The Misadventures of the Cats Claw: Chapter 3 by Ahna Brown

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Anastasia Nomorov sat on one of the two benches on the shuttle. She knew the Cats Claw and her new friends would not be far behind them. Opposite her sat Mira, who glanced back and forth between Ana and the two-crew members. One was human and the other, a blue-skinned woman from Rocario. The human woman, Bishou and the Rocarion, Viv, were similar ion body type. Both had curves to die for with large, heavy breast and flared hip with round backsides. Bishou’s hair was a mass of red curls while her crewmember was a dirty blonde with the hair going to the middle of her back.

“We are on our approach to the space station,” Bishou called out from the pilot’s seat.

Ana looked and the space station was a large cylindrical mass of grey prema-steel. She turned her head towards the two crewmembers, “What is the landing code? I need to send it to the Cats Claw.”

Viv recited the numbers to Ana who comm’d them to the Claw. The shuttle landed and ramp descended. The air inside the hangar and station was stale. Most likely because the station had been dormant for some years. Mira led Ana to a closed door with a hand and retina scanner.

“I have been out of the order for too long,” Mira said, “But your identification should still work.”

Ana stepped up, placed her right hand on the pad, and looked into the retina scanner. There was a beep of acknowledgement and the door slid open. The two women walked down a corridor to a central computer room. Mira powered the system up and sat at a workstation. She plugged a data pad into the central server and started to type commands in.

“This should give us access to the list of births and the locations of the children,” Mira said looking back at Ana, “I cannot thank you enough for this. We are going to be able to find so many.”

At first, Ana beamed as she was fulfilling what she believed her new life role was however, Mira said find and not save. In all of the prior conversations, she was adamant about saving the children.

“It looks like your friends are here,” Mira stated pointing to the screen and the Cats Claw landing in the hangar.

Aboard the Claw, as soon as the craft touched down, Ewa and Bri were out of their seats. She pointed to Fallon and Kara.

“We lost Ahna’s transponder signal on Doran,” Ewa said with worry in her voice. “Once Bri and I have departed, take the Claw to the surface and find her. The computer should help you figure out the trajectory.”

Fallon and Kara nodded in unison. Lisa walked up, “I have the trauma kit ready. We will bring her back.”

Ewa could not answer because her heart was in her throat. She nodded and rushed off with Bri. They had blasters secured in holsters as they exited the ship. The boarding ramp raised and the Claw went back out through the atmospheric shield.

In the control room, Mira and Ana were startled when Bishou spoke, “Why is the ship leaving?” There was anger in her voice. “This changes everything!”

Mira spun around and stood up facing the two shuttle crewmembers, “What do you mean this changes everything?This was not part of our deal!”

Viv pulled a holdout blaster from the small of her back and shot Mira in the chest. Ana screamed and leapt for cover as Viv took aim at her.

“Forget her and grab the pad!” Bishou yelled.

“Do not boss me around!” Viv shot back but grabbed the pad and they rushed out the door.

“Ewa it is a trap!” Ana screamed out over her comms. “The list they have is of every male birth for the last 5 years.”

Ewa and Bri saw two females come out of the door at the end of the hallway and then Ewa’s comms lit up. The two pairs of women started firing blaster bolts at the other with Viv and Bishou opening a hatch next to them and jumping in. Ewa and Bri rushed forward, with Bri’s hair changing from a blue for how she was worried about Ahna to red and black for anger. They reached the hatch and it dropped down into darkness.

“We cannot let them get away,” Bri said and she jumped down. Ewa followed.

On the planet, Doran, I woke with a start. I knew at once that I was not dead as I hurt all over and covered in the protective hardening foam. I broke free of the shell and looked around. The cockpit was dark save for the small burning circuits and emergency lights. I depressed the switch for the rear hatch and nothing happened. I popped the emergency escape hatch open and climbed out on top of the craft. The Cats Paw was smoking and all but destroyed. If I did not depress the lading assist, the crash would have blown me into a thousand pieces. The sky was bright with light from Doran’s sun and it was hot and humid in the moss-covered area where I crashed. I looked off to the left and there was the Talon with wings sheared off and smoking. I saw the pilot emerge from the cockpit. I reached from my blaster and drew it, firing at the figure who clambered to put what was left of her craft in between her and my blaster bolts. She returned fire almost immediately and I had to scramble off the top of my ruined spaceship and take cover. Over the next few minutes, we traded shots back and forth with none doing anything but mark up the crashed ships. My blaster was running low and I could not get back into the craft. The blast clip drained out and I cursed. I only heard a few more shots from hers and then I heard a faint curse from her direction.

