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An All Sheila Affair by Markus Wolf

Sheila: Four-Way Battle!

Sheila opened her eyes to an astonishing sight. She blinked, once, twice, and once more. Nothing changed. As she looked about the wrestling ring from her corner, she saw three more women who bore more than just a passing resemblance to her standing in each corner. They were also dressed almost like she was, looking just as befuddled as she did. “Just what is going on?” she wondered aloud at the exact same time as the other three of her.

As a full minute passed, the expression on the faces of the four nearly identical-looking ladies at each corner of the ring changed from one of confusion to one of wariness, even suspicion. Their eyes narrowed as they started to eye each other warily. All four wore identical Speedo swimsuits with stylish tribal-inspired black markings, a design called “Tribal Glow” (Figure 1), although the main colour of each girl’s suit differed. The two slightly younger-looking Sheilas among the four wore blue and green, while the slightly older two wore red/yellow and purple. All four also wore black wrestling boots with laces coloured to match their respective swimsuit colours. Black wrist braces as well as kneepads completed each wrestler’s ring attire. 

The Sheila in blue wore her shoulder-length, dark brown hair tied up in a middle part ponytail. She had no makeup on her face except for a grapefruit pink lip gloss. She was at the beginning of her wrestling career, an enthusiastic babyface full of youthful energy and spirit. Her lookalike in green looked about the same age but had slightly shorter hair, just above shoulder-length. Her hair was the same colour as Blue’s, pulled together into a runway-ready low ponytail, but she wore a cherry red lipstick and smoky green eye shadow. She was still relatively new to pro wrestling, but by now, had a few months of experience under her belt. She was also a heel, opposite in alignment to Blue. 

In contrast to Blue and Green, Sheila in red wore her brown hair short, cut in a stylish symmetric bob and wore minimal makeup except for a dark rhubarb pink lip gloss. Although she did not look much older than the two rookies, she was a veteran face, with almost ten years of wrestling experience, having been a title contender on more than one occasion, and a former title holder. Her lookalike in purple wore an asymmetric bob, longer on the left side of her face than her right. There was a purple streak running down the right side of her mane, which partly covered her left eye. She had a similar level of experience to Red, having won her second title recently after defeating the defending champ in her company in a decisive match. The image of her opponent lying face down in the ring, sans belt, was still fresh in her mind. She wore burgundy lipstick, soft smoky purple eye shadow and wingtip eyeliner, which made her heel alignment plainly obvious. 

Each of the four was the same wrestler known on the pro circuit as the Malaysian Sensation, albeit at different stages in her ten year-long career, which had spanned promotions in Japan, Scotland, England, the Netherlands, and the US. All looked thoroughly confused at being in the same ring as her other selves. Each had been about to make her way through the curtains into the arena, expecting to be taking part in her assigned match before instead, finding herself transported into this unfamiliar environment to face these other versions of her.

Similar thoughts were going through each Sheila’s head. What was going on? Were the other Sheilas clones? Lookalikes? Had they been brought together through a time warp? Magic cast by a rival with a grudge perhaps? 

“What’s going on here?” Blue wondered out loud as she patted her ponytail. The other three of her widened their eyes when they heard her speak, surprised to hear that she sounded exactly like them.  

“Looks like I’m going to have to kick your collective arse to find out,” Purple replied, playing with her purple lock of hair as she looked at each of her doppelgangers in turn, sizing them up quickly with her seasoned eye. 

Blue was astonished to hear her own voice speak in reply, but her fellow rookie didn’t hesitate to make her own statement. “Hey, it might just be yours that gets kicked,” Green mocked her fellow heel, shaking her head and her ponytail from side to side before stretching her arms.

Purple shook her head, touching her right hand to her forehead. “Oh you’ve got to be joking!” she scoffed at her green-clad doppelganger’s comment, folding her arms across her chest. 

Red alone held her peace. Having already sized up her lookalikes, she was looking about the arena for clues while stretching her calves. Her hair swayed from left to right as her head turned about. The ring was full-sized, surrounded by four black walls with about a meter and a half clearing on each side. If there were doors, they were well-hidden and camouflaged by the black paint. Light beamed down from above on the ring from a high ceiling. There seemed to be no way to escape this mysterious arena.

“Welcome to the arena, Sheila,” a mysterious, disembodied voice addressed each of the four wrestlers as if she were in the ring alone. All four ladies looked up and around, trying to determine the source of the voice. “Today’s contest is going to be a test of you against your other selves, younger, older, honourable, and dishonourable. We shall see who among you is the most capable wrestler.” 

That pronouncement seemed to confirm what was already obvious; Sheila was in the ring facing three other hers. That was mind-boggling; how was it even possible? But it obviously was, if that was what she was seeing. Or was this announcer even telling the truth? Maybe she was dreaming… a quick pinch on her forearm did not make her wake from it.

“Bear this in mind: no disqualifications will be made in this contest.”

Both Green’s and Purple’s eyes lit up upon hearing that they were free to essentially use any means necessary to win. Blue, in contrast, frowned upon hearing this, while Red remained impassive. The veteran face had been in such no-disqualification matches before, and as little as she liked them, she was confident in her ability to overcome the would-be cheaters. 

“I have gathered you all in the ring today for a four-way, elimination match; contestants can only be eliminated by submission or knockout. The winner is the last woman left standing,” declared the unseen announcer.

“What happens to us after elimination?” Blue wondered aloud.

“More importantly, what’s the prize if I beat all these frauds?” Green demanded to know, smirking at her blue-clad lookalike. 

Ugh, I look slutty! thought Blue of her green-clad lookalike as they exchanged glances. 

Ugh,I look so plain! thought Green of her blue-clad doppelganger. 

“The answers to your questions will become obvious in due course,” the announcer continued in a tone that implied finality.

“Does no disqualifications means no rules?” Red asked as she looked about, still curious about who was speaking, and where he or she was watching them from. 

“No foreign objects are permitted, but not that you will find any on your person,” replied the announcer. 

Purple mockingly patted herself down, starting with her breasts and working her way down to her boots. “Nope, you don’t have to worry about that with me!” she shrugged, grinning at her fellow veteran, who gave her a disapproving look. 

“Take up your positions in your respective corners, ladies. The match is about to begin.”

Blue took a deep breath, doing some light stretching to loosen up her limbs and get ready. Red and Green were also doing some stretching while Purple seemed relaxed, leaning back in her corner, studying them all. Confused as they were about the situation, each Sheila was ready to fight, telling herself that in the final analysis, this was just another wrestling match, albeit one with a bizarre, inexplicable twist. Although the other contestants were all her, which meant they were familiar in a sense, she also had no idea what to expect from these other versions of herself. She was determined not to take any of them lightly.

Figure 1. The Speedo Tribal Glow Recordbreaker swimsuit.


The sound of the opening bell triggered different reactions among the four Sheilas. Blue was quick to step forth from her corner, but was unsure as to who she should attack first. Her first instinct was to turn either left to go after Red or right to go after Purple. Green was furthest away since she was diagonally across from her, and Blue felt her fellow rookie wasn’t as much a challenge as taking on one of the two veterans. Red got her hands up, but was also watching for movement on the part of her doppelgangers. She preferred to react to any rash moves she thought the younger versions of her, in particular, might try. Green, the rookie heel, put her right hand on the top rope, taking a step towards Purple but not committing to any one opponent. The veteran heel, in contrast, relaxed in her corner, preferring to see how things would play out among the other three first. Green noticed this, and took another step towards her, feeling that hers was the safest corner for now. 

Surveying the ring, Blue decided on her target and rushed towards Red, aiming a right-handed chop at her chest. The veteran face was her preferred opponent after all, the only one she felt would fight fair. Red leaned back to avoid the incoming attack from the rookie, whose face showed surprise at having her attack anticipated so easily. Her target lifted her right knee into Blue’s belly, halting her charge. 

“Ooof!!!” The younger ponytailed Sheila’s eyes widened in shock as she doubled up. Her veteran doppelganger earned a chance to grab her left arm with her right hand and push down on the back of her neck with her left. Blue’s left arm became the subject of a twisting wristlock by Red, the younger wrestler’s face contorted into a mask of agony by the veteran. As Red held her arm out to the side, Blue grabbed at her left elbow with her right hand to relieve the torque.

“Not bad, rookie,” Red mocked her opponent, “but not good enough—yet. You’re just a little bit short in the experience department, I’m afraid!”

“Let—go!!!” Blue replied angrily while preparing to counter the wristlock.

The heels, Green and Purple, had been waiting by the sidelines to see what the outcome of this clash between the two faces would be. Now, they saw an opportunity to put away both Blue and Red at once. While the ponytailed Blue was still doubled over, Purple rushed up to deliver a football kick to her belly, aiming to quickly eliminate the less experienced face. This brought Blue down on her left knee, her free arm wrapped around her aching belly as she gasped for breath. The veteran Red was distracted by the sudden interference and looked up at the grinning Purple, who held up her hands and shrugged. 

“’Thank you’ would be nice!” she chided her fellow veteran, whose scowl made clear what she thought of the heel’s so-called assistance. Any alliances in this match would be fleeting at best, and asking her to trust the purple-clad was stretching it. 

