Breast to Breast Parts 7 and 8 by JB57

Part 7

Katie and I traveled back to my house in my car. I admit that I was anxious. Despite the overwhelming feelings I was now experiencing for Kate, the fact was that I loved my wife. I had been with her for a long time and the idea of betraying her, even with a woman like Kate, bothered me a lot. I consoled myself with the fact that Angie really wanted to go at Kate, and I convinced myself that I was doing her a favor by bringing Kate right to her.  But the truth is that all that really mattered to me was that the confrontation I had been fantasizing about – in fact, obsessing about – ever since the beach yesterday was about to become a reality. Nothing could have stopped me from seeing this through to the end, even the prospect of losing my marriage.

The whole drive back to my house, Katie fondled me and nibbled at my ear lobe and kissed and sucked at my face and neck. She pressed her fantastic tits into my arm.  Her hands were busy in my lap. She opened my pants, slipped her hand into my underpants, and encircled my throbbing dick in her soft, warm grip.

“Mm. What have we here?,” Kate purred into my ear.  She bobbed her head down to my lap and freed my incredibly stiff cock from my pants.

“Baby, don’t,” I groaned. “I’ve got to drive.” I really didn’t want her to stop, but I did not want a car accident to prevent us from getting to our destination. I had to get Kate to my house. I had no doubt that Kate and Angie would tear into each other the moment they got together and I would be treated to the most erotic experience that I could imagine: the incredibly hot spectacle of the two sexiest, bustiest women I knew going tit to tit in an all-out struggle to destroy each other.

Kate leaned down and licked the top of my penis gently, teasingly. I gasped and gripped the car wheel even harder, struggling to stay straight on the road. She took the head of my thick, pulsating cock into her mouth and sucked hard. I groaned in agony and considered pulling over to let her finish this.

“I’m going to love taking this all the way inside me, Pedro,” she whispered. “Just keep thinking about me crushing your wife’s soft tits flat. Think about what I will do to you once your wife’s tits have been smashed by mine. Imagine being deep inside of me, in my wet, hot, tight cunt. Imagine sucking and biting on my tits. Imagine your big cock sliding up and down between my tits.”

Those were the kind of thoughts that kept me driving.

Kate backed off, apparently satisfied by her effect on me and probably just as aware as I was that the chances of her causing an accident were pretty high. She wanted to get to my house to get at Angie so that she could satisfy her own desire to prove to Angie, and to me, which of them was the better woman.

The rest of the way to the house, Kate continued to kiss me, to murmur promises of what she would do to me into my ear, to fill my mind with visions of her incredible body and what it would feel like writhing and pumping beneath me. At some point, she leaned back in the passenger seat, took my free hand, raised her skirt, and placed my hand on her thong-covered cunt. I squeezed her prominent mound, feeling how wet her thong was at the same time. I rubbed her pussy, gradually mashing the damp cloth of the thong into her tight slit. She moaned and arched her back like a cat, shoving her massive tits forward. Her nipples were so hard and long that they became fully visible, even through her blouse. Her incredible tits quivered and seemed to grow even larger as she became more aroused.

 We finally arrived at my home. I pulled into the driveway and hopped out of the car. My dick was so stiff that it tented my pants out a good eight inches. I rearranged myself so that the bulge would not be so obvious, but it was hard. Kate came around the car and took my arm. She pressed her massive tits into my chest as she reached up to kiss me. She pulled my face down to her and slipped her tongue into my mouth. A deep tension filled my lower abdomen then flowed directly into my throbbing cock. I felt unbearably horny and all doubts left me, at least for the moment.

“Come on, Pedro. Let’s go talk to Angie,” she smiled. Her eyes were wild and bright. She was really looking forward to what was coming.

We entered the house through the front door. “Angie, baby,” I called out. “I’m home.” It was not uncommon for me to come home for quickies. When I left that morning, Angie had smiled at me and said that she would be surprised if I did not visit at lunch time, given how we had spent the night.

“I’m in the bedroom, baby.” Angie’s voice came from the back of the house.

My heart was pounding. I had no doubt that Angie would be more than willing to take on Kate. But how would she react after the fight was over? I pushed this thought out of my head and focused again on what was really important: the chance to see two beautiful, raging women go at each other tit to tit.

Kate marched side by side with me towards the bedroom I shared with my wife. Her high heels clicked with a determined staccato on the wooden floor. Kate refused to let go of me; she was holding onto me as possessively as a woman could hold onto a man, her heavy breasts pushed tight into my arm. She seemed supremely self-confident. She was eager to have a go at Angie. Events were now out of my control.

Kate and I appeared together in the bedroom door. Angie was stretched out in bed, her back supported by a small mountain of pillows. She was almost naked, wearing nothing but a see-through black lace teddy and a see-through black lace thong. Her long red hair was fanned out on the pillow behind her. She was leaning back on the pillows, her fingers interlaced behind her head, her elbows up, her beautiful, massive tits jutting out from her chest. Her nipples were long and hard in anticipation of our lunchtime sex. Her long, strong, milky legs extended away from her shapely torso. She was absolutely gorgeous and the moment I saw her, I felt my dick throb and harden even more.

Angie was wearing a look of confusion when we entered the room. She had heard Kate’s high heels clicking in the hall and was trying to make sense of the sound. When she saw Kate and me together, when she saw the way Kate was holding my arm, her look of confusion shifted instantaneously to one of immediate understanding, followed by unspeakable rage.

“YOU FUCKING CUNT!!,” she roared at Kate, sitting up on the bed. “GET YOUR FILTHY FUCKING HANDS OFF MY HUSBAND!!”

Then she turned her blazing eyes to me. “Peter, what the fuck is this?!! Why are you letting this whore touch you like that?!!”

I began to stammer out a reply. But Kate cut me off. She pulled my head down to her mouth and, suddenly, I was again enthralled by her sexual power as her mango-flavored lips enveloped mine. Her tongue pushed electrically into my mouth and her heavy tits bore into my chest. Even through the many layers of cloth separating our bodies, I could feel her stiff nipples on my chest. Again, I felt the heat from her body, the warm, moist hunger of her vulva. I was silenced by the sexual overload. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Angie looking on, so astonished and furious that she did not even move.

Katie released me. Imperiously, she began walking towards the bed, undoing her blouse as she walked.

“Pedro is mine now, you redheaded whore,” Kate said to Angie in an almost conversational tone. “We have agreed that we are made for each other. I am taking him away from you. But first, I have to beat your body, crush your tits with mine, before he can fully give himself to me. That’s what I’m here to do.”

Kate threw her blouse to the floor and unsnapped her skirt. In the time it had taken her to walk to the bed, she was now almost naked, wearing only a green thong, a matching push-up bra, and her shoes. She kicked off the shoes and stood beside the bed, her hands on her hips. I could not see her face, but I knew that she was wearing the beautiful, self-confident smirk that I found so irresistible.

Angie was on her knees on the bed. Her face was a mask of rage. I had never seen her so angry. I could tell that much of the anger came from a sense of betrayal.

“Peter, is this true?,” she snapped at me. Her eyes were burning with rage, but I could also see she was deeply hurt.

“Well, not exactly,” I stammered. Kate spun her head around to glare at me. “I mean, Kate came to my office and, uh…,” I trailed off, not sure where to go from here, trying to figure out how to say something that would not ruin my chances with both of the beautiful women in front of me.

Angie smiled coldly. “I know my husband, whore,” she snarled at Kate. “He’s too much of a breast man to pass up the chance to see his fantasy fulfilled. He saw the chance to get you here to take me on and he couldn’t pass up the opportunity.” Well, I thought to myself, that was certainly true.

“He knows that I wanted a chance to go at you tit to tit,” Angie continued. “Now it looks like we’re going to have a chance to finish what we started yesterday.”

Kate crawled onto the bed. “Tell yourself what you want, Angie,” my prospective lover replied. “All I know is that I am going to squash your little bags flat with mine, I’m going to rip your weak little pink nipples out with my beautiful brown nips. Then I’m going to take your husband away and fuck him to death.” She smiled. “Maybe I’ll do it right in front of you. Maybe I’ll get you to watch.”

A look of absolute, cold fury planted itself on Angie’s beautiful face. Then, without warning, her right hand whipped out like a lash and cracked across Kate’s smiling visage. “You cunt!!” Angie hissed.

Kate’s eyes grew absolutely wild with hate and rage. “You fucking tramp!,” she screamed. That was twice that Angie had managed to slap her in the face. But this time, there was no one preventing her from striking back. “I’m going to kick your fucking ass!”

Hissing like a cat, Katie hurled herself at Angie, her claws unsheathed, the rage boiling in her eyes terrifying in its intensity. But Angie was every bit as enraged. With a shriek of pure anger, my redheaded wife threw herself at Katie.  Their incredible bodies came together with a dull thud and a hard slap of massive tits crushing into each other. Both women groaned at the impact, a sound of lust and anger and primal female power all in one. Angie wrapped one arm around Katie’s head and used her other hand to punch and claw at her enemy. Katie buried one hand in Angie’s red hair and used the other hand to rake her claws over Angie’s alabaster skin. The two women were screaming and snarling and cursing at the top of their lungs. Clawing at each other, both women raising angry welts on the other’s beautiful body, they fell in a tangled heap onto the bed. There was a thrashing of beautiful limbs as Katie and Angie whipped naked legs and powerful arms around each other. For a few moments, the spitting, snarling, biting wildcats rolled frantically back and forth on the bed, neither woman able to hold the top position for long. Then, they hurtled off the bed and onto the floor, their powerful bodies still wrapped together, their limbs twined, cheek to cheek and screaming obscenities at each other. They hit the ground with a jarring impact.

