Annabelle’s First WWCL Match: A Prequel Story by Caporegime18

Many wrestling leagues will say that they have the best of the best when it comes to their roster, that they have absolute elite when it comes to the wrestling world. In honesty, however, most leagues will sign pretty much anyone as long as they’re pretty enough and willing to work for pennies. The WWCL, however, takes pride in the fact that every fighter on their roster has literally fought for the right to compete in their league and tonight, we get to see a new fighter join the league.

Suddenly the lights cut out, leaving the only illumination coming from some eerie red lights coming from the stage. Walking out onto the stage was a fighter many were familiar with but few had seen in action. Clad in a red halter-top, black skin-tight leather pants, knee high hooker boots, stood Miranda, the reigning and dominant champion of the WWCL. Her customized title belt, a black belt with silver and red highlights with a center plate depicting a silver star with wings, wrapped around her waist. Raising her arms in the air, the redheaded champion smirked as basked in the cheers of the audience.

Present for this contest by the champion’s special privilege, Miranda wished to watch up close as the two new girls battle for their chance to join the league. It had been too long since Miranda had any sort of decent challenge, any one that could truly offer her a fight and she wanted to see if either of the two prospects would be worthy meeting in the ring.

With a smirk across her face, Miranda made her way down the ramp and to the war zone that would soon be the ringside. Spread out like kindling to fuel the fire that would be the action in the ring was several bins stashed with numbers of the implements for use by the combatants; bats, kendo sticks, chains, with traditional folding chairs and tables mixed among the bins. Nodding her approval of the choices by the set up crew, Miranda dragged a chair to the crowd barrier for her own use and sat down with all the regalia of a noblewoman waiting for the plebeians to amuse  her with their antics.

While lacking the fanfare that accompanied the league champion’s entrance to the arena, the first competitor nonetheless walked onto the ramp to raucous applause by the blood thirsty crowd. A lovely woman by the name of Jana, the twenty-something competitor showed off her perfect hour-glass figure looks as she played up the crowd, striking a sexy pose and enjoying the lusty cheers of the audience.  A skilled fighter that has been waiting years for the opportunity to join the league, while Jana was blessed with beauty that would make any modeling agency scramble to get her under contract, the woman was a fighter at heart and enjoyed nothing more then a good fight.

Wearing matching a gold bra and booty shorts with a pair black knee-high boots, Jana made her way down the ramp waving and smiling at the crowd, her shoulder length brown hair swaying behind her in sync with her hips. Making a quick note of the weapons at ringside, Jana slid into the ring and stepped onto the turnbuckle, showboating to the crowd by raising her arms over her head and shouting,

“Thank you! Thank you! No one is getting between me and my place here in this arena with you! That other bitch is going down!”

The crowd yelled it’s approval of the potentially new WWCL fighter, perhaps not of her plans to win but certainly her aggressiveness. There were few things the audience loved more then a good match and that was a good fighter that loved to fight.

Next to appear on the ramp, the second WWCL hopeful received just as enthusiastic a welcome as her opponent did. Annabelle, a transplant from the rough wrestling rings of the American South, strutted out onto the stage with a swagger that simply oozed confidence. With platinum blonde hair that went to the middle of her back and clad in cowboy boots, a cowboy hat, daisy dukes and a skimpy red bra that could barely contain her massive breasts, Annabelle looked to all that beheld her as the quintessential cowgirl.

Marching down the ramp, fans were hard-pressed not to see the power in Annabelle’s tight body. A proper brawler, Annabelle lacked finesse in her fighting but made up for it with a toughness and power that belied the slimness and sensual curves of her body. While Annabelle might not have the technical skills that many of her opponents had, when it comes right down to it she simply doesn’t need it.

Reaching the bottom of the ramp and taking note of all the weapons at ringside, Annabelle couldn’t help but feel even more confident. In her mind this wasn’t a wrestling match, this was just a down and dirty fight, where the only thing that mattered was just pounding your opponent into the mat until they can’t get up again. Sliding into the ring, Annabelle didn’t bother with playing to the crowd, the sooner the match started the better.

Calling both fighters forward, the referee explained the rules in the center of the ring. Tonight wasn’t a traditional match, it was a Last Woman Standing match where the only way to win was to beat your opponent to the ground long enough for the ref to count to ten. While other leagues might balk at having two rookies compete in such a match their first time out, the WWCL believed that rookies had to prove themselves worthy to join their roster and often put them into the toughest matches. Once in a great while, even if a fighter won the match they might themselves not accepted into the prestigious league for not showing the proper…enthusiasm in a match.

“I’m going to break you tonight, bitch. I’ve worked too long and hard to get here.” Annabelle said, taking off her prized hat and handing it the referee for safe keeping as she stepped out of the ring. Jana simply scoffed at the Texas cowgirl.

“Good luck with that, cunt. I’m going to crush those ridiculous udders on your chest and make you beg for mercy.” Jana said, her own face reflecting her dark threat.

