Corporate Catfights: Chapter 8 by The Raven

Kimo bent over and stretched her nude body, exposing her cunt to the mirror. She knew that behind that two-way mirror, Barry Kosmos sat on a love seat awaiting the fuck fight he had worked for two weeks to orchestrate. Judy Buck and Allison were with him, for his fucking pleasure, as he watched the fight.

Allison’s necklace, her collar of domination, still hung from Kimo’s neck. She had been too scared to try and remove it, for Allison had promised that doing so would kill her. Allison was vicious enough that it might not be a bluff. Her Mistress had not been hesitant to use it.

Kimo’s legs trembled as she felt a pleasurable pain lurch through her muscles. She was already moist with anticipation of fighting Rose again. She already had four catfights during her first week with the Company: Roxanne, the woman they called the Shimizu Pet, Bunny, and Nanette. She won all of them easily. Every fight she imagined it was Rose’s cunt she was punching, Rose’s ass she was dominating in bed afterwards.

Bunny had been the most exciting opponent so far. She had released Bunny from her chains in Allison’s dungeon. She stood start naked before Rose’s slave and pointed back behind her, towards the door. There’s one way out of here, honey. Through me. Take me down now and I won’t kill Rose in the Friday night fuck fight. Bunny had charged Kimo and caught her tiny frame in a bear hug. The bitch had actually piledrivered Kimo’s head into the hard ground and dazed her for a few minutes. But Bunny’s strength had been sapped from two days of torture, and Kimo had been able to make a comeback. It had been a close call.

Bunny had been the best fuck so far since she got here, besides Rose.

When had she ever felt so hot for a woman before? Beyond the sheer sex, there was something else that attracted Kimo to Rose. Beyond catlust…an admiration for her guts in this corporate arena. A will that would let no one block her way to success. A bitch so cold she could let her husband and child go in order to achieve her dream.

A woman who was just as vicious as Kimo.

Could what she felt for Rose be love?

Kimo couldn’t afford love. Not with the stock options that Barry had promised her, worth over $100,000. Allison said the way that the Company was growing, that stock could be worth over $1 Million in a couple of years. That was the purse of ten Catsport tournaments!

If the prize meant that Rose had to die, so be it! It wouldn’t be the first time that Kimo had killed a bitch that had stroked more out of her heart than simple catlust.

A door slammed shut.

Rose entered the arena, naked. Her breasts jiggled as she walked towards Kimo. The mirrored walls revealed the cute little dimples on her butt cheeks. A look of utter hatred was on Rose’s face as she stared at Kimo.

Kimo forced the memories of her recent catfights out of her mind to focus on the here and now.

“DELAY NO MORE, MY CATS. FIGHT!” Barry’s masked Darth Vader-like voice boomed.

Rose ran towards Kimo and leapt suddenly. Kimo hugged the Chinese’s fighter’s chest as she came crashing down on top of Kimo. Their breasts smacked together as they both went crashing down on the floor. Kimo managed to push Rose off to the side of her body. Rose had already grabbed Kimo’s cunt and was squeezing hard.

Pain shot up from Kimo’s cunt. The sensation was so familiar, it was pleasurable. Kimo grunted and grabbed hold of both Rose’s tit and her cunt with each claw. She squeezed both hard.

“Aiieee-yahhhh!” Rose screamed, and bit into Kimo’s neck.

Kimo retaliated and bit Rose’s ear.

They fought on the floor, squirming, fighting to get on top of each other, clawing, biting, kicking, grunting.

Suddenly, Rose kissed Kimo, tonguing her mouth.

Kimo kissed her back, losing control for a moment.

Then Rose broke it off and quickly head butted Kimo in the teeth.

That pain was not pleasurable. She lost control and let go of Rose, tasting blood immediately.

You stupid fucking cunt! Kimo cursed herself. Fell for the oldest fucking trick in the book!

Rose squeezed even harder on Kimo’s breast and cunt. Her claws were razor sharp and this time caused quite a bit of pain. Kimo’s body buckled, trying to throw Rose off.

The Chinese catfighter quickly got on her knees and caught hold of Kimo’s ankles. She flipped Kimo on her stomach and executed a perfect Boston Crab maneuver.

“Jesus Fucking Christ!” Kimo yelled, as the pain started to ripple up her spine. “Where the fuck did ya learn to wrestle, Rose? S.O.W.?”

