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After-School Lessons by JB57

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Part I

Teresa Carlton was 18 and a half, incredibly hot, and fast becoming a first-class bully to the other girls in her class and a major league vixen to the boys. The young brunette was about 5’9” and amazingly well-built. Teresa had always been very pretty, but unassuming, not the kind of girl to attract attention to herself. Few people realized that her apparent shyness hid a very bitter and angry young woman. Teresa had channeled her anger into learning kickboxing, and the skill had improved her self-confidence, but done little to soothe the anger and jealousy that ate at her heart.

Over the past summer, certain parts of Teresa’s anatomy had suddenly blossomed. Her breasts had gone from being almost flat against her chest to an amazing DD cup and maybe even a DDD. Her new tits were flawless – dense and taut and high and topped by thick, sharp brown nipples and large, round brown areola. They were golden brown, a healthy glow brought on by the girl’s new habit of sunbathing in the nude. The sudden expansion in her chest fuelled a corresponding growth in Teresa’s aggressiveness. It became hard to miss that, along with her breasts, Teresa had spectacular legs, honed by years of kick-boxing and running, a tight, beautifully-rounded ass, wide, womanly hips, a slim waist and a well-muscled, sexy abdomen, centered by a deep, narrow navel. These alluring qualities had always been in place. They had just needed the tits to bring the whole sexy package together.

Teresa resented the fact that, despite her athletic interests, despite her remarkably good looks, she had tended to blend into the background for most of her time in school. She hated the popular girls around her, even as she viewed the entire idea of high school popularity with disdain. Now that her new body made it impossible not to notice her, the chestnut-haired girl became a high-school vixen. She was making up for all the years of anonymity. She started coming to school in short skirts that barely covered her ass and cleavage and belly-baring blouses or skin-tight t-shirts. She did everything that she could do to show-off her impressive breasts and her spectacular young body. Teresa quickly came to the conclusion that she was the hottest girl in school. Other girls had good breasts or long legs or wide, womanly hips, or saucy, brazen attitudes. Only Teresa, however, had all these things in just the right combination. There were a few other young tarts who rivaled her, but not many, and none as aggressive as she was.

Teresa decided that a woman like her needed a certain kind of man – a guy who was handsome and strong and good in bed, but also easily controlled. She did not have to look far. Grant was the boyfriend of Jane, a popular and quite beautiful young woman whom Teresa had always despised. Grant was about 6’2”, nicely muscled, and not too bright, all of which were major reasons why Jane kept him around. Teresa decided that he suited her bill perfectly, as well. Plus, the fact that he was screwing Jane added just the right amount of spice and spite to what Teresa planned to do.

The next Friday night, at a bush party, Teresa acted on her plan. Teresa arrived at the gathering wearing a tight blue tube-top, which accentuated her incredible chest and left her flat, well-muscled abdomen fully exposed. She wore tight, low jeans, and low-heeled boots. Her long, thick brown hair was nicely styled and she wore just enough make-up to highlight her glowing green eyes.

Teresea quickly located Jane and Grant. They were sitting together on the far side of a fire pit, French-kissing, Grant’s hands moving eagerly over Jane’s bulging chest.

Teresa walked up to the amorous couple and stopped right before them, hands on her voluptuous hips, her impressive tits thrust out, her pelvis cocked forward. She was impossible to ignore, though it took a few moments for Jane to realize that there was an intruder standing far too close to Grant and her.

“What do you want, Teresa?” Jane asked, breaking her licking kiss with her boyfriend. Grant had been so wrapped up in his tongue work with Jane that he had not even noticed Teresa’s presence. Now, he turned his head toward the new girl and let out a grunt of surprise, as his eyes widened. He had known Teresa for years, but he had not seen her since the summer ended. The gorgeous, shapely woman who stood before him, flaunting her amazing body, was not the girl he remembered.

“Teresa?” he asked, his eyes lighting with lust. He felt his already aroused body getting hotter as the beautiful young vixen standing over him stared brazenly and hungrily into his eyes.

“Hi, Grant,” Teresa said, totally ignoring Jane. “If you’re done playing with this little girl, I think that it’s time you tried out a real woman. How about I take you into the forest and fuck your brains out?”

A look of shock and rage passed over Jane’s face. She leaped to her feet. The blonde beauty was dressed in a tiny purple halter, attached to her shoulders with spaghetti straps, jeans and cowboy boots. Her blue-green eyes flashed with anger.

“Just who you the fuck do you think you are, you little slut?” she snarled. “You grow some tits and suddenly you think that you’re queen of the jungle, you think you can just take any guy you want?”

Teresa sneered at the blonde girl. “I can do whatever I want, Jane. I think that Grant deserves a better girlfriend than you. If you think you can stop me, then try.”

Jane growled with anger. “You cunt,” she cursed.

Jane threw her beautiful young body at the hateful bitch before her. The blonde was a popular girl and ran with the right crowd, but she had been in girlfights before, and she was more than capable of holding her own. She was determined to kick this bitch’s ass.

Teresa could easily have evaded or even decked Jane with a swift kick. She was a good fighter and was confident in her physical abilities. But she wanted the close body contact with the other girl. So, she opened her arms and allowed Jane’s ripe body to collide and crush tight to her own. At the same time, she shifted her weight with the impact, wrapping her arms around the other girl’s back and spinning around so that they landed on their sides.

The beautiful vixens thrashed on the ground, rolling over and over, tearing at each other’s hair and clothes, cheered on by their drunken classmates, especially the boys. Their bare bellies pressed tight, their bountiful young tits crushed into one throbbing mass. The women shrieked obscenities at each other. Jane was not as well-endowed as Teresa, but she was only a little smaller than her brunette challenger. Teresa grunted with surprise as a surge of lust pulsed through her body at this tight contact with another female’s flesh, hardening her nipples. She felt Jane’s nipples responding, pushing into her thick titflesh. The blonde sank her claws into Teresa’s thick brown hair and pulled hard. Teresa was determined that this not be just another hairpulling girlfight. She decided to make her move.

Teresa used her greater weight to shift their locked bodies, grabbed Jane’s grasping arms, and, after a brief struggle, rolled Jane onto her back and pinned the blonde to the ground. Jane was a hellcat, but she could not contend with Teresa’s greater size and strength, her years of fighting experience, or her powerful new breasts.

Teresa held Jane in place and allowed her massive rack to crush down on Jane’s smaller boobs. She rubbed herself into Jane, feeling her hard nipples throbbing with sensation and excitement. She thrust her tits to Jane’s rack using the full power of her pectoral muscles. Both girls were braless and, as their bare bellies slapped and slid, Teresa felt Jane’s tits hardening with arousal under the weight and friction of her own. Their tight nipples caught and flicked each other. The blonde girl below her gasped and moaned, involuntarily, with the contact, her eyes locking to Teresa’s taunting green orbs with a look of horror and hate. Jane realized her own arousal, realized that she was being sexually humiliated and used, and understood that there was nothing she could do about it. She thrashed frantically, but Teresa just held her more firmly and crushed down harder, pushing their faces closer.

“I think that you like this, Jane,” she murmured, so only the blonde could hear. “I can feel your hard little titties. Do you like how mine feel?” She smiled like a cat, grinning maliciously into her victim’s beautiful face.

Jane tried to bite her tormentor. Teresa had not expected this, and barely managed to pull her head back enough to avoid the other girl’s snapping jaws. She was mildly surprised that Jane would try such a tactic then, with a vicious snarl, she head-butted the writhing girl in retaliation. Teresa’s head hit Jane’s forehead with a crack, and the blonde beauty gasped and fell back with a groan, stunned.

Teresa held the other girl down for another few moments and rubbed her tits even more forcefully into Jane’s matching rack. The head butt had been mild, so it would leave no marks and did not render Jane unconscious, just more docile. Teresa enjoyed the feeling of her heavy, dense tits crushing Jane’s proud breasts down onto her chest. The other girl’s breasts seemed to deflate and lose their own meaty toughness as Teresa’s boobs ground them down. The girls’ hot bellies rubbed, and Teresa relished the feeling of flesh on flesh. She quickly stopped, though. She had no lesbian tendencies and she had asserted her dominance over this girl, whom she had hated from afar for so long.

“I’m going to let you up, Jane. If you want to keep fighting, that’s fine with me, but next time I’m going to strip you naked and whip your bare ass. Just so you know.”

Teresa pulled herself off of her victim and stood up, her hands on her hips, and waited for Jane’s next move. The blonde girl rose shakily to her feet. Her eyes were brimming with tears and her lower lip quivered with rage and humiliation. Her halter was riding up her chest and her proud tits now hung exposed, red and sore, her nipples sharp and hard. She looked at Grant, but he looked away, trying to hide the bulge in his pants. Jane’s eyes flared with rage and hate.

“Fine! Take him! He’s the kind of punk that a tramp like you deserves!!”

Grabbing her purse, which was near the log where she and Grant had been sitting, the broken blonde girl ran off toward the parked cars, trying to hide her tears, her arms crossed over her battered chest. Some of her girl friends followed, to comfort her and give her a ride home.

Teresa watched the other girl go. She felt exhilarated. Deep inside, some primal instinct was seething and pulsing in the core of her womanhood. Something had awakened in her with this brief battle, a will to sexually dominate other women, but it would be a while before she figured it out. For now, she felt powerful and vindicated and unbeatable, her own hidden anger momentarily sated by her decisive victory over one of the women whom she secretly hated.

Teresa turned to take her prize. She walked up to Grant, and smiled at him seductively, then took his hand.

“Come on, baby,” she murmured. “I’ve got some things to show you. If you’re really nice, I’ll suck your cock until it explodes.”

Dumbfounded and blinded by his own lust, Grant allowed Teresa to lead him into the bush. His hormones were raging. The girlfight had turned him on, and the prospect of getting his hands on Teresa’s voluptuous flesh, of ramming his cock high and hard into this beautiful girl’s fantastic body, was driving him crazy with lust. They found a spot near a tree in a clearing in the forest and fell to the ground, their hands pulling at their clothes, their mouths locked in a tongue-twisting kiss, their hot breath coming in furious pants

As he rolled around with Teresa on the soft grass, as his hands filled up with her young, taut tits and as his thick cock was squeezed and sucked by her tight, hungry cunt, Grant groaned in ecstasy and thanked God for his good fortune.

The next Monday afternoon, Teresa toweled herself off in the gym locker room and was dressing when she was approached by Rachel. Rachel was a statuesque redhead and Jane’s best friend. She was a big girl and had a reputation as a bit of a bully herself. She was extremely protective of Jane, who had been her best friend since they started school together 12 years before. Rachel was just as tall as Teresa, and possessed a strong, well-toned body, and an impressive chest, though not quite as formidable as Teresa’s newly acquired tits.

Teresa had just wriggled into a skin-tight pair of low rise jeans and was pulling a tight, cropped t-shirt down over her thrusting tits when Rachel walked up to her. The young brunette was lost in her own thoughts. Ever since she had laid claim to Grant, she had run the jock through his paces. She had screwed him steadily over the past two days and, while she was enjoying herself immensely, she could also feel that her straight-up sex with Grant, while extremely good, was also not quite enough. She needed an element of danger in her bed to really satisfy her urges.

“Hey, whore,” Rachel said to Teresa, breaking the girl’s reverie. Teresa turned a cool, green-eyed gaze on the attractive redhead. She had expected, after humiliating Jane, that she would eventually need to deal with Rachel.

“Talking to me, cunt?” Teresa replied, immediately escalating the name-calling. The flash of rage in Rachel’s eyes sent a shiver of anticipation down Teresa’s spine.

“You little slut. I know what you did to my friend. Do you think a little tramp like you can get away with that?” Rachel balled her fists. The girl was dressed in gym shorts and a track shirt, her braless tits clearly visible under the white cloth. She seemed fully prepared to settle her differences with Teresa at that very moment.

Teresa did not back down one inch. The anger she had kept hidden for years had given her a new strength and confidence and she was not afraid of anyone or anything right now.

“I’ll get away with whatever I want, cunt. You go back to your little girlfriend and tell her that I’m enjoying fucking her man. Tell her thanks for keeping him warm.”

“You skanky bitch!!” Rachel yelled, lashing out at the beautiful brown-haired girl before her with her right fist. But Teresa was fast. She blocked the redhead’s blow easily, then replied with a hard right fist of her own. Rachel’s head jerked back, her body flew into the locker behind her, and she saw stars. Still dazed by the powerful blow, the redhead was in no condition to resist when Teresa suddenly grabbed her by her hair, slammed her head up against the locker. Teresa then pushed her body hard and tight into Rachel’s athletic form. Teresa grabbed Rachel’s wrists and pinned them to the cold metal. Rachel found herself trapped against the locker, Teresa pushing into her chest to chest. The redhead was amazed by how hard and firm Teresa’s tits felt, and she found her own meaty chest easily crushed and controlled by the other girl’s boobs. Teresa leaned hard on Rachel, compressing the other girl’s tits, but also controlling her body. The brunette pushed her thighs into Rachel’s, holding the other girl in place. Teresa’s sweet breath washed over Rachel’s face.

“I don’t think that you have the tits to do anything about me, little girl,” Teresa growled at her newest conquest. She thrust out with her massive tits, spearing Rachel’s nipples with her own, to emphasize her point. “I think that you and your little friend had better lick your wounds and stay away from me. If you don’t, you might find your little tits getting squashed out the other side.”

“Fuck you!” Rachel yelled, tears streaming down her face. She refused to surrender to this whore, but she was completely overwhelmed. There was something about Teresa’s body, something about the weight of the blonde’s incredible tits crushing down on her own, that left her feeling weak and demoralized. Her will to fight back was being undermined by a primal sense that she was in a contest with a woman of raw, primitive power. Deep in her young body, she felt herself folding up and giving way beneath the force of a much greater sexual power, though she could hardly articulate what it was that her body was trying to tell her. She just knew that her beautiful breasts seemed to be deflating, her loins seemed to be shriveling, the strength seemed to be flowing from her body. She could not hold Teresa’s green-eyed gaze of cool contempt.

Teresa was feeling all of this too, but from the other side of the equation. She felt strong and irresistible, she felt her tits seem to inflate, she felt a fire between her legs that was nakedly sexual and powerfully feminine. She felt like a cavewoman, dominating a sexual rival. She pushed her tits hard into Rachel’s chest and rejoiced as they flattened those of the other girl even more, crushing the usually rigid tissue back until it spread over the redhead’s ribcage.

The other girls in the locker room watched this confrontation with trepidation and surprise, and now they milled about in confusion, sensing that something fundamental had changed in the social hierarchy of their school. Teresa smiled. She was not interested in leading these sheep, but she did want them to fear her.

Suddenly, Teresa felt two powerful hands on her shoulders. Before she could react, she had been yanked off of Rachel and thrown across the corridor and into the lockers on the other wall. Her arms were pulled behind her back and her chest was crushed to the cold steel locker. She felt the weight of a powerful body crushing into her back. She felt the pressure from two formidable breasts and a matching pair of hard nipples digging into her upper back.

Martha, the new gym teacher, had come into the girl’s locker room to find one girl mishandling and sexually humiliating another. Martha had a lot of experience with this kind of thing and she recognized what she was seeing. She sensed the sexual electricity in the air. Here was a young alpha bitch asserting her newfound power against her peers.

Before she even knew what she was doing, Martha found her own instincts kicking in. She hauled the dominant girl – whom she recognized as Teresa – away from her redheaded victim, then plastered the aggressive young tramp up against the locker and held her there. Martha could not prevent her own nipples from hardening as her firm tits crushed tight into the young slut’s back.

“All right, that’s enough!” Martha barked. “Girls, clear out of here! You too, Rachel. I want to talk to Teresa.”

Teresa struggled in Martha’s grip, but the beautiful young blonde teacher pushed harder with her powerful legs and kept the enraged student pressed into the locker.

As soon as the girls left the room, Martha released Teresa. The brown-haired girl spun around, anger and hate blazing in her eyes.

“You picked the wrong woman to fuck with, you bitch!” Teresa growled.

“Really?” Martha replied, coolly. Martha felt a tingling in her tits, her nipples had become as hard as rocks. She felt a powerful tension in her pussy. She recognized all of the signs. This formidable girl really was an alpha bitch, a woman of real sexual power, now coming into her own. Martha recognized all of this because she had a similar awakening herself when she was 18. Now, she was just turned 23 and, as far as she was concerned, was in her prime. But this girl presented an interesting challenge.

“You have some nice tits, little girl,” the teacher said with a sneer, “but you’re still not a real woman yet. Don’t bite off a lot more than you can chew.”

Confronting the teacher before her, Teresa felt her body reacting and responding in a way that it never had before. The pressure in her sex, in her proud tits, built uncontrollably, forming a terrible heat and desire, an irresistible erotic itch that had to be satisfied. Her burning gaze turned on the teacher and, as if seeing Martha for the first time, she realized exactly how beautiful and voluptuous the other woman was. The blonde teacher had held the title of “hottest teacher” from the time she had arrived at the school a year ago, but Teresa had not really considered the other woman when she had been reviewing possible rivals. The woman was a teacher, after all, and a well known lesbian. Now, though, Teresa knew and felt, deep in the core of her body, that this woman was her real competition, the true rival to her sexual domination of the school.

The blonde woman thrust her tits out at Teresa and the girl could not help but notice the solid nipples piercing the gym teacher’s white shirt, even through her bra. Martha’s rack was incredible. The teacher was as well-endowed as Teresa, maybe even bigger, and her breasts looked round and firmly packed. Teresa felt herself sexually intimidated and, at the same time, deeply intrigued. Was she really a match for this bitch? But she tried not to show her uncertainty.

“Fuck you, dyke,” she growled. Then, gathering up her gym bag, she flounced out of the locker room, feeling strangely defeated and anxious, yet also excited.

Teresa went to her next class, but she could not concentrate on anything other than her confrontation with Martha. That blonde cunt had interrupted her conflict with Rachel but, more importantly, had somehow shaken Teresa’s confidence in her newfound sexual power. The more she thought about this, the angrier she became.

As soon as the bell rang, signaling the end of the day’s classes, Teresa went to the gym. She found Martha in her office, working on class schedules. Teresa entered the gym teacher’s office unannounced and closed the door behind her. Then she marched over to Martha’s desk and, placing her hands on the desktop, leaned over, giving Martha a clear, unimpeded view of her massive, tanned cleavage.

Martha looked down into the deep, delightful crevasse confronting her, then raised her blue eyes to meet Teresa’s green gaze. The first few buttons of Martha’s tight gym shirt were unbuttoned, so Martha’s impressive cleavage was also on display – not as prominently as Teresa’s, but enough to challenge the young girl’s tits.

“Can I do something for you, Teresa?” Martha asked, with just a touch of ironic mirth, playing at ignoring the young student’s antics.

“Yeah,” the brunette student replied. “I think that you ought to know who the REAL woman in this room really is!” She shook her torso from side to side, letting her massive tits sway gently.

Martha’s eyes flashed with irritation, but she tried to maintain her composure. “Listen, you little slut. You really don’t want to push this. I think that you had better go back and hang out with your little friends and not try to be more than the teenage bitch you really are.”

Teresa felt her rage rising. “I get it, you old cow. You’re scared. I can see why, given how flabby your fat tits are.”

With that, Teresa turned to leave. But Martha had enough. Her own sense of anger and arousal had been building ever since her confrontation with Teresa in the locker room, and now Martha found herself wanting to carry this conflict to the next level.

Martha jumped to her feet, her hands on her hips, her amazing tits pushing against her tight white exercise shirt.

“Not so fast, you little piece of cunt.” Martha grabbed a pen and quickly wrote down her address on a piece of paper. “Be at my place this Saturday night. We’ll settle this thing once and for all.”

“What do you have in mind?” Teresa asked slowly, as she took the paper and looked at the address.

“That’s simple,” the teacher replied. “We fight each other sexually. Tit to tit, cunt to cunt. You’ve been flaunting your little tits and your tight pussy wherever you can. Let’s see what you’ve really got. Whoever loses has to admit that she is just a little girl and suck the tits of the winner.”

Teresa paused. Something was flipping in her stomach, a sense of deep excitement and intense sexual arousal. She had half-hoped that the teacher would suggest something like this, but she had not thought it would really happen.

“OK,” Teresa replied. “But you’re a dyke, you get off on that kind of stuff. I don’t. I only like guys. I think we ought to make the stakes a bit higher.” She thought for a moment, then asked “Have you ever been with a guy?”

“Yes,” Martha replied, slowly.

“But you don’t like it, do you?” Teresa said, with a nasty grin. “I’m going to bring my boyfriend along,” she continued. “If I win, he is going to fuck your brains out.”

Martha considered this. The idea of being forced into sex with a teenage boy was one she found repellant. But a new instinct, one long dormant, was at work in her body. Now that the gauntlet had been thrown down, she knew that she had to force Teresa to submit to her will, to her sex. Her own instincts as an alpha bitch demanded it.

“Alright,” the teacher slowly replied. “But then I want conditions of my own, for when I win.”

“Like what?” Teresa asked, a tad apprehensively.

Martha looked Teresa up and down, coolly appraising the remarkable young body before her, the strong legs, the flat abdomen, the wide hips, the delicious breasts which strained the fabric of her t-shirt.

“You do have a good body, girl. Not as good as mine, but not bad.”

Teresa snorted.

Martha continued. “My condition is this: if you lose, you are going to be my sex slave for the rest of the year. Anytime I get horny, I will call you and you will drop whatever you’re doing and come to my place so that I can fuck you. Do you agree?”

“Yes,” Teresa replied, after a moment’s hesitation. The terms seemed a bit uneven to her. Then her youthful aggression and confidence reasserted itself. “I’m going to fuck you up, bitch, then my boyfriend is going to screw your fat cunt off.”

“You’re going to find out what being a real woman is about, you little whore,” Martha snorted in response. “Now, get out of here. I’ll see you on Saturday and I’ll teach you and your baby tits a lesson that you’ll never forget.”

Teresa flounced out of the office but, once outside, she began to have second thoughts about the deal she had just made. Martha was also reconsidering her rash agreement, but she decided that there was no longer any way out. She was going to meet this emerging alpha bitch in a fuckfight and either master the girl and nip her growing power in the bud, or find herself outfucked and subservient to a teenage girl. A sick surge of lust ran through her erogenous zones. The element of danger thrilled her and warmed the tight slit between her thighs.

Part II

Teresa left Martha’s office, her blood boiling and her libido pulsing in her breasts and between her legs. She felt confused and apprehensive, but also deeply excited. She was determined to win her confrontation with the teacher and the idea of going body to body, tit to tit and cunt to cunt with another beautiful woman, the idea of mastering another bitch with the power of her sex, sent a secret thrill reverberating through her deepest core.

She found Grant. He was talking to some of his dull-witted jock friends. Teresa walked up to him, her body practically bursting from her tight clothing, her hips swaying with promise. She was boiling with anger and sexual heat. “Come on, baby, you’re taking me home,” she snapped.

Somewhat bewildered, Grant followed her out to his car.

“That dirty cunt!,” Teresa snarled, once they were underway.

“Who?” Grant asked, hoping it wasn’t Jane. He still felt a bit guilty about abandoning his former girlfriend.

“That bitch, Martha Wells,” Teresa growled.

Grant puzzled for a moment. Then it clicked. “Ms. Wells? The gym teacher? What did she do?”

“She interrupted my fun with Rachel, and she thinks that she’s Queen Bitch of this school. God, I’m going to fuck her up.”

Grant decided not to reply. Teresa said little more during the ride, but he sensed her tension, her barely contained anger, and it made him nervous. She was brooding, her beautiful face creased in a frown. She left the car as soon as it rolled to a stop in front of her house. The heat in her body, between her legs, was growing in proportion to her anger, and she needed immediate release.

Teresa was almost to the door of her house, when she realized that Grant was still in the car, looking rather apprehensive. “What are you waiting for?” she yelled. “Come here!”

He ran up the front porch and followed Teresa up the stairs of her house to the upper floor. “Um, where are your parents?” he asked, anxiously.

“They’re at work and they won’t be back until late. We’ll have all the time we need.”

