Ashley’s College Bash: Part 1 by Luffy316

Ashley was a skinny blond girl, but fell short of the standard expectations of one right about there. She was rather plain, not much of a figure to speak of and about the same curves of a length of highway. Small chest, slender hips, on the short side of things. The only thing that made her stand out was her glasses, but even then not in the good way. Ashley got the worst of it as a result, not pretty or rich or flirty enough to be popular, but not ordinary enough to just blend into the crowd. She was the nail that stood out and attracted all the hammers (also known as bitches).

She had been through the worst in high school. There, Ashley was a prime target for bullying. The upper class girls, the cheerleaders, the drama queens, the athletes; they all seemed to take their frustrations and boredom on her. She was subject to insults, rumors, nasty notes, strippings, spankings, and more than a few outright beatings at their hands.

This was college now. Since she was 18 and a high school grad, she went to Bentley University, a respectable school in the same city as her high school was. It wasn’t too radical a change, but Ashley had a chance for a fresh start here. Away from the bullies and bitches that plagued her last four years.

Except they hadn’t left. All her worst tormentors had followed her to college as well, and they certainly hadn’t matured out of their interests over the summer. She had hardly been in classes a few days when their “hazing” began. And she wasn’t even in a sorority! It was just a “Hey, dork!” and she was yanked into the nearest girl’s’ room and given a swirly, left with her face in toilet water (clean, at least), ass in the air (skirt, unfortunately), and laughter echoing in the stalls. It was all she could stand.

Now, Ashley wasn’t the kind to explode about that kind of thing. She thought it out a bit. It as one more thing that made her boring, she supposed, but her options felt more sound that way. She knew she didn’t have much against the girls, and something like a taser would only work for one or two of them for self-defense. She didn’t have time for martial arts courses before they’d strike again. Her best bet, she decided, would be Kimmy.

Kimmy was her friend in the chemistry department. She was a year older, but they’d been friends in high school and stayed in contact even when they were on other grounds for that one year. Kimmy was weird, but she was sweet. She was short but chesty, and had brown hair she kept styled but very short, which Ashley sometimes wondered if it was because she kept burning or blowing it off somehow. Kimmy wasn’t satisfied with regular tests and proofs and such, she wanted to explore new frontiers. She’d blaze through her assignments in the chem lab just to put together new ideas.

Out of all those ideas, one of them had to work and have some use for her situation, Ashley thought. And so she was right. Where she expected some kind of smoke bomb or super pepper spray or something to turn their hair green, Kimmy had something much better: a strength potion!

Of course Kim called it something else. Hypermetabolizer or something. But she broke it down into English for her, telling Ash that it would make her faster, tougher, and stronger to near Olympic levels. “Of course I was working on it for medical reasons, but it’s a legitimate use as a healthier variant of steroids, and human testing does have to come in eventually, right?”

So there she was, Ash sitting on a stool while Kimmy carefully measured out the last of the liquid into the vial. “You sure you’re ok with this? Animal tests were positive, but we haven’t run it on any humans yet. It’s possible there may be side effects.”
Ashley looked at her from the corner of her eye, sleeve already rolled up. “What kind of side effects?”

“Do you like how many eyes you have right now, or could you stand to have more?”

Ashley laughed at that. Kimmy didn’t. The blond gulped a bit, but nodded, Kimmy handing over the beaker to her. She gulped again, this time with the serum going down in the process.

Ashley felt herself shiver, like it was flexing over and over by itself over her entire body. She had to grab the edge of the desk to keep from falling over, and that was something of a struggle as she all but convulsed from the process. Things finally stopped spinning, and she breathed heavily as her heart pounded, though more steadily at last.

“How do you feel?” Kimmy prodded.

“Little dizzy… but that’s going away. Though everything looks a little fuzzy.” Just as Kimmy was scribbling this down, Ash tried adjusting her glasses and saw some clearer spots at the corners of her eyes. She slipped the frames off entirely, finding her vision was clearer than ever with them off. She blinked a few times just to confirm it. “Oh… never mind.”

“Increased vision. Huh. That’s wasn’t something I expected.” Kimmy grabbed a nearby apple from her lunch and tossed it under handed at Ashley’s head. She spun and whipped her arm speedily through the air, catching it backhanded like a cat batting away some string. “Reflexes are up too. That’s good.”

“Pick safer ways to test this stuff, would you?” Ashley griped, but it was hard to stay mad. Everything on her body just felt lighter. Even the apple was all the more delicate in her grasp. She clenched her hand, a fresh crunching noise rewarding her as the apple was neatly and quickly crushed.

“It’s okay, I packed another for lunch,” Kimmy dismissed quickly as she scribbled away. “Anything else unusual? Breathing normal?”

“Better!” Ashley said with a grin. “Breathing’s clearer, like my allergies are gone. I’m feeling muscles I didn’t even know I had!”

“Well there’s no noticeable growth,” Kimmy added, pointing to her subject/friend with her pen. “It’s just that the fibers are intensified in your muscles and the nervous system draws extra power from the unused parts of the brain to provide exceptional control and focus on them. Say, would you mind showing up to the science board’s office next Friday? I’d love some proof that my stuff works!”

“Friday? That’d give me about a week…” She grinned and flexed her arm testingly. “Yea, that should be long enough…”

First, it was time to hit the gym. The most logical place to start, she felt, was at the gym. Amber was a regular there, always working hard to stay skinny but fit. Of course, she never worked on her chest too much, out of fear of losing her perky EE cups. She felt she was queen of the school gym, and even in gym class Amber made a point of harassing Ashley whenever she got changed, poking fun at her lack of muscle, bust, or anything, really. It was all Ashley could do to change in the bathroom stalls instead of with everyone else just to avoid the attention as best she could.

Ash set out onto the campus, having changed into some jean shorts and a t-shirt over her sneakers for the warm weather at the start of her first semester. Simple but cool and confident, she had work to do.

Amber was there, the gym on campus a bit slow today since it was a school night. It didn’t keep some of the students from playing basketball or training for tryouts. Amber was just working out for her own good though. She wasn’t especially into sports, despite how many teams asked her to join. She just sat there as always, working her body for her own ego as her brown-red hair hung over her shoulder, tips resting on her massive bosom over her blue tanktop and gym shorts, showing off her chest and toned arms and legs.

The brown eyed beefcake looked up when Ashley’s shadow fell across her view, looking up as she let out a pouty-lipped exhale as she hefted her barbell in one arm. “Ah, Ashtray!” she said with a grin, barely distracted as she continued her reps singlehandedly. “Always good to see ya, but it turns out this gym’s already got a punching bag.”

Ashley giggled a bit, her heart pounding. Was it purely the serum, or just her own overflowing confidence that was giving her the courage to do all this? “Actually, I was thinking about joining the boxing club on campus. I was hoping you could show me a few pointers.”
Amber nearly dropped her weights as she snickered, handed this golden opportunity by her favorite victim.

“Squirt, are you kidding? The boxing club? You?” She set her weight aside with a hefty clank, a bit of sweat greasing her skin to give it all the more defined shine. “Can’t say I like your odds, but you know what? Friends that we are? I’ll be glad to show you a few moves,” she said, slinging an arm around Ashley’s shoulders and squeezing too hard to hug her to her side. It must have been her imagination that made Ash feel a bit… harder when she squeezed. “Come on. Step into my office,” she said, motioning towards the ring nearby.

They both climbed in opposite ends as Amber grabbed and yanked on a set of gloves, barely bothering to tug the laces let alone secure them with a knot. Many boys had stepped into the ring with her, expecting an easy win and a chance to roll around with one of the buffest, bustiest girls in school. Depending on how much she liked them, they might just walk away with a black eye.

“Shouldn’t I get a set of gloves too?” Ashley asked politely, seeing no set of her own in her corner.

“Don’t worry,” Amber smirked. “No way you’re gonna hurt me. Just get those hands up and do like I show you. You just might live through their first practice if ya do! Now come on. Try and hit me. Let’s see what you’ve got.”

Ashley stepped forward, making a set of fists and putting up her hands in a loose mock-up of Amber’s setup and what she’d seen in movies. Amber moved slowly and confidently, giving Ashley plenty of time to step up and make a fool of herself.
“Okay, Kim,” Ash thought. “Time for another experiment…”

She stepped up a bit more quickly, and swung a fist for Amber’s head. She was shocked at how fast her hand moved, overshooting and blazing past Amber’s face. She hardly seemed to notice, accepting that Ashley had missed and fucked up as usual, sending her glove suddenly socking into Ashley’s face.

It was a quick, mocking hit, but Ashley was still surprised at how it simply seemed to bounce off of her with little real effect.
“Come on! Quicker! Harder! Don’t fuck this up like everything else, squirt,” Amber mocked her, Ashley noticing a few people gathering by ringside to watch from the assorted benches. Time to pull her act together, she realized. Amber wasn’t totally wrong, if for the wrong reasons.

Ashley got up her guard again, sizing up another blow when Amber tried to shoot in a cheap shot to the side of her head, no real intent on teaching Ashley anything. Ash jolted a bit in surprise, and her hand whipped up out of instinct. Much like the apple Kim had thrown, her hand instinctively caught and parried the hit.

Amber blinked a bit at this, confused and surprised. “Lucky catch there, tiny. Let’s try something a little fancier.” She shifted her footing a bit, sliding in closer suddenly and shooting two more blows at her chest. Ashley, a bit more consciously this time, swung her arms up, bouncing the attacks to either side. When those failed, Amber frowned and tried sneaking in a sucker punch to her stomach, but Ashley grabbed her by the wrist just below her glove, twisting and rotating her body to throw Amber to the mat on her ass.