She saw Rose smile back at her reflection in the mirror. She said nothing, but merely crouched down lower, bending Kimo’s spine even more.

“Arrrgghhhhh!” Kimo screamed, slapping the mirrored floors in agony. She kicked her legs, trying to break Rose’s grip.

“I am gonna snap YOUR back!” Rose yelled. Her breasts were heaving exertion as she held onto Kimo’s calves.

Tiny drops of blood were leaking from her breasts where Kimo had clawed her. Kimo felt Rose’s wet pussy brush against her buns.

The excitement sent a surge of energy through her body.

Kimo arched her torso backward and managed to rake Rose’s stomach. Her claws sunk into Rose’s ribcage. Rose screamed and lost her grip. Kimo somersaulted forward. Rose rolled off of Kimo’s body, towards a corner of the arena.

Kimo landed on her back. She flipped herself back up on her feet, using the Bruce Lee maneuver she had perfected.

By the time Rose had gotten to her feet, Kimo’s spin kick had collided with Rose’s mouth. Spit flew across the air from Rose’s mouth and splattered into the mirror.

“BITCH!” Kimo roared, and spin kicked again, knocking Rose’s head in the other direction. This time, blood and spit spewed out from Rose’s mouth. Kimo’s body was on catfire. She launched another spin kick, but this time Rose blocked it with her arm.

Rose quickly shifted her body weight and kicked upward, hitting Kimo in the jaw with the heel of her foot. Kimo felt her teeth bite into her tongue involuntarily. She tasted even more blood. Rose shot a punch at her head. Kimo dodged it and rabbit punched Rose’s tits, connecting three times before Rose’s whizzing claw sliced across her forehead.

Kimo backed away, dancing on the balls of her feet. She wiped away the blood that was already dripping from her forehead. She needed time to think.

“Nice,” Kimo muttered. “Killing you is gonna be real sweet.” She sucked up the blood that was welling in her mouth.

Rose was dancing too, circling Kimo warily, the look of serious mayhem and catlust on her face. The bitch was out to get her, no doubt about that.

“I’d rather die than be a slave like you!” Rose screamed, and feinted a punch at Kimo’s ribcage.

Rose’s face was close. Kimo spit out the blood and saliva into Rose’s eyes. The bitch was blinded now!

Kimo grabbed Rose’s hair, yanked down hard on the bitch’s head, and rammed her knee into Rose’s chin. Rose

groaned as she landed on her back on the hard mirrored floor. Kimo picked up Rose’s left leg.

“YOU’RE–” Kimo yelled, kicking Rose’s cunt.

“-GONNA DIE–” kicking Rose’s cunt again.

“-SUBMIT!” kicking her cunt twice more.

“GO TO HELL!” Rose screamed. Her hands wiped away the blood-spit from her eyes.

“FUCKING STUPID CUNT!” Kimo screamed, hooking her leg around Rose’s. “I’m gonna break you’re fucking leg!” She bent Rose’s leg around her own knee.

Rose’s body writhed in agony on the floor.

“SUBMIT!” Kimo commanded. She was ready to break the leg, but the cut on her forehead was leaking blood and sweat into her eyes. She wiped away part of it with her hand.

The distraction was enough to allow Rose’s wrist to grab a fistful of Kimo’s hair. The Chinese fighter yanked hard and brought Kimo crashing down to the floor.

Rose rolled over on top of Kimo and straddled her waist. The Chinese fighter’s cunt rested on top of Kimo’s; they smacked together with moistness. Both women were covered with sweat and blood.

Rose punched Kimo’s breasts and her face repeatedly. Kimo tried to push Rose off with her legs, but it was no use. Rose weighed more than Kimo. Kimo started to feel dizzy and about to lose consciousness.

Her hands darted upward and gripped Rose’s throat firmly. She squeezed with all the strength she had left.

The Chinese catfighter stopped punching immediately as her air supply was cut off. Spittle popped out of mouth. Her body immediately panicked and she tried to get off of Kimo. Kimo’s legs clamped around Rose’s waist, holding her opponent down. Kimo felt a surge of strength with the sudden turn of events, and funneled the energy into her arms.

A muffled scream emerged from Rose’s throat as she realized Kimo had her. She tried to look down to find Kimo’s throat with her hands. Kimo jabbed Rose’s head upwards by jabbing her thumbnails into Rose’s jaw. She saw Rose look for Kimo’s head in the mirror above. Her hands flailed around in vain.

