Catfight: Mary Jane and Lois Lane by Luffy316

Lois couldn’t believe her luck, and not in the good way. Clark, her husband as well as Superman, was away on “business,” which usually meant saving the world. This wasn’t something he could just speeding bullet off to stop and swing back by dinner either. He was stuck off in space with some problem even bigger than he was. Herself, she was being sent off to the New York apartment of some witless supermodel by her boss, Perry making it clear she had to cover for a sick colleague who couldn’t make the meeting. They said she was a big up and coming professional model, but Lois was a professional. In other words, she’d do the job, but she thought the whole practice of incompetent bimbos flaunting their bodies was demeaning and spoke volumes on the kind of dimwitted conversation she should expect from this Mary Jane character.

She had just been visiting Europe to cover an international conference before she wound up back in New York. She’d hardly settled back in when the call had come in for this assignment. She had just left an international meeting of world leaders, a proper job befitting her position on the Daily Planet, and now she was covering just a B-list pretty face.

Mary Jane Watson-Parker was at a luxury apartment, rented out for her latest photo shoot. The shoot went smoothly, and it was something to take her mind off her own problems. Her husband Peter had been called off for some adventure in space with the Avengers, talking of aliens threatening to take the whole planet down if he didn’t help out. It did her good to do the swimsuit modeling job, her light skin lightly dotted with freckles and long red hair that hung over her slim body but full bust.

As the shoot wrapped, she slid on a robe over her bikini while they wrapped up, and was chatting up and saying her goodbyes to the saw the grim-faced Lois enter the apartment. The reporter wore a blouse, jacket, and short skirt, stepping out of her fine shoes into bare feet as she entered. She had long, dark hair and a generous but slim figure, with long legs holding it up. Mary Jane waved her over to a nearby couch.

“We’ve got this from here, Davis,” MJ told her photographer, the company made aware of the interview well beforehand. Lois sat down across from her on the stylish semi-circle of a sofa, already trying to contain her distaste for the red-haired model. “Hey there. I guess you’re from the Daily Bugle.”

“Daily Planet,” Lois replied rather stiffly as she went over her notes. It didn’t do anything to help her expectations of the ditzy model to see that she’d forgotten who she was having a meeting with. In fact, it pissed her off even more. “But otherwise, yes. Lois Lane. And you’re Mary Jane Watson-Parker, the girl famous for her pretty face.”

MJ picked up on the catty undertones, but let them go for now. They went over some basics of her life and career for a few questions, getting Lois her base to work off of. Then she put on the pressure. The interview was nothing but lazy filler, by what Lois had read in her coworker’s notes. If the job was so far beneath her, she’d make it worthy of actual news.

“So let’s talk about your alleged connections to Spider-Man,” Lois jumped rather suddenly from asking about how she started modeling. “How does a professional bimbo go getting the interest of a professional criminal?”

MJ went a bit red over her freckled cheeks. “Excuse me?!” she asked huffily. “What the hell kind of question is that?”

“Based on facts. I’ve met my share of models when I was paying my dues, and they’re not the brightest bunch. And it’s all fairly public knowledge that Spider-Man is a vandal at least, or a thief or terrorist at worst.”

“That’s bullshit!” MJ objected sharply.

“Not according to the Daily Bugle.”

“Then the Daily Bugle’s full of shit! He’s saved me and he’s saved plenty of people before!” Spidey/Peter was actually off world by now, helping save the Earth from a threat from another planet. Little did she know that at the same time, Lois was in a similar position with Superman off fighting another alien threat. “Just because you stuck up reporters are too dumb or crooked to get their facts straight doesn’t make him a criminal! I mean, Metropolis has some creepy alien for their hero, but nobody cares about that weirdo!”

Lois went into this wound up tight, and that snapped her. She slapped her palm across Mary Jane’s face, the bikini-clad model’s head bouncing to one side from the sharp blow.

“You watch it, bitch,” Lois warned her. “Superman has saved the world more times than you could count! And I’m not about to get talked down to by an overrated porn star.”

Mary Jane didn’t have intentions to let her continue, as she swung her own hard slap into Lois’ cheek. “It’s a better living than as a dyke-looking professional liar! The fuck do you get off treating me that way!?” the redhead snapped at her.

