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Bathroom Brawl – Indian vs Pakistani by Luffy316

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Megha and Saima were not girls to be trifled with. It was nothing to do with the fact that Saima was a muslim girl, Pakistani in origin despite being born in England. Or that Megha was in the same boat as an Indian-blooded girl. Both girls had a reputation as the bitches and sluts of the school. They took what they wanted, and they got temperamental with those who got in their way. Other girls tended to give them space, but it seemed inevitable that some day, their paths would cross.

It came to a head when the teenagers clashed in the old playground behind the school that had become a regular hangout for many of the students. They had each slept with the same boy recently, and while neither of them were dating him, they still felt like getting territorial about it.

Saima was 5’5″, slim and with a moderate chest for a 16 year old. Her Pakistani heritage was fairly visible in her light brown skin, long dark hair, and sharp brown eyes. She wore a stylish dress that showed off some of her smooth and toned legs. Megha was of a similar build, slender and 5’4″. She was the same age with a similar chest, and black hair that went to her shoulders. Her legs were strong and smooth, looking slightly thicker and tougher-looking than Saima’s as they peaked out from under her dress. The two girls had more in common than either of them would care to admit.

Saima shoved Megha in the chest by the set of monkey bars. “You stay the hell away from my boytoy, you fucking bitch!” she snapped.

Megha staggered a few steps, no practiced fighter, but neither was Saima. Both had relied on their mouths and attitudes to get them out of trouble so far. Megha still shoved her back, letting Saima’s back hit one of the poles to the simple swingset. “Eat shit, bitch! I don’t take orders from a paki cunt like you!”

“Oh, you fucking cow fucker,” Saima snarled, grabbing her by the hair. Megha did the same to her, but before either of them could act on it, they looked up and saw a teacher approaching. They both quickly backed off, acting casual as they spoke more quietly.

“This isn’t over, bitch,” Saima muttered.

“Not by a long shot. Meet you in the bathrooms and we’ll settle this,” Megha agreed.
“After school. No teachers to save your skin that time.”

“Fine. And this Friday. No other girls to get in our way either.”

The girls grudgingly agreed and soon, the day in question arrived. The girls went into the restroom amidst the flow of students, waiting until the last of them hurried out of the building to start their weekends. It wasn’t long before the quiet told them they were two of the very few people left in the school.

“You ready to do this, you fucking Hindu whore?” Saima threatened, shifting her footing a bit. It was an act of nerves more than strategy, since she hadn’t actually fought someone before. The bathroom was not only large enough to suit the highly populated school, but also spacious enough to give the girls plenty of room to move around.

“Absolutely,” Megha replied. “I’m looking forward to beating you through the floor so I can sit on that ugly paki face of yours and make you eat your way out from under my pussy!”

“You’ll be the one choking on my twat, camel fucker,” Saima shot back, throwing a firm-handed slap to Megha’s cheek. The blow snapped against her dark brown skin, turning it a shade more red.

“You fucking bitch!” Megha fumed, charging into her hated rival and gouging her nails into her face. Saima screamed and threw up her arms to resist her, shaking her head side to side to avoid them poking into her eyes. Megha’s claws still raked rough, ugly streaks across her cheeks and around her mouth before Saima took hold of her wrists. Saima used them as handles to swing the Indian girl away from her, slamming her back against the wall of one of the stalls.

Megha cried out as the metallic wall rattled against her back, wincing in pain as Saima switched tactics to grab her by the hair. She slammed Megha’s head into the stall several times before Meg threw her knee up, slamming it into Saima’s stomach.

“OUFF!” the muslim brawler clutched her stomach and bent over, Megha grabbing for the back of her dress for a handle on her. It wasn’t the most stable of grips, but Saima’s struggles started to rip her dress up over her hips and red panties. Megha decided the clumsy mistake was well enough in her favor, pulling and tearing at the dress until it went over Saima’s head, leaving the muslim girl in her underwear.