“You out?” I yelled over the top of the Paw.

“Yeah, you?” I heard a woman’s voice ask.

“I am,” I yelled, “Want to settle this like in the war?” There was silence. I peek out from around the side of the ship and saw a figure standing between the two ships. She took off her helmet and tossed it to the ground. A mass of matted light brown hair cascaded down her shoulders. She unzipped the front of her jumpsuit, making the swell of her large breasts push out. I stepped out and unzipped my own flight suit. My cleavage visible to her. She was my height and weight with large breasts and beautiful face. “My name is Ahna. What do I call you?”

“Vanessa,” Vanessa replied. “Ahna Brown from Zoraban?”

“The same,” I said, “Have we met?”

“Not until now but I have heard lots about you,” she smiled.

“I hope it was all bad,” I said as I marched towards her, she matched my steps and soon we were running full speed.


Back on the space station, Ana heard the shooting from the corridor and rushed out to check on Mira. The shirt Mira wore was smoking from the blast but underneath was translucent fabric that absorbed the blast and protected her skin. The older, former nun groaned as Ana helped her to her feet.

“I thought you were dead,” Ana said.

“I have been alive still because I have learned never to trust anyone,” Mira winced as she rubbed her chest. “Where is the data pad?” She asked looking around.

“They took it,” Ana stated as she looked at her former mentor. “But my friends will get it back.”

“Oh?” Mira looked surprised, “Um, that is good.” She moved to the monitor of the hangar, flipping the view to the shuttle.

“Mira,” Ana said taking a stance behind the woman, “Why have you deceived me?”

Mira remained looking at the monitor. “What you have failed to realize, child, is the order cannot lose. They cannot be changedand most of the former members are still loyal to Mother Superior. As I still am.”

“I believed you, Mira,” Ana said, “You claimed to have helped a few other escape the order. Was that a lie?”

“A half-truth, child,” Mira said as she turned. “They left the order but left life as well. It was a quick death; they did not feel any pain. As it will be for you.” Her hand whirled with a blaster in it.

Ana was expecting the worst and when the blaster appeared, she reached out and grasped the wrist, twisted and sent the palm of her hand into Mira’s face. The blaster clattered to the floor and Ana kicked away.

“It will not be quick, Mira,” Ana stated as she slammed her chest into her mentors. Both women had incredibly large breasts. “Not for you!”

The two former nuns reached up, grabbed two fist fulls of hair,and yanked their heads back and forth, as Mira was pressed against the computer console.

Down below the two nuns, in the reactor area of the space station, Ewa and Bri slid down the tube and emerged in a large open area. Not too far ahead of them, Bishou and Viv ran towards a set of reactor doors. Ewa and Bri took off after them. The girls they were chasing were not as light on their feet and the two Cats Claw crewmembers caught up to them. Bri aimed a shot at Bishou and fired. The shot narrowly missed and the red haired woman returned fire back to her. The two sets of woman hunkered down behind metal containers and traded blaster fire. Ewa peeked out to shoot and just narrowly missed being hit by a thrown blaster pistol.

“These bitches are out,” Ewa said to Bri as she heard footsteps. She peeked out and Viv was rushing for a corridor with force field doors lined up in 10-foot intervals. The doors alternated opening and closing one right after the other. (Think end of The Phantom Menace) Ewa charged and caught up to the busty blue-skinned woman. Lunging, she tackled Viv, using her shoulder to slam into the small of the back.

Bishou saw her cohort go down with the raven-haired woman on her; she swiveled to fire her pistol, but Bri shot the pistol out of her hand. The red haired woman screamed in rage and turned to rush at Bri, whose hair had turned black. The two busty women collided and wet down to the metal floor.

Down on Doran, I found myself Slammed against Vanessa; both of us grabbed long hair and pulling as if we were trying to take the others head off. Our flight suit mashed cleavage was already threatening to spill out. All I knew is that she had a great set of tits and could pull hair like a trained pro! Her right leg went behind my left and I fell back, but pulled Vanessa with me. Once on the ground, our legs snaked together and hands alternated between hair pulling and trying to rip the other’s flight suit down. I rolled on top but my tits were out and her hands grabbed and I howled!