Teresa pulled him into her room. The young man and woman quickly stripped and then Teresa pushed Grant towards the bed. He sat down hard, his cock already hard and thick, and becoming more aroused as he watched the amazingly voluptuous vixen walking towards him, her hard tits bouncing, her hips see-sawing, her ripe thighs and her nearly hairless cunt, pubic hair shaved down to a thin landing strip, glistening with arousal. Teresa smiled and pushed on Grant’s bare chest, pushing his back flat to the bed. Then, she wrapped her lips and tongue around his thick shaft and sucked hard. She licked his cock with her tongue, she gently, teasingly stroked and rubbed the engorged organ with her hand, she massaged the aroused appendage until Grant was writhing and groaning with incredible pleasure. She sucked his balls gently, and she took his shaft as far up her throat as she could. He could not believe how good this felt and how good Teresa was at sucking his cock. She brought him up and down the pleasure curve several times before, finally, leading him to an explosion of hot, sticky cum deep in her throat. She swallowed it all. Grant cried out in pleasure, gasping with need.

Grant rolled Teresa over onto her back, his hands filling up with her round, tight flesh. He sucked hungrily at her thick nipples, his hands moved over her rounded curves and slipped into the wet heat between her legs, rubbing and probing at her hungry cunt. She moaned with pleasure, rejoicing in the feel of his sharp teeth and strong lips feasting on her glorious tits, of his finger stroking her pulsing clit.

He pulled her legs apart and rubbed his thick dick into her vaginal cleft, rubbing around the slit, moistening it with the liquid dripping from his shaft, slicking his member with the juices boiling out of her naked twat. She grabbed his pole and aimed it directly at her dripping cunt. She was tight and it took him 5 or 6 hard thrusts, but he finally managed to completely impale her on his throbbing cock. He felt fully in control, having already shot his load once, and he now began to pound her sex, pulling back and driving deep and hard into her with all of his strength. Teresa’s moans and cries built, and she squirmed luxuriously on the bed, enjoying the full-fledged fucking, enjoying the feeling of being penetrated and spread, the delicious sensation of being split in two by the boy’s driving prick. Grant pounded into her, riding her until she finally came, shrieking like a banshee, in an enormous orgasm that was so intense she nearly bucked him out of her body. But he managed to hold on. He continued pumping at her until he felt a second orgasm coming on. Then he stopped and withdrew, his heart pounding and his body wet with sweat.

“Holy fuck!,” he gasped. That was the best sex he had ever had and, once again, he thanked his lucky stars for Teresa’s interest in him.

“That bitch!” Teresa snarled. “That fucking cow!”

“Are you still thinking about Martha?” Grant asked, rolling over to look at the beautiful girl beside him. He could not help reaching out to cup and fondle the magnificent tit nearest to him, playing with the erect, thick brown nipple. God, this girl is hot!, he thought.

“Yeah, I’m still thinking about her. She challenged me to a fuckfight this Saturday.”

“What?!” Grant was almost speechless. “She wants to fuck you and fight you?”

“No, stupid, you fight by fucking each other. Whoever controls the other woman and forces her to orgasm is the winner. I have to win, but I’ve never been with another woman before, let alone fucked one in a fight.”

Grant rolled back onto his back. His mind was whirling. What he would give to see that!

“Oh, by the way, you’re coming with me on Saturday. If I win, you get to fuck Martha until her cunt cracks.”

“What!?!” Grant rolled back to stare at his girlfriend. “I can’t do that! That’s rape! She’ll call the police and I’ll be in jail for the next ten years!”

“No, it’s not rape, you moron,” Teresa snarled disgustedly. “She’s agreed to it. I’ll get it in writing, if that makes you feel better. It’s all part of the deal. If I win, you get to fuck her and I get to watch. And maybe help a bit. If she wins, I become her sex slave for the rest of the year.”

“Wow,” Grant said, slowly. Once again, his mind was whirling with the images and possibilities. Teresa was a lot wilder and more uninhibited than he had ever thought. He found everything about her enormously appealing and a bit frightening.

“You know, I may be able to help you on the whole “fuckfight” thing,” he said.

“Please don’t tell me that you can help me practice, because that’s not the same thing,” Teresa began, a note of exasperation in her voice.

Grant smiled. “Well, no, that’s not what I was going to say, but that’s not a bad idea.” He smiled wider, then looked at her peevish expression and decided it was best to be serious.

“I know a girl who used to be part of an underground sex club. This sounds like the kind of thing that they would do. I think that she may know someone who can help you train, at least give you the experience of fucking and fighting another woman so that you don’t go into this completely cold. I could call her and see if she can help.”

“Would you do that?” Teresa asked, suddenly very grateful. Maybe having Grant around would prove more useful than she had thought. “But I need to move on this right away.”

“OK,” Grant replied. “Let me make some calls. I’ll phone you tonight and let you know if I’ve been able to work things out.”

Teresa smiled. “I’d really like that,” she murmured, reaching out and gripping his hard, sticky shaft in her warm hand, starting to rub and stroke the engorged organ. Grant groaned in ecstasy.

Teresa rewarded her boyfriend by fucking him hard for the next half hour, and promising a lot more if he was able to help her. At 7 PM that night, Grant called back.

“Teresa,” he said, when she had picked up the phone. “I got hold of my friend and she knows someone who knows someone. Long story short, I have an appointment for you with a woman who is supposed to be really good at this stuff. Her name is Cynthia, she lives on the north side. I can take you there tomorrow, after school.”

“This is great. What does it cost?”

“Well, my friend said that it could be free if Cynthia likes you. It depends on how hot you are. I told her that you were very hot. So, you have a good chance of getting some pointers from a pro for free!”

Teresa thanked Grant again, then hung up the phone and considered her situation. She had four nights in which to learn enough about sexfighting to meet Martha on Saturday night and completely humble the big-titted bitch. She hoped it would be enough time.

Part III

The next day after school, Teresa and Grant drove to the northern part of the city and into one of the wealthier neighborhoods. They stopped at a beautifully appointed brownstone. Teresa checked the address twice, as she looked up the formidable structure. It was four stories high, red brick, and set back from the street by a small yard with a tiny but beautiful flower garden.

“Are you sure this is the place?” Teresa asked, taken aback by the obvious wealth.

“Yeah, I’m pretty positive” Grant responded. “This Cynthia chick is supposed to be pretty rich. You know, the bored, idle rich kind of thing. That’s why she’s into kinky sex.” Teresa glanced at Grant, a little surprised that he was capable of such complex thought. She decided she would need to keep a more careful eye on him.

The young couple walked up the stairs and rang the bell. After a moment, a woman’s voice addressed them from an intercom set beside the double-doors.


“I’m Teresa Carlton, I’m here to meet Cynthia.”

“One moment.”

A few seconds later the door opened, and Teresa and Grant were confronted by a beautiful young woman wearing a French maid outfit. Her bountiful tits were pushed high on her chest, an impressive cleavage revealing more than half of her lightly tanned boobs. The skirt was short, barely touching the top of her shapely thighs. Her legs were covered in fishnet stockings and 3-inch high heels set off her beautiful calves and pushed her forward, tits first. Her hair was jet-black and curly and hung just slightly below her shoulders. She was as tall as Teresa, so with the heels she towered over the other girl. Her brilliant azure eyes met Teresa’s and a shock of electricity passed between them. The woman smiled, her ruby red lips turning up in slow, mocking amusement.

For a few seconds, the three young people regarded each other. Teresa felt herself becoming instantly antagonistic towards this woman, and she tried to fight back the feeling. She needed Cynthia’s help, after all, and she could not be fighting with every beautiful and voluptuous woman she met.

“Are you Cynthia?” Teresa asked, after another moment had passed.

The other woman smiled. “No, my name is Yvonne. But I will take you to the mistress. Please follow me.”

Yvonne led Teresa and Grant into the house, down a long, wood-paneled corridor. The gleaming wooden floor of the hallway was shining in the afternoon sun, which poured in from skylights in the three-storey foyer. Large windows in the salon just off the main foyer admitted even more light from the quiet street. The house was richly appointed, with classic wooden tables and expensive works of art decorating the corridor. Teresa did not know anything about art, but she could tell that she was surrounded by considerable wealth.

They walked towards the back of the house. Yvonne opened a door beside the kitchen entrance and led them down to the basement. The maid opened a large door just off the landing. Light shone out of the open door and the deep groaning animalistic sounds of two women locked in sexual combat came pouring out.

The trio entered the room quietly and stood just inside the door, which Yvonne closed. They were in a large room which was bathed in a soft light. The floor of the room was covered with exercise mats. A couple of leather couches were pushed up against the far wall, facing a coffee table. A large standing closet occupied the far wall. A doorway beside the closet was open and revealed a full bathroom. Otherwise the room was bare.

On the floor, two young women were wrapped together in a knot of sweating, heaving flesh. One girl was a brunette, the other was blonde, and both were well-tanned. They were joined in a 69, their mouths sealed over the other’s cunt when they were not ramming fingers violently into the other’s vagina, seeking to stimulate each other to the point of collapse. They clawed at each other’s solid, round asses, spreading their hands on the smooth muscle and sucking furiously at the other’s clit. Their solid tits were crushed tightly to the other’s belly, and one or the other occasionally reached down to squeeze a nipple or knead at the taut flesh. The women were moaning and sobbing, erotic whimpers of delight coming from both until, finally, the brunette on the top screamed and bucked. The blonde held on, redoubling her efforts and, a moment later, the brunette shrieked like a cat in heat and erupted, cum spraying over the face of her competitor. The blonde rolled her convulsing foe over onto her back and took the top, dominant position. As the brunette sobbed with pleasure and exhaustion, the blonde finished her off with a few more licking kisses and two more forced orgasms. Finally, the blonde rolled off of her enemy, licking her lips with satisfaction, panting with her exertions, a smug smile playing on her face. The mat was wet where they were lying.

Watching all of this was a beautiful woman who was sitting on a chair beside the mat on which the battle was being fought. The woman appeared to be about 25, but she could have been even 10 years older. She was dressed casually, wearing a bulky green sweater and pair of slacks. She was leaning forward, studying the two fighting women closely, with an almost clinical detachment. The woman had long, dark auburn hair, which was now tied up in a ponytail and hanging over her shoulder. Her face was beautiful and patrician, her eyes a dark green. She had a flavor of the exotic about her. Teresa realized that this must be Cynthia.

“Very good, Denise,” the redhead said to the victorious blonde. “And Mavis,” she addressed the brunette, “you’re improving a lot too. Both of you have a lot more control over your bodies than you did a few weeks ago. Now, go clean up and I’ll have some more pointers for you when you get back.”

The blonde and brunette thanked the redhead. Then the blonde stood up, pulled a robe off a hook on the wall and walked, naked, to the bathroom at the back of the studio. She had a lovely body and Teresa was momentarily distracted by the flexing of her bare ass. The brunette plucked her own robe off the wall and walked towards the door to the room, evidently planning to use another bathroom somewhere else in the house. She gave a tight smile to Yvonne as she passed and her eyes flitted appraisingly over Teresa. Teresa could tell that the other woman was impressed with what she saw, and a little bit jealous. Teresa smiled smugly, more than happy that her fantastic body could evoke such antagonism. She loved the idea that other women wanted what she already possessed.

Cynthia walked up to Teresa and extended her hand. She was barefoot but she seemed as tall as Teresa. The school girl could not make out too much of the other woman’s figure through her bulky sweater, though she had the impression of some truly formidable tits.

“I am Cynthia,” the redhead said, as she and Teresa shook hands. “You are Teresa, yes? And you,” she said, turning to Grant, “must be the young man who arranged this meeting.”

“Yes, ma’am, I’m Grant,”said the boy, somewhat nervously. He was already aroused from the sexfight they had just witnessed and he was very conscious of the fact that he was now surrounded by three very beautiful women. While they talked, Yvonne went and cleaned the mat, spraying on a disinfectant and wiping it down with a cloth.

Cynthia turned her attention back to Teresa. “Well, young lady, tell me what you want to learn and why I should teach you.” She gestured to the couch against the wall. “Let’s sit and talk. Yvonne, please bring us some tea.”

“Yes, mistress,” the maid replied and she left, her marvelous ass rippling and her hips swaying as she headed out the door.

Teresa, Grant and Cynthia sat and Teresa quickly explained her situation to Cynthia. “I’ve agreed to a sexfight with an older woman I know this Saturday. If I win, then Grant here gets to fuck the bitch – she’s a lesbian, so I figure that will really humiliate her, on top of me fucking her into the ground. If she wins, I have to be her sex slave for the next year. I really hate this bitch and I really want to beat her – beat her bad. I’m a trained kickboxer, so I know how to fight, but I’ve never had sex with a woman before, let alone fought another woman with my pussy and tits. I’ve basically got four days in which to get good enough to beat her.”

“Hm.” Cynthia nodded. “Is this woman an experienced sexfighter?”

“I don’t know, but I think so. I’m sure that she’s done it before, otherwise she wouldn’t have suggested it.”

“Alright,” Cynthia said. “Please strip.”

Teresa looked a bit startled, then smiled. She was wearing a short, tight, belly-baring t-shirt and a pair of tight jeans and some sneakers. She rose from the couch. She removed her shoes, then slipped off the jeans, revealing her black thong. She crossed her hands at the front of the t-shirt and then peeled it up over her head. The shirt caught her heavy tits and they bounced exuberantly as the shirt pulled free and she dropped it to the floor. Then, she slipped off her thong, revealing her shaved pussy, naked except for a narrow landing strip, and stood before Cynthia, totally nude.

As Teresa undressed, Yvonne returned with the tea on a tray, which she now placed on the coffee table. The maid stood beside Cynthia’s side of the couch. Both women let their eyes wander hungrily over Teresa’s beautiful young body, fixing on her stupendous tits. Cynthia evaluated her with an almost professional eye. Yvonne could not hide her look of hunger.

“Very nice,”Cynthia said. “You certainly have the body to be a good sexfighter, but the question is do you have the self-control and discipline to use your body to its fullest potential? Let’s find out.”

She turned her head to Yvonne and smiled. “Yvonne, would you care to run our newest student through her paces?”

Yvonne grinned. “Yes, mistress, I would love to do so.”

Yvonne began undressing. As she did so, the blonde girl came out of the bathroom and, a few moments later, the brunette walked in the studio door. Both were fully dressed. Cynthia took the female combatants to a corner of the room and, standing, began to quietly provide them with advice on how to improve their fighting abilities.

Yvonne removed her earrings, placing them on the coffee table. Then, she removed her short skirt, revealing a black thong and garters, which attached her fishnets to her legs. She slipped off her bustier. Her impressive tits spilled out of the garment, round and firm, with dark brown areola and thick, hard nipples pointing like daggers. She unclipped the garter. She carefully removed her shoes and slid the fishnets down her thighs. Finally, she pulled off her thong. Her pussy was almost bare, her thick pussy lips pink and wet, a thin wedge of pubic hair arrowing up from her cunt slit.

Teresa and Grant had watched this display with increasing lust. Teresa had disliked this girl from the moment she saw her. Now, the opportunity to meet this woman and beat her sex to sex filled her with lust along with nervousness. She knew that there was a very good chance that Yvonne would humiliate her, instead. Grant ran his hungry eyes over the black-haired beauty before him. Her body was fantastic, just as beautiful as Teresa’s. Yvonne’s breasts were maybe a little smaller, but not by much, and appeared just as firm. But, he realized with a thrill, he’d soon see that for himself.

Teresa and Yvonne stood facing each other, hands on hips, letting their eyes examine every inch of the other, letting their mutual hostility build. Yvonne continued to smile, what Teresa saw as a look of smug superiority. Cynthia finished talking to the other two girls and showed them out. Then, she returned and grinned at the silent, sexual confrontation going on between her maid and the new girl. She sat down in her chair beside the mat and gestured for Teresa and Yvonne to approach her.

“Alright, Teresa,”she began. “Sexfighting is all about control – control of yourself and control of your opponent. You said that you know how to fight, so you should be a natural at this. The point is to take on another woman, cunt to cunt and tit to tit, and show that you have more control, over your own body and over hers.”

Cynthia motioned the two young women to the mat in front of her.

“You and Yvonne try to force each other to the ground. Then, we’ll see what you know and what we need to teach you.”

Teresa and Yvonne faced each other, each grabbing the other’s forearms. Their formidable tits compressed between their arms, hard nipples pointing straight at each other. Teresa was nervous, yet excited. The heat between her legs was maddening, the throbbing in her tits gave her an ache in her loins.

“Begin,” Cynthia said, and Yvonne suddenly batted Teresa’s arms aside and leaped onto her naked opponent. In an instant, Teresa found herself grappling and rubbing naked tits to tits, flesh to flesh, Yvonne trying to trip her. Teresa was caught off guard by the sudden, erotic sensations. The pressure of the beautiful maid’s tits on her own was electric. Stunned by the delicious sensation of her hard tits struggling with the dense titflesh of another woman, Teresa found herself flat on the mat, Yvonne on top.

Yvonne twined her legs through Teresa’ powerful limbs and, wrapping her arms around the other girl’s back, grabbing Teresa’s brown hair, she began grinding herself into the beautiful student, rubbing her tits around and around on Teresa’s powerful, firm rack. The women’s nipples pierced and rubbed, digging into the sensitive flesh, sending shocks of electricity through their matching tits. Large brown areola grated and abraded, fuelling the delightful sensations. Yvonne’s belly slid on Teresa’s firm stomach, their legs interlocked and strained, thighs and calves pressing and caressing. Teresa wrapped her arms around Yvonne and squeezed back. She tried to imitate what the other girl was doing, though her position was not as good.

Yvonne was an experienced sexfighter but, even so, she found herself very quickly becoming excited and stimulated far beyond what she had expected. Something about Teresa’s beautiful body – the remarkably strong, well-packed tits, the hot flesh slapping against her own, the heady scent of aroused pussy – soon had Yvonne wet and hot, her nipples throbbing with tension. She slid her tits against Teresa’s, slipping them in and out and around the brunette’s cleavage, and groaned with the electric pleasure that rippled in her nipples as they dug into Teresa’s dense titflesh.

The beautiful young women moaned, gasping with sexual need as their bodies shared heat. Cheek to cheek, groaning with the effort of their struggle, they cried out with pleasure. Teresa was in heat, her body thrashing with effort, her skin burning with delight, but her mind still firmly in charge of her body. The alien but thoroughly intriguing feeling of another woman’s titflesh crushed and rolling on her own and the matching of like to like was deliciously appealing. She felt her sexual power stirring deep inside.

Still, she found that she could not control Yvonne. Yvonne continued her wanton assault on Teresa’s body. Teresa found herself locked into a deep, sensual kiss with the black-haired maid, their tongues pressing and sliding, electric sensations rippling from her mouth down to her tits. She arched her back, rubbing her hard belly to Yvonne’s abdomen, trying to bring her heated pussy into contact with Yvonne’s matching cunt. The maid eagerly returned the favor, pressing down, then moaning as her slick cunt lips slid along Teresa’s engorged pussy. Yvonne worked her hips, rubbing her ribbon of cunt-hair into Teresa’s landing strip, wriggling as she tried to drill herself into the beautiful teen. She worked her pussy down into Teresa’s aching twat, spreading the teen’s thick, tight lips with her own throbbing cunt. Teresa groaned and thrust up to meet her attacker. The battling girls kissed hard, tongues tangling. Their arms squeezed tighter and Yvonne groaned into their locked mouths as she felt an explosion of pleasure reverberating through her compressed tits.

The women broke the kiss and lay, cheek to cheek, working their bodies together, grinding tits and cunts, hot sweat lubricating their sensual movements. As the battle progressed, however, it soon became apparent that Yvonne’s cries and moans of pleasure were growing far faster than Teresa’s. The girl’s aching cunts slid and slapped, hot cunt juice lubricated their writhing battle and, after a time, Yvonne felt her engorged clit pushing out of its hood. She thrust the hard little sex nub down between Teresa’s cuntlips, rejoicing as it slid deep into the teens’ hot, wet furnace. But Yvonne was also aware that, slowly and inexorably, she was losing control of this battle. The sexual desire of her body was building and working against her far more quickly than Teresa’s desire was working against her.

Suddenly, the black-haired beauty felt Teresa’s hard clit push into her cunt. Yvonne gasped at the sudden violation, but also at the extraordinary size of the brunette girl’s engorged sex horn.

“Unnhhh, you little slut!,” Yvonne gasped, amazed and enraged by this novice bitch’s sexual gifts.

“You’re the slut, fuckbitch,” Teresa moaned in reply. “I can feel your little clit. Let’s see what you’ve got, whore.”

Yvonne groaned. She did not want to match her clit to Teresa’s sexhorn. She could feel the girl’s power burning in her body. She continued to writhe and grind her fantastic body to Teresa’s voluptuous form, hoping to overwhelm the teenage slut. But she knew that a clit to clit confrontation was inevitable. Bracing herself, she slid her rock-hard clit against Teresa’s matching sex.

The women gasped, then Yvonne screamed as raw electricity shot through every inch of her sex-saturated body. Teresa moaned, long and loud, but she gritted her teeth and held on. She worked her hips and arched her back, driving her clit, head to head, against Yvonne’s matching nub. The black-haired girl screamed again. “FUCK!! Dirty cunt!” she cried out.

Teresa felt Yvonne weakening. The maid had to use all of her concentration to fight off the exquisite sexual power radiating from Teresa’s engorged clit into her own body. Teresa seized the moment to slowly, inexorably, roll the other girl over onto her back. The powerful teen quickly took the dominant position. She spread her legs, forcing Yvonne’s thighs further apart. She leaned forward hard, enjoying the feel of Yvonne’s beautiful tits crushing beneath her own. Then, aiming her clit at Yvonne’s sexnub, Teresa began stroking her sex into the other girl’s engorged clit, licking delicious sex tongue to sex tongue, slowly torturing the black-haired girl with sexual pleasure.

Yvonne gasped and screamed. Her hands spread on Teresa’s pumping ass and she held the powerful teen in place as her clit slowly, deliciously, surrendered to the sex of the mightier woman. The room echoed with the sound of taut, wet cuntflesh slapping in rhythm.

“That’s it, baby,” Teresa cooed, her will still in complete control of her burning body. “Let me fuck you, let me fuck you good.” Her ass moved in a slow, hard rhythm, her clit stroked and pressed and licked, sending sexual electricity blazing through her hard body. The pleasure was delicious, but something that she could still control.

Yvonne gasped and screamed, she bucked and heaved, but her body slowly gave way beneath Teresa’s more powerful sex. Finally, with a gasping heave, Teresa pressed her clit head to head with Yvonne’s clit and crushed the other girl’s sexhorn back into its hood. Yvonne screamed, spreading her legs wide in absolute surrender. Teresa shuddered, but held back her orgasm. She smiled as she watched Yvonne howl like a banshee, as she felt her inner thighs soak with Yvonne’s intense sexual discharge. The black-haired beauty bucked and bridged her back, her body shuddering as the orgasmic dam burst and a series of devastating erotic explosions rippled through her thrashing flesh. All the while, Teresa pressed down on her, clit to clit, the teen’s burning, massive clit crushing and bending Yvonne’s exploding sexhorn.

Finally, the beautiful maid groaned with exhaustion, her body spent. Teresa smiled, her own aroused sex still unfulfilled, and rolled off of her vanquished foe. She slid her hand onto her foe’s cunt, then bent her head to lick and nibble at Yvonne’s swollen nipple. She rammed two fingers up Yvonne’s wet snatch, stroking the beautiful woman’s still-hard clit. Yvonne groaned in delight and despair.

“Who is the better bitch, Yvonne?,” the teen beauty growled, then licked and nipped at the other woman’s nipple. Yvonne moaned in passion.“Tell me, say it, cunt,” Teresa insisted.

Yvonne sighed, then groaned with resignation. “You are. You are the better bitch, Teresa.”

“Yeah!” the brunette shouted, smiling. Then she mounted Yvonne again and, sliding her cunt slickly onto Yvonne’s wet pussy, licked and rubbed her burning clit into Yvonne’s swelling sexnub, forcing still more delicious orgasms out of the groaning, crying black-haired girl, stimulating herself to higher levels of sexual pleasure until, finally, Teresa reared back in ecstasy and injected her steaming cum deep into her enemy’s defeated twat. She screamed and shuddered with erotic joy, her nipples throbbing into Yvonne’s matching nipples as her orgasm exploded in her core. For the next few minutes, Teresa and Yvonne lay tangled together on the mat, panting, their voluptuous bodies plastered into one, the scent of hot sex wafting into the room. Then, regaining her strength, Teresa pulled herself off of the beautiful, sweaty body of the girl below her and turned an excited sneer on Cynthia.

“I hope this slut isn’t the best whore in your stable, Cynthia!”

The redheaded beauty smiled tightly, then rose to her feet. “Yvonne is a very good sexfighter, Teresa. But I think it’s clear that you have an innate ability that will allow you to go very far. But you need to learn to temper your talents and control yourself.”

