Au Naturel by JB57

Louise Long lay on a chaise longue beside a large oval swimming pool, basking in the early afternoon sun. Louise was completely nude, her magnificent body gleaming with oil. Perspiration beaded on her silky skin. Her majestic tits sat proud and round on her chest, lolling slightly to her sides, the firm, meaty flesh topped by thick, light brown nipples. Her flat stomach glistened, sweat pooling in her deep navel. Her long, beautifully muscled legs flexed as she stretched, enjoying the release of the tension in her muscles. Her perfect toes pointed as the luxurious stretch rippled through her voluptuous body. Louise’s thick, red pussy fur was carefully shaped into a perfect oval mat above her vaginal slit. Her pussy lips were shaved bare and glinted with moisture in the heat of the day. Her red hair was styled in a familiar Marilyn Monroe-cut. The only thing Louise was wearing was a pair of aviator sunglasses.

The beautiful redhead enjoyed the heat of the sun. She did not sunbathe often – maybe once a week or so, just enough to give her perfect body a healthy golden glow. But when she did sunbathe, she preferred to do it in the nude, so that she could get an unbroken, all-over tan. For her sunbathing, she loved coming to this place – Au Naturel, an exclusive nudist colony on the outskirts of the city. This establishment was unique in a number of ways. For one, it was restricted to adults. For another, it catered to only the very rich and their guests. Au Naturel allowed and even encouraged public sexual encounters, creating an atmosphere of barely contained eroticism and decadence that Louise enjoyed. The colony was spread over several hundred acres of forest and included a lake, swimming pools, tennis courts, cabanas and a luxury hotel. Most weekends it was quite busy. This was the middle of the week, however, and Louise was all alone by one of the more remote pools, located in a thick forest near the edge of the property. It was just down the hill from the cabana she had booked for the night. 

A naked waiter came by to give Louise more iced tea. She thanked him, then told him that she would be going in soon, so he did not need to come around again. He thanked her, then headed off. She admired the roll of his muscular young ass. She smiled at the obvious erection he had displayed as he served her. Being naked, not a lot could be done to hide the body’s reactions. But she would have been much more offended if he had not been aroused in her presence.

Louise sipped her iced tea, her eyes closed. She put the glass beside her on a side table, then lay back on the chaise. She would stay out for 15 more minutes, then go into her cabana, shower off the sweat and oil, and then take a restful nap before leaving for a naked dinner at the main lodge.

Suddenly, Louise sensed some of her light being blocked. Her eyes shot open. She gasped in surprised delight. 

Standing at the foot of the lounger was a magnificent black-haired beauty. The woman was, of course, absolutely naked, except for wedge-heeled sandals on her feet and a handbag hanging on her shoulder. Her tits were spectacular, every bit the equal of Louise’s massive rack. They hung high and firm on her chest like twin, meaty cannonballs, topped by thick, dark brown nipples. The women’s beautifully muscled torso curved down to wide hips, then flowed into long, powerfully sculpted legs. Her face was gorgeous, a patrician nose and wide green eyes, her head adorned by a thick crown of long black hair, which flowed down her back and stopped between her shoulder blades. The woman’s sunglasses were perched on top of her head. Her hands were on her womanly hips. She was staring down at Louise, examining every inch of the redhead’s voluptuous body, a look of cool appraisal and barely-contained jealousy on her lovely features.

Louise let her eyes roam over the other woman’s body slowly and carefully, taking in every inch of the beauty’s incredible form, including what was between the mystery woman’s legs – a thick, dense thatch of well-maintained pussy fur. Like Louise, the woman’s cuntlips were shaved bare. They glistened with moisture, looking soft and juicy. The woman’s entire body gleamed with tanning oil. 

“Are you Louise?” the woman smiled, her beautiful face a mask. Her voice was smoky and seductive. 

“Why, yes I am, darling,” Louise smiled, pulling off her sunglasses and placing them on the side table. “And who might you be?” 

“I’m Veronica,” the other woman replied.”Veronica Carter. And I just had to come out here and see that bush for myself.” She gestured with her chin at the thick fur adorning Louise’s pubes. 

“Why thank you, dear,” Louise smiled. “You seem to have a nice thick bush yourself.” Louise pulled up her knees slightly, and spread her legs on the chaise, more than enough to give Veronica a good view of her juicy, pink fuck slit. Veronica smiled, staring intently into Louise’s exposed cunt. 

Louise continued. “Veronica Carter. Aren’t you with Reginald Acton?” Acton was a very well known millionaire businessman, who had a reputation for chasing women and changing girlfriends on a regular basis. “I did not know you were members of this club.”

“Yes,” Veronica replied. “We just joined. He hasn’t come by yet, but he may be visiting sometime next week. I thought I would check things out before he arrived.” 

“You know,” Veronica continued, “Reggie really likes women with nice thick bushes and big round tits.”

Louise understood immediately. If Veronica wanted to hold onto a man like Acton, she needed to be sure that any potential challengers were dealt with before they could become a problem. That was especially true at a club like this, which abounded with beautiful, naked women looking for affairs with rich men, and where the club encouraged casual sexual encounters. Veronica was checking out the competition. For a woman like Veronica, very few women were a real challenge. But Louise was her equal in every way, a true potential threat to her hold on Acton.

“Really,” Louise grinned. “Well, then, I’m looking forward to meeting him. You must bring him by when he visits.”

Veronica smiled grimly. “Actually, I was thinking that you should trim that bush.” Her eyes lit with heat. “You do know that the fashion these days is to shave completely?” 

Louise smiled at the impertinence of the beautiful bitch in front of her. “Yes,” Louise shrugged, “but I’ve decided to buck the trend. I have no intention of shaving my pussy hair.” 

“Well, then,” Veronica replied, her eyes growing dark, her beautiful face barely containing her excitement, “I guess I’ll have to do it for you.” 

Veronica let her bag fall to the ground, kicked off her sandals, and whipped her sunglasses off her head and threw them aside. She dropped onto Louise’s chaise longue, her knees between Louise’s slightly spread legs. Veronica’s meaty tits bounced deliciously with the movement. Louise gasped with shock at the sudden attack. She raised her hands to push the other woman away, but Veronica grabbed her hand to hand. Their fingers interlaced and their hands locked, palm to palm. The flesh to flesh contact sent an erotic pulse through both women’s incredible bodies. The black-haired woman used her superior position to push Louise’s arms out to either side. At the same time, she threw her body forward and used her knees and thighs to push Louise’s powerful, perfect thighs apart. The shift in weight caused the support bar holding up the head of the chaise longue to slip; the head dropped back to the horizontal position and Louise found herself flat on her back, her legs spread wide, her arms straining under the weight of Veronica’s luscious body. Groaning, Louise arched her back, thrusting her tits up, to challenge her attacker. 

Veronica’s smile widened, her eyes glinting with malice and excitement. Pinning Louise to the chaise, she eagerly lowered her massive tits down onto Louise’s matching boobs. Both women gasped with uncontrollable excitement and pleasure as their thick, sensitive titmeat met and mashed. Incredible sensations of erotic power rippled through their writhing bodies as their boobs rolled against each other. Their nipples crossed and crushed, causing the women to gasp together. Veronica worked her back muscles, grinding her rock hard nipples down into Louise’s nips, rotating her fleshy spears around Louise’s pebbled areola. Louise gasped with pleasure and Veronica moaned. The women’s burning nipples rubbed furiously back and forth against each other, before twisting together and, locked in a death grip, were buried between the women’s struggling tits as Veronica settled on top of Louise, bearing the redhead down onto the chaise. 

At the same time, Veronica used her thighs to push Louise’s thighs even wider, exposing the redhead’s juicy cunt. Groaning with desire, Louise spread herself willingly and tilted her pelvis, giving Veronica complete access to her burning, aching pussy. Snarling with lust, Veronica slid the v of her slick, burning twat down into place against Louise’s equally slippery, hot cunt. The women’s hot fuck slits kissed and crushed, juicy pussy lips pressing and slotting together wetly.

“Unnnnnnhhhhh!!!,” Louise and Veronice groaned in unison, as their bodies exploded with desire and burning sensation.

Both women moaned and gasped, crying out with pleasure, as erotic electricity raced through their incredible bodies. Veronica settled on top of Louise, pressing the full weight of her body into the redhead spread beneath her. She pressed down with the power of her hips and ass, groaning in delight as she felt Louise’s thick, juicy cuntlips flatten and open against her own. Carefully, burning with lust, Louise rubbed her slick cunt against Veronica’s twat, pushing back. The women’s swollen pussy lips sucked at each other and slid deliciously around and around, spreading the hot lubrication that was gushing out of both women’s battling twats. Their throbbing tits pancaked, taut flesh resisting and compressing, sending pulses of incredible heat racing through their bodies.

Veronica’s rock-hard stomach flattened against Louise’s abdomen. Their narrow, sweat-filled navels sucked at each other. Veronica ground her thick black bush deep and hard into Louise’s thick red mat of cuntfur, working her hips so that the curly, course hair meshed and twined into unbreakable knots.

“I’m going to give you a haircut down there, you redheaded cunt,” Veronica gasped at her sexual enemy, even as she struggled to control the incredible erotic energies roaring through her body. “I’m going to strip that red bush bare.” Veronica pressed her forehead to Louise’s forehead. The women glared at each other, nose to nose, eyes blazing directly into each other, hot breath and furious pants mixing. “I’ll squash those flabby bags on your chest while I’m at it.”

