A Tribute to Best Friend’s Sister – Part 11 by Augur

Bouncing Back

Their “weekend of wild fucking”, as Nikki had taken to calling it, had been been every bit of steamy as Chrissy’d hoped. Even with her impressive stamina, which was a product of a great many hours spent working out every day, the blonde had been hard pressed to keep up with two very horny redheads. But as exhausted and sore as Chrissy had been at the end, she’d also been very, very satisfied. And so had Nikki and Willa, for that matter.

It was only too bad that Sophie hadn’t been able to be there. She would’ve loved getting smothered by two pairs of massive breasts at the same time, the muscle girl grinned to herself, recalling Nikki’s muffled howls of pleasure. The tennis player’s orgasm had lasted for almost a full minute as she gushed and moaned, all the while continuing to suckle on Chrissy’s tanned and Willa’s pale teats. For a second, the blonde had been worried that Nikki might die of suffocation. Or dehydration, Chrissy thought, snorting at the memory. That girl really was a total freak. And better yet, her freak.

While Sophie flew with her family to visit their relatives in Provence, Chrissy and Nikki had spent the spring break much closer to home. Not that either would’ve even had the energy to travel abroad after the weekend’s strenous activities, of course. It had taken Chrissy almost three days to recover fully.

It was now Sunday morning, and the blonde was returning home from a two hour session at the gym. Nikki had gone to see her parents and wouldn’t be coming back until very late in the evening, giving Chrissy plenty of time to figure out some of the things that had been bothering her lately.

She could feel Willa’s words from their match a week earlier still gnawing at the back of her head. The chesty redhead had done her best to coax out Chrissy’s more submissive tendencies, bombarding the aroused muscle babe with soft, seductive whispers in an attempt to break her will. The blonde had been able to resist the temptation, though, flattening Willa’s big rack and proving to herself that she was in control of that side of her psyche. She alone would decide when and where the part that loved being dominated, the part that enjoyed the feeling of another woman’s breasts slowly conquering her own, could surface and take over.

Chrissy had promised to herself to never let it out in public. She’d lost exactly one match in front of an audience, and that had been one too many. She’d hated every second of it. The only emotions the blonde had experienced when her tits pancaked under Tamera’s black tits were shock and intense, all-consuming shame. She never wanted to feel that again.

But that humiliating event had also broken more than just her, at the time, untamed tits. It had completely altered Chrissy’s outlook on life, and on herself. Her big, perfect boobs were no longer invincible. It had taken a while to work up the courage to fight again, but eventually she’d managed it. It had gone well, too, with Chrissy crushing Gloria’s large set and then going on to flatten Emma’s rock-hard boobs as well. Everything was back to normal. Except it wasn’t. Not really.

As much as she tried to fight it, Chrissy recognized that a small… okay, maybe medium-sized part of her, had enjoyed losing to Nikki. No. Not enjoyed. Chrissy had never been more turned on in her life, and even now, just thinking about the sex they’d had later that night was enough to make her wet in two second flat. In fact, that very memory was what she usually beat herself off to.

So, under the right circumstances, getting her boobs dominated could be insanely hot. And to be honest, Chrissy really, really craved to experience that feeling again. The only problem was that she also liked to win. There was no doubt that Chrissy enjoyed crushing another girl’s proud boobs and proving that while they might be the envy of most women, her own rack was better. The sex after she’d flattened Nikki and Sophie, as well as the sex she’d had just this weekend with Willa, had been absolutely phenomenal. In other words, Chrissy realized, she loved the competition, with all its tension and uncertainty. And what really turned her on was the challenge itself. Meeting an equal, not knowing who was going to win.

Still, it had been a while since she’d lost to anyone, and Willa’s seductive whispers, while proving unable to save her own rack from destruction, had succeeded in bringing those old feelings back to the surface. Chrissy knew perfectly well that there weren’t many girls who could beat her, and those two that could, Tamera and Tiffany, weren’t really high on her list of favorite playmates. Not that Tiff wasn’t hot, of course, but two queens just didn’t mix well. They’d end up tearing each other’s eyes out, regardless of who won. No, she’d have to look elsewhere.

Nikki, Chrissy’s lover and best friend, was also out of the question. The busty redhead had defeated her jugs once, thanks to prior softening by Gloria and Emma, but while being Nikki’s bitch for one night had been fun, it had quickly gotten old. As much as Chrissy loved the busty redhead, the win had really gotten to her head. She couldn’t let the tennis player on top again, not without risking their relationship. Despite everything that had happened, Chrissy was still very much an alpha bitch at heart.

One day, Sophie might be able to tame her firm globes. Maybe. With a bit of luck, and a lot of practise. But Chrissy definitely couldn’t drag the school girl into this now, not while she was mentoring her. The cute brunette was still way too young and inexperienced. She’d need to learn the ropes in her own time, and at her own pace. There had to be a better, safer alternative. Maybe Zoe or Annie could put up a worthy fight?

Those were the thoughts whirling around in Chrissy’s mind when she bumped – quite literally – into something solid yet surprisingly supple barreling around the corner.

“Uugh!” “Oomph!”

Both parties were able to keep their balance, but only just, as Amanda’s jogging form slammed into Chrissy chest first. The girls almost bounced off each other, though Amanda’s greater momentum meant that the older blonde was thrown a bit further back. Chrissy and Amanda stared in surprise for a second or two before bursting into laughter.

“Oh damn, why is there never a camera when you need one,” the athletic sorority girl chortled, leaning into the wall for support as she tried to catch her breath. She seemed to have been running for a good while, and her face and ample cleavage were covered in sweat. Chrissy’s eyes were glued to Amanda’s heaving, glistening bust as she took the blonde in. “Yeah, I wasn’t expecting to slam tits with someone so early in the day,” she grinned back, licking her lips unconsciously. “Gotta say, Amanda, you look to be in great shape. You run every morning?”

The girl gave a small nod, glancing at Chrissy’s own physique. “Yeah, pretty much. But look who’s talking Miss Hulk, I take it you’re just coming from the gym yourself?”

The two blondes chatted for a few minutes, exchanging some pleasantries and recounting what they’d been up to during the spring break. Still, Amanda seemed a bit quiet, and Chrissy thought she looked more reserved than usual, not meeting her gaze for longer than a few seconds. It was obvious that the public loss to Claire still bothered the girl, and even the older blonde had to admit that the senior’s post-match humiliation had been unusually cruel. She’d done her best to console Amanda afterwards, but doubted the short hug and a few quiet words had made much of a difference.

“So, how’re you holding up?” Chrissy asked after a short lull in conversation. Amanda’s face was confused for a moment before she realized what the muscle girl meant. Her eyes drifted down, and the blonde shrugged. “Not too bad, I guess. My tits healed pretty quickly.” Chrissy hummed in understanding, not missing the fact that Amanda hadn’t said anything about her mental recovery. The muscle girl knew perfectly well how mean those particular scars could be.

“If there’s one piece of advice I can give about losing, it’s that you need to get back in the saddle as soon as possible,” Chrissy said with a careful smile. Amanda’s eyes snapped up to the blonde’s face, and to Chrissy’s surprise, she replied with a snort. “Funny you’d say that, I was supposed to have a fight yesterday.”

The muscle girl quirked an eyebrow, but before she could voice her question, Amanda continued. “I came second in the Beta O pledge tournament, and Teresa, one of the girls from the sorority, wanted to see if she could beat me. I guess she thought I’d be an easier kill now,” the blonde muttered, earning a huff from Chrissy. “No doubt. Fucking vultures,” the beefy girl offered with a lopsided grin. “So what happened? She chicken out at the last moment?”

Amanda guffawed, shaking her head slightly. “Nah, I doubt it. She’s still interested. Apparently an older sister challenged her a few days ago. I’m not sure who won, but either way, her tits aren’t really ready for another fight just now.”

“Besides, I’m pretty sure that’s the one aspect of titfighting where I’m more experienced than you,” Amanda added with a sardonic smile.

“Huh?” Chrissy asked eloquently, not quite following. The young blonde’s smile widened. “Losing, I mean,” she explained with a small laugh.

Chrissy guffawed, the sudden movement making her large rack bounce ever so slightly inside the t-shirt and attracting Amanda’s gaze to the girl’s prominent chest. In terms of size, it was second only to Tanya’s, and clearly pretty firm.

“Hmm, you might be right about that,” Chrissy replied, looking thoughtful. “Which reminds me, there’s something I’d like to ask you. Something that we might be able to help each other with.”