Saima looked at herself, half naked, shocked and furious. “You dirty kafir cunt!” she snarled, grabbing Megha by the collar of her dress. She pulled hard to throw her to the bathroom floor, the Indian girl bouncing against it and landing on her back. Megha tried to rise, but Saima was right on top of her, ignoring her lack of clothing as she threw wild and clumsy punches into her face and chest. Megha reached a hand up to shove and claw at her face, Saima turning her head away to minimize the effect before she simply bit down on her fingers.

Megha screamed as her fingers were crushed in the half-nude Pakistani girl’s teeth, shoving and clawing wildly at Saima’s body to try forcing her off. When she couldn’t quite find the leverage, she resorted to digging her nails into Saima’s pussy through her panties. Even with her underwear on, Megha could feel the thick, curly bush growing over Saima’s pussy.

Saima gave a shrill scream as her pubic hair was pulled. “You dirty hindu whore!” she howled, forcing her mouth to release the Indian girl’s other hand. Megha went to grab Saima by the crotch with both hands once it was freed, but her Pakistani rival twisted her body and spiked her knee into the side of Megha’s face.

Megha went down in a heap, holding her face as her jaw ached from the blow. Saima rose up to her feet, only to find the tearing from Megha’s claws had loosened her panties. She had to keep grabbing to hold them up, so finally she gave up and kicked them off of her, leaving them on the bathroom floor and her in nothing but her bra. “Stay down, cunt,” Saima warned angrily. “It’ll be that much easier to sit on you when I make you suck my pussy clean.”

“Fuck off, you towel-headed paki,” Megha groaned back bitterly, crawling until she reached one of the sinks and hauling herself up to her knees. Her dress had tangled up in their brawl, the back hiked up enough and stuck on her hip so that her pantied, deep-brown ass stuck out from beneath it.

Saima couldn’t pass up the opening, charging up behind her and throwing a kick straight up into Megha’s pussy from behind. Megha gave a much louder cry of pain, tears welling up in her eyes as she grit her teeth and one hand went to her own bushy pussy.

“OHH! My cameltoe, you dirty camel fucker?!” Megha wailed.

“Yea! How’s that feel, you hindi hussy!?” Saima shouted at her, stepping up behind Megha to reach down into the top of her dress. She grabbed the tips of her bra, carelessly raking her nails over her dark skin and hard nipples. She finally pulled it up and off her breasts as she pulled it up until she was choking Meg with it.

Megha gagged and pulled on her bra, kicking and thrashing as her face turned a darker shade than it already was. She beat on Saima’s pulling hands with her fists, but the Pakistani girl just dug her fingers into the collar of her dress as well and pulled harder. Megha gasped and realized she didn’t have any quick way out, and her vision was blurry with tears. She gave another hard tug on her garment, just to slide down and slip out of her dress and bra to escape the stranglehold. While Saima was left confused with a handful of her clothes, Megha went to one knee and threw a few quick, clumsy, but effective punches into Saima’s soft, brown belly.

Each got a big, weakening grunt from the Pakistani girl, and soon it was Saima left bent over the sink holding her stomach. Megha stood back up behind her, grabbing her by the hair and slamming her face into the mirror. The glass didn’t shatter, but it was still a hard surface smashing against Saima’s face. She was quickly seeing stars, bleeding out her nose and onto her bra.

Megha wound up for another push, snarling at her quickly. “I always knew you had a face that could break a mirror,” she spat at her, but Saima swung her foot backward, her heel smacking into Megha’s twat. Megha’s panties shoved a bit deeper up her snatch as she grunted and backed off, the hurting but furious Saima turning around and grabbing her her tits. Her painted nails raked long, stinging red lines over Megha’s tender flesh, leaving the Indian girl screaming in raging pain.

“That hurt, bitch? I thought you’d like getting milked like your holy cow!” Saima gloated at her, stretching and mauling her tits with sadistic glee. Megha reached up as well to latch onto Saima’s chest, tearing and stretching at her bra to tear it down. The straps tangled with Saima’s arms, but she quickly yanked them out of her bra to keep up her scratching and squeezing assault on Megha’s bosom.