The younger, green-clad heel was annoyed that Purple had forced her to take on the more experienced Red. She did, however, get the benefit of surprise. The ponytailed heel quickly slipped behind the momentarily distracted face and wrapped her arms around her slim waist, getting a good feel for that red-clad tummy. Her green-clad breasts pressed against Red’s back as she tried to pull off a quick German suplex. Red was equally quick to react to her attack, however. She promptly released the groaning Blue from her grip, and pushed downwards on Green’s interlocked hands to resist the waistlock. At the same time, Red threw her left elbow backwards to hit the left side of the younger heel’s head, stunning her. As she swiveled her face back to the front, Red shunted to her right half a step, reaching her left arm back to lock it around the top of Green’s head and pull her face over her left shoulder. Before the heel could react, the veteran face walked forward and dropped to a sitting position, pulling Green’s jaw into her shoulder in order to stun her with a quick but effective jawbreaker. The young heel’s head bounced up following the jolt while her body flopped backwards and over. She landed on her back, holding her aching jaw while kicking her boots in the air, emphasizing her agony. 

Meanwhile, Purple yanked Blue up to her feet by her ponytail, kneeing her again in the tummy in case she tried to resist. “Ugggghhh!!!” the younger wrestler coughed, hurting after the third hit to her belly. This made her easy for the veteran heel to tuck her younger opponent’s head under her right arm and tease her by pulling on the seat of her swimsuit with her left hand, wedging it up the groove between her buttocks. “Stop that! Let go!” Blue protested while slapping at Purple’s hand. 

“Sorry but you don’t get to make demands, rookie!” the heel grinned as she pulled the suit even higher up her opponent’s ass. While Blue was distracted by this fooling around with her swimsuit, Purple took advantage of her distraction. Securing the front face lock by gripping her right wrist with her left hand, she proceeded to fall backwards to the mat, pulling her younger doppelganger head-first into the canvas for a punishing DDT. The ring trembled from the impact as Purple quickly sat up, leaving Blue lying face down and groaning, her arms and legs splayed outwards, barely moving. 

With their younger lookalikes temporarily out of the fight, the veteran Sheilas wearing red and purple sat on the canvas glaring at each other. Both knew that the other was probably her greatest threat in this match. They rose to their feet simultaneously, raising their hands, and preparing to lock up, running through tactical possibilities in their heads. Red stomped inwards, reach for her twin’s collar and left elbow, but Purple had no intention of locking up for an even-handed contest. Instead, she wrapped both her hands around Red’s collar and jerked her head downwards while lifting her left knee to strike her forehead. Stunned by this knee to the face, Red stumbled backwards, throwing her left arm out to maintain her balance while her right clutched her forehead. This allowed Purple to reach for the chest of her red swimsuit with her right hand and reel her opponent in, stretching out the spandex before burying her left fist in her target’s tummy. 

“Ooof!” Red sputtered from the gut punch as she crunched over in pain, and moments later, she cried out when Purple released her skintight suit and allowed it to snap painfully back against her chest. She tried to back away, holding out her left hand towards the heel, hoping to create some space between herself and her attacker; Purple, however, made sure to give her no respite. Rushing forward, she swatted Red’s hand aside, making her gasp as the face realized she was in trouble. Purple reached her left hand around Red’s left shoulder and down her back. At the same time, Purple shot her right arm up between Red’s open thighs and clamped her right hand on her lookalike’s left buttock, giving it a cheeky squeeze. Red was surprised by the feeling of her own hand on her butt, but not amused at being groped in the midst of an intense match. 

“Hey, keep your hands to yours—oahhh!”

Purple scooped her opponent up from the mat, and Red found herself upside down, dizzied by the sudden gravity-driven rush of blood to her head. 

“Oh, pardon me, you were saying?” The veteran heel grinned as she squeezed her victim’s ass again. As Purple proceeded to finish the bodyslam, however, she heard an audible smack that coincided with a sudden, sharp pain coming from the back of her right thigh. She was in danger of tottering over, and quickly slammed Red down on the mat on her back to free herself of her load. Purple tried to turn to face her attacker, but received another kick to her right leg before she could. This strike forced her down on her right knee with a grimace on her face, growling as she turned her head towards the direction of the kicks she had just received. Having brought down the veteran heel, Green walked to Purple’s front, wasting little time before delivering a series of left-footed kicks, to her belly, her collarbone, and her breasts. Although the veteran heel was able to block the first kick, the next two struck where Green had planned, sending Purple down to the mat, where she clutched her injured boobs in shock.

“Don’t play with your food, dummy,” declared Green in a cocky, arrogant tone.

The rookie heel, smelling an opportunity to eliminate her short-haired doppelganger, stomped on Purple’s belly as she lay on the mat, momentarily defenceless. As the veteran heel curled up her body to protect her front from further attacks, Green gave her no respite, leaning forward to turn her by the hair over to a prone position. This made Purple’s back an open target for a quick stomp in preparation for Green’s next move. The younger heel proceeded to take her seat on the veteran’s back, hooking her arms over her thighs, preparing to put Purple in a painful camel clutch and finish her off that way. The veteran protested loudly, squirming beneath Green, who proceeded to grip Purple’s chin with her right hand and pull her head back, bending and stressing her spine, while prying her nostrils upwards with the index and middle fingers on her left hand. 

“Give up, you old bitch!” Green urged her captive, who grunted in response, clawing at the canvas. When Purple failed to answer, Green raised her left arm and swung it downwards to smack her left breast which was still smarting from the earlier kick. 

“Aghhh!!!” Purple shrieked as her breasts bounced inside her skintight suit from the impact of her younger doppelganger’s forearm strike. “I’ll get you for that!” snarled the bobcut-wearing veteran. 

“Yeah, yeah, sure you will!” Green retorted before smacking her forearm against her opponent’s chest once more, inflicting even more pain. The grin on her face made it clear how much she was enjoying her dominant position. To add insult to injury, she grabbed the breast she had just struck, pulling and twisting the sore titflesh under the purple spandex, causing her opponent to protest vehemently.

“OWWW!!! Let gooo!!!” Purple wailed as Green marvelled at how similar the older Sheila’s breast felt compared to her own. 

“Guess you’ve aged well!” Green mocked her older self in reply, giving her sore boob a playful slap after letting go of it.

In the meantime, the recently bodyslammed Red, lying on her back, attempted to roll over on to her right side. As she tried to push herself up, her right shoulder was suddenly forced down to the mat. A moment later, her head was being propped up from while a familiar-looking left leg wrapped itself around her throat. Recognizing the danger, she tried to bring her right hand up to keep her attacker’s left leg from closing around her throat, and locking itself under her attacker’s right knee. Despite this, amount of pressure that Blue was able to apply through her figure four headscissors was a clear danger to the veteran. With this move, the rookie threatened to squeeze her readily into submission. 

 The younger Sheilas traded glances as they both sought to make their veteran counterparts submit. Neither Purple nor Red was ready to throw in the towel. Their attackers received vehemently negative replies when they asked their respective victims if she would submit. Green was irritated by her opponent’s refusal, and switched to making Purple nod in agreement for a while, using both hands to forcibly move her head. Blue, determined to make her opponent give, pulled at Red’s hair to try and convince her to do so. 

“Give up, you-you fake! You’re not getting out of this,” commanded the rookie face, trying to sound dominant and threatening.

“Don’t… get… cocky!!!” Red grunted in reply, digging her heels into the mat and trying to get her butt off the canvas. Of course, she could see through the false bravado. She had been through far worse in her long career, and was not about to simply submit to some naïve rookie. 

Purple, annoyed by her younger doppelganger’s efforts to mock her, struggled about, trying to inch her arms up Green’s thighs. “Get off me, you stupid bitch!” she hissed, which Green responded to by cupping her hands around Purple’s mouth to muffle her protests. 

“Sorry, you don’t get to make demands!” replied the younger heel, feeding the veteran’s words back to her. She pulled Purple’s head backwards and resumed her punishment of the veteran’s spine, stretching the veteran’s purple swimsuit tight against her chest as she peeled her upper body from the canvas. Briefly removing her right hand from Purple’s face, Green swung her forearm down across the veteran’s chest, making her boobs quiver inside her purple swimsuit. The veteran howled in pain, but her cries were quickly muffled as Green replaced both hands over her mouth. “Better give up now if you know what’s good for you!” she hissed into her victim’s ear, who shook her head in frustration. 

Green repeated the forearm treatment to Purple’s boobs, hoping to convince the veteran to submit, but she responded by throwing her forearms forward and gripping her kneecaps, jamming her nails into Green’s flesh. Perhaps that would persuade her younger assailant to give up her attempt to force a submission. 

“Aiiieee!!!” squealed Green, who released Purple’s chin to try and grab at her hands, her thighs swinging outwards as her camel clutch collapsed. “S-Stop that, you stubborn bitch!!!” 

“Consider it payback!” Purple seethed, remembering how Green had punished her left breast earlier. She dug her fingernails as deep as she could while her younger self tried to pry her fingers from her reddening flesh.

Meanwhile, despite Red turning red in the face from her figure four headscissors and Blue pulling her by the hair, she refused to let the rookie force a submission from her lips. Grabbing her right forearm with her left hand, Red was slowly trying to force Blue’s left leg open and break the headlock while using her feet to swivel her body about on the canvas into a position to perhaps earn a rope break with one foot. Realizing that she would not be able to obtain the result she wanted, Blue swung her left leg outwards and started to tug Red up into a sitting position by her hair, sliding forward to wrap her legs around the veteran’s waist instead for a crushing bodyscissors. 