The fellow students laughed and cheered a bit at her showy little move, but Amber was stunned and quickly getting frustrated, if not angry. “Getting smart with me, eh squirt?” Amber grunted, getting back up and taking her gloves off to match Ashley before putting her fists back up. “Fine then. I’ll kick your ass just like back in highschool.”

Ashley found her courage bolstered by her new power and showing it off a bit, stepping forward with a smirk, the faint sting of the initial blow Amber gave her fading quickly. “Things change, Ashley. I have.” She smiled toothily at this. “Can you?”

Amber looked confounded a moment before she tried to rush at her, throwing a few punches as Ashley actually lowered her hands, just leaning this way and that to avoid the blows as if she were a kung fu master in a movie, rather than just a freshly empowered girl in her later teens. The fists whizzed by, no more harmful than gnats to her as she strode backward, perfectly balanced on her heels. When Amber got desperate and threw a big hook at her head, she leaned into it to loop in past the arm, grabbing her by the bicep and twisting around, shooting her elbow into Amber’s sternum. The shot thumped in between her impressive tits, grunting huskily before Ash drew her arm back and hammered her the same way another 4 or 5 times. Amber’s tits were jiggling for all the watching strangers, laughing at her sexy expense before Ashley whipped her by the arm, sending her spinning out of control until she landed chest-first into the ring corner, leaning over the ropes looking dazed and mouth agape in surprise and pain. She got up and turned back towards the ring, finding Ashley already standing an inch from her face.

Amber actually screamed, jumping in surprise in the corner and getting more laughter from the crowd. Ashley smiled so hard it hurt, even more than the puny punch Amber had hit her with. She just backed away though, giving Amber a moment to catch her breath and shake some sweat from her hair. She growled and rushed in again, Ashley punching through her defenses again as this time she threw a knee into her belly. She doubled over and held her stomach, her double-E’s hanging so that she resembled a red-headed dairy cow from that angle. It was too perfect for Ashley not to toy with her new skills a bit more, grabbing hold of Amber by her arms and hair to lift her off her feet, Amber screaming a moment as she was suspended in midair a moment before Ash crashed her back down face first into the mats, bouncing off of it as her massive tits hit first.

Amber laid dizzily groaning on the mats, rubbing her face and trying to remember which way was up. Ashley had been pathetically weak all through high school. She couldn’t tell if she had been training all summer, but she never saw her at the gyms, and she certainly didn’t look any bigger. A bit more confident, maybe flexing a bit more, but no real difference.

“That looked like a lot of fun,” Ashley commented, walking over to the busty redhead and grabbing hold of her gym shorts. “Let’s try that one again!” Amber shrieked as Ashley lifted her up by her hair and hem of her shorts, holding her over her head. It was just for a moment, but she used her as a human barbell before slamming her back to the mats, bouncing even higher from the powerful bodyslam.

Amber’s eyes and mouth were wide open at the shocking pain, grasping at the air for mercy as Ashley kicked her in the side, rolling her over. “Hate to have lied to you, but boxing was never really my thing. Now for wrestling…” Amber didn’t have time to mull over the threat before Ash straddled her back, grabbing both of her legs and pulling up, pressing her ass down into Amber’s spine.

After all the throwing around and her head fuzzy from the beating, she shrieked and clawed at the mat, trying to crawl to the ropes but Ashley had the stronger grip on her. Ashley! Ashtray was the one kicking her ass in front of those laughing cute boys and those senior girls. There was a concerning crack that made Amber scream anyway, beating the mat with her fist. “Stop! STOOOOP! I give!”

“Give what?” Ashley chuckled, enjoying the mild pressure she was putting on Amber and how badly it could wreck her. “This isn’t a match. It’s a practice. It ends when I say it ends!” She gloated as Amber whimpered under her, trying to catch her breath but her huge tits being crushed against her lungs.

Ashley let go of one leg, pulling off Amber’s gym shorts to reveal her dark green thong that hugged her fit ass. The crowd hooted and cheered for Ashley as she stripped one of the bitchiest and sexiest girls in the gym, shrieking like a child as Ashley gave her a scolding spank on the ass.

“Let go! You little shit!” Amber cried out in outrage, face turning bright red. “You can’t do this to me! I’m the gym queen! You’re some string bean pussy who’s not worth a HUKK!”

Ashley used her free hand to reach forward, wrapping around Amber’s chin and throat to pull up, getting her in a crude camel clutch style chokehold. Amber gagged and drooled, trying to grab at Ash’s fingers but she turned around to use both hands, wrapping the around Amber’s chin and pulling up hard. It further bent and cracked her back, like a chiropractor with a vengeance as Amber could only claw desperately at her attacker’s hands.

“You sorry?” Ashley demanded. There was a quivering, possibly a panicked nod or possibly a convulsion of breathlessness or pain. “LOUDER, bitch!” she insisted, tugging harder. She took the fearful gagging noises from the bent and choking Amber to be a raised apology. “Sorry about that. Hard to hear you with all that suck in your mouth. But you’ve been a good sparring partner.”

Ashley pat Amber on the cheek condescendingly, as her eyes fluttered and face grew a blue-ish red. “I think you earned a nap.” She held the choke a bit more, flexing her newly developed biceps to clench onto her air supply. She only lasted a few more seconds before the athletic Amber was a rag doll in her hands. She grabbed the shorts, and while she was at it, removed Amber’s top. “Who wants souvenirs!?” she called out, the various fans at ringside shouting and cheering and catcalling. Ashley didn’t care. She had all the power in the world right now, as far as she was concerned! And she had a list to take care of. All the bitches who had treated her wrong in the high school days would not repeat their performance. As she threw the sweaty clothes out to the pervy crowd, she left the barely dressed Amber drooling pathetically in the ring, hopping out to head out through the campus, spreading joy and vengeance, and entertainment to whoever would watch. This was gonna be good.

She made her next stop at the school’s theater. It was where she’d find Kasey, after asking around a little. She’d normally be too shy to even talk to these girls normally, but the tonic seemed to be a real confidence booster, whether chemical or personal.

Kasey had straight dark hair and huge dark eyes like a Japanese cartoon character that drew in the boys. Lots of people admired her voice as well, droning on and drawing herself out as she talked over people or went overboard on her class presentations or just conversations. The mouth on her went on and on, and mocking Ashley was a favorite subject of hers. It was an easy way to get a laugh and keep attention on her. Tryouts for the school’s chorus were today, so Ash knew she could find Kasey there, hamming it up and trying to keep up her attention-whoring. She probably wouldn’t even join, just attend to wow the existing members and other hopefuls before losing interest and never returning.

She apparently showed up too late for the treat, but she wasn’t sure she could have stomached the surely lengthy solo Kasey put them through. Her voice itself was appealing and powerful when she sang, but it reeked of so much effort that it reeked to Ashley of ham and cheese.

Still, a small crowd of people were surrounding Kasey, praising her talent and how much she must have practiced. For every compliment and line of sucking up, Kasey had a twice as long denial or bragging.

“Oh, it’s nothing. I didn’t try THAT hard. I mean, I could have done better, naturally! I thought I’d save the good stuff for later. Or maybe an encore, but only if you asked really nicely!”

She rambled on, not taking notice of Ashley behind the cluster of hangers-on. She supposed she had lost her glasses, making her look a bit different, but her otherwise plain and unextraordinary appearance often blended her in with a crowd. It was a fact she often used to try and elude her pursuing bullies, once she got experienced at it.

Ashley waited a minute or two, but the mob wouldn’t stop going nuts over her. She finally had her fill of listening to Kasey talk as she shouldered her way through the crowd. People bounced away from her surprising strength, making her way through to grab Kasey by the collar. The onlookers shouted in surprise and backed off, giving Ashley room to shove her and send her flailing backward, back onto the stage. “Whoa, what the hell?” someone called out, but Ashley ignored them. People had never thought anything of her at all before, so let them think she was the bully if they wanted. Anyone could tell them the truth if they cared enough to find out that.Ashley hadn’t been the ones doing it for years, for no reason beyond their own sadistic entertainment.

Kasey landed on her ass, scrambling to her feet clumsily as she scowled daggers at Ashley. “What do you think you’re doing, you little idiot?! Who do you think you are!?” It was a bit hard for Ashley to tell if it was outrage in her voice, or she genuinely didn’t remember her despite bullying her not a week ago.

“I’m just here for some payback,” Ashley smiled at her. “Don’t make this weird.”

“Don’t…? Why, you little shit!”

Kasey got her feet back under her proper and came at Ashley, swinging wildly at her head in her fury so wild it couldn’t quite decide if it should form a slap or a punch. Ashley ducked whatever it was, swinging a sharp punch into Kasey’s belly right under her ribs. She gagged and doubled up from it, letting Ashley grab her by her hair and swing her by it, whipping her off her feet and tossing her into the curtains, crashing into some unknown clutter behind it. The crowd moved to follow as Ashley climbed between the curtains, Kasey only just pulling herself up out of the mess of props and costumes as she screamed and tackled into Ash. The blond bully-victim staggered back a few paces as Kasey grabbed at her waist, but she stayed standing and slammed both of her fists as one onto Kasey’s back.

She howled and landed on her belly on the stage floor, rubbing her back when she felt Ashley stomp her foot into the small of her back. She shrieked out and tried to roll over, just for Ashley to land another well-timed stomp in between her breasts. She clutched her chest, wincing and rolling in pain.

