The Adventures of Xara by Johannesdk

The Adventures of Xara by Johannesdk Story
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Xara was happy as she finally sighted a ship at the far horizon. A storm had broken her mast three days ago, and forced her to just drift by the wind and the stream, so she was close to regret, that her desire for adventure, had tempted her to leave the village on the south coast of Crete.

Although Xara was a rather tough full grown up woman in her mid thirties, with about 70 kilos well distributed over her 175 centimetres long and beautiful body, she was onboard a small boat, in Mare Nostrum (the Mediterranean Sea), around year 30 AC, in an area low in fish, and since she ran out of drinking water and other reserves yesterday, she was really, really hungry and thirsty.

So even though the waters were notorious for pirate’s ravages, there were good reasons to be relieved when she noticed a sail on the horizon. Xara’s courage lowed a little when the ship came closer and she could see the long oars that stuck out to both sides. It was a galley and the lookout had evidently caught sight of her, because it now changed its course directly toward her.

Some of Xara’s concern dropped when the ship had come a little closer. The absence of armed men along the side, indicated it was not pirates. Finally when the galley was less than 50 fathoms away it turned up in the wind so the small boat came in the leeside. Xara could hear loud commands shouted, while the large ship was gently maneuvered sideways by the numerous oars. “They sure use a youngster as lookout” thought Xara, when she was close enough to hear that the shouts came in a rather high pithced voice.

With one last command, the oars were lifted out of the water, but then a wave pushed Xara’s boat hard against the side of the galley, causing the small boat to heel so much that water started to pour in. A rough rope ladder was thrown down, and although Xara had not yet seen any faces at the railing, she quickly threw her travel bag over the shoulder and climbed resolutely up the rope ladder.

As she climbed up, there was time to enjoy the sight of the beautifull tanned woman with very short hair bleached by the sun and whose muscles played under the skin, especially in the back and legs. The only clothing consisted of a tatty sheepskin loincloth, the breasts were broad, and naked, not overly large, but sat high and protuding. Xara swung over the reeling with a powerfull grip, straightened up and looked cautiously around. Most conspicuous was the rowers, who sat on both sides of the ship, two and two side by side, maybe 10 rows in total. Xara barely looked at them, she was standing on the deck mid ships, where there were no benches and she quickly focused on a group of people, gathered aound a tall, erect figure who clearly was the captain. Amazed Xara stared for a moment at the captain, because it was a woman, certainly an extraordinary woman, tanned and muscular with very short black curly hair, wearing a lion skin and sandals with braids reching almost to the knees. “Welcome aboard, my name is Junia, I am captain on board this galley” she said kindly and issued a fixed gaze on Xara, a look that seemed strangely magnetic. “Thank you, my name is Xara from the city of Plakias, on the way out to discover the world when my mast broke 3 days ago,” replied Xara who had trouble keeping her eyes from a pot of steaming fish soup, which stood by the mast. Junia noticed this and replied: “Then you must be hungry, come and let one of my people scoop up to you”, turned round and called: “Camilloni, pour some soup into a bowl for our guest.”

Xara followed Junia’s gaze and saw a woman who got up from one of the benches, and walked toward the iron pot. Xara noticed amazed, for the first time, that all the sailors around the captain were women, all muscular, all only clad in small ragged loincloths or skirts and all very tanned – Camilloni was absolutely no exception – rather she could almost be Xara’s twin sister, athletically built with strong muscular thighs, broad shoulders and defined arms, only her hair was brighter than Xaras, but was also very short.

The rowers had clearly been working hard for some time, because despite the open deck, Xara could sense a mild scent of female sweat. This obviously included Camilloni, who in the meanwhile had poured soup into a wooden bowl and was approaching Xara. Indeed Camilloni was covered of sweat from head to toe, her very short hair glued to her head and a few drops of sweat trickled down between her voluminous breasts. As Camilloni came close to Xara and handed her the bowl with a friendly and a somewhat subtle smile, Xara almost was shocked by how she was affected by the smell of fresh sweat comming from the rower.

“Oh, many, many thanks,” Xara said, embarrassed, by realising how her nipples had stiffened by Camillonis proximity and smell. “I must be carefull now, or I could be in trouble again” Xara thought.

