Checkmate: Part 2 – Heaven and Hell

Several months have passed since Queen Elena had lost her fight against young Mei Lin. Very soon, the Triad began to operate also in Europe, extending the control to an oil spill.

But even if the queen had been defeated, private organizations were not, and Madame Shi knew it. There were numerous obstacles in continuing to import goods and materials from another territory, since many opposed them by exploiting the absence of the queen. The Triad had to work hard to overcome those obstacles, assimilating those who wanted to negotiate and fighting against those who wanted to fight. Obviously, all private meetings, so as not to attract attention. And this is where Mei Lin learned of her new rival.

They were in a room of a luxurious hotel. Mei Lin and her new toy, a member of the latest assimilated organization, were staying in an anonymous room like a normal couple. However, the truth is that they were there waiting for other people. The champion of the opposing organization was a smaller blonde than Mei Lin. Hair tied in a ponytail, with modest breasts and slightly taller than the Asian.

It was a one-sided confrontation, Mei Lin played with her opponent until she was satisfied with the girl’s groans of pain. The beginning of the fight was a simple test of strength, but while the blonde was struggling to push her opponent back, the Asian pushed without problems. Once on the bed, they fought relentlessly, but Mei Lin was always ahead. When the Asian decided to end it, she blocked the girl on the bed, rising above her and blocking her arms with her knees. She started slapping her until surrender.

“Pathetic…” Mei Lin smiled bitterly as he rose.

The blonde remained on the bed, covering her face with her eyes. She had been easily defeated. She was destroyed both inside and out.

“Fuck… I knew… She told me,” the blonde muttered softly.

Mei Lin immediately took those words. She went back to the girl and grabbed her hair. The blonde quickly grabbed the Asian’s hands trying to break free, but Mei Lin was too strong.

“What did she tell you?”

The blonde didn’t answer immediately, so the Asian pushed her on her stomach, pushing the girl’s head against the bed.

“Tell me!”

“They told me to be careful! That you were strong but I didn’t listen to it! I thought I was stronger than you!”


“I” said a voice behind her.

Mei Lin whirled around, taken aback. Leaning against the open door was a girl with long dark hair. Her gaze was full of pride of those who know they can do anything. Mei Lin slowly rose from the bed, facing the stranger.

“And you are?”

“The one that will kick your ass”

Mei Lin smiled. She felt that the girl was not joking… and she liked it.

“I am very curious to see how you do…”

Both girls approached, reaching a few inches, with their arms on their sides. Mei Lin finally managed to see that the girl in front of her had a build very similar to her. But what struck her was her breasts. Even behind that white dress, they looked bigger than her. Indeed, she was sure they were.

“I will… and I will regain the power I deserve”

That sentence struck Mei Lin in the face.

“I didn’t know the queen had a daughter,” Mei Lin smiled, eyeing the girl in front of her.

“You don’t know many things… and you’ll never know them,” replied the princess.

Her attention then turned to the defeated girl, who now watched the scene sitting on the bed. With a single movement of her head, the princess ordered her to leave. Immediately, the blonde hurried out of the room, without speaking and with her head lowered. Mei Lin didn’t even try to stop her. She was too busy staring at that girl so like her.

“Your name” began the Asian “I want to know your name”

The princess shook her head, smiling. She didn’t answer, and turned to leave, but when she reached the door, she paused on it.

“Alessandra,” she said

And Alessandra left the room, leaving an elated Asian girl with the discovery of a new rival.

It took little time to organize things. After a week, Madame Shi received the invitation from the princess that would lead to the fight. Alessandra wanted to fight against the girl who had defeated her mother, and against anyone else. The place would have been a building set up for the occasion, under the eyes of both parties. Elena listened carefully. When she heard that her daughter wanted to fight, she immediately felt proud of her. But at the same time, she was afraid. Her daughter could not win a fight that even she could not overcome. She would have been defeated. Madame Shi and her family were busy organizing the battle, so she, who was on a par with the last wheel of the wagon, had freedom of movement. She had to help her daughter, and she already knew how to do it.


Far from prying eyes, in a dark suburban street, a local always has a customer to satisfy. The neon turns on and off intermittently, while the word “The Underworld” dominates a modest entrance.

Shouted the woman.

It was incredible to be able to feel so much pain and so much pleasure at the same time. The figure above her hit her again with a whip, causing another groan. Meanwhile, the dildo beneath her kept coming out and entering, pushed by the machinery on which she was tied.

“Do you like it, bitch?” Said the figure.

The woman could not answer, the machinery became faster and she felt filled with a new wave of pleasure. A new lash struck her on the naked breast that she danced free.

“Answer to Matilde, the Dominatrix!”

A beautiful woman in black latex was armed with a whip and walked around the woman who rode the strange machinery. Her huge breasts bounced with each step. The woman forced herself to reply, but her voice came out like a sharp moan of pleasure.

“Yeeeeees!” The woman screamed as she came for the umpteenth time.

It continued for several minutes, until the spell was interrupted by the sound of a clock. The trill slowed the machine down until it stopped. The number of lashes decreased, until it stopped. The woman remained motionless, panting nonstop. The dominatrix approached the woman, whispering in her ear.

“The time of the Dominatrix is over. It’s time to go,” the Dominatrix whispered.

The woman had to get help to get up from the machine, as the numerous orgasms had made it very difficult to stand. Two bodyguards escorted the woman out, while a maid handed a letter to the Dominatrix. While wiping the sweat with a towel, the Dominatrix began to read the contents of the sheet of paper. Apparently, her queen demanded her services. Her ability to bend other women to her will was perfect for weakening the princess’s opponent. The Dominatrix would have earned a new toy for her collection, as well as the honor of serving her queen. The Dominatrix licked her lips.

“It’s time to punish someone,” said the Mistress while cracking the whip.


The day of the battle arrived quickly. Many models and friends of the princess were invited to see that fight, as were many of Mei Lin’s guests. Both liked to be the center of attention, and everyone would have seen which one was the best.

The building consisted of several floors, and seemed to be made almost entirely of glass. It developed on three floors but only the first two floors were accessible, given that the third was still under construction.

“What a picturesque place,” said Madame Shi as she got out of the car.

Behind her, a series of black cars stopped after her. A large number of people descended, mostly women. Many of them were all dressed elegantly, while others were more formal. Waiter. Together with Madame Shi, Mei Lin, the queen and three other people descended. One of them was the new young Asian man and a girl. The latter held both the man and Mei Lin by the hand as they walked inside the building. The last woman, however, fell behind the group, who were heading towards the entrance where a woman patiently waited at the entrance. She had been charged with escorting the people who would arrive at their respective locations.

“You must win, Mei,” said Madame Shi solemnly.

“As always,” the girl replied firmly.

They came after climbing the stairs on the first floor. The lobby was a normal room, if there were not three strange machines. Mei Lin looked at them curiously, especially because of the metal dildo covered in pink rubber that pointed upwards and the straps on the sides.

“What will they be?” I think the Asian is a bit worried.

Up the stairs, the members of the Triad were divided, Mei Lin towards the area of the struggle, and all the others towards the stands. This obviously didn’t apply to Madame Shi, who would have been in a private room. First, the Asian girl was taken to the dressing rooms to change. There were different types of clothes, but Mei Lin knew exactly what to wear when she saw it. A red bathrobe and her black lingerie. He knew his rival had also chosen something similar.

However, nobody knew that someone was already plotting in the shadows.