The two barely managed to hold themselves in the few brief seconds in took the ref to ring the bell. Charging at each other the moment the crisp metallic ring reached their ears, the two collided with a fleshy slap. Hitting, slapping, and clawing any part of their opponent that they could, the two unleashed the aggression that brought them to the eye of the league. Growling with anger, Jana balled her fist and sent a very hard punch to Annabelle’s right tit, making the blonde stumble in her attack and hiss in pain. Jana needed no further encouragement as she sent another punch into Annabelle’s breast, forcing Annabelle to step back and to cover her prized possession with her arms. Following her blonde opponent, Jana followed up by latching onto Annabelle’s shoulders and driving a knee into the toned flesh of Annabelle’s belly, knocking the wind of the cowgirl and forcing her to double over.

Taking advantage of her opponent’s position, Jana sent a knee straight into the face of Annabelle. Annabelle’s head flew up as the blonde stumbled backwards from the blow, head in a daze. Covering the new distance in a single pace, Jana grabbed Annabelle’s head by her blonde hair, making the Texas woman hiss in pain. Shoving Annabelle’s head underneath her arm, Jana fell backwards into a perfectly executed DDT, slamming the cowgirl’s forehead into the mat and making Annabelle see stars.

Rolling away from her dazed opponent and getting to her feet, Jana grabbed Annabelle by her hair again and pulled the blonde up to her legs. Getting a full head of steam, Jana and her captive got running start into a neutral corner and slammed Annabelle’s head into the metal post like a battering ram. Knocked almost senseless early in the match, Annabelle was kept from collapsing only by her arms serendipitous landing on the middle rope and holding her up.  Jana’s face split in a grin at the pathetic sight of her opponent nearly defeated so quickly. Deciding to take a risk, Jana quickly slid out of the ring and rushed to the first weapons bin she could reach. Picking out a kendo stick, Jana returned to the ring and walked back over to Annabelle, who had gotten to her knees and was shaking her head trying to rid of the cobwebs.

Taking careful aim, Jana took the kendo stick in both hands and reared the weapon back far, making sure that she would have maximum power for her attack. Bringing it back down, Jana struck the lower back of Annabelle and forced a cry of pain from the blonde as she fell onto her side, her arms behind her gripping her back.

“How do you like that, bitch?!” Jana yelled as she proceeded to unload numerous shots into Annabelle’s back, reddening the flesh and making Annabelle scream out in pain. Dropping the kendo stick and getting down to her knees, Jana flipped Annabelle fully onto her back and straddled the blonde’s hips. Bringing her hands together, Jana began dropping numerous hammer blows down onto the large breasts of her opponent, forcing Annabelle to let out gasps of pain. After dropping numerous blows to each breast, Jana reached underneath the fabric of Annabelle’s skimpy bra and tore away the impediment to her blows, revealing for the first time what all the fans desperately wanted to see.

Almost impossibly large, Annabelle’s titanic golden tits stood almost like a mountain range on a map across the blonde’s chest. Admiring them for a second more (if this was a different sort of match Jana may have been tempted to feast on the bounty before her) the brunette reached down and filled her hands with both of the Cowgirl’s tits. Far too large to properly grip, Jana drove her long nails into the bust to improve her grip (and Annabelle’s pain) before squeezing with all the strength in her hands, giving Annabelle a horrendous double breast claw. Annabelle screamed bloody murder at this and gripped Jana’s wrists to try and pull her off, but Jana didn’t relent and continued to squeeze down horribly.

After a minute or two of tit squeezing, Jana got off of Annabelle’s hips and, while still holding both of the blonde’s tits in her hands, forced Annabelle back to her feet. Dragging Annabelle to the corner, Jana threw the blonde chest first into the turnbuckle, making Annabelle gasp in pain. Taking a few steps back, Jana got a running start and leaps into the air, meaning to slam her body against Annabelle’s and crush her tits even more. As the brunette leapt into the air, however, Annabelle had the ring-savvy to drop down out of the way, Jana flying over her and crashing into the turnbuckle herself.

The air knocked out of her and eyes wide in pain, Jana remained almost stuck against the turnbuckle as she tried to fill her lungs. Annabelle, meanwhile, knowing that Jana would come back soon, crawled around the hurting brown-haired woman and picked up her discarded kendo stick. Getting to her feet, Annabelle slammed the weapon hard into Jana’s lower back, repaying her in kind for assaulting her back earlier. Jana let out a screech of pain at this and fell to her knees. The Texas Cowgirl didn’t let Jana have any relief, however, and gripped her by her long hair and forced her back against the turnbuckle, chest first, before rearing back and unloading blow after blow with the kendo stick into Jana’s back. Screaming in terrible pain, the only thing that kept Jana from falling was the turnbuckle holding her up.

Getting tired of the kendo stick, Annabelle dropped the weapon and spun Jana around so that her back was against the corner. Taking a few steps back, and getting a running start, Annabelle sent a terrible kick into Jana’s stomach, dropping the brunette like ton of bricks as her mouth opened in a ‘O’ shape in a silent scream. Annabelle took the opportunity to flip Jana onto her stomach and pulled both of her legs under her arms. Sitting down on Jana’s back and leaning backwards, Annabelle grunted in effort as Jana started screaming from the terrible pain, the Boston crab putting terrible pressure on her spine. Slamming her fists against the mat, Jana desperately crawled towards the ropes.