“Well, I’m doing pretty fucking good so far!” Teresa replied, excited by the idea that she could probably fuck Martha into a coma right now! The blonde teacher did not have a chance.

Cynthia smiled again, then pulled her sweater over her head. Teresa was immediately silent. The redheaded woman was wearing a barely-there bra, which served to restrain her massive tits. Cynthia reached between her straining breasts and unclasped the front-end hook, then slipped the lingerie off. Her breasts were incredible, thick and taut, perfectly round, caramel-brown areola topped by thick cylindrical nipples. Cynthia’s tits hung unsupported, and seemed to radiate sexual power. They were at least as large as Teresa’s orbs, and seemed to glow in the sex-heated air. The woman reached down her muscled belly and undid the waist button on her slacks. She slid off the pants. She stood in a pink thong, which she quickly removed.

Cynthia’s pubic hair was shaped like an arrowhead pointing down to her cunt slit. Her pussy was naked and thick, juicy and hot and Teresa knew that she was confronting a truly powerful woman. Cynthia’s hips flared out then tapered into thick, perfectly proportioned thighs and beautiful sleek calves. Her belly was narrow and tight and her abdomen was shaded with sculpted muscle around her narrow waist. The woman was flawless. Her fantastic body seemed to pulse with erotic power.

Cynthia gestured for Teresa to come to her. As Teresa approached, Cynthia reached behind her head, pulled her ponytail around to her chest, and removed the rubber bind, letting her dark auburn hair fall free. She shook her head out, fanning her hair. Her tits rocked magnificently, their heavy weight and firmness evident from the way they rolled.

Cynthia smiled and purred. “I think it’s time for your first lesson, Teresa.”

Part IV

The next day at school, Teresa had great difficulty concentrating. Her mind and her body kept going back to the events of the previous night. She had been humbled and sexually overpowered, completely dominated, by Cynthia. Cynthia had thrust her great tits to Teresa’s orbs and ground the girl’s nipples flat. She had forced Teresa to the mat and slid her naked, burning sex along Teresa’s matching twat, grinding the teen’s labia apart and violating her feminine core. Cynthia had dragged her enormous, powerful clit along Teresa’s throbbing sexhorn until the teen had shrieked and sobbed in ecstatic sexual release. But Cynthia had not stopped there. She continued fucking Teresa hard, pulling one aching orgasm after another out of the beautiful girl until Cynthia reared up, her back arched, her tits driving down on Teresa’s like boulders, her nipples piercing Teresa’s boobs like spears, and injected her steaming woman cum deep into Teresa’s welcoming twat. After her body stopped shuddering, Cynthia pulled herself off of her newest pupil, slipped on her robe, then calmly sipped tea and waited while Teressa struggled to regain her strength. The young beauty had never been so completely fucked over in her life. But the experience had been fantastic. She remembered the delicious, electrical feeling of Cynthia’s hard, wet clit sliding against her own, the fantastic pleasure of her multiple orgasms, the delirious sensation of her hard tits crushed and rolling against equally powerful breasts, the sensations of her body twined and interlocked with the yielding, voluptuous flesh of another woman, and her cunt became so wet that she was afraid she would soak through her tight thong – which she did.

It was near the end of the school day when she encountered Martha. Teresa was just beginning a study hall period and was getting her books from her locker. The hall was empty of people and so she heard the sound of someone approaching on the tile floor. When she looked up, Martha was walking towards her. Teresa turned to meet the teacher, her back to the row of lockers.

The blonde teacher was dressed in a loose-fitting green dress and blazer, a thin white blouse, and flat-heeled shoes. Evidently, she was coming from a special class or a meeting and had decided to change out of her usual gym attire. Her impressive tits bounced enticingly as she moved, and Teresa assessed those jiggling jugs with a more experienced eye. They looked solid and heavy, but were they enough to crush and conquer her own meaty boobs? Would their nipples prove to be hard enough to match her fleshy spikes? Would Martha’s areola be as tight and rough as her own? She could not wait to find out.

Martha stopped beside Teresa’s locker, her tits only inches from Teresa’s thrusting rack. Teresa was wearing a calf-length dress with sphaghetti straps, revealing enormous amounts of cleavage. Her feet were shod in leather sandals. The women locked eyes.

“So, are you going to be ready for Saturday night, Teresa?” the teacher asked archly.

“Oh, yeah, I’ll be there, Martha,” Teresa responded, hostility dripping from her voice. “I’m going to fuck you up, just like I promised. Then my boyfriend is going to ream your cunt until you can’t stand.” The girl smiled smugly.

“Really?” Martha asked. The blonde beauty’s eyes flashed with a sudden sexual rage. Then she stepped forward, aiming her nipples directly at Teresa’s, and pressed her massive tits hard into Teresa’s powerful mammary glands. Teresa gasped. She had not expected this, and she found herself suddenly slammed into the locker, pinned to the cold steel, tit to tit. Her nipples hardened instantly and pulsed furiously against Martha’s engorged nips, even through the intervening layers of clothes. The teacher reached out and grabbed Teresa’s wrists, pinning her to the wall. The women’s massive boobs crushed tight, throbbing with electricity, their firm flesh squashing and resisting their compression. Their bodies rammed into the lockers with a bang.

“Maybe I’ll be the one doing the fucking, little girl,” Martha gasped, as she struggled to control Teresa. She pushed her face close to Teresa’s beautiful face, and the women exchanged breath and almost touched nose to nose. Their bodies writhed and trembled, Teresa’s bare legs thrashing as she struggled to gain footing, her calves and thighs sliding under Martha’s dress and against Martha’s smooth, equally naked legs. Martha had leverage on her side and used her powerful legs and her flaring hips to ram her tits hard to Teresa’s resisting boobs. Teresa arched her back to push back, increasing the tension between their struggling tits, even as she fought to free her arms. At the same time, both women thrust hard at each other with the power of their pectoral muscles. Hard tits drove together and held in quivering stalemate for several seconds as each beauty sought to squash the other. For a long moment, the tension in their dense titflesh, the pulsing ache in their battling nipples, was almost too overwhelming. Then, with a gasp, they broke apart. Panting, eyes glaring, tits burning with heat and tension, Martha and Teresa pulled back, released each other’s hands, and regarded each other from a few feet apart.

“You dirty whore!” Teresa snarled, her body so aroused that it hurt, her cunt so wet that she feared she would soon be leaking juice down her bare thighs. Her nipples were like steel spikes and she wanted to throw herself into Martha’s arms and resume the titfight. Martha wanted the same thing, but she slowly brought herself under control.

“Little cunt. Don’t worry, there’s a lot more of that waiting for you on Saturday.”

“No,” Teresa demanded, “Fight me now!” Her body was screaming for more tit to tit contact. She was enraged that her younger tits had not flattened those of the blonde teacher.

“If you can’t control yourself in the hall of the school, then you don’t have any control at all, Teresa,” smiled Martha. “That means that fucking you over won’t be difficult.”

“Cunt! You’re the one who attacked me!”

Martha grinned. “So what? If you can’t handle the heat, don’t get into the kitchen.”

Teresa was prepared to hurl herself at Martha, to get involved in a vicious catfight right here in the school hallway. For the moment, the consequences of this did not matter to her. The only thing that mattered was tearing Martha to shreds.

But she forced herself to back down. Her massive chest heaving, her sex aching with tension, her eyes glaring with hate, she still forced herself to calm down. She knew that Martha was right. If sexfighting was about control, she needed to prove that she could master her own urges. Despite her body’s aching desire for contact, despite her burning need to assert her dominance over this beautiful bitch, she forced herself to pull back from the imminent confrontation.

“You’re a filthy cunt, Martha,” Teresa said, calmly. She walked forward and slowly, deliberately, pushed her tits into Mary’s matching boobs. “And on Saturday, I’m going to fuck your brains out. I’m going to make you suck my clit until I come all over your face. I can wait until then.”

Martha smiled and pushed back. The women’s nipples crushed tight, through their clothing. Both women pushed hard, slowly flattening their throbbing nipples. They gritted their teeth and snarled at each other. Teresa found the sex heat building, once again, to fantastic proportions.

“You’re a fucking whore, Teresa,” Martha murmured in her face. “And I’m going to make you my fuckbitch on Saturday night. Then I’ll teach you lessons about which of us is the real woman for the rest of the year.”

“My pussy is going to suck your cunt off, fuckface,” Teresa growled in response. “My tits are going to milk those old bags until they dry up.”

The women finally separated and, exchanging final glares of hatred, Martha continued down the hall and Teresa turned back to her locker. But her blood was boiling with rage, hate and lust. She went to find Grant and, locating him shooting baskets behind the school, she insisted that he take her to Cynthia’s place immediately.

“But what if she’s busy? We should probably call ahead,” he worried.

“She knows how little time I have and I think that she really would like to see me. Just call it ‘woman’s intuition’,” Teresa replied, rather annoyed that Grant wasn’t simply doing what he was told to do.

They pulled up in front of Cynthia’s place about a half-hour later. Yvonne answered the door, this time dressed in a black bikini halter, revealing most of her voluminous breasts, and tight jeans. The straps of her thong panties were visible, looping up over her hips from the waist of the low-rise jeans. A belly ring glittered on her bare, beautifully muscled abdomen. Yvonne gave them a smug smile, enough to annoy and irritate Teresa even more. Clearly, Yvonne had not been humbled by her experience the night before. The bitch probably enjoyed being dominated, Teresa thought.

“I’m here to see Cynthia,” Teresa snapped at the black-haired girl, barely restraining herself from throwing herself on to Yvonne’s body and starting a battle right there in the front foyer. But she did not know what the rules were for this kind of place, and she did not want to risk doing something that would get her thrown out.

“Of course,” Yvonne replied in her smoky voice. “Follow me, please.”

She led Teresa and Grant down into the basement and into the sexfighting training room. The room was empty, but they sat on the couch and waited for a few minutes. Cynthia arrived 5 minutes later, wearing only a delicate Japanese kimono. The teenagers could see the outlines of her spectacular body through the silken material. It was evident that the redheaded beauty was completely naked under the robe. She was followed into the room by Mavis and Denise, both of whom were dressed in short terrycloth robes.

“Teresa.” Cynthia said, with a smile. “You are a bit early.”

“I kind of thought maybe I could train a bit longer today,” the brunette began, but Cynthia stopped her with a wave of her hand.

“I don’t mind,” Cynthia said. “In fact, it gives you the chance to train with some of our other students and more experienced fighters.” Cynthia formally introduced Teresa to the other two women. Then the training session began.

Over the next three nights, Teresa spent hours sucking clit and pounding pussies with Mavis and Denise. She quickly discovered that she had a gift for eating pussy. Even more, she began to discover the enormous sexual power and endurance of her body. Locked in a 69 with either Mavis or Denise sucking vigorously and expertly at her massive, swollen clit, Teresa found that she was still able to hold out, resisting her orgasm until long after she had forced the other woman to surrender. She also spent time fuckfighting with Yvonne, and won some very close battles against the beautiful black-haired woman. As she suspected, Yvonne enjoyed being dominated and Teresa enjoyed dominating her, but only after a hard-fought battle.

At the end of every night, Cynthia took her in a personal session. The redheaded beauty stripped off her robe, and ordered Teresa on to the floormat, with her legs spread. Cynthia then mounted her new student, pinning the girl’s wrists to the mat, and slid her powerful cunt on to Teresa’s eager, hungry twat. Cynthia forced the girl’s wet cunt lips apart with her own sex maw, opened Teresa’s aching pussy to her violation, and thrust her massive clit onto Teresa’s engorged sexhorn.

“The point of this exercise,” Cynthia said on the first night, through gritted teeth, as she stroked her hard sex to Teresa’s engorged clit, “is to teach you endurance. Don’t fight back, just try to hold off your orgasm for as long as you can.”

Cynthia let her heavy tits fall on to Teresa’s waiting boobs and she began rubbing her chest around and around the teen’s rack, stimulating the girl even further. Her tight, hard nipples ground mercilessly into Teresa’s taut titflesh, her hot, bare belly flattened on to Teresa’s matching torso. But most of the women’s attention was on their mated cunts. Teresa concentrated with all her strength, she struggled desperately to keep from exploding. She writhed and moaned, she sobbed and snarled, she forced her body to accept greater and greater pleasure as Cynthia’s powerful, throbbing clit tortured her with ecstasy. In the end, Teresa held out far longer than Cynthia had believed any novice could. Teresa finally came with a scream of pure pleasure and gush of steaming cum. Cynthia rode her a while longer, until the redhead came hard, screaming in relief. She pulled herself off of Teresa’s beautiful, humbled body, but she had to admit that the girl showed remarkable innate talent and ability.

By Friday night, at the end of their personal session, Cynthia was shocked to find herself on the verge of a delirious orgasm, Teresa somehow managing to hold off her own orgasmic explosion until the redheaded beauty came hard, howling with passion. Moments later, Teresa joined her. The women locked up, writhing and fucking furiously, grinding several delicious orgasms out of each other, before they finally exhausted each other. They lay together for a few minutes, clinging to each other, gasping for breath and regaining their strength.

Cynthia rolled off of Teresa, smiling in amazement.

“That was remarkable, Teresa,” the redheaded beauty gasped. “It’s incredible for someone with as little experience at sexfighting as you to hold out so long. You’ve got great control. I think that you’ll do well against your opponent tomorrow.”

Teresa was elated. In a matter of days, she had come to the point where she could actually force her teacher into an orgasm. Now, she was sure that she would beat Martha.

“Yes,” she said, “I think that I will. I’m going to feed that bitch her own clit.” The teenaged beauty smiled savagely, her head spinning with images of humiliating Martha. “That blonde bitch is going to regret the day she ever got in my way.”

Teresa and Grant left Cynthia’s house around 9:30 PM on the Friday night after a long afternoon and early evening of hard, driving sex. Teresa felt exhilarated and rejuvenated, but she wanted to get a good night’s sleep before confronting Martha tomorrow, and she still had to fuck Mark in order to keep him happy.

Cynthia was seeing them out. “I’m expecting my Friday night regular shortly – someone who is particularly gifted and serves as my…” she paused, smiling, “ sparring partner, if you will.”

“Really?,” Teresa asked. “I’d love to meet this person. Maybe I could compete for that position.” She gave Cynthia a hot, hard smile. Ever since she had successfully forced Cynthia to orgasm, her appreciation of her own potential had grown considerably.

Cynthia smiled, then nodded towards an approaching figure coming up the street. “Well, here she is now. I’ll introduce you.”

Teresa turned towards the approaching woman, gathering up all of her sexual energy, preparing herself to challenge this newcomer in the way she had been taught. She had been only half-joking with Cynthia. She was willing to test herself against another woman who, evidently, even Cynthia regarded as a formidable opponent. Teresa knew that she would probably lose such a battle, but she had improved so quickly over such a short time that even that was not certain, at least not in her mind. And she had time on her side.

The figure came closer, her high-heeled boots clicking on the flagstone sidewalk. She was dressed in a short, black leather coat and a matching cap, her blonde hair tied up under the cap, her hands in her coat pockets. The woman’s legs were covered in a skin-tight caramel-colored pants. The woman’s body and mannerisms seemed strangely familiar, but it was only when she put her boot on the first step of the stairs of Cynthia’s brownstone that the truth suddenly slammed home in Teresa’s heart.

“Martha!,” the stunned teenager blurted out.

The blonde beauty looked up at Teresa from under her hat. She looked momentarily startled, then her blue eyes glowed with realization and amusement.

“Well, well, what have we here?” she purred. “Are you getting some extracurricular help, little cunt?”

“Shut up, you fucking bitch!,” Teresa growled. But her heart was pounding with anger and excitement and no small amount of dread. Her victory over the gym teacher might not be as sure a thing as she had thought.

“Wait,” Cynthia interjected. “You two know each other?”

“Oh yes, love,” Martha murmured, a slow smile playing on her beautiful face. She moved up the stairs to stand on the landing with the others. “Teresa here is a student at my school. She’s a particularly aggressive little bitch, and I’ve decided she should learn a lesson about what it means to be a real woman. So, we’re meeting tomorrow night to settle things between us – cunt to cunt and tit to tit.”

“You cow!,” Teresa cried. “I’m going to fuck your cunt inside out, whore!”

“Hm,” Cynthia smiled, her green eyes shining with lust and amusement. “Well, I had no idea that you were the older woman that Teresa was training to fight, Martha.” She paused, thinking. “You know, a sexfight like this really should have a neutral referee – someone who can call the winner and make sure that the fight is fair. If both of you trust me, I think that I’d like to volunteer my services.”

Teresa gawked. “You mean, you’ll come and watch us fight? And then decide who wins?”

“Yes. I’m very experienced at this and I give you my word that I will be a fair and reasonable referee.”

Martha smiled. “Well, that’s fine with me. How about you, little cunt?”

Teresa smiled back, like a shark. “It’s fine by me, too, you big bitch.”

“Good,” Cynthia smiled. “I have the feeling that a sexfight between you two should be a very …memorable experience.”

With that, the women said goodnight, Teresa and Martha exchanged final angry and hateful glares, then the two older women disappeared into the house and the two teens walked down the street towards Grant’s car.

“Wow,” Grant said. “Martha must be really good…” The bulge in his pants grew larger as he thought about what Martha and Cynthia would soon be doing to each other.

“Shut up, Grant,” Teresa snapped. But she knew that he was right. If Martha was Cynthia’s regular sparring partner, then she was very, very good at sexfighting. On the other hand, Teresa had forced Cynthia to one involuntary orgasm. If she could take the lessons she had learned to the fight tomorrow, she should have a decent chance of winning. Her confidence was shaken, but not broken. Tomorrow, she would channel all her rage and anger and make Martha pay for every real and imagined slight that Teresa had ever felt. The blonde teacher had become the symbol for everything Teresa had ever despised. The girl smiled. Butterflies were still flapping in her gut, but Saturday night could not come soon enough. She knew that she was in for the fuck of her life, and she could hardly wait.

Part IV

Teresa woke early on Saturday morning, her body burning with a sexual fever. She masturbated furiously, bringing herself to ecstasy several times, before she felt able to leave her bed. She went for a long run, in an effort to burn off some of the raging sexual energy that was rippling through her body. But it did not really work. As the day wore on, her excitement grew with every passing hour, but she forced herself to calm down. Finally, 6 PM rolled around and it was time to prepare to leave. Teresa dressed carefully, putting on clothing that could be removed easily and that she would not mind having damaged. She pulled on a skin-tight t-shirt over her bare, bulging tits. The deep v-neck created a window on to her formidable chest. The shirt left a good part of her flat, tanned belly naked. She pulled on a white thong, then slipped on some tight, lowrise cut-off jeans, which left the grooves of her hip bones visible and dipped low on her pubes. She pulled on some running shoes. She looked at herself in the mirror, preening and posing to her reflection. She was dripping sex. “Fuck,” she thought, “I’d want to fuck myself!” She felt ready to meet Martha in an all-out sexual war.

By the time Grant came by to pick her up at 6:30, she appeared to be almost serene. But, inside, her sexual juices were flowing and burning with an intensity she had never felt before in her young life. Her loins were on fire, her breasts were swollen with arousal, her nipples were aching with heat and jutting into the fabric of her tight shirt like small swords.

Martha’s house was on an acreage a short distance outside of the city. The house was set far back on the property, well-concealed behind a thick wall of trees. As the car pulled into a circular driveway, Teresa got a good look at Martha’s home. The house was not very big, but it was a handsome Cape Cod-style structure, with a porch along the front and one side. It was a good size for a single woman and it was beautifully maintained, with flower boxes under the windows, urns on the porch, and a well-tended garden adorning the lawn. It was obvious that the school teacher was not lacking for money and Teresa suspected that Martha’s relationship with Cynthia might be older than she had first thought. The two women may well have come from similar backgrounds, though why Martha ended up as a school teacher would be the mystery. The teen wondered, for a moment, if she had been right to trust Cynthia as the referee for the upcoming battle, but she knew it was too late to back out now.

Martha and Cynthia were sitting in deck chairs on the porch, drinking beer and wine. The night was warm and the two older women were dressed in ways that showed off their remarkable attributes to full effect. Martha was braless, wearing a tight, sleeveless halter, the v-neck plunging to reveal most of her proud, ripe breasts. The blouse ended abruptly, halfway down her abdomen, leaving the rest of her well-toned belly bare. She was wearing low slung shorts, leaving her long tan legs free, and running shoes on her bare feet. Cynthia was dressed in a tubetop, which was held firmly in place by the tension of her massive tits. Her belly was naked, and she was wearing black, low-rise jeans and high-heeled boots. Her long legs were extended and her boots were crossed at the ankle, propped on the porch railing. Her auburn hair draped her shoulders like a sensual curtain.

Grant parked the car directly in front of the house. Teresa did not wait for Grant. She got out of the car and marched directly up the steps of the porch. Putting her beer down on the table beside her chair, Martha rose to meet Teresa. The brunette walked right up to the blonde, hands on her hips, and did not stop until she was almost nipple to nipple with her enemy.

Green eyes met blue, and a searing bridge of pure hate and raw lust was immediately established between the two beautiful women. In that instant, for both women, the reality of what they were going to do to each other became absolutely real and vital. Teresa felt sexual power and raw animal rage boiling in her tits, in her cunt, with a staggering intensity. Even during the past week, with her many fuckfights with other women, she had not felt anything like what she was feeling now. She realized that the sheer hatred she held for Martha, the yearning to crush and break this beautiful blonde bitch with her sex, the fundamental challenge to her womanhood and her sexual domination embodied in the teacher – all of these things were missing in the training sessions. Now, she was about to embark on the real deal – a true, winner-take-all sexfight with a bitch whom she despised, and her body was burning with lust and power as it rose to the challenge.

For her part, Martha felt many of the same feelings. She felt her sexual power churning in her sex organs, she felt the world narrow down to nothing but Teresa and the challenge posed by this bitch-girl. Teresa was all-woman – Martha had known this from the start. Part of her was exhilarated by the challenge this girl posed to her own womanhood and her sexual primacy. Another part of her was frightened by the risk that she was taking. But most of her body was juiced up to overflowing on sexual heat. She had been in this position many times before and she could feel, deep in her sex, that this would be a night to remember.

“Are you ready to fuck, Martha?” Teresa asked after a moment, the sexual tension between the two women charging the air.

“All night long, baby girl,” the teacher replied, with a smug smirk. “I hope you don’t plan to go home too early, because I have plans for you that will take quite a while.”

Teresa smiled. “I’ve got plans for you, too, cunt fucker.”

Grant had come up the stairs and was standing behind Teresa, hoping that his jeans did not pop open with the pressure from his swollen dick. God, he thought, this whole thing is so hot!

Cynthia watched this exchange with an expression of amusement, but her own body was deeply aroused and she was looking forward to the battle ahead. Both Teresa and Martha were very good sexfighters and they both possessed enormous amounts of raw sexual energy. And, most important, they genuinely hated and wanted to humiliate each other with all of their hearts. Cynthia’s eyes glowed with sex-heat. This night’s battle should be very, very good.

“Let’s go inside,” Cynthia said. “There are some papers that you both need to sign before we can get started.”

The women walked into the house, Martha leading the way, Grant taking up the rear. Teresa glanced around as they traveled through the house, and she noted that everything about it indicated money. The furniture and paintings and decorations were all expensive and tasteful. Teresa felt even angrier. That would be something else that she would make Martha pay for. Obviously, the whore was a rich bitch, slumming in a public school.

The group moved into the kitchen, where Cynthia motioned for everyone to sit around the small, round wooden table. The redheaded beauty then pulled an envelope out of her purse and spread some papers on the table.

“OK,” she began. “Usually, we don’t worry about things like this, but tonight’s fight is a bit…unusual. Teresa has made Grant part of this conflict. If Teresa beats Martha, then Grant is required to fuck Martha as hard as he can and for as long as he can keep it up. Martha has to sign this paper, indicating that she has agreed to this, so that there can be no later doubt that this is consensual sex.”

Martha took the paper, skimmed it over, then signed on the dotted line. She fixed Grant with a seductive smile. “You’re cute, boy. Too bad you won’t have a chance to keep your girlfriend’s bargain.”

Grant smiled, trying not to show how intimidated he was. High school girls, even girls as beautiful and aggressive as Teresa, were one thing. But this gorgeous teacher really took his breath away and frightened him at the same time. He hoped that he would have a chance to ride her pussy, though. The woman was incredibly hot, just as hot as Teresa, and the very thought of ramming his cock into her tight, warm cunt made him almost cum in his pants. The boner that suddenly expanded in his pants as Martha smiled at him made him very uncomfortable.

