Archie: Betty vs. Veronica by Luffy316

One thing had become very clear between Betty Cooper and Veronica Lodge, and it was that Archie was not going to decide for himself. The girls had been flirting and pursuing him for years, and any time they made any progress with him, it was cut short. Sometimes by coincidence, sometimes by another girl, but most often directly because of their rival. It was clearly up to them to decide for him, and nothing stood in their way more than one another, and neither was going to step down quietly. Not without taking a few lumps first.

After a lot of angry texting back and forth, they agreed to meet at Veronica’s mansion. Her parents were away on a vacation, Veronica faking being sick to avoid going with them. The place was huge, giving the two girls plenty of room to settle this.

As Betty stepped through the tall doors of the manor, Veronica was there waiting. Her fists were on her hips, leering bitterly at her in her red skirt and top. “About time your fat ass showed up,” she snapped.

“What are you talking about?! I’m here early! I couldn’t wait to kick your snooty butt once and for all!” Betty scowled back at her. She tossed her purse aside by the doorway, completely ignoring Veronica’s butler Smithers as he calmly stepped behind them to set it properly on the coat rack. She wore a pink t-shirt with a pair of jeans, dressed less fashionably and more practically than her rival, as usual.

“As if! You must have gotten here sooner since you’re so quick at running away,” Veronica spat back venomously.

“I’m sure this will just confirm everything you know already: I’m prettier and better than you at everything, and you don’t deserve to be in the same room as Archie.”

“You are not! Maybe you need a fat lip to remind everyone just how ugly you are!” Betty returned fire in kind.

“You don’t have the guts, you dumb blond. So how about you show that you’re yellow as that stringy hair and run along to your little shack of a home.”

Betty stomped up to her angrily. “That’s it. I’m gonna shut that big mouth my-” She was cut off when Veronica wasted no time in slugging her across the face, knocking her silly and stumbling out of control backward.

“Ready, set, go, by the way,” Veronica said mockingly, grabbing hold of Betty’s blonde ponytail and yanking back on it like it was a lever. Betty’s back arched and thrust out her tits in her t-shirt, Veronica slamming a few more fists into the back of her head as she swung wildly at her.  Betty threw her arms up over her head, blocking the swings but leaving her strictly on the defensive as she kicked frantically at Veronica’s bared legs.

The rich brunette still dragged her by the hair away from the entrance of the mansion. “Come on, blondie! Let me give you the grand tour!”

The rich brunette still dragged her by the hair away from the entrance of the mansion. “Come on, blondie! Let me give you the grand tour!” She led her into the East wing, Betty staggering behind her into the living room. A grated-over fireplace was centered on one end, with various artwork, family portraits and the like mounted high on the walls and small pedastals. Ritzy white couches and chairs were set all around the tiled room, enough to seat a full cocktail party at a moment’s notice.

Rather than that, Veronica swung Betty by the ponytail, sending her tumbling out of control over a coffee table. Betty landed on the other side, holding her head and wincing as she tried to shake off the pain in her scalp. Veronica marched around the table, taking Betty by the hair again as she got to her hands and knees. She lifted her up a bit more before spiking her head back down into the tabletop, hitting with a hard knocking noise and leaving Betty flopping over it crosseyed.

“What a surprise! You can’t even fight back!” Veronica crowed down at her. Betty groaned and hung onto the edge of the table before suddenly shot a kick to her side, her sneaker slamming into the side of Veronica’s knee.

Veronica stumbled and landed in the same position, propped up against the table on her knees. Betty grabbed her by the hair and bashed her stunned face into the tabletop in return. “How you like it, you spoiled bitch?” she growled back at her, swinging Veronica by the hair to hurl her over backward. While the brunette rubbed her face, Betty sat up and drove her knee into the crook of Veronica’s elbow. The rich girl screamed as the blond grabbed her wrist and pulled up, adding a lot of pressure into the joint.

“Say it! Say Archie’s all mine!” she demanded, twisting the limb like it was a lever to tune the pitch of Veronica’s screams.