Camilloni had noticed both Xaras embarrassment as well as her erect nipples, but looked for sure not embarrassed at all, rather she looked almost excited, when she said “Enjoy your meal, eat, and be sure to recuperate, aboard this ship, you’ll need all your power”.

For one reason or another, these words caused some giggling among the other rowers, but then Junia snapped a short command: “Silence!” and after a short talk with the lookout, turned to Xara: “I’m sorry to tell that your boat has sunk, but you’re welcome to stay on board, we acturally need an extra rower, payment is 20 Sestiere a month”.

“And as you can see” continued the captain, “this is a professional galley, here are no slaves and no shackles”. Relieved by this message, Xara did not hesitate long “Thanks for the offer, it is an honor for me not to be a burden to anyone”.

“Fine, if you have finished your soup, then bench number 6 needs an extra rower” replied the captain, pointing to an empty seat beside – yes exactly – Camilloni.

The latter gave a knowing smile to Xara who sat down on the rough wooden bench. Maybe the rower was purposely somewhat slow to move, forcing their bare shoulders to be pressed hard together, as the shipwrecked Xara positioned herself.

“Easy now you’re going to need all your strength later,” said Camilloni with a teasing undertone, as she forced Xara to push hard to her whith shoulders and thighs to be able to get a seat on the bench.

Xara had not quite got her heartbeat down since she first time noticed the blonde rower and the close contact between their sweaty skin forced her pulse to rise again, but she was not going to yield easily.

“I am quite calm and I have plenty of muscular power” responded Xara boldly as she gave Camilloni a forcefull push with her shoulder.

This statement caused Camilloni’s nipples to slowly grow stiff, as she, with a cheeky glance, pushed back: “Well let’s take care of that when we go ashore for the night” she said and grabbed the oare and continued: “Grab your end of the oar and await for the start command.”

Xara did as instructed and bend over to wait as she saw her companion rower do.

“Normal Speed” roared the hortator upon the captains command, as she began beating the pace on the drum.

Camilloni and Xara pulled the oar resonably simultaneously, and helped by the beating of the drum, Xara soon fell into the rythm and the two women was a beautiful sight as their muscles swelled and played in the legs, back and arms for each stroke.

After some time Xara was covered with sweat and her hair plastered, just like Camilloni and all the other rowers – everybody welcomed the cooling when a wave sometimes splashed over the hard working women. Xara could not help but enjoy the sight of water sensually pouring down over the muscular backs of the roweres in front of her and Camilloni, as well as over her own breasts.

As the sun began to appear low in the horizon, they had rowed for several hours and everybody were relieved when the lookout cried, “Our island is in sight!”

“Our island?” Xara had just enough energy to ask between two strokes.

“Well, we are going to recuperate there before we sail out onto the long haule to Klystros where we shall deliver the cargo” said Camilloni slightly out of breath, by the way, you can call me Cami, most people do, and then she continued in a teasing tone, “and as is usually happens, there is also going to be entertainment in the evening.”

“Stop rowing” roared the hortator after a command from the captain and all rowers lifted their oars out of the water and pulled them a little in, so they were free of the sea.

This gave Xara the opportunity to ask curiously: “entertainment? what kind of entertainment?”

“Well, two of the girls have now for several times challenged each other, and they have now decided to wrestle with each other to find out who is the most women and has the most stamina,” said Cami in an innocent tone.

Xara immediately turned red in the face and her nipples stiffened again when she with a slight hoarseness in the voice replied: “Oh, that sounds exciting, are we all going to watch?”

Cami noticed with pleasure how Xara had responded, but chose only to answer a little subtle: “oh yes, absolutely no one will miss the excitement, and usually the excitement will spread to all the onlookers”

“Why are we not asked to row right now?” Said Xara who chosed to change the subject because she could feel how the prospect of having to see two muscular and tanned women in an intense wrestling match, got a wave of arousal to flush through her body.

“We are just awaiting the tide to change, so in about a half hour, we can almost slide into the bay, almost without having to row” said Cami, who although she was a little disappointed about the change of topic, yet had noticed how the news had influenced Xara and that fact caused an eaually heat of arousal to flow through Camis own body.

While rowers rested at their oars, Xaras mind was in turmoil, her heart pounded as she imagined two muscular, sweaty female bodies that writhed around, entangled in each other, both with one leg crushed up in the other’s groin and close embraced with breasts crushed against each other – and what did it imply that “..usually the excitement will spread to all the onlookers ‘ she thought. The rest of the afternoon dragged away, and Xara had no eye for beauty in the lagoon, while they with light oare strokes let the galley follow the tide inward. Nor could she later at the campfire, really enjoy the food which was prepared by a couple of the rowers who were assigned to the kitchen duties.