“Oh, I think that he’ll get his chance to ride your cunt, bitch,” Teresa snarled. “You’re going to be doing things for me, too, when I get done with you.”

Martha merely gave the girl a frosty smile.

Cynthia continued. “Here is the second part of the agreement. If Martha wins, Teresa agrees to be her sex slave for the rest of the school year. It’s September now, so that means all the way through until the end of next summer. Being a “slave” means doing whatever your mistress tells you to do. Do you agree to this, Teresa?”

“Yeah, I agree,” the teen responded impatiently, taking the paper and signing at the bottom. “Let’s get this started. What are the rules?”

“Sexfight rules,” Cynthia replied, putting both papers back into an envelope and into her purse. “No punching or kicking or violence. This is all about meeting each other sex to sex, and seeing which of you is the stronger woman. You fight tit to tit, cunt to cunt, you stimulate and overwhelm each other in every sexual way that you can imagine. You keep at it until one of you surrenders or is rendered unconscious. Then, I’ll declare a winner.”

Cynthia paused. “Do you both agree to accept my judgment, whatever it might be?”

Teresa and Martha both nodded, then said, in unison, “Yes.”

Teresa and Martha stood up, confronting each other over the table. Then Martha spun on her heel, and began to walk down the hardwood corridor leading away from the kitchen.

“The little bitch is right, let’s get started.”

The others followed Martha and ended up in her bedroom, a spacious, elegantly decorated and furnished room at the back of the house. French doors opened on to a beautiful terrace that led out to the lush green lawn beyond. A king-size bed sat against one wall. It was flanked by an ornate night table and a door that led to an ensuite. The bed was already stripped, clothed with only the fitted undersheet and some pillows. The lights were low. Two chairs were positioned facing the bed, meant for Cynthia and Grant.

When they entered the room, Martha kicked off her shoes. Then, barefoot, she turned to face the teenage slut whom she planned to sexually break and humiliate. Teresa kicked off her own shoes, then something caught her eye and a mischievous smile crept on to her face. She walked to Martha’s dresser and quickly found the underwear drawer.

“Hey, what are you doing, you little bitch?!” Martha barked. “Stay out of my stuff!”

“Oh, don’t be like that, Martha,” Teresa cooed. “I just want to see what kind of lingerie you can get on a teacher’s salary. Besides, you’re so proud of your little tits. I’d like to see what your underwear says about you.”

Before Martha could stop her, Teresa reached into the drawer and pulled out some beautiful lace bras. They were all designed to lift and separate heavy tits, while allowing for a maximum amount of cleavage. Holding a red bra, Teresa turned back to the waiting audience and, with a smile, peeled her tight t-shirt over her head. Her massive tits rose with the shirt, then bounced free, young and ripe and bursting with life and sexual power. This was the first time that Martha had seen Teresa’ naked tits and they gave her pause. The girl’s jugs were spectacular, she realized, truly beautiful. The nipples were thick and strong, the areola hard and ridged. The girl’s tits wobbled in a way that showed how dense and firm they were.

Teresa put the bra up to her naked breasts and tried it on. To her disappointment and anger, the garment fit perfectly, her massive jugs slipping snugly into the cups, the bra lifting and supporting her heavy tits as though it was made for her. She frowned. Martha smiled, then slipped her sleeveless blouse over her head, revealing her own magnificent jugs.

Teresa glowered. Martha’s tits were fantastic. They were taut and thick and heavy, yet totally unsupported. They looked like DDs or maybe more, at least comparable to Teresa’s own massive mammaries. But were they as strong as Teresa’s majestic pair? Could their nipples be as thick, their areola as ridged and sensitive? She noticed that the blonde’s nipples and areola looked to be as large and round as her own, but were a light and appealing caramel color. Martha’s tits were beautiful, and Teresa felt a sick pulse of rage and desire. She wanted to test those massive melons against her own. She was sick of waiting. She felt a flare of pure lust in her crotch and she realized that she wanted nothing more in all the world than to feel Martha’s massive tits rubbing and scraping and melting into her own. She wanted to match nipples and areola with this blond cunt. She wanted to go taut, meaty flesh to taut, meaty flesh with this whore and she wanted it now! She had waited long enough.

Teresa threw the bra to the ground and began walking across the room, towards Martha, her tits bouncing vigorously. Both women put their hands on their hips as they moved closer. Their equally impressive tits wobbled enticingly, jiggling in gentle rhythm to their swaying hips.

“You’ve got some saggy old tits, Martha,” Teresa lied. “And you’ve been pushing those tired old bags into my beautiful young tits every chance you get. Let’s see what you’ve got when there’s nothing between your rack and mine.”

“I told you before, little whore,” Martha growled. “Your tits are nice, but they don’t make you a woman. But I can see you’ve got to learn that the hard way.”

The two sexually-overcharged women were now only inches apart, their throbbing nipples perfectly aligned, rigid spikes of oversexed flesh, radiating erotic energy. Their tits felt swollen with heat and electricity, the power of their mutual arousal burned in their loins.

Cynthia interrupted. “Well, size doesn’t mean that much. It’s really all about who has got the stronger, denser tits and nipples and who uses them better. But if you girls want to find out, we can see what a tape measure says about who is bigger.” She held up a cloth tape that she had pulled out of her pocket and smiled mischievously.

“Fine by me,” Teresa grunted, the heat between her legs flashing and burning in her tits. She could hardly wait to throw herself into Martha’s arms and fight this thing out, tit to tit.

“Let’s see who is bigger, little girl,” Martha sneered. The tension in her groin was unbearable, her nipples ached with need, but she knew that this was an opportunity to gain a psychological advantage over Teresa.

Cynthia sidled over to the two steaming warriors, smiling as she watched them struggle to keep their mutual lust and hate in check. She slipped the tape under Martha’s breasts first, measuring the underbust. Then she slipped the tape over Martha’s massive, thrusting tits, noting that the woman’s engorged nipples needed to be pushed back slightly in order to get an accurate measurement. “A 38 inch underbust and a 44 inch bust. Very impressive, Martha. A solid DDD or F cup.” The teacher smiled hatefully into her teen opponent’s eyes.

Cynthia walked around behind Teresa and measured the girl’s underbust. “38 inches,” she announced. Then, the redheaded referee placed the tape over the thickest part of the girl’s jutting tits. “Hm.” Cynthia smiled. “44, too. Both of you are pretty much the same size. That should make things interesting.”

“Well,”Martha drawled. “Like you said, size doesn’t matter as much as denseness and thickness.” She reached up to cup her stupendous, beautiful rack, pointing the hard nipples at Teresa. “I’m going to smash you flat and milk those flabby tits with my perfect jugs, little whore.”

“Fucking bitch cunt,” Teresa growled. “Your tits are just fat. Mine are solid woman, and I’m going to teach you what a real woman is right now.”

Green and blue eyes locked and flared in a final hateful glare then, with a shared signal from their eyes, the two women raised their hands from their naked hips and grabbed each other around their biceps. Their massive tits compressed between their biceps and forearms, their hard nipples pointing directly at each other, thick spears of flesh, tingling with electricity.

“Let’s do this, bitch,” Teresa growled.

The women closed the distance and jammed their tits together, their thick, cylindrical nipples touched and almost sizzled with sexual power as they met and fused.

“Jesus, FUCK!!,” Teresa screamed, her head tossing back, her eyes opening wide as the raw power of Martha’s tits met her own.

“Fucking CHRIST!!,” Martha shrieked, her tits throbbing with the raw sexual energy pouring out of Teresa’s bountiful breasts.

Pleasure rolled in electrical waves through both combatants and, for a delirious moment, Teresa could swear that she felt the milk holes of her nipples opening, sucking and seizing to the matching holes on Martha’s nipples, trying to suck vital life out of the other woman. She concentrated her will into her tits as she had been taught, struggling to mobilize her womanly energy and use it to subjugate Martha’s body to her own. But Martha was doing the same thing, drawing on all her strength and will to control her pleasure and the sexual electricity burning in her body and turn it against Teresa.

Panting hard, shuddering with erotic power and lust, the women locked eyes, hate flowing between them like water, locked nipples, and began to push. Their nipples mated and speared each other, slowly pushing the opposing pair back into the other’s dense titflesh. Their nipples pushed into their areola, which now bulged forward and came together, sensitive ridged flesh grating, sexual electricity and pleasure rippling through the women’s battling tits.

Martha and Teresa gripped each other and pushed their tits together with all the power of their voluptuous bodies. Locked between their arms, their massive mammaries squashed tight, each beautiful woman trying to crush the other down. Their tits compressed but, as their nipples and areola disappeared into the ripe, struggling flesh, the matching jugs came to a quivering stalemate, dense flesh refusing to yield any further, neither woman able to crush the other back any more.

Raw pleasure was rippling in both women’s struggling, quivering tits and Teresa felt herself soaking her thong with vaginal secretions. She braced her bare feet to the hardwood floor and powered even harder into Martha’s tits, but Martha resisted, pushing back, then pushing out with the strength of her pectoral muscles. Teresa reciprocated. The teacher and the student glared furiously into each other’s eyes, both determined to see the other one fail, both enraged that their tits seemed so equal in strength and resilience as well as size.Their hot breath came in panting snarls of hate and rage. They gritted their teeth, their beautiful faces mirrors of fury, and struggled to conquer the other. For both women, their magnificent tits were the symbols of their feminine power and beauty, and neither could stand the idea of being matched by the other bitch.

Martha began pumping her pecs, thrusting her tits at her enemy’s matching mammaries, determined to break down the meaty resistance of Teresa’s fantastic tits. Teresa fought back with answering thrusts. Flashes of pure pleasure burned in Martha’s engorged boobs, and she relished the feeling of Teresa’s sexual energy struggling with her own, of their thick nipples twisted together and grinding hard, of their taut titflesh melting into one. Yes, she thought, this is what titfighting is all about – two women, meeting and destroying each other with the very essence of their sexuality! The heat between her legs was rolling through her entire body in waves, her underwear was soaked through, and the power in her raging breasts continued to build.

For long minutes, Martha and Teresa held each other in check, their magnificent tits shuddering in stalemate, their nipples fused and pulsing as one, waves of erotic pleasure flowing through their bodies. The women grunted and moaned, they gasped and cursed, but neither could crush the other back. They pressed close, forehead to forehead, hot, sweet breath mixing, and glared daggers into each other’s eyes.

“You’re tough, Martha, but I can feel your little titties turning to mush,” Teresa groaned at her foe.

“Not likely, you filthy little fuck,” Martha gasped in reply. “I can feel those little nubs of yours pushing inside out – it won’t be long before I squash your soft bags into your ribs.”

As if by mutual consent, the two women suddenly released each other’s biceps and, with a cry, wrapped their powerful arms around the other’s back. They squeezed tight, locking in a mutual bearhug. At the same time, they moved hard against each other, Teresa rubbing her tits up and down into Martha’s orbs, Martha rubbing side to side against Teresa’s boobs, each woman struggling to grind and rub the other into submission, trying to counter the force of the other woman’s attack. Arms around each other, squeezing tighter and tighter, forehead to forehead and nose to nose, gasping and panting and whispering obscenities at each other, the student and the teacher began to use all the power of their torsos to grind their breasts into each other, nipples locked and piercing each other, forming the central point around which they rotated their tits. Around and around they rolled their breasts, their meaty flesh merging and quivering with the strain, their massive tits starting to slide in the slick sweat of their furious combat, their rock-hard bellies slapping hard, then rolling and writhing and rubbing as the women’s sexual struggle carried on. Deep, narrow navels sucked and released as their abdomens slapped and slipped.

“Fuck, fuck you, break you bitch, break…” Teresa moaned in Martha’s ear.

“Dirty little tramp, filthy fuckbitch, I’ll smash your tits, I’ll …Unngh, Oh God!” Martha gasped, as another shock of pure erotic pleasure exploded deep in her tits.

The titfight raged on, the buxom beauties struggling and pulsing into each other, their massive, dense tits surging and vibrating with the power of their attacks. Their groans and cries of pain and pleasure grew ever more intense. Yet, slowly and inexorably, Martha forced Teresa back across the room, pushing just a bit harder, using the power of her bare legs to slowly force the brunette back. Their struggling bodies slowly approached the bedroom wall and it was obvious that Martha intended to back her enemy into the wall and pin her there. Locked in a mutual bearhug, squashing each other’s tits as tight as they could, rubbing and rolling and grinding at each other, the two battling beauties whispered curses and threats in the other’s ear, their faces pressed cheek to cheek, as they fought to master each other.

They moved slowly towards the wall, Martha certain, through the haze of intense pain and ecstatic pleasure, that she would soon have Teresa at her mercy. At the last moment, Teresa suddenly released her resisting pressure and allowed herself to be pushed back. The move caught Martha by surprise and she jerked forward. Teresa used the other woman’s sudden imbalance to shift her weight and spin their bodies. In an instant, Martha found her back slamming flat against the bedroom wall. Teresa rammed herself hard into Martha’s body, momentarily stunning the beautiful teacher. Teresa used that moment to free her hands from around Martha’s back, grab Martha’s arms and pull them from around Teresa’s body, then interlace their fingers. Locked hand to hand, she slammed Martha’s hands and arms up against the wall. Suddenly, the mighty teenager was in the superior position. Martha was completely unable to get any leverage as her back was forced, ramrod straight, up against the wall. Teresa pulled back, aiming her nipples at Martha’s swollen nubs, and drove her massive tits into Martha’s equally powerful boobs with all of her strength. The women screamed together, but it was immediately apparent that Teresa was now the aggressor and Martha was the victim of the vicious attack.

“No, no, you filthy little fuck…!!,” Martha groaned.

“Yeah, baby, yeah, you cuntsucking whore, I’ve got you now…,” Teresa snarled, her body on fire with lust and rage, her throbbing tits so engorged with power and arousal that they felt like cannonballs riding on her chest. They smashed remorselessly into the equally engorged, fleshy cannonballs on Martha’s chest. Martha screamed with rage and frustration, and pain. She thrust back with all the strength of her powerful pectoral muscles, and she felt her tits quivering with effort as they strained and pulsed against Teresa’s meaty rack. But the teen drew back, then powered forward again, leading with her tits and their spear-like nipples, using all the strength of her powerful legs and abdomen to drive her body against the teacher’s tits. Her bare feet strained onto the tips of her toes as she threw all of her energy into the attack.

Teresa and Martha shrieked in unison as their tits smashed tight, nipples mutually penetrating their dense titflesh and fusing into one, pulsing in an agony of pleasure and sexual power. Their sensitive areola exploded in delicious sensation with the friction as they worked their tits together. Their boobs trembled in an erotic stalemate as both women thrust at each other with all the power of their pecs. Teresa pulled back and then did it again, driving herself into Martha, ramming tits with the beautiful bitch who had dared to cross her, intent on slowly, inexorably grinding the blonde beauty down.

On and on the struggle raged, Martha and Teresa screaming and groaning with raw, wild pleasure as their tits squashed. They rubbed their massive mammaries around and around, wearing each other down, before Teresa pulled back to smash tits again. The battling women’s orbs were equally powerful, taut and dense, but Teresa’s superior position quickly began to gain her the advantage. Her shrieks remained cries of pleasure and lust as her nipples, driven by the power of her voluptuous young body, lunged and stabbed at Martha’s matching pair. But Martha’s moans rapidly became gasps of pain and anguish. She fought back as hard as she could, she rubbed racks with Teresa with wild abandon, the hot sweat of their raging bodies providing sensual lubrication to their battling, sliding tits. The massive mounds of flesh on the raging women’s chests thrust and slid and interlocked as they fought, grating and melting with a delicious wet friction. But Martha could feel her tits weakening, the dense flesh being slowly battered, her hard, powerful nipples gradually losing ground. Their breasts continued to slap, to beat together in a hard rhythm, the women’s cries of hate, pain and lust mingling into one erotic symphony, their breath coming in panting gasps as the titfight raged on.

It took some time but, suddenly, Martha shrieked with despair and Teresa cried out in triumph. With a final, powerful thrust, the brunette girl drove Martha’s aching nipples back into her swollen areola.

“Fuck, no, no….,” Martha moaned, tears of pain and humiliation flowing down her beautiful face. She could not believe that this was happening to her, she could not believe that her magnificent, powerful tits could be so completely subjugated by those of another woman. But it was especially painful that this remarkable feat had been accomplished by this shallow bitch-child, this fucking slut-tramp who Martha hated more viciously every moment.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah…,” Teresa chanted, as she ground her tits deeper and harder into Martha’s overtaxed jugs. The brunette beauty smiled in ecstasy, in the knowledge of her victory, enjoying the luscious feeling of Martha’s dense tits giving way before her own. Martha’s breasts were still resisting. At the back of her mind, Teresa knew that Martha’s boobs still had a lot of strength left in them. But the first, decisive battle had been lost by her opponent, and it was only a matter of time before Teresa ground Martha’s beautiful tits into weak, depleted sacks. She intended to milk the teacher’s tits with her own.

“Stop,” Martha moaned, “Stop, you win…” The taste of defeat in her mouth was unbearably bitter.

“Say that I’ve got the better tits, Martha,” Teresa snarled viciously in the teacher’s ear. She smiled, her face a mask of smug vindictiveness. “Say that you’re just a little girl, with little girl tits.”

Martha said nothing for a moment, her pride rendering her momentarily mute. Teresa drove the tough spikes of her engorged nipples hard and deep into Martha’s defenseless tits. The blonde beauty screamed, sobbing with rage and pain, then finally gave in.

“You’ve got the better tits, Teresa,” she sobbed in humiliation. “I’ve got little girl tits, I’m just a little girl.”

“YEAH!!” The victorious brunette pulled back from her defeated rival and, releasing Martha’s grip, threw her hands into the air. Her massive tits, red and sore but still full and round, bobbed exuberantly on her chest. Her nipples jutted, inflamed with sexual arousal. “Alright! I’m the tit queen! I’ve got the better tits! And now, I’m going to teach you what I’ve got between my legs!! My cunt is going to suck your twat right out of your crotch, fuckbitch!!”

Martha was leaning forward, cradling her massive tits gently in her hands, kneading the magnificent, wounded flesh. Cynthia’s trained eye could see that Martha’s tits were still strong and tough. The nipples were hurt and flattened, but the blonde had managed to avoid more serious damage by recognizing the hopelessness of her position and surrendering early. Cynthia knew that Martha’s tits were just as powerful and impressive as Teresa’s boobs, but the student had fought a better fight and now Martha would have to deal with the humiliation of losing the titfight, and maybe the upcoming sexfight – unless she found some other way to redeem herself.

But Teresa was intent on not giving Martha the time. Teresa grabbed the blonde beauty by her long hair and hauled her protesting, crying rival across the room. She threw Martha onto the bed on her back, then crawled onto the bed herself. Martha continued to cradle her injured tits, moaning with pain.

“Come on, whore,” sneered Teresa. The girl was now brimming over with confidence. She had humiliated Martha once and she had no doubt that she had broken the will of her blonde adversary. Teresa reached down and ripped the shorts off of Martha’s hips, pulling the garment down the other woman’s long, muscled legs. She then tore away Martha’s tiny red thong. Teresa smiled as she stripped her opponent. She grinned at Martha’s cunt. It was completely naked, shaved hairless, except for a well-maintained landing strip, exactly like Teresa’s pussy. Teresa ran her palm, then two fingers, along her enemy’s hot, wet slit.

“Oh, very nice,” the girl purred. “I’m really going to enjoy riding this little pussy. I wonder what your little clit feels like?” Martha just moaned, her will broken. She turned her head away from Teresa’s victorious smile, tears glittering in her eyes and squeezing out from under her tightly closed lids. Shame colored her beautiful face. But, just under it, an intense rage burned brightly. This isn’t over yet, Martha swore to herself.

Part V

Teresa smiled. Then, she jumped off the bed and shimmied out of her tight cutoffs and her drenched thong. Martha glared helplessly as the teen bitch stood by the side of the bed, totally nude, her hands on her jutting hips. She thrust her clean-shaven cunt out at Martha, smiling as the teacher examined the smooth, thick genitalia which would soon be meshing and mating with her own.

“I’m going to ride you until I break you in, Martha, just like a horse,” Teresa grinned. “Don’t go away, now. I’m going to get some water, then I’ll be right back. We have a long night ahead of us.”

The nude girl traipsed out of the bedroom, her confidence overflowing, as she made her way to the kitchen. On the way out, she winked at Grant and Cynthia.

When she left, Martha began stroking her own tits in earnest, massaging them gently and seductively. At the same time, she lowered her right hand to the hot, wet slit between her legs and began to stroke. Soon, she was shuddering with erotic sensations.

Cynthia got up from her chair and moved towards the bed. “Are you OK?” she asked.

Martha groaned. “That little bitch is tough, she really got me good. But this isn’t over yet. My clit will destroy hers, I swear to God…” She continued her gentle kneading of her massive breasts, struggling to stimulate herself, struggling to restore her tits for the battle to come.

Teresa returned from the kitchen carrying a tall glass of iced water. She saw what Martha was doing.

“Ah, do your little titties hurt?” she asked sarcastically. “Don’t worry, whore, your cunt is going to be hamburger by the time I’m done with it. Then Grant will fuck you inside-out. You’ll have a matching set of cunt and tits!” The teen took a deep gulp of her water, then set it down on the nightstand. She stood beside the bed with her hands on her flaring hips. “Are you ready for round two, little girly tits?”

Martha had stopped fondling her breasts and her pussy, and readied herself for the next stage of the battle. Cynthia could see that the teacher’s hard nipples seemed to have recovered their toughness and were now, once again, jutting proudly out of the blonde’s round, heavy tits.

“Yeah, I’m ready little girl,” the beautiful teacher replied. She stretched her voluptuous body out on the bed, lying on her side. “I’ve saved you a spot right here.” She patted the bed beside her.

With a grin, Teresa climbed onto the bed and crawled seductively to the center of the huge mattress, her heavy tits swinging enticingly. She stretched her beautiful body next to Martha’s, aligning their tits and their cunts, touching her toes to those of her blonde opponent. Martha and Teresa hated each other passionately, their mutual animosity blazed in their glaring eyes. But, secretly, both admired and were aroused beyond all measure by the other’s beautiful face and sexy, taut, voluptuous body. The women shared the burning desire to merge their flesh with the other beautiful woman in the most intimate, erotic ways. They hungered for each other with the vicious desire to consume the other.

The woman warriors pushed close, until their rock hard nipples touched and quivered with erotic tension. They shuddered at the sexual electricity that flowed between them. Teresa noted that Martha’s burning tits seemed as strong as they ever had, but she dismissed this. She had broken the teacher’s tits once, she would easily do it again. For now, she was more intent on dominating and controlling the rest of the blonde beauty’s fantastic body. She could not wait to slide her massive clit against Martha’s hard sex, and she longed to discover how Martha’s clit compared to her own. She was determined to fuck this bitch until she cracked. Teresa thought that she should have changed the terms of the battle. It would have been great if she had demanded that Martha be her sex slave for the rest of the year, too. The teacher’s body was amazing, and Teresa would have enjoyed exploring and dominating the other woman’s voluptuous flesh and humiliating her on a regular basis whenever she wanted to. But she had not realized how much she would enjoy fuckfighting other women before this had started.

“OK,” Cynthia said. “This is the decisive round. Whoever can’t keep up with the other loses the bet. Whoever calls out “stop” or passes out is the loser. Do you understand?”

“Yes,” replied the two combatants, their eyes locked together, the hate and lust flowing between them like a living force.

Cynthia smiled, enjoying the palpable hatred and desire radiating from these two gorgeous women. “GO!”

Martha and Teresa moved against each other. Hard tits thrust and crushed, exquisitely sensitive nipples speared each other and fused, sending erotic heat vibrating into their loins, firing their cunts. Their long, powerful legs thrashed and intertwined as each tried to mount the other and take the dominant position. Their hips pressed and rocked. Each woman reached behind the other and grabbed her opponent’s powerful, flexing ass. They pulled each other as close as they could. Martha thrust her head forward and locked Teresa into a deep, licking kiss. The teenager gasped within their locked mouths, and suddenly found herself overwhelmed by the intense erotic energy. Martha’s powerful tongue lapped and skimmed along Teresa’s tongue like an electric probe, sending sexual sensations exploding all through the young woman’s voluptuous body. Teresa had never been kissed like this before, and erotic pleasure detonated deep in her cunt, shocking her aching clit, as Martha’s tongue pinned hers to the back of her throat. Heat and spit flowed and mixed within their sealed mouths. Teresa groaned deeply, struggling to regain her bearings as the sensations overpowered her, as Martha quickly and decisively dominated their delicious tongue to tongue duel. In those moments, unable to fight back, Teresa found herself rolled over onto her back, her mouth and tongue and lips lapping and biting and sucking furiously at Martha’s matching flesh, their kisses hard and unbearably sensual, their mouths shoved together and locked as tightly and completely as two mouths could be sealed. They exchanged hot spit and sweet breath, and both women closed their eyes and moaned with pleasure as the kissfight raged.