Angie and Katie split apart only for a moment. The instant they were back on their feet they went for each other again. Both women sank their claws into the other woman’s thick head of hair. Pulling, yanking, trying to tear out the other woman’s mane by the roots, the shrieking women pulled each other around the room by their hair.

“Fucking slut!,” Angie roared.

“Cocksucking whore!,” Kate snarled in reply.

Angie’s teddy was holding onto her voluptuous body by a thread, but it did nothing to contain her wildly rocking tits. Katie’s bra could barely hold her massive breasts, which rolled on her chest like  cannonballs. The women were head to head, their bodies angled away from each other, their hands gripping the other’s hair, pulling each other’s head down. Katie shifted her grip; she began to pull Angie’s head up, yanking Angie’s hair so that my wife faced her. Angie returned the hold. The women were now face to face, their teeth gritted in pain and rage, their eyes burning with fury. They glared deeply into each other’s eyes. I had never seen so much mutual hatred before in my life. It made my cock grow even harder. These women despised each other at a primal level. They wanted to destroy each other. I could see that they would go at each other as long and as hard as they needed to in order to settle the rivalry between them.  I knew that only one of them could leave here with her pride – and maybe her beautiful body- intact.

Slowly, tearing viciously at each other’s hair, Angie and Katie pulled each other into a standing position. Their eyes remained locked together and they continued to hold each other at arm’s length as they staggered back and forth. I saw Kate’s hands start to move down Angie’s head, moving towards her face, preparing to claw at my wife’s eyes. I was about to shout a warning when Angie sensed what was happening. With a cry, she jerked Katie’s head from side to side, then pushed the other woman away roughly.

Katie and Angie faced each other from a few feet apart. Their tits were heaving, they were both panting furiously. The incredible rage burning in their eyes was growing hotter by the moment. I was sure that they were about to throw themselves at each other once again. But the momentary respite gave them a chance to remember why they were there and what their competition was really all about.

“So,” Angie said, absolute venom in her voice. “You think that you are woman enough to just come in and steal my husband, hm?” As she spoke, she reached up and untied the cord holding the teddy around her neck. She pulled the sheer lace garment away from her body and stood magnificently nude, except for her thong. Angie’s massive tits jutted out like boulders from her chest. They looked more taut than I could remember them ever being before. They were perfectly shaped and her pink nipples were thick and long. Even from a distance, they looked rock-hard. They were centered inside of her big, pink areola, which were pebbled with tension. “Come here, you whore,” Angie snarled. “We’re going to see which of us has got the better set of tits.”

Katie smiled savagely. She reached behind her and unsnapped the clasp on her bra, then threw it aside. Her fantastic tits bounced free. They were dark and olive, a testament to the fact that Katie must sunbathe topless. Her jugs were thick and hard and her brown areola were huge. They were twice the size of Angie’s beautiful pink areola. Katie dark brown nipples were thick and long and seemed to be almost pulsating with power. She put her hands on her hips and shook her tits at Angie.

“Do you see these, baby?” Katie cooed. “These beautiful brown tits are going to flatten your pathetic white, pink things into pancakes. I’m going to humiliate your body like you’ve never been humiliated before.”

“Fuck you, cunt,” Angie replied. She shook her massive tits at Katie. “My beautiful babies are more than a match for anything you’ve got.”

My eyes darted from one woman’s rack to the other. I was trying to see if I could tell which of them was actually bigger, whose nipples were longer. It was impossible for even my practiced eye to tell. Angie’s massive tits looked just as big as Kate’s, and just as perfectly shaped. The length of their fully engorged nipples seemed the same. What would prove decisive in this battle was whose tits were actually tougher and harder. That could only be determined by the women mashing their meat together and grinding it out, tit to tit.

While the two women were sizing each other up, only moments away from the confrontation I had been dreaming about, I remembered that Angie kept a digital recorder in the night table drawer. Every now and then, we liked to record our own sex tapes. I moved quickly to the table and pulled out the camera. My raging hard-on was now almost comical. Both women looked at me as I activated the camera and pointed it at them.

“Keep your lens on our tits, lover boy,” Katie smiled. “You and I are going to enjoy that film for a long time to come. We’ll laugh when we see the moment that my magnificent tits squash the soft, tender boobs on this bitch flat.”

Angie did not reply, but I could tell that she was too furious to speak. The look in her eyes was murderous.

The nearly naked women moved closer to each other. They both locked their hands behind their backs and thrust out their chests. Their fantastic tits pointed at each other like the horns on a bull or a deer, huge and powerful, symbols of each woman’s sexuality and womanly power, weapons that both women were prepared to lock together and use to struggle until only one was victorious.

Slowly, carefully, Angie and Katie moved closer and closer, until their tits were only inches apart. I felt like my cock was going to explode. At this proximity, it was now possible to see that both women’s nipples were exactly the same length and thickness. For both, their swollen nipples jutted out an inch from their mammoth tits. Their nipples were thick and broad, too, not just long; both women’s nipples were the thickness of a tootsie roll.  If one of them had a bigger set of boobs, it was impossible to tell with the naked eye.

The women’s eyes were locked together. It was like they could read each other’s minds, could see and feel the hate that they shared. Maybe they could. For both women, a lot more was suddenly at stake than just whose tits were bigger and stronger. For Angie, she was fighting to prove that she deserved her man, she was fighting to protect her marriage from the voluptuous, sexually ravenous challenger who wanted what she had.  For Kate, she was fighting to get a man that she lusted after, just as much as she was fighting to prove herself superior to another women she hated.

Angie and Kate closed the final distance. They pressed the tips of their rock-hard nipples together, head to head. The women groaned in concert, deep moans that spoke of incredible sensations. They both closed their eyes, their eyelids fluttering as they struggled to control whatever erotic power was rolling through their beautiful bodies. As I watched, I felt myself cum in my shorts. The fantasy that I had always dreamed of was finally real and my excitement was more than my body could handle. Even after I had cum, however, I could feel more sexual tension building in my cock and my lower abdomen. I felt almost multi-orgasmic. I had heard of such things before, but never knew a man who could cum so soon after having cum once. I was pretty sure that I was on the verge of that kind of experience.

The women bit their lips and pressed harder. They moaned in unison and I watched their hard, thick nipples slowly and tortuously push each other back into their quivering breasts. Angie and Katie pushed in even closer and their swollen nipples slowly sank into their combined titflesh. As far as I could tell, neither woman’s nipples had surrendered to the other. Angie’s areola were lush and pink, perfectly round and pebbled. But they were half the size of Katie’s areola, and I now began to wonder if this gave Kate an advantage as her thick, knobby areola would be able to rub directly into Angie’s softer titflesh. It might not matter now, but it could become important if the fight dragged on. And, God, I wanted it to drag on!

The women snarled at each other. They pushed closer until they were nose to nose, forehead to forehead, their beautiful faces pressed tight, their furious eyes locked together. I could tell that they could see and feel only each other. I was not even sure if they were aware of me anymore. Their massive tits quivered and shook as each women thrust out at the other with her chest muscles, trying to crush and push the other back. Their tits resisted each other. From what I could see, the women’s tits were equally dense and firm; neither women’s boobs were dominating the other’s. Instead, the line where their giant orbs were pressed tight was evenly split between their thrusting, straining bodies.

“Pedro is mine, bitch,” Kate breathed at Angie. “He deserves the best woman he can get and that is me.”

“Fuck, fuck you whore,” Angie whispered back in reply. “I’m going to crush those brown nips flat and squash those bags. I am going to make you pay for going after my husband.”

The women glared into each other as if hypnotized. Their tits continued to shudder and quiver and they occasionally moaned and gasped as one or the other hit some particularly sensitive spot on the other’s tits. I could tell that their nipples were fighting, struggling deep within their combined tits. Their legs shook and their torsos shuddered. Sweat broke out on both women; it was clear to me that they were both putting all of their strength into trying to crush each other flat, but they were holding each other at bay.

Their pants grew harder as the sweat flowed more freely; their tits began to slip on each other as their skin grew slick. The women grunted and thrust harder, but their tits began to slide apart.

The women pulled apart. Their tits heaved; their nipples were, if anything, more swollen and looked even harder then when the fight had started. Angie’s white tits were especially red, pumped with blood and sex. Kate’s beautiful tits glowed with heat.

“Nipple to nipple,” I heard Angie whisper at Kate.

The women locked eyes. Angie interlaced her fingers and placed her hands behind her head, pulling her massive tits up, pointing her nipples directly at Kate. Kate duplicated the move, pointing her olive tits at her enemy. The women stepped forward again and pressed their stiff, throbbing nipples side to side. They locked them in place. Then, both women began to push their heavy, perfect tits in opposite directions. Their nipples were hooked together and I realized that each woman was trying to get the other woman’s nipples to bend back. For long moments, the women’s tits held taut, their nipples holding the weight of their dense orbs and the pressure of their torsos as they struggled to prove whose nips were stronger and harder.

Angie groaned; Kate screamed; their tits sprang apart as the weight and tension on their nipples were finally too much to bear; their one-inch nips bent each other back and bounced back into place like springs; the women’s dense tits quivered with the released tension.