Rose may have been taller than Kimo…but Kimo had longer arms. Rose could only manage to pinch Kimo’s throat.

Kimo smiled and continued her cobra-like squeeze on Rose’s torso. Kimo’s cunt was smacking against Rose’s stomach. She watched Rose’s tanned sweaty belly button tickle the lips of her vagina, and grew more and more excited. She watched Rose’s back and ass strain against her in the mirror.

Uh-Oh! I’m gonna come soon! Kimo thought. Her body was trembling with excitement and strain. Her hands were sweaty and almost lost their grip on Rose’s neck, but she kept up the pressure, and was rewarded with seeing Rose’s face turn first pink, then blue, then into a dark purple.

Rose’s stomach kept tickling Kimo’s cunt. She WAS going to have an orgasm. That had never happened to her in a fight before.

Rose’s face and body were trembling. She had stopped fighting Kimo.

Kimo released the choke hold, almost faint herself from the pleasure of victory.

Rose slumped on top of Kimo’s body, helpless, sucking in air.

Part of Kimo felt like wrapping her legs around Rose’s waist and finishing her orgasm.

The other part of Kimo wanted the stock options.

The profuse sweat helped her slide Rose off her body. Kimo stood over Rose’s back and grabbed a fistful of Rose’s shiny black hair. She pulled Rose’s torso up off the floor, cupping Rose’s neck in-between Kimo’s thighs.

The nape of Rose’s neck rubbed against Kimo’s vagina. She felt excited again, about to lose control.

I cannot lose this match! Kimo thought to herself.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Kimo screamed, psyching herself up for the death blow. She brought her focus back by karate chopping Rose’s ears hard, once, twice, three times. Her nails raked Rose’s cheek and drew blood.

Rose groaned in-between gasps of breath.

“ENOUGH!” Barry’s masked voice boomed over the speaker system. “YOU HAVE DOMINATED HER.”

“Whaddya want?” Kimo shouted. “Slavery or Death?”

There was a pause that lasted a minute, though it seemed like eternity. Kimo clamped her legs tight against Rose’s neck while she waited for Barry’s decision.

His voice thundered like Zeus: “KILL THE BITCH.”

Kimo immediately gripped Rose’s jaw and head.

“Now!” Barry screamed. “Now, Allison! Do it, now, before it’s too late!”

He was naked, sweaty, from the sex he was having with the cowgirl.

Judy was bent over, resting on her hands and knees. Her firm and toned ass was jutting up towards Barry.

Barry’s penis, hard and erect and about to explode, was pumping into her anus. Before him was a wall of the two-way mirror that adjoined his private fuck fight palace. Monitors adorned the ceiling, by which he could view alternate angles of the battle. The fight was short, lasting only about ten minutes, but it was damn good. It got him hard real fast. Even the old cowgirl was hot and horny as he alternatively fucked her pussy and ass.

“I’ve got her,” Allison replied. She stood before the mirrored window, nude, except for black stiletto heels. Silver spurs dangled from the sides, an innovation created by Judy. In one hand, Allison gripped a black coiled whip. On the other hand was the ring-that controlled Kimo’s collar. She switched it on.

Barry saw Kimo’s body spasm.

Kimo released Rose’s head before she could snap it. He breathed a sigh of relief.

The Japanese American catfighter clinched her fists and screamed: “TURN IT OFF!”

Allison grinned coolly and silently counted to ten before flipping her ring switch off.

“FUCKING BIT-Aieeeee!!!!”

Kimo stopped mid-sentence.

Rose had recovered.

The Chinese catfighter was biting into Kimo’s cunt savagely. She was sitting up on the floor, gripping Kimo’s ankles with her hands. She yanked forcefully, and Kimo fell down hard on the floor.

On the monitor, Barry could see Kimo’s breasts bob up and down, recoiling from the impact.

“Fucking great!” He roared, pumping Judy harder. “Seize the Day, Rose!”

Allison laughed.

Even Judy snorted her approval.

Rose kept biting into Kimo’s cunt. Kimo was screaming like mad. Rose pushed Kimo’s lower body up off the floor and grabbed hold of Kimo’s waist.

