Bad Girls, Bad Girls by Karl Butters

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My wife, Jessica, is a detective for our town’s police department. Law enforcement is her real passion and she received a degree in criminal justice from Arizona State. A real professional, she is well trained at all aspects of police work, from technical procedures to proficiency with a pistol to self-defense. Jess always felt like she was prepared for all possible circumstances. She prided herself on never getting into a situation that she couldn’t handle.

I have always been attractive to her confidence and intelligence. These attributes don’t compare with her good looks, though. At 5 ’10 and 160 lbs, she is hardly what you would call a classic beauty, but she has a pretty face and a shapely, sensual body. Her huge breasts, round butt, and shapely legs are a man’s wet dream come true. Naturally dark complexioned, Jess sunbathes every chance she gets, in order to sustain a well-tanned exterior. She is not a body builder type, but she does work out to maintain a reasonably firm body. At 32, she is starting to get a little soft in a few spots, but she is still a knockout to me. 

The only real knock on her, as I see it, is that she is not very creative sexually. She is strictly into the basics, with little fore play involved. I supposed that is what led to my cheating on her. I still loved her more than anything and I still found her incredibly attractive, but I guess I got a little bored with things.

One day a lesbian couple moved in next door. One of them was a statuesque red head named Margo and the other was a shorter, dark haired woman named Kerri. Margo and I developed a friendship and soon began having sex. Nothing too serious, but we would hook up once or twice a week. A big draw for us both was that our relationship was just for fun with no strings attached. After all, I was still deeply in love with Jess, while Margo felt the same about Kerri. We were just a good change of pace for each other. The only difference was that Kerri knew about the affair, and claimed to be cool with it, while Jess was clueless, and would have killed me if she had found out.

Although, I was sure Jess never suspected Margo and me of having an affair, she still strongly disliked the two neighbors. Jess called them an “undesirable element” that was bad for property value. In truth, the two did not flaunt their sexuality in public and kept their yard nice and tidy, so most of our neighbors did not see them as being too big of a problem.

One evening, I was over at their house visiting Margo, when Kerri came home from work. Her hair and clothes were somewhat disheveled and she appeared to be in a terrible mood. Something bad had obviously happened to her, but she wasn’t talking in front of me. The only thing she would say was that “Jess was a bitch” and “one day she was going to get even with her.” Margo asked me if I would leave, so that they could talk.

The next day I went back over to their house while Kerri was at work and Margo told me what had happened. Kerri owned an auto body shop. She had lots of car parts there that she had acquired through trading and buying. According to Jess, she had come into possession of some stolen car parts. Kerri denied this and claimed Jess had set her up out of hate. Whether it was a legitimate charge or not, Jess arrested her and took her to the station for booking. During the initial intake and body search, apparently, Jess treated Kerri rather roughly, using what Kerri called excessive force. Fortunately for Kerri, all the car parts Jess had picked up proved to be legit. 

While telling me the story, Margo appeared to be getting a little flushed and excited. I wasn’t for sure why at first, but it soon became apparent.

“Your wife is something else, treating my poor Kerri that way.”

“Poor Kerri nothing. I wouldn’t consider her a poor helpless child. I mean, she strikes me as a pretty damn capable individual.” 

“Oh, Kerri’s capable alright.” She said. “But the thought of that big old wife of yours, groping and fondling Kerri’s cute body,” she paused and then moaned, “it’s just terrible.” She reached over and placed her hand on my crotch. “I mean, your wife is such a brute and Kerri is so petite and adorable.” Margo began massaging my rapidly inflating member as she spoke.

“My wife’s a brute, huh.” I said, passively. 

“You know what I mean.” She said and then kissed me softly on the lips. “Your wife is pretty and all, but she is so much bigger than my little Kerri.”

As Margo continued to fantasize about Jess molesting Kerri, adding more and more details as she went along, the two of us got more and more hot. Soon we were kissing and groping at each other’s body. Our clothes soon began to fall to the floor and we began to have sex. Heated, passionate sex. 