“Nooo! Fuck you!!” Veronica shouted back in the midst of the painful hold. She leaned in to beat her fist against Betty’s thigh to try and drive the knee off, with little more effect than a second or two of relief before she realigned her knee.

“Fine then. You asked for it!” Betty pulled up harder on Veronica’s captive wrist, firmly biting into her fingertips. Veronica shrieked and thrashed wildly in pain as Betty seemed to threaten to rip her fingers off in her vicious mauling. She wriggled and pulled away from her, unable to escape but able to pull Betty off balance a bit and drag her with her. Betty removed her mouth after a few seconds to spit aside the taste of nail polish. “Give up, you stuck up cunt!” she shouted before returning to her violent work.

By this time, Veronica had reached the 6 feet tall bookshelf at the far side of the room. She kicked at the base a few times, Betty mistaking it for more of her thrashing before it tipped over. Veronica angled herself behind Betty so that she took the main brunt of the attack, a few stray books smacking into her (most of which she’d never read anyway; they were really just for show), but the weight of the actual shelf and most of the hardcovers hammering down on Betty. When Veronica looked up, she was slowly crawling out from under the bookshelf, trying to wrench her lower half from under it as she rubbed her aching head.

“Ugh… somebody get the license on that bookmobile?” she groaned dizzily. Veronica flexed her bitten up fingers, marked with a few small cuts and plenty of teeth marks. Looking for some easy payback, she dragged herself to her feet and stomped down on Betty’s fingers, earning an agonized shriek of her own.

“You dirty, cheating bitch!” Veronica shrieked at her.

“How dare you fucking bite me!”

Betty winced and pulled on Veronica’s heel, stopping the majority of the painful stomp. “Rrgh… all’s fair and love and war, right?”

“Don’t you quote the Bible at me, you blonde hick!” Veronica snapped back. “And if all’s fair, then you’re gonna love this!” While Betty was still trying to pull her legs out from under the book case, Veronica knelt in front of her and grabbed her by the face with both hands.

Her painted nails scraped and gouged over the pretty blond’s features, shrieking in reply. It reached a whole new pitch of fear and rage and pain as Veronica secured her grip enough to gouge the thumbnails into her eyes. Betty screamed and flailed, her eyes shut but the pressure still agony on her face. Veronica grinned in malicious glee as her rival squirmed and cried in her grip, the pressure forcing her eyes to water under her claws.

Veronica finally released her, leaving Betty breathing heavily on the ground and clutching her stinging eyes. “Come on, you fucking crybaby. Time to continue the tour!” She grabbed Betty by the back of the neck and shoulder, yanking her back up and forcing her ahead of her, stumbling blindly back into the halls. Veronica shoved her sideways, ramming her shoulder into a wall on the way, guiding her loosely to bump her into the walls and minor obstacles.

Betty grunted as she bounced off them, clumsily and blindly swinging back at Veronica’s side. Her fist slammed into her side, stunning her a moment so she could dig her fingers into the hem of her skirt and pull. While it didn’t pull it off, it dig let out a loud ripping noise as the skirt’s stitching tore open, baring her black panties and a bit of thigh.

“You bitch! That was worth more than your pointless life!” Veronica fumed at her as Betty blinked some of the tears away and saw another upcoming obstacle.

“Then you’re gonna hate THIS!” Veronica looked up to see that Betty had grabbed the nearby vase from its pedestal, swinging it as a few grand worth of porcelain shattered loudly over the brunette’s head. Veronica staggered back until she hit a wall, holding her head and a trickle of blood running from beneath her hairline.

“RRRGH!” she growled furiously in her haze, but Betty didn’t let up and threw herself at her, hooking a fist into Veronica’s belly button. “OOF!” Veronica was so caught off guard that she sprayed a mouthful of spit over Betty’s arms and top like a reward from a bizarre slot machine. She went back and forth, alternating fists to pound Veronica’s stomach like a piston. Veronica was left practically vibrating from the blows, left wide-eyed and drooling as she tried to cradle her tenderized stomach in her hands.

