Catscratch Fever: Chapter 3 by The Raven

I saw her in the health club on Friday, before she had noticed me. She was 5’4″, probably weighed about 140 pounds, white, had curly black hair that came down to her neck. She wore a black one piece leotard that exposed her powerful thighs, and medium sized breasts.

Helen looked great for her age.

She had to be around forty years old, judging from her TV appearances on S.O.W. That was back in the early eighties.

She was making a bee-line straight for Trang in the weight room.

“Hellcat.” I said, as she walked by. 

She stopped and looked at me.

“I’m a big fan of yours,” I said, offering my hand. She shook it and I felt a surge of electricity. I would have no trouble fucking this babe, given the opportunity, since I had fantasized about her for over ten years. “I’m also Trang’s–“

“Gil-fish,” Helen finished. “Oops! I mean, you’re Gil. Bad habit.” She grinned at me, and from the way her eyes looked into mine, I knew she was interested in me.

“OK, I forgive you. I know where you picked that up from. Trang’s looking forward to meeting you.”

“Not half as much as I am,” Helen remarked.

I walked her over and introduced her to my darling, who had just finished a set of reps. They exchanged a powerful handshake that lasted for minute, as they tested each other’s strength.

“You’ll do just fine,” Helen commented. Her eyes were looking over Trang’s body with catlust.

She swung both ways! I was ecstatic.

“So will you,” Trang purred back at her.

“Are you free later on tonight?” Helen asked.

We drove into a cul-de-sac and parked before Helen’s Spanish-style house. We walked around to the back porch and came upon a small courtyard. Next to the yard was a small patio, where Helen sat waiting for us. She was wearing a black bikini and black high heels.

My dick was about to leap out of my pants by itself in anticipation.

“I like a woman who comes on time to get her ass kicked,” Helen teased.

“I’m always prompt when it comes to dishing out punishment,” Trang retorted. She stripped off her clothes, revealing her own bikini.

“Come inside,” Helen said, opening the back door. “It’s still too hot out here.”

The inside of the house was cool and eclectically decorated. Helen led us through the kitchen and into the living room. On the way there, I noticed a picture of a semi-famous wrestler.

“Hey! Isn’t this Matadora from S.O.W.? Man, those fights you had with her on TV were something! They didn’t even look fake!”

“They were not fake,” Helen said sternly. “Many things on S.O.W. were fake, but never my battles with that spic bitch.” 

Helen the Hellcat paused before a row of monitors, that I had first mistaken to be stereo equipment. There was a bank of five Sony monitors, set upon a stereo stand along the wall. She began to turn on the monitors, which seemed to be viewing the same room at 5 different angles.

“I won all of this from Matadora the last time we fought.” Helen said, breaking the silence.

“You mean, this entertainment system?” Trang asked.

“No. I mean the entire house.” Helen started putting tapes into a bank of VCRs.

“What is this?” I asked her. “Where is this room we are viewing?”

“It’s in there.” Trang pointed, into what I had assumed was a formal dining room.

“Yes,” Helen answered, leading us both into the room. It was a room about 500 square feet big, with two doors on either side. One door entered from the living room, the other from the kitchen. But there was no dining table or furniture of any kind in the room. Instead of carpet there was a large, thick, aqua blue wrestling mat covering the entire floor. 

“This,” Helen announced, “is the Fuck-Fight Room.”

Trang noticed something funny about the floor as she walked around. She jumped up high and came down on the mat. There were vibrations.

“Yes,” Helen answered her. “The floor the mats lie upon have special coils between them and the ground. You’re less likely to get injured this way.”

“Wow!” I exclaimed. “Matadora must have spent a small fortune to make her own wrestling studio!”

“It’s not a wrestling ring.” Trang said. “It’s…”

“…the Fuck-Fight Room.” Helen finished.

“What’s the difference?” I asked her.

