their entire bodies with unbearable pleasure. 

Their hot groins were completely wet with the pussy juices that lubricated their voracious cunts. But they kept grinding, thrusting, working their cunts around and around, occasionally sucking free and spraying cunt juice before they thrust back together again. 

Pat was almost delirious with pleasure. She just kept working her hips and her ass, her entire universe centered around nothing else except grinding her exploding clit into Marsha’s wonderfully hard, stiff clit, and driving her aching pussy into a complete union with Marsha’s cunt. She was on fire, her entire body burning with lust and pleasure, her muscles tight with joy, her body trembling with erotic tension. She was being fucked out of her mind and she loved it more than she could say. She looked over her bouncing tits at Marsha. Marsha’s head was also thrown back, her face contorted in a rictus of pure pleasure and sexual agony, her tits bouncing in time with Pat’s boobs. They were sucked tight, sharing the excruciating heat building in their cores, fucking each other mindlessly, joyfully, sharing ecstasy tinged with hate. They screamed in frustration and sheer joy, they grunted and moaned in harmony as their powerful thrusts inflicted raw pleasure on each other.

With a moan, Pat reached for Marsha’s body. She grabbed the other woman’s hips and pulled herself closer. Marsha instantly reciprocated. The women’s bouncing tits squashed tight, their throbbing nipples stabbed deep into thick titflesh, and they both wrapped their arms around the other’s waist and resumed fucking in earnest. Their pulsing tits ground into each other mercilessly, hard nipples slashing and piercing each other. The women established a hard rocking movement as they worked their cunts and clits against each other, even as they crushed tits and writhed hard in each other’s arms. They pushed closer and closer, grabbing each other’s asses, pushing up until they were nose to nose, their hips and asses rocking hard, stabbing clit to clit, their pubic hair getting wet and tangling together due to the hard friction, the smell of excited cunts filling the air.

“You dirty little fuck,” Pat moaned at her enemy. “I’ll grind your cunt off, you pussylicker…”

Marsha did not respond. Instead, she sealed Pat into a hungry kiss, long tongues slipping and sliding, caressing and thrusting, sharing hot spit and gasping breath. Their dueling tongues replicated the clit to clit fuck going on within their interlocked cunts. Their clits continued driving together, the searing contact filling the battling beauties with waves of sexual power, feeding the terrible tension in their cores. 

Tongues lapping, tits crushed and nipples hard against each other, hot cunts sucked tight and clits stabbing and throbbing, the two sex-crazed women fucked to the end. Breaking off the kiss, cursing and sobbing and snarling at each other, the women pressed nose to nose, forehead to forehead, to exchange obscenities. Their clits burned with an impossible fire. 

“Fuck, oh Fuck,” Pat thought. “This is too good, it’s just too good…” She and Marsha had been grinding, clit to clit and tit to tit, for longer than she ever thought she could hold out. The pleasure suffusing her body was incredible, unbearable, and everything that she could ever have hoped. She was still absolutely determined to win this fuckfight, to force Marsha into a submissive orgasm. Suddenly, however, she felt her body reach its sexual limit. Unbearable tension flooded her tits, her cunt, tightened her muscles. She was on the verge of an incredible orgasm. 

Moaning, gasping with effort, she bore in with her clit, ramming her throbbing sexhorn against Marsha’s equally thick, hard clit with all of her strength, rubbing, grinding, desperate to force pure ecstasy out of her enemy’s sex. Even as Pat worked her clit, however, Marsha also felt an intense orgasm building in her core. She pulled harder on Pat’s ass, trying to drive the other woman harder and deeper into her cunt, rocking her hips and thrusting her ass to increase the tempo and the force of her clit to clit thrusts. 

“Come, you fat fuck, come, come…” Marsha snarled, screamed at Pat, even as she jerked her hips in desperation. “Oh, Christ, Christ…” she sobbed.

“No, no, you come for me… Oh God, Oh God, fuck me, FUCK ME!!,” Pat cried. 

The orgasm started deep in Pat’s clit, swelling into her belly then radiating out like a nova, a shock of sheer, raw ecstasy that filled her entire body with overwhelming sexual power. She locked mouths with Marsha as the orgasm built and drove her pulsing clit against the other woman’s sexhorn yet again. Even as Pat began to explode, simultaneously, Marsha’s orgasm built up to an uncontrollable pleasure. With a shriek, Marsha came hard, the orgasm starting deep in her cunt, then blasting out in a series of hot, shattering quakes that left her legs jerking and hips bucking wildly, driving her clit to Pat’s matching sexhorn. Hot pussy juice flowed from both women, jetting into their fuckholes, soaking their thighs and bellies.

Holding each other tight, their hands and claws sunk into the other’s round, hard ass, their tits pulsing in heat, Pat and Marsha bucked and strained against each other, throwing their heads back to gasp and moan with pleasure, arching their backs to drive their tits together, slapping their hard bellies, sucking cunt to cunt, struggling to merge, struggling to milk each other’s pussy of cum, down to the last drop. Their muscles convulsed and their bodies strained with effort as multi-orgasmic explosions of ecstasy burned through their bodies. The women sobbed and screamed, then locked together in a deep, drooling kiss as the last orgasm rattled through their exhausted bodies. 