It did not help her that she had noticed the animal furs spread out on the ground close by, which constituted a large circular area maybe 6 fathoms across, the furs seemed worn and greasy and looked very much as a battle field. It felt like a relief when the captain finally had finished her meal, raised, and walked with firm steps toward the animal fur.

Standing in the center of the furs, Junia stretched her beautiful body, raised her arms and summoned the rowers “Come all my Amazons, come and watch Flavia and Sappho wrestle for the pride of their womanhood”.

All the women stood shouting and Xara followed close behind Cami as they swarmed towards the furs and sat down, close together, in a circle, forming a free area about 4 fathoms across.

Cami pushed Xara in front so she sat inside the circle, with Cami right behind. Xara fully enjoyed all the bare shoulders and arms she could feel being squeezed against her, not to mention her thighs, which due to her legged position, was rubbed comfortable against those who sat on her both sides. That was more than enough to get a nice heat to flow through her body. The pleasant smell of sweat from the women around her just spiced up her arousal.

The captain still stood in the middle of the circle and now waved over the heads of the expectant spectators. Crossing the gathering came two oil-smeared women, only dressed in thong panties made of rabbit fur. Flavia was a mulatto with very short black curly hair, while Sappho was a brown offspring from the Mediterranean with short black straight hair, both mature, but muscular women with broad hips, thick thighs and large firm breasts. The captain said, now targeting both wrestlers: “You want to find who has the most stamina as a woman, so I’ve decided that you must fight in the way that we will first see a power test in the form of a wrestle until the first forced back to the ground, then will you must battle pussy against pussy, with the winner of the first fall this top. Looser will be the woman who orgasms first”

These blunt words caused the spectators to whoop with excitement, but also sent a shock wave of arousal through Xara’s body as her nipples stiffened completely in an instant. It was no less exciting that she could see how everybody moved closer together.

The captain pulled out of the circle, while she told the wrestlers that they would start the match. With hands on hips, with a challenging posture, Flavia and Sappho slowly moved along the outer edge of the circle while they locked each other’s gaze firmly.

Both fighters moved with confident steps, it was clear they were women who were in possession of both aggressiveness and assertiveness

Flavia was the first to break the silent staring, and as her eyes greedily slid slowly down over Sappho broad shoulders and down over the firm large breasts with the nipples fully erect, before she with a deep soft voice said “you will be fucked and you will be the first to come to a screaming orgasm.”

Sappho blinked due to the strength of Flavia’s charisma, then her own gaze hungrily slid down over the opponent’s mulatto black, muscular shoulders and the proud breasts with fully swollen nipples. After a few seconds she replied with equally deep voice, “I will not be fucked I fuck. Anyone who tries to fuck me, must first overcome me in wrestling, woman against woman, body to body and cunt to cunt!”

Tensions around the spectators rose markedly upon the challenging exchange of words and did not ease up as they ceased to circle around, and instead came up against each other, very close, so close that their nipples just collided.

Xara shuddered with excitement by the mere sensual sight, but also by the gasp that clearly escaped both wrestlers, as well as from everyone sitting around on the furs. They gasped again as Flavia and Sappho in the next second took a step forward, so their bodies mashed together and then quickly wrapped their arms around each other in a solid clinch.

The wrestlers stood still for a short moment as they carefully placed their arms in the best possible manner before they slowly began to apply forces to the bearhug. That caused their breasts to squeeze hard together, and then to bulge out slightly at the sides. Xara could clearly watch how the wrestlers stomachs and thighs were crushed close together.

As both women tightened the grip more and more, the muscles in the arms and backs swelled, Xara could hear a fiercely moaning from both fighters. It sounded exactly like a combination of exertion and lust, and raised a strong desire to wrestle, to spread throughout Xaras body.

She imagined how she and Cami hugged each other in a brutal bearhug, how their breasts and bellies mashed together so that their bodies were as one body while they sweating battled for supremacy.

Xara was pulled out of her fantasies by a shout from the audience, and when she looked up she saw how Flavia had forched her left black leg in between Sappho two brown thighs as she tried to force the Mediterranean woman backwards.