“The level of combat,” Helen replied. “Here there are no rules. Anything can happen. My opponent and I enter the room, totally naked. We wear nothing that could be used as a weapon. The minute we are both inside, the doors get locked behind us. The only way to open them is with my thumb print against this plate.” She pointed to an optical reader near the door. “Then we fight with whatever means necessary to subdue the other. We fight for the right to enslave the other for an entire day. For my opponent to win this right, total submission is not necessary–she only needs to force my thumb over that plate. For me to win, I must dominate her physically and wring a submission out of her.”

“Or…” Trang started.

“Or I could have knocked her out or injured her to the point where my victory is obvious.” Helen said. “It’s so unsatisfying when your victim has to be leave because they are too bloody. It won’t be that way with you, will it, my dear?”

“Ha!” Trang laughed. “It might be you who leaves in a body bag.” I could tell from the way her hips were swaying, that my lover was as excited about this as I was.

“I’m dead serious. Linda’s told me that you are worthy to be in this room. I want to fight you right here and now. And I want your man to screw me whenever I demand it after I win.”

Trang was glowing with catfire. “I’m going to beat some respect into you.” She started to remove her bikini.

“Take that off in the kitchen!” Helen pointed outside. “Leave all your clothes outside of the door. After we’re both nude, I’ll tell you when to step in, kitty!” 

I was getting aroused at the thought of them fighting in the room, naked, and without any rules or interference.

Helen looked at me standing lust-struck in the middle of the Fuck-Fight Room. She grabbed hold of my bulging crotch. “Lover boy, only fighters are allowed in here. You’ll have to watch this on the TVs outside.”

As I walked outside, to talk to Trang, Helen swacked me on the butt.

“Keep it stiff! I’ll be requiring it shortly.” The Hellcat cackled and stepped outside to strip off her own meager clothing.

Trang whipped her butt-thong bikini bottom off and wrapped it around my neck. 

“Listen baby, this one’s a pro. You gotta be cautious in there. She could do anything!”

“Relax, honey,” Trang said, placing her arms around my shoulders. I gave her a good luck kiss. “I know I can take that old hag. You’ll be humping me in victory soon. Get that big magic bus ready.”

“OK, step inside!” Helen yelled across the room.

Trang turned and walked inside the door. I watched her wonderfully toned, brown buns go inside, and the door close and lock behind her. As anxiety, fear, and lust all welled up inside me, I rushed into the living room to look at the monitors.

I reached them in time to see both nude women calmly walk into the room, eyes locked on each other’s face. Helen started taunting Trang.

“I’m glad you accepted my challenge, Ho. I’ve got a very important lesson to teach you.”

“How to grow old gracefully?” Trang replied. Her lip curled in disdain for her opponent.

“No. This is payback for Linda.” Helen said, circling Trang. Her eyes were glittering with catfire. “And to show you who rules the Catpack in Austin!”

Helen launched herself against Trang with an animal snarl. 

Trang ran to meet Helen, and suddenly the two naked women were enjoined in a gnarling hug. They looked like they were in a lovers embrace, but they were clawing, biting, tearing at each other. Little cat-like screams emanated from both of them.

Trang ran her fingernails down Helen’s back and bit her earlobe and cheeks. Helen bit into Trang’s shoulder, neck, and face. Meanwhile, Helen’s claws dug in fiercely into Trang’s bare buns. She kept working them into Trang’s butt, stabbing and clenching them over and over in the same location, while Trang did not scratch any one place too long on Helen’s body. 

That was what Linda meant by “sharpening your claws.” Helen’s fingernails were razor sharp and drawing blood! I saw Trang stop biting Helen and let out a bloody scream. My lover was temporarily stunned.

Helen used leverage to drive Trang straight back into a wall, hard. Hellcat grabbed hold of Trang’s knees and lifted her legs in the air. Trang fell down with her back slumped against the wall. Helen dragged Trang’s body out from the wall a bit. She dove her body into Trang’s midsection, holding and pressing my lover’s legs down. She did this to Trang a few times, before Trang caught Helen by pulling back her legs and kicking against Helen’s stomach. Helen flew across the room onto her back, but she was up on her feet as quickly as Trang.

Now the two women circled each other warily. Helen darted her hands in and out, trying to get hold of my femizon. With a lightning snap of her fist, Trang landed two blows against Helen’s face. One connected with Helen’s nose.