Martha pulled hard at Teresa’s beautiful ass and felt an answering tug on her own glorious butt. As their tongues fought, the blonde teacher began writhing on top of Teresa, twining her legs around Teresa’s matching limbs and slowly spreading the teen’s ripe thighs, rubbing their hard, muscled bellies together until the sensual friction raised a delicious sheen of sweat, until their deep, narrow navels sucked and released. More than anything, she rejoiced in the feel of their matching tits. Heavy, taut jugs crushed each other, and Martha raised herself up slightly and brought her wobbling, throbbing tits down hard on Teresa’s equally engorged boobs. Their nipples lined up and penetrated each other, sending a delicious charge of sexual energy down to their clits, and now Martha began working her whole body down onto and into Teresa’s voluptuous flesh. All the while, the women lay locked in a long, lustful, teasing, licking kiss that set them both on fire, a sexual fire now stoked to blazing, nova heat as the rest of their perfect bodies mated and merged.

Almost unconsciously, overcome by her desire, Teresa spread her legs, opening and exposing her tight, hot cunt slit to her blonde enemy. Martha felt the heat from Teresa’s hot, wet pussy warming her inner thighs and lower belly. She raised herself up, arched her back, and drove her own aching, burning slit down onto Teresa’s. The women bucked together in sheer ecstasy as their ravenous cunts met for the first time. Martha’s slick, wet cunt lips slid deliciously along Teresa’s equally hot, wet, hungry twat. Moist, steaming flesh kissed and caressed and sexual electricity of incredible intensity blazed through both lust-crazed women. They broke the kiss between their upper lips as the mouths and lips between their legs engaged the woman to woman battle.

Teresa threw back her head and moaned in sheer joy. “God, oh fuck, fuck…!” she groaned, lost in the delirious feeling of her hot sex sliding and rubbing with Martha’s smooth cunt. Cunt juice gushed as her vagina lubricated, her arousal aching in her crotch.

“Mmmmmm,” Martha moaned, smiling like a tiger, her eyes closed as she buried her face in Teresa’s neck, kissing and biting at the sensitive flesh, and worked her burning cunt down against that of her teenaged opponent. Teresa pulled harder at Martha’s ass, drawing the teacher down into her with even greater force. Martha happily obliged, thrusting her aching cunt down onto Teresa’s matching twat, delighting in the feel of soft, slick cunt lips kissing and sucking, sliding and burning. The lust-crazed women rubbed around and around, their soaking pussies smearing cunt juice all over the naked skin of their intersecting crotches, making the turgid flesh even hotter and wetter. Martha grabbed Teresa’s ass and pulled and the two struggling women smashed their pussies together, the sound of taut, slapping flesh echoing in the room, the erotic cries and moans of the raging combatants growing ever louder.

Martha moaned in pleasure, delighting in the feel of her heavy, throbbing tits grinding and rolling nipple to nipple into Teresa’s equally aroused orbs. The teacher loved the feeling of her taut titflesh merging and struggling, sliding and melting in hot sweat to Teresa’s magnificent golden orbs. Martha loved everything about this ongoing fuckfight. Her entire body was burning with sexual heat, and every inch of her flesh was slicked with sweat and sexual secretions and locked in delicious combat with every inch of Teresa’s lovely body. Martha pressed cheek to cheek with Teresa, enjoying the sound of their erotic moans mixing and harmonizing, their gasping breath a symphony of desire. Martha squeezed Teresa’s ass hard, eliciting a return squeeze from Teresa’s grasping hands, which were spread on Martha’s thrusting ass. Martha drove and squashed her burning cunt down on to Teresa’s twat. Martha ground herself around, forcing her flesh to open and spread as it opened and spread Teresa’s cunt mouth.

“Jesus Fuck, yes, yes…” Teresa moaned. Martha turned her face to Teresa, kissing and biting at the girl’s cheek. Teresa turned her face to Martha and found herself locked tight in another tongue-twisting, electrically erotic kiss. As Martha dominated their mouths, the war going on between the women’s legs entered a new stage of pleasure. Martha thrust hard, driving and sucking her powerful cunt to Teresa’s equally enflamed pussy. Teresa bucked up to meet her, and their engorged cunt lips flattened and sealed with an erotic hiss, sucking tight. As they merged, both women groaned within their locked mouths, cries of sheer erotic bliss. Their overheated cunts lubricated hard, and their wet heat flowed into their bodies, down their legs and up their rolling, rubbing bellies, cunt juice pooling in their sucking, kissing navels.

As Martha slid her enraged cunt onto and into Teresa’s twat, she felt her aching, burning clit unfurl and quickly swell up to its full, phenomenal size. Martha was particularly proud of her clit. She thought of it as her secret weapon, the essence of her womanhood condensed into a single, throbbing nerve-rich tongue of ecstasy, its size and hardness too much for most other women to bear in an all-out fuckfight. Now that she felt it emerge, she knew that she was ready for her next move. She slid her throbbing clit down into Teresa’s furnace-hot cunt, parting and teasing the girl’s soft, exquisitely sensitive labia, challenging her to match Martha’s burning clit with her own. Teresa moaned, and almost screamed within their locked mouths as she felt her cunt invaded by Martha’s monstrous sex. At the same time, Martha leaned her full weight forward on her tits, crushing down on Teresa’s matching mammaries even harder, feeling the thick flesh crush and strain, their nipples pierce and pulse. Releasing Teresa’s round ass, she reached behind her and grabbed Teresa’s hands, which were still gripping Martha’s ass. Martha pulled Teresa’s wrists up over their heads, twined her fingers together with those of the girl, then pinned Teresa’s body to the bed. Finally, she broke the vicious, delicious kiss that Teresa and she had been wrapped in for some time.

Half-open green eyes locked to blue. Nose to nose, lip to lip, panting breaths mixing, Martha’s golden hair falling as a curtain around their heads, the two women glared at each other with hate and blazing lust.

Martha smiled, panting hard. “Let’s see what you’ve got, little girl. Let me feel your little girl clit.”

Snarling, realizing her predicament, but excited out of her mind, Teresa could not help but smile with feverish lust. She worked her hips, and felt her own massive clit, already aching with heat and lust, swell up in her cunt and rise to meet Martha’s sexual nub. Teresa’s monstrous clit slid deliciously up into Martha’s nova-hot cunt, and the teacher shuddered with lust and surprise.

“I’m not the little girl, Martha,” Teresa whispered in rage, a savage smile playing on her face as she saw Martha’s shock as the teacher felt the size of the clit invading her twat.

Martha smiled again. Secretly, she was delighted that Teresa’s clit was so huge, a rival to her own incredible sexhorn. She was delighted that Teresa was proving to be such a formidable opponent. She intended to win this fuckfight, then spend the next year satisfying her insatiable lust on this girl’s body. The more powerful Teresa proved to be, the more enjoyment Martha would derive from her flesh, from dominating and controlling the teenage slut.

Wordlessly, the two women worked their hardened sex rods into position for the beginning of their most intimate and erotic confrontation.

“Let’s fuck, bitch,” Martha snarled. Then, she plunged her mouth down onto Teresa’s. As their mouths locked and tongues tangled into an erotic knot, Martha thrust her hips down and rammed her blazing clit to Teresa’s matching sexhorn. The teenager bucked up to meet her.

Their engorged, sex-charged clits slid together, two fleshy, erotic swords meeting in ultimate combat. Electricity flared through both women and a flash of pure, unbearable pleasure slammed through the warring beauties, blazing up from their clits to saturate every erogenous zone in their voluptuous bodies. Their clits, hard and thick and blazing with erotic sensitivity, licked hard then held, quivering, locked in stalemate, crushed exquisitely sensitive head to sensitive head within their trembling cunts. The women’s monstrous clits took each other’s measure, proved to be equally hard and massive, and exploded with coruscating waves of pure, unbearable ecstasy as they crushed and held. Screaming within their mouths, the battling women broke their kiss to shriek in joy and despair.

“Oh, JESUS FUCKING CHRIST!!” Teresa screamed, her body almost convulsing with the intensity of the sexual pleasure roaring out of her crotch, suffusing her sex-wracked flesh.

“Oh My FUCKING GOD!!” Martha roared, her body shuddering with the waves of ecstasy saturating her sex. The sensations were unbearable, Teresa’s clit was so good, so hard, so strong…she lubricated massively as her clit slid and pressed tight to the teen’s matching sexhorn, and she felt the hot gush of Teresa’s cunt juices flowing to meet hers.

The battling women shuddered and trembled with erotic pleasure. They paused for one moment to enjoy the terrible sensations roaring in their bodies. Their eyes locked together in mutual hate and lust, their tits fused into one straining mass, their nipples locked and pulsing in excruciating joy. Every inch of their burning flesh seemed pressed to its counterpart on the other woman’s body, and they felt as though they were merging and melting into one delicious form. Their breath came in gasps and tears of raw ecstasy trickled from their eyes. Their cunts, crushed tight and eating each other with ravenous hunger, lubricated again and again, their bodies ready for sexual warfare, both women wanting it desperately. Their bare bellies were crushed flat, their skin pressed into one. Their legs were twined and straining. Teresa ran a bare foot up Martha’s calf, but quickly locked her limbs with that of the teacher, the better to crush and writhe and grind into each other.

Holding Teresa down, their perfect bodies perfectly aligned, Martha began snapping her hips, driving her trembling clit along Teresa’s unyielding sexhorn, shuddering with delight and raw erotic electricity as she and Teresa struggled, clits fencing. She squeezed Teresa’s hands hard in her grip, and rubbed her tits furiously into Teresa’s boobs. She loved the way that Teresa felt, spread beneath her, the brunette’s incredible body open and giving, like a delectable tray of erotic delights. Martha was aware of her own intense arousal as she worked her throbbing clit and her luscious flesh against Teresa’s equally delicious body. Martha was so wet, her cunt was so hot and tense, the raw pleasure rippling in her clit as it struggled and stroked with Teresa’s clit, were all incredibly intense. But she still managed to maintain control, gritting her teeth and concentrating on beating more pleasure into Teresa’s body than the little bitch could stand. She snapped her hips rhythmically, driving hard and deep into Teresa, working up to a piston-like motion as she rammed and thrust her steaming clit hard into Teresa’s answering sexhorn, intensifying the fuck to a level that Teresa could not endure.

Teresa writhed and screamed, cursing and gasping as Martha rode her mercilessly, fucking her out of her mind. The teen felt sexual energy and raw, pulsing sensations rippling through her sex-crazed body. She was holding on to her control by only the tiniest thread. “Fuck, goddamn fucking Christ, Martha is good!” Teresa thought. She knew that the teacher was dominating her completely. Teresa knew that even her proud tits were slowly succumbing to Martha’s superior position and overwhelming skills.

She refused to surrender. She writhed and bucked, she rubbed every inch of her voluptuous flesh into every inch of Martha’s steaming body, sharing flesh and heat and sweat with her enemy, determined to keep fucking until one of them exploded in absolute bliss. Both women were hypersensitive, conscious of every iota of their flesh as it burned with sexual pleasure and delicious friction, as their bodies rubbed and slipped and merged into one exquisite mass of building pleasure.

The fuck went on and on, their animal cries of lust and joy building to a fever pitch, their grinding, writhing bodies moving as one heaving mass of muscled, sweat-lubricated, voluptuous flesh. Hot juices flowed and coated their flesh, their mouths and tongues twined and twisted, their hands remained locked and struggling as the rest of their bodies ground together relentlessly, struggling to dominate the other, struggling to merge and consume each other. To the observers watching on the sidelines, the relentless fucking that Teresa and Martha were administering to each other seemed almost inhuman in its intensity.

Teresa was grinding with Martha, almost delirious with sexual euphoria when, suddenly, her pussy seemed to explode like a nova. One moment, she was writhing in the agony of sexual bliss, struggling to hold back an impending orgasm of catastrophic proportions. The next, Martha’s throbbing clit was crushing her clit head to head, inflicting unbearable ecstasy on her raging body and, suddenly, the dam broke, and a searing heat erupted from her clit, then grew and spread like erotic lightning through every inch of her sex-saturated flesh, pooling in her tits, radiating from her loins.

“FUCK, FUCK, OH FUCKING GOD!!!” Teresa shrieked, as she came in the most intense orgasm of her young life. Her cunt exploded with hot, thick cum, and she felt her insides emptying in a paroxysm of sexual ecstasy. Her juices jetted out, injecting up into Martha’s dominant body, spraying out to coat the women’s intersecting groins with heat and moisture. Teresa shuddered and trembled, her body thrashing and bucking furiously, but controlled and mastered by Martha, who locked her body to Teresa’s and moved the girl as she struggled. Martha continued rubbing their clits into one mass of pure sexual ecstasy. Martha held the writhing teen down and forced her to accept the reality of her sexual defeat.

“No, no, fuck you, FUCK!!!” Teresa shrieked, bucking her hips. Martha just smiled viciously, her eyes glowing feverishly, her hips moving with Teresa’s, her legs twined and straining with the teen’s legs, her breath coming in short, hard pants as she rode the beautiful teenage bitch into submission.

When Teresa stopped writhing, she lay panting, struggling for breath even as her magnificent chest was compressed under the full weight of Martha’s body. Their nipples pulsed together, their throbbing clits remained pressed and locked within their sealed cunts, trembling with unbearable pleasure. Martha was watching her, the blonde’s blue eyes shining with heat and lust and victory.

“Did you like that, little cunt?” the teacher gloated, panting with effort and sexual heat. “Did you like being fucked out of your mind, you cunt-eating slut? Do you want more?”

“Fuck you, Martha,” Teresa whispered hoarsely. “This isn’t over yet, whore. It’s just begun.”

Martha smiled. “Oh, you’re right about that, little cunt. I’m just starting to fuck you over.” The blonde began to rub and grind her clit against Teresa’s still-hard sexnub. Teresa gasped, throwing back her head to scream, then trembling and groaning with pleasure as she felt her body responding and submitting to the new attack. She knew that she could keep on coming, that her hard clit could stay hard and sensitive and vulnerable to attack for a very long time. She knew that Martha could easily fuck her brains out, fuck her until she collapsed from exhaustion, and she could see that this was exactly what the teacher planned to do – which was exactly what Teresa would do, if the positions were reversed.

Martha closed her eyes, smiling smugly, her white teeth glinting in a predator’s grin as she rode Teresa’s beautiful cunt. She worked her massive clit into its equally formidable counterpart, enjoying the sheer erotic electricity that rippled through her body, delighting in Teresa’s moans and cries as the beautiful girl fought to free herself, fought to control her raging sex. She felt like all of her sex organs had fused inextricably to Teresa’s matching erogenous zones, and Martha was in control.

“That’s it, little girl,”Martha growled. “Take my clit, you little whore, take it! I’m going to clit fuck your little cunt until you beg me to stop!”

Teresa could only writhe in agony, her breath growing ever more ragged and rapid as she fought against another devastating orgasm. Martha opened her eyes and smiled wider, enjoying the sight of this alpha bitch whore slowly surrendering to her stronger sex.

“Call me ‘Mistress Martha’, Teresa,” Martha demanded. “Tell me that you are my slave… say it, little girl!!” Martha thrust her clit harder to Teresa’s engorged and trembling sex. Teresa screamed and writhed, desperate to fight back.

“Mistress Martha! Say it, you little whore! Say that you want to be my bitch! Say it!” Martha began riding Teresa with all her strength, ramming their cunts together with greater force, driving her cunt as deep into Teresa’s as she could, rolling her hips to grind their labia into one seething mass of pleasure, rubbing their electrified clits, before pulling back to thrust again. The room filled with the sound of their soaking wet pussies slapping and sucking together in ecstasy, as their beautiful bodies, slicked and lubricated by their sweat, rubbed and slid enticingly.

“Fuck you, fuck you, Martha…,” Teresa managed to gasp, tears of sheer ecstasy trickling from her eyes. Teresa knew that she was on the verge of total defeat. Martha was fucking her out of her mind, the pleasure was unbelievable, and she could feel her will crumbling. Another orgasm or two, and she would be begging Martha for release. She had to fight back, she had to find some way out of her predicament. She tried to remember her training, both with Cynthia and as a kickboxer. If she could just hold out long enough to lull Martha into a false sense of control, she might have a chance. She gritted her teeth and struggled to keep her oversexed cunt from succumbing to the fantastic sexual power of the bitch ravaging her body.

Part VI

Martha rode Teresa mercilessly, her grinding, throbbing clit a sex-sword that she used to ram and stab and completely penetrate the wet, raging cunt of her brunette adversary. Martha threw back her head and smiled with joy, lost in the sheer erotic pleasure of fucking this little whore. She was avenging herself on Teresa’s body, making the little bitch pay for humiliating her earlier. Teresa was moaning and trembling, gasping and crying out. Her body wriggled and writhed delightfully, but she still kept answering Martha’s powerful thrusts with ones of her own. The women’s hard clits continued to fence, sending excruciating pleasure vibrating through both women’s perfect bodies.

As the delicious fuck went on, Martha realized how incredibly aroused she was. Her snatch was soaking wet, her clit was throbbing with pleasure, her breasts were swollen with arousal, her nipples pulsing with tension and as hard as steel rods. Her entire body was burning with sensitivity, and being constantly stimulated as she rubbed and writhed and ground her smooth, succulent, sweat-slick flesh into its matching counterparts on Teresa’s equally wet and voluptuous body. She had not yet come and she knew that the pleasure building in her body was rapidly growing to the point of release. She redoubled her efforts, hoping to force another orgasm out of Teresa before she needed to relieve her own need.

Martha squeezed Teresa’s cunt with her own twat, trying to eat Teresa’s pussy with her snatch. Teresa cried out, then squeezed back, equally strong and hungry. The women moaned in unison as they crushed each other’s clits between their strong vaginal lips, then they resumed sawing clit to clit, stroking and stimulating each other.

“Say it,” Martha began to chant again, as she increased the rate and force of her thrusts. “Say it, whore, say that you’re my bitch, say it, call me Mistress Martha…”

Their bodies slapped harder, their tits rolled on each other with greater friction and force, crushing taut flesh, sweat mixing and pooling as their cleavages melted and fused into one. Teresa struggled to free her hands, but Martha held her firmly, sweaty hands locked palm to palm, fingers twined. Tears streamed from Teresa’s eyes as she felt herself being fucked to another orgasm. Her clit was torturing her with pleasure, but she kept driving it at Martha’s clit, wanting more and more ecstasy. “Oh Christ,” she moaned, in her mind. “I can’t take much more of this, it’s so good, it’s so fucking, fucking good… I’m being fucked senseless.” But she could not stand the idea of losing to Martha. Through half open eyes, she looked up at Martha’s beautiful face, at the teacher’s expression of sexual rapture and arrogance, and she felt the swell of hate and lust.

Suddenly, Martha let out a tortuous groan and stopped thrusting, stopped slapping her steaming wet cunt to Teresa’s answering twat, stopped driving her burning clit to Teresa’s sexhorn. Teresa looked up at the teacher’s beautiful face and, through the haze of her own ecstasy, saw the expression of sexual agony on the blonde beauty’s visage. Martha shuddered, struggling to bring her sex under control, clearly fighting back an intense orgasm.

Teresa was balancing on the edge of her own orgasmic explosion, her body trembling with tension, but she saw her only opportunity. With a cry, she untwined her legs from Martha’s powerful limbs, braced her heels to the bed and bridged her back, trying to throw Martha off. At the same time, she struggled to free her hands. Martha cried out, and re-twined her legs through Teresa’s, holding herself in place. However, she was forced to release Teresa’s hands, which were already slippery with sweat. The women crashed back to the mattress, but Teresa instantly wrapped her arms around her beautiful enemy’s naked back and began to force a roll, aiming to take the dominant position in their mutual fuck. Martha resisted and, for a few intense moments, the beautiful women thrashed and struggled on their sides, their bodies pressed tight, their breasts squashed, their nipples grinding and spearing, their arms searching for purchase on the other’s smooth, wet flesh. But Martha was hampered by her need to restrain the devastating orgasm building in her core. With a cry of final effort, Teresa succeeded in forcing Martha onto her back.

“Yes, oh yes, you bitch, you cunt, now I’ve got you, now I’ll fuck you…,” Teresa chanted as she struggled to take the dominant position. Martha was too preoccupied with fighting back the orgasmic tension in her cunt to respond.

Teresa mounted her enemy, raising herself up and dropping her tits down hard on to Martha’s matching boobs, their bellies slapping hard. She slid her naked, sex-slimed twat into place on Martha’s equally nude, slick cunt. The battling women moaned together in ecstasy, as their raging cunts kissed and sucked wetly and united once again in intimate combat. Teresa began to thrust and grind, working her raging cunt into Martha’s welcoming twat. Both women worked their hips hard, both eager to resume the clit to clit fuck, to regain the ecstasy of their mutual violation.

“NNNGGGH!!,” Martha screamed.

“JESUS FUCK!!,” Teresa howled, as their slick, throbbing clits met again in erotic battle.

Raw pleasure and raging heat burned through the sex-crazed beauties. Martha wrapped her powerful thighs around Teresa’s waist, crossing her ankles below Teresa’s bucking ass; she wrapped her arms around the teen’s rippling back, and crushed the brunette’s body to her own with all of her strength. Teresa locked her arms around Martha’s back and squeezed hard, rejoicing in the feeling of their tits compressing and throbbing with heat and electricity, their rock-hard nipples tangled and twisted into one.

Forehead to forehead, nose to nose, panting like the bitches in heat that they were, teacher and student fucked desperately, ecstatically. Pleasure rolled through their bucking, writhing bodies in waves, and both women trembled and sobbed with pre-orgasmic ecstasy, struggling to keep from giving in to the terrible erotic sensations suffusing every inch of their burning flesh. They fucked desperately, each knowing that she was only moments from defeat or victory.

Teresa drove her tongue deep into Martha’s mouth, and the blonde accepted it eagerly. As they locked into a luscious kiss, Teresa began to snap her hips, just as Martha had done earlier, driving her enflamed clit the entire length of Martha’s equally engorged and sensitive sexhorn. The blonde screamed within their locked mouths, but she jerked her hips in reply and continued to move with Teresa’s bucking, thrusting body. Their clits stayed glued together, grinding mercilessly, feeding limitless erotic electricity to every inch of their bodies. Their drooling cunts, soaked with heat and pussy juice, sucked and sealed, fusing the women twat to twat, before sucking apart in a spray of cunt juice, only to ram and thrust and melt together again..

The women broke their kiss, both sobbing savagely. They cursed viciously as they continued to ride each other. Teresa redoubled the piston-like jerks of her hips, ramming her clit high and hard to Martha’s matching sex. The women screamed together. Teresa knew that she had to find some way to force additional pleasure on Martha, to somehow gain an erotic advantage over her sexually voracious enemy. Martha’s hands moved down to Teresa’s pumping ass and her fingernails sank into the taut, flexing flesh. She pulled Teresa’s body even harder into her own, even as she whimpered with erotic bliss, even as she moved in delicious rhythm with Teresa’s savage thrusts.

Teresa suddenly pulled herself up, raising her torso as high off of Martha’s as she could, and arched her back. Their glorious tits were too big to separate, but for one moment the tight pressure between their meaty racks lessened. Their throbbing tits were red with friction, their enflamed nipples pulsing with sensation. Teresa saw her opportunity. Supporting her body with her left hand, leaning so that her left tit crushed harder into Martha’s right, forcing the blonde’s right tit to accept most of her upper body weight, Teresa quickly licked her right hand fingers, then shoved her hand between her right tit and Martha’s left, and gripped Martha’s aching left nipple. Teresa squeezed the sensitive fleshy shaft as hard as she could. She smoothed and massaged the thick nub with her thumb and forefinger, twisting the sensitive flesh with a vicious jerk.

The flash of erotic ecstasy that suddenly blazed through Martha’s bouncing tit and into her erogenous zones was too much additional pleasure for the blonde teacher to take. Teresa fell back onto Martha, her hand still kneading and probing at the teacher’s tit, now trapped between the two women’s dense breastflesh. She squeezed as much of the massive tit as she could.