When Mei Lin entered the arena, she saw with her own eyes what was waiting for her. On a stool, on the other side of the room, there was Alessandra. Around them, so many eyes peering at them. Both right and left there were different people waiting anxiously for the start of the fight, including Elena, so as to prove her inferiority compared to Madame Shi who looked from another room, completely alone. In front of her she could see her man in a comfortable chair. The spectators’ rooms looked out on them unimpeded. The walls of the arena were made of glass, and allowed the view also on the lower level compared to them. That building was strange, built by the royal family for receptions and real confrontations. It was their battlefield. A place where those who fought were visible to everyone. Mei Lin felt electrified.

“It’s there because I want you to see yourself perfectly as you submit to me,” said Alessandra, smiling mischievously, referring to the Asian man.

As Mei Lin thought, Alessandra wore a white bathrobe, which perfectly hid every part of the body down to the knees.

“I see we have the same tastes,” the Asian smiled.

“You’re greedy for attention, I knew you would have chosen the bathrobe” the princess stared at her “but after tonight, I don’t think anyone will look at you again”

“Big words for one that sends the others to do the dirty work” the Asian hissed.

“Whore” she hissed back at the European.

“cxnt” answered the Asian, putting her hands on her hips and revealing her lingerie “When do we start?”

Alessandra composed herself, smiling.

“Looking forward to losing?

“No…” the Asian replied, sitting down in her chair, perfectly in front of her rival. They were a few meters away from each other “I am only anxious to see how long it will take you to ask for mercy”

Alessandra grunted with amusement.

“I am not my mother… You won against her, but I am different” the princess leaned her elbows on her legs, so that the adversary could have full vision of her tits “But here it is not about strength or age. Here it is about strength and form. It will be a thing between you and me, between my tits and yours… until you fall”

The princess finished the sentence leaning back on the back of the chair, while the audience laughed at the Asian. Mei Lin boiled with anger and happiness at the same time. This bitch wanted to fight with her, in the same competition she had won against her mother.

“You’re right, you’re not like your mother,” intervened Mei Lin “she would have used fewer words and gone straight to the facts”

With these words, Mei Lin took off her bra, revealing her incredible breasts. Alessandra watched eagerly for the tits that had defeated the queen’s. They were a dangerous obstacle, and had to be eliminated. The Asian smiled when she realized where her rival’s attention was focused, clutching her breasts in her arms to greatly increase her cleavage.

“Your mother had the same expression as you,” Mei Lin said, amused.

Alessandra grunted in response, cursing the fact that the Asian’s boobs were so huge. Her mother had always said that there was no woman who could match the size of their breasts. Yet Mei Lin was in front of her. And to make matters worse, Madame Shi had a more prosperous breast than her daughter. She had to strive to maintain her apparent security.

“I’ll be honest, I’m really great” Alessandra started to say as she unfastened her bra “but there will always be someone bigger than you!”

When her breast leaped out, Mei Lin’s mouth opened suddenly. The girl’s tits in front of her were incredibly huge. Their shape was perfect in every little curve, the dark nipples were so inviting and fierce. They weren’t like the queen’s tits, they were little smaller, but Mei Lin suddenly felt the fear of having taken the longest step of her leg. Alessandra in turn squeezed her breast with her arms, still increasing its size while the Asian closed her mouth and pretended not to notice.

“Your eyes betray your security, sweet”

Mei Lin narrowed her eyes, hissing. She didn’t want to give the European satisfaction… but her tits were so incredible that it was hard to resist the temptation to look at them. She still managed to keep her gaze long enough to make the European lose her smile. An acoustic sound marked the beginning of the fight.

“I’ll flatten your boobs so much that they’ll look like pancakes. And after beating you, I will think of your dear mother! “

Alessandra gets up from her chair and slams her to the ground with her right leg and walked towards the center of the room, waiting for the arrival of Mei Lin. The Asian smiles and stands up sensually, moving arrogantly towards her rival, showing that the girl’s threats had not taken effect.

Mei Lin’s last step made sure her breasts were a few millimeters away from Alessandra’s tits, showing everyone that she had the biggest pair. Their breasts rise and fall as they breathe close together, staring at each other. With each inhalation, their breasts touch each other for a few seconds, before returning to their place. Both knew they had to beat each other and Alessandra was convinced that it only took a few minutes to crush Mei Lin. The European smiled wickedly and moved slightly forward, so that their breasts were pressed together with each breath. Mei Lin moved forward in response, proving she wasn’t scared. Immediately, the flesh of their boobs started fighting to keep their shape. The people around cheer on their princess, sure that it will be a walk for her.

“I’ll show you what it means to be a woman, bitch”

Mei Lin laughed tastefully.


Matilde walked in the long, white corridors, as she heard the shouting of the crowd on the upper floor. It was incredible how many people had come to see that fight. There were women from all over the country, curious to discover the elusive force of the Asian empire. It didn’t happen every day to see the princess fight, the public battles were so rare that they hardly believed their eyes when they heard the news. There were so many people that some couldn’t even sit and had to stand up. Not that she cared, they just wanted to see the princess at work.

“Sorry if I ruin the show, girls,” the dominatrix said softly as she headed for the dressing room.

The queen’s orders had been clear: she had to punish Mei Lin enough to make sure she would lose without problems. And who better than she could do it? She had punished countless women, from simple peasant women to aristocratic women. She knew exactly what to leverage, she knew exactly where to hit. She was feared and respected for her gift, and the title assigned to her by the queen herself made her even more enthusiastic. The Dominatrix. She, who dominated other people. An apt name. And today she would dominate another person. An Asian girl who had dared to think she could defeat the princess.

The door to the dressing room was closed, and still no one seemed to have arrived. There was not a living soul around, as everyone was in the stands, eager for the show to begin. She pulled a copy of the dressing room keys, obtained with the queen’s instructions, from her leather jacket. She smiled as she heard the sound of the door opening. She closed it slowly behind her, trying not to make any noise.

“Always be careful,” the woman thought as she remained in the darkness of the dressing room.

But as soon as the door closed again, Matilde realized that something was wrong. When she reached the center of the room, the dominatrix smelled sweet. A woman’s perfume. How was it possible? No one had entered yet, and that perfume was not her.

The lights came on suddenly, and Matilde winced. She whirled around and understood what was happening. In front of the door, near the switch, there was a girl. She wasn’t Mei Lin, she was sure of it. It was a little higher, and in her eyes there was an unmistakable malice. The girl licked her lips as she locked the door behind her.

“Who the hell are you?” The dominatrix asked angrily, taking a few steps back.

The girl stopped abruptly before smiling again. Matilde looked at her completely. She was a beautiful girl, with a full and round breast. She was dressed like a normal teenager, with a low-cut shirt that left nothing to the imagination and tight jeans that enhanced her legs and bottom.

“Did you really think we would fall in your dirty tricks?” Replied the girl “You underestimated us, don’t you think?”

“Who are you? Where is Mei Lin? “Matilde’s voice betrayed a search for insecurity.

“Miss Li is in another room, my room. Madame asked me to exchange dressing rooms, and now I understand why…”

Matilde bit her lip. The Asians had predicted their move. She had fallen into a trap. Or maybe not? The Dominatrix understood that if the girl was there, in front of her talking, there was a reason. And she had understood it. She smiled as she took a step forward.

“So, you’re here to stop me,” said the dominatrix.

“The task of Becki Li is to avoid the intrusion of the woman called The Dominatrix. Or so Madame Shi was told,” the girl replied.

“Stop me? You, a little girl? Don’t make me laugh” Matilde scoffed.

“Test me, cxnt” challenged Becki.