Trang quickly shifted position and kicked Helen’s chin, knocking Hellcat onto her back. 

Trang pounced on top of Helen. She sat down on top of Hellcat, backwards. Her bare ass was against Helen’s throat. Trang placed her legs on top of Helen’s arms. My fierce fighter grabbed hold of Helen’s legs and bent them backwards. Helen’s legs flailed in the air, but Trang had all the leverage to keep Hellcat down.

“Ha! Ha! Ha!” Trang laughed, shaking her head back and forth. “Who is teaching who now?”

It seemed like Helen had no where to go. But my darling did not think of everything. Applying the hold, her beautiful buns inched closer to Helen’s face. I saw Helen open her mouth wide, and clamp down hard on Trang’s right ass cheek.

Right in the same spot where Hellcat had clawed Trang so viciously before.

“Aie-yuhhh!” Trang yelled, and let go of Helen’s legs. She turned back and slapped Helen with the back of her hand across Helen’s bloody nose. 

The slap forced Helen to stop biting Trang’s bun. In quick retaliation, Hellcat brought her legs backwards. Her calves grabbed hold of Trang’s neck, and pulled my Chinese fighter’s upper body downward.

Now Helen was choking Trang with her lower legs. It was not an optimal position. Trang was still laying on top of her. Seeing Trang’s ass before her, Helen dove her nails into the same wounded spots. 

Trang screamed again.

My darling reached back with her own hands to grab Helen’s razor claws, and pulled them away. Trang sputtered and grunted against the force of Helen’s legs. She brought her knees up to her chest. With a surge of leg power, Trang let go of Helen’s hands and stood up. She had grabbed hold of Helen’s ankles and twisted around, breaking the choke hold. 

Helen was now lying on her stomach. 

Trang grabbed firm hold of the Hellcat’s ankles, and bent them backward towards Helen’s head, performing a Boston crab maneuver. Trang stood on Helen’s arms, in order to pin them flat on the mat.

I could see Trang’s lip protrude in a silly grin as she thought she once again had Helen. 

She continued bending Helen backwards, spreading her foe’s legs wider, making Hellcat grunt and groan. This continued for almost a minute. 

As I watched, my arousal continued to grow. It felt even more intense to me than the previous two catfights, because anything could happen. They were completely cutoff from me in that room. What if Helen really hurt Trang? I was helpless to prevent it.

That was the turn on, droogies. I found myself rooting for the Hellcat, though I’d never admit it to my lover.

Once again, there was a tiny opening in Trang’s attack that Helen could exploit. Trang stood on top of Helen’s upper arms, but the lower arms were free. 

To gain her freedom, Helen grabbed hold of Trang’s ankles to use as leverage, in order to kick her legs harder. The Hellcat dug her nails into Trang’s skin, making my darling lose concentration for a moment. Helen kicked free of Trang’s crab hold.

Hellcat quickly got to her knees, and stood up halfway. Her head came just under Trang’s crotch. Trang caught Helen’s midsection in a bear hold, trying to press her back down. The two naked wrestlers strained against each other, Trang bending her knees to press down on Helen’s back, Helen trying to push up as hard as she could. The pair waddled around the room a bit in their awkward embrace. Trang bit down on Helen’s lower back. But Helen’s claws once again dove into Trang’s bloody buns. 

Trang screamed. Helen rose higher and flipped Trang over. My lover landed flat on her back.

Helen jumped on top of Trang’s chest, pining her arms under her knees. She slapped Trang hard against her face about a half dozen times very quickly. 

“Ho Ho Ho! Can you take it?” Helen balled up her right hand into a fist, and punched Trang’s breasts repeatedly. 

I heard Trang groaning through the door.

Trang raised up her legs to ensnare Helen’s chest. She rammed the Hellcat back down onto the mat. 

Helen quickly rolled away. Both women got on their feet at about the same time. I could see that Trang was furious, her face reddened by the blows of Helen’s hand. Helen had a look of pure animalistic joy, like a tigress hunting her prey.   Helen rushed towards Trang and fired her right fist towards Trang’s head. Trang dodged the blow and caught Helen’s right hand in her left armpit. She smashed her right elbow down hard on Helen’s upper arm.

