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Note from the Author

For years I have written stories about fictional characters (not counting story requests I did for other people). While a few characters were loosely based on people I knew, I always kept my personal life separate from my fantasy life. Recently, I decided to break from this and write about my wife, Andrea. My wife has always tolerated my catfight obsession and even allowed it to be a part of our foreplay, from time to time. Sometimes I would tell a story and let her fill in certain details along the way. Even though it isn’t exactly her cup of tea, she has, on occasion, even came up with her own story. I thought it would be interesting, to me at least, to document some of our stories that I will call The Andrea Chronicles.

For those that have read my previous stories, the star is usually a tall, shapely, almost superhero type woman. While Andrea is definitely my superhero, she is only 5’2 but is a shapely 120lbs. She has long blonde hair and a fair complexion. The 3 physicals qualities I noticed about her when we first met was her beautiful face, big breasts, especially for her size, and a full, shapely butt. She was actually interested in modeling, at one time, and has the face for it, but not the height or body type.  Andrea is not completely comfortable with her body. Even though she recognizes she has nice tits, she doesn’t always like the attention they get from other men. Unlike many of the women in my stories, she does not appreciate guys checking out her body. While she knows she has a nice rack, Andrea thinks her butt is too big (what girl doesn’t). I totally disagree. Andrea has a healthy, bubble butt that I think is perfect. She also has a narrow waist and flat tummy which makes her healthy ass and tits appear even more exceptional.

Personality wise, Andrea has a fiery temper. If she was much bigger, she would be dangerous. She also has somewhat of a jealous streak, which makes introducing women into our sexy catfight stories tricky. In order to keep her in the mood, I have to assure her that, no matter how sexy the woman is in real life, Andrea is definitely my focus of the story. 

The first story, in The Andrea Chronicles, is the first foreplay story I can remember us sharing. We were still in college at the time (actually now I’m a college instructor, still working on my doctorate, so I guess that hasn’t really changed for me) and were also newlyweds. Her opponent was another college student named Eve. Eve worked at the campus bookstore and Andrea did not like her. Andrea thought Eve was overly friendly towards me, especially when she was around. Eve was a small brunette, around 5’0 105 lbs. or so. She had a decent face and body but wasn’t in the same class as Andrea.

A good buddy of mine, named Shannon, and his wife were good friends with Eve. Shannon was a great friend and a bad influence at the same time. He was always trying to encourage Andrea, or any other woman we both knew, to get in a fight. Shannon is not into catfighting to the extent I am, but he could find pleasure in it. As a true friend, he also liked to encourage my sexual deviance. Shannon’s true passion was women having sex with each other, but he could find enjoyment in sexy women interacting in most any way. It wouldn’t surprise me if he jerked off while watching women’s tennis. 

Shannon enjoyed telling Andrea about Eve flirting with me, often greatly embellishing the truth. He loved watching Andrea get fired up and, of course, I had to deal with the aftermath. Shannon the Troublemaker was the reason I thought of this story. I hope you like it as much as we (or at least I) did. 

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Eve of Destruction
Andrea vs Eve

I was sitting at the computer one evening, working on a paper, when I heard agitated knocking at the front door. When I opened it, Eve immediately stepped inside.

“Where’s she at?” she screamed.

“Where’s who at,” I asked, “Calm down and tell me who you’re talking about.”

“I’m not going to calm down. Do you know what Shannon told me? Your wife invited my boyfriend Jake to go away together this weekend.”

“No way. I wouldn’t believe everything Shannon tells you. Let’s just calm down and talk about this.”

“It’s too late to talk, I’m going to kick your wife’s ass.”

“Just sit down on the couch for a moment. She’s taking a shower right now, but when she gets out we’ll talk about…” Eve didn’t wait for me to finish. She took off, storming through the house. 
At the time, we lived in a really small house with only a handful of rooms. It wasn’t hard for Eve to find Andrea. She was in the bathroom attached to our bedroom. Eve opened the shower door and grabbed Andrea by the hair. My wife went from dreamily rinsing off her steamy body, to being slung violently across the bathroom floor and into our bedroom. I debated breaking up the fight but thought better of it. Andrea was bigger and I was confident she could handle Eve. Besides, seeing my wife’s naked body being flung about, I quickly went from being concerned to being aroused. 

