Betsy and Veronique: The Rematch by Ragnar0k

One week after the humiliating defeat suffered at the hands of her arch enemy Veronique, Betsy left town, her small Subaru station wagon laden down with all her earthly possessions. Although she received a lot of support and sympathy from friends after the fight, the devastated blonde knew that she would find it impossible to hold her head up in public again, let alone stay in a town where copies of the incriminating webcast were still doing a roaring trade.

Although Betsy could not bear to watch the recorded version of the fight, she was under no illusion that it laid bare not just her physical subjugation by Veronique but also the unforgettable sight of the dark-haired bitch masturbating repeatedly in her face as Betsy lay writhing helplessly on the mat, still trying to massage the numbing pain out of her pounded pussy.

So, biting back the tears, Betsy said goodbye to the town she had grown up in and left to start a new life in a different city more than 100 miles away. Being as practical and resourceful as ever, within a few months she was enrolled at a new college and making ends meet once again by working tables in a local restaurant. She also met and started dating a great guy called Greg who helped her get over the Artie thing pretty quickly.

Although she knew it would take a long time to recover her pride, Betsy was even more troubled by the strong and as yet unresolved feelings that had been woken deep inside her while grappling intimately with her enemy and love rival. Despite immersing herself once more in her studies, Betsy found that no amount of hard work – or hard liquor for that matter – could erase the vivid recollection of her defeat at Veronique’s hands.

In her dreams late at night, the beautiful blonde relived the humiliating minutes spent with her head wedged between her vanquisher’s strong thighs… … the feeling of razor stubble and pubic hair bristling against her face … the smell of raw female essence … the desperate sensation of gagging for air, being smothered by wet crotch, until the rich bitch finally flooded Betsy’s face with her juices as she shuddered to a panting climax.

Waking up sweating and finding her crotch warm and moist, Betsy would masturbate while fantasising about how she would defeat Veronique next time. For the gorgeous blonde knew deep inside that her destiny and that of Veronique were inextricably linked, and that one day the two rivals would be thrown together again by fate and have to settle their differences once more.

Given the intimate nature of their last contest, Betsy was in no doubt that next time the struggle would be deeper, more primal, and all the more deadly as both women strove to establish once and for all who was dominant between them, both physically and sexually.

Meanwhile, in a town 100 miles away, it was gradually dawning on Veronique that even winning a famous victory over her greatest rival could leave a girl feeling empty and unfulfilled. Betsy’s abrupt departure had deprived the dark haired beauty of the most defining relationship of her young life to date and, although she was not a particularly self-aware individual, Vero eventually realised her newfound boredom and lack of drive coincided with the loss of the rival she had derived so much pleasure from scheming against and humiliating.

On her all too frequent lazy rich do nothing days, Vero would console herself, lying idly on her bed and bringing herself to orgasm while repeatedly watching the playback of her victory, all the while wondering what the blonde was doing now, and whether their paths would ever cross again.

It was on one such rainy afternoon in bed drinking bourbon that a revelation came to Veronique as she froze the frame one more time, capturing the image of Betsy’s flushed, upturned face emerging from between her legs after Vero had secured the winning pin.

Washed liberally with the victorious girl’s pussy juices, the blonde’s facial expression revealed a mass of contradictions: humiliation, self-loathing, hatred certainly…but yes – there it was – a flash of excited uncertainty in her eyes that told Veronique that perhaps Betsy had enjoyed being dominated more than the blonde would care to admit.

“You know Betsy,” Vero confided to her rival’s frozen image, “I can see through all that pain and humiliation I caused you, that one day you’re going to come back looking for revenge. Not just because you hate me, but because if you’re anything like the girl I know you to be, you won’t be able to go through life knowing that I beat you and came on your face. I think you’ll be back again some day to prove that you can sit on my face too.”

“But I hate to disappoint you,” Vero continued after draining the whiskey glass, “because I’m not going to let you get there first. I’m going to find you, wherever you are; and I’m going to give you another lesson you won’t forget in a hurry and prove once and for all that there’s only one bitch in this whole affair that’s got what it takes to sit on top and ride face!”

Next day, sobered up but nursing a sore head, Vero hired a detective to track Betsy down. When she found out that the blonde was set up in a new town and dating a guy named Greg, a wicked plot hatched in her mind.