Amanda eyed the older blonde curiously, waiting for her to elaborate.

“How would you like the chance to beat me?”


Nikki had never been what you’d call a shy, timid girl. As long as anyone could remember, she’d been athletic, outgoing and popular. Well-liked by girls as well as boys, in and out of school. The redhead had an air of confidence and daring about herself, stemming at least partially from her successes on the tennis court. Nikki was one of the top players in town, maybe even the state, and never one to back down from a challenge. To be perfectly honest, she was more likely to issue one. And while that particular personality trait had admittedly led to quite a few defeats in the titfighting circle, a minor setback or two wasn’t going to change her outlook on life.

All in all, Nikki was the kind of person who spoke her mind and did what she wanted, willing to listen to others but never letting them dictate her actions. If that meant some would call her rash or foolhardy, so be it.

So, it wasn’t really all that remarkable when she’d revealed to her family that she was currently living with another woman. And one who wasn’t just her roommate, either. Nikki’s parents weren’t exactly die-hard conservatives, but traditional enough to feel at least a bit uncomfortable with the idea of their baby daughter’s rather free-minded lifestyle. Her father, unable to conceal his initial surprise, had blurted out the first thing on his mind.

“Wait, so are you a… lesbian now?”

That simple, honest question, delivered with an almost comical look of bafflement, had reduced Nikki into fits of laughter. She’d always enjoyed messing with her dad, playing practical jokes on him as a little girl and graduating to more suble ways of teasing the poor man. Eventually taking some pity on him, Nikki had reassured her father that no, she hadn’t given up on boys, and could perfectly well see herself marrying one some day. But she could just as easily end up with another girl, too. Better both ways and all that, why limit yourself to a small selection of goods when you could choose from a much larger one? That last bit had been intended to appeal to her father’s business instincs, and true enough, appeared to resonate with him to some degree. While he didn’t really understand her daughter’s sexual preferences, there was an undeniably solid market logic behind them. And that was something even he could appreciate.

Nikki’s parents had gotten over their shock quickly enough, and the redhead decided to give them a little more time mull things over by touring her old block. She’d been living on her own for well over a year now, and was eager to see if anything had changed since her departure. It was a pretty quiet neighborhood, with tree-lined narrow roads and small two-storey houses surrounded by low hedges or picket fences, but contained a lot of memories for the redhead. She’d grown up here, and in many ways, this place was still home to her.

She’d almost completed her short walk around the area when three familiar-looking women caught her attention. They were standing next to a dark blue station wagon, lifting boxes from its open rear hatch and piling them on the driveway. Nikki immediately recognized the trio, her mouth opening in surprise. It was Zoe, Bianca and her sister Annie.

“Hey, what’re you guys doing here?” the redhead called out as she walked up to the girls. “Don’t tell me you’re moving in!”

The two blondes and the toned asian turned quickly, greeting her warmly before Bianca replied to Nikki’s question.

“We’re innocent here, it’s Annie who’s bought a house. She’s all grown up now!” Her older sibling rolled her eyes, bumping her shoulder into Bianca’s.

“Nice going, B, you back-stabbing snitch,” Annie grumbled playfully, ignoring the other girls’ amused grins. It turned out that the blonde and her long-time boyfriend had indeed taken out a loan and purchased a home for themselves. The house wasn’t very large or imposing, but the bright white wooden walls and tall windows did a lot to create a sense of taste and elegance.

“Whoa, I didn’t realize you were making this kind of money already,” Nikki whistled, looking at the attractive little home. “Makes me feel like a complete failure in comparison. I know you’re a few years older, but still… Heck, my parents live just down the road!”

The redhead stayed to help with the crates for a few minutes, chatting with Bianca to get up to speed on the latest gossip at Beta O. She’d already heard about Michelle and Gloria’s revenge on Tiffany’s big tits of course, but was interested in learning more about the upcoming tournament against Hooter girls. Nikki knew women from both sides, and was eager to find out if the event was open to public. Or at least to a select few invitees. The fight-night they had under preparation sounded much grander than usual, and Nikki certainly didn’t want to miss it.

She’d seen first hand just how good the hooter queen Tamera was. The sorority girls better watch out.


The two blondes were standing in Nikki’s and Chrissy’s cozy living room, facing each other as they took in the other’s toned but feminine body. Though Amanda had been suspicious of Chrissy’s motives at first, her explanation did sound pretty convincing. While the altruistic impulse to help another girl bounce back from a painful loss could only get you so far, Chrissy’s other reason reverberated deeply in Amanda’s mind. She, too, very much enjoyed a challenge, and could appreciate the muscle girl’s eagerness to add another notch to her belt. But very few girls had the audacity to voluntarily even the odds beforehand.

“Okay, let me get this straight,” Amanda said slowly, trying to wrap her head around the older blonde’s offer. “You’re going to just let me pin you and grind your boobs out?”

“Well, no, not exactly. I won’t just let you win,” Chrissy corrected the slightly less beefy girl, “But I WILL be fighting with a handicap. You’ll get to start on top and try to grind my jugs from above for the first few minutes,” Chrissy explained, looking at Amanda’s face intently. “After that, we’ll continue on our feet and battle it out for real. I won’t be holding anything back. If you’ve managed to wear my big boobs down enough, you might win. But if you haven’t, my firm jugs will grind you flat”.

Amanda looked pensive, carefully mulling the blonde’s words over. She knew that Chrissy’s enormous set was famous for a reason, having beaten numerous girls over the years. Cassie’s insanely firm boobs had fallen victim to it, and Tiffany had admitted she’d only barely defeated the gym rat herself. Still, the terms did sound very tempting. Chrissy’s rack would be fighting with a disadvantage today, giving her own boobs a real chance to beat the muscle girl. Besides, even if she lost, no one would be here to witness it, nor would she be likely to suffer the same kind of humiliation she’d had to endure at the gym after her fight with Claire. She really didn’t have much to lose. And everything to gain.

“Okay. Let’s do it,” Amanda said after a moment, staring into Chrissy’s eyes steadily as she began to pull at the hem of her shirt. “I’ll tame those oversized jugs and crush them like the ripe melons they are. You’ll be sucking on my firm tits soon,” the younger blonde continued, her voice getting more and more confident as she felt a familiar rush of adrenaline flooding her veins. Just who did this arrogant bitch think she was? Voluntarily offering to fight with a handicap, as if that was they only way Amanda could win against her prized udders? She’d teach the egoistical muscle slut not to underestimate her boobs.

Chrissy’s face broke into a wide grin as she took in the change in Amanda’s eyes. “Atta girl, I knew you couldn’t resist,” she cooed, making her opponent’s face harden further. “But don’t think beating these jugs is going to be easy, they’ve flattened several girls in a row before.”

“Shut it and line ’em up, bitch,” Amanda shot back, sneering at the blonde’s boasting as she pulled off her lace bra, flinging it to the side.

Chrissy drank in the girl’s best assets with a hungry look on her pretty face, licking her lips as she watched Amanda’s full, tanned pair quiver and undulate gently. While they probably sat just a hint lower, their round shape was quite similar to her own, much bigger breasts. The way Amanda’s set bounced and jiggled suggested that they weren’t as dense, but there was no denying that they looked absolutely delectable.

Amanda had noticed Chrissy’s greedy expression, and decided to give her ample chest a good shake. It never failed to get the guys’ attention, and clearly her tits were having the same effect on some girls, too. Chrissy grinned, ogling the tanned tits intently as they wobbled on the young blonde’s chest. “You like?” Amanda laughed, winking slyly as her sizable rack settled down.

“Hell yeah, those bouncy little boobs look awesome. I’m going to enjoy grinding them down with my superior jugs,” she murmured softly, the last part almost to herself, as she began to remove her own top. “Give me your best shot, Mandy. You’re gonna need it.” The older blonde took her snug t-shirt off with a practised pull and dropped it to the floor, Chrissy’s sports bra following quickly behind.

The time she’d spent under Tiffany’s thumb – or more accurately pussy – had taught Amanda a few things about herself. One, she knew she wasn’t straight. And two, she liked boobs. Loved them. The young blonde had of course fooled around with girls before, but it was Tiffany and her incredible rack that had finally convinced her. At first Amanda had tried to fight it, but those perfect, firm breasts dangling in front of her face had broken the resistance pretty quickly. She was a boob girl, alright.

