CelebFF’s Stories

CelebFF’s Stories
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I’ve been writing catfight stories for several years now under a few different aliases. Typically it’s with either celebrities or some sort of established fictional character involved. I’ve role-played these scenarios, posted stories on sites like Freecatfights.com and Female Celebrity Boxing Channel. I’m also quite fond of writing “Finish Her” style stories. With my biggest project though, “SPA” aka The Secret Protection Agency, I attempted to create an entire fictional universe where celebrities “play” stand-in original characters. For example, the main character of the SPA Universe is a secret agent named Agent Blue, however she is represented visually by Alexandra Daddario. This is kind of a meld of complete fantasy and the celebrity genres. It’s really important to me to be able to build this universe up how I originally intended it to be built, with multiple characters, storylines, and writing styles. The most important thing to me is to keep my stories fresh and to consistently try out new things. Sometimes they’ll work, sometimes they won’t. But you don’t know until you try.


This author can be contacted at celebfightfan@gmail.com

CelebFF’s Stories

Finish Her
Agent Blue vs Tasha Young

Warning: Non-Canon

Blue dropped her down onto the sand and straddled her. She pinned the blonde’s hands down and spread them out wide. In her signature blue bikini, Agent Blue glared down at Tasha.

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