“Oh come on! Are you all planning to make it that easy?”

“Look, I’m sorry! Whatever I did to you, I’m sorry! Just stop it, you psycho stranger!” Kasey pleaded miserably.
Her turned about tormenter knelt down and hoisted her head off the ground by the hair. “It’s ASHLEY!” she growled, swinging her knee up to thump Kasey in the cute face.

“AGH!” she yowled, grabbing at her face and curling up again. “How?! You… you’re nobody! You’re nothing! How’d you do this to me…?”

“I never did like your voice,” Ashley said, grabbing her by one leg. She twisted it around in a crude mockery of a wrestling boston crab, making her wince and hiss as she stripped her of her shoes and one of her socks. “I like your screams better.” Casey stuffed Kasey’s own sock into her mouth, making her gag and try to spit it out. Ashley just shoved it in harder this time. “You leave that in if you know what’s good for you,” she said sternly, a vague threat she never understood (or often listened to) but seemed to work fine on Kasey.

She choked on her mouthful of sweaty sock as Ashley grabbed onto her arms, rolling her onto her back and getting a grip on her wrists. She planted a foot into Kasey’s back before she pulled back, standing on her in a mock-up of a skier as she pulled on her arms like she was trying to rip them from her sockets. Given the muffled screams that came out of Kasey, it just might if she didn’t mind her own strength.

“Come on. I’ve seen you on the old talent show. Try and hit those high notes like that!” Ashley squatted down, gripping lower on her arms and pulling them tighter together until her fingers touched. Kasey’s rack stretched out beneath her, squashing tightly against the stage’s floorboards. Ashley’s arms tensed and bulged in their tiny package, Kasey kicking her feed madly beneath her and uselessly slapping against the blonde’s own legs.

Tears were forming in the jr starlet’s eyes as Ashley finally let go, making Kasey curl up holding her arms to her similarly sore chest.

“You little monster! You’re crazy! Don’t hurt me, please! I’ll do anything!” Kasey pleaded miserably, curled into a crude little ball at Ashley’s feet.

Ashley stood over her cracking her knuckles. “I think you could do me one more favor and we could call this even,” she purred, Kasey’s eyes lighting up.

“Anything! I’ll betray my friends, put in a good word for you with the popular girls, anything!”

Ashley grabbed her by the blouse, tearing as she lifted her up by the collar. The other took her by the hem of her tight pants, lifting her up overhead as if she were a barbell. “How about one more musical number!?” With that, Ashley threw her like a sack of potatoes over the front of the stage, letting her crash noisily into a few of the instruments laying out in the band’s pit.

“My drums!” yelped one of the shaggy boys in the crowd that had been so intently watching the fight as much as Kasey’s singing. He ran out to find Kasey in a heap among a drum set, a few guitars and violins, and a tuba. Kasey’s head hung comically in the opening of the tuba, head lolling awkwardly as she remained in dreamland, limply tangled up in the assorted instruments. Ashley dusted off her hands, walking offstage to go about her business. As she left, she heard a few of the onlookers break into laughter, cheers, and applause at the beating. Her own standing ovation.

Ashley made her way across campus, hoping to catch Carolyn at the end of her class. She’d have to be quick about it, but it was the only part of her schedule she knew, and her newly upgraded muscles could get her there quickly enough. She passed by the other kids on the pavement, but suddenly bumped into someone on her way past the quad. Ashley was more surprised than anything, the girl suddenly cutting between a couple of students and walking against the flow of the natural traffic of bodies. Her tough new body soaked up the bump easily enough, but the redhead on the other end took a spill onto the grassy square that was the quad.

“Whoa, are you okay?” Ashley asked, but frowning when she saw Knicky getting up with her bookbag, dusting herself off.

“Watch where you’re going, you dumb dyke,” Knicky spat at her with hardly a glance but plenty of sneer. Knicky was tall and with a sporty, tomboy look to her.

Ashley frowned down at the redhead in the grass. “Maybe you better watch your words a little better. Especially for you you’re talking to.”

Knicky’s face became a sour grin. “Yea, I should’ve called you flat and ugly too,” she snapped. “When did you get your big girl panties on, runt?”

“Must’ve been something I drank,” Ashley frowned back. “So that’s no apology I’m hearing?”

“How’s this for an apology, you scrawny geek!” Knicky didn’t need any more provocation than that, winding up and throwing a punch for Ashley’s face. Her reflexes still cat quick, Ashley took a large step back to avoid it, taking hold of Knicky’s wrist when she tried to follow up with a second swing.

“Let go, you scrawny cunt,” Knicky snapped, trying to pull free but Ash having far too firm a grip on her. As she pulled away, Ash pulled the other direction, getting a grunt of effort from the redhead as she resisted and failed to keep her from drawing her arm further and further back behind her.

“Agh! Let go my arm, bitch!”

“But I’m still using it!” Ash suddenly pulled and swung the arm back up, cracking Knicky in the jaw with her own fist. At Knicky’s shocked shout, she couldn’t help but grin. “Stop hitting yourself, Knick!” she mocked as she gave her another rough second-hand punch. Knicky looked dumbfounded at the massive turn of the tables from their usual encounters, having handed out more than her share of punches in the arm and swirlies to Ashley. The soreness in her face didn’t help either, naturally.

She tried to throw another punch into Ashley’s stomach to cut her off, but she was quick in catching it, pulling the arms apart with a smug “gotcha” smirk. Knicky squirmed and writhed, just as people were really starting to form a crowd around their patch of grass on the quad. Knicky blushed over her pale skin and threw a kick right between Ashley’s legs in her frustration. Tough as she was, a kick to the crotch was enough to shock any girl, making Ashley gasp and jump as she clutched her crotch instead of Knicky’s hands. Seeing her chance, Knicky was eager to yank her by the blond locks and double her over.

“Big mistake, loser,” she snarled throwing a kick for Ashley’s face. This time she managed to grab Knicky by the ankle, twisting and pulling upward to flip Knicky heels over head into the grass with a hard thump.

“It’s like Karate Kid, but with a chick instead of that Will Smith kid!” one nearby girl observed as Knicky was dazed in the dirty grass. She was trying to figure which way was up when Ashley grabbed her by the forearms. She was dragged a foot or so to one side, but suddenly Ash’s speed picked up and she found herself being spun around by her arms, as if a child being given a ride by her big sister. The ending to the ride came much more quick and abrupt, however, sending the screaming Knicky flying through the air as she was tossed like a hammer throw by the olympian geek. Knicky landed in the grass, rolling and bouncing messily across the quad at high speed, rapidly banging and scraping herself up in the process.

Knicky was just glad to not have landed on the pavement when she started shakily pushing herself up, flat on her belly on the grass with arms shaking from the rough and wild trip.

“I think you were about to choose your words more carefully!” Ashley boasted behind her, making Knick jump from her position. She recognized the somewhat distant cheers and hoots from the folks around the quad as Ashley grabbed her by the red hair and shoved her face into the dirt. She spat out bits of dirt and grass before stammering out. “Alright! I’m sorry! Stop it!”

“Sorry, your mouth full? I’ll get you finish.” Ashley shoved her face back into the dirt, grinding her there to smear the earth to stain over her pale skin.

When she pulled her back up for air, Knicky was coughing and choking, spitting wetly to get all the soil out of her mouth. “Ok! I’m sorry! I swear I won’t bother you or your friends again!” There was another thump as Ashley slammed her face quickly into the dirt again.

“What if I don’t believe you?”

“I swear! Seriously! I swear on anything, just let me go!!” Knicky almost broke too fast for her liking, but Ashley smiled widely at the sight of desperate tears going down over her dirt-smeared face.

“Count on another mud bath like that if you even look at me funny,” Ashley warned, shooting a kick into Knicky’s ribs. The redhead huffed out what precious air she’d sucked in, curling up holding her chest for a good ten minutes before she’d get up under her own power. Ashley started to walk away when she her a bit of pop music coming from nearby. She turned to see the contents of Knicky’s bag back where she’d landed, and the flashing cell phone as it played its ringtone. Ashley went over to pick it up, ignoring the ringing as she flicked through it. She grinned as she found it was practically a hit list, as far as her revenge was concerned. All the girls she had in mind were on there, constantly updating their Twitters and Facebook statutes. She pocketed the gizmo, intending to return it later when her task was complete. She wasn’t as bad as they were, after all.

Carolyn was easy enough to catch. She never had Ashley’s number, of course, so she texted her a vague “meet me after class” message. Carolyn was something of a slut in most of the other girls’ eyes, even her “friends.” She had a nice set of legs and ass, and pretty blond hair and blue eyes. Her chest and the rest of her body was pretty average, but it apparently didn’t keep her from using it. She was in with the cheerleaders and was always glad to sic them on Ashley when she didn’t feel like getting her hands dirty herself.

Carolyn was there in the class, legs crossed on the teacher’s desk. It showed plenty of lovely legs in her short skirt, and her stylish blouse showed off her moderately sized chest as best it could as she arched her back. She had taken the bait nicely, expecting some new boy to seduce (or given her positioning, the teacher didn’t seem to be above her standards).

She lit up a moment when she saw Ashley come in, then relaxed again into a more slumped position rather than her sultry one. “Oh, it’s just you. Beat it, Ashy, I’ve got somebody to meet.”

She’d hated that nickname. Ashley frowned and raised her phone matter of factly. “I was the one that sent the text.”
Carolyn gave an exaggerated sigh and slouched some more. “Ughh! Way to be the queen of disappointments, Ashy,” she groaned. It was a long afternoon, and would just get longer, so fun or not, Ashley decided to move things along a bit.