Legs trembling, her entire body fighting exhaustion and defeat, Rose stood and hauled Kimo’s body up in the air. The Japanababe now dangled upside down. Rose almost lost her grip due to all the profuse sweat on Kimo’s stomach, but yanked the bitch up, and regained her tight grip against Kimo’s diaphragm.

Rose performed this move three times, violently jamming the air out of Kimo’s diaphragm. Soon, the little bitch was unable to scream.

It was at that point that Rose piledrivered Kimo’s head into the floor. She didn’t let go after the first time. Rose just picked Kimo up and rammed her head again, the second time harder than the last. She let Kimo’s legs crash to the ground.

Barry saw Kimo clutch her head in agony. Her face was bloody, due to the cuts that Rose had inflicted.

“SUBMIT!” Rose yelled. She picked up Kimo’s legs in the air and stabbed at her cunt.

Kimo screamed. Her body writhed on the floor as Rose kicked her again and again.

Rose steadied her foot against Kimo’s vagina, and pulled hard on the Japanababe’s legs. The Chinese catfighter fell backward, rolling her leg almost straight up in the air. The force of the motion swung Kimo’s body into the air, sending her flying against the wall that Barry was watching from.

He almost came then, watching Kimo’s body roll back on the ground. She rested on her stomach.

Rose ran over to her, pressing Kimo’s ankles back towards her butt. She sat on the bitch’s ankles and pulled Kimo’s arms backward. The Japanababe was completely immobilized.

“Give up or I will break your back,” Rose said.

Kimo grimaced and shook her head. “You won’t! You don’t have the…killer…ugghh!…instinct!”

Barry could see Rose’s pussy rub against Kimo’s ass. He finally came, exploding into Judy’s anus.

“Jeezus God!” Judy roared. The cowgirl slumped down on the floor as Barry removed his dick. “Don’t back down, Rose…”

Rose grabbed Kimo’s throat with her left hand. She kept Kimo’s right arm bent behind her back. Trembling, Rose bent Kimo’s spine till it was almost a “C” shape. Only Kimo’s extreme flexibility was keeping her alive.

Kimo grabbed Rose’s hair and tried to pull the Chinese catfighter off. It was useless, as Kimo had little strength left.

“Oh really?” Rose whispered into Kimo’s ear “Say hello to the great Cat Mistress.” She bit Kimo’s earlobe and tightened her grip.

“NO!” Kimo yelled. “I submit! You are my Mistress!”

Rose didn’t let her go.

Barry could see something new in Rose. The catlust had driven her to new savagery. She wanted to kill the bitch now. The sweat beads on both of the catfighters athletic bodies glittered in the light of the fuck fight palace.

“Why should I want a cunt like you?” Rose asked. “You’ll ambush me the minute you get a chance.”}

“I won’t,” Kimo gasped. “I love you, Mistress.”

Rose’s nails bit into the flesh on Kimo’s throat, ready to rip open her jugular. “I bet you’ve loved a lot of dead cats.”

Kimo’s body convulsed. Barry could tell that she was closer to dying than ever before.

“I…I…love…you…because…only you…can beat…Allison…uhhhh!”

Rose released Kimo.

The Japanababe fell to the floor, unconscious.

Rose collapsed on top of her, suddenly exhausted. Her face looked at the mirror, almost right into Judy’s eyes.

“That’s it,” Barry said, standing up naked. He put a robe on and took a swig of his cognac. It burned with pleasure down his throat, just as the whole night had. He took a look at Rose’s nude body resting on Kimo’s back and felt his passion return.

“OK, Allison,” Barry said. “It’s your turn now. Show both of these cunts who really is in charge around here.”

“My pleasure,” Allison replied. She uncoiled her whip and walked to the entrance of the arena.

This should be great, Barry thought. They are so exhausted from fighting each other, Allison can easily dominate both of them now.

He was impressed with Allison’s ingenuity of making Kimo her slave with the electro-shock collar. His gambit of pitting corporate cats against each other had paid off, just as it always paid off to have his vice-presidents fight each other intellectually in the boardroom. Now all Allison had to do was to dominate Rose, collar her, and then he would have two top catfighters under his control.

With the two of them rested and in top condition, he would have twice as many chances to see Trang Ho get what she deserved!

“I’ve got to go,” Judy replied, suddenly standing up.