Jess and Kerri’s encounter became a real turn on for the both of us. For the next couple of weeks, we both shared fantasies about them. Eventually the encounter evolved into a catfight between the two of them. This was more my doing, because, although I liked the girl on girl scene, I loved the catfight scene even better. Margo was somewhat the opposite, but still found fantasizing about them catfighting to be both fresh and exciting. As we delved into this fantasy the outcome would differ depending upon who was telling the story. When I told it, Jess would win, while Margo would peg Kerri as the winner. Finally, we discussed this creative difference.

“I like my fantasies to be somewhat realistic,” I explained, “It’s more exciting if I think it could possibly happen.”

“Are you saying that you think Jess could really take Kerri in a real fight?’

“Of course. Jessica is bigger, stronger, and an expert at self-defense.”

“So what? Kerri is a terrific boxer. She could probably go pro if she wanted to.”

“Hey, I’m sure Kerri is tough in the ring, but Jess does a little boxing in the gym herself. Besides, in a real boxing match, Kerri would be matched up with someone her own size. Jess is just too big and too strong.”

“Don’t underestimate Kerri. She may not be as big as Jess, but she is very strong for her size.”

“I don’t know,” I said, “I still think Jess would be too much for her to handle.”   

“Well what about me?” She asked with a little lust in her eyes. Although, she had never said as much, I think she was really attracted to Jess.

“I would never let Jess get a hold of you.” I said, as I pulled her close to me. “You may be almost as strong as her, but she is too good of a fighter for you. I mean, you said you had never even been in a real fight before. Jess, on the other hand, has been in dozens. She’s kicked a lot of ass too. Hell, she’s even put some men in the hospital.”

“Maybe so, but I still think that either Kerri or I could take Jess.” As she spoke, I could tell she was getting every bit as hot as I. “Or perhaps we could take her together?” With that last thought out there, we had sex. 

As time went on, and the more fantasies we had about Jess vs. Kerri and/or Margo, the more we began discussing a real life encounter. After giving it some real thought, I decided it would not be that difficult to arrange a practical scenario. In fact, it turned out to be quite simple. Kerri was very receptive to the idea, as expected. She craved the opportunity to get even with Jess. Getting Jess to come along, required a little deception, but still it was not too tricky. With Margo and Kerri listening, I called a good buddy of mine that worked in the dispatch office. I asked him to call Jess and tell her that it had been reported that Kerri was spotted stashing stolen car parts at her house. This request was made under the premise that we were planning a surprise birthday party for her there. My buddy agreed, not questioning why someone she had arrested earlier, would be party to her birthday surprise. 

“One problem,” said Margo, “what are we going to do if she pulls out her gun?”

“There’s nothing to worry about. Jess never packs heat unless she thinks she’s in a really dangerous spot. She won’t sweat much over a couple of chicks involved in petty thievery.” They looked a little skeptical, but did not question me any further.

Jess arrived 15 minutes later. My heart began to pound as I watched her walk up the sidewalk. My wife believed in looking professional. She also enjoyed looking sexy. Jess was able to merge these two concepts together very successfully. She pulled her long brown hair back into a bun, but allowed strands in the front to hang down stylishly. Her navy blue business suit was like any other suit a serious professional woman might wear, except she wore it a little tighter than most, to emphasize her enviable curves. Being a hot July day, she took her jacket off and left it in the car. The white blouse she wore under the jacket was left unbuttoned a little lower over her generous cleavage, than was the practice of most white collar working women. The skirt fit snugly around her thick, round ass and she wore a thong to ensure a panty line did not blemish her smooth backside. The skirt came down to the middle of her firm thighs, and her long, shapely legs were sexily enclosed in a pair of silky panty hose. For shoes she wore black pumps, which appeared professional enough, except for the heels, which were a little taller and slimmer than most business types wore. Just like I had said she would be, she arrived minus her pistol. The only police equipment that hung from her waist was her nightstick and handcuffs.

Once she discovered the front door was locked, she proceeded to head around back, just as we had planned. On the back patio, Margo and Kerri were waiting for her, while I stood behind the tinted back sliding door. It was dark enough that I would be unnoticeable to Jess. 

There was nothing but silence except for Jess’s heels click clacking upon the wooden deck. Ignoring Margo, she walked right up to Kerri. She stood at least 5 inches taller than Kerri and outweighed her by more than 35 lbs. To her credit, Kerri was sporting some impressive biceps. She wore a black muscle shirt, which emphasized her toned arms. Kerri wasn’t very thick, but what she had was solid.