“I always hated Ashy,” she said, striding forward quicker than Carolyn would have thought she could. She grabbed Carolyn by her hair, getting a shriek as she hurled the more popular blond into the desks behind her. She crashed through several of the lightweight seats, tangling herself up inside them as she flailed and couldn’t seem to get a purchase for her footing without a knee catching an aluminum chair leg or arm wrapping around a hard tile desk.

She was too caught up with just standing that Ashley had no problem walking back up to her. “Here, let me help,” she sneered, grabbing her by one arm to yank her to her feet. Desks spilled aside as Carolyn stumbled, trying just to stand in the clutter of metal and plastic only held up by the geeky young woman.

She swung her by her arm, crashing her through another pair of desks before slinging her into some more, the metal scraping and banging around her as she landed in another pile, groaning and crying out. “OWWW! Helllp! Somebody stop her!” But the classroom was empty, and it was close enough to lunchtime that few classes were in session in this part of the campus. No one was there to hear.

“Oh don’t be such a crybaby. We’re just having some fun like we used to, right? Except I’m on the giving end, and you don’t have a pack of other girls to hide behind.” She walked over, laughing as she found Carolyn stuck head first in the mess of desks, her ass sticking up and out with her skirt flipped up enough to show her skanky lacey panties.

“Well well, nice that I’ve got my phone upgraded,” she grinned, raising the freshly swiped cell phone to start snapping pictures on it.

“What? Wait, noooo! Stop! Please, don’t post those!” Carolyn wailed out, already at the powerful Ashley’s mercy from brute force as much as blackmail.

“Great idea!” Ash laughed, a few more flicks posting them to Knicky’s Facebook with a few taps. “Can’t wait for the comments on these!”

“Dammit dammit, Ashy!” she cried out, but Ashley grabbed under her skirt, yanking her panties down.

“I TOLD you I HATE that NAME!” Ashley shouted, spanking her with each word. Carolyn shrieked, bruised and tangled up in the chairs as she could only kick her feet at the overpowered swings that made her ass jiggle. She whimpered in pain, pawing blindly in her tangled mess to rub her bright red ass, Ashley already taking fresh shots of her palm-printed buns.

Carolyn screamed herself hoarse in her struggles, but Ashley grabbed her ankles firm and quick, spreading them out to the chair legs to hook her knees around them, spreading her legs wide.

“Oh no! No, no, you geeky little psycho!” Carolyn half shrieked, half cried as Ashley got some snapshots of her exposed snatch.

“Open for business in room 332!” Ashley narrated as she labeled and posted the picture. She figured it would probably get removed for content before anyone could follow up on it, or she’d have someone find her to pull her out before then, but either way a good share of people on Knicky’s friends list would get a view of the humiliating angle of her spread out for the world to see. No real harm done to her beyond a good beatdown and a good scare. She was left kicking and screaming like a kid having a tantrum, still stuck under and inside a maze of cold metal legs. She was all talk, no real fight (a lover, not a fighter, Carolyn would have rather said).

“And that makes four. I’ve been busy today,” Ashley chimed. “So why stop a hot streak? Good luck with whoever finds you first!” she called, laughing and walking away.

Natasha and Gabriella were next, and Ashley knew full well where to find them. The black-haired girls were curvy girls, Natasha boasting the best chest out of any girl on campus while her sister Gabby was always proud to show off her round, shapely ass. They used their sex appeal to flirt non-stop, even going out of their way to intercept any boy who even noticed Ashley long enough to consider talking to her. They also used their assets to flirt their way into bars, and this thirsty Thursday was no exception.

The old Blackstone Bar was a pub popular with the college crowd, and old cozy place but loud and cheap enough for the kids. An easily suckered or bribed bouncer with a thing for a pretty face made it particularly popular with the under 21 sorts. A quick fib about picking up one of her cute friends (and how they were SO wasted and they get really flirty when they’re wasted, teehee) and Ashley was in. She was reminded of why she never liked drinking, everyone so noisy and the lights a weird kind of bright but dim and everything smelling like it was sticky or too freshly cleaned.

She sucked it up and followed the rowdy hooting of boys, and sure enough in between a half dozen of them were Tasha and Gabby. Natasha had a low cut tank top to all but put neon signs with arrows pointing to her chest, and the jeans on Gabriella were low enough to show a tasteless view of a thong from her open-backed chair.

“Hey, girls!” Ashley called out. The girls saw her and grinned at each other, setting down their drinks they were nursing in between their flirting. “Oh, hey, everybody! It’s Ash!” Natasha called out, the boys raising their glasses at her as they were none the wiser where this was going. Then again, probably neither did Gabriella and Natasha.

“And you lost the glasses! Nice move, foureyes. I would never have thought you’d have the body to get in here,” Gabriella added with a quick quip at her. She put a bit harder than playful punch at Ashley’s arm, surprised a bit when Ashley hardly even flinched. She just smiled.

“Oh there’s lots about my body you don’t know.” Ashley grinned and suddenly grabbed them each by the neck and threw them from their seats at the bar. She would have like to toss them across the whole place if she could, but she was getting a good measure of her strength by now. She settled for simply lifting them right off their asses and chokeslamming them both over a nearby unoccupied table, letting them bounce off and roll onto the dirty old bar floor when she let go.

Both girls were shocked, Ashley grinning at her work as she flexed one still slim-looking arm for herself. “Alright, nap time’s over,” Ashley chimed heartily, moving in after Gabriella to grab her by the hair and drag her roughly to her feet. Gabby wasn’t even standing straight before Ashley slugged her in the stomach, making her double over with a huff of air and her ass sticking out even further as a result. Ash followed with an uppercut to the face, making her almost stagger away from her before snagging on Ashley’s grip on her hair, just to take a hammering fist into her smaller tit.

As she wailed out and hugged her breasts, Ashley found her senses were indeed sharper, just like Kimmy had expected. She heard the clink of glass and turned as Natasha raised a bottle to swing down at her head in revenge for her and her sister’s beating. She caught Tasha by the wrist, stopping the swing and with another quick mix of alertness and reflexes, twisted her own arm to redirect the bottle. Natasha had failed to realize it was still partly full, and gasped and sputtered as the beer spilled out over her face and chest in an amber waterfall.

The patrons at the bar hooted and cheered for the floor show, as well as the now mostly transparent shirt on Natasha’s big perky chest. When it emptied over her and she was wiping beer from her eyes with her free hand, Ashley threw a kick at Natasha’s stomach, sending her tumbling back into some bar stools and knocking them over and under herself. Ash kept her grip on Gabriella all the while, who was clawing and pulling at her arm as it was locked onto her hair. She swung her by it to toss her on top of her sister, the girls a cluster of limbs on the ground as the partying college students laughed at them.

Squabbling and threatening as they scrambled back up against each other, they were hardly up when Ashley swung both fists, landing a timely double punch to their faces that dropped them to the ground again. “Sorry about these two,” Ash said, dusting off her hands. “Little punch drunk.” The crowd laughed, and Ash smiled, hardly able to believe herself. Here she was, making puns in front of a crowd of drinkers, and they were liking her for it! Even as she beat up two of the most popular girls in her school.

Oh right, them. Natasha was a bit less beaten, and got her wits back sooner as she grabbed Ashley by the leg, biting into her just above the ankle.

“AGH! You’re gonna give me skank germs!” Ashley shouted, balancing on that foot as the other swung and kicked her in the face to knock her off. Natasha rolled and groaned, holding her face miserably.

Gabby grunted huskily as she grabbed a bar stool, starting to drag herself up by it. She saw Ashley give another stomp to her sister’s gut, making her bounce on the ground and her chest finally flop right out of her top, the lacey black bra getting more hoots out of the crowd. When she looked out of the fight, waving for mercy at Ashley, the vengeful teen turned back to Gabriella. The bottom-heavy twin backed up, grabbing her stool as a weapon instead of balance as she thrust it out in front of her between her and Ashley. Ash moved in warily, then lashed out with one foot, kicking into its leg to drive it right into her already battered stomach.

“UFF!” Gabriella grunted loudly, letting Ashley smack the stool away as her eyes and mouth went wide from the blow. She grabbed her in a headlock, squeezing with a bicep so tight that Gabriella felt like her head might pop.
Gagging and gasping, she slapped at Ashley’s hands as her face turned red. “Uncle! Please!” she pleaded, gagging in her grip.
“I’d say louder, but it doesn’t look like you could manage it,” Ashley laughed at her, sending a knee into her tits that got another pained wheeze out of her. She dragged her over by her sister, shooting a kick into the downed Natasha’s stomach. “So let’s get you some help!”

She knelt to drag the girls together, getting them in a simultaneous double headlock. Both girls kicked and clawed and begged, stuck in her grasp as their pleas melded together into desperate gibberish.

“Please don’t! Stop! Let us go! I’m so sorry I said all that shit about you! You’re not a four eyes! I’m gonna die, stoooop! I can’t breathe! Please, I’ll do anything! Don’t, I’m too pretty to choke in front of all these boys!”

Ashley kept up the hold, squeezing and leaning back a bit. Her fist pressed into their necks, cutting down their oxygen and blood flow as well as mashing their faces together, as if forced to kiss in front of the watching boys (as though they hadn’t done it before on their own for the attention). They sputtered and drooled over each other a bit before they blacked out quickly in her grasp, dropping them to the floor to great cheers from the patrons. She grinned and blushed a bit, face redder from embarrassment than effort as she waved meekly and started to leave.