Sappho managed however to step back a little so she regained her balance and could push Flavia back by forcing her bare upper chest forward. The movement made her breasts to slide upwards over Flavia tits. That made Sappho hard nipples to plow a groove in the sweat covered skin of the opponent’s breasts. This time in was clear that the high moaning was due to sexual arousal.

As with a joint agreement both wrestlers let their arms slide further down – almost caressing – the back of their opponent, as both took a strong grip of each other’s buttocks. A movement which was followed up by a strong pull inward which forced their groins to be grinded hard against the muscular thigh which both had pressed between the opponents legs.

Xara was beyond herself with arousal as she felt a strong desire to throw himself into the middle and fight bare breasted with one of those sweaty women – a desire which was only growing as she discovered that both wrestlers had forced their hands under the opponent’s rabbit fur panties to get the best possble hold on the sweaty balls.

Every time Flavia and Sappho pulled hard on each other’s buttocks, high moans were squeezed out of ther open mouths.

Suddenly Flavia managed to sneak one foot behind the Mediterranean woman’s lower leg and slowly, ever so slowly, the women fell close embraced on to the mat. They hit the mat with a wet sweaty splash, did not let go of the bearhug, but just lay still for a moment.

Cheering broke loose!, Spectators yelled and clapped and the captain went into the center, touched the wrestlers who slowly and obviously reluctantly uncoiled from the snake like grip they had on each other.

“An exciting match and a clear decision,” yelled the captain, enthusiastic and continued with an agitated voice: “Arise and undress until you are naked, it is time for the final decision and we must see who is most persevering woman.”

Flavia followed by Sappho stood up, both displayed sweaty bodies with red marks after the hard fought match. Standing close to each other, they pulled down the sweat soaked rabbit fur panties, stepped out of them and threw them out among the spectators.

As Flavia stark naked turned slowly around with her arms above her head, Xara not help seeing how wrestlers labia mounds were swollen with arousal and how the mounds thus opened her cunt up and bared an equally swollen clitoris.

The cheering ceased and was replaced by an intense silence as Sappho naked lay flat on her back on the animal fur, spread her legs and revealed that her condition was excactly the same as Flavia. The latter lay slowly and heavily into position between Sappho’s spread legs and over her body, so they were closely glued together with thighs, stomach, breasts and faces against each others.

Xara could hardly control her arousal when Flavia slowly took hold of Sappho wrist, forced them up over her head, pressing them down firmly against the mat. A movement that lifted her beautiful tits up and pressed them against Flavia’s, who then slowly begin to rub her cunt back and forwards against Sapphos cunt.

As Xara noticed that several of the other rowers gradually had moved close together, mostly in pairs, and most of the women having one hand massaging a breast or eagerly rubbing between her neighbors legs under a loincloth, that combined with the the loud moans from the sweaty, grinding wrestlers made Xara rub her groin restlessly back and forth as her hand slowly found on its way down towards her own wet cunt, when she suddenly felt a hand caressing her belly from behind and then crept further down towards the edge of her loincloth.

It was Cami, who from behind chrused her breasts against Xaras back and slowly clasped her legs around Xara while her other hand massaged Xaras one breast.

“You are just so attractive and I’ve wanted this so much since you came aboard, your delicious slut,” moaned Cami into Xaras right ear as she bend her back over and squeezed her hard.

Even as Cami was squeezing her, Xara noticed how Flavia carefully positioned her labia mouths between Sappho’s and then began to rock back and forth with her hips while while she accompanied the high slippery sounds with mocking words to her opponent: “Feel how my powerful pussy flattens your cunt totally, feel how my wet and swollen labia mouths heels yours completely flat upon each of my thrusts, feel how your orgasm is approaching, admit I’m the most enduring woman of the two of us!”

As their voices growed hoarse, their words were however, again and again interrupted by high groans from both, especially when Flavia thrusted her groin hard forward, then the moans from the woman flat under her, became higher. Sappho had not made it easier for herself by folding her muscular legs tight around Flavia’s solid thighs, forcing their vaginas to be squeezed, rubbed and pressed even harder against each other.

Xara was completely dazed by arousal and somehow her loin cloth removed, maybe she had done it, perhaps had Cami, at least she could now feel her buttocks being rubbed from behind by Camis drenched labia. Cami had pulled Xara completely backwards and locked her firmly with her legs, which from behind was wrapped around her hips and around Xara’s legs, forcing them to be spread wide apart and her pussy to open and be easily available for Camis eager fingers.