Gasping, Angie and Kate brought their nipples back together and did it again, each one trying to force the other’s nipples to bend, to break. Their groans and gasps and pants became even deeper as they fought. Their frustration built as neither one was able to conquer and twist back the other.

“Fuck, fucking whore,” Kate moaned as she and Angie locked nipples yet again.

“You cunt, you fucking cunt,” Angie gasped back.

Their nipples fought like swords, locking and straining, then springing apart. Their slick tits dripped sweat as they bounced deliciously.

I was entranced by this incredible display. So far, Kate and Angie’s big tits had proven to be evenly matched in every important way. As a breast man, I was in heaven. This battle looked to be one that would go on for a long time.

As Angie and Kate fought, I could tell that they were both growing increasingly, almost feverishly, aroused. Kate’s green thong gave it away; the wet spot on her crotch had expanded to the point that her entire groin area was soaked; the damp cloth perfectly outlined her thick, inviting cunt lips.

Angie’s thong was black, but I could see the lace clinging to her pussy. Moisture was trickling down her inner thighs and it wasn’t sweat.

The women had been trying to overpower the other’s nipples for some time. Angie had finally had enough of the futile, but increasingly arousing, struggle. Their nipples sprang apart yet again, their gorgeous, sweat-damp tits quivering in response. Angie wound up and swung her massive tits directly at Kate’s matching glands. Their magnificent tits came together with a wet, hard slap. Kate gasped as she staggered back from the unexpected attack. She recovered immediately. Her beautiful face flashed a predatory grin and, locking her hands behind her back, she charged at Angie, her powerful, beautiful tits thrust forward. Angie locked her hands behind her back, thrust out her massive tits, and charged towards Kate.

The women came together with a thick, dense, meaty slap. They screamed in unison as their massive tits met and compressed full force. Sweat flew from the point of impact. Angie and Kate gasped and moaned, and worked their bodies into each other with their powerful legs, keeping their tits plastered together. I had cum again on seeing this incredible sight. The women rolled their meaty tits into and around each other, both working their whole bodies, their back muscles rippling, their legs flexing, as they used all the power of their beautiful bodies to try to crush each other flat.  I looked carefully to see if either set of tits was gaining the advantage. It did not seem to be the case. Thick titflesh undulated and compressed, one woman then the other momentarily gaining a bit of ground, then losing it as their tits shifted against each other. Angie and Kate pushed together forehead to forehead; sweat trickled down their beautiful faces. They snarled at each other and whispered obscenities and other things to each other that I could not hear as they continued to work their tits into each other.

After a while, the women backed off each other just a bit. Then, they began to swing their tits at each other, each woman twisting her torso so that their heavy tits flew at each other and struck side-on. With each impact, sweat flew and Angie and Kate cried out in real pain. They struck each other this way nine, ten times in a row. With the tenth blow, they both screamed and then fell away from each other.

Moaning, gasping, each woman retreated a bit from the other. Angie and Kate both cupped their swollen tits and glared at each other.

“You’re tougher than I thought, fucker,” Kate said to Angie. “But I can feel your tits weakening. It won’t be long until I break you, then I will claim Pedro as my prize.”

“Dirty slut,” Angie snapped in reply. “I’m going to teach you lessons you’ll never forget. When I’m done with you, those bags on your chest are going to be flat, empty sacks.”

Both women seemed to recover. They rose to their full heights and threw back their shoulders, shoving out their tits out once again. They approached each other less violently than before. They stepped into each other and seized the other’s forearms. Their mammoth tits were trapped within the box formed by their arms. The women pressed together nipple to nipple and then began to shove hard, to grind together tit to tit. Their tits slopped and slapped against each other, sliding in and out and around each other, like oiled up snakes. They rubbed into each other viciously and I was mesmerized by the beauty of their massive mammary glands working in and out and around each other. Their hard nipples dug into each other’s firm titflesh.

Angie and Kate grunted and gasped as their tits struggled and slid, ground together and slopped apart, slipped into and around and between each other as they rubbed into sweaty flesh. The women were becoming increasingly frustrated as the battle dragged on without either gaining an advantage. Suddenly, Kate released Angie’s forearms and, slipped her arms around Angie’s back. Angie immediately returned the grip. The women came together with another thick slap. They wrapped arms around each other’s naked back, both finding the best position for their arms, and began to squeeze.

Kate and Angie cried out together as they locked up in this mutual bearhug. I moved closer, intent on watching the movement of their tits as they fused and mated. I was desperate to see that taut flesh crushing and struggling, to see the moment when one of these beauties managed to out-tit the other. They were forehead to forehead and nose to nose again, but their eyes were closed as they panted and groaned loudly into each other’s face. Angie was moving her back from side to side, grinding her tits into Kate’s matching pair with all of the power of her back and torso. Kate was moving slowly up and down, responding to Angie’s attack, grinding back. I could tell that the women’s nipples were locked together and battling within their fused tits. It was thrilling to watch my fantasy become an incredible erotic reality as both women used their dense, heavy, unbelievably beautiful tits to grind away at each other. From what I could see, both sets of tits continued to resist equally; there was still no clear winner in sight.

As they squeezed and undulated against each other harder and harder, Kate and Angie threw back their heads and screamed in rage and effort. They twined their powerful legs, Kate’s olive colored flesh meshing and tangling with Angie’s alabaster skin. Their legs shook with the tension as they locked. The struggling women were right next to the bed and, after a brief, intense round of trying to throw one another, their interlocked bodies fell onto the mattress. Kate ended up on top as the women’s limbs and bodies twined together even harder. They were now like two mating snakes, so wrapped together that they appeared as a single double-hued mass of quivering, groaning, sweating erotic flesh. From my angle, I could see their pulsing tits crushed head to head, nipple to nipple, forming one thick, taut cleavage between the women. Kate was using gravity to thrust down with her tits onto Angie’s rack; Angie was pushing back. The women’s tits began to slip and slide around and between each other. Their bodies began to grind and thrust and slap together with greater force. I could see their naked bellies sliding and writhing against each other, even as their massive tits continued their erotic war. The women’s legs thrashed, then knotted together again. They squeezed each other with their arms but, occasionally, clawed and scratched at each other. Angie and Kate were now resting cheek to cheek, their faces masks of concentration and pain as they pitted every inch of their beautiful bodies against each other. Their moans and cries grew louder and more insistent. I could see that their wet thongs were rubbing and wrestling too. Both women were starting to buck and thrust with their hips, rubbing their hot pussies into each other.

With considerable thrusting and grinding effort, Angie managed to roll their locked bodies, taking the top position away from Kate. Once on top, she tried to use gravity as Kate had done, thrusting and pounding her taut orbs down into Kate’s matching boobs, digging at each other’s tits with their sharp, tough nipples. Their bodies continued writhing. Angie raised her face up so that she was staring down into Kate’s face; once again, the women glared at each other intently as their bodies fought. They shared hot breath and gasping cries and occasional obscenities and threats. I could see that they were completely absorbed in their battle, in a way that only absolute sexual rivals could be.

I could tell that constantly grinding and writhing and rubbing their slick flesh together was making both women insanely hot for each other. Their grunts and groans were taking on a distinctly different tone. They were no longer just cries of pain and effort; they were now cries of pleasure as well.

Angie was on top of Kate, driving her tits and her belly down onto their counterparts on the dark-haired beauty. Kate was thrusting and bucking back, rubbing her body into Angie with absolute determination, her arms locked around Angie’s back, pulling my wife down on her body. The women were face to face, panting and groaning. I don’t know who did it first; they were already practically mouth to mouth. But one of the battling beauties touched tongue to lips; I suddenly realized that the women were exchanging hard licks, that they were using their tongues on each other. My excitement, already near a peak, somehow doubled in an instant. Then, Kate took one of her hands, grabbed the back of Angie’s head, and pulled Angie’s face down to hers. Their lips sealed over each other and I could see the intense tongue work going on within their inosculated mouths. For a moment, Angie resisted. I saw her eyes open wide and an expression of anger and confusion cross her face. But it was gone in a moment. An instant later, she had closed her eyes and was kissing back just as passionately as she was being kissed. For a few intense moments, the focus of the battle shifted from the women’s massive tits and slick bellies to their ravenous mouths and tongues.

They continued to grind against each other, but slowly and rhythmically, as the kissing went on and on. They began pushing at each other with their crotches, slapping their wet thongs together more insistently. They finally broke their lip lock, licking at each other, and glared, just as hateful as before.

“Cunt to cunt, fucker,” Kate breathed at Angie. I could not believe what I was hearing, but I swear my dick put on another two inches with those words. It certainly seemed on the verge of popping out of my pants. “Pedro deserves to see my pussy destroy yours. He’ll be sticking his dick into my cunt for the rest of his days, he needs to know that you are no match for me down there, either.”

“You filthy fucking bitch,” Angie snarled, and for a moment I feared she would reject Kate’s invitation. But I did not need to worry. All the time grinding tits and rubbing bodies and hating each other had created for both women an irresistible need to conquer each other completely and absolutely. Their battle to see who was the better woman could not just end with their tits. Their cunts had to devour each other too.