“Give up! Right now!” the younger face urged her veteran doppelganger, grunting as she squeezed her target’s slender waist tight between her thighs. “Or I will send you to sleep… like a jobber!” 

The veteran answered her younger doppelganger’s threat forcefully by bringing her right elbow down on her attacker’s right knee, grunting before striking it a second time. “Actions… speak louder… than words!” she hissed through gritted teeth. “Less yakking… more doing!” A third strike followed as Red displayed her resilience and determination to overcome her attacker’s crushing pincer.

Blue grunted, exerting her glutes to squeeze just a bit harder, hurting Red’s sides. The veteran responded by bringing her elbow down once more, compelling the eager huntress to relax what she had imagined would be a match-ender. As the younger Sheila grabbed her right knee, grimacing in pain, her veteran lookalike was able to turn around and pull her forward by her shoulders to quickly capture her with a headlock. Blue found her head caught under Red’s left arm, being forced to stand as Red slipped her right hand inside her left leghole and pulled on her suit to prepare for her next move. Once the veteran had her younger doppelganger in position, she quickly and decisively lifted her feet from the canvas, yanking her blue swimsuit up into her crotch and ass in the process. She flipped Blue’s body up and over her own before crashing the rookie back-first on to the mat with a damaging snap suplex. The ring quivered as Blue landed with a bang and became the first Sheila to suffer two strong throws in this four-way contest. 

Red recovered to a sitting position as Blue lay groaning behind her. She knew that the rookie face would be out for a while after that suplex. She looked about for the two heels, and saw that Green had dismounted from Purple’s back, and was dragging the veteran up by her hair. Purple had grabbed Green’s hands to try and relieve the pressure on her scalp, but she soon found herself the victim of a vicious hair mare. Green pulled the shorter-haired veteran over her right shoulder, landing her on her butt, and leaving her vulnerable to a figure four headscissors that Green eagerly proceeded to execute. Throwing her left leg around Purple’s throat, she quickly hooked it under her right leg. Unlike what Red had done earlier when Blue caught her with the same move, Purple was unable to get her hand inside the figure four. The veteran soon found herself gasping for breath as Green cruelly tightened the figure four around her neck and throat. She tried to reach further up and claw at Green’s body, but her younger doppelganger was able to slap her hands away.

“Just be good and go to sleep!” the ponytailed Sheila in green advised her doppelganger in purple, stroking her short hair back from her face before pulling on it harshly to reinforce her threat. She jerked Purple’s head about like a doll’s to mock the veteran. Despite Purple’s efforts to use her feet for leverage, she seemed hopelessly trapped for now.

Looking over her shoulder to check on Blue, Red saw that the rookie face was still struggling to get up, groaning after the damaging suplex. She decided to wait a few seconds and rest, allowing Green time to make the veteran Purple submit. The veteran heel was aware of the dangerous situation she was in, but she also saw a way out. Grabbing and slapping at Green’s left leg, she tried to direct her assailant’s attention towards Red. “Ack!!!” she gasped, waving with her other hand in front of her, inducing Green look up by pointing at her red-clad doppelganger.

Red realized what Purple was trying to do, and hoped that Green would not simply give up the chance to make her submit. The younger heel, however, was wary of an alliance against her by the two faces, Red and Blue. Her thoughts distracted, she failed to secure her headscissors, allowing Purple to pull her left leg open and slither away in escape. As the veteran heel rolled over to her right side and coughed, hand on her chest, trying to get her breath back, Green quickly jumped to her feet, wary of Red’s proximity to her. 

The veteran face turned her head again briefly to check on Blue, and saw that her younger doppelganger was by now, sitting up. It would not be long before she and Purple were back on their feet. By the time she turned back to face Green, the younger, ponytailed heel had stepped forward to thrust her right boot towards Red’s belly. The veteran face was just able to sidestep the incoming kick, and though Green followed up by swinging her left foot up to strike Red in the back, she unwittingly gave the veteran the opening she sought. Red calmly captured her attacker’s black-booted limb under her left arm, and stepped forward to throw her right elbow at her chin. Green, although forced to hop on her right foot for the moment to maintain her balance, was able to get her palms up and block the incoming elbow. Her speed and anticipation surprised Red, allowing the rookie heel to jump up using her right foot, twisting her body clockwise at the same time, and swing her right knee into the back of the veteran’s head. 

Red had not expected the rookie to try the enzuigiri, and was caught off-guard by her skilled counter. The impact of Green’s kick sent Red spinning and falling to her left on all fours, clutching the back of her head with her right hand. She groaned, kicking weakly at the mat, nearly seeing stars while Green picked herself up. A short distance away, Blue was already on her feet surveying her choice of targets. Once set on one, she swept her hair back, mimicking a sprinter’s starting position, and charged forward. Once she had built up her speed, she launched herself into the air, twisting her body anti-clockwise and slamming her boots into Green’s chest just as she turned around to meet the threat she had heard closing in. The young heel’s breasts were flattened under her suit by the impact, which sent her down to the mat on her bum. Green howled loudly, falling backwards, arms wrapped protectively around her chest while kicking her boots in the air. 

Pushing up from the mat, Blue’s first instinct was to close in on Green and work her some more, but she also noticed that Purple was using the ropes to pull herself up, and decided that the veteran heel was a greater priority for elimination. Waiting for the short-haired Purple to turn first, she quickly started on another run, and launched into a second drop kick that slammed into Purple’s chest. The veteran’s body slammed against the ropes before rebounding, and she ended up landing on the mat on all fours. Her hands gave way as she fell forward clutching her chest, groaning loudly with her butt pointing up towards the ceiling. 

The ponytailed rookie in blue was on top for the moment, and had a free choice of targets among the other three Sheilas. Exuberance, brashness, and a rush of adrenaline made her feel invincible, despite all the damage that her doppelgangers had inflicted on her earlier. Her ponytail swishing behind her head, she looked left and right to survey the battlefield. When Red attempted to climb up on one knee, Blue quickly knocked her down with a low angle drop kick to the sternum that sent the veteran face rolling under the bottom rope out of the ring, followed by a loud smack as she hit the floor below. Blue was quick to recover and rushed over to stomp her right boot into Green’s collar bone to keep her down when the rookie heel tried to sit up. With Purple still trying to push herself up, Blue saw a chance to kill two birds with one stone. Grabbing the neckline of Green’s swimsuit with both hands, Blue dragged her fellow ponytailed rookie up to her feet, stretching her suit out before kneeing her in the belly to keep her in place. Green’s low, guttural groan signalled Blue let her suit go in order to transition into her next move. The extended green spandex snapped violently back against the young heel’s chest, hurting her further and keeping her from making any sudden moves. Blue turned around and wrapped her hands around the back of Green’s neck, under her ponytail. The rookie face lined Green up with the recovering Purple right before she pulled down on her neck, flipping the rookie heel over with a quick, calculated snap mare. The two heels collided back-to-back as Green’s body flattened Purple’s against the canvas, the ring shaking beneath the pile of identical bodies. 

Turning her head sharply, Blue swung her ponytail back over her shoulder, energized by her simultaneous demolition of her two heel doppelgangers. Sweat rolled down her face, but still high on adrenaline for the moment, she felt neither fatigue nor pain from the earlier attacks she had suffered. With Red still outside the ring, she decided to focus her effort on taking out her fellow rookie. Green was dazed, lying on top of Purple, arms and legs spread out in a star, moaning after the damaging snap mare that Blue had subjected her to. The rookie face walked around the fallen pair to pick up Green’s boots and pulled her body down to the mat, victory over her clone on her mind. 

Although the blue-clad rookie face had practiced her intended submission hold before, she had yet to actually use it in a competitive setting. “There’s a first time for everything!” she reassured herself, a little weirded out by the fact that her first use of the move would also be the first time she would make… herself submit! Me submitting me… crazy!!! Taking a deep breath, she shook her head to clear her mind, and proceeded to do what she intended. Bending her green-clad lookalike’s left leg at the knee and tucking it behind her right knee before reaching between her crossed legs with her left hand. Blue interlocked her hands over Green’s right thigh and lifted the rookie heel’s body from the mat, ignoring her screeching protest before flipping her body over and bending her legs back. Green screamed loudly as her spine was stressed to its limits, trying to push herself up with her hands to relieve some of the pressure, while Blue merely leaned back, hovering comfortably over her. “Do you give???” she demanded of her doppelganger in the fiercest tone she could muster. 

Clenching her teeth and snarling, Green clawed at the canvas with the fingers, refusing to answer the question that had been asked in a voice identical to her own. She hoped to either test her attacking twin’s patience or gamble on interference by another of her doppelgangers. Unfortunately, Blue had no intention of going anywhere, and the relief that her victim was hoping for did not come. It did not take too much longer before Green was pounding the mat with her right palm, unable to suffer the torturous cloverleaf any longer.

“Ok, ok, no more, please!!! No more! No more!!! I give!!!” she wailed, suffering evident in her voice.

Thus, Green became the first of the four Sheilas to cry out in submission. She made it clear that she was unwilling, though her voice betrayed a tinge of despair at her inability to escape from Blue’s hold. She slapped at the mat loudly, as if protesting the fact that she now appeared to be the weakest Sheila of the bunch. 

“We have our first elimination of this match, by submission, to a decisive cloverleaf hold!” boomed the invisible announcer.

Blue allowed herself a smile before she released Green’s legs, letting her black-booted feet drop to the mat abruptly. She clapped her hands together almost as punctuation rather than celebration as she stood up and turned to see if Purple was still lying there, keeping her right foot on the small of Green’s back to keep her from trying anything funny.