“Aww, don’t quit now,” Betty cooed mockingly. “We’ve still got that tour to do, right? Next stop!” She grabbed Veronica by the hair, swinging her aggressively across the hall and smashing her into the nearest door. It swung open as the blond watched Veronica land in a heap on the floor of the spacious bathroom. Apart from everything being a bit larger and more finely polished, it didn’t have much to surprise Betty compared to the other rooms and halls. Veronica held her buzzing, bleeding head as she started to rise back up, but Betty kneed her in the face and knocked her backward.

Betty slammed several stomps down into her legs and body, Veronica curling up to try and shield herself from some of the blows. She finally lashed out to kick the side of Betty’s leg, not hurting her much but making her fall clumsily in the confined room (at least relative to the vast halls and living room). Betty grabbed wildly for something to catch herself, fingers slipping off the medicine cabinet and sink before crashing to the floor, her head bouncing off the toilet. She was struck dumb, staring blankly ahead of her as Veronica gingerly rose to her knees. Seeing the tables finally turned back in her favor a bit, she lifted the lid of the seat and set Betty’s head in between them, slamming the polished wood back together with the blonde as the meat to their sandwich.

“AH! AH! AH!” Betty yelped, gaining her wits back as the pain brought her into reality the hard way.

“It sure fits you nicely! I always knew you were a shithead, so now I can prove it!” Veronica gloated, pressing down with both hands as Betty screamed under the pressure. she reached back and beat a fist on the brunette’s thigh, bouncing off of it with little effect. Veronica took the opening to climb up and sit on the lid, unable to press down directly on her but still urging more pained howling from Betty.

Betty reached up, grabbing and clawing at anything she could reach. Her fingers managed to catch on the tear she’d created on Veronica’s skirt, pulling on it fiercely to one side. Veronica shrieked and fell off the toilet, only for the rip of her skirt to sound out through the confined room. The garment was stretched to its limits as it tore off, leaving Veronica tumbling in just her top and panties towards the bath tub.

Betty came out rubbing her neck and head,  but freed from the trap of the toilet. “You dirty bitch!” she hissed furiously, and while Veronica was still trying to get up and salvage her skirt, she charged in and kicked her in the head. Veronica flopped backward, one arm slumping over the edge of the tub as she rubbed a hand over her face. Betty rose up and grabbed for the removable shower head, quickly cranking the spigot to full blast and temperature. She hurried to aim it at Veronica, who shrieked as the sudden jet of water sprayed into her face and chest. The wet shirt clung to her chest, hard nipples apparent as she thrashed and tried to block it from her sputtering face. The splashback hit the tub and floor, spraying both of the girls while Veronica clearly got the worst of it. Veronica grabbed and pulled on Betty’s leg, slipping her up so that the blond flopped on top of her. Veronica landed a slap across her face, hissing “Dirty cunt!”

But Betty had still gripped the showerhead on her way down. She grabbed Veronica’s face, pinching her nose shut and raising her tool to focus its flow straight into her mouth. Veronica screamed and gurgled back at her, eyes wide and thrashing wildly as she choked on the point blank shower spray. Her eyes teared up from the mouthful of hot water interfering with her breathing, but focused enough to punch Betty square in the eye.

“OW! Watch it!” Betty yelped as she backed up to rest on her knees, holding her throbbing eye. It was already starting to swell when Veronica turned and wretched up a mouthful of water into the tub, still slowly filling thanks to Betty dropping the still running showerhead. Veronica held the edge of the tub to steady herself, and when Betty tried to lunge after her she leaned on her hips and raised her legs, double kicking Betty in the lower belly and sending her flying backward back out of the bathroom. She hefted herself off the wet tile and went after her with a vengeance. Both girls clashed as soon as they were both out the door, throwing punches as fast and viciously as they could for eachother. They shoved and pelted eachothers’ chests and faces with their hasty blows, aggressively working their way down the hall and knocking over anything unlucky enough to be in their way.

