Boarding School Queen – Part 8 by Ragnar0k

As she showered herself clean of sweat and grime after the climactic sexual encounter with Helen Brodie at the Eerie, Mhairi MacGregor’s mind was a mass of confused thoughts and calculations.

Having being taken to the limit by Helen in their straight-up finger-fucking duel that morning, Mhairi knew that her attempt to wrest the coveted sex-fight crown from her rival still hung in the balance. Her bold plan to gain a crushing psychological edge by forcing the sex-fight queen to submit to her sexually before their title match in two days’ time had ended in failure. In fact Mhairi’s vagina had only just held out long enough under prolonged, intense attack by Helen’s strong fingers to avoid a humiliating defeat.

As the warm, comforting shower jet played on her toned body, Mhairi vividly recalled the explosion of relief she had felt as Helen’s pussy started to clench around her fingers barely milliseconds after her own orgasmic spasm had begun. Although the new girl’s pussy still felt abused and tender from that bruising encounter, she knew its youthful resilience and muscular elasticity would help it to recover quickly. Which was just as well: she would need it to be fighting fit again by evening if she was to extract more information out of that submissive bitch Susan Walkerburn.

To avoid drawing attention to her dishevelled state after her morning showdown Helen Brodie had showered in a draughty old shower block that was rarely frequented by other girls. Helen’s forensic mind was working overtime and she had quickly come to the conclusion that the meeting with her rival in the woods that morning had been no coincidence; most likely the new girl was hoping to unsettle and psych Helen out before their title fight. Well, if that was the bitch’s strategy, it had failed miserably!

Helen’s win-loss record, unrivalled in the long history of sex-fighting at Cardugan Girls, had imbued the raven-haired girl with an almost unshakeable degree of self-confidence, but she was neither foolish nor complacent. She knew full well that that she had not had to defend her title against a challenger the like of Mhairi MacGregor before: whose spiky, unshaven bush was as imposing as her own; whose muscular vagina and big, tough clit seemed at least the equal of Helen’s fighting genitalia; whose feral musk was just as powerful and intoxicating.

Yes, Helen certainly couldn’t afford to take any chances when she fought that bitch in two days’ time she told herself as she briskly towelled the water off her lithe body. Next on her list was to catch up urgently with Susan Walkerburn for further news of her opponent’s training schedule, and to ask an important favour of her good friend.

Amelia Turner had been intrigued to speculate whether the two girls she observed from her window that morning had left early to resolve their grievances according to the ancient tradition of trial by sexual combat and, if so, what the outcome had been. Given how drenched both looked, coming out of the woods in their skimpy running outfits, they must have gone quite far beyond the grounds and been caught up in the storm.

Amelia wondered if MacGregor and Brodie had ventured as far as the Eerie before stopping to fight. If that was the case there might be consequences as the English teacher was convinced that the ancient Celtic stone circle that the site was built on could have amplified any sexual conflict between the two girls. Although this could conceivably have started to rejuvenate any magical elements still residual in the ground beneath the stones, it was more likely to be an issue at the time of the full moon.

Amelia’s occult readings had in fact revealed that the female champions of the ancient Celts fought mostly in honour of Arienh, the warrior sex goddess when the moon was full, which was also when they were at the height of their sexual powers.

Having noted already that the next full moon was in a mere two days’ time, Ameila decided that she would need to mount a vigil at the Eerie just in case any magical forces had already started stirring.

As chair of the CATS steering committee, Janice Mearns held the overall responsibility for arranging a successful title fight between Helen Brodie and Mhairi MacGregor. She was therefore profoundly grateful that the recent storm had passed as she would need to take the committee out during the day to prepare the venue.

The location that the girls used for their contests had to be far enough away to preclude the possibility of interruption by prowling teachers: for the last few years a cleaned up abandoned cabin in the woods not far from the creepy old hilltop tower known as the Eerie had provided the venue for many gripping and sensational sex-fights between the Cardugan girls.