“Stop being so fucking jealous of my rack, you cunt!” Megha shrieked at her, trying to pull away but Saima still had her claws hooked into the sides of her tits. Since she had nowhere to run while she was in her grasp, Megha instead leaned in closer and bit into Saima’s lip.

Saima let out a distorted scream of pain as Megha bit into her face, releasing the Indian girl’s tits to try to push and claw at her face to force her off. Saima managed to twist and pull back, though not without a bloody lip. As she touched her face gingerly, Megha slapped her hard enough to send Saima reeling back. Megha went after her to for another blow, but Saima ducked to her knees and let Megha hit nothing but air.

Saima used her new angle to grab Megha’s panties, pulling them down around her ankles. Megha’s hairy pussy was exposed, and Saima didn’t have time to spare staring before she punched her straight in the pussy. Megha let out a huge howl at the low blow, grabbing at her groin and falling to her knees next to her. “OHHHH, shit! You dirty suli fuck!”

“Like you haven’t had worse, whore!” Saima snapped at her. She shoved Megha over onto her back, grabbing her legs and standing up again. She took the girl’s ankle and twisted, making Megha scream in agony. She beat her fist on the bathroom tiles, teeth and face clenched to try to overcome the pain. When Saima tried to change her footing, she took advantage by shooting her foot up into the Pakistani girl’s twat.

Saimi let out a big huff of air at the cunt kick, crossing her legs awkwardly but still weakly holding onto Megha’s foot. Megha used it as leverage to wrap her legs around Saima’s waist, twisting to one side and tossing her to the floor as she squeezed her thighs around her stomach.

Saima gagged as her stomach was squeezed by her rival’s long, dark legs, beating her fists weakly against them. Megha grunted and squealed as she leaned back, balancing on one arm as she tried to hug her limbs tighter around the Pakistani girl’s stomach.

“No escape now, bitch,” Megha panted at her. Her naked body was sweating with effort to keep her contained, but at least she was succeeding.

“RGGH! Eat shit, you stinking cow fucker! I don’t need that greasy pussy this close to me to smell you!” Saima ranted back furiously, growing frustrated with her failing escape attempts. She reached up to dig her fingers into Megha’s bush, pulling on a fistful of her pubic hair. Megha immediately jolted and recoiled, several of her pubes torn off in Saima’s grip. She howled in pain and rolled to her side, cupping her crotch and kicking her feet against the floor trying to vent her agony.

Saima snarled, crawling over to her. She rolled Megha onto her back before she finally unclenched her fist, shoving the handful of Megha’s own pubic hair into her mouth. The Indian girl spit and shook her head to try to avoid the foul-tasting mouthful.

“ACKPTH! UGH! STOP!” Megha sputtered, swinging her hands at Saima, shoving and slapping her weakly. Saima still winced and turned away, grabbing Megha by the hair (the top set, this time) and raining smacks down onto her head and face as fast as she could deliver them.

“Let’s go ahead and rip another red dot in that forehead of yours, you stinking cow fucker!” Saima hissed, reaching up to rake her nails over Megha’s face. The Indian-blooded girl screeched at the stinging but largely harmless clawing before she grabbed one of Saima’s tits and squeezed.

Saima screamed in outrage and pulled back, but Megha kept her grip and shook her by her breast. The other jiggled temptingly, enough for Megha to slap at it with her other hand like a cat with a toy. Saima kept pulling away, trying to break free of her grasp before she grew fed up and launched herself forward, ramming her knee in between Megha’s spread legs and nailing her right in the pussy with a fleshy smack.

“AUWW!” Megha grunted and rolled off of her, both hands stuck to her crotch. Saima threw a kick for her cunt as well, Megha’s hands stopping most of the damage but knocking her over onto her soft brown ass. She still rubbed her aching twat as she squeezed her legs together, trying to protect it and kicking at Saima to try to fend her off.

Saima caught one of her incoming feet and pulled on it to spread out Megha like a clumsy attempt to wishbone her. “Fucking spread it, you dirty dyke slut!” Saima demanded, sitting on the lady’s room floor herself in front of Megha. She held off Megha’s kicks long enough to wrap her legs around the Indian-blooded girl’s calves, shoving her legs out to stretch her thighs painfully far apart.