My wife had a look of complete shock on her face, as Eve continued the onslaught. The brunette pummeled my wife with her fist as she continued to yank on her hair. The blows rained down on Andrea’s wet body making loud smacking sounds against her soft skin. My wife, at first stunned by the attack, didn’t try to defend herself. When she finally realized she was in a fight, she struggled to develop a defensive strategy. With one hand she tried to wrench Eve’s hand from her hair, with the other hand she tried to fend off Eve’s punches. Neither was effective. When Eve finally let loose of her hair, Andrea tried to flee. Being on her hands and knees, she didn’t get very far before Eve grabbed her left ankle. Caught in a semi-pushup position, with her right knee on the floor and left leg pulled back by Eve, my wife found herself in a vulnerable position. The brunette kicked her repeatedly. Though she was wearing soft-toed sneakers, she was still able to inflict severe agony to my wife’s body, landing blows to her shapely thighs and lower abdomen. A couple of times, the toe of her shoe connected solidly against my wife’s womanhood. Andrea squealed and moaned before finally slipping free. Eve grabbed her several more times but found difficult to maintain her grip on my wife’s wet, soapy body. 

Andrea eventually made it to her feet, but her situation did not improve any. Eve launched a barrage of punches at her. Andrea tried to hit back, but her punches were ineffective. Dazed from the sudden assault, my wife’s jabs were inaccurate and weak. While Eve didn’t appear to have a lot of power behind her strikes, they usually hit their mark. Being totally nude, my wife’s curvy body was an easy target. Eve really went after Andrea’s tits, her tiny fists smashing the plump breasts causing them to jiggle wildly. Andrea dropped her hands to protect her boobs. When she did, Eve launched an uppercut into Andrea’s exposed lower belly. My wife’s pretty mouth gasped open as she doubled over in pain. Then Eve socked her on the chin, sending Andrea on to the bed. Eve dived on top of her and the two began tussling on our mattress. 

My wife was the stronger of the two and was able to mount the brunette and put her in a schoolgirl pin. Andrea did not maintain her dominate position long though. Her lush, heavy breasts were too inviting of a target, and Eve reached up and grabbed them, digging her nails deep into the soft, creamy mounds of flesh. Eve drove my wife onto her back, maintaining her torturous grip. My wife kicked her legs and her shapely body wriggled desperately, but Eve continued mauling her precious melons. When my beautiful blonde finally freed her plump breasts from Eve’s claws, she rolled over onto her stomach to protect them from further abuse. 

This presented a less sensitive but equally appealing target for Eve. Lying face down as she was, my wife’s beautifully formed ass jutted upward invitingly. The pintsize brunette attacked it, slapping the soft curving flesh ferociously. Any thought of interfering and stopping my wife’s abuse ended then. The idea of another woman spanking my wife had always been a real turn on for me. Hearing my wife’s sexy squeals as Eve reddened her soft, pale flesh was very arousing. Andrea had no choice but to take it. If she rolled over, she would expose her sorely battered breasts. Eventually, Eve tired of abusing my wife.

“You’d better not ever even speak to my man again,” she said, as she slid off the bed, “Or next time it will be a lot worst.”

I let Eve see herself out, while I got into the bed and lay next to my wife. As I took her into my arms, she buried her face against my chest and began sobbing. Eventually, after the shock of her thrashing wore off, the sniveling turned to anger and then to thoughts of revenge. But that’s a story for another day.

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Note from the Author About Chapter 1

This has always been my favorite story, maybe because it was our first. Andrea, initially, wasn’t as crazy about it. She didn’t like the idea of losing to someone she genuinely disliked, especially as badly as she lost. I, on the other hand, enjoyed the visual in my mind, of seeing her wet, vulnerable body being slapped and tossed around, especially by someone so petite. She did enjoy losing the fight a lot better, though, when I was kissing and massaging all of her “badly beaten” body.

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Chapter 2
The Rematch

In Ch. 1, my wife, Andrea, received a thrashing at the hands of a brunette names Eve. By the next day, Andrea was determined to get a rematch. She was furious at being jumped in her own home, while taking a shower, for something she didn’t do. Plus, she was a little embarrassed at being whipped by a smaller woman in front of me. I insisted that she get a little training before she tried to fight Eve again. While she felt that in a fair fight, where she was prepared and not caught off guard in the shower, she would have no problem handling Eve. Still, mostly to appease me, she did sign up for a boxerobics class at our gym. 