And right now, standing a few feet from her, was the embodiment of what practically every tit lover in the world dreamed of. Chrissy’s enormous, firm globes looked incredible, almost too good to be true. They were round and full, tanned, obviously heavy, and had a delicious amount of bounce. And yet they refused to accede to the force of gravity, sitting high on the muscle girl’s chest and maintaining an enviably round, youthful shape despite their massive size. Sure, they didn’t look as perky as Sarah’s or Cassie’s rock-hard tits, but the sheer weight should’ve dragged Chrissy’s titflesh down at least a bit, as it did Tanya’s udders. But it didn’t, most likely thanks to the huge amounts of exercise Chrissy put into maintaining her sinewy body. She had to have some serious pecs. One thing was beyond any doubt, though: the blonde’s boobs looked absolutely fucking gorgeous.

Forcing herself to concentrate on the task at hand, Amanda stepped forward. She took a deep breath and shoved her smaller tits into Chrissy’s more generous bust. Both pairs of breasts pushed inward, their tanned, ample flesh shifting and molding gently. The girls grunted, feeling their chests displace and yield slightly to the other set. As they looked down, it quickly became clear that while Chrissy’s bigger orbs flattened at the point of impact, spreading out slowly, Amanda’s boobs had lost more of their round shape. They weren’t giving up more ground in absolute terms, of course, but the disparity in apparent firmness was noticeable. Chrissy’s huge tits seemed to be holding the edge in density as well as size.

“Fuck,” Amanda whispered, staring at their straining bosoms. Chrissy gave the girl a predatory smile, humming quietly as she picked up the timer from her pocket. The device made a sharp beep to acknowledge the start, before the older blonde slipped it back into her grey gym shorts.

“You’ve got five minutes, Barbie. Better use ’em well.”

The younger blonde’s eyes locked into Chrissy’s, darkening visibly, and her lips turned into a line.

“Oh, I intend to, believe me. You’re got an impressive rack, Chrissy, but there’s no way they’re going to survive this,” Amanda growled, baring her teeth. She began to force Chrissy down by her shoulders, and the slightly more muscular woman obliged, letting Amanda ride her onto the mat. As the older girl’s back hit the surface with a thud, Amanda quickly gathered her toned arms, pinning them to the sides. Their eyes met for a short moment, and both girls smirked.

“Wow, this is really turning you on,” Amanda whispered, staring at Chrissy’s large, rock-hard nipples as she lowered her own meaty boobs into the pinned girl’s massive chest, their tanned globes spreading slowly against each other.

“Look who’s talking,” Chrissy shot back, hissing as she felt the young blonde’s sizable teats sink into her larger orbs. “Your peaks seem to be pretty stiff, too. I bet you’d love to feel those pretty little boobs pancake under my perfect jugs.”

Amanda growled, starting to slide her teats across Chrissy’s chest with gusto. While the bigger girl’s jugs looked less impressive now that she was laying on her back, their considerable density and heft were still obvious. The older blonde tensed slightly as she felt Amanda’s full, meaty breasts roll against hers, both sets shifting and shaking as the sorority girl picked up more speed.

Amanda spent a good minute or two grinding their thick boobs together, pushing her orbs against Chrissy’s dense flesh and eliciting soft grunts from the beefy girl as she felt the effects or Amanda’s deep-tissue rubdown. Christy met her thrusts every now and then, both powerful women shifting their muscular torsos as they struggled to demostrate their boobs’ superiority. Each pair wobbled in rhythm with their owner’s movements. Amanda licked her lips, continuing to work her opponent’s huge mammaries over and giving the older blonde a wink as she changed her angle of attack. The sorority girl forced her chest into Chrissy’s bigger orbs time and time again, occasionally increasing the tempo or going for wider motions.

“Fuck yeah,” the younger blonde sighed, letting herself bask in the sensation of her set sinking into Chrissy’s slowly reddening mammaries as she continued to massage the thick breastmeat with her own tits. “I think I’m going to visit you more often in the future, Chrissy,” Amanda murmured, smirking. “Rubbing these big titties down to nothing feels amazing.” The toned sorority girl’s back muscles twitched as she tried to work her tits deeper into Chrissy’s rack.

The more chesty girl grunted, watching Amanda’s attempts to nestle her sizable teats into her own mammaries, and began to respond to the feisty blonde’s grinding motion with more vigor. Their tanned flesh rippled deliciously, and though the bigger pair was ballooning under the considerable strain, Amanda’s own breasts compressed quite a bit as well.

“Enjoy it while you can, Barbie,” Chrissy muttered, gritting her teeth as she ground back forcefully, her substantial bust upsetting Amanda’s balance for a moment. “Your jiggly boobs are so nice and soft, they’re doing practically nothing against my perfect orbs.” The younger girl reacted with a hiss, making the cocky blonde pay for her insult with a quick slap. Apparently satisfied with Chrissy’s surprised gasp, Amanda began to add an occasional tit-punch to the grinding motion. She took advantage her position above the muscle girl, lifting her smaller boobs several inches into the air before slamming them down again. Soon, Amanda had all but abandoned her drawn-out tit rub, replacing it with a new, more violent approach.

She kept dropping her dense pair onto Chrissy’s heavy boobs, causing all four tanned globes to bounce and wobble as the larger jugs began to register more damage. But while Amanda’s blows dented the muscle girl’s breasts visibly, she could tell there was still a lot of resistance to be pounded away. Shit this bitch was firm. No matter, she’d crush her sooner or later.

As Amanda pushed herself up for another boob-bomb, relaxing her grip on the pinned girl arms, Chrissy pounced. She grabbed the sorority girl by her shoulders, stopping Amanda in her tracks. The two blondes struggled for a moment, but the gym rat lived up to her name, preventing Amanda from pinning her well-muscled limbs again. Realizing that her assault had been thwarted for now, Amanda resorted to cursing.

“Let go, you scared slut! I want to bash those fat udders some more!” the blonde hissed as she attempted to regain control of Chrissy’s strong arms. “Or are you ready to give up already? Are my little boobs too much for you to handle?”

“Fuck you, Mandy. I promised you could try to grind me out,” Chrissy grunted, struggling to maintain her grip on the other girl. “I didn’t say anything about letting you bomb my jugs at will.”

The two stared at each other for a good while before Amanda reluctantly nodded. While the rules of the handicap were somewhat vague, she had to admit Chrissy had a point, and that she might’ve gotten carried away a bit. They’d only talked about the former. Slowly, Chrissy released Amanda’s toned arms and let the younger blonde resume their previous pin again. Amanda gave her opponent a quick, angry glance before lowering her tits back onto Chrissy’s, and began to slide their tanned orbs together once more. The sorority girl did add an occasional bash or jab for emphasis, but for the most part, seemed content to stick to rubbing. Her boobs’ position above Chrissy’s big rack allowed Amanda to use gravity to her advantage, but so far, the more ample jugs were refusing to loosen up. Chrissy’s heavy, firm teats did yield a bit, pushing out as the sorority girl forced her own set on top of them, but rebounded the second Amanda lessened her pressure. Those enormous udders seemed to be every bit as stubborn as their owner, the blonde thought, deciding to redouble her efforts and keeping their chests in constant contact. It was just a matter of time before she’d feel Chrissy’s mammaries open to her own, her firm boobs forcing their way into the bigger set.

Both were admiring the shaking mass of tanned flesh, watching in fascination as one orb would shift, molding slightly against the other before bouncing back to its previous state. The cycle looked almost hypnotic, another globe starting to gently push the opposing teat away.

“You’ve got such nice, big titties, Mandy,” Chrissy whispered, meeting her opponent’s hungry eyes. “I almost feel bad about having to destroy them.”

Amanda replied with a confident smile, surprising the muscle girl. “Oh, I wouldn’t worry about that if I were you, Chrissy,” she said softly, licking her lips. “My nice, big titties will outlast those floppy sacks easily. Can you feel them squeezing the life out of yours?” Amanda added, shoving her thick boobs into the opposing rack with more force and causing both racks to spread out briefly. Chrissy let out a grunt, but ground back, doing her best to ignore the uncomfortable sensation. Both blondes were putting their toned back muscles to good use as they kneaded their boobs together.

Just as the fight began to pick up again, Chrissy and Amanda heard a loud chime. The five minutes were up.


Back in her old room at her parents’ house, Nikki couldn’t keep a grin off her face. Zoe’d overheard their discussion about the planned Beta Omega – Hooters titfighting event, and had been interested in learning more. While the toned asian made it clear she understood that all the matches were already taken and that she’d be happy to just watch, it’d quickly become obvious that Zoe also had some ulterior motives.