“You fucking dyke,” Louise snarled. “I’ve got a lot more cunt and tit than you can handle.”

“Oh, I don’t think so, pussyfucker,” Veronica gasped. She increased the tempo of her thrusts, ramming and grinding her pussy harder and harder into Louise’s twat. Their wet pussylips slapped together, sticking and sucking. Veronica worked her ass harder; Louise shoved up with all her strength, determined to fuckfight this blackhaired bitch with all of her energy. The wet, flat sound of juicy cuntmeat beating against cuntmeat echoed out over the grounds. The women’s oiled bodies slid on each other sensually, slick and hot, sending bursts of erotic power through their flesh that threatened to overwhelm their senses. 

Louise felt her cunt spreading, yielding, and molding itself to Veronica’s thrusting, driving twat. As the sexual energy between the gorgeous Amazons built and built, Louise felt her flesh merging and melting with Veronica’s hot, slick, perfect body. The pink petals of their unbearably sensitive labia slipped together, fusing into one mass of erotic delight. Their mashed, grinding tits were burning like stars, irradiating their torsos. Their naked bellies rubbed and slid on each other, hot with slick friction. Their cunts burned and ached at the same time, sopping wet with lubrication, opening and sucking at each other like hungry mouths. As the battle between their struggling pussies grew more ferocious, both women could feel the wet suction building as their fuckholes sealed and locked tight.

The women groaned and gasped under the afternoon sun. Their oiled, perfect bodies thrashed and struggled on the chaise longue. The women remained locked hand to hand. Veronica’s rounded, gleaming brown ass pumped, her twat slapped and slammed down on Louise’s wet cunt furiously. Their animal grunts of effort and incredible lust rang out. They panted and moaned harder and louder as unbearable pleasure flared in every inch of their struggling bodies.

Both women felt their thick clits swelling out of their labia. Their throbbing sexhorns slid deliciously into the hot, wet folds of the other woman’s cunt. Their exquisitely sensitive organs licked head to head, sending a pulse of unbearable pleasure reverberating through both women. Their clits crushed each other, rubbing and grinding hard.

“Fuck, Fuck oh FUCK!!!,” Louise screamed. 

“Yes, yes, Fuck, YESSSS!!,” Veronica howled. 

Hands still locked and struggling, the women pressed cheek to cheek, their eyes squeezed tight, their beautiful faces pictures of sexual agony as they battled to control the incredible energies, the erotic pleasures building deep inside. They kept their swollen clits locked and grinding against each other, fencing deliciously. They each wrapped their juicy cuntlips around each other’s sexhorns and squeezed and squeezed, massaging and stimulating them. Their growing, rock hard clits finally twisted together and the women sobbed uncontrollably as wave after wave of delicious ecstasy rolled through their luscious bodies. 

Louise could feel the unbearable pleasure and pressure building and building, she could feel the need for release filling up her core. “Good, good, so good, so fucking good…” she moaned. “God, oh god, oh god!!”

“Yes, yes, you bitch, take it, take it, take it!!,” Veronica gasped. She humped Louise viciously. She felt the unbearable ecstasy building deep inside and she did not know how much longer she could last. 

Louise felt herself overflow with pleasure. The heat building in her cunt and breasts suddenly multiplied a dozenfold and erupted in searing bursts of electric ecstasy. Screaming, her body going rigid with pleasure, her legs flying wide, she arched her back powerfully. Her pussy convulsed and erupted with a stream of hot cum. The orgasm took her completely and she bucked and heaved uncontrollably.

Veronica kept riding Louise, grinding clit to clit, hoping to force as many orgasms out of the redhead as she could. Her plan was simple: she intended to fuck her enemy until the redhead collapsed from sexual exhaustion, then cut the women’s bush off. She had an electric clipper in her bag. But Veronica’s plan had changed since the fight started. It had been a long time since she had gone body to body with a woman like Louise and she had almost forgotten how incredibly good it felt to be grinding tits and twats with such a magnificent specimen of womanhood. She decided that she wanted to ride Louise for as long and hard as she could. But she would break the redhead first.

The women continued to writhe and groan, moaning as Louise’s orgasms gradually subsided. Finally, soaked with sweat, wet hands still twined together, they rested, pressed clit to clit, cheek to cheek. Veronica raised her head to stare down at Louise’s beautiful, sweaty face. The black-haired vixen wore an expression of triumph.

“Good, you little bitch, good,” Veronica murmured to Louise. “That’s a good start. Let’s see how much more cum you’ve got down there.” 

“Fucking cunt,” Louise groaned. “I’ll take everything you’ve got. Give it to me.” 

The women shared defiant glares. Veronica released Louise’s sweaty hands and, grabbing Louise’s hair on either side of her face, began thrusting and grinding her rock-hard clit down into Louise’s equally hard sexhorn. Louise spread her hands on Veronica’s pumping ass, pulling the other woman deeper into her with each thrust, using Veronica’s ass to anchor herself as she thrust back, bucking with her hips. 

This time, it did not take as long for Veronica to fuck another monstrous orgasm out of Louise. The redhead screamed wildly. She wrapped her powerful legs around Veronica’s waist and squeezed hard even as she threw back her head and shrieked in ecstasy, her back arching, bridging the chaise, lifting Veronica’s body. Louise ejaculated like a fire hose, hot cum splattering and mixing in Veronica’s twat, soaking the locked intersections of their bodies, coating their intermeshed cunt bushes with thick, fragrant juice. Louise gasped and screamed again and again as multiple orgasms began chaining through her incredible body. Cum pumped from her quim like water.

Veronica could not hold out. Louise’s thrashing, bucking orgasm carried the black-haired beauty over the edge as her throbbing clit, twisted into a knot with Louise’s clit, jerked and spasmed as the redhead writhed. With a scream of pure joy, Veronica came hard, incredibly hard. She shoved down with all the power of her hips and ass, driving into Louise, struggling to ram her convulsing cunt as deep and hard into Louise’s spreading twat as she could, struggling to lock their writhing bodies together in ecstasy. Their rock hard sexhorns ground together mercilessly, exploding with searing heat and electricity. Wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure washed over both women. Veronica and Louise shot boiling cum back and forth between their sealed twats until their orgasms synchronized and the women began mixing and sharing their sexual discharge. They fucked so many orgasms out of each other that both lost all sense of time and place. The only thing that existed for both of them was the incredible body of the other, as they violated each other at their most primal levels.

Finally, the orgasms abated. Panting, they collapsed together, Veronica sprawled out on top of Louise, their beautiful bodies tangled, soaked with sweat and cum. After a while, Veronica stirred and looked down at Louise. Louise returned the gaze, through half-closed eyes. They could feel the other’s heart pounding through their compressed tits.

“You’re good, girl,” Veronica murmured, her sweet breath washing over Louise’s face. “You’re really good. I’m glad I found you. I’m going to fuck your brains out. Then, I’m going to cut off that bush. Then I’m going to take you back to my room and fuck you until you can’t walk.”

“Fucker,” Louise replied. “That is exactly what I’m going to do to you. I’m going to ride your little cunt until I suck it dry.” 

Saying this, Louise suddenly bucked and rolled and pulled hard at Veronica’s hair all at the same time. The black-haired beauty went flying off the chaise longue, onto the tile apron of the pool deck. She hit the ground hard, but rolled away and into a sitting position immediately. Louise also fell out of the chair, but she was on her knees, facing her enemy, in an instant. 

Anger flashed in Veronica’s eyes, but only for a moment. Then, she began pushing herself backward, her legs spread wide, her eyes teasing and challenging. Remaining on her ass facing Louise, she moved towards the grass beside the pool. Her juicy cunt trickled with cum, her thick bush was coated with moisture and streaked with milky discharge. When Veronica reached the grass, she stopped and spread her legs wide, bracing herself with her arms behind her. Her massive brown tits were swollen with arousal, her nipples looked as hard as stone. 

Louise followed Veronica, on her hands and knees. When she reached the grass, she turned around and faced the other woman, spreading her legs, bracing her body with her arms. Louise and Veronica pushed towards each other, slipping their right legs over lefts, bringing their incredible bodies together in a perfect scissor.

Veronica and Louise smiled at each other, both reading their shared, unbearable lust. The women wanted each other, they wanted nothing more than to mate cunt to cunt, to fight clit to clit, to fuck each other until one of them passed out from raw pleasure. 

“Let’s do this, bitch,” Veronica gasped at Louise. “Let’s see who has the better pussy.” 

“Yes,” Louise groaned, “Let’s fuck, whore….”

Grasping each other by the other’s thigh, the women shoved their juicy, hungry twats together. With a powerful, mutual thrust, their ravenous cunts slapped then sucked together, labia melting into one, fuckholes forming a thick suction. Their oversized clits slipped into the other woman’s twat, exploring the dark, wet, hot inner folds of the other woman’s hungry cunt, before licking at each other. The women shuddered and moaned with joy, their glowing eyes locked. Slowly, then gradually picking up speed, Louise and Veronica ground their clits directly into each other, rubbing and rubbing, thick sexhorns slipping and sliding, teasing and caressing, erotic power slowly, tortuously building with each stroke of clit on clit. Their cunts sucked tight, sealing their bodies into one. Their crotches locked so hard and close that their assholes slid together and began sucking at each other, adding a new and delicious level of stimulation. Slow and hard, they humped each other, moving in unison, keeping their bodies locked and straining and driving deep into each other. Louise and Veronica watched each other intently as the pleasure built inexorably. They panted like racehorses as the fucking went on and on, their incredible bodies bathed in sweat, their massive tits jiggling and bouncing.