A month later she announced that she was ready for the rematch. Arranging it was simple, Andrea went to Eve’s boyfriend’s work, handed him her cell phone number and said to call when he got bored with Eve. Then she came home to wait. 

Andrea dressed in a tank top, shorts, and sneakers. She slid down her shorts a few inches so I could see she was wearing red lacy thongs.

“These are for later,” she said sexily. Andrea was not a big thong wearer, but she knew I loved to see her shapely butt in them. She also knew I would be so worked up afterwards and would be expecting post-fight activities. 

We didn’t have to wait long for Eve. Andrea hadn’t been home for more than 30 minutes when I heard a banging at the door. I opened it and Eve barged in. This time it was Eve that was caught off guard as Andrea stopped her dead in her tracks with a roundhouse right. Andrea followed it up with several more punches and it looked like the fight would be over quick. Unfortunately, my beautiful blonde wife was unable to really land another solid shot, with most of her punches glancing off Eve’s head or shoulders. Regaining her wits, Eve began to fight back. Her punches seemed to be more accurate and she quickly turned the tide, driving my wife backwards. 

I was stunned at how quickly Andrea had lost control of the fight. At 5’2 and 120 lbs., my wife was no giant, but she was a lot bigger than the diminutive Eve, who was only 5’0 and 105 lbs. Yet Eve proved to be a better boxer, as she overpowered and pounded my gorgeous wife. Backed up against the wall, Andrea became a human punching bag as her pretty face and shapely frame took everything Eve could throw at her. Fortunately, neither women were exactly heavyweight boxing champions, so Andrea was not in danger of being too badly hurt. Still, Eve had my wife whimpering in pain with every blow. 

Knowing she couldn’t outbox Eve, Andrea lunged forward, wrapping her arms around Eve’s waist and drove her backwards. The momentum took them both to the floor and they began rolling around the room.  Andrea was stronger and tried to pin Eve down, but each time my wife managed to get on top, the angry brunette would buck her off. 

I realized Andrea had misjudged how mad Eve would be. While my wife had a month for her anger towards Eve to diminish, Eve was extremely livid and was fighting with a rage my wife was unable to match. Even with her size and strength advantage, Andrea found controlling Eve impossible, as the brunette fought like a wildcat, tearing into my buxomy wife. Eve slapped, clawed, pulled hair, and ripped clothes. My wife had a dazed, wtf look on her face, as she realized she had bit off more than she could chew. Out of desperation she tried to call for a timeout. I couldn’t help chuckling, even though I was the only one who found humor in it. Eve, of course ignored her timeout request and the onslaught continued. 

For the next 5 minutes, Eve let out all of her anger on my wife’s helpless body, but slowly her attack weakened. She had expended a great deal of energy in her assault to this point, but had been unable to finish off my wife. After a month of boxerobics, Andrea had pretty good stamina and wasn’t breathing nearly as hard as Eve. Combining her better conditioning, with her strength advantage, my wife went back on the offensive. She pushed and pulled and used basic grappling moves to counter Eve’s aggressiveness. Forcing Eve on to her back, my wife slid on top and then grabbed Eve’s wrists and pinned them to the floor. 

Now that she was in control, Andrea appeared relieved. Even though her hair was a mess and her clothes were tattered and torn, I thought she looked sexy, mounted on top of Eve, clearly the dominant female. Eve tried to fight back, but she wasn’t strong enough to buck her off, no matter how much she kicked and squirmed.  

“Do you give?” Andrea asked.

“Get off me, you bitch!” she replied.

“Not until you say you give.”

Eve responded by resisting even more. She managed to free her hands and clawed viciously at Andrea.  She shredded my wife’s top, which was already badly ripped, and then grabbed her bra. Andrea’s substantial boobs spilled out, as her bra was pulled down. Before my wife could cover them up, Eve went for them. Andrea let out a squeal as Eve sunk her nails into those luscious melons. Eve squeezed and twisted them as Andrea tried to pry her hands from her buxom. 