After what seemed to be an eternity, Jana reached out and grabbed the lower rope. However, instead of breaking the hold like she normally would, Annabelle just let out a laugh.

“No disqualification means no rope breaks, bitch!”

Jana groaned in pain and knew that she was going to have to get herself out of this. Reaching forward, Jana grabbed the edge of the ring and tried to pull herself out. Annabelle, however, saw what Jana was doing and dragged the two of them back to the center of the ring, forcing Jana to lose her grip. Slapping her palms against the mat in agony, tears flowed freely down Jana’s face as she openly wept in pain.

Miranda took in the sight of the two women battling and began to weigh the two, trying to decide which one she wanted to fight. Both of them had their benefits, Annabelle seeming to be a scrapper with nice, large nits and Jana having a face that was just made to contort in agony. Looking at the two Miranda began to be filled with desire…desire to fight someone that by all rights should beat her senseless only to lose badly.

It had been a long time since Miranda had felt such desire to fight and hurt another person, lusted to make another scream in agony.

Not since…her.

A brief shudder of horror and pleasure went up Miranda’s spine at the memory of what was to be her greatest rival. Their battles were legendary and even today still spoken of with great reverence by all who would dare to do so. Bloody with an all-consuming desire to completely destroy each other, Miranda’s rivalry with her bitterest foe was unfortunately cut short, much to the disappointment of everyone involved.

Shaking her head, Miranda pulled herself from the past and focused on the present.

After several minutes in the Boston crab, Annabelle decided that something new was needed. While Jana was nearly immobilized with pain in her back, Annabelle knew from experience that a injured animal lashed out the fiercest. Letting go of her legs, Annabelle got off of Jana and watched as Jana painfully grasped at her back, trying to sooth away the agony. Knowing that she needed to begin working over  Jana’s body to keep her down, Annabelle began planning on targeting Jana’s limbs.

Flipping Jana back onto her back, Annabelle lifted up on of Jana’s legs to try gain a clear target at the brown-haired woman’s knee. However, in her haste in grabbing Jana’s limb, Annabelle neglected to pay attention to where Jana’s other foot lay until her pussy erupted in absolute agony.

Feeling the blonde lift her leg, Jana knew what Annabelle was planning to do. More from instinct then any actual planning, Jana struck out with her other leg and connected the tip of her boot to Annabelle’s womanhood. Dropping Jana’s leg as she fell to her knees in agony, Annabelle clutched her pussy and barely held back a scream of pain.

Even while terribly weakened, Jana knows this may be her last chance for a comeback and fights through her pain. Not feeling recovered enough to walk, Jana crawled over to the edge of the ring and reached out in desperation to the closest weapons bin. Her fingers barely able to reach the edge of the bin, Jana nevertheless managed to just reach out just barely enough to grasp a weapon out of the bin and pull it underneath herself.

By this time Annabelle had managed to recover slightly and saw red as absolute rage overtook her. Getting to her feet, Annabelle turned and saw Jana at the edge of the ring. Limping over to the brown-haired woman, Annabelle bent over to grab Jana’s legs to give her another Boston crab, one that she wouldn’t end until she felt Jana’s back break. Jana, despite her condition, was able to quickly spin onto her back and lash out with the tool she managed to grab, a chain. Managing to get the thin metal chain around Annabelle’s neck as she leaned over, Jana pulled with all her remaining might. Still in the grips of surprise, Annabelle’s hands flew too late to her neck to undo the chain as Jana managed to pull the platinum off balance and onto the ground, landing on her back with her mouth wide open as her air was cut off. Speed belaying her injured condition, Jana scampered on top of her temporarily indisposed opponent. Wrapping a length of chain around her fist, Jana sloppily but effectively created an improvised brass knuckles as she began hurling her fist into Annabelle’s face.

Sending punch after punch into the Cowgirl’s face, Jana poured all her frustration and anger into her fist. While perhaps not as effective as a true brass knuckles, the chain nonetheless increased the power of Jana’s furious fist.  While the chain didn’t do any favors to the brunette’s fingers, the effect was readily more obvious as a cut opened up above Annabelle’s right eye. Drawing first blood of the night, Jana targeted the cut and began to punch it even more, hoping to open it up even more. After a full twenty punches, over half of which to Annabelle’s cut, half of Annabelle’s face was covered in blood, staining her fair hair with a reddish hue.

Managing to get a measure of control over herself, Jana took a moment to take few deep breaths to calm herself. Looking down at her dazed opponent, the brunette beauty experienced a moment of doubt.

This bitch was tough and, worst of all, was a very powerful. This wasn’t a game anymore, this woman was dangerous and if Jana wanted to win this Cowgirl needed to be put away quick before she recovered herself.

Getting up off of Annabelle and dropping the chain, Jana reached her feet before bending over and gripping the now-pink haired woman by her tits, dragging the wounded woman groaning to her feet by her nipples. Pulling Annabelle’s head across her shoulder and gripping the blonde by her hip, Jana let out a grunt of effort as she lifted her opponent upside down into the air. Her feet pointed to the ceiling, Annabelle didn’t realize the terrible peril that she was in.