Just for good measure, as she walked by, she flicked a quarter at the bartender. “Here. This should cover the mess,” she said dryly. Change what you will about her body, Ashley still thought Star Wars had all the best lines.

Allegra looked like what people expected Ashley to be. She was already getting into modeling work thanks to big blue eyes, a big soft chest, and big full lips. Everything was big right where it was supposed to be on on that brunette, and always right where Ashley was the flattest.

Meredith was slim blonde with a nice, sizeable rack, though with a more tomboy look than Allegra. She was decently close friends with Allegra, at least partly because of her own interest in breaking into modeling. Allegra had her share of hangers on looking to leach some of her popularity off of her like she radiated it, but Meredith was one of the prettier ones and better at it.
A quick scroll through Knicky’s backlog showed that she had scheduled a photoshoot at the studio a little off campus. It was a short walk from the pub, and as she’d expected, Meredith was there to watch and hope to be discovered.

Ashley bluffed a story about being a friend of theirs, getting walked to the studio by the desk worker and waved in when Allegra recognized her. No harm in letting the geek bask in her beauty as she showed off an orange two-piece swimsuit for whatever apparel company had hired her on. Meredith was slightly off camera, watching and chatting up the cameramen and crew.

Ashley slid in behind the cameras, watching them work as they shot Allegra in front of a generic, watery blue background. She sidled up beside Meredith, who smirked at her bitterly. She was protective of her connection with Allegra, and quick to sabotage any who got in between them. Ashley, though, she didn’t need an excuse to get on her good side by shit-talking the pesky geek.

“What brings you here? Flat Bitch Monthly shooting in another studio?” Meredith jabbed at her, and Allegra’s smile got a bit wider for her next few photos.

“I was just doing some shopping in the area and heard you girls were around. Thought I’d stop by and see if you needed anything.”

Meredith rolled her eyes and folded her arms. “Finals aren’t for a long time. I won’t be needing to shake you down for homework for a while, so what could you ever have that we need?”

Ashley smiled as if unphased by the line, which Meredith raised an eyebrow at quietly. “Well I got a few cans while I was out, thought you might need a couple.”

“Soda makes you fat,” chimed Allegra between snapshots, and Meredith sneered at her again. “Cans of what?” pried the opportunist.

“Whoopass!” Ashley took the setup, turned and slugged Meredith across the face, flooring the girl with a look of utter surprise on her pretty face.

“The fuck!” Meredith ranted, still dumbfounded and finding Ashley with her hands on her hips, people scrambling to Meredith to make sure she was okay. She shoved them away angrily, seeing that Ashley was letting her get back up.

“That lucky shot was your death wish, runt!” growled Meredith, balling up her fists and throwing herself at Ashley. She braced her legs rather than dodge as Meredith threw herself into her, wrapping her arms around Ashley’s waist and latching onto her shorts, trying to rip her to the ground. She grunted and clawed, only to find Ashley a nearly immovable wall of a woman in her new state, budging here and there but her leg muscles tight enough to keep her in place no matter how she thrashed.

Ashley wrapped one arm around Meredith’s head, holding her in place while her other hand went for her skirt. She grabbed Meredith’s panties underneath and yanking up in a wedgie that lifted her feet off the ground, screaming in surprise. “OOWWW! What the fuck!” she screamed out as the undergarment dug into her crotch and ass, painfully supporting her weight on the flimsy garment.

It quickly snapped as Ashley let go of Meredith’s neck, letting her drop noisily to the tile around the photoshoot. People had given the girls their space since Meredith had so sternly shoved them away, but as she laid out on the ground with her torn underwear halfway up her ass (the other half hanging out of her skirt), she wished she hadn’t. “Oh come on, can’t suck up to Allegra down there. Even if you can shove your nose up her ass easier from there.”

Ashley leaned down, Meredith wincing as she feared her yanking at her styled blond hair, but the former geek grabbed her around the arms instead. She lifted Meredith off her feet, hardly an instant left to recognize what was happening before Ashley squeezed tightly, bearhugging the screaming and writhing bully.

“It’s no big deal! What’s a little hug between friends?” Ashley taunted in her ear as she hugged tighter, squeezing more screams out of her pretty little body. Meredith didn’t seem to have the mental capacity or air to spare begging and pleading in the time she spent crushing her, but then Ashley let go and staggered forward as Allegra hit her from behind with a spare camera leg.
Ash rubbed her back and turned to grab the rod on its second swing, catching the flimsy plastic in her hand and squeezing, twisting it slowly to one side as Allegra’s eyes went wide. It probably looked harder than it was, as the support wasn’t meant to bend to begin with and just take direct pressure, but to Allegra it looked like she was Superman bending a steel beam. She always was one for beauty over brains.

“Oh god, what are you!?” Al yelped, suddenly releasing the weapon and trying to scramble away. Ashley grabbed her by the back of her bikini top, making her stumble to a stop and thrash around. “Let go! Let go, you crazy monster freak!” she howled.

“You asked for it,” Ashley grinned, shifting her grip quickly to pull on the clasp of her bikini. It gave way to let Allegra spin out of control away from her and right out of her top, baring her shapely tits in front of everyone to mixed laughter and greedy stares. Allegra blushed hard and covered her chest as Ashley laughed herself during her approach.

“Didn’t know you were into those kind of shoots, Al,” Ashley taunted, grabbing her by the hair as she tried to flee. She spun her around, making her face the rest of the room as she grabbed her by the arms, bending them backward painfully. A bonus of the full nelson also shoved her tits out, stretching her chest and ribs as well as humiliating her.

“Aughhh! STOP IT! Stop it, you’re killing me! I can’t take iiiit!” Allegra whined, kicking her feet wildly and uselessly. Ash decided to add to the fun by twisting her another way, letting her flailing legs beat onto the still downed and breathless Meredith, who shrieked and cowered from her own friend’s thrashings.

“Dumbass! STOP!” Meredith shouted up at her, Allegra near tears in her shame.

“So let’s play a game, Allegra,” Ashley grinned. “And I’ll let you go.”

“Please! You promise?!” Allegra pleaded, slowing her resistance a bit.

“Don’t let her kick you around, Allegra!” Meredith insisted, but Ash swung her back toward Meredith’s direction to make her cower again.

“Says the chick who just called you a dumbass. Some best friend, huh?” She grinned as both girls started to see the barrier she’d brought up between the model and her toadie. “Now for each answer I don’t like, I break a finger. So, make em interesting.”

Another empty threat, but Allegra seemed so scared and helpless now (and naked) that she’d believe it. “What’s the naughtiest thing you’ve done before?”

“I Skyped for my boyfriend while his friends and him watched me strip naked!”

Ashley had heard that rumor before, and then some. So she squeezed her arms a bit tighter. “Annnd?”

“And I go on those cam sites and let strangers watch me masturbate!”

“Now we’re talking! And why do you do this modeling career anyway?”

“I love when people stare at me,” she insisted in a weak whimper. “It gets me off! Now let me go!”

“How’d you get your break in modeling?”

“My dad knew a guy in a food company who was looking…”

Ashley squeezed her hand tightly, as if warning her about the punishments in the game. “It’s true! I swear! Please don’t! Not my hands!”

“They want something dirtier,” Ashley urged.

“But… but… that’s what I…”

“Tell them something kinkier or else!”

“Ahhh! I sucked off the manager! I did! Honest!” she shrieked, clearly willing to say anything to save her own skin. “He did everything to me! Anything you want! Now stoooopppp! I can’t feel my arrrrms!”

Ashley lifted her a bit more and shoved her forward, Allegra landing on her face and chest as she curled up, holding both as best she could.

With Allegra broken, Ashley saw Meredith trying to crawl away from the scene. Ash grabbed her ankle, dragging her back towards the shooting area. “Hey, how about a few free shots for the trouble?” Ashley called to the camera crew, most of which eagerly moved to ready their gear. Ashley gathered a few things before moving back herself, with Meredith and Allegra herded together with their asses up facing the camera. She grabbed the partly bent camera leg that Allegra had swung at her, raising it up for a good snapshot before she went to work spanking both girls at once, the leg long enough to hit both of their tight asses in each swing. She would have gone until her arm got tired, but she was starting to wonder if that would ever come, and both of their asses were bright red and swollen after a few dozen spanks, leaving the girls crying and pleading for mercy on the ground. She twirled the makeshift paddle at last, rising and handing it to the nearest stagehand. “Here. Ask if she’ll sign it for you,” she grinned before excusing herself from the room of beaming photographers.

A fresh update on the phone showed that Melissa was back in her dorm room. Melissa was a fairly average girl, though clearly higher on the spectrum than Ashley herself. Still a decent height and build, she still had longer black hair to stand out enough to surpass Ashley’s boring body. The dorms were open to all the students at these hours, so she had no problem getting in and knocking on the door. There was a second or two’s pause before Melissa’s voice came out. “Come on in,” it said lazily.
Ashley pushed open the door, spotting Melissa on her bed. She jumped up with a yelp of “Oh shit!” when she saw Ashley come in. “So you heard,” Ashley grinned, and just as she’d entered the doorway she felt a heavy weight on her back and arms go around her neck. Yep, she’d heard.

