Boarding School Queen – Part 17 by Ragnar0k

Still reeling from her unexpected nipple orgasm moments earlier, Amita knew that she was in deep trouble the moment her rival mounted her and began grinding down hard, cunt to cunt, using her full body weight to pin the Sikh girl on the mat.

The audience of aroused, oversexed sixth form girls had trilled in delight at the sight of Susan’s big blonde cunt diving into Amita’s voluminous shaggy bush until just the fringes of her blonde muff remained visible, heavily entangled in the other girl’s lush dark pubes.

“Aaaaaahhhh!” Amita gasped as she felt her opponent’s full weight bearing down on her cunt, Susan’s big pussy lips spreading and flattening against her own as the blonde started flexing her crotch muscles in an all-out effort to dominate and control her rival sexually.

“Aaah – can you feel my strong cunt taking yours now, bitch?” Susan hissed. “Just relax, lie back and it’ll soon be time to surrender …”

“No fucking way bitch!” Amita shouted angrily, twisting her body strenuously but totally failing to unseat her rival who was looking comfortably secure in the coveted top-grind position for now.

The girls interlocked thighs started to undulate sinuously as their struggles increased, and their juiced-up pussies began sucking together loudly, prompting the excited chatter in the room to turn to the vexed question of whose thick, juicy fuck lips would win the intense battle for control going on beneath all that entangled pussy hair.

Watching intently from her own corner, Mhairi MacGregor now had all her money on her lover to win: having triumphed in their tit battle, and neutralised the advantage of Amita’s hairy bush for good measure, Susan was very much in the driving seat: as long as she could stay on top, and keep methodically drilling her cunt into her rival’s, it seemed inevitable that the Sikh girl would finally weaken and surrender.

“Come on Susan – you’ve got her. Time to spread her pussy wide and finish her!”

Helen Brodie had been relatively quiet up to now but, realising the time for caution was long past, also started exhorting her friend to increase her efforts before it was too late.

“Amita! Don’t just rely on your pussy lips to win this. Use everything you have left!”

Meanwhile, the two girls on the mat fucked harder and harder, gasping at the intensity of their carnal exertions, their conjoined pussies making intense slurping noises as their opposing labia wrestled like pythons mating writhing in a hot, sticky primeval swamp.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhh FUCK!” Amita gasped, feeling her big fuck lips begin to spread apart under the intense pressure exerted by Susan’s powerful, heavily engorged labia.

“Ohhhhhhh my God!” Susan groaned as her muscular pussy finally prised Amita’s straining lips far enough apart to allow their big clits to duel head to head, splashing around in the warm, fragrant pool of sex juice collecting in the puffy folds of the Sikh girl’s increasingly embattled cunt.

Feeling a sense of desperation as Susan began to perfect the controlling lock over her straining pussy that meant certain defeat, Amita suddenly forced her frantic hands under the other girl’s chin and pushed upwards with all her remaining strength.

“Uuuuhhh! Aaaaahhhhh!”

Taken by surprise, Susan was forced to arch her body as her head was forced back; then, as her big right tit brushed Amita’s face, the Sikh girl clamped her sharp teeth around the thick nipple drawing Susan’s big pink areola into her mouth.

Despite having triumphed in the earlier titfight, Susan’s breasts remained enormously sensitive and the blonde let out a deep, sensual moan as Amita’s hot mouth started sucking wantonly on her trapped nipple.

However, sensing that Amita’s vagina was starting to weaken faster as her pink fuck lips gained control of her rival’s brown fuck lips, the blonde pressed on with her primary mission: to deep clit her rival into a final, humiliating submission.

The tension in the room really racked up as the wet smacking sounds of Amita’s hot lips gorging on Susan’s trapped tit joined the wet slopping noises of the two girls pussies battling.

This stand-off situation continued for several more tense moments until, noting the tell-tale gasps and ripples of movement that presaged one of the girls was about to orgasm, Judge Chen moved in closer… just as Amita’s straining pussy began its first contractions.

“Ms Kaur has started to orgasm” the judge reported in a neutral tone.

As the Sikh girl began to climax her head slowly fell back, stretching the blonde’s nipple until it came free with a wet, popping sound. The effect on Susan’s breast as it bounced back was as if a cork had just been popped from a bottle under pressure: as gouts of warm liquid spurted out of the long pink nub, spraying milky breast cum in Amita’s face and mouth, and all over her heaving tits.

“Aahhh – aaaahhhhhh!”

Like Amita, Susan had not previously experienced a nipple orgasm, and the blonde found the sensation completely overpowering as the nerve endings in her over-sensitive breasts sent the equivalent of a sexual electric shock to the pleasure centres in her brain. The sensory domino effect rapidly overtook Susan, until she was unable to hold her own vaginal orgasm back a second longer.

“Ohhhh! Fuck! Aaaaaah! Aaaahhhhh!”

The count against the Sikh girl had already reached four by the time Judge Peterson reported her rival’s reciprocal orgasm. Helen punched her fist in the air at her friend’s temporary stay of execution, whooping uncharacteristically as the double orgasm poleaxed the blonde, who slipped from her control position until both girls lay writhing together side by side on the mat. In this position inevitably, with neither girl still in control, the count was stopped.

“Jeez, it looks like we’re in for another long, hot night,” Janice Mearns mused under her breath as she declared the first orgasm a draw and instructed the girls to restart the contest in exactly the same position: lying on their sides, flushed, panting and sweatily entangled.

To Be Continued in Chapter 18.

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