Megha gave a scream as her legs were forced open, stretching her thigh muscles and spreading her pussy out on front of her opponent. “Bet you’re used to being this spread out, aren’t you, hindu whore?” Saima snapped at her, slapping her across the pussy.

“YOW! Let me go, you terrorist twat!” Megha screeched at her, reaching out and scratching at Saima’s legs. The Indian girl hissed from the stinging pain but held on her leg lock, leaving Megha’s pussy gaping open for her own backhanded cunt slaps. Megha gave several high cries of pain from the intrusive beating, only to reach out and grab Saima by the bush after a half-dozen angry pussy shots.

“AOOO! Let go, you shit-eating cow! Let GO! I’m going to beat you so bad you’ll need a burka just to hide all the bruises!” Megha yowled and threatened. She slapped and shoved at Saima’s hand that was buried up to the knuckles in her dark, curly bush. Saima gave a sharp twist of them, making Megha give off another sickly, agonized noise as her legs quivered, letting Saima pull herself free from the splitting hold. With her legs mobile again, she braced her foot on Megha’s thigh, leaning on it to pull back hard on her pubes.

Megha arched her hips, squealing rapidly and shaking before the hairs gave way, plucked out painfully from her sore crotch, labia and inner thigh. “Oh god! Fuck off! Get out of there, you handsy cunt!” Megha threw a frantic kick into Saima’s belly, getting her to grunt and back off. Megha still clawed at her and ripped a quick handful of pubic hair off of her crotch, leaving a lightly swelling bare spot just above her opening.

“AHHH! You ugly hin-dyke!” Saima shouted as she instinctively grabbed her crotch, scooting back on her back ass across the floor.

Megha wiped the pubic hair off on her thigh as she leered back hatefully at Saima. “Better give the fuck up now, bitch, cuz I’m going to rip that paki pussy bald before I make you eat mine!”

“I’ll fuck you up worse first, bitch!” Saima snapped back, rubbing her groin. They both lunged for each other, slapping and shoving in a frenzy, as if their only goal was to get their hands on the other in any capacity.

Saima ended up shoving Megha onto her back, her sweaty skin hitting the tile floor. Megha winced and swing a leg up defensively, actually connecting with Saima’s jaw as she tried to pounce on her. Saima’s head shook and she backed off wincing, holding her face tenderly and spitting onto the floor. There was some blood in it from where she’d bitten her lip. Megha kicked frantically at her, letting her heels and soles slap into Saima’s breasts and stomach as she grabbed at them blindly.

Saima leaned over backward, balancing more on her ass and lower back as she stuck her legs out between Megha’s forcing them apart from each other and away from her own body. With Megha pulled into a crude wishbone, the Pakistani girl was free to start slamming her heel repeatedly into her, the gap of her legs allowing her to bash it right into her aching pussy.

Megha squealed sharply in pain as the stomps started to push her backward. “That how you like it, slut?” Saima snapped as she crushed her foot against her cunt. “That do it for your gaping kafir cunt?!”

“OW! OW! Fuck, stop it, you camel-humping dyke!” Megha growled, managing to squeeze her legs together.

“Shit!” Saima cursed. “First time you’ve closed your legs this tight, kafir slut!” She tried to crawl back up, but Megha turned over to her belly, flipping Saima over with her. The Pakistani girl landed with a grunt as she squashed her breasts beneath her own chest. Megha just sat up and leaned backwards, pressing her brown ass against her rival’s and trapping her against the floor.

“Payback time, burka bitch,” Megha threatened, keeping her legs squeezed together to trap one of Saima’s legs behind her.

“Payback time, burka bitch,” Megha threatened, keeping her legs squeezed together to trap one of Saima’s legs behind her. She grabbed two of her toes and pulled them in seperate directions, getting a pained, girly squeal out of Saima as her free leg flailed and kicked uselessly at the floor.