As entertaining as the tournament would no doubt be, it was also an excellent opportunity to scout potential competition and check out if their racks measured up to the gym instructor’s own boobs. According to the asian woman herself, she’d never lost to another girl, and trusted her firm set to be able to handle pretty much any challenger. The only reason Zoe hadn’t picked a fight with Chrissy or Annie so far was the fact it would most likely end up hurting their friendship. They all liked to win, and any competition between the girls was liable to turn exceedingly fierce and nasty.

With some hooter or sorority bimbo, Zoe wouldn’t have to worry about that. She’d crush the poor girl’s overrated tits and move on to the next one, the fit asian had smirked, clearly more and more keen on the idea.

Oh, this was going to be a great year, Nikki smiled to herself.


Back on their feet again, the two toned blondes apprached each other carefully. They’d taken a few minutes to catch their breath, allowing both women to rub some of the early soreness away from their breasts.

While Chrissy’s large boobs were now red and seemed to have softened up a bit, they hadn’t lost their spherical shape. Amanda’s smaller set, as far as skins tones went, looked a little better off and maintained a similar round form.

The two rivals slowly lined their racks tip-to-tip, grasping each other’s upper arms. Chrissy looked up, a ghost of a smile on her face.

“The moment of truth, Barbie,” she whispered, looking slightly winded but cocky as ever.

“The moment I crush your mushy udders, more like,” Amanda snarled back, shoving her rack forward. Chrissy mirrored her motion, and each woman let out a soft grunt.

As the two tanned pairs once more met on even ground, it became obvious that Chrissy’s massive tits were still giving up somewhat less space than Amanda’s smaller boobs. To the younger girl’s dismay, her treatment hadn’t succeeded in dismantling the thick breastmeat underneath, and the damage the bigger rack had sustained seemed mostly superficial. While Amanda’s boob massage may have weakened the muscle girl’s huge jugs some, it clearly wasn’t enough. Chrissy, feeling Amanda’s smaller orbs begin to yield to her own again, watched the blonde’s face fall. Her lips curled into a confident smirk.

“I warned you, Mandy,” she taunted, a smug grin playing on her pretty, round face. “I’m not going to make this easy for you. If you want to beat these heavy, firm boobs, you’ll have do a lot better than that. Although, given how soft those droopy little sacks feel against my perfect orbs, I doubt even your best shot is going to be enough.”

Chrissy watched with barely disguised glee as Amanda’s face grew hot, her eyes narrowing. The younger girl was staring daggers at her opponent, clearly having had enough of Chrissy’s superior tone and mocking. “You want my best shot, huh? Careful what you wish for, bitch!” Amanda growled.

Before Chrissy had time to react, the athletic girl let go of her opponent and leapt back a bit. Taken by surprise by the sudden maneuver, the muscle girl had no choice but to take Amanda’s boob bash straight on. Chrissy could feel her substantial rack splash out violently, and her deep groan almost completely drowned out Amanda’s less pronounced grunt. The younger blonde’s teats also lost much of their round shape, this time, it was the bigger jugs that displaced more severely. Amanda allowed herself a spiteful smile as she took in Chrissy’s shocked look, clearly not having anticipated the burning sensation starting in her boobs, and proceeded to exploit her opponent’s momentary stillness to follow through with more, powerful tit-slaps.

The younger blonde drew on every bit of experience she’d gained from battling Connie’s and Tanya’s large racks, taking some consolation in the fact that while Chrissy’s jugs had about a cup size or two on first girl, they weren’t as big as the latter’s. Unfortunately, they did also feel somewhat firmer. She’d have to fix that, the toned blonde decided, setting her jaw and and launching several quick jabs into the opposing pair. She began to pepper Chrissy’s boobs with a flurry of blows, making the tanned flesh ripple and wave violently, and enjoying the older girl’s grunts and groans as Chrissy was forced to absorb the vigorous assault.

After what probably felt like an eternity, Chrissy tried to grab the younger blonde into a hug. To her consternation, each time Amanda managed fall back in time, dancing away from the bigger-chested girl. For all her strength, it seemed that Chrissy wasn’t quite as fast as the toned sorority girl, reacting just a fraction of a second too slowly to trap her more agile rival.

With a loud roar, Amanda charged her opponent, forcing the now-moaning muscle girl back a few steps. Chrissy winced as she felt her back hit the wall, and Amanda pressed her advantage, sending yet another salvo of fast jabs into the older blonde’s heaving rack. This time the sorority girl didn’t attempt to withdraw between her assaults, instead opting to grab Chrissy’s upper arms and forcing them to the girl’s sides. For a moment it was unclear if the older blonde had even realized she’d been pinned against the wall – Amanda was slamming her boobs into the girl’s ample rack with impressive frequency, alternating with rapid lefts and rights, and causing Chrissy’s tits to quiver on her chest. The muscle girl’s breath was coming out as a giant moan.

Just when it looked like Amanda’s undeniably effective version of blizkrieg had managed to overwhelm her opponent, Chrissy began to struggle against the hold. Though Amanda tried to fight against her, the muscle girl managed to slowly force her arms between them, proving that she was indeed stronger of the two. With one last grunt, Chrissy shoved the other blonde away, giving the girl a murderous look. Chrissy immediately brought her hands to her sore jugs, starting to rub the sore, reddened flesh.

“Oh, did I hurt your soft, floppy jugs, Chrissy?” Amanda smirked, bouncing her own pair gently as she watched the older blonde’s fuming face turn back towards her. “I’d offer to accept your surrender right now, but I guess an arrogant bimbo such as yourself would rather do this the hard way. And, to be honest, it’ll be my pleasure to crush your huge, overrated udders.”

Chrissy dropped her massive boobs, thrusting them out defiantly. While the skin-tone had become even redder than before, there was no noticeable change in shape, and the blonde’s heavy orbs continued to sit high on her chest. “Oh, you’ve done it now, Mandy. I didn’t really want to hurt you at first, but now… your weak little boobs are as good as gone. I’m going to enjoy watching them pancake against mine. You’ve just made this personal.” Chrissy spat, moving her hands to her hips and taking a step forward. Amanda met her challenge, shaking her head mockingly.

“Oh, bitch please. We both know how this is going to end. With you on your knees, sucking my better boobs,” the sorority girl taunted, stretching her neck slightly. She seemed to have gained a lot of confidence with that latest assault, and Chrissy approached the girl warily. She wouldn’t make the mistake of underestimating her opponent again.

At almost exactly the same time, both women slammed forward. Chrissy grunted as the shot from Amanda sent her big jugs quivering over her chest, but the impact also sent shockwaves over the younger girl’s tits, and Amanda’s face tightened noticeably. The more busty blonde didn’t miss it, and quickly shoved her jugs again, mashing her larger set into Amanda’s smaller globes. The sorority girl groaned as Chrissy’s firm tits displaced much of her own boobs, sending a splash of tanned titflesh out. Amanda’s jugs regained their form when Chrissy pulled away, but the feeling of her opponent’s rack yielding to hers had brought a smile back to the muscle girl’s face.

Before she had time to form a taunt, Amanda struck, slamming herself forward. As her smaller tits smacked into Chrissy’s larger orbs, waves of flesh rolled across each set. Chrissy grunted and stepped back, which apparently was exactly what Amanda wanted. The younger blonde slid forward, this time bringing her full tits into Chrissy’s heavy mammaries from below. Both girls’ boobs flattened impressively, but it was the underside of the muscle blonde’s globes that took the brunt of the damage.

Chrissy’s face was a mask of discomfort and frustration, but she swung her own thick boobs at Amanda. The less-chesty girl darted down, pulling her tits out of the way and causing Chrissy’s heavy jugs to miss. The older blonde’s huge jugs elongated impressively before smacking down against her ribs, and Chrissy let out an angry hiss. Just as she opened her mouth to voice her opinion on Amanda’s sneaky tactics, the younger girl’s tits seemed to appear from nowhere, crashing into Chrissy’s boobs from the left.

Amanda dragged her tits over Chrissy’s, their combined titflesh compressing and condensing between the two women. The amount of displaced breast once again confirmed that Chrissy was the firmer of the two, even as as Amanda’s round boobs slid up and over, but the look on both women’s faces indicated that the move was just as uncomfortable for the older blonde. Chrissy thrust forward, attempting to push her tits into her opponent’s set, but Amanda scooted back and managed to avoid the brunt of the impact.

Soon, she was once again peppering Chrissy’s large, dense jugs with slaps and jabs, then moving away before Chrissy could strike back. The bigger blonde tried to launch a slam of her own, but Amanda stepped to the side as the muscle girl lunged forward. Amanda twisted her hips, adding more torque to a direct hit on Chrissy’s right tit. Amanda managed to land another blow, seemingly slapping her opponent’s massive tits around at will.