“AAAAHHHH!” I screamed out but torn the zipper of her suit down and grabbed back.

“FFFUUUCCKKK!” I heard her cry out.

We pushed away and got quickly to our feet. I pulled my suit down, but she upped the ante; she kicked off her boots and removed the rest of her torn suit. The gorgeous tits bounced as she ran her hands over bare womanly hips and a flat tummy. I smiled and took the rest of my clothes off. Each of us eyed the other with lusty approval and charged again. Once bodies slapped together and we went down to the dirt, the fight…. Well… got dirty. Big, naked breasts mashed and rolled as dirt started to cover our now sweaty skin. We rolled and tumbled back and forth. Hands gripping hair but also clawing at bare flesh. We hit a moss covered incline and rolled down the other side. We were rolling fast and picking up speed. She seemed to react the same way I did and we just grasped onto each other tightly until we fell, clutched together into a pit of gooey mud. SPLAT!

“Damnit!” Vanessa cursed as we untangled, both of us covered in mud.

I did not reply and pounced, sending us sliding in the two-inch thick muck. We slipped and slithered together, getting coated in a brownish grey. Our big tits slapped together as legs coiled around the others hips. Now sitting on our asses, we grabbed mud-logged hair and tried to pull as bodies ground in a muddy catball. This was a first for me and I actually loved it, well minus the painful hair pulls. I felt my clit grow and twitch even in the muddy circumstances. I thrust my hips forward and was rewarded with a moan from Vanessa who thumped back against me. Fuck that felt good! I reached in between us, grabbed two handfuls of muddy tits, and started to slam my muddy kitty against her. She matched me moved for move and soon we only had one hand on tit and the other propping us up as we fucked. Mud flew up from our warring pussies as we groped and squeezed mod caked breasts. I threw my head back and cried out as I felt so close to the impending orgasm. In between our battling kitties, the clits had grown hard and slapped together, trying to bend the other back. I twisted ever so slightly to try to pin her clit back but she countered each time. It was frustrating not to be able to make this bitch cum hard as she was pushing me over the edge. I griped my feet around her ass cheeks and dug my toes nails into skin. She howled out and it caused her to buck hard. Then we both started bucking and writhing. We reach up and grabbed heads to slam out tits back together as I felt my pussy gush. From the violent humping coming from her, I knew we came just about at the same time. The orgasm lasted for over a minute of muddy grinding and we each fell back. I felt her move her legs and looked up to see her crawl towards a bubbling river. I used my will to push my body up, already sore from the fight so far. I crawled after and as she stood and walked closer to the water, I got up and rushed forward. Vanessa turned as I hit her and we both went down and under the water.

Repeatedly we rolled under the water, the mud now gone off our bodies. I felt my back hit the shore and opened my eyes to see the woman try to climb on top of me. I slapped her hard across the face and rolled with her, out of the water and onto some soft grass. The weariness of each of our bodies just had us clutching together and grinding as much skin on skin as we could. The rolling slowed and we tried to out squeeze the other.

“UUUGGGHHH WHORE!” I cursed out.

“AAAAHHH BITCH!” Vanessa cursed back.

She tried to use her thighs to pry my legs open, but as they opened, I twisted and rolled us with me on top. I grabbed her right leg and moved it over my shoulder. I pushed my wet pussy to hers and she moaned out loudly. I got to my knees and started thrusting hard against her wet folds. Again, clits met in a violent fencing match but I had the advantage and pushed mine further into her twat. Vanessa reached up and pulled on my big tits but her grip was weakening. Her body started to convulse and she writhed under me as she came again. The bucking and squirming soon had in a frenzy and we traded cum back and forth. Her leg fell off my shoulder and I collapsed on top of her. Our big tits making a SPLAT as they compressed.

She laid there breathing heavily as I was. Our heartbeats racing. “Guess we are stuck here,” Vanessa whispered.

“You are,” I said back into her ear, “My friends will be down shortly. Who was the contract for?”

“It was an anonymous contract for me to take out the Cats Claw,” Vanessa relented, “This was supposed to be my last job.”

“What do you mean?” I asked. We were still body-to-body with our lips near ears.

“I made enough,” Vanessa said weakly. “Do not like working for some of the people I have taken jobs for. Going to retire and just build fighters.”