Veronica managed to grab Betty in a headlock, twisting to bang her face into the nearest wooden door. “Knock, why don’t you! It’s polite after all, you fat stupid whore!” She repeated the slam again and again before the door was flung open, revealing her daddy’s office. It was a sizeable workspace, a big oak desk clearly the center of attention. It had a fine view of the back yard through the window, and assorted (and clearly more expensive than the norm) office supplies careful laid out on top of it.

Veronica normally was not supposed to go in here, but their fight knew no bounds at this rate. Veronica shoved Betty forward, letting her stumble until she tripped and thumped her face off the edge of the desk. She hung by it with one arm, a quick smear of blood on the finely carved wood. Betty went to her knees holding a bloody lip with Veronica marching hot on her heels. Betty saw her coming quickly enough to slide under the desk, crawling quickly and kicking at Veronica’s grabbing hands to fend them off.

Veronica just growled and stomped around the desk to get at her. Betty rubbed her head, but as Veronica turned the corner to come at her, she pulled out on one of the nearby drawers. It rammed sharply into Veronica’s ribs. The rich brunette was stunned with the sudden pain, unable to stop Betty from tackling her bodily backward. Veronica landed in a sitting position in her dad’s big leather chair, the vengeful blond climbing on top of her to straddle her and slam fists back and forth into her face, pounding Veronica senseless.

Veronica laid limply back in her seat for most of the beating, but given the moment it took Betty to catch her breath, she grabbed the letter opener from its place on the desk and jammed its sharp tip into the bottom of Betty’s soaking right breast. The blond screamed shrilly as the bladed instrument punched through her clothes and flesh like a scalpel, pull back away from Veronica.
“Don’t get your blood on the carpets, bitch!” Veronica hissed bitterly through her swelling and bloodied lips, trying to pull herself more upright in the chair by the arms. Betty was caught up trying to cradle her breast and pull the improvised weapon out, and Veronica took the oppurtunity to raise a leg and kick sharply at her hands, connecting with the handle of the weapon and knocking it deeper and off-target. Betty gave another horrific scream as it dug deeper into her breast meat, and scraped over to tear a greater hole in her top and bra. It left half her right tit hanging out of her shirt, and the slowly bleeding wound visible while Betty groped herself to try and keep pressure on the stinging wound.

Veronica reached past her hand to grab the blade again, pulling it out and raising it over her head. “It’s over, bitch! Archie’s mine!” she snarled as she rose to her feet at last. “And I’m gonna carve my initials in your tits to prove it! He’ll never see those ugly things without thinking of me!”

The fight had clearly escalated and Betty desperately grabbed the placard with Veronica’s father’s name on it, swinging like a club to loudly thump it into her breast. Veronica gave a sick grunt and tripped backward, toppling alongside the big office chair until both slammed into the broad window behind them. Veronica’s wet, pantied ass pressed against the glass, and Betty dropped the latest weapon to charge and throw a big straight kick into Veronica’s stomach.

She hadn’t quite thought beyond that first hit, and apparently not how hard it would hit besides “as hard as she can.” With their pressure and the weight of the chair combined, the window audibly crashed apart behind them. Both girls screamed in pain and panic, bits of glass pelting their bodies as they fell two stories. Even then they slapped and clawed at eachother, for the few seconds it took before the resounding crash filled their ears.

Both girls opened their eyes, bodies a bit stung by the landing but no more hurt than they were in the office. A bit of blood floated past Betty’s face before they realized they’d landed in the massive in-ground pool. The blond’s eyes popped open and kicked for the surface, bursting back up and gasping for air, spitting a bit of water out. She started for the pool’s edge, splashing her way into the shallow end and discarding her shirt, shining with bits of glass and more of a well-made rag now than any piece of actual clothing. Both girls were left in just their panties when Veronica burst out of the water behind the disoriented Betty, clubbing her in the back of the skull with her fist. Becky went down to her knees instantly from the hard and unexpected hit, sinking slightly into the water up to her bare tits. Veronica grabbed nearby to lift up the big pink inner tube she lounged around in (when she felt like swimming but still texting friends) and swung it over Betty’s head, trapping it around her arms.