Stephanie was something of a mixed bag for Ashley. The girl was chubbier than the rest, but not offensively so. Her size carried over to the rest of her, it seemed, with a set of big come-hither eyes and 36D cups. Part of her wondered if she had clung to this crowd of bullies to avoid any harassment herself, but if she was she seemed to have forgotten any possibility of sympathy for Ashley a long, long time ago. Especially considering she’d been hiding behind the door to ambush her and jump on her back.
Ashley grunted and staggered a bit with the sudden increase in weight she was carrying, but her enhanced muscles came through and kept her up. Melissa leaned back on her bed, shooting a kick into Ashley’s belly as she struggled with Steph’s arms, grunting loudly and shaking but still staying standing under her fatter foe. Ash stopped her prying to grab Stephanie by her hands and swing herself bodily, using the momentum to hurl Stephanie off of her back and flying into Melissa on the bed. Both girls grunted and thrashed around on the bed trying to get back up and reclaim the offensive.

Ashley idly rubbed her neck a bit before grabbing Melissa by the leg, yanking on the bare limb (both girls similarly dressed for summer in shorts and tank tops) to rip her off the bed. With the zaftig Steph still on top of her, they both fell off in a heap, tangled up with their sheets and pillows tossed into the mix. While they tried to find the footing to get up and attack her again, they’d lost the element of surprise. Ashley grabbed them each by the hair and banging their heads together, something she thought only worked in 90s movies and cartoons, but the girls bounced off each other clutching their foreheads in pain.

“Nice trick, buttheads,” Ashley growled, kicking the dorm’s door shut and grabbing two large pillows from the mess of Melissa’s bed clothes. “Now how’d you like to be part of every high schooler’s wet dream?”

She didn’t let them answer before she wound up and clocked Steph across the head with the pillow. It wasn’t quite as devastating as a fist, but all the more embarrassing to floor her with. Steph scrambled for balance, dazed as Ashley took the second pillow to Melissa’s head, toppling her over as well in the other direction.

“I dunno about you two, but sure gets me hot,” she laughed, pelting them with the pillows like softened morningstars or downy boxing gloves. The force behind her strength and Melissa liking her pillows extra stuffed made them sting much more than either of them could have expected. Finally throwing them aside, Ashley grabbed Stephanie by the hair, shoving her into sitting upright against the bed. She was breathless and sweating, red in the face from the pillow pummeling that had her head throbbing.

Ash grabbed for Stephanie’s bra through her shirt, using it for a grip to pull upward and tear the clothes off her upper body in one rough pull. Steph’s D’s flopped out, bouncing as Ash did the same to Melissa (but with far less jiggling in general), leaving them topless and bare back to back.

“Hey! Stop it already!” Melissa yelped, trying to cover herself up. Stephanie did the same, but with more than a handful as they overflowed from her hands. It was a perfect setup as Ashley grabbed one of the sheets, using it to wrap around them and tie the sheets around their wrists. It left the two bound together like her personal hostages, thrashing and pulling but she saw that the knots were tight, and they weren’t at their best to begin with right after their pummeling.

“There, you freak! Now let us go and get the fuck out of my room!” Steph snapped, getting a backhand slap from Ashley that nearly toppled both the girls over.

“Knock it off! She’s crazy! And freak strong… somehow…” Melissa corrected, but got her own smack for her talk.

“Don’t think about it too hard,” Ashley said. “Though that never sounded like your two’s strong point. You were always more into physically torturing me, weren’t you?” They cringed a bit, trying to hide behind each other all at once as Ashley grinned down at them. “But I’m not like that. I’m smarter than that. I like to get into my victims’ heads a bit.” She shot a fist at Stephanie’s head, making her wince but stopping short from actually connecting with her just to psych her out.

With the properly broken down and cowering, she grabbed the two by the sheet binding them, lifting them up and tossing them onto the bed. “What are you going to do to us?!” pleaded Melissa, shaky after all the torture talk.

Ashley grabbed her by the ankles, twisting her around until she was upside down compared to Steph. Their size difference left her head in the middle of Melissa’s legs, twisting the sheets to further tighten around their wrists painfully and getting another squeal out of them. Both girls kicked their feet in protest, which still wasn’t enough to keep them safe from Ashley’s grip. With that, she pulled at Stephanie’s pants, ripping them wide open over her wide ass and exposing her skimpy panties to her friend and her rival alike.

“Ugh! Get that out of my face!” Melissa shouted, trying to squirm to keep her face out of Stephanie’s crotch.

“Then why don’t you return the favor?” Ashley taunted, ripping Melissa’s pants down the middle with her bare hands before tearing them off completely, leaving both girls with their faces crammed into eachothers’ pantied muffs.

“Hey! Hey, let us go!” Stephanie protested, grunting and trying to wriggle out of the tightly knotted sheets.

“Yea, that’s good. Keep yelling,” Ashley said, smiling and turning towards the door. “I’m just gonna leave this open a crack so everyone can hear that and see how you two wound up.”

The girls gaped at her as best they could in their position as she walked off, eager to overhear what kind of rumors went on about the kinky sex the two must be having.

Bunny and Megan were at the top of the social food chain, and the real leaders and brains (as best they could manage) behind Ashley’s bullying. She’d wanted to save them for last. Of course, when they’d found out that every other bully on the campus from their school had their asses kicked, they’d flock to each other. It was a question of whether they’d try to call her out and make a scene of it, or cower and hide somewhere when they figured out just how strong she was now.

Bunny had red hair and some light freckles over her face, mostly lining under her brown eyes. She was on the short side of things, but had still managed to grow a nice big chest for boys to stare down at and into, almost unfairly so for her size at DDs.
Megan was notably taller than normal, with medium-length dark hair coming around her jawline and a good-looking figure of her own. She fancied herself rather intelligent, though not enough so that Ashley didn’t wonder how much she paid off her teachers to sell that idea to everyone else. She tended to walk the halls in spike-heeled leather boots, making her look even taller to look down her nose at people with.

Of course where they were now, the boots would have been ridiculous, even though Ashley didn’t put it above her to wear her leather to the beach. She didn’t need Kimmy’s mind for science to know how nasty that mix turned out.
Kimmy wore her usual shorts and t-shirt there, but found the girls sitting and talking on the shore. She’d expected them to be sunning here normally, but when Bunny spotted her over Megan’s shoulder, she could see they were being alert about things and not being as cocky or stupid as they would be normally. Bunny wore a pink side-tie bikini and Megan a sleeker, lower cut two-piece that curved invitingly towards her sideboob and pelvis.

“Hey, girls,” Ashley called and waved as she made her way over the sand. The girls stayed sitting as they smiled back at her wickedly. Yup. Still cocky.

“Oh they there, Ashtray,” Bunny beamed at her. “Remember when we used to call you that because Meg made you taste cigarette butts that one time?”

Ash boiled behind her own smile. “Oh I remember it fine. Kind of why I’m here.”

“Oh we heard about that. Going around and beating up all our friends? Kind of a real bully move, isn’t it?” Bunny said, pouting. She was talking plenty loud, getting people around to pay attention and probably try and win their sympathy. Nobody could really buy that Ashley was a bully given her looks, but it was worth a few snickers.

“So what’d you do?” Megan asked, wrapping her arms around her knees. “Take some karate lessons? Pop some steroids? Buy a taser and hide it from everyone? We know you’re a twig, Ashy, but this’ especially pathetic. Nobody buys that you could beat up one of those girls in a straight fight.”

Ashley puffed up a bit with a deep breath, feeling the power run through her veins. Kimmy had assured her it would be a long term effect, but it felt good to confirm it wasn’t fading any time soon.

“Besides, you’re on our turf now,” Bunny said, standing up and putting a hand on her hip. “So if you’re so tough, let’s see it. Us cute little beach bunnies against your scrawny self, all these witnesses. No dark classroom or jumping girls in their dorm. A straight, fair fight.”

A few of the more excited people expecting a show gave encouraging hoots and cheers. Ashley rolled her eyes and added dryly “Yea right. I’m not here for a fair fight at all.”

The girls smirked at her backing down, only for Ash to add “I’m here to take you on both at once. And even THAT’S not going to be fair.” The crowd cheered louder still as Ashley stretched her arms and put up her fists. “Come on. Let’s get this over with before you start to burn.”

The girls frowned at the turn of the crowd in her favor, but Megan got up to back up her girlfriend. The two circled to either side, taking care to keep Ashley surrounded. Rather than bother to keep her eyes on both of them, knowing it to be impossible, Ashley gave them a few seconds of false security before she ran up to Megan, swinging a fist up into her bare belly with a loud smack of flesh on flesh. Megan doubled up immediately, face a mask of shock at the stinging pain through her guts. Ashley grabbed her by the hair, shoving her forward to let her topple front-first into the sand. The crowd fired up again as she struggled to fix her top and contain her hefty rack, as well as dump some of the sand from her cleavage.

Bunny hopped up behind Ashley while she worked over Megan, wrapping her legs around her middle and pulling on her hair, expecting to shake the lighter Ashley to the ground. Ash endured the redhead’s weight and reached back to grab her by the hair as well. “Stephanie was heavier,” she grunted, swinging her over her shoulder by the hair to let Bunny hit the sand, screaming all the way down. “And even she screwed that move up.”

The girls both lunged at Ashley’s legs, pulling and pushing to rock her. She stood her ground a bit before toppling onto her ass, pulling one foot free to kick Bunny in the forehead. “AHH!” she clutched her face and winced as she let go, but Megan hung on enough to bite into Ashley’s bare leg.

“OWW! You little shit,” she said, grabbing Bunny by the chest and twisting like a doorknob. Bunny’s eyes went huge as she howled in pain, Ash’s nails raking over her chest and the orbs molding out of shape as her feet beat the sand rapidly. The payback only went on a few amusing seconds before Megan suddenly tossed a handful of sand at her face. Ashley managed to keep it from getting anywhere too nasty, but it made her sputter and shield her eyes, giving both the girls a moment to break free.