The Dominatrix stopped before saying another word. This arrogant girl was challenging her. This girl didn’t recognize her value. This girl would have paid her. Matilde smiled, approaching quickly. Her hand was fast, but Matilde didn’t hear the loud noise of her hand against the cheek of that girl. The momentum of her arm continued without encountering obstacles. A second later, she felt a strong pain in her stomach. Becki had subsided just before she was hit, and immediately after her hand had passed her head and missed her completely, she punched the woman’s stomach in front of her quickly with a punch.

Matilde staggered back, holding her belly tight.

“Fucking bitch” she hissed as she stood up.

The dominatrix came closer again, but this time there would be no going. The girl had already raised her hands in a guard position, without losing her smile.

Matilde again looked for the girl’s face, clenching her hand in a fist, but this time too the blow failed. Becki immediately responded with a left to the woman’s abdominals, followed by an upright that hit the enormous bouncing breast of the opponent. Matilde yelped, but quickly managed to recover. She charged a new punch and this time went to the mark. Her hand pierced the girl’s stomach, making her flinch a little. The Dominatrix charged a second shot but was stopped by the girl’s defense again ready to fight. A few more blows were exchanged, almost all of them being signed. Matilde’s last shot went empty again, and Becki kicked the woman’s belly. The Dominator found herself backing away again, then taking a little break from the fight. Although the fight had lasted not even ten minutes, the girl seemed to have just started to get serious, unlike her who was already feeling breathless.

“Nasty bitch…” Matilde hissed as she pulled herself up.

She took off her jacket, finally remaining in her black latex robe. Her breasts were bursting, threatening to break the dress at any moment. Matilde immediately grabbed her trusty whip on her belt, making her snap to the ground. Becki immediately fixed the weapon, before returning to look at the woman in the eyes.

“Now you will pay for what you did to me,” the Dominatrix threatened with a wicked smile on her lips.

She cracked the whip once again, while Becki waited in the guard position. She didn’t know if she could move. The blow was quick, the whip hit the girl’s right arm, which grunted with sudden pain. A second blow came on the left thigh, causing her to back off.

“Now you don’t make the bold anymore, eh?” The Dominatrix screamed as she continued to make her trusty whip dart.

The blows were fast and sharp, and they were not always covered by Becki’s arms. A new blow took her on the cheek, and almost did not make the girl fall to the ground. Matilde laughed heartily.

“Take it!” She shouted, causing the whip to whirl once more.

But her smile disappeared when Becki grabbed the rope that had just struck her. The girl was panting, with the shirt cut in several parts which reveals her perfect skin. In her eyes there was still the same arrogance of the beginning. Matilde looked at her with hatred.

“Let it! Leave it, you ugly bitch! ”The woman shouted as she tried to whip.

But Becki pulled accordingly, trying not to let go of the whip. The two began to pull the weapon with their own strength, trying to free the other’s grip with sharp blows. Becki grabbed the rope with another hand, and again, approaching the woman. Matilde continued incessantly to pull, trying to free the whip from the girl’s hands. But Becki was getting closer and closer. What could she do? She could not abandon her whip, not that girl. The blow came quickly. Becki’s hand hit her in the face, pushing her back. She lost his grip on the whip, and fell to the ground. She immediately looked up to see Becki towering over her, with the whip in her hand. She closed her eyes when she saw the whip move towards her, but instead of feeling a sharp pain, she felt only her whip fall on her. She opened her eyes, not understanding what was happening and saw her weapon not far from her, at Becki’s feet. She looked up to see the girl’s serious look on her.

“I don’t need this to stop you. If you’re a woman, get up and fight like a woman,” the girl said, stepping back a few steps.

Matilde could grab the whip and return to the attack. She could win by using the whip, she could choke her by tying the whip around her neck. But Becki’s words weighed on her mind. The Dominatrix got up, without giving a glance to her beloved whip, and stared at the girl in front of her. Both were panting, but Matilde was more anxious than her rival.

“If you are a real Dominatrix, show it to me,” said Becki, removing her cut shirt “Fight against me as a woman and dominate me… if you can”

Becki’s naked breast frightened Matilde. It was huge, maybe like her. Was it possible that Asian girls had such big boobs? The girl’s challenge was as clear as the Sun. But she was the Dominatrix. She smiled as she removed the top of her dress, letting her breasts out in the open. Becki swallowed when she saw the woman’s breast. She didn’t expect it to be so huge.

“Don’t fool yourself, little girl. My tits are better than yours and they will grind your crumbling bags flat!” the dominatrix grinned, rather confident. “There is no woman who can beat me”

Becki Li narrowed her eyes.

“I’m going to destroy you” growled the Asian bomb “I’ll obliterate all the fat you call tits from your European slutty chest” her tone was sour, not as calm as the one used so far “I’ll destroy you so much… that I’ll take your title from Dominatrix!”

Matilde’s eyes widened at the thought of giving up her title to an Asian slut. She didn’t think twice about throwing herself at the girl in front of her. Both pairs of breasts crashed together with a loud snap. Their tits pressed against their counterparts, the meat trembled on impact while the two women continued to grind their breasts together even after the first impact. Matilde’s breasts went a little to the outside, but they didn’t seem to surrender to the young woman’s tits. Each fighter immediately put her hands on the opponent’s shoulders, then began to slowly push their tits against each other.

The Dominatrix was the first grunt, followed by a deep sigh from Becki. Neither of them seemed to want to give the rival satisfaction to see their reaction. Becki’s boobs held up well, curving slightly as she met the full breast of the Dominatrix, making it impossible for anyone to win the battle.

After the initial battle, they both slid their breasts over each other, forcing each pair to move and bend before reshaping themselves under the force of the rival pair. There were no visual signs to determine which pair of tits had more strength. Becki Li tried several times to slide her tits over Matilde’s, but the brunette slid slightly, preventing it from happening. They still kept their hands on each other’s shoulders as they began to rub their breasts against each other.

Breathing deeply, the young girl arched her back and pushed her tits out, pushing Matilde’s huge breast into her chest. The Dominatrix grunted with surprise and pain as her rival’s globes enveloped her most pair. She gritted her teeth, not believing she was in trouble right away. She arched her back, pushing back the Asian breast.

“I’m flattening your weak and saggy tits,” Becki sighed.

“Are you blind, Asian bitch?” replied Katie with a hiss “I can already hear your empty bags crumble against me”

Becki grunted in surprise as Matilde sent her left breast against the young woman’s tit. Becki returned the favor, hitting the Dominatrix’s right tit. Both women broke away before slamming their breasts together. Once again, the tits were pressed together at the moment of impact, their flesh rippling. The Dominatrix turned as she grunted and moaned against her rival.

The Asian girl moved her hands over Matilde’s arms, to continue pushing her tits forward as before. But the brunette slid her breasts down before Becki could consolidate her grip, and threw herself upwards. The Dominatrix’s tits hit the lower part of her breast, sending her upwards. Becki moaned.

“What’s up?” asked the Dominatrix while looking at Becki’s incredibly firm breasts flying towards the girl’s face “Your weak little breast can’t stand the strength of my strongest tits?”

The woman continued with the assault, slamming from left to right and violently twisting her hips. Her right breast slammed against Becki’s right side, almost making it fly to the left. The Asian girl swore loudly while facing her rival’s bursting assault.

“Did you really think you could compete with me, Chinese bitch? My big and powerful tits are destroying your pathetic breast without even a drop of sweat!” the Dominatrix giggled “I think it’s time to accept the truth! I have perfect tits, and only I can be the Dominatrix!”

Becki growled furiously, pushing forward violently. Their breasts were pressed again, without being able to gain advantage over the other pair. But this time, their boobs didn’t have time to get back to their original shape that the two women crashed together again. They grabbed again, taking each other’s arms, slowly pushing their tits together. Neither showed signs of hesitation, as sweat began to make their breasts shine.