Holding her powerful opponent in the air a moment longer to play to the crowd, Jana suddenly dropped backwards and slammed the back of Annabelle’s head and neck into the mat! A falling neckbreaker!

Rolling away from her nearly comatose opponent, Jana thought that it simply had to be enough to finish off the blonde. Beckoning to the ref to give the first count of the night, Jana looked down at the bloody blonde and felt a great deal of satisfaction in her victory. Sure, Annabelle may have gotten the better of her a few times but there’s no doubt as to who the winner was here.



Unable to resist the temptation, Jana got to her feet and marched over to the nearest turnbuckle to raise her arms in victory, counting along with the audience as they echoed the ref’s count all across the arena.




Closing her eyes and enjoying the beauty sound of the count, Jana basked in her victory as the crowd rained down their praise.



Head spinning in disbelief, Jana could hardly believe her eyes as Annabelle manage to show a little life, rolling onto her side with a groan as her hand reached up to check the cuts on her face.

Snarling like a beast, Jana jumped down from the turnbuckle and stalked over to the pink-haired woman. Rolling Annabelle onto her back once again, Jana was beside herself as she released all her frustration on the Cowgirl; punching, clawing, and slapping Annabelle’s face, chest, and especially her ridiculously large tits.

Growling, Jana suddenly reared down and sank her teeth into the massive globe, filling her mouth with as much as she could and chewing on the tit. Annabelle came back to proper awareness at this fresh agony, slapping at the woman who was know using her as a chew toy. Resisting the slaps as long as she could, Jana finally relented before sending a vicious punch directly underneath Annabelle’s chin, knocking the Texan back into near unconsciousness

Jana got off of the bloody Annabelle and gingerly rolled out of the ring, almost embarrassed by her show of emotion. Walking to yet another bin, Jana reached inside and rummaged through the selection. Smiling viciously as she spotted just the perfect thing, Jana reached down to the bottom of the bin and pulled out a rolling pin! Holding the nominally kitchen utensil over her head to the lustful cheers of the crowd, Jana rolled back into the ring with havoc on her mind.

Walking back over to Annabelle, Jana dropped back down onto Annabelle’s stomach and waited for her eyes to clear a little.

“I’m going to destroy these fucking udders!” Jana growled as she took both sides of the pin and began rolling it over Annabelle’s left breast, squishing it like a mound of dough! Annabelle screamed in agony as she felt her prized possessions being crushed. The blonde tried to slap at Jana to stop it, but the pain in her chest just seemed to drain her of her strength.

While normally not inclined to such cruelty, this match and the stakes seemed to be bringing out the worse in Jana. Switching breasts, Jana repeated the process on Annabelle’s right tit. With tears mixing with blood as they flowed down her enemy’s face, Jana finally let up on the punishment and set the rolling pin aside. For now. Feeling the need to repay Annabelle for the Boston crab, Jana flipped the platinum blonde onto her stomach and then pulled Annabelle’s legs underneath her arms before almost falling backward; bring a new scream of pain from Annabelle as she felt the full fury of Jana’s Boston crab.

Immediately pain erupted not only from Annabelle’s back, but also from her chest. Annabelle felt the weight of two people, Jana and herself, focusing on her chest and crushing her breasts beneath her own body. Planting her hands on the mat Annabelle pushed herself into a terribly painful push up, taking the pressure off her chest but adding to her back. Jana leaned back even further to try and overpower Annabelle’s arms and bring her crashing down onto her tits, but their positions weren’t nearly steady enough and nearly fell over for her efforts. Thinking she wanted to pay Annabelle back another way, Jana dropped Annabelle’s legs.

Standing up, Jana flipped and gripped Annabelle by her big tits and pulled her to her feet. Dragging the crying blonde over to her corner, Jana threw Annabelle back first into corner, aggravating her back pain. Gripping the top ropes on either side of Annabelle, Jana established some leverage and kicked Annabelle with everything she had, sending numerous kicks into the belly of Annabelle. Aiming the heels of her boots into the stomach of the Cowgirl, Jana didn’t stop kicking until Annabelle had slid down onto her rear with her stomach near matching the same redness as the crimson on her face. Letting go of the ropes and taking a moment to catch her breath, Jana stepped back a bit and picked up her discarded chain. Wrapping it around the blonde’s neck, Jana made sure it was nice and tight before dragging Annabelle back to her feet. Pulling her enemy to the center of the ring, Jana gave up as much slack she could and put a little distance between her and Annabelle. Taking the chain with both hands now, Jana planted her feet and used a modified Irish whip to throw Annabelle towards and through the ropes, sending her tumbling to the ground and landing on her chest.

Jana followed Annabelle through the ropes, eager to add to Annabelle’s pain. Landing beside her, Jana once again grips the chain and pulls a choking and crying Annabelle to her knees. Making sure that the blonde wouldn’t collapse the moment she let go, Jana walked over to the nearest ringside bin. Dumping it’s contents on the floor, Jana set the bin up in front of the blonde on its side. Walking back over and behind Annabelle, Jana forced Annabelle to her feet before hooking her arms underneath the blonde’s own and lifting Annabelle up into an elevated chicken wing. Letting the moment sink in for a moment, Jana enjoyed the cheers of the crowd before slamming her opponent down into the trash-can, chest first!