Louise reached for Veroncia’s jiggling tits; Veronica reached for Louise’s boobs. The women began kneading and squeezing and rubbing each other’s thick titmeat, both intent on inflicting as much ecstasy on the other as possible, each determined to force the other woman over the cliff into a shattering orgasm. 

Their gasps and cries of pleasure became even more intense and desperate as they assaulted each other’s tits, as they stroked and squeezed rock-hard nipples and pebbled areola. Their bucking, grinding fuck became harder and slower as they penetrated each other ever more deeply, as their twats sank ever further into each other. Louise and Veronica clamped their cunts on each other, they struggled to squeeze and overpower each other’s twat, but their pussies swallowed each other, locked in a quivering stalemate. Hot liquids flowed and washed between them, keeping their crotches and their lower torsos greased with pussy juices. Their bellies rippled with effort as they brought the full power of their bodies to bear. 

“You bitch, you fucking bitch…” Louise sobbed, her body burning up, her pussy sucked and swallowed and devoured by Veronica’s twat. She pumped with all her strength, the pulsing electricity from the clit on clit grinding almost more than she could bear. 

“Break, you fuck, break,” Veronica pleaded. She could tell that Louise was on the verge of climax. If only she was not so close to exploding herself, she thought.

“Unnh, unnh, unnh,” the women grunted in unison with each thrust. They threw back their heads, their hair thrashing, as they fucked each other relentlessly, viciously, each determined to force the other to a submissive orgasm. For the first time in their battle, they were now fighting on equal terms. 

“Oh, oh, ohhhhh, ohhhhhh, Oh Goooodddddd….” Veronica gasped. Her eyes were wide, her body was shuddering with tension, she began to buck her hips and ass a little faster. Her engorged clit rubbed furiously with Louise’s sexhorn.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck…” Louise chanted. She moved with Veronica, matching the other Amazon’s pumping thrusts, but her eyes were wide too, and her body was trembling with pre-orgasmic tension. “Oh God,” Louise thought to herself, “just a few more seconds…” 

Veronica and Louise pulled each other in close. For the first time since getting on the grass, their swollen tits mashed tight, nipples to nipples, areola to areola. Both women slipped their arms around the other’s waist and grabbed her enemy’s beautiful, heart-shaped ass, pulling and locking the other woman in as tight as possible. They rubbed and ground their tits as hard as they could, they rammed their faces together nose to nose, whimpering with joy. The women’s eyes pleaded with each other, both women begging their enemy to surrender, to give in to the absolute sexual ecstasy that they both struggled to hold at bay. 

Veronica’s burning clit twitched and hardened even more against Louise’s intertwined sexhorn. The pleasure became absolutely unbearable. Even as the black-haired vixen’s clit exploded with power and raw pleasure, it took Louise’s throbbing sexhorn with it. 

“FUUUCCCKKKKKK!!!,” Veronica shrieked as the incredible orgasmic dam broke inside of her. Unbearable heat roared out of her core, waves of indescribable pleasure raged through her body. Her cunt contracted with incredible force and an endless stream of gooey cum jetted from her deepest womanhood, gushing out to warm Louise’s clit, to squeeze out from between their locked twats, to coat their intermeshed bushes. 

“OH MY GOOOODDDDDDD!!!,” Louise shrieked at the same instant. Her body exploded in equally intense orgasmic convulsions. Cum shot from her fuckhole like water, erotic electricity flowed through every muscle in her body like current in a wire. Her tits seemed to expand to ten times their normal size as they bloated with indescribable pleasure. 

The two locked women stared into each other’s eyes, almost desperate with the intensity of the ecstasy burning in their bodies. They had no choice but to lock their ravenous mouths together. Their tongues twisted into a knot to mirror their locked clits, they swallowed each other’s groans and screams and sobs along with their shared spit. 

Wave after wave of pleasure burned through them. The women screamed and sobbed, each orgasm building on the one before, inflicting terrible pleasure on them. They sank their fingers into each other’s assmeat, leaving finger marks as they struggled to pull each other in as hard as they could. Gasping, almost insane with lust, Louise and Veronica finally released each other and fell onto their backs, their bodies still sealed in an unbreakable bond at their hungry cunts. Digging their fingers into the soft earth, their hips and asses bucking and humping, their whole bodies writhing in ecstasy, the women drove into each other with all the strength of their bodies, grinding clits furiously. Their massive tits jolted beautifully. Veronica reached down and squeezed her own tit as the erotic sensations grew more and more exquisite. Louise did the same, squeezing her nipple hard. The women’s bodies ground and ground into each other, penetrating deep into the other’s aching twat. The women fucked orgasm after orgasm out of each other, arching with pleasure, the undersides of their asses rubbing and sliding against each other, before the women fell back to the ground only to grind out more convulsive orgasms.

Finally, after several minutes of intense clitfucking, Louise and Veronica groaning and sobbing in unison, the women passed out, their bodies overwhelmed with pleasure. The women lay unconscious, sprawled on the grass, soaked with sweat and cum, their pussies sucked and sealed completely. The lower parts of the thick ovals of their hairy bushes were intermeshed and locked together, crusted over with copious amounts of cum. 

For some time, Louise and Veronica lay unconscious, their bodies gleaming and wet in the sun, their heavy tits heaving and jiggling as they panted in exhaustion. Slowly, their breathing returned to normal and their pounding hearts calmed. After about 15 minutes, Louise started to stir. Gasping, she rolled onto her side and deliberately twisted her torso, slowly corkscrewing her burning cunt out of Veronica’s throbbing twat, feeling her ass separate from Veronica’s ass. Louise groaned as she tore her red bush away from Veronica’s black pubic fur, the pain flaring as their twined hair ripped apart. Veronica groaned, but she remained unconscious. 

Louise crawled away on her hands and knees, leaving a trail of cum and pussy juice behind her. Her beautiful tits swayed as they hung down from her chest. A few feet away, she turned around and sat down, facing Veronica’s body. The redhead gathered her strength as she contemplated her beautiful enemy. She noticed that Veronica’s pussy hair was dotted with red hair; Louise looked down and saw that her red bush was sprinkled with Veronica’s black hairs. Louise felt lust flare again deep in her cunt, slowly radiating up to tighten her tits. Her hunger for the other woman’s body came back in a flash of desire. 

With an evil grin, Louise crawled back toward Veronica’s sprawled body. Veronica’s legs were spread wide. Louise dropped to her stomach. Her tits crushed into the ground, her belly flat against the grass. She grabbed Veronica’s hips, then buried her face in Veronica’s wet bush, rubbing her nose and cheeks into the thick, wet fur, inhaling deeply, enjoying the musky scent of the other’s woman’s sex. Louise lowered her face and began to lick and suck at Veronica’s twat, running her tongue along the black-haired woman’s thick cuntlips, lapping at the interlocking folds of flesh. She used her right hand to softly stroke Veronica’s crotch, then used two fingers to spread the woman’s cunt and thrust her tongue inside. She sucked hard at Veronica’s quim, even as her tongue began lapping and stroking at Veronica’s swollen clit. She wrapped her soft lips and nimble tongue around Veronica’s rapidly swelling clit and sucked hard, groaning with delight. 

Veronica screamed out as she returned to consciousness with the shock of pleasure bursting out of her cunt. 

“God, oh God!!,” the dark-haired vixen cried, her beautiful body writhing helplessly in the grass. The incredible sensations left her disoriented. She raised herself up slightly, to look down between her legs. She placed her hands on both sides of Louise’s head, sinking her fingers into her attacker’s thick red locks, but could not bring herself to push Louise away. Veronica threw back her head and moaned in ecstasy. 

“Fuck, fuck, you filthy little fuck,” the gorgeous woman gasped. Veronica twisted her hands in Louise’s hair, pulling viciously, struggling to force the redhead to back off, to give her a chance to recover. Finally, Louise released her mouth’s sucking grip on Veronica’s engorged clit. 

Louise raised her wet, beautiful face and smiled up from between Veronica’s legs. 

“Just lean back and enjoy it, you slut,” Louise snarled. “I’m going to fuck your cunt off and there’s nothing you can do about it.” Louise reached up and placed both her hands on Veronica’s massive tits. She squeezed the beautiful glands hard, sinking her fingers into the tight flesh, caressing the hard nipples, causing Veronica to cry out in pleasure. She pushed on the woman’s chest, forcing Veronica flat onto her back. Louise crawled up the other woman’s body, preparing to mount Veronica and fuck her into submission. Veronica did not resist. Instead, as Louise moved up her body, Veronica reached up and seized Louise’s beautiful breasts and began to knead and squeeze the thick glands in return. As Louise pulled up nose to nose with Veronica, both women released the other’s tits and wrapped their arms around the other’s naked back instead. Veronica pulled Louise down onto her, groaning with delight as their equally massive tits mashed tight and hard, rock-like nipples stabbing and grating against each other. Their hot mouths locked, eager tongues probing and lapping at each other, twisting together in an intimate struggle. The women rubbed and writhed their luscious bodies together. Veronica twined her long, powerful legs through Louise’s strong, golden limbs. She ran her bare feet up and down Louise’s calves, stroking the sweat-damp flesh with her toes. The women’s hands roamed over each other, down each other’s backs, kneading and grasping at each other’s asses. Their bellies rubbed, their lush cunt bushes grated and twined. 