Part 8

As I’ve said before, I am a breast man. To me, breasts are the ultimate expression of a woman’s sexuality and power. I would have liked the women to settle whose tits were better and stronger. But I think that Angie and Kate had arrived at the maddening conclusion that their tits were too evenly matched, at least as sexual weapons, for there to be a decisive victory. I suspect that they could have gone on grinding tit to tit – I think someone would have won in the end. But the other fact was that these two beautiful women had been rubbing and writhing their nearly naked bodies together for a long time, they had been attacking each other by crushing together their sexual organs in a frenzy of rage and hate, and they were competing for me in a contest that, in the end, was really about which of them was the better woman and more satisfying lover. It was inevitable that they would have to settle their rivalry by fucking it out between their cunts as well as their tits.  

Angie and Kate released each other carefully, and Angie pulled herself off of Kate and retreated to the head of the bed. The women were completely focused on each other, their eyes still locked. Angie sat back and quickly slipped her soaked thong off her hips, and down her luscious legs.

“Here, baby, hold these for me,” Angie called to me, her gaze never leaving Kate’s eyes. She tossed me her wet thong. I caught the black lace and immediately held it to my face, burying my nose in the pungent, intoxicating smell of my wife’s sex.

Kate, moving with catlike grace, also pushed herself into a sitting position. Like Angie, she slipped off her wet thong. She paused. Then, with an evil smile, she tossed the sopping green cloth to me, too. Instinctively, I caught it, then froze. My first inclination was to bury my face in Kate’s thong. But I could not do that in front of Angie without kissing my marriage goodbye. Kate and Angie were watching me intently, waiting to see what I would do. I was trapped. But, in a sudden flash of inspiration, I took Angie’s thong and knotted it together with Kate’s thong, tying the two sodden scraps together at their crotches.

“May the best woman win,” I croaked. I was unbelievably horny, but I knew that I could be ruining my whole future here. I did not know what else to do. Obviously, I was trying to keep my options open and both women could see this. Kate was clearly angry that I was not yet ready to commit to her; but Angie looked devastated. I understood this; she had the right to expect my loyalty, to expect me to be rooting for her, my wife.  I was obviously ambivalent about what I wanted. I did not know if my betrayal would help or hurt Angie in her battle with Kate. Would it feed her rage and give her the power to overcome Kate’s incredible sex? Or would it distract and demoralize her enough to cost her the fight? I decided it would help her; I knew that Angie was a woman who could get very angry and I was sure her desire to make Kate pay for the pain she was causing would be enough to pull her through. I decided that this would be my argument if Angie won. But I still wasn’t sure who I really wanted to win.

The women turned their attention back to each other.

“I’m going to destroy every inch of your fucking twat, you dirty whore,” Angie breathed, her eyes sparkling with rage. “You came after my husband. That’s something I won’t forgive.”

“You are pathetic, you redheaded whore,” Kate replied haughtily. “I am offering your husband a body that is clearly superior to yours. And I’m going to prove that. My beautiful black pussy is going to suck your pink slit inside out.”

Angie did not reply. I think that she was too enraged to say anything more. Kate and Angie locked eyes and prepared to destroy the other woman.

Slowly, they spread their legs to each other. Angie and Kate were both inclined towards wearing very tiny bikinis, so it was not surprising that they were both sporting cunts that were shaved smooth and clean. But both women also had thick but short tufts of dense pubic hair directly at the top of their vulvas. I knew that Angie retained the tuft of bush because she was proud of her thick cunt fur and she actually regretted having to shave it. I suspect that Kate probably had a similar reason for holding on to as much of her bush as she could.

I moved closer so I could catch the whole thing with the recorder. Both women were incredibly wet. Their naked pussies glistened with moisture and, as I watched, more clear liquid trickled out of Angie’s cunt. Kate smiled dangerously at my angry wife and flexed her pussy, squeezing out some clear liquid of her own. I zeroed the camera in on both women’s cunts, one at a time, recording every detail. My heart was pounding with excitement.

“Do you seen my beautiful pussy, you redheaded bitch?” Kate asked, smiling arrogantly. She placed her left hand on her wet vulva and used two fingers to spread her wet pussy lips. Her thick, hard clit, popped free. The rosy red knob seemed to be pulsing with power.

“I’m going to use this to milk your little-girl cunt. I’m going to squeeze out every drop from your little twat. Then, I’m going to use my cunt to milk your husband’s dick. I’m going to fuck his brains out, and you’re going to admit that I am better than you, that I am the woman Pedro deserves.”

Angie did not respond for a moment. Then, for the first time, she smiled, a dangerous predatory smirk. She reached between her legs and spread her thick, juicy cuntlips, lips I had spent many a night licking and kissing and sucking. Her red clit popped up, thick and hard, every bit as formidable as Kate’s clit.

“Girl, I’m going to suck your filthy twat inside out with my cunt. I’m going to fuck your cunt off. You’re going to be sorry you ever met me.”

Kate smiled, her face a mask of feverish lust. The same look was reflected in Angie’s face.

“All right, baby,” Kate cooed. “Let’s fuck this out. Let’s see which of us can stand up when we’re done.”

Both women had started stroking their red, hot clits. I think that they were both so aroused they were not entirely aware of what they were doing. But now they placed their hands behind them and began to push their bodies towards the center of the bed. They slid their bare legs over and under each other, rights over lefts. They lined up their steaming, sopping cunts, their fuckslits perfectly aligned, their naked pussies dripping with sex juices. Angie and Kate were panting hard, gasping with excitement and lust. Their eyes were locked. I had never seen so much mutual hatred in my life.  If they could have gone at each other with teeth and claws, I thought they would. Hell, they still might! Then, signaling each other with their eyes, they drove their hungry cunts directly into each other.

Their wet cunts came together with a thick, delicious slap. I came in my pants as they made contact, as I saw cunt juice spray away from the slick, wet impact.

Both women threw back their heads and screamed at the ceiling.

“FUCK! FUCK!!,”Angie shrieked. I could tell from considerable experience with her many sexual moods and expressions that she was screaming with pleasure.

“OH MY GOD!!,” Kate howled. She shuddered with the sensations.

Struggling, their faces masks of agony, I could see Angie and Kate bring their bodies under control. Then, they began to fuck in earnest. They began pounding and grinding their dripping cunts together, driving into each other as hard as they could. With every thrust, the women grunted in unison. Their eyes were glazed with pleasure, but they still kept glaring at each other, as though the sight of the other woman fed their mutual hatred and gave them the will to keep going. I could tell that this need to look each other in the eyes as they fought had become a measure of their will. But I think that each woman also wanted to see the exact moment that she broke and beat and outfucked her enemy.

Angie and Kate kept grinding and pounding at each other. Both women seized the other woman’s thigh. Anchored, holding tight, fitting together like meshed scissors, they rammed their cunts harder and harder, faster and faster. The sound of wet flesh sucking and slapping filled the room, mingling with the women’s cries and grunts and groans. They were both focused on driving as deep into the other as they could.

I looked at the intersection of their bodies. I could see the buds of their hard clits rubbing and rubbing, red nubs glued together in constant friction. As they fought, Angie and Kate’s massive tits bounced relentlessly. The women threw their heads back, their hair thrashing. They moaned and groaned and screamed with pleasure. They kept watching each other, their faces masks of rage and hate and pleasure as they snarled and cursed at each other. They were hatefucking each other, in the truest sense of the term.

Their pounding, grinding cunts sealed together. I could tell that they were trying to eat each other cunt to cunt, trying to suck each other in and squeeze and overwhelm each other from the inside out. Kate reached out and seized one of Angie’s bouncing tits. She squeezed and fondled Angie’s nipple. Angie immediately returned the grip, filling her hand with as much of Kate’s heavy tit as she could fit in her palm, working the hard brown nipple. Both women continued to brace their bucking, humping bodies with their remaining arm.

Cunt juice was flowing freely from the women’s locked bodies. The bed sheet under their merged crotches was wet. Their bellies flexed and rippled with effort. I had never seen two women fuck each other as hard as Kate and Angie were fucking each other. It was absolutely intoxicating to watch.  This was female competition and anger at its rawest and most pure. What was happening now was even better than my best fantasies and I planned to enjoy every second of it, no matter what happened in the end or who won.

The women fucked mercilessly. They were grinding away at each other for some time, scissor-locked in ecstasy, when Angie spread her legs wider and began to push herself up closer to Kate. Kate realized what Angie was doing. In a moment, she started pushing herself to a sitting position too. The women spread their legs wide, then wrapped their powerful legs around the other woman’s hips. They reached for each other and grasped each other by the shoulders. Their arms snaked around the other woman’s back. They pulled each other in close, their cunts still sealed and locked together. The women pressed their throbbing tits together.

“Oh God,” Angie groaned as her hard nipples met and grated against Kate’s protruding nips. Then Kate and Angie pulled each other in tight. They cried out together as their tits crushed hard. They brought as much of their flesh into direct contact as they could. Angie seized Kate’s round, rippling ass and held on, sinking her claws into the firm olive skin. I watched as Kate returned the grip, grabbing both of Angie’s butt cheeks and squeezing, kneading them like loaves of bread.

“You fucking whore,” Kate whispered at Angie, “You cuntsucking, cockeating twat.”

“Dirty filthy fuck,” Angie groaned back. “Fucking bitch.”

Their mouths locked together hungrily. I could see their tongues working frantically inside their mouths. Their asses continued to roll, their hips bucked gently at times, harder at others, as they continued to devour each other with their sealed, struggling cunts. Their heavy tits mated, crushed taut once more. Their nipples were trapped together within their dense titflesh and I was sure that those sensitive probes were at war with each other too, like every other part of Angie and Kate’s incredible bodies.