Annabelle bounced around on the ground clutching her injured chest, her breasts in agony from the metal of the refuse container. Jana didn’t let Annabelle have much time to recover as she grabbed Annabelle’s long pinkish-platinum hair and forced her again to her knees. Forcing the blonde to crawl towards the side of the steel steps, with drops of blood from Annabelle’s head leaving a trail behind her, Jana reaches down and places both of Annabelle’s big tits on the steps. Walking around and up the steps, Jana stops directly in front of Annabelle and kneels down in front of her, making the dazed and bloody blonde look into her eyes.

“You’re finished, bitch! I’m going to be joining this league and you’ll be joining the intensive care unit!” Jana said before standing back up and stomping down with her boots, driving her heel into the top of Annabelle’s breast! A squeal of pain unlike she’s ever screamed before came out of Annabelle’s move as her breast is crushed beneath Jana’s boot. Jana repeats the move once more before moving onto the other breast. As she lifts her foot to bring it back down on Annabelle’s breast, Annabelle suddenly strikes out in desperation, striking at Jana’s knee and sending her tumbling down the stairs, her head landing badly on the ground.  Jana was put into a daze of her own and just laid there, moaning slightly as she gripped her head.

Getting to her feet, Annabelle wiped the blood-soaked hair from her eyes and unwrapped the chain from around her neck. Stumbling slightly over to Jana, Annabelle bent down and pulled the brown-haired woman away from the steps so that she was flat on the floor. Wrapping the chain around her fist like Jana did earlier, Annabelle straddled Jana’s chest and fisted her hair with her open hand. Forcing Jana’s head up a little, Annabelle began raining punches down on Jana’s face. Annabelle’s punches opened up a small but flowing cut on Jana’s forehead, giving the brunette a reddened face just like her enemy’s.

Unwrapping the chain around her fist, Annabelle wrapped the metal links around Jana’s neck and tightened it like a leash. Getting up, Annabelle forced Jana to follow her to her feet and stumble behind her, Jana’s hands at the chain trying to undo it. Walking over to the crowd divider Annabelle took the chain slack in one hand and Jana’s hair in the other and reared the brown-haired woman back and slamming her head into the steel divider, leaving blotches of sweat and blood on the metal. Rearing back and doing it two more times, Annabelle vicious bounced Jana’s skull on the metal like a basketball with sickening crunches. Jana was nearly knocked out before Annabelle let her fell to her knees, the brunette almost collapsing against the divider. Annabelle released her enemy’s rapidly soaking hair and the chain before take a few steps back to the side of Jana. Gauging the distance, Annabelle took a running start and planted her knee into the side of Jana’s head, knocking her to the ground and senseless!

Halting for a moment to sooth away the pain in her now aching knee, Annabelle looked at Jana who looked to be completely out of it. Bending down and grasping the chain, Annabelle pulled the pretty much unconscious Jana up in a sitting position up against the steel divider before wrapping the chain around and securing it to the steel. Reaching down the bleeding blonde gripped Jana’s golden bra in her hands and pulled it free, allowing Jana’s own sizable tits to bounce free. As the crowd screamed it’s approval, Annabelle tied the bra around Jana’s wrists and secured her to the divider like impromptu handcuffs.

Walking over to one of the many weapons around the ring, Annabelle picked up a chair before walking back over to Jana. Seeing that she was still out of it, Annabelle decided to wake Jana up in the best way she knew how. With a vicious smile Annabelle slammed the chair into the chest of Jana, crushing her tits much in the same way Jana tried to do to her. Eyes suddenly opening, Jana let out a cry of pain as she came back to agonizing consciousness.

“How do you like your tits getting crushed, bitch!” Annabelle said as she brought the chair down onto Jana’s chest again, making the brown-haired woman scream in pain. Hitting Jana’s breasts one more time, the Texas Cowgirl knew it was time to get back to the business of destroying the bitch’s ability to fight. Raising the chair as high as she could, the blonde brought the chair down hard onto Jana’s knee, making Jana cry out again. Annabelle repeated this several times before switching knees and giving the same treatment to Jana’s other leg, the brunette screaming in pain the entire time.

“Gonna be hard for you to get work done with your knees fucked up! You might have to go back to working on your back, slut!” Annabelle yelled as she slammed the chair once more into Jana’s chest before dropping the weapon. Stepping in front of Jana Annabelle loomed over the brunette and began sending point-blank stomps into Jana’s taunt stomach, making the brunette gasp as the air was forced out of her lungs.

After many, many stomps, Annabelle finally stopped and bent over top of Jana, undoing the fabric and chain restraining the brunette to the divider. Freeing her of her bonds, Annabelle pulled Jana painfully to her feet by her tits, the chain hanging freely around her neck like a leash. Pulling her across ringside, Annabelle rolled Jana back into the ring onto her stomach before getting back inside herself. Getting to her feet Annabelle walked over to Jana as the only half-aware woman tried  to get to her hands and knees. Not willing to let Jana have any recovery, Annabelle jumped into the air and planted both her heels of her boots into Jana’s back, dropping the brunette back to her stomach with a grunt of pain. Reaching down and gripping Jana under her chin and her ankles, Annabelle fell back onto her back and flips Jana into a bow and arrow hold, making Jana scream in agony as her neck and back erupt in what seems like fire to the brown-haired woman.