Xara’s orgasm was approaching fast, dramatically stimulated by the sight of Flavia who now was fucking Sappho all way out with powerfull thrusts, which made ther breasts to be rubbed up and down against each other.

During this, Xara lay back against Cami, who now had three fingers up in Xaras cunt and the other vigorous fondlig Xaras left breast. Meanwhile Cami groaned into her ear: “Come on, you horny slut, let me make you come as the wonderful woman you are. Afterwards you’ll fuck me by grinding your wet labia over mine – back and forth.”

The sex battle scenery had completely removed the few inhibitions Xara possed, so she bend her neck back and pressed her mouth tight against Camis cheek and moaned back, “You can just wait you, sexy brutal woman, I’ve also wanted to fuck you up ever since you came towards me with that bowl of soup .. “. Xara would have said something more, but Camis three fingers in her dripping wet pussy was now sending massive shock waves of arousal through her body and for a while it was impossible for her to produce other sounds than loud groans.

At the center of the animal fur the end was approaching fast as Flavia hammered and rubbed her pussy hard against Sappho’s and the wet smacking sounds as their labias held their own hard wrestling match, was only drowned by the higher and higher groaning and screaming from both fighters. Xara barely noticed what happened, but could at least see, that Flavia had suddenly changed a high groan to a roaring orgasm, seconds later followed by Sappho, who screamed her climax out while their bodies were shaken by violent spasmodic movements.

Meanwhile had Cami worked hard with three fingers in Xaras drenched cunt and with her thumb rubbing the bright pubic hair, so the sight of the wrestlers mutual orgasms and Camis warm breath against his cheek, made Xaras orgasm to arrive as a thunderstorm and forced her body to again and again lift in voluptuous spasms while she screamed her joy of life out.

Cami clung to Xaras sweat drenced body with one hand, and kept a firm grip in Xaras pussy with the other. Xaras violent movements got her firm buttock to pound hard against Camis dripping cunt, which also got intens waves of lust to flow through her body.

After some time Xaras orgasm slowly decreased, but as she knew how delicious it was to feel a permanent pressure on the groin right after, she had presence of mind enough to respond quickly and smoothly and turned her dripping wet body around so she stood on her knees, chest to chest with Cami, a movement that drove her breasts from the side over Camis, so the women’s swollen nipples jousted against each other and sent warm pulses of lust through both muscular women.

“Now it’s your turn, your horny slut,” moaned Xara as she twisted her groin slightly from side to side so her dripping wet labia pressed Camis equally wet lips to the side, a move that sent massive waves of pleasure up through Camis body.

Before Cami could to reply, Xara bend her head down and covered Camis mouth with a wet and greedy kiss, then she started to thrust her goin slowly but roughly against Cami. Each trhust made their labia mounds to clash wet together and send powerfull waves of lust though both women. Xaras recent orgasm had barely had time to ring out and the thrusts to her abdomen, sent hot, feelings of arousal to flow again through her body and judging by Camis sounds, squeezed out of their mouths glued together, also her orgasm was approaching fast.

Cami was a little surprised by Xaras swift turn, but she let happily herself be overpowered by arousal when her opponent lowered herself between her legs. Inevitably she lifted them up and locked her lower legs firmly around Xaras solid thighs, a movement that brought their wet vaginas in close contact. Cami responded to Xaras greedy kiss by kissing back just as greedily while she with a firm grip caressed and hugged Xaras sweaty and muscular back. It was not long before Camis hands slid further down and took a firm hold of Xaras firm, wet buttuck, which were greedily kneaded.

Xaras solid rhythmic thrusts forced their drenched and flattend labias to rub sensually against each other. Cami could not resist for long. Suddenly she embraced Xara hard, strained her groin high up, lifting Xara up, while Cami screamed a prolonged and violent orgasm out.

Camis upward thrusts pushed Xara over the edge once more, so again was her body vigorous rocked by a prolonged orgasm.

Only after many minutes of violent movements and high screams of lust, both amazon women relaxed and Cami loosened her legs from the lock around Xara, and straightened her legs out, so Xara could slid limply down between them and lowered her upper body down over Cami’s.

To Be Continued?

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