They broke the kiss and rested their faces nose to nose, forehead to forehead. They closed their eyes, but they shared breath, occasionally licking at each other, occasionally slipping into another luscious kiss as the fuckfight raged on. They cursed each other, whispering obscenities at each other that I could barely hear.

Suddenly, Angie tightened her grip on Kate’s thrusting ass.

“Oh, oh, ooohhh, Fuck, Fuuuuccccckkkkk!!,” Angie moaned out. She threw back her head, her eyes closed tight, her face a rictus of pure sexual agony and raw pleasure. “Ooooohhhhh, Noooooo!, “ she groaned. Her body spasmed and she clung to Kate’s fantastic body even tighter. She was experiencing a sudden and incredibly intense orgasm.

“Yeeeessss,” Kate cooed at Angie, smiling her predatory grin. Kate sank her claws into Angie’s ass and pushed hard, trying to force Angie over onto her back. “That’s it, cuntlicker, come for me girl, show me how weak your little pussy is, let me milk your cunt…” Kate bit at Angie’s chin, licking and sucking at Angie’s face.

Angie continued to shudder and moan, but she managed to keep from being pushed over onto her back. She  kept her hips bucking and grinding. A gush of liquid flowed down from the women’s locked bodies to the bed.

This is it, I thought. Angie was finally starting to lose. Kate had forced her to come first. I was not sure if that meant that the battle was over.

Angie seemed to regain her bearings and she glared sullenly into Kate’s smiling, triumphant face. She pumped hard with her hips, meeting Kate’s continuing thrusts. Kate kept smiling in triumph, clearly delighted in having forced Angie to orgasm. Suddenly, however, Kate’s eyes glazed over and she stiffened.

“NNooo, noooo, Naaaaahhaannn…” Kate howled, struggling unsuccessfully to hold back an intense orgasm of her own.

Angie smiled and locked Kate into a tongue tying kiss, forcing her tongue down Kate’s throat even as the black-haired beauty convulsed in ecstasy. Kate’s moans and cries of pleasure were swallowed up by Angie’s attacking mouth. Angie pulled harder on Kate’s ass and tried to push her enemy over onto her back on the bed. Another gush of liquid added to the wet spot on the bed as Kate’s cunt shared slick juices with Angie’s pussy.

Kate shuddered and moaned and bit at Angie as her orgasm abated; Angie bit back. Panting, on fire with hate and lust, the women resumed their cunt to cunt battle. They kept bucking and humping and grinding, as hard as they could. I realized now that they planned to keep fucking until one of them just could not go on.

They shared the next orgasm, both women breaking a probing kiss, then groaning and screaming out at the same time, throwing their heads back to gasp and shriek at the ceiling. They tightened their grips around each other, straining to make themselves one body even as they exploded together in shared ecstasy. I almost came again myself. I could only imagine what kind of pleasure they were inflicting on each other as their clits stabbed and rubbed continuously against each other, as their hot, hungry pussies squeezed and sucked at each other, their massive tits and oversensitive nipples crushed tight. I could see their dense tits squashed and quivering against each other, four meaty hunks of delectable flesh, struggling to destroy each other and succeeding only in causing both women too much pleasure to bear.

Angie and Kate continued fucking and fucking, panting and groaning, grinding and pumping, driving each other crazy with lust and driving me out of my mind with desire. I did not know how much longer they could keep this up. The end for one of them, maybe both, had to be near. But I prayed that they could somehow keep going.

They orgasmed in unison again, shuddering and crying out with ecstasy, clawing and biting and kissing at each other in the throes of their passion. It seemed as if their bodies had begun to synchronize with each other. As their shared orgasm abated, Kate seemed to throw everything she had into another attack. She pulled hard on Angie’s ass and pushed forward with all her strength. Angie was not expecting this; still caught in the aftermath of the last orgasm, she was unable to withstand the pressure. Kate slowly pushed Angie over on to her back, finally succeeding in mounting my wife.  Angie resisted as best she could, but I could see the flash of fear in her eyes. She knew that this could be the beginning of the end.

There was a thrashing of legs as the women struggled to rearrange their bodies, but it ended with Kate’s legs forcing Angie’s succulent thighs apart, Angie’s powerful legs twined through Kate’s. Kate’s body was flat on Angie’s body; their bellies were crushed tight, their massive tits were compressed deliciously. Angie’s hands were still gripping Kate’s round, pear-shaped ass tightly, but Kate reached down and grabbed Angie’s hands. Kate succeeded in interlocking her fingers with Angie’s fingers and pulled Angie’s arms out to their sides. The women writhed and groaned, hand to hand. Kate pushed her cheek down on Angie’s, pinning Angie’s head to the bed.  Kate bore down, rubbing and grinding her powerful tits into Angie’s beautiful rack, sliding her meaty cannonballs around and around and over and under Angie’s matching titmeat. Angie writhed back, meeting Kate’s beautiful tits with her own, and for a long time, I watched the delicious tit to tit fight that their upper bodies were engaged in. Between their legs, Kate had spread Angie’s thighs and began sliding her hungry cunt down onto Angie’s fuckmeat. I repositioned myself so I could watch and record this battle. Angie tilted her pelvis forward so that she and Kate had even better access to each other’s cunts. The women moaned in concert as their thick vulvas squashed tight. Kate crushed her cunt down onto Angie’s twat, their soft labia melting together, then began rubbing and grinding in a tight circle. Angie rotated her lower body in the opposite direction and soon the women’s cunts were drilling together, occasionally breaking apart only to slap back together again. Kate seemed to be driving her clit deep and hard into Angie’s fuck slit, long-clitting my wife’s cunt trough, rubbing clits at the apex of each thrust before starting again. I watched Angie and Kate’s cunts pump into each other, I watched the two gorgeous women writhe and grind every inch of their beautiful bodies together. Kate locked Angie into another tongue-thrusting kiss and their moans and whimpers died down for a few moments as they swallowed each other’s cries of passion.

As I watched, their hungry cunts seemed to get a better, more solid grip on each other, locking and sealing together, hot cunt lips flattening against each other. Kate’s ass began to pump harder, stronger. Their cunts rose and fell in unison, sucked solidly into one. I could tell that their twats were eating each other, engaged in some kind of feminine struggle that I could barely comprehend. Angie seemed to be on the losing end of this. Kate seemed firmly in the saddle, so to speak, and seemed to be fucking my beautiful wife out of her mind. Their cries and moans confirmed this. Angie’s screams and shouts of pleasure and agony grew louder and more frantic. Kate’s grunts and groans of pleasure and effort grew more aggressive and violent.

Angie broke Kate’s grip on her hands and seized Kate’s pumping ass with both hands. She fucked up against Kate with all of her strength. Kate seized Angie’s ass in turn and bore down even harder.

Angie stiffened, every muscle in her body going rigid; she pulled Kate as hard down onto and into her as she could, then arched her back, lifting Kate off the bed.

“Oh, FUUUCCCKKKK!!!,” Angie shrieked, her eyes closed, her face a mask of agony, her head thrown back as she howled with what must have been the most intense orgasm of her life. At least, it was stronger than any orgasm she had ever had with me, and we had been together for 10 years.

“JESUS FUCKING CHRIST!!!,” Angie screamed, her body shaking and convulsing as she came with a torrential gusher of cum.

Kate tightened her grip on Angie and the two women began to buck and grind hard, Angie caught in the throes of her incredible climax, Kate apparently determined to ride Angie to the end.

“Fucking cunt, filthy whore, feel my clit, bitch, feel it!!,” Kate screamed at Angie. She forced her mouth back over Angie’s, muffling Angie’s screams of orgasm.

It was not long until Kate threw back her head and shouted out in orgasmic joy.  Her eyes glazed over, her body bucked and shuddered and she erupted in a shriek of sexual agony. Her pussy squirted like a hose, from what I could see seeping out from the women’s locked cunts. The black-haired beauty came hard, maybe as hard as Angie.

The women gripped each other’s asses, riding each other in ecstasy, sharing and exchanging orgasms, shouting out in pleasure, and grinding together so hard I was sure they would break each other or shatter the bed. The room filled with the animal sounds and smells of two hot bitches fucking each other senseless.

Still, it was clear to me that Kate had won the battle.

The women lay together on the bed for a minute or so after the last orgasm had washed over them. They were panting and groaning, Kate sprawled over Angie, their bodies tangled together, their tits and cunts pressed tight. After a while, Kate rolled off of my wife. The women lay side by side, gasping, their magnificent bodies stretched out next to each other. It was an almost overwhelming display of incredible female flesh. Their tits shuddered as they gasped for breath, their wet pussies dripped with cum, their skin glistened with sweat. Red hair and black hair mixed on the pillows.

After another minute, however, something happened that I had not expected. Summoning strength from some unknown reserve, Angie rolled over onto Kate, mounting her rival. She dropped her tits onto Kate’s massive rack, she slid her cum-slicked cunt into place on Kate’s equally slick, slimed twat. Almost automatically, the women twined their limbs together, locking each other in place.

“We’re not done yet, cuntfucker,” Angie groaned at Kate, grabbing the other woman’s hands with her own and interlocking their fingers. They squeezed each other’s hands, testing and challenging each other. Angie pushed Kate’s arms out to their sides.

“Oh, so you want more, bitch,?” Kate asked. Her voice sounded hoarse, but still strong. “Well come and get it, whore. My cunt can take anything your little pussy can dish out.”