“Fuck yeah, I’m going to pound these floppy things away,” Amanda hissed, smirking. “We can both feel it, can’t we, Big Tits? My stronger breasts are turning your weak sacks into mush.” Chrissy groaned as another blow rocked her jugs, reeling at the burning sensation emanating from her sore flesh. “I can’t wait for you to admit that I’ve got the better rack,” the sorority girl continued, licking her lips. “It’s gonna to be so hot.”

“Oh, it’ll be hot alright,” Chrissy shot back angrily. “Watching your tenderized little boobs surrender to mine.”

As the girls began to circle each other, both took the opportunity to cauge their opponent. Amanda’s tits had gone from slightly red to angry red, while Chrissy’s large mammaries looked even worse. Neither set had lost much in terms of their visible firmness, but there was no doubt they’d have some pretty spectacular bruising in the morning.

Chrissy and Amanda soon resumed the slug-fest, continuing to throw powerful blows into their opponent’s ample chests. At times, the girls pushed into each other, knocking themselves back a step and giving the other smug smiles. After a minute or two of equally painful exchanges, the blondes turned things up a notch, backing several steps to gain momentum. Their next blow was an explosive one. Both pairs of breasts bounced away at the point of impact with a loud smack. They staggered back, groaning, but kept bashing their tits into the opposing rack, forcing their breasts to meet straight on. With the added momentum, both sets flattened significantly.

“Take this, you top-heavy bimbo,” Amanda hissed after recovering from the last blow, lunging forward again.

Chrissy began moving a second too late, and as the girls met once more, let out a pained moan as their meaty teats spread against the other pair. The older blonde closed her eyes tightly, trying to back up for another slam, but was stopped in her tracks. She could feel Amanda’s toned arms close around her back, and quickly mirrored the move.

The fight continued as the girls began dragging their tits over the other pair. Amanda’s tanned jugs flowed up and down, and Chrissy’s larger boobs rolled over and under hers. Their nipples pushed in the opposing titflesh, scraping and stabbing as they continued the slow swipes. One breast would seem to begin to yield, but then spring back into shape as the opposing breast fell victim to the pressure. Slowly but surely, the force both toned women were using began to increase, and after a few moments, their breasts were slamming into each other.

“How’d you like that, Big Tits?” Amanda asked with a grunt, slamming her big tits into Chrissy’s massive orbs.

“You’re going down, Barbie,” Chrissy hissed back at the young blonde, unleashing an attack at Amanda’s round teats. The blow knocked the girl’s less massive boobs across her chest, causing Amanda to groan. She retaliated quickly enough though, throwing her boobs against the muscle babe’s heavy set. She took a moment to grind them into the tops of the larger teats, causing Chrissy’s ample flesh to spill down and out as it welcomed Amanda’s pair. Neither girl seemed to bother protecting their own breasts, instead focusing on dishing out pain. They had another back and forth salvo, tits knocking into tits with loud crashes that reverberated through the room. Because of the nature of their contact, it was impossible to tell whose set gave more, but based on their faces, both were feeling the attacks equally.

With simultaneous grunts, the girls moved to a squeezing battle, their well-muscled arms clenching and relaxing in rhythm. At times, Chrissy and Amanda didn’t meet tit-to-tit, but rather had one boob trapped in the other’s cleavage, doing their best to squeeze the opposing teat into mush. They continued applying more and more pressure, their glistening, tanned globes gliding across the opposing chest, each set trying to push the opposing flesh away and wobbling from the sheer force of the contest.

“Can you feel me crushing your pride and joy, Chrissy?” Amanda hissed, an unfriendly sneer on her attractive face. “Those oversized balloons are going to burst any moment now.”

“Keep dreaming, little girl,” her opponent groaned. “Those weak pillows have no chance. You should quit while you still can.”

Amanda and Chrissy began leaning back and forth, their continued pressure forcing grunts of discomfort and pain from each girl’s mouth. Both toned blondes were sweating profusedly, making it close to impossible to keep their rival’s tit trapped for any prolonged period of time. Feeling her boob plop out of Chrissy’s huge cleavage, Amanda started to shift around, twisting her torso from left to right and shoving her set into the opposing mammaries from the sides. Chrissy wasn’t entirely sure if the younger girl was trying to escape the embrace or to just find a better position to attack her big boobs, but judging by the way Amanda’s maneuver seemed to be causing her jugs to wave and ripple, she suspected it was the latter.

Chrissy struggled against Amanda’s grip, trying to slide out, before opting to slam forward. Amanda groaned as she felt Chrissy’s massive breasts invade her space, and both girls’ eyes wandered down to watch the younger blonde’s tits make space for the larger pair. Amanda fought back gamely, shoving her thick boobs against Chrissy’s. This time, both sets seemed to be spreading out rather equally, and Chrissy’s face fell a bit. It was becoming obvious to the girl that she no longer held the edge in firmness, and Amanda quickly flashed her a smug smile before positioning her smaller set below Chrissy’s. The younger blonde kept her eyes on Chrissy’s as she began to drag her boobs upward, lifting the heavier rack with them. Chrissy let out a surprised gasp at the sensation, and Amanda kept their breasts pushed up for a moment before pulling away and letting the muscle girl’s huge tits fall back to her chest with a dull thud. Chrissy winced as her tits came crashing down, and the look in her eyes hardened. “Okay, so you’re firmer than I thought,” she admitted grudgingly. “But that won’t be enough to save you. My jugs are way bigger and better than yours, and you know it.”

With that, Chrissy slammed forward. As the girls were still holding each other, Amanda had no way to evade the blow, gasping in both surprise and pain. The two full, tanned pairs of breasts splashed outward, and while Amanda’s receiving set gave more, the move also caused Chrissy’s thick jugs to spash out noticeably, their tissue worn down by the younger blonde’s precision attacks. The sorority girl could feel Chrissy’s huge mammaries slowly loosing their resistance, and went on the offensive again, throwing two more punches that sent her opponent’s heavy jugs flopping over her chest.

“Come on, Big Tits,” Amanda panted, pushing her smaller boobs into Chrissy’s and giving the beefy blonde a quick chest bump. “Don’t tell me that’s all you’ve got?” The sudden attack obviously stung, and the muscle girl grabbed Amanda’s shoulders and pushed her away with a grunt. The younger blonde grinned, taking Chrissy’s reaction as a sign of weakness. The older girl’s huge jugs had a bright red tinge, and although Amanda’s own boobs didn’t look too good at the moment either, the pin at the start of the fight ensured that her set was the less-sore looking of the two. Chrissy had to be running out of steam.

The muscle girl quickly dispelled that notion, however, gripping Amanda’s hands and ensuring that their fingers locked. She raised both arms over their heads and then rolled her shoulders, slamming her massive tits into Amanda’s boobs straight on. Both could feel their tenderized flesh splaying outwards and flattening across their ribcages,

“Oh, shit!” Amanda groaned, silently cursing her own carelessness. The girl watched her ample tits quiver, their flesh parting for a moment, and regaining their shape only after the opposing set withdrew. Chrissy had been in a lot of fights, she knew, and had won nearly every one of them. The top-heavy gym rat was anything but an easy kill.

“That’s more like it,” Chrissy panted between breaths, the violent blow clearly having taken its toll on the aggressor as well. “I’m going to have so much fun turning those weak little boobs into jello.”

“Fuck you, you saggy bitch,” Amanda shot back, kneading her reddened tits carefully. Chrissy, likewise, took the opportunity to cup her own rack and nurse the sore flesh. The sorority girl had certainly put up a good fight, using her smaller bust to surprisingly good effect. Amanda’s round boobs didn’t seem as dense as her own, but there was no denying that they could deal a lot of pain when needed. Combined with the blonde’s natural athleticism and superb conditioning, they were giving Chrissy serious trouble.

For the next few minutes, the girls continued to swing tits. Each pair seemed to flatten at the point of impact, but regained its round, full form quickly enough. While their shape and skin tone were nearly identical, size-wise Chrissy’s enormous globes pretty much dwarfed Amanda’s more compact set. Compact relative to the opposition of course, as the sorority girl’s best assets were definitely bigger than average. Chrissy and Amanda used their meaty breasts to hammer the other pair with violent blows, taking turns to taunt their opponent after a particularly painful hit. The protracted battle was slowly taking its toll, even with the competitors’ high level of physical fitness, but neither blonde seemed to be gaining any discernible advantage.