“You’ll be in traction for months after I’m done with you!” Annabelle growled to Jana as the brunette slapped feebly at the hand around her chin. Annabelle viciously yanked Jana at both ends and increased the pressure on Jana’s back. After a few minutes of this Annabelle released Jana and rolled her off her legs and onto the brunette’s back. Jana grasped at her back and tries to sooth away the agony, but Annabelle scrambled to her feet and gripped Jana by her tits, pulling her to her feet.

Miranda can barely stand to peel her eyes away from the action in front of her, the beating that Jana is taking at the hands of the blonde woman. Every gasp of pain, every cry of agony, is like a tease to the scarlet champion of the WWCL, a promise of what the blonde could offer her. Watching Annabelle pull Jana on her feet and start to drag her over to the corner, Miranda struggled to remember the last time she was this excited about a fight.

Jana sagged in the corner, not even capable of truly standing on her own. Between the chair shots to the knees and the near constant attack on her back, Jana was almost on the verge of being forced from the match by medical intervention. The crowd watched and let out a roar of approval as Annabelle walked over to the discarded kendo stick once again. Twirling it around for a moment, Annabelle raised it in the air for her new fans to see before turning back towards her bloodied opponent. Walking over to Jana, Annabelle opened up with a vicious blow to the stomach with the wooden weapon, sending Jana to her hands and knees as she clutched her stomach. Annabelle followed up with a vicious strike to the brunette girl’s back, once again targeting Jana’s weakest point. Sending Jana to her belly with a painful howl, Annabelle struck Jana’s back three more times before mounting and straddling Jana’s back, bringing the kendo stick under the brown-haired woman’s neck and choking her.

“You’re finished, cunt!” Annabelle whispered into Jana’s ear before rearing back, choking Jana and stretching out her back. Jana slaps at Annabelle’s hands, trying to break her grip on the weapon but she doesn’t have the strength. Annabelle just lets out a laugh and bounces her hips on Jana’s, hurting the brunette just a bit more. Wrenching back just a bit more, Annabelle finally moved the kendo stick from Jana’s neck and allowed her to fall to the ground.

Getting off of Jana’s back, Annabelle took a few steps away from her, surveying the state her enemy is in. Concluding that she isn’t going to be getting up for a while Annabelle turns around and slips through the ropes, dropping her wooden weapon once she hits the ground. Looking around her at the tools of her combative trade around her, Annabelle starts picking up and throwing things into the ring; a couple chairs, a garbage can, and a table.

Reaching up and pulling herself back into the ring, Annabelle saw Jana beginning to pull herself to her hands and knees, her blood-soaked hair leaving brushstrokes of crimson on the mat. Smiling to herself that her enemy still has some life left in her, Annabelle reached down and gripped the garbage can that she threw into the ring. Pulling it a few steps in front of Jana, Annabelle walked over to her brown-haired nemesis and reached down, taking two fistfuls of her hair. Pulling a moaning Jana to her feet, Annabelle forced the good girl to look into her eyes.

“That move with the can hurt like hell, let’s see how you like it!” Annabelle growled as she suddenly shoved Jana’s head under her arm and took a running start towards the can. Leaping into the air, Annabelle brought Jana down tits-first into the aluminum of the can in a modified bulldog, flattening the refuse container to the mat. Jana screamed as she clutched her reddened and bruised tits, rolling on the mat in agony. Annabelle let out a laugh as she got to her feet, brushing her own red-hued hair out of her eyes.

Walking over to Jana, Annabelle reached down and grabbed hold of Jana’s arm. Forcing the brown-haired girl on to her side, Annabelle kicked out Jana’s other arm so that she was as flat on her side as possible…with her breast  resting on its side on the mat. Raising her booted heel as high as she could, Annabelle stomped down hard on Jana’s tit, crushing it between the mat and the bottom of her boot. Jana renewed her scream as she gripped Annabelle’s foot to pry it off her mammary. Annabelle was too strong for Jana, however, and just ground the heel of her boot down harder onto the breast, making Jana scream out in agony as she felt a terrible…wrongness erupt in her breast.

So caught up in Jana’s pain Annabelle at first didn’t notice the liquid marring the leather of her boot. When she finally noticed however, she immediately lifted her foot and starred down at Jana’s leaking tit. Apparently between the abuse that Annabelle had inflicted on Jana’s tits she had ruptured the good girl’s greatest secret, a concession to vanity that she had made just as she was starting out in wrestling.

“What the fuck?” Annabelle said as she reached down and roughly gripped Jana’s nipple, coating her fingers in the mysterious liquid before bring it up to her nose for a sniff. A maniacal grin spread across Annabelle face as she realized what the liquid was.

“Had a little work done, bitch?” Annabelle said as she gripped Jana’s hair and forced her to her feet, Jana’s tit still leaking the saline from her ruptured implant. Wrapping her arms around Jana’s back, Annabelle crushed her enemy’s chest to her own in a painful bear hug, Annabelle’s larger, albeit damaged, tits bearing down on Jana’s.