They fell onto their backs, their heavy tits rocking, both women spent, at least for the moment. 

Pat looked at the ceiling, her head spinning, her body feeling drained, but pulsing with the aftermath of incredible pleasure. She was floating on a cloud, fully aware of where she was and how she got there, but struggling to understand the unbearable ecstasy she had just experienced and shared with a woman she hated so intimately. The hatred made it good, though – it was the drive to fuck each other into submission that gave Pat and Marsha the need to go on, the desire to humiliate each other. Pat knew now that her decision to come tonight was the best decision she had ever made. She was exhausted right now, but she could already feel the stirrings of more lust and desire building in her core. 

She was still attached to Marsha, their hot cunts pressed tight, their thick pubic hair wet and tangled. The bedspread was soaked directly beneath where their bodies were interlocked, twat to twat. Marsha’s right arm was tossed over her forehead, her tits were heaving in pants. 

“God, oh God,” Marsha moaned. “That was good, that was so good…” 

“Yes,” Pat groaned in agreement, “Fuck, yes…”

After several minutes, after their breath had calmed down and their hearts has returned to normal, the two women pushed themselves up on their arms and glared at each other over their massive tits. 

“OK, bitch,” Pat began, her voice hoarse. “You went off first. Time to pay up. And get used to it – you’ll be sucking my clit for the rest of the night.”

“What do you mean?” Marsha snapped. “You came first, whore. You should be sucking my clit!” 

The women glared at each other, then rose up and painfully rolled apart, separating with a tearing of intertwined pussy hair and a spray of cunt juice. They faced each other on their hands on knees on the bed, their heavy tits hanging down and swaying gently, eyes blazing with hate and anger.

“I know you went first, you cocksucking whore,” Marsha snarled. 

“Like fuck, you bitch. You went before I did.” Pat was sure that she was right, but she was also sure that she would not be humiliated by this hateful whore if there was any way to avoid it. 

Marsha and Pat stared at each other, anger coursing between them. Then Marsha smiled. 

“Well, then, since we seem to have a disagreement,” she murmured, “let me suggest that we just call it a tie.” 

Pat stared, then smiled. “Alright,” she said. “There will be a lot of other chances to break the tie later.” She felt a deep stirring of lust in her core, she felt, to her amazement, her pussy starting to lubricate, her clit starting to stir, her tits starting to tighten in arousal. 

Her eyes locked to Marsha’s in challenge, Pat threw herself back on the bed, stretching herself out full length, her tits rocking as she leaned back. Marsha crawled towards her on hands and knees. When she was beside Pat, she lifted her knee over Pat’s head and positioned herself so that her knees fell on either side of Pat’s head and the rest of her body curved over Pat’s torso. Pat stared up between Marsha’s powerful thighs, directly up into the woman’s dripping cunt. Pussy juice trickled down to splash on Pat’s face, but she licked it away with her tongue and placed her hands on Marsha’s rounded ass. Marsha stared down into Pat’s twat as Pat pulled her thighs apart, exposing her beautiful cunt. Marsha moaned with delight and, spreading her legs, lowered herself on to Pat’s body, dived down to rub her face into Pat’s hot, wet pussy. At the same time, Marsha’s cunt lowered down to Pat’s beautiful face. 

The women groaned as they ate each other, both women sucking hard at the other’s clit, spreading their hands on the other’s ass, devouring each other with wild abandon. They consumed each other, they sucked at each other’s cunts and clits, their bodies rolling several times until they settled on sucking each other on their sides. They licked and lapped and feasted on each other’s delicious cunts until, finally, screaming frantically, they exploded in joy, soaking each other’s faces in hot pussy juice. 

Gasping, her hands still on Marsha’s ass, her head between Martha’s legs, her face covered in her hated enemy’s juices, her body throbbing and pulsating with pleasure, Pat groaned in ecstasy. She heard Marsha sobbing with pleasure from down between her own legs. She sighed, then thanked God that Marsha had called her Friday morning. 

Pat turned her head and looked at the clock on the night stand. It was only a little past 1AM. She and Marsha had been fucking each other for about an hour. She felt a thrill of pure lust course through her body. So much time left, so much time in which to fuck and be fucked, so much time in which to conquer Marsha completely. 

The night was still very young. 

The End

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1 thought on “A Weekend at the Hilton by JB57

  1. coolkris says:

    come on JB7.. you could continued the story such as disagreement could more fight and angry… both fighting in see-saw different battle with both win each rounds with no clear winner (cum first, tit fight, cunt fight, spit fight, fight in cold shower, breakfast fight for pancake after room delivery, rolling on bed fight to see who let go other first, kiss fight in hot tub to relax, few more fight with best being for last -double dildo fight at end with both passing out at same time)… sleeping like dead wood both hugged together for remaining hours of Sunday noon and evening… later checking number the wins to find out it’s frustrating draw (internally both very happy) … both leaving hotel not before fix another encounter in six months time. Both hitting Gym for the same to prepare it to be more physical and to increase their stamina with. next being on long weekend with both going all out and winner a chance to fuck Robert with other watching helpless to add more spice.GAME ON…!!! Can you write a story on above please


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