“Not dressing like a streetwalker doesn’t make me dyke-looking, you little whore!”

Mary Jane stood up, hands on her hips. “If you’re not going to treat me with any respect, then fuck off!” The model took off her robe, exposing the pink bikini she wore underneath. “And I’m proud of my body, so if you’re too chickenshit to show some skin, I think we can see who the ugly bitch here is.”

Lois leered back at her, then stood up, unbuttoning her blouse. MJ watched her angrily, motioning for her to keep going as she gestured to her own bared body. The girls kept their eyes locked whenever there wasn’t a top in the way as Lois stripped to her underwear, the tight black bra and panties hugging her curves as she stood with a hand on her hip.

“Wow, it’s like I’m really a model,” Lois chimed sarcastically. “I take off my clothes whenever people tell me to.”

“With that figure? Please, bitch. You were better off hiding that fat ass under the skirt,” MJ shot back, taking a few pacing steps in front of her.

“You’re just asking for trouble, ginger skank,” Lois snapped, stepping closer to her, but Mary Jane didn’t retreat in the least. In fact, she stepped closer as well.

“Ain’t my place,” she hissed back almost sensually with her seething tone and arching back. “I wouldn’t mind trashing it if it meant shutting that big mouth of yours.”

“Try me, princess,” growled Lois. Mary Jane took the invitation to slap at her face again, but Lois was prepared this time. She raised her own arm to catch MJ’s swing, then banged her head forward to headbutt the redhead in the face.

“UHNN!” MJ fell to one knee, holding her face a moment as Lois looked down at her smugly, her hand going back to her hip.

“Had enOUFF!” Lois grunted as Mary Jane threw a punch into her bare stomach, knocking the wind out of her. Mary Jane pressed the attack to tackle into her, knocking Lois onto her back and climbing on top of her. Their mostly naked bodies slammed into each other as they struggled for control, grabbing for each others’ hands in a mad scramble before MJ landed a slap across Lois’ breasts.

The brunette gasped as her perky breasts (no small feat for the thirty-something woman) wobbled from the blow, but freed her own hand to drag her nails down MJ’s lightly freckled face. Her claws left lines that quickly turned red from the rough scratches across her skin, making Mary Jane scream and pull back from her.

“You bitch! That’s my career you’re fucking with!” MJ shouted at Lois as she got up to her knees.

“Then I’m doing the media a favor,” Lois snapped, glaring at her hatefully. She shoved herself off of her knees to slam into Mary Jane, grabbing at her hair and slamming her head into the floor. MJ let out a pained wail as her skull bounced off the carpeted floor, but grabbed Lois’ darker locks for payback and pulled hard. The girls rolled over the floor a few times before Lois ended up on top, holding Mary Jane’s hair with one hand to grab and squeeze one of MJ’s tits. Her unpainted nails burrowed into MJ’s pale skin, forcing a scream of pain out of her.

“How’s that perfect figure doing now, tramp!?” Lois growled at her, but Mary Jane lunged up at her and bit into her cheek. Lois screamed even higher than MJ as she recoiled, pulling on her grip on the red hair to try prying her opponent from her face. MJ snarled and drooled viciously as she stretched out the screaming Lois’ cheek, only forced to part when Lois changed her grip to one of the redhead’s breasts and pushed down hard. Mary Jane landed on her back, but swung a wild fist up at Lois, cracking into the reporter’s eye.

Lois gave a sharp cry and fell to one side holding her face with one hand. She gingerly removed it, but felt the dull throbbing and was developing the bruising of a future black eye.

“You fucking bitch!” Lois fumed at her as she rose back to her feet.

“You want to go for the face? I’ll tear you fucking apart, you cocky cunt!” Mary Jane shouted at her, their room isolated enough that no one could hear even their shrillest screams and threats.

“You try it, you whore!” Lois challenged back. MJ charged at her, but Lois sidestepped her enraged attack. She grabbed at Mary Jane’s breasts from behind, but rather than another clawing attack she pulled up on her bikini top, exposing the freckle-speckled tits and yanking the center of the bra into her throat. The model gagged and grabbed at the top, struggling to pull it away as it pressed into her windpipe. Mar Jane’s eyes watered and her mouth hung open as she gasped for air, but when she couldn’t make much headway she held on and fell forward. Lois kept on the strangling maneuver, but it forced her to bend over to keep it locked onto MJ.