Ash rubbed the sand from her eyes with a growl to see the girls running for it, to the taunting calls of the onlookers. She could still spot Megan as she dashed away from her into the crowd, and when Ash gave chase she grabbed a random short-haired coed from the crowd and shoved her in the way. Ash was quick enough to catch her by the shoulders instead of taking a swing at her, thinking fast and telling the girl close to her face “Duck!”

The girl listened and obeyed as suddenly Bunny swung a beach chair at Ashley and her head all in one broad swing, Ash catching it’s edge with one hand to stop it. She pulled to draw Bunny in. “Heyyy~!” she cried out just before Ashley swung her foreleg up to slam into her bikini’d crotch. Bunny made a gagging noise as her legs slowly gave out beneath her, cupping her swimsuit-covered crotch as she fell as if in slow motion. Ash was on the alert already, so when Megan barely touched her shoulder to turn her into a punch, the little blond shot her elbow back to crash into her jugs. Megan cried out at the slam, stumbling back holding her sternum as Ashley turned on her. Megan looked down to see the fight temporarily taken out of her backup, and not liking her odds quite as much.

“Wait, wait, Ash! Don’t be mad!” she insisted, trying to buy herself some time.

“Don’t be mad? You two-faced little witch. Time to expose you for the fakes you really are!” She grabbed the taller her girl by her top, swinging her by it in a broad circle. Megan managed to stumble along to keep pace and avoid falling over, but she was still whipped around and getting exhausted and dizzy. At first it seemed like Ashley had finally let go, but it was just physics doing its job for her. Ashley still held onto the top while Megan spun free, going to rub her aching chest before realizing what had happened. She gasped and tried to cover her chest and its pair of quarter-sized pale pink nips as the crowd jeered and whistled.

“Nice ones, poser,” she grinned as she threw the top to a random fan. While she was busy taunting, Bunny rose again, this time with a random towel in hand (the other hand holding her crotch. She threw it over Ashley’s head and tugged back, leaving her blinded and off balance as it pulled Ashley into the sand. Both girls took the opening to circle and start stomping on her, Ashley screaming in pain and anger as she was beaten blindly by the two girls, even as the crowd booed them.

“Oh shut up, haters,” Megan snapped back at them, bare tits jiggling with her bitter stomps. Ashley growled like a berserker as she lunged up through one of the stomps, happening to be Bunny as she floored her like a linebacker.

The blows seemed to have made Ashley angrier more than anything, grabbing Bunny’s head in both hands as if threatening to crush it. Instead, she shoved the redhead’s face into the sand, grinding it back and forth as she screamed from the roughness rubbing over her face, only managing to muffle her cries and get further sand into her face. Megan was still off balance enough for Ash to flip Bunny over and grab hold of her top as well, ripping it off like Megan’s and shoving it into her mouth to let her choke on that as well as her partly swallowed sand.

She turned back to grab Megan by the arm in mid stride, eying a golden opportunity in that Megan had stumbled near the shore. She shoved the dark-haired girl into an incoming wave, letting her crash into it and lose her balance, tumbling over in the wet sand. Ashley stayed firm and moved after her, shoving her until she was hip-deep in the seawater. At that she smiled and politely asked a nearby boy to borrow his inner tube. The guy seemed all too delighted to hand it over, and as Megan rose again, Ash grabbed her and shoved her head-first into the doughnut.

This left Megan’s feet kicking in the air, bubbles flying up around the tube as she screamed and thrashed under it. Much of the crowd had followed her into the water, or watched from the shoreline as Ashley used her exposed ass for spanking practice, smacking the wet rump loudly with stinging, reddening blows. The thrashing of her feet made it all the clearer how bad it hurt. After a good 10 seconds, Ashley pulled the tube’s handles, flipping it back up. Megan coughed and spat up sea water, wet hair hanging sadly off of her. She gagged and gasped for air, just for Ashley to land a few sharp slaps over her face before dunking her again, working her ass instead. The paddling seemed to win the crowd over plenty as she tossed her back and forth, until the bubbles slowed after about the 4th rotation. When she came up, Megan gagged out some more water, but laid flopped over the inner tube, a KO’d buey.

By then Bunny was splashing in after her, abandoning her top in exchange for quicker vengeance. Ashley took a breath and slid underwater, Bunny losing sight of her quickly as she stalked her like a shark. Even swimming was easier with her newly boosted body. She slid up behind Bunny and grabbed onto her legs, making her jump before she rose out of the water. The water made her weight all the more insignificant, and let her grab onto her neck as well. She rose with Bunny stretched out over her shoulders, the short girl’s big bust facing the sun as she bent her into a torture rack.
“Oh god! Stop it! You’re gonna break my back! Seriously!” Bunny pleaded loudly.

“Oh please. It’d only break your back if I actually tried. Like THIS!” Ashley grunted, squatting down like a weightlifter and pulling harder on the hold. Bunny squealed and screamed in nonsense at the pain, arms and legs flailing and slapping at her desperately for an escape.

“Do some deadlifts!” a jock from the crowd encouraged, getting cheers from the group again as Ash walked towards the shore, doing the occasional stop for her best impression of a weightlifter, being sure to stretch Bunny’s spine particularly well, and dig her fingers into something tender while she did to milk the screams out of her.

Near the edge of the water, she felt her foot brush against something. Thinking quickly, she stepped back and dumped Bunny into the water, holding her back and rolling in the muddy sand.

“Well well, looks like the rumors were true!” Ashley gloated, reaching underwater and pulling up her catch. A large beach crab was in her grip, fidgeting around in her firm grasp around its shell. Bunny made disgusted face and recoiled from it, but Ashley lashed out with it. The thing reacted to the feel of flesh and clamped both its claws around her nipples, getting a screech from Bunny as she spasmed in pain. “OH GOD! OWIE OWIE OWIE! IT’S GONNA CUT THEM OFF! STOP!” Ash knew she was exaggerating, or at least that the crab couldn’t really do such a thing. She was fine to let Ashley believe that, as her face clenched trying to control the pain and unable to resist at all. It left her an easy target for Ashley to slug her clean across the face, her head snapping away and clearly overloading her pain capacity as she fell to the edge of the tide. The water lapped at her as the crab let go to scuttle for the shore. Ashley had wanted to stuff it down her bikini bottoms for the obvious crabs joke, but why not let the little guy go? That was the point, really. Why pick on the little ones?

With both girls being pulled out of the water in their beat up, blacked out state, Ashley started off when a quick voice cried “Wait!” She turned warily, only to find the short blond girl that Megan had shoved at her, trotting after her over the sand with some cute jiggling to her chest. She arrived at her and didn’t say anything, but bit her lip and pulled out a pen. Ashley had to smile as she shared the silence and let her write her phone number down on her palm before running off blushing.

It was a full day later when Ash walking back from class. A night class was the easiest way for Ashley to fill her requirements and then some, so it was right around sunset when she was walking back from class. It was a good feeling, as a weight had been lifted off her shoulders, not even counting the lighter load of her books in her enhanced arms. Even without her glasses, she was sharp enough to see a pair of figures standing off, chatting by the wall of one of the dorms. There was Stephanie and Allegra, talking naturally but their eyes going to watch her go. They looked uneasy, but not quite afraid of her like she’d expect. As she walked past, there was also Meredith and Megan sitting in the grass on the quad. Amber idled by another lamp post further down.

So they hadn’t learned yet. Ashley sighed and turned her direction towards the quad, the easiest place to settle all this. It would give her room to move and nowhere for them to hide. “Alright, I get the point!” she called out, challenging them openly whether they’d planned for it or not. “Come on out. You might have a chance if you’re all out at once?”

There was a bit of quiet before the rest of the girls came out into view. All twelve of the girls surrounded her, some still showing some bruises or slight limps from their beatings. Meredith walked a bit funny from her spanking at the studio.

“I can’t even beat some sense into you girls,” Ashley said with a shake of her head, not bothering to try and keep her eyes on all of them. “I’d say it’s a learning disability but I don’t want to give you the excuse for being such dumbasses.”

“Says the girl who’s surrounded and about to become dead meat,” corrected Megan. And with that, it began so quickly.

Natasha and Gabriella were the first to strike, lashing out and grabbing Ashley by the arms. Ash managed to keep them from budging her much, flexing her scrawny arms and still forcing them to push back, even as they kept their grip tight. Carolyn started to move in, brandishing a pair of handcuffs, which Ashley had no surprise to learn that she owned.

She shifted her weight to throw a kick into Carolyn’s belly, winding the blond and pulling hard as she leaned down, throwing the sisters to into the grass. She was on her way back up when Melissa and Knicky leapt onto her back, swinging clumsily at her but enough to knock her to the ground with them. Melissa got a handful of Ashley’s light blond hair, shaking her by the head and trying to slam her head into the dirt. It only connected once with Ashley’s resistance, at which point she managed to get an elbow into Melissa’s face.

Melissa yelped and clutched her nose as Ashley shoved her off, swinging her other hand to slug Melissa across the face to send her toppling off. Bunny had gotten Allegra and Kasey to back her as they rushed in, trying to throw kicks into Ashley’s ribs as she rose. A couple landed before she just grabbed Bunny by her standing leg and pulled to one side, letting her flop into the others and fall over like leggy dominoes in a shrieking heap.