“Aghhh! Let go! Let go, you stupid cunt!” Saima raved at her, reaching up to grab for her arms. She couldn’t reach, instead resorting to clawing against Megha’s thighs and brown butt cheeks. The Indian girl gave several grunts and groans of pain from this herself, but it made her up her efforts to inflict her own pain on her toes. She dragged her nails over her sole as well as twisting her toes, getting louder and shriller screams from her rival as she worked her tender feet over.

Saima’s shaking and thrashing had managed to rock Megha higher up her back, but she couldn’t get the Indian girl to release her. With her new position, she could see the wiggle of Saima’s butt nearby, and with no other easy openings, she turned and sank her teeth into the soft, sweaty skin of her ass.

“AOOOH! What the fuck, you ass-eating whore!? Get the fuck offff!” She reached around to try to grab and shove at Saima, but she kept her teeth dug into Megha’s ass cheek, pulling and twisting viciously. Megha finally resorted to hurling herself off of her trapping hold, though the pinching of her teeth left their mark as a trickle of blood ran down the back of her thigh.

“You cow! You cow-fucking cow!” Megha shrieked furiously at Saima, rubbing her aching ass as tears welled up in both of their eyes from the pain and exhaustion. “How the fuck could you bite me in the ass!”

“It tastes like shit!” snapped Saima. “Just like the rest of you looks! Didn’t your ass bleed the last time you let a bull stick its dick in you?”

“RRGH! You don’t know when to shut up!” Megha snarled. She spun around on her knees, backhanding Saima with a heavy slap to the face. The pakistani girl went down to the bathroom floor, holding her face with one hand before Megha dove right on her, slapping quickly down on Saima’s tits like an aggressive drummer. Saima squealed and thrashed to try to avoid her, but she kept up the relentless smacking that bounced her already damaged jugs around. Saima threw a wild kick up at her in her flailing, the knee landing right in Megha’s face and cracking across her nose.

Megha fell off of her to her side, screaming savagely as she held her face. The blood ran from her swelling nose and through her fingers as she shouted at her. “My nose! You suli piece of shit! You broke my fucking nose!”

Saima showed her sympathy by sitting up enough to kick Megha in the ass, making the Indian girl twitch and swing a blind slap at her with one hand while the other still held her face. Saima ignored her and grabbed her by the hair, lifting the crying, bleeding Megha’s upper body off the floor. She pulled back on her hair with one hand, shoving her chest into her victim’s back as she reached around to squeeze one of her swollen, sweaty breasts like a fleshy handle.

“Let’s see if you taste like cow too, you weak-ass dot-headed whore!” Saima threatened before using her grip to bite into Megha’s forehead. The hindu girl screamed and flailed, clawing and pushing and thrashing like a psychopath as she felt Saima’s teeth drilling and scraping into her skin. She tried to slam her elbows back into Saima’s stomach, landing several solid blows into the soft brown belly. The muslim girl just sank her nails in until blood poured down from both her breasts and face, painting red streaks down her rich brown skin.

Saima finally threw her to the floor, spitting the mouthful of her opponent’s blood onto her body. Megha just sobbed and curled up, rubbing her various bite and claw marks left on her young body. “You bitch! You paki slut…!” she panted out angrily, but her energy clearly draining as the fight went on.

“Keep on talking,” Saima grunted, getting up and forcing the stumbling Megha to her unsteady feet. “It’s making it that much more satisfying when I shut your dirty kafir mouth. In fact, let’s clean your ugly-ass face up first!” She kicked open one of the bathroom stalls, forcing Megha in by a scraping grip of her nails in one of her tits. Megha stumbled along weakly before Saima shoved her head into one of the thin metal walls and forced her to her knees.

“Time for you to bow before your fucked up false gods, you cow cock-sucker!” Saima grabbed her hair again, holding her over the toilet long enough for Megha to shake her head.

“No! No, stop!” the Indian girl pleaded quickly, but Saima slammed her head into the wall again by the hair before she shoved her into the toilet. Megha sputtered and pushed at the seat as Saima held her under, leaning over her and throwing a knee into her stomach while she was stuck inside. She heard a choking gasp from Megha, bubbles rising from a mix of her screams of rage and distress as well as her choking on the water. Clean or not, she wanted to give Megha every reason to regret crossing her path.