“Hope you like getting choked out on your own overpriced shit, you shallow skank!” Lois growled down at her. Mary Jane wriggled to reposition herself, then smashed her elbow in reverse to drive the bony tip into Lois’ pussy.

“AWWW!” The brunette gave a loud cry of pain as the blow mashed her panties into her privates, releasing MJ’s bikini to grab her crotch. Mary Jane hurriedly threw the top aside, losing the barely clinging on garment as dead weight and turning to face the dumbstruck Lois. She used one hand to rip Lois’ clutching hand away, only to replace it with her own and gouge her nails into the soft flesh right through her panties.

The reporter screeched at her lower lips were pierced and scratched by the crotch claw, her back arching from the pain. Mary Jane wasted no time in pulling down, ripping her nails along Lois’ pussy and tearing her panties off her body, exposing her trimly shaved, clawed up crotch. She yanked at them when they were around Lois’ knees, tripping her onto her ass. MJ quickly mounted her bare legs, grabbing Lois by the bra and pulling it down as well. She carelessly ripped it right off her body, baring the reporter’s chest so that she could start slamming both fists into rapid punches into Lois’ tits.

Lois grunted from a few of the punches as she worked to escape her entangling garment. She kicked and bucked to toss Mary Jane off, throwing off the topless redhead’s attacks but she still managed to stay on top of her.

“Get off me, you fucking skank!” Lois shouted up at her, clawing up at MJ’s face. She tried to twist her head away from the attack, but it caught on her lip and Lois pulled back sharply, gouging her nails like fish hooks into Mary Jane’s mouth. She was able to throw her off with it as a handle, rolling to her side to slam her elbow into the model’s breast. MJ gave a husky grunt, Lois hammering her tit a few more times to keep her winded before shoving her over, forcing her onto her stomach and stinging chest.

“Let me see that slutty cunt of yours,” Lois demanded angrily, pulling roughly down on Mary Jane’s bikini bottoms and uncaring how her nails scratched down her pale ass cheeks. Mary Jane gave a quick yowl of pain and rage, but couldn’t escape before the equally nude Lois squeezed and forced open her thighs, biting into her spread pussy from behind.

“AUGGGH! YOU FUCKING BITCH! GET OFF ME!” Mary Jane shouted back at her. She twisted to slam her heel into Lois’ legs while she was positioned behind her, but Lois held on and twisted her mouthful of sweaty pussy flesh. Mary Jane just screamed louder from the pain that shot through her body, but managed to lean on her arms and wrap her legs around Lois’ neck. She twisted and leaned back, forcing Lois’ teeth to be pulled as her legs pulled on her neck. She ended up sitting on top of Lois’ face, her legs bent beneath the brunette’s neck to hold her painfully in place.

“Where’s that big fucking mouth now, cunt?!” Mary Jane shouted back at her, bouncing her naked hips to bang against Lois’ head. The brunette felt her face burning red with embarrassment and difficulty breathing in the improvised leglock around her head. She had a harder time getting her teeth into her pussy from this angle, with Mary Jane’s ass shoved into her face to get in the way.

Lois was too busy struggling to see if she could sit back up as Mary Jane braced one hand on the reporter’s kicking thigh, raised her fist, and pounded it into Lois’ pussy. Lois let out a muffled shout from underneath MJ’s choking scissor, the model pounding a few more blows to soften up her labia before she dug in with both sets of claws. Lois gave a high-pitched shriek as the nails dug inside her delicate pussy flesh, thrashing and writhing spastically.

“YOU BITCH! GET OUT! OH FUCK, STOP IT NOW!” Lois shouted from under her, more in fury than any actual plea for mercy. Mary Jane ignored her, even ripping her grip up to tear a handful of dark pubic hairs out of her groin and leaving the flesh a painful-looking shade of pink. As Mary Jane leaned over to maintain her crotch claw and squeeze even tighter, Lois reached up and buried her nails into her enemy’s pale pink nipples. She twisted and pulled down, letting the dull but hard edges of her nails slice and press into the tender skin as she tried to milk her like a cow.