 I couldn’t hear much of their conversation, but I did make out the word pig coming from Kerri’s mouth on multiple occasions. Kerri began jabbing at Jess’s tits as she talked. The cocky little dyke knew how to push Jess’s buttons, realizing that, for legal reasons, it would be best if Jess threw the first punch. My wife was very sensitive about her huge tits. We were months into our relationship before she deemed me worthy enough to even touch them or see them in their stunning entirety. 

 My red faced wife slapped Kerri’s hand away. When the dark haired lesbian tried to poke her again, the fun began. Jess grabbed her wrist and twisted her arm behind her back. As Jess pulled her hair back with her other hand, Kerri was given a demonstration of my wife’s strength. With the one arm that held Kerri’s wrist behind her, Jess was able to lift the dyke off the deck. Kerri, who normally had a tough sounding voice, squealed helplessly, as enormous pressure was applied to her arm. Jess slammed her against the sliding door, smashing Kerri’s face against the glass. She was so close to the door, I was afraid Jess would be able to see through it and find me watching. Fortunately for me, she was somewhat distracted by the situation at hand.

 “Let me go, bitch,” Kerri said, “Your breaking my fucking arm.” Jess refused, instead grilling the helpless woman with questions about stolen car parts. Kerri tried to dance around the questions, but I could tell the pain in her arm, which was being pushed upwards to its limits, was taking its toll on her resolve. I was expecting her to break at anytime and tell her about the setup, when Margo intervened. She wrapped her arm around Jess’s neck in a chokehold and pulled her off of Kerri. It was obvious Jess was not expecting this intervention and, for a brief moment looked a little scared. Her hands frantically reached for Margo’s wrist, while her long shapely legs struggled to maintain their balance while her body was being pulled backwards. I was flooded by a sudden wave of emotion, as I watched Jess being choked and mistreated. Initially I felt concerned for my beautiful wife and did not want to see harm come to her. Simultaneously, I began rooting for Margo to dominate and control my sexy wife’s powerful body. While I struggled with my emotions, Jess gathered her composure and began struggling to free herself. Margo had a solid hold applied, but my gorgeous cop wife was still able to pry her head free. She ducked out of the hold and spun around to face Margo.

 “That was a huge mistake lady.” Jess said. “You are now in violation of the law. Assaulting a cop is a felonious offense.”

 “Are you crazy, pig? You were assaulting my roommate. I was only protecting her from you.” While arguing, Margo moved in close until the two were staring eye to eye and standing tit to tit. This gave me the opportunity to closely compare my two sexual partners. Margo actually stood an inch taller than my wife, but was not as thick overall. While leaner, the bisexual red head did have a more toned body. The one area Margo did not take a backseat to Jess was in her chest. Jess’s knockers were among the biggest I had ever seen, but Margo’s were even bigger. An amazing thing happened while I was admiring the two bodies. When Margo pressed her jugs against Jess’s, my wife backed up. Margo had told me once that some women are intimidated by bigger breasted women. It’s like they associate breasts with power. Jess had a look on her face that I had never seen before. It was a look of intimidation. And talk about a great photo opportunity. Seeing Jess’s tits pushed in by Margo’s bigger, heavier melons was a sight I’ll not soon forget.  In fact, Margo was able to use her tits to back Jess up against the wall, before my wife finally got her head back into the game. 

“Back off, lady!” Jess said shoving Margo backwards. She grabbed Margo’s arms and tried to throw her to the side, but Margo proved to be too strong. Instead, she rammed her knee into Margo’s gut and then slapped her across the face twice. Margo fell against the wood railing in a daze. Now a new set of emotion came to me. While I did care for Margo and did not want to see her seriously injured, a wave of arousal clearly overwhelmed all other thoughts. Jess picked her up by the front of her shirt. “Your little friend wasn’t too cooperative. Now let’s see if you know about any stolen automobile parts.”