“You built your fighter?” I asked as I brought my head up to look into her eyes.

“Of course,” She said with a smile, “From the ground up.”

“Ok,” I said as I lightly brushed my big tits across hers, “How about I offer you a new deal, I get you off this rock and you build me a fighter that would fit in the hangar of the Claw, how does that sound?”

She pushed her breasts back into mine, “You have a deal!” She moved her head up and our lips met. A deal sealed with a kiss.

Near the spot where the two ships crashed…. The Cats Claw set down with Fallon and Kara rushing down the ramp.

“Holy shit!” Fallon observed at the smoking ships. “I do not think the Paw is … LOOK OUT!” She dived to the side as a net flew past her.

Kara dove to the right but the net snagged her and she tumbled to the dirt in a heap. She tried to struggle but electrodes zapped her as she hissed and growled. Fallon got to her feet and aimed her blaster at a busty Doran woman. The purple skinned woman had on only a barely there boob covering top and an animal hide skirt. She was also aiming a long rifle at Fallon. The Doran woman looked the raven-haired beauty up and down. Fallon noticed a twitch from under the skirt.

“Oh well, when in Rome,” Fallon said as she shook her big breasts at the purple-skinned female.

There was a groan of delight as the skirt started to rise. Fallon kept it up and with her free hand, tugged her top down to expose her big set of breasts. The Doran woman went wild, dropping her rifle and tearing off the top and skirt. For a split second, Fallon thought about shooting the female but dropped her pistol and started to undress. She could not take her eyes off not only the big purple tits but also the massive she-cock pointing at her.

Kara growled.

“Not now!” Fallon shot back, “Mama needs some action!” She advanced on the Doran woman and the two started to circle with claws and teeth bared. Then they lunged.

They slammed together in the clearing between two smoking ships and went right down to the dirt. Claws slashed as big tits clopped as Fallon felt the big she-dick press against her tummy. Fallon had her head yanked back by the hair but was at a disadvantage because the Doran females were bald. The brown haired woman grabbed the purple female by the back of the head and pulled the face down into bare cleavage.

“Hope you like tits, bitch!” Fallon cursed. She heard a muffled scream but wrapped her arms around the head and held the head in place. She felt something going on down south and then she stiffened. “OH FUUUCCKKK!” She let go of the head and the Doran woman could breathe freely again. She also had her hard she-cock impaled in Fallon’s pussy. She grabbed the dark haired woman’s hips and thrust in fast and hard. Fallon was almost cross-eyed from the pleasure. She slapped at the big purple tits in front of her but the Doran female kept fucking her. Fallon wrapped her legs around purple hips and decided to fight fire with fire. She squeezed the Kegel muscles and the purple woman groaned. Fallon grabbed two handfuls of bouncing breasts, squeezing hard with her nails and she twisted and bucked; rolling the pair over with Fallon on top. She started to bounce her shapely ass over the rigid she-cock as she mauled the Doran female’s big tits.

“That’s it, you bitch!” Fallon spit down, “Give it to me!” Her breasts bouncing so much they smacked against her chin.

The purple Doran female could only weakly try to push off the woman from Zoraban as Fallon rode her like a bucking horse. The Doran woman cursed in her native tongue and went stiff as she came. Then Fallon dropped an elbow over her chin and knocked her out.

Vanessa and I, both still naked, had come up to watch end of it. Fallon rolled off and noticed us.

“Hey there, Ahna,” Fallon said a little out of breath, “Who is your nude friend?”

“I am Vanessa Talon,” Vanessa stated and started to laugh, “And you my dear are probably pregnant. The Doran are famous for powerful cum.”

Fallon looked like she had seen a ghost. “Are you fucking serious?”

Vanessa held the silence for a few moments, “Nah! I am just fucking with you! But the look on your face was priceless!”

“Bitch!” Fallon laughed.

We got Kara free from the net and set charges in the Paw and the Talon, setting them to explode after we took off. I got Vanessa and myself some fresh clothes, Lisa checked us out, cleaned cuts, we went to the flight deck as Fallon, and Kara took the Claw skyward.

In the control room of the space station, Mira and Ana tumbled around the cold floor, bumping into chairs and computer consoles. Their big breasts stayed in contact the entire time as legs and hips battled down below.

“Face me like the old way!” Mira cursed as Ana rolled on top. “Like I taught you to so many years ago.”