The women looked at how their breasts moved. Matilde’s huge tits bent sideways, then swelled, regaining their perfect shape whenever they could. Becki’s firm breasts did the same thing as they spilled every time they rolled over the Dominatrix’s tits. With each collision, the slap of wet meat filled the room.

Their faces contracted more and more as the struggle continued, with both women failing to hide the progress of the struggle. Becki, tired of the continuous grinding, took a step back. She bent to her knees, rising immediately to raise her big tits suddenly. Matilde quickly stepped back to avoid the blow, smiling.

“You don’t think that… fuck!” The words died in her throat.

She had fallen into the rival’s trap. As soon as the Dominatrix took a step back, Becki let go of her arms to grab her back immediately. The young Asian girl on tiptoe pushed forward, hugging the woman when her breast was over Matilde’s tits. Becki smiled venomously.

“You’re mine,” the young woman whispered.

Matilde found herself fighting against the surprising strength of the young woman. The woman groaned as Becki’s tits were pushed against hers with each grasp. Dominatrix’s breasts flattened for a moment from above while Asian tits performed their assault. Matilde groaned and narrowed her eyes at the pain whenever she felt her rival tits squeeze against her. Their tits mixed together as they rolled their shoulders. The young woman kept her breast above that of the opponent.

“Listen? Do you feel like my best tits sweep up your paltry balls of fat?” Becki asked with a cruel grin as she continued to push her tits down.

Matilde grunted as her breast was pushed down by another blow. The face of the enlightened young woman of triumph, while her lips had drawn a broad smile. The young woman pushed her breast forward, and the Dominatrix groaned when she felt her breasts being pushed outward by the young woman’s firm tits. The Dominatrix breathed heavily as she looked at the breast of the young woman making her way through her tits. The woman’s arms fell from the young woman’s shoulders to her arms.

“Look how you flatten your tits, Dominatrix!” Becki smiled “Your breasts are more pathetic than I thought!” The young woman finished, by now sure of her imminent victory.

Matilde looked at her with hatred. The young woman was dominating her. She, who was the Dominatrix. No, she couldn’t allow it. The two rivals crossed their eyes, and Becki stopped laughing when the woman tugged at the Asian, pushing her tits directly into the young woman’s breast. Both pairs of breasts spilled out, but this time it was Matilde’s tits to take the windward in the battle for the space between their bodies. The pain in her breast was unbearable, but neither was Becki unharmed. The young woman groaned when her breasts met the breast of her rival, their melons that were molded and pushed to the sides.

“No!” Becki groaned.

Matilde laughed tastefully, banging her tits against Becki’s, who trembled on her chest as her flesh rippled and trembled with the force of the blow. A new push made the Asian back away, and the Dominatrix grabbed her arms to pull her back to him. The woman’s tits hit the young woman’s breasts, the two pairs of boobs pressed in the same way, but only the girl moaned loudly, both in pain and anger. With a scream, the young woman fell to the ground, turning around. Becki fell to the ground, her breast flattened against the floor as she groaned loudly. Matilde took a few steps back, admiring the defenseless young woman smiling.

“Looks like I’m the best in the end,” the Dominatrix hissed.

“Fuck you, European whore,” Becki replied as he pulled himself up “I’m going to destroy you completely!”

“You are gone, bitch!” Matilde growled “I’m going to slam all your sagging breasts to the point of completely flattening!”

The Dominatrix advanced towards her rival, raising her arms to grab the young woman’s shoulders again, and Becki did the same. Once the two women embraced, Matilde took a small step back, so that she could push with her foot behind her, pushing her tits from below. Becki’s breast was shaken violently for a second before stopping on top of her rival’s tits. And before the young woman could recover, Matilde raised herself again, on tiptoe, trying to pull the Asian girl’s flesh as far as possible.

“Noooo!” Becki moaned, surprised and saddened.

The Dominatrix slipped her hands down, grasping the young woman’s life and pulling her even further towards her.

“What is it, bitch?” The woman asked cruelly “I thought you wanted to destroy me completely!”

The young woman grunted as she searched in vain for an escape route, her muscles swelled as she tried to free herself from the woman’s grip.

“Fuck you, bitch,” Becki hissed.

They began to slide and crush their breasts back and forth. They leaned even more against each other, increasing the pressure, crushing and distorting the breasts against each other. They rubbed her tits back and forth until both girls’ tits were perfectly crushed. Their breasts pressed and pushed relentlessly into a vortex of torture, back and forth, their skin rubbing against that of their rival, distorting the shape of their pride.

Both grunted when their breasts met evenly, pressing together. Neither of them could feel any weakness in the other’s breasts. The rival tits resisted firmly.

The Asian then struck her rival, making her moan. Becki’s tits slid over the woman’s breasts, and both grunted as their flesh melted together. Becki clung to the Dominatrix’s arms, then drawing her towards her: The move caught the Dominatress off guard, who found herself stumbling forward. This allowed Becki to violently strike forward with her tits. The slap filled the room, while the Dominatrix’s tits flattened at the point of contact while the young woman’s breast tried to dig into the opposing flesh, causing her breasts to swell outwards. Matilde winced again after a hard blow to her aching tits. Both women could see how the woman’s tits increasingly lost space between them.

Becki backed away, before striking again, when she felt Matilde’s hands clench behind her back. The woman abruptly pulled herself up and her tits hit the lower part of her Asian breast, making them jump upwards, while Matilde smiled with satisfaction.

“Fuck!” Becki moaned.

The Dominatrix smiled wickedly, while the Asian threw her left tit against Matilde’s right breast. The woman lost her smile, pushing in turn. The women began to slide and press their huge tits together. The Dominatrix’s breast was getting the better of her as she was pushing most of the breast of the Asian outwards, while her tits kept their shape. The young woman’s tits, on the other hand, seemed to be trying to dig into her rival’s flesh, while Becki pushed using the corners. And after several minutes, the two women separated, their boobs bounced in place as they took a step back.

“I can hear your boobs giving in every second that passes, bitch! ”Said Becki, sure.

Matilde growled as she pounced on the young woman, and Becki was no less. Their tits crashed together, causing both to recoil. The woman’s breasts widened to the point of impact, while the girl’s tits jumped on Becki’s chest. Clearly, both women had suffered numerous attacks, and their breasts were no longer as hard as before. The Dominatrix’s groan made the young girl hope, which she charged again. Becki pushed forward, hitting from the top. Matilde perceived the girl’s move, and intercepted her with an ascending blow. Their breasts met halfway with a loud pop, making both women moan loudly. They exchanged poisonous glances, while the pain in their tits grew out of proportion with the increase in blows. They started raising their breasts with their hands before slamming them together. Their breasts met halfway and flattened brutally. They swelled up and down against the others, flattening between them. They continued to throw themselves at the rival without stopping, holding their breasts with their hands. The clashes were accompanied by the grunts and groans of pain that the impacts caused to the two warriors. The breasts were crushed and distorted, incredibly flat, but almost recovering their original shape.

One last charge and Matilde felt herself falling backwards. It happened by chance. As the Dominatrix’s tits met Becki’s tits, the woman’s foot slid to the floor. The Dominatrix opened her eyes as she fell backwards, with the girl above her, surprised at the sudden fall. They landed with a thud as the girl’s breasts crushed the woman’s tits.

A few seconds pass before the two rivals actually understood what had happened. Becki was the first to understand her and immediately embraced the woman below her. It was her chance. Matilde did the same, and the two women began to squeeze the body of the adversary mercilessly. They begin to grind their breasts together, where the Asian tits crash into their counterparts and the woman’s breasts hit the huge Asian breasts from above and below, grunting as Matilde continually tried to reverse their positions.