Six months after the fight with Veronique, Betsy was waiting tables when the manager passed her a note from an anonymous caller warning that Greg was in trouble and wanted to meet immediately. The location given was a holiday cabin at an expensive lakeside development beyond the city limits frequented by wealthy out-of-towners. It seemed a bizarre message but as Greg’s phone was switched off when she tried to reach him Betsy was sufficiently worried that the boss let her leave early and she sped across town to the rendezvous.

Driving up the woodland track to the secluded cabin Betsy was surprised to find Greg’s car parked outside next to an expensive sports coupe that somehow looked familiar. Some odd premonition made her park back from the house to avoid alerting any occupants to her arrival and she covered the last 50 yards to the front door on foot.

Betsy was about to knock when she noticed that the door was ajar and swung open gently to her touch. The living room inside was dark and empty but a further door led off, presumably into a bedroom. Judging by the sounds she imagined that two people were wrestling inside and, worried that Greg might be in trouble, Betsy moved quickly.

Pushing open the interior door, the blonde stopped abruptly in her tracks as she beheld a rear view of a dark-haired woman in dressed in brassiere and thong straddling Greg who was lying on the bed with his pants open. While Betsy’s boyfriend looked on horrified, Veronique turned round smiling and coyly drawing attention to the sticky stuff running down her chest. “Ooh look Betsy, Greg’s just given me such a lovely necklace – perhaps you’d like to try it on after I’ve finished?”

Initially speechless, Betsy felt an immense rage growing inside her as she surveyed the scene of Veronique’s latest brazen assault on her honour and pride. However at the same time the blonde experienced such a sense of nervous expectation at the very sight of her scantily clad enemy that her pussy contracted quite powerfully and she went weak at the knees, instantly feeling wetness in her crotch.

The vengeful blonde’s initial wrath was directed at Greg, her eyes flashing murderously as she ordered him in uncharacteristically colourful language to zip up, get out and never enter her sight again. The gallant fellow didn’t hang around to argue and moments later the front door banged shut, leaving the two women to face each other across the clothes strewn room.

Looking as lithe and dangerous as ever Veronique slid off the bed and rose to her feet as Betsy, the blood rushing in her ears, heard her own voice speaking coldly as if from somewhere in the distance.

“So Veronique, you must feel you’ve still got a lot to prove if you had to go to such lengths just to piss me off some more. Presumably you now expect me to fight for my man once again. Well, this time I don’t need any extra reason to kick the living shit out of you; this is going to be strictly personal between the two of us and only you and I are going to know what happened here tonight.”

Listening to these words, Vero felt her dark nipples harden in anticipation of the fight she had been very much looking forward to during the last two months of careful preparation.

“You know you’re right, Betsy,” the dark-haired woman began, her voice low and seductive, “our fight isn’t over men at all – its about which of us is ultimately the stronger, sexier woman and consequently deserves to dominate the other. Now I know I’ve enjoyed more of life’s advantages, and had plenty of fun at your expense in the past, but I’d still give it all to enjoy the pleasure of riding your face once again.”

Seeing from the murderous look in Betsy’s eyes that the blonde was ready to pounce, Vero quickly held up her hand as she continued. ”But it pays to do this sort of thing properly. In fact to make this into a more fitting occasion, I’ve gone to a little trouble to have a complete dojo constructed. Perhaps you’d care to join me out back for…tonight’s main event?”

Betsy stared at Veronique incredulously. “What a scheming bitch! You’ve been planning this for months!”

“Absolutely,” smiled the dark haired woman, “and, as I think you’ll soon agree, the most satisfying things in life come to those who don’t stint on the preparation. I do hope you’ve been practicing your moves since the last time we met. I certainly have.” So saying, Vero walked casually towards the door, her eyes challenging Betsy to stop her.

At this point, the enraged blonde was more than ready to tear her foe limb from limb without further preamble but still she held back and stepped aside as Veronique sashayed past. Apart from the fact that she would love to get out of her uniform which smelt irritatingly of fried food, Betsy knew that Veronique was right. After last time she could only truly achieve satisfaction – and closure – by beating the bitch in a proper no holds barred female on female contest rather than a hastily conceived catfight in the steamy bedroom.