Of course she’s not!

“Where did you go?” Blue patted the back of her head, looking about outside the ring now. Glancing downwards, she noticed that Green had been quickly and quietly removed from the ring, probably to keep her from interfering any further with the ring proceedings. There had already been too many inexplicable things about this match, about the mere presence of these other hers, and Blue was not about to waste time deliberating this mystery. Her focus returned to the match and the task of locating her remaining clones. Upon looking up, she caught a glimpse of Red leaning against the ring apron with her left hand and also located Purple, leaning with her back against the ring apron on an adjacent side of the ring. After a difficult start in this unusual four-way match, eliminating Green had given Blue a much-needed confidence boost. 

“Hey, get back in here you two!” she yelled at the bobcut-wearing veterans as Green lay in the ring on her back, her hands covering her face. Purple turned to scowl at the rookie while Red looked inside the ring and noticed that Green lay defeated near Blue’s feet. 

“Not bad, rookie!” she shouted at her blue-clad doppelganger, who acknowledged her with a smile that was all-too-familiar. 

“Don’t worry, you’re next!” the younger face replied, challenging her lookalike.

“If you think I’m gonna be as easy to make submit as that fraud in green, you’re mistaken!” Red, shouted back at Blue, still smiling, before starting to climb up the steel steps and get back into the ring. 

Purple, however, had other ideas. Creeping around the corner, she waited for the veteran Red to get to the top step before grabbing her ankles. Red felt the hands on her boots and looked down at her heel doppelganger right before Purple jerked her downwards. The front of Red’s body crashed down painfully on to the steel steps. The veteran face groaned as she rolled on to the floor, lying on her left side, arms wrapped around her breasts and belly. Purple gave her red-clad doppelganger two quick stomps on her exposed thigh and shoulder with her right boot before parking her boot toes on the fallen veteran’s face. 

“Word of advice: don’t get up for a while!” sneered the purple-clad heel.

Blue covered her mouth with both hands when she saw Red go down. She was incensed by this display of foul play and resolved to act. Taking a few steps back, she sprinted toward the edge of the ring closest to Purple, and went into a slide, sending her boots outward under the lower rope, aiming them at the heel’s left arm while reaching up to grab the rope and keep herself from sliding out. The ponytailed rookie managed to connect with her slide kick, pushing the heel away from Red. 

Purple stumbled against the black wall that enclosed the arena, her right hand rubbing her left arm where Blue’s boots had just struck her. She glared at the rookie, furious that she had interrupted. “Hey, how about some gratitude instead?” growled the purple-clad heel, who swept the right side of her asymmetric bob back from her face with her left hand.

“I don’t need your help to beat her,” Blue growled back in an identical voice. 

“No surprise that you’re such an arrogant, self-righteous twit,” Purple sneered at her younger self. 

Blue reacted to the insult from her villainous doppelganger, her eyebrows furrowing with displeasure. “Well, get back in here, and let’s see who the better wrestler is. Or are you scared?” 

“Not even in your dreams!” the veteran heel shot back angrily, stepping forward towards the ring as Red lay slumped by the steel steps. Blue backed up towards the center of the ring to allow her opponent a fair re-entry. 

“Hmph, your loss, do-gooder,” the heel remarked at the fact that rookie had just given up an opportunity neither she nor Green would have let slip. Stopping at the ring apron, Purple glanced downwards and gave the still slumped Red a swift kick to the gut as she lay on her left side, drawing a groan of pain from the veteran face before slipping under the bottom rope into the ring.

“Stop that! Leave her alone, you dirty cheat!” yelled Blue, incensed by this dishonourable behaviour. She marched a step forward, glaring at her heel lookalike, 

“Just helping us both out, you know,” Purple pointed out truthfully, going on to give her ponytailed doppelganger some advice. “But really, you should worry about yourself first.”

Blue raised her hands and opened up her stance, lowering her body to get ready for a lock up. Purple raised her hands and beckoned her forward, and the two circled in an anticlockwise direction as they closed the distance. Once they were within range to establish a lockup, both took a big step forward with their right foot. Blue intended to use her hands to grab Purple’s collar and her right elbow, but when she felt Purple grab the back of her neck with both hands, she quickly lowered her left hand, and just managed to palm away Purple’s right knee as it came up, aimed at her belly. Immediately after that, her left hand closed into a fist that she drove into Purple’s belly while pulling the heel inwards using her right hand, which was clamped on Purple’s collar. 

“Uggghhh!!!” gasped the purple-clad heel, who received a second punch to her tummy before she could bring her right arm down to protect her aching midsection. Blue went on put her opponent firmly in a front facelock under her right arm before jumping up from the mat, using her weight to pull Purple’s head down into the canvas. She had calculated the facebuster as payback for the DDT Purple had made her suffer earlier on. Following the jumping DDT from Blue, Purple’s body went limp, her arms and legs arranged as if she were the “Don’t Walk” figure on a traffic light. 

Outside the ring, Red was on her feet, and starting to climb the steel steps again. She had heard the sounds of the melee inside the ring while she was down, and now, she could see the results. Purple was lying face-down on the canvas, and Blue was getting to her feet. The already-eliminated Green was nowhere to be seen. The veteran face stepped through the ropes, adjusting her suit as Blue looked up to see her approach, and got ready to face her. Red, though, pointed to Purple, indicating that the rookie seize the chance to eliminate her.

Blue looked down at the groaning Purple and decided that Red was right. She had been practicing her signature finisher for a while, and here was a chance to use it—on herself! Once she made her decision, the rookie parked her boots on the back of the prone Purple’s thighs, tucking her booted feet against the inside of her own calves. This caused the heel to stir, as she started to realize what was coming. She pushed her arms forward just as Blue reached for them, trying to deny the rookie the chance to capture them and complete her intended move. 

“Oh, you stubborn bitch,” hissed Blue as she missed. Red shook her head as she watched the rookie whiff on her initial try, but her ponytailed doppelganger went on to slap Purple’s sides to make her swing her arms back to protect her sensitive spots. 

“Should have done that at the beginning,” Red muttered under her breath, studying Blue’s moves. “But, that was me in the past I guess!”

 Purple yelped but tried to claw at the canvas, resisting the urge to give Blue what she wanted. “Stop that!” growled the heel angrily when Blue slapped her sides again, turning her head to the left to take a swing at the rookie with her left arm. Blue eagerly snatched Purple’s left wrist, but this played into the heel’s plan, allowing her to unbalance her attacker. Planting her right hand on the mat, she pushed as hard as she could with her right arm, straining her triceps and her deltoid while throwing her left arm down, trying to pull Blue along with it. Given the ponytailed rookie’s precarious balance on the back of her thighs, this tactic succeeded, causing the rookie to slip and fall.

Red shook her head as she watched Blue land on her left buttock and elbow, yelping as she did. She started to walk forward to join in the action as Purple got up on all fours, and Blue did a half roll and got up on her right knee. The heel noted the approach of her fellow veteran, and knew she had to pre-empt an alliance between the two faces. Kneeling now, she held her hands up to keep both her doppelgangers at bay, her face shifting back and the forth from one to the other.

 “Wait, wait, wait!” Purple shifted backwards on her knees as Red stepped closer, hands on her hips, and Blue started to stand. “Two on one hardly seems fair,” she continued to plead while getting her right knee down to the mat, preparing to stand. 

“Imagine that, a heel talking about fairness,” Red frowned, giving her purple-clad lookalike a mocking round of applause. Blue chuckled as well, her left hand on her hip, watching Purple with a wary eye. 

“Well, how about we take out the newbie first so we can have some time alone to ourselves?” Purple winked at Red. The veteran face shook her head, looking at Blue briefly before rushing forward, throwing her arms upwards and out to lock up, collar & left elbow, with Purple. The two lookalikes grunted as they made physical contact and shifted their stances to try and win control. The lockup ended abruptly when the purple-clad heel quickly jerked her left arm free from Red’s collar, and slid it under her left upper arm, quickly bringing herself down to the mat and flipping Red across her shoulder with a quick and efficient arm drag. Cursing herself for letting her opponent seize the initiative, the red-clad veteran found her left arm locked in Purple’s grasp after landing on the flat canvas on her back. The heel looked over her shoulder briefly to see if Blue would make a move. The rookie had her hands up but appeared reluctant to strike while the two were engaged. 

“So naïve,” muttered Purple in disgust as she spied Blue in the corner of her eye. Swiftly returning her attention to Red, Purple tucked her opponent’s right forearm under her left armpit. This freed the heel’s right hand to grab a handful of Red’s short brown hair and twist it mercilessly, making the veteran face shriek briefly. “On your feet!” the heel barked while forcing her victim up to a sitting position with a forceful jerk of her hair.  

At this point, Blue decided to move in to break this up, aiming her left boot at Purple’s left shoulder with a quick side kick and broke her hold on Red’s right arm. This infuriated Purple, who gripped her shoulder on reflex after receiving the painful kick, and turned to glare at the interfering rookie. As Blue swung her left leg at the veteran heel again, Purple turned and used her right forearm to block the rookie’s attack before swinging her left forearm upwards between Blue’s open legs. Blue’s mouth gaped open in a big O as she gasped from the shock of this unexpected low blow. As her left foot came back down to the mat, she staggered backwards, her left hand going down to grab her aching crotch while she dropped to her knees. 