“AUGGGH! My tits! You jealous dyke!” Mary Jane squealed, the women finally attempting to break apart simultaneously and rolling off of each other. Both clutched her breasts and privates tenderly, breathing heavily and sweating as they glared at each other for several heavy moments, their labored breathing the only noise in the room.

“Stupid bitch!” Lois Lane finally hissed, spitting the few feet over onto Mary Jane’s chest.
“Fat cunt!” Mary Jane shot back, stretching out her leg to kick Lois in the leg as an act of aggression more than any actual damage.

“That’s it,” Lois growled, grabbing Mary Jane by the hair suddenly. The model shouted and slapped at her sides, but Lois bent her over and swung her knee up into the other woman’s face. The bone hit Mary Jane’s mouth with a meaty cracking noise, slamming her lips into her teeth and specks of blood running from her face. The redhead gave a witless groan and tried to shield her face, instinctively touching at it to ease the pain. Lois just smashed her head with another blow, then pulled on her hair heartlessly to pull Mary Jane in closer and ram her knee into the redhead’s cunt.

MJ went down to her knees, mouth hanging agape as Lois stepped in behind her, grabbing her by the face and sliding her fingers into her mouth, pulling back and scraping her nails viciously inside her mouth and lips. “Where’s that trash talk now, cunt!? Need to make that big mouth even wider for you? Cuz I’m your new plastic surgeon, bitch!” Lois taunted as she pulled and stretched her lovely features, tears and drool running down Mary Jane’s chin and onto her heaving breasts.

Mary Jane grabbed at Lois’ wrists, trying to pull her off in her winded agony, but the brunette’s flexing fingers were hooked in too tightly. With no immediate escape from the clawing, Mary Jane instead swung her head backward and bashed her skull into Lois’ groin. The dominating brunette suddenly gagged and let go of MJ to fumble for her privates, just to be grabbed by her head and swung over her opponent’s shoulder. Lois landed hard and awkwardly in front of Mary Jane, where the model pulled up on Lois’ hair to lift her upper body. MJ sat on one of her arms, snaking her legs over and under Lois’ torso before clamping them shut, squeezing her thighs and calves like a vice to crush Lois’ breasts.

“AGHHHH!” Lois groaned loudly, the air crushed from her chest by her own full and damaged breasts. Mary Jane flashed a weary but sadistic grin, clenching and flexing her legs repeatedly to keep the trapping scissor around her chest.

“Like those things didn’t sag enough already!” Mary Jane mocked her, rolling back and forth to grind her thigh muscles over her tits like rolling pins. “My thighs are going to look better than ever after the workout those flabby tits are giving me! Come on! Keep screaming, bitch, and I bet your alien friend back home can even hear you!”

Lois flopped and thrashed as she clawed at MJ’s legs, the smooth skin not providing her much purchase to do more than leave shallow scratches over the pale limbs. “Get your fucking legs off me or I break them off,” Lois threatened, teeth grit and breath short. Mary Jane didn’t even acknowledge her threat, caught up in dishing out as much hurt as she could on the trapped brunette.

Lois managed to get a grip on Mary Jane’s thigh, lifting it enough to slip her free hand in between the model’s legs. She grabbed and ripped at a handful of MJ’s pink pussy flesh, making MJ arch her back and yowl in shocked and sudden agony. Lois’ nails twisted and pulled on anything they could catch, Lois giving a satisfied sneer in triumph as she felt herself grab and rip out a mess of MJ’s bright red pubes.

Mary Jane recoiled and released the hold, Lois’ losing her grip on her groin but not without leaving a lot of ugly red gashed with her nails. She hissed through her teeth as she tried to crawl away long enough to recover, but Lois cradled her tits in one arm and followed after her.

“Where are you running to, bitch?” Lois grunted, breathing heavily between exhaustion and the draining body scissor. She grabbed Mary Jane by one leg, pulling back sharply to force her to fall flat on her tits and stomach. She climbed onto Mary Jane’s back, grabbing her hair and one of her arms to keep her in line. Lois’ sweaty crotch pushed into Mary Jane’s ass as she looped her legs around the model’s thighs, leaning back and turning them both onto their sides.