Carolyn tried to crawl up behind her with the cuffs again, Ashley spotting her in time to grab her arm, swiping the cuffs from her and snapping them onto the blonde’s wrist. She had time to look surprised before Melissa threw a punch at her, just for Ashley to dodge around it and snap the other end of the cuffs around the incoming fist. She gave a quick shove to Melissa’s back to send her tumbling out of control before she and Carolyn both tripped over each other in their bindings.

The chaos gave Ashley a moment to take the offensive, leaping over the handcuffed girls and kicking the incoming Amber in between her breasts, sending her sprawling to the dirt before she could use her relatively impressive power to her advantage.
Megan threw a kick at Ashley’s crotch, only for her to squeeze her legs shut. Megan shrieked out as she twisted her own legs, wrenching her trapped ankle with it. She used her as a brace to punch the incoming Knicky across the face, stunning her long enough to wrap up her arm in her own. With that she dropped to the ground, twisting and crushing both limbs in her grip as the girls screamed out, slapping at the arms or legs that bound them.

Ashley twisted on the hold a bit longer than she rightfully should have, though, leaving her still enough for the girls to regroup around her. Meredith grabbed her from behind, pulling an arm behind her back so Stephanie could come in from her peripheral and send a fist into Ashley’s gut.

“UMFF!” She blurted out a burst of air, her flexing abs absorbing some but not all of the shot. Stephanie put her weight into another punch in the chest, making Ashley wince but use her one free hand to grab her hair and deliver a headbutt that left Steph seeing stars. She reached back to grab Meredith by her arm, flipping her over her shoulder and smacking into Stephanie, crushing the bigger girl under her smaller companion. As they flopped on top of each other, Meredith started to rise up a bit dizzily before Ashley moved in over them and send a harsh stomp to the back of her head, sending her face shooting forward and smacking into Steph’s. There’s a heavy clunking sound and the two laid limply on top of eachother. Two down!

Ashley spun around, balling up a fist into a backhand hit that, with some minor last minute adjustments, cracked across both Kasey and Gabby’s chins. Both stumbled before Ashley shifted her position and shoved Gabriella hard, making her trip over the still entangled Carolyn and land her big proud ass on top of Melissa’s head, making her grunt heavily as her face dug into the grass and soil, coughing but making no efforts to get up as the last of the fight was put out of her. “Get up, fatass!” shrieked Carolyn, trying to yank her arm free from the cuffs only to find a nearly KO’d girl and her curvy teammate holding her down.
Bunny came in to wrap an arm around Ashley’s neck. “Still got to breathe, muscle geek,” she growled, sending a fist into Ashley’s ribs.

“I wouldn’t waste my breath on you,” she growled, grabbing Bunny’s arm to pull it free and twisting to get a pained shriek out of her. Ashley pulled her to one side and kept going, spinning around with her wildly. Her feet were soon kicking at the air, tagging Amber across the face with her shoe before the other girls smartened up and backed out of Ashley’s range. Bunny’s screams went whizzing past them, mostly variants of “STOP HER!” and “GET ME OFF!” and “LET GO!”

Ashley lined it up and sent her flying at Allegra, who unfortunately caught on fast enough to dive out of the way, getting herself dirty but avoiding the out of control missile that was Ashley. She bounced her way across the turf away from the others as the display of power on one of their leaders turned them off from the fight a bit. Bunny, meanwhile, was far too dizzy and hurt to stand up straight for a while.

“That’s four down,” Ashley counted in a growling tone, starting to feel a bit sore (worse than she’d been in all the fights), but angry. She walked towards the group again before throwing a kick at the thrashing and pulling Carolyn, trying to dislodge herself from the witless Melissa.

“Five,” she corrected sternly.

Amber and Natasha tried attacking together, with Kasey right behind them. Ashley threw out a side kick into Natasha’s ribs, stunning her a bit so Ash could block a few punches from Amber with ease. The third blow she contorted a bit to touch her elbow and shove it, letting Amber’s strong fist hit Tasha in her prized tit. She gasped and clutched her chest, both girls surprised enough for Ashley to move in and lightning quick, strike them each with a pair of hooks across the face. Both stumbled with a bloody nose for Amber, and a fat lip for Natasha.

Knicky moved in on Ashley, but she was still stumbling a bit from her twisted leg. Ashley kicked into her good knee, sending her tumbling to the ground as she quickly straddled her midsection. Ashley rained a frenzy of punches down around her head and tits, beating the redhead into the earth with fiercely quick and hard hits she couldn’t hope to block. Battered like it was by a real MMA fighter, Knicky was limp several punches before Ashley stopped.

Even then, it was when Gabby leapt onto her back, reaching out to claw at her face and chest. The attack tore at Ashley’s shirt and left a bad scratch over Ashley’s cheek, which she’d consider made her look more like a badass if she weren’t so damn angry. Ash swung her head back to crack into Gabriella’s face, stunning her and starting to release her mad grip on her. Ashley reached back to grab her hair, holding her up and slamming three more headbutts in for good measure. Natasha tried stumbling to her sister’s aid, but a kick to the crotch brought her sibling to her knees.

Kasey tried to approach with a kick to Ashley’s belly, but she sidestepped, letting her swing and miss just for Ashley to leap up. She swung one foot up, slamming Kasey upside the jaw with a high kick right as she fell to her hip, using the fall to shift Gabby’s position and let her chin drop right on top of her skull, the double shot to the chins putting both girls flat on their backs and groaning as they had been so often before, though this time against their will.

With an icy glare, Ashley looked over those left standing. Tasha cupping her groin but slowly rising, Amber with a swollen nose that was stopping the bleeding quickly, Megan having largely hung back but taken a few spills on the way, and Allegra in similar condition. Ash was a bit sore herself, but was quick to feint for Megan. She flinched enough for Ashley to twist and throw a kick into Amber’s ribs as she tried to surprise her. The fit girl staggered and Ashley grabbed her by the hair, shoving her past her to ram her head into Allegra’s stomach. The two went down together just as Megan and Natasha pounced onto her. With her weight off center from knocking over the first two, their tackle proved surprisingly effective and brought all three girls to the ground.

Ashley shoved up at Megan’s face as her back hit the grace, winding her a bit, but Natasha took her place in clawing and punching at Ashley’s chest. Ashley managed to stretch up a leg, planting a foot and shoving to hurl Natasha off. Unfortunately, Tasha had a grip on her shirt as she was removed from her perch, tearing a long strip down the right side of Ashley’s chest. She ignored it for now as she reached up and grabbed Megan by the throat, forcing herself up with their co-captain in tow. She lifted the gagging Megan off her feet, letting them kick and flail under her as she was held up by nothing but her neck. Allegra tried to rush her at the side, but Ashley turned her head sharply in her direction. Allegra tried to skid to a stop and double back, but Ashley grabbed her by the hair, yanking her towards her like a leash. She wrapped her arm around her neck, effectively choking both girls out while their partners still stumbled back to their feet, the pretty popular girls stained and sweaty from the exchange.
They kept their distance as Ashley felt the girls go limp in her grasp, letting Allegra drop like a rag doll and throwing Megan down like a victorious football player. She looked up as Amber and Natasha exchanged nervous glances, then back at Ashley. She grinned madly, her adrenaline pumping with unnatural power for her size. And with her top partly torn, exposing her simple and dirt-smudged white bra, she had a passing resemblance to an amazon queen.

Amber and Tasha both gave out a cry for various reasons. Amber threw herself at the empowered nerd, unwilling to face defeat or failure or cowardice after the stinging blow to her rep at the gym. Natasha had seen her opponent just tear through nearly a dozen girls and now motioning for them to bring on more. She turned tail to run across the quad, huffing the entire way as her plump ass jiggling for Ashley to watch as she went. Amber went for a wide swing at Ash’s head, which she caught as the wrist as she charged to meet her. At the same time she swung out her other arm, clotheslining Amber and flattening her onto her back, the gym rat groaning and coughing quietly on the ground a few seconds while Ashley stood over her. The brawny girl waved a hand to try and ward her off and mutely ask for mercy, with the air beat out of her. The last she saw was Ashley drop down and land an elbow drop onto her forehead, rattling her body head to toe before going limp.

Ashley pushed herself up to her hands and knees, seeing Natasha still trying to scramble across the grass. She timed things out quickly and got into a sprinter’s stance before taking off after her. Her arms pumped as she overtook Natasha, probably quicker than she could figure out what was happening. She overtook her like a lioness and leapt past her, putting an arm around her head and performing a running mimic of a wrestling move she saw on tv once. The effect basically combined their running speed into slamming Natasha’s face into the dirty grass, letting her hit it top speed and tumble head over heels. “Come on, come on,” muttered Ashley before Tasha came to a slow stop just next to the pavement, never fully leaving the quad.
“Yes! Nailed it!” she gloated with a pump of her fist, only to feel silly a moment later when she realized that she was doing her victory dance in front of nobody but a bunch of unconscious girls. She was giddy and thrilled with herself, but wanted something more. Something to gloat with and let them remember her by.

A few minutes of work and Ashley tossed Megan on top of the pile of girls, all of them stripped naked in a heap in the middle of the quad, groaning or just out cold. There was a quick grunt from one of the girls as Megan landed on top of her, the girls’ muffled voices sounding like an awkward orgy taking place in the middle of campus. Ashley dusted her hands off at a job well done, content that knowing with their entire forces combined, they couldn’t have taken her. She snapped her fingers and pulled the touch phone out of her pocket, throwing it onto the lump of woman that closest resembled her target.
“Oh, and Knicky? Here’s your phone back. Thaaaanks,” she chimed, waving and walking off with a hum and a happy wiggle of her slender hips.

The End

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