“Baby, let’s fuck,” Angie snarled at Katie. Then, her mouth descended onto Kate’s lips. Kate opened her mouth and received Angie eagerly. She spread her legs just as eagerly. Angie’s cunt locked into place on Kate’s twat. The women began to grind and hump slow and hard, they kissed and sucked, their hands found each other’s shapely ass. In moments, they were fucking hard, riding each other viciously, pounding together mercilessly. Once again, I marveled at the power of their mutual hate and lust.

Angie and Kate went at each other furiously, with more energy than I would have thought they had left. They spread their legs and slapped their wet, open cunts together in ecstasy, pounding twats and grinding clits, pulling on each other’s asses, until they finally sealed and sucked together in a series of pussy-splitting thrusts that locked their hungry twats into one. They had to break their savage kiss in order to get much-needed breath, but they kept their faces plastered together, nose to nose, forehead to forehead, eyes locked in absolute hatred. They licked at each other’s tongues and lips when they were not gasping and moaning and struggling to whisper obscenities at each other. Soon, however, the pleasure that they were inflicting on each other grew too great. They closed their eyes and pressed cheek to cheek as their cries of pleasure became inarticulate moans of ecstasy. Their perfect tits were squashed tight between their bodies and I delighted in watching the compressed, meaty orbs pump into each other, in rhythm with the women’s pumping asses. Their nipples must have been stabbing deep into their dense titflesh.

Angie and Kate were fucking like this for some time and I marveled that they were able to hold out so long against what must have been incredible sensations of pleasure. I could see from the intersection of their cunts that their swollen clits had been fencing and grating against each other for almost the whole time. Once again, their cunts were eating each other. I could see their pussies quivering and trembling as they sucked at each other. It was now Angie’s turn to use her dominant position to long-clit Kate’s hot, wet fuck trough.

Their cunts rammed and splatted together, clits grinding and sliding. From their cries, I could tell that Angie and Kate were riding each other up the pleasure curve to another incredible orgasm. Their fingers dug into each other’s pumping ass. The women’s cries grew more desperate and angry.

“Fuck, fuck you, whore!,” Kate gasped.

“Cunt, filthy fucking cunt!,” Angie gasped back.

The women pulled their heads to each other and locked into another savage kiss. I could tell that the end was near for one or both of them. They were on the verge of orgasm, their bodies trembling as Angie and Kate both strained to keep from coming.

Angie began thrusting, grinding her twat down onto Kate’s twat with deep, powerful, cunt-splitting hunches. It was clear that she was desperate to finish off her black-haired rival before she tipped over the edge. Kate drove herself back up against Angie’s attacking cunt. The women’s pussies continued to squeeze and eat at each other, twat to twat.  It was awe-inspiring to watch these two gorgeous women struggle to devour and destroy each other pussy to pussy. It was the ultimate contest of woman to woman, two beautiful bitches destroying and ravaging each other with the power of their tits and cunts.

Angie and Kate broke their kiss and threw back their heads. They moaned as one, cries of sheer agony. Their faces were twisted in pain as they fought to control themselves, their eyes were shut tight, their cunts were locked together like vises, wrestling and squeezing and struggling to consume each other. I imagined what their clits were doing to each other, sealed tight within their battling cunts. Their tits were crushed tight, four meaty orbs holding each other in quivering tension.

“Oh, Ohhhhhhhh, FUCK!!,” Kate screamed. “FUCK, FUCK, FUCK!!!,” she howled. Her whole body convulsed powerfully. She must have come like a geyser because moments later hot cum begin to trickle from the tight seal of the women’s sucking cunts. Kate bucked hard, her hips lifting Angie off the bed as Kate jerked and twisted in ecstasy.

Angie kept the pressure up, continuing to drive her pussy down into Kate’s gushing cunt. But only moments later, Angie let go. She screamed in pleasure and came with excruciating force. She pumped her ass hard and I imagined she was pumping a gusher of her erupting cum down into Kate’s willing and waiting fuckhole. Again, the women’s locked cunts leaked pussy juices. Their bodies trembled and shuddered and they bucked and ground themselves together, twining their legs and arms, holding tight as they rode each other to the finish.

“God, oh God, Fuck, Fuck, Fuck,” Angie cried.

The women clung to each other, sealing together in another desperate kiss. Their bodies continued to shudder as orgasm after orgasm rippled through them. They were pleasuring each other into submission and I realized that whoever survived this final, multi-orgasmic fuckfight would probably be the winner.

Kate looked at me, her eyes glazed over with pleasure, her mouth lolling as another orgasm took her.

“Pedro…,” she moaned. Then her eyes rolled back into her head and closed as she passed out, finally overwhelmed by the pleasure suffusing her body.

Angie collapsed on top of Kate, her body shuddering and straining as she milked the last drops out of Kate’s cunt, as she rode out her final orgasms.

For a few minutes, the women lay together on the bed. I watched them, putting the recorder on pause while I waited. My body was vibrating with sexual tension. I had lost track of the number of times I had cum myself while I had watched this incredibly erotic battle.

Angie and Kate had fucked each other into unconsciousness. I did not want to interfere. Whoever woke first would probably be the winner. Even as this thought crossed my mind, Angie stirred. With a moan, she rolled herself off of Kate’s prone body. The women’s cunts overflowed with pussy juice that came gushing out as they separated. Kate remained unconscious, clearly exhausted by the sexual warfare she and Angie had waged on each other.

After another minute, Angie rose unsteadily to sit up on the bed. She looked at me with a dazed look. Then, she gestured to me.

“Come here and fuck me, Peter,” she ordered, her voice hoarse.

I did not have to be asked twice. In no time, I was naked. I pushed Angie over onto her back and aimed my incredibly hard, long cock at her thick, pink slit. Her pussy looked ravaged, the signs of her battle with Kate apparent on the roughened pink flesh. Her cunt was slimed with the juices it had spewed and the pussy juice it had received from Kate.  Angie opened her arms and I enjoyed the wonderful feeling of my chest crushing down on my wife’s fantastic tits. My cock slid easily, deliciously, into her tight, well-lubricated slit and pierced her all the way to the core. She smiled and locked her vaginal muscles around my shaft, squeezing tight, holding me in place. After a moment, she turned our joined bodies over, taking the top position. Squatting on my cock, she began to roll and buck her hips slowly, then harder as she settled in. I grasped her rolling, bouncing tits and massaged them gently, kneading the taut flesh. Angie placed her hands over mine, holding them in place on her tits. She massaged and teased my cock expertly with her deep muscles as she bounced and writhed, impaled on my cock, until I finally exploded so hard that I almost screamed. My hips bucked, but she rode me easily. Angie smiled triumphantly as I slowly came down from my climax.

Panting, I looked to my side and was surprised to see Kate glaring at us, her eyes blazing with anger. She must have come to, just moments before. Before she could do anything, Angie moved. Pulling herself off my impaling cock, she leaped at Kate. The attack was unexpected and Kate did not have any chance to defend herself. Angie pushed Kate back on the bed and grabbed Kate’s beautiful right leg and placed it on her shoulder. With a grunt, Angie lowered her soaking wet cunt, now saturated with my cum, down onto Kate’s sopping twat. The women’s legs meshed like scissors. The women moaned together.

Anxious to catch every moment, I retrieved the recorder from where I had put it on the night table and started filming again.

The women fit together neatly, their hungry cunts sucking at each other like two open mouths, their cunt lips kissing wetly. Angie gyrated her hips, grinding herself down into Kate’s open, pulsing hole like she was drilling for oil. I could see Angie’s engorged clit slipping down into Kate’s labia, just before their cunts sealed up. Wet sucking sounds followed as Angie rocked her hips, driving her pussy down into Kate’s fucktrough; Kate arched her back and bucked up to meet Angie’s thrusts. In moments, the women were driving deep and hard into each other, moving in unison, fucking furiously. Kate bucked powerfully, and Angie had to use her arms to brace herself and keep herself on top. Angie filled her hands with Kate’s bouncing tits; Kate reached up to grasp Angie’s jolting breasts. I could see both of them squeezing and kneading each other. They glared and snarled at each other, their eyes half-closed with pleasure. Angie and Kate fucked powerfully, Angie literally bouncing on top of Kate’s bucking body as they penetrated each other.

“This is the closest you’ll ever come to my husband’s cum, fucker,” Angie groaned, as she rammed her sex-slimed cunt down into Kate’s equally soft, engorged pussy. Angie smeared her twat into Kate’s twat, and I could tell that the women were sharing my cum, along with their own juices. Kate moved with Angie, keeping their pussies glued together. I could tell that their cunts were eating at each other, struggling together in some primitive way. Angie thrust harder and harder, ramming her pussy as deep into Kate as she could. This was her victory fuck, and she planned to get everything that she could out of it. Kate moaned and thrashed her head wildly from side to side. Her hands squeezed Angie’s tits harder; Angie returned the grip, even as she threw back her head and howled in pleasure at the ceiling.

They squeezed tits, they thrust and drilled into each other, their hot cunts ate each other inside out, their hard clits stabbed and rubbed. Kate and Angie fucked viciously, pounding at each other until Kate shuddered and spasmed in pleasure.

“OH GOD!! YOU FUCKING BITCH!!,”Katie yelled as her voluptuous body thrashed under Angie. Her body arched and went stiff; Angie ground their cunts together as deeply as she could, even as she struggled to stay on top of Katie’s writhing, thrashing body. I could see the effects of another explosion of cum as Kate erupted with a convulsion.