“Let’s see if I can’t give you a matching set!” Annabelle said as she increased the pressure on Jana’s back, crushing her tits even tighter to her brown-haired opponent’s. Starring into Jana’s eyes as she ground her tits into Jana’s damaged pair, Annabelle couldn’t help the deep satisfaction that filled her. Not one normally for such cruelty, this bitch had hurt her and it was only right to take a little payback.

Holding on for a few moments more, Annabelle lifted Jana up before slamming her back down in a belly to belly slam onto the mat, Jana’s back bouncing painfully. Jana groaned in pain and curled on her side, but Annabelle was back on her feet quickly. Looking around, Annabelle saw the rolling pin that Jana used on her earlier and smiled.

Walking over to the kitchen tool, Annabelle picked up the utensil before walking back to Jana and forcing her onto her back. Straddling her enemy, Annabelle waved the rolling pin in front of Jana’s eyes to let her know what was coming before taking the pin’s handles in hand. Leaning forward and forcing as much weight as possible onto the pin, Annabelle began rolling the tool back and forward over Jana’s leaking tit.

Jana’s voice was beginning to grow hoarse from all her screaming, but the pain in her breast was simply unimaginable. Annabelle let out a laugh as the pin forced a few more drops of saline to drip from Jana’s nipple. Switching breasts, Annabelle started rolling the pin over Jana’s other mammary, but it seemed like the implant in that breast was either made of tougher stuff or had simply not yet experienced enough damage.

Throwing the pin aside, Annabelle gripped the unruptured breast and pulled Jana crying in pain to her feet. Throwing up her fists, Annabelle began using Jana’s tit almost like a speed bag as she unloaded every type of punch she knew of into Jana’s breast. Jana could barely raise her arms to defend herself at this point and found herself taking stumbling steps back to avoid the onslaught from the blonde. Annabelle gleefully followed, however, until she had the brunette stuck in the corner and unable to retreat any further.

Punching Jana’s tit until her arms began to get tired, Annabelle was disappointed that she hadn’t made this tit leak yet. Halting for a moment, Annabelle allowed Jana to sag in the corner as she locked around for something to help her. Annabelle’s eyes widened as they fell between Jana’s tits and a new smile sprouted on her face. Reaching up and undoing the chain around Jana’s neck, Annabelle wrapped the much-used chain around her fist as she raised her hand and the audience screamed out their approval as the blonde turned her attention back to Jana. The brown-haired woman was still in a pain-induced daze but was slowing coming out of it as the crowd’s cheers grew louder.

Raising her hands once more, Annabelle savored the moment as she sent a chain-assisted punch straight into Jana’s tit again and again and again. Jana’s tears flowed almost uncontrollably down her face as she felt the same wrongness from her injured breast migrate over to her other. With a scream that could have been mistaken for a climax in another situation, Jana felt that implant burst, droplets of saline now flowing out that breast as well. Annabelle lot out a victorious whoop as she raised her hands in celebration of destroying Jana’s breasts.

“WHO DO YOU WANT TO SEE IN THIS RING?! ME OR THIS BITCH?!” Annabelle screamed out as the crowd nearly in unison screamed out ‘Annabelle’. Letting out another laugh, Annabelle unwrapped the chain from her hands and let it fall to the ground as she turned her attention back to Jana, who had fallen to her knees as she cupped her destroyed tits.

Walking back to Jana, Annabelle pulled her back to her feet. Spinning her around and throwing Jana chest-first into the corner, Annabelle let Jana hang there for a moment as walked back and grabbed one of the chairs she threw into the ring earlier. Getting a running start Annabelle slammed the steel chair into Jana’s back, making Jana yell in pain. Slamming the chair again and again into Jana’s back, Annabelle didn’t stop her attack onto the babyface’s back until Jana actually collapsed against the corner post, all strength in her body gone.

In the midst of blood lust, Annabelle was nevertheless able to restrain her aggression, not wanting the officials to force a stop to this match despite the stipulations. Dropping the chair from her hands and grabbing Jana by her long hair, Annabelle spun the brunette around and pulled her from the corner. Wrapping her arms around Jana’s waist, Annabelle turned her head and took stock of where she dropped the chair. Measuring the distance, Annabelle lifted Jana up and fell backwards into a German suplex, Jana’s shoulders and upper back landing on the chair with a painful crash of flesh on metal. Jana groaned in pain and eyelids began to flutter as unconsciousness began to encroach on Jana’s mind, the pain and damage began to take its toll.

Getting back to her knees, Annabelle had a smile across her face a mile wide. This was it, when this bitch was done she would finally be accepted in the league! No more ma and pop wrestling shows, no more demeaning private wrestling videos, she would finally be in the big leagues.

“I’m always going to remember this moment, when I beat you and took my spot in the WWCL!” Annabelle taunted. Annabelle looked down at the pathetic sight of Jana and realized that now was the time to finish this. Getting to her feet and walking to the table she had throw in earlier, Annabelle set it up and began looking around, her eyes falling on a chair. Picking it up and laying it on top of the table, Annabelle nodded her satisfaction and turned back to Jana. Walking over and grabbing her by her ruined tits, Annabelle pulled Jana off the ground and groaning to her feet.