“I will defeat you anyway you choose!” Ana shot back and then rolled away.

The two nuns quickly shed their clothing and sat back down, legs out in front of them as they inched close to the other. When they were in range, legs curled around hips as Ana’s bare pussy made contact with Mira’s trimmed one. They each gasped as they started to grind. Their large breasts slapped lightly with hard nipples scraping over the mass of flesh. For centuries, when two nuns were in disagreement, they would meet like this to fuckfight until one came. The wet labia mashed and spread open like flowers in the sun. The hard clits surged forth as hips rocked. It started with the slow, deliberate grind but quickly increased in speed and ferocity. Asses lifted off the cold floor as they slammed warring pussies together. Each woman grunted as thick fuck meat met in loud, echoing slaps. The butts came back down to the metal floor as Mira sat up and swung her huge tits letting them collide with a loud CLAP against Ana’s pair. The alternated thrusting with asses up, thrusting, and seated with tits fighting it out. Ana reached out and grabbed Mira’s hair who in turned reached and grabbed. The pair of fuckfighting nuns rolled around in a busty catball. As they fucked harder and fasted, nails dug into breasts and raked red furrows in flesh. Ana latched onto Mira’s long nipples, twisting and tugging on them. The older nun howled in pain and slugged Ana in her left side. She was able to roll on top of the younger nun, spreading the thighs and ramming her trimmed pussy down on the smooth one.

“Surrender, Ana!” Mira commanded, “If you do so, I will make your death quick.”

Ana used her rounder ass to buck up and it sent the older nun into a lustful moan. “FUCK YOU!” Ana cursed as she pumped up hard and Mira knew she was going to cum.

The older nun slapped her hands downward onto Ana’s huge tits and dug her claws in. Ana screamed out and sent a right cross then hit the side of Mira’s left breast, knocking it hard into her right. Ana continued to thrust upward the Mira lost all control. She started to convulse and screamed out as she came. Ana quickly rolled them over and rode the older woman to three more orgasms. Mira was weakly begging the younger nun to stop. Ana rolled off and bound Mira’s wrists behind her back, securing them to her ankles.

“I should end your life, Mira,” Ana said as she dressed. “But I can only imagine what Mother Superior will do with you, know you have failed her.”

Mira’s eyes went wide, “Please, child, please kill me now. Do not subject me to that hell.”

“Fuck off!” Ana swore as she kicked the older woman in the face. She went to the security camera station to find out what was going on with Ewa and Bri.

Down in the reactor, Ewa tackled the busty blues-skinned Vivthrough the first set of force field doors. They sprawled out on the cold permacrete and tangled together. Hands buried into hair as they rolled back and forth. The large chests mashed and mushroomed out through their shirts. Legs locked as they each tried to force the other to her back. Ewa was the first to get on top but Viv reached up and pulled on the raven-haired beauty’s shirt, temporarily blinding her as she struggled to get the shirt off over her head. The blue-skinned woman used the distraction to roll them over. She slammed her larger tits down onto Ewa’s, making the busty brunette cough in pain. Viv moved her chest and Ewa fired a punch to her shirt-covered boob and bucked, rolling them again. Ewa made quick work of the flimsy shirt Vivwas wearing, leaving both topless. Viv pushed her off and rolled, getting to her feet as Ewa did.

Bri and Bishou slammed bodies, digging nails into biceps as they arched backs and let their covered breasts war. The turned in a slow circle as tits mashed and then resumed normal shapes. Each time they came together, both Bri and the red haired woman grunted. The grunting was getting louder as the titfightcontinued. The next time they slammed together, Bishou wrapped her arms around Bri, grabbed the back of the shirt, and pulled. Bri tore at Bishou like a kid opening a Christmas present. They shirt were soon gone and Bishou kicked out with her left leg, catching Bri in the chest and propelled her toward the buzzing force field door but it opened, send her stumbling into Viv, propelling the two of them through the next open door. Bishou ran but the door closed before she could get there, trapping her with the topless Ewa.

Bishou and Ewa circled only for a moment before they rushed, sending their half-naked bodies into violent contact and spilling them to the floor. Hands reached in between them, filling clawed fingers with breast flesh to squeeze and twist. Each woman howled in pain as the tits were kneading like dough and took on unnatural shapes. Little spots of blood started to form where nails had broken skin but they gritted teeth and fought through the pain. As if by mutual consent, they let go at the same time and slammed together, tit to tit, smearing the sweat and blood between their large tits. Both women grabbed the waistbands of pants as they worked to strip the other bare.