“Oooh, let go,” Andrea moaned, “Ow, you’re hurting me. Let go!””

Still on top, the blonde haired cutie struggled to maintain control but I could see her resolve weakening as Eve’s grip tightened. Andrea’s big tits had proven to be a liability in a fight. After the previous altercation, she had whined about how difficult it was to fight back when her boobs were being attacked. In this rematch, her boobs were again being targeted and she was helpless to do anything about it. 

No longer interested in fighting, Andrea broke free and tried to get away. Eve grabbed her ankle, preventing her escape, and then crawled on to my wife’s back. Pinning my wife down on her chest, the little brunette once again had control of the fight. She grabbed a handful of blonde hair and pulled my wife’s head back in a camel clutch type hold. 

“Bitch, I told you what would happen the next time you came near my man.”

Suddenly, I was afraid for Andrea. Eve was very angry and I was fearful that my wife could get seriously hurt.  With one hand she kept Andrea’s head pulled back and with the other she slapped Andrea repeatedly on the side of the head and face. My wife’s pretty face took a beating before she able to flip Eve off. Again Andrea tried to crawl away, but this time Eve grabbed hold of her shorts. Andrea wriggled free, leaving her shorts behind. The plan had been for Andrea to strip down to her sexy thongs after the fight, when we were alone celebrating her victory. Eve obviously had different plans. 

Andrea scrambled to her feet and ran into our bedroom. She tried to shut the door, but Eve pushed it open. The brunette grabbed Andrea by her blonde hair and slung her into the hallway. Pinning my wife against the wall, Eve clobbered her with several body blows. While my wife has a narrow waist, she doesn’t exactly have abs of steel. Andrea grunted, as Eve’s fists sunk into her soft tummy.

Trying to slow Eve’s attack while she caught her breath, Andrea wrapped her arms around the shorter woman’s head, forcing Eve’s face between her plump breasts. Eve continued to work the body, jabbing at my wife’s shapely frame. With her head buried in cleavage, Eve wasn’t able to put as much power in her punches. Still, my wife winced in pain as she took shot after shot to her midsection. I didn’t know how much more she could take. Surprisingly, I didn’t have to find out.

Slowly, Eve’s punches began to look sluggish and then she quit punching altogether. She grabbed at Andrea’s arms, trying to pry them from her head. I heard muffled squealing coming from Eve, as Andrea continued smothering her using her heavy breasts. Eve slapped desperately at Andrea, but couldn’t get my wife to release her. Little by little, Eve’s struggling subsided and her body went limp. My wife had effectively used the breast smother as a submission hold. 

I took Eve’s unconscious body from Andrea and she started breathing again. After a few moments, she started coughing and regained consciousness. At first, I thought she might want to resume the fight, but she was too dazed and disoriented. When she seemed cognizant enough, I helped her to her car and she drove off.

I walked back into the house and found Andrea at the bathroom mirror looking at her tangled hair and streaked makeup. 

“That didn’t go as planned,” she said. 

“No, but you won.”


“Are you kidding? You won by a choke out. Those are extremely rare.”


“Really. Winning by rendering your opponent unconscious makes you a bonafide bad ass.”  

“I guess it does,” she said, as I took her in my arms and carried her to the bedroom. The victory celebration was almost as good the fight.

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Chapter 3
Andrea vs the Redneck Dream Girl

I have to give my friend Shannon credit for this next story, also. This involves his wife’s cousin Lori. Shannon told me about Lori and said she was really cute and wild and he thought, if we paid her and one of her friends a little money, they would probably fight for us. I didn’t know if he was serious or not, but one day we drove by her place of work. She worked at her dad’s bait shop/gas station down by the river. Lori definitely looked cute. She had blonde hair and a nice, little tight body. 

Nothing came of the little encounter and Shannon never talked to her about an arranged catfight. A short time later, Andrea and I were at the river and we stopped in to Lori’s store for some drinks. Lori was even hotter than I remembered. She wore a tank top and cutoff jeans. She remembered me and was very friendly, while totally ignoring Andrea. As we drove home, Andrea made several catty comments about Lori. The conversation went something like this:

“How did you know that skank?” she asked.