Angie kept grinding until she suddenly released Kate’s massive tits, raised her hands to her head and ran her fingers through her wet, red hair.

“Yes, yes, Oh FUCKING GOD, YESSS!!!,” Angie shrieked. She jerked her hips powerfully, plunging into Kate, ramming her twat into Kate’s turgid twat. I could see from the expression on her face that Angie was squeezing hard, sucking and trying to milk Kate’s pussy with her own, even as she shot a blast of cum into Katie’s cunt. Then, finally, she convulsed and slowly relaxed, a wave of release washing over her body.

Angie remained sitting on Kate, her body swaying, her eyes closed and her expression slack. She looked exhausted but also transcendent, as if her body was still trying to process all of the intense sensations running through it. Kate’s right leg was still propped up on Angie’s shoulder. Kate’s eyes were closed, but she was breathing hard as she came down off of her orgasmic high.

Angie pulled herself off of Kate. Their soaked, sealed together cunts sucked apart with a distinct, wet popping sound. I thought that Angie would just collapse on the bed beside her defeated rival. Instead, she repositioned herself. She moved so that her cunt was directly over Kate’s face, her legs on either side of Kate’s face,  so that she was facing down Kate’s magnificent body. Angie lowered her sopping pussy onto Kate’s face. Kate thrashed and gasped, instinctively trying to push Angie away. But Angie would have none of that.

“Eat me, bitch,” Angie growled at her rival. “Suck me out, suck up that cum. You owe me this. Do it now, or I smother you with my pussy.” Angie reached down and twisted Kate’s nipples for emphasis.

Kate snarled. “You redheaded slut, I’ll make you pay for this,” she vowed. Her voice was muffled by Angie’s twat.  

“I won,” Angie replied, with a smirk. “Do it, whore.”

Kate hesitated only a moment more. Then, she looped her arms over Angie’s thighs and filled her hands with Angie’s muscular ass cheeks. I watched as Kate’s tongue began lapping at Angie’s pussy lips, then sealed over my wife’s whole fuck gash. I could see from the movement of Kate’s cheeks that she was sucking vigorously at Angie’s clit,  that she was intently cleaning out Angie’s sex.

Angie groaned for a time, running her hands through her hair, teasing her nipples and kneading her own tits, as she basked in the pleasure of her victory over Kate. She really enjoyed humiliating her rival. But it did not take long before her smiles and moans of pleasure became more intense, more aroused. Angie began to pant and whimper with pleasure; Kate began to finger and stroke my wife’s swollen clit when she was not sucking on it like a pacifier.

Angie fell forward, descending onto Kate’s open, gaping cunt and plunged into Kate’s twat, tongue first. Angie wrapped her arms around Kate’s hips, she grasped Kate’s round ass, then drove two fingers up Kate’s wet twat. Kate spread her thighs even wider; Angie opened her legs more, both women providing the other with clear access to her fuckhole. The women’s tits crushed between their bodies, boring into the other woman’s flat, hard stomach.

Moaning, gasping, whimpering with pleasure, Angie and Kate ate each other voraciously. The room filled with the liquid sounds of tongues lapping, of wet, juicy pussies being sucked by hungry mouths and probed by eager fingers. The women began to finger-fuck each other vigorously, even as they continued to suck on the other woman’s clit. It did not take long before Kate shoved four, then five fingers up Angie’s tight, wet gash. She fisted my wife enthusiastically, and with a vicious expression of animal lust and vindictiveness playing on her beautiful face. Angie gasped and sobbed, then violently returned the favor, driving her whole fist into Kate’s tight, juicy hole. Kate screamed and bucked her hips wildly, but she continued rotating her clenched fist inside of Angie’s quim.

Angie threw back her head, her red hair wet with sweat and pussy juice, her eyes closed tight, her teeth clenched in an agony of sexual ecstasy.

“NNnnnnnaaaaah, NOOO, Ohhhhh, FUUUCCCKKKKK!!,” she howled. Her body jerked and trembled. Kate pulled her fist out of Angie’s twat just in time to catch a gusher of cum that squirted out of my wife and onto Kate’s upturned face. Kate took it eagerly, raising her head to attach her mouth to Angie’s convulsing cunt. I realized now that Kate was still fighting the war. She had not conceded the battle to Angie and she was intent on sexually exhausting my wife.

Angie screamed again as Kate resumed sucking her clit. But Angie lowered her head to Kate’s swollen clit and, even as she licked and sucked that distended sexhorn, her fist worked tirelessly inside Kate’s cunt. I was not surprised when, less than a minute later, Kate released Angie’s cunt, tossed back her head, and shrieked uncontrollably. Her hips bucked furiously, but Angie moved with her. Angie pulled her hand out of Kate’s twat and, as Kate had done, sealed her mouth over Kate’s gash. I could see from the movement of her cheeks that she was swallowing up everything she could.

After Kate’s orgasm finally subsided, she fell back on the bed, seemingly exhausted. Angie collapsed on top of Kate’s body, her face rested on Kate’s twat. For a few moments, I recorded the women lying together, each with her head between the legs of the other, both apparently spent, their eyes closed, their breath coming in raw pants. After another moment, Angie stirred again, then pushed herself up. I thought that she would face-sit on Kate again but, instead, Angie pushed herself forward until her pussy was directly over Kate’s wet, hot cunt. Slowly, carefully, she lowered her pussy onto Kate’s twat. Kate stirred, groaning with pleasure at the cunt to cunt contact.

Angie scissored Kate, her right leg extending over Kate’s body, up towards Kate’s head. Angie then stretched out, so that she was lying on her stomach, her tits pressed into the bed. The women’s legs intermeshed like clothespins. Kate was looking up at the ceiling. I could imagine that the women’s slick cunts got a good hard, grip on each other, as they melted together and sealed. Angie pushed at the headboard, using it to brace herself as she slowly, powerfully, thrust deep into Kate’s cunt.

A look of concentration passed over Angie’s face and, suddenly, I heard Kate groan out in sensual pleasure. I realized, with a jolt, that Angie had seized Kate’s cunt with her own and was now trying to devour her enemy’s pussy. Kate groaned again, but this time I heard the distinct sound of pain.

Angie looked back at Kate over her shoulder.

“You fucking whore. I’ve won. I want you to say it. I want you to say that I’m the better bitch, or I’ll  crush that nasty twat of yours so bad your husband won’t come near you for weeks. Say it!!”

Angie had caught Kate by surprise. Kate had probably thought Angie wanted to resume their fuckfight when she had fit their bodies together. Now, she found her cunt locked in death grip with Angie’s powerful twat.

“Never,” Kate gasped. “I’ll never say that!”

Angie squeezed and Kate screamed, but her face took on an expression of intense concentration. I could see that she was returning Angie’s cunt grip and soon the two women were groaning and gasping as their pussies wrestled. I could see from their expressions that the cunt-wrestling was proving exhausting. Slowly, tortuously, the women began milking each other’s cunts, struggling to crush and suck out the other woman’s powerful twat.

Kate bucked and heaved. Her magnificent tits trembled with the exertion. Her fingers sank into the mattress. I was amazed that she still had the energy to fight. What a woman! Angie held on, her face a mask of concentration, her pussy squeezing tighter and tighter, locked up with Kate’s cunt in an intimate struggle to the end.

 “Fuck, fuck you,” Kate groaned. She slapped and clawed at Angie’s beautiful ass.

The women began moving together again, Angie’s ass rising and thrusting, undulating as she rammed herself deep into Kate’s body, Kate’s hips rolling and thrusting in rhythm as she fought back. After a few minutes, I was not surprised to see Kate’s body going stiff as she suffered another intense orgasm. She moaned in pleasure and agony. More liquid leaked from between their inosculated cunts, adding a glistening sheen to the intersection of their groins. Angie came hard a few minutes later. She lowered her head and gritted her teeth and moaned tortuously as her body shuddered, as cum gushed out of her cunt, but she did not relax her grip.

Unexpectedly, the women’s sexual contest had entered another stage.  I had thought the battle over, but suddenly they were fighting again, this time their pussies joined in a battle to the death. I felt so horny that I was sure I had a fever. I recorded everything, zooming in on every inch of the women’s bodies as they fought, trying to record every facial expression and gasp of pleasure and effort as their cunts ate each other alive. I wished that Angie had been on her back, so that I could get a good shot of her tits, but Kate’s jiggling boobs were indescribably fantastic.

Angie and Kate were groaning in agony, their cries of pain and effort occasionally giving way to anguished cries of pleasure as their bodies orgasmed. Once again, their orgasms began to come together as their bodies started to synchronize. This time, I was sure that they would just keep fucking each other until one of them just could not go on.

Angie must have reached the same conclusion that I did and had decided that just trying to wear Kate down was too risky. She might win in that kind of contest, but Kate’s pussy was proving to be just as strong as hers and she must have understood that she still had a good chance of losing. As I watched, Angie put her palms against the headboard of the bed and, bracing herself, began to push harder. Slowly, she began to slide Kate down towards the foot of the bed. Kate dug her fingernails into the mattress, she bucked harder, but she could not stop her body from moving back. She reached out and grabbed Angie’s ass and thigh, but that did not stop her shoulders from sliding off the bed.