Bri and Viv got up to knees and came together in an embrace. Viv’s larger breasts mashed and rolled with Bri’s as they jostled on their knees before tipping over to cold ground. Bri kneed Viv in the pussy and the bigger woman rolled off moaning. As Bri got to her knees in front of the blue-skinned woman, Vivpunched Bri hard in the belly. The two went back to slamming together on knees as hand grabbed the cover ass cheeks and tried to pull the other’s pants off. Falling again, they writhed and twisted, both being able to pull down the pants, taking boots off also. Now naked, they clashed and thrashed about wildly on the bare floor as the door opened again.

Ewa and Bishou rolled naked through the door and slammed into the rolling Bri and Viv. Now it almost seemed like a free for all as the four women fought tooth and nail. Viv swung a fist that Ewa ducked and it landed on Bishou’s right tit. The red haired woman glared in hate at her accomplice. Bri blindly groped and found a tit to squeeze but when she opened her eyes, she was squeezing her lover’s breast. Ewa slapped her across the face. As the doors opened again. Bri and Ewa pushed their rivals through but the doors closed before they could follow. The four woman stood breathing hard, glaring at the enemies through the door but also at their compatriots. Bishou and Viv were the first to go and they crashed, breast to breast, pulling wildly at hair. Ewa turned and was met with a slap from Bri. She cursed and retuned it and then the two lovers slammed naked bodies.

Bishou and Viv clopped their massive tits together as rolled back and forth on the cold deck. The other answered each grunt and moan from ones lips. Hands secured holds in hair with Bishou getting on top first and slamming her chest down. THWACK! Viv bucked and rolled with her on top and she slapped her massive tits into Bishou’s. CLOP!

Ewa and Bri tumbled as hands slapped and scratched. Both were caught up in a haze and lust for the fight, neither could understand it. They just wanted to fight it did not matter who it was with.

In the control center, Ana watched the two pairs brawl. Her eyes combed over the controls and she flipped some switches.

The entire set of force field doors swung open. The two sets of woman paused their fights and stood. Ewa and Viv rushed together as Bishou and Bri ran full speed towards each other.

Massive tits bounced and swayed as Ewa and Viv came together with claws bared. The impact of the two sets of breasts knocked each woman back a step but it left claws and hands set to swipe. Wicked red furrows were drawn into bare skin as they each howled in pain. Ewa surged forward and sunk her nails into Viv’s blue-skinned face. The pair crashed to the floor with the blue hands wrapping around Ewa’s throat. Blood dripped off Viv’s face as she choked the raven-haired beauty. Ewa’s eyes started to bulge but she pushed her thumbs into Viv’s eyes and the bigger titted woman rolled away. Ewa coughed but jumped onto the back of the blue-skinned woman, grasping as breast in each hand, pulling them out to the sides. Viv was in excruciating pain as she thrashed on the floor. Ewa felt the fight drain out of Viv; she grasped the blonde hair and slammed the head into the permacrete.

Bri and Bishou were especially brutal. Fists slammed into heavy breasts and squished into wet pussies as they traded shot for shot with the other. The two women fell to their knees as fists thudded against skin. Sweat flew, as skin was red and turning black and blue. Bri’s hair was red and black, turning blacker with a death rage. They lunged forward and slammed big wounded breasts together as nails raked down backs to their fleshy ass cheeks. Nails criss-crossed red marks in the sweaty skin. Bishou opened her mouth and bit down on Bri’s neck. She held on like an animal as blood started to drip. Bri screamed out and jammed her right index finger into the red-haired woman’s rose bud, scratching the inside. Bishou screamed in pain and lost her bite. The red head tried to push away but Bri held her close. Their heavy tits wrestled as tummies rubbed. Bishou reached back and pulled the hand from her ass. Bri balled up her fist and slammed an upper cut to the right tit of her rival, making Bishou fall back. The black haired Bri Slammed a kneed in between her legs and Bishou passed out.

The Cats Claw landed back into the hangar of the space station. Seated next to the shuttle was seated three naked woman; Mira, Bishou and Viv were secured with hands behind backs. Lisa came down and rendered basic first aid to cuts and scratches to the three prisoners. They were led into the shuttle with the autopilot set for a quick flight and then shutdown with only life support remaining. Ewa set the ships transponder to an emergency, which would bring the closest Confederation ship to assist.