Moaning, shifting her weight, wrapping her arms around Louise’s nude body, throwing her leg over Louise’s hip, Veronica succeeded in rolling Louise, slowly forcing the redhead onto her side. With a grunt, Louise resisted, stopping the roll. The women rocked back and forth on their sides for a moment, straining against each other. Groaning, Veronica drove her body against Louise’s lush form, tits, bellies, hips and pussies slamming together. Once, twice, three times, the beautiful women slapped together. They gasped in unison with each impact. With the fourth try, Veronica succeeded in rolling Louise over onto her back. But Louise kept up the roll going and soon the women were rolling back and forth, first one on top and then the other, legs thrashing as they fought to mount each other. Finally, Louise got her hands on Veronica’s shoulders and shoved the other woman away. 

Panting, Louise and Veronica lay flat on their backs just a few feet apart, regaining their strength. Both sat up. Their eyes locked with rage and lust. Veronica got onto her hands and knees and began to slowly crawl towards Louise, a hungry smile on her gorgeous face. Louise got on her hands and knees and crawled to meet her foe. They pushed up until they were nose to nose, green eyes locked to blue. Their heavy tits swung from their chests, just a whisper away from touching, nipple to nipple. 

Louise’s tongue snaked out and ran along Veronica’s lips. Veronica’s tongue pushed back. Closing their eyes in pleasure, the women turned their heads, slipped their noses past each other, and locked into a deep, passionate kiss. 

“MMMmmmmmmmmmm,” the women moaned together, as their tongues twisted into a sensual knot inside of their inosculated mouths. Veronica reached up and grabbed Louise at the back of her head, pulling the redhead’s mouth in even harder. Louise reciprocated the grip. For long minutes, the lustful women just kissed, their tongues sliding and wrestling, trying to overwhelm each other with the erotic sensations. 

Louise and Veronica grasped each other’s shoulders with their hands and pushed themselves up on their knees. Their massive, meaty tits, already throbbing with heat and pleasure, squashed hard, taut flesh straining against taut flesh. Their swollen nipples eclipsed each other, mashing and crushing each other back. The women put their full body weight into the crush, leaning against each other, mashing tits as hard as they could. Their moans of pleasure became even more ecstatic as the erotic heat pulsed from their tits down to their dripping clits. Veronica wrapped her arms around Louise’s back; Louise returned the grip. Together, the women squeezed each other, straining against each other in a mutual bearhug. Their bellies were still not touching; their massive, throbbing tits bore the weight of their bodies, the force of their crushing arms. 

Gasping, Veronica and Louise broke their ravenous kiss. Panting, resting forehead to forehead, eyes half closed, the women loosened their grips on each other other’s back just enough to begin slowly, powerfully, massaging their tits into each other. Throbbing nipples raked against each other and penetrated dense titflesh. The women worked their backs and torsos, rubbing their tits around and around, grinding them against each other. Their lush boobs slipped and slid against and around each other, lubricated by the women’s shared sweat. They pierced each other, nipple to nipple, then rotated their tits in opposite directions, around and around, drilling into each other. 

“You filthy fucking slut,”Louise whispered to her incredible rival. Pleasure was burning out of her tits like a star, filling her torso, pumping up her throbbing clit like a balloon. She could feel cuntjuice dribbling down her thigh as her body grew more and more aroused. 

“Cuntlicking whore,” Veronica murmured back, her mind almost overwhelmed by the fantastic erotic feelings filling her core. 

On and on, the women rubbed and ground and slopped their tits together, both lost to the delicious sensations of their tit to tit combat. They thrust at each other, trying to mash down and weaken the other’s titmeat, but mostly just concerned with driving each other insane with sexual pleasure. They held each other loosely, and massaged their meaty tits into each other until they were lathered with sweat, until it felt like their incredibly aroused nipples might begin to discharge.

Veronica suddenly released one of her arms from its loose grip around Louise’s back and slid her hand down the redhead’s flat belly, through her thick pubic hair, and gently gripped and rubbed Louise’s hot, wet fuckslit. Louise moaned loudly. An instant later, Veronica slipped her middle finger up into Louise’s tight cunt, searching for the redhead’s burning clit. 

Louise immediately returned the grip, sliding one of her hands down Veronica’s belly, driving her questing middle finger up into her enemy’s hot, wet, tight slit. Both women found the other’s clit at the same time and began stroking, caressing, teasing the other’s most exquisitely sensitive organ. 

Veronica began sobbing and gasping, struggling with all her will to keep from cumming on the spot. Louise shrieked and sobbed. Both women began fingerfucking the other with more and more force. They leaned into each other, resting their heads on the other’s shoulder, their meaty tits crushed tight and throbbing into each other, and concentrated on exploring the other woman’s cunt. Louise screamed and released a choking sob as Veronica discovered unbearably sensitive and pleasurable spots inside her vaginal walls; a moment later, Veronica whooped and gasped as Louise stimulated her g-spot. Both women returned to torturing the other’s clit, driving each other insane with lust and pleasure. 

Panting, gasping face to face, Louise and Veronica glared hatefully into each other’s eyes. They understood what they needed, wanted to do to each other next. Pulling back slightly, never releasing their grips on each other’s cunts, the women eased back far enough to let their massive tits roll free. Then both leaned over, tilted their heads, and took the other woman’s voluptuous right tit in her mouth and began to suck and bite and chew vigorously, ravenously, at the succulent flesh. 

They feasted on each other for some time, all the while finger fucking slow and hard, letting the excruciating pleasure build and build. Finally, by mutual consent and understanding, the two women released each other’s tits and let their bodies slowly fall in opposite directions, so that they were lying on their sides, facing down each other’s other’s body. They freed each other’s twats only long enough to slip their arms around each other’s hips, to spread their hands on each other’s ass as they settled in to devour each other’s quims. They each raised their free leg, allowing the other woman access to their sopping cunts. Veronica and Louise wrapped their thighs around the other woman’s head and began to suck and eat and drink from each other’s cunts. Their hands soon joined their soft, lapping tongues, dexterous fingers probing and caressing deep inside hungry twats. Soon, they were fisting each other, driving their hands and fingers into each other, closing their fists, straining and stretching the other’s tight fuckslit, filling and stuffing each other’s sexholes, ramming deep and hard into the other’s cunt. 

The pleasure was exquisite. The women ate and violated each other deeply, but they did it slowly and carefully, taking their time to use all of their skills to taunt and tease each other even as they consumed each other with ravenous hunger. The women’s bodies felt like jangling nerve endings, their flesh vibrated with erotic sensations and bursts of unbearable electricity. Their skin felt like it was barely capable of containing the unbelievably intense sensations radiating off their bodies like the heat of a sun. Veronica felt transported. She wanted this incredible mutual fucking to go on forever. Lost in the moment, Louise focused only on the unbearable sensations filling her body and the delicious twat that she was absolutely determined to eat alive.

After sucking and eating at each other in the delicious 69 for more than an hour, Veronica and Louise both felt the building tension and pressure suddenly flare, like a dam had broken. Their insides convulsed and tightened unbearably. Delicious orgasms, building, building, building then peaking in intensity, began to detonate out of their cores. Hot cum shot onto their faces and soaked their hair. Both women kept eating and drinking and fisting the other. The orgasms grew more intense with each wave of pleasure and soon both women were gasping and moaning and writhing violently, their fists pumping hatefully inside each other’s twats, their lips and teeth and tongues wrapped around each other’s clits and sucking furiously as they tried to suck and fuck every drop of cum out of the other, as they struggled to completely exhaust and conquer each other. Their moans of joy became snarls and growls and screams of raw hatred and pure ecstasy. They wrapped their thighs around each other’s heads and squeezed tighter, holding each other in place, refusing to let each other go, as their bodies writhed in pleasure, as their pussies exploded over and over again.

Shuddering with ecstasy, their heads locked between each other’s thighs, Veronica and Louise ejaculated hard into each other’s faces and shrieked as one excruciating orgasm after another slammed through their bodies. The chain of building orgasms finally proved too much to take and pushed them over the edge, together, into unconsciousness. 

The late afternoon sun streamed across the green, lush lawn of the resort. The women lay on the grass, unconscious, totally spent by their sexual combat. For almost an hour, Louise and Veronica slept, bodies twisted around each other, faces buried between the other’s legs. They were covered with cum and sweat. Louise finally stirred. Slowly, she pushed Veronica’s thighs apart and rolled herself flat on her back. She rested for another moment before sitting up. 

Veronica was still asleep, her beautiful face wearing a grin of supreme satisfaction. Louise examined the other woman’s physical perfection. She felt the heat start to build again, deep in her crotch, deep in her womb, pulsing in the distended nipples of her tits. Veronica was lying with her head pointing up the hill towards Louise’s cabana. 

Louise got to her feet and stretched her amazing body, standing on tiptoes, reaching for the sky. Her tits bounced exuberantly on her chest, her muscles tensed and strained luxuriously. Then, somewhat refreshed, she walked around to the sleeping Veronica’s head. Reaching down, Louise wrapped Veronica’s thick black hair around her right hand several times, until she was holding the hair tight to Veronica’s scalp. Then, with a savage smile, Louise pulled hard and began dragging Veronica by her hair up the hill, towards Louise’s cabana. 