So Betsy followed Veronique past the bathroom and down a short passageway to emerge into the well-equipped dojo that joined on at the back of the cabin. Although both women were already quite hot and sweaty for different reasons, neither felt inclined to clean up as was customary before a dojo bout.

Turning to her rival, Veronique smiled as she gestured to the selection of lingerie laid out on a shelf along the wall. “Let’s get ‘dressed’, then we can agree on the rules for this contest. I thought you’d like to choose an attractive colour to get beaten in. How about ‘loser’s pink’ like last time – or would madam like to try something in red?”

Scowling at the cheap jibe, Betsy decided pink was definitely out and chose a sky blue bikini top and matching thong, neither of which looked likely to hold up to more than a few minutes of intense fighting, but then Veronique had deliberately neglected to provide anything more robust.

“Lets see, lucky yellow for me,” grinned Vero as she selected the bikini that she had worn in the previous match.

Without further preamble both women started changing into their outfits. Betsy kept a watchful eye on her rival while unbuttoning her blouse then undoing the catch on her bra, letting her large creamy breasts spill out. Watching the impromptu striptease display with evident approval, Veronique took off her soiled bra and squeezed her magnificent tanned breasts together with her arms to show the blonde how deep and threatening her cleavage could be.

“Scared of what you see, Betsy? Veronique smirked.

“You’re the one that should be scared, bitch”, Betsy countered as she swiftly removed her skirt and panties, allowing Vero a brief view of her light brown bush as she stepped into the skimpy thong and pulled it up to her hips. At the same time the blonde caught her breath as she noticed how the lips of her sex already felt turgid and moist in anticipation of the intimate contest ahead.

Betsy realised that feeling aroused and a little light-headed was not the sort of preparation she needed for such an important bout with everything at stake and to cover her confusion shot a challenge to Veronique. “As for rules – there won’t be any. If you’re thinking of anything less than ‘total submission complete with absolute apology’, forget it because, as far as I’m concerned, this is going to the limit.”

“Great,” Vero flashed back, “that’s just what I was about to suggest, of course with the added bonus that afterwards, I’ll be able to give you a proper scented face wash this time!”

Already dressed in her yellow micro bikini, Vero watched closely as Betsy completed her preparations by adjusting her bikini top to the inadequate task of protecting her large milky-white jugs. As she did this, Veronique observed the growing damp patch on the blonde’s thong and watched with satisfaction as a thin, shimmering trail of clear liquid ran down Betsy’s inner thigh, indicating that her pussy was wet and aroused, and ready to do battle.

In response, Vero felt her own pussy contract powerfully, juicing up as both women squared up on the mat semi-naked, luscious, and totally committed to fighting as long and as hard as it would take until one was at the other’s mercy. As they reached out cautiously and prepared to commence hostilities in the secret dojo of that anonymous, secluded woodland cabin both knew they were far from safety …far from help …and that, considering everything that had happened already, no quarter would be asked for or given.

Standing face to face in the secret dojo constructed in a secluded woodland retreat, Betsy and Veronique stood on the brink of a second trial by combat that promised another seismic turning point in their bizarrely antagonistic relationship. With so much at stake, compounded by their confused feelings towards one another, both knew the struggle would be deeper, more primal, and all the more deadly than last time as each woman sought to defeat, humiliate and establish her dominance over her rival once and for all – in ways that only sexy voluptuous women can!

This time round there would be no witnesses, no rules, no referees to call time, and no easy escape routes that pride would allow. Betsy, who craved revenge even more than she feared the possibility of losing, still felt that Veronique had only got the better of her on their previous encounter because she fought dirty. This time however the blonde was determined to take the fight to her opponent in ways the dark haired girl would not expect, given Betsy’s ‘good girl’ image.

For her part, Veronique was under no illusions, knowing that Betsy would stop at virtually to avoid a second humiliating defeat. Which was exactly what the dark haired girl had planned for her. Vero’s confidence level was high, based on the knowledge that since the last fight she had continued to train religiously and was now confident that her skill level was sufficient to negate any advantage that might have been conferred by Betsy’s ju-jitsu black belt training. Moreover, if the contest degenerated into a sexfight, as she suspected it might, Vero was confident that her greater experience of all kinds of sex, lesbian, straight and kinky would put her at a distinct advantage over her more straight-laced opponent.