“Wha- hey!? You can’t trap me like that!? This is a fight, not some Little Rascals bit!” Betty objected  and struggled, unable to get a solid grasp on the tube to pull the snug fit off, her boobs mounted over the top of the inflatable toy.

“So try and stop me!” Veronica snapped back, throwing a punch into Betty’s face. Her head and eyes rolled as she could do nothing to stop the hit, sending her slowly drifting a few feet along the waters. Veronica beat around her face, bruising up her cheeks and eyes with her fists. “Let’s ask Archie which of us is prettier now!” she hissed, ignoring that she had taken plenty of damage herself throughout the rivals’ massive throwdown that had wrecked the house in their wake. She was bruised and bleeding here and there, but making sure she gave as good as she got while she had Betty in her inflated trap.

With her wet face looking properly dazed, Veronica grabbed the edge of the floaty and flipped it over, leaving Betty heels over head as she screamed just before her head went underwater. Turned completely upside down, her feet kicked wildly as bubbled ran up from her continued scream of surprise and fury. Veronica cackled at her and raised a fist, firing it right into the crotch of the upturned Betty’s crotch. The noise coming from beneath the bubbles reached a higher pitchas her knuckles dug into the folds of her crotch through the soaking wet panties.

“Haha! That all you got, blondie! I’ve got punching bags in our private gym that take a put up a better fight than you!” she gloated, just before she was shut up suddenly by one of Betty’s thrashing feet kicking her square in the jaw. She stumbled back, and Betty was able to use a mix of gravity and the water surrounding her top to slip out of the tube and pop back upright in the water. 

She climbed onto land at poolside, and as Veronica held her head and stumbled to the edge to hold the side of the pool, Betty reached down and grabbed Veronica by the hair in both vengeful hands. She lifted her head up a bit to slam it down into the stone edge, bouncing her face off of it like a fleshy basketball. Veronica recoiled with a dull thud, slumping in the water. Betty grinned wearily to see a modest splash of blood across the edge of the pool, as well as a tooth knocked clean out of her mouth among the mess.

She reached in again for the stunned Veronica, grabbing her by the hair to yank her partway up before her other hand grabbing onto her soaking wet panties, using them both as levers to force the groaning Veronica towards the back door of the house. Betty flung her towards the door, only for the stone-faced butler to expectantly open the door and hold it for the young ladies, a towel draped over one arm helpfully.

Betty followed until they were both in the laundry room, various baskets of overpriced clothes (both Veronica’s and her family’s) here and there, folded and clean of piled up and dirty. Veronica had landed on the floor, crashing into one of the baskets. Her panties were wet and stretched enough at this point that they were practically falling off of her, exposing most of her hips, and Betty was hardly any better. The wealthy brunette stumbled back from the door deeper into the room, but Betty pounced on her, straddling her waist and throwing a pair of punches across her face. The rich girl’s head whipped left and right from the hits, but she grabbed a bottle of detergent next to the washer. She swung it up like a club, hitting with a softly echoing “dunk!” from the hollowed plastic beating across Betty’s face back and forth.

“Didn’t see that coming, dumb bitch!?” Veronica hissed hatefully at her through her bloodied lips.

“Didn’t think you knew what it was for, you spoiled cunt!” Betty growled back. She grabbed the detergent bottle in mid-swing after a few bashing blows, wrestling with the strange weapon as they both pulled at it. Betty finally twisted it to one side, turning the lid on it and dumping the bright blue laundry soap into Veronica’s eyes and mouth in a big, thick splash.

Veronica gave a short scream as it burned her eyes, but quickly it turned to a strangled gagging as she spat up the brightly colored mess. Betty let the emptied weapon go and pushed herself back up, letting Veronica suffer and squirm as she tried to rest and rub some of the soreness from her face, feeling how it was getting swollen herself from being beat around the pool (and the rest of this house). “You brainless brunette! You ruined my face!” she growled, sending a kick into Veronica’s ribs as she wiped the sludge from her face like a guest star on Nickelodeon.