The steady smacking of titflesh echoed throughout the room, and the two women, frustrated with the lack of effectiveness of their attacks, began some alteration to their strategy. One of the girls would push her chest forward into the opposing pair of boobs, forcing them to spead out for a moment before the other would respond in kind. Both sets of tanned breasts compressed at the point of impact, yielding some ground, but no significant progress was being made. Still, for Amanda, their current stalemate was a vast improvement over the inital situation, where Chrissy’s firm, hefty rack had been pushing her smaller boobs around. Now, their tits were at least meeting each other evenly.

Chrissy, who seemed to be harboring similar, if less satisfied thoughts, shook her arms loose from Amanda’s grasp and immediately wrapped them around the center of the other blonde’s back. Amanda responded in kind, and they pulled each other into a tight bearhug. The girls’ big jugs pushed into each other, molding and compressing. Amanda’s smaller tits pushed against Chrissy’s, and the line between their battling breasts fluctuated just noticeably, moving back and forth between the powerful boobs between them. Neither blonde seemed to have the lead in the close boob-grind, and Chrissy glanced up at Amanda’s face. If she was hoping to see the tell-tale signs of a woman about to feel her breasts fail, she was sorely disappointed.

“What’s the matter, Viking Bitch?” Amanda murmured, offering the muscular blonde a strained smile as she began to taunt her. “Are your big, arrogant tits getting tired? I guess they weren’t as good as you thought after all. Poor Chrissy, losing to a little freshman like me. Tiff is going to love hearing how I flattened you.”

With a low growl, Chrissy responded by tightening her hold, pulling the two ample sets even tighter together and forcing an increasing amount of tanned flesh to billow out. Both girls groaned at the sensation, feeling their dense breastmeat get shoved further and further out to the sides, but neither seemed willing to give up the fight.

“Who’s getting crushed now, Mandy?” Chrissy hissed, clenching her muscular arms. “My perfect boobs are squishing your puny set.”

“The fuck they are,” Amanda panted between her own grunts, doing her best to increase the pressure. The girls began alternately pumping their toned arms, adding pressure to the hug. Each pump resulted in a corresponding moan from the other girl as the pressure burrowed one pair of tits into the other. The hold lasted for some time, pushing Amanda’s big boobs against Chrissy’s even larger mammaries.

Taking a deep breath, the sorority girl pulled her boobs up, sliding them on on top of Chrissy’s larger jugs, and forcing the massive orbs to compress as they struggled to support both meaty pairs. “Get your little boobs off my rack before I-” Chrissy started to grunt as Amanda brought her tits up and over, trying to shove them into the bigger orbs from above. The older blonde’s threat was cut off when Amanda twisted her hips, rubbing her dense boobs into her own. Chrissy could feel her opponent’s grinding move push more and more of her firm flesh away, the sorority girl scraping her round tits across Chrissy’s more substantial chest. The muscle girl groaned, but returned the favor, shoving her rack up and into Amanda’s boobs and lifting them towards the frustrated girl’s face. Amanda cursed at the unpleasant sensation, but redoubled her own efforts and pushed her tits down, trying to force Chrissy’s massive teats to move downward.

Both women grunted and groaned in unison, their flesh distending and shifting as each pair continued their battle for supremacy. Amanda watched in fascination as her smaller tits strained against Chrissy’s, their proud orbs shifting and molding. Both women were wincing with each pass, their tits now slapping and stretching across one another. Chrissy’s left breast pushed down and out, slightly toward her hip as Amanda’s stacked up, dropping with a bounce. Each blonde pushed and shoved, pulling her own meaty jugs on top before the other reclaimed the top position.

“Gonna have to grind harder than that, Barbie,” Chrissy hissed, though her face betrayed a great deal of discomfort.

“Challenge accepted, Power Girl,” Amanda shot back, looking determined. She had come so close to beating this Leviathan, and there was no way she’d let herself lose to Chrissy now.

They both grabbed each other by the waist, pushing, shifting and slowly grinding away, each vowing to feel the other’s pair give way to their own. Chrissy grabbed Amanda by the waist and thrust, slamming her massive tits into Amanda’s pair and causing both racks to billow out. Amanda’s pushed back, returning the favor with a quick succession of blows, and sending both pairs into wild ripples, their tanned flesh waving around.

The blondes were both panting from exertion, resting their sweaty foreheads together. Each could feel the other’s hot breath mixing with their own, and the girls knew they wouldn’t be able to go on for much longer. If a winner didn’t emerge soon, they’d have to call it a draw. Something that neither would be satisfied with.

Amanda shifted to the side, scraping her tits against Chrissy’s. Both pairs shifted noticeably, with the smaller set moving up and over Chrissy’s larger rack. The muscle girl winced as she felt her huge teats yield a substantial amount of ground, Amanda pulling her full chest over her opponent’s. As soon as the young blonde’s jugs slid back into shape, she swung. Chrissy grunted loudly as Amanda’s thick breasts dented her proud orbs, and the muscle girl couldn’t prevent an expletive from leaving her mouth in a hiss. Encouraged by the reaction, Amanda stayed on the offensive, choosing to try to pull her impressive pair right through the firm, heavy jugs of her opponent. Both women stared, mesmerized, as Amanda’s left breast slid over and around Chrissy’s left globe, making its way across the bigger girl’s cleavage before reaching the other boob and handing over the first part of the mission to Amanda’s right tit.

Chrissy’s mammaries gave some as the sorority girl’s boobs completed their first pass, but the more busty blonde managed to shake herself awake, pushing against Amanda. Chrissy’s substantial rack forced the smaller girl back even as Amanda’s boobs completed another sweep. Both girls watched as Chrissy’s jugs barreled forward, causing Amanda’s flesh to spill out. They brought their prodigious sets together gently, almost lovingly, and Chrissy gasped as she felt Amanda’s tits trying to burrow their way into her globes. The smaller pair seemed to find some purchase in Chrissy’s big jugs, bending and pushing her dense flesh outward for a moment before the more chesty girl shoved back harder, bringing their thick breasts back into equality.

“Holy fuck you’re good,” Amanda groaned, sliding her ample chest across Chrissy’s glistening orbs and watching their full, youthful breasts shift and jiggle. “You know what I’m gonna do to you when my boobs finally tame those huge udders of yours?”

“Don’t make me laugh, Mandy,” Chrissy panted in reply, fighting the temptation to capture her rival’s lips into a heated kiss. God this bitch was hot. “The only thing you’ll be doing is worship by superior tits,” she promised.

“Oh, don’t bet on it, Chrissy,” the sorority girl murmured, her mouth just inches from the other blonde’s. They could practically taste each other by now. “Your boobs are good, yeah, but not good enough. Mine are better, and I can prove it.”

The two toned women continued grinding their thick sets together with growing desperation. With labored grunts, Amanda sent a thrust into Chrissy’s chest, pushing the older blonde’s heavy orbs up and out. As she pulled back, Chrissy prepared for her own blow, and this time both women slammed their substantial chests forward in unison.

Their big teats slammed together with a dull thud, and both women groaned as their flesh exploded outward. Through their sheer mass and volume, Chrissy’s jugs seemed to be taking over the space between them, but her tits yielded a great deal real estate as they collided into Amanda’s thick boobs. As the girls withdrew slightly, their sweaty orbs regained some shape, slowly spilling away from the opposing pair. Chrissy wrapped her well-muscled arms around the younger blonde, and Amanda reciprocated without missing a beat. Both girls’ sore breasts were directly lined up when they began to push, and Chrissy’s groan was low and guttural as she felt Amanda’s tits burrow deeper into her jugs than before. She ground back, shifting from side to side and shoving her huge, thick orbs into the opposing flesh.

At first, Chrissy was simply baffled. She could see Amanda’s lips slowly curling into a grin, and noticed that the girl’s gaze was locked on their straining chests. The bigger blonde glanced down herself, but couldn’t notice any pronounced change. So she pushed again. The girl’s eyes went wide as she both saw and felt Amanda’s smaller tits begin to displace hers, Chrissy’s ample, tanned flesh pushing out as it made way for another woman’s best assets.

“I’d ask you to give up now, but I really want to feel my firm set slowly sinking into these enormous udders,” Amanda whispered, staring straight into the shocked muscle girl’s eyes. “Watch me crush your big titties.”