Betsy and Veronique continued stretching and limbering up, their breathing becoming shallow and tense as a combination of pre-fight nerves and sexual aggression overtook them. As each girl tried to stare the other down the tension rapidly became unbearable until Betsy taking a pace forward, shouted “come on bitch, lets fucking do this NOW!”

“Fuck you!” fired back Veronique as they both charged forward, screaming at each other, feeling a sense of pent up release as well as anger and exhilaration now that the rematch they had both craved for so long had finally begun.

Both girls managed to keep their feet initially as a fast and violent melee developed with each launching a barrage of punches and kicks in the main dodged or skilfully parried as for now they remained fresh and quick on their feet. The warm dojo soon rang out with their gasps, grunts and curses and the staccato slap of flesh parrying flesh as they exerted themselves to the limit. Although Veronique was already finding the going extremely tough Betsy was the more surprised to discover how much her rival’s fighting technique had improved since their last encounter, and it was the dark haired girl who created the first major opening.

Realising she had to take her opponent down early and hard to reduce her new edge, Betsy went on the attack, forcing Veronique back against the dojo wall in a flurry of fists and ferocious kicks. But the blonde over-reached herself in the process, allowing the raven haired girl the opportunity to launch a lightning counter strike. Sidestepping, Vero immobilised Betsy’s wrist long enough to driving a long tanned leg upwards into her rival’s guts making a satisfying smack. Betsy doubled up, gasping, allowing the dark haired girl to gain enough leverage to the spin the blonde round sending her reeling back against the dojo wall.

Veronique followed up swiftly with a karate kick to the chest then pinned Betsy against the mesh with a thigh planted firmly between her legs while she ripped off the sky blue bikini top, allowing the blonde’s large white breasts to spill out. Betsy screamed as Vero held her by the throat while firing her fist into the vulnerable exposed melons. When the blonde raised her arms to protect herself, her opponent ploughed a fist into her belly and Betsy’s knees buckled as she slid to the floor coughing and heaving.

Warming to her task, the dark-haired girl reached down and yanked the blonde to her feet by her hair, raking her nails across Betsy’s already bruising tit flesh before nailing her with an uppercut to the jaw, sending her stumbling backwards. As she dropped to one knee shaking her woozy head to clear it Betsy could not believe this was happening to her. Her abused body screaming out in agony, the blonde knew that she had to retaliate before the fight slipped out of her grasp.

As Veronique closed again Betsy stumbled forward, feigning weakness, trying to draw her opponent into making an error. The trick worked as Vero, overconfident, charged forward and ran straight on to the blonde’s extended foot. Ignoring her pain Betsy rolled backwards in a single fluid movement and sent her enemy flying through the air in a somersault using the dark-haired girl’s large breasts to gain greater leverage.

Vero tried to roll but landed awkwardly on her chest and before she knew what was happening the vengeful blonde was on top of her, squashing the breath out of her lungs while simultaneously driving both knees down into tanned tit flesh where it pancaked out the sides of her bikini, crushed beneath their combined body weight.

It was Vero’s turn to scream in anguish as Betsy quickly took control, pulling her opponent backwards and securing a waist scissors as her eager hands relieved the bitch of her bikini top. For Betsy it felt better than sex hearing her bitter rival choking back cries of pain and anger as her tanned melons were abused, strong fingers twisting her brown nipples and digging into her tit flesh.

Just when the dark-haired girl imagined that things could not get much worse, Betsy loosened her vice for an instant, re-positioning herself to apply an armlock while crushing down on Veronique’s bruising chest at the same time. Locking her ankles together again, Betsy arched backwards as she scissored down brutally on her foe, clamping her legs as tightly as she could while Vero screamed and thrashed her body violently.

Vero knew that the blonde bitch could force a submission quickly from her in this position but her adrenalin kicked in and she managed to send a solid kick right into her opponent’s face. Stunned for an instant, Betsy fell back and Vero rolled on top of her as the two vicious vixens quickly head locked each other into an intimate wrestling hold. As their bruised, naked breasts and flat stomachs pressed together both women felt a growing wetness between their legs and knew instinctively that they were now engaged in a war for sexual as well as physical conquest.