Jess was still a little rattled. Otherwise she would have had a better grasp of the situation. Kerri’s arm had been twisted and mangled, but had not been left incapacitated. Margo’s diversion had given her plenty of time to recover and she had been waiting for the right time to rejoin the fray. Something inside urged me to warn Jess, but how would I then explain my being in the house. Instead I watched as Kerri sucker punched Jess from behind. My wife fell, dazedly, into Margo’s arms. Clustered together, the three struggled furiously. Kerri was the most active, throwing hooks and jabs, while my wife‘s body was taking the most abuse. With Jess contending with Kerri’s punches, Margo was able to pull Jess’s arms behind her back. My wife really looked helpless now, as Kerri began pummeling her shapely body. Her huge tits were inviting targets and Kerri struck them numerous times with one uppercut after another. Both nipples became visible as her magnificent breasts were knocked out of their bra cups. Jess’s belly, although it appeared soft, hid solid abdominal muscles underneath. Still, they could not take the punishment Kerri was dishing out. 

Just when I thought Jess was finished, she shot out one of her long, silky legs, kicking Kerri in the gut. This caught the short dyke off guard and sent her reeling onto the deck. An elbow blasted Margo in her gut and then Jess flipped her onto her back. Jess was still hurting though as she wobbled on her long, fabulous legs. But she was now mad and ready to fight.

“Okay, bitch! You want to take me on, then come on!” Jess faced Kerri as she rose to her feet. By her body position, it was clear Jess meant to duke it out with Kerri. This was playing into her dark haired foe’s strength, but Jess was a skilled boxer as well, and was also stronger. Kerri, trying to negate Jess’s reach advantage, moved in close. She was able to land a couple of body shots, before being pushed away. Jess chased her with a straight right. It landed with a loud thud, as blood splattered from Kerri’s nose. This would have finished most women, but Kerri was conditioned to take big hits. It did make Kerri wary of Jess’s power, and she began to back away from my overpowering wife. She was able to frustrate Jess with her quickness though. My wife probably should have ditched her heels at the get go, when she had the chance. With them on, she had no chance to match Kerri’s nimble footwork.  

Suddenly things went downhill in for Jess. Getting impatient, she tried to finish Kerri off with a wild roundhouse. If she had connected, Kerri would have been finished. Instead it sailed well, clear leaving Jess wide open to a counterattack, which came in the form of a vicious uppercut to her stomach. My wife’s eyes bulged open and her mouth dropped, as the air was violently expelled from her lungs. She was frozen in place, as Kerri immediately moved to continue her advantage. Kerri unleashed a flurry of strikes to my wife’s body, belting her midsection and tits. Jess groaned and gasped as the smaller woman began to dismantle her with precision punches. Her once powerful legs began to tremble and sway, leaving her a virtual sitting duck at Kerri’s mercy, and one thing was certain; Kerri was not going to be merciful. My wife was hit at will. Her abs were blasted, her luscious melons were bounced and abused, and her beautiful face was battered. Jess tried to block the punches, but it was like Kerri was fighting in overdrive while Jess was stuck in first. If this had been a real boxing match it would have, at this point, been stopped. Kerri was getting open shot after open shot on my wife, who was unable to defend herself. Still Kerri could not knock her down. Finally, Margo stepped in.

  “Ok, Ok, that’s enough. I mean we don’t want to kill her.” Margo grabbed my staggering wife from behind. At first my wife looked relieved, that Margo had stopped the fight, but her expression soon turned to fear when she realized Margo’s intentions. “Its time to have some fun.” My wife looked so helpless in Margo’s arms. Her hair was a mess, her face was red and puffy, with traces of blood trickling from her mouth and nose, and her clothes were all disheveled. Reaching around my wife, Margo grabbed the front of her tattered blouse and ripped it open. My wife’s tits, which were no longer enclosed in her bra, spilled out freely. Murmuring words of compliments, Margo began fondling Jess’s sweetly curved mounds. She made my wife squeal and struggle by twisting and pinching the soft flesh. The red head giggled with delight. 

Shame spurred my wife into one last gasp attempt to fight back. She shook loose from Margo’s grip. Turning around, she pushed the red head back into the wall. Facing Kerri, she punched her in the face. Surprised by the sudden attack, Kerri stumbled backwards. Before she could get away, Margo grabbed Jess‘s blouse, but my wife struggled to break free. When the blouse tore loose, Margo grabbed the back of Jess’s bra strap. When this too gave way, Margo grabbed Jess by the arm and slung her backwards. My wife’s spectacular, nude boobies jumped wildly as she crashed against the wall. When Jess stepped forward, Margo grabbed her shoulders and slammed her back against the wall. The red head kept her pinned against the wall for several seconds, making sure Jess knew that the red head was now much stronger than she. Although a foreign concept to her, my statuesque wife got the message loud and clear.