“That’s what you get for interfering!” Purple scolded the momentarily incapacitated rookie, knocking her down to the mat by driving her right knee into the left side of her blue-clad doppelganger’s head. Without waiting for the rookie to even hit the mat, the heel continued turning to find her other red-clad doppelganger. Red was ready and waiting though, and she quickly threw her right arm across Purple’s collarbone, knocking the heel down with a powerful lariat. Purple bumped the back of her head against the mat after going down, and was quick to grab it with both hands, kicking at the mat while lying on her back and crying out loudly.

“Stop whining!” ordered Red as grabbed both of Purple’s legs and started dragging the heel towards the center of the ring. Wow, didn’t know I could sound annoying!

Purple reached out with her hands, screaming in protest. “Nooo!!! Let go of me! Let gooo!!!” 

Red contemplated subduing her opponent immediately with a cloverleaf, but with the amount of struggling she was putting up, she didn’t seem to be receptive enough for that leglock yet. Opening up her legs, the veteran face opted instead to subdue her heel doppelganger by thrusting her right boot into her left inner thigh first, and her right thereafter. While screaming loudly in pain, Purple cried foul against the pair of nutshots, and dropped her hands to cover her aching thighs, Red proceeded to lift her opponent’s left boot from the mat by her ankle, twisting Purple’s left foot while stepping over the heel’s left leg with her own right. Locking Purple’s left foot under her right upper arm, Red efficiently applied a stepover toehold while standing over the heel to wear her down. She pushed Purple’s captured limb down with both hands across her own right leg to pressure her victim’s left hip and knee.

“OWWW!!!” squealed Purple as she reached out at Red, slapping at her right knee while kicking out with her own right leg. “Stop that, you bitch!” 

The veteran face calmly pushed further down on Purple’s left leg, making her cry out again and abandon the slapping.

“You know what the magic words are if you want this to stop!” Red advised her opponent.

“Yeah, LET GO!” Purple brought her right boot up and shoved her heel against Red’s right shoulder, pushing her attacker backwards on to her back. The purple-clad heel rocketed up on to her left foot and right knee, reversing the toehold on her red-clad doppelganger. Red curled her left arm around Purple’s left boot while grimacing and protesting the hold, though with fewer theatrics than the veteran heel had put on earlier. 

“Boo hoo, bitch!” the veteran heel cackled with glee, enjoying the tortured look on her own face as she looked at Red. Wow, I look great even when I’m hurting!

“You’ll… have to… do better… than that!” her victim growled in reply, incensed, but not surprised, that her hold had been reversed by her equal in skill and experience.

Purple wrenched Red’s leg even more forcefully than her doppelganger had done to her earlier. “Now you beg me to stop.” 

Red slapped at the mat with her right hand, giving a defiant shout, “Never!”, while fighting the urge to even admit that the hold hurt. She was flabbergasted that even though they were supposed to be equals, Purple seemed to be able to put that extra tension into her toehold. Purple, though, already had another move in mind to make her submit with. Before Red could attempt a reversal of her own, Purple decided to undo the toehold but hold on and stomp her left inner thigh not once, but twice. While Red grunted from each strike, she endured the pain, gritting her teeth. Purple tried to grab her right boot as well, intent on landing a groin buster, but Red was alert enough to pull her foot out of her doppelganger’s grasp, denying the heel this attack.

“No!” yelled Red as she tried to kick at Purple with her free right foot. “Let go!”

“Oh, sorry, that won’t work with me!” Purple laughed. ”Don’t worry, I’ll make you beg before I let you escape!” Lifting her victim’s left leg, Purple proceeded to straddle her right. Keeping her right hand on Red’s left ankle, Purple pivoted about her left foot in an anti-clockwise direction, bending Red’s left leg at the knee around her own. The purple-clad heel continued even when Red sat up to slap her across her ass and tug at her swimsuit, which made her giggle.

“Oh, behave you!” she turned over her shoulder to order her victim with a grin before grabbing and lifting Red’s right boot before continuing to rotate about her left foot, making a full circle. The result was Red’s left ankle being locked behind Purple’s right knee and over her own right knee to make a figure four. 

Red cried out, “No!!!” just before Purple dropped down to the mat on her seat, grabbing Red’s right boot with both hands while using her left foot to pin Red’s left leg to the mat. The veteran face slapped at the mat in frustration, but refused to give her heel doppelganger the satisfaction of hearing her admit to the pain.

“Come on, I know it hurts!” Purple taunted her victim. Looking behind her, she saw the ropes were within reach, and inched herself back to grab it with both hands. Pulling down on the middle rope, she was able to use it for leverage to press down harder on Red’s trapped left leg and punish her further. “Say you give, NOW!” she barked at her doppelganger.

  “Let go of the rope!” Purple heard her own voice cry out just before her right hand was pulled free of the rope. Turning to her right, she saw Blue down on her right knee beside her. She glared at the rookie for interfering.

“Mind your own—“ Purple was cut off when she felt Red try to turn her body over to her left, no longer just slapping at the mat helplessly. “What do you think—ohno!!!”

The red-clad faced pushed as hard as she could with her left hand, propping herself on her right elbow until her body lay on its right side, having forcing her attacker to roll with her. Purple tried grabbing for the bottom rope behind her to help fight this reversal, but Blue quickly yanked her right hand from the rope again. 

Red was thereby able to flip Purple over and reverse the figure four leglock, now punishing the heel’s right leg instead as she pushed herself up on both hands while trying to move forward and drag Purple away from the ropes. Purple made a desperate lunge for the ropes, and refused to let go, saving herself from being forced to submit for the moment when Red finally relented and the two veterans unknotted themselves. Purple could not, however, save herself from Blue’s fury. When she got to her knees and saw the angry expression on the rookie’s face, she raised the back of her palms up against her chest, gesturing for mercy.

“Hey, no hard feelings right?”

“Oh, none, none at all!” The blue-clad Sheila scowled before jamming her boot into her purple-clad doppelganger’s tummy, causing her to crunch over, both arms folded over her midsection. Her crotch still felt sore after the heel’s earlier low blow, and she was eager to get some revenge. 

“Auuugggh!!!” Purple cried out as the wind was knocked from her lungs by her younger self. The next thing she knew, her hair was being used for leverage as Blue jerked her head up and clamped it between her thighs, not giving her any respite. 

“Need a hand?” Red got up behind Blue, rotating her sore left leg about her toes on the mat and rubbing her left calf. The rookie debated a double team with her veteran doppelganger for a moment, taking a second to make her decision. 

“Nope, she’s mine.” She squeezed Purple’s head, making the heel wail in a tortured voice.

“Aaaaghhh!!! Help!” Purple flapped her arms about before grabbing the back of her doppelganger’s thighs, trying to scratch at them with her nails to make the rookie let go. Blue, distracted from executing her intended move, tried to pull her opponent’s hands from her thighs, only to have the heel grab her blue-covered ass instead.

“Let go!” she snapped at the still kneeling Purple, not amused by the ass grab. The heel quickly slipped her hands down before Blue could grab them, latching on the back of the rookie’s knees. As the veteran heel rose to her feet, she pulled hard on the back of Blue’s legs and brought the ponytailed Sheila down to the mat on her back, thumping the back of her head against the canvas in the process and stunning her. 

Red muttered at the sight of Blue going down, disappointed at her younger self, whom she chided with a single world, “Careless!” She bore down on Purple, who was quick to hop to her feet. She swung her right arm at Red, aiming for the left side of her head, but the veteran face blocked her forearm and answered with a forearm of her own, slamming it into Purple’s collarbone. The heel took a step backwards, winded by the blow, which was followed by another, to the same spot, and by a knee to her still-hurting tummy. Purple was reeling, being bullied steadily until her back was against the ropes, squealing with each hit. 

“Get over here!” Red barked as she reached out for her doppelganger’s left shoulder and arm. She pulled her purple-clad lookalike from the ropes with her left hand, first pulling and later pushing against the heel’s left shoulder using her right hand. She went on to whip Purple towards the opposite ropes, setting her up for a forceful takedown. The heel stumbled along at first before finding her footing, turning nicely for the rebound. As Red lunged forward to bring her down with a right-armed lariat, Purple dropped to the mat and slid under her doppelganger’s attack, quickly rolling out of the ring before Red could turn and catch up with her. 

The veteran face stomped on the canvas, angry that her dishonourable doppelganger had just escaped. As she looked about for signs of Purple, Blue had climbed up on her knees. “Owww,” she moaned as she rubbed the back of her head under her ponytail, “That hurt!”

“You should have taken me up on that double team offer. It’s your fault for letting her surprise you like that,” Red admonished her younger self, irritated at her inexperience. 

“What???” The accusation from her more experienced doppelganger immediately put Blue on the defensive. “That’s not fair!” she slapped the mat angrily. 

“You know it’s true,” Red continued, impatient with her younger self. She put her hands on her hips, feeling the urge to teach her impertinent, younger self a lesson now.

“Bullshit!” Blue shouted in reply, raising her hands as she stepped forward to give Red a hard shove. The veteran sidestepped and grabbed her right arm, twisting it behind her back in a painful hammerlock while at the same time throwing her left arm across her throat, securing a reverse headlock. Blue, caught by surprise, slapped at the veteran’s left arm, trying to pull it free. “Unggghhh!!! Leggo!” 