Sweat pouring off them, they struggled furiously as first one then the other ground her way on top before being displaced by her straining opponent. After several minutes of exerting themselves to the limit, all they had achieved was to migrate slowly across the floor in a tangle of limbs and the action slowed right down as exhaustion set in. But just when there seemed to be stalemate they screamed in unison as Betsy, timing her move to perfection, powered out on top, prising her head loose of Vero’s hold and falling on her rival in an effort to gain control. Both women were gasping as Betsy grapevined their calves together and flexed her strong legs outwards while pressing her wet crotch down hard on Vero’s to keep her pinned on her back. The raven-haired girl resisted energetically, thrusting her groin upwards to meet the blonde’s challenge and the contest took on an unquestionably sexual dimension as the two women bumped and ground urgently against each other’s genitalia through the cotton of their briefs.

Although she could feel her erect clit straining to push against her rival’s through the fabric, the blonde knew her only priority was to defeat her opponent outright before revenging herself and she went straight for the decisive hold. Loosening her grip, Betsy surprised Veronique as she stretched sideways, trapping her rival’s right arm between her legs, and forcing the left down on the mat with both hands, placing her in a crucifix hold. With the trap now sprung, Betsy lifted herself, dropping her firm breasts down quickly over Vero’s face. Tasting the blonde’s blood and breast sweat the dark-haired girl struggled frantically, thrashing about in a desperate attempt to escape as her opponent’s ample tit flesh smothered her.

“What’re you gonna do now, bitch?” Betsy sneered as the pin held even though Vero’s struggles intensified in the final throes of resistance. “Better surrender and apologise otherwise you’ll just have to lie back and let these babies put you to sleep.”

“Urrgghh!…. uuhhh…..hhnnnn…” Betsy cocked her head sideways trying to decipher her opponent’s muffled grunts but heard no surrender forthcoming as in fact Veronique was steeling herself for a last desperate attempt to break free of her rival’s suffocating hold.

As the darkened world began to spin Vero abandoned her attempts to power out of the hold and found instead that she was able to slide her hand between the blonde’s sweat slicked legs and get her fingers inside Betsy’s bikini. Feeling Vero’s fingers suddenly invading her well-lubed slit and pinching the erect clit inside with sharp nails acted like a release button on Betsy who had no choice but to break the hold or suffer the agonising consequences.

Both girls now separated to lick their wounds and recover, remaining on their knees as they watching each other warily, their magnificent chests heaving as they sucked air into their lungs. Vero knew just how close she had come to being defeated while Betsy was fervently hoping that she would not come to regret this missed opportunity later on.

The short respite ended as Vero called time by raising her hands, signalling that she wanted to close with her opponent in a test of strength. Betsy was also eager to get in close in a fight to the finish and the two rivals threw their tiring bodies together, gasping as their bruised, naked tit flesh came into contact. Their hard nipples rubbing together heightened the sexual tension and their heads leaned closer together until instinctively their mouths found each other and they suddenly started kissing hard and aggressively, pulling each other in closer still as their tongues started duelling.

If Veronique thought that a sexfight would turn the contest in her favour she was quickly disappointed. Betsy’s sexual libido had finally been fully unleashed by the primal urges welling inside of her and she soon took the fight to her opponent, snaking her hand down the front of Vero’s thong and ramming some digits into her rival’s soaking wet pussy. Vero couldn’t believe that the blonde had got the drop on her so intimately and lost valuable seconds tearing at Betsy’s underwear to get her own fingers working away inside her opponent’s dripping slit. By now both girls were so aroused that neither could hold back more than a few seconds as first Vero then Betsy came in quick screaming succession, juicing up each others’ fingers while they threw back their heads and moaned.

Recovering marginally before her opponent, Betsy pulled Vero down on the floor where they struggled in a tangle of limbs, their fingers still massaging each other’s erect clits. Once on the ground however Vero sought to regain the initiative, discarding her shredded thong and tugging Betsy’s hand away in order to ram her naked pussy against the blonde’s.

“Its time to discover that your weak little pussy’s no match for mine.”