Dragging Jana over to the table, Annabelle wrapped her arms around Jana’s waist and hefted her on top of the table, the chair laying just underneath her back. Walking to the closest turnbuckle, Annabelle slowly ascended the three ropes to the top, a feeling of destiny filling her body. Reaching the top, Annabelle stood on top of the turnbuckle and looked around at the crowd, who was to a person on their feet and cheering in sadistic delight on what was about to happen. Closing her eyes and letting the moment sear itself into her memory forever, Annabelle turned her gaze to Jana and jumped with all her strength.

Annabelle never felt so alive in her entire live as she did in those few moments in the air before gravity began to take over. Crashing on top of Jana with all the power of a bird of prey diving onto its meal, Annabelle crushed Jana’s body between her own and the steel of the chair as the pair hit the mat in a shower of wooden splinters.

Silence descended on to the arena, every person witnessing the event waiting with baited breath as they waited for someone to make a move. Perhaps not surprisingly, Annabelle was the first to make a move as she rolled off the unmoving Jana and clutched her ribs, a groan of pain escaping her own lips.
Slowly straddling Jana’s waist, Annabelle raised her arm in victory as the cheers nearly ruptured her eardrums, the crowd screaming in newfound adoration of the Texas Blonde. Looking down as a smile spread across her face,

“I can’t thank you enough for this match. Because of you I finally won my place here and it’s only a matter of time before I’m wearing that bitch’s belt around my waist” Annabelle said, gesturing to the ringside to the red-headed champion.

With a smile plastered on her face, Annabelle lowered her body over Jana’s, engulfing Jana’s face in one of the largest and most beautiful busts to ever set forth in the ring. Cutting off Jana’s air, Annabelle could only laugh as she felt Jana struggle for air in her cleavage. With all her strength gone, Jana simply didn’t have the ability to break the terrible smother move that covered her face. Slowly, Jana’s already weakened struggle began to cease as unconsciousness finally claimed her.

Annabelle, however, simply could not end the smother so quickly.

This was the moment the Texas Blonde had been working towards the last few years of her life, the right to join the big leagues in the WWCL. Finally, with her eyes closed in ecstasy and her mouth letting out a shuddering breath, Annabelle lifted her breasts off the unconscious face of Jana. Calling the ref over to begin the count, Annabelle leaned back and simply savored the moment and each number.











The bell rung clear through the arena as cheers once again threatened to take the roof off. Annabelle could only fall to her knees as the triumph and glory of this moment flooded her.

Annabelle had done it. Annabelle was finally a member of the WWCL!

Tears of joy flowing down her face, Annabelle ran over and scrambled up the turnbuckle as she spread her arms out and cheered out to the crowd.

“I did it! I won!” Annabelle screamed out.

Through the celebration of the newest member of the WWCL, Miranda looked on with a calculating look on her face. The busty Redhead couldn’t help but be impressed by this Rookie, who displayed skill and a iron will to win that was hard not to admire.

Standing from her seat, Miranda joined in the applause around her. It took a few moments but Annabelle took notice of the scarlet-haired champ and the smile fell from her face, a look of steely determination forming across her countenance. While Annabelle may have successfully got passed the gate into the league, she knew what was going to be coming next would make this match look like two jobbers cat fighting by comparison.

Miranda and Annabelle locked gaze was one of steel once their eyes met. Despite the draining fight, Annabelle still had the strength to keep the gaze with the woman known as one of the worst heels on the planet. Miranda felt an additional flicker of respect for that and a hungry smile made its way across her face as she looked the battered Annabelle up and down.

Yes, she would do nicely.

Breaking her gaze, Miranda’s eyes fell on the beaten Jana as she began groaning, consciousness making its way back to the defeated woman. With a smile and a nasty idea, Miranda stepped into the ring and walked over to Jana, Annabelle’s eyes never leaving her. Standing above Jana, Miranda took in the wonderful sight of her broken and bloody body and smiled even more.

Reaching down, Miranda grabbed Jana by her saline leaking tits and pulled her to her feet, Jana yelling in pain and confusion. Eyes falling on the crimson-stained Platinum Blonde, a deadly smile made it’s way onto the champion’s face.

“Piece of advice, never assume that an opponent is beaten just because you win the match. Make sure that she will never even want to be in the same city as you ever again.” Miranda said to Annabelle as she lifted Jana up bridal-style in her arms. Belaying her supermodel-like form with a strength no one would ever believe she possessed, Miranda lifted the brunette as high as the red-haired champion could reach. Her eyes locked on Annabelle, Miranda dropped Jana down across her knee in a powerful and extremely painful over the knee backbreaker, the screams of Jana filling the stadium.

Annabelle’s expression didn’t change a whit as Jana’s screams filled her ears. Her eyes locked on Miranda’s, the two of them starred each other down over the broken body of Jana. In a short amount of time these two could potentially be in a ring, officially. In what match they didn’t know. Who would win they didn’t know. All they knew is that it would be one of the toughest fights of their lives.

The End

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