“Better watch that mouth,” Red scolded her younger self again before falling to her butt and planting the back of Blue’s head into the mat, giving the younger wrestler a serious knock on the head with a reverse hammerlock DDT. The veteran face demonstrated in an instant her superior ring experience. While the rookie lay spread-eagled and defenceless, she was wary of attempting to make her submit immediately due to Purple remaining at large. 

The veteran heel was looking in from outside the ring, standing on the floor outside the ring. “Looking for meee?” she grinned like the Cheshire cat, her purple lock of hair hanging over face.

“You could say that,” Red replied, keeping her eyes on the heel as she pulled Blue up to a sitting position by pulling at her swimsuit’s neckline, causing her suit to yawn open briefly. She could still feel the pressure from Purple’s boot on her face, which irked her. The wily veteran heel looked on in satisfaction as Red proceeded to subject the rookie to a dragon sleeper, wrapping her left upper arm over Blue’s throat to cut off her air. Though hard-pressed to mount a strong resistance, her ponytailed doppelganger reached up and either slapped or grabbed at her arms, her hair, and her face.

“Unnnhhh…. nuaaahhh!” Blue cried out in distress she found herself being choked. She kicked at the mat, stubbornly refusing to submit. 

“Hurry up and give already!” Red seethed at her younger self as Purple ducked out of sight. She turned her head about to try and see where she would pop up, turning Blue’s body with her. She could not, however, decisively harden the bite of her dragon sleeper while worrying about Purple’s reappearance, and Blue’s struggling was getting more than distracting as she refused to submit quietly. Eventually, her defiant opponent was able to get a good grip on Red’s short locks and jerk her head downwards, forcing her to abandon the search for Purple. Making a snap decision fuelled by the hold her ponytailed doppelganger had on her mane, the bobcut-wearing Red focused for the moment on quickly taking out Blue. If she wasn’t going to submit yet, the veteran decided she needed to at least silence her for a long while.

“Ugh, you stubborn little—!” she chided her younger self before sliding her sweaty armpit over the rookie’s nose and mouth. The rookie Blue gagged, letting go of Red’s hair as she kicked at the mat in protest. “Sorry about that,” Red apologized, a bit embarrassed that she had to resort to the unfair tactic, “been a long match!” 

“Now get up!” Red ordered her victim, locking her left arm tight around her throat by gripping her left wrist with her right hand. The veteran forced her rookie victim up on shaky feet, trapped in an inverse facelock. Blue managed a tepid right elbow to Red’s chest, but this only drew a grunt from the veteran, who proceeded to execute a quick reverse DDT, shaking the boards as she brought Blue’s head down hard. Rolling the rookie’s motionless body aside, she started to get to her feet, aware that Purple could strike at any time.

“Thanks for the present!” 

Red gasped. She had predicted an ambush, but as fast as she could turn upon hearing her voice from behind, it only hastened the receipt of a painful knee to her groin, which sent her stumbling back a few steps, holding her crotch with both hands as her mouth hung open in a big O. This left her vulnerable to Purple’s next move, as the heel used her right hand to seize some of her short brown hair from behind her head and twist it painfully, force-marching her over to the nearest corner. Red grabbed Purple’s right wrist with her left, trying to break her grip, while cupping her crotch with her right hand, walking awkwardly.

“Sooo ungraceful!” Purple chided her doppelganger. “Hurry up!” she urged her, jerking her head a few times before snagging her left shoulder strap for additional leverage. Dragging her doubled-over opponent forward, the heel quickly shoved her face-first into the middle turnbuckle to keep her pliable for a follow-up. 


“Owww!!!” Red yelped following the turnbuckle smash. Purple maintained her grip on her doppleganger’s hair and shoulder strap, pulling her backwards and straightening her back before pushing her face into the top turnbuckle this time, silencing the red-clad face. Purple released her twin’s shoulder strap but held on to her hair, hopping up to the middle rope before rebounding from it using both feet. Making use of the additional height, she fell to the mat in a sitout position as she planted the veteran face’s face and chest into the mat, shaking the boards beneath visibly with a violent diving facebuster.

The red-clad Sheila’s limbs flopped about, crashing to the canvas moments after her body landed. She lay face down and unresponsive except for her groaning. Purple was panting as she stood up, pleased with results of her facebuster. “I think you’ll like submitting to this one!” the taunted her fallen foe as she squatted next to her, stroking her hair. Purple knew just the move that she wanted to use on her doppelganger. Rolling Red over on to her chest, she stomped the veteran face on her back, making her cry out in agony before stepping on the backs of her thighs and hooking her feet the way Blue had tried to do to her earlier. Red was slow to react when Purple slapped the sides of her arms, and her elbows were quickly secured by her purple-clad lookalike, whose hands quickly found Red’s wrists as they pulled her arms up behind her. 

“Nooo!!!” Red shook her head vigorously as Purple started to rock her body back and forth a few times. “Get off meee!!!”

“Yesss!!!” Purple smiled devilishly, building momentum before finally rolling on to her back to complete the signature finish of the Malaysian Sensation, hoisting her victim’s red-clad body above hers. “Let’s show off that body of yours… for whoever’s watching!” she laughed as Red screamed in protest.

“Put… me… down!!!” The veteran face tried to make her command forceful but her quivering voice said otherwise. Not only was her body trembling but her mind was jolted by her being subjected to a move that she considered her own, the Borneo Special. Shaking her head, she tried to struggle, but to no avail. Her limbs were Purple’s to manipulate, every contour on her body outlined by red spandex as it was put on grand display. “Put… me… down!!!” she repeated, shaking her head. 

“Those aren’t the magic words!” her attacker hissed with glee. With Blue still out of the fight, Purple was taking her time for now, studying her double’s back and body as she made her look as if she were flying; she spread her limbs apart as she lowered Red, before pushing her up again and closing up. Always wondered what I looked like from behind! 

“How… about… go—to—hell!” 

“Tsk tsk. Let’s see how long you can last!” Purple teased her helpless foe, spreading Red’s legs wide at the apex of her hold to humiliate her victim even further. “Open wide!”

“Unnnhhh!” the veteran face grunted, swinging her head about as her crotch was exposed in a most unladylike manner, its thin spandex covering leaving little to the imagination. Humiliation aside, her legs and her back were hurting from the stresses being inflicted on them. She could only hope that Purple would tire soon, but there was no evidence of that happening. “Let go!!!” she demanded fiercely, still defiant.

“Make me!” Purple mocked her helpless opponent, who was quickly being taken to her limits. “You know there’s only one way you can.”

“Arggghhh…” Red gritted her teeth and shook her head. At this point, she would have welcomed interference from Blue. “No… never!!!”

“Stubborn bitch. Exactly what I would have said.” Purple clicked her tongue. “Hurry up!” 

 “I… nooo… I… nnngh…” gasped Red, unwilling to give her oppressor any satisfaction. Yet, she knew that further resistance would change nothing about her current situation. There would be no escape from herself. She held out for three more seconds before uttering her reluctant submission. “I… I give!”

“What was that? Say it again!” ordered Purple. “Louder!”

Shaking her head, the veteran face was reluctant to humiliate herself further. But seeing no other choice, she swallowed hard and reluctantly repeated her submission. “I give!!!” 

“Now that’s more like it!” Purple was actually as relieved to hear Red say that as her own limbs were starting to tire from holding her doppelganger aloft. She quickly rolled back up, slamming Red into the canvas for a final emphatic punishment of her fellow veteran. As she stood up, she delivered a stinging slap across Red’s ass, jiggling it under her skintight swimsuit. “That’s for making me sweat!” she admonished her defeated twin as the latter groaned out loud, her fingers scratching at the canvas in frustration. 

“The second elimination of this match has just occurred, by submission, to a torturous ceiling hold!” boomed the invisible announcer.

“Now, what did I say, didn’t you like that?” Purple laughed at Red as she wiped the sweat from her brow and turned around. Blue was just getting up on one knee, rubbing the back of her skull again, after suffering two DDTs by Red in close succession. The purple-clad heel glared at the rookie face, who was stunned to see that Red, who had almost eliminated her a while ago, had just been eliminated herself. 

Purple was amused at the fact that she was now facing the clone that she thought would be the easiest to beat. She kept her right foot on the back of Red’s head, rolling it about to both humiliate her defeated opponent and intimidate her only remaining opponent. While flexing her left bicep, she slowly raised her right hand and pointed at her younger self, hoping to unnerve Blue. “Don’t worry, you’re next,” she said, grinning, as she proceeded to roll Red over and shove her into an unoccupied corner with her boot. “You’re not even half the Sheila she was.” 

“Says you!” Blue replied testily. Both Purple and she were worn down from the highly technical contest thus far. Each Sheila had found that overcoming her other selves in the ring was a demanding task. Wit, skill, and a bit of luck had all mattered in this contest between equals. Blue was younger, and had more energy overall in the bank, but she had suffered a several hard knocks in this match so far that left her a bit shaky. Purple, on the other hand, had not escaped unscathed either, but her greater ring experience gave her an edge over the rookie she intended to exploit. She was already running various scenarios through her head to try and outsmart her younger self. 

In the meantime, Red had mysteriously disappeared from view; the remaining Sheilas said nothing. They had enough to worry about.

“Well, what are we waiting for?” Blue held her hands out by her sides, challenging her older self.

“Patience is a virtue, dear, or didn’t anyone teach you that?” Purple chided the ponytailed rookie, casually adjusting her sweat-soaked swimsuit and tidying her hair as she got ready to go again. The heel was a bit vain and always sought to look her best while reducing her opponents, like she just did to Red, to an aching, sweaty mess.   