“First of all, she’s Shannon’s cousin and me and him went there a couple of Saturday’s ago when we went fishing. Second of all, why is she a skank? I thought she was nice.”

“I’m sure you did, the way she was flirting with you.”

“She was just being friendly.”

  “Plus, her ass was hanging out of her shorts. Who dresses like that at work? That’s so tacky.”

“Well, most of her customers are men.”

“Why don’t you just shut up,” she said, giving me an icy glair.

“What’s the big deal. It’s not she’s that hot.” Then I spent the rest of the drive home convincing her she was way hotter than Lori. 

The following was one of Andrea’s favorite stories. I have taken a lot of creative liberties with this story, especially the parts where Lori is portrayed as being sexy in any way.

After defeating Eve in the rematch, Andrea discovered she enjoyed the feeling of conquering another woman. The victory gave her confidence and she soon began longing for another fight. I suggested her friend Kelly, but Andrea said no. That was her best friend and she couldn’t imagine hurting her. We discussed several other names, but couldn’t find a suitable opponent. After the encounter with Lori, I suggested her. Andrea was hesitant at first, since she really didn’t know her, but I talked her into it. I thought it would be an incredibly sexy matchup. Both women had great bodies, plus they had very different personalities which would add to the dynamics of the situation. Andrea was an educated, respectable college student, while Lori was a high school dropout, with a wild reputation. 

I contacted Shannon and told her I had found Lori an opponent. He called Lori, worked out the monetary details, and soon a match was arranged. The following Saturday, I cleared out space in the living room for them. Lori arrived and walked in and gave me a hug.

“Where’s this bitch I’m supposed to wrestle?” she asked.

“She’s in the back getting ready. It is supposed to be a bra and panties match, you know,” I said, hinting at her overdressed attire.

“Oh, yeah.” She slid out of her jeans and t-shirt. Wearing a white bra and pink panties, I really got a good look at her. The 18-year-old had one of those naturally tight bodies, though she didn’t seem the type to diet or go to the gym. 

Soon Andrea entered, wearing a sexy purple bra and panties set, along with silky white stockings. Andrea’s sexy outfit complimented her voluptuous body, while Lori’s smoking body looked good even in her plain underwear.  

They moved to the center of the room and faced off. While both would be considered petite, the two had contrasting body types. Andrea was 5’2 and 120 lbs. with a nice rack, a narrow waist, and a shapely ass, Lori was 5’3 and 110 lbs. with small, perky tits, and a compact, fit body. 

“OK, college girl, let’s get this on,” said the high school dropout. Shannon said Lori was hesitant about an arranged fight until he mentioned it would be against Andrea. She thought Andrea had acted like a snob when we were at her store and she would “love to knock the uppity bitch down a few notches”.

The two approached like the inexperienced grapplers they were, grabbing at each other, not sure of what to do first. Eventually, they locked hands and began to push and struggle, in a battle of strength. At first, they looked to be an even match and neither could gain an advantage. Slowly, though, Lori’s hands pushed and painfully bent Andrea’s hands backwards and she began to force my wife down towards her knees. My cute wife whimpered and strained with all her might, but Lori was too strong. Then Lori leaned forward and got my wife in a front headlock. 

Already my wife was being overpowered by her slender opponent, but she wasn’t going down without a fight. She pushed and twisted her body with all her might and the two rolled around the floor, as Andrea tried to break free. Lori had a tight grip, though, and she couldn’t break free. After a couple minutes of struggling, Andrea had to stop and catch her breath. They were lying face down in a line, with Lori’s upper body on Andrea’s head, maintaining the headlock. 

“Come on baby, you can do it,” I said.

“The bitch is choking me,” Andrea whined, “I can’t breathe!”

“I am not,” Lori said, “You’re just a wimp.”

Without really thinking about it, I reached down and patted Andrea’s soft bottom. It looked so sexy, as she lay there, her butt slightly jutting upward. Lori laughed.

“Pat your wife’s fat ass while you can, because when I get through kicking it, it won’t look so good,” Lori said.

Andrea didn’t appreciate the comment and renewed her struggle. Lori maintained her hold for another minute or so, before growing bored and changed tactics. She slid on top of Andrea and sat on the small of her back, facing my wife’s legs. 