“Now you’d better be a good girl,” Margo said, “I’d hate for you to get hurt even more.” Jess relaxed her muscled arms, signaling her surrender. “That’s it. Now maybe we can be friends.”  My wife put up zero resistance as Margo slowly pressed her mouth against Jess’s in an embrace. I was shocked as I watched her slip her tongue into my wife’s mouth. My once confident and powerful wife now seemed so weak and helpless. 

Finally, Kerri stepped in. “Since I did most of the work, I think I should enjoy the spoils of victory. Besides you have a treat inside.”

 “Oh, Kerri, you’re so greedy,” Margo said with a smile, “but, alas, you are so right.” Leaning forward, she whispered something to Jess and then gave her one last kiss. As she pulled away she bit, lightly on Jess’s lip, causing her to squeal again. Margo giggled and then walked toward me. Opening the sliding door, she entered the house. Immediately we locked in a passionate embrace, both of us full lust and passion. “That was so much fun,” she said, “I loved making your arrogant wife whimper and squirm like a little girl.” 

While I was extremely aroused, I hoped my true feelings were unnoticeable. If she knew that I had rooted for my wife against her, I am not for sure she would have understood. Not that she would have been mad at me, but I was sure, it would have dampened her mood. I loved how powerful my wife had seemed before, and I wasn’t sure how I felt about her being dominated and broken. 

Looking back at my wife, I noticed she was trying to resist Kerri. While Margo had earned her respect, apparently Kerri hadn’t. This was quickly remedied. As Jess tried to push her away, Kerri unleashed a nasty punch to Jess’s tender mid-section. My wife doubled over, winded and in pain. Kerri pushed the bigger woman back against the wall. Then she unzipped the waist of Jess’s skirt, grasped it by the hem and gave it a quick yank, pulling it completely off. Next she slid her panty hose down her long, shapely legs, allowing her hands to glide along her soft, bare thighs, and then her full, round calves. Jess now stood in a fog, clad only in her panties. For a moment Kerri just stood admiring my wife’s body before slipping Jess’s panties down her tanned legs. I was surprised when Jess lifted her feet up to make the task easier. Feeling in complete control of my wife, she reached her hand around her neck, pulled her head down towards hers and pressed my wife’s soft, full lips against hers. As she began kissing Jess, she slid her other hand between my wife’s thighs. For a moment Jess squirmed her hips uncomfortably, but soon gave in to the inevitable as Kerri began fingering her pussy lips.  

 “I’ve got an idea.” Kerri said. With her fingers still locked in Jess’ pussy, she led my wife, awkwardly, off the deck, stopping for a moment to pick up Jess‘s handcuffs and nightstick.

“Where are they going?” I asked.

“You’ll see” Margo said with a grin.

 As I watched Kerri and Jess, I felt my pants dropped. Margo grabbed my throbbing member and inserted it into her mouth. Literally within seconds, I exploded all over the beautiful redhead. 

“That was too easy.” she said, standing up to face me. Margo pulled my face toward hers and we kissed. The redhead was full of passion and desire. Her excited body trembled as my hands groped its shapely curves. She backed away, intense lust in her eyes.   “I bet I can get you to shoot your wad again, before they’re through.” Dropping to her knees, she took my dick in hand again. As skillful as she was, and as worked up as I was, the odds were definitely in her favor. Not that she needed any help, but there was also the scene of Kerri and Jess in the backyard. 

  Looking out at them, I could see Jess’s situation had worsened. Kerri had handcuffed her and strung her up on a metal a-frame apparatus used for pulling engines out of cars. My wife’s shapely, nude body dangled inches off the ground. Jess tried to kick at Kerri, but quickly realized it was a mistake. Kerri belted her twice in the lower belly. Jess’s mouth opened wide, but I could not hear a scream. Her curvaceous body writhed in pain, and then fell limp. Understanding how vulnerable she was, my gorgeous wife made no further attempts to fight back. 