Chrissy couldn’t hide her gasp of surprise as she took in the sight. Amanda’s smaller tits were slowly but surely taking over the space between them, Chrissy’s softening glands yielding to the invading set. Chrissy continued to thrust back, but the visible evidence was clear, and the sensation of her proud orbs surrendering to another pair caused a deep moan to leave her lips. Chrissy still fought stubbornly, and Amanda kept grinding away. The older blonde arched her back in one final attemp to turn the tide before her muscular arms slowly fell to Amanda’s toned rear. With a sigh, Chrissy lowered her head, resting it on her opponent’s shoulder. Soon, the gym rat’s thrusts were barely there, and Amanda gave a satisfied sigh as she felt her boobs overwhelm Chrissy’s powerful mammaries. She turned her face slowly, planting a small kiss on the defeated blonde’s cheek. Chrissy watched with wide eyes as her heavy tits flowed back and forth on her chest, their direction dictated by Amanda’s full pair.

“Look at them fade,” the less busty blonde whispered, drinking in the sight. This was by far the biggest rack she’d beaten, and quite possibly the firmest to boot. Well, had been, anyway. Chrissy’s jugs didn’t feel too firm anymore, Amanda smiled to herself.

Chrissy breathed out a loud hiss when Amanda thrust once more, splashing the bigger girl’s now tamed breasts across her chest. Chrissy’s tanned flesh lost their usual round shape in one fluid motion, flattening against and around Amanda’s victorious boobs.

“Wow… that’s definitely a big improvement. They’re so nice and soft now, like feather pillows. I should’ve crushed you ages ago, Chrissy. Your enormous udders are the perfect place to rest my big, firm boobs on. I might even make this a permanent arrangement,” the sorority girl murmured, flashing her fallen rival a smug, satisfied smirk.

“You fucking bitch,” Chrissy moaned, staring at her loose chest in a stupor of amazement. Amanda stroked Chrissy’s toned arms softly, and the muscle girl relaxed, letting her hands slide down to her thighs.

“I know you expected to win, Chrissy,” the sorority girl whispered. “You thought you were the best. That your rack was the most powerful in town. Didn’t you?” Amanda asked quietly. Chrissy nodded, not looking up. “But you were wrong. These pretty boobs are better.”

She shoved her ample tits into Chrissy’s again, gently, admiring how the smaller set displaced more and more of the muscle girl’s tenderized boobs. Amanda snaked her right arm between them and carefully lifted Chrissy’s left teat up and over her own right boob.

“Oh yeah, Chrissy. Look how your mushy udders deflate around my full, round tits. It feels amazing.” Amanda grinned, and the older blonde did as she was told, watching her left mammary drop down atop Amanda’s winning breast. Chrissy groaned as it shaped around the dense globe, her tanned flesh spilling across and around the opposing teat. Amanda pulled back to let Chrissy’s tits spill into the space between the two women, and Chrissy watched with resignation as Amanda slowly pushed her meaty breasts into the larger pair again. Chrissy looked up with with clouded eyes, obviously dazed, and Amanda stepped back with a wide smile.

Both women watched Chrissy’s tits drop with a quiet, wet smack. They seemed to hang noticeably lower than usual, and jiggled all over her chest. Whistling to herself, Amanda cupped the heavy, tanned jugs and shook them gently, looking awed.

“Fuck, these are incredible. They’re still heavy, but soft and malleable,” Amanda whispered, smiling as she watched Chrissy’s enormous boobs quiver and shake in her palms. “Damn, I really pounded you flat, Chrissy,” Amanda murmured. She eventually let the large teats drop, watching the aftershocks ripple through her rival’s beaten mammaries. Chrissy didn’t disagree. She could feel her breasts loosely jiggling on her chest at the slightest movement. Amanda’s own boobs also looked red and tender, but maintained a much rounder shape. The girl moved forward again, carefully wrapping her toned arms around the older blonde

“Are you ready to say it, Chrissy?” Amanda whispered softly, leaning in to nuzzle her rival’s sweaty, mussed hair. “Are my jugs better than yours?” The muscle girl exhaled slowly, before relaxing into the embrace.

“Yeah,” she admitted, looking somewhat torn. “You got me, Amanda. You crushed my set with your big, strong tits.” Chrissy took a step back, leaning to cup the sorority girl’s full, round orbs. “Damn, these are nice. I thought I’d beat you eventually, but your thick, firm boobs were too much. They squeezed me flat.” Licking her lips, the muscle girl began to kneel down, but froze when Amanda grabbed her shoulders firmly.

“There’s going to be plenty of time for that later,” Amanda grunted, pulling Chrissy back up and meeting her gaze. Both blondes could see their own lust reflected in the other’s eyes. “Right now, I’d much rather just rip your clothes off.”

Chrissy’s mouth opened slightly, and her eyes darkened. It was pointless to deny that she’d fantasized about fucking the beefy young blonde, dreaming of how she’d run her tongue across the impressive body she’d admired so many times from afar at the gym. Usually those scenes had her as the dominant woman, but more than once, Amanda had been the one to take charge. And tonight certainly seemed to be just such an occasion. There was no way she’d refuse an opportunity like this. Besides, she and Nikki weren’t exactly exclusive anyway.

“You’re so fucking hot,” Chrissy confessed, bringing her hands to grope the young blonde’s big boobs again. Amanda responded by pulling the muscle girl into a heated kiss, their tongues starting a new duel as each tried to force louder moans from the other.

The mouth-to-mouth contact, while intense in its own right, quickly proved insufficient to satisfy their hunger. After a few moments, the girls stumbled into the bedroom, pulling off their remaining articles of clothing and promptly proceeding to fuck each other like wild animals. As aroused as Chrissy was, it seemed the victory had made Amanda even more horny.

The young women took turns worshipping each other’s tits and sinewy bodies before Amanda finally lost it. She rolled the muscle girl on her back, savoring Chrissy’s ecstatic moans while she mounted the blonde’s strong hips. With some carefully chosen swear words, the sorority girl started to bang Chrissy from the top, both toned blondes succumbing to their most primal needs as their over-stimulated and very wet pussies met in one glorious clash.


Amanda’s body kept trembling in Chrissy’s arms as the muscle girl held her. Chrissy was moving her hand in slow circles on the young blonde’s toned back, both girls happy to simply cuddle for a while. Chrissy could feel something wet on her, and looked down at Amanda’s face, which was currently resting on her massive left teat. The girl’s mouth was hanging slightly open, as if frozen into a silent moan, and Chrissy snorted as she saw a bit of drool dripping onto her skin. Amanda’s groggy eyes were blinking lazily, and the blonde let out a long, pitiful groan as she tried to compose herself.

“Wow, that second round was pretty intense,” Chrissy whispered quietly, reaching out to cup her rival’s tanned boob gently and giving it a small shake. The girl gave another weak moan, raising her neck slightly.

“Relax, gorgeous,” Chrossy murmured, tweaking Amanda’s sensitive nipple and making her gasp at the sensation. “We can stay here for as long as you like. Besides, this is doing wonderful things to my ego,” she continued, flashing the younger girl a playful grin as she continued to toy with the winning boob.

“Uuunnnhh, fuck. Just you wait,” Amanda groaned, shaking her head in an attempt to clear some of the cobwebs. She looked somewhat miffed at having been turned into a quivering mess by the more experienced muscle girl, especially after besting her famous jugs in a titfight, and Chrissy could see Amanda’s pretty face starting to acquire a red tinge. “I’ll get you back for that, you arrogant bitch,” the sorority girl muttered, just loud enough to hear.

“I should hope so,” Chrissy cooed back, obviously enjoying Amanda’s embarrassment. She squeezed the blonde’s round teat in her grasp suddenly, earning a surprised yelp, and continued, “You owe me at least two good orgasms, Baby. And I like to collect my debts sooner rather than later.” Amanda’s only reply was a low, animalistic growl as she slowly got up and pounced on her rival, the two brawny girls starting to tussle around the bed once more.


Several hours later, Chrissy and Amanda were still lounging on the sheets, but by now sore and badly worn out by their constant lovemaking. Too tired to do much more, they settled for running their fingers across each other’s young, toned bodies lazily, whispering quiet words of adulation into the other’s ear. Both were ogling their rival shamelessly, drinking in every curve and contour as if trying to imprint each tiny detail deep into their memories.

“Dammit, even your ass is perfect,” Chrissy breathed, cupping the younger girl’s toned buttock gently. “So firm, and yet so soft. Big and round, but not an inch too much. I fucking hate you.” Amanda laughed heartily, shaking her head. “Oh shut up, Chrissy, yours is just as good, if not better.” The older blonde looked up slowly, pursing her lips as she kept groping Amanda’s beautifully curved rear. “Hmm. If you say so.” She lowered her head, leaning forward and bringing her lips to the sorority girl’s butt cheek. Amanda let out a soft gasp as she felt her rival kiss it softly. Chrissy repeated the maneuver with the other one as well, shaking the tanned flesh as she did so.