“Get off me!” Andrea cried. I could tell she was getting more and more frustrated by the minute. “Get off me right now!”

Lori responded by grabbing Andrea’s panties and yanking them towards her. My wife squealed and kicked her feet, as her panties wedged into the crevice of her womanhood. Maintaining a grip on my wife’s panties with one hand, Lori’s other hand began to slap my wife’s bare ass cheeks. Lori was laughing, Andrea was wailing, and I was in pure ecstasy. Finally, the panties ripped in half, sending Lori flying backwards off of Andrea. 

This was Andrea’s opportunity to seize the advantage and strike back at Lori. Instead she went running to me. 

“I don’t want to fight anymore,” she said, sliding into my arms. 

“You can’t quit now,” I said, “You can still beat her. I know you can.” Actually, I had serious doubts about her chances of victory, but selfishly, I was having too much fun for it to end then. “Remember how you beat Eve.” She nodded. “You have big tits; you might as well use them.” I unfastened her bra and her succulent breasts spilled out excitedly. “Go get her.”

By this time Lori was on her feet waiting impatiently. Andrea grabbed her head and attempted the breast smother hold, that won her the fight with Eve. Unfortunately, Lori wasn’t willing to be smothered and pushed Andrea away. Andrea persisted and tried again for the breast smother, but Lori fought back, pinning Andrea against the wall. After numerous attempts, my beautiful wife was able to wrap her arms around Lori’s head and press it into her bosom. Lori struggled desperately, as my wife gave a sigh of relief. 

Despite what I had told Andrea earlier, I did not know if it would work again, but the effectiveness of the hold was proven as Lori slapped and grabbed at Andrea’s arms. Now it was Andrea’s turn to render Lori helpless. Just like Eve a few weeks ago, Lori was being smothered by Andrea’s soft breasts. It took a couple of minutes before Eve passed out, and after a minute Lori’s struggling seemed to weaken. 

Lori was close to passing out when, all of a sudden, Andrea let out a whimper and her look of triumph turned into an expression of hurt. Then I noticed Lori’s hand buried between my wife’s shapely thighs. She had dug her nails into my wife’s delicate softness. 

Andrea released Lori, as her hands dropped between her legs. I had already approached the two, expecting to catch Lori after she passed out.  Instead I got a close up view of Andrea’s ass, as she bent over, massaging her pussy. I placed my hands on the sides of her plump ass, as I drew her to me. 

“Are you ok?” I asked. I’m sure she could feel my boner pressed against her soft tush. 

“I’m going to kill the bitch!” She hissed.

Andrea charged Lori, who was still gagging for air. The two fell onto the floor in a tangle and began twisting and rolling. They were a whirl of sexy legs, asses, and arms, as they battled for control. Once again, Lori began to dominate the fight, mounting my wife several times, before being pushed off. I was proud of Andrea, who fought like a wildcat. She was able to rip Lori’s bra off, which did seem to, momentarily, cause the perky tittied girl some distress. Later, Andrea grabbed Lori’s panties and wrenched them down her slim hips and toned legs. One of Lori’s best physical qualities is her tight smooth ass. While I was appreciating its sweetness, Lori pinned my wife to the floor. 

Without any more under garments to attack, Andrea was forced to grapple straight up and was not being successful. Lori, kneeling between my wife’s legs, grabbed Andrea’s wrists and forcibly restrained them against the carpet. Her position opened up an opportunity for my wife, who was able to wrap her legs around Lori’s thin waist. 

“Ungh!” Lori grunted, as she fell on her side, trying to break free. Andrea kept her legs locked around Lori, squeezing them tight. My wife has very strong legs for her size, as Lori found out. She slapped and beat Andrea’s creamy thighs, but my wife used her shapely legs like pythons, wringing the fight out of Lori. Then, in a coup de gras, Andrea grabbed Lori’s head and crammed them between her chest. Almost immediately, Lori began slapping at the floor. 

“She’s tapping out!” I exclaimed. My wife gave me a blank look, obviously not knowing what that meant. “She’s giving up. You won.” I grabbed my wife’s sexy body and pulled her off the cute, little redneck.  We began to kiss, my hands all over her pale, curving flesh. At some point, we made it to the bedroom, never knowing when Lori left.

To Be Continued!

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