The sadistic lesbian pulled up a wooden box. Stepping up on it, she was able to see eye to tit with Jess. Kerri placed a hand upon Jess’s well-rounded leg. Her fingers slid up along her inner thigh, around her pussy, and out to her hips, and then back down again. My wife twisted and turned her body slightly, as Kerri tickled her gently. Kerri had an almost pleasant look on her face now, as she began treating my wife more tenderly. She kissed Jess’s soft tummy as she made her way up to the dangling melons. Kerri lustfully kissed and sucked on them, twisting the nipples, while lifting and fondling her heavy breasts. Every now and then Jess would let out a squeal, as Kerri bit on or twisted her nipples roughly, but all in all, Kerri treated her tits gingerly.

Suddenly, Kerri’s expression changed to a more sinister, more mischievous appearance. She stepped off the box and walked behind Jess. Rearing back her hand, she smacked Jess’s ass cheek so hard my wife’s hips bucked forward. She slapped my wife’s full ass several more times, each with just as much intensity as the first. Then she reached down and picked up the nightstick. With one hand she parted my wife’s thick ass cheeks, and with the other rammed the nightstick up her anus. I could see my wife’s eyes bug out in horror, as her stick was rammed deep up her anal passageway. The pain must have been excruciating as she began to cry. I could see the tears running down her face from the house. Her swollen, pouting lips quivered pitifully. Kerri laughed maniacally. She jammed it in deep and then left it dangling. Jess screamed as the insides of her anal walls were ripped apart by the unforgiving nightstick and then she appeared to have passed out.

While Jess’s limp body hung from the a-frame, Kerri moved back in front of her. Obviously enjoying the view of my helpless wife’s body, her hands skimmed along Jess’s soft, curvy flesh. Kerri played with her, and fondled her, as though she was a large defenseless Barbie Doll, that Kerri owned. Gently, Kerri lifted one of the large breasts. She fondled Jess’s hefty shapely melon, stroking the supple flesh, her thumbs tweaking and massaging the tender nipples. The nipples immediately sprang to attention, hard and erect. Apparently not unconscious, a moan escaped from Jess’s moist, red lips and her eyes flickered open. Kerri continued her gentle massage and began to kiss and tongue the bigger woman’s ears and throat. Kerri continued to manipulate Jess’s tender jugs with one hand, while she slipped her other hand between my wife’s round thighs. Inserting her index finger in my wife’s pussy, she quickly found the clitoris and began to masturbate the brunette. Jess could do nothing, but wiggle and moan. More tears ran down her bruised, swollen cheeks. Except for her amazing full-figured body, she looked like a scared, little child.

My wife’s large tits began to heave excitedly and her shapely hips twisted in rhythm with Kerri’s probing fingers. You had to hand it to Kerri, that dyke knew how to handle a woman. Jess’s breathing became heavier and she began to tremble and moan in arousal. Just when I though she was about to explode, Kerri pulled her hand out and bit down on Jess’s left tit. My wife let out a piercing scream. She had the look of one who had been painfully betrayed. Again Kerri let out a wicked little laugh.
“Not yet, bitch.” Kerri said, “I need a water break.” 

Jess watched pathetically as Kerri walked back to the house.

“Come on Kerri,” I said as she entered the house, “Finish with her already.”

“In my own time.” She said. “This was your idea remember, so let me do my job. Besides, I’m having way too much fun to stop now.”

After downing a beer, Kerri went back to work. She climbed back on the box facing Jess’s tits.

“Now where were we?” She asked. “O, yeah. I remember now.” She reached a hand around Jess’s neck and pulled her head down. Leaning forward, Kerri forcefully jammed her tongue down Jess’s throat. It was a long, forceful kiss that left Jess gasping for air. Kerri continued kissing Jess for several minutes, with one hand rubbing Jess’s breasts and the other working between her brown thighs. I could see Jess’s body tense, shudder and then stiffen. My wife was no longer resisting Kerri in the slightest. Once again it appeared my wife was about to climax, when, once again, Kerri pulled away.
“No, it’s still not time for that.” 

“But please, Kerri.” My wife pleaded, tears of frustration I her eyes. “I need it so badly.”