“You’re not going anywhere,” Barry replied. We had better collar this one, too. “Get down and spread your legs again. I need another fuc–“

He couldn’t finish the sentence, because Judy had suddenly reared up, hissed, and spin kicked his head into the wall,

Rose rested on top of Kimo’s buns. She was battered, cut, bruised, sore, but the endorphins were still popping off in her brain. She did it-she won the most savage catfight of her career. Most importantly, she had Kimo as her slave. Allison had no hold on her now. Bunny would be released.

Rose didn’t hear the door close quietly. She was thinking about fucking Kimo right there in the arena.

It was the clacking of the stiletto heels and familiar whizzing sound of the spurs that got her attention.

“You owe me your life, Rose.”

She turned over on her back.

Allison was standing six feet away from her, completely nude except for the heels, with a long, black studded whip in her hands.

“I caused Kimo to stop before she delivered the killing blow,” Allison said, grinning. “A little demonstration of my power. Kimo’s not your slave, Rose. She’s mine. Just as Judy and now Bunny are.”

Allison cracked the whip. It arced across Rose’s stomach, leaving a red whelt.

“Just as you will be!” Allison roared. “Submit to your true Mistress!”

Rose leapt to her feet, hoping to dodge under the whip and grab Allison’s leg. She moved too slowly. Allison’s whip struck her chest. The lady had supreme control over her weapon.

Rose spun around, and the whip lanced out again, wrapping itself around her throat. She grabbed a hold of it with her hands to pry it loose.

Allison’s laughter echoed throughout the arena.

She yanked hard, sliding Rose around on the mirrored floor, already slick with blood and sweat. The little bitch spun around and around, dragging Rose by the throat, whipping her ass around the floor in circles. With an expert flick of the wrist, Allison uncoiled the whip and Rose’s body went careening against a wall.

“I am so glad you agreed to fight,” Allison said, quickly walking over towards Rose. “I always wanted to see who was better: you, naked, or me with the whip.”

“I despise you!” Rose replied, standing up slowly. She fingered her throat, red and raw from the whip. “You’re too weak to fight me without a weapon. Kimo’s worth a hundred of you!”

“You dare compare me to that trash!” Allison roared. She lashed out again.

This time, Rose caught the whip with her left hand, and got ready to jerk it out of Allison’s grasp.

Allison clicked a switch on the handle of the whip and sent a jolt of electricity down the spine, into Rose’s body. Rose jerked and pain exploded within her, but she was unable to let go of the whip until Allison had counted to ten and turned off the switch.

“I was hoping you’d do that,” Allison replied. “You’re so predictable.”

Rose fell onto her hands and knees, shaking all over. She felt very close to passing out.

Allison climbed on top of nude back, coiling the whip around her throat. “How can you be a Director, Rose, if you won’t fight dirty?”

The spurs on her heels bit into Rose’s calves as she pulled the whip tightly, choking Rose once again.

“Now submit to me,” Allison said coldly. “Or I will kill you and find another sexy bitch who wants the job more than you do.” Her eyes bore holes into Rose’s face in the mirror. The expression she wore was extremely ugly and monstrously sexy. Allison’s thumb was ready with the switch to electrocute her to death.

Rose sputtered and gasped for air. She commanded her body to flip Allison off, but it didn’t respond. Rose was finally broken down and ready to submit to Allison. The irony was that she had no air left in her lungs to get the words out!

She felt a rush of cool air against her hot skin.

Rose looked up in the mirrored walls. Judy had entered the room. She was naked, running barefoot towards them. The expression on her face was weird.

“Let me help you, Mistress!” Judy shouted.

“I don’t need your help, bit–” Allison sputtered.

Before she could finish, Judy had executed a flying leap kick. The ball of her foot smashed into Allison’s chest and knocked her off Rose’s back.

Both Allison and Judy fell to Rose’s side. Allison quickly reached for the whip handle. But Judy kicked Rose hard in the rib cage. It hurt like hell, but the force of the blow caused Rose to roll away from Allison.

Allison stabbed Judy’s thigh with her razor sharp stiletto heel. The heel sunk into Judy’s flesh and the cowgirl howled in agony. Allison’s feet flailed and the heel sliced upward through Judy’s cheek.

Rose unwrapped the whip from her neck as fast as she could, but her muscles were so paralyzed that everything felt like slow motion. The whip finally fell away just as Allison’s knee slammed into her chin.