Veronica shrieked, coming to full consciousness instantly as the excruciating pain in her head exploded. She grabbed at Louise’s wrist in an effort to ease the pain. Her ass and back slid on the smooth grass as her legs thrashed, as she tried to gain her footing.

“Stop, stop, you fucking whore!!” Veronica cried, her teeth clenched in agony.

“Not until you I’m done with you, cunt!” Louise snarled. She panted with exertion.

Veronica rolled over on her knees and braced herself. Louise wrenched on her hair painfully as the women came to a sudden stop. For a moment, Veronica feared that Louise would tear out her long locks by their roots. She screamed in agony. But Veronica managed to lurch to her feet and then stumble forward, once again dragged by Louise, but at least able to relieve some of the pressure on her hair. Louise was pulling Veronica with both hands, grunting with effort as she muscled her enemy up the hill.

Bent over, grasping Louise’s wrist, Veronica stumbled up the hill, dragged by her hair. Louise was yanking her from side to side, making it hard for her to get her footing and attack. The cabana was not far from where the women had been fighting. Louise shoved open the door to the small but luxurious cabin. She hauled the black-haired beauty through the door with both hands, then swung her rival around and released her, sending Veronica crashing into the far wall of the cabin, beside the bed. Veronica lay there, crumpled up in a heap and stunned. Louise locked the door to the cabin. She walked toward the other woman. She stood over Veronica, her hands on her hips, her breasts heaving, sweat dripping from her engorged nipples. Louise glared down with an expression of triumph. 

“Had enough, bitch?” Louise panted. “Are you ready to admit I’m the better woman?”

Veronica glared up at Louise, her eyes blazing with rage. 

“Slut!!,” Veronica snapped. “The only thing I’m going to admit is that you’re a fucking cunt and I’m going to ream your little pussy out until it dries up!” She kicked out at Louise, who leaped back. Veronica scrambled to her feet and stood facing Louise, slightly crouched down and her hands extended, her tits shuddering as she regained her breath. Veronica was enraged. No one treated her like this, least of all this redheaded whore. 

The luscious women threw themselves at each other, punching and slapping, each trying to get a grip on the other and wrangle her enemy down to the bed. They struggled furiously, battling to control and dominate each other. Pulling painfully at each other’s hair, both of their hands tangled deeply into the other woman’s thick locks, their tits crushed tight, Louise and Veronica threw themselves onto the bed. They fought to mount each other, to take the top position from which to fuck the other to sexual surrender. After several minutes of struggle, however, the women remained locked together on the bed, side by side, their hands still savagely gripping the other’s hair, neither able to gain an advantage. 

“Fuck this,” Louise growled. “If you want to fuck, then let’s fuck, whore!”

“That’s fine by me, you dirty cunt,” Veronica shot back. 

Reluctantly, the women released each other, then rolled to opposite sides of the bed. They sat facing each other, legs spread, hot, juicy pussies open and burning with need. Their massive tits heaved deliciously as they glared with rage. 

Louise leaned over and opened the drawer of the night table next to her side of the bed. She pulled out a bottle of oil lubricant, something which was standard in the rooms at this resort. She uncapped it and squirted a dollop of oil on her tits, which trickled down her belly. She squirted oil onto her bush and then onto her pussy lips. She smiled wide as she handed the bottle to Veronica. The black-haired beauty took it. Veronica watched the oil trickle down Louise’s tits even as she covered her own tits with the oil’s liquid slickness. Veronica squirted a hot stream of liquid down onto her bush and pussy slit. She put the bottle on the night table on her side of the bed.

“Now,” Veronica said, her voice a low purr, “Now, baby, let’s fuck this out.”

Smiling hungrily, Louise pushed herself towards Veronica, her legs wide, her pussy dripping with oil, her beautiful tits jiggling enticingly. Veronica moved forward to meet her. The women slid their legs over and under each other and pushed their twats close, their oil-slick pussies a whisper’s breath away from kissing and sucking and melting into one. Their engorged clits swelled out from their pussies, pulsing with heat.

Louise and Veronica paused, their breasts jiggling as they panted with lust, their bellies slick with wet and oils. Their tits shone where the oil had fallen. The women braced their bodies up with their arms slightly behind their backs. Louise’s blue eyes locked to Veronica’s green. The women were overwhelmed with hunger. The raw lust boiled in the depths of their gazes. 

“How do you want to do this, bitch?” Louise said. “Best out of three? Best out of five?” 

“Let’s just keep fucking until one of us can’t take it anymore,” Veronica purred. “As long as it takes.” 

“That’s just fine by me, you cunteating twat,” Louise breathed. Her body almost exploded as sexual heat uncoiled in her cunt and burned up through her torso and into her tits. 

Veronica and Louise smiled at each other, both seeing clearly their incredible mutual hunger, the hunger to break the other, the hunger to devour each other. They could almost read each other’s minds. They had each other exactly where they both wanted to be, trapped together in a locked room with all the time in the world. They both knew that they wanted each other desperately. They ached in anticipation of coming together cunt to cunt and clit to clit, of matching tits and nipples, of giving each other so much pleasure that they would both black out from the sheer ecstasy. They knew they would fight each other with raw sexual pleasure until one beautiful woman conquered the other. 

Veronica pressed her aching cuntlips directly into Louise’s twat. Louise pushed back hard. The women’s eyelids fluttered and they moaned in unison as incredible pleasure burned up from the intimate cuntkiss. They smiled hungrily, both women biting their lower lips as they slowly, slowly moved their asses and hips and began rubbing their swollen cunts together, slicking and sliding, spreading the oil around and around their grinding cunts. The oil was designed to heat under friction and soon the women were sliding twat to twat in a fleshy arena of burning, stimulating slickness. 

Veronica and Louise’s pussylips flattened and spread against each other, the oil lubricant and the copious amounts of pussy fluid from both women combining to help form a wet seal. Juicy cunts sucked and held to each other, boiling with electricity and pleasure. They felt the soft, intricate flesh of their labia meet and melt, squashing and mashing and fusing into a meaty mass of pleasure. Their engorged clits slid deep into each other’s fuck slit, sliding up the length of each other’s pussy before, finally, licking and stroking hard and smooth against each other. 

“Oh god, oh god, oh god,” Louise chanted, throwing back her head, her eyes closed, her beautiful face a mask of bliss. 

“Yes, yes, yes, oh yes…,” Veronica cried, her eyes wide and staring sightlessly at the ceiling as her body was transported with sheer ecstasy. 

For what seemed like hours, Louise and Veronica fucked and fucked, slowly and deliciously, grinding hard and deep into each other, penetrating each other as far as they could, stroking and rubbing and twisting their clits together in an continuous dance of pure sexual pleasure. Their firm tits grew even harder and thicker with tension and bounced rhythmically as they undulated against each other. Their bellies rippled with effort. Their moans and groans and cries of ecstasy spiraled upward as they rode each other to higher and higher levels of joy. 

Their bodies grew wet with sweat, their breath came in deep, deep breaths, they panted furiously with effort and lust. Their toes curled in tension, their bodies burned and trembled with erotic power. The women watched each other, their eyes locked but half-closed with pleasure. 

After a long, long time of constant cunt to cunt fucking, Veronica felt the unbearable tension building in her core suddenly growing exponentially, hovering on the point of no return. She reached to the bedside table for the bottle of oil. She flicked it open with her thumb and squirted a stream of liquid onto her heaving chest. She squirted another thick, long stream of oil into the intersection of the women’s crotches, where their locked cunts were devouring each other. The oil added to the heat and incredible sensations of liquid slickness. 

Veronica stoppered the bottle, threw it aside, then reached for Louise. The women slipped their arms around each other and brought their tits together. They rubbed and rubbed, tit to tit, spreading the oil around every inch of their straining titflesh, feeling it burn with the friction, feeling the delicious sliding sensation on their skin. Their nipples flicked and stabbed each other before fusing and penetrating, crushed deep in their mating breasts. They placed their faces forehead to forehead, nose to nose and lip to lip. They did not kiss, but shared hot pants and deep sighs and uncontrollable moans of ecstasy. Their bellies rippled against each other as the tension built to impossible levels. 

As the end came, Veronica and Louise could feel that they were climbing as one body to an excruciating climax. They slipped their arms around the other’s waist and grabbed each other’s rocking, rolling heart-shaped asses. Louise slipped a finger up Veronica’s asshole. Veronica smiled and immediately returned the gift. The women slid their tongues over each other and then slowly locked into a deep, tangled kiss.
Veronica and Louise could feel the terrible trembling in their bodies, they could feel that they were both on the verge of coming in an incredible climax. 

They broke the kiss and stared at each other, their faces masks of bliss and need. 

“Bitch,” Louise groaned struggling to control herself, biting and licking at Veronica’s face, her neck. “I’m going to break you, slut.” 

“No, no, you’re mine, cuntlicker,” Veronica gasped, even as she sank her teeth into Louise’s throat in a gentle bite. “I’m going to fuck that pussy raw.”

The women began pumping harder and stronger, grinding and driving, working each other’s clits furiously until a rolling wave of shared ecstasy erupted inside of them at the same time.

Veronica and Louise threw back their heads and shrieked in unison, their howls of sexual bliss harmonizing. Their bodies convulsed, the muscles deep in their cores contracted powerfully. The women jetted blasts of gooey cum from deep in their bodies up into the other woman’s vagina. The liquids mixed and pooled within the corridor formed by their locked cunts, by their joined vaginal canals. The hot, steaming cum forced its way out of the seal formed by their gripping cuntlips, soaking their pussy bushes and lower torsos, flowing down over their inner thighs, forming a large, growing wet spot on the bed where they fought.