Amanda’s eyes were wide, and she gave Chrissy a strange look. “Huh? What was that about?” The muscular blonde grinned in reply, sticking her tongue out. “Just a token of my appreciation. And a sign of respect to the hottie who flattened my big, powerful tits.”

“Oh. Well, feel free to kiss my ass, literally or not, anytime you want. Especially if we’re in public,” Amanda guffawed, pulling Cherissy’s lips to her own. “Mmm, I didn’t know my ass tasted that good,” she whispered, soon joining the older girl’s hysterical giggles. It had been a very taxing day for them, and both girls were tired to say the least. They spent a few more minutes cuddling in each other’s arms, leaning in for a sloppy kiss every now and then, before Amanda finally began to get up. She grunted softly as her sore muscles protested, but managed to hop to her feet, starting to look for her lacy panties. Chrissy craned her neck to glance at the bedside clock, and noticed how late it had gotten. Time really does fly when you’re having fun, huh?

“Thank you, Chrissy. For everything.” Amanda murmured, turning back towards her rival. And more recently lover. “I’ll never forget what you did for me today,” the blonde whispered, her voice quiet but laced with emotion.

“You’re more than welcome, Amanda,” Chrissy replied slowly, giving the girl a seductive smile. “I’m not sure if you noticed, but I got something out of this, too,” she winked, and Amanda was unable to stifle a laugh. “More like you got off, you mean?”

Chrissy joined her, shrugging a bit. “Well yeah, that too. But seriously, I don’t lose very often. And as strange as it might sound, I kinda liked feeling a thick, meaty pair of boobs wearing my puppies out for a change. This wasn’t just for your benefit you know. We both enjoyed it.” Amanda gave her a thoughtful look, biting her lip. “Yeah, I think I know what you mean. Don’t tell anyone, but being Tiffany’s plaything wasn’t all bad…”

Chrissy nodded, her mouth curling into a knowing smile. “Oh? Well don’t leave me hanging Amanda, there’s no need to be shy. I can keep a secret. What’s she like in bed? Not better than me, I hope?” she cooed, wiggling her eyebrows suggestively and jostling her enormous rack for a moment. Amanda’s eyes followed the tanned flesh as it shook and wobbled, before the girl flashed a grin at the other blonde. “What, you worried about competition, Power Girl?” Chrissy pouted in reply, and Amanda let out a laugh, relenting a bit. “Relax, Tiff and I didn’t even go all out back then, so tonight definitely wins the hotness competition. No-one’s made me come like that before, Chrissy,” she continued with a softer voice, offering her hand and pulling the older girl up. “But then again, I’ve neved fucked someone with a body like yours either…”

The girls hugged, and Chrissy’s huge rack once again spilled around Amanda’s boobs as the smaller set nestled into the tender, beaten flesh. Chrissy’s smile, which had grown only wider at Amanda’s last words, faltered for a moment, and the younger blonde sighed at the excuisite sensation, brushing her lips against Chrissy’s neck and nuzzling the fallen muscle girl. While Amanda’s round teats also gave quite a bit of ground, there was little doubt whose breasts held their shape better just then.

“I really liked having you over, Amanda. Those round, meaty boobs are actually pretty nice,” Chrissy whispered, staring down at their sweaty chests for a moment before continuing, “And better yet, they’re attached to one insanely hot babe. If you ever feel like trying your luck against me without a handicap, just let me know.”

Chrissy’s grin returned when she felt the victorius blonde shake her head and stiffen slightly in the embrace. “Thanks for the offer, Chrissy, but I think I’d prefer not to get my tits crushed anytime soon. I want to keep this day fresh in my memory for a long time, and getting flattened in a rematch might ruin that a bit,” the slightly less beefy blonde muttered, leaning back slowly and making a face. “I’m not dumb.”

Chrissy chortled, nodding. “Okay, fair enough. But if you ever change your mind, you know where to find me. I bet you’d do well against Nikki, and she’s beaten me once.” At Amanda’s surprised look, the bigger-chested blonde continued with a smirk, “Under similar circumstances, of course.”

Amanda’s lips curled into a matching sly grin, her eyes twinkling. “Of course. It’s really quite unfair, you know,” she replied, giving the older blonde’s rack a gentle bump and enjoying how easily Chrissy’s tanned flesh seemed to be making way to her own set. Very few pairs had ever gotten to experience that particular sensation, and Amanda knew she was unlikely to renew the occurrence. “I mean, some girls have firm boobs, and some are really stacked. But not that many get to have both,” the blonde continued, pursing her lips and giving Chrissy a meaningful look. “When I felt these huge orbs push mine away at the start…” Amanda trailed off, shaking her head in mock consternation. Well, at least partially mock. “No wonder they managed to flatten even Cassie’s pair. I’d say your jugs are almost as dense as Tiff’s, and she’s a lot smaller.”

Chrissy cocked her head, smiling ruefully as she looked up from their racks. “Maybe, but ‘almost’ didn’t quite cut it the last time we met. And it’s tough so say whether it would be enough in a rematch, if we ever end up having one. But anyway, enough about my awesome boobs, yours deserve some credit as well. I hear they pummeled Connie’s big rack into submission?”

Amanda shrugged slightly, but was unable to keep a proud smile from forming on her pretty – and now increasingly smug – face. “Yeah, you heard right. And she’s really pissed about that, too. I don’t think Tiff thought I could beat her.”

Chrissy nodded, looking thoughtful. “I’m not surprised, really, considering what Nikki told me about Connie’s first match. That girl had Tiffany on the ropes a couple of times, and apparently Miss Tits herself looked rightfully impressed. It’s not every day a rookie nearly unseats the queen, and I for one would’ve paid good money to see exactly that,” the muscle girl winked, eliciting a small snort from Amanda. The younger girl had to admit that it would’ve been fun to see Tiff go down in front of the crowd for once.

“So, if you’ve taken Connie out, your jugs have to be pretty good,” Chrissy finished the thought, leaning in to brush Amanda’s lips softly. Simultaneously, Chrissy also moved her hand to cup the girl’s firm ass, waiting for a second before pinching it. Hard. She chortled loudly as Amanda gave an undignified squeak and pulled away, rubbing her behind and looking flustered. “Oh, I almost forgot: your ass is damn nice, too,” Chrissy grinned, ducking quickly to avoid a flying pillow.

“Hey, take it easy, big girl,” she laughed, “No need to get testy!” The muscular blonde managed to grab the next object Amanda had thrown at her mid-flight, and both girls froze. It was an intricate, light blue bra. Based on its impressive size, the garment could only belong to Chrissy. Amanda’s eyes flickered between the brassiere and Chrissy’s face for a few seconds before she made up her mind.

“I know this was a pretty unusual match, but I did beat you…” the sorority girl trailed off, smiling a bit. “So, what if I promise not to tell anyone what happened tonight, and you hand me my trophy?”

Chrissy’s face broke into a grin once again, and the blonde nodded in agreement. “Sounds fair. I know how hard you worked to get it, so it would be kinda rude to send you home without a little souvenir.”

Amanda narrowed her eyes at Chrissy playfully before snatching the large bra from her outstreched hand. “Watch it, muscle bitch, before I flatten your oversized udders again.”

The older blonde opened her mouth, no doubt ready to accept the challenge, but Amanda knew exactly how to shut her up. She stepped forward, sinking her meaty boobs into Chrissy’s now slightly sagging rack and pushing the girl’s loose flesh away with her winning pair. Both could feel the more ample teats molding around Amanda’s set, and the sorority girl took particular satisfaction in seeing Chrissy’s smug grin disappear. She pecked the blonde on the lips gently, before leaning in to whisper something in her ear.

“There, something to remember me by. I don’t want you forgetting this night, either.”

It took a while to gather all of Amanda’s clothes, which were scattered across two rooms. In the girls’ defense, they’d had better things to do than fold them into a tidy pile. After they’d finally gotten dressed, Chrissy and Amanda said their goodbyes, and the younger blonde started to make her way back home. As Chrissy watched her walk away, Amanda’s toned ass bouncing slightly in her tight running pants, she could see there was a new spring in the girl’s step. Her back and shoulders were set straight, head held high, and as she hopped down the stairs confidently, Amanda looked much like her old self again.

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