Hellcat squealed.

Trang quickly let go of Helen’s arm and grabbed her curly black hair with both hands. She pulled Helen’s head down with a jerk, bringing her knee up quickly to smash into Helen’s jaw. 

Trang let out a short yell to psyche herself and her opponent. 

Helen was stunned by Trang’s head blow. My femizon dug both sets of fingernails into Helen’s breasts, squeezed hard, and pushed Helen backward against the wall. Trang then took a step back and launched a series of super-quick blows against Helen’s tits, and smashed Hellcat once again in the face.
It looked Helen was done for. But she had more surprises left.

Hellcat reached out with both hands to grab Trang’s shoulders. Quickly jerking her body forward, Hellcat rammed her head into Trang’s temple for an agonizing head butt that surely must have hurt both fighters. 

But Helen had planned for it. She moved through the pain first. 

Hellcat rammed her right knee up into Trang’s groin four times, which made my lover double over in agony.

Helen spat out blood from her mouth over to the floor. She walked around Trang, grabbed hold of her hair, straightened her upright, only to furiously ram Trang into the wall, face first. Helen dug her sharpened claws once again into Trang’s buns. 

This time I could see a ripping criss-cross motion. Drops of blood spattered on the mat like red rain. An agonizing wail erupted from my femizon.

Helen started hammering Trang with kidney punches. I heard tiny yelps and screams through the walls.

Then Helen went for the finishing touch. She encircled Trang’s neck with her right arm, and dragged her backwards a few feet. Then she suddenly dropped to one knee, bringing Trang’s neck down on top of it.

The look on Trang’s face was deadly. She didn’t even make a sound. Her lips formed an “O” shape, like she was trying to scream, but couldn’t.

What have I done? I asked myself. My fuck-fetish for female wrestling might have snapped my girlfriend’s neck! I was terrified. Yet, I have to say that in my fear, I was also very turned on. I had slipped off my pants and underwear. I saw my penis protruding almost straight north. 

My girlfriend was getting creamed and my hard-on was erupting.

God help me, I wanted to fuck Helen’s brains out. I felt somewhat guilty, but gave into my naked and out-of-control lust.

Thankfully, Trang’s neck was not snapped, broken, or injured. Helen’s expert blow was merely very painful and momentarily paralyzing.

Helen did not stop. She removed her knee and Trang slumped to the ground. Helen stood over Trang. Holding her hands clasped and pointing at Trang’s gut, Hellcat dropped to the floor. Her clenched fists crashed down into Trang’s diaphragm, crushing the wind out of my lover. 

Trang sat up. Only by reflex. Helen grabbed her by the hair and punched her twice in the nose. My darling’s head slammed back on the mat.

Hellcat picked up Trang’s legs and twirled my lover over onto her stomach. She took hold of Trang’s calves, and dropped down hard again, slamming them against my femizon’s thighs. Helen took both of Trang’s arms and bent them behind her back. She leaned her head down and bit Trang’s earlobe on either side. 

Trang screamed bloody murder. 

I knew then she was still okay. If Trang could scream, she wasn’t too bad off.

“Give it up, Trang! Acknowledge your mistress and your superior!” Helen barked. 

Trang squinted and shook her head, writhing around, trying to find some way out of the hold. Helen pressed her body even harder against Trang’s, increased the pressure on her arms, and bit hard into several places along Trang’s neck and back. Both women were sweating and had blood coming out of the noses and lips.

Helen rejoiced in her oncoming triumph. That sweet, supreme moment when a catfighter has total control over another woman. I almost wish you could see it in person, my droogies.

“Aieeeeeeeeeee” Trang screamed. “I….give….”

“What was that, my pet?” Helen asked, “I can’t hear you!” She bit Trang’s earlobes again.

Trang screamed again. “I give up. You are…my one true mistress. Please…please stop!”

Helen released Trang’s arms. “Don’t fuck with eagles if you don’t know how to fly, kitty.” She grinded her fallen foe’s face into the mat.