“Let’s see how far you spread, slut,” Lois hissed before flexing and spreading her legs. They were locked tightly around Mary Jane’s own leg muscles, forcing them to spread painfully far apart in front of her. MJ gave a labored scream of pain as she was stretched out, her aching pussy strained and shoved out into the air. She shook and thrashed to try and escape, the leg lock too tightly clenched around her thighs. She was at least able to turn her head and bite into the side of one of Lois’ tits, rewarded with a scream before Lois retaliated by digging in her hips and stretching her pussy muscles out even further.

“This how you always pose for those porno shoots of yours, whore?” Lois snarled at her, flexing her legs to pour on the pressure. MJ was in tears at the pain throbbing in her crotch, groping blindly with her one free hand until she managed to catch her claws on Lois’ face. She raked down her eyes and nose, and the reporter tightened up with a howl of pain. Her own hold had left her with nothing to defend her face, leaving her eyes watering and her lips screaming when Mary Jane’s claws struck again, stretching out and scratching her mouth. It left Lois’ face a mess of tears and drool as Mary Jane rearranged her face at her leisure, taking out the pain of her thighs out on her directly.

Lois finally broke off, rolling to one side holding her face and rubbing at the various scratches that ruined her makeup and features. She unsteadily dragged herself into a sitting position, though clearly even this took effort for the blinding pain in her eyes and mouth in particular. Mary Jane held onto her crotch, feeling like everything down there was swollen and red, but was able to force herself to stand.

“Just stay down, bitch,” Mary Jane warned breathlessly, advancing towards Lois as the brunette stood back up as well.

“Not until I’ve broken that ugly face of yours, ginger cunt,” Lois hissed back, raising her fists wearily. Both girls were sweating and moving a bit sluggishly, but there was still a fight left in their eyes. Lois threw a heavy blow into Mary Jane’s stomach. The redhead almost bent double from the first punch, but Lois swung another overhead blow that bashed across the redhead’s skull.

MJ shook from the blows, but stood up and smashed an uppercut into Lois’ tit. The aching breast bounced and Lois gave a quick wail, just before the model gave a right hook across the other one. Lois hugged her chest with one arm as she the other threw a punch into Mary Jane’s mouth. Mary Jane went a bit off balance, but turned back to belt Lois right in her swelling eye. Lois grunted and almost fell, holding her face with one hand as the other leaned on her knee.

“That all you got, you fatass dyke?” Mary Jane huffed, moving in for the kill. But as she approached, Lois threw a wide and wild smash of her fist that cracked right into the redhead’s cheek. She was flung bodily to one side, landing on her knees and spitting blood onto the carpet. Lois quickly grabbed onto her hair, holding her up in this position as she smashed her fist repeatedly into her face, pummeling the model’s freckled face red and swollen. After being away from Clark for so long, Lois had a hard time remembering anything she’d seen lately looking as sexy as the model bitch with her face beaten in.

“You like calling me a dyke?” Lois huffed, rubbing her face with her free hand for a moment. With Mary Jane dazed and wobbling on her knees, Lois grabbed the model by the hair with both hands and shoved her face into her snatch. “Well, who’s the dyke now, you pussy licking bitch?”

Mary Jane gave a faint groan of protest, shoving at Lois’ thighs to try to pull away. The reporter held onto her head easier than she could push back, grinding herself roughly on Mary Jane’s face with her wet labia and short but coarse bush. The redhead turned her face away in disgust as best she could, with Lois twisting her hair aggressively. “Stop your squirming and eat that pussy, bitch,” Lois hissed down at her, but Mary Jane braced one hand on her thigh and sent an uppercut suddenly speeding into Lois’ pussy. The brunette suddenly gasped as her knuckles not only connected, but buried a good portion of MJ’s fist inside of her.

Lois let out a weak gurgling noise, falling to her knees and seeming paralyzed by the penetrating pain. Mary Jane rose again drunkenly, but stormed up to the leaking Lois and slammed a knee into her temple, dropping the reporter to the floor like a lead weight.

Mary Jane stood over the slowly rolling Lois, taking a split second to aim before she dropped her knee onto Lois’ beat up tits. Lois’ mouth dropped open in a mute shout, her body flopping at the enormous pain shooting through her chest. Mary Jane just rose up again before she dropped again, this time on her other tit. She repeated a few more time, crushing Lois’ tits and stomach and ultimately taking a short jump to squash Lois’ pussy under her knee.