“Don’t worry, I know how to cool you off.” Kerri walked off to the side of the house. She returned seconds later with the garden hose. Turning it on full blasted, she began to hose down my wife, soaking her from head to toe. My wife squealed and twisted in the air. Sobbing uncontrollably, as the icy water, combined with the cool night air, elevated her misery to a whole new level. To add further discomfort to my wife’s body, Kerri rammed the nozzle up Jess’s snatch.  The brunette struggled and kicked her legs pitifully, as the frigid water cooled her sensitive insides. Kerri watched my wife thrash about and laughed, totally enjoying herself. After several torturous minutes, she turned the water off and began rolling up the hose. My wife’s tanned body glistened in the moonlight, the water dripping from her toes. Despite the bruises, I don’t think she had ever looked sexier. 

Returning to her prey, Kerri began enjoying my wife again. Kissing and sucking on her tits, pinching and tickling her body to make it squirm, then her fingers invaded my wife’s twat again. Once again she got Jess moaning and shaking and just when she seemed about to explode, Kerri cruelly yanked her fingers out. If that wasn’t cruel enough, she, simultaneously, reached behind Jess and both pulled and twisted on the nightstick, ramming it even deeper up Jess’s anus. My pretty wife’s body stiffened, as she let out a shrill scream. 

“Okay, I was just playing with you.” Kerri said, innocently. “How about I let you finish now?”
“Please, Kerri, please.” 

“You know, at second thought, I don’t think it’s my place to satisfy you. I think I will leave that up to your husband.” For purely sadistic reasons, she followed that statement with a brutal punch to Jess’s stomach. It was a low blow, several inches below her navel. Jess silently gasped for air as her body began to convulse. After several seconds, her weakened body became still. Kerri removed the handcuffs and Jess fell, limply, to the ground.

“You’d better leave.” Margo said.

“I guess your right.” I kissed her one last time and then left.

Within a few minutes of reaching my house the doorbell rang. Opening it, I found Margo standing on the doorstep, with Jess thrown across her shoulder like a sack of potatoes. 

“I believe this belongs to you.” She said dropping her on the floor. “I found her passed out in my back yard. Some people just can’t handle their alcohol.”

“Thank you, Margo. Thank you for bringing her over.”

“No problem, sweetie. That’s what neighbors are for.”

“I wonder why she has a nightstick up her butt.”

“Baby, I’ve seen people do all kind of crazy things when they were drunk. There is really no telling how it happened and I have a suspicion she won’t remember a thing about it when she sobers up.”

“Probably not. Well, thanks again.”

  After she left, I slid the nightstick out from between her butt cheeks. As I did so, she moaned softly. Then I lifted my wife up and began to carry her to the bathroom. Her soft, moist skin was cool from the night air, but I knew she was on fire within. 

I laid her down in the bathtub and turned the water on full blast, pelting her battered body with icy, cold water. She began to groan and contort her sexy body. Then I turned the knob towards hot and she relaxed her sore muscles. I alternated the water between hot and cold several times, until she seemed to regain her wits.

“Will you leave it on hot, dammit?” 

“Sorry honey. I’m just trying to sober you up. Here let me help you to your feet.”

Her legs were still shaky, but I was able to help her stand. I turned Jess so that the warm water would hit her swollen jugs. Lovingly, I reached around and lifted and separated the large breasts, letting the water hit all over them. I could feel the heat rising from the flesh as I held them in my hands. Jess sighed and leaned back, cushioning her back against my chest. She, submissively, gave her body over to me. I began stroking the swollen flesh, my thumbs tweaking and kneading the tender nipples. The nipples immediately sprang to attention, stiff and erect. I continued to massage her tender melons with one hand, while slipping my other hand between her tanned thighs. Inserting my index finger in her pussy, I quickly found the clitoris and began to masturbate my wife. As Jess climaxed, her knees buckled and she sank to her knees on the shower floor. I went down with Jess and continued fingering, attempting to bring a second climax to the woman that I loved. When she had climaxed again, I stood up and turned off the shower. I grabbed a towel and dried her off, carefully massaging each inch of her full supple body. 

Then I led her to our bedroom. I wasn’t for sure if she was physically up to it, but I was about to explode. I lay her on the bed and then I took off my clothes. When I lifted her legs apart, she did not protest. I took this for a green light and inserted my member in her moist cunt. Within minutes, I was through and she was asleep.

The End

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