“Can’t break what’s already broken!” Veronica gurgled back, throwing out a sudden kick. Betty stepped back, but she had been aiming for the base of the shelf next to her. A mess of bedsheets and bath towels ready for washing fell off the shelf collapsed on top of Betty, covering her like a massive, musky-smelling net. Trapped and tangled under their weight, Veronica grabbed a spare towel, smearing the blood and soap off her face quickly before taking Betty by the arm, shoving it into the dryer and smashing the door shut on it.

“AUGHHHH!” Betty was too blinded by the bedsheet over her face, but her screams plenty audible as the door pressed shut like it was trying to sever her arm at the elbow. Her feet kicked around wildly and she clawed at the door to try and pull it open, but unable to stop Veronica’s forceful crushing.

“I’d fit your whole filthy body in there if you weren’t such a fatass!” Veronica shouted back over her screams. She braced a foot on Betty’s leg, keeping her in place as she shoved the dryer door open and closed, alternately smashing Betty’s arm as it closed and face as it opened.

Finally Betty fell limply to the ground, groaning and writhing slowly with blood pouring freely from her crooked nose after being smashed so many times. “At least the blood stains will come out easy in here,” she snorted, grabbing Betty by the leg and dragging her after her. Betty clawed weakly at the carpet, dazed and afraid of what next devilish beating Veronica had in mind for her. As it so happened, Veronica kicked open another door, this time winding up in their large kitchen. 

The cook wasn’t due to make dinner for hours, so the place was really just littered with the normal household items and appliances one would expect to be there. It was still plenty for Veronica to work with, but she had to go with the classics. She went to the silverware drawer, dropping Betty to rifle through its contents. Betty rubbed her aching arm and tried to slide away across the floor before Veronica produced a sharp-looking steak knife.

“Now we’re talking,” Veronica sneered, turning and stalking after Betty as she rested her back against the fridge. Veronica grabbed her by the neck. “I think you could use another hole in those tits, you little piglet!”
Betty grabbed above her and yanked the fridge door open, smacking it across Veronica’s cheek. She grunted but maintained her grip, so Betty grabbed one of the plastic shelves inside it and pulled down, leaning back against the fridge to avoid the worst of the collapsing wave of its contents. Veronica, meanwhile, was pelted with a gallon of milk, several glass bottles of imported beer, condiments, eggs, and strong-smelling cheese among other various parts of edible avalanche.

Veronica was forced to let go and fall over backward, an utter mess covering her and the floor. Her mouth hung open in outrage and shock, letting Betty tackle her to the ground and ignoring the sticky white mess around and under them. They rolled and clawed at eachother, tearing the last of their panties off in the process as they kicked and grabbed at eachother wildly, both hurt and exhausted from their long, violent struggle.

Betty cracked Veronica’s teeth together with a sharp uppercut, knocking the brunette back from her. Betty pursued her stunned enemy, but only after she’d picked up the trash can. “Time to put you where you belong!” Betty growled and slammed it top-down over Veronica’s stunned head like a disgusting helmet. Bits of coffee grounds and banana peels fell over her, and Veronica’s outraged scream echoed inside it as she hurried to dump it off of herself. The blond laughed down at her stained and sullied features before throwing a kick for her face. It smacked across Veronica’s cheek, but she grabbed Betty’s ankle and kept her leg raised in the air.

Betty grabbed onto the countertop for balance, but Veronica let her stay in that position so she could swing her own uppercut into Betty’s pussy, burying her knuckles between her puffy lower lips.

“OUWWWF!” Betty blurted out shrilly, starting to tumble down but Veronica lifting her ankle up higher until it was hooked on the counter and Betty’s back was against the wall, leaving her propped up for the darker-haired fighter to start dishing out punches faster and harder into her twat like a pink punching bag.

Betty was wretching from the penetrating pain before long, Veronica finally jamming her fingers from both hands into her swollen pussy. Betty shuddered violently as her hands reached inside and spread her painfully wide and fast, exposing her fleshy insides to the brunette with her nails raking along the tender inner walls. Betty did all she could to pull her leg free and collapse into the spilled food and trash, curling up and holding her pussy as she coughed for air between pained wheezing breaths.