“In your dreams, bitch,” hissed Betsy as they both opened their legs wide while watching each other through glazed, angry eyes. Their hard nipples stood up in the air as they arched their backs to drive their entangled crotches together, grunting at the force of impact. Soon both girls were struggling to control their overloaded senses as the wet slapping sounds increased in tempo and pussy juice began to spatter out each time they rammed their trembling cunts together.

After more than a minute of energetic humping neither girl had the advantage and Vero tried to gain an edge by reminding Betsy of her previous defeat and humiliation. In between their gasps and groans as they spread their juicy pussy lips apart and began grinding their tumescent clits together Vero started talking dirty to her rival.

“Remember last time slut… when I sat on your face… and came…I know you liked the taste…”

With her pussy already starting to quiver Betsy couldn’t afford to listen to this kind of talk and she snapped back “Shut up bitch!”

“…. enjoyed the smell…you just wanted to lick me out….. dirty bitch….”

“Uhh…shut the fuck up slut”

“No-ah, uh …hear me out bitch…you can smell my pussy right now, can’t you?…uhhh… you remember last time… and can’t win…can’t resist me…uuuhh…YES!”

“No-uh…uhh…aaahhhhh! NOOOO!”

Even as Betsy screamed in abject denial she could smell Veronique’s stronger pussy scent overpowering hers and knew instinctively that her rival’s clit would soon defeat her own, that her pussy was the weaker of the two. Seeing the sudden look of submission in Betsy’s eyes Veronique quickly seized her chance, mounting her rival, forcing the blonde’s left leg high in the air with her hands while pinning the right on the floor with her knee to fully expose Betsy’s undefended pink citadel for the final assault. The hold was as painful as it was humiliating for Betsy, and Vero stared down contemptuously into her rival’s eyes as she ground her wet cunt down savagely onto the blonde’s. “Remember, total submission, slut.” With her dominance firmly established it took Veronique just a few more grinding movements to send her opponent spiralling into orgasm.

While the blonde was still thrashing beneath her the dark haired girl went for the deciding pin, pressing her body down hard on Betsy’s while pinning her wrists above her head. “Now lets see a tit smother applied properly,” Veronique laughed, forcing Betsy’s face between her big tanned melons. The blonde’s large breasts pancaked uselessly against her chest as Vero’s body crushed hers and, although she tried frantically to bridge out of the hold she knew she was doomed, her legs splayed wide open exposing her defeated, quivering pussy as the brunette crushed her in a powerful grapevine.

Vero continued grinding down and suffocating her opponent until she heard Betsy’s final muffled, whimpered surrender. But the blonde’s troubles were far from over as her elated foe raised herself on her haunches and straddled her victim’s head, grinding her sweaty ass and pussy all over Betsy’s face. As Betsy writhed helplessly while being smothered and force-fed Vero’s sexual juices for the second time, the sense of humiliation and failure was even more overwhelming than before.

By contrast, Veronique could not have been more ecstatic as she massaged her large tanned jugs, moaning with pleasure while she continued to work herself on Betsy’s face. Finally, the dark haired girl arched her back, digging her claws into the blonde’s pale, bruised tits as she came to the first of several gushing climaxes. Mercifully, Betsy soon passed out, remaining blissfully unaware as her humiliation continued. When she was utterly spent, Veronique stretched her body on top of her defeated rival’s, stroking Betsy’s face almost tenderly before leaning down and kissing her hard on the lips, enjoying the way her own taste mingled with that of the unconscious bitch.

When Betsy came round later the place was deserted apart from a note left for her by Veronique. “Well Betsy, I sure was looking forward to sitting on your face again after all this time and I must truly thank you as today all my expectations were definitely surpassed! The showers are out on your left if you want to clean up and if you would like to keep a little memento of our time together I’ve left my bikini behind in case you ever want to play ‘scratch ‘n’ sniff’. Of course if you want the real thing again, we can always arrange something in a while so feel free to call my mobile number when you start feeling better. Anyway, have to dash. I’ve got a film to watch. Love V xxx.”

Betsy’s heart leaped as looking up into the corner of the room she spied the video camera trained on the dojo for the first time. She collapsed to the floor and started weeping, hardly noticing that she had scrunched up Veronique’s damp bikini bottoms in her fist and was holding them tightly against her chest.

The End

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