“JESUS FUCKING CHRIST!!!,” Martha howled. Her hips bucked high, her powerful legs went rigid, she bridged her back in sheer pleasure and her cunt exploded in an incredibly intense orgasm. She erupted like a volcano, her insides convulsing and shooting hot, steaming cum directly up into Teresa’s invading cunt, the thick sex fluids gushing out to soak the intersection of the women’s writhing bodies. “NNOOO!!,” Martha shrieked, her body quaking with the power of her release.

Teresa continued to slide and ram her hard clit to Martha’s matching sex, even as she rejoiced in her mind at the teacher’s defeat. But Teresa continued to fuck her foe desperately, wanting and needing an intense sexual release of her own. Her face was a mask of sexual agony, her teeth gritted against the tremendous orgasm building in her core. Once she knew that Martha had erupted first, once she felt the delicious sensation of Martha’s steaming cum jetting into her own body and soaking her thighs and belly, she finally let herself go.

“Oh, FFFUCCCCKKK!!!,” Teresa shrieked. Her clit exploded like a bomb, the hot juices locked in her pussy mixed and combined with the cum Martha had injected into her. With a scream, Teresa felt herself jetting, pumping those fragrant liquids back down into Martha’s welcoming cunt.

Ramming their hard clits, screaming at each other, clawing at the other’s flesh, biting and finally locking into a savage, tongue-twisting kiss, Teresa and Martha fucked furiously, grinding their bodies into one, as they rode out their tremendous orgasms. Straining, their muscles twined, locked and trembling, they ground their bodies relentlessly as they sought to merge into one shuddering mass of sex-saturated flesh. They rode each other hard, their asses rising slowly together, quivering with effort, as Martha drove up, their asses descending powerfully as Teresa thrust back, slamming their locked bodies to the mattress, shaking the bed. They struggled and ground together so hard that it almost seemed they had to either break each other or melt into one voluptuous body. Their hands tightly gripped the other’s round, quivering butt, their lips locked, hot spit flowing, tongues tied into one, desperate moans and gasps escaping from their inosculated lips until, finally, with a mutual shuddering sigh, the two beautiful women broke their kiss and collapsed in each other’s arms. Panting, gasping, weak from the intensity of their shared orgasms, Martha and Teresa lay together for a few minutes, cheek to cheek, struggling to regain their strength, too weak to separate. Their tits crushed tight, their nipples and clits pulsed and quivered together.

Finally, Teresa untangled her limbs from Martha’s and rolled herself off of her enemy, and then rolled a few feet away. Slowly, she rose to a sitting position. Martha pushed herself up, and then rose to sit facing Teresa. Both women’s legs were spread wide, and their naked cunts, reddened from the friction, soaking and wet from their mutual arousal and shared sexual secretions, dripping with strings of hot cum, confronted each other from across the bed.

The women examined each other. Their hair was wild and they both seemed exhausted. They panted, their tits rising and falling in unison. Their bodies were shining with hot sweat and slicked with vaginal secretions. They were red with heat, their equally matched tits were taut and enflamed with sexual arousal. Just looking at each other, Teresa and Martha both felt their mutual lust and hate growing. The need to subjugate the other, to fuck the other woman until one of them emerged as the Alpha Bitch was overwhelming, and now gave both women the energy and stamina to continue to the next round of sexual combat.

“All night long, you filthy slut,” Teresa murmured, jerking her hips, thrusting her naked cunt at her foe.

“As long as it takes, baby bitch,” Martha replied. She reached down and rubbed her swollen cunt lips, then spread her labia to reveal her enflamed and expanding clit.

Teresa smiled. She reached down and pulled apart her labia, exposing her own growing clit. Hot juices gushed from her open pussy, as her cunt lubricated in preparation for the battle to come.

Eyes locked with hate and lust, the two beautiful combatants pushed themselves across the bed on their hard, round asses, and prepared for the final fuck.

Part VII

The bedsheet was now soaked with Martha and Teresa’s hot sweat and boiling cum and the large bedroom was permeated with the tantalizing scent of raw woman sex. From their seats at the foot of the bed, Grant and Cynthia watched the incredible battle, both of them deeply aroused.

Grant had watched the sexual conflict with unalloyed lust. He could not believe how horny he was. His cock was huge, bulging into his pants, feeling as hard as rock. His loins were tight, the sensation of intense arousal was pulsing in his belly. He could not believe that two women could fight with the kind of hatred and mutual lust that he was seeing now. “God,” he thought, “I hope Teresa wins. I really want to fuck Martha.” The idea of driving his shaft up into the blonde teacher’s hot pussy enflamed him with desire.

Cynthia watched the fight in silence, but her eyes burned with sexual hunger. So far, the battle between her star pupil and her personal sparring partner was proving to be every bit as enjoyable as she had dared hope. She did not know who would win, but she was confident that the winner would totally humiliate the loser. These young women hated each other intensely, but also lusted for each other with equal fervor. That volatile mix made for the best sexfights and the most enduring and enjoyable rivalries.

Teresa pushed herself towards Martha, apprehension fighting with lust deep in her aching cunt. Her body was alive, aroused and pulsing with erotic energy and raw desire, in a way that she had never experienced before. She wanted to mate with Martha, she wanted every inch of her hot flesh pressed and rubbing with that of the teacher, and she wanted to feel Martha’s cunt and tits surrendering to her own, melting into hers until her sex and lust overwhelmed that of the blonde beauty. Her eyes glowed, feverish with desire. At the same time, however, she was aware that, so far, she had experienced two devastating orgasms while Martha had only suffered through one, and she feared that her sexual power was depleting, giving way to physical and sexual exhaustion. She was angry at herself for not pulling off of Martha once the whore had been forced to orgasm, to being so desirous of her own climax that she kept fucking her enemy rather than pulling back. But she decided that she had needed the release. She told herself that if she had pulled back, she would have remained so aroused Martha would have had little difficulty getting her off in the next round.

Martha had no such doubts. As far as she was concerned, she was ahead in this vicious sexual struggle. She was stunned by the delicious intensity of the orgasm that Teresa had pulled from her. It had been one of the most pleasurable climaxes she had ever experienced, a remarkable achievement, given her long history of sexual combat. But this fact only made her more desirous of a final showdown with the brunette bitch. The girl had humiliated her in their titfight and had forced her to orgasm against her will. She was determined to master this teenage whore, to make the girl her fuckbitch, if it was the last thing she did. Her body burned with almost unbearable lust and her hot cunt lubricated with slick juices as she thought about what she wanted to do with Teresa.

Martha and Teresa pushed close, touching bare feet and toes, then letting long, tanned, muscled legs slide over and under each other, their free leg wrapping around the other woman’s rounded hip. Naked cunts came within an inch of kissing. Their fat, naked pussy lips were swollen with lust and clear lubricants trickled down from both women’s bare twats as they sat, glaring hatefully into the other’s eyes, feeling the heat radiating from their cunts onto their inner thighs and flat bellies. They pushed up until the tips of their engorged nipples gently touched. Sexual electricity burned into both women with the nipple contact, and they gasped in unison, then smiled at each other, two Alpha bitches in heat, now ready for their final conflict. Their hands were behind their bodies, bracing them up. Martha took her right hand and twined it around a few locks of Teresa’s chestnut brown hair. She pulled the teen a little closer, until they were nose to nose, both women’s vision filled with the beautiful, glowing eyes of the other. Their heavy, throbbing tits compressed harder, sending jolts of ecstasy through their bodies. Their drooling, aching cunts pulsed hotter, clits hardened, and fragrant juices gushed from their open sexholes, trickling down their spread thighs, moistening the sheet on the bed.

“Are you ready to fuck, little girl?” Martha murmured. “Are you really ready to take on my beautiful cunt and my fat, hard clit?” The women’s sweet breath mixed as they panted in the other’s face, lush lips touching.

Teresa sneered. “I’m ready for your little cunt, you bitch. You think that you’re so hot, Martha. I’m going to fuck your little clit with my clit until it pops out your ass. I’m going to fuck every inch of your body, you old slut.”

Martha smiled, then pulled Teresa in for an eager kiss. Their lush tongues slipped and tangled, and scoured the other’s mouth. They swallowed the other woman’s animal groans of lust, they exchanged hot spit and sweet breath. Sexual heat roared hotter in both women, warming their nipples, electrifying their areola, trickling down to feed the raging heat and hunger between their legs. Sucking and licking at each other, they slowly disengaged the kiss, then glared viciously into the other’s beautiful eyes, their noses and foreheads pressed tight.

“Let’s fuck, you whore,” Martha whispered. Martha leaned forward, compressing their tits even harder, and slipped her hands down and around Teresa’s smooth hips to grasp the teen’s sweaty, rounded ass. She sank her claws into the firm flesh. Teresa returned the grip, eagerly scratching at Martha’s ass. The women pulled hard, bringing their bodies together tightly. Then, in concert, they thrust their hips forward and pressed their aching, burning cunts together, fat, moist cunt lips pressing and softly yielding, wet, thick flesh melting into one. The women shuddered, then spread their legs even wider, allowing their cunts to mesh even tighter. Jerking their hips, pulling on the other’s ass, arching their pelvises forward, their open sex holes sucked and merged, heat and wet juices pouring out and mixing, coating their crotches, sealing their cunts in a wet suction. Their engorged, ultra-sensitive clits reached for each other and stroked hard, two sex-swords engaged in battle, once again.

“FUCK, you filthy whore!!,” Teresa gasped as her clit rippled and rubbed against Martha’s throbbing sexhorn.

“NNggh!! Dirty little CUNT!,” Martha groaned back, her teeth gritted in an agony of pure pleasure as the clit-fuck was joined again.

The battling Amazons jerked and rolled their hips and asses in unison, working together to rub and grind their boiling cunts into one mass of fused, nerve-rich flesh. They jerked and bucked, their tits rubbing and crushing, the intense sensations in their battling nipples fed by the heat and joy radiating out of their struggling clits, their dense boobs filling with the heat of friction and sexual arousal. Their bodies slid and rubbed, their shared sweat lubricating their movements, enhancing the intense sensations rippling on their skin. They locked into a deep, tongue-tied kiss, sucking at each other, their moans and cries of lust and joy slowly gaining in intensity even as they swallowed each other’s screams. They broke the kiss, the need for air overwhelming their desire to seal their mouths together and imitate the clit fight with their tongues. They rested cheek to cheek and continued to fuck hard, the raging heat between their legs and radiating in their tits continuing to grow to unbearable levels.

Martha felt herself completely joined to Teresa, her body so interlocked and sealed in the most primitive ways to the girl’s body that she did not know where her flesh ended and Teresa’s began. She knew from experience that this was the pinnacle of sexual warfare. Teresa was lost, too, in the burning flesh of her opponent. All of her will was directed towards enduring the incredible pleasure and holding back her body’s desire to give itself over to the sexual need burning in every cell. No, she swore to herself, I am going to fuck this bitch until she surrenders, I will feel my cunt eating hers! But the ecstasy continued to build and the animal cries of both women grew louder and wilder.

The struggle continued. Martha drove her right middle finger up Teresa’s tight, puckered anus. The girl jerked and cried out, then immediately did the same, enjoying it as Martha groaned in response. They bit and kissed at the other’s neck and cheeks, nibbled at ear lobes and ran questing hands up to the sides of the other’s breasts, stroking and stimulating, doing anything they could to force more pleasure on the other than she could bear. As they continued to grind, their bodies began to tremble with orgasmic tension.

Teresa released Martha’s flexing ass and leaned back slightly, realizing that she could grind harder and stronger at Martha from this different position. Martha immediately did the same. The women pulled back, bracing their writhing bodies with their arms, relieving pressure on their compressed tits, but still keeping their nipples in grinding contact, allowing them to grate deliciously as their tits bounced in unison. They began thrusting, penetrating and violating each other ever more deeply, their swollen clits sliding and grinding with even greater force and pleasure. As the fucking continued, Martha and Teresa leaned back even further, letting their massive tits separate and, opening to each other completely, used their intermeshed cunts to bisect each other. They pumped hard, raising their asses off the bed, holding each other in tension as they now threw all the power of their hips, legs and asses into fucking each other as hard as they could. Their swollen clits rubbed constantly, harder and harder. Their cunts leaked prodigious amounts of hot fluid. Their naked pussies worked into each other ever faster and harder, the fuckfight finally entering its most intense stage, each woman determined to grind the other until her foe came screaming like a banshee.

Their majestic tits bounced furiously, hot sweat spraying with each delicious jerk, their golden orbs and their aching nipples glistening with perspiration and cunt juice. Their muscled bellies rippled with effort as they used every part of their bodies to ram and thrust as deep and hard as they could into each other’s womanly core. Their pussies were completely merged, naked cunt lips flattened against each other, sucked and sealed, fused tight. Within this hot, wet arena, their engorged clits fused into one, struggling to master the other, struggling to crush the other and prove who had the stronger sex.

Martha and Teresa threw back their heads and screamed with joy and hate, their sweat-soaked hair thrashing wildly, the agony of the pure pleasure they were inflicting on each other too much to bear.

“FUCK, FUCK YOU MARTHA!!,” Teresa screamed. “BREAK, you whore, BREAK!!”

“NEVER, you little cunt!!,” Martha screamed back. “RIDE MY CLIT, you bitch!! Feel me crushing you!”

“No, NO!!,” Teresa shrieked. “You’re mine, bitch!!”

Their howls of rage and hate dissolved into incoherent growls and screams as they kept pounding, writhing, driving their bodies as deeply into the other’s cunt as they could. They were leaning far back now, their bodies completely scissor-locked, each woman trapped between the other woman’s thighs, the only way out through the other woman’s cunt. Their toes curled as they each fought back an incredible orgasm. The bed rocked and jolted as the power of their mutual fucking exploded in a final, desperate effort by each woman to fuck her foe into submission.

In exhaustion, the women’s asses fell to the bed, but they continued to grind and thrust, and they were soon rotating their asses and hips again in hard, jerking circles as they struggled to drill their cunts all the way into each other. Martha squeezed Teresa’s cunt with her own, her cunt lips compressing with all her strength. Teresa squeezed back just as hard. Tears glittered in their eyes as they fucked, their breath came in pounding gasps, the heat and tension between their legs built to nova-hot levels, their bouncing tits sent pulses of pleasure straight to their battling clits with each erotic jolt.

Teresa forced her eyes open and found herself looking down Martha’s jerking, writhing body as the beautiful teacher, her head thrown back, fucked Teresa with all her strength. Teresa admired the other woman’s massive, jerking tits, her rippling belly, her thrusting hips. Teresa knew that she had to beat Martha, she had to defeat this beauty, she had to possess the magnificent flesh thrusting and undulating against her own. Teresa wanted to feel Martha’s deepest womanhood all the way inside of her. Her desire to consume and devour her enemy was never greater. But, she knew that she was on the verge of her own orgasmic release. The pleasure was just too great and she knew she could not hold out much longer. She wanted to reach out and seize one of Martha’s beautiful, bouncing jugs, to squeeze the nipple and suck and bite the taut, salty flesh. But she knew she could not risk it. She needed both her hands to hold her up, to brace her against Martha’s assault and to anchor her as her sex wrestled and fused to Martha’s driving cunt.

Martha opened her eyes and caught Teresa staring at her. The women locked eyes, their mutual fury, hatred and raw lust meshing. Their open, panting mouths, twisted into smiles of hate and unendurable desire, then turned again to animal snarls of sexual fury. They wanted each other desperately, but they both wanted to fuck the other into submissive oblivion, no matter the cost.

Martha suddenly gritted her teeth, closed her eyes tight, and moaned. Her pumping hips redoubled their assault. Teresa met her thrust for thrust, her own face a mask of concentration and agony as she struggled to hold back her orgasm, as she struggled to fight back the unbelievable pleasure burning in every inch of her over-sexed body, but concentrated in her tits and cunt. Martha suddenly grasped Teresa’s thigh, to anchor herself as she drove her cunt into the teen’s pussy. Teresa seized Martha’s straining thigh and anchored herself as she fucked back.

“Come, you little fuck, COME!!,” Martha screeched. She just could not stand any more pleasure.

“You come for me, Martha, you be my bitch…”Teresa snarled, through gritted teeth.

Martha exploded, her clit suddenly going nova hot, the pleasure and tension in her aching cunt violently erupting and spreading to every inch of her voluptuous body. Her twitching, convulsing clit proved just too much for Teresa’s overtaxed clit to withstand. An instant later, Teresa erupted in the most intense and delicious orgasm of her young life.

The women shrieked in unison. They fell flat on their backs, but they thrust their hips and asses high in the air, driving their clits deep into each other, holding each other in tension as their mutual orgasms rippled through every inch of their straining bodies.

“FFUUUCCKK!!!,” Martha screamed, “Oh God, oh Fuck, oh FUCK!!, “ she sobbed as she squeezed Teresa’s cunt with her cunt, as incredible energy exploded out of her snatch.

“God, oh God, Oh FUCKING GOD!!,” Teresa sobbed, as her body rode out the incredible sensations burning through it.

The women held each other high, their bodies convulsing and rippling in waves. Their toes curled tight. Their pussies exploded and began pumping hot cum. They injected the sex juice into each other, but they were soon overflowing and found themselves coated with cum as it trickled down their trembling bellies, pooled in their deep navels, and flowed around and over their massive, quivering tits, onto the tips of their jutting nipples, then down to their faces. The women were too delirious to know what was happening. Pleasure broke over them in blinding waves, and they could only endure the sheer ecstasy as it roared within them. Finally, after several hiking jerks of their locked bodies, Teresa and Martha collapsed to the bed, panting hard, their bodies interlocked and soaked with sex juices, and lay gasping, struggling to regain their bearings. Their majestic tits heaved and shook in concert. They had succeeded in fucking each other senseless and now they lay together in a stupor, joined sex to sex, the battle still undecided.


Cynthia smiled, her arousal burning in her loins. This was one of the best sexfights she had ever seen and, so far, there was no clear winner. Could these two warriors go on? Cynthia wondered. Did they hate each other enough to find the energy they needed to continue this epic struggle?

For his part, Grant had found himself coming several times already. He decided not to resist it. What he was watching was far too erotic and stimulating for him to pretend that he could control his response. Cynthia had probably noticed his reactions, but she did not seem to care, so he decided not to be embarrassed. Besides, he had the feeling that Cynthia was getting off on what she was seeing just as much as he was. For her, it was just less obvious.

Martha and Teresa lay locked together, joined at their cunts, but sprawled away from each other on the bed, for some time. Slowly, their panting breaths and heaving tits came under control.

Martha propped herself up on her elbows and looked over her tits and down her body at Teresa. Teresa propped herself up to stare back, her glare of hatred every bit as sharp and hot as it had ever been. Their bodies were wet with sweat and cum. Their nipples were sharp and hard. Martha squeezed Teresa’s cunt with her own; Teresa squeezed back.

“Are you ready to admit that I am the better woman, you little cuntlicker?” Martha asked her enemy, a snarl in her voice. “Or do I keep on fucking your snatch off?”

“I’m just one more fuck from whipping your fat, lazy ass, Martha,” the teen shot back. “And I’m going to do that right now.”

The women slowly pulled apart, with an audible pop and a gush of cunt juice as their pussies separated. However, despite their bravura, it quickly became evident that Martha and Teresa were exhausted. They had driven each other to the most intense orgasms either woman had ever experienced, and their bodies were almost spent. Still, neither would give up.

Pulling themselves to their knees, Martha and Teresa confronted each other over the soaked sheet. Their bodies glistened with sweat and were streaked with thin strands of woman cum, which trailed from their nipples. Their heavy tits hung high and proud, their flaring hips tapered down to smooth, muscled thighs. Their hot, sore pussies dripped with juices.

“Come on, whore,” Teresa growled.

They threw themselves into each other’s arms. Their tits slapped together with a meaty, wet thud and compressed, their arms locked around their bare backs, and both women tried crushing and forcing the other to the mattress. Martha used her right hand to tear at Teresa’s hair, jerking the girl’s head back. Thrown off balance, the struggling women fell to the bed, their legs thrashing and twining. Both women felt as weak as kittens, but their shared hatred and lust was enough to give them a shot of adrenaline, enough to provide them the energy to continue the fight.

Cheek to cheek, squeezing with all their strength, their tits almost flattened into one taut, fleshy mass, their bellies crushed tight, the women thrust with their crotches, rubbing pussies, smearing their groins with their spent sex juices, as they fought for top position. They rolled slowly back and forth on the bed, gasping out curses as they struggled.

“I’m going to fuck you, Martha, I swear…!,” Teresa cried.

“Filthy slut, I’m going to fuck your cunt off, dirty whore…” Martha growled back.

Teresa grabbed a handful of Martha’s golden hair and pulled viciously. Martha returned the favour, yanking hard at Teresa’s chestnut locks. Snarling, the women locked chin to chin, their thrashing bodies on fire with effort, their limbs locked and straining, and kept rolling until they came to edge of the bed. With Martha on top, pulling viciously at her hair, Teresa was on the bottom, returning the vicious pull. Their aching tits pulsed into each other, nipple to nipple, and their hot cunts were pressed tight. Their navels sucked hard. Coated in sweat and drenched in each other’s cum, the two women gasped and snarled out their hate.

“We won’t stop until you’re my fuckbitch, Teresa,” Martha groaned.

“Eat me, you slutty tramp,” Teresa gasped back. “I’m going to ride your clit until it squashes into paste!”

The women writhed in each other’s arms and rolled back to the center of the bed. Teresa succeeded in pushing Martha away, but the two beauties threw themselves together one once more and fell in a tangle of arms and legs. Their bodies thrashed as they wrestled, biting at each other, clawing at their flesh. Somehow, the women found themselves reversed, locked in a perfect 69, facing the other’s cunt.

“You really do want to eat me, don’t you, you little whore?” Martha sneered.

“Let’s do it, bitch,” Teresa growled. “Suck my clit, you fat, old sow, and I’ll suck on yours. Let’s see who lasts longer.”

Slipping her arms around Teresa’s womanly hips, spreading her hands on the girl’s rounded ass, Martha eagerly dived into Teresa’s’ open naked cunt, grinding her face down into the soft, fragrant hole, using her tongue to lick and probe at the girl’s labia, before separating the sensitive flesh and revealing the hot, thick clit hidden within the labial folds. She teased the girl’s sexhorn with her tongue, knowing that only an expert pussy-eating would be enough to ensure her victory in this contest. She ran her tongue gently, but firmly, along Teresa’s clit, then wrapped the thick, throbbing pink nub in her soft lips and began sucking hard, running her sharp teeth along the sensitive flesh.

As Martha devoured the student’s thick, throbbing clit, Teresa bent her head to the task of eating Martha’s pussy out until the blonde teacher exploded, until the woman was sucked into defeat. Teresa was eager and anxious to do this – she had proven to be very gifted at this task during her training with Cynthia.

She licked and swallowed the liquid remnants of Martha’s last orgasm, then turned her tongue into a thick pink probe. She ran it along and around Martha’s fat, pink clit, but she also jammed her tongue as far down Martha’s vaginal canal as possible, seeking to enter and devour the blonde beauty from within. Soon, however, the aching, burning pleasure radiating out of her own cunt as Martha ate her in return forced Teresa to turn her attention to Martha’s clit alone, and she wrapped the hard sexnub in her teeth, lips and tongue and sucked at it like she would a thick nipple, nibbling at her enemy’s clit with her sharp teeth.

Martha drove two fingers hard into Teresa’s open twat, a move the teen immediately imitated. Questing, wet fingers began probing hot, tight vaginas, seeking out the sensitive pleasure spots. Groans and cries filled the air as the two women worked each other into a deliciously pleasurable lather. Overstimulated cunts soon began to lubricate, gushing hot, thick liquids, all over the women’s faces, draining into their open mouths as they covered over each other’s cunts and sucked and tongued with all of their strength and will.

Teresa drove her right middle finger up Martha’s tight asshole, hoping to force more pleasure on the blonde. Martha screeched into her enemy’s hot hole, and jammed her own middle finger into Teresa’s ass, forcing a groan of pleasure from the sex-saturated teen.

As they fought, the women rolled, slowly moving around the bed. Starting off with Martha on top, the women ended up on their sides, Martha pressed up against the bed’s headboard, the adversaries’ faces buried between the other’s legs, their mouths sealed tight against the other’s twat, their tongues and teeth sucking and licking furiously. Each woman wrapped her powerful thighs around the other woman’s head, locking her enemy in place. They would not release each other until a victor had been decided.