Janice and her two most trusted lieutenants would be acting as scoring judges on the night, with the three remaining committee members present as witnesses. The only other girls at the cabin would be the two handmaidens that the protagonists were each allowed to nominate as seconds. As yet, Janice had not received nominations from either contestant and she reminded herself to follow up with them both urgently during the day.

As she went about her official duties Janice could barely control her own excitement. The whole sixth form was talking about nothing else apart from the dream pairing of Helen Brodie with Mhairi MacGregor, the two finest alpha female specimens to have ever fought for the title of sex-fight queen at Cardugan.

Janice knew that both girls would give it everything they had, knowing that the stakes were so high. To the victor belong the spoils really was a truism in the aftermath of a sex-fight at an all-girls boarding school; the subordinate girls would cluster round the victorious girl like the proverbial bees round a honeypot, while the loser would find herself abandoned and socially ostracised until she was able to rebuild her reputation, perhaps by working her way back up the sex-fight rankings all over again.

Yes, Janice Mearns told herself with a grim smile, the stakes were truly high for both the reigning queen and her challenger.

Helen was finding Susan Walkerburn impossible to track down in private and was convinced that her friend was trying to avoid her. Eventually, the day before her title fight, she managed ambush Susan in the gym block and propelled her into the changing room toilets where the girls occupied adjacent cubicles by habit and sat down.

“So, what’s been going on with the MacGregor bitch?”

“Oh… Helen…I…”

“Oh, Helen WHAT!?” It had been a stressful week leading up to the title fight and the sex-fight queen’s temper finally snapped as she shouted:
“It’s taken me a fuckin’ day and a half just to find you alone, and I’m fighting that bitch tomorrow night. Eh?”

“I – I know… it’s just…”

“Just what? Look, I need help – you must know something else about her by now?!”

“Yes – I do. She’s strong… really strong. I-I’ve never fought anyone like her before…”

“Fought her?! Jesus Christ – you were supposed to spy on the bitch not take her on yourself. Tell me what happened!”

Susan snivelled for a bit before explaining how Mhairi MacGregor had taken her by surprise in own her bed, forcing the blonde to submit to a powerful attack that left no doubt as to whom the dominant bitch would be in the shared room going forward.

What Susan omitted to mention to her friend was that last night the new girl had conquered her a second time, with the express purpose of forcing the blonde to confess all she knew about Helen’s possible sexual weaknesses. Although Susan had resisted gamely at first, Mhairi’s pussy grip had eventually become so vise-like that the blonde could actually feel her weakening vagina being stretched and pulled out of shape.

“Stop! Stop! I submit!” She had screamed, panicking that her soft insides might be sucked out and inverted if the other girl didn’t leave her be. But Mhairi had kept up with her relentless, cunt-twisting attack until finally Susan blurted out the magic words: “Anal p-p-penetration. Drives Helen wild. Now p-p-please let me go!”

Sitting in the toilet cubicle in the cold light of day, Susan shuddered as she remembered the look of triumphal glee on Mhairi MacGregor’s face after she had betrayed her best friend, and was mighty glad that Helen couldn’t see her ashamed expression now.

Susan waited until they were back in the busy corridor before breaking the last piece of bad news to her friend.

“Helen, I’m really sorry but I can’t be your handmaiden tomorrow night.”

“Wh-what do you mean? Why on earth not?”

“Because you know how I submitted to Mhairi MacGregor, right? And how the CATS rules say that I have to serve her if she wants me to?”

Finally comprehension dawned on Helen’s face and she reddened and was left speechless as Susan continued.

“Well she insisted that I serve her – as her handmaiden in your fight tomorrow. Look I’m really sorry… but…”

Helen stood rigidly still in the corridor, her open mouth twisted in shock, not knowing what to do next as her former good friend shrugged her shoulders, turned and walked away from her without looking back.

To Be Continued in Chapter 9.

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