The victor stood up and went over to a cupboard in the room. She removed a towel and wiped the blood and sweat off her face. Helen looked directly into the video camera, addressing me: “You better honor your word, or I’ll really hurt her.”

I ran to the door of the Fuck-Fight Room. “Don’t worry, I’ll live up to my end of the deal! Just stop the fighting. She’s had enough!”

Yeah! Try to keep me away, droogies! An army couldn’t hold me back.

The doors opened slowly with a hum. I saw Trang lying on her back, eyes closed, breathing heavily. Helen was looking at my penis that was bobbing up and down.

“Oh, you like me!” Helen said coyly. “You really, really like me!”

Totally naked, I rushed over to Helen and embraced her. She was sweaty, sticky, but I reveled in the taste of her victory. I kissed her passionately and my penis rubbed up against her vagina. I quickly picked her up by the legs and put her back against the wall. She reached down, grabbed hold of my dick and guided it into her cunt I pumped her hard up against the wall with my piston.

“It’s been a while since I had a good hot cock,” Helen whispered. “It feels so good.” 

I continued my gyrations.

“Oh…Oh…set me down…I need to lay down,” Helen gasped. I began to set her down on the mat when she stopped me. “No…set me down…on top of her.”

I didn’t stop to think, I just laid her down very gently, so that her head rested near Trang’s breasts. My darling barely reacted.

Helen guided me into her vagina again, and placed her hands on my hips to show me the rhythm she wanted. While I pumped my rod into her, I kissed her on the mouth and played with her breasts. She seemed ready to come, and wrapped her arms around Trang’s legs for leverage, to swivel her hips and get the motion she needed. 

“Oh what a good fuck…go! go! go!” Helen moaned, as she came with a jerk of her hips. 

My orgasm would be much more prolonged. 

I kept thrusting and grinding. Helen turned around and we fucked doggie style. She lay her chest down on Trang’s, grabbed the nearby towel, and wiped the blood off Trang’s face. Helen grabbed hold of Trang’s hands and pressed them above her head on the floor. She swirled her tongue around Trang’s nipples, kissed her mouth and face.

Trang seemed to stir and respond.

“Oh, honey,” Helen said to her, looking into her eyes. “What a good fuck your boyfriend is giving me. Oooff! And he’s so much more excited with me than he is with you, I bet. Ahhh! Guess he just needed a real catfighter, huh? Don’t worry, I’ll give him back to you someday…woof!…when I’m bored with him…oh my god, it’s so big!” She kissed Trang deeply, snapped her head up and gave out a cunning laugh. 

“Yes! Yes! Yes!” Helen yelled, coming again.

Watching her taunt Trang gave me that extra excitement I needed to come. 

I took off inside Helen like a NASA rocket at the launch bay in Cape Canaveral.

I rolled over onto my back. Helen slipped off of Trang and lay on top of me, resting her head on my chest. We caressed each other and enjoyed our post-wrestling-fuck high for about five minutes, enjoying the endorphins exploding through our brains.

Then Helen touched my face and said: “Your girlfriend’s bleeding all over the place. Take her into the bathroom and doctor her up. Use the medicine cabinet for her wounds. Put her in the front bedroom. Then come join me in the bedroom behind the kitchen. We’ll have a nice bath.”

I reached under Trang’s shoulders and got her to stand up, somewhat shakily. I kissed her cheek and whispered praises for her spirit in her ear.

“Hurry up,” Helen commanded, a sexy, sly grin on her face. “The fun’s only just begun…”

The water stung Trang’s scratched and cut skin, but it stopped the bleeding quickly. I inspected her ass as she stepped out of the shower. 

Trang looked like she had been mauled by a tigress. 

I rubbed a special herbal salve that Helen kept in the medical cabinet on Trang’s buns, then bandaged them up so that she could at least sit down comfortably. I gave her an aspirin to dull the pain and a valium to help her relax. I put her into Helen’s bed and rubbed a deep-heating gel into her muscles.

My fallen femizon was too exhausted to talk. I knew she was kicking herself for letting Helen get the better of her. After my massage and tiny kisses, she quietly went to sleep.