Lois could do nothing but shake in agony by that time, the fight and air all knocked out of her. The best she could muster were a few pleading cries. “NOOOO! Please stop! It hurts! OH FUCK, I GIVE! Stop it!” MJ just grinned at feeling that Lois was wet from the beating, as if her body was trying to submit for her as loudly as her voice was. “That all you’ve got?” panted Mary Jane, looking scratched and bruised herself but she was the one who was able to stand up under her own power.

“Yes… please, stop it,” Lois pleaded, starting to cry from all the throbbing pain going through her body.

“Not done with you yet,” Mary Jane hissed, stalking down to Lois’ legs and pulling them apart. “You still wanted to cum on me, didn’t you?” She taunted in a sadistic, soft voice as she suddenly thrust two fingers up Lois’ pussy. The brunette stiffened and gasped at the intrusion of her enemy, shaking her head wildly in horror.

“Ohhhh, please no!” Lois pleaded, but Mary Jane only laughed at her begging.

“Really? Because you seem awfully wet right now,” Mary Jane argued, starting to pump her fingers into her. Lois dug her nails and heels into the carpet, breathing heavily as she tried to endure the sexual punishment. Her pussy clenched uncontrollably at MJ’s fingers and oozed her feminine juices onto the floor, moaning and screaming like a mad woman as she was finger-fucked by her hated foe.

“That’s it. Be a good girl now and cum for the better woman,” Mary Jane ordered her. She added a third finger and pressed her thumb firmly down on Lois’ clit, getting Lois to wail miserably.

“Stop! STOOOP! I fucking hate you!” Lois bawled, tears running down her face pathetically, shaking violently just as her body denied her hatred and she squirted over Mary Jane’s fingers. MJ soaked her hand in it before standing back up to strut towards Lois’ head.

The model straddled Lois’ chest, Mary Jane’s knees resting on either side of her tits to lightly but painfully squeeze against them. The redhead’s ass rested on Lois’ sore belly, shoving her trimly shaved snatch into the brunette’s face. Lois let out a muffled little noise of displeasure before fearfully meeting her opponent’s eyes. MJ crudely wiped the handful of Lois’ cum onto her beaten foe’s belly, still warm from her pussy.

“Well?” Mary Jane demanded expectantly. “If you want out of here, you better get to licking. You’ve got a mouth on you, so start using it.” Her point was clear to Lois, and it may just be her feeling vengeful, but she had to imagine that she would have tried the same thing if she had ended up on top. She only had to hesitate few seconds before Mary Jane reached behind her and dug her claws into Lois’ snatch, getting a sharp gasp from her.

“You start eating now, and don’t think about biting, and I won’t have to remodel your downstairs. You follow?” Mary Jane smiled wickedly at her, and Lois’ face nodded against her thighs, starting to kiss and lick at MJ’s pussy. The wet sucking noises filled the apartment alongside Mary Jane’s throaty moans.

“That’s it. There’s a good bitch. Higher, you fucking amateur. Go for the OOOOH, that’s the spot. Good girl. Looks like you dumbass reporters can be taught a thing or two after all. Now lick like you mean it! Faster! Faster, bitch!” Mary Jane humped and rode her face, slapping at Lois’ head and what she could reach of her cheeks once in awhile. Lois could do nothing but sob like a child and grudgingly obey, wanting this over with as her scratched and beaten face was used for her rival’s pleasure. She heard Mary Jane’s breathing pick up its pace and go up in pitch before too long, bracing as best she could but still surprised by just how much the model came on her. She sputtered and tried to pull away, but the redhead’s legs locked around her head and humped that much harder as she let loose her orgasm into her opponent’s body, marking her with her musky scent. Lois coughed and choked a bit, and with the pussy shoved into her face and thighs around her neck, quietly passed out cold beneath the winner.

At last Mary Jane lifted herself off, shaky but victorious. She grabbed her robe from nearby, wrapping it around herself before taking inventory of the room again. She went and gathered her own clothes before also grabbing Lois’ discarded clothes, underwear and all, throwing them out the window and into the streets. She found Lois’ notepad, scrawling out under the half-finished notes “Go fetch, bitch,” and tossing the pad onto Lois’ tits before seeing herself out.

The End

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