Blue, on the other hand, was only concerned with one thing: victory. She wiped the sweat from her brow this time before bending over, leaning her arms by her sides. “I don’t need lessons from you.”

“Your loss!” the veteran heel winked, holding her hands up in preparation for a lock up, “You could definitely use some advice on both your moves and your looks!” Stepping out to her left as she started a slow clockwise circle, Purple aimed to make Blue move in the same direction as her. 

The younger Sheila, however, stood her ground, refusing to play to her doppelganger’s tune. “I’m not taking any advice from some goon with purple hair,” Blue fired back with a grin on her face, to see if she could bait Purple instead of letting do all the yapping. 

The heel screwed up her mouth marched in aggressively with a big stomp to try and throw Blue off and grab at her, but the younger face moved with surprising speed. She slipped under Purple’s arms and went around her back, getting her arms up under the heel’s armpits and trying to quickly lock her hands together behind her opponent’s head. 

“Oh you slippery little—ahhh!!!” Purple started to curse but was interrupted by Blue tightening up her full nelson hold, inadvertently bumping her crotch against Purple’s bum while digging her chest into her doppelganger’s back. Now that it was down to a good old-fashioned one-on-one contest, each could afford to be more methodical in wearing down her opponent. Although the rookie’s focus was on the hold she was applying, she felt odd to be pressing her body against her body. She was not one who enjoyed the company of other girls, but this much close contact with herself was starting to stir unwanted albeit pleasurable sensations. 

“Hmmm, someone’s getting frisky huh?” Purple taunted her younger doppelganger as their sweaty bodies pressed and rubbed against each other.  

“Wha—no!” Blue was quick to break off the distracting thoughts and focus instead on forcing Purple up on her tiptoes with her full nelson hold. She had to ignore her older doppelganger’s tricks, and guards against her mind games.  

“You can’t… ungh… fool…. unnf… me!” Purple fought to keep her feet planted on the canvas, trying to push back against Blue. While doing so, she also rubbed her back against her younger doppelganger’s breasts and her ass against her crotch. The smooth nylon and spandex blend of their suits allowed their bodies to glide effortlessly against each other, and Blue could feel every contour on her doppelganger’s body through their skintight swimwear. 

“Stop that!” the rookie ordered her purple-clad lookalike, trying to bend her forward, but this meant rubbing her body against her doppelganger’s in the process. Her sensitive nipples were reacting to the rubbing, swelling under her swimsuit, making her arousal plain to her opponent. 

“What’s the matter? Can’t take the heat?” taunted Purple. She knew that this distraction was keeping Blue from making any attempt to transition from her full nelson into another move. After taking a deep breath, she made an attempt to break the hold, jerking her arms downwards suddenly. The partly aroused Blue held on, keeping her hands locked against the back of the heel’s head, but Purple followed up by stomping hard on Blue’s right foot, shocking the rookie and weakening her nelson hold. As her attacker’s fingers slipped apart, Purple jerked her arms downwards again with an accompanying shout, breaking free of her doppelganger’s hold and spun around to get behind Blue and put her in a full nelson of her own. She deliberately pressed her breasts into the rookie’s back and rubbed her crotch against her backside, betting that this bit of naughtiness would continue to throw the rookie off her game. 

For the moment, the ponytailed rookie continued to be distracted by her villainous older self as she found her arms trapped and raised uncomfortably above her shoulders. Purple leaned over, using their interlocked hands pressed to push her captive’s head forward. Although hard-pressed to find a way out at first, not wanting to hurt her neck and not in a position to outmuscle “herself”, the rookie decided to try something she thought would surprise her more experienced doppelganger. Shifting her hips, the rookie slid her behind across the heel’s left thigh so that she could throw her right leg behind Purple’s left. She followed by pushing her right knee against the back of her attacker’s left knee to sweep her leg forward. As the heel gasped, finding her balance threatened, her full nelson weakened, allowing Blue to bend her torso to the right and slip her arms free. She went on to grab the backs of Purple’s thighs and lifted them. The veteran heel went down hard on her back, and to make things worse, the rookie landed on top of her, driving the air from her lungs.

“Wh—ufff!!!” exclaimed Purple as Blue’s body fell on top of her.

“That should make you stop!” Blue panted from the exertion, and perhaps also from the rubbing, though she steadfastly denied being turned on by her clone in her head. She punctuated her statement with a right elbow to Purple’s tummy, making the heel bellow and crunch up, clutching her belly. “No rest for the wicked!” the younger Sheila declared as she rolled to her left and recovered on her left knee before grabbing Purple’s right upper arm and a handful of her short hair, including her purple-dyed locks. She forced her older self to her feet, wary of any tricks that she might attempt.

“Let go, yo—oof!!!” Purple found her breath driven audibly from her lungs, doubling over as Blue drove her right knee deep into her belly, keeping her pliable for the next move the rookie had in mind. She pushed her left leg against the heel’s left leg until their inner thighs met, and stepped around to the heel’s back, hooking her right arm behind her own back and holding it in place under her left armpit. Instead of proceeding with a standard cobra twist/abdominal stretch, she pushed down on Purple’s head with both hands, bending her foe over to the left across her own thigh. The purple swimsuit was stretched taut against her doppelganger’s body as Blue punished her neck, abs, and back. 

“Do you give?” Blue didn’t expect her to, but it didn’t hurt to taunt.

“Nnnnh… I’ll… give you… something… you… you cheap imitation!” 

“Enough yapping, you impersonator! Just answer the question: do you give?” Blue pushed Purple’s head just a little further to encourage her to submit. If she’s like me, she must be reaching her limits too! 

“In—your—dreams!!!” Purple answered testily before jabbing her left elbow into Blue’s left thigh. The rookie face yelped in response, her hold on her opponent shaken for a moment. That moment was all that Purple needed. The veteran heel shifted her feet and tried to use a sudden change in momentum to try and push Blue forward with her right shoulder and arm and hopefully unbalance her. The rookie was able to keep herself from being sent tumbling forward but this gave the veteran heel an opportunity to get her right arm to bend at the elbow, allowing her to reach up Blue’s back for her ponytail. With this grip on the rookie’s hair, Purple was able to jerk her head backwards and make her squeal, thereby reducing the pressure being applied to her own head. Purple quickly used the opportunity to slip free, releasing Blue’s ponytail and turning about the rookie while keeping their left legs entwined. Like the full nelson hold before, Blue found her second hold in a row reversed.

Purple trapped Blue’s right arm under her left, cradling the rookie’s face with her left hand while pulling at her hair with her right hand to yank her head roughly downwards. The heel went on to push the babyface’s head down further with her right hand, intent on using the same cobra twist variation against her. The rookie Sheila, though, had little intent of letting her carry on unopposed. Before the heel could settle comfortably into her hold and work the younger face’s body, Blue summoned her reserves for an attempt at escape. She grunted and growled with the effort, planting her feet firmly on the canvas, raising her right hand against Purple’s back while her free left hand grabbed Purple’s left wrist. She sought to flip herself over and carry her attacker with her, down to the canvas. This sudden act of resistance, however, was interrupted when Purple grabbed her right breast through her blue swimsuit, another diversionary tactic that the rookie had not foreseen.

“Mmm…” cooed the heel as she squeezed the firmly familiar orb encased in smooth nylon/spandex, palming the taut nipple at its centre with her right hand. “How does that feel?” she taunted her younger lookalike, a devilish grin on her face. Of course, she was intimately aware of how to turn herself on.

Blue was not amused. Her doppelganger knew, of course, about her sensitive nipples and just how to work them. She moaned softly to mislead her assailant but in truth, she was not as badly affected by this as she was by all the rubbing that had happened earlier between their identical bodies. 

“Pretty good, hmmm?” Purple continued to literally press her advantage over Blue with her right thumb.  

The rookie answered the heel’s question by elbowing Purple just above her left knee. Purple tightened her grip on Blue’s breast reflexively, squeezing it harshly now while shoving her head further away and maximizing the tension applied to Blue’s abs. The rookie stifled an initial shriek when her breast was abused. She grunted from the strain on her obliques as Purple amplified the push on her head and bent her as far as she could be bent in this position; the stubborn rookie, however, responded by elbowing her attacker once more. This infuriated Purple, who squeezed Blue’s throat with her left hand while sliding her right hand down to the rookie’s tummy. Sinking her fingers deep into Blue’s spandex-covered abs about her navel, Purple applied a painful claw that made the rookie’s tense up and scream.

“Choosing pain over pleasure? Silly girl,” the purple-clad heel scolded her younger doppelganger. Once she had stifled Blue’s unforeseen resistance, she pulled her left hand free of the rookie’s grip and slid her right hand downwards her spandex-clad tummy to grope the rookie between her legs. This was her body after all, and Purple was intimately familiar with the lay of the land. 

“Wh—ukkk!!!” The rookie began to protest but found her voice cut off by her assailant’s left arm pressing down on her throat. The rookie’s eyes widened from the combination of being choked and the unwanted intrusion by her doppelganger’s fingers through her suit. Her mouth opened to cry out in shock but no sound emerged. She was furious at the unwanted touching, but fought to remind herself that her opponent was trying to distract and humiliate her more than anything.

“How about you submit now?” the heel teased her prey, humiliating and weakening her simultaneously with the aptly named Twisted Cobra.   