Once Bri and Ewa got into the medical bay of the Cats Claw the anger and catty feelings faded. Ana came in to check on them.

“Ana, why did I feel like I wanted to tear out everyone’s throat?” Bri asked.

“I believe this station was a training ground for some of the order’s more vicious assassins,” Ana said as she sat next to Ewa and Bri, “There are pheromones that were put into the air supply to encourage rage and fights to happen. Some women died and the station experiment was shut down. My guess is the pheromones still lingered in the life support system.”

“All I wanted to do was hurt you, Bri, I am so sorry,” Ewa said as she hugged her lover.

“We can make it up to each other later,” Bri whispered in Ewa’s ear.

The Claw launched and jumped out of the Doran system as a Confederation cruiser entered and made a beeline for the shuttle floating in space. We came out of light speed and had to dodge a few wrecked space ships. This was a ship graveyard. There were old Loyalist and Resistance ships floating, dead in space. It brought back memories to all of us. Vanessa guided Ewa to a small outpost on a small moon.

“Welcome to my home,” Vanessa said. She keyed in a code and the hanger door opened for the Claw to land.

Kara was in heaven because Vanessa had every tool, every part and every upgrade she could think of. Ewa paid for some parts and upgrades for the Claw’s defenses and faster than light drive.

Vanessa led me to a line of small fighters. “These are all prototypes. They are all one of a kind.”

My eyes drifted from ship to ship. However, my gaze fell on a snub-nosed fighter with two wings swept 90 degrees from the body of the ship. Four small ion drive thrusts and a faster than light drive made the rear engine look tough.

“This one is faster than anything the Confeds have,” Vanessa beamed, “She is a dream to fly. Sleek, tough and teeth to take out even capital ships. I call her the Fang. This, Ahna Brown from Zoraban, is my gift to you. She will fit easily in the belly of the Cats Claw. I also have two other things for you.”

I turned to Vanessa and she handed me a data card.

“This is everything about the contract to take out the Claw,” she said, “Fallon should be able to strip away the coding and trace where the contract originated from.”

“You said two things,” I said.

Her eyes looked sad. “I told you that I had heard of you. There are two Zoraban females I met last year who were seeking information on you.”

“On me?” I asked, “I have not even been to the Zoraban system since the war ended. What did they want?”

“They wanted information to hunt you down and kill you,” Vanessa said looking away, “They claimed to be your mother and sister.”

It felt like someone shot me in the chest. I had trouble breathing. “It cannot be….I saw their shuttle explode.”

Vanessa handed over another data chip. “This is a recording I made of the meeting. I am sorry to give you this information.”

I took a breath and straightened. I clasped forearms with Vanessa. “You have an alley for life. If you need me or the Claw, just comm us.”

The Cats Fang was loaded into the hangar of the Cats Claw. We said our goodbyes with Vanessa and took off. I did not let anyone else know about the info she passed to me. I went to my cabin and inserted the data chip into my personal data pad. The recording link popped up on the screen and I tapped it with my index finger. I hit the pause button and started to hyperventilate. There staring back from the screen where two blonde women with tattoos adorning their skin. The older of the two sported a jagged scar down her left cheek and an eye patch over her left eye. The younger blonde-haired woman was extremely fit but her brown eyes looked on in rage. I looked into the faces of Kathryn and Rihanna Brown, my mother and sister.

To Be Continued in Chapter 4 (Coming Soon!)

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3 thoughts on “The Misadventures of the Cats Claw: Chapter 3 by Ahna Brown

  1. Giannis says:

    One of the epic novels Ahna writes takes place in Wild West about 150 years ago and the other one (this one) takes place all around the galaxy about 150 years in the future.
    What these two saga have in common ? I mean PLUS that they are AWESOME !!
    The hot habit of the amazons who keep the prime roles in both novels !! They love to fight when they f@ck each other and they love to f@ck each other when they fight.
    I love it !! 🙂
    Great chapter !! Veeeeery PROMISING !!
    I cheer for the upcoming family reunions !! 🙂

  2. Bob Rhea says:

    I have only read one story — The Misadventures etc — but it was one of the all time best catfight stories I have ever read read! I am probably double your age, but I’d love to see a photo.


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