Rose groaned and rolled away. Allison bent down to pick up the whip. Rose caught hold of Allison’s ankles and yanked hard. Allison came crashing down on the floor, but her hand still grabbed hold of the whip handle.

“YES!” Allison exclaimed.

“NOOOOOO!” Rose roared. She still had Allison’s ankles. She stood up and started dragging Allison on her stomach.

Allison tried popping the whip backward to catch Rose’s feet, but kept missing.

Rose spun around, dragging Allison in circles. A surge of adrenaline went through her body and she dragged Allison’s body in the air, spinning the Queen Bitch of the Company in the air. Her head hit the floor a couple of times, hard. She lost the whip on one of the rotations.

“STOP! I subbbmmmmitttttt!” Allison screamed.

Before she got too dizzy, Rose released Allison. Her boss went careening into the corner wall of the fuck fight palace. The petite Chinese woman’s body collapsed on the floor after several recoils. One of Allison’s stiletto heels flew up in the air and landed in her butt cheek. The petite woman’s body shivered and she cursed in Mandarin as her ass started leaking blood.

The victory sent shivers went up Rose’s spine. It was a close call, coming near death twice in one day. Her body felt like she had been in a car accident.

Judy clutched her leg against the opposite wall and gasped. “Do it, Rose. Finish it, now! We’ve suffered enough.”

The savage, vengeful catfire came back into her body. She would fight it no more.

Rose walked over to Allison and grabbed a fistful of her short hair. She cupped Allison’s neck the clutch of her arm and choked her. Blood was running down the side of Allison’s forehead.

“Please…” Allison sputtered. “You won, Mistress. I’ll be good…loyal slave…to you.” Tears came out of her eyes as Rose dragged her to the center of the arena. She pleaded in Mandarin: “Wo ai ni!” I love you.

“You’re lying,” Rose replied, and fell down hard on the floor. “I know you’ll never stop trying to enslave me. How can I be my own boss if I am not willing to fight dirty?”

Rose dropped down to one knee quickly, yanking Allison’s fragile neck across her kneecap. The sound of the break was soft and crisp, echoing throughout the suddenly still arena.

Barry awoke slowly. He heard their voices first, then saw their bare feet walking around on the carpet. He had spots in his eyes, which evaporated over time. His arms were behind his back. He tried to move his limbs, but they were restrained.

He brought his head up, to see Rose, Judy, and Kimo mulling around the video control room of his grand fuck-fight palace. They were all naked, looking at video monitors. His butler was at the far end of the room, tied to a table with handcuffs.

The blond cowgirl looked over at him.

“Now he’s awake,” Judy purred, cupping his chin with her palm. A bandage covered her cheek. Torns strips of his shirt were wrapped around her thigh. Light blood stains spotted it. “You’re lucky I didn’t break your neck.”

Barry remembered what had happened, and suddenly felt afraid. His biggest nightmare had occurred.

“How does it feel to be under someone else’s control?” Kimo snarled. A bandana was wrapped around her forehead, to protect the cut that Rose had inflicted. She sat down on a chair, backwards, and rolled over to Barry. Her razor sharp nail ran down his cheek and drew a painful trail of blood. “Now you ain’t got that little bitch to pimp and protect for you.”

Barry shook his head away from her finger. “Where the HELL is Allison?”

“Her ashes are in the bottom of your incinerator,” Rose replied. “Nice fucking setup you’ve got here.”

“Rose killed the bitch,” Kimo said, and pointed to her bare neck. “Called her bluff and broke the necklace. Fucking lying cunt!”

Barry said nothing. He had severely underestimated Rose. He started to shake with fear.

“We know everything now,” Rose said. “Your ownership of Paradise Island. The secret video cameras in the health club and the locker room. We’ve scanned a number of tapes in your collection. The ladies at the Company will be quite disgusted to learn that their lifestyle has been turned into your private fantasy. I’ve taken a few tapes to show them.”

He was hoping they hadn’t pulled out the tape that had been in the recorder for tonight’s match.

“I’ve already burned the tapes you made for tonight, cowboy!” Judy said. She laughed and crossed her arms under her breasts. “No one will see Allison’s death.”

“You’re alive for one reason, Barry,” Rose said, tilting Barry’s chin up so that he could look in her deadly serious eyes. “So that you can make me a Vice-President. Fuck this up, and your whole empire will come crashing down.”

Continued in Corporate Catfights: Chapter Epilogue

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