“Come down, bitch!” The Dominatrix hissed.

But the only answer was the young woman’s smile as they tightened their grip. Their breasts continue to struggle incessantly, losing more and more shape and consistency. But during the continuous rubbing, one couple seems to start pushing the other more and more. At this point in the fight, finally, a couple was yielding to rival tits. Becki and Matilde continued to struggle relentlessly, but the Dominatrix felt it. She was fighting a war of attrition, and she was losing. The woman opened her mouth wide, trying to get some air, a task made difficult by the opposing breast crushing hers. The tears began to fall, while the Dominatrix’s tits are slowly giving way. Matilde moves her hands over the young woman’s shoulders and tries to push her away, but the space is too narrow and only manages to lift her a little, making space between their struggling breasts.

“It’s over, cxnt!” Becki hissed, smiling.

Regardless of the rival’s grip, the Asian girl lets herself fall, her breasts completely hit the tits of the woman below. Becki immediately pulled herself up again, and repeated the operation. The wet slap that sprang from each collision was accompanied by Matilde’s grunting number that she continues to suffer. The last blow was the hardest, given that Becki pulled himself up even more. The Dominatrix’s eyes widened when she saw what was coming and the scream of pain filled the room as the breast of the Asian girl completely flattened the woman’s tits. Matilde began to sob, unable to believe that she had lost against her rival. She looked with tearful eyes at Becki who rose again, smiling wickedly. But she discovered at her own expense that the worst was yet to come. Becki’s huge breast was quickly moved over her face, dangling dangerously towards her.

“Good dreams, bitch” the girl smiled, lowering herself.

“No, wa…” Matilde’s words were muffled by the flesh of the Asian woman who blocked her nose and mouth.

Becki felt the woman’s arms and legs shake violently, trying to make the girl fall, but after a few minutes, their movements started to get slower. In the end, Matilde sighed in the girl’s flesh, her body becoming still. Becki waited a few seconds before getting up. She looked at her from above, admiring how she had done her duty.

The roar of the crowd was heard in that sudden silence, a sign that the meeting had just begun. Mei Lin and the opponent had just started fighting.

Becki dressed again, and after having tied the woman to the radiator of the dressing room, she left her in the room.

“There’s a new Dominatrix in town!” said Becki, taking one last look at the unconscious woman.

“I will destroy your breast like I did with your mother’s bitch!”

Alessandra smiled, pushing her breasts against Mei Lin’s, which she pushed in turn. No one wants to back off. The real fight begins when Mei Lin pushes forward. Both pairs of tits do their best to maintain their shape as they break between them. For a moment, no breasts move a millimeter, but after a few seconds, Alessandra’s breasts begin to give way slightly. Mei Lin’s firm tits are actually starting to push back Alessandra’s larger breasts. The princess groaned as she watched her flesh change slightly.

Alessandra pushes her breast forward, meeting Mei Lin’s next push, but as before her big tits had to fight against the smaller but firm breasts of Asian. The princess keeps pushing forward, she didn’t want to back off in front of these people. The two continued to push each other, pressing their breasts together. Soon they were both covered with a veil of sweat as they tried to flatten the breast of the other. Both girls groan, still staring into each other’s eyes.

“Didn’t you have to… show me… something…?” Mei Lin asked, smiling.

“Wait… and you’ll see…” the European replied tightly.

Alessandra could see the determination in Mei Lin’s eyes. The Asian’s tits had flattened her mother’s breasts. Breasts they had never lost during her reign.

Mei Lin can perceive that Alessandra did not expect the progress of the fight. Her breasts resisted perfectly against Alessandra’s tits, arousing nervousness in the princess. Indeed, until now her boobs had even pushed Alessandra’s breasts back. This gives her security and with a powerful push, she crashes her tits against Alessandra’s breasts with incredible strength. Alessandra gave a loud rattle as she took a step back. Mei Lin smiles at her rival and gives her a moment to recover. But with another powerful push, the breasts of the brunette break against Alessandra’s breasts. The European emits another moan and is slowly pushed back.

Alessandra tries to resist, but her rival continues the assault. Mei Lin tucked her tits into Alessandra’s large bowls with incredible strength, making her moan with pain as she feels her beauty lose shape with every stroke. Alessandra sees Mei Lin arch her back and go toe to toe to raise her tits in the air, before slamming them brutally onto hers. The blow is so strong that she takes a few steps back. Suddenly, she felt the cold sensation of her ass touching the glass wall.

“Damn it, no!” she shouted surprise.

Mei Lin smiles smugly, pushing forward and ramming her breasts against Alessandra’s larger tits, which tries to match the blows. Their breasts collide once again, the sweaty, soft but firm flesh that struggles to keep its shape, as they push each other against each other. Mei Lin and Alessandra groan and grunt with each stroke. Alessandra tries to push Mei Lin’s tits back to free herself, but the Asian breasts remain in place.

“What is it, princess? Your tits can’t make it? Look what a real woman is!” shouted Mei Lin, arching her back.

Her tits rose high above Alessandra’s breasts. The Asian can see the fear in the eyes of the girl in her eyes for the first time. Mei Lin finally slams her melons on European tits with a strong slap. Alessandra’s tits are sent down, it almost seemed they wanted to break away. Alessandra is anchored to the wall, and Mei Lin can easily control the fight. Alessandra wants to escape but can’t put enough power behind her thrusts, their bodies have become more sweaty.

“Fuck!” Screams Alessandra when she feels her breasts being hit again by her rival tits.

“You’ll fall like your mother under my tits, bitch!” shouts Mei Lin snapping back to push again.

This time, however, Alessandra meets her halfway, using the wall to give more power. The breasts collide in air, and the moans of pain echo in the room. For the first time, Mei Lin’s breasts lose shape against rival tits: her tits are thrown upwards, touching her face. The girl emits another painful cry with the next blow, and then tries to block the European again on the wall. Mei Lin loads the girl in front of her, but Alessandra is faster and manages to move to the last one, crashing the Chinese against the glass. Immediately, Alessandra goes behind her and pushes her tits against Mei Lin’s back, so as to flatten the Chinese breasts against the glass. Mei Lin moans in pain when she feels Alessandra’s nipples prick her back.

“Jianren! Leave me!” Screams Mei Lin trying to grab Alessandra.

“Never! You’ll have to give up first!”

“I prefer to die rather than let you win!”

Alessandra kept pushing several times against Mei Lin’s back, making her moan with every stroke. The Chinese tried to leverage the glass to avoid further blows, but the dominant European force continued to crush it against the wall. Mei Lin could see European guests laughing at her grief and rejoicing whenever Alessandra pushed her against the glass.

“Surrender, bitch. You won’t be able to… “Alessandra paused for a few seconds.

Her eyes went down. With the glass wall, both spectators and fighters could see what was happening around them. And Alessandra was just interrupted by the sight of her mother struggling with another woman in the floor below her.

Mei Lin also understood what she was looking at, and smiled seeing that loser against her mother’s bodyguard.

“Oh, poor queen! She doesn’t know what will happen to her!” Mei Lin said before making her move.

“Shut uahhhhh!” Alessandra cry.

Mei Lin wasted no time and managed to turn around, while Alessandra was taken by surprise. Their boobs gathered again, pressed together. Immediately, the Chinese woman rubs her nipples against those of her rival, making her moan, before pushing forward. Alessandra’s flesh is shaken by the force of the thrust, while her breasts bounce and sway everywhere.

“You’ll go down…” whispers Mei Lin with a confident voice as she approaches the European ear “just like your mother” ends before pushing again.