The women bucked and heaved together, gripping each other’s asses to anchor themselves as they rammed their cunts harder and harder into each other. Their claws dug into the other’s thick assmeat, they scratched and clutched at each other’s backs as the raw pleasure took them. They locked their mouths together, their tongues twisting furiously. Louise and Veronica screamed and screamed as shattering orgasms chained through them, forcing them to higher and higher ecstasy. At first, they swallowed each other’s screams, but they soon broke their kiss and rested cheek to cheek, sometimes throwing back their heads to choke out cries and gasps of pleasure. Their bellies rippled against each other as their cores pumped uncontrollably. 

“Uhhh, uunnhhh, unnnhhhh,” they grunted in unison as they met each other’s thrusts, as powerful orgasms chained through their straining bodies, as they fucked each other mercilessly, taking as much pleasure from each other’s beautiful bodies as they could. 

Louise and Veronica fell away from each other, but reached out and seized the other’s right hand. Gripping tightly hand to hand, using each other’s weight for leverage, the women ground their cunts and asses together as hard as they possibly could, driving deep, suffering orgasm after orgasm as they struggled to exhaust the other fantastic woman and finally claim victory. 

“Unnnhh…you dirty, fucking slut,” Veronica groaned, her hips and ass thrusting hard. She could feel her entire cunt, sucking and gripping and merging with Louise’s twat. Even her asshole rubbed vigorously into Louise’s matching orifice.

“Dirty whore, fucking cunt…”Louise panted, squeezing Veronica’s hand even harder. 

The women finally fell flat onto their backs on the soaked sheets, too tired and overwhelmed with sexual sensations to keep holding each other up. They continued to writhe and grind, cumming uncontrollably and with incredible intensity. Their bushes and bellies became slick with womanly ejaculate, but still they kept driving at each other, both women determined to overwhelm the other, to milk her opponent dry. They orgasmed again and again and again, riding each other desperately until, finally, they collapsed, exhausted. 

They lay on the bed, spent, their bodies interlocked, their engorged clits pulsing against each other. The women hovered on the edge of unconsciousness. 

After some considerable time, Louise stirred. The redhead was exhausted. She had been fuckfighting Veronica for hours and her body was depleted. Even so, she still felt the stirrings of sexual desire in her tits and her cunt. She knew that Veronica made her so horny her insatiable sexual hunger could keep going for hours more. But Veronica seemed to have an equally insatiable sexual appetite. Louise was sure that she would eventually wear down and conquer her sexual rival. But she was realistic enough to know that it was possible that Veronica would break her, in the end. Louise thrilled to the danger of the challenge.

Slowly, the redhead twisted her magnificent body, rolling to her side, breaking the iron, fleshy grip between her pussy and Veronica’s throbbing cunt. The black-haired vixen moaned but did not move as her redheaded rival separated from her, with a wet, sucking sound. Thick dollops of pussy juice and ejaculate dripped down from the women’s soaked pussies. Long, gooey strands of cum linked their hot genitals, even as the women pulled apart.

Louise rolled onto her stomach, then got to her knees. She had regained her second wind and now saw the chance to fuck Veronica into oblivion. Gripping the footboard of the bed, Louise maneuvered herself so that her back was to Veronica, with her dripping twat directly over Veronica’s equally slick quim, her round ass pushing back, her calves thrust under Veronica’s thighs. Slowly, carefully, Louise lowered her naked, throbbing cunt down onto Veronica’s cunt. The women’s twats slid together in reverse, fuckslits mashing and spreading, thickening clits licking each from the back to the front. Veronica moaned in pleasure, then looped her legs over Louise’s hips. Veronica reached up and grasped the headboard. Using it to anchor her body, she thrust up. Her hands tightening on the footboard, Louise shoved down with her powerful hips. 

“Mmmmmmmmm,” the women moaned together, sighing in pleasure as their exquisite pussies connected once more, sinking into each other. Slowly, deliciously, the women’s cunts mated, juicy pussylips sliding and melting, fuck slits pressing and spreading and locking, thick clits scraping at each other, underside to underside. Wave after wave of sexual bliss radiated from their kissing, sucking cunts, their grinding, scraping clits. Louise tits rocked rhythmically as she fucked, Veronica’s boobs bounced joyfully on her chest. Grunting and panting with delight, the women drove at each other, grinding deep and hard. Their fuckpies slowly melted together, merging and fusing. 

The women rotated their hips and asses, drilling into each other. Their bodies undulated, long, grooved torsos rippling and flexing, heavy tits rocking, round asses thrusting. Veronica, flat on her back, had perfect access to Louise’s asshole and twat. One hand on the bedhead to anchor herself, Veronica took her right hand and jammed three fingers up Louise tight asshole. The redhead groaned tortuously as Veronica penetrated her ass. Louise loved the feeling, the sensation, of being violated so intimately. Maintaining her grip on the footboard with one hand, Louise reached down and drove three fingers of her right hand up Veronica’s ass. Veronica moaned in ecstasy. But Louise’s position was far more awkward than Veronica’s, and she soon found herself losing her balance. She had to pull her hand out of Veronica’s ass and return her grip to the footboard. 

As Veronica pumped her ass, Louise increased the depth and power of her downward thrusts into Veronica’s welcoming twat. But the constant anal probing and stimulation was too much of an additional burden for her to bear on top of the clit to clit stroking. 

“Oh, oh, oh, you filthy fuck,” Louise gasped as she felt her asshole expand, as she felt her clit swell like a balloon. 

“Take it, little girl,” Veronica groaned. “Beg me for it, bitch!!” She pumped Louise’s ass viciously, even as she rubbed and rubbed her throbbing clit on Louise’s equally engorged sexhorn. Both women were trembling, shuddering with pre-orgasmic tension. They were both on the verge of a delicious, overpowering orgasm; the only question was who would go over the edge first. 

Louise used her superior position to ram and drive her cunt harder and harder into Veronica’s soft, yielding twat, her pulsing clit; Veronica bucked up to meet Louise’s thrusts, but intensified her sensual assault on Louise’s asshole. 

The women shrieked together as they erupted in concert. Hot cum shot from both women’s throbbing cunts at the same moment, mixing together and lubricating their hungry twats as they struggled to devour each other, spraying the women’s pussy fur and torsos, jetting up to drip off of their hard, round tits and their rock-hard nipples. Louise and Veronica screamed and screamed in ecstasy, pounding into each other desperately as they rode each other hard, each determined to outfuck the other. 

The intense, shared orgasm finally abated, leaving both women gasping and heaving for breath, trying to regain their senses after being transported to such heights of ecstasy. Louise put her head on the wet bedsheet, struggling to recover.

“Oh god,” Louise though to herself, “Oh god, I don’t know how much more I can take.” She could feel a deep heat building in her core and she recognized the signs of a sexual overload developing inside of her body. Only Elise had ever before forced her to the point of an uncontrollable sexual explosion, an eruption of sexual pleasure so intense that she lost control of her body and kept detonating in orgasmic bliss until she passed out. To experience such a delirious explosion of sexual power was to have her insatiable sexuality turned against her, and Louise could tell that Veronica was very close to breaking her, to rupturing the sexual dam deep inside of her. 

Moaning with exhaustion and pleasure, still locked cunt to cunt with Louise, Veronica stared blindly up at the cabin’s ceiling. Her mind was torn between rage and unbearable lust. She had fought many sexfights before, but she had never encountered a woman like Louise. In the past, Veronica had, by now, reduced her opponents to quivering jelly, rag dolls whom she then ravaged and ravished for sport for as long as she wanted. But this redheaded bitch was matching Veronica thrust for thrust, orgasm for orgasm. 

Veronica felt an intense heat building and building in her core, saturating every inch of her voluptuous flesh, filling her with insatiable desire. Like Louise, she had an unquenchable sexual appetite. But, unlike Louise, she had never had the experience of losing control, of having her sexual power become so stimulated, so hungry, that it overwhelmed her body. She did not know that this was what she was starting to feel. Instead, Veronica rejoiced in the ravenous hunger filling her, the aching desire to rub and grind every inch of her flesh into every inch of Louise, to suck the redheaded whore’s cunt inside out with her twat, to flatten tits with Louise, to consume every part of her magnificent enemy’s body with her own.

Veronica sat up and pulled herself away from Louise’s prone form, their twats, once again, separating with a thick, wet pop. Feeling Veronica moving, Louise immediately rolled herself to knees, to make sure that she could not be taken from behind. The women glared at each other. Veronica sat with her back to the headboard, her legs spread; Louise sat on her knees, facing her black-haired enemy. The women’s eyes swept each other’s bodies. Their tits were red, but firm and taut; their bodies were wet with sweat and cum; their thick bushes looked caked with dried secretions. Their naked flesh gleamed with the slick oil they had used. Both women noted that the other women’s bush was riddled with alien pubic hair; the white sheets of the bed were wet, but scattered cunt hair was everywhere, red and black. 

Veronica and Louise locked eyes. Both saw their incredible mutual hunger and desire. They would both keep fighting to the end. 

“Ass to ass, fucker,” Veronica growled. “Let’s see what you can take.” Veronica reached for the bottle of oil on the table. She squirted a dollop of the liquid onto her pussy, onto her bush, then reached behind and squeezed a stream onto her ass. She threw the bottle to Louise who caught it. 