I walked past the kitchen, into the back bedroom. I followed the sounds of water until I found Helen, soaking in a huge bathtub.

“Come on in, lover boy,” Helen seductively purred, “The water’s fine and the company’s not too bad, either.”

I stepped into the warm, soapy water and slid on top of Helen’s firm body. My arms encircled her chest and I kissed her passionately on the lips.

“I need a massage, darling,” Helen said, flipping over on her stomach. “Your little kitten put a few kinks in my back.”

I began massaging her broad shoulders. Helen’s neck and back muscles were as tight as steel cables. “God! You’re so tight. It takes all the strength in my hands just to loosen you up a little bit.”

“You’re doin’ fine, darlin’. Uuugghh! Fuck-fighting ain’t for the weak, not even when it’s against a rookie like your little pet.”

“She had you on the ropes for a few moments in there. She came close to nailing your ass.”

“You’re so naive. But you’re a good fuck. I admire that. Down lower…lower…that’s it, there!”

“So, how many women have you lured into your little room there?”

“I lost track after the first dozen or so…”

My penis had settled along the crack between her ass. As I massaged and admired Helen’s wonderful back, it grew ever more rigid.

“Ummmm…your big boy is coming back again.” Helen started rubbing her ass gently against my penis. “Tell me, what’s the bigger turn on for you?”


“Seeing your girlfriend trounce another lady for you…or watching her get her ass kicked?”

I thought about it for a few seconds, but my psychoanalytical skills were rapidly fading as she pressed her buns up against the undershaft of my hard-on.

“Both have a pretty good effect on me…”

Helen laughed.

“Let me stick it in your ass, Hellcat. I know you’ve been to Brazil!”

“You like a little ass fucking, huh? You’re a little fetishist after my own heart.”

“Sodomy, Asian girls, female wrestling, amazonian babes, a little light torture, I got ’em all, sweetheart!” I pointed the tip of my dick at Helen’s asshole.

She stepped out of the tub, tiny little waterfalls hitting the rug. “Not now, buddy. At least not yet. If you’re good and play along with me, I might give you a treat later.”

I followed her out of the tub. “You’re going to let such a good hard-on go to waste?”

Helen dabbed at her body with a towel. “I never waste anything, honey!” She leaned her body forward, placing her hands on the sink for support, and spread her legs. “Come on, give it to me from the rear! I want to watch you fuck me in the mirror!”

I jammed my thick dick into her snatch, and drove her body all the way into the nearby bed.

After midnight, we were sipping wine coolers out on Helen’s porch. I reflected on how I had achieved a large part of what I had dreamed of for so long. Trang was blossoming as a catfighter. I had just met and fucked one of the wrestlers I had admired for over ten years. I had to pinch myself.

“I’ve wondered about you for so long,” I said to Helen, “About how you got your start as a wrestler? How you joined S.O.W.? And what have been doing since it went off the air?”

“Guess I’m lucky to have a few fans left,” Helen laughed. She scratched her large lab, Woofie, behind the ears. “I’ve had a pretty interesting life. I wish I could have written it down, but I don’t have the patience or the time.”

“Tell me! I’ll make your story into a book.”

“Yeah, right.” She took another sip of wine.

“No, no, really. I’m very interested in you. I mean, even more than as a sexual icon. I want to know everything about your life. How you got to this city. That amazing fight with Matadora!”

Helen stared at me for a while, as if she were judging the sincerity of my statement. “OK, but this could take a while.”

“I’m not sleepy.” I was full of adrenaline after what had just happened.

“So am I. Catfighting always does it to me.”

“Let’s begin, then. Do you have a tape recorder?”

What follows next, my droogies, is Helen’s story, told in her own words. I managed to hold on to the tape through thick and thin, so that I could make good on my promise to Helen one day. I owed it to her, for taking the rest of that morning to tell me her story. 

I wish I knew all of the details. We only had time for the highlights. Since Reader’s Digest won’t print it, I’m including it along with my story here.

Hellcat, this is for you, baby. Wherever you are now, we remember you, and love you dearly.

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