Alessandra emits another moan when she hears Mei Lin’s tits against hers. The skin of their boobs starts to turn red due to all the attacks and both Alessandra and Mei Lin look each other in the eye, knowing that this fight is far from over. The Asian and the European continued to push their tits together, continuing to try to flatten the rival breasts. Mei Lin’s breasts continued to maintain their round and beautiful shape, while Alessandra’s larger tits started to lose their texture slightly.

“Your pathetic tits are losing against mine!” Mei Lin screams triumphantly seeing that the princess’s tits start to lose.

“No!” Alessandra screamed in disbelief as she watched Mei Lin’s tits begin to dominate her “I won’t let you do it!”

Alessandra stood on tiptoe and dropped her huge tits onto the smaller ones of the Chinese. Mei Lin whimpered at the blow, backing toward the wall. The European girl hit once again and when her rival was close enough to the wall, she rushed towards her to trap her again.

But Mei Lin promptly met the push and their boobs pressed with incredible strength. Their nipples joined painfully and both girls gritted their teeth, trying not to lose the comparison. Their breasts moved up and down, rubbing together without pity and slipping thanks to sweat. Their nipples began to pierce the flesh of the other, causing low moans when they hit a certain point. With speed, Mei Lin creates a bit of distance between the two girls, before swinging her left breast against the European girl’s left breast. Alessandra groaned in pain as her breasts were sent to the side before her right breast was hit.

Mei Lin pulls back and slams her breasts against the top of the European girl’s larger tits, causing drops of sweat to fly through the air. Alessandra lets out a scream as her breasts start to get redder.

“Bitch!” the princess screams with rage before loading her rival.

When Alessandra’s tits crash into hers, Mei Lin is forced to stagger backwards.

“I am the best!” Shouts Mei Lin launching herself at Alessandra.

The two meet in the middle, in the center of the room where they exchange blows without pity.


“Damn,” Elena thought.

Mei Lin was there. Perfectly ready to fight. Her plan hadn’t worked.

“That bitch! She failed even to weaken it before the battle!” She thought, referring to Matilde.

The fight between the two girls raged before her eyes. Elena didn’t believe her daughter was such a skilled fighter. The queen continues to observe with interest her daughter’s breasts, constantly pressed against the tits of the girl who won against her. Bad memories resurface violently, giving them goose bumps. She remembers exactly the feeling she tried when she felt her magnificent tits give way under the weight of that Asian girl’s breast, she remembered her smirk after she proved to be better than her. But the thing that bothered her most was remembering the affiliation she suffered for losing. Elena grits her teeth as she returns to watch the fight.

“It’s her fault. It’s all her fault… and that bitch,” the former queen thought as she looked at the other, towards another window.

Madame Shi was sitting in her elegant armchair, in perfect solitude in that small room. On her smiling face she revealed her infinite security. And that made Elena mad. That woman seemed sure of Mei Lin’s victory. As much as she detested her daughter, Elena could not allow a new affront to the royal family. Alessandra had to win. While the other guests continued to cheer for their friend or ally, Elena stood up, looking carefully at the room where Madame Shi resided. Immediately after she left the room.

The corridor was clear, as Elena had hoped. The sound of heels resounded in that dark silence as the young woman headed for the elevator.

“She doesn’t know what’s waiting for her…” Elena thought, amused.

What she wanted to do was simple: take Madame Shi unawares and make her pay for every single moment they passed under their control. The ex-queen felt her nipples harden already from the feeling of victory she could enjoy seeing the woman crawling at her feet. She smiled as the elevator door opened to let her in. She pressed the button without hesitation, and the door closed behind her. The elevator went up slowly, allowing Elena to savor every second before seeing the face of that hateful Asian maker of everything. A short acoustic signal announced the arrival of the elevator on the desired floor. Elena smiled as she started forward as the doors opened. But when it finally seemed to come out of the cockpit, she felt a hand press against her chest and push it violently backwards. Elena stumbled, bumping into the back wall. When she looked up she saw an Asian woman never seen before entering the elevator and pressing the button for the floor from which it had started.

“Who are you?” Elena thundered as she lunged at her.

The other woman in turn loaded the former queen, colliding with her in the middle of the cockpit. They both grabbed each other’s hair, starting to pull them without restraint as they continued to move through the elevator.

They immediately began to fly both women’s hair on the ground, as they continued to push each other against the elevator walls, pressing their bodies together and pressing buttons.

“Who the fuck are you?” Elena asked again through clenched teeth, just before she moaned.

“I’m Wen!” Replied the woman as she pulled at the former queen’s black hair.

Elena pushed the woman forward, knocking her against the elevator doors. The two remained staring at each other, exhausted from that brief but intense struggle.

“What do you want from me?” Elena asked as she panted.

“Madame Shi sent me to stop you,” replied the woman, impassive.

Elena’s eyes widened. Had she come to stop her? How did Madame Shi have preceded her? The former queen did not understand how it was possible that the Asian bitch was aware of her intentions. She had sent this woman to face her. Was it an Asian plan to tire her?

“She sent a nullity like you to stop… me?” Elena asked as she began to smile sadistically.

Madame Shi was afraid of her. That’s why she sent her watchdog, her bodyguard. And that made it fun.

Wen got up, and as Elena followed her move, the Asian quickly hit her in the chest with her hand. Elena lost the air she had in her lungs, gasping.

“Nullity? I’m better than you! ”Wen shouted as she prepared to strike again.

Her hand darted quickly to the woman’s throat in front. Elena had to use all her speed to avoid the blow, which struck her with a smear. When she stopped moving, Elena noticed that her dress was cut where Wen’s hand had smeared it.

“You bitch!” Elena screamed as she punched the Asian.

But Wen was faster, and she easily avoided the blow, responding immediately with a new blow. Elena avoided this too little, and another part of the dress was cut. But now the queen had a window to attack, and Wen could do nothing. Elena grabbed both of the woman’s shoulders, and pushed her hard sideways, knocking her against the wall. Wen groaned as the dress tore into the hands of the former queen. They began to press on with repeated blows. Wen hit the cut while Elena tried to use the narrow space to her advantage.

Soon the energy faded, and the two women had to lean against the walls. Elena and Wen glowered at each other, not believing how the other woman could still fight. After a few minutes, Elena pulled herself up, lowering the dress cut in several places by the blows of the Asian to her sides. After contemplating that his skin was intact, she removed the red bra.

“Thats enough! I want to destroy you as a woman,” Elena hissed, raising her chin in a haughty manner.

She had already noticed the size of her opponent’s breasts, but that didn’t frighten her. Even though the asian’s tits were bigger, she was sure of the superiority of her breasts. Wen smiled as she saw Elena’s naked breasts. She pulled herself up, then lowered her dress to her waist and removed the blue bra.

“You still have to make your way before you can beat me, sugar!” Wen replied, lifting her breasts before dropping them.

As the Asian’s tits came back perfectly in place, Elena continued to watch them. They were great. More of her. She would have to sweat to win.

“Let me see what you have!” Shouted the former queen.

Elena pushed forward, and their tits seriously collided for the first time.

“You’ll regret it!” Wen replied, getting ready just before Elena crashed into her.

Both pairs of breasts were compressed between the two women, swelling outward.

Thanks to the narrow space of the lift, neither of the two women could retreat, so their struggle was fought closely. Elena attacked the Asian furiously, hurling her huge breasts at Wen’s tits. Normally, any woman would have seen her beauties give up after a few hits, but the Asian proved to be up to expectations. After some momentum Wen succeeded in interrupting the attack of the European, hitting her rival tits with her own whenever the former queen threw them forward. The Asian began blocking every European strike, attacking her rival as a mirror. If Elena had hit the front, the Asian would have done the same, and if the European had tried to hit from the side, Wen would have imitated the move.