“I’ll do anything with you, slut,” Louise snarled back. She squirted oil on her cunt and ass. “Absolutely anything. And I’ll always be better than you are.” 

Exchanging glares of pure hatred, the women turned around, each one facing away from each other. Veronica gripped the headboard; Louise gripped the footboard of the bed. They looked over their shoulders at each other, eyes locked in icy stares of rage. Slowly, carefully, the women pressed the thick, muscular pads of their asses together. They flexed the round, hard muscles against each other, groaning with sensual pleasure as their buttocks slipped and slid on the slick oil. They arched their backs up, shoving their asses into the air, spreading their legs so that the back of their thighs and calves and even the heels of their feet shoved together. Their long legs were exactly the same length, a symmetry that delighted both women.

Louise and Veronica shoved back into each other, wiggling their hips, working their asses harder and tighter together. The perfect matching “v”s of their swollen, dripping cunts fit together perfectly. Juicy pussylips squashed and sucked, sliding with delicious electricity on the oil-slicked flesh. The women’s fuck slits lined up exactly, from stem to stern. Even more, their puckered assholes ground into each other. Louise gasped with pleasure as she felt her asshole lock and suck to Veronica’s matching hole.

“Oh god, yessss,” Veronica moaned, wriggling, grinding herself harder and deeper to her enemy’s orifice. The women moaned in pleasure as they violated each other. Their pussies locked and sealed as they shoved and ground back into each other. Their soft labia melted into one, their swollen clits slid against each other and fused into an exquisitely sensitive rod of engorged flesh, causing the women to spasm with ecstasy. Juices from their burning twats dripped down to the bed and trickled down their thighs, mixing into one sweet broth of sexual secretion.

Their heavy, aching breasts hung just slightly over the mattress. The women used their grips on either end of the bedframe to anchor themselves as they slowly, deeply, powerfully fucked each other. Their erotic moaning spiraled higher and higher. Louise and Veronica felt the incredible heat radiating and flowing from their cunts to every cell in their bodies. Their nipples pulsed almost painfully as intense erotic feelings burned and vibrated through their bodies. Louise felt herself overflowing, she felt the heat and sensual power building and building in every inch of her voluptuous flesh, swelling up to an unbearable sexual explosion. She knew that she had become an erotic bomb, teetering on the edge of explosion. She knew that she was only moments from losing control.

Veronica basked in the same overwhelming feelings. She had never felt so aroused in her life, she had never before felt such incredible sexual power saturating her body, suffusing her erogenous zones. She knew that she was fucking, being fucked, to an unbelievable orgasmic release. She wanted this climax desperately, she craved the final, devastating ecstasy. But she wanted to drive Louise over the edge first, she was determined to force her foe into sexual surrender. She closed her eyes and groaned uncontrollably as unbelievable erotic sensations pulsated in every part of her perfect body. 

On and on the two gorgeous women fucked, their pussies sealed together, their assholes sucked tight. Veronica was overwhelmed with the need to take Louise in every way. Bracing her body with one hand, she twisted around and seized Louise’s thick red hair with her right hand, pulling viciously, yanking Louise’s head backward. Louise gasped, her head jerking, her teeth clenched with the sudden agony. She kept grinding, kept holding onto the footboard for a few more moments, accepting and enjoying the flavor of the intense pain mixing with the intense pleasure wracking her body. Then she retaliated, reaching around to pull savagely at Veronica’s hair, yanking the other woman’s head back equally painfully. 

For long minutes, Louise and Veronica held each other this way, their asses and hips working, grinding cunts, their necks straining painfully as they pulled at each other. The women locked eyes over their shoulders and, by mutual, silent agreement, they fell to the bed and slowly twisted their bodies around their locked cunts. They made sure that they maintained their cunt to cunt grip, their twats screwing slickly, deliciously into each other as their rotated around, so that they could fit each other between their thighs. Still clinging angrily to each other’s heads, the struggling women fit neatly together like interlocked scissors, and resumed fucking hard and slow, grinding into each other powerfully, their massive, swollen tits bouncing furiously as they fucked and fucked and fucked, grinding and penetrating each other, driving as deep inside the other as they could. Their throbbing, burning clits fenced and stroked, pulsating with ecstasy. Pussy juice soaked their lower bodies. 

Louise and Veronica fucked mercilessly, their eyes locked, their beautiful faces masks of incredible sexual bliss. Their voluptuous bodies undulated as they matched thrust for thrust, as their ravenous cunts devoured each other. Their incredible forms melted into one sex-enraged flesh. They panted furiously, their bouncing tits spraying sweat. 

“Yes, oh yes you fucking whore, oh god, god, yes, yesssss!!,” Veronica moaned, her beautiful face twisting with unbelievable lust. She wanted Louise more than she had ever wanted anything in her life, she wanted to join completely with the redheaded bitch, in every way possible, she wanted to devour and overwhelm Louise at the deepest levels. The lust, the unbearable sexual need, burned in her veins like acid.

“Fucking cunt, cuntsucking whore!!,” Louise gasped at her enemy. Louise felt herself going insane with desire, she knew that she was only moments away from losing control completely. Her body’s insatiable sexual appetite was betraying her. But she was sure that Veronica had to be on the verge of a complete sexual surrender too, and she could tell that her erotic rival did not know what was happening. Louise knew how she could use this to her advantage. She had to act quickly, but she did not know if she had the will to do what she needed to do. 

Groaning, Veronica reached for Louise with her free hand. Releasing each other’s hair, the women pulled each other in. Their burning tits crushed tight, their swollen nipples exploded with so much pleasure that it almost felt as though each woman now had three clits. Louise and Veronica began sobbing, tears of raw pleasure streaking their beautiful faces. Veronica wrapped her arms around Louise’s back and squeezed the redhead in closer, the women gasping as their magnificent tits squashed and compressed. Louise slipped her arms around Veronica’s waist and seized the other vixen’s beautiful ass, thrusting her index finger up Veronica’s asshole. Veronica cried out in pleasure; Louise felt the other woman’s internal muscles tighten around her invading digit. 

Louise and Veronica pressed nose to nose, forehead to forehead. Their eyes looked deep into each other, reading their overwhelming, delerious desire. Louise could see that Veronica was quickly losing her senses as she was transported on waves of exquisite sensation. Louise felt the same way; she struggled to hold onto some part of her mind, to think through the red-hot haze of ecstasy saturating her bucking, grinding body. The women panted furiously, sharing hot breath and desperate moans. 

The women’s engorged, rock hard clits were rubbing and stroking, stroking and rubbing, head to head, hard, pulsating pebbles of indescribable pleasure, grinding together ferociously, trapped together within the hot, fleshy arena of the women’s sealed cunts. Louise and Veronica rode each other mercilessly, both seeking the incredible release of the nearly limitless pleasure threatening to explode in their cores. 

Louise knew that she had to do the hardest thing in her life. Sobbing desperately, summoning all of her will, she slipped her hands from Veronica’s pumping ass and placed them on the dark-haired beauty’s hips, holding Veronica in place. Then, almost screaming with anguish, Louise slowly, agonizingly, pulled her hips back, disengaging her pulsing clit from Veronica’s clit. The women’s powerful pussies sucked and flexed. With a cry, Louise pulled back farther, her cunt sucking away from Veronica’s swollen twat with a wet pop and a gush of thick juices, their fleshy labia sticking until finally peeling apart. 

“No,” Veronica screamed in despair, “Oh god, Noooo!!” Desperately, she tried to thrust her hips forward, to drive her starving cunt into Louise’s twat, to reunite their aching, throbbing clits. But Louise held Veronica’s hips, pushing her back, keeping the other woman at bay. Louise could feel her engorged clit swelling out of her labia, reaching for Veronica’s sexhorn.

“Beg me for it, bitch,” Louise growled, panting like a racehorse as she fought to control herself. Her tits were aching as her nipples twisted with Veronica’s, as Veronica squeezed her back even harder. “Tell me how much you want it and I’ll give it to you.” Louise trembled with need. 

“Fuck, oh Fuck,” Veronica sobbed. She was insane with desire, delirious with lust. She struggled to hold onto some semblance of self-control, some sense of her own pride. But it was futile. She needed Louise’s body too much. “Please, please, PLEASE!!!,” the black-haired beauty shrieked. 

“Tell me I’m the better woman,” Louise gasped, her voice trembling with effort. “Say it, slut, say it!!” The redhead shuddered with need. She could not hide the pleading tone in her voice. She could barely keep from adding “please” to her demand.

Veronica’s beautiful face twisted with a volatile combination of need and rage. Her mind burned with hate as she realized what Louise was demanding of her. But she could not control the unbelievable craving in her core, the overwhelming need to satisfy the terrible urges trembling in her womanhood.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck, you’re the better woman, you’re better, just do it!! Fuck me you cunt, fuck me, FUCK MEEEEEE!!” Veronica howled. The indescribable desire filling her body was far too much to endure. 

Screaming with lust and triumph, Louise released Veronica’s hips and slipped her hands back around the black-haired beauty’s waist and grabbed her ass. The women’s aching, burning cunts came together with a hard slap. The women thrust into each other with all the power of their hips and asses. They shrieked like banshees as their cunts devoured each other once again, melting together in a blast of nova-hot heat. Their rock-hard, clits came together in an explosion of pure ecstasy, grinding furiously, viciously. The women shrieked uncontrollably as electricity roared through their mating bodies. Louise and Veronica twisted their clits around each other; the rock-hard nubs locked and fused. Louise pulled on Veronica’s ass and pushed forward with her tits. Slowly, Veronica fell back onto the bed, Louise riding her down. The women locked their mouths together in a passionate kiss, their wet tongues sliding and stroking. 