“Forget those ugly tits,” Veronica grunted, crawling over to find the dirtied knife among the mess. “I’ll ruin you for good, starting with all that ugly blond mess!” She lifted Betty’s head up off the ground by a fistful of hair, raised off the ground as the whimpering, aching blond could only rub her slashed up and bleeding snatch. Betty took the knife to it and sawed at it, slicing through the hair to remove several inches of hair from her head, letting it drop as the gripped clump was sheared off by the blade.

“I’l see you bald, you man-stealing cunt!” Veronica snarled, taking another piece of hair at the visibly helpless Betty and slicing at it next. While she was caught up in her revenge, Betty grabbed blindly at the garbage around her. She grasped a potato peeler, discarded and rusty, stabbing it up into Veronica’s exposed tits. The brunette howled in horrified pain as the dull blade jammed into the soft flesh of her chest, close to having skewered her nipple as it buried itself in her boob. Veronica released her opponent’s hair, resting on her knees and delicately pulling the dirty weapon out, wincing whenever its peeler blade cut at her skin and bloodied tit’s soft tissue. Betty crawled off, hair in a wild mix of short and long as she grabbed one of the large, wet carrots from among the mess from the fridge. Veronica got the dull blade out easily enough, though with care and falling to her hands and knees, panting as she cupped her blood-leaking breast.

Her face twisted in surprise when Betty paid her back from the pussy beating by shoving the carrot into her ass, getting her to jump and yelp as her jiggling, perky ass clenched around it fearfully. Betty stood up and threw a furious kick into the thicker end of the invasive vegetable, jamming it a bit deeper and getting a wordless gurgle from Veronica as she fell on top of her face and tits on the sloppy floor.

“You don’t pay your maids enough to clean up after you,” Betty sneered before hopping up and smashing a knee across Veronica’s back. She wailed and clutched at her back, rolling painfully in the spreading muck of the kitchen floor. Starting to get tired of the blood mixing with the food staining their skin, Betty grabbed Veronica by one arm and dragged her after her. She found herself back in the main lobby, snorting and shaking her head. “Who built this stupid place!?” she snapped before stomping up the stairs. Rather than navigate the ruined rooms and halls they’d already torn through, he lugged Veronica behind her, letting her head thump against the odd few steps and not minding as the carrot popped unceremoniously out of her ass.

She kicked open a door near the top of the steps, and quickly judged it to be Veronica’s own room. The pink and purple everywhere, the big cushy bed, the oversized mirror in front of an overstocked dressed and makeup kit. Betty sneered at how excessive the whole thing looked, and again when she caught sight of the mirror. Both girls were caked in sludge, pool water, blood, sweat, bruises, and anything else they’d rolled in and crashed through. She knew she was running on rage alone at this point, and wanted to put Veronica out NOW.

When she turned back to her, Veronica had grabbed one of her extra sets of shoes and swung one like a club to smash down on her toe. Betty howled out in pain and fell to the carpet, Veronica pouncing on her like a lioness. “NOBODY goes in my room!” Veronica screamed at her. “Nobody but Archie!” She swung the shoe wildly, hammering one Betty’s face and leaving more ugly bruises, dull crunches and thuds. Betty flailed her arms up to try and cut off the beating, grabbing the sheets of the nearby bed and yanking them off to get in between them. The shoe was quickly tangled in them, allowing Betty to stretch them off and tie it into a loop around Veronica’s neck like a makeshift noose. She squeezed and pulled, Veronica’s eyes rolling and gagging as she spit and drooled over it.

The brunette scratched desperately at Betty’s face, leaving a few more red slashes and bloody cuts on her. Her assailant grit her teeth and kept up the attack, Veronica starting to turn a shade of purple-red when she grabbed a framed photo of her and Archie at the bedstand, swinging it and smashing the glass front to pieces on Betty’s face. She screamed and let go of the sheet to grab her face, Veronica sucking in air loudly and desperately. She coughed a moment before she grabbed and threw Betty onto her bed, mounting her and sinking her teeth into the already open wound from the letter opening in her tit, tearing at the already tender flesh. Betty screamed and thrashed.