Blue turned her head to the right to glare sideways at her hateful tormentor. “G—go to hell!” she hissed To maximize her doppelganger’s discomfort, Purple deliberately pushed some of Blue’s suit inside her using her middle finger, forcing a gasp from her younger self.

“Let’s see how wet you’ve gotten…” 


The sexy tangle of identical bodies looked for the moment to be inescapable for Blue, her eyes closed as Purple had her way with her for now. The feisty young face, however, was losing patience as her lookalike forced unwanted but pleasurable, sensations on her bent and stretched body. Clenching her left hand into a fist, she raised her left arm and struck her clone’s left knee with perhaps her last reserve of strength. She repeated this like a jackhammer, striking until she felt the unwelcome hand remove itself from her groin and the hold on her throat weaken. 

 Faced with such stubborn resistance, Purple’s ab stretch started to unravel, like a small crack forming in a wall holding back a river. The heel tried to hang on by resuming a standard cobra twist, clasping her hands around her opponent’s neck. Planting her feet firmly on the canvas, Blue brought her right arm up against Purple’s back again. Quickly seizing her and with a loud shout, resembling a kiai, the face quickly threw her body forward. Her attacker resisted at first, holding her back, but another elbow to the knee provided sufficient distraction for the next attempt at escape to yield results.

Third time’s the charm! 

Purple found herself on her back, looking up at her younger lookalike, whose brown ponytail hung down towards her. The rookie, low on energy and slowed after sustaining knew she needed to try and end the match now. Purple was in the perfect position for a submission attempt, and Blue moved quickly to strike while the iron was hot, tired of being her doppelganger’s plaything. She quickly sidled up against Purple’s body, throwing her legs around each side of her opponent’s waist and hooking her ankles together. At the same time, she brought her left arm up across the heel’s throat and locked it in place with her right arm, applying a simultaneous bodyscissors and sleeperhold combination. 

This combination hold gave Purple plenty of reason to be worried but she was not going to simply allow Blue a straightforward victory. Even as she pulled at her attacker’s left arm to allow herself just enough leeway to breathe, the heel brought her legs inwards and planted her feet on the canvas, bridging her body upwards to try and weaken her doppelganger’s hold. With much effort, she put up a mighty struggle, despite the blue-clad, ponytailed face’s attempt to bring her down. Her black boots slowly slid apart as her bodyscissors became undone, allowing Purple room to turn her body to the right and try to escape.

Blue continued to hang on to her sleeper hold, trying to get her ankles back together, but Purple tried to jerk the rookie’s left arm away from her throat altogether to escape the sleeper hold. Blue allowed her to do so, but was quick to restrain the heel by her hair. When her purple-clad doppelganger reached up to grab at her right hand, Blue quickly let go of her short locks and grabbed both of her wrists instead. That allowed the rookie to cross the veteran’s arms around her throat and pull them backwards while bringing her knees up against Purple’s back and push upwards, combining a straightjacket with a modified surfboard.

“Unnnngggh!!! Let go of me, you annoying pest!” Purple gasped, discomfort evident on her face. Her spine was being stressed while her breathing was impeded.

“Oh, I can be a real pest if you like…” Blue was angry at her heel lookalike, and following a shake of her ponytail, she proceeded to pump her opponent’s purple-clad body up and down repeatedly. The veteran’s feet shifted about as she tried to anticipate Blue’s movements and minimize the strain on her spine and the pressure on her throat, but there was little she could do once the rookie pushed upwards with her legs as high as she could. Purple’s body was forced to bridge upwards to its maximum, and as she started to tiptoe, it was all she could do to avoid submitting. She had gone from aggressor to victim in the blink of an eye. “Give up already?” inquired her younger ponytailed attacker as she lay on her back.

“No!!! Never!” the veteran heel snapped in a hoarse voice, desperately trying to hang on. 

The rookie sensed that victory was close, but also sensed that her opponent needed a bit more encouragement. Blue abruptly lowered both her legs and allowed Purple to fall butt-first to the mat before releasing her wrists. The rookie maintained a grip on Purple’s right arm with both hands, swivelling herself behind her heel lookalike until their bodies were at right angles. While the heel was still trying to catch her breath and fill her lungs again after being straightjacketed for so long, Blue acted quickly to throw her left boot over Purple’s throat and slide her right hand up under her right thigh. At the same time, Blue’s right arm came over the inside of Purple’s left thigh, while her right arm was pulled back by Blue’s left hand. The short-haired Purple seemed to be caught in a spider’s web as the ponytailed Blue trapped her in a technically flawless pentagram hold on her, holding her legs and arms wide open, exposing her crotch and putting her torso and chest on display for the non-existent crowd. The veteran heel had not felt so utterly vulnerable and helpless in some time, and the fact that it was another her, a younger face version of her, who was making her feel this way was oddly enough, hot.      

“I won’t ask again,” Blue declared with finality in her tone.

“Nuaaahhh!!!” Purple gasped in anguish, unwilling to admit surrender. All she could do, however, was writhe about in her sweaty purple swimsuit, her nipples tenting their spandex shell as her predicament became all too clear. She could offer no effective resistance, and could only hope that the reaction occurring between her legs would not be too noticeable to an observer.

“Your choice.” The rookie felt like a predator as she clamped her left leg down on Purple’s throat and squeezed to deliver the coup de grace.


“The final elimination, by knockout, with an unbreakable pentagram choke hold!”

Blue realized that she had been holding her breath only after she eased the pentagram hold. The unconscious Purple’s upper body rolled over on to the mat and landed on her back. The rookie face sucked in fresh air, slightly delirious now as she realized her victory over her veteran heel lookalike. Pushing Purple’s limp form aside, she climbed to her feet, looking around the closed arena as she wondered what would happen next. 

 “Congratulations, Sheila. You have proven yourself a more capable wrestler than your other selves, and that your determination and spirit can make up for your lack of skill and experience.”

Blue was panting as she sat up, drawing her legs inwards and wrapping her arms around them just below her knees. Red and Green had mysteriously reappeared in the ring, where they sat at opposite corners. The final outcome of the extended four-way match was clear. Red blinked in disbelief when she saw that Blue was victorious, having expected Purple to make short work of the inexperienced face. The rookie walked up to her, offering her hand to the veteran. 

“Hey,” the ponytailed Blue greeted her fellow face, “you okay?”

“Uhhh…” the bobcut-wearing Red groaned, rubbing her sore back before accepting the offer to help her up. “Well, submitting to my signature move sucked. Having it done on me by me made it worse.”

“Well, I got her after she made you submit,” young Sheila in blue quipped, proud of the fact that she had done better than the older and presumably wiser her.

“You got lucky I guess,” Red replied, trying to downplay her younger self’s accomplishment. “You had a golden opportunity before she took me out.”

“Lucky??? Give me some credit will you?” Blue sounded exasperated. “You missed your chance to make her submit. But if you hadn’t… you would have submitted to me instead.”

“I hope you don’t believe that,” Red rolled her eyes in disbelief at Blue’s cockiness. “Don’t think that this win makes you a better wrestler than me.”

The younger Sheila fought the urge to deliver yet another snappy retort, and instead cut to what she really wanted to say. “I want to wrestle you again,” she declared, a wave of confidence evident in her voice. She was itching for a one-on-one match against her older self. “I’ll show you who the better Sheila is.” 

“Huh…” Red was amused. She was thinking the same thing as her clone. Guess you are me after all. “Be careful what you wish for; I’ll kick your butt, rookie,” Red said while smiling at her younger lookalike.

“Not a chance, old-timer.” Blue wore a grin on her face, feeling confident after winning the four-way. Her older self was arguably better looking than she was… Nice to know I’ll still look good in the future!… but she was certain she was the better wrestler.

Old?” Red put her right hand on her chest, flabbergasted and insulted. “Now I’ll really have to kick your butt.” She remembered being that cocky, somewhat overconfident youngster prone to speak before thinking in the past. Experienced had honed her into more sensible, pragmatic, and tactical wrestler, although she loved the idea of matching up against her younger self, to see if experience and skill could overcome youthful energy, fitness, and passion. The thought of showing up her younger self was delicious. The sight of her younger self alone was delicious, for that matter.

Blue stood up and extended her hand towards Red, grinning. “You’re more than welcome to try but not to whine when your butt gets kicked by the number one Sheila in the house.”

Red accepted the challenge by accepting the proffered hand, identical to her own. She felt a jolt as she shook it, looking into eyes that were exactly like hers. “Don’t get too used to winning.”

The ponytailed Green glared at both the faces, angry that she had been eliminated early on without having had the chance to eliminate any of her doppelgangers. She had not spoken yet, unsure of what might happen now that the match was over, and that annoying babyface version of her had won. Should she slip out of the ring while they were preoccupied with their sickening mutual admiration? She turned her head about and could see no exit. Should she attack them instead? 

“Hey,” Green heard her voice call. She looked up and saw that Red was beckoning her. “This match is over. What say we find a way out of here?”

The green-clad Sheila did not answer at first, unwilling to acknowledge either her red- or blue-clad clone. Especially not the latter who had eliminated her. 

“I don’t see a way out. Do you?” Green snapped hastily in reply.

Blue shrugged and sighed, raising her hands sheepishly. 

A moment later, the ring was empty. 

Evidence remained of the sexy struggle that had just happened, including the sweaty stains left behind by the most recently defeated Purple’s body. 

But the mysterious arena was now silent. 

The lights went dark.

The End

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