Neither of them seemed to gain an advantage over the other, forcing Elena to pull her body back slightly to gather more momentum in her shots, starting to push back Wen. The Asian tried to continue her tactics, but the space behind her was too little to make up for the European one, and she soon felt the cold surface of the elevator against her back.

Elena and Wen continued to exchange several more shots, with the Asian who managed to regain the lost space by pushing herself away from the elevator wall and returning to a new position of stalemate. The elevator ended its descent while their tits were still pressed together. When the doors opened, Elena smiled wickedly, pushing forward with all her strength. Wen was taken aback, and stumbled out of the elevator, taking Elena with her.

The two women fell to the ground, pushing away their breasts for the first time. The doors closed again as Elena and Wen rose from the ground. The fight was not over yet. This time it was Wen who became the aggressor, swinging her tits to the right and left, hitting Elena’s tits to the sides and backing away moaning. At times, the Asian overcame the European, finding herself then forced to retreat while Elena assaulted her. They went down the corridor like this, before they both pushed at the same time, colliding halfway.

“Are your tits already weakening, asshole?” Elena smiled, pushing harder.

“Never as much as yours, bangui!” Wen replied, responding to the push.

But by doing so, she fell into the trap of the European. Elena was waiting for that push. So, when Wen leaned forward, she avoided her, making herself overcome. When Wen turned back, she found Elena’s tits pushed against hers. Again, the Asian found herself with her back to the wall. As Elena’s breasts continued to fight against hers, the Asian tried to push herself away from the wall, Elena kept pushing her back. Loading on tiptoe, the ex-queen slammed her tits forward, making the Asian scream with the force of the impact.

“Give it up, bitch!” Elena said as she kept pushing her tits against the Asian ones “You can’t win!”

“You’ll pay for it!” Wen said before she moaned again.

She had to get out of that situation, but Elena kept holding it tight against the wall. Wen kept looking for a way out, but she couldn’t find it.

“Fuck!” Wen shouted, pushing forward with all of herself.

Elena groaned when she felt her tits suddenly lose ground. The Asian finally managed to get out of that situation, taking advantage of the moment when Elena was thrown back.

“Now it’s my turn!” Wen shouted, starting the assault.

Wen began to slap her breasts against the beauties of Europe, making her back without pity. And with a strong push, Elena crashed into the wall behind her. She didn’t have time to do anything that Wen was immediately upon her. The Asian pressed her breasts against that of the woman and began to move her shoulders. Elena tried to push herself away, but the pressure on her breasts was incredible, so she opted for a new tactic. The arms of the European began to tighten the back of the Asian. Wen didn’t seem surprised.

“It’s a game of two, bitch!” Wen hissed as she slid her arms behind the woman.

Elena hated the feeling of the Asian nipples that penetrated her flesh. Wen struck several times in the soft parts of the ex-queen’s breast, cutting the flesh with each movement, while their breasts continued to be ground together. Wen leaned even closer to the woman and pressed her forehead against Elena’s, continuing to rub and slam her breasts against those of the European. Their breath mingled as their tits continued to struggle for supremacy. Elena pushed her tits forward, being rewarded with a groan of pain from her opponent. However, the moment of glory was brief, as Wen pushed her tits in response, making her moan. They continued to moan more and more, feeling their breasts getting heavier as they pushed them together. The four breasts collided and rubbed between the two women for several minutes. Elena felt something different about her opponent’s attacks. Slowly, Wen began to attack with less insistence, with less intensity. The pain and fatigue were having an effect on the Asian, and while she too felt the weight of the struggle, the former queen still managed to exploit this opportunity. She managed to create space between the two women, so that she could hit with a strong frontal push. The Asian screamed in pain, taking a few steps back with an injured look.

Moving away from the wall, Elena once again embraced the Asian, who quickly returned. Their tits were again pressed together, and the fleshy slap filled the corridor. Another frontal thrust made Wen moan before she swung her breasts to hit sideways, hitting the European tits from the side. Pushing her shoulders back, Elena pushed her tits against Wen’s, who imitated the move.

“Give… up… giv…!” Elena hissed as she pushed forward.

“I will win… I…” the Asian whispered doing the same.

The battle came to an end. When the boobs collided for the last time, a woman’s breast was pushed back. A pair of tits kept pushing while maintaining their firmness as the other pair began to sag, giving way. One last push, and Elena’s tits flattened against her chest.

“Nooooooo!” Elena moaned as her legs gave way.

She had lost. Again.

Wen smiled, rubbing her victorious breasts.

“You don’t know what awaits you…”

The body of the Asian bent down quickly towards that of the queen. Elena watched in horror as the end approached her. And after a few minutes, Elena fainted amid the cleavage of the Asian.


Mei Lin and Alessandra were too tired to continue. They had to finish the fight there, and immediately. They exchanged a few shots but both understood that it would not be enough to bend the rival. So, Alessandra stopped abruptly, pushing her breast forward.

“It’s time to see which one of us has the best nipples, Asian bitch!” Alessandra announced with confidence.

Mei Lin smiled and nodded.

“I agree. It’s time to finish it” and so saying, the Chinese girl lined her nipples with the girl in front.

Alessandra licked her lips and they both nodded. Alessandra pushed forward, her hard nipples stabbed the areola of the blackberry. Mei Lin groaned when the stiff nipple pierced her sensitive flesh and, as she pushed forward, grimaced uneasily. But when her nipples finally struck Alessandra’s flesh, she grunted and started when she felt the sensation of being stabbed. Both women tried to bring the nipple duel to their advantage, by incessantly piercing the other woman’s flesh using different methods. When Alessandra pushed forward against Mei Lin’s areolas, the brunette would have turned her chest, pushing her nipples into Alessandra’s side flesh.

The two women aligned their nipples for a while, moving back and forth around the room as the flesh of their breasts was shaken and hit by the blows. As the fight went on, Alessandra began to grunt a little more heavily, as she pushed forward several times, hoping to end the struggle between nipples in her favor. But Mei Lin did not seem inclined to end it, and was able to ignore most of the blows, in their wild thrusts, guiding the enemy blows into her firm bosom, rather than in the most sensitive nipples and areolas. When Mei Lin received a new blow, she managed to resist and follow Alessandra’s breasts, scraping her nipples against Alessandra’s. Alessandra tried to keep up with her rival, but when Mei Lin raised the intensity of the fight, it was easier to see that she had better nipples. Alessandra’s nipples began to flex, twist and soften as Mei Lin pushed her nipples into Alessandra’s tits. The blonde’s shudders soon became painful when she felt Mei Lin’s nipples bend her own. Mei Lin heard Alessandra stop moving, but without giving up. She seemed not to be stopping yet. Alessandra’s arms dropped to his side as she felt her nipples pushed into her areolas, grunting as Mei Lin completely dominated her nipples.

“Noooo!” Alessandra whispered uneasily. Mei Lin pulled away, and Alessandra’s soft nipples came out again, but only the shadow of the former grandeur remained. Alessandra’s tits were bigger, but the way they hung on her chest and trembled when she moved seemed less consistent than Mei Lin’s. The brunette’s tits were a little red because of the nipple fight, but they still looked firm. And while Mei Lin’s nipples stood out proudly, Alessandra’s nipples stuck out enough to be seen.