Fuck oh Fuck, Martha thought. This is good, so fucking good. She did not know how much more she could stand. Raw pleasure was radiating out of her ravaged cunt in burning waves of ecstasy and she knew that she was on the verge of a terrible orgasm. She could feel Teresa’s body trembling with erotic tension and she knew that the teen was close to the edge too, but she was not certain that she could hold out long enough to force Teresa to an orgasmic defeat. Even if she could, she could not be sure it would be enough to claim a victory.

No, Martha screamed to herself in her mind. I won’t let this little bitch beat me, I can’t! She struggled to master her will, to hold out just a little longer. But Teresa was eating her cunt so deliciously, it was just so good…!!

Suddenly, Martha realized where she was. Pressed against the headboard, she realized that a drawer in the night table beside the bed was within easy reach- just as it was meant to be, so that she had easy access to the sexual arsenal inside. Still sucking exuberantly at Teresa’s cunt, feasting on the girl’s trembling clit, she removed her right hand from its grip on the girl’s ass, blindly felt along the bedhead until she found the table, and opened the drawer. She had no time for subtlety. She yanked the drawer open, reached in to grab a plastic bag inside, and spilled its contents onto the bed. Numerous sextoys fell out of the bag onto the sheet, but within easy reach was her objective: a thick, hard rubber 8-inch dildo/vibrator. Grabbing the dildo, sucking Teresa’s clit hard and long, eliciting a cry of joy from the teen, Martha rammed the thick implement deep into the girl’s dripping pussy.

“Oh GOD, oh FUCK!!,” Teresa shrieked as her pussy suddenly expanded and flexed around the invading shaft, her inner cunt muscles instinctively seizing and gripping at the attacking rod. “Oh, you dirty FUCKER!!,” she screamed. “You dirty bitch! You CHEATING WHORE!!,” She rammed her fingers as far up Martha’s twat as she could, as she struggled to counter the invading dildo. Her fingers worked furiously in Martha’s cunt, seeking the teacher’s pleasure spots, her fingers nimbly rubbing and stroking at the woman’s inflamed clit.

Martha rammed the shaft into Teresa, up and down at a frantic pace, like a piston. At the same time, she rubbed the girl’s clit with her finger, pushing the girl’s hard sex into the side of the moving plastic shaft, at the same time licking at the girl’s throbbing sexhorn hungrily with her strong tongue. Teresa sobbed and screamed, quivering in ecstasy and erotic tension as her sex slowly succumbed to the overwhelming attack. Teresa fought back desperately, letting her sharp teeth graze and stimulate Martha’s swollen clit. The teacher shuddered and cried out in response, but she continued her brutal assault on the student’s sopping wet sex.

Teresa found her entire cunt vibrating, even as the dildo plunged deep into her cunt, seeking her g-spot. Martha had activated the vibrator function on the dildo and the teenager found her sex under attack from too many directions at once. Martha pressed the vibrating sextoy directly to Teresa’s aching clit.

“NO, NO, oh Fuck, NO!!!” the student shrieked, then sobbed, her body wracked with pleasure and shaking with tension. “You cheating CUNT!!” But her body was on fire, her clit was throbbing and aching with a heat and a need more intense than anything she had ever felt before. She could not hold out. With a final shriek of hate and agony and raw desire, Teresa came with incredible force, her pussy gushing a geyser of boiling cum, which swiftly boiled up around the invading dildo and gushed out of her naked snatch and onto her inner thighs and her jerking belly. Martha quickly withdrew the sex instrument from Teresa’s aching cunt and instead buried her face into the teen’s convulsing twat. She fastened her lips and teeth around Teresa’s swollen clit and sucked, bit and feasted on the throbbing sexhorn, struggling to pull every orgasm that she could out of the teens’ defeated pussy, delighting in the warm liquid gushing out onto her beautiful face.

Teresa threw back her head and screamed in pleasure and frustration. Delicious orgasms built in her core and began to ripple through her aching body. Her belly rippled, pumping hot cum from her swollen cunt with every unbearable climax. She sobbed with rage and indescribable pleasure. Martha’s face was soaked with Teresa’s cum, the hot sex juices dampened her hair. She pulled her head back and, grabbing the dildo, plunged it back into Teresa’s soaking cunt and resumed pumping the girl’s sex.

“Call me Mistress Martha, whore, beg me for it, call me Mistress Martha, Teresa!!,” Martha growled. She reactivated the vibrator and pressed it hard to Teresa’s clit.

“Oh, JESUS FUCK!!,” Teresa screamed, her entire body vibrating and convulsing under this new attack. Her pussy gushed even more and a new series of orgasms chained through her exhausted body. She knew that Martha would keep fucking her with the dildo until she either surrendered to the teacher’s attack or she passed out.

“Mistress Martha!! Say it bitch, say it! Say that I have the better cunt!!” Martha shouted. With a groan, she forced Teresa over on to her back, taking the top position. She pulled the dildo back out and lowered her head to Teresa’s cunt, attacking the girl’s clit once again with her tongue and lips and teeth.

“Never, never, you slut…,” Teresa sobbed in response. She would sooner be fucked into unconsciousness than admit to defeat. Desperately, Teresa raised her head to Martha’s open pussy, which was drooling into her face, and sealed her mouth over the teacher’s hot, slick cunt lips. She slipped her wet middle fingers up the other woman’s sexhole, seeking for pleasure spots, but she kept her lips enveloped around Martha’s clit. She sucked desperately, viciously, struggling to regain some balance in the fight.

Martha moaned with pleasure as Teresa sucked her clit, reveling in the delicious sensations. She ate Teresa’s clit even more intensely and was rewarded by another gush of cum as the girl writhed and screamed and came again. The heat and tension in Martha’s cunt continued to build and build, the pulsing vibrations of ecstasy becoming unendurable. Teresa reached down, shoved her hand between Martha’s breast, which was crushed to Teresa’s stomach, and her own belly, and squeezed the teacher’s massive tit as hard as she could, crushing the tight nipple in her palm.

“NNNGGH…FUCK!!” Martha screamed. Once again, the nipple attack was just a bit too much for her oversexed body to withstand. With a scream of pleasure and release, she let the tremendous orgasm in her core explode. Her sopping wet pussy convulsed and a blast of hot cum erupted out of her burning twat and into Teresa’s mouth and over her face. The teen swallowed the discharge eagerly, even as her face and hair were soaked with the fragrant liquid. She sucked Martha’s clit furiously, trying to force more orgasms out of her hated foe, but Teresa could not prevent another explosive climax from ripping out of her core.

Moaning, gasping, sobbing with ecstasy, the teacher and the student continued to suck each other’s massive clits, exchanging orgasms as they fought on, soaking each other’s faces, swallowing each other’s cum. Finally, exhausted by the orgasmic marathon, Teresa groaned and gasped. Her head fell back from Martha’s gushing cunt. Her face covered in the teacher’s sexual discharge, her body overwhelmed with pleasure and tiredness, Teresa passed out. With a gasping sob, Martha stopped sucking the girl’s clit. She licked at Teresa’s juicy cuntlips a final time, then rested her cheek on Teresa’s hot, wet pussy and groaned, then smiled in utter exhaustion and satisfaction. She had won.

Part IX

After a few minutes, Teresa began to stir. Martha groaned, rousing herself from her own exhaustion. Martha rolled off of Teresa and the women fell away from each other, their mammoth tits heaving as they panted, their arms stretched out to their sides and over their heads, their bodies glistening with sweat and other secretions in the dim light, their faces wet with cum. Both women licked their lips, enjoying the salty taste of the other bitch’s cunt juice.

Martha pushed herself up on her elbows and looked over her heaving tits at Teresa.

“I won, you little cunt,” she gasped. “I fucked you until you passed out. Now, you’re my bitch for the rest of the year.” She smiled, a sense of elation and relief building inside of her. She could not wait to begin using Teresa’s body for her sexual entertainment and satisfaction.

“You fucker,” Teresa moaned. “You cheated, bitch, you never would have beaten me if you didn’t have your little fucktoy.”

“I just took homefield advantage, girl,” Martha grinned. “Cynthia said that we could use anything we could imagine to stimulate each other sexually. She didn’t say we couldn’t use accessories.”

Teresa snarled, enraged. “Cynthia,” she cried, rolling over on her side to seek out the beautiful referee. “What do you think about this?”

Cynthia was sporting a feline grin. She had not seen as much mutual hatred and lust between two women in quite some time, and she had enjoyed the battle between the two beautiful rivals immensely. Now, she frowned as she considered her judgment.

“Well, this is a tough one. I think that Martha is right, technically. Nothing specifically prevented her using the dildo and vibrator. So, I have to say that she has won the fight on those grounds.”

“Yeah!,” Martha shouted, smiling smugly. She fell back on the bed and stretched her arms over her head in victory, arching her back and pointing her massive tits towards the ceiling. Teresa gritted her teeth furiously. But she had agreed to abide by Cynthia’s decision.

“BUT…” Cynthia continued. Both of the combatants paused and looked at the redhead again, who was now smiling cryptically.

“But, I don’t think there is much doubt that Martha violated the spirit of the competition.” Martha began to protest, but Cynthia raised her hand to silence her. “Teresa must pay the penalty of being Martha’s sexual slave for the rest of the calendar year. But I rule that Martha must pay the penalty that she agreed to as well, as punishment for stretching the rules of the game.”

“What!?!” Martha cried.

“Yeah!!,” Teresa shouted excitedly, pumping her fist in the air. She turned to glare hatefully at her blonde foe. “Bitch, Grant is going to fuck your dirty cheating twat until it falls off!” She smiled viciously.

Martha glared angrily at Teresa and Cynthia. She had not expected this and she suspected that Cynthia was playing games of her own. But she had agreed to abide by the redhead’s decision. Martha pulled herself together.

“I agree to pay the penalty,” Martha said, her blue gaze locked to Teresa’s green orbs. Their eyes flashed hatefully at each other..

“Good,” said Cynthia. “Alright then, Grant, you have the right and obligation to fuck Martha here for as long and as hard as you can. When that is done, Teresa has the obligation to be Martha’s sex slave for the rest of the calendar year. Is this understood?”

Martha, Teresa and Grant all nodded.

“Then, Grant, you can start whenever you like. I’ll watch from here. Teresa, since it’s your penalty, you can participate if you like.”

Martha looked up sharply at that and frowned, but she did not protest. Whatever Teresa did to her, she would repay the girl later.

Grant stripped down, and in moments was naked, his cock standing hard at attention, despite his nervousness. He was, after all, in the presence of two nude beauties and a third woman whose well-rounded assets were on full display and he had just witnessed the most fantastic sex that he had ever seen.

Teresa had expected Martha to greet the teenage boy and his impressive cock with revulsion, shame and anger. Instead, the blonde beauty smiled, and gestured for Grant to come to her. In a moment, in a flash of rage, Teresa realized what her enemy’s strategy would be, and there was little she could do to stop it.

“Come here, Grant,” Martha said. Grant walked to the edge of the bed. Martha smiled and reached out and grabbed his engorged penis, very gently. He gasped and gulped, but she only used it to pull him down to the bed, on his knees. She stood up on her knees to meet him, wrapped her arms around his neck and pressed her massive tits, their hard nipples fully aroused, into his chest.

“That’s alright, don’t be nervous. I like women, but I don’t mind men. Have you ever been with an older woman, Grant?” she asked, rubbing her hard tits into his pectoral muscles. She pushed forward with her hips, so that his hard cock stabbed into her bare lower belly.

“Um, no…,” he replied, his cock getting ever harder. He placed his hands on her flaring hips, then ran them down to her firm, round ass. God, he thought, she felt good. His erection was so hard it hurt.

“Well,” Martha said, “Older women are really good for young men like you because we know just what to do.”

Martha pushed Grant, so that he landed on his back on the bed. She crawled towards him, her heavy tits hanging down and swaying. “You haven’t been with a real woman yet, boy. You’re going to be amazed at the difference between the kind of cunts you’re used to and the kind of cunt that I have. You’re going to find out that I can do things to you that even your slutty girlfriend hasn’t imagined.”

So saying, she descended on his cock, nibbling gently at its head, then sucking the whole shaft, inch by inch, into her mouth. She played with his balls, caressing and teasing them, and she covered his shaft in spit. Grant gasped and moaned as he was worked by the teacher’s expert mouth. She sucked and licked gently at his sack. Then, when he was ready, Martha raised herself up over his dick. Heat poured out of her naked slit like a furnace and juices dripped down to lubricate his cock. Just as she was preparing to impale herself, cunt first, onto his shaft, Teresa interrupted.

The high school vixen had been watching this display with increasing rage. This was not what she had planned, and she was beginning to regret her agreement. But she felt that she had to do something.

“Hey, bitch,” she yelled. “The deal is that he fucks you, not that you fuck him. You can’t ride his cock, he’s got to ream your pussy!!”

Martha just smiled, then rolled onto her back beside Grant. “Come here, baby,” she murmured to the boy, beckoning with her arms, her perfect tits rocking with promise. “You’re about to get the best fuck of your life.” She smiled viciously at Teresa, who could only glare back in hatred.

Grant rolled on to the blonde beauty, his chest crushing down and squashing her heavy tits. Martha spread her thighs wide, raising her legs high until her ankles were almost level with her ears, on either side of her head. She reached under Grant with her right hand and guided his thick, rock-hard shaft directly into the wet heat of her turgid, hot cunt. Her left hand fingers sank into the thick muscle of his right buttock.

Grant shoved hard and got stuck in the beautiful teacher’s tight slit. Grant grunted hard; Martha moaned and gasped, driving back against his cock, trying to help him penetrate her raging cunt. After several powerful thrusts, the boy succeeded in ramming his cock deep into the narrow, hot furnace of Martha’s twat, until he was sliding blissfully and completely into the tight, wet vaginal sheath. Martha smiled up at him and worked her torso, rubbing her tits around and around into his chest, her nipples drilling a tattoo into his pecs. She clamped her deep muscles around his penetrating cock and squeezed him hard and rhythmically, causing him to cry out in pleasure and surprise. She placed both of her hands on his ass and began to guide him as he thrust and held, working into her and moving with him at times, at other times moving away from him, allowing their bodies to pull apart then thrust and slap together hard. She controlled Grant beautifully, taking him up to the edge of orgasm and then back down several times before she finally allowed him to unleash his lust. Pounding and grinding into the fantastic body beneath him, slick with his own sweat and that of the teacher, Grant pumped himself into Martha’s glorious cunt. Finally, he exploded in a groaning orgasm, even as she squeezed him tight and held off his explosion, helping him to a series of rocking orgasms, each more intense than the last. Grant almost sobbed with the intensity of his pleasure, before releasing a final cry of sexual bliss.

The boy collapsed on top of Martha, who smiled, squeezed him tightly some more with her vaginal muscles, then carefully rolled him off of her, letting his still-hard cock slip out of her pussy with a wet “pop” and a trickle of hot cum. Martha smiled and was just about to get up when Teresa interrupted again.

“No, you filthy fuck, that’s not the end.” The girl was practically spitting with rage. “Grant!” Teresa shrieked. “Get up! You’re not done yet!”

Grant forced himself up, dazed and spent, to see his beautiful girlfriend, still nude, but now confronting him with her hands on her womanly hips. He was about to tell her that he was exhausted, but then he realized that the very sight of this glorious beauty, with her heavy, perfect tits jiggling on her chest, her well-muscled belly, and tight, wet cunt, was enough to make him hard again. The numerous abrasions around her engorged sex organs, the result of the hard sexfighting, further fed his building lust.

Teresa saw this and smiled. “Now, baby, I want you to do her doggy-style. You, you cunt,” she snarled, pointing at Martha. “On your stomach, with your ass in the air. We’re not done here yet.”

Martha smiled coolly but did as she was told, rolling over and assuming a kneeling position, with her round ass in the air and her pussy fully exposed. Her heavy tits pushed into the mattress.

Grant mounted her from behind, grabbed her hips and aimed his shaft up into her wet pussy, shoving his rock-hard cock against her thick vaginal lips, pushing until the head of his shaft was softly encased by her throbbing flesh. She squeezed him enticingly. In a moment, he had driven his thick cock deep into her tight cunt. As he began riding her from behind, she moved with him and began working his cock with her deep internal muscles, squeezing and torturing him with pleasure. Teresa suddenly appeared in front of the bucking teacher.

With a savage smile, the girl rolled over onto her back and spread her legs, exposing her red cunt. Teresa reached out and, grabbing Martha’s thick blonde hair, forced the teacher’s beautiful face into her naked cunt.

“Eat me, whore,” Teresa demanded. “Suck out my cunt, lick my clit, let me see what else your little lesbian tongue can do.”

Martha almost suffocated in Teresa’s hot, fragrant cunt. But Martha eagerly turned her head to her task, licking the girl’s labia, caressing Teresa’s clit with her soft tongue, devouring as much of Teresa’s twat as she could. At the same time, Grant fucked her harder and harder from behind, his own sexual release slowly building. Martha squeezed him tight and he moaned with pleasure, but he kept plunging his cock deep into the woman before him. Finally, after pounding at Martha’s cunt, slapping his hard belly into the large round globes of her ass for some time, he came hard and long, with a cry of pleasure. Grunting wildly, he emptied himself into the teacher’s burning twat, kneading at her plump, firm ass as he jetted his cum, reaching around to her chest to cup and squeeze her massive, throbbing tits. At the same time, Teresa came in a thrashing, bucking wave of pleasure. “Yeah, yeah, that’s it, eat me whore, eat me you fucker, nnnngggh… FUCK!!” She came hard, her pussy gushing hot juices, soaking Martha’s face and surrounding hair.

For several minutes, the three exhausted sex partners lay on the bed, Martha’s cheek resting on Teresa’s pussy, her face wet with cunt juice, her breath hot and fast. Grant lay on top of her, his body pinning Martha to the bed, his hands gripping and squeezing her magnificent tits. Teresa lay with her arms over her head, her face wearing a grin of fulfillment, gasping with spent pleasure. After a while, the three sexual warriors stirred and slowly disentangled from each other.

Grant staggered to the bathroom, feeling totally drained. Martha wiped her face with the sheet, while Teresa looked on, her grin of satisfaction now turned to a glare of anger. Suddenly, something occurred to Teresa.

“Hey! We’re not finished!” she exclaimed. Cynthia and Martha both looked at her. How much sexual endurance did this girl have?, they both wondered.

“When we first set the rules for this fuckfight, Martha said that the loser would have to suck the tits of the winner. Well, we haven’t done that yet.”

Martha smiled. “You want to suck my tits, little whore? Well, I think that I want to suck yours. Come here and let’s get a taste of each other.”

Teresa returned the smile and crawled, hips and ass swaying, to meet Martha in the center of the bed. The women reached for each other and interlaced their fingers, then pulled close. They pushed up until their jutting nipples were only inches from contact. Then, each woman lowered her head to the other’s right breast and started licking and sucking. Soon, they were groaning and gasping, hands roaming each other’s bodies, rubbing and stroking at hot cunts, their mouths working furiously as the women let their tongues slide and prod at swollen nipples, their teeth biting at thick nips and ridged areola, each straining to suck milk from the other. Soon, they were licking and biting at every inch of the other’s taut tits, each woman trying hard to devour the other’s delicious orbs. They sucked at the other’s nipples until the thick, brown cylinders were sore and sensitive, they filled their mouths with dense titflesh until their beautiful tits were riddled with red teethmarks and coated in saliva.

Teresa wrapped her hand in Martha’s thick blonde hair and pulled the other woman’s head back from her tit. Martha groaned, then reached up to yank at Teresa’s head. But the young girl locked the teacher into a hard, tongue to tongue kiss. They shuddered with the erotic sensations, their tongues slipping and sliding and pushing. Then, by mutual agreement, the women slipped their heads down to the other’s unsucked tit and began devouring their enemy’s remaining orb.

For some time, the women feasted on each other, until their groans of passion became cries of sensual joy. Pulling on each other’s hair, they finally separated. Gasping with hunger, looking Teresa right in the eye, Martha lined up their ultra-sensitive nipples and drove them together, thick nips fusing and penetrating each other. Teresa screamed out, her tits wracked by the flash of agony and exquisite pleasure. Then, she wrapped her arms around Martha’s back, squeezed tight, and began grinding her tits back against the teacher’s, working them in the opposite direction, drilling her agonized nipples into their opposing counterparts.

The women locked together in a deep, tongue to tongue kiss, their mouths and lips sucking, trying to consume and overpower each other. Their tits throbbed with pain and pleasure. With a groan, they fell over onto the bed, landing on their sides, kissing each other ravenously until, finally, they had to break the kiss to get enough air. Their tongues touched and lapped at each other, they bit at the other’s cheeks and earlobes. Finally, the women rolled apart and lay side by side, red tits thrusting into the air, both beauties panting with pleasure and exertion, bodies wet and glistening with sex and sweat. The fuckfight was finally finished, and the winner had been decided – at least for now.

Part X

A week after the battle, on a warm Friday night, Teresa was putting the final touches on her makeup, waiting for Grant to pick her up. They would spend the evening doing the usual, boring routine – going to a movie, hanging out with their shallow friends, finally fucking hard at the end of the night. Teresa considered just getting right to the fucking – that was really all either of them was interested in doing. She was dressed in a tank top and a micro-skirt, with 3-inch stilettos showing off her powerful legs. It was her best “hooker outfit” and she planned to make good use of it that night.

She had just finished primping her chestnut brown hair when her cellphone rang. Teresa glanced at the clock. It was just after 8, right around the time that Grant was supposed to call. She picked up the phone.

“Hello?” Teresa asked.

“Hello, little cunt,” said a familiar voice in her ear. Teresa’s throat went dry and a shot of pure adrenaline raced through her body, jolting into her breasts and tightening her pussy. It was Martha. This was the call that Teresa had been expecting, with fear and anticipation.

“I think it’s time you started living up to your end of the bargain, Teresa,” Martha continued, not waiting for Teresa to say anything. “Come over to my house now, and come alone. And don’t make any other plans for tonight.”

Martha hung up and Teresa was left holding her phone, listening to the silence. She had not said anything. Now she stood in her bedroom, dressed to kill, and almost paralyzed with the feelings racing through her body. She did not have to go to Martha’s place. If she broke the deal, what could Martha really do about it? Teresa considered for another few moments. Then she called Grant to cancel the evening’s plans.

About 30 minutes later, Teresa pulled up in front of Martha’s house in a cab. She paid the driver, then walked up onto the porch, teetering slightly on her high heels. She tried the door but it was locked and she was forced to ring the bell. She heard the distinctive sound of high heels clicking on hard tile, then the door opened and Martha was standing there. The blonde beauty looked fantastic. She was wearing a short black robe which barely touched the tops of her thighs and 3-inch heels. The front of her robe was open down past her navel, revealing most of Martha’s majestic tits, the deep shadow of her cleavage and the curves of her unsupported breasts emphasizing their heaviness and impressive size. The teacher may well have been naked under the robe. Martha had on just enough makeup to highlight her blue eyes. She opened the door and then turned on her heel and walked back into the house, gesturing for Teresa to follow her.

“Come in and lock the door behind you, Teresa,” she said coolly, over her shoulder, as she walked away. Teresa did as instructed, her body tense with apprehension, heat building in her sex as she watched Martha’s hips sway and barely-covered ass flex.. She followed Martha into the bedroom, their heels clicking a staccato rhythm on the floor.

Inside the bedroom, the two women stood facing each other, their eyes locked, though occasionally flitting down to examine the other’s body. The air was thick with sexual tension and the growing scent of feminine arousal.

“I thought Friday night was the night you sparred with Cynthia,” Teresa pointed out.

“Cynthia is out of town tonight,” Martha replied tersely. “That’s why I called you. Why pass up my Friday night fuck when I’ve got a little fuckbitch on call?”

Teresa grunted derisively, but said nothing. The women continued to glare at each other.

Finally, Martha spoke.

“This is how it works. You agreed to be my sex slave. That means that you do whatever I tell you to do. No if, ands or buts. Do you get it?”

Teresa nodded. “Yeah, I get it. I also get that this is the only way that you can beat me, you old cunt.”

“Shut your mouth, girl,” Martha said mildly. She did not appear angered. “The reason you’re here is because I beat you.”

“You cheated!!,” Teresa exploded, but Martha held up her hand.

“Don’t worry, you’ll get your chance to match clits and tits with me in a fair fight. I don’t have too much interest in just riding your little cunt. You’re one boring fuck. But I’ll decide when and what happens. That’s what being the master is about. That’s what being a slave means to you.”