Saima pulled her back out, Megha’s dark hair sticking to her face from the water running down her body. She choked and sobbed, retching up the water in small bursts that trickled down her chin. “Looks better. But let’s wash that ugly red spot off that dog face of yours,” Saima hissed, shoving her back under. This time she held her down with both hands for even longer, and moved behind her to push her thick-haired cunt against her ass. Saima had to admit she felt some excitement from it all as her thrashing foe suffered beneath her. Megha’s kicking feet made her ass wiggle against her privates, Saima moaning quietly at the vibrating it caused in her pussy. She had been with plenty of boys, but she had only ever fantasized about being with another woman.

Saima parted her hips from Megha’s so she could slam a knee up into her cunt. The Indian girl’s head popped up from the water with a howl of pain, interrupted by the occasional cough or burp as she choked on the water. “I told you what I was going to do to you, cow cunt,” Saima hissed at her, pulling on the wet hair to force Megha to rear back, her wet and scratched up breasts thrusting out in front of her. “And I’m going to make good on my promise. Get on the fucking floor!”

Saima threw Megha back to the tile floor, kicking her in the side until she crawled out of the stall. Her bare brown ass wiggled in the air behind her, leaving a trail of water and lingering drops of blood from the stall as she nearly slipped in her own mess. The blood had marked much of the floor already between the two of them. Saima stepped up behind her, throwing a kick into Megha’s exposed pussy at full force. Megha quickly dropped to one side, moaning in loud, pathetic pain as she cupped her cunt, rolling weakly to one side and the other.

Saima stepped over her, holding the sink to steady her exhausted legs on the wet floor before she squatted down. “Enjoy your last meal, you cockstarved little weakling,” she hissed in a mix of venom and lust before she settled her pussy onto Megha’s face. Saima’s elated gasp was an extra symbolic slap in the face for Megha, knowing her suffering was causing her opponent so much pleasure. Her greasy pussy and pubic hair rubbed against her face, smearing her sexual juices on Megha’s nose and mouth.

“Oh my god, your slutty face is so good,” Saima muttered, one hand playing with her own breast as she used her beaten foe as a masturbation tool. “Don’t you fucking pull anything or I swear I will claw your eyes out.”

Megha cringed and was too hurt and afraid to attempt anything as risky as biting or scratching her now, left in no position to resist her and with no strength left in her. She felt Saima pinch down on her nose, sputtering a moment against her pussy before she opened her mouth to gasp for air. She whined as she realized it forced her to just what Saima had threatened early on, left to eat her hated rival’s pussy. It wasn’t worth the bonus of not being able to smell the slutty thing.

“Get licking, toilet-breath,” Saimi demanded, pinching her nipple as she humped against her face more aggressively. “Eat it up like you deserve, you street whore.” Megha could feel her hardening clitoris rubbing against her face as Saima’s thrusting became more intense, painting her with her musky juices. Megha just wanted it over with, finally breaking down enough that she opened her mouth wide and stuck her tongue in. She slurped and sucked on it, desperately kissing Saima’s cunny and hoping that she was doing it right.

She must have been doing something right, because it wasn’t long before Saima’s muscles tensed around her and she let out a high-pitched cry. Her pussy flexed against her face and she squirted over Megha’s features, choking her on her intrusively potent sexual scent. Saima was sure to lean into her, giving a few more powerful thrusts against her face to squirt and grind her juices into her nose and mouth.

At last she stood back up, legs even weaker after the orgasm as she held onto the sink for balance. “You make a good fuck toy. No wonder you’re such a slut, hindu whore,” Saima hissed at her, giving another half-hearted kick into her side. Megha barely had the strength to twitch, still gagging on her strong-smelling pussy juices. “Start shit again and I’ll give you the same any time,” Saima promised her, using her breast as a stepping stone to walk over her and grab her clothes and bag, tugging them back on as best she could with all their tears and stretching as she left Megha there to suffer on floor of the girl’s room.

The End

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