Her struggle to keep her place, to find a way to brace her body so that she could keep cuntfucking with Angie, had distracted Kate enough that she had lost her focus. Angie had taken advantage of those moments to drive her cunt deeper into Kate’s twat, to secure a stronger hold. As Kate slid off the bed, her shoulders hitting the carpeted floor, Angie followed her down.  She used the bed to brace herself and trapped Kate so that the black-haired beauty’s body was twisted in a “c” shape, her shoulders to the floor, her magnificent tits falling, like twin cannonballs, onto her face. The rest of her body was angled up, her legs spread wide, her legs and toes pointing downwards, towards the floor. Angie sat in the saddle formed by Kate’s delicious cunt, slowly and powerfully pile-driving her pussy deep, deep into Kate’s waiting twat. I could now see, in perfect detail, what was happening between their beautiful cunts. Angie’s pussy lips were sucking and eating at Kate’s soft, open fuckhole. Kate’s pussy lips were sucking back, but it was easy to see that she was no longer in a good position to fight on equal terms. I watched these two beautiful bitches devour each other, cunt to cunt. I had never seen anything so fantastic and I prayed that the recorder memory did not give out at this incredible moment.

“Say it,” Angie moaned, as she slowly, powerfully, rammed herself into Kate, her pussy squeezing and gripping the whole time. “Say it, or I’ll suck your cunt out with my pussy, I’ll fucking destroy you.”

Angie spoke as though lost in a haze. It was clear that she was concentrating hard to keep from simply giving in to the sensations that must have been burning up her body.

Kate snarled and cursed, but she was upside down and being fucked out of her mind.  Tears were sliding down from her eyes, flowing back into her hair. Angie suddenly sat on Kate’s crotch, letting her full weight drive her pussy down onto Kate’s twat. I could see Kate’s pussy spread and give beneath the incredible pressure. I could see Angie’s pussy eating and sucking at the vulnerable core within Kate’s cunt.

“OH YOU FUCKING WHORE!!!,” Kate screamed, her body thrashing. Then, finally, she surrendered.

“You’re the better bitch, Angie, you’ve got the better cunt and tits!!”  She said it so fast that I was not even sure she had conceded.

“Say it again, slut. Who’s the best bitch here?” Angie snarled.

“You are,” Kate moaned, her pride fighting to the end.

“Who has the better tits?” Angie prompted. She kept grinding her pussy deep into Kate, her hips rocking in a scooping motion.

“You do,” Kate gasped, tears now streaming down her face.

“Who has the better cunt?” Angie demanded, now pressing and pounding her twat into Kate’s splayed gash.

“You do, fucker, you do,” Kate screamed.

Angie squeezed Kate’s pussy with her own and began to stand higher, pulling Kate’s body up with her body, the suction and tension between their sealed cunts so tight that the struggling women remained locked together. Then, Angie plunged again, ramming deep into Kate, spreading her out. Whatever this did, whatever clit-crushing, cunt-sucking pleasure this move brought, both women screamed as one and released a geyser of cum together. Angie drove herself down into Kate furiously; Kate bucked up, bracing her body with her shoulders and jerking her hips high, trying to penetrate Angie just as deeply as Angie was penetrating her.  They held each other at the peak of their pleasure, crushing each other.

With a final gasp, Angie released Kate and fell onto the bed. Kate groaned and remained lying on the floor, her body arranged in an “L” shape with her back on the carpet and her legs supported by the bed.

Angie crawled up the mattress to the headboard, then flopped down on her back, her head on the pillows.

“Come here,” Angie called, her voice hoarse and thick.

After a moment, Kate swung her legs down to the floor, then kneeled, looking up at Angie on the mattress. I could see that she moved gingerly, as though her fuck gash hurt.

Angie spread her legs wide and gestured with her hand. “Come and eat me, girl,” Angie smiled. “This time, do it right.”

Defeated, refusing to look at me, Kate crawled onto the bed and placed her magnificent body between Angie’s incredible legs. She and Angie exchanged one last look of hate. But it was clear to everyone which of them had emerged from this sexual struggle as the victor.

Kate bent her head to the task of eating and sucking and pleasuring the Alpha bitch in the room. Angie smiled. She dropped her hand to Kate’s head, tangled her fingers in her rival’s thick hair, and pushed Kate more deeply into her twat. Angie’s hips worked as she smeared her cunt around and around into Kate’s face.

Angie finally came hard, erupting in Kate’s face. She pulled Kate to the side once her orgasm was finished. Kate sprawled beside Angie on the bed. Side by side, their magnificent bodies mirroring each other, their succulent flesh covered in sweat and cum, the women passed out. Their reddened pussies leaked juices and their fantastic tits rose and fell with their deep breathing. I watched them on the recorder screen for a few minutes, until the warning beep, indicating a low battery, roused me from my trance.


Angie and Kate slept like that for hours. I left them alone and went to clean myself up. I showered, masturbating to the memories of what I had just witnessed, then pulled on a bathrobe. I left the sleeping women in the bedroom and went to my computer, where I downloaded the digital recording. Thank god, I had caught almost the whole thing. I am not much of a video artist, but I was really inspired that day because it was the best sex tape I had ever seen.

Angie and Kate had gone at each other for almost two hours. They were exhausted. At around 4, I called Buddy and asked him to come and get his wife. Needless to say, he was not happy to hear from me, but I did not explain too much. I just told him that Kate had come to my place at lunchtime to finish off what she and Angie had started the day before. Now, it was over and he had to pick her up.

Buddy arrived about 45 minutes later. He looked angry and upset. He had to suspect that Kate had come here with a plan to leave him. But I could also tell that he was angry that he had missed the fireworks.

When he arrived, I put my finger to my lips, to keep him quiet. I took him to the bedroom. The women were still asleep, but during the past few hours, they had shifted positions. Kate was now sprawled out on Angie, whose legs were spread wide and whose arms were wrapped lightly around Kate’s olive body. Even in sleep, their bodies were seeking each other out to continue their battle.

Buddy took in this scene, then we retreated back to the living room.

“What happened?” Buddy asked tersely.

“Well, like I said, Kate came by my office at lunch and wanted me to bring her home so that she and Angie could finish what they started. I agreed. She came here, they fought and…” here I paused, leaving Buddy in suspense for a moment, “and, well, Angie won.”

Buddy started. His face betrayed interesting emotions; disappointment and maybe disbelief that his wife had lost, and relief that she had not succeeded in getting what she wanted. “Bullshit!” was his immediate response. “My wife lost a titfight to your wife?”

“No, the titfight was kind of a draw, “ I replied. “She did lose the cuntfight.” I saw Buddy’s erection practically explode inside his pants. “After a very long time,” I continued. “They were fucking each other for hours.”

I enjoyed watching Buddy gulp as he tried to moisten his dry throat. He tried to rearrange himself so that his cock was not as obvious, but it was a lost cause. But I could hardly blame him. I had an erection again, just talking about it. My bathrobe was loose enough to provide some coverage.

“I have it all on tape,” I smiled. “I’d be happy to make you a copy.”

I made Buddy the happiest man in the world.

I gave Buddy one of Angie’s bathrobes and he used it to wrap Kate and carry her out to his car. She did not stir at all during this entire exercise. While Buddy was reclaiming his wife, I made him a DVD copy of the sexfight. I did not know what kind of effect Kate’s various statements would have on their marriage, but I figured that was not my problem.

I gave Buddy the DVD when he came back in to get the rest of Kate’s clothing. I caught him examining Angie’s naked body, but I certainly wasn’t offended. Besides, he would soon be seeing every inch of her, the best parts in extreme close-up, so I could not pretend to care.

Just before he left, Buddy turned back to me.

“So, do you think that Angie might be willing to give Kate a rematch sometime?” he asked.

I smiled. “Well, let’s just let them sleep for now. I’ll bring the subject up sometime soon and I’ll let you know what she says.”

Buddy nodded and left, clutching the DVD like it was gold.

I went back to the bedroom, dropped my gown, and climbed onto the damp bed. I stretched out beside Angie’s beautiful body and pulled her to me. She snuggled in, her head on my shoulder, her tits pressed into my chest. Her hot pussy pushed into my thigh and she threw her leg carelessly across mine.

I smiled. I would have loved to have the chance to do the things to Kate that she had promised. Even now, just thinking about her stirred my cock. But Angie had won me fair and square and I had no doubt that anything I could get from Kate I could get from Angie.

I looked down to see Angie staring at me, her green eyes wide. She smiled, as though she could read my mind. She slid over onto her back and pulled me towards her.

“So, did you enjoy that, baby?” she purred.

I settled on top of her, my chest crushing onto her tits, my dick blowing up like a balloon. I felt her foot running up and down my calf. “God, yes, baby. You were magnificent.”

“Would you like to see me sexfight Kate again?” Angie murmured, as she licked and kissed at my neck. My cock swelled so quickly that it almost exploded. Angie chuckled.

She smiled again. “We’ll talk about this whole thing later. We’ll talk about everything later, “ she added more ominously. “For now, let’s fuck.”

Angie kept me up all night with stories of what she would do to Kate the next time they met and with descriptions of things that had taken place between her body and Kate’s body that I could not see. By the time the next morning rolled around, I had to call in sick for the day. I was too exhausted to get up and too horny to leave Angie. And I’d come to the realization that Angie was more than willing to test herself against Kate in other battles.

The future looked very bright.

The End

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  1. John Galt says:

    I wrote another ending to your Breast to Breast Catfight. If you would like to see what I changed in your story (all in Chapters 7 & 8), I can send it to you. I thought the build up to this Catfight was one of the best I’ve ever read! I love the way you set the scene that led to these two Big Breasted fighting it out for supremacy.


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