The women pushed their breasts together. Immediately, Alessandra pushed up quickly, her tits looked like two wrecking balls as they rubbed against Mei Lin’s breasts. The brunette staggered back, caught off guard by the force of the blow. Mei Lin’s tits lay around Alessandra’s melons, but they returned to their original shape when Alessandra struck from the side. Mei Lin was pushed back again when Alessandra’s tits hit with a solid thud. Mei Lin whined when she heard the next shot. Her breasts turned rapidly red. Alessandra was not to be underestimated.

Mei Lin pushed forward, managing to take a step away from Alessandra, but the blow brought them both to moan. Alessandra pulled back and then struck an incredible blow from above on her breasts. Mei Lin fell on one knee. Despite Mei Lin’s tits recovering their shape after each stroke, it was evident that this fight put a strain on their resistance. Alessandra’s breasts had turned red, but they had not lost their consistency as they pounded the European breasts. Alessandra followed the Asian to the ground, letting her breasts fall on her couple below her. Mei Lin’s tits were pushed down as both knees touched the ground. Alessandra crouched down, and turned her breasts to the left, causing a groan from the girl on her knees. When Alessandra prepared herself for a new blow, Mei Lin jumped abruptly, crashing her breast into the lower part of the European breasts. In the squatting position, Alessandra was out of balance, and thanks to the rush of the tits that were flying towards her face, she fell. Mei Lin fell forward, blocking Alessandra’s arms above her head. No girl uttered a word, not even Alessandra, when Mei Lin lined her breasts against Alessandra’s older ones. Mei Lin quietly lowered her tits to the European ones, and the latter bit her lip as she felt her rival’s still breasts begin to sink into her.

Alessandra knew that she was in the position she needed to avoid, while Mei Lin began to slowly move her torso forward and backward, pushing her breasts into Alessandra’s as her large breasts formed around those of the Asian. Both women looked each other in the eyes, when Mei Lin’s tits begin to push Alessandra’s tits around. The European kept its gaze on Mei Lin as her larger breasts were pushed to the side by the smaller but firmer pair of rival, in a show of pure domination. Mei Lin smiled when Alessandra’s breath began to be more labored.

“I’ll destroy your tits, Alessandra,” Mei Lin whispered. The Asian rose slowly, then dropped her tits over Alessandra’s, pushing her larger tits down and to the side. As Alessandra’s breasts slipped away, Mei Lin changed tactics, lowering her right breast to the left European roof and pushing her down due to her weight. Alessandra’s left roof seemed to melt, while Mei Lin’s roof kept its shape. Alessandra groaned when her breast was flattened. “Wow, I just flattened your left tit, Alessandra. Heard?” Mei Lin did not wait for an answer. She immediately descended with her right breast. Alessandra winced when her tit was forced to turn back helplessly, under the domination of the stronger tit.

They all watched in silence as Mei Lin pushed her tits into Alessandra’s breast. Alessandra’s meat succumbed easily, spreading around Mei Lin’s tit like water. European tits continued to spread easily around the dominant breast. After what seemed like an eternity, Alessandra submitted, so Mei Lin stood up smiling. Alessandra’s breasts wobbled when she sat down, looking hatefully at the winner. “Who has the best tits?” Asked Mei Lin.

Alessandra didn’t answer. She didn’t want to admit it. And she continued not to say it while Mei Lin continued to rage. The Asian began to fall on the girl mercilessly, causing more and more groans of pain. But the princess continued not to declare herself defeated, she continued to resist. But she knew she had lost. She couldn’t hide it. Her tits were flattened every time they came into contact with the incredibile Mei Lin’ breast, without the possibility of reversing her fortunes. She continued for a few minutes before realizing that if she wanted to achieve complete victory, she had to make sure that the princess could no longer move. Mei Lin stood up again, and Alessandra prepared to receive a new blow like the previous ones. But to her hideous surprise, the Asian leaned forward, placing her breasts over the girl’s face. Alessandra’s eyes widened when she realized what was going to happen, and could do nothing when her face was buried in the flesh of Mei Lin’s tits. The princess tried in vain to fight to free herself, but she was tired and in pain. Mei Lin tightened her grip on the girl’s head, so as to increase the pressure on the princess’s face as she moved more and more slowly. And when her movements ceased altogether, Mei Lin released her. Alessandra was there, firm and defenseless, below her. Mei Lin stroked the girl’s defeated breasts, before getting up in front of everyone’s eyes.

“Like mother, like daughter”

Mei Lin had won against the princess, in the same way she had won against the queen. She had won against two women of noble blood who were a symbol of power in Europe. The feeling she felt inside was stronger than euphoria. Stronger than happiness. It was something inexplicable.


The momentum of the fight was still felt now, while Mei Lin and Becki Li worked the dick of the Asian boy with their victorious tits. The difference in size between the two pairs of boobs was in Becki’s favor, while both girls gave pleasure with their two-legged titjob, while Wen massaged the boy’s shoulders, leaning his head against her neckline.

“Oh God!” The boy moaned.

Becki smiled, attracting the attention of her friend.

“Oh? Looks like you’re having fun giving pleasure to my man, Bi!” Mei Lin whispered playfully pushing her breasts forward. “Maybe I should worry?”

The smaller tits pushed back Becki’s breasts, gaining the boy’s dick, which moaned again.

“What is it, Mimi? Are you afraid of a bit of competition?” Becki replied pushing back, regaining the lost ground.

The boy groaned again while the two girls played control in a playful way. In the end, she stayed on par, giving pleasure to Mei Lin’s boyfriend. The four people soon started a foursome session where the boy could taste three varieties of breasts. The boy’s lustful moans could be heard even at a distance. Madame Shi quietly smoked her cigarette near the open window, while she listened with pleasure to the boy’s moans mixed with another similar noise coming from below. She cast her smug eyes, fording the three defeated women. Elena, Alessandra and Matilde had been tied over to the machines that the same ex-Dominatrix had brought for them. The moans of the three women caressed Madame Shi’s ears, marking another victory for her.

“Nothing can go wrong,” thought the woman as she heard the sounds of Heaven and Hell blending into the air.

Several days passed, and Elena continued her queen farce, hiding the Asian Empire’s plans. She walked nervously around the room as she recalled her previous defeat with horror. Her black dress fluttered with every step, her proud breast bounced nonstop. Elena bit her lip as she thought about how to get revenge, this time without fail.

“Pathetic” a female voice had the queen blocked in place.

Elena turned abruptly toward the door. In front of her, there was a woman. Her short blond hair framed her elongated face, where two ice eyes looked at the queen without fear. The huge breast was covered by a luxurious white dress, long below the knees, where two white heels gave the legs an elongated shape. Elena’s eyes widened in disbelief.

“You… How… What… What are you doing here?” Elena whispered.

“I know this place like my pockets, including secret passages, and… I heard about your… little problem” the blonde started to say, approaching without looking away. As she approached, Elena could see her white skin mingling with the white of the dress “And I thought you needed help”

The woman stopped a few inches from the queen. They were the same height, the same build. But they were completely different, like the Sun and the Moon. Elena’s eyes hardened suddenly, and she approached the woman. Their breasts collided, but they remained perfectly still as the two women stared intently.

“Don’t forget who won between us! I’m the queen!” Elena growls, pushing forward.

“No. You were the queen,” the woman replied immediately, pushing back “Now you’re just a tool in that woman’s hand. And even if you don’t want to admit it, you need me…”

Elena tried to say something, but the woman pushed her away with only the strength of her breast. The queen took a few steps back, but once she had regained her balance, she didn’t try to go back to the attack. Elena reluctantly accepted the truth in those words. She needed help, any help. Even from her number one rival. The queen nodded defeated, and the woman sported her magnificent smile.

“Well, now let your older sister do it!” said Eleonora.

The End

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