The orgasmic dams broke inside of Louise and Veronica at the same moment. Their grinding, rubbing, stroking clits seemed to expand to suddenly fill their whole bodies; their engorged tits seemed to swell with pleasure. Orgasmic power of incredible intensity rippled through their bucking, straining, grinding bodies in waves of pure ecstasy. Twining their limbs into one, fingers sank into each other’s ass, desperately trying to pull each other in, Louise and Veronica swallowed each other’s screams of pure joy. 

Their juicy pussy lips flattened together, their hungry twats sucked into one mass of pleasure, their massive tits squashed tight, their nipples piercing each other, their bellies pressed together, their navels sucking, their bodies bucking and heaving together in a slow, hard rhythm. Louise and Veronica shared orgasm after orgasm, fucking every drop of cum out of each other. For the next half hour, the women remained this way, locked into one, transported to a level of pleasure beyond comprehension. Neither woman had any sense of herself at all. Instead, they pumped cum back and forth, sharing juices with each other, soaking each other in sweat and vaginal secretions, fucking and fucking and fucking mindlessly, ecstatically, until they finally collapsed in an exhausted haze of indescribable pleasure.


For the rest of the evening and into the night, Louise and Veronica fucked each other senseless. They would pass out in each other’s arms after ravaging each other mercilessly, grinding clits and sucking tits and enjoying every inch of the other woman’s body. Then, after a few hours, one or the other woman would wake, mount her rival, and begin the process again. Just before dawn, the women woke and, by mutual agreement, slipped into a delicious 69. For the next two hours, they sucked on each other’s clits, they scoured each others’ twats with their tongues, they used their fingers and fists to probe and stroke the other’s sexhorns. They fisted each other, pumping deep into the other’s cunt, before sliding wet, hot fingers into each other’s ass. 

Louise moaned in pleasure as Veronica screamed in orgasmic delight and bathed her face in hot pussy juice. Louise eagerly and ecstatically returned the favor a moment later. The women clung to each other, ejaculating hard into each other’s faces and mouths, sucking at each other’s cunts with ravenous hunger, until the orgasms finally subsided. 

Louise and Veronica released each other’s heads from between their wet thighs, then rolled over onto their backs, panting, their bodies pointed in opposite directions. Louise smiled, enjoying the feeling of absolute satisfaction and raw sexual pleasure that rippled gently through her languid body. It had been a long time since she had been so completely and deliciously fucked. It was even rarer for her to encounter a woman like Veronica, one who was capable of matching her unquenchable sexual hunger and power. The last time she had been so thoroughly satisfied by a sexual encounter had been her previous battle with Elise. Still, the night was over and Louise now intended to assert her victory. 

She propped her head up on her arm and looked down Veronica’s body at the dark-haired woman’s beautiful face. Veronica’s eyes were closed and she was breathing a bit raggedly, as she recovered from the erotic marathon. Her face was wet with pussy juice and sweat, and it was wearing a satisfied half-smile. 

Louise rolled herself off the bed, her sudden movement causing Veronica’s eyes to pop open. Veronica sat up on the bed as Louise went into the cabin’s bathroom. Veronica started, a powerful sense of dread filling her, as Louise emerged a moment later, carrying a hair clipper. Veronica suddenly felt cold all over. 

Louise smiled savagely as she crawled back onto the bed, brandishing the clipper. 

“Roll over and spread your fat thighs, whore,” the redhead growled. “It’s time for you to take your punishment.” 

“You fuck,” Veronica spat. But she did as she was told. She had to accept that she had lost her battle with this redheaded bitch. She had begged; she had acknowledged her foe as the better woman. Now, she had to pay the price. 

Veronica rolled onto her back and spread her legs wide, giving Louise easy access to her twitching cunt. Louise positioned herself between Veronica’s thighs, and looked down into the juicy, soft twat of her enemy. The redhead lowered her face and kissed Veronica’s cunt like a mouth, driving her tongue deep, licking the engorged clit, sucking out some of the dried cum. Louise rubbed her face around and around in Veronica’s pussy, enjoying the taste and smell of the other woman’s hot, wet sex. She rubbed her cheeks in Veronica’s thick black bush. Veronica gasped and moaned in pleasure as Louise violated her again.

Finally, Louise raised her wet face from Veronica’s twat, licking her lips, wearing an evil grin.

With a flick of the switch, Louise activated her clipper. The low hum filled the small cabin. 

“Now, pussylicker, I’m going to take a little something to remember you by,” Louise smirked. She lowered the electric shaver to Veronica’s thick, wet, tangled pubes and ran the cold metal head into the beautiful woman’s black bush. 

Veronica threw her head to the side, tears squeezing out from behind her tightly closed eyes. Her fingers dug into the wet bedclothes and the mattress beneath. She clenched her teeth in rage and shame. She could barely feel the cold metal implement tearing through her proud bush, but she soon felt the kiss of the slightly cooler air on her exposed lower belly as her cuntfur fell away in clumps. 

Louise grinned viciously as she shaved off every single piece of hair on her enemy’s pubes, leaving behind only a smooth patch of skin, made slightly grey from the close shave. The hair fell onto the bed, which was already littered with red and black cunt hairs. Louise rejoiced in the feeling of victory and took sadistic pleasure in Veronica’s tears. The black-haired beauty had come here with every desire to strip Louise’s cunt fur. It was only fitting that she suffer the very fate she had planned for the redhead. 

Finally, Louise stopped and regarded her handiwork. Veronica’s pubes were totally bare. She was not quite as smooth as if she had shaved, but she was close. Louise ran her hand along the slick flesh and cupped then squeezed Veronica’s pussy. 

“Mmmm, it’s a good look for you, little girl,” Louise murmured spitefully, as she rubbed Veronica’s torso from cunt to tit. “Maybe you should keep it this way.” 

“Fuck you, you filthy slut,” Veronica snarled at her enemy. “I will make you pay for this, bitch, someday, I’ll pull out every one of your cunt hairs by the roots.” 

Louise smiled wider. She threw the clipper aside and grabbed Veronica’s right leg. She placed the shaven beauty’s leg on her shoulder, then threw her right leg over Veronica’s left hip, scissoring the other woman. Louise lowered her burning twat carefully onto Veronica’s glistening pussy, shoving their cunts together with a hard thrust. The women’s quims kissed and caressed like hungry mouths, Louise thrusting harder as she sank deeper into Veronica’s cunt, as her pussy increased its grip on the other woman’s cunt. Veronica bucked up, and soon the women were meeting each other’s deep, powerful thrusts. Louise bounced on top of Veronica. She reached down and filled her hands with Veronica’s massive, jolting tits; Veronica reached up and filled her hands with Louise’s equally beautiful, round orbs. Squeezing, kneading the other’s tits mercilessly, thumbing and abrading each other’s nipples, driving clit to clit, Veronica and Louise fucked each other to another deliciously powerful climax. 

Veronica moaned and gasped under Louise’s assault. The redhead’s thick bush abraded her now naked pubes. Veronica had never fought another woman before with her protective bush gone. She felt vulnerable and violated, even as she rocked and bucked in ecstasy under Louise’s grinding thrusts. 

The women screamed in unison, bucking powerfully as they orgasmed into each other. 

“Oh, you fucking CUNT!!,” Veronica screamed, her body spasming in sheer pleasure. 

“Dirty whore, fucking TWAT!!,” Louise groaned back, running her hands through her fire-red hair as she bucked in ecstasy. 

Louise thrust hard, driving herself deep into her defeated enemy, rejoicing in the delicious feeling of violating and conquering another woman in her core. The women shared a series of deliciously powerful orgasms. Finally, spent, Louise fell off of Veronica, dropping to the bed at the side of the other woman. A thick strand of cum ran from Veronica’s pussy to Louise’s juicy twat, binding them for a moment. 

The women lay side by side for a few minutes. Then, rolling out of the bed and onto the floor, Louise reached down and grabbed Veronica by the hair. 

“God, stop, you fucking whore, stop!!” Veronica screamed. But Louise dragged the dark-haired beauty from her bed and pulled her across the room and toward the cabin door. She yanked the door open to the early morning sun and pulled Veronica out into the day. Before Veronica could recover her footing, Louise spun the other woman around and threw her enemy to the ground. 

Sobbing, snarling with hate and pain and rage, Veronica glared up at Louise through her tears. Louise smiled down at her enemy, her hands on her hips, her lips twisted in a cruel smile. 

“Get out of here, Veronica,” Louise said coldly. “If I ever see you again, I won’t just stop with shaving your cunt.” 

“You bitch, you fucking bitch,” Veronica spat, as she slowly got to her feet. “This is not over. I will make you pay for what you’ve done.” 

Louise smiled. “Anytime, any place, baby girl,” Louise cooed. “But the next time you come after me, make sure you’re a bit more of a woman down there.” She gestured with her chin to Veronica’s shaved pubes. 

Then, turning on her heel, the magnificent redheaded beauty strode back into her cabin and closed and locked the door, leaving Veronica behind to seethe and rage in impotent silence.

The End

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