“OH FUCK! STOP, YOU PSYCHO BITCH!” Betty shrieked, reaching down too dig her nails into the savage brunette’s eyes. “GET OFF BEFORE I RIP THEM OUT!” she threatened loudly. Veronica just snarled and gnawed at her, swinging her fists into the sides of Betty’s stomach. Betty shoved her way to her feet, Veronica still latched onto her and swinging wildly as her eyes watered, but with her mouth full of her opponent’s flesh and blood she didn’t seem to care if she could see.

Betty scoured for something more affective to hit her with, getting lightheaded with blood loss and pain through her whole body, her endurance about at its limits. She saw vanity set where Veronica had set up her mirror and various beauty products, seeing her best bet as she charged towards it, twisting to make Veronica slam into it instead of herself. She cracked right into the power outlet, where Veronica’s hair dryer, phone charger, and laptop were plugged in. The dryer’s plug popped loose as her back connected with it, Veronica spasming violently as she was shocked by the current and her hair sprang up on end.

“Nice look, you sick dyke!” Betty hissed bitterly before throwing a heavy cross to the paralyzed Veronica’s face. Electricity still crackled in her hair as she was slumped backward over the dresser, Betty grabbing the most dastardly looking thing in reach. She fired up the electric hair straightener, squeezing the handle until she could feel it heating up in her hand. She kicked Veronica’s legs wide open, the rich bitch mumbling out a desperate, clumsy “No… nooo…” before the hot iron was shoved up her pussy. She could smell her bush burning and her sensitive twat getting scalded as she screamed and cried, spasming over the probing torturous beauty product.

Betty found herself smiling sadistically as Veronica squirmed like a stuck pig before her eyes rolled back in her head from all the pain and she collapsed onto the carpet. The instrument was still stuck in her, which Betty cautiously pulled out. She gave a testing kick or two at Veronica’s side, but her body just bounced and slumped heavily. “I’ll tell Archie hi for you.” Betty spit on her for good measure before stepping out of the room.

“Smithers? My purse, please,” Betty huffed, fixing her sweaty, cut up blonde hair as best she could, gently touching her various gashes and bruises on her exposed body. The butler appeared with hardly a wandering eye or curiously raised eyebrow, handing off her purse to the naked blonde. 

“I’ll see your things are delivered to you once the help has them mended. If that’s alright, miss.”

“Whatever,” Betty grunted. “That’s fine.”

“And as a common courtesy and by no means an act of deception or disservice to this family, you should watch out, madam,” he added before curly turning to walk off.
Betty considered this a moment before she turned around, the screaming Veronica charging at her with her hands stretched out for her throat. Betty shrieked, but readily reached into her purse, and just before they collided, Veronica’s face was filled with a generous squirt of mace.

Veronica let out a furious scream, grabbing for Betty blindly but only grabbing hold of the railing. Betty stared wide-eyed a moment as her rival’s eyes watered in agony,  smiling proudly at the sight. Before she went down from the overwhelming pain, Veronica still swung a leg out and by sheer luck, kicked the blond squarely in the pussy.

Both girls went down in agony, Veronica holding her eyes wild Betty clutched her pussy. Both girls twitched and groaned quietly for a bit before Betty grabbed the railing, slowly dragging herself up to her feet while she clutched her pussy tightly with one hand. “No need to see me out,” Betty growled weakly, but threw another kick into Veronica for good measure, sending her tumbling limply down the stairs. Betty noted that she was still weakly breathing when she passed her by, though wasn’t quite sure if that was a good or bad thing in her own eyes. She let herself out the front entrance, the suffering she felt eased a bit by the sense of triumph. She buckled her naked body into her car, not caring who saw anymore. A few new scars and an ugly haircut were worth it to keep Archie to herself.

The End

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