The women locked eyes again, the hate and rage flowing between them matched only by their mutual lust. Martha nodded at Teresa’s clothing. “Take off your clothes,” she said.

Teresa paused only for a moment. Then, she crossed her hands at her waist and peeled her crop-top up her torso and over her head. The material briefly tightened and caught her massive tits, pulling them high, then letting go. Her heavy tits bounced delightfully as they fell back into place. Teresa then unhooked her skirt and threw it aside. She stood before Martha, naked except for a black thong and her high heels. She started to reach for her thong, but Martha stopped her. “No, that’s enough for now.”

Martha pushed the robe back from her shoulders. The silk garment fell in a puddle at her feet. She was nude, save for a white thong and her high heels. Her round, taut tits sat high and unsupported on her chest and wobbled enticingly with her slight movement.

Martha walked up to the topless girl. The sex-enraged women regarded each other, and examined the other’s tits with looks of cool appraisal and barely-contained anger.

“Take off your shoes and get on the bed,” Martha ordered Teresa, her blue eyes returning to Teresa’s green orbs.

Teresa braced her hand on the edge of the bed and pulled off her heels. Then, she climbed onto the bed, pushed herself to the center and lay on her back, her beautiful tits bouncing as she moved, then shifting gently towards her sides as she came to rest, waiting for whatever would follow. Her tits were firm and round, and stood proudly on her chest, though their sheer weight pulled them a little off to either side. Resting her arms over her head, her long, muscled legs slightly spread, she waited for Martha’s next move.

With a grim smile, Martha pulled off her shoes, then crawled on to the bed. She pulled Teresa’s ankles apart, spreading the girl’s thighs even farther, exposing her thong-covered cunt. Then Martha crawled higher, kneeling between Teresa’s spread thighs, her arms on either side of the girl’s chest, her massive tits hanging down, directly over their counterparts on Teresa’s body. The women’s nipples were hard and sharp, engorged with lust and tingling with tension. Martha’s blonde hair hung in a shower of gold around her face.

Martha smiled, her beautiful face alive with eager desire. She glared down into Teresa’s green eyes. The brunette girl tried to hide her excitement, but she could not. Her nipples were hard, her thong was wet with her lust, her tits were throbbing with arousal and heat. Her breath was coming fast. Part of her was enraged at the thought of being humiliated and humbled by Martha. Once this contest began, she was sure that she could take control. But, for now, she just wanted to fuck, desperately.

Martha lowered her tits, until her nipples gently touched those of Teresa. Electricity leaped between their rock-hard nubs and the women inhaled sharply, their nipples swelling even larger and harder with the erotic contact. Teresa groaned and felt her thong get even wetter. Martha gritted her teeth, then moved her tits around, letting her hard nubs trace and grate against Teresa’s smooth titflesh. The girl’s tits swelled and tightened with arousal, her nipples grew harder and harder under the stimulation. Teresa could not help herself. She groaned with the agony of her lust and writhed her whole taut, round body into the bed, involuntarily thrashing her head from side to side, biting her lip, closing her eyes. As she writhed, her tits rocked, rubbing back against Martha’s sensitive nipples. Martha gasped and smiled wider, enjoying the sense of power, of forcing this teenage slut to slowly, deliciously, submit to her womanhood. But Martha felt the enormous pull of her own desire.

Martha could not resist anymore. With a moan of lust, Martha lined her engorged nipples up with Teresa’s hard brown nips, then slowly lowered her tits down onto those of the girl. The women groaned in unison as their thick, taut tits crushed and compressed, as their proud flesh squashed in tension, resisting the compression but yielding to it, sensitive flesh burning, hot sweat mingling.

“Aaaaahhhh,” Martha and Teresa sighed together as the teacher settled her full weight onto the tits of the girl beneath her. Teresa’s arms looped around Martha’s naked back. Martha wrapped Teresa in her arms. Simultaneously, the women squeezed tight.

“God, god oh god…” Teresa cried, her young body overwhelmed with the delicious tension, with the raw pleasure of her most prized possessions merging and melding and struggling with the equally large, taut tits of her greatest enemy. She could not believe the pleasure and, squeezing hard, she ground her tits as hard as she could to Martha’s resisting boobs. She felt her flesh yielding, heat rippling out of her nipples, pouring through her body, and she fought back a scream of lust.

For her part, Martha was enjoying the sensations just as much. She loved the feel of strong, dense tits crushed into one, wrestling and writhing, sensitive nipples grating and burning each other as they merged. Heat radiated from their struggling tits in building waves, feeding the tension and pleasure in their cunts, bellies, and every part of their delicious bodies.

The women’s bellies slapped tight, hot flesh rubbing and rolling and Teresa could not help but automatically twine her legs through Martha’s, locking the other woman in place as their bodies strained and crushed tighter. They rubbed into each other, their hips moving, their thronged-cunts touching and rubbing. Martha reached up and grabbed two handfuls of Teresa’s thick hair and pulled on it painfully.

“Do you like this, little girl?” she murmured, nose to nose with the teenage bitch, their hot, sweet breath mixing. “Do you like it? Do you want more of it?” She panted, the heat in her veins flowing like molten lava.

Teresa did not answer, but her writhing body, her groans of pleasure, her hands moving eagerly over the tight flesh of the teacher who was slowly stimulating her to the point of sexual nirvana, left no doubt as to her feelings. Still, she fought against this humiliation, against being dominated by a woman she should be dominating.

“Oh, god, you cunt, you cunt…” she groaned. “Fucking bitch, you’ll pay for this, you’ll pay, I’ll fuck your brains out, you whore, I swear….”

“Little whore,” Martha gasped. “Beg me for it, bitch, tell me how much you want it, tell me…” She licked at Teresa’s face, then bit the girl’s neck. Teresa snarled, then bit back. The women locked into a deep, tongue-twisting kiss, and Teresa almost passed out from the sudden surge of erotic tension in her body as their exquisitely sensitive tongues slid and wrestled. Oh fuck, she thought, I can’t take this, I just can’t take this… Her lust burned like acid in her blood, her vulva lubricated hard, soaking her thong even more, the heat poured out from between her thighs.

The women’s hard bellies slid, hot sweat lubricating the delicious rubbing, their deep, narrow navels sucking. They writhed on each other, their long legs moving restlessly, locking and releasing, rubbing and stroking, delectable skin sliding on smooth skin. Their tits ground mercilessly, taut flesh crushed tight, thick nipples burning and grating at each other, twisting together into knots of pulsing, overstimulated flesh. They locked together in a long, luscious kiss, pressing deep into each other, their tongues tangling and pushing, licking and struggling within their inosculated mouths.

Teresa could not stand anymore. With a cry, she broke the kiss, turning her cheek to Martha. She panted, furious with lust. She screamed, almost sobbing with rage and need.

“God, oh God, oh God… Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me… PLEASE, oh God, you CUNT, FUCK ME, PLEASE!!!” She spread her thighs wide, offering her slick, hairless cunt to her foe.

Martha chuckled, then grabbed Teresa’s face and forced the girl into another hungry kiss. They sucked hard at each other’s tongues and lips for several moments. Then, Martha pushed herself off of Teresa’s burning, oversexed body.

“Nooooooo,” the girl moaned as Martha’s tits and hot, slick flesh separated from her own. She tried to hold onto Martha. The blonde batted her hands away. But the teacher was not planning to go anywhere. Her sex was radiating an aching, fevered heat that was driving her insane with lust. She needed satisfaction and she could only find it by driving her boiling cunt into Teresa’s beckoning twat.

Martha rolled onto her back beside Teresa, raised her ass off the bed, then peeled her soaked thong down her hips, away from her cunt and down her long legs in one swift motion. She threw the wet scrap of cloth into the corner of the room. Then, she turned back to Teresa, now totally nude, and positioned herself between the girl’s legs. She pulled Teresa’s legs together, then pointed them at the ceiling. Teresa allowed herself to be handled. The only thought consuming her mind was that she needed to fuck this blonde bitch. Martha slipped Teresa’s thong over her hips, around her wide bottom, then all the way up the length of her long, beautiful legs. Teresa was panting, her eyes glowing with desire, her body in a state of bitch-heat. Martha threw the girl’s thong aside, then pulled Teresa’s legs wide, pushing her ankles towards her head, exposing the teenager’s nearly hairless cunt, her wet slit and soft, juicy cunt lips. Martha smiled down at the smooth, wet slit, ran her right forefinger along the sex groove, eliciting a deep moan of pleasure from Teresa. Martha licked her dripping finger, sucking at it.

“Oh, you’re nice and wet little girl,” Martha murmured. “You’re really hot and bothered, you tramp. And it’s nice that you’re begging me for it. Do you want me to fuck you, girl? Do you want my nice hot cunt sucked up into your little twat? Do you want my clit wrapped around your little clit?”

“Bitch,” Teresa panted. “You want it too. Just come and shove that cunt into mine, bring me those tits, and we’ll see who has the hotter cunt, the better boobs. We’ll see who has the harder clit, old woman. We’ll go at this all night, but you’re going to be my bitch by the morning.”

Martha chuckled again, then suddenly slapped the girl in the face. Teresa yelped and fell back, unhurt but shocked by the sudden sting. But it was enough to throw her off-guard.

Smiling, Martha threw herself at Teresa’s body. She grabbed the girl’s hands, interlacing their fingers, palm pressed to palm. She spread Teresa’s arms to either side of their bodies, then slowly lowered her aching tits down onto to Teresa’s matching pair. The women sighed in pleasure as their tits crushed and strained against each other. Their bellies slapped tight, Teresa opened her legs wide, welcoming her violation. Martha opened her thighs, too, and arched her back. Then, her blue eyes locked to Teresa’s green orbs, both women insane with pure lust, Martha brought her hot naked cunt down onto Teresa’s steaming pussy.

Both women threw back their heads and groaned in ecstasy as their steaming, hairless twats mated. Wet, sensitive, slick flesh slid and stroked as the women came together, both working their hips as they mashed pussies, allowing their thick cunt lips to suck and release, as they worked their labia around and into each other. Martha forced her eyes half open, watching Teresa whimper and moan with erotic bliss, her own gasps and groans of pleasure growing as she felt her cunt slip into Teresa’s hot hole and begin the delicious process of melting, merging with the teen’s sex. They writhed against each other, rubbing their torsos, rubbing their tits around and around each other, sliding their boobs between each other and over each other, then back into nipple to nipple confrontation. On and on, they writhed and rubbed, driving each other insane with pleasure, locking into luscious, licking kisses as they fucked. They broke the kiss, the need for air growing too great to maintain the liplock. Cheek to cheek, the women continued working their bodies into each other, their moans of erotic joy growing louder and more passionate with each moment.

Martha felt her throbbing clit unfurl from its hood and slowly, deliciously, penetrate and slide along Teresa’s warm, wet labia. Teresa sobbed with joy. A moment later, Martha felt an answering stab as the student’s hard clit penetrated and stroked her own labia. Martha smiled lazily, lustfully, knowing that an all-out, clit to clit fuck was only moments away. She continued to struggle, hand to hand, with Teresa.

Eyes locked, the two beautiful women moved their hips and asses gently, carefully, and brought their smooth, burning, slick clits together. Electricity rippled through them, exquisitely sensitive nerve-rich clits exploded with sensation and pleasure, erotic heat radiated from their touching sexnubs to every inch of their voluptuous bodies.

“Nnnngghhh, oh, oh, oooohhh… FUCK!!” Teresa exploded, her eyes closed tight, her teeth gritted, her body jerking and bucking as the raw pleasure detonated in every nerve. She squeezed Martha’s locked hands tight, and the teacher returned the powerful grip. Teresa struggled desperately to control herself as sheer ecstasy rippled through her body. Panting, she opened her blazing eyes, almost sick with lust, and smiled with a feral grin into Martha’s fevered eyes.

Martha returned the savage smile. She had been watching Teresa, enjoying the sight of the young girl trying to control her sexual power, even as her own body shuddered in sheer ecstasy. Martha moaned with pleasure. Fuck, this was good, the girl’s clit was so nice and hard and smooth and strong. Fuck, Martha thought, fuck, riding this whore is going to be so much fun, it’s going to be so, so good. But first she had to control the girl, first she had to force this bitch to submit. That was the challenge.

Smiling at each other with raw hatred and unquenchable lust, their eyes locked in an unbreakable glare of mutual detestation and desire, the two battling women slid their clits together, slow and hard, fencing with them like swords, rubbing and flicking each other back and forth, over and under. Every contact of their sex-saturated clits was like a bomb of heat and fire going off in their cunts, radiating raw pleasure out through their rubbing bellies to their struggling tits. Around and around, on and on, their clits fought for dominance. Their pussies were tightly sealed and grew ever wetter and tighter as the women battled, their labia melted together, their tits throbbed with blazing sensations.

Forehead to forehead, nose to nose, lip to lip, Martha and Teresa panted and gasped, cursing each other desperately, their erotic whimpers growing in volume. The only things either could see were the hate-filled eyes of the other, and they both wanted this. They wanted the intimacy of seeing the other break and fall before the more powerful cunt. They wanted to see that defeat deep in the soul of the other. Each woman was sure that she would emerge from this sexual contest as the victor.

Martha turned her head and locked Teresa in a brief, deep, licking kiss before they had to separate again. All the while, their fantastic bodies battled, shared sweat greasing their shining flesh, hard tits struggling to prove which pair was firmer and tighter, whose nipples were stronger, hard bellies rubbing and writhing, legs locked and straining, But the real war was between their struggling clits. On and on, their clits fucked. They sawed at each other, excruciating pleasure burning through the women until they sobbed with pleasure, until their moans of unbearable joy were almost screams of need, but still they kept fighting.

The women were trembling, groaning with pre-orgasmic tension. Their bodies jerked and bucked, their hands locked as they struggled to control each other, to control themselves. Teresa was sobbing, gasping with need, continuing to rub clits with Martha, but knowing that she was only moments away from a screaming orgasm. She knew that Martha was close to the edge as well, but she did not know if she could withstand any more ecstasy. Teresa’s entire body was burning with pleasure, she was delirious with need. She could see the same delirium in Martha’s fevered gaze.

With a shuddering groan, her teeth gritted as she struggled to resist her building orgasm, Martha suddenly released Teresa’s hands, wrapped her arms around the girl’s back, and squeezed hard. Their tits compressed even harder, sending a spasm of pure pleasure through their locked bodies, pushing both women almost over the edge. Teresa shrieked. “Fuck, fucking CUNT…!!” she sobbed.

Teresa instinctively moved her hands to Martha’s powerful, pumping ass. She spread her hands over her enemy’s smooth, rounded muscle and, aiming her clit head to head with Martha’s throbbing sexnub, she fucked back against Martha’s grinding thrusts with all of her strength, trying to pull Martha’s clit as deep and hard against her clit as she could, her ass and hips driving up. Their clits smashed and fused, grinding with excruciating force and unbearable pleasure. The women locked in a furious, desperate kiss as they fucked at each other with all their power.

Teresa could not take any more. Breaking the kiss, she threw back her head, sank her claws into Martha’s ass, and issued a full-throated scream of pure orgasmic joy.

Teresa came so hard that her body trembled and convulsed. Hot cum shot from her pussy, injecting up into Martha’s waiting cunt, smearing and moistening the intersection of the women’s bodies where they were joined and sealed into one. She buried her face in Martha’s shoulder, she bit and clawed at the other woman’s body as she exploded in ecstasy.

“FILTHY FUCKING CUNT!!!,” she howled. “DIRTY WHORE…God oh GOD!!” Multiple orgasms tortured and wracked her beautiful body.

On top of her, Martha smiled and snarled, riding this beautiful bitch as hard as she could, still grinding her clit to Teresa’s hard, pulsing sexnub. With a cry of joy, she arched her back, seized Teresa’s hair and pulled the girl’s head back, and powered her clit as hard as she could into Teresa’s matching sex. The hard impact was enough to force another devastating orgasm out of Teresa, but Martha exploded with her, screaming in ecstasy as her massive clit bent Teresa’s back. Martha rolled her ass around and around, spreading and penetrating the brunette beauty’s cunt as hard and deep as she could even as her own clit swelled and burned and rippled with pleasure. The orgasm built and built, finally peaking as her burning clit crushed with Teresa’s clit, both sexnubs squashing each other flat and fusing into one nerve-rich sex organ. Martha pumped hot cum into her enemy, her head thrown back, her howls and snarls of ecstasy merging and harmonizing with Teresa’s shrieks of savage joy.

“Yes, you little bitch, you fucking slut, take it, TAKE IT!!” Martha screamed. “Ride my clit, whore, feel my clit!!”

“Bitch, you bitch…,” Teresa sobbed, screamed. “YOU feel MY clit, bitch, ride it…I’ll fuck you, I’ll cuntfuck you, I swear to God, I’ll fuck your dirty twat off…” Her voice trailed off into hitching gasps as still more sexual ecstasy burned through her body. She wrapped Martha’s beautiful body in her arms and squeezed the teacher as tightly to her as she could, she twined their beautifully muscled legs and strained to merge their flesh into one raging body.

“Call me Mistress Martha, whore, call me Mistress!!,” Martha snarled, pounding at Teresa’s cunt with all of her strength, trying to humiliate the teenage vixen as much as she could.

“Fuck you…,” Teresa groaned in reply, her voice lost in hitching gasps of ecstasy.

Bucking, heaving with pleasure, the room filled with the erotic sounds of wet cunts sucking, taut flesh slapping, and the lustful moans of two multi-orgasmic bitches in heat. Martha and Teresa rode each other viciously and mercilessly, struggling to devour each other’s cunts completely until, overwhelmed with lust and rage and raw, wild pleasure, Teresa spread her thighs wide in absolute surrender, wanting nothing more than to have her cunt fucked until she could not take anymore. Teresa groaned, finally passing out, fucked into submission, the sensations burning through her body too much to stand.

Martha continued to grind herself into the teen’s voluptuous flesh and yielding cunt, her powerful ass pumping hard until, moments later, a final, devastating orgasm ripped through her. She lowered her head and roared in raw ecstasy, pumping hot cum into Teresa’s eager and welcoming pussy, before her own sexual exhaustion set in and she collapsed on top of Teresa, lost in a cloud of sexual bliss.

Martha moaned, a satisfied grin on her lips. Their beautiful bodies wet with sweat and cunt juice, their limbs twined, their hair tangled, their tits crushed tight into one erotic flesh, the battling beauties buried their faces in the other’s neck and fell into a deep sleep.

Part XI – Epilogue

Hours later, Martha awoke from a dream of intense sexual pleasure to discover the erotic reality. Teresa was sucking her left tit. The girl’s mouth was wrapped around as much of Martha’s titflesh as she could fit. She chewed enthusiastically at Martha’s long, hard nipple, covering the thick nub and the surrounding areola in spit, sucking for milk. At the same time, Teresa’s right hand was lodged deep between Martha’s legs. She was rubbing the teacher’s naked pussy, her index finger probing the blondes’ vaginal canal, her thumb working Martha’s hard, thickening clit.

Martha bucked and groaned, her body nearly paralyzed with pleasure. With a cry, she managed to bridge her back, then roll her body, throwing Teresa onto her back. Martha ended up on top, Teresa beneath her. Teresa was suddenly faced with the prospect of being suffocated by Martha’s massive tit. She bit the teacher’s nipple hard and, with a shriek, the older woman rolled off of Teresa, freeing her.

Martha retreated to the far side of the bed for a moment, fondling her wounded tit. Teresa pulled herself into a sitting position, facing her nemesis, panting with exertion and excitement. Their beautiful eyes locked, rage and lust flowing between them like electricity.

Teresa nodded at the bedside clock. “It’s only 12:30,” she said. “Lots of time for me to fuck you into a little splatter of cunt-juice on the floor, you old whore.”

Martha felt the sexual heat rising in her loins, suffusing her tits, filling her with an unbearable need to fuck and dominate this teenage bitch. She smiled and spread her legs, presenting her hot, dripping pussy to her enemy.

“Come here, little girl,” Martha cooed, as she pushed herself towards the center of the bed on her hard, round ass, her thighs open in invitation. “I think that my cunt is hungry and it wants to get a taste of your little twat.” Her majestic tits jiggled deliciously, her nipples hard jutting nubs of aroused flesh.

Teresa smiled and spread her legs, then pushed herself out to meet Martha in the middle of the bed. They touched the toes of their bare feet, shuddered with delight at the erotic contact, then pushed closer.

The women scissored each other, muscled right legs sliding delightfully, deliciously over lefts. They pushed up until the tips of their aching nipples just barely touched, until the heat from their cunts burned onto their inner thighs. They smiled at each other, their faces only inches apart, their nipples pulsing with erotic electricity with every beat of their hearts, their sweet breath mixing. Martha could swear she felt the milk-holes on her nipples sealing and sucking with Teresa’s matching pair. Green eyes met blue and a wave of raw hate and pure lust and desire passed between the women.

“I think that my cunt wants to teach your weak little cunt a few lessons, Martha,” Teresa murmured. “I think it wants to show you what the cunt of a real woman feels like.”

“I’m the teacher, little girl.” Martha growled in reply. “My pussy will be the one doing the teaching. Your little twat is just going to sit back and learn what it means to be fucked raw by a better woman.”

“You’re the teacher now, Martha,” Teresa replied with a vicious smile. “But, by the time this year is done, you’ll be calling me ‘Mistress.’ I’m going to make you beg for it. If you want me to be your slave, you’re going to have to beat me every time we fuck. And that’s not going to happen.”

“We’ll see, little slut,” Martha responded. “I have a whole year in which to break your cunt, and that’s just what I plan to do. You’re going to learn your place, and that’s as my fuckbitch.”

The sexual tension filling the air was like a living force. Teresa felt her swollen, sensitive clit push out of her sopping wet cunt. She pushed her pelvis forward just slightly, then slid her wet, hot clit up the length of Martha’s slick cunt lips. Teresa gritted her teeth as raw pleasure rippled in her core; Martha gasped at the contact. Then, the teacher twisted her hips a bit and worked the muscles around and in her vagina. With a trickle of hot cunt juice, her swollen clit, fully engorged, emerged. Martha pressed forward and placed her throbbing clit, gently, against Teresa’s matching rock-hard sexhorn.

It was like touching two livewires together. A pulse of unbearable ecstasy burned through both women, instantaneously filling them to the brim with sexual heat and desire, then continued to radiate aching waves of erotic power as their trembling clits remained in contact.

“FUCKING GOD!!,” Teresa shrieked, her head thrown back, her eyes wide with raw pleasure. “God, oh God,” she thought, “Yes, yes, yes, this is what I want!!” She trembled inside as she fully realized that she was on the verge of yet more unbearable ecstasy.

“OH MY FUCKING CHRIST!!,” Martha howled. Her head snapped back, her eyes wide with shock. “Jesus Christ,” she moaned in her mind. “This is too much, it’s just too good…” Like Teresa, her mind roiled with the sense of the pleasure to come, her loins ached with anticipation.

Panting hard, their equally matched, massive tits heaving and moving together, pressed nipple to nipple, the sexual rivals lowered their heads and locked their gazes once more. They smiled at each other, both sick with lust and need. Gritting their teeth, they rubbed their boiling clits up and down and struggled to hold back their sobs of rage and joy as the heat and pleasure burned through them in unbearable waves of ecstasy.

“You’ve got a nice little wet clit, Teresa,” Martha moaned. “I think that my cunt is going to love sucking it off. My beautiful clit is going to squash that little thing to jelly.”

Teresa smiled and gasped. “No more talk, bitch. Let’s see what you’ve got. Clit to clit, tit to tit. I’m going to fuck your brains out, Martha.”

Exchanging a final savage smile, eyes locked together in rage and hunger, the two women drove their bodies together. Arms wrapped around naked backs and squeezed tight, heavy, aroused tits crushed into one straining mound of taut flesh and struggled to overwhelm each other, nipples pulsed with ecstasy. The women’s bellies slapped together and they spread their legs wider, cunts opening and welcoming the other cunt, letting the other woman in as deep and hard as they could. Swollen clits squashed together and exploded in ecstasy as their ravenously hungry cunts sucked and sealed and flattened into one mass of throbbing sexual flesh. Mouths drove together, desperate tongues twisted and tied into erotic knots of pleasure. Their bodies merged, and soon were jerking and rocking together in a hard rhythm, the women locked together in sexual bliss, riding each other to as many devastating orgasms as they could force from each other, each determined to master and humiliate her rival.

The fuck war that